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   VOLUME 78, NO. 2
                                   THE BLUE JAY                                NOVEMBER 2005                                                       NEW ORLEANS, LA

 KATRINA ENDS STREAK OF 18 YEARS                                                           STATE
                                   the most impressive
     Michael Puente                dynasty in the history of
     Editor-In-Chief               L o u i s i a n a h i g h s c h o ol
      Houston, TX                  athletics— an unprecedented               JAYS PERSEVERE THROUGH RAIN AND MUD TO WIN
                                   eighteen consecutive state                          THIRD CONSECUTIVE TITLE
         They could have just      championships. The Jays
given up without a fight.          who ret u r ned to New
They could have accepted           Orleans sought to extend
t he fa c t t h at Hu r r ica ne   t h is monu ment al Jesu it
Katrina had dealt them an          tradition.
i r repa rable blow. T hey                   Howeve r, i n t he
could have chosen not to           end, Katrina stole the show.
return to New Orleans and          B a t o n R o u g e - C a t h ol i c
to avoid the challenges life       finished seven points ahead
there would bring.                 of Jesuit in the state meet
         But Jesuit’s swim         with a final score of 381.5,
team chose to compete.             just a hair’s breadth ahead
         O n Nove mb e r 19        of the Jays’ 374.5. Baton
t welve Jays emba rked             Rouge-Catholic may have
on perhaps their most              walked away with the trophy,
challenging jour ney               but Jesuit swimmers should
yet: the Division I State          not feel disappointed.
Swimming Championships                       Before Katrina the
at LSU Natatorium. Over            Jesuit swim team consisted
the past eighteen seasons,         of thirty-eight members.
Jesu it had est ablished             see SWIMMING pg. 10                             The team poses after winning the title in harsh conditions.
                                                                                                              Due to the rain most of the           Brett Guidry realized he’d be
                                                                                       Gregg Re
                                                                                                              runners thought the race              running on the sloppy field,
                                                                                     Managing Editor
                                                                                                              would be postponed.                   though, he knew he had no
                                                                                      Houston, TX
                                                                                                                         But at 4:15, as            chance at beating his season-
                                                                                     T h e r u n n e r s of   the thunder roared and as             long goal of fifteen minutes
                                                                           t he Je su it va r sit y c ross    the rain stopped pouring              in the three-mile race.
                                                                           country team didn’t think          in Natchitoches, the Jays                     Yet he still led the
                                                                           they’d be watching girls’          we r e s u d d e n l y c a l l e d    Jays on a phenomenal run.
                                                                           volleyball in the Prather          back to the starting line             Although Brother Mar tin
                                                                           Coliseum under the threat          by Coach Kernion. They                was ahead after the first mile,
                                                                           of a tornado warning at 3:30       hastily put on their spikes           Guidry took command and
    Junior Garret Malbrough powerfully                                     on November 15 instead             and jerseys and hustled to            finished in first place, beating
        propels himself to the finish.                                     of running, but they were.         their positions. Once senior             see X COUNTRY pg. 10

                                                                                                         “The classrooms are
                                                                                                a little too small,” said one
                                                                                                senior, who only disclosed
                                                                                                his initials, C.B. “But it’s
                                                                                                good to be back at home.”
                                                                      Adam Duverney                      “And I get to sleep
                                                                         Staff Writer           i n my ow n b e d ,” s a i d
                                                                         Metairie, LA           senior Alex Buras.
                                                                                                         Students and
                                                                          Fo r B l u e J a y s  facult y at tendi ng the
                                                                 displaced by Katrina, satellite recently returned
                                                                 t he r e’s no pla c e l i ke to the Jesuit campus on
                                                                 h o m e . A n d t h e r e ’s t he Mond ay fol low i ng
                                                                 no unifor m quite like Thanksgiving. They will
                                                                 military-style khaki.          be joined there by the rest
                                                                          S i n c e J e s u i t of the Jesuit community in
                                                                 opened a satellite school January.
                                                                 at St. Martin’s Episcopal               Up to that poi nt,
                                                                 School in Metairie on t hou g h , t hey at t e nd e d
                                                                 O ct ob e r 17, st ude nt s classes at the satellite,
                                                                 and faculty have had the where classes began at
                                                                 opportunity to return to 4:15 p.m. and ended at
                                                                 their old routines for the 9:56 p.m.
Seniors Joey Madere and Chris Drewes once again rule the school. first time since Katrina.             see KHAKI pg. 3




     Jay                                  Adopt-A-Date
                                          on page 2
                                                                                     A Modern Proposal
                                                                                     on page 9
                                                                                                                       Football Recap on
                                                                                                                       page 11
                                                                                                                                                              Houston Halloween
                                                                                                                                                              on page 14
          November 2005                                                                                                                                                       Page 2

     Life Goes On...
           Strake, St. Agnes Let
           Jays “Adopt-A-Date”
                                                                                                                               Strake’s Broadcasting Network Exposes
                                                                                                                                        Jays To “Technology”
                                                                                                                                                              direct live shows and edit taped
                                                                                                                                   Joey Laura
                                                                                                                                                              productions from a console.
                                                                                                                                  Staff Writer
                                                                                                                                                              This is similar to Mr. Waites’
                                                                                                                                  Houston, TX
                                                                                                                                                              WJHS back home. Students
                                                                                                                                   Every Thursday, Jesuit     get together and videotape and
                                                                                                                           New Orleans students scattered     report on athletic events; shoot
                                                                                                                           all over Strake’s campus see       stories for the SJ Morning
                                                                                                                           announcements on the SMART         Show; help students produce
                                                                                                                           Board. One student says the        and edit projects for other
                                                                                                                           prayer, and two seniors read       classes; and record all events
                                                                                                                           the announcements for the day.     such as school plays, concerts,
                                                                                                                           One may be wondering: Who          the Junior Cross and Ring
                                                                                                                           is behind all of this?             Ceremony, the Baccalaureate
                                                                                                                                   Strake Jesuit              Mass, and Graduation.
                                                                                                                           Educational Television, also                 I n t he d ist r ibut ion
                                                                                                                           known as SJET, was started         center of SJET, a library of
                                                                                                                           in 1970; and Jim Gilbert, the      videot apes is mai nt ai ned.

    Senior David White rates the program a “smashing success.”
                                          discount ticket, signed up. I                     I quickly discovered
        David White
                                          figured the worst thing that             the primary problem with a
        Staff Writer
                                          could happen was that the                blind date: recognizing her
        Houston, TX
                                          number of people I knew in               at a meet i ng poi nt. Af ter
         The “Adopt-a-Date”               Houston might jump to a grand            entering, looking around, and
program was one of the most               total of about five. I spent a           exiting convinced she wasn’t
i n novat ive, cer t ai n ly one          few anxious days wondering               there, I received a phone call
                                                                                                                              Senior Tyler Schaefer prepares for the
of t he most t al ked about ,             whom I might be paired up                infor ming me she was. To
                                                                                                                              morning prayer in the “ hi-tech” studio.
prog r a m s eve r t o i nvolve           with. A cheerleader (yeah,               make matters worse, she had
Jesuit High School. Quite                 right)? A scholar? Someone               been directly in front of me the        chair man of the television        From t h is center, one ca n
simply, it matched any student            else? Finally, Thursday came,            whole time.                             department, currently runs         broadcast television programs
who wished to attend Strake’s             and my period of anxiety was                      After that, the night          it. SJET is “a closed circuit      d i rectly to wherever t hey
Homecoming Dance with a                   to end. Or so I believed.                got steadily better. We ate,            television system that             are needed. Throughout the
date from nearby St. Agnes                         When I received the             we danced, we laughed, we               extends to every building and      day Sandy Schwarzbach, the
Aca demy. St udent s we re                profile on my date-to-be, Tia,            danced, we talked, we danced,           classroom on campus providing      media assistant, coordinates
                                                                                                                           video support for faculty and      with teachers when they have

 “I bought her a corsage and pondered                                                                                      a student service organization,
                                                                                                                           an extracurricular activity in
                                                                                                                                                              programming requests.
                                                                                                                                                                       Second Session
    what in the world a mum was.”                                                                                          which student members learn
                                                                                                                           all basic aspects of Television
                                                                                                                                                              st udents host the prog ram
                                                                                                                                                              in the evening, and Student
offered tickets at half-price, a          I was rather sur prised. On              a n d c o nt i nu e d o n i n t h a t   P roduct ion ,” a s st at ed by    Activities Director Mr. Prados
discount made possible by the             paper she was, suffice to say,           fashion. The night seemed to            Strake’s website.                  tries to find different anchors
generosity of Jonathan Phillips.          my polar opposite. If I thought          fly by. I knew the end was near                   Television programs       for each show. Although the
Couples were also offered free            I’d had concern before, now it           when I heard the traditional            a re dist r ibuted over eig ht     program is not as elaborate
din ners at Houston’s Blue                was doubled. Nevertheless,               prefreshman-evicting song               se pa r at e cha n nels for t he   as that of the early morning,
Plate Bistro, a local restaurant          I steeled myself for whatever            “Brown Eyed Girl” at 11:00.             classrooms a nd ca r rels.         special performances, such
owned by a Jesuit New Orleans             was to happen and prepared               T houg h I ha d not se e n or           For St rake st udents, SJ ET       as senior Michael Bossetta’s
alumnus.                                  for the special night. I bought          stepped on any eighth-graders           repor ters a nd a n nou ncers      yelling things in a Halloween
          Pictures were taken;            her a corsage and pondered               all night, the gesture to Jesuit        broadcast the S J Mor ning         mask or Bola Akingbola’s,
s u r ve y s we r e f i l l e d ; a n d   what in the world a mum was              tradition was appreciated.              Show live every day to each        Tariq Yousuf ’s, and Carlos
finally, two days before the              and how it could cost so much.                     Finally, the end came,        homeroom. The show includes        Vera’s reading announcements
Homecoming Dance, an                      I then called my date, and we            and the time to leave arrived.          daily announcements about          in foreign languages, are not
a n nou n c e m e nt wa s m a d e         established a meeting point.             T he n ig ht had gone much              school event s, ed itor ials,      uncommon.
regarding where to find out                        Fi n a l l y, t h e n i g h t   better than I’d hoped, and my           interviews, and even game                A nyo n e i nt e r e s t e d i n
whom each student had the                 came. Concern was no longer              date and I parted as friends.           shows like Scribbage Match.        assisting with the technical
privilege of escorting.                   adequate, and I was forced to            With all said and done, I’d                      SJET, which has two       production of SJET can meet
          I, partly out of a sense        resort to angst. What would              rate the program a smashing             production studios with special    in the SJET studio located in
of adventure, par tly out of              she be like? How would things            success without reservation.            effects and computer editing       the library on Thursdays at
boredom, but mostly for the               go?                                                                              capability, allows students to     3:00.
        November 2005                                                                                                                                             Page 3

   Clubs Reorganize                 over the Christmas holidays                     “The hurricane has
                                                                                                                MCJROTC Passes Inspection,
                                                                                                                  Wins National Award
     Paul Fitzmorris                                                                                                                                 test. After the arrival of the
                                    and will move directly into             slowed down production,                   Ryan Amedee
      Staff Writer                                                                                                                                   D.I.’s at Jesuit, the cadets
                                    a six-game district season in           but at the same time it may                Staff Writer
      Houston, TX                                                                                                                                    marched out to the field and
                                    January in New Orleans.                 make this edition one of the              Houston, TX
          Blue Jay spi r it                    Kat r ina did not            best,” mentioned Rowan.                                                  formed the battalion for the
has redoubled in the face           take down the wrestling                         Strake has been very                 Recently, Jesuit’s          Annual Inspection process.
of Hu r r ica ne K at r i n a .     team either. The team is                accommodating; the Strake           Marine Corps Junior ROTC             Af ter organizing into
Extracur riculars are               d ivided bet ween St r a ke             Yearbook Staff offered their        was awarded the National             platoons on the field, the
thriving at both St. Martin’s       a nd St. Ma r t i n’s. T hose           off ice and donated a 300           Honor School Awa rd , a              D.I.’s took their places and
and Strake. The following           i n Hou ston have b e en                GB drive to store pictures.         distinction bestowed upon            started their questioning and
clubs are a few among many          practicing Monday through               The official constructing of         only the top ten percent of          test of focus. After months
which have reorganized in           T h u r s d ay u n d e r C o a c h      the yearbook is set to begin        MCJ ROTC prog r a ms i n             of training, the cadets were
the wake of the storm.              “St u mpy” Delesder nier.               in January when the school          the country. The basis for           more than prepared to
          The Friday before         At St. Martin’s, Coaches                returns to New Orleans, but         this award was super ior             distinguish themselves as
K a t r i n a , M r. Powe r s       Carlos Bertot and Jonathan              meetings have already been          p er for ma nce i n A n nu al        members of one of the finest
named senior Taylor Lorio           “O” Orillion began practice             held at both Strake and St.         Inspection last school year.         MCJROTC programs in the
president of intramurals. At        November 14th.                          Martin’s.                                    Last year, Jesuit’s         nation.
Strake, Lorio has lived up                     “The team has
to his title. During his first       high expectations for the
week there, Lorio organized         upcoming season,” stated
the “refugee” intramural            junior Patrick Vocke.
league. Intramurals brought                    T he New O rleans
a s e n s e of n o r m a lc y t o   season will resume on
Strake. The students, not the       December 30th.
homerooms, formed a total                      The soccer team
of nineteen teams. Student-         exp e ct s a fai rly nor mal
picked teams allow for more         season when it returns to
variety and prevent any one         Jesuit. Seventeen members
homeroom from dominating            of the team, including seven
five consecutive years by           me mb e r s of t he va r sit y
retaining the same students         team, have been practicing
year to year. Lorio hopes           a t St r a ke t h a n k s t o t h e
to emulate this system next         generosity of Strake’s soccer
semester and also to create         coach. Jesuit’s head coach,                       ROTC’s Color Guard at Strake’s Homecoming Game
an intramural dodge ball            Hubbie Collins, resumed                          T he MCJ ROTC’s             cadets trained rigorously                     “From listening to
league.                             pr a ct ice at St. Ma r t i n’s         agenda for this year has             for thei r i nspect ion.            just the ROTC Band getting
          The basketball            shortly after Thanksgiving.             c h a nge d ve r y l it t le. At     Throughout the course of            inspected, I knew that we
t e a m ke pt on b ou nc i ng       The Jays will jump right                St r a ke t h e c a d e t s h ave    the year, the veteran cadets        had done well,” says Jesuit
in the wake of Hurricane            into their six-game district            been marching and drilling           of the previous inspection          alum Hersh Fernandez ’05.
Katrina as well. Most of            season in January. The team             twice a week before school.          had trained and informed                      As the inspection
the team, including all the         expects to do well.                     The MCJROTC was also                 their cadets new to the             t o o k p l a c e , t h e D . I .’s
seniors, relocated to Strake.                  The Blue Jay                 fortunate enough to recover          event about the intensity           challenged the cadets in
There, they promptly began          newspaper staff have kept               the school’s flags from the          and need for discipline in          both their bear ing and
practicing under Coaches            the press rolling. Houston              mold-infested first floor and          preparation for a day they          knowledge. Finally, after
Higgins and Reuther. On             has become The Blue                     has been putting the flags to         would never forget.                 the process was finished,
November 5th the Blue Jays          Jay’s hub. Seniors Michael              good use at the Strake home                     As the scheduled         the cadets had overcome
dominated in a scrimmage            Puente (Editor-in-Chief )               games.                               d at e g rew nea r, t he            their challenge and merely
agai nst t wo Hou ston              and Gregg Re (Managing                           Member s of t he            students were taught the            had to await the results.
s cho ol s , Epi s c op a l a nd    Editor) have taken their jobs           b a n d a r e a t St r a ke a n d    traditions of the Marine                      Nearly a year later,
Second Baptist.                     very seriously to keep the              St. Mar tins. T hose in              Corps and also answers to           the program now celebrates
          “We were excited          community together. They                Houston have assimilated             questions commonly asked            its hard work and dedication
to finally get on the court         have contacted writers in               i n t o St r a ke’s p e p b a n d    by the infamous “D.I.’s,” or        in receiving the prestigious
and play another team,”             fourteen states— and even               and concer t band. At St.            “Drill Inspectors.” These           Na t ion a l Hono r S cho ol
rema rked sen ior st a r ter        in Puerto Rico. They have               Martin’s, Mr. Caluda and             D.I.’s a r e n ot ju s t a ny       Award.
Mike Boyd.                          also published the issues               Mr. Giaccone are holding             regular teenagers; oh no,                     The award was
          The team will             online for Jays everywhere              practice.                            these men are real Marines          presented to Second Session
at tend tou r naments in            to read.                                         The restored                en list ed i n t he Ma r i ne       Principal Mrs. Juhas during
Houston until the end of                       Jon at h a n Rowa n ,        ext racur riculars this              Corps who specialize in             afternoon assembly several
the semester. T hey will            E d i t o r- i n - C h i e f of t h e   semester have epitomized             s c r e a m i ng i n p e o ple’s    weeks ago at Strake.
then play in the Huntsville         yearbook, spearheaded the               the lasting and enduring             faces as they test thei r                     “ O f c ou r s e, I a m
Times Classic in Alabama            yearbook efforts at Strake.             Blue Jay spirit.                     knowledge of the Marine             ex t r e mely proud of ou r
    KHAKI, from pg. 1               the cafeteria. The school did           appreciated the ability to           Cor ps. P repa rat ion for          award. We put in lots of
        A t y pical d ay at         not provide food or allow               take honors and specialized          this event is like that of no       work ever y year to ear n
the satellite began when            access to drink machines,               courses, such as Chemistry           other because of its gravity        recog nition as an Honor
first period teachers read          so students brought their               II AP, at the satellite.             in determining the best of          S c h o o l , a n d I ’m g l a d
an nou ncments to thei r            own lunches. In addition,                       When the day ended,          the best ROTC programs              our work pays off,” says
classes due to St. Martin’s         they were expected to wash              students “rushed out as soon         in the nation; hence, it was        Brian Gabriel, Battalion
lack of intercoms. From first        the tables after they ate.              as possible,” says senior            absolutely crucial for the          Com ma nder, wit h g reat
period students spent forty-                T he school was                 Ernest Svenson.                      cadets to be adequately             pride.
five minutes in each class.          staffed entirely by Jesuit                      All st udents had            prepared.                                     These Jays certainly
        After third period          N e w O r l e a n s f a c u l t y.      their reasons to return, and                    O n J a n u a r y 2 7,   deserve thanks for bringing
e nde d at 6:43, st ude nt s        Although some classrooms                despite the vastly different         2005, the cadets of Jesuit’s        such a tremendous honor to
headed to dinner and                we re a s sm al l a s most              conditions, they were all            M a r i n e C o r p s J ROT C       Jesuit.
congegrated in and around           walk-in closets, students               glad just to be back home.           were put to the ultimate
        November 2005                                                                                                                                   Page 4

    This is the second installment of a continuing feature depicting Jesuit
       students’ flight from New Orleans to their temporary homes.

   The Suburb
                                                                                                 Returning for One Last Game

                                    season would resume in             my relatives with whom              there was u ncer t aint y         the tragedy of Katrina.
        Rougie Odor                 a few days u ntil I saw            I stayed and one of whom            in where I would attend                    My family and I
        Staff Writer                Ta d G o r m e l e y u n d e r     at t end s Jesu it Dal la s,        school in Texas, I would          decided it would be best
        Metairie, LA                water. As I embarked               im mediately made me                go and watch Plano West           if I attended Jesuit Dallas.
                                    on the beginning of my             feel at home. This family           High School’s football            Before I enrolled there,
           T h e d a y b e fo r e   last regular season for            of four kids welcomed               team practice. I sized            I we nt t o one of t hei r
t he hu r r ica ne h it wa s        Jesuit High School, never          my little brother and me            up the wide receivers,            football games, and I was
beautiful. The sun was              would have I thought that          as two extra children of            wa t c h i ng t h e i r eve r y   met with the exceptional
shining, and there was a            my hopes would not be              theirs by making sure we            move, picking out flaws in         smile of Father Fitzgerald.
light breeze. I remember            focu sed on w i n n i ng a         had everything we needed            their technique, a process        His presence simply made
telling my dad, “I don’t            state championship but on          and more.                           which I had learned from          me feel a little bit more
want to travel to Dallas            playing just one game in                   Jogging around the          the great coaching staff          at home. Minutes after
because when this whole             blue and white.                    prosperous neighborhood,            back home at Jesuit. I            being enrolled, I made a
thing blows over I don’t                     After a short             which included the house            was so ready to play, and         trip to the head football
wa nt t o m iss fo otbal l          time in Plano, Texas, my           of Tr oy A i k m e n , a n d        it seemed that my daily           coa ch’s of f ice t o t al k
practice.”                          parents went back home             running routes at nearby            preparations of staying in        about playing for him.
           Even once I was          p e r m a n e nt ly, a n d my      Plano West High School              shape for my opportunity          He was very welcoming;
in Plano, Texas, I was              little brother and I stayed        was how I stayed in shape.          to step back onto the field        h owe ve r, I fo u n d o u t

s t i l l p o sit ive t h at t he   in Texas. The Daigles,             During the weeks when               again kept my mind off              see METAIRIE, pg.5

  The Country
                                                                                                Culture Shock is an Understatement
                                    was one in the g ulf. It           months, I decided that it           a small, co-ed school of          per meate ever y grade;
     Paul Sampognaro                was truly amazing how              was necessary for me to             only 350 students. But I          everyone knows his name,
       Staff Writer                 it snuck up on me and              adapt to Monroe life and            knew I had to adapt.              and all the senior girls
       Monroe, LA                   completely changed my              make the best of it. My                    With the help of           adore him. Philip became
                                    life.                              Aunt Diana helped my                several of my cousi ns            known as the hilarious
       I was a Jesuit High                   M y f a m i l y           brothers (Phil and Ed) and          who attended St. Fred’s,          middle Sampognaro who
School senior now. I was            evacu ated to Mon roe,             me enroll at St. Frederick          I quickly learned                 could leave everyone in
starting to take my role            L o u i s i a n a , w h e r e we   High School. Little did             ever yone’s na me, a nd           tears with his sharp wit
as a school leader, but the         waited out the storm and           I know that this school             these people were more            and biting humor. I was
summer seemed to have               learned of the destruction.        and the people in it would          than friendly and caring.         quickly pointed out as the
gone too fast. Four days            There was no longer the            have such a huge impact                    Usi ng t he sk ills        laid-back Sampognaro
into the new school year,           feeling of not wanting to          on me during my exile.              we had learned at Jesuit,         who looked at his younger
this feeling remained; I            be back at Jesuit; I was                     To d e s c r i b e my     my brothers and I quickly         brothers as if they were
was not ready to be back            feeling quite the opposite         sit uation as cult u re             became the talk of the            morons.
at Jesuit. I was taking a           actually. Life is ironic, I        shock would be an                   school. Edward became                     My brothers and
diagnostic test in an ACT           guess.                             understatement. I                   known as the cute little          I all set tled ver y well
prep class when news                         After learning that       moved from an all-boy,              Sampog na ro who was              he r e. O nc e a g a i n , we
came of the hurricane. I            I probably would not see           m i l it a r i s t ic s cho ol of   always making everyone            all realized we had to

didn’t even know there              New Orleans again for              nearly 1,500 students to            laugh. Ed seems to                   see MONROE, pg. 5

    Fried Chicken
                                                                                                                   Horse Capital of the World
    Campbell Robinson               New Orleans to Houston,                     aunt and uncle             we settled in Lexington,          swell. My mom took me
      Staff Writer                  Texas with my family.                       live. They had             my grandparents were              to the emergency room,
     Lexington, KY                  Because we left early in           generously offered to let           on vacation in Del Mar,           and the doctors said that
                                    the morning, we escaped            us stay at their house.             California. Since we              I had broken my foot. I
        A s a n e i g h t h-        most of the traff ic and                  The drive from               were in Kentucky, they            was devastated. I was
g rader ju st com i ng to           arrived in Houston in only         Houston to Lexington                decided to join us. My            in a cast for an entire six
Jesuit, I was expecting             f ive hou rs. We stayed            was nineteen hours! My              grandparents soon rented          weeks!
to have quite an eventful           at the five-star St. Regis         family and I thought that           a townhouse there.                       Since Lexington
y e a r. O n t h e F r i d a y      Hotel there which seemed           was too long, so we split                  My au nt then              is nicknamed the “Horse
before the Hurricane,               like heaven to me. While           our drive into two days.            enrolled my little                Capital of the World,”
I was at the Saints                 in Houston, we explored            We drove ten hours from             brother and me at a local         there is a lot of horse
preseason game having               the Galleria and attended          Houston to Little Rock,             elementary school, Seton          racing here. My uncle is a
a great time. My uncle              an Astros game.                    Arkansas, and spent the             Catholic. My first week           horse trainer, so we have
told me that there was a                    Our fun in Texas           night in a hotel there. The         of school was fine until          gone to the track many
hurricane coming, but we            didn’t last, though. About         next day, we drove from             Friday afternoon in P.E.          times. The racetrack
didn’t think it was going           one week later, my mom,            Little Rock to Lexington,           class. During P.E. that           in Lexington is called
to be that bad.                     my brother, my dog, and            which took us nine hours.           d ay, I fell on my foot           Keeneland. The track is
        Nevertheless, the           I drove up to Lexington,           Finally, we arrived at our          awkwardly and couldn’t            pretty small, but the races
next day I evacuated from           Kentuck, where my                  final destination. While            walk; my foot started to           see LEXINGTON, pg. 5
        November 2005                                                                                                                           Page 5

A Homecoming More Valuable Than A State Title                                                         Senior in Monroe, Pre-Freshman
                                                                                                       in Kentucky Tell Their Stories
                                                                                                        MONROE, from pg. 4           LEXINGTON, from pg. 4
                                                                                                      a d apt t o a more r u r al    are a lot of fun. My uncle
                                                                                                      environment. I used to         even had a few winners
                                                                                                      enjoy playing cards on         during one meet, so that
                                                                                                      weekends; now I enjoy          was awesome.
                                                                                                      deer hunting. I used to                A few weekends
                                                                                                      think that I had a nice        ago, my friend Cooper
                                                                                                      high school car (a 2002        Petagna came up to visit
                                                                                                      Chevy Trailblazer); now        me for a weekend. Cooper
                                                                                                      I consider my car sub par      and his brother, Jansen,
                                                                                                      compared to the dozens         are currently residing in
                                                                                                      of huge trucks with giants     The Woodlands, Texas.
                                                                                                      grills, wenches, lifts, and    We went to the closing
                Rougie and his family celebrate after their victory.                                  KC lights.                     d ay at Keenela nd a nd
                                                                                                              I know very well       watched the Breeder’s
 METAIRIE, from pg. 4               at hand and weighing the         it just made sense that          that when most people          Cup. The University of
that by Texas state law,            pros and cons, I decided         the more games I have            thin k of Mon roe, they        Kentucky is located here,
any athlete who attends             to play for John Curtis.         to play, the bet ter my          think of a shoddy town         so t hat n ig ht we went
a school outside of his                     For about a month,       ch a n c e s wo u ld b e t o     filled with country folk       to a UK football game,
d i s t r ic t , w h ic h I w a s   I wa s welc om e d w it h        catch the eye of college.        who can barely afford to       which was really fun. We
doing, must wait at least           great warmth from every                  I went to the first      light their streetlamps.       also went to Claibor ne
fifteen school days before           faculty member, coach,           Jesuit ga me agai nst            I have discovered that         Farm, which is a famous
he is el ig ible t o play.          and student. Coach J.T.          Holy Cross, and I was so         Monroe is indeed               horse far m. While we
Certain exceptions were             even welcomed me to              happy to see my fellow           different f rom New            were there, we saw
made for athletes affected          dinner with his family           teammates back on the            Orleans. The people here       Secretariat’s gravesite and
by Hu r r icane Kat r ina,          every Wednesday, and I           field again. But then a          love country music, big        were able to pet the 2001
and cer tain paper work             gladly took up the offer of      queasy and dizzy feeling         t r ucks, fou r-wheelers,      Kentucky Derby winner,
was dismissed. But when             free, delicious food.            came over me. I realized         and hunting. However,          Monarchos.
all was said and done, all                  Win af ter win, I        that if I were to stay at        they are also a very close-            Up in the Bluegrass
I knew was that I still had         saw the team celebrate           John Curtis, I wouldn’t          k n it g roup of p e ople.     State I have also been
to wait three weeks until I         w it h so much joy, but          be able to suit up with          T h is is a place where        able to attend a University
could play in a game.               I d id not f i n d my s el f     some of the teammates            everybody knows your           of Kentucky basketball
           T he practice for        content with the outcome.        whom I had practiced             name, and that’s a very        game, which was really
Jesuit Dallas was much              Ever y t i me we won , I         w it h d ay i n a nd d ay        comforting fact when you       fun. I got to sit courtside
less organized, and the             just wished that it were         out ever since eighth-           are separated from your        and everything. It was
conditioning didn’t even                                                                              home and friends.              awesome.
begin to compare to that                                                                                      My brothers and                I shall cer t ainly
of Jesuit New Orleans.                                                                                I h ave m a d e so m a ny      remember my experiences
In Texas there is a state                                                                             friends here already that      here in Kentucky for the
law on how long teams                                                                                 it is going to be very sad     rest of my life, as I am
can practice; therefore,                                                                              when we leave. We have         sure all of my peers will
film was watched in the                                                                               cheered at the football        r e me mb e r t hei r p o s t-
mor nings only twice a                                                                                games with them, studied       Katrina experiences as
week. While the Jesuit                                                                                with them, gone to parties     well. My thoughts and
Dallas team complained                                                                                and dances with them.          p r aye r s go o u t t o t h e
about finishing practice                                                                              All of my new f riends         families who were not as
at 6:00, Casey Chimento                                                                               have tr uly changed me         fortunate as mine was. I
and I would just laughed                                                                              and made what began as         look forward to returning
as we recalled the days                                                                               a horrible situation a truly   to Louisiana soon and
when practice didn’t end                  Rougie scores as the crowd goes wild.
                                                                                                      memorable and enjoyable        being able to once again
until 7:30 or later.                the Blue Jays who were           grade. I soon came to            experience. I cannot wait      embark on my career at
           Soon, my mom             celebrating and not              the understanding that           to be back home, but I         Jesu it H ig h School i n
called to tell me that John         the Patriots. I felt out         playing one last game            will also be very sad to       New Orleans.
Curtis was reopening and            of place, even t houg h          with Jesuit across my            leave Monroe.                      Go Blue Jays!
that its football team was          everyone at John Curtis          chest with my teammates
goi ng to st a r t play i ng        had done everything they         would mean more to me
reg u la r sea son ga mes           possibly could to make           t h a n w i n n i ng a st at e    Submissions to The Blue Jay
again. I couldn’t pass up           me feel at home. It just         championship with any
the opportunity.                    wasn’t right.                    other team.
                                            I soon find out that              While discussing
                                                                                                          The Blue Jay welcomes features,
           There were a
couple of reasons why               St. Martin’s was going to        the possibility of whether           articles, ideas, opinions, storm
I decided to come back              be the satellite school for      or not I shou ld leave           experiences, pictures, and letters from
to New Orleans. Along               Jesuit students, and after       John Curtis and go back          all members of the Jesuit community.
with being homesick, I              talking every night with         to Jesuit with Coach J.T.
k new that Joh n Cu r tis           teammate Jaron Villafana,        Curtis, he said, “Make           Anyone interested in writing for The
                                    I was almost certain I was       the decision you will be
had an outstanding
                                    going to go back.
                                                                                                      Blue Jay should contact its editors at
reputation when it came                                              able to live with ten to
                                            Howeve r, eve r y        twenty years down the
to football. I thoug ht
that by playing at John             time I thought about going       roa d , a nd neve r look
Curtis, I could possibly            b a ck t o Je s u it , I ke pt   back,” and I know deep           All members of the Jesuit community
en ha nce my cha nces               thinking about college.          d ow n i n sid e t h at t he       are welcome to send submissions.
of getting some type of             Since John Cur tis was           decision I made is one I
college scholarship. After          undoubtedly going to be          shall never regret for the
praying about the decision          playing in the playoffs,         rest of my life.
        November 2005                                                                                                                           Page 6

VERBATIM                                 TEACHER FEATURE:                                                                           VERBATIM
                                   DAN DiROSA
Courtesy of Mr.DiRosa                                                                                                               Courtesy of Mr. DiRosa
“On that particular day, my                                                                                                         “Don’t mess with my brain.
limousine driver took the                                                                                                           There ain’t much there to
day off, so I took my car.”
                                   Murderous slices of pizza? Liv Tyler?                                                            begin with.”
“They met in the middle.           Staff Writer Kenneth Lota sits down                                                              “Have I been wrong before?
There was a show called
Malcolm in the Middle, but
                                   with the Civics teacher who’s seen it all.                                                       Yes. Am I wrong most of
                                                                                                                                    the time? Yes.”
it had nothing to do with                                                                                     Pizza! Pizza!
that. That was a stupid                                                                                      Pizza! Oh, boy!        “I left my head some place
                                   The Blue Jay: How long have you                                                                  and gotta go find it. That’s
comment.”                          taught at Jesuit?                                                           Oh, Boy!
                                   Mr. DiRosa: Fifteen years. How                                                                   pretty tough to do. Oh boy,
“Are you making fun of my                                                                                                           oh boy. It was rolling down
                                   about that?
haircut?”                                                                                                                           the stairs.”
                                   T B J: W hat subject s have you
“Don’t look at me like that.                                                                                                        “If you stick with me, I’ll
I’m just a little bit crazy, not   Mr. DiRosa: I’ve taught mostly                                                                   have you in jail before
all the way.”                      Civics, but I’ve taught American                                                                 you’re 25.”
                                   Histor y, Wester n Civilization,
“You’ve got to start rockin’       World Geography, and Sociology.                                                                  “My guess is in 2008 you
with Schoolhouse Rock!”            Primarily Civics in those fifteen                                                                won’t have a Green Party
                                   years, though.                                                                                   unless little green men
“Well, you know I go                                                                                                                come down from Mars and
120 miles per hour on my           TBJ: There have been r u mors                                                                    vote.”
skateboard. Haven’t been           sw i rl i ng a rou nd ab out you r                TBJ: How does the food here at
caught yet.”                       r el a t i o n s h i p w i t h Ae r o s m i t h   St rake compare to that in New                 “I like a slice of pizza where
                                   frontman Steven Tyler’s daughter,                 Orleans, generally?                            if you throw it at somebody,
“I have back trouble. You          actress Liv Tyler. Is there any truth             Mr. DiRosa: Seems like here there’s            you kill him.”
know what it is? Too many          to these rumors?                                  a lit tle more va r iet y i n the hot
brawls.”                                                                             lunches. There are more choices.               “You guys look like a bunch
                                                                                     Also, they have bigger chocolate chip          of felons.”
“I usually prepare my                                                                cookies than ours. In spite of that, I
classes while going 80 miles                                                         still miss our cafeteria back home.            “I can’t wait until Hurricane
an hour on my roller blades.”                                                                                                       Bam Bam!”
                                                                                     TBJ: What is your favorite subject
“I’ve got to be careful                                                              to teach?                                      “That’s why I go on regular
because if it rings four                                                             Mr. Di Rosa: Civics. I’ve been                 crime sprees, because I
times, the phone detonates.”                                                         teach i ng it a long t i me. I li ke           know there won’t be any
                                                                                     polit ics, I always d id g row i ng            consequences.”
“You were on Family Feud?”                                                           up. Even though I’ve taught other
Jonathan Rowan                     Mr. DiRosa: That’s something you have             subjects, I like Civics the best. I            “You know, I was thinking.
“Yeah. It was my national          to ask Mr. Michalik about, because he’s           studied political science in college.          And I do that from time to
                                   the one that started that rumor.                  I’ve been lucky enough that I get to
TV debut and finale.”                                                                                                                time.”
                                                                                     teach what I love.
DiRosa                             T B J : Pl e a s e e l a b o r a t e o n yo u r
                                                                                                                                    “I heard some of you out
                                   experience with game shows.                       TBJ: When and how did you decide
“You commute from                                                                                                                   there talking about hot
                                   Mr. DiRosa: Well, we were on Family               to become a teacher?
Houston to New Orleans             Feud many years ago, back in the early            Mr. DiRosa: It’s something I fell              girls. And you know, I
every day! That’s great!           ’80s. It was a lot of fun. We got a free          into actually. Around 1990, I was              was thinking, if they’re
You must have a pretty             trip. We didn’t win; I wish we had. I             working at Municipal and Traffic               hot, they should turn on
impressive scooter.”               did get one wrong, but I got a few right.         Court in New Orleans and going to              the air conditioning. I
                                   It was a good experience. Sometimes               graduate school at night. In 1991, I           don’t like anyone to be
“Did you evacuate [from            my family and I watch the tape of it and          went to look for a job; I had gotten           uncomfortable.”
Hurricane Rita]?” Marc             laugh about it.                                   my master’s degree. Fr. Postel told
Sketchler                                                                            me of an opening in the Social                 “I’d like to do it when
“I did!” Mr. DiRosa                T B J : Pl e a s e t e l l u s a b o u t yo u r   St udies Depar t ment. I’ve been               they’re not looking. I’m
“To where?” Sketchler              friendships with Mr. Michalik and                 teaching ever since with no regrets!           really a deviant at heart.”
“Beaumont.” DiRosa                 Coach Storm.
                                   Mr. DiRosa: And others, too. Waites               T B J: Teach i ng before K at r i na           “Someone came up to me
                                   and everyone in the Social Studies                vs. teaching after Katrina: your               and said he wanted to make
“The Police Chief of New
                                   Depar tment. Michalik and Stor m,                 opinion?                                       up a test. And I said, ‘Why
Orleans resigned. He was           I guess everyone knows they’re my                 M r. D i R o s a : G o o d q u e s t i o n .
good at geometry. Eddie                                                                                                             would you want to do that?’
                                   friends because they play pranks on               Teaching after Katrina, the situation
Compass. Compass! You              me, especially when I go around to pick           is always on your mind. The fact that          Women put on makeup.
get it? That was bad.”             up attendance slips. Storm always has             we’re not home is always there. Back           Actors put on makeup.
                                   his comment of the day; Michalik, too.            home, there was a high comfort zone,           That’s just weird.”
“I have two options. I’ll          When they pass by my class, I’ll involve          routine, football games on Friday
                                   them in the discussion. Top Abshire,              night. Here, the classroom situation           “We’re gonna do whatever
either continue teaching or
                                   too. I’ll ask him to come in and ask              is similar, but it’s a different routine       aggravates the students the
join the circus.”
                                   him about this and that. It’s fun and             than what we are used to. I’m glad to          most.”
                                   enlightening.                                     be working. Working gives you that
“Aquaman’s probably by my                                                                                                           “Snickers with almonds is
                                                                                     sense of normalcy, keeps your mind
house right now swimmin’           TBJ: What is the best place to get                off things. I’m still with friends and         where it’s AT!”
around. Either that or a           donuts around here?                               students. That helps.
submarine.”                        Mr. DiRosa: Shipley’s. There are a                                                               “You got the highest grade
                                   bunch of them in the Houston area. It’s           TBJ: Any closing comments?                     in the class. You got one
“You know Condoleeza               hard to go too many blocks without                Mr. DiRosa: Not really. Fifteen                point higher than me.”
Rice. On days when she             finding a Shipley’s. My major criticism            years have been great; I wouldn’t
doesn’t take a shower, she’s       of them, though, is this: they’re not open        trade it in for anything. You know,            “What did you say? It must
dirty rice. Wait, that’s not       very late. So then it’s a choice between          I’m lucky to be teaching where I am            have been bad, soooooooo,
funny.”                            breaking in and waiting until the next            and where I was a student. I’ve made           YOU’RE A LOSER!”
                                   morning. And being the law-abiding                good friends here. I’m fortunate. A
                                   citizen that I am, I wait until the next          lot of people don’t like their jobs.           “I don’t go trick-or-treating.
“Excuse me. I’m talkin’.           morning. Sometimes, at 9:30 or 10:00,             They may make more money, but                  I just see the little kids with
There’s nothing more               though, I do get desperate for a donut.           they’re not really happy. I’ve been            their bags, grab ’em, and
interesting than me.”                                                                happy in mine.                                 run.”
     November 2005                                                                                                                                               Page 7
Blue Jay of the Month
                                                                                                                                                         A FEW
  BJOM: Taylor Lorio
       Gregg Re
     Managing Editor
                                                                                                                                                       TBJ: Any college plans in
      Houston, TX
           Senior Taylor Lorio                                                                                                                         Taylor Lorio: Well, I
doesn’t know the meaning                                                                                                                               applied Early Action and
of the word conceit.                                                                                                                                   plan to attend UGA next
           “ I d o n’t a c h i e v e                                                                                                                   year, but you never know
anything. I just try to get                                                                                                                            if I could suddenly drop 60
by,” Taylor said bluntly at                                                                                                                            IQ points.
the outset of our interview,
f lipping a football in one                                                                                                                            TBJ: What clubs?
hand and rolling his sleeves                                                                                                                           TL: Rugby, Intramurals
with the other.                                                                                                                                        obviously, and I’m one of
           But the spir ited                                                                                                                           those invisible Columbian
intramural games played                                                                                                                                Squires, and for the record
during dinner time at                                                                                                                                  I was wholly interested in
Strake’s second session tell                                                                                                                           joining the Asian Club.
a different story.
            Less than a week                                                                                                                           TBJ: Best personal PH?
af ter he began night                                                                                                                                  TL: Junior year in Mr.
classes with hundreds of                                                                                                                               Enk’s class, he was
his classmates displaced                                                                                                                               lecturing about the human
by Katrina, Taylor noticed                                                                                                                             body being beautiful,
that the school’s expansive                                                                                                                            so I decided to take off
grounds would make good                                                                                                                                my shirts to prove his
playing fields. He was also                                                                                                                             point. Between Cullen’s
bored.                                                                                                                                                 “Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaat” and
           “ H av i n g n o t h i n g                                                                                                                  Top’s lecturing, I guess I
to do du r ing din ner was                                                                                                                             didn’t help much.
terrible for everyone,” he
said, noting that intramural                Taylor multi-tasks in order to complete all those football schedules.                                      TBJ: Favorite subjects and
sports are a long-standing               Dooleys and Wutang.                competitions that have been          “transparent,” donut-eating           why?
J e s u i t t r a d i t i o n . “ M r.            Students and faculty      a p a r t of t h e s cho ol fo r     member of the Columbian               TL: Greek, because of the
Prados asked me if there                 ca n’t get e noug h of t he        decades.                             Squires. He even played for           thousands of “life lessons”
were any referees here that              revised extracurricular.                    T he ef for ts also         the Rugby club alongside              and tens of vocab words
would like to help get things                     “He’s a Taylor of         attracted the attention of           Walk.                                 learned in Prof’s class.
going.”                                  Two Cities,” said one senior,      St ra ke’s ad m i nist rators.                  Anyway— back to
           Ta y l o r , w h o h a d      who, although he does not          When daylight saving time            football.                             TBJ: Favorite president?
been chosen by Mr. Powers                play intramurals, seems to         ended, the field became too                      “I’m gon na th row         TL: (inappropriate answer)
at the beginning of the year             appreciate the way Taylor          dark for dinnertime games.           down the yellow and give
to be the president of “The              has continued the tradition.       Strake’s Mr. Muniz, whom             t h e m t h e s m a c kd ow n ,”      TBJ: Is your house okay?
Intramural Society,” wasted                       Student Activities        senior class President Daniel        Taylor said, dropping all             TL: My house got about
no time. Spr inging into                 D i r e c t o r M r. P r a d o s   Walk calls (in a dual-layered        formality and referring to            18 inches in Old Metairie
action, he began planning                followed suit, noting that         cliché) “the go-to guy who           his duties as a uniformed             (represent), but repairs
dinnertime football games                Taylor has done a “fine job”        m a ke s it h a p p e n ,” t h e n   referee in the senior-faculty         should be done by
for each grade level. Long               by “stepping it up” when           erected lights that would            football game to take place           December, so it’s all good.
nights of gr ueling effor t              his fellow Blue Jays needed        allow play to continue.              a f t e r t he T h a n k sg iv i ng
u lt i m at ely pro d uc e d a n         him. He praised Taylor’s                    Lest he be completely       break. “Right now, though,            TBJ: Favorite bands?
intricate bracket with over              efforts to “get things right”      def i ned by i nt r a mu r als,      we’re deciding whether or             TL: 311 or Pink Floyd.
a dozen teams with such                  when it seemed dinnertime          Ta y l o r i s a l s o , l i k e     not Mr. Pidel is eligible to          Depends on what mood I’m
elaborate names as the Bill              would lack the heated sports       everyone else in school, a           play due to age reasons.”             in.

           by Staff Writer Spencer LeBlanc
 DO: Leave the city. It’s
 not worth it to watch the
                                         DON ’ T: St ay i n you r
                                         h o u s e . S i n c e yo u ’ ve
                                                                                                   The Blue Jay
 storm.                                  already decided to stay, at                                               Editorial Staff
                                         least go somewhere safe                                                   Editor-in-Chief
                                         and high off the ground.
                                                                                                                  Michael Puente, Jr.
 DO: Bring your pets.                    D O N ’ T: L e a v e y o u r
 Now is not a good time                  siblings. Your sister ’s               Features Editor                                                           Sports Editor
 for Scruffy to learn to                 swim lessons can wait                    Michael Yu                        Managing Editor                       Kevin Rooney
 swim.                                   too.
                                                                                Opinions Editor                       Gregg Re                             Moderator
 DO: Eat MRE’s. They’re                  DON’T: Eat the stuff
 del iciou s a nd ea sy to               you find in your fridge                 Sean Rhoads                                                                 Jeff Wilson
 make, as long as you have               when you get home.                                                                  Staff
 a “rock or something.”                  Why do I even need to
                                         say this?                            Ryan Amedee ’06, Eric Cusimano ’06, Nick de la Rua ’06 (Photographer),
                                                                             Adam Duverney ’06, Paul Fitzmorris ’06, Connor Flint ’07, Dale Flint ’06,
 DO: Take advantage                      DON’T: Loot. There’s
 of refugee discounts in                 no worse feeling than               Ian Gunn ’07, Will Huete ’06, Samuel Just ’06, Robert Landreaux ’07, Joey
 your area. Make the                     carrying two televisions              Laura ’06, Spencer LeBlanc ’07, Kenneth Lota ’06, William McFaul ’06,
 best of a bad situation.                a mile-and-a-half just to           Michael Modica ’06, Rougie Odor ’06, Allen Porter’06, Campbell Robinson
                                         realize that your house                ’10, Jonathan Rowan ’06 (Photographer), Paul Sampognaro ’06, Andy
                                         flooded and that you
                                         have no place to put                Schwehm ’07, Daniel Scullin ’07, Drew Singer ’06, Matt Slattery ’06, Ernest
                                         them.                                                     Svenson ’06, David White ’06
        November 2005                                                                                                                 Page 8
                                                                        Matt Slattery’s mom missed these on Jeopardy!, or someone else
      SLATT ATTACK II                                                                 buzzed in first. Put your cranium to the test to
                                                                                      see if you could have beaten Mrs. Slattery.

                                                                                                    across                3       Now a hotel,
                                                                                                                          Seaham Hall is the manor
                                                                                                                          where t h is l icent ious
                                                                                                                          lord married A nnabella
                                                                                                                          Milbanke in 1815
                                                                                                                          5       John Donne
                                                                                                                          called it “Nature’s great
                                                                                  7                                       ma ster piece... t he on ly
                                                                                                                          harmless great thing; the
                                                                                                                          giant of beasts”
                                                                                                                          7       This incend iar y
                                                                                                                          substance of gelled gasoline
                                                                                                                          was used extensively in
                                                                                                                          11      The greatest
                                                                                                                          distance it’s possible to see
                                                                                                                          wit h t he naked eye, it ’s
                                                                                                                          often part of the weather
                                                                                                                          12      Holtville, Ca., has
                                                                                                                          carrot ice crea m for its
                                                                                                                          Carrot Festival; & Goleta,
                                                                                                                          Ca., serves yellow cotton
                                                                                                                          candy for this fruit’s fest
                                                                                                                          14      Ta k e a w h i r l o n
                                                                                                                          the dance floor under this
                                                                                                                          kind of light whose name
                                                                                                                          comes from the Greek for
                                                                                                                          the “act of whirling”
                                                                                                                          17       Full name of the
                                                                                                                          1984 movie in which over-
                                                                                                                          aged baseball player comes
                                                                                                                          out of nowhere to become
                                                                                                                          a legendary player
 down                                                                                                                     20       The Pentagon is so
                                                                                                                          vast, in 1989 this Secretary
                                                                                                                          of Defense got lost in the
1         If she sells seashells                                                                                          basement for ten minutes
i n t h e S e yc h e l l e s , s h e                                                                                      before finding his way out
k nows t hat t he coco de                                                                                                 21        “Wherever there is
mer found there is a huge                                                                                                 injustice, you will find us”
one of these
2         In the Bronx, visit
the cottage that he shared
with his sickly young wife
Virginia, who tragically                                                                                   Mr. Acy:
died there in 1847
4          Don na Su m mer                                                                         “No Homework for

was “ Hot St uff ” in t he
                                             i PO
summer of 1979, topping
t he cha r t s wit h “ Hot                                                                                                incredulous.

Stuff” & this naughty hit                                                                  Surprised Latin Student               “It must have
                                                                                                 Houston, TX              been some kind of glitch

6         Of the hippo, hawk,
or hammerhead shark, the                                                                                                  in the matrix,” said one
one that can be described                                                                                                 senior on the condition of
as insessorial
                                                                                                  A s M r . A c y anonymity.
8         The “Cream City”,
                                                                                           corrected translations                A n o t h e r
                                                                                           and asked g ram ma r d e m o n s t r a t e d m o r e
9         “Flight attendants,
                                                                                           que st ion s, it se e me d “ u rba n it as” about t he
prepare doors for
                                                                                           like just another Latin affair.
depar t ure a nd” do t h is
                                                                                           V cl a s s t o h i s s eve n          “ D i d Ta r t a r u s
me a n s ma ke su re you r
                                                                                           st udents. But then, at freeze over?” asked Will
door & the one opposite
                                                                                           the end of first period on McFaul, stunned at the
yours are armed
                                                                                           November 16, 2005, it day’s events. He added,
10        This chemical
                                                                                           happened.                      “No, really, did it?”
explosive called blasting oil
                                                                                                  “Ok, no homework               Conce r n s we re
was discovered in 1846 by
                                                                                           for tomorrow. We’ll be allayed when M r. Acy
Ascanio Sobrero
                                                                                           going over meter,” Mr. announced fifteen lines
13        Equatorial Guinea
                                                                                           Acy said.                      of homework the next
is the only African nation
                                                                                                  S t u d e n t s w e r e evening.
whose offical language is
this (Final Jeopardy!)                                                                     Answers to Last Month’s Crossword:
15        As many as 1
m i l l ion may have d ie d
d u r i n g t h e 19 7 1 c i v i l                                                               ACROSS                         DOWN
war t hat produced t h is
country                                       For years, if Mrs. Wright (here pictured
                                       almost losing $20( missed a chain rule while             2. OYSTER               1. TURNAROUND
16          Johnny U ended                                                                  4. GALVESTON                      3. RAMSES
his Hall-of-Fame career                working calculus problem, he paid up up to
with this Calif. team in               the first student who found it. In light of               7. MY LAI                 5. STEVENSON
‘73, t he rook ie yea r of             sevaral typos in the last issu, we’re stepping up       8. TINTERN                      6. CLAM
future Hall of Famer Dan               two the plate as well;                                  11. GIANTS                   8. THE DEAD
Fouts                                   If you find a typo— and you wont- email               12. HIBISCUS                       ZONE
18          Native to Mexico,, starting at               14. DYNAMITE               9. NETHERLANDS
this f lower is named for              10:00 p.m. on the day of release online. No                                             10. BOLL
a Swedish botanist and                                                                          16. RHEA
                                       typos sent before this time are acepted, and             18. REMA                       WEEVILS
student of Linnaeus
19          This dye industry          none sent after 10:00 p.m. the next night            19. LINDBERGH                  13. SAVANNAH
chemical was not used as               are accepted. include your name, as well as              20. BLASS                  15. THIRTEEN
an explosive until 1904; it            the location and nature of the typo.If you‘re                                       17. GUERNICA
                                       the first one to send in the claim, you get            22. ISLANDS
later became prized by the                                                                                                    21. SCOTT
military                               $5.O0?                                                23. WARLOCK
                                              A nd no, this a r tcile don’t count.
                                       Sucker bet!
            November 2005                                                                                                                                    Page 9

A Modern Proposal   Kenneth Lota                              processed, and distributed. Do we not do the same to
                     Staff Writer                             chickens and cows? And, since any being subject to
                    Houston, TX                               abortion is not a person, what is the difference? We
                                                              could not be accused of cannibalism, for cannibalism
          Clearly, there is a problem with our society.       is defined as eating other people (which fetuses are
There are simply too many people. But, to every               not). Just think of the possibilities. There would
problem, there is a solution. Look at the current state       be embryo drives alongside food drives. Instead
of the world. People are starving to death all over the       of being forced to make the same dreary choice
globe. Every day, sixteen thousand children starve            between chicken, hamburger, or fish every time one         Jonathan Swift’s 1729 satire “A Modest
to death, one every five seconds. It is so crowded            enters a McDonald’s, one could simply order a fresh       Proposal” suggested with similarly
in Japan that people are about to fall off the shores.        McEmbryo with extra cheese and a large order of           s u s t a i n e d i rony t h at t h e E n g l i sh
Social Security is about to fall like a house of cards,       fries. The number of embryos aborted daily in the         exploitation of Irish immigrants was
and much of this is the fault of our current, pig-            United States alone could feed every starving child       on par with government-sponsored
                                                                                                                        ca n n iba l ism of you ng, po or I r ish
headed, Bible-thumping administration. The answer             in the world. If 16,000 starve to death every day,
to all of this is quite simple.                               and 4,000 are aborted in the United States each day,
          Around four thousand embryos are aborted            then simple division shows us that every aborted         to make each product (or less, depending on how it
every day in America alone, one every twenty                  child could be divided into four parts to feed every     is to be cooked) but with enough women working,
seconds or so. I refer to them as “embryos,” since            starving child every day! If brought to nine months,     we could produce a supply equal to the demand.
anyone can see that one is not a person (in the legal         let us say each product would weigh about six pounds     Certainly they could not go to any better use. Do not
sense, and therefore, any other sense) until one has a        on average. With the aforementioned distribution,        capitalist principles dictate that we use every resource
first name and a Social Security number. However,              each child could be given approximately 1.5 pounds       at our disposal? It’s time to stop worrying about the
most of the organic matter from these embryos is              of fetus to eat every day. Compare this to the average   non-born, and start worrying about the living!
simply thrown away. Am I the only one who sees the            quarter-pounder hamburger sold by Wendy’s. If                     Think of how much better off the world
problem here? Are we not capitalists? Ought we not            three quarter-pounders constitute a day’s meal, one      would be if only embryos were properly utilized. We
use every resource to our advantage?                          would eat 0.75 pounds per day. The starving children     could control the population and fight world hunger
          What I propose is quite simply a logical            would have twice that amount! No one would ever go       in one fell swoop! It would be comparable to killing
extension of the status quo. Instead of senselessly           hungry again! And all of this calculation is based on    two embryos with one clothes hanger! The rampant
disposing of this organic matter, we ought to put it          the United States’ production alone. In fact, with the   overpopulation of countries such as India and China
to good use. You see, one aborted embryo actually             production of aborted fetuses from other countries,      could easily be solved. (Additionally, Indian fetuses
could make for quite a nice meal. Instead of being            an entire industry could be made out of this, with       are quite spicy; and Chinese fetuses go excellently
thrown into the garbage, these embryos should be              women taking fertilizer pills to increase product        with rice and egg-rolls).
put into airtight packages, shipped to factories,             output exponentially. Sure, it takes nine months                  But of course, the theocratic religious right

   If We’re Willing to Eat It...
                                                                                                                       responds that there are better possibilities for these
                                                                                                                       unfeeling, species-less organisms than abortion. Are

       Strake Cafeteria
                                                                                                                       there really? Most aborted creatures would otherwise
                                                                                                                       be made to live in places where they were not wanted,
                                                                                                                       thus making their lives less than perfect.
    Michael Puente, Jr.                         On my first               exciting, and event ually                             “But what about adoption? ” cr y these
     Editor-in-Chief                   encounter with the Strake          I mu stered t he st reng t h                 backwoods, medieval rednecks.
      Houston, TX                      dining experience, I entered       to try a new dish. When                               Why in the world would any sane person
                                       the hot lunch line and             I brought it outside, my                     want to adopt one of these useless pests? They only
           We all remember             purchased some pasta, fries,       friends gathered all around                  drain their parents’ finances for eighteen years to then
what one measly dollar and             a drink, and a slice of cake.      my plat e a s i f t hey h a d                leave and provide their parents with little to nothing
eleven nickels could get us            A s I a mble d on t owa rd         seen something swimming                      in return later on. How antithetical to capitalism can
back home—an entire lunch              the cashier, I pulled out a        around in it. Some said it                   you get? Talk about diminishing returns.
large enough to fill even the           few dollars, having heard          was potatoes; others guessed                          “But, but, it is morally evil,” whine the
most famished of teenagers.            that Strake meals are more         it could be Rocky Mountain                   uneducated Bubbas of Christianity.
At Strake, however, such an            expensive. One can only            oysters; still others settled                         How dare they try to enforce their personal
amount would procure half a            imagine the look of terror         with the general category of                 (and, I dare say, primitive) moral views on us, the
cookie.                                that plagued my face upon          “mystery meat.” To this day,                 thinking population of the world! Do they not
           A s we a l l m o u r n      hearing my bill of $6.50.          I still have no clue in what                 understand that legislating morality would destroy
our losses from Hurricanes                      $6.50! That could         area of the food pyramid my                  democracy? Democracy is designed to allow
Katrina and Rita, one of               have bought me four lunches        meal that day belonged.                      everyone to express his own personal feelings and
the saddest casualties is              b a ck ho m e ! I d r e a r i ly            After that escapade I               opinions. Where do they get off on this idea about
the traditional, federally             a mble d t o my s e at i n a       settled on the pizza combo.                  “moral truth?” How can anybody claim to know
subsidized Jesuit meal. As             mood of somber discontent.         For a relatively cheap price                 what is right or what is wrong better than anybody
the f irst New Orleanian               I could not figure out how         of five bucks, a student can                  else? Given that they think that their religion is
to receive a Strake Jesuit             a school lunch the same            purchase two slices of pizza,                somehow “right” about what is clearly a matter
lu nch — or should I say               size as one at Jesuit could        some f r ies, a nd a small                   of opinion, what would be their next logical step?
dinner— I feel it is my duty           possibly cost $6.50, even if       drink. The pizza actually                    Where do they draw the line in dictating what is
to transcribe this review.             it did taste very good.            tastes like pizza, and the                   right and wrong? A state religion to tell us what we
           At f irst glance                     Desperate times call      fries are always fresh; so                   can or cannot do? Government-sponsored burnings
Strake’s Cafeteria leaves              for desperate measures, so         I can’t complain about the                   of books other than the Bible? Atheist lynching?
l it t le t o b e d e si r e d . A     I continued to eat Strake          qualit y of my new meal                      Clearly, the “moral majority” should not be allowed to
s m o r g a s b o r d of p i z z a ,   di n ners af ter my f i rst        of choice. However, the                      express their views on this or any other situation that
ch icke n t e nde r s, pa st a ,       horrifying experience. The         ultimate question is whether                 they may erroneously construe as having “moral” or
quesadillas, lasagna,                  hot lunch menu is always           it is worth five dollars.                     “ethical” dimensions. Morality and ethics are things
cheesesteaks, cookies, sodas,                                                      In the end, Strake’s                of fairy tales. There is only one law, which offers no
slushies, and Freedom fries                                               food quality and selection                   protection to those not yet born and, therefore, not
awaits any student eager for                                              get t wo thu mbs up. It’s                    human.
sustenance. The temptation                                                prices get two thumbs down.
to pile high is irresistible,                                             The cookies may be bigger              Please email bluejaynewspaper@gmail.
and many students inevitably                   Rating:                    i n Texas, but I m iss my               com to respond to this opinion or to
give in.                                      Silver Fork                 affordable shepherd’s pie.                       submit your own.
       November 2005                                                                                                                                 Page 10


   The swim team is presented its trophy.
 SWIMMING, from pg. 1          American consideration
Af ter the stor m, only        time of 1:28.55. Tortorich
fourteen managed to return.    then again swam an All-
Of these fourteen, twelve      American consideration
qualified to compete in the    time of 59.04 in the 100
championship.                  Yard Breaststroke.
        Without the depth                J e s u i t ’s s c o r e    The Jays confidently strut to the starting line before the State Meet.
of the teams of years past,    was also st reng thened
the Jays still managed to      by t h e p e r fo r m a n c e of                                     team competed at the ULL             Martin, and they showed
                                                                      X COUNTRY, from pg. 1
soundly defeat nearly all of   s e n io r s C o r e y B e n d e r,   Covington’s Brett Borne by     Ragin’ Cajun Invitational,           them what they were made
their competition. Out of      Vincent Campo, Cameron                nineteen seconds and taking    where five Jays placed in            of.
a pool of twenty-six teams     C h a m b e r l a i n , M ic h a el   the individual title in the    the top twenty. Guidry was                   Elsewhere, Jays
competing, Jesuit finished     Grennan, Ryan Hathaway,               meet for the second time in    again first with a time of           ran with intensity. Cullen
second with its score of       and Cullen Wheatley.                  three years.                   15:35; he was followed by            Doody, r u n n i ng for St.
374.5, far sur passing the               Baton Rouge-                        “I stayed with Brett   Ehrhardt (16:14), Er nest            Michael the A rchangel,
score of 214 earned by third   Catholic, which was                   as long as I could,” said a    Sve n s o n (16 :39) , C o r y       finished 12th in the state
place Dutchtown.               fortunate enough to escape            defeated Borne.                Guidry (16:49), and Chad             meet in Class 4A with a
        “Only twelve men       the toxic f loodwaters of                     The road to the top    Guidry (16:52). This was             time of 16:39. With his help
swam and lost by only a        Kat rina, simply had the
couple of points. Now think    depth to narrowly defeat the
about that. Who’s the state    depleted Jesuit team.                      “It was hard to take shelter for a while and then
champ?” said head coach                  As senior Doug
                               Stokes eloquently opined,
                                                                          come out and run...We relaxed for a while. We
Bret Hanemann, who had
coached nine of the last       “We were robbed.”
                                                                          didn’t know if we were going to run.”
eighteen state championship              I ndeed , we were.                                            -Brett Guidry
teams.                         Ha d it not b e e n for t he          was a long one. Let’s take a   the first time Jesuit raced          the school won the team title
        The swim team put      failure of the levee system           trip down memory lane.         a g a i n s t C at hol ic H ig h ,   for that class.
up a valiant, unified effort.   of South Louisiana, Jesuit                    The team emerged       which was ranked second in                     Patrick Cragin
T he t welve par ticipants     would have inevitably swum            victorious in three major      state, this year.                    ran for St. Thomas More,
dominated nearly ever y        to a nineteenth consecutive           races preceding the state                 Another week              finishing 24th with a time
event in which they            crown. In reality, however,           meet, when they were not       passed, and on October 29 it         of 17:05. He competed hard
swam. Sophomore John           Catholic now borrows the              even ranked due to Katrina.    was time for the Episcopal           alongside Graham Williams,
Tor tor ich swam the 100       trophy for one year.                  First, they won the Walker     Round Table Run. Five Jays           who placed 36th (17:36).
Yard Butterf ly in an All-               “ I’ve neve r b e e n       High Shootout on October       placed in the top twenty,                 Georgetown Preparatory
American qualification time     prouder of a group of men             15, with two runners placing   setting numerous personal            i n Ma r yla nd won t he
of 51.19 seconds, easily       than this group this year,”           in the top ten. Guidry was     record s. Gu id r y placed           Baltimore/DC private school
leading the Jays to victory    said Coa ch Ha ne m a n n.            first with a course record     1st (15:04, PR); Ehrhardt            championship. Adam Tosh
in that event. He then led     “Although they didn’t win             of 15:10; Kenny Ehrhardt’s     10th (15:56); Svenson 13th           placed 17th with a time of
off Jesuit’s winning 200       the state meet, they’re still         time of 15:51 was a personal   (16:07, PR); Chad Guidry             17:33; George Cvitanovic
Yard Freestyle Relay team,     the champs in this state.”            record. The race marked the    14th (16:12, PR); and Cory           wa s 47t h a t 18: 41. T h e
which finished with an All-                                           first time the team had run    Guidry 16th (16:13, PR).             course was hilly; and at 5k,
                                                                     together as Blue Jays.         T h is wa s t he f i r st t i me     it was slightly longer than
                                                                             Seven days later the   the Jays had met Brother             three miles.
                                                                                                                                                     “If you were
                                                                                                                                         running on f lat ground at
                                                                            FINISHING TIMES                                              any point in the race, you
                                                                                                                                         were lucky,” Tosh said.
                                                                                 Brett Guidry, 1st, 15:15                                          Now t he Jays a re
                                                                                Kenny Ehrhardt, 6th, 16:04                               working on catching up with
                                                                                 Chad Guidry, 11th, 16:19                                their schoolwork. Coach
                                                                                 Cory Guidry, 15th, 16:31                                Kernion, trying to schedule
                                                                                Ernie Svenson, 18th, 16:37                               cl a s s e s f o r t h e s e c o n d
                                                                                 Peter Flores, 20th, 16:39                               semester in New Orleans,
                                                                                Casey McMann, 41st, 17:00                                couldn’t be more proud.
                                                                                                                                                   “This was their
                                                                          Jesuit won the meet with a low score                           goal,” he said. “They were
Loyal fans cheer for senior Cullen Wheatley                                                                                              more focused this year than
a s he p repares to swim the 10 0 Yard                                   of 51. Brother Martin finished second
                                                                                   with a score of 83.                                   [they were] in any other
Freestyle at the Championship Swim Meet                                                                                                  year.”
at LSU.
         November 2005                                                                                                                                            Page 11

               1-2 IN ABBREVIATED SEASON
                                        Holy Cross in a renewal
       Michael Modica
                                        of the oldest rivalry in the
        Staff Writer
                                        city. Although the offense
        Metairie, LA
                                        sputtered, the defense came
           W i n n i n g . T h a t ’s   th rough with its stif ling
usually what the game of                of the Holy Cross run and
football is about. However,             pass attack. Senior Jaron
af t er t he deva st at ion of          Vil lafa na ca me up w it h
Hurricane Katrina and the               an interception which he
possibility that there would            returned to put the Jays in
be no football season to                scoring position. Later in
speak of, the focus of the              t he ga me he blocked a n
game changed for the Jesuit             ext ra point, keeping the
football team. The focus                game close. However, after
this season was just that: to           le a d i ng for mo s t of t he
have a season.                          game, the Jays could not
           As Athletic Director         hold off the Tigers in the
Frank Misuraca scrambled                f inal minutes and fou nd
to put together a schedule of           themselves on the wrong
three district games, all to            side of a 20-10 score.
be played at East Jefferson’s                     The next week held
Jo e Ye n n i St a d iu m , t he        yet another dist r ict foe:
coaches organized thei r                Ru m mel. T he R aiders,
new team. With a slew of                whose roster appeared                  The Blue Jay football team proudly sings the “Alma Mater” as a
players either in Houston,              nearly unaffected by                            sign of the strength of the Jesuit community.
Dallas, or other cities                 Katrina, had practiced for          stepped up and broke out               of se n ior w ide r e c eive r                As Jesuit wrapped
a c r o s s t h e c ou nt r y, t h e    weeks more; but the Jays            for a 32-yard touchdown                R o u g i e O d o r, w h o h a d     up this season, a season cut
Jays put together a team                were not about to ma ke             run. This, however, would              played at Joh n Cu r tis in          short by a storm that none
of forty players, less than             excuses. They accepted              turn out to be Jesuit’s only           the weeks af ter Kat r i na          of the players will soon
half the pre-Katrina roster.            the challenge and fought            touchdown in a 35-7 loss to            struck. Number 80 made his           forget, one cannot forget
Because of this loss many               val ia ntly. A f t e r get t i ng   the Raiders.                           presence on the field known           what real ly mat t ered i n
of the remaining players                off to a fairly shaky start                  The f inal game of            a s he broke out for t wo            each contest. It was not the
we r e fo r c e d t o pl ay o n         in the first half, the team         the shortened season was               touchdowns in his return to          score, not the statistics, and
both sides of the ball, but             settled down in the second          the annual Brother Martin-             the blue and white uniform.          definitely not the eventual
one fact remained: Jesuit               half, giving up only one            Jesuit clash. The Jays, now            Ev e r y t h i n g s e e m e d t o   1-2 record. It was the fact
High School would have a                touchdown. After senior             0-2, battled the Crusaders,            finally come together for the         that each game, although
football season.                        running back Matt Dozier            entering their first district          Jays in this contest, as they        more often than not a losing
           The abbreviated              wa s forc e d t o le ave t he       game, more for pride than              crushed the Crusaders for            ef for t, beca me a w i n i n
season started off with a               g a m e w i t h a n i n j u r y,    anything else. This week               their first win of the season,        the simple fact that it was
game against perennial rival            sophomore Mark Schellhaas           a l s o m a r ke d t h e r e t u r n   30-9.                                played.

                                                 Af ter a talk with         Zimmerman, suffering from
        Connor Flint
                                        Coach Eumont, I was invited         a broken toe. Even though
        Staff Writer
                                        to come to football practice        Holy Cross scored f i rst, a
        Metairie, LA
                                        the next day at noon. Upon          Scott Cronin touchdown, a
                                        ar riving, I saw other team         Phil Moseley field goal, and a
         In Hurricane Katrina’s         members who were “proud to          Jaron Villafana blocked kick
aftermath, many people lost             swim home” and those seniors        put us out ahead of them in
opportunities they might have           who chose to finish their high       the waning minutes of the
had: that promotion at work             school football careers with        third quarter. Unfortunately,
or the barbecue of the year.            their beloved Blue Jay team.        our lack of depth and practice
Before Kat r ina, the Jesuit            Most of the other seniors were      helped lead to a defeat.
team had a significant chance            350 miles away in Houston.                   Ou r next opponent
of getting to the championship                   But getting football       wa s Ru m mel, a p e ren n ial
this season. Af ter Kat rina            going at Jesuit was no easy         powerhou se. Ru m mel had
the team was scattered across           task. A fair amou nt of the         a full team, had a played a
many states; two-thirds of the          equipment was lost i n the          couple of games, and had more
players didn’t return.                  f loods, so some of the team        “strength” and practice. After
         I found myself in a            was wearing secondhand pads         a dismal first half, we stepped
similar situation. I have played        donated by other schools. We        back onto the f ield with a                      Senior Matt Dozier celebrates.
team sports since I was five,           rented a U-Haul truck and kept      vengeance. Mark Schellhaas’            Bon i n, Mat t Babi n, Ja ron        impressive year by attempting
particularly soccer. Before             it as our portable locker room,     touchdown put us on the board;         Villafana, Phil Moseley, Matt        to d rop -k ick a f ield goal;
Katrina I was playing for a             which braved many nights out        and the second half score ended        Dozier, Rougie Odor, Cooper          Jaron Villifana took it into
club soccer team. Afterwards,           at La Salle Park.                   up being 7-7, showing Rummel           McGregor, Josh Romig, and            the end zone; and the rest of
I found myself with no soccer                     During that first week     that the post-Kat r ina Jays           Eric Cusimano) who knew              the team finished the season
team and no club season. This           Coa ch Eu mont t e st ed ou r       weren’t pushovers. However,            this was their last high school      by hammering Brother
unfortunate occurrence and              mettle, our endurance, and our      the score was less pleasant at         game. The seniors spur red           Martin 30-9. We all sang the
the fact that I had grown three         determination to win. When          the end.                               us all on to victory with their      “Alma Mater” perhaps a little
inches and put on 30 pounds             we showed up on Saturday                     A f t e r Ru m mel , we       unceasing determination to           more tearf ully, but no less
opened another door, one I              to play Holy Cross, we came         knew the worst was over; up            crush the Crusaders into dust.       exuberantly, ending the 2005
had often thought about but             out onto the field having never      next was Brother Martin, our           Rougie Odor went out with a          season. As I walked off the
never really had the chance to          practiced in f ull pads and         archrival. This game was most          bang, scoring two touchdowns         field, I felt honored to have
explore. Football.                      with our quarterback, Danny         important to the seniors (Marc         for us; Phil Moseley capped an       played with the Jays this year.
     November 2005                                                                                                             Page 12


                                                                        At Strake,
                                                                        the tradition

Senior Team Power Rankings

  3 5 7
                                                                                                                            Dale Flint
                                                                                                                           Staff Writer

                                                                                     pre-playoffs                          Houston, TX

    The Monstars                       Nitro                     WhoDats                                              While the hallowed
                                       Michael Jones
    Tariq Yousuf                  Patrick McKay                  Dale Flint                               g r id i r o n t h a t i s t h e f ield
    Lee Jones                     Jeff Romig                Drew Lambert                                  behind Jesuit dried out after
    Craig Schnell
    Mike Boyd
                                  Taylor Lorio
                                  Michael Bossetta
                                                            Daniel Walk
                                                            Evan Harrington                   Rocket      i m p e r s o n a t i ng a si x-fo o t
    Ricky Coffey                  Michael Mestayer          Eric Murray                Bob Gardner        deep swimming pool, dozens
    Ben Oertling                  Jimmy Cronvich            Stephen Procido            Chad Naremore
    Nick de la Rua                                                                     Nick DiRosa        of displaced Jesuit students
                                  Corey Day                 Josh Hess

2 4 6
    Jonathan Frischhertz                                                               Andrew Graziano    s c r a m bl e d t o m ove t h e i r
                                                                                       Chris Woods        intramural football league
                                                                                       Gavin Atilano
            Snakes                                                                     Youssef Bou-Mikael to an alternate venue. With
            Ashton Laborde                                                                                the help of our Strake Jesuit
            Sean Lajaunie
            Darrell O’Neill                  Oreo                                                         f r ie nd s i n Hou st on , t hei r
            Stephen Sewell              Bola Akingbola                            Rage                    efforts became a reality.
            Stuart Hart                 Andrew Cambus                      Nat Levinson
            Brad Gruezke                Ben Reed                           Justin Pigford                             As the roughly three
            Frankie Rabito              Casey McMann                       David Creighton                hundred displaced Blue Jays
            Christian Rabito            Brandon Hicks                      Fred Holley                    settled into the daily routine
                                        Gabe Cusimano                      Justin LeGros
                                        Will Vocke                         Jeff Farnet                    a t t h e S e c o n d S e s s io n a t
                                        Clayton Richardson                 Andrew Todd                    Strake, many students and
                                        Andrew Herpich                     Ryan Peters
                                                                                                          Mr. Prados called for a return
                                             Rankings above are based on a survey of students             to nor malcy in the for m of
Youssef Bou-Mikael just can’t catch a        and faculty. Our panel of celebrity experts consisted        intramural football. With the
break. First, he needed stiches in his       of Taylor Lorio, Intramurals President; Kevin Rooney,        help of Jesuit’s Intramural
                                             Sports Editor of The Blue Jay; Mr. Michael Dufresne,         Sports Club and Mr. Prados,
chin after a Daniel Walk rush. Then,
after failing to snatch an interception,     die-hard intramural football fanatic; George Landrum,        Jesuit Int ramu ral Football
he punched the ground hard enough            pride of the White Division; Ben Reed, Oreo’s All-Star;      League Commissioner Taylor
to break his hand, winning the league’s      and Stephen Procido, WhoDats star and future Saints          Lorio pioneered the league’s
award for Most Useless Injury of the         quarterback. These rankings are by no means scientific       Houston rebirth in the wake
                                             and are merely the result of our poll.                               see JIFL, pg. 13

“The WhoDats will dominate the Monstars and the whole league in the playoffs...That time we
lost 25-0 to the Monstars was a fluke...By the way, we play the zone defense.” — Stephen Procido
         November 2005                                                                                                 Page 13

     JIFL, from pg. 12

of Hurricane Katrina. Lorio                           Blue Division
and the Intramural Sports Club
were inundated with students
wanting to play.
          As senior Daniel Walk
stated, “There aren’t a lot of
extracurriculars at the moment.
                                         TEAM         WINS            LOSSES          TIES
                                                          5               0              0
We j u s t w a n t s o m e t h i n g
outside of academics to do

                                                          5               1              0
while we’re here at Strake.”
          Many students echoed
Walk’s sentiments— some
140 students signed up for
                                                          3               2              0
the JIFL, forming nineteen
teams with such names as
                                                          2               3              0
Kaos, X-Blades, and Oreo.
Commissioner Lorio lined up
                                        WHODATS           1               2              1
referees for the games and
                                        RAGE              1               3              1
                                                          0               6              0
bought referee whistles and
cones for lining the f ields
using the money earned from
the one dollar sign-up fee.            Recap                                                        Nitro’s Michael Mestayer goes
          The f irst game was
played on October 12th, when
two senior teams, Nitro and
                                       Senior Games                                                             long.

the Snakes, battled it out on             RAGE 6 WHODATS 6
Strake’s soccer f ield. Led
by senior Ashton Laborde,
                                          WHODATS 14 ROCKET 0
who had a touchdown and                   ROCKET 0 MONSTARS 21
an interception, the Snakes
d efe at e d Nit ro 12- 0. A              ROCKET 0 OREO 26
raucous crowd of some fifty
students lined up to see the
                                          NITRO 29 ROCKET 0
inaugural game, cementing the             RAGE 16 ROCKET 6
league as a fan favorite. The
JIFL soon became the biggest
                                          RAGE 6 SNAKES 22
draw on campus; the hallways              RAGE 12 NITRO 20
were filled with talk of the
evenings’ games.
                                          WHODATS 0 MONSTARS 25
          Concern mounted for             SNAKES 28 WHODATS 16
the f ledgling league in early
November, however, when the               MONSTARS 29 OREO 8                                        Rage’s Justin Pigford searches
end of Daylight Saving Time               SNAKES 12 NITRO 0                                            for a worthy receiver.
set in, leaving the playing field                                                         Rocket walked off the field after
in darkness at dinner. It then            SNAKES 12 MONSTARS 33                          allowing 21 points in the first five
seemed inevitable that games
would be played earlier in
                                          OREO 19 SNAKES 32                              minutes.

the afternoon before school.              NITRO 14 OREO 19
                                                                                                White Division team Kaos called
Bemoaning by Commissioner
Lorio and Mr. Prados paid off
                                          KAOS 20 NITRO 26                                      out senior team Nitro, so the seniors
when the Strake administration                       These six points were the first and only   taught the underclassmen who’s boss.
graciously set up lights on the                      points Rocket has scored all season.
school quad to accommodate
night games. Within a week of
the onset of standard time, the        Underclassman
JIFL was back up and running,
with lowerclassmen playing
during first half of dinner and
                                       White Division (Junior/Sophomore)
                                                                          *first in division

upperclassmen playing during
second half. “Friday Night
Lights” five days a week are            The Losers
here to stay.
          The JIFL has not              Kaos*           Green Division (Freshman/
only become a large part of
                                        Johnny Palmers
                                        Bill Dooleys Hairballs*
school life for the Blue Jays
in the Second Session, but it
has become an opportunity
to st reng then the Jesuit
                                        Target         Grossly Underpaid
                                        Team George X-Blades
community as well.
          O n a r el a t e d not e,
the league will return to New
Orleans in January—unlike
                                        Wutang         R. Ruello Jello
a certain franchise that has
indicated a desire to move
permanently to Texas.
                                        The Unknowns
It might have been the first
Halloween these Jays and
teachers have spent in school,
but that didn’t put a damper
on the festivities. The Student
Council hosted a costume
contest at dinner for students
                                                                   Mrs. Juhas and others had kindly
attending the Strake Second
                                                                   purchased candy for all the sugar-
Session, and what a party it
                                                                   deprived students stuck at Strake on
                                                                   Halloween. Though not quite the
                                                                   same as trick-or-treating, receiving
                                                                   candy from teachers was just as sweet.

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