Asia TEFL 2008 Tentative Confere by liuqingzhan

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                  Asia TEFL 2008 Tentative Conference Program (As Final July, 2008)
09.00-21.00                                           REGISTRATION

                                       DAY 1 August 1st (Friday)

       TIME                                               EVENTS
    07:00-08:45                                       REGISTRATION

                                                  OPENING CEREMONY

                                                   WELCOMING DANCE

                        OPENING ADDRESS                    Suwarsih Madya (Conference Committee Chair)

                      WELCOMING ADDRESS                            Dewa Made Berata (Governor, Bali)

    09:00-10:00       WELCOMING ADDRESS                        Hyo Woong LEE (President, Asia TEFL)

                                                           Prof. Dr. Bambang Sudibyo (Ministry of National
                        KEYNOTE ADDRESS

                        ASIA TEFL ANTHEM

                                    PLENARY SESSION 1 Melani Budianta (Indonesia)
                                          English in a Globalizing Asia
                                             Malachi Edwin Vethamani
                                                  GRIYA AGUNG
    11:00-11:25                                 BREAK, BOOK EXHIBITION

    11:25-13:20                          LUNCH, BOOK EXHIBITION, Friday Pray

                                              CONCURRENT SESSION 1 (20)
                                                       (1) Henny Herawati
                  Non-native English Literature in English Language Learning: Voicing Locality and Building
                                                  Inter-cultural Understanding
                                                      SINGARAJA ROOM
                                                          Mika Miyasone
                                                    (2) Ika Lestari Damayanti
                  Dependent Females, Independent Males: Gender Construction in Visual Images in English
                                       Language Textbooks for Primary School Students
                                                         NEGARA ROOM
    13:20-13:50                                        Josephine Muwarni
                                              (3) Endang Sutartinah Soemartono,
                     Using Local Literatures in English or Translation for Teaching English in Indonesia
                                                            LEGIAN D
                                                         Kalayo Hasibuan
                                                         (4) Jihyeon Jeon
                    Strategies for facing the Multidimensional Context and Realities of Asian Classrooms
                                                          KINTAMANI A
                                                           Kusni Askar
                                               (5) Pei-jie Chen & Szu-wei Wu

                         The Effect of Negotiation on the Success of Tutoring:
                Case Studies of Tutor/tutee Interaction in a Writing Center in Taiwan
                                                KINTAMANI B
                                                 Lela Susanti
                                          (6) Ravinder Garges;
     Revisited in The Context of Interlanguage; English language Learning at The university of
                                                KINTAMANI C
                                          Dora Angelina Aruan
                                             (7) Rolf Palmberg
      Let‘s talk about Christmas – an English language lesson based on Gardner‘s MI Theory
                                             LEGIAN ROOM A
                                                 Do-Ah Shin
                                               (8) Estaji Massy
    Chaos/Complexity Theory and Dynamic Systems Theory as Complementary Perspectives on
                 Second Language Acquisition Process as well as Education Paradigm
                                             LEGIAN ROOM B
                                                Steve Jugovic
                                              (9) Megumi Tada
    Facilitating Learning Environments – Collaboration with Artists for EFL courses at a Japanese
                                             LEGIAN ROOM C
                                  Puteri Rohani Megat Abdul Rahim
                                           (10) Russell Hubert
                Incorporating Classroom Debate into University EFL Speaking Courses
                                         DENPASAR ROOM A
                                    Patrisius Istiarto Djiwandono
                           (11) Midori Kimura, Junko Handa, Hiroyuki Obari
       Role of Information and Communication Technologies in English Education in Japan: A
                                         DENPASAR ROOM B
                                     Saidatul Akmar Zainal Abidin
                                        (12) Hossein Siahpoosh
         Pronunciation in EFL Classes and the Personality Factors in Learning Pronunciation
                                         DENPASAR ROOM C
                                            Tomoyasu Akiyama
                                           (13) Jeremy Walenn
                                         Blending the argument
                                         DENPASAR ROOM D
                                                Jinding Peng
                                           (14) Heather Linville
                      Content Instruction in English and the Globalization of Asia
                                         DENPASAR ROOM E
                                                  Ali Rahimi
                                              (15) Solihin Agyl,
    Language Development through Retelling Stories: How to Quiet Young Learners‘ Confidence
                                         DENPASAR ROOM F
                                              Siti Mina Tamah
                                            (16) Reza Kalantari
                         The Effect of Classroom Interaction on Conversation
                                 Performance of Iranian EFL Learners
                                             TABANAN ROOM

                                                   (17) Mohammad Shariati
                       Language Learning Strategies of a Group of Successful Iranian Learners of English
                                                      AMLAPURA ROOM
                                                      Bambang Suwarno
                                                        (18) Morteza Barin
                  The technology, techniques and materials on listening comprehension by focusing on internet-
                                                     based Listening labs.
                                                       BANGLI ROOM
                                                         Richard Tung
                                                        (19) Mary Wong
                              Prepared to Teach ELT in Asia? MA/TESOL Graduates‘ Perspectives
                                                       BADUNG ROOM
                                                     Varunee Boon-Long
                                                     (20) Sabiha Mansoor
                                                 Successful Women Educators:
                                           Indigenous Teacher Education Framework
                                                       GIANYAR ROOM
                                                          Lies Setiasih

                           CONCURRENT SESSION 2 (19)                       COLLOQUIA & WORKSHOPS 1
                                     (1) Mika Miyasone
                   Effects of Teaching English Letters and Sounds at
                           the Beginning of English Learning
                                    SINGARAJA ROOM
                                      Henny Herawati
                        (2) Josephine Sri Murwani Pudji Lestari
                     English Literature Studies in Extending Circle
                      Countries: Going Beyond the Literary Canon
                                      NEGARA ROOM
                                   Ika Lestari Damayanti
                                    (3) Kalayo Hasibuan
                  The Development of CALL Task Based Instruction
                                          LEGIAN D
                              Endang Sutartinah Sumartono
    14:00-14:30                        (4) Kusni Askar                  ETS (workshop 1)
                    Educating Asian ESP Teachers: A Proposal for        Diana K. Jahja
                                Professional Development                Some Clasroom Tasks For The TOEFL
                                       KINTAMANI A                      IBT Speaking
                                        Jihyeon Jeon                    BANGLI ROOM
                               (5) Lela Susanti, Ratmanida
                  The Effect of Teaching Programs Based on Learning
                    Styles on the Students‘ Achievement in Writing
                                       KINTAMANI B
                                         Pei-jie Chen
                                  (6) Dora Angelia Aruan
                   Parents‘ Attitudes and Teachers‘ Attitudes towards
                   Children‘s Language Learning: A Juxtaposed or A
                                  Tangled Relationship?
                                       KINTAMANI C
                                     Ravinder Gargesh
                           (7) Do-Ah Shin & Chan-Kyoo Min
                   The Effectiveness of Teaching Asian Culture in the

                        Korean EFL Class
                        LEGIAN ROOM A
                          Rolf Palmberg
                        (8) Steve Jugovic
               Student Designed Interactive Posters for
                         EFL classrooms
                            LEGIAN ROOM B
                                Estaji Massy
      (9) Puteri Rohani Megat Abdul Rahim & Shazilla
             Abdullah & Noor Roslina Amir Ishak
        Collaborative Writing Techniques as a Tool in
            Writing Skill to Tertiary Level Students
                        LEGIAN ROOM C
                           Megumi Tada
              (10) Patrisius Istiarto Djiwandono
        A Profile Of Needs And Wants Of Indonesian
    Learners Of English At University Level: A Snapshot
               Of Reality In Asian Classrooms
                     DENPASAR ROOM A
                         Russell Hubert
         (11) Saidatul Akmar Zainal Abidin & A Mazli
                     DENPASAR ROOM B
                          Midori Kimura
                    (12) Tomoyasu Akiyama
        An investigation of the teacher employment
            What do these examinations assess?
                     DENPASAR ROOM C
                       Hossein Siahpoosh
                (13) Jinding Peng & Jun Deng
     A Study of Supportive F-moves in College English
                       Classroom in China
                     DENPASAR ROOM D
                         Jeremy Walenn
           (14) Ali Rahimi & Hamzeh Mohammadi
     Foreign Language Classroom Anxiety and Foreign
      Language Reading Anxiety Among Iraninas EFL
       Learners: A Case of Age, Gender and Different
                   Years of University Study
                     DENPASAR ROOM E
                         Heather Linville
                      (15) Siti Mina Tamah,
       Role Assigning in Jigsaw Classroom: An Asian
                 Classroom Reality Revealed
                     DENPASAR ROOM F
                            Solihin Agyl
                          (16) Budiawan
            Cultural Values in Language Teaching
                       TABANAN ROOM
                         Reza Kalantari

                                (17) Bambang Suwarno
                    Using Indigenous Folk Theatre as an Innovative
                   English Drama in the Pursuit of Globalization while
                              Retaining the Asian Identity
                                  AMLAPURA ROOM
                                  Mohammad Shariati
                                   (18) Richard Tung
                     The Historical Developments of the ETJCEE
                                      Reading Tests
                                 in the Past Fifty Years
                                   BADUNG ROOM
                                      Morteza Barin

                               (19) Varunee Boon-Long
                      A Study of Affecting Factors Minimizing the
                  Expected Successful Implementation of the Learner-
                   Centred Approach (LCA) in the English Teaching
                     and Learning in High Schools of the Municipal
                           District of Chiang Mai, Thailand
                                   GIANYAR ROOM
                                       Mary Wong

                           CONCURRENT SESSION 3 (19)

                            (1) Listyaning S., Zulfa Sakhiyya,
                      National Teacher Certification: A Milestone or
                      Setback towards International Standard EFL
                                GRIYA AGUNG ROOM A
                                 Linchong Chorrojprasert
                                      (2) Kun Herrini,
                  Arts & Crafts to Facilitate English Learning for Young
                                GRIYA AGUNG ROOM B
                                      Yazid Basthomi
                                (3) Rica S. Wuryaningrum
                   Teaching Vocabulary Using 3D Films for Toddlers:
                       Using Mind Mapping and Stem Statements
    14:40-15:10                          LEGIAN D
                                     (4) Djoko Sutopo
                                 Discourse on Polygamy
                                       KINTAMANI A
                                  Handoyo Puji Widodo
                                        (5) Veronica
                      Revitalization of TPR in the Young Learners‘
                                       KINTAMANI B
                                      Zainal A. Naning
                                   (6) Yee Lin Li Ruffell
                   Integrating values education in the EFL curriculum
                                       KINTAMANI C
                             Ezatul Marini Bt Mohd Ghazali
                                     (7) Jungsook Kim
                    The Reading Behaviors of Beginning EFL Korean

                    LEGIAN ROOM A
                      Marie Perera
                        (8) Gusti Astika,
     A task-based syllabus development: a study of tour
               guiding tasks in Bali, Indonesia
                       LEGIAN ROOM B
                      Khadernawaz Khan
                        (9) Ai-Hua Chen
       Strategy and Process-Based Instruction in EFL
                       LEGIAN ROOM C
                         Yi-Boon Chang
            (10) Shengping Tang & Jinling Zhang
       Chinese LEP Students —Issues and a Possible
                    DENPASAR ROOM A
                     Norizan Abdul Razak
                          (11) Shinta Harini
      Applying Bloom‘s level of Intelectual behaviour in
                   ELT Materials for Teens
                    DENPASAR ROOM B
                     (12) Kozo Yanagawa
        The validation of the listening comprehension
           component of the Centre Test in Japan
                    DENPASAR ROOM C
                           James Hall
                      (13) Hyeyoung Kim
        Fostering college students‘ language learning
                   autonomy through blogs
                    DENPASAR ROOM D
                        Masood Yazdani
                      (14) Tae-Young Kim
      The sociocultural interface between ideal self and
                          ought-to self:
      A case study of Korean students‘ ESL motivation
                    DENPASAR ROOM E
                         Yeon Hee Choi
                     (15) Fumiko Kurihara
       How Japanese Students Perceive and Perform
            Real-world Intercultural Writing Tasks
                    DENPASAR ROOM F
                          Bushra Zafar
    (16) Francisca Maria Ivone, S. Nurul Muthmainnah;
    Fostering University Students‘ Independent Learning
            Habit in an Intensive Course Program
                       TABANAN ROOM
                       Marina Rassokha
                       (17) David C.S. Li
                   ELT curriculum in China:
             Standard English and the four skills
                      AMLAPURA ROOM
                         Caleb Prichard

                                     (18) Hou Fuli
                    Contrastive Exploration of Classical Language
                     Views in Ancient China and the West and its
                   Significance on(English/Chinese)Language
                                  BADUNG I ROOM
                                   Jeremy Harmer
                                  (19) Lies Setiasih,
                  Developing Integrated Language Skills through the
                   Teaching of Reading Comprehension in Content
                                  GIANYAR ROOM
                                     Zhang Jingsi
    15:10-15:35                                   BREAK, BOOK EXHIBITION
                                  PLENARY SESSION 2 Jeremy Harmer (United Kingdom)
                       Ease up on the slap - “ language and discourse in the ESOL
                                                      SINGARAJA ROOM
    15:40-16:30                                            Koike, Ikuo
                                      PLENARY SESSION 3 David Nunan (Hong Kong)
                              Title Internet solutions to the challenges of globalization
                                                        NEGARA ROOM
                                                          Phyllis Chew

                                                CONCURRENT SESSION 4 (20)

                                                       (1) Linchong Chorrojprasert
                       The Use of Teaching Portfolios for Teacher Professional Development in Thailand
                                                         SINGARAJA ROOM
                                                             Listyaning S.
                                                          (2) Yazid Basthomi
                    Examining Research Spaces In Doctoral Prospectuses Written By Indonesian Students Of
                                                           NEGARA ROOM
                                                              Kun Herrini
                                                                (3) Yuliati
                  Scaffolding Talks in Teaching Speaking Based on Social Constructivism Theory (An Analysis of
                  Teaching and Learning Process in SMA N 4 Semarang Year of XII Academic Year 2007/2008)
    16:40-17:10                                                LEGIAN D
                                                        Rica S. Wuryaningrum
                                            (4) Yuseva Iswandari, Handoyo Puji Widodo
                     Developing ―Critical Literacy‖ in an EFL Extensive Reading Class using Rosenblatt and
                                                        Bakhtin‘s Frameworks
                                                            KINTAMANI A
                                                             Djoko Sutopo
                                                (5) Zainal A. Naning, Slamet Abdullah
                    Developing Intercultural Competence Among Indonesian Learners Of English: A Factor To
                                                       Take Into Consideration
                                                            KINTAMANI B
                                                  (6) Ezatul Marini Bt Mohd Ghazali
                  Teaching Technical Modules in English : Investigating the effectiveness of English Trainings to
                                                        the technical lecturers
                                                            KINTAMANI C

                                        Yee Lin Li Ruffell
                                      (7) Marie Periera
           Coping with Student Heterogeneity: the reality of the ESL classroom in Sri Lanka

                                       LEGIAN ROOM A
                                         Jungsook Kim
                                      (8) Khadernawaz Khan
                      Asianizing English Or Anglicising (Americaning) Asia?
         Implications of Globalization And Culture Dominated ELT In The Asian ContextT
                                        LEGIAN ROOM B
                                            Gusti Astika
                                        (9) Yi-Boon Chang
                            Does ‗Korean English‘ exist in its own right?
                                           LEGIAN ROOM C
                                              Ai-Hua Chen
                         (10) Norizan Abdul Razak & Shahrul Ridzuan Arshad
                                        DENPASAR ROOM A
                                            Shengping Tang
                                            (11) Nurhemida
           The Relationship between Morphological Awareness and English Vocabulary
                                        DENPASAR ROOM B
                                              Shinta Harini
                                 (12) James Hall & Tomoko Yamazaki
    Challenges and opportunities in using English picture books as a means to conduct English
         Activities during the Period for Integrated Study in Japanese Elementary Schools
                                        DENPASAR ROOM C
                                            Kozo Yanagawa
                          (13) Masood Yazdani Moghadam & Ahmad Emadin
    The effect of teaching word formation knowledge on paragraph restatement and inferencing
                                        DENPASAR ROOM D
                                             Hyeyoung Kim
                                          (14) Yeon Hee Choi
                        The Development of a College EAP Curriculum Model
                                Based on Korean EFL Students‘ Needs
                                        DENPASAR ROOM E
                                             Tae-Young Kim
                                           (15) Bushra Zafar
                                 The Use of IT in Language Teaching
                                        DENPASAR ROOM F
                                            Fumiko Kurihara
                                        (16) Marina Rassokha
                      Variation and Change of English as a Goal of Instruction
                                           TABANAN ROOM
                                        Francisca Maria Ivone
                                          (17) Caleb Prichard
                                 Vocabulary Strategies of L2 Readers
                                         AMLAPURA ROOM

                                                           David C.S. Li

                                                         (18) Jeremy Harmer
                                            Filming Teachers and What We Get Out of It
                                                            BANGLI ROOM
                                                                Hou Fuli
                                                           (19) Zhang Jingsi
                      Influence of the First Language on Chinese EFL Learners‘ Writing: An Experimental Study
                                              on the Translation-based English Writing
                                                             BADUNG ROOM
                                                             Sabiha Mansoor
                                                       (20) Masahiro Takimoto
                  Evaluating the effectiveness of mono-component task design and poly-component task design
                        in the structured input tasks on the development of learners‘ pragmatic proficiency
                                                          GIANYAR ROOM
                                                        S. Nurul Muthmainnah

                                                CONCURRENT SESSION 5 (20)

                                (1) Emalia Iragiliati Sukarni, Dwi Winarni, Yuliana Tri Nurmayanti
                    Improving Teachers‘ Professionalism through Implementation of Materials Development: A
                        case study based on Pathways of National Plus Catholic High School St. Albertus
                                                      GRIYA AGUNG ROOM A
                                                                Miso Kim
                                                       (2) Endah Yulia Rahayu,
                                       Inkshedding In English Writing: Indonesian Context
                                                           NEGARA ROOM
                                                           Hermawati Syarif
                                            (3) IN Pasek Hadisaputra, NLP Sri Adnyani
                               The Influence of Balinese Culture on Students‘ Speaking Activities
                                                               LEGIAN D
                                                            Cheng Wenhua
                                                        (4) Joanne Dickinson,
    17.20-17:50                             Teaching Thinking Skills to Young Learners
                                                             KINTAMANI A
                                                          Proshjants Natalia
                                                      (5) Joseph Ernest Mambu
                    Indonesianized English in EFL pre-service teachers‘ written narratives: A matter of error or
                                                       identity? KINTAMANI B
                                                             Hiroyuki Obari
                                                     (6) Ni Nyoman Padmadewi
                                    Scaffolding Approach In Teaching Writing For Young Learners
                                                             KINTAMANI C
                                                       Mohamad Fauzan Anzari
                                                  (7) Yang Manzhen & Yu Zhuoya
                     The Effects of Task Conditions on Use of Listening Strategies by Chinese EFL Learners
                                                          LEGIAN ROOM A
                                                           Gaston Soehadi
                                                            (8) Sangho Han
                                  Pre-conditions for Glocalization of English Education in Korea
                                                          LEGIAN ROOM B
                                                            Gin Gin Gustine

                                        (9) Jong-choon Kim
                    Using Internet Newspapers in Korean College English Classes
                                           LEGIAN ROOM C
                                            Karen Konnerth

                                                (10) Kate Chen
          Learners‘ English Strategy Employment and Awareness in Taiwan: An Oral Report
                                           DENPASAR ROOM A
                                                 Wu Songjiang
                             (11) Shaun Justin Manning & Kyung Hee Back
                The Royal Road to English: Metaphor Use in Intermediate EFL Learners
                                           DENPASAR ROOM B
                                          Noverita Wahyuningsih
                                                   (12) Promadi
            Virtual Communicative Language Teaching (VCLT): A New Alternatif for Future TEFL
                                           DENPASAR ROOM C
                                            (13) Margaret Cargill
     Fostering Asian access to the global market in science: ELT and interdisciplinary collaboration
                       in educating scientists to write strategically for publication
                                           DENPASAR ROOM D
                                                  Xiong Lijun
                                             (14) Sung Uk Keem
                A New English Pronunciation Symbol System Based on Hangeul: HEPS
                                           DENPASAR ROOM E
                                           Sandhya Rani Sahoo
                                               (15) Chiaki Iwai
      Beyond Lexical Communication Strategies – An Attempt to Raise EFL Learners‘ Pragmatic
                           Flexibility in Unfamiliar Contexts of Using English
                                           DENPASAR ROOM F
                                                 Yongsuk Kim
                                             (16) Tim Hawthorne
      ―Producing English Versions of Japanese Comics in the English Conversation Classroom‖
                                              TABANAN ROOM
                                            Chongrak Liangpanit
                                              (17) Byron O'Neill
                     Spoken Output Practice in Expanding Circle EFL Curriculums
                                            AMLAPURA ROOM
                                                   Lee Ann
                                            (18) Jeremy Harmer
                              Filming Teachers and What We Get Out of It
                                               BANGLI ROOM
                                                  Raouf Moini
                                 (19) Azirah Hashim & Norizah Hassan
                                           Electronic English In Malaysia
                                                   BADUNG ROOM
                                                  Tengku Intan Suzila
                                             (20) Mitaka Yoneda
             English proficiency tests: reflections from the Japanese business community
                                              GIANYAR ROOM
                                                  Zhang Jing

     19:00-21:00   CONFERENCE DINNER

DAY 2 August 2nd (Saturday)
     TIME                                                    EVENTS
                                                CONCURRENT SESSION 6 (20)
                                                              (1) Sri Mulatsih,
                          Message (Ideational Meaning) Organization in the Students‘ Personal Recounts
                                                          SINGARAJA ROOM
                                                                  (2) Susilo
                 Shuttling between Two Languages: A Case Study of Indonesians Writing Letters in L1 and English
                                                             NEGARA ROOM
                                                              Marleiny Radjuni
                                             (3) Handoyo Puji Widodo, Faishal Zakaria;
                               Constructing Indonesia‘s EFL Pedagogy beyond ―Native Speakerism‖
                                                                 LEGIAN D
                                                                Mitra Rabiee
                                                            (4) Slamet Riyanto
                                  Using Old Pictures To Teach Speaking for High School Students
                                                               KINTAMANI A
                                                               Natasha Qale
                                                           (5) Chiou-lan Chern
                               The Impacts of National ELT Policies on English Teachers in Taiwan
                                                               KINTAMANI B
                                                              Saideh Ahangari
                                                               (6) Tony Hung
                                              The Influence of Asian Languages on the
                                                   Phonologies of ‗World Englishes‘
 07.30-08.00                                                   KINTAMANI C
                                                            Mortaza Aslrasouli
                                                          (7) Kwong Wing Yee
                    Motivating authentic interaction in English using a project based blended learning approach
                                                            LEGIAN ROOM A
                                                                Ali Bastanfar
                                                            (8) Zhao Chunman
                                               A Study of Sino- American Divergences
                                        of Cultural Value Dimensions and Value Impediments
                                                            LEGIAN ROOM B
                                                              Keivan Seyyedi
                                                             (9) Rita Indrawati
                 The Application of Reader Response Approach towards local literature to develop students‘ critical
                                                    thinking and cultural awareness
                                                            LEGIAN ROOM C
                                                                Kevin Parent
                                                      (10) Suphawat Pookcharoen
                                     What‘s Behind Thai Smiles?: A Cross-cultural Perspective
                                                         DENPASAR ROOM A
                                                                Tsuda Akiko
                                      (11) Salmah Abdul Rahman Sally & Zaharah bt Md Noor
                                         Creative Drama Techniques In Language Learning
                                                         DENPASAR ROOM B
                                                                Sunhee Choi
                                                             (12) Ekawati M.D.
                               Cracking The Code: Discovering The Universal Culture of Advertising

                                                       DENPASAR ROOM C
                                                               Ju Zhan
                                                       (13) Glenn John Allies
               Laying Foundations: A course in World Englishes and English as a Lingua Franca (ELF) for public
                                               school teachers of English in Korea
                                                       DENPASAR ROOM D
                                                          Jariah Mohd Jan
                                                          (14) Jaebum Kim
                                         Teaching English for Peace in Globalizing Asia
                                                       DENPASAR ROOM E
                                                           A. Farasheyani
                                                          (15) Miki Suehiro
                                          English Reading Class for Nursing Students:
                          A Correlation between English Proficiency and the Comprehension Degree
                                                   of Abstracts of Journal Articles
                                                       DENPASAR ROOM F
                                          (16) Hossein Golebostan & Shirzad Mansouri
                            Constructive View on Material Adaptation in Iranian Public and Private Institutes
                                                               TABANAN ROOM
                                                               Balia Jolamanova
                                                        (17) Babak Shaham
                                       A Minimalist Communicative Approach to Teaching
                                             English to ―Frustrated‖ Iranian Graduates
                                                        AMLAPURA ROOM
                                                         Nur Saktiningrum
                                                 (18) Helen Hendaria Kamandhari,
               The Preparation of the Lecturers of Faculty of Economics in Teaching Their Subjects in English at
                            the University of Surabaya (Ubaya) : Answering the Global Challenges
                                                          BANGLI ROOM
                                                              Abdul Hadi
                                                        (19) I Made Sujana,
                     Improving Beneficial Washback Effect Of Assessment Toward Teaching And Learning
                                                         BADUNG ROOM
                                                           Abidin Pammu
                                                             (20) Basikin
               Incorporating translation in the teaching of writing: Action research in a state secondary school in
                                                         GIANYAR ROOM
                                                            Akhyar Rido
                                               CONCURRENT SESSION 7 (20)
                                                        (1) Margana,
                A Description of Classroom English Practiced by English Teachers on Peer Teaching Sessions
                                                    SINGARAJA ROOM
                                                         Sri Mulatsih
                                                   (2 ) Marleiny Radjuni,
 08:10-08:40     The Analysis of Students‘ Competencies in Employing Turn Signals in their Communication:
                                                     Research Findings
                                                     NEGARA ROOM
                                                      (3) Mitra Rabiee
                  Grouping Students in Peer Response: The Iranian EFL Students‘ Attitudes Toward Dyadic
                                                Grouping in Writing Classes

                                                  LEGIAN D
                                           Handoyo Puji Widodo
                                              (4) Natasha Qale
            Task-Based Language Assessment: The Validation Process of Integrative Task
                                                  (IT) Model
                                                KINTAMANI A
                                                Slamet Riyanto
                                            (5) Saeideh Ahangari
                      Elaboration Versus Simplification And Reading Comprehension
                                                KINTAMANI B
                                               Chiou-lan Chern
                                           (6) Mortaza Aslrasouli
                                Designing EAP Course Books for Would-Be
                                         Health Care Professionals
                                                KINTAMANI C
                                                  Tony Hung
                                   (7) Ali Bastanfar & Toktam Hashemi
                    Representation of Culture in ELT Materials in Iranian EFL Context
                            Avoidance or Acceptance; What is the Alternative?
                                              LEGIAN ROOM A
                                               Kwong Wing Yee
                                             (8) Keivan Seyyedi
        The Effect of Explicit Focus on Form Instruction in Learning English Question Formation
                                              LEGIAN ROOM B
                                                Zhao Chunman
                                               (9) Kevin Parent
                                  Why don't my students want to learn?
                                              LEGIAN ROOM C
                                                 Rita Indrawati
                                               (10) Tsuda Akiko
     A Communicative Approach to Teaching Translation Using Materials around Us: from Manga to
                                        Japanese Cooking Recipes
                                           DENPASAR ROOM A
                                          Suphawat Pookcharoen
                                              (11) Sunhee Choi
                           Korean EFL Teachers' Self-Efficacy Beliefs towards
                                    Their Communicative Competence
                                           DENPASAR ROOM B
                                       Salmah Abdul Rahman Sally
                                                 (12) Ju Zhan
          Engaging Chinese EFL students in English writing: attitudes, process and strategies
                                           DENPASAR ROOM C
                                                 Ekawati M.D.
                                             (13) Jariah Mohd Jan
         Diversity in a Language Classroom: Empowering Teachers by Confronting Challenges

                                        DENPASAR ROOM D
                                           Glenn John Allies
                                    (14) Ali Rahimi & A. Farasheyani
              The Relationship between pragmatic knowledge and language proficiency in
                                         Iranian EFL learners
                                        DENPASAR ROOM E
                                             Jaebum Kim

                                              (15) Winarno; Wahju Bandjarjani
               Manipulating Local Tongue Twisters As An Alternative To Improve English Learners‘ Pronunciation
                                                    DENPASAR ROOM F
                                                         Miki Suehiro
                                                    (16) Balia Jolamanova
                                                      TABANAN ROOM
                                                     Hossein Golebostan
                                                      (17) Nur Saktiningrum
                     Going Global in Multicultural Society: Promoting Intercultural Competence in Classroom

                                                      AMLAPURA ROOM
                                                        Babak Shaham
                                                       (18) ) Abdul Hadi
                Degree of English Borrowings in Bahasa Indonesia and Bahasa Malaysia: Some Pedagogical
                                            Implications to the Teaching of English
                                                       BANGLI ROOM
                                                 Helen Hendaria Kamandhari
                                             (19) Abidin Pammu, Andjarwati Sadik,
               Students‘ Perceptions Of Learning In Large Size Classes: The Prevailing Barrier Of Elt Provincial
                                                  Capital Of South Sulawesi
                                                       BADUNG ROOM
                                                        I Made Sujana,
                                                        (20) Akhyar Rido,
                 Learning Style: An Attempt to Negotiate with Pluri-Globalised Cultural Classroom Situation in
                                 Malaysia (Indonesian, Iranian, and Libyan's Perspective) (11)
                                                       GIANYAR ROOM

                          CONCURRENT SESSION 8 (19)

                                  (1) ) Habsah Hussin
               Educating the Teachers: Preparing International Standard
                                       Professionals                         COLLOQUIA & WORKSHOPS 2
                                   Risa R. Simanjuntak                                  ETS
                          (2 ) Ganakumaran Subramaniam                                TOEIC
               Beyond Proficiency: Developing Multiple Literacies in
                                the English Classroom                                BANGLI ROOM
                                     NEGARA ROOM
 08:40-09:20                         (3) Jenny Pakasi,
               Reading Portfolio and ESP: Moving Toward Autonomy and
                                     Lifelong Learning
                                         LEGIAN D
                                        A. Maryanto
                                   (4) Massoud Tajadini
                  Teachers' interpretation of the notion of "learner-
                                    centeredness" in
                                 EFL teaching context
                                      KINTAMANI A
                            Muhammad Kamarul Kabilan
                                (5) Mijeong Jeon
                Does the Method of Vocabulary Presentation Make a

                            KINTAMANI B
                              Shu-Hui Yu
        (6) Jeong-Hwa Lee & Joohae Kim & Sookeun Choi
      Factors of Contents Development and Operation of E-
               learning English Conversation Courses
                            KINTAMANI C
                        Tomoyuki Kawashima
                           (7) Mi-Rim Ryoo
         Metadiscourse in L1 and L2 research articles: A
     contrastive analysis of English and Korean written texts
                          LEGIAN ROOM A
                            Kiyoshi Haida
                     (8) Bambang Yudi Cahyono
     Preparing Teachers for Postgraduate Studies Overseas:
                      An Indonesian Experience
                          LEGIAN ROOM B
                            Saidatul Akmar
                    (9) Jaekeun Lee & Eunju Kim
       The Effects of English Writing by Using Collocation
         as a Phrase Level in Korean Elementary School
                          LEGIAN ROOM C
                            Mia F. Agustina
         (10) Lyudmila Kuznetsova & Svetlana Suchkova
     Assumptions We Hold as Teachers and Learners—Time
                              to Air Them
                        DENPASAR ROOM A
                          Yuseva Iswandari
                     (11) M. Handi G. & Suharno
      Teacher‘s Understanding of EYL Principles and Their
      Ability to Apply The Principles in Teaching Practices: A
      Qualitative Study at Elementary Schools in Bandung,
                      DENPASAR ROOM B
                       (12) Wakako Kobayashi
      Narrative Research: Process of Professional Identity
                 Construction as an EFL Teacher
                        DENPASAR ROOM C
                           Noricco Toyoda
     (13) Chiharu Nakanishi, Chiharu Kobayashi, Miho Sato
      Definition of ―remedial education‖ in Japanese Higher
         Seeking Better Alternative for Better Education
                        DENPASAR ROOM D
                           Akara Akaranithi
     (14) Irene Leong Yoke Chu & Angeline Ranjethamoney
     A Penny for Your Thoughts! (Conversing With Students
                     Using Dialogues Journals)
                        DENPASAR ROOM E
                          Nalini Arumugam
                      (15) David Shaffer
     Teacher and Learner Beliefs on Teaching and Learning

                         DENPASAR ROOM F
                             Pey-Chewn Duo
                              (16) Hirai Ai & others
     Effects of task variation on recall of the story and learners‘
      attitudes toward reading in EFL extensive reading class
                           TABANAN ROOM
                       Soledad Garcia Martinez
                          (17) Like Raskova O
       The Giant English Tree Covered The Local Language
                           Grass Underneath
                          AMLAPURA ROOM
                       Ahmada Bukhori Muslim
                            (18) Lucy Suraiya
           A Portrait Of International Classes: Progress Of
        Implementation, Students‘ Learning Strategies, And
                         Parents‘ Involvement
                           BADUNGI ROOM
                           Christian Duncumb
                             (19) Ria Jubhari,
            Traces Of Indonesian Oral Tradition In Skripsi
                            GIANYAR ROOM
                           Victor J. Sensenig

                  CONCURRENT SESSION 9 (19)

                       (1) Risa R. Simanjuntak
        Teachers‘ Training: A Collaborative Action Research
                         SINGARAJA ROOM
                            Habsah Hussin
                             (2) Risnawati,
      Identifying and Comparing Students‘ Needs in Learning
         English at Business Administration Department of
                      Politeknik Negeri Sriwijaya
                           NEGARA ROOM
                     Ganakumaran Subramaniam
                           (3 ) A. Maryanto,
         How To Synergize Extensive Reading, Vocabulary
                         Building, And Writing
                               LEGIAN D
                             Jenny Pakasi
                   (4) Muhammad Kamarul Kabilan
       Critical Practices in the Planning of English Language
                  Lessons: A Malaysian Case Study
                             KINTAMANI A
                           Massoud Tajadini
                            (5) Shu-Hui Yu
         Taiwanese EFL students‘ participation patterns in
                       small group discussions
                            KINTAMANI B
                            Mijeong Jeon

                      6) Tomoyuki Kawashima

       Using Asian English Speakers as a Model in Japan
                            KINTAMANI C
                           Jeong-Hwa Lee
                          (7) Kiyoshi Haida
      What sort of English should be taught in Japan? : ‗ANZ
                         Englishes‘ for EIAL
                         LEGIAN ROOM A
                             Mi-Rim Ryoo
      (8) Saidatul Akmar & Mahamad Azmi Che Mahmood
                   Criteria For Assessing Writing
                         LEGIAN ROOM B
                      Bambang Yudi Cahyono
               (9) Mia F. Agustina, Indah Puspawati
        Workshop On Creating Fun Physical Activities For
                      Listening In Adult Class
                         LEGIAN ROOM C
                             Jaekeun Lee
          (10) Yuseva Iswandari, Widyasari Listyowulan
     Raising Students' Cultural Awareness using Multicultural
             Literature in EFL/ESL Classroom Setting
                       DENPASAR ROOM A
                        Lyudmila Kuznetsova
                       (11) Nasmilah, Nadira
        An Insight Into Successful and Unsuccessful EFL
     Learners At English Department Hasanuddin University:
                              Case Study
                       DENPASAR ROOM B
                             M. Handi G.
                        (12) Noricco Toyoda
     English Language Education Policies in Japan and Asian
                       DENPASAR ROOM C
                         Wakako Kobayashi
                           (13) Akara Akaranithi
     Using Self-Directed Learning to Enhance English Skills of
                  Thai Students at Tertiary Level
                      DENPASAR ROOM D
                        Chiharu Nakanishi
                (14) ) Nalini Arumugam & others
     Cooperative Language Learning: Instructors‘ Perceptions
                      DENPASAR ROOM E
                      Irene Leong Yoke Chu
          (15) Pey-chewn Duo & Min-hsun Maggie Su
         The Effects of Sentence Combining Exercise on
            Adult EFL Learners‘ Writing Performance
                      DENPASAR ROOM F
                          David Shaffer
       (16) Soledad Garcia Martinez & Anna Fagan Vasta
     The Internet in The Teaching-Learning Process: Online
           Cultural Exchange Program (OCEP) 2007

                                 TABANAN ROOM
                                       Hirai Ai
                            (17) Ahmad Bukhori Muslim,
               Developing The Vocabulary Of Young Learner Of English
                         Through Local Children‘s Literature
                                AMLAPURA ROOM
                                   Like Raskova O
                              (18) Christian Duncumb
               Primary Innovations – A Regional Response To Primary
                                   English In Asia
                                 BADUNG ROOM
                                    Lucy Suraiya
                               (19) Victor J. Sensenig
                Teaching Argument in the EFL Classroom: A Proposal
                                  GIANYAR ROOM
                                     Ria Jubhari

 10.00-10.15                BREAK, BOOK EXHIBITION

                PLENARY SESSION 4 Jack C. Richards (Australia)
                   Second Language Teacher Education Today
                                SINGARAJA ROOM
                                  Suwarsih Madya
                PLENARY SESSION 5 Thomas Farrell (Canada)
                 Reflective Practice for Language Teachers in Asia:
                   Challenging Beliefs and Classroom Practices
                                  NEGARA ROOM
                           Ganakumaran Subramaniam

 11:15-11:45             CONCURRENT SESSION 10 (19)

                                  (1) Yudi Juniardi                         COLLOQUIA & WORKSHOPS 3
                Improving Students Listening Skill Through Podcasting     Paul Nation
                                      Program                             BANGLI ROOM
                               SINGARAJA ROOM
                                  Edi Dwi Riyanto
                                      (2) Yuyun Yulia
                 What Teachers Teach And What Teachers Assess: A
                                        Case Study
                                     NEGARA ROOM
                              Ni Luh Putu Eka Sulistia Dewi
                                (3) Pratiwi Retnaningdyah
                Intertextuality Through Writing Portfolio Assessment In
                                    Literature Classes
                                        LEGIAN D
                                Ikasari Kusuma Wardhani
                                    (4) Putu Suarcaya
                Using Online Exercises to Increase Learning Flexibility
                                      KINTAMANI A
                                         Pei Liping

                          (5) N D R Chandra
       ―Glocalization of English in India: Empowering Asian
                                English ‖
                             KINTAMANI B
                              Wang Zhiling
           (6) Suzuki Chizuko, Yoko Watanabe & Others
        An Action Research of International Communication
                               through IT
          between Japan and Korea across Generations
                             KINTAMANI C
                                 Xia Jun
                            (7) Rob Stergis
       Professional Development for all Teachers of English
                         Language Learners:
         The Perspective of One School District in the U.S.
                          LEGIAN ROOM A
                               Yan Zhang
                           (8) Miki Tokunaga
       Japanese University Students and TOEIC - Students‘
        assumptions on the test and what they expect from
              university English classes and teachers
                          LEGIAN ROOM B
                         Ching-huang Wang
                              (9) Cao Ning
               A Study on the Effects of Captions modes on
         Chinese EFL Learners‘ Listening Comprehension
                              LEGIAN ROOM C
                                Wen-Hsing Luo
                    (10) Huang Yan & Pei Liping
      Evaluating the Use of Authentic Videos in EFL Listening
                        DENPASAR ROOM A
                           Barbara Spilchuk
                      (11) Hsiao-chuan Chang
         A New Way to Language Learning, Teaching, and
     The Implications of the Common European Framework in
                        DENPASAR ROOM B
                       (12) Indra Charismiadji,
          Language Teaching with IMI Laboratory: CALL
                             Technology for
            Developing and Underdeveloped Countries
                        DENPASAR ROOM C
                               Angela Wu
                        (13) Arisa Kochiyama
      Gendered Disagreements in CALL and Non-CALL EFL
                        DENPASAR ROOM D
                           Hung-Chun Wang
                           (14) Vlad Pejovic,
     Cross-Cultural Issues In International Language Tests: A
                        Look At IELTS Writing

                                DENPASAR ROOM E
                                   Yi-Chen Chen

                              (15) Hiroyuki Watanabe
                       Awareness Raising Cooperative Writing

                                DENPASAR ROOM F
                  (16) Noerhayati Ika Putri, Titien Diah Soelistyarini
                    Using Conversation Analysis Data in Teaching
                                  TABANAN ROOM
                                   Susana Teopilus
                             (17) Ni Luh Putu Sri Adnyani
                 Introducing Target Language Culture through Movie
                               Watching and Discussion
                                 AMLAPURA ROOM
                                 Etty Marjati Hoesein
                                  (18) IELTS Explain
                            Vladimir Pejovic & Alex Gough

                                 BADUNG ROOM

                                (19) Luh Putu Artini
               Examining Balinese Students‘ Perception for Learning
                English as a Foreign Language and Implications for
                             Curriculum and Pedagogy
                                 GIANYAR ROOM
                                    Didi Suherdi

 11:55-12:25             CONCURRENT SESSION 11 (19)

                                  (1) Edi Dwi Riyanto,
                  Seeing Asians Learning English Through ‗Youtube‘
                                 SINGARAJA ROOM
                                      Yudi Juniardi
                          (2) Ni Luh Putu Eka Sulistia Dewi,
               Improving The Students‘ Achivement In Writing Through
                 The Implementation Of Self-Evaluation In Traditional
               Paper-Based Instruction Combined With The Electronic
                                   NEGARA ROOM
                                       Yuyun Yulia
                            (3) Ikasari Kusuma Wardhani,
                    Learning-Style-Based Group Work towards an
                              Accommodating Learning
                                       LEGIAN D
                                Pratiwi Retnaningdyah
                                      (4) Pei Liping
                   Grammar Teaching to Tertiary Chinese Students
                                     KINTAMANI A
                                     Putu Suarcaya

                      (5) Wang Zhiling
       English Language Needs of Chinese Non-English-
                       Major Students
                              KINTAMANI B
                             N D R Chandra
                                (6) Xia Jun
                Immediate and Delayed Effects of Different
         Vocabulary Activities on Students‘ Word knowledge
                              KINTAMANI C
                             Suzuki Chizuko
                              (7) Yan Zhang
     Efficacy of Three Different Intonation Training Approaches
       on Chinese Students‘ Acquisition of English Intonation
                           LEGIAN ROOM A
                               Rob Stergis
                        (8) Ching-huang Wang
       The Use of a Class Blog in an English Grammar Class
                          LEGIAN ROOM B
                              Miki Tokunaga
                          (9) Wen-Hsing Luo
       An Inquiry into a Collaborative Model of Teaching EFL
                          LEGIAN ROOM C
                                 Cao Ning
                         (10 Barbara Spilchuk
                 Cultural and Political Implications of
                 Adopting a New Teaching Approach
                   During China‘s English Language
                        DENPASAR ROOM A
                               Huang Yan
                            (11) Hsiao-I Huo
      Genre Analysis of Magazine Restaurant Reviews and Its
               Implications for Taiwan‘s ESP Teaching
                        DENPASAR ROOM B
                          Hsiao-chuan Chang
                             (12) Angela Wu
           Interactions in Self-Access Learning Programs
                        DENPASAR ROOM C
                           Indra Charismiadji
                        (13) Hung-chun Wang
      Taiwanese Students‘ Perceptions of Giving and Taking
                        Writing Commentaries
                        DENPASAR ROOM D
                            Arisa Kochiyama
                           (14) Yi-chen Chen
          A Study of Taiwanese University Students Use of
                        DENPASAR ROOM E
                               Vlad Pejovic
                  (15) Latsanyphone & Bouangeune
     The Evaluation of English Achievement in the Department
     of English, Faculty of Letters, National University of Laos
           and Its Application for Curriculum Improvement

                               DENPASAR ROOM F
                                  Hiroyuki Watanabe

                                (16) Susana Teopilus,
               Problems In Applying English Perfect Tenses Faced By
                Indonesian Students As Shown By Their Think-Aloud
                                  TABANAN ROOM
                                 Noerhayati Ika Putri
                              (17) Etty Marjati Hoesein,
               Using Cultural-Based CALL to Teach English for Young
                                 AMLAPURA ROOM
                               Ni Luh Putu Sri Adnyani
                        (18) Vladimir Pejovic & Alex Gough
                                    IELTS Explain
                                  BADUNG ROOM

                                 (19) Didi Suherdi,
                 Only 2P+ 2R: An Alternative Route To Successful Efl
                                  Teacher Training
                                 GIANYAR ROOM
                                   Luh Putu Artini
 12:25-13:30                                    LUNCH, BOOK EXHIBITION

 13:30-14.00              CONCURRENT SESSION 12 (19)                        COLLOQUIA & WORKSHOPS 4
                                   (1) Bayu Kristianto                             Katherine MacKay
                  Improving Students‘ Critical Thinking in an Extensive     ―Boosting English Proficiency for
                          Reading Class: An Action Research                Junior Learners through Integrated
                                  SINGARAJA ROOM                                         Skills‖
                                  Bahren Umar Siregar                              BADUNG ROOM
                               (2) Hendra Tedjasukmana,
               ―The Impact of Students‘ Bilingualism and Monolingualism
                      on their English-Sentence Grammaticality‖
                                    NEGARA ROOM
                                        Haeri Kim
                                     (3) Quan Zhang
               Toward the Regularization of English Irregular Morphology
                              --Evidence from the Internet
                                        LEGIAN D
                                 (4) Gu Luwen & Xi Jie
                A Comparative Study on Participant Roles in Computer-
                     mediated Communication and Group Journals
                                      KINTAMANI A
                                    Sachiko Takahasi
                                     (5) Obara Yayoi
                 The Effective Way of Teaching EFL in Japanese Junior
                                      High Schools
                               ―Through Oral Reading―
                                      KINTAMANI B
                                       Rob Waring

                    (6) Souvannasy Bouangeune
     An Evaluation of Experimental Teaching of the New English
      Syllabus for the First Year Students in the Department of
                     English, Faculty of Letters,
                     National University of Laos
                            KINTAMANI C
                               Rob Wood
           (7) Xayapheth Chaphichith & Yukiko Hirakawa
       Curriculum Development of English for Business in the
         Department of English, Faculty of Letters, National
                          University of Laos
                          LEGIAN ROOM A
                              Said Rasooli
                (8) Chan-kyoo Min & Walter Foreman
        A Comparative Analysis of the Attitudes of Learners,
       NESTs, and Korean NNESTs toward Teaching English
                 Through English (TETE) in Korea
                         LEGIAN ROOM B
                            Huang Yan
                           (9) Susan Holzman
          The Psychology of Writing; Behaviorist Approaches
                    Cognitive Approach and Vygotsky
                             LEGIAN ROOM C
                         Manoochehr Jafarigohar
                          (10) Maggie Lieb,
        Is ELT Bridging the Gap Between East and West?
                        DENPASAR ROOM A
                            Soo-Ok Kweon
                          (11) Tran Hien Lan
                        DENPASAR ROOM B
                            Machi Okumura
                    (12) R. Siti Rodliyah, Nia Nafisah
          The Trends of using English among Indonesian
             Youngsters; a Threat or an Opportunity?
                        DENPASAR ROOM C
                             Didi Sukyadi
                         (13) Peter I Decosta
     The professional and the political refugee: Different visas
              for different English language learners
                        DENPASAR ROOM D
                           Safrina Noorman
                      (14) Ienneke Indra Dewi,
        One Global English Variety And Its Application Asia
                        DENPASAR ROOM E
                          Selestin Zainuddin
                 (15) Mark Hinde, Zuliati Rohmah,
     ELTIS: A Response To The Needs Of English Teachers At
                    Islamic Schools In Indonesia

                                 DENPASAR ROOM F
                             (16) Masda Surti Simatupang,
                    Errors in English Ads: Fallacious Trends of Job
                               Advertisements in Jakarta
                                    TABANAN ROOM
                                     Sonja Elsegood
                  (17) Retno Hendryanti, Ima Normalia Kusmayanti
               Designing And Producing Multimedia Learning Prototype
                To Enhance University Student‘s Receptive Skills Case
                  Study Of First Year Students In Telkom Institute Of
                                  AMLAPURA ROOM
                                   Richel Langit Dursin
                                (18) Ardian W Setiawan,
                 The Global Teaching of English and the Professional
                           Identity of Asian English Teachers
                                   BADUNG ROOM
                                      Etty Bazergan
                                        (19) Ashadi
                 School Teachers‘ Voice in Professional Development
                                    GIANYAR ROOM
                                Singgih Widodo Lamtoro

 14:10-14:40              CONCURRENT SESSION 13 (19)

                            (1) Bahren Umar Siregar & others
                Variability of Definiteness and Specificity in the Use of
                       English Articles by Indonesian Learners
                                   SINGARAJA ROOM
                                      Bayu Kristianto
                               (2) Haeri Kim & Eunjung Jun
               Exploring a Process of Learning English through Science
                                   Play in an EFL Setting
                                     NEGARA ROOM
                                  Hendra Tedjasukmana
                                         (3) Liuqing
                    ―Scaffolding‖ Applied in 2-Hour Reading Class
                                         LEGIAN D
                                        Quan Zhang
                             (4) Sachiko Takahashi & others
                 Developing a Teacher Belief System in Pre-service
                                     Teacher Training
                                       KINTAMANI A
                                         Gu Luwen
                                      (5) Rob Waring
               How to manage a low-level Extensive Reading program
                                       KINTAMANI B
                                        Obara Yayoi
                                       (6) Rob Wood
                    A Challenge To Traditional Grammar Teaching
                                       KINTAMANI C
                                 Souvannasy Bouangeune

                               (7) Said Rasooli
        The Impact of Corpora on the Writing Achievements of
                     Iranian ESL College Students
     A Tale of Two Texts: Which one is More ‗Literary‘ Than The
                             LEGIAN ROOM A
                         Xayapheth Chaphichith
                                (8) Huang Yan
       Evaluating the Use of Authentic Videos in EFL Listening
                             LEGIAN ROOM B
                               Walter Foreman
            (9) Manoochehr Jafarigohar & Maryam Delshad
          The effect of knowledge and skill of Electronic word
                processors on EFL students‘ Writing Skill
                             LEGIAN ROOM C
                               Susan Holzman
                            (10) Soo-Ok Kweon
       Extensive Reading: If this works for me, why not for my
                          DENPASAR ROOM A
                                 Maggie Lieb
            (11) Machi Okumura, Hiroaki Kojima, Hiroyuki Obari
            How to Correct English Pronunciation with Prontest?
                              DENPASAR ROOM B
                                   Tran Hien Lan
                             (12) Didi Sukyadi,
      Attitudes of Teachers, Student Teachers, and Senior High
           School Students toward Computers in Education
                          DENPASAR ROOM C
                               R. Siti Rodliyah
                          (13) Safrina Noorman,
     In Search Of Equitable Representations: A Textual Analysis
                    On Selected English Textbooks
                          DENPASAR ROOM D
                               Peter I Decosta
                         (14) Selestin Zainuddin,
               Core Competencies for LBPP-LIA Teacher.
                          DENPASAR ROOM E
                            Ienneke Indra Dewi
                              (15) Soepriyatna,
           The Use of English as a Medium of Instruction at
                           International Classes
                          DENPASAR ROOM F
                                Zuliati Rohmah
                           (16) Sonja Elsegood,
         Teaching Critical Thinking in an English for Academic
     Purposes Program using a ‗Claims and Supports‘ approach
                             TABANAN ROOM
                         Masda Surti Simatupang
                        (17) Richel Langit-Dursin,
     They can if we teach them how: Effective ways of teaching
                         English to EFL children
                            AMLAPURA ROOM

                                   Retno Hendryanti

                           (18) Etty Bazergan, Sitti Sahraeni
               Developing Instructional Materials for a Reading Course at
               the English Department, Hasanuddin University, Indonesia
                                   BADUNG ROOM
                                   Ardian W Setiawan
                                      (19) Sri Sulastini,
                  Developing Materials for MKU English Unit Based On
                   Assessment of University Students Learning Needs
                                      GIANYAR ROOM
                                                                            COLLOQUIA & WORKSHOPS 5
                                                                                     Paul Gringer
                          CONCURRENT SESSION 14 (19)
 14:50-15:20                                                                How To Increase Your Students‘
                                                                                  BANGLI ROOM
                              (1) Chuzaimah Dahlan Diem
                Self-Concept And Reading Comprehension Achievement
                      Of Private University Students In Palembang
                                   SINGARAJA ROOM
                                         Rosa Shim
                                  (2) Youngsoon Hwang
               Experimental Phonetic Study on English Stop Consonants
                               of Native Korean Speakers
                                     NEGARA ROOM
                                         Haeri Kim
                                       (3) Amr Salah
                        Main Focus and Area of the presentation:
               The mutual knowledge and the common discourse goals of
                 the discourse participants, with expression of speaker
                             beliefs, desires and intentions
                                         LEGIAN D
                                  Stefanus C.Relmasira
                                (4) Lalaine Yanilla Aquino
                Constructing a Reading Comprehension Test for General
                  Education English Courses in Philippine Universities:
                           Lessons Learned, Insights Gained
                                        KINTAMANI A
                                    Dararat Khampusaen
                 (5) Peter Hudson, Sue Hudson & Nguyen Thi Mai Hoa
                 Challenges preservice EFL teachers face as they enter
                                      KINTAMANI B
                                   Mateus Yumarnamto
                              (6) Udi Samanhudi, Sri Widiastuti
                      Maximising English Teachers‘ competencies and
                        Roles Through Self-Concept Development (A
                          Reflective way to be a successful teacher)
                                      KINTAMANI C
                                        Jinwan Kim

               (7) Shoichi Matsumura & Hirofumi Wakita
         A blind spot in the views of subject matter experts on
                   the EFL teacher employment exam
                            LEGIAN ROOM A
                              Jung-Eun Choi
                             (8) M Ghazanfari
       Out-of-class Language Learning Strategies: The Case of
                         University EFL Learners
                            LEGIAN ROOM B
                               Meiling Wang
                           (9) Frances Sinanu,
                When Everybody Understands English
                            LEGIAN ROOM C
                                Zhu Huimin
                              (10) Nunung Nurjati
     Integrating Internet for Teaching English in Big Classrooms
                                DENPASAR ROOM A
                                    Taufig Effendi
                            (11) Meihua Chen
      Computer-Assisted Grammar Teaching in Chinese College
                               Writing Class
                          DENPASAR ROOM B
                       Tribekti Maryanto Agustinus

                    (12) Margaretha Dinar Sijintak
          Educating Teachers: Preparing International
                           DENPASAR ROOM C
                                 Vera Syamsi
                (13) Geruel de Ramos Rivadeneira,
      English Language Teaching Approaches in a Tablet PC
                        DENPASAR ROOM D
                            Ching-Chun Shih
                          (14) Itje Chodidjah,
     Scrutinising the Teaching of English in Primary Schools in
                         East Asian Countries
                        DENPASAR ROOM E
                             Dwiyani Pratiwi
                           (15) David Hayes,
      In-Service Teacher Development: Theory And Practice
                        DENPASAR ROOM F
                               Anita Dewi
                            (16) Jane Boylan
      Motivating Learning: showcasing the development of a
          DVD training tool to support primary teachers in
       implementing effective communicative methodology in
                          TABANAN ROOM
                               Yang Weija
                         (17) Alan MacKenzie
         Primary English Language Teaching in East Asia:
            Development Trends, Issues & Innovations
                         AMLAPURA ROOM

                                         Li li

                     (18) Susilowaty, and Riris Lumban Tobing
                How Teachers‘ Interpersonal Behavior Affect Students‘
                                 BADUNG ROOM
                                 Mohamed Badawi
                                 (19) Ismail Petrus
                The national Examination of English; A Validity based
                                 GIANYAR ROOM
                                   Hiroki Uchida

 15:30-16:00              CONCURRENT SESSION 15 (19)

                                      (1) RosaShim
                  Empowering EFL students through Teaching World
                                  SINGARAJA ROOM
                                Chuzaimah Dahlan Diem
                             (2) Hae-ri Kim & Ji Suk Kyung
                Fostering Emerging Literacy for Elementary School
                    Children Through Dialogue Journal Writing
                                 NEGARA ROOM
                                Youngsoon Hwang
                               (3) Stefanus C. Relmasira
               The Constraints In Teaching Listening And Speaking At S1
                      Degree In Long Distance Learning Program
                                        LEGIAN D
                                        Amr Salah
                                (4) Dararat Khampusaen
                 Teachers‘ First Attempts at Producing Online Course
                         Materials: What Makes a Difference?
                                      KINTAMANI A
                                  Lalaine Yanilla Aquino

                 (5) Mateus Yumarnamto, Basilius Himawan Setyo W.,
                Podcasts And Videocasts From The Internet To Improve
                                Students‘ Listening Skill
                                    KINTAMANI B
                                     Peter Hudson
                                    (6) Jinwan Kim
                       Current Trends in TEFL Research in Asia:
                The Journal of Asia TEFL, English Teaching, and RELC
                                    KINTAMANI C
                                    Udi Samanhudi
                                  (7) Jung-Eun Choi
                Teacher Feedback and Students‘ Reactions in a Korean
                          College English Composition Class
                                  LEGIAN ROOM A
                                    Hirofumi Wakita

                (8) Meiling Wang & John Shepherd
     Students‘ Perceived Value of Negotiation Simulation as a
         Learning Tool: An Analysis of of Feedback Essays
                         LEGIAN ROOM B
                            M Ghazanfari
                           (9) Zhu Huimin
     Autonomy-Cooperation Model in College English Teaching
                         LEGIAN ROOM C
                           Frances Sinanu
                         (10) Taufiq Effendi,
      Teaching English to Blind Young Learners through CALL
                      DENPASAR ROOM A
                           Nunung Nurjati

              (11) Tribekti Maryanto Agustinus, Nur Rini
     Improving Inter-Scorer Reliability in Speaking Test: Training
                                 of Scorers
                         DENPASAR ROOM B
                               Meihua Chen
                            (12) Vera Syamsi,
      Self-observation and Questionnaires: A Fruitful Means of
                    Teachers‘ Professional Growth?
                         DENPASAR ROOM C
                       Margaretha Dinar Sijintak
                (13) Ching-Chun Shih, Feng-Heng Wei
           Are our Tet Questions Reliable?—Analyzing the
                     Characteristics of a Test Bank
                         DENPASAR ROOM D
                     Geruel de Ramos Rivadeneira
          (14) Dwiyani Pratiwi, Samsul Maarif, Siti Mahripah
          Workshop-Based Learning as an Effort to Improve
        Students‘ Skills in Developing Learning Kits in English
                        Instructional Technology
                         DENPASAR ROOM E
                              Itje Chodidjah
                             (15) Anita Dewi,
       Integrating Islamic Values in English Teaching Modules:
              A Study of Indonesian Islamic Universities
                         DENPASAR ROOM F
                               David Hayes
                             (16) Yang Weijia
         To advance with times --a study of a teacher training
                           TABANAN ROOM
                               Jane Boylan
                                  (17) Li Li
      Developing Learner Autonomy through Group Discussion
                       AMLAPURA ROOM
                         Alan MacKenzie
                      (18) Mohamed Badawi
         The Effect of Using Memory-Aided Strategies on
       Vocabulary Retention of EFL Primary School Children

                                   BADUNG ROOM

                                   Riris Lumban Tobing
                                    (19) Hiroki Uchida
                       Another Benefit of Pronunciation Training:
                How Orally Practicing Unfamiliar Phonemes Can Positively
                    Affect Aural Comprehension of Spoken English
                                    GIANYAR ROOM
                                       Ismail Petrus
 16:00-16:15                                     BREAK, BOOK EXHIBITION
                                       PLENARY SESSION 6 Yong Lin Yang (China)
                                            Digitalization in ELT Classrooms
                                   —An Enjoyable Path to Innovative Teaching & Learning
                                                     Susan Holzman
                                             PLENARY SESSION 7         Karen Konneth (USA)
                Bringing Language to Life / Giving Life to Language: Puppetry as a Teaching
                                                            NEGARA ROOM
                                                             Le Van Canh
                                                                               COLLOQUIA & WORKSHOPS (6)
                                                                                Kate Cadman & Margaret Cargill
 17:15:-17:45                CONCURRENT SESSION 16 (19)
                                                                                      University of Adelaide,
                                                                                         South Australia
                                                                                        BANGLI ROOM
                        (1) Victoria Usadya Palupi, Frances Sinanu
                 Why Are Our Students Never Prepared For Classes? A
                  Preliminary Study To Reveal The Reading Habits Of
                English Department Students At Satya Wacana Christian
                                     SINGARAJA ROOM
                                      Takayuki Nakanishi
                       (2) Grace J. Wiradisastra, Meutiati A. Ranthy;
                Setting Standards for Pre-Service Teacher Training for the
                                      Non-Formal Sector
                                        NEGARA ROOM
                                        Mark Shrosbree
                                       (3) Miki Shrosbree
                         Fluency and Use of Lexicalised Language
                    among Native and Non-native Speakers of English
                                            LEGIAN D
                                      Kahoko Matsumoto
                            (4) Yohei Honda & Shoko Sasayama
                Exploring transfer from oral automaticity to written automa
                               Case in Japanese EFL context
                                         KINTAMANI A
                                   Isti Siti Saleha Gandana
                                 (5) Yuqi Zheng & Yanli Cao
                       Developing College Students‘ Web-based English
                      Learning Autonomy through Meta-cognitive Strategy

                           KINTAMANI B
                             Ricky Lam

               (6) Orranuch Aegpongpaow & others
        Metacognitive Strategies in Thai Students‘ English
          Academic Reading: A Qualitative Investigation
                            KINTAMANI C
                                 Lu Lu
                      (7) Ramesh Nair & Rosli Talif;
        Lexical Choices and the Construction of Gender in
                        Children‘s Literature
                          LEGIAN ROOM A
                              Alex Henry
                         (8) Mabel S Lahlou
      Using local literature in EFL classrooms can enhance
                         learning outcomes!
                          LEGIAN ROOM B
                         Sharif Moghaddam
                           (9) Yuzo Kimura
     English language teaching/learning motivation in a high
                    school classroom in Beijing:
      Interpreting qualitative data from Sociocultural Theory
                          LEGIAN ROOM C
                         Melati Sosrowidjojo
            (10) Paisan boonprakob & Siriluck Usaha
           Job Shadowing: A Needs Analysis Tool for a
       Customized English Training Program for Thai Local
                             Tour Guides
                       DENPASAR ROOM A
                          Ni Luh N. S Malini
                          (11 ) Hasan Edalat
         Writing and Related Problems for EFL Learners
                       DENPASAR ROOM B
                    Magadelna Kristanti Sutikno
                   (12) Chairil Anwar Korompot,
        Competency Based Training For English Language
                   Training Centers In Indonesia
                       DENPASAR ROOM C
                  (13) M. Subhan Zein,
        Making English Compulsary in Indonesian Primary
             Schools; Challenges and Advantages
                      DENPASAR ROOM D
                            Huifen Lin
                     (14) Liu Qin & Wang Li
      A Portfolio Approach to Oral English Assessment for
                     English Majors in China
                      DENPASAR ROOM E
                    (15) Sripathum Noom-ura
      Teaching a Listening and Speaking Intensive Course
          for Less-able Students at a University Level
                      DENPASAR ROOM F

                                   Agus Darwanto

                           (16) Nur Rini, Tribekti Maryanto A.
               Reconsidering the Use of International Proficiency Tests:
                     Designing \'Self-made Speaking Proficiency Test
                                     TABANAN ROOM
                                      Danyal Freeman
                   (17) Anita Triastuti, Nunik Sugesti, Ella Wulandari,
                     The Use Of Computer-Mediated Communication
                (Electronic Discussion Forum) To Develop And Increase
                             Students‘ Critical Thinking Skills
                                    AMLAPURA ROOM
                                       Wang Yan Yan
                                  (18) Christina Kristiyani
                 Differences of Lexical Stress Placements in British and
                                     American English
                                     BADUNG ROOM
                                           Wu Lilin
                                      (19) Darmahusni
               Professional Development for Primary-School Teachers of
                                     English in Jakarta
                                     GIANYAR ROOM
                                      Richard Baldauf

                          CONCURRENT SESSION 17 (19)

                       (1) Takayuki Nakanishi & Atsuko Ueda
                   The interaction effects of extensive reading and
                                 SINGARAJA ROOM
                                Victoria Usadya Palupi
                                  (2) Mark Shrosbree
               Teaching English through Stimulating Content: Activities
                                  and Methodologies
                                   NEGARA ROOM
                                 Grace J. Wiradisastra
 17:55-18:25                    (3) Kahoko Matsumoto
               Using Automated Writing Evaluation as a Diagnostic and
                       Feedback-giving Tool in University EFL
                                         LEGIAN D
                                     Miki Shrosbree
                             (4) Isti Siti Saleha Gandana
                  Developing EFL Learners‘ Intercultural Awareness
                                   Through Literature
                                     KINTAMANI A
                                       Yohei Honda
                                      (5) Ricky Lam
                 Designing effective portfolio assessment in the EFL
                                     KINTAMANI B
                                        Yuqi Zheng

                               (6) Lu Lu
           Chinese Student Writers‘ Rhetorical Actions on
     Metadiscourse Markers in English Argumentative Essays
        and Teachers‘ Reactions to Metadiscourse in Essay
                            KINTAMANI C
                      Orranuch Aegpongpaow
                            (7) Alex Henry
        The Problems of Collocation and Idiom in Secondary
                Pupils‘ Writing in Brunei Darussalam
                          LEGIAN ROOM A
                             Ramesh Nair
                        (8) Sharif Moghaddam
     IELTS Academic Preparation Practices: A multiple source
         Investigation into Academic Literacy Development
                          LEGIAN ROOM B
                           Mabel S. Lahlou
                      (9) ) Melati Sosrowidjojo,
      Using ―Blogspot‖ For Creative And Critical Thinking In A
        Diploma English Writing Class—An Action Research
                          LEGIAN ROOM C
                             Yuzo Kimura
                       (10) Ni Luh N. S. Malini
       The Use of Local Literature in Prose Analysis‘ Class at
         English Extension Program of English Department
                          Udayana University
                        DENPASAR ROOM A
                          Paisan boonprakob
      (11) Archangela Yenny S., Magdalena Krisanti Sutikno;
          Indonesian EFL Learners‘ Use of Adjective-noun
                        DENPASAR ROOM B
                             Hasan Edalat
                 (12) Nurdiana, Haru Deliana Dewi;
      Formative Evaluation in an English Conversation Class
                        DENPASAR ROOM C
                       Chairil Anwar Korompot
                            (13) Huifen Lin
     A Cognitive Technology to Facilitate the Reading-to-write
               Process in an EFL Writing Classroom
                      DENPASAR ROOM D
                      M. Subhan Zein
                        (14) Hananto,
         Vocabulary Knowledge: Size and Strength Test
                     DENPASAR ROOM E
                            Liu Qin
            (15) Agus Darwanto, Hanandyo Dardjito,
        Connected Speech Modification And The Rate Of
       Recognition Among Indonesian Listeners Of English
                     DENPASAR ROOM F
                     Sripathum Noom-ura

                      (16) Danyal Freeman
        The Challenge of Teaching Intonation in the Asian
                        TABANAN ROOM
                             Nur Rini
                       (17) Wang Yan Yan
                  Evaluation of ESP Curriculum
                       AMLAPURA ROOM
                          Nunik Sugesti
                           (18) Wu Lilin
     A Comparative Study of Differences in Writing Strategies
      among Chinese EFL Learners, Overseas Chinese ESL
        Learners, and ENL Learners in Northern Americas
                        BADUNG ROOM
                        Christina Kristiyani
                      (19) Richard Baldauf
     Teacher –based Curriculum Development: From Practice
                      to Theory to Practice
                         GIANYAR ROOM

                                         DAY 3 August 3rd (Sunday)
     TIME                                                  EVENTS
 07.30-08.00                                  CONCURRENT SESSION 18 (20)
                                                        (1) Nasrin Shokrpour
                               Consciousness raising on metacognitive strategies in EFL context
                                                        SINGARAJA ROOM
                                                            Anushia Senthe
                                                           (2) Eunyoung Ko
                                        Re-examining Korean EFL Classroom Interaction
                                                 from a Sociocultural Perspective
                                                          NEGARA ROOM
                                                       Mdm Ngiam Eng Hong
                                                          (3) Asri Saraswati
                             A Hybrid Language: an Analysis on English in Indonesian Commercials
                                                               LEGIAN D
                                                          Setiono Sugiharto
                                                          (4) David Bourne,
                                        A Framework For Academic Writing Programmes
                                                             KINTAMANI A
                                                              Sri Wiyanah
                                                        (5) Halimatusakdiah,
                                        Instructional Strategy To Teach English For Deaf
                                                             KINTAMANI B
                                                           Chongkum Park
                                                   (6) Thavamalar Thuraisingam
               ‗I know a good piece of writing but cannot describe it‘ Making Assessment Criteria Explicit through
                                    Peer Review in a First Year English Composition Course
                                                             KINTAMANI C
                    (7) Teddy Nurcahyawan, National English Consortium of National Education Department
                        Competency Based Training For English Language Training Centers In Indonesia
                                                          LEGIAN ROOM A
                                                            Jacqueline Sim
                                                          (8) Djoko Sutanto
                     Teaching English as a Foreign Language in Indonesia: The Role of School Environment
                                                          LEGIAN ROOM B
                                                            Nury Supriyanti
                                                          (9) Susana Tuero
                                            Collocation errors in EFL majors´ writings
                                                          LEGIAN ROOM C
                                                             Gurnam Sarjit
                                                            (10) Susan Nair
                           Students on teaching practice: some influences shaping their development.
                                                       DENPASAR ROOM A
                                                              Hang Phan
                                                       (11) I.G.A.G Sosiowati
                                          The Challenge of Teaching Young Learners
                                                        SINGARAJA ROOM
                                                       DENPASAR ROOM B
                                                       Ahmad Sabry Othman
                                                         (12) Obaidul Hamid
                                             Toward an Asian English proficiency test

                                                    DENPASAR ROOM C
                                                Kusumi Vasantha Dhanapala
                                                    (13) Mehrdad Moloudi
                                      THE KNOW-HOWS OF TEACHING WRITING VIA
                                        NETWORK-BASED LANGUAGE LEARNING
                                                    DENPASAR ROOM D
                                                       A.A.I.N Marhaeni
                                                      (14) Petra Kristi Mulyani
               Constraint of Distance Learning Satya Wacana Christian University Students on Learning English
                                                   as a Foreign Language
                                                    DENPASAR ROOM E
                                              (15) Sarjit Kaur & Gurnam Sidhau
                                         MISCONCEPTIONS AND INTERVENTIONS
                                                    DENPASAR ROOM F
                                                          Aizan Yacob
                                                     (16) Mv. Joyce Merawati,
                       Developing Autonomous English Learning Of Non-English Department Students
                                                      TABANAN ROOM
                                                        V. M. Nilawati
                                               (17) Xiangming Li & Manny Brand
               Experimental Study of the Effectiveness of Music in ESL Instruction on Vocabulary Acquisition and
                             Language Usage and Meaning for Mainland Chinese ESL Learners
                                                      AMLAPURA ROOM
                                                          Y. M Harsono
                                                (18) Yang Fang & Jiang Yuhong
                                             Interactivity in e-Learning ecosystem
                                                        BANGLI ROOM
                                                       Maximus Renyaan
                                                       (19) Lies Harmidy,
                     How Much Should We Teach EFL Students About A Word: The Perception Verb See
                                                        BADUNG ROOM
                                                   Malachi Edwin Vethamani
                                          (20) Patareeya Wisaijorn & Bob Tremayne
                               ER – Extensive Reading, Easy Reading, Enjoyable Reading
                                          making it even more Effective Reading
                                                        GIANYAR ROOM
                                                         Faizah A Madjid
 08:10-08:40                                 CONCURRENT SESSION 19 (20)
                                                      (1) Anushia Senthe
                        Name or Noun: Language Proficiency among non-native ESL trainee teachers
                                                     SINGARAJA ROOM
                                                       Nasrin Shokrpour
                                                 (2) Mdm Ngiam Eng Hong
                                      Touch Their Hearts and their minds will open too
                                                       NEGARA ROOM
                                                         Eunyoung Ko
                                                    (3) Setiono Sugiharto,
                    The Robustness of the Comprehension Hypothesis: A Review of Current Research and
                                           Implications for the Teaching of Writing

                                                      LEGIAN D
                                                   Asri Saraswati
                                  (4) Sri Wiyanah & Benedictus Bherman D.,
                               The Visually Impaired Students' Learning English
                       Using Electronic Devices In Inclusive Education: A Case Study
                                                   KINTAMANI A
                                                    David Bourne
                                                (5) Chongkum Park
     Effects of Genre-Based Writing Instruction on Korean High School Students' Writing Development
                                                      in English
                                                   KINTAMANI B
                                                     (6) Sumarni
           Pair-Work Discussion Through CMC: How It Facilitates Learners In Language Learning
                                                   KINTAMANI C
                                            Thavamalar Thuraisingam
                                                 (7) Jacqueline Sim
                           Preparing for Change – The Problem-Based Approach
                                                 LEGIAN ROOM A
                                               Teddy Nurcahyawan
                                                   (8) Nury Supriyanti
       Struggling Against All the Odds: Establishing a Pre-Service Training for Teachers of English for
                                Young Learners in Yogyakarta State University
                                                 LEGIAN ROOM B
                                                   Djoko Sutanto
                                                (9) Gurnam & Sarjit
                               LEARNING AMONG ESL TEACHER TRAINEES
                                                 LEGIAN ROOM C
                                                   Susana Tuero
                                                  (10) Hang Phan
                The struggle of Vietnamese learners for an identity in their learning of English
                                              DENPASAR ROOM A
                                                     Susan Nair
                                            (11) Ahmad Sabry Othman
                              The Evaluation of Teacher Training Programme on
                                Teaching of Mathematics in Second Language
                                              DENPASAR ROOM B
                                                   Nurul Ain Binti
                            (12) Kusumi Vasantha Dhanapala & Tadashi Nishida
                       Effects of L2 reading strategy instruction and motivation to read
                                              DENPASAR ROOM C
                                                   Obaidul Hamid
                                    (13) Anak Agung Istri Ngurah Marhaeni,
        A Tracer Study On Some Affective Factors Which Influence Indonesian Students‘ Success In
                                                  Learning English
                                                  DENPASAR ROOM D
                                                     Mehrdad Moloudi
                                          (14) Ganakumaran & Subarna
                               TERTIARY ENGLISH LANGUAGE CLASSROOM
                                              DENPASAR ROOM E
                                                Petra Kristi Mulyani

                                            (15)Aizan Yaacob & Annamaria Pinter
                           Using Big Books in Teaching Primary English in Malaysian Classrooms
                                                     DENPASAR ROOM F
                                                            Sarjit Kaur
                                                 (16) V.M. Nilawati Hadisantosa,
                        Professional Development Through Online Course: Challenges and Strategies
                                                       TABANAN ROOM
                                                      Mv. Joyce Merawati
                                                       (17) Y. M. Harsono
               Developing Specific English Language Proficiency Tests (SELProTest) For Indonesian Contexts
                                                      AMLAPURA ROOM
                                                          Manny Brand
                                           (18) Maximus Renyaan, Hasnini Hasra;
                         Fallacies And Ineffective Professional Practices At The English Department
                                                        BANGLI ROOM
                                                           Yang Fang
                                                   (19) Malachi Edwin Vethamani
                                            Reading Literary Texs in ESL Contexts
                                                        BADUNG ROOM
                                                          Lies Harmidy
                                                       (20) Faizah A Majid
                Globalizing ESL Classrooms: The Design Principled Of On-line Academic Reading Strategies
                                                Instructions For Adult Learners
                                                        GIANYAR ROOM
                                                      Patareeya Wisaijorn

 08:50-09:20                                              CONCURRENT SESSION 20 (20)

                                          (1) Sisilia S. Halimi , Heather A. Linville
                       Improving The Implementation Of A Team Teaching: Problems And Solutions
                                                     SINGARAJA ROOM
                                                       Putu Kerti Nitiasih
                                                     (2) Michael Rudder
                            Language Fluency Development:: Breaking the Barriers for Success
                                                       NEGARA ROOM
                                                          Jia-Shian Su
                                                            (3) V. Tri,
                                  Task-Based Language Teaching in Indonesian Context
                         A Study of English Teachers‘ Perception of TBLT in Yogyakarta, Indonesia
                                                           LEGIAN D
                                                          Marie Perera
                                                        (4) Sri Widayati,
                              Teacher Cerrtification In Indonesia: What Do We Learn From It?
                                                         KINTAMANI A
                                                       Farida Abderahim
                                                   (5) Carla Sih Prabandari
                  Differences of Lexical Stress Placements in British and American English
                                                         KINTAMANI B
                                                  Teresita Juan Bunyakarte
                                                         (6) Joo-Kyung Park;
                                              Collaboration Only for the Better
                                                         KINTAMANI C
                                                             Ali Aljufri

                                             (7) Makulloluwa
                      Developing an employable graduate – A Sri Lankan Experience
                                            LEGIAN ROOM A
                                              Jung-hwa Lee
                                                  (8) Oktorita;
                       The effect of Classical Collaboration on Students‘ Writing Ability
                                            LEGIAN ROOM B
                                        (9) Puji Rahayu & Irma Windy Astuti
        Cooperative Learning Group for English Teachers: A School-based Teachers‘ Professional
                                               LEGIAN ROOM C
                                                  Ng Lee Luan
                                      (10) Nik Nurmi Adilah bt Nik Mohd Adib
                              Online Writing as a tool in Fostering Students‘ interest
                                             DENPASAR ROOM A
                                                 Sri Rahmajanti
                                               (11) David Carless
                               Balancing Assessment, Learning and Instruction
                                             DENPASAR ROOM B
                                                 Hee-Kyung Lee
                                                (12) Zhu Xiaoshu
                            A Comparative Study of the Speech Act of Complaints
                                     by American and Chinese Students
                                             DENPASAR ROOM C
                                            Rio Rini Diah Moehkardi
                                       (13) Katie McClintic, Eka Novita
        Promoting Local Culture and Tourism to the YouTube Generation: A Task-Based Approach
                                             DENPASAR ROOM D
                                                Isabelle Lacomte
                                                (14) Ilza Mayuni,
     Teachers‘ Certification Policy and Its Implications Towards English Education Quality Assurance in
                                             DENPASAR ROOM E
                                        (15) Insun Chong & Misun Kim
      The Level of Difficulty in Listening and Reading in English Proficiency Assessment for EFL
                                       Korean Elementary Students
                                          DENPASAR ROOM F
                                              Masoud Rahimi
                                            (16) Ainun Rozana
                The Learning Styles of Second Language Learners at a Higher Institution
                                            TABANAN ROOM
                                          (17) Yukiko Hirakawa
       Curriculum Improvement based on valuation in the Department of English, Faculty of Letters,
                                    National University of Laos (NUOL)
               Responding to Global Competition in Providing English Language Services –
                                           AMLAPURA ROOM
                                          Sesilia Rani Setyosari
                                    (18) Le Van Canh, Nguyen Thu Hang;
                   Inside the Classroom; How Teachers Approach Innovative Textbook
                                             BANGLI ROOM

                                                Singgih Widodo Lamtoro

                                                    (19) Donny A. Djamhur
                                                 Going Digital, why not?
                                                    BADUNG ROOM
                                                  Made Hery Santosa
                                               (20) Marcellinus Marcellino
                  Designing a Practical Teaching Module for Indonesian Young Learners: Some Insights
                                                    GIANYAR ROOM
                                                Bambang Yudi Cahyono

 09:30-10:00                                               CONCURRENT SESSION 21 (20)

                                                 (1) Putu Kerti Nitiasih
                     Improving the EFL University Students to Learn Content and Language Through
                                   Students‘ language Learning Experience Approach
                                                    GIANYAR ROOM A
                                                     Heather A. Linville
                                 (2) Ching-Chun Shih, Shwu-mei Hung, Jia-shian Su
               How do Self-Concept and Anxiety Influence Freshmen‘s English Achievement? – A study of a
                                           technology university in Taiwan
                                                   NEGARA ROOM
                                                    Michael Rudder

                                                      (3) Marie Periera
                       Coping with Student Heterogeneity: the reality of the ESL classroom in Sri Lanka
                                                          LEGIAN D
                                                             V. Tri
                                                   (4) Farida Abderrahim
                                            Learning / Acquiring English Phrasal
                                                        KINTAMANI A
                                                         Sri Widayati
                                             (5) Teresita Juan Bunyakarte,
                        The Effectiveness of Team-Based Learning in EFL Reading Classrooms

                                                        KINTAMANI B
                                                          Carla Sih P
                                                (6) Ali Aljufri, Idwan Deshira
                     Cultural Understanding as a Tool in Facing Realities of Indonesian Classroom
                                                        KINTAMANI C
                                                       Joo-Kyung Park
                                        (7) Jung-hwa Lee, Hae-dong Kim, Mi-hye Kim;
                  The Effect of Direct and Indirect Error Feedback on English Writing of University Students
                                                         LEGIAN ROOM A
                                                              (8) Latifa
                         Students‘ Formulating Writing Checklists to Promote Independent Learning
                                                         LEGIAN ROOM B

                                                      (9) NgLeeLuan
                 Social presence, expectation and beliefs as a reflection of Malaysian students‘ conception of
                            language learning in computer mediated English language instruction

                                              LEGIAN ROOM C
                                                Puji Rahayu

                             (10) Kasihani K.E. Suyanto & Sri Rachmajanti
            Using Research Findings to Design In-service Training Programs for EFL Teachers
                                            DENPASAR ROOM A
                                    Nik Nurmi Adilah bt Nik Mohd Adib

                                     (11) Hee-Kyung Lee,
               NES and NNES Teachers‘ Awareness of Korean Students‘ English Writing
                                     DENPASAR ROOM B
                                         David Carless
                                 (12) Rio Rini Diah Moehkardi
     How Can the Relevance of ELT be Improved ?: Experience in Speaking Classes
                                   DENPASAR ROOM C
                                       Zhu Xiaoshu
                            (13) Isabelle Lecomte & Ichwan Suyudi
                             Intercultural communication :
               The importance of using literary work in teaching English
                                   DENPASAR ROOM D
                                      Katie McClintic
                                                (14) Suwartono
          The Strategies of the Minority: Success Story of Secondary Better Performing Learners of
                                             DENPASAR ROOM E
                                                   Ilza Mayuni
                              (15) Masoud Rahimi, Domakani, Iman Asadi
                 Cross linguistic interplay with the Emphasis on the Reverse Direction
                                          DENPASAR ROOM F
                                               Insun Chong
                                                  (16) Elisna
              Generating Students‘ Motivation in Learning English for Academic Purposes
                                               TABANAN ROOM
                                                 Ainun Rozana
                                      (17) Sesilia Rani Setyo Sari
      How to Teach Group Discussion Skills by Balancing the students‘ right and left brain related to
                                          McCarthy‘s Theory
                                           AMLAPURA ROOM
                                             Yukiko Hirakawa
                                    (18) Singgih Widodo Limantoro
                         Raising the Awareness of Soft Skills in English Classes
                                            BADUNG ROOM
                                            Nguyen Thu Hang
                                  (19) Clyde Fowle (Workshop 4),
                        Writing Natural English: how research can inform practice
                                             BANGLI ROOM

                                      (20) Made Hery Santosa
       Podcards: Authoring E-Learning Resources in Digital Age of English Teaching and Learning
                                         GIANYAR ROOM
                                       Marcellinus Marcellino

 10.00-10.15                                  BREAK, BOOK EXHIBITION

 10:15-10:45                                                CONCURRENT SESSION 22 (20)

                                                      (1) Miso Kim
                                      Content-based Instruction through Appropriate
                                      Topics and Contents for the Korean Learners
                                                 SINGARAJA ROOM
                                                   Putu Kerti Nitiasih

                                              (2) Ikuo Koike & David Edison
                    European and Asian Responses to the Common European Framework of Reference for
                                                     NEGARA ROOM
                                                   Shwu-mei Hung
                                                 (3) Cheng Wenhua
                                               How EFL Teachers Grow:
                             An Experimental Study of Teacher Learning in Classroom Teaching
                                                      LEGIAN D
                                                    Marie Periera

                                                  (4) Proshjants Natalia
                   Teaching Culture through English Language in the Context of Globalizing Professional
                                       Communication in the Asian - Pacific Region
                                                      KINTAMANI A
                                                    Farida Abderahim

                                                    (5) Hiroyuki Obari,
                       How to Teach EFL and Worldviews Together Using the Latest ICT Technologies
                                                      KINTAMANI B
                                                 Teresita Juan Bunyakarte
                                             (6) Muhammad Fauzan Ansyari,
               A serious game: A method for classroom language assessment in teaching English as a foreign
                                              language (TEFL) in Indonesia
                                                      KINTAMANI C
                                                         Ali Aljufri
                                                   (7) Gaston Soehadi,
                              Students‘ Perception and Negotiation of Cultural Values in ELT
                                                    LEGIAN ROOM A
                                                      Jung-hwa Lee
                                                   (8) Gin Gin Gustine,
                             Strategies To Promote Critical Thinking In Reading Literary Texts
                                                    LEGIAN ROOM B

                                                   (9) Karen Konnerth
                          Finding The Story: Puppetry as Natural Motivator and Assessment Tool
                                                   LEGIAN ROOM C

                                            (10) Wu Songjiang
                                Contemplation on Translation in TEFL
                                        DENPASAR ROOM A
                                            Ichwan Sujudi
                                       (11) Noverita Wahyuningsih
                   Using Crossword Puzzle To Promote English Proficiency Practical Activities
                                          For ESP Classes
                                        DENPASAR ROOM B
                                           Hee-Kyung Lee
                                             (12) Phyllis Chew
                              A Singapore: Schools in the Service of Society
                                        DENPASAR ROOM C
                                              Dongil Shin
                                            (13) Arifa Rahman
                                        DENPASAR ROOM D
                                              Wang Jian
                                          (14) Yongsuk Kim
                                    A Reflective Teaching Process
                              in an English Teacher Education Program
                                      DENPASAR ROOM E
                                       (15) Chongrak Liangpanit
     Using a Corpus-Based Vocabulary Supplementary Exercises to Develop Reading Comprehension
                                     for the Business English Majors
                                         DENPASAR ROOM F
                                            Masoud Rahimi
                                              (16) Lee Ann
        An Investigation of EFL Pre-service Teachers‘ Motives in Joining the Teaching Profession
                                           TABANAN ROOM

                             (17) Shameem Rafik-Galea & Prema Nair
               Moulding Learners‘ Comprehension of Literary Texts Through Scaffolding

                                         AMLAPURA ROOM
                                        Sesilia Rani Setyo Sari

                                    (18) Hermawati Syarif, Refnaldi
           The Influences Of Individual Grammar Exercises In CALL Lab On Students’
                               Grammar Achievement Improvement
                                           BADUNG ROOM

                                    (19) Clyde Fowle (Workshop 4),
                            Writing Natural English: how research can inform practice

                                                BANGLI ROOM

                                           GIANYAR ROOM
                                              Wang Jing

                                PLENARY SESSION 8 Paul Nation (New Zealand)
                                            Marina Rassokha
 10:55-11:45                     PLENARY SESSION 9 Rod Ellis (New Zealand)
                                              David Shaffer

 11:55-12:35                           FEATURED SPEAKERS SESSIONS

                                        FEATURED SPEAKERS SESSION
                                     Featured Speaker 1 SINGARAJA ROOM
                                                   Ali Saukah
                                 English Language Teacher Education in Indonesia

                                      Featured Speaker 2 NEGARA ROOM
                                                 He Lianzhen
                                     Faculty Development: The Way Forward

                                     Featured Speaker 3 TABANAN ROOM
                                                Kilryoung Lee
                                    New Challenge of English Teacher in Kore

                                     Featured Speaker 4 AMLAPURA ROOM
                                                  Masaki Oda
                                           Teacher Education in Japan

                                       Featured Speaker 5 BANGLI ROOM
                                                  Aslam Khan
               The Role of English Language Teacher Education in Realizing the Nation‘s Aspirations:
                                            A Malaysian Perspective

 12:45-13:30                                     LUNCH BREAK

                                       FEATURED SPEAKERS SESSION
                                     Featured Speaker 6 SINGARAJA ROOM
                                                Lubna Alsagoff
                                English Language Teacher Education in Singapore

                                       Featured Speaker 7 NEGARA ROOM
                                                 Isabel William
                                          Teacher Education in Pakistan
                                      Featured Speaker 8 TABANAN ROOM
                                               Chaleosri Pibulcho
                                     Rethinking Teacher Education in Thailand

                                     Featured Speaker 9 AMLAPURA ROOM
                                                Marlu C. Vilches

                                        CONCURRENT SESSION 23 (20)

 14:20-14:50                                   SINGARAJA ROOM

                                           NEGARA ROOM

                                              (3) Raouf Moini
      Teachers‘ beliefs about grammar teaching: Impact of work setting, degree, sex, and experience
                                                 LEGIAN D
                                              Cheng Wenhua
                                       (4) Naddhaporn Kammasorn
     The Web-based C-test as a Placement Test for Rajamangala University of Technology Tawan-ok,
                               and an Investigation of Test-Takers‘ Strategies
                                               KINTAMANI A
                                             Proshjants Natalia
                                              (5) Andrew Tse
                                               KINTAMANI B
                                            Tengku Intan Suzila
                                        (6) Zhang Jing & Wang Jian
           The Cognitive Interpretation of Silence in Chinese College English Classroom
                                           and Possible Solutions
                                               KINTAMANI C
                                              Shameem Rafik
                              (7) Krishnakumari Krishnan & Karuthan Chinna
                         Face to face with ESL e-Learning in Malaysian Universities
                                             LEGIAN ROOM A
                                                 Yuko Butler
                                               (8) Wei-Shi Wu
                  Using Web-based Corpus in an EFL University Writing Class in Taiwan
                                             LEGIAN ROOM B
                                        Safura Binti Abdul Rahman
                                       (9) Yanyan Liu & Xueai Zhao
                              The New Roles of English Teachers in Colleges
                                             LEGIAN ROOM C
                                              Chan Swee Heng
                                             (10) Soon Bok Kim
             An Optimal Second Language Acquisition Model Implemented in Technology and
                                         Quality Control Principles
                                           DENPASAR ROOM A
                                                  Yong Chen
                                            (11) Rieko Matsuoka
                                  Age and Second Language Acquisition
                                           DENPASAR ROOM B
                                                 Faizah Idrus
                                    (12) Rick Romanko & Omar Karlin
                          Looking into a communicative extensive reading class
                                           DENPASAR ROOM C
                                              Nopporn Sarobol
                                         (13) Sandhya Rani Sahoo
         Professional Development and the teachers of ELT in Globalising Asia (with special reference
                                                     to India)
                                              DENPASAR ROOM D
                                                 Isabelle Lecomte
                                               (14) Wang Jing
      L1 influences on interlanguage requests by Japanese and Chinese EFL learners: Focusing on
                                           internal downgraders

                                                   DENPASAR ROOM E
                                                      Eujeong Lee

                                                (15) Rananda Rungnaphawet
                      The Syntactic Variation of English Adverbs in the Interlanguage of Thai Learners
                                                    DENPASAR ROOM F
                                                           Mia Yang
                                                   (16) Hong Ai Bai_China
                                      A Web 2.0 Learning Community for EFL Students
                                                      TABANAN ROOM
                                                        Hyeyoung Park
                                                   (17) Jing Fu & Bo Chen
                                   Responding to globalization: EFL teacher perspectives
                                                     AMLAPURA ROOM
                                                     Narmandakh Dolgor
                                          (18) Hideko Nakano & Kiyohisa Natsume
                            A Pilot Study: Theta Rhythm at the Frontal Area (Fmθ) in L2 English
                                                     Vocabulary Learning
                                                       BANGLI ROOM
                                                       Young Shik Lee
                                    (19) Faizah Mohamad & Shamshad Begham Othman
                  Student Response to Teacher Feedback on Multiple-Draft Compositions in ESL Classroom
                                                      BADUNG ROOM
                                                       Haleema Younus
                                                      (20) Anita Manuel
                                  (Non)Acquisition of Language in Language Laboratories
                                                         GIANYAR ROOM
                                                      Chongrak Liangpanit

 15:00-15:30           CONCURRENT SESSION 24 (19)

                             SINGARAJA ROOM

                               NEGARA ROOM

                               (3) Noorbakhsh Hooto
               Intercultural communication and language teaching
                                     LEGIAN D
                                    Raouf Moini
                                (4) Myong-Ock Won
                The development of receptive and productive
                English vocabulary of sixth graders in Korean
                            elementary schools
                                  KINTAMANI A
                            Naddhaporn Kammasorn
                           (5) Saychoummany Kittisack
               Effective Teaching Approach for Improving Reading
               Skill among Students in the Department of English,
                  Faculty of Letters, National University of Laos
                                  KINTAMANI B
                                    Andrew Tse

                        (6) Wang Fang
           Inquiry Learning Mode in the Integration
       of Information Technology and English Courses

                        KINTAMANI C
                          Zhang Jing
                       (7) Haeng Jung
     The Impact of NEW TOEIC Test on English Teaching
             and Learning in a Korean university
                     LEGIAN ROOM A
                  KRrishnakumari Krishnan
                         (8) Azusa Kodate
            A Study of the Attitudes of Japanese
     Undergraduates towards World Englishes and Their
      Own Variety – Implications for English Teaching in
                       Globalising Asia
                     LEGIAN ROOM B
                         Wei-Shi Wu
                      (9) Yurong Zheng
      A Comparative Study of Computer-based English
      Oral Test and Direct Oral Interview for Non-major
                  English Learners in China
                     LEGIAN ROOM C
                          Yanyan Liu
                      (10) Mark James
      A Broader Definition of Authenticity in the World of
                   DENPASAR ROOM A
                        Soon Bok Kim

            (11) Huiju Wu & Hsi-chin Janet Chu
       Comic Strips as a Supplement of Reading: The
      Effects of Presentation Sequencing on Reading
                   DENPASAR ROOM B
                        Rieko Matsuoka
                      (12) Young Ye Park
      Reflective Microteaching: Ways to Enhance Self-
                         confidence of
      Prospective English Teachers of Young Learners
                   DENPASAR ROOM C
                        Rick Romanko
                     (13) Zhou Chunhong
                The Good Vocabulary Learner
                   DENPASAR ROOM D
                         David Edison
                    (14) Xiong Lijun &Yinmeng
         How does ELT Promote Asianizing English
                   DENPASAR ROOM E
                          Yan Li Cao
                       (15) Dong Jinwei
          The Effective Strategies for EFL Teacher
                   DENPASAR ROOM F

                            Rananda Rungnaphawet

                              (16) Basavadatta Mitra
               Asianizing English-Young India‘s Indian English vis-
                             à-vis the Lingua Franca
                                 TABANAN ROOM
                                    Hong Ai Bai
                                (17) Liping & Qi Meng
                Web-based Self Access English Learning—Case
                             Study of Online English
                               AMLAPURA ROOM
                                      Jing Fu
                                     (18) Li Jing
                   Word origin helps expand students‘ vocabulary:
                           A vocabulary teaching approach
                                    BANGLI ROOM
                                   Kiyohisa Natsume
                         (19) Zhao Wen & David Coniam
               Towards a Common Scale for Vocational Education
                           English Language Programs
                                 GIANYAR ROOM
                                Shamshad Begham

 15:40-16:20           CONCURRENT SESSION 25 (19)

                              SINGARAJA ROOM

                                  NEGARA ROOM

                              (3) Dongil Shin
               Standard-Referenced Speaking Test of English in
                      Korea; Changes and Challenges
                                  LEGIAN D
                                 Hasnini Hasra

                                (5) Hoo Dong Kang
                      A Model of An Overseas Teacher Training
                   Program For Teaching English Through English
                             in EFL Teacher Education
                                 KINTAMANI A

               (5) Tengku Intan Suzila Tengku Sharif & Mohd Yusri
                                   Mohd Noor
                                 KINTAMANI B
                            Teresita Juan Bunyakarte

                             (6) Young Shik Lee
                The Status Quo in Developing a National English

                   Proficiency Test in Korea
                         KINTAMANI C
                            Ali Aljufri
                          (7) Yuko Butler
       ―Lost in translation‖ or ―localization‖?: How major
      ELT concepts have been intro0uced into East Asia
                        LEGIAN ROOM A
                          Jung-hwa Lee
        (8) Safura Binti Abdul Rahman & Nurul Ain Binti
       The Attitude Toward The Use of Code Switching
                   Among Technical Instructors
                       LEGIAN ROOM B

                     (9) Chan Swee Heng
      Tracking the Progress of the Malaysian Language
                        Policy Innovation
                       LEGIAN ROOM C
                        (10) Yong Chen
     An investigation of the use of L1 on the acquisition of
       grammatical structures in the context of Chinese
                    DENPASAR ROOM A
                    Kasihani K.E. Suyanto
          (11) Faizah Idrus & Romaiza Abd Rahman
          Communicative English for SPM Leavers- A
                    Programme Evaluation
                    DENPASAR ROOM B
                        Hee-Kyung Lee
                     (12) Nopporn Sarobol
      Encouraging Students to Be Independent Learners
                    DENPASAR ROOM C
                          Dongil Shin
                       (13) Hsin-chou Huang
      Teachers‘ Perceptions of the Web-based Reading
                     Strategy Training Program
                       DENPASAR ROOM D
                Isabelle Lecomte & Ichwan Suyudi
                          (14) Eujeong Lee
          The role of the first language in L2 learning:
     A critical literature review from a sociocultural theory
                    DENPASAR ROOM E
                       (15) Miao Yang
      Activity-based Needs Analysis for a Medical English
                 Course in the Chinese Context
                     DENPASAR ROOM F

                                 Masoud Rahimi

                              (16) Hyeyoung Park
                 Developing Task-based Materials for Pre-service
                         English Tour Guides in Korea:
                   Theoretical Framework and its Application
                               TABANAN ROOM

                            (17) Narmandakh Dolgor
                  Forms of English and Mongolian appreciative
                              AMLAPURA ROOM
                           Singgih Widodo Limantoro
                                BANGLI ROOM


                                BADUNG ROOM

                                                      GIANYAR ROOM

                                                   P ANEL DISCUSSION
                                                      GRIYA AGUNG
                             (Thomas Farrell, Rod Ellis, Paul Nation, Jeremy Harmer, Fuad A.H.)

                                                   CLOSING CEREMONY
 17.15 – 17.45
                                                      GRIYA AGUNG

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