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									                  Lumsden Elementary School News
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Connie Fritzler                                                                                                            L. Gaetz
Shaun Horsman                         “Learning Every Step of the Way”                                                    C. Fisher
Vice Principal                                                                                                            Assistants

                                                                                                                   April, 2009

Upcoming Events                                                       The LES library has been approved for the PVSD
                                                                      Collection Development Grant in the amount of
Mar 30-Apr 3         LES SCC Penny Wars-fundraising for               $800.00. Mrs. Schmitz and Mrs. Barkway were
                     Primary Playground                               commended by PVSD Curriculum Coordinator Maureen
April                                                                 Erlendson for their “commitment to developing an
1                    SLC Taco in a Bag KV-1-2-3-4                     exemplary library collection benefiting the staff and
2                    SLC Taco in a Bag KP-5-6-7-8                     students of Lumsden Elementary School.”
3                    SLC In-Cycle Meeting
3, 6, 7              AFL Reading – Gr. 4 & 7                          Spring is an exciting time for the bands of Lumsden and
3                    SLC Spirit Day - Dress in Blue Jeans             area. Lots of activity happened in March: Jazz Night
4                    6:00 pm Band/Desert/Dance/Auction @              was held; several bands participated in the
                     LHS                                              Downtowner’s Optimist Band Festival; jazz students
6                    7:00 pm Spring Junior Band Concert @             attended the Brandon jazz festival; and the grade eight
                     South Shore                                      band students went on their annual band trip to
9                    Non Student Day (Planning Day)                   Winnipeg. The LES Grade 8 was commended by their
10                   No School (Good Friday)                          teacher as demonstrating exemplary behaviour and
13-17                No School (School Break)                         kindness.
20                   Classes Resume
22                   Earth Day                                                                 Coming up on April 4 is the
23                   Popcorn Day KP, 1, 2, 3, 4                                                annual Dessert/Dance/Auction
24                   Popcorn Day KV, 5, 6, 7, 8                                                 at the Lumsden Community
30                   7:00 pm Prekindergarten Information                                           Hall. This is a fun-filled
                     Session @ LES Library                                                         family evening full of great
                                                                                                   desserts, fabulous auction
Upcoming Events Report                                                                             items and a spirited dance
                                                                                                   with music provided by
Along with all other Saskatchewan schools, LES is once                                            Lumsden bands. You can
again participating in the provincial tests called                    expect excellent music to dance the night away!
            Assessment for Learning (AFL). This year,                 If parents have any questions about the band program or
            two assessments are being administered,                   their student’s progress please contact Mr. Peters at the
            which are reading and math. The first                     LHS (731-2262).
           assessment is the Reading for Grade 4 and                  Remaining band dates 2009 for LES include: Music
              7 with assessment dates on April 3, 5                   Monday in Indian Head, May 4 during the school day,
              and 6. Because these provincial                         for Grade 7; Grade 7 Band Trip in Moose Jaw on May
              assessments have a timeframe by which                   13-14; Grade 6 Superband at South Shore on June 5
they must be completed, it is imperative that every                   during the school day; and the Talent Show on June 10.
attempt be made to have students attend school on the
dates of the scheduled assessment. The second AFL is
Math for Grades 5 and 8. The dates have yet to be
scheduled, but will be between May 19 to 29.
                                                                                                     LES News April, 2009   p2

Current Events                                                    Howell, Louise
                                                                  Holloway, Melinda
                                                                  Labbee, Shalla
LES is transitioning awards to be Grades 7 and 8 this             Kistner, Sherri
year with the intent of having a Grade 8 Farewell and             Doidge, Anita Cobb,
Awards Celebration for the future. Driven by middle               Wendy Pletz, Shaun
years teachers, staff is matching practice to theory.             Horsman, Maxine
Philosophically, the goal of elementary school education          Koskie, Alicia
is to have all students achieve success, and to align with        Hubbard, Corey Petford, Roxanne Frey, Laurie-Ann
this goal, it is the job of elementary schools to welcome         Martin, Cindy Wilson, Erin Dawson, Dawn Rosset,
students at whatever level they are at and to teach them          Brad Gyug, Marcia Sabean and Janice Schmitz.
from there. Naturally, there are standards for each               Thanks to LES School Community Council for providing
grade, but it is the job of the school to adapt for students      the lunch for the judges.
whether they exceed or are short of the standard. Given           The competitive stream winners in their categories are:
this foundation, it seems to make sense to reward all             Life Sciences
students for their achievements and hard work. For the            1- Kolton Turnbull
last 5 or so years, the certificate approach responded to         2 - Jekaiden Fay and Kyle Vaudrin
this goal, whereby each student in middle years was               Earth and Environment
acknowledged for their successes with a certificate on            1 - Rebecca Ruda and Kathleen Gallais
stage. It is now planned that these successes will                2 - Rachel Solberg and Josi Cary
                               continue to be celebrated at all   3 - Austin Hills and Jake Robertson
                               grade levels, but that they will   Health Sciences
                               happen in less formal              1 - Karlee Brennan and Rebecca Flynn
                               structures, including in the       2 - Liam McDougall
                               classroom with classmates,         3 - Mariel Kleer and Morgan Meyer
and with the entire school population in the gym at               Physical and Mathematical Sciences
Assemblies. This will mark the Grade 8 Farewell                   1 - Matthew Kirby
Celebration and Awards as a special milestone. The                 2 - Sam Aulie
Awards ceremony this year will grandfather the Grade 7             3 - Steven Jacobson and Brayden Schmidt
students so they will be the last class to compete for            Engineering
academic and extra-curricular trophies. Starting this             1 - MacKenzie McMillan and Jaden Ryan
year, athletic awards will or have been acknowledged              2 - Carter Hansen and Jared Gottselig
through Assemblies, so the awards ceremony will be                3 - Austin Merle and Adam McCowan
academic. Beginning in 2010-11, the former Awards                 Biotechnology
Ceremony and Grade 8 Farewell will be the Grade 8                 1 - Breanne Dmytriw and Laura Cobb
Farewell and Awards Celebration, held at the regular
time (morning) with the regular audience (students and            Lumsden Elementary School hosted the Saskatchewan
parents) but with potentially some additional speech              Young Readers’ Choice SaskEnergy Willow Awards
opportunities highlighting the Gr. 8 elementary school            Gala on March 25. Students in Grades 4 - 6 enjoyed an
experience. The awards segment will be academic in                author reading by winning author, Caroline Adderson in
focus with the extra-curricular honours being done at             the morning. Students Morgan Meyer and Mariel Kleer
Assemblies.                                                       were M.C.s for the afternoon awards event. Speeches
                                                                  on the importance of literacy were given by Principal
The Science Fair was a success! There were two                    Connie Fritzler, Mayor Verne Barber, PVSD Board of
streams of participants in the six categories this year.          Education Chair, Janet Kotylak, PVSD Curriculum
The non-competitive stream included Prekindergarten to            Coordinator Maureen Erlendson, and President of
Grade 5 as well as 22 projects of Grade 6-8 students              SYRCA Mrs. Florence Barton. The Honourable Dr.
who chose this route. There were 71 Grade 6-8 projects            Gordon Barnhart addressed the students in his key note
in the competitive stream. Thank you goes to all the              speech and also reiterated the importance of reading
following judges: Jillian Bell, Theresa Mura, Kim                 and books. Gainer the Gopher was in attendance,
Dorsch, Stephen Davis, Tracy Aulie, Erin Campbell-
                                                                                                   LES News April, 2009   p3

helping with the ceremony, and bringing about lots of        School Community Council Notes
laughs from the students. The Grade 4 - 6 choir,
directed by Mrs. King and Mrs. Crawford, sang the
                                                             The SCC members are: Chair - Renee Young; Secretary -
national anthem, O Canada, and the song “Read a Good         Tammy Rumpel; Treasurer - Bonnie Ruda; Community
Book”. The Grade 3 classes performed a chant to              Representative - Anne Cockman; Members-at-Large - Bev Kaip,
introduce the Shining Willow books; Tableaus                 Miranda Norton, Sheri Renkas; Teacher Representative - Janice
representing scenes from the Diamond Willow entries          Schmitz; Principal - Connie Fritzler.
were presented by Grade 4, 5 and 6 students; while
book trailers produced by Grade 7 and 8 students             From Chair Renee Young: During the week of February
introduced the Snow Willow novels. LES was presented         9, the LES SCC celebrated Teacher/Staff Appreciation.
a Willow tree from SaskEnergy and the 2009 nominated         We thanked the teachers and staff for their tireless
Willow books from the SYRCA. Finally, here are the           efforts throughout the year. We surprised them with a
                             winners books and authors:      little gift and treated them to a lunch hour where they
                             Melanie Watts -Scaredy          could sit down and feast on homemade lasagna, salad
                             Squirrel, Caroline Adderson -   and dessert while many volunteers filled in to provide
                             Very Serious Children and       supervision and to cover the office. Thank you to all of
                             Gordon Korman - Schooled.       the volunteers who helped make the Appreciation Week
                             Following the awards            a success!
                             ceremony, a reception was
held in the library and all students enjoyed cake. Special   We are always looking for parents and communities
thanks to: LES SCC for serving at the reception; Prairie     members to get involved. Any amount of time is
Cherry for the donated gift for Lieutenant Governor; and     appreciated so if you’re interested in volunteering,
Dutch Growers for the donation of a Willow tree. Mrs.        please contact any SCC member. They are listed above.
Schmitz chaired this event! See Jan./Feb/ newsletter
for full listing of committee members.                       The next LES SCC meeting will be held on Monday, May
                                                             4 at 7:00 p.m. in the school library. The meetings are
                                                             always open to everyone, so please come on out!
LES Enrolment
The enrolment at LES is 456.
                                                             Notice has been given from Morag Granger, RN, BScN,
Staffing Notes                                               CCHN(C), Manager, Public Health Nursing that Public
                                                             Health Nurses will no longer be doing vision
                                                             screening in schools. This decision was made based
                  Congratulations to Mrs. Gaetz who
                                                             on evidence based practice regarding vision screening
                  has accepted an Assistant
                                                             and in consultation with the Saskatchewan Association
                  Administrator position with the Town of
                                                             of Optometrists.
                  Regina Beach, and will begin work
                  there on April 20, 2009.
                                                             Attention Kids!
                  Congratulations to Mrs. Fisher who is
                                                             The Great Lumsden Easter Egg Hunt is almost here!
                  resigning from her position this spring
                                                             Come down to Prairie Cherry Corner on Saturday April
and will continue her work with the Library. LES wishes
                                                             11th, at 10am-3pm to begin the search for those elusive
both former Administrative Assistants the best as they
                                                             eggs in downtown Lumsden businesses. Cost is
continue their careers in new areas!
                                                             $5.00/child, $10.00/Family, adults are free, but must
                                                             accompany children. There will be free mini Prairie
PVSD Board Notes                                             Cherry Sundaes for all participants and parents. Enter
                                                             a free draw for a chance to win a giant chocolate Easter
Check out the Board minutes and Prairie Valley Press         bunny.
newsletter at www.pvsd.ca.
                                                                                                  LES News April, 2009   p4

                                                              improved and grew as basketball players. The coach
Extra Curricular                                              was Mr. Petford. See the Jan./Feb. newsletter for the
                                                              team roster.
The Debate year has come to an end with the return
from Provincials in Yorkton March 13 and 14. LES sent         The developmental boys and girls basketball teams
                          four teams to compete and the       enjoyed a successful and fun season. During practices,
                          students all did a tremendous       the teams learned skills and basic plays. Students were
                          job. All debate teams won at        able to put these to practice during games with
                          least one debate. The teams         surrounding schools. Members of the boys team
                          that participated were: Tye         include: Logan Terlesky, Dan Geordie McDougall,
                          Sabean, Breanne Dmytriw,            Jackson Anderson, Connor McEwen, Raiden
                          Tyler Dunbar, Austin Merle,         Brailsford, Jared Gottselig, Mason Terlesky, Ryan
Laura Cobb, Carson Reid, Tiana Schmitz and Ann                McNally, Matthew Whitteron, Josh Beaudry and
King. Tiana and Ann won second place in their                 Derrick Scott with coach Mrs. Schmitz. The girls team
beginner category as a team. Ann also won a third place       was made up of Tianna Dodds, Erinn Hanoski,
medal as individual speaker. The coach is Mrs.                Kennedy Kistner, Erica Prybylski-Vilbrunt, Karly
Weisbrod.                                                     Rumpel, Hayley Schmidt, Emily Pletz and Heather
                                                              Ganuelas, with coach Mrs. Schell.
Curling wrapped up on March 13 and 14 with the Junior
                   Boys team competing in the QVSD            Twenty-five students have signed
                   Junior Championship. The boys              up for badminton this year! There
                   played well and were knocked out           have been practices every day
                   before the finals. Ms. Bugera              since the beginning of March. The
                   accompanied the boys. (See the             players took part in a tournament at
                   Jan./Feb. newsletter for the list of the   Balgonie on March 14. LES
curlers). The curling athletes had a good season and          students played very well and
learned lots!                                                 finished in the top two in girls
                                                              doubles and boys singles. League games have taken
Congratulations to the Bantam Boy’s Basketball team.          place in Pense and Balgonie on March 25 where LES
They had a very successful season were they worked            badminton athletes played very well. LES hosted the
hard and played with great team spirit. The team              pre-zone tournament and played the Bulldogs from Clive
participated in the District playoffs in March, where they    Draycott. Players finishing in the top two placements will
finished third. This year’s team consisted of: Brady          be moving on to zones in Cupar on April 4. Players
Schmidt, Sam Aulie, Carter Hansen, Tye Sabean,                finishing in the top two from zones will advanced to
Jaden Ryan, Thomas Taylor, Steven Jacobson,                   Districts in Whitewood on April 24. The roster includes:
Kolton Turnbull, Adam McCowan, Luke Hubenig,                  Brady Schmidt, Jaden Ryan, Seven Jacobson, Drew
Joey Thibault, and Zak Tamlin with coach Ms.                  Cogger, Tye Sabean, Kolton Turnbull, Jekaiden Fay,
Dawson.                                                       Sam Aulie, Logan Burkholder, Trey Vives, Kyle
                                                              Vaudrin, Aaron Moran, Matt Kirby, Logan Terlesky,
The Bantam Girls Basketball had a very successful             Carter Hansen, Rebecca Ruda, Megan Hyde, Heather
basketball season! They only lost three league games;         Ganuelas, Kristin Boan, Mariel Kleer, Morgan Meyer,
two of those being to a team which consists of mostly         Kelsie Rock, Carson Reid, Josi Cary, Kennedy
grade 9 girls. They did very well during tournament play      Fitzsimmons. The coach is Kai Leggett.
                       as well, never finishing below third
                       place. During the District
                       Championship the Bantam girls
                       placed fourth, which is an
                       excellent accomplishment. The
                       girls can be very proud of the hard
                       work they put forth this past
                       basketball season, as they

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