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									                                Forest Area Community Schools

                               Forest Area Focus
  Serving the Communities of South Boardman and Fife Lake                     •   April 2009 • Vol. 36, No. 8

A time to celebrate our

         – John Smith, Superintendent

               arch ended in victory for our athletes. That
               would be victory with a capital “V”! Our
               boys’ basketball team, who previously
               won the league championship, surpassed
that hard fought accolade by winning class C Districts.
This hasn’t happened since 1983! The games were fast

                                                                             Show Your
and furious and our athletes rose to the challenge. The
Forest Area boys basketball team; not only are they Dis-
trict champions but they have topped the Ski Valley bas-
ketball league as well. WOW!
                                                                           School Spirit!
      And if that weren’t enough to be thankful for, Jus-                  Forest Area
tin Gordon, a Warrior wrestler, walked away from the
State Championship with first place in his weight class:
                                                                        Warrior Apparel
171 pound. Justin finished a stellar season: 49 wins, 0           on sale at your child’s school
losses. This would be the first time Forest Area had a         (Check at your child’s school for an order form,
medallist in the state competition; and to go undefeated
                                                                    and “check-out” new items for sale)
during a season is phenomenal! If you see one of these
“Winning Warriors,” be sure to congratulate them on a
job well done.
      A reminder to parents: Spring break begins March
30. The students will return to school April 6. Have a
safe and enjoyable break.

Kindergarten Round-up
Just a reminder: Kindergarten
Roundup is scheduled for Thurs-
day, April 30. Please call the South
Boardman Elementary at 369-2841
to make an appointment. Each ap-
pointment will last approximately
one hour. All kindergarteners-to-
be will spend 45 minutes with our
kindergarten teachers.
Please remember:
• All kindergarten students must be five years old be-
fore December 1, 2009.
• You must bring your child’s immunization record and
certified birth certificate when you come in for your ap-     Mrs. Rives kindergarteners read with a second grade
pointment.                                                    reading buddy on pajama day.
News from                                                                                    PTO News                  March 12, 2009

There is a lot happening at the weekly Forest Area                                           • Box Tops: in the lead Fife Lake, Mrs. Magee’s class and at
                                                                                             South Boardman, Mrs. Merchant’s class.
way to grow playgroup. Little ones birth to age five                                         • Our Family UPC: Laura Steffe is working on promoting
are lifting, dropping, looking, building, knocking                                           this program better and adding in a contest for the winning
down, painting, pretending, singing and more. Young                                          classes; similar to Box Tops. The PTO gets 5¢ for every UPC
children are busy when they are playing. They are                                            collected.
learning. When your children are playing with you,                                           • Book Fair: set for April 27 through May 1. BOGO.
                                                                                             • 5th Grade Cart: Kim Hullwick is selling products on
they are also learning – learning that they are loved                                        Tuesday and Thursday at lunch time. This is most likely go-
and important, that they are fun to be around. These                                         ing to be just one day a week. The cart is still in need of
social/emotional skills give them the self-esteem and                                        donations. However, the PTO has collected enough money
confidence they will need to continue to build loving                                        to pay for the 2009 trip to Mackinac. Money collected over
and supportive relationships all through their lives.                                        and above will be put toward next year’s trip. Thanks go out
                                                                                             to Kim for all her help.
Forest Area parents and grandparents with children                                           • Pop Corn: Collected $685 so far.
birth to age five are invited to join us for playgroup                                       • Father/Daughter Dance: The Leader had a real nice ar-
on Fridays, April 10, 17 and 24 at 10:00 a.m. in the                                         ticle about this event and the PTO has also recieved great
South Boardman Elementary Preschool classroom.                                               comments. Total raised was 1,033.66. Thanks go to Teri-Jo
For more information about playgroup or other way                                            for putting this event together and doing a wonderful job,
                                                                                             as well as to all parents involved and the Fife Lake General
to grow services and activities, contact Lorraine                                            Store for all the donations.
Wolcott at South Boardman Elementary 369-2883 or                                             • Talent show: Judy Kammeraad did a wonderful job coor-
lwolcott@forestarea.k12.mi.us.                                                               dinating this event in such short notice. Thanks to Judy and
                                                                                             Mark Kammeraad for volunteering their time and energy to
                                                                                             this event to make it the first of hopefully many talent shows
                                      School Readiness Begins at Birth.
                                                                                             in the Forest area community.
              All Students Achieve Program-Parent Involvement Education Grant (ASAP-
              PIE), the Traverse Bay Area Intermediate School District and Forest Area       • Appreciation Dinner: Dinner for the teachers and staff
              Community Schools have funded this way to grow!                                at the parent teacher conference was a great success. A nice
                                                                                             thank you note was sent to the PTO. There will still be an
Spring cleaning                                                                              appreciation week this year, but next school year this pro-
Your local Lions Club would love to take your old glasses                                    gram will be held through out the year. This is to let the bus
off your hands. The glasses collected in Northern Michi-                                     drivers, teachers and staff know that we appreciate their hard
gan are sent (after sizing and refurbishing) to regions dec-                                 work. More information to follow. Anyone wanting to get
imated by natural disasters, or area suffering from eco-                                     involved please contact Laura Steffe @ 369-2600
nomic or domestic deprivations. If you have glasses you                                      • Bake Sale: Was held by the 5th grade on February 13 and
would like to donate, you can drop them off at the South                                     was a great success thanks to Jamie Smith and the parents
Boardman Elementary, or at our high school.                                                  who donated baked goods. We collected $333. A special
                                                                                             thanks goes out to the children that ran this sale: Paul Korn,
                                                                                             Ashley Browne, Janay Smith, and Nick Pleshek.
                                                                                             • Jog-A-thon: Cathy Simons is heading this event. Sched-
                                                 Local Artist                                uled for May 12 at South Boardman, and May 14 for Fife
                                                                                             Lake. This has been discussed with Mr. Stremlow. Anyone
                                                 On March 20th Nick
                                                 Fisher, a local artist,                     interested in helping should contact a PTO member. Cathy
                                                 presented and dem-                          will review with each classroom to minimize the confusion.
                                                 onstrated his artwork                       • PTO presence at the Kindergarten/Preschool round-up:
                                                 to Ms. DeBarr’s 8th                         Laura Steffe, Cathy Simons, Amy Bridson and Teri-Jo will
                                                 hour honors art stu-                        work on getting this event together. They mentioned yard
                                                 dents. Nick is cur-                         signs. More information to follow.
                                                 rently showing some                         • Spelling Bee: April 10. PTO will provide 1st ,2nd and 3rd
                                                 of his work at the                          place awards. Also, a dictionary for the 1st place winner.
                                                 Wild Raisin Gallery                         • School Mall: The children will bring home a booklet to
                                                 in Fife Lake.                               fill out with 11 names and addresses, then send it back to
                                                                                             school. PTO receives money for each book turned in. Kids
                                                                                             will get a gift for filling one out. More information will be
                                                                                             sent home.

                                                               Art everywhere
                                                                                                  NAHS students add
                                                                                                  Art to the high school
                                                                                                  halls. Currently, the
                                                                                                  NAHS students are
                                                                                                  painting large murals
                                                                                                  in each of the four
                                                                                                  high school hallways.
                                                                                                  NAHS students drew
                                                                                                  designs to correspond
                                                                                                  to the teacher class-
                                                                                                  rooms that they were
                                                                                                  assigned. Come see
                                                                                                  how these students
                                                                                                  have created a new at-
                                                               mosphere with their successful art skills and dedication to
                                                               promoting the arts in our school (Pictured: Senior, Kason-
                                                               dra Karlskin).

                                                                                                  Art I students com-
Pure talent!                                                                                      plete large Portrait
Forest Area PTO put on it’s First Annual Talent Show                                              Value Paintings. After
showcasing the many talents of area children on March                                             Ms. DeBarr took digi-
14 at the Forest Area High School. Organized by Judy                                              tal photos of each ART
and Mark Kammeraad, the community was able to wit-                                                I student, their photo
ness singing, dancing, comedy and instrument playing by                                           was manipulated in
our talented children.                                                                            Photoshop to create
    Lilley Koby opened the show singing the National                                              different values, they
Anthem while Lisa Magee’s fifth grade class whooped it                                            drew a large image on
up to KC and the Glo Worms’ “Drive the Bus,” to finish                                            tag board. Each value
up the show. There were many vocalists who provided                                               was drawn so that
outstanding performances with one writing his own rap                                             students would paint
song, young comedians who laughed us out of our chairs,                                           each value using one
and individual instrumentals who wowed the crowd. We                                              color plus black and
are looking forward to up and coming talent next year                                             white. The finished
and want to thank all of the community members for their       product was an enlarged, value portrait of their face (Pic-
support of the children and talent show. We hope you en-       tured: Freshman, Katie Johnson).
joyed it.

                                                                                   Forest Area talent
                                                                                 Pathways Arts Council of Kalkaska
                                                                                 (PACK) will be presenting “Grease”
                                                                                 April 16 -18. Several of the perform-
                                                                                 ers and behind the scene workers are
                                                                                 Forest Area people.
                                                                                      The performances are:
                                                                                 Thursday, April 16, at 7 p.m.,
                                                                                 Friday, April 17, at 7 p.m., and
                                                                                 Saturday, April 18, at 2 and 7 p.m.
 Our talented student teachers at South Boardman: Mrs. Knight is student
 teaching under Mrs. Bishop, and Mr. Odette is with Mrs. Schwarz.
Vision and hearing
screening                                                                       South Boardman
                                                                                   “All Stars”
The annual vision and hearing screen-
ing, sponsored by the local health de-
partment, will be held April 29 – May
1, 2009 at South Boardman Elementary.
     Vision testing is done on 1st grade students, hearing
testing is done on kindergarten and 2nd grade students.
     Screening results are shared with the school unless
parents request otherwise. If you do not want this infor-
mation shared with the school or do not want your child
screened, please send a written request to the school.
     Retests will be May 13 – 14, 2009, and if your child
does not pass the screenings, the technician will contact
you. NOTE: If your child has glasses or contacts, please
make sure that he/she is wearing them for this screening.

                                                                   Front row: Abby Stacy, Daniel Thompson, Erin LaBelle,
                                                                   Nate Blake; Middle Row: Chase Ingersoll, Brianna
                                                                   Harwood, Will Pittman, Lilley Koby, Jett Symons;
                                                                   Back Row: Bobby Miller, Teal Szymchack, Austin Inger-
Outstanding Educators                                              soll, Kalie Tarrance, Brian Briesmeister; Absent: Garret
Traverse Bay Area Intermediate School District (TBAISD)            Huff, Isabell Alspaugh, and Rebecca Smith.
is looking for nominations of outstanding educators and
support staff throughout the five county region. If you
know a teacher, administrator or support staff that continu-        South Boardman Elementary
ously exceeds your expectations and has demonstrated a
high level of professional ability and performance please
                                                                         “TERRIFIC Kids”
go to www.tbaisd.k12.mi.us or call 231-922-6200 for nom-           Each month South Boardman’s support staff recognize
ination guidelines and forms. Deadline for nominations is          a “Terrific Kid” from every classroom. Our support staff
April 15, 2009.                                                    has the unique opportunity to not only observe our young
                                                                   people in the classroom, but also during less structured
Service News                                                       times. They give another perspective to recognizing stu-
                                                                   dents who are Thoughtful, Enthusiastic, Respectful, Re-
The following FA Community School graduates and                    sponsible, Influential, Friendly, Impeccable, and Caring
community members are currently serving our country                – TERRIFIC Kids!
overseas. A list of their addresses and e-mail addresses
are available through the school office. We will update
as we get new information.                                           Cheyenne Horner – Mrs. Beach Kindergarten
Deployed:                                                            Brian Jacobs – Mrs. Edwardson Kindergarten
John Barnes – Korea                                                  Ashley Richey – Mrs. Rives Kindergarten
Chad Ellis
Josh Gilmour                                                         Kevin Briesmeister – Mrs. Bishop 1st grade
Jared Sonderegger                                                    Skye Lockhart – Mrs. Fay 1st Grade
Charels Aldridge - on alert                                          Ember Poole – Mrs. Schwarz 1st Grade
Richard Trepanier (National Guard)     Waiting for orders:
Kenneth Matthews                       Jeremy Smith                  Kaitlyn Lockhart – Mr. Merica 2nd Grade
Jacob McGough                          HOME!                         Ryan Stearns – Mrs. Merchant – 2nd Grade
Anthony Slaughter                      Josh Kniss                    Rachael Vance – Mrs. Rozema – 2nd grade
                                       Shaine Lane                   Meghan Jones – Mrs. Shev - Preschool
Recently enlisted:                     Joey North                    Makayla Dennis – Mrs. Shev - Preschool
Kelly Aldrich                          Kelly Wood
Nathan Barber

                                  Forest Area Student Achievements

High School                                                    Middle School
Student of the Month,                                          Student of the Month,
March —                                                        March —
Collin Park                                                    Austin Vance
High school student of the month for March is senior,          The Forest Area Middle School Student of the Month
Collin Park. He is the son of Danny Park. Collin is re-        for March is 6th grader, Austin Vance. He has main-
spectful and well liked in his quiet way. He is a hard-        tained a 3.8 grade point average for the school year. He
working young man. Congratulations Collin!                     is involved in sports and always has time to help his fel-
                                                               low students. Austin’s greatest assets are self-motiva-
                                                               tion, self direction and responsibility. He is a true plea-
                                                               sure to have in the classroom. He is the son of Charles
                                                               and Pam Vance of Fife Lake.

                                                               Summer learning
                                                               Help Students stay on top of language arts and/or math skills
                                                               over the summer months with the popular GRASP Read-
                                                               ing and Math Program offered at Northwestern Michigan
     Fife Lake Elementary                                      College. Children in kindergarten through eighth grade can
                                                               retain critical skills through easy-to-use lessons. Due to the
                                                               unique at-home aspect of this course, students from all over
                                                               Northern Michigan are able to participate.
                                                                    Students complete one lesson a week at home and mail
                                                               it to the reading and math teachers who review, score, and
                                                               return their assignments. Build-in flexibility allows stu-
                                                               dents to complete and mail assignments from anywhere
                                                               their summer travels take them. After registering for one
                                                               or both programs, parents attend an introductory session at
                                                               NMC on June 3 or 4 to meet the Teachers, pick up materi-
                                                               als, and learn how to help students make this a successful
                                                                    The cost is $69 for either reading or math, or $119 for
         Academic Achievers                                    both. Financial aid is available. Download details at www.
            for February                                       nmc.edu/ees or call NMC at 231-995-1700 or 800-748-
                                                               0566 (ext. 1700). Registration deadline is May 15.
 Front L - R: Miranda Taylor, Delaney Peters, Jordan Co-

                                                                         Fife Lake Elementary
 chran; Back L - R: Emma Wendel, Hollis Thomas, Lane
 Jones, Josiah Cummer.

        Mrs. Schwarz:      Miranda Taylor                           Students of the Month for February
        Mrs. Dixon:        Delaney Peters                            Mrs. Schwarz: Carlie Wilson
        Mrs. Welburn:      Jordan Cochran                            Mrs. Dixon:    J.J. Marvin
        Mrs. Frye:         Hollis Thomas                             Mrs. Welburn: Cody Paulus
        Mrs. Hollow:       Emma Wendel                               Mrs. Frye:     Elijah McNamara
                                                                     Mrs. Hollow: Jonathan Hoggard
        Mrs. Magee:        Josiah Cummer
                                                                     Mrs. Magee:    Janay Smith
        Mrs. Purvis:       Lane Jones                                Mrs. Purvis:   Jonathon Dupuie
                                                                                      April 2009
          MONDAY                              TUESDAY                        WEDNESDAY                          THURSDAY                                FRIDAY                           SATURDAY
                                                                                                     1                                 2                                      3                             4

                                                                                               No School – Spring Recess

                                6                                   7                                8                                 9   SB Honors Assembly
                                                                                                                                           K 1:30, 1st & 2nd Gr. 2:30p 10
 Classes Resume                     FL Honors Assembly 2:20p             Bubbylonian, 1st Grade
                                    NHS Blood Drive                                                       PTO Meeting at FL                Way to Grow Playgroups 10a         SB Easter Egg Hunt
                                                                         12:45p                           6:30p                            Fife Lake Spelling Bee             2p
                                    8:30-3:30                            G V Soccer @ Glen Lake                                            No CTC Classes
                                    B V BB @ Manton 4:30p                5p                                                                Track @ Lake City 4:30p
                                    G V SB @ Manton 4:30p                                                                                  G V Soccer @ Benzie 5p
Beef Soft Tacos, Green Beans,       Chicken Nuggets, Carrot             Cheese Ravioli, Mixed Veggies, BBQ Pork on a Bun, Celery          Cheese Pizza, Golden Corn,
Mandarin Oranges                    Sticks, Fruit Cocktail              Apple Slices w/Peanut Butter    Sticks, Banana                    Pears
Power Ally Bar and Yogurt or        Pancake Sausage Wrap or             Breakfast Pizza or Cereal      Sausage, Egg & Cheese Sand-        Blueberry Muffin w/ Cheese Stick
Cereal Choice, Fruit Juice, Milk    Cereal Choice, Fruit Juice, Milk    Choice, Fruit Juice, Milk      wich or Cereal Choice, Juice, Milk or Cereal Choice, Fruit Juice, Milk
 Board Meeting 7p
 National Library Week 13                           14                  NWEA Testing begins
                                                                                                    15    OPIE Dinner, 6p            16                                     17                             18
 April 13 - 17            Track @ Bellaire 4p                                                             Track @ Mancelona                   Way to Grow Playgroups                Track @ Frankfort 9a
                                                                        for HS, FL and 2nd gr.            4p
 School Dentist @ FL                                                    at SB                                                                 10a                                   G V SB @ Kingsley 9a
 B V BB @ Mancelona 4:30p                                                                                                                     B V BB v. Lake City 4:30p
 G V SB @ Mancelona 4:30p                                                                                                                     G V SB v. Lake City 4:30p
 G V Soccer v. Gladwin 5p Baked Mozzarella Cheese                                                       Meatloaf, Mashed Potatoes
                          Sticks, Sweet Peas, Pineapple                 Lasagna Roll-ups, Carrot Coins, & Gravy, Green Beans, Diced           Sausage Pizza, Mixed Veggies,
Hot Dog, Tater Tots, Peaches        Tidbits                             Applesauce                      Pears                                 Orange Smiles
Poptarts and Yogurt or Cereal       French Toast Sticks or Cereal       Breakfast Pizza or Cereal       Sausage, Egg & Cheese Sand-           Mini Muffins w/ Cheese Stick or
Choice, Fruit Juice, Milk           Choice, Fruit Juice, Milk           Choice, Fruit Juice, Milk       wich or Cereal Choice, Juice, Milk    Cereal Choice, Fruit Juice, Milk

                           20                                            Earth Day
Glen’s Mkt. Cash                                    21                   Administrative             22    Take our Daughters 23                                             24                             25
for Class promotion 19-25                                                                                 and Sons to Work Day    Preschool Roundup
Trout Festival April 20-26    MS Track @ Central Lk                      Professionals Day                MS Track @ Mancelona 4p Track @ Mesick 3p
B V BB v. Central Lk 4:30p    4p                                         Track @ Bellaire 4p              B V BB @ Gaylord 4:30p
G V SB v. Central Lk 4:30p                                               G V Soccer v. Clare 5p           G V SB @ Gaylord 4:30p
G V Soccer @ Burt Lk 5p
Hamburger, French Fries,            Cheese Stuffed Pretzel Sticks,      Mac-n-Cheese, Golden Corn,       Sloppy Joes, Celery Sticks, Fruit    Pepperoni Pizza, Sweet Peas,
Mandarin Oranges                    Green Beans, Banana                 Diced Peaches                    Cocktail                             Diced Pears
Power Ally Bar and Yogurt or        Pancake Sausage Wrap or             Breakfast Pizza or Cereal        Sausage, Egg & Cheese Sand-          Blueberry Muffin w/ Cheese Stick
Cereal Choice, Fruit Juice, Milk    Cereal Choice, Fruit Juice, Milk    Choice, Fruit Juice, Milk        wich or Cereal Choice, Juice, Milk   or Cereal Choice, Fruit Juice, Milk
SB Young Authors Week               Friends of Kalkaska                                                  Vision and Hearing
PTO BOGO Book Fair 27               Library, Meeting 5p     28 Vision and Hearing                   29   Screenings                  30 May                                   1                             2
FL Science Fair                     Friends of Fife Lake Library, Screenings                             Kindergarten Roundup
Track @ Bellaire 3p                 Meeting 7p                    Fife Lake Parents’ Day                 B V BB v Onaway 4p                   Way to Grow Playgroups
B V BB @ JoBurg 4:30p               MS Track @ Bellaire 4p                                               G V SB v Onaway 4p                   10a
G V SB @ JoBurg 4:30p               G V Soccer @ Hought Lk 5p                                             Pork Cutlets, Mashed Potatoes       Vision and Hearing
Chicken Patty on Bun, Carrot        Pizza Bites, Mixed Veggies,         Mostaccioli, Green Beans,         & Gravy, Carrot Coins,              Screenings
Sticks, Pineapple Tidbits           Apple Slices w/Peanut Butter        Mandarin Oranges                  Applesauce
Poptarts and Yogurt or Cereal       French Toast Sticks or Cereal       Breakfast Pizza or Cereal        Sausage, Egg & Cheese Sand-
Choice, Fruit Juice, Milk           Choice, Fruit Juice, Milk           Choice, Fruit Juice, Milk        wich or Cereal Choice, Juice, Milk

                         • Dates and times are subject to change
                    • Breakfast and lunch prices are subject to change
                                                                                                                               LUNCH PRICES:
                                                                                                                                South Boardman: $1.85
              The Breakfast Program is available to all students:
         Full-pay breakfast is $1.00; Reduced-pay breakfast is 30¢                                                              Fife Lake: $2.00
  Students who are eligible for free or reduced-pay lunch, are also eligible for
                        free or reduced-pay breakfast.                                                                          MS/HS: $2.25
            Thank you for your support of school meal programs.
  • Menus subject to change. Menus include: Meat, juice,
  vegetables, fruit, grain/bread, and milk: 1% chocolate and 2%
                                                                                                           Summer lunch program
  • Fresh fruit served with lunches weekly.                                                                Mark your calendars. Forest Area Community Schools
  • For SB & FL— 2nd choice daily: Peanut Butter & Jelly
  Sandwich with Mozzarella String Cheese; 3rd choice daily:                                                will again be sponsoring the Summer Lunch Program.
  Elementary student-size “Chef Salad Meal.”                                                               We will be serving lunch, free of charge, to all children
  • Chef Salad Meals are made daily with crisp shredded
  lettuce, veggies and protein. (Protein may be 4 oz. yogurt,                                              18 years of age and younger from June 15, 2009 to July
  turkey, ham, cheese, eggs, peanut butter, peanuts, walnuts or                                            24, 2009. The two sites where your children can get
  sunflower seeds.)
                                                                                                           lunch will be South Boardman Elementary and Fife Lake
  No person because of race, color, national origin, sex, age or handicap shall be excluded                Elementary. Please watch for more information in your
  from participation in, be denied the benefits of, or be otherwise subjected to discrimination
  in our United States Department of Agriculture donated food and nutrition programs. Any                  upcoming Focus newsletters. Come and join us. Parents/
  persons who believes he/she has been discriminated against should write immediately                      adults, please bring a sack lunch so you can enjoy this
  to the Secretary of Agriculture, Washington, D.C. 20250.
                                                                                                           time with your children.

                   Forest Area Community Schools
                   7741 Shippy Road, SW
                   Fife Lake, MI 49633


   FACS Board of Education Meeting Dates                                            Mark
     April 13, 2009                            June 8, 2009                       the date!
                                                                                                 Preschool Round-up
     May 11, 2009                              July 13, 2009
The Board of Education meets the second Monday of each                                           Friday, April 24
month in the High School Band Room starting at 7:00 p.m.
Board Briefs – At their regular monthly meeting, the Forest              You may call the South Boardman El-
Area Community Schools Board of Education                                ementary at 369-2841 after March 16 to
• Recognized Rachel White as the OPIE (Outstanding Per-                  make an appointment. Please bring your
    son in Education) award recipient.                                   child’s birth certificate (certified), shot
• Report from finance committee.                                         record, and social security card. Poten-
                                                                         tial new preschoolers do not have to be
                            Forest Area Focus is provided on our website
                                                                         present for the roundup appointments.
                           (http://www.forestarea.k12.mi.us) each month
                           of the school year to residents of the Forest Area
                           Community Schools District. Staff, students            CONTACT US
                           and community members write the articles.
                              Newsletter editing and layout is provided by
                                                                                District Office
   the Information Services Department, Traverse Bay Area Intermediate
                                                                                     Phone: 369-4191; Fax: 369-4153;
   School District (TBAISD). Printing for the newsletter is provided by              E-mail: josmith@forestarea.k12.mi.us
   Forest Area Community Schools.                                               High School Office • Phone: 369-2884
      Questions about the newsletter should be directed to the Superinten-           Fax: 369-3646
   dent, (231) 369-4191.
                                                                                Middle School Office • Phone: 369-2867
   Administration:                                                                   Fax: 369-3618
     John Smith, Superintendent
     M.R. Gillooly,
                                                                                Counseling Office • Phone: 369-2709
       South Boardman Elementary Principal,                                          Fax: 369-3618
            Fife Lake Elementary Principal                                      Fife Lake Elementary • Phone: 879-3362
     M.J. Grajewski, Secondary Principal                                             Fax: 879-4825
     Terry Williams, Assistant Secondary Principal                              South Boardman Elementary • Phone: 369-2841
     Malynda Robinson, Student Representative
     Molly Lockwood, Student Representative
                                                                                     Fax: 369-4301
                                                                                Web site • www.forestarea.k12.mi.us

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