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									Appropriate for Elementary School Students
  Number                    Title                       Description                                                 Grade        Length Date

   3297         3-2-1 CONTACT VI & VII:                                                                                E,M       30 min.           1988
                AUSTRALIA: EMU &

   3299         3-2-1 CONTACT VI & VII:                                                                                E,M       30 min.           1988
                AUSTRALIA: KANGAROOS

   3298         3-2-1 CONTACT VI & VII:                                                                                E,M       30 min.           1988
                AUSTRALIA: KOALAS

   3296         3-2-1 CONTACT VI & VII:                                                                                E,M       15 min.           1988
                AUSTRALIA: MOTHS AND

   3295         3-2-1 CONTACT VI & VII:                                                                                E,M       30 min.           1988
                AUSTRALIA: PLATYPUS &

   6223         A COLT CALLED LUCKY       The story of a wild mustang living in the spectacular Southwest.             P,E       10 min.           1996

   5098         A FIRST LOOK AT           A look at the common traits of mammals.                                      E         13 min.

   3666         A WHOPPING SMALL          Follows a team of paleontologists into the Painted Desert where they         E,M       27 min            1988
                DINOSAUR                  exhume the remains of the oldest dinosaur yet discovered and ship it to
                                          a museum, where it is then assembled.

   2344         ACORN WOODPECKER          Features the acorn woodpecker, Melanerpes Formicivorus, who                  E,M,H,A   9 min.            1986
                                          provides the most spectacular example of food storage among birds.

   2355         AFRICAN WILDLIFE          Filmed in Namibia's Etosha National Park. Observes wildebeest giving         E,M,H,A   60 min.           1987
                                          birth, a zebra defending her foal from a cheetah and close ups of other
                                          animal behavior.

   2396         ALL ABOUT ANIMALS:        Uses macrophotography art work and song to heighten interest in              P,E       12 min.           1987
                INSECTS                   insects' homes, habits and basic functions.

   4410         ALL ABOUT ANIMALS:        Explains the characteristics of animals we classify as insects. This fine    P,E       12 min.           1986
                INSECTS                   introductory film helps children learn that some insects are helpful, such
                                          as the honey bee and silkworm; and others troublesome like, the

   3669         AMAZING ANTS              Discusses the 10,000 different kinds of ants.                                P,E       11 min            1988

   6067         AMPHIBIANS                A look at amphibians, meaning "double life." Children are taken on           E         26 min.           1993
                                          field trips and meet frogs, toads and others.

   3671         AN ALPHABET OF BIRDS      This creative and entertaining alphabetic approach to learning about         P,E       10 min            1988
                (2ND ED.)                 birds not only conveys basic science information, but gives students an
                                          easy way to understand rhymes and master the alphabet.

   1599         ANIMAL BABIES             Introduces a variety of familiar and exotic animals and their                P,E,M,H   15 min.           1987

   3672         ANIMAL BABIES GROW UP     Discusses the development, the degrees of parental dependency, the           P,E       10 min            1988
                (2ND ED.)                 rates of maturity, and the visible changes that take place in the
                                          developing young of mammals, birds, reptiles, amphibians and fish.

   3778         ANIMAL BEHAVIOR: A        Discusses the kinds of animal behavior, inbred and learned and the fact      P,E       11 min            1988
                FIRST FILM                that much animal behavior involves getting food, getting along with
                                          other animals, and raising young.

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  Number                    Title                        Description                                                  Grade    Length Date
   6221         ANIMAL COMMUNITIES        The relationships of animals to their surroundings and their interactions    E,M     14 min.           1996
                                          with each other are explored.

   6651         ANIMAL FAMILIES #17       Demonstrates the body structure of the wasp and shows in detail how          E       10 min.           1998
                THE WASP                  worker wasps build their lives, tend to the colony's nursery and protect
                                          the hive. Outlines the life cycle of the worker wasp from egg through
                                          metamorphosis to adult.

   6650         ANIMAL FAMILIES #16 THE   Follows the life cycle of the predatory praying mantis, one of nature's      E       10 min.           1994
                PRAYING MANTIS            most effective insect population controllers.

   4091         ANIMAL GUESSING GAMES     Encourages students to match baby animals with their mothers,                P,E     15 min.           1988
                                          determine what kind of animal lives where, and identify animals from
                                          close-up views.

   2243         ANIMAL QUIZ #1            Features the Gooney Birds of Midway; the dragon-like lizards of              P,E     83 min.           1986
                                          Indonesia; and a collection of infant animals at the San Diego Zoo.
                                          Includes fun questions.

   2244         ANIMAL QUIZ #2            Visits the arid stronghold of the powerful Mexican grizzly bear; and an      P,E     83 min.           1986
                                          African oasis of wildlife. Meet the suprising inhabitants of the frozen

   2245         ANIMAL QUIZ #3            Features strange creatures of the Galapogos Islands, speed and grace of      P,E     83 min.           1986
                                          the thoroughbred horse, and apes of Gibraltar co-existing with man.

   2246         ANIMAL QUIZ #4            Visits fascinating creatures of the Sonoran Desert, participate in a         P,E     83 min.           1986
                                          thrilling shark watch in the Pacific, travel to Africa for a look at the
                                          Masai warriors.

   2247         ANIMAL QUIZ #5            Features animal architects; the great Spotted Cat, the Crocodile.            P,E     83 min.           1986
                                          Witness unique, amazing structures built by animals; prowl the Mexico
                                          desert with the rare Jaguar, and visit the Nile's population of

   2248         ANIMAL QUIZ #6            Shows the many cats found in South Africa; journeys down the Amazon          P,E     83 min.           1986
                                          in search of wildlife; and views the unique monkeys that thrive in a
                                          chilly climate.

   2249         ANIMAL QUIZ #7            Visits "the king of cats" in Central and South America; studies the          P,E     83 min.           1986
                                          largest land carnivore on Earth in Alaska's wilderness.

   2250         ANIMAL QUIZ #8            Takes the viewer deep into the Amazon jungle for a look at the               P,E     83 min.           1986
                                          primitive Yagua Indian tribe; visits a Kenya game reserve, traces the
                                          lengendary Appaloosa horse.

   2251         ANIMAL QUIZ #9            Views elephants of Southeast, Kenya's flamingos, habits of the Pribilof      P,E     83 min.           1986
                                          Island's colony of fur seals.

   4090         ANIMALS A TO Z            Introduces familiar and exotic animals from anteaters to zebras on a         P,E     15 min.           1988
                                          journey through the alphabet. Youngsters see some of their favorite
                                          animals and meet some new, exotic ones.

   3368         ANIMALS BREATHE IN        Describes the breathing process taking in oxygen and getting rid of          E,M,H   11 min.           1988
                MANY WAYS (REV.)          carbon dioxide. Explains the many ways animals breathe through tubes,
                                          skin, gills and lungs.

   3147         ANIMALS HEAR IN MANY      Sound is produced when something vibrates. Animals, through                  E,M,H   12 min.           1988
                WAYS (REV.)               adaption of different body parts create similar vibrations that allow
                                          them to hear.

   4100         ANIMALS IN ALL KINDS OF   Shows how animals survive in different types of weather-from physical        P,E     15 min.           1989
                WEATHER                   characteristics such as heavy coats of fur, to behaviors, such as
                                          burrowing and migrating.

   4011         ANIMALS IN AUTUMN AND     Investigates how animals, including insects, birds and mammals;              P,E     11 min.           1983
                WINTER                    prepare for winter and survive the cold. Explores migration,
                                          hibernation, food storage, and adaptation.

   3146         ANIMALS MOVE IN MANY      Illustrates in dramatic close-up photography a few of the many different     P,E     12 min.           1988
                WAYS (REV.)               ways in which living things move about.

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  Number                    Title                       Description                                                     Grade      Length Date
   4099         ANIMALS THAT LIVE IN     Introduces animals that live in groups such as geese, dolphins and              P,E       15 min.           1989
                GROUPS                   caribou, and discusses reasons why they band together for food and
                                         shelter, to raise young, and to protect themselves against enemies.

   4720         ANIMALS WITH             Describes the basic structural differences between vertebrates and              E,M,H     11 min.           1988
                BACKBONE (2ND ED.)       invertebrates. Shows fishes, amphibians, reptiles, birds and mammals--
                                         the five groups of vertebrates and stresses the characteristics of each

   3664         ANIMALS WITH             Describes the life functions and physical characteristics of sponges,           E,M       13 min.           1988
                BACKBONES (2ND ED.)      jellyfish, sea anemone, worms, sea urchins, starfish, mollusks, squid,
                                         octopus, arthropods and a variety of insects that together comprise 95%
                                         of all earth's animals and are known as invertebrates.

   6231         ANTS AND HOW THEY LIVE   The remarkable, organized lives of ants are the focus of this film.             E,M       18 min.           1991

   1258         AUSTRALIA ANIMAL         Explores the excitement and mystery of observing the fascinating                E,M,H     60 min.
                MYSTERIES                animals which evolved on the continent that has been an isolated

   2789         AUSTRALIA'S ANIMAL       Shows Australian marsupials, kangaroos, koalas, birds, reptiles,                P,E,M     15 min.           1986
                WONDERS                  primitive egg-laying mammals the echidna and platypus.

   2788         AUSTRALIA'S UNUSUAL      Features strange, wonderful reptiles, amphibians, unusual mammals,              E,M,H,A   23 min.           1986
                ANIMALS                  marsupials, and monotremes.

   6220         BATS AND HOW THEY LIVE   This program features slow motion footage of bats in flight and explains        E,M       15 min.           1996
                                         their movements.

   3525         BEAR COUNTRY             Follows the yearly life cycle of the American black bear and other              E,M,H     31 min.           1988
                                         animals of the Rocky Mountain region.

   3058         BEES                     Examines the importance of honey bees to man, pollination, beehive              E,M,H,A   30 min.           1987
                                         keeping and the bee colony.

   2011         BEYOND THE BARS: ZOOS    Shows behind the scenes at America's oldest zoo, the Philadelphia               P,E       18 min.           1986
                AND ZOO ANIMALS          Zoo.

   2782         BEYOND WORDS: ANIMAL     Examines how animals communicate to find food, attract mates, warn              E,M,H,A   15 min.           1987
                COMMUNICATION            of danger.

   6908         BILL NYE THE SCIENCE     The Sceince Guy explains how amphibians can live both on land and in            E,M,H     26 min.           1996
                GUY: AMPHIBIANS          the water too.

   6925         BILL NYE THE SCIENCE     Bill talks to special guest Queen Latifah, who's abuss about her favorite       E,M,H     24 min.           1995
                GUY: INSECTS             queens...bees. The lab kids go exploring at an insectorium and go
                                         digging for insect fossils.

   6929         BILL NYE THE SCIENCE     They';re (sometimes) big, they're hairy, and they're warm bloodied.             E,M,H     24min.            1996
                GUY: MAMMALS             From human being to moose and from cats to rats, Bill Nye looks at
                                         what it takes to be a mammal.

   6560         BIRD WHO IS A CLOWN      Introduces the Island Daphne Major of the Galapagos Islands which is a          E         9 min.            1972
                                         small island and the nesting ground for hundreds of blue-footed booby

   3665         BIRDS                    Examines the special physical characteristics of birds, their amazing           E,M,H     14 min.           1988
                                         variety, their various adaptations to diverse environments in air, on land
                                         and in water and, finally, the several ways in which most birds are

   6069         BIRDS                    This program looks at many of the popular questions about birds.                E         26 min.           1993

   3143         BIRDS: A FIRST FILM      Identifies the physical characteristics of birds, how they differ from          P,E       12 min.           1988
                                         mammals and the wide variety of locations that support bird life.

   4955         BLUEBERRIES FOR SAL      A little girl and a little bear on a blueberry picking trip get all mixed up    P,E,M     9 min.
                                         with each other's mothers on a lovely hillside in Maine.

   6117         BUTTERFLIES              This program details the insect to butterfly metamorphosis.                     E,M,H     15 min.           1990

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  Number                    Title                      Description                                                    Grade      Length Date
   4956         CAPS FOR SALE            A band of mischief-making monkeys steals a napping peddler's colorful         P,E       6 min.            1960
                                         caps, and he must think of a way to get them back.

   2295         COME INTO MY PARLOUR,    Examines the hunting techniques of one of nature's most efficient means       E,M,H,A   20 min.           1986
                SAID THE SPIDER          for keeping the population in balance: the spider.

   6025         COOTS, COOTS             A look at the bird know as the coot. We see his marshy habitat and how        E,M       20 min.           1994
                EVERYWHERE               he survives there.

   5096         COUGARS AND HOW THEY     A portrait of day-to-day life of a cougar family in the mountains of          E         27 min.           1995
                LIVE                     Idaho.

   3705         CREEPY CRAWLERS:         Demonstrates the variety of movement of creatures who creep, crawl,           E,M,H     11 min            1988
                LEGLESS LOCOMOTION       slither, loop, flow or row their way through liquids with thousands of
                                         tiny oars. The incredible variations of movement as seen through
                                         stunning micro and macrophotography.

   3060         DINOSAURS                Follows the evolution of dinosaurs and the characteristics and life styles    E,M,H,A   30 min.           1987
                                         of several species.

   6455         DINOSAURS                The dinosaurs' rule over the earth spanned 140 million years. This            E,M       60 min.           1995
                                         enlightening video offers a breathtaking look at the dinosaurs, the
                                         explosive new controversies surrounding them and the Smithsonian's
                                         own incomparable collection of fossilized specimens. Narrated by
                                         James Whitmore.

   2777         DINOSAURS: PUZZLES       Visits actual dinosaur evacuation site. Uses animation to show the vast       P,E,M,H   20 min.           1985
                FROM THE PAST            variety of man eaters and plant eaters.

   6793         DINOSAURS: THE           This program shows the methods used to excavate a dinosaur dig and            E,M,H     24 min
                TERRIBLE LIZARDS         how a skeleton is reconstructed for museum display. Produced by Alan
                                         P. Sloane, Avatar Learning, Inc.

   5097         DOLPHINS AND HOW THEY    This program features a voyage of exploration to view the lives of the        E,M,H,A   20 min.           1995
                LIVE                     Spotted Dolphins of the Bahamas.

   6000         DOLPHINS, RAYS AND       A look at marine mammals and how their various relationships help             E,M       15 min.           1994
                OTHER ADAPTATIONS        them to survive.

   2394         DOLPHINS: OUR FRIENDS    Shows dolphins being trained with whistles, hand signals, and reward.         P,E       13 min.           1987
                FROM THE SEA             The great care taken in capturing dolphins and bringing them to an
                                         oceanarium is documented.

   3189         ELEPHANT                 Visits Asia, Africa, and the U.S. to observe elephant behavior and            E,M,H,A   60 min.           1987
                                         explore the relationship between elephant and man. Provides
                                         fascinating insights into the social structures, communication and
                                         population dynamics of elephants.

   4842         ETERNAL ENEMIES: LIONS   Demonstrates the complex family relationships of the hyenas and their         E,M,H     60 min            1992
                AND HYENAS               fight for survival with the lions.

   3691         FISH (REV.)              Illustrates the characteristics shared by over 20,000 species of fish:        E,M,H     14 min.           1988
                                         bony skeletons, gills, scales, streamlined bodies and cold-blooded.
                                         Shows how fish must adapt to a variety of underwater habitats.

   3684         FLIPPER THE SEAL (2ND    A group of children at the zoo watch Flipper go through his antics. As        P,E       14 min.           1988
                ED.)                     language builder, the film "fuses" Flipper's actions with such words as
                                         waves, swimming, dive and fur.

   4412         FROGS AND HOW THEY       Extreme close-up photography and graphics reveal the life cycle and           E,M       16 min.           1988
                LIVE (REV.)              behavior of the frog. Shows the unusual ways frogs see, eat, taste and

   6040         GIRAFFE                  A peaceful vegetarian, the giraffe wiles away the hot, African day in the     E,M       10 min.
                                         company of zebras and water buffalos.

   2125         GORILLA                  Presents informative and engaging look at the mysterious gorilla of           E,M,H,A   60 min.           1986
                                         central Africa, a dwindling species. Highlights Diane Fossey, and Ko-
                                         Ko who uses American sign language.

   2780         GRIZZLIES                Examines the intelligent, aggressive Grizzly Bear. Visits Alaska's            E,M,H,A   55 min.           1988
                                         Brook Range to Wyoming's Yellowstone National Park.

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  Number                    Title                       Description                                                     Grade      Length Date
   3166         HOTWALKER                 Shows how a love for racehorses creates a special bond between a               E,M,H,A   26 min.           1988
                                          young man and an older handler.

   4089         HOW ANIMALS GET THEIR     Introduces animals that eat plants, eat other animals, and eat almost          P,E       15 min.           1988
                FOOD                      anything. Shows the ways animals get their food.

   4102         HOW ANIMALS MOVE          Using a variety of animals, including a cheetah, a sloth, a monkey, and        P,E       15 min.           1989
                                          a sidewinding snake, shows how animals shapes and methods of
                                          movement suit their habitats and life-styles.

   4719         HOW ANIMALS MOVE          Describes all types of mammals, birds, insects, and snakes, showing            E,M       15 min.           1989
                                          how they manage locomotion. Uses slow motion and vivid photography
                                          to illustrate.

   4000         HOW NATURE PROTECTS       Emphasizes three important ways that nature protects animals: hiding,          P,E       8 min.            1988
                ANIMALS (REV)             fleeing, and discouraging attack.

   6232         HOW WE CLASSIFY           Colorful footage surveys the diversity of animal life on Earth and looks       E,M       15 min.           1990
                ANIMALS                   at many species of animals.

   5007         HUMMINGBIRDS AND HOW      This video was photographed in Belize where many of these lovely               E,M       20 min.
                THEY LIVE                 birds live and the film shows them in their daily lives; building nests,
                                          bathing and evading capture by snakes.

   4714         HUMPHREY'S TALE           Follows "Humphrey the Lost Whale" as rescusers save him in 1985 and            E,M,H,A   25 min.           1991
                                          again in 1990. Introduces some of the people who saved Humphrey and
                                          takes you whale watching to find out more about these animals.

   2137         IN BEAVER VALLEY          Follows the industrious chief engineer of the Beaver Valley, the beaver.       P,E,M,H   32 min.           1986
                                          Shows how the beaver's dam building influences the animals and
                                          environment around them.

   3438         INSECTS: BODY,            Features outstanding and intricate cinematography to show the wide             E,M,H     16 min.           1988
                STRUCTURE, AND            variety of functional insect body parts, their three distinct body sections,
                FUNCTION                  their leg and wind structure and the insect eye and mouth. Captures
                                          some rare footage of an insect actually laying its eggs.

   3439         INSECTS: CYCLES OF LIFE   This award-winning film explains by means of spectacular                       E,M,H     20 min.           1988
                                          cinematography the three basic stages of the insect life cycle...the larva,
                                          the pupa, and the full grown adult.

   3440         INSECTS: DEFENSES         By means of outstanding and intricate cinematography, this film                E,M,H     13 min.           1988
                AGAINST ENEMIES           reviews, demonstrates and explains some of the defense techniques used
                                          by insects to achieve protective resemblance, protective coloration and
                                          warning coloration.

   6042         INSECTS: THE LOVELY       A look at a termite colony.                                                    E,M,H     23 min.
                AND THE LETHAL

   3625         KNOW ZONE SERIES:         Discusses the possibility that something from outer space may have             E,M       30 min            1988
                DINOSAUR AND THE          crashed into the planet 65 million years ago, killing dinosaurs and most
                COMIC COLLISION           of the life on earth.

   4071         LIFE CYCLE OF THE         Shows the life story of an ant colony with detailed depictions of the          E,M       19 min.           1986
                FOREST ANT                most vital functions; how they mate, lay eggs, clean and repair their
                                          nest, hunt caterpillars and collect honeydew and even how they set up a
                                          new nest when space runs out.

   2513         LOOKING AT BIRDS (REV.)   Follows the cycle of mating, nesting and hatching of eggs.                     E,M,H,A   10 min.           1986

   6772         MAJESTIC EAGLE OF         Observes the life cycle of the American bald eagle in its natural habitat      E,M       12 min.           1998
                NORTH AMERICA             demonstrate why this majestic bird has often symbolized strength,
                                          loyalty, and courage. Looks at how the United States has increased its
                                          eagle population from 417 to 1200 in only twenty years.

   4031         MAJESTIC EAGLES OF        Provides a fascinating glimpse into the life cycle of the bald eagle and       P,E       12 min.           1985
                NORTH AMERICA             its cousin, the golden eagle. Shows how the bald eagle near extinction,
                                          has in recent years made a stunning comeback.

   2395         MAMMALS                   Uses music, diagrams, and close-up photography, teaches the                    P,E       10 min.           1987
                                          characteristics of mammals, their movement, shelters. Captioned words
                                          expand children's reading vocabularies.

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  Number                    Title                   Description                                                   Grade      Length Date
   4716         MAMMALS AND THEIR     Shows some of the characteristics common to all mammals, including           E,M       15 min.           1988
                YOUNG                 humans. Depicts the great variety among mammals and shows how they
                                      differ radically in size and other characteristics.

   2008         MORE DINOSAURS        Takes you on a once-in-a-lifetime safari. Travels the globe on this          E,M,H,A   20 min.           1986
                                      magical tour and discovers how these creatures lived, what they were
                                      really like, why they vanished.

   2901         NORTHERN ELEPHANT     Tells the dramatic recovery of a formerly endangered species at Ano          E,M,H,A   15 min.           1987
                SEAL                  Nuevo State Park.

   6395         OWL MOON              A young child and her father search the moonlit woods for the Great          P,E       8 min.            1997
                                      Horned Owl. Movingly narrated by Jane Yolen.

   2816         PANDAS                Shows American and Chinese researchers as they work to save one of           E,M,H,A   23 min.           1986
                                      the world's most engaging and elusive animals, and its uncertain

   2392         PETS AND THEIR CARE   Teaches that fresh food, clean water, love and affection, a clean home,      P,E       15 min.           1987
                                      exercise, baths, grooming, and regular medical care are important to
                                      their pets' well-being as their own.

   856          POLAR BEAR ALERT      Visits Churchill, Manitoba where the residents have learned to live with     E,M,H,A   60 min.           1987
                                      a unique problem; the fall migration of the deadly carnivore polar bear
                                      through their isolated Canadian village each year.

   2386         PROTECTING            Explores reasons why animals are endangered--from human                      E,M,H,A   15 min.           1987
                ENDANGERED SPECIES    encroachment on their habitats to the use of chemicals that work their
                                      way up the food chain.

   6415         RED FOXES             In this video, we explore where the red fox lives, when it has cubs, how     P,E       10 min.           1994
                                      many cubs are born, and how the male and female take care of their

   2391         REPTILES              Uses nature photography and song to show the characteristics of              P,E       10 min.           1987
                                      reptiles. Encourages the scientific skills of observing, classifying,
                                      analyzing, and generalization.

   3818         REPTILES AND          Examines the five major reptile groups in detailed close-ups.                E,M,H,A   23 min.           1988

   3103         RETURN OF THE SEA     Examines the sea otters of the North Pacific and their struggle to make a    E,M,H,A   30 min.           1987
                OTTER                 comeback after almost complete extinction by fur traders.

   5089         SEA ANIMALS ASHORE    A look at sea going mammals.                                                 E,M       20 min.

   4101         SECRETS OF ANIMAL     Shows a variety of animals and their means of defense, ranging from an       P,E       15 min.           1989
                SURVIVAL              antelope's speed and acute senses of hearing and smell to a porcupines
                                      quills and a turtle's shell.

   3866         SHARKS                Provides an introduction to a variety of these remarkable creatures, from    E,M,H,A   12 min.           1988
                                      small sharks to some of the world's largest fish as well as aspects of
                                      their anatomy.

   4411         SNAKES AND HOW THEY   Describes how snakes are found in all types of climates and                  E,M       16 min.           1998
                LIVE (REVISED)        environments. Uses close-up photography, graphics and animation.

   6003         SPECIAL FRIENDSHIPS   Considering purchasing a pet? This may be the video for you. A look at       E,M,H,A   13 min.           1984
                                      people and the animals they want to adopt.

   6100         SPIDERS               This program looks at different types of spiders and their impact on         E,M       22 min.           1995
                                      their environment.

   6034         STEINHART AQUARIUM    A look at the following four programs: Sharks!; Penquins; Swimming           E,M       29 min.
                                      With Dophins; and Kids from Caos.

   5088         STRANGE AND UNUSUAL   A look at many animals and their adaptations to their environments.          E,M,H,A   10 min.           1997
                ANIMALS: ADAPTATION
                TO ENVIRONMENT

   6114         TALKING ABOUT SEA     This program teaches the early learner about sea turtles, their lives and    E         12 min.           1992
                TURTLES               the elements that are pushing them to extinction.

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  Number                    Title                       Description                                                   Grade      Length Date
   4108         THE BENEFITS OF INSECTS   Reveals some of the many ways in which plants and animals, including         E,M       17 min.           1990
                                          humans, depend on insects; discusses pollination, aeration and
                                          fertilization of the soil, and food chains.

   4088         THE GREAT COVER-UP:       Introduces several kinds of camouflage and shows some ways that              P,E       17 min.           1988
                ANIMAL CAMOUFLAGE         animals blend with their environment by means of protective coloring.
                                          Also shows how both predators and prey use camouflage to survive in
                                          the animal kingdom.

   2140         THE GREAT WHALES          Documents the anatomy, communication, and migratory patterns of a            E,M,H,A   60 min.           1987
                                          variety of whale species including killer, pilot and humpback whales.
                                          Looks at the birth of a killer whale.

   6041         THE HOUSEFLY              A look at a complex and sometimes dangerous insect.                          E,M,H     16 min.

   2347         THE LUNGLESS              Examines the adaptive features of this highly successful family of           E,M       16 min.           1986
                SALAMANDERS               amphibians (Phelethodontidae), which includes more than two-thirds of
                                          the living salamander species.

   6456         THE MAGNIFICENT           Whales fascinate us. Some are huge, some small; most seem to be              E         60 min.           1995
                WHALES                    intelligent and inquisitive. All breath air as we do yet their lives and
                                          habits seen so strange as to defy our attempts to really know them.

   2514         THE MONARCH               Captures the fascinating life cycle of the monarch butterfly. An             E,M,H,A   10 min.           1986
                BUTTERFLY (REVISED)       animated sequence illustrates their migratory patterns.

   4881         THE NIGHT OF THE SQUID    Please refer to film F003977.                                                E,M,H     22 min.           1970

   6030         THE NORTHERN ELEPHANT     A look at the northern elephant seal living on the edge of extinction.       E,M,H,A   14 min.

   6685         THE RAINS CAME            Splendidly photographed by Simon Trevor, veteran African wildlife            E,M,H     30 min.           1998
                                          film maker, this shows animal adaptations to a short rainy season
                                          followed by an extended dry season on the Tsavo plains in Kenya.

   6653         THEMATIC BLOCK THESE:     A look at the animals that populate America.                                 E,M       60 min.              99

   3169         THOSE WONDERFUL DOGS      Takes the viewer around the world to show the relationships human   E,M,H,A            60 min.           1988
                                          beings and working dogs have long enjoyed. Shows New Zealand sheep
                                          dogs at work, dogs that help the handicapped, sled dogs, and rescue
                                          dogs at work in the Mexican earthquake.

   6027         TWO LITTLE OWLS           The careful work of two photographers is explored in the film captured       E,M       20 min.
                                          of life in the nest of the great horned owls.

   4522         WHALES: CAN THEY BE       Shows whaling as it used to be some years ago. Becomes somewhat              E,M,H     24 min.           1976
                SAVED?                    dated, but has value as an historic film. Depicts a whaling expedition in
                                          the early 1920's, and how the whales got their reputations as dangerous

   4474         WHAT DO ANIMALS NEED      Explains the basic needs that all animals have in common and provides        E,M       7.5 min.          1989
                TO LIVE?                  specific examples of how different animals meet their needs. Describes
                                          experiments that can be done to demonstrate needs and adaptation of
                                          animals to their environment.

   4236         WHAT'S IN A SPIDER WEB?   Illustrates basic facts about spiders, how they live and their               P,E       13 min.           1981

   6122         WOODPECKER:               This program details for the young learner how the wood pecker               E         8 min.            1994
                CARPENTER OF THE          adapted to life on the trunks of the trees in his environment.

   6414         WOODPECKERS: FUN          How do woodpeckers peck away at a tree trunk without falling off?            P,E       10 min.           1994
                WITH NATURE               Where do they like to build their nests? How are babies born, and what
                                          animals are enemies of the woodpecker?

   2773         WORLD OF DARKNESS         Examines the lives of animals that live in the dark.                         P,E,M,H   25 min.           1986

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  Number                    Title                      Description                                                   Grade      Length Date
   2797         WORLD OF INSECTS         Shows the development of the Monarch butterfly. Evaluates man vs.            E,M,H,A   20 min.           1986
                                         the insect, the advantages and disadvantages of biological pest

   2388         WORLD OF PETS: CATS      Observes the behavior and development of newborn kittens. Close              P,E       16 min.           1987
                                         attention is paid to the cat's sensory anatomy and to the meaning of its

   2379         WORLD OF PETS: DOGS      Shows dramatic footage of dogs that herd sheep, help police and blind        P,E       16 min.           1987
                                         people, and perform tricks.

   3619         YOSEMITE                 Presents one of America's most popular natural parks, equal in size to       E,M,H,A   24 min.           1988
                                         the state of Rhode Island.

   4987         ZOO'S EYE VIEW: DAWN     A look at the zoo when the public is not there.                              E         11 min.           1973
                TO DARK

   2889         1988 WORLD'S LARGEST     Presents the U.S. Air Force Band, Singing Sergeants and 3,500 school         P,E,M,H   30 min.           1988
                CONCERT                  children at Washington D.C.'s Constitution Hall in honor of Music in
                                         Our Schools Month, the 150th anniversary of American public school

   548          ADORATION OF THE MAGI    A remarkable painting by Fra Angelico and Fra Filippo Lippi is closely       E,M,H,A   7 min.            1982
                                         examined to reveal a wealth of detail. This colorful masterpiece is
                                         ranked among the major Florentine Renaissance works. Accompanying
                                         the images are verses, music, and dances of the period.

   550          AMERICAN LIGHT           Blends location photography of New England with scenes of the same           E,M,H,A   30 min.           1982
                                         sites depicted by Fritz Hugh Lane, John Frederick Kensett, Martin
                                         Johnson Heade, among others. Discusses the Luminist style and its

   6499         ART WITH JOY:            Joy demonstrates two kinds of abstract drawing with watercolors -            E,M       26 min.           1995
                ABSTRACT#1               planned and structured and free-form. She chooses free-form and
                                         reviews the color wheel and mixing colors to get students started.

   6500         ART WITH JOY: CASTLE     Demonstrates the step-by-step drawing of a castle - using marking            E,M       32 min.           1995
                                         pens. Touches upon perspective and purposes of various walls and
                                         towers of the castle.

   6501         ART WITH JOY: CLIPPER    Joy demonstrates drawing clipper ships in a seascape.                        E,M       50 min.           1997

   6502         ART WITH JOY: DOLPHINS   Children use colored pencils and crayons to draw dolphins in their           E,M       60 min.           1998
                                         underwater habitat. Including coral, kelp, sea tans and fish. Joy
                                         discusses dolphins and their wonderful characteristics as well as threats
                                         to them.

   6503         ART WITH JOY: DRAGON     Children use their imaginations to draw their own interpretations of         E,M       45 min.           1996
                                         dragons. Demonstrates color blending, perspective in landscape,
                                         shading for distant objects and drawing clouds.

   6504         ART WITH JOY: ELEPHANT   Joy demonstrates to a group of students how to draw an elephant step-        E,M       46 min.           1996
                                         by-step, providing discussion of endangered species, while showing
                                         color blending and background perspective.

   6506         ART WITH JOY: FACE -     Teaches children to observe proportion and the placement of features on      E,M       50 min.           1997
                FRONT VIEW               the face as well as adding special characteristics.

   6507         ART WITH JOY:            Demonstrates color mixing and color blending in watercolor. Children         E,M       38 min.           1997
                GERANIUMS                paint a geranium, adding depth and shading.

   6508         ART WITH JOY:            Demonstrates drawing a hyacinth free-form, without a pencil sketch, in       E,M       37 min.           1996
                HYACINTHS                watercolor. Joy provides a pencil drawing of a hyacinth for a pattern
                                         and demonstrates shading.

   6505         ART WITH JOY:            Joy discusses the history and purpose of lighthouses while the children      E,M       55 min.           1998
                LIGHTHOUSE               paint lighthouse scenes in watercolor.

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  Number                    Title                        Description                                                      Grade   Length Date
   6509         ART WITH JOY: MONET        Discussion of Claude Monet and impressionism follows with the                   E,M    39 min.           1998
                HAYSTACKS                  children drawing and coloring haystacks in a field in the manner of the
                                           famous artist.

   6510         ART WITH JOY:              Demonstrates the basics of watercolor painting while designing the              E,M    36 min.           1998
                POINSETTIA                 beautiful red poinsettia. Tells the Mexican legend of the Christmas

   6511         ART WITH JOY: SNOWMAN      Joy models drawing a snowman and snowwoman encouraging students                 E,M    40 min.           1995
                                           to use their imaginations to provide their own unique background
                                           elements. She demonstrates sketching the snowman's face using

   6512         ART WITH JOY: STILL LIFE   Teaches perspective and overtapping as children draw a still life of            E,M    53 min.           1998
                                           objects on a table, adding or subtracting objects and designing

   6513         ART WITH JOY: SUNSET       Joy uses pens to draw the sunset moth then uses watercolors to add the          E,M    49 min.           1995
                MOTH                       moth's colorings.

   6514         ART WITH JOY: TIGER        Students draw the head and face of a tiger using fine-line black markers        E,M    40 min.           1998
                FACE                       or crayons. Discussion is about endangered species and tigers.

   6515         ART WITH JOY:              Children design an egg with colored markers on a colored chalk                  E,M    32 min.           1998
                UKRAINIAN EGGS             background, using traditional Ukrainian patterns, symbols and colors
                                           presented in the lesson. Discussion is about the Ukrainian tradition of
                                           coloring and giving beautiful eggs at Easter.

   643          ARTS ALIVE #10: ARTS AND   Shows how the art form provides the medium through which one can                E,M    15 min.           1984
                SELF EXPRESSION            express personal experiences and feelings by transforming them into
                                           symbolic representation.

   644          ARTS ALIVE #11: ARTS AND   Shows how art may convey messages that are intended to influence                E,M    15 min.           1984
                SOCIAL MESSAGES            social behavior.

   645          ARTS ALIVE #12: ARTS AND   Artists using electronic technology to create in the arts.                      E,M    15 min.           1984

   646          ARTS ALIVE #13: ARTS AND   Shows how having artistic knowledge and skills can be helpful or                E,M    15 min.           1984
                WORK                       necessary in many arts-related occupations.

   635          ARTS ALIVE #2: ELEMENTS    Introduces four of the elements that are used in visual arts: line, texture,    E,M    15 min.           1984
                OF VISUAL ARTS             shape and color.

   636          ARTS ALIVE #3: CREATING    Introduces the process of creating visual art by showing how artists            E,M    15 min.           1984
                VISUAL ARTS                organize the elements of visual art to express an idea, feeling or

   637          ARTS ALIVE #4: ELEMENTS    Introduces the three elements of movement--space, time and energy.              E,M    15 min.           1984
                OF DANCE

   638          ARTS ALIVE #5: CREATING    Introduces the process of creating dance by organizing the elements of          E,M    15 min.           1984
                DANCE                      dance to express an idea or feeling.

   639          ARTS ALIVE #6: ELEMENTS    Demonstrates the relationship between three of the elements of music:           E,M    15 min.           1984
                OF MUSIC                   rhythm, melody and harmony.

   640          ARTS ALIVE #7: CREATING    Introduces the process of creating music and demonstrates that a                E,M    15 min.           1984
                MUSIC                      composer's purpose or idea influences the music that is created.

   641          ARTS ALIVE #8: ELEMENTS    Introduces two of the distinctive elements that actors use to bring             E,M    15 min.           1984
                OF DRAMA                   characters to life--movement and voice.

   642          ARTS ALIVE #9: CREATING    Shows how the process of creating theatre is the result of a cooperative        E,M    15 min.           1984
                THEATRE                    effort among many people using a wide variety of artistic skills.

   1908         ARTS EXPRESS #1--WHAT      Introduces children to the visual arts, music and dance. Real footage,          E,M    15 min.           1986
                IS COMMUNICATION?          animated characters and dramatic sequences help students understand
                                           where ideas for artwork come from, how artistic messages are created
                                           and sent and how the medium the artist uses affects the nature of artistic

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  Number                    Title                       Description                                                  Grade      Length Date
   1917         ARTS EXPRESS #10--LINE    Follows Linus, the Line, explains direction and shape.                      E,M       15 min.           1986

   1918         ARTS EXPRESS #11--SHAPE   Demonstrates how shape is applied to paintings and form is applied to       E,M       15 min.           1986
                AND FORM                  sculptures.

   1919         ARTS EXPRESS #12--SPACE   Shows how space affects us everyday and how it is used as an artistic       E,M       15 min.           1986

   1920         ARTS EXPRESS #13--        Explains how texture is used in sculpture, cloth and carvings and how       E,M       15 min.           1986
                TEXTURE                   artists create the illusion of texture in prints and paintings.

   1921         ARTS EXPRESS #14--LIGHT   Features an animated character, Light, teaches us how light, color, and     E,M       15 min.           1986
                                          shadow are used to create variations in mood and expression.

   1922         ARTS EXPRESS #15--        Introduces a painter, a sculptor, and a glassmaker.                         E,M       15 min.           1986
                VISUAL ARTS

   1923         ARTS EXPRESS #16--        Introduces Mark One, an ancient music computer who teaches about            E,M       15 min.           1986
                RHYTHM                    rhythms--not only music, but also everyday environment.

   1924         ARTS EXPRESS #17--        Follows Mark One who explores melody, pitch and timbre and shows            E,M       15 min.           1986
                MELODY AND TIMBRE         how each contributes to create the tune and sound of a composition.

   1925         ARTS EXPRESS #18--MUSIC   Portrays how watching an orchestra prepare for a performance, music         E,M       15 min.           1986
                                          tells a story--not with words--but through rhythm, melody and timbre.

   1926         ARTS EXPRESS #19--DANCE   Features a choreographer who demonstrates how she arranges a dance          E,M       15 min.           1986
                                          using motion, direction, space and tempo.

   1909         ARTS EXPRESS #2--LIVING   Shows how observing and portraying living things builds                     E,M       15 min.           1986
                CREATURES                 understanding.

   1927         ARTS EXPRESS #20--        Demonstrates how mixing motion, sound and visual art together results       E,M       15 min.           1986
                ANIMATION                 in an exciting art form--animation!

   1910         ARTS EXPRESS #3--THE      Describes how the environment is a source of inspiration.                   E,M       15 min.           1986
                WORLD WE LIVE IN

   1911         ARTS EXPRESS #4--ARTS     Describes the concepts of places, people and environment for the            E,M       15 min.           1986
                LOOK AT THE WORLD         different forms of art.

   1912         ARTS EXPRESS #5--         Shows how observing and portraying people reveals interesting ways of       E,M       15 min.           1986
                APPEARANCES PORTRAITS     communicating feelings, self-images and relationships.
                AND LIFESTYLES

   1913         ARTS EXPRESS #6--         Shows music, dance and visual arts around the world.                        E,M       15 min.           1986
                CULTURES AND CUSTOMS

   1914         ARTS EXPRESS #7--THE      Demonstrates the arts as a valuable documentation of the past.              E,M       15 min.           1986

   1915         ARTS EXPRESS #8--         Presents art as a vehicle to make "real" the unknown and unseen in our      E,M       15 min.           1986
                FANTASIES, DREAMS AND     fantasy worlds.

   1916         ARTS EXPRESS #9--         Shows how artists express their feelings through their work and arouse      E,M       15 min.           1986
                FEELINGS                  our feelings.

   1169         BEETHOVEN AND HIS         Develops the relationship between Beethoven's environment and his           E,M,H     13 min.
                MUSIC                     personal response to it in terms of his music.

   551          CANALETTO                 Giovanni Antonio Canal, called Canaletto, was a painter, fascinated by      E,M,H,A   4 min.            1982
                                          his native city, Venice. Shows how his art captures the city's timeless
                                          radiance and splendor.

   6406         CARICATURES AND HOW       Caricature captures character quickly. With an incisive line, the artist    E,M,H     18 min.           1997
                TO DRAW THEM              creates devastating and delightful drawings that reveal the subject's

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  Number                    Title                        Description                                                     Grade      Length Date
   552          CASSATT                    A world of quiet elegance is revealed through the paintings of Mary            E,M,H,A   5 min.            1982
                                           Cassatt. Emphasizes the structure of Cassatt's compositions and her
                                           almost abstract use of color.

   553          CATLIN                     George Catlin was one the first American artists to document the               E,M,H,A   6 min.            1982
                                           customs and drama of Indian life. Besides painting Indian portraits, he
                                           also painted scenes of Indian camp life, buffalo hunts, war parties,
                                           feasts and ritual ceremonies.

   554          CEZANNE                    Concerned with structure and essence of objects, Paul Cezanne broke            E,M,H,A   5 min.            1982
                                           away from the aims and methods of impressionism. We gain an
                                           awareness of Cezanne's struggle to build a new geometry of art which
                                           became the foundation for much of twentieth-century painting.

   1003         COLLAGE                    Shows that the arranging of shapes offers endless compositional                E,M,H     16 min.
                                           possibilities, as well as an ideal way to explore design, color, shape, and
                                           line and size.

   828          COPELAND PORTRAIT          Offers Aaron Copeland's insights and reflections on American musical           E,M,H     29 min.           1975
                                           history. Illustrates his achievement in writing symphonic music.

   1997         DINOSAUR                   Shows a three dimensional, clay, animated interpretation of our earth as       P,E,M,H   14 min.           1986
                                           it existed before man. Transforms simple chalk line drawings into
                                           prehistoric animals.

   1998         DINOSAURS: THE             Shows vivid special effects with dimensional models moving in                  P,E,M     10 min.           1986
                TERRIBLE LIZARDS           miniature sets that bring the age of dinosaurs to realistic life. Includes
                (REVISED)                  Bontosaurus, Compsognathus, Coelophysis, Stegosaurus, Anatosaurus,
                                           Pteranosons, Ankylosaurus, Triceratops, Monoclonius, Styracosuarus,
                                           and the Tyranosaurus Rex.

   555          DURER--REVELATION          As the Apocalyptic vision unfolds before us, we see the Adoration of           E,M,H,A   5 min.            1982
                                           the Lamb, the Four Horsemen, the Four Avenging Angels, and other
                                           scenes originally described in the first century by St. John the

   557          FEMME/WOMAN: A             Joan Miro's tapestry, Femme, is a monumental achievement. Shows this           E,M,H,A   15 min.           1982
                TAPESTRY BY JOAN MIRO      weaving project on oversized looms through installation.

   1199         FROGGIE WENT A-            Opens with a small group of children clustered around a folk singer and        P,E       8 1/2 min
                COURTIN'                   his guitar. The cast is ethinically mixed and includes handicapped
                                           children in key roles.

   6403         HOW PRINTS ARE MADE:       Students learn how contemporary masters use traditional techniques to          E,M,H     22 min.           1997
                AN INTRODUCTION TO         generate multiple editions of their finest works.

   1728         IMAGES OF THE WILD         Illustrates how Robert Bateman uses rocks and branches to reconstruct          E,M,H,A   22 min.           1981
                                           an animal's environment before painting it. Depicts the importance of
                                           photographs, preliminary sketches and clay models to his paintings.

   4207         IMPROVING VISUAL ARTS      Pictures a new approach and concept in teaching art education and              E,M       60 min.           1990
                EDUCATION                  appreciation to very young students. Explores the contribution art
                                           education can make to the overall education of every grade school child,
                                           not just whoever seems to have a talent for art.

   4046         INSTRUMENTS OF THE         Shows through animation and a string-quartet performance of Dvorak's           P,E,M,H   11 min.           1985
                SYMPHONY ORCHESTRA:        "The American Quartet," how strings make sound, how strings make
                IT'S ALL DONE WITH         stringed instruments, and how stringed instruments make music.

   4047         INSTRUMENTS OF THE         Shows through animation and a lively soundtrack how horns produce              P,E,M,H   13 min.           1985
                SYMPHONY ORCHESTRA:        sound; how horn players control pitch and range; and how the invention
                WHAT'S A HORN?             of the valve has enabled one trumpet to do the work of seven.

   1643         IT'S YOUR WORLD: JAPAN V   Examines the arts: origami, bonsai, ikebana, kimono making and                 E,M       15 min.           1986
                                           technology: mail-fax; robotics and recycling.

   1506         ITZHAK PERLMAN--IN MY      Focuses on Itzhak Perlman's career as a concert violinist even though he       E,M,H,A   10 min.           1983
                CASE MUSIC                 has been afflicted with polio since childhood.

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  Number                    Title                     Description                                                    Grade      Length Date
   3698         JINGLE BELLS            This well loved song is played in three versions--traditional, with bells,    P,E,M,H   8 min.            1988
                                        and orchestra, and a chorus; modern, with country-western singers
                                        playing guitars and fiddles; and futuristic, with an electronic chorus
                                        playing unearthly music.

   1575         JOY OF BACH             Demonstrates the universality and incredible energy of Bach's music           E,M,H,A   60 min.           1987
                                        through a variety of performances.

   2338         JUAN FELIX SANCHEZ      Features Juan Felix Sanchez, a Venezuelan folk artist who is a legend in      E,M,H,A   27 min.           1986
                                        his own time. In this sensitive, poetic documentary the 82 year old
                                        artist speaks of his life.

   558          LEONARDO: TO KNOW       The genius and accomplishments of the Renaissance artist-inventor,            E,M,H,A   55 min.           1982
                HOW TO SEE              Leonardo da Vinci, are depicted. Introduces the viewer to Leonardo's
                                        contemporaries and to the Italian countryside.

   1087         LET'S DRAW: BIRDS       Demonstrates the many approaches and techniques for drawing a variety         E         15 min.
                                        of popular subjects. Shows birds drawn from oval shapes.

   1066         LET'S DRAW: BOATS       Demonstrates the many approaches and techniques for drawing a variety         E         15 min.
                                        of popular subjects. Demonstrates a simple approach to drawing a

   1092         LET'S DRAW: CARS        Demonstrates the many approaches and techniques for drawing a variety         E         15 min.
                                        of popular subjects. Simplifies the drawing of a car, sideview.

   1073         LET'S DRAW: CARTOON     Demonstrates the many approaches and techniques for drawing a variety         E         15 min.
                BODIES                  of popular subjects. Extends cartoon drawing.

   1072         LET'S DRAW: CARTOON     Demonstrates the many approaches and techniques for drawing a variety         E         15 min.
                FACES                   of popular subjects. Draws faces from basic shapes.

   1088         LET'S DRAW: CATS        Demonstrates the many approaches and techniques for drawing a variety         E         15 min.
                                        of popular subjects. Shows drawing cat faces.

   1081         LET'S DRAW: CHRISTMAS   Demonstrates the many approaches and techniques for drawing a variety         E         15 min.
                                        of popular subjects. Draws a doe and fawn in a snow-covered scene.

   1077         LET'S DRAW: DEER        Demonstrates the many approaches and techniques for drawing a variety         E         15 min.
                                        of popular subjects. Draws standing and moving deer in an outdoor

   1093         LET'S DRAW: DINOSAURS   Demonstrates the many approaches and techniques for drawing a variety         E         15 min.
                                        of popular subjects. Shows a Tyrannosaurus Rex draw-along.

   1082         LET'S DRAW: ELEPHANTS   Demonstrates the many approaches and techniques for drawing a variety         E         15 min.
                                        of popular subjects. Shows extending ovals to draw an elephant.

   1083         LET'S DRAW: FACES       Demonstrates the many approaches and techniques for drawing a variety         E         15 min.
                                        of popular subjects. Shows ways to draw facial expressions.

   1076         LET'S DRAW: FOREST,     Demonstrates the many approaches and techniques for drawing a variety         E         15 min.
                OUTDOOR SCENE           of popular subjects. Shows trees, a cabin, and a fisherman and his

   1084         LET'S DRAW: HALLOWEEN   Demonstrates the many approaches and techniques for drawing a variety         E         15 min.
                (PART 1)                of popular subjects. Shows a haunted house draw-along.

   1085         LET'S DRAW: HALLOWEEN   Demonstrates the many approaches and techniques for drawing a variety         E         15 min.
                (PART 2)                of popular subjects. Draws witches, bats, skulls, and other Halloween

   1071         LET'S DRAW: HATS        Demonstrates the many approaches and techniques for drawing a variety         E         15 min.
                                        of popular subjects. Draws different hats and faces.

   1070         LET'S DRAW: HORSES      Demonstrates the many approaches and techniques for drawing a variety         E         15 min.
                                        of popular subjects. Shows that drawing is simplified by sectioning the
                                        horse into parts.

   1094         LET'S DRAW: LIONS       Demonstrates the many approaches and techniques for drawing a variety         E         15 min.
                                        of popular subjects. Demonstrates slow paced sketch of lion's head.

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  Number                    Title                       Description                                                    Grade      Length Date
   1086         LET'S DRAW: OVALS         Demonstrates the many approaches and techniques for drawing a variety         E         15 min.
                                          of popular subjects. Suggests things that can be drawn using oval

   1078         LET'S DRAW: PEOPLE        Demonstrates the many approaches and techniques for drawing a variety         E         15 min.
                (PART 1)                  of popular subjects. Approaches figure drawing for older students.

   1067         LET'S DRAW: PEOPLE        Demonstrates the many approaches and techniques for drawing a variety         E         15 min.
                (PART 2)                  of popular subjects. Draws figures moving and playing.

   1069         LET'S DRAW: RABBITS       Demonstrates the many approaches and techniques for drawing a variety         E         15 min.
                                          of popular subjects. Draws small farm animals and a draw-along rabbit
                                          for Easter.

   1080         LET'S DRAW: SANTA CLAUS   Demonstrates the many approaches and techniques for drawing a variety         E         15 min.
                                          of popular subjects, such as Santa's face with body and costume.

   1089         LET'S DRAW: SHADOWS       Demonstrates the many approaches and techniques for drawing a variety         E         15 min.
                                          of popular subjects. Shows the effects of light to add dimension and

   1068         LET'S DRAW: SHAPES        Demonstrates the many approaches and techniques for drawing a variety         E         15 min.
                                          of popular subjects. Talks about surfaces, silhouette and outline,
                                          texture, light and shadow.

   1075         LET'S DRAW: SHAPES        Demonstrates the many approaches and techniques for drawing a variety         E         15 min.
                GEOMETRIC                 of popular subjects. Shows a demonstration lesson; not a draw-along.

   1074         LET'S DRAW: SHAPES, IN    Demonstrates the many approaches and techniques for drawing a variety         E         15 min.
                BUILDING                  of popular subjects. Draws a city skyline from geometric shapes.

   1079         LET'S DRAW: SMALL         Demonstrates the many approaches and techniques for drawing a variety         E         15 min.
                ANIMALS                   of popular subjects. Shows how to draw mice, puppies, squirrels and
                                          other small animals.

   1091         LET'S DRAW: SQUIGGLES     Demonstrates the many approaches and techniques for drawing a variety         E         15 min.
                                          of popular subjects. Demonstrates the infinite possibilities of marks and
                                          shapes. Not a draw-along.

   1065         LET'S DRAW:               Demonstrates the many approaches and techniques for drawing a variety         E         15 min.
                THANKSGIVING              of popular subjects. Shows Pilgrim and Indian scene draw-along.

   1090         LET'S DRAW: TREES         Demonstrates the many approaches and techniques for drawing a variety         E         15 min.
                                          of popular subjects. Draws trees with foliage.

   559          MOBILE, BY ALEXANDER      The first work of art placed in the National Gallery's East Building, this    E,M,H,A   24 min.           1982
                CALDER                    mobile is also the last major piece by one of America's great artists--
                                          Alexander Calder. Describes the challenges of creating this piece.

   560          MONET                     A leading figure in the impressionist movement, Claude Monet was one          E,M,H,A   4 min.            1982
                                          of the first painters to abandon traditional academic theories and
                                          practice in order to capture elusive effects of light and atmosphere.

   220          MUSIC - - COMPOSED        Demonstrates the skill and patience needed to work out creative ideas         E,M       30 min.           1977
                                          using all the elements in one's field. As a composer works on a piece
                                          of music, the audience hears musicians playing the changes he makes in
                                          both notation and instrumentation.

   1191         MUSIC EXPERIENCE: BACH    Presents Bach and an elementary study of the fugue and spans the years        E,M,H,A   15 min.
                IS BEAUTIFUL              from the clavichord to today's electronic synthesizer.

   1173         MUSIC EXPERIENCE:         Introduces Edvard Grieg: the man, his life and moods, and his music.          E,M,H,A   17 min.
                EDVARD GRIEG--THE MAN     Illustrates the great influence of Grieg's love of nature and devotion of
                AND HIS MUSIC             his country.

   1190         MUSIC EXPERIENCE:         Combines animation, photography and a variety of instruments to               E,M,H,A   17 min.
                GRAND CANYON SUITE        develop basic concepts in music education, using this famous piece.
                                          Shows the composer at work.

   1184         MUSIC EXPERIENCE:         Introduces the Brazilian composer Heitor Villa-Lobos and his work             E,M,H,A   13 min.
                LITTLE TRAIN OF CAIPIRA   using Afro-Brazilian percussion instruments. Villa-Lobos demonstrates
                                          their use in this popular musical story.

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  Number                    Title                     Description                                                 Grade      Length Date
   1175         MUSIC EXPERIENCE:       Recreates Ferde Grofe's Mississippi Suite. Covers basic musical            E,M,H,A   15 min.
                MISSISSIPPI SUITE       concepts, such as melody, harmony, rhythm, form, and a definition of
                                        the suite.

   221          MUSIC...CONDUCTED       Shows the conductor as the leader of a performing group of musicians.      E,M       30 min.           1977
                                        The conductor studies the musical score in order to translate the
                                        composer's intentions into actual sound. Shows the conductor using
                                        hand gestures which are universally understood to keep the orchestra

   222          MUSIC...IS              Shows that musical patterns evolve out of a particular culture and that    E,M       30 min.           1977
                                        each type of music represents a specific form of human expression.
                                        Explains the differences between noise and music, and explores why
                                        music exists and what is means.

   223          MUSIC...IS FORM         Shows the organization of patterns in music. Each composition has a        E,M       30 min.           1977
                                        form which may have one or more sections. Sections may or may not
                                        be repeated, and contrast is provided by changes in the rhythm, melody,
                                        harmony, tone color, and dynamics of the music.

   224          MUSIC...IS HARMONY      Shows what happens when two or more notes played together lose their       E,M       30 min.           1977
                                        separateness and produce a new sound. It demonstrates the differences
                                        between simple melody line and that same melody with harmonic

   225          MUSIC...IS MELODY       Introduces the idea that a series of tones form a pattern that become      E,M       30 min.           1977
                                        melodies. Shows how a single composition might have one or several
                                        melodic ideas constructed in various ways.

   226          MUSIC...IS TONE COLOR   Demonstrates that every instrument, including the human voice, has its  E,M          30 min.           1977
                                        own distinctive quality, characterized by texture, range, dynamics, and
                                        the way sound is produced. Shows how to differentiate between the tone
                                        colors of individual instruments and groups of instruments.

   227          MUSIC...RHYTHM          Explains the element of music most immediately felt, and therefore,        E,M       30 min.           1977
                                        recognizable to us. This program explains how strong beats and weak
                                        beats organize music.

   228          MUSIC...STYLE           Illustrates the combinations of musical elements which are                 E,M       30 min.           1977
                                        characteristic of a given culture, historical period, or individual.
                                        Focuses on the baroque, classical and romantic periods in music and
                                        concludes with a visit to the early part of our own century.

   6814         MY 20TH CENTURY-        A look at the Danville home where the playwright grew up. Some of his      E,M,H     7 min.            2000
                EUGENE O'NEILL          most famous plays were drawn from his experiences with family.
                                        Highlighted are "Long Days Journey Into Night", and "The Iceman

   6902         OLD MASTERS             In separate segments, examines the works of Rembrandt. Rubens, El          E,M,H     45 min.           1974
                AWARENESS SERIES        Grego, Fragonard, Goya, Blake, and Turner. Narration provides quotes
                                        from the artists and information about their backgrounds and

   4968         OVER THE MEADOW         This program looks at the old counting song for early learners with        E         12 min.           1968
                                        music and beautiful scenery.

   1006         PAPIER-MACHE            Describes the procedures for each step of the process in making papier-    E,M,H,A   14 min.
                                        mache, and the use of different objects to construct basic forms.

   6405         PERSPECTIVE DRAWING:    Making a drawing that conveys the visual effect of the third dimension     E,M,H     18 min.           1997
                GETTING THE BASICS      is a task that often baffles students.

   2127         PET ROCK VIDEO          FUN VIDEO--"A real rock video by a real rock star".                        E,M,H,A   10 min.           1985

   1343         PETER AND THE WOLF      A Walt Disney musical interpretation of Sergei Prokofiev's famous          P,E,M     14 min.           1985
                                        orchestral fable demonstrating the basic instruments of the symphony

   6402         PETROGLYPHS: DRAWING    Walking among the lava stones of an extinct volcano, students find         E,M,H     16 min.           1997
                ON STONE                drawings etched on almost every boulder! These are petroglyphs - art
                                        of the earliest Native Americans.

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  Number                    Title                        Description                                                    Grade      Length Date
   562          PICASSO: THE               His pictures of circus people are contrasted to live circus performances      E,M,H,A   30 min.           1982
                SALTIMBANQUES              in Paris.

   1005         PRINTS                     Presents a number of printmaking processes that may be carried out            E,M,H     15 min.
                                           with the use of simple, readily available materials. Opens up a wide
                                           range of possibilities for individual exploration and experimentation.

   6770         RAINBOW WAR                Three kingdoms, Blue, Red and Yellow, fight a colorful battle for             E,M,H     20 min.           1997
                                           supremacy, Paint buckets, brushes and rollers are the weapons in their
                                           splashy slapstick struggle.

   563          RUBENS                     Peter Paul Rubens, the great Flemish painter of the baroque period,           E,M,H,A   6 min.            1982
                                           produced a prodigious number of works, grand in scale and manner. As
                                           artist, scholar, teacher, and diplomat, Ruben's intellect and energy made
                                           him a towering figure in seventeenth-century Europe.

   2091         SING-A-LONG SONGS          Treats the viewer to a fun filled sing-a-long of magical Disney tunes:        P,E       26 min.           1986
                                           Zip-Dee-Doo-Dah, It's a Small World, The Unbirthday Song, Bibbidi-
                                           Bobbidi-Boo, and many more.

   2686         THE BIG A #1: TELLING A    States that recognizing important historical and personal events in our       P,E,M     15 min.           1988
                STORY IN ART               lives leads to visual stories in art.

   2695         THE BIG A #10: DIFFERENT   Explores new subjects, themes, media and ways of working.                     P,E,M     15 min.           1988
                WAYS OF SEEING

   2687         THE BIG A #2: GETTING      Shows how to generate and record ideas for art work.                          P,E,M     15 min.           1988

   2688         THE BIG A #3:              Shows how to combine, refine and convert ideas into art and                   P,E,M     15 min.           1988
                TRANSFORMING IDEAS         sculpture.

   2690         THE BIG A #5: PROBLEM      Shows how you can produce art forms through team work.                        P,E,M     15 min.           1988

   2691         THE BIG A #6: ELEMENTS     Discovers the expressive qualities of line, color, texture, shape and         P,E,M     15 min.           1988
                OF DESIGN                  space to create unity and variety in a work of art.

   2692         THE BIG A #7:              Looks at organizing line, color, texture, shape and space to create unity     P,E,M     15 min.           1988
                COMPOSITION                and variety in a work of art.

   2693         THE BIG A #8: WHAT'S IT    Describes visual qualities and interpreting the meanings of works of art      P,E,M     15 min.           1988
                MEAN?                      in a museum collection.

   2694         THE BIG A #9: IS IT ANY    Explains learning to make judgements about art.                               P,E,M     15 min.           1988

   565          THE NATIONAL GALLERY       Illustrates highlights of the East Building's conception and construction     E,M,H,A   13 min.           1982
                BUILDS                     of the National Gallery of Art beginning with the challenge initially
                                           faced by architect I. M. Pei.

   6326         TIME CAPTURED IN           This program looks at the artists that have influenced Monterey from          E,M,H     28 min.           1991
                PAINTING: THE MONTEREY     around the world.

   940          TO HONOR ART               Demonstrates how art is the most natural and complete way of                  E,M,H,A   10 min.
                                           expressing experience that humans have yet discovered. Discusses the
                                           implications of recent research that illustrates "to honor art is to honor

   2781         TREASURES FROM THE         Shows the artisans of restoration working on a vintage airplane, a            E,M,H,A   59 min.           1987
                PAST                       carousel, a tall ship, a Duesenberg car, and Leningrad's tsarist

   4857         TRYIN' TO GET HOME         Describes the positive impact of black musicians on the music of this         E,M,H     51 min            1993
                                           century. With extensive use of of visual aids such as the clothes and
                                           settings of the periods, the narrator creates an atmophere of the times.
                                           The black contributions become real to the viewer.

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  Number                    Title                       Description                                                    Grade    Length Date
   1944         VIDEO LETTERS: LIVING    Shows traditional dance,Kubuki theatre, the tea ceremony, flower               E       60 min.           1986
                ARTS--CULTURE IN         arrangements, games, hobbies and recreation.
                MODERN KYOTO/FRIENDS

   1004         WEAVING                  Presents a wide variety of weaving methods after demonstrating the             E,M,H   14 min.
                                         basic principle of interlocking fibers.

   3827         WHAT IS A MUSEUM FOR,    Introduces elementary students to the National Gallery of Art and to the       E       46 min.           1988
                ANYWAY?                  pleasure of visiting a museum. Gives a behind-the-scenes look at
                                         museum activities and listens to the comments of a group of young

   6404         YOUNG ILLUSTRATOR        Mary Jane Begin shows how she creates a picture book and the jewel-            E,M,H   26 min.           1997
                CREATES A PICTURE BOOK   like illustrations that bring the pages to life.

Career/Vocational Guidance
   4497         AMERICAN SUCCESS         Highlights the reasons for Debbi Fields' business success, and how the         E,M,H   15 min.           1989
                STORIES: MRS. FIELDS     events of her past contributed to her positive self concept, enthusiasm
                                         for her work, and the ability to set and reach goals.

   6061         ARCHITECTURE PROG. 2:    A look at the community around us reveals the variety of homes and             E,M     30 min.
                HOME                     environments that we live in.

   6063         ARCHITECTURE PROG. 4:    This program looks at the work of architects and how they make the             E,M     30 min.
                MADE TO FIT              items that surround us "fit" us.

   6062         ARCHITECTURE PROG. 5:    How do you get the most building out of the least amount of materials?         E,M     30 min.
                LIGHT, BUT STRONG        One way is to choose items that are light but strong.

   6065         ARCHITECTURE PROG. 3:    This program looks at a cathedral and how it is made.                          E,M     30 min.
                STACK IT UP

   4462         BEGINNINGS: YOU WON'T    Treats the misinformation problem of the AIDS epidemic. Shows that             P,E,M   14 min.           1990
                GET AIDS                 AIDS is normally very hard to get; also that people with AIDS need
                                         help, compassion and friendship. Uses animation and music as well as

   1654         BOOKBIRD #4: THE         Presents a clever story that shows toothpaste production and sales is big      E       15 min.           1986
                TOOTHPASTE MILLIONAIRE   business.

   3794         CAREERS IN MATH AND      Presents young men and women discussing a variety of interesting               E,M     19 min.           1988
                SCIENCE: A DIFFERENT     careers that require math and science skills. Helps teachers answer the
                VIEW                     often-asked question, "Why do I need to study this?"

   6642         CRIME PREVENTION: IT'S   McGruff the Crime Dog gives youngsters a lesson on his favorite                E       12 min            1999
                ELEMENTARY               subject. Object lessons include incidents common to kids' daily
                                         experiences. The program strongly makes the point that there is
                                         something kids can do to prevent crime.

   2397         CRIME PREVENTION: IT'S   Presents McGruff, the Crime prevention mascot giving object lessons            P,E     12 min.           1987
                ELEMENTARY               and incidents to children's daily experiences. Children learn what they
                                         can do to prevent crime.

   3506         DONALD'S FIRE SURVIVAL   Donald Duck and his nephew outlive the most up-to-date techniques for          P,E,M   12 min.           1988
                PLAN (REV.)              preventing or surviving a home fire. Stresses the need for prevention
                                         and the "Stop, Drop and Roll" technique (Known as EDITH--Exit Drills
                                         in the Home.)

   2390         FARMING                  Takes students to the farms and ranches where common foods are                 P,E     16 min.           1987
                                         produced. Students learn about vegetables, fruits and meats.

   4238         FARMS IN THE FALL        Fall is the season of color as the leaves turn red and gold. It is also the    P,E     9 min.            1976
                                         season to harvest many food crops and store them for winter use.

   4239         FARMS IN THE SPRING      Spring comes slowly but dramatically as winter snows quietly melt. A           P,E     10 min.           1976
                                         class of children prepare the soil and plant some seeds.

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  Number                    Title                       Description                                                      Grade      Length Date
   6585         GOING TO SCHOOL IS        As Mrs. Johnson's kindergarten class is taken on a tour of their school,        P,E       15 min.           1997
                YOUR JOB - 4TH ED.        young viewers meet the many important people who work there-
                                          principal, nurse, gym teacher, librarian and custodian.

   3686         KNOW YOUR LIBRARY         Presents three youngsters, with the aid of a helpful librarian, as they         E,M,H     13 min.           1988
                (3RD ED.)                 make use of the many services of their library.

   6490         LOTS OF KIDS LIKE US      Two children are caught up in the trauma and confusion of having an             E         30 min.           1993
                                          alcoholic parent. This sensitive dramatization stresses healthy ways to
                                          deal with their feelings of guilt and unhappiness. "One of the few films
                                          available that presents such clear information for children on this

   4359         LYING                     Eddie returns from Florida and tells the gang he wrestled alligators. The       E         13 min.           1989
                                          kids try and end up covered with mud.

   6435         ORANGES: FROM FARM TO     Where does orange juice come from? Viewers learn how oranges grow               P,E,M     14 min.           1994
                TABLE                     from blossoms that appear on an orange tree, are harvested by farmers
                                          and sent to packing plants as fresh fruit.

   234          OUR FRIEND THE            A veterinarian does more than take care of a pet's broken bone or hurt          P,E       30 min.           1975
                VETERINARIAN              paw. He cleans teeth--even on horses and cows--he is truly a doctor,
                                          surgeon and humane person.

   6383         PART I - SO YOU WANT TO   So You Want to Be? (A Series of Three) examines the benefits as well            E,M,H     15 min.           1990
                BE? JUDGE                 as the challenges that professionals face daily.

   5038         POLICE OFFICER            Children will enjoy this story of a small dog's view of the helpful police      E         16 min.
                                          officer in his town.

   2792         PORTRAIT OF A COAL        Follows West Virginia miners into a mine and their family life outside          P,E,M,H   15 min.           1986
                MINER                     the mines.

   2793         PORTRAIT OF A             Follows a Massachusetts fisherman managing his fishing business and             P,E,M,H   15 min.           1986
                FISHERMAN                 visiting his son's school and football game.

   2806         PORTRAIT OF A             Shows the process used to turn scrap metal, iron into steel. Visits a           P,E,M,H   15 min.           1986
                STEELWORKER               steelworker's family and friends.

   4765         POWER OF NO: THE          Encourages children of alcoholic parents to tap their inner strength to         E,M       23 min.           1989
                WIZARD RETURNS            resist the crutch of alcohol in their own life.

   3545         REACHING OUT: A STORY     Shows the difficulties and rewards of mainstreaming seen through the            P,E       13 min.           1988
                ABOUT MAINSTREAMING       eyes of a handicapped young girl, who is severely deaf with limited
                                          speech capabilities and cerebral palsy who has experienced both.

   2998         SPEECH GUIDELINES         Presents a how-to for writing and delivering speeches.                          E,M,H,A   17 min.           1987

   6487         SUMMER ON THE FARM        Takes viewers from plowing and planting to harvest and storage of               P,E       30 min.           1994
                PART I                    different crops. Shows the work of farmers and the machinery used to
                                          produce our food. Shows time exposures of wheat and corn fields
                                          growing and explains different types of farming methods used.

   6488         SUMMER ON THE FARM        Addresses the animal aspect of farming, with emphasis on the                    P,E       30 min.           1994
                PART II                   development of a calf to a milk cow. Other animals such as pigs,
                                          chickens, ducks, sheep and horses are shown as the whole family does

   3622         TAKING RESPONSIBILITY     In this animated program, a prehistoric child discovers constructive            P,E       11 min            1988
                SERIES: STANDING UP FOR   verbal and non-verbal responses to put-downs, physical aggression and
                YOURSELF                  inappropriate touching. Reminds young viewers that sometimes it is
                                          important to get help from adults.

   3476         THE FIRE STATION          Mickey visits a fire station and its inhabitants to learn about fire trucks,    P,E       12 min.           1988
                                          equipment and the every day life of a firefighter.

   3477         THE HOSPITAL              At the hospital, Mickey and viewer learn about the teamwork demanded            P,E       12 min.           1988
                                          by health professionals and the services they provide. Aims to reduce
                                          the fear of being in a hospital.

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  Number                    Title                       Description                                                     Grade      Length Date
   3478         THE POLICE STATION        Mickey meets a police officer and learns about his daily duties, his           P,E       12 min.        1988
                                          uniform, police cars and the many aspects of the community services
                                          police officers provide.

   3461         TRULY EXCEPTIONAL         Dan Haley has lost 80% of his vision and he will eventually be totally         E,M,H     11 min.        1988
                PEOPLE: DAN HALEY         blind, yet he leads an active life and demonstrates the individual human
                                          potential that is in all of us.

   3318         VEGETABLE SOUP #48--      Real People: Nigel--Art and Poetry                                             E         15 min.        1988

   6600         WHEN IT'S IMPORTANT TO    It is important for children to learn no matter how others may intimidate      E         12 min.        1997
                TELL                      them with powerful words, there are situations when it's important to
                                          tell no matter how difficult it might be. Video reinforces the child's self
                                          confidence to know when it is important to tell.

   1135         WORKING: FOOD SERVICES    Shows the rewards and frustrations of feeding the public. Illustrates jobs     E,M,H,A   22 min.
                                          of a chef, restaurant manager, baker, and meat wrapper.

   4106         YOUR TOWN: THE FIRE       Visits a community fire station to show some of the many ways in               E,M       13 min.        1990
                STATION                   which fire fighters and paramedics help people-from fighting a blazing
                                          fire to aiding an injured or sick person; also shows how fire fighters
                                          help prevent fires by teaching about fire safety.

   4105         YOUR TOWN: THE            Visits the children's ward of a big city hospital and follows an accident      P,E       13 min.        1990
                HOSPITAL                  victim who is flown by helicopter to the trauma center; introduces some
                                          of the tools used by the medical staff and shows how doctors and nurses
                                          care for patients' physical and emotional well-being.

   4107         YOUR TOWN: THE POLICE     Shows some of the many services provided by police officers-from               E,M       15 min.        1990
                STATION                   patrolling a neighborhood to issuing a ticket to a speeding motorist to
                                          serving as crossing guards at local schools; discusses the dangers and
                                          rewards of police work and the ways police help keep the community

Child Development
   4878         COME SEE WHAT THE         This video features an enactment of a routine medical exam in which a          E,M       25 min.        1994
                DOCTOR SEES               nine year old gets answers to all of her questions.

   5055         DIFFERENT AND THE         Audrey's classmates decide that she can't play Cinderella because she          E         15 min.        1997
                SAME: CINDERELLA AND      doesn't "look" the part.

   5061         DIFFERENT AND THE         One child looks on another with disfavor because she wasn't born in the        E         15 min.        1997
                SAME: I'M AN AMERICAN,    United States.

   5056         DIFFERENT AND THE         A look at the life of a Spanish speaker in an English environment.             E         15 min.        1997
                SAME: LONG DISTANCE

   5057         DIFFERENT AND THE         Children forming a baseball team shut out one child because of his             E         15 min.        1997
                SAME: PLAY BALL           "looks."

   5060         DIFFERENT AND THE         A look at one child's point of view with regards to the trappings of his       E         15 min.        1997
                SAME: PROUD TO BE ME      culture and the views of those around him.

   5054         DIFFERENT AND THE         A child's view of older children making fun of his name.                       E         15 min.        1997
                SAME: STICKS AND STONES

   5058         DIFFERENT AND THE         Children forming a club exclude a potential member because they don't          E         15 min.        1997
                SAME: THE CLUB            think she is "cool."

   5059         DIFFERENT AND THE         A look at one child's reaction to friendships inside and outside of his        E         15 min.        1997
                SAME: TUG OF WAR          culture.

   5062         DIFFERENT AND THE         A child's view of hate mail and its effect on her life.                        E         15 min.        1997
                SAME: WORDS ON THE

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  Number                    Title                        Description                                                  Grade      Length Date
   2231         EYES ON THE PRIZE #2--     Follows the struggle for equality from the schoolroom to the courtroom      E,M,H,A   60 min.        1986
                FIGHTING BACK (1957-62)    as blacks reject the existing system of "separate but equal" education.
                                           The Supreme Court rejects the system in its historic Brown vs. Board of
                                           Education decision.

   2233         EYES ON THE PRIZE #4--NO   Explores a crucial phase of the civil rights movement-the emergence of      E,M,H,A   60 min.        1986
                EASY WALK (1962-66)        mass demonstrations and marches as a powerful protest vehicle.

   6276         HOW TO CONDUCT             Youngsters are taught to respect school property and look at the            E         14 min.        1990
                YOURSELF AT SCHOOL         outcome of careless behavior.

   6307         PAPER WINGS                A young girl and an older woman share their mutual love of things that      E         13 min.        1985
                                           fly and in so doing, develop a friendship.

   4641         RAMONA                     Views the relationship between Ramona and her sister and how the            P,E       30 min.        1987
                                           death of their pet cat brings them closer together.

   4639         RAMONA--RAMONA THE         Treats the subject of handling embarrassment. Romona gets sick in front     P,E       30 min.        1987
                PATIENT                    of her classmates and then worries about facing them when she

   4643         RAMONA--SIBLINGITIS        Studies the emotions Ramona has when her mother is going to have a          P,E       30 min.        1987
                                           new baby and how her parents handle the situation.

   4637         RAMONA--SQUEAKER FOOT      Ramona wears her new squeaky shoes to class becoming the center of          P,E       30 min.        1987
                                           the wrong kind of attention.

   4642         RAMONA--THE PERFECT        Portrays a "perfect day" for Ramona when Romana saves the wedding           P,E       30 min.        1987
                DAY                        day preparations of her aunt.

   4638         ROMONA--MYSTERY MEAL       Romona and her sister complain about dinner and are made to cook.           P,E       30 min.        1987
                                           Who will clean up the mess in the kitchen?

   4636         ROMONA--NEW PAJAMAS        Illustrates the situation caused when Romona's older sister makes fun of    P,E       30 min.        1987
                                           Romona for wearing her favorite pajamas under her clothes to school.

   4640         ROMONA--RAINY SUNDAY       Traces the events of a rainy Sunday when Ramona and her family are          P,E       30 min.        1987
                                           disappointed because they are unable to go on an outing. An unusual
                                           stranger demonstrates that often clouds have silver linings.

   4634         ROMONA--RAMONA'S BAD       Depicts Romona's Bad Day in which everything seems to go wrong.             P,E       30 min.        1987
                DAY                        Romona realizes that even good people have bad days. Shows that
                                           perseverance and patience will eventually help.

   4635         ROMONA--THE GREAT          Depicts Romona's big sister, Beezus, desire to have her hair styled like    P,E       30 min.        1987
                HAIR ARGUMENT              the other girls in her class. The disastrous results points to the
                                           importance of decision making in the "growing up" process.

   4459         THE TENTH GOOD THING       Provides a story illustrating death and sadness, and how it is a natural    P,E       13 min.        1989
                ABOUT BARNEY               part of life. Shows that feeling and expressing sadness are okay.

   6311         TO TELL THE TRUTH          A warm and moving story of a young girl who tells lies and how these        E         14 min.        1986
                                           affect her and others.

   6314         WONDERS IN YOUR OWN        The viewer sees that life flourishes in a common garden.                    E         11 min.        1992

   6648         COCAINE TO CRACK:          A look at drug use today and the effects that it has on the lives of the    E,M,H     23 min.           94
                GINA'S STORY               users.

   3180         CRACK: THE BIG LIE         Based on actual case studies, this film discloses the alarming              E,M,H     22 min.        1987
                                           availability and severe addictiveness of crack.

   6277         DRUGS, ALCOHOL, AND        This program looks at the reasons to "just say no."                         E,M       14 min.        1990
                YOUR BODY

   2988         FRONTLINE: STOPPING        Examines the life of a drug addict. Focuses on the struggle to kick a       E,M,H,A   60 min.        1987
                DRUGS                      drug habit and how effective drug treatment programs are.

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  Number                    Title                      Description                                                     Grade      Length Date
   3555         JUST SAY NO              This inventive mixture of candid interviews, animation and street rap          P,E       30 min.           1988
                                         narration brings to focus the strong message of the National "Just Say
                                         No" Movement, and makes the point that the best way to get out of
                                         trouble from drugs, tobacco or alcohol is never to get into it.

   6586         LOTS OF KIDS LIKE US -   A true classic updated for today's youth. This is the story of Ben and his E             28 min.           1997
                2ND ED.                  sister trying to cope with their father's alcoholism with help from a new

   3191         PRIVATE VICTORIES        Series of four dramatic stories that illustrate the private victories young    E,M,H,A   120 min.          1988
                                         people can achieve when they care enough about themselves to reject

   6379         RIDING HIGH              Living cleanly and working hard are the messages in this convincing            E,M       14 min.           1996
                                         and humorous video that features skateboarders, in-line skaters and
                                         stunt bikers performing at the top levels because they have chosen to
                                         lead drug-free lives.

   6486         STAND UP FOR             Real-life situations and a peer workshop group dramatize proven ways           E,M,H     16 min.           1997
                YOURSELF! PEER           young people can say no to street drugs, cigarettes and alcohol. Useful
                PRESSURE AND DRUGS       techniques provide social skills young people need to say no and still
                                         keep their friends.

   3557         THE WIZARD OF NO         This award-winning story about a young boy who confronts peer                  P,E       18 min.           1988
                                         pressure to smoke and learns the power of saying "no" reinforces the
                                         importance of self-esteem, understanding media techniques and
                                         resisting negative peer pressure.

   3222         WHERE'S SHELLEY?         A thought-provoking film for children 9 to 11 years old. Focuses on            E,M       14 min.           1987
                                         making a choice about using or not using alcohol and other drugs.

   4049         WHY SAY NO TO DRUGS?     Gives the students the information and inspiration that will help them         E,M       16 min.           1986
                                         say NO to ruining their lives.

   6625         HILLSDALE PROJECT                                                                                       E,M,H     16 min.              95

   1170         HOW TO OPERATE YOUR      Describes and shows how to connect a VCR to a television receiver,             E,M,H,A   20 min.           1985
                VIDEO CASSETTE           how to operate a VCR and the basic functions of a VCR.

   6380         RESOURCE-BASED           Demonstrates how teachers and media specialists work together using            E,M,H     28 min.           1996
                LEARNING                 Big Six strategies. Helps teachers combine traditional and new
                                         electronic resources in education.

   1420         THE CALL OF OUTDOORS     Explains to young people what environmental education and outdoor              E,M,H     9 min.            1986
                LEARNING                 camps are.

   1590         UP IN ARMS               Shows students from the AFS (American Field Service) International             E,M,H,A   58 min.           1986
                                         Student Exchange Program who discuss the prospects of the nuclear
                                         arms race.

   4773         VICTOR                   Depicts the story of Victor who feels like a loser because he's torn   E,M,H             21 min.           1989
                                         between two often contraditory worlds--home and school. Finally Victor
                                         finds a way to resolve the conflict.

   1943         VIDEO LETTERS: OUR       Pictures the fun and games and rigorous academic schedule of school            E         60 min.           1986
                SCHOOL/SEASONS AND       life in Japan. Explores the seasons and the festivities surrounding them
                FESTIVITIES              in Japanese life.

   6626         WRITING WAGON                                                                                           E,M,H     7 min.               98

Family Life

Wednesday, March 31, 2004                                                                                                                  Page 20 of 152
  Number                    Title                       Description                                                     Grade    Length Date
   6566         ABSTINENCE..IT'S THE      When it comes to sexual activity, nothing "just happens." Today's teens        E,M     23 min.        1997
                RIGHT CHOICE              are constantly bombarded by the topic of sex. This video's intriguing
                                          format intertwines street interviews with footage of a group of curious
                                          teens learning refusal techniques and alternatives to engaging in sexual
                                          activity from an older sister and her boyfriend.

   6755         AFRICAN STORY JOURNE:     Spirited storyteller Diane Ferlatte weaves a mix of music and folklore in      E,M,H   23 min.        1992
                THE AMERICAN SOUTH        these stories from the oral history of the slave-owning South which tell
                                          of triumph over adversity and deep faith in a better time to come.

   6720         CHEATING YOURSELF         Cheating can be a difficult and confusing issue for young people. This         E,M     25 min.        1999
                (PARTS 1 & 2)             program aims at helping students recognize and understand different
                                          forms of cheating in schools and provides alternative responses and
                                          behaviors for students who feel pressured to cheat for grades or

   6173         COURTESY? WHO ME?         This program demonstrates to the early learner how the behavior of             P,E     13 min.        1996
                                          others can impact the lives of those around them.

   6198         EVERYONE HELPS IN A       This video shows the life that starts on the farm, moves into town and         E,M,H   17 min.        1996
                COMMUNITY (SECOND         then into a city as we become a global society.

   6189         FAMILIES                  This program defines family roles and how they influence our lives.            P,E     10 min.        1996

   1756         GETTIN' TO KNOW ME: THE   Tells how Lavonne and Kwame encounter people who use their various E,M                 30 min.        1986
                BIG MOVE                  forms of folklore to help the children understand and feel comfortable in
                                          their new town.

   1757         GETTIN' TO KNOW ME: THE   Tells how preparing for Momma Violet's birthday gives the Jackson              E,M     30 min.        1986
                BIRTHDAY PARTY            family an opportunity to research family lore and to continue family

   1759         GETTIN' TO KNOW ME: THE   Illustrates how Lavonne learns how her own family history and                  E,M     30 min.        1986
                LESSON                    traditions can help her in making decisions about role models and the
                                          influence of friends.

   1758         GETTIN' TO KNOW ME: THE   Portrays how the family takes in a fifteen year old runaway and shows          E,M     30 min.        1986
                RUNAWAY                   how traditions help promote group identity and family solidarity.

   1760         GETTIN' TO KNOW ME: THE   Shows that while on a camping trip, the family uses folklore for               E,M     30 min.        1986
                WISH                      different purposes--to teach, to entertain, to pass on history, and to help
                                          with problems.

   6207         GIRL TO WOMAN             Describes the development of a girl into a woman and many of the steps         E,M     23 min.        1997
                                          in that process.

   2293         HAPPY TO BE ME            Provides an objective view of young people's attitudes toward gender, or E,M,H,A       25 min.        1986
                                          male-female roles. Candid interviews.

   3044         HOW DO I FEEL? HOW DO     Explains that being aware of and feeling comfortable with many kinds           P,E     13 min.        1988
                YOU FEEL?                 of feelings can help develop an appreciation and understanding of
                                          ourselves and others.

   6948         I LOVE SATURDAYS Y        Her paternal grandparents are of European decent; her maternal                 E,M,H   18 min.           02
                DOMINGOS                  grandparents are Mexican-American. This lucky little girl enjoys the
                                          company and love of both sets of grandparents each of whom provides a
                                          link to her cultural heritage.

   1884         INSIDE/OUT: BUT...NAMES   Examines how prejudice affects all involved. THIS VIDEO                        E       15 min.        1986
                                          PREVIEW BEFORE SHOWING.

   3212         IT ONLY TAKES ONCE**      Designed to teach teens and preteens about responsible sexual choices.         E,M,H   30 min.        1988
                                          Visits a family planning clinic and discusses methods of birth control.

   6945         LEARNING FOR LIFE         Find out what it is like to grow up with a learning disability- to wrestle     E,M,H   25 min.        2000
                                          with feelings of frustration and inadequacy before finding the path to

Wednesday, March 31, 2004                                                                                                              Page 21 of 152
  Number                    Title                     Description                                                    Grade      Length Date
   3473         LIVING WITH CHANGE      When student actors dramatize for Elmer that even the telephone and           E         10 min.           1988
                                        the automobile originally met with skepticism, he realizes that change
                                        can mean advances and benefits for society and he decides to prepare
                                        for the future rather than fearing it.

   4879         MAKE A WISH, MOLLY      Molly, a young Russian Jewish girl, is constantly being teased for her        P,E,M,H   30 min.           1995
                                        ethnic mannerisms.

   6574         MALE AND FEMALE:        Stereotypes from the media, society and even peer groups send                 E,M,H     20 min.           1997
                STEREOTYPING HURTS      unrealistic and damaging messages about being male and female.

   6283         MCGRUFF ON VANDALISM    This program looks at vandalism and how it hurts everyone.                    E         16 min.           1990

   3303         MOVING RIGHT ALONG:     When told that her parents are getting a divorce, Maggie experiences          E         30 min.           1988
                STOP THE WORLD,         anger, rejection, fear, hatred and guilt as she struggles with the news.
                MAGGIE WANTS TO GET

   3177         ONE FINE DAY            A visual celebration of the American woman from 18th century to the           E,M,H,A   6 min.            1988
                                        present--a montage to Kay Weaver's anthem "One Fine Day."

   2807         PLAYING FOR KEEPS       Follow a teenager dealing with taking risks, ordering priorities and          E,M,H,A   26 min.           1984
                                        making adjustments to life's changing demands.

   6761         SOLVING CONFLICTS       This program presents scenarios and solutions for problems in a school        E         18 min.           1996

   6552         THAT'S WHAT FRIENDS     Friends can act as a safety net when we occasionally slip and fall. They      E,M,H     15 min.           1993
                ARE FOR                 also can expose us to new and exciting things. The importance of
                                        friendship will be shown.

   187          THE FAMILY CHOOSES A    Every child wants a pet and every adult at least considers this a             P,E       30 min.           1975
                PET                     delightful subject. The film discusses why one kind of pet fits your
                                        needs better than another.

   6495         THE GIFT                Unable to buy Christmas gifts, a boy discovers the greatest gift of all:      E,M,H     16 min.           1985
                                        the giving of his time to others.

   4856         THEN ONE YEAR           Discusses the primary and secondary changes at adolescence in boys            E,M       25min             1992
                                        and girls. It is suggested that teachers preview this video before sharing
                                        it with your classes.

   6949         UNDER THE LEMON MOON    A young girl in the Mexican countryside adopts a sick lemon tree and          E,M,H     18 min.           2002
                                        over night the tree produces large, beautiful lemons.

   3311         VEGETABLE SOUP #41--    A Lua-Recipe: Lo Mein                                                         E         15 min.           1988
                WHAT IS A FAMILY?

   4830         YOU'R IN THE PICTURE:   Describes Victor and Maria a young teenage couple who marry and               E,M,H     15 min.           1991
                STORIES OF TEEN DADS    have a child.

Foreign Language
   6370         (WHY MOSQUITOES BUZZ    A tall tale sets off a chain of mishaps through the jungle grapevine -        P,E       10 min.           1997
                IN PEOPLE'S EARS)       from Mosquito to Iguana to Python to Rabbit to Owl - in this traditional
                (SPANISH)               story from Africa.

   4755         ALL THE ANIMALS         Presents a vivid description of how the world is filled with animals.         P,E       7 min.            1980
                (BILINGUAL)             Describes many farm yard animals and pets.

   6751         AMAZING GRACE           Even though her classmates discourage Grace from trying out for Peter         E,M       9 min.            1998
                (SPANISH)               Pan in the school play because she is black and a girl, Grace wins the
                                        part and proves that she can be anything she wants to be. Lovely music
                                        complements this very special story.

   6350         AMAZING GRACE           Even though her classmates discourage Grace from trying out for Peter         P,E       9 min.            1997
                (SPANISH)               Pan in the school play because she is black and a girl, Grace wins the
                                        part and proves that she can be anything she wants to be.

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  Number                    Title                        Description                                                   Grade      Length Date
   4752         ANHELOS--WISHES            Demonstrates that wishing is not enough we must work to realize our          P,E       7 min.            1980
                (BILINGUAL)                dreams and wishes.

   4751         ANYTHING YOU WANT TO       Illustrates the idea that you can be anything you want if you work hard      P,E       7 min.            1980
                BE (ENGLISH)               enough. Depicts children examining many different professions.

   4747         BEING PART OF A FAMILY     Depicts in animated cartoon form the responsibilities of being part of a     P,E       7 min.            1980
                (ENGLISH)                  family.

   4748         CON QUE TIENES UNA         Shows in animated cartoon form how the children deal with their              P,E       7 min.            1980
                PROBLEMA? (BILINGUAL)      problems and what the problems are.

   4601         DIEZ TEMAS                 In looking at both the city and the countryside, this program encourages     E,M,H     15 min.           1989
                                           the language skill of making comparisons.

   4596         DIEZ TEMAS: DEPORTES       Shows teenagers playing various sports, and follows a female cycling         E,M,H     15 min.           1989
                                           team through the countryside around Salamanca.

   4592         DIEZ TEMAS:                The series' teenagers extend greetings, describe themselves, and             E,M,H     15 min.           1989
                INFORMACION PERSONAL       introduce their school friends.

   4593         DIEZ TEMAS: LA FAMILIA     Shows teenagers at home; enables them to describe their rooms and            E,M,H     15 min.           1989
                                           introduce their families.

   4594         DIEZ TEMAS: LA VIDA        Presents a routine day in the lives of the teenagers. Begins with English    E,M,H     15 min.           1989
                DIARIA                     in the classroom and ends with basketball on the playground. Discusses
                                           likes and dislikes.

   4599         DIEZ TEMAS: LAS            Antonio takes you on a tour of Salamanca, and some of his peers talk         E,M,H     15 min.           1989
                VACACIONES                 about where they like to go on vacation--and where they went last

   4595         DIEZ TEMAS: TIEMPO         Shows teenagers dating, skateboarding, shooting billiards, and playing       E,M,H     15 min.           1989
                LIBRE                      "pala vasca" in their free hours. Stresses expressing time, among other

   4600         DIEZ TEMAS:                "Feliz Cumpleanos!" Discuses extending birthday wishes and making            E,M,H     15 min.           1989
                UNCUMPLEANOS               polite conversation at a birthday party.

   6756         DOCTOR DE SOTO             Dr. De Soto is a mouse who is also a dentist - with a sign posted outside    P,E       12 min.           1992
                (SPANISH - (EL DOCTOR DE   Doctor De Soto's office warning cats and other animals dangerous to
                SOTO)                      mice they are unwelcome patients.

   4753         EVERYTHING IS CHANGING     Shows in cartoon form that "everything" is always in a state of change       P,E       7 min.            1980
                                           including feelings as well as appearances.

   4750         EVERYTHING YOU DO          Follows the theme that each of us can do something well, and we should       P,E       7 min.            1980
                (ENGLISH)                  share what we do.

   4754         FIESTA (BILINGUAL)         Animated cartoon with music features all of the preparation for the          P,E       8 min.            1980
                                           children to plan a surprise fiesta; also deals with concepts of time.

   4738         FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL        Depicts through animation children's fears and apprehensions about the       P,E       8 min.            1980
                (SPANISH)                  first day of school.

   2508         FRENCH COMMERCIALS         Brings contemporary French culture alive for students.                       E,M,H,A   25 min.           1986

   6355         HERE COMES THE CAT         A peaceful settlement of mice is threatened by the ominous shadow of a       P,E       11 min.           1998
                (SPANISH)                  big cat.

   6344         HOT HIPPO (SPANISH)        Hippo promises not to eat little fishes in exchange for being allowed to     P,E       5 min.            1997
                                           live in the cool water instead of on dry land.

   4742         HOW DO WE LOOK?            Depicts through animation the similarities of people.                        P,E       8 min.            1980

   4745         IT DEPENDS ON YOU          Follows the theme, that each of us sees things differently, so lets          P,E       7 min.            1980
                INTERPRETATION (SOME       explain before we argue.

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  Number                    Title                        Description                                                    Grade      Length Date
   6531         IT'S ABOUT FOOD! EATING   Includes a supermarket tour and demonstrates making smoothies with             E,M,H     30 min.           1998
                FOR A HEALTHY HEART       fruits and milk or yogurt.

   6532         IT'S ABOUT FOOD!          Lively 5 a-day -fruits and vegetable message with Power of the Pyramid         E,M,H     30 min.           1998
                NUTRITION FOR CHILDREN    (Food Guide Pyramid) and telenovella on good nutrition to prevent
                                          anemia. Demonstrates making smoothies with fruits, milk or yogurt.

   6536         IT'S ABOUT FOOD!          Repeats message of Power of the (Food Guide) Pyramid. Real high                E,M,H     30 min.           1998
                NUTRITION FOR CHILDREN    school kids demonstrate/discuss improved sports and academic
                AND ADOLESCENTS           performance using the Food Guide Pyramid in High Five for a Healthy

   6534         IT'S ABOUT FOOD!          Telenovella shows family response and adjustment to dad's heart                E,M,H     30 min.           1998
                NUTRITION FOR THE         attack.
                HEALTH OF YOUR HEART

   6346         JOEY RUNS AWAY            Joey looks for another home when he doesn't feel like cleaning up his          P,E       8 min.            1997
                (SPANISH)                 messy room.

   2003         LES ADVENTURES DE M.      Shows amusing stories about M. Carre and his family in cartoon-like            E,M,H,A   26 min.           1986
                CARRE (SERIES)            animation.

   4739         LOS MAESTROS (THE         Shows that the teachers are like everyone else in that they shop, have         P,E       7 min.            1980
                TEACHERS)                 families, etc.

   6372         MAKE WAY FOR              In this timeless tale of family life, Mr. and Mrs. Mallard find the perfect    P,E       12 min.           1997
                DUCKLINGS (SPANISH)       spot to raise their young in Boston's Public Garden.

   6361         MAX'S CHRISTMAS           Irrepressible Max wants to stay up late on Christmas so he can see             P,E       6 min.            1997
                (SPANISH)                 Santa Claus.

   2510         MEXICAN SPORTS            Highlights 10 different sporting events complete with Mexican                  E,M,H,A   30 min.           1986
                (SPANISH VERSION)         announcer. Everything from bullfights to a bicycle race.

   4937         MEXICO: THE HERITAGE      This program looks at the history of Mexico and the factors that have          E,M       21 min.           1994
                (SPANISH)                 created the Mexico of today.

   4756         MI BARRIO: MY             Depicts an animated story of how the neighborhood bands get together           P,E       7 min.            1980
                NEIGHBORHOOD (SPANISH)    to help Uncle Pepe keep his business going.

   6374         MIKE MULLIGAN AND HIS     Big diesel machines threaten to put Mike Mulligan and his faithful old         P,E       11 min.           1997
                STEAM SHOVEL (SPANISH)    steam shovel, Mary Anne, out of business until Mike agrees to tackle a
                                          big job.

   6398         MOON MAN (SPANISH)        Rocketing down on a shooting star, Moon Man finds that life on earth           P,E       6 min.            1998
                                          isn't everything he thought it would be.

   4746         MY GRANDFATHER            Depicts the sensitive story of a grandfather and a youth in Mexico.            P,E       9 min.            1980

   4740         OTHER PEOPLE AT           Illustrates the roles of adults other than the teachers.                       P,E       7 min.            1980
                SCHOOL (ENGLISH)

   4741         OUR CLASS (ENGLISH &      Depicts through animation how children work together to keep their             P,E       7 min.            1980
                SPANISH)                  class neat and clean.

   6367         ROSIE'S WALK (SPANISH)    Against the strains of a catchy barnyard tune, a single-minded fox stalks      P,E       4 min.            1997
                                          an unsuspecting hen.

   3949         TELEFRANCIS #13           Ginette advertises a coursethon for charity and the children gather            E,M       10 min.           1989

   3950         TELEFRANCIS #14           The 20-kilometer coursethon is more tiring than anticipated.                   E,M       10 min.           1989

   3956         TELEFRANCIS #20           Review: Sophie arrives for a visit; Ananas and Jacques play guessing           E,M       10 min.           1989

   3958         TELEFRANCIS #22           Ananas discovers a new comet, but has difficulty getting credit for it.        E,M       10 min.           1989

   3959         TELEFRANCIS #23           Catherine's new hat is stolen by a mysterious stranger.                        E,M       10 min.           1989

Wednesday, March 31, 2004                                                                                                                   Page 24 of 152
  Number                    Title                         Description                                                     Grade   Length Date
   3960         TELEFRANCIS #24             The mysterious stranger gives the children four wishes.                        E,M    10 min.           1989

   6342         THE CATERPILLAR AND         Two new friends discover on their own that spring is the time to turn          P,E    8 min.            1997
                THE POLLIWOG ( SPANISH)     into "something else."

   6364         THE DAY JIMMY'S BOA         A young girl tells her mother about her class trip to a farm, revealing a      P,E    6 min.            1997
                ATE THE WASH (SPANISH)      humorous chain of events.

   4743         THE FIVE SENSES             Introduces the association of all five senses to view the world. Cartoon       P,E    7 min.            1980
                (ENGLISH)                   and motion pecture.

   6397         THE HAT (SPANISH)           In a lively and imaginative romp, a top hat with a mind of its own,            P,E    6 min.            1997
                                            changes a penniless man's life.

   6368         THE MOST WONDERFUL          A wise king must choose a princess from among three clucking hens              P,E    6 min.            1997
                EGG IN THE WORLD            when each one thinks she is the prettiest.

   6360         THE SNOWMAN                 This is the classic story of what happens when a boy's snowman comes           P,E    28 min.           1997
                                            to life. An exquisite orchestral score.

   6363         THE SNOWY DAY               A small boy's enchantment with a city's snowfall has him making snow           P,E    6 min.            1997
                (SPANISH)                   angels and snowballs, sliding down snow mountains - and looking
                                            forward to going outside again tomorrow.

   6366         THE THREE ROBBERS           A little girl named Tiffany sets three robbers straight, turning their gold    P,E    8 min.            1997
                (SPANISH)                   to good.

   6703         TOP! EN ESPANOL Program 5   Subject areas covered are numbers, weather, months, food, family               E,M    20 min.           1999
                                            members, clothes and topics of personal interest to the contestants.

   6702         TOP! EN ESPANOL Programs    Students gain the opportunity to hear Spanish spoken by several                E,M    40 min.           1999
                3&4                         different people. All activities - most of which are played against the
                                            clock - are designed to introduce and reinforce vocabulary and sentence
                                            structure through reading, listening and the motivation to speak.

   4749         UN VIAJE A MEXICO           Illustrates on film a trip to a large city in Mexico. Compares Mexico          P,E    9 min.            1980
                (SPANISH, SOME ENGLISH)     with the United States.

   4744         UNPLEASANT FEELINGS         Illustrates that there are many things we want, but we can't always have       P,E    7 min.            1980
                (ENGLISH & SPANISH)         them. The children learn how to handle these emotions.

   6371         WHERE THE WILD THINGS       Max is the hero of this beloved children's classic in which he makes           P,E    11 min.           1997
                ARE (SPANISH)               mischief, sails away, tames the wild things and returns home for

   6632         "WHAT'S A HYGIENE?"         Milt, Chloe, Rachel, Jimmy & CF, members of a band, decide to fulfill          E      18 min.           1998
                                            a health assignment by writing a song! In the course of this lively and
                                            entertaining video, they research their topics, compose a lively and
                                            entertaining video, then compose words and music for "Tuning Up My
                                            Body Clock."

   1107         3-2-1 CONTACT AIDS--I       Depicts Ryan White, a young man with hemophilia and AIDS. Tells of             E,M    25 min.           1989
                HAVE AIDS--RYAN WHITE       his rejection by one community and his acceptance by another.

   4252         A IS FOR AIDS               Using animation and 3 young children, this video explains what the             E      15 min.           1989
                                            immune system is and how the AIDS virus harms the immune

   3522         ADVICE ON LICE              Teaches students about symptoms, transmission, treatment and                   P,E    13 min.           1988
                                            prevention of head lice by speaking up so the problem can be solved.

   1473         AIDS PREVENTION:            Gives students more information about HIV, the virus that causes AIDS,         E      12 min.           1989
                CHOICE NOT A CHANCE         and to teach them how to protect themselves and others from

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  Number                    Title                       Description                                                      Grade      Length Date
   2543         AIDS: ANSWERS FOR         Presents the latest information about AIDS in a manner that makes plain         E,M,H     19 min.           1987
                YOUNG PEOPLE**            the danger of AIDS while relieving unnecessary fears.

   6258         AIDS: FACTS FOR KIDS      This live action video presents the facts kids need to protect themselves       E,M,H     9 min.
                                          from AIDS.

   6778         AIDS: WHAT EVERY KID      Describes AIDS, how it is transmitted, and how it is not.                       E,M       15 min            1987
                SHOULD KNOW

   3772         AIR POLLUTION: A FIRST    Shows the results of air pollution and suggests methods for controlling         P,E       12 min            1988
                FILM (REV.)               it.

   51037        BEGINNING THE JOURNEY     Regarding health education issues.                                              E         30 min.           1992

   6460         BEGINNINGS: YOU WON'T     Combining colorful animation, live action and song, and following the           E,M       14 min.           1990
                GET AIDS                  Surgeon General's guidelines, this program allays fears, dispels common
                                          misconceptions, and answers children's questions about how AIDS is
                                          spread. Children will learn to take responsibility for their own health
                                          and to open their hearts to those with AIDS.

   6905         BEYOND INJECTIONS         This Video Covers: The results of the Diabetes Control and                      E,M,H,A   33 min.           2002
                LIVING WITH THE           Complications Trial (DCCT) An explanation of MiniMed pump
                MINIMED 507               therapy Common Concerns about going on the pump Lifestyle benefits
                                          such as freedom & flexibility. Examples of how to wear & program the
                                          507 MiniMed's commitment safety and the future of diabetes treatment.

   2538         BOYS FOR BABIES           Follows a classroom of boys as they help babies through the learning            E,M,H     17 min.           1984
                                          process of dressing, and eating as they find out that "the babies don't
                                          always do what you want them to do."

   6141         BREAK THE SILENCE: KIDS   This program is a follow-up to "Scared Silent: Exploring and Ending             E,M       29 min.           1994
                AGAINST CHILD ABUSE       Child Abuse," and looks at the issues through the eyes of children who
                                          have lived through the problem.

   6906         BREATHING EASY:           What is Asthma? What causes it? How is it treated? Using your peak              E,M,H,A   15 min.           1996
                GETTING THE MOST FROM     flow meter. Using your metered dose inhaler.
                YOUR ASTHMA MED

   4498         BULLY UP: FIGHTING        Dramatizes fighting as an immature way to settle an argument, and that          P,E       14 min.           1989
                FEELINGS                  even name-calling can cause more harm than intended. Shows that
                                          standing up to bullies and reporting them is the responsible thing to

   4891         CARING FOR YOUR           This program looks at good health practices and what happens when we            E         11 min.           1994
                HEALTH                    go to the doctor's office.

   1993         CHILDREN'S LITERATURE     Provides opportunities for hearing-impaired children to experience              P,E,M,H   15 min.           1986
                TO SEE AND HEAR           outstanding children's literature with artistic illustration, using a method
                                          that provides vivid sensory and mental stimulation and enhances
                                          emotional maturing.

   6633         CLEAN KIDS                The Clean Kids are here to see that everyone stays neat, clean and              P,E       15 min.           1998
                                          healthy! They use their battery of surveillance equipment to monitor
                                          their friends in the neighborhood and to make sure that they wash their
                                          hands at the right times, that they bathe or shower regularly, and that
                                          they take care of their teeth.

   4499         CPR: TO SAVE A LIFE       Demonstrates the sequence of steps to save a life. Each year millions           E,M,H,A   13 min.           1989
                                          suffer heart attacks, and thousands more stop breathing due to
                                          accidents. Many victims who have died might have been saved by

   311          DIFFERENT...BUT THE       Shows handicapped individuals coping with disabilities in a positive            E,M,H     13 min.           1986
                SAME: OVERVIEW OF         manner, dealing with curiosity - especially that of children, setting and
                DISABILITIES              accomplishing goals, and becoming independent adults.

   4863         DON'T TOUCH               This video demonstrates to children the use of care when dealing with           E,M,H     46 min.           1986
                                          adults and abuse issues.

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  Number                    Title                       Description                                                      Grade      Length Date
   3071         DR. COOPER AND HIS        Investigates the negative effects of ALCOHOL.                                   P,E,M,H   10 min.           1988
                FRIENDS: ALCOHOL--THE
                INSIDE STORY

   3069         DR. COOPER AND HIS        Series features puppets, Dr. Cooper (a scientist) and his lab assistants,       P,E,M,H   10 min.           1988
                FRIENDS: KEEP OFF THE     Martha the mouse and Melvin the dog. Together they investigate the
                GRASS                     negative effects of MARIJUANA.

   3070         DR. COOPER AND HIS        Investigates the negative effects of ALCOHOL.                                   P,E,M,H   10 min.           1988
                FRIENDS: NEVER LISTEN
                TO A BOTTLE

   3072         DR. COOPER AND HIS        Investigates the negative effects of INHALANTS, PAINT THINNER                   P,E,M,H   10 min.           1988
                FRIENDS: NOTHING TO       AND GLUE.
                SNIFF AT

   50147        EAR                       Detailed model of the human ear. Budget giant ear model has three               E,M,H     Ear Mod           2002
                                          dissectible parts and forty labeled structures.

   2002         EATING DISORDERS: THE     Describes the various disorders and gives concrete advice on how to             E,M,H     20 min.           1986
                SLENDER TRAP              avoid the afflictions, how to notice preliminary signs of problems in
                                          oneself and others and how to halt them once they've begun. Examines
                                          why people fall prey to these diseases and the role the victim's family

   6328         EIGHT STRATEGIES TO       A look at the safeguards that we can use to prevent the spread of               E         28 min.           1997
                PREVENT THE SPREAD OF     infection.

   2049         EXPECTATIONS: A STORY     Follows the stories of two children who are each trying to cope with            E,M       22 min.           1986
                ABOUT STRESS              pressures from family situations. Their stories intertwine in a hard-
                                          hitting conclusion. The open-ended story is designed to encourage
                                          discussion about what causes stress, physical symptoms, and methods of
                                          dealing with stress.

   50146        EYE MODEL                 Budget Whopper Eye Model has Seven Dissectible Parts, Top of eye                E,M,H     Eye Mod           2001
                                          (not shown), Vitreous body, Bottom of eye model,Lens,Iris and

   1185         EYES                      An introduction to how the eye works and how the human eye differs              E,M,H     14 min.
                                          from eyes of animals, fish, and insects. Provides the experience of
                                          seeing the world through the eyes of different creatures.

   6464         EYES: BRIGHT AND SAFE     Explains to children about eyes, their various parts and the functions of       P,E       15 min.           1994
                                          each. Rhymes help show how to protect your eyes, what to do in case of
                                          an injury, proper lighting for reading and getting enough food and rest.

   6187         FAST FOOD! WHAT'S IN IT   This program provides a realistic look at the impact "fast food" has on         E,M,H     16 min.           1996
                FOR YOU?                  the bodies of young consumers.

   1263         FIRST AID FOR CHILDREN    Shows primary-grade children how to take care of themselves in a                P,E       11 min.           1977
                                          minor emergency until a responsible adult arrives.

   6425         FITNESS FOR GOOD          In this program, viewers join the young heroine, Jackie, as she accepts         E,M       10 min.           1994
                HEALTH                    her teacher's exciting fitness challenge: to become her own fitness

   6572         FIVE A DAY FOR BETTER     This plan present a diet developed by the U.S. Department of                    E,M,H     13 min.           1996
                NUTRITION                 Agriculture.

   6188         FOOD AND GROWTH (2ND      This program describes the process of digestion.                                E,M,H     11 min.           1996

   3432         FOOD: FROM FARM TO        Shows the path that food takes as it moves from farmlands to the dinner         P,E       13 min.           1988
                CITY                      table. The production and uses of milk products and grain are presented
                                          to show the massive efforts made to feed our country.

   613          FRIENDS                   Stresses that social support networks, i.e.... friendships, are as important    E,M,H,A   9 min.            1981
                                          as other personal lifestyle behaviors in promoting better mental and
                                          physical health. Research is given recognizing the importance of
                                          personal relationships on well-being. Life situations are presented.

Wednesday, March 31, 2004                                                                                                                    Page 27 of 152
  Number                    Title                     Description                                                    Grade      Length Date
   6526         GERM FIGHTING WITH      Harv and Marv learn from Dr. Webster that germs are one of microbe,           P,E       14 min.           1995
                HARV AND MARV           how germs get into our bodies, and how our bodies defend against them
                                        as well as the related importance of practicing good health habits.

   6716         GOODBODIES: PROGRAMS    (1) Invaders - Learn about harmful germs and how to stay protected. (2)       P,E       45 min.           1999
                1, 2, 3                 Yum - Celebrate good food and learn how to eat properly by using the
                INVADERS; YUM, SOAP     food pyramid as a guide. (3) Soap - Get the scoop on cleanliness,
                                        discover the variety of different soaps and learn how they work to

   6717         GOODBODIES: PROGRAMS    (4) Smile - Gain understanding of the value of good dental hygiene. (5)       P,E       45 min.           1999
                4, 5, 6                 Help - Find out where to turn in different emergency situations. (6)
                SMILE; HELP; MOVE       Move - Celebrate all kinds of body movements. Discover why you can
                                        never sit "completely still."

   6718         GOODBODIES: PROGRAMS    (7) Up - Learn how your bones and muscles form the inner framework            P,E       30 min.           1999
                7, 8                    of your body. (8) Feelings - Explore feelings from many angles -
                UP; FEELINGS            through mask making, drumming and body language.

   6719         GOODBODIES: PROGRAMS    (9) Senses (Look/Hear) - Explore the five main senses: sight, hearing,        P,E       30 min.           1999
                9, 10                   smell, taste and tough, and learn how "different ones allow different
                SENSES; SAFE            parts of the world in." (10) Safe - Learn that injuries will happen to
                                        everyone from time to time, but many can be prevented with proper
                                        safety practices.

   51011        GOOFY OVER DENTAL       Teaches young children the need for consistent dental care and uses           E         14 min.           1990
                HEALTH                  Goofy to demonstrate good dental care.

   51012        GOOFY'S HYGIENE GAME    Goofy guides two skeptical children through a board game on hygiene           E         11 min.           1990
                                        through the use of the children's television.

   6254         GROWING UP! FOR BOYS    This program provides the basics of male human anatomy.                       E,M,H     15 min.

   6255         GROWING UP! FOR GIRLS   This program looks at the female body and how its many parts                  E,M,H     15 min.

   51026        GUIDE DOGS FOR THE      Describes how guide dogs are raised and trained to work with their            E,M,H     18 min.           1990
                BLIND                   blind partners.

   4932         HAVE A HEALTHY BABY:    This program looks at parents-to-be and emphasizes the needs of the           E,M       23 min.           1994
                PREGNANCY               mother; her health and the baby's.

   4123         HEALTH: BODY AND MIND   Explores the role of proper diet, regular exercise and emotional stability    E,M,H     19 min.           1982
                SERIES: HEALTH: THE     in achieving and maintaining good health. Also helps young people
                INSIDE STORY            understand that they don't have to develop at the same rate and in the
                                        same ways as their friends to be normal.

   4454         HEALTH: EAR             Explains to children that germs live in dirt, carry disease, and can be       P,E       9 min.            1982
                                        washed away as part of one's personal cleanliness habits.

   1260         HEALTH: YOUR SENSES     Emphasizes to children that their senses protect them and they must           P,E       8 min.            1984
                AND THEIR CARE          take good care of them.

   6251         HEALTHY TEETH           This video promotes good oral hygiene habits.                                 E,M       11 min.

   4476         HOW DOES THE HUMAN      Explains the vital process of how digestion separates the nutrients from      E,M       7 min.            1990
                BODY USE FOOD?          food. Describes the kind of foods we need to live. Provides activities to
                                        help students understand the subject of digestion. Explains the four food

   2122         HUGH MCCABE: THE        Documents Coach McCabe's thoughts, emotions and physical condition            E,M,H,A   18 min.           1987
                COACH'S FINAL LESSON    as cancer, caused by smoking, progresses through the last year of his
                                        life. A single parent who uses his condition as his final lesson, to show
                                        students and adults the results of smoking.

   3516         I'M NO FOOL AS A        Teaches the "safety first" approach to crossing the street with this          P,E       15 min.           1988
                PEDESTRIAN (NEW ED.)    update classic featuring Gepetto and Pinocchio on a lesson-laden trip to
                                        the park.

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  Number                    Title                        Description                                                    Grade   Length Date
   791          INSIDE STORY OF SLIM       Shows what can be done to keep healthy and ready to enjoy life.               E      15 min.
                GOODBODY: DOWN,            Features a giant set of teeth and a re-enactment of pioneer Doctor
                DOWN, DOWN                 William Beaumont's observations of digestion. Teaching manual is
                                           available for this program. Consult the ITV Science Resource Guide.

   861          INSIDE STORY OF SLIM       Shows what can be done to keep healthy and ready to enjoy life.               E      15 min.
                GOODBODY: LITTLE           Explores the electrical and chemical partnership between the brain and
                GIANTS                     the endocrine system. Teaching manual is available for this program.
                                           Consult the ITV Science Resource Guide.

   790          INSIDE STORY WITH SLIM     Shows what can be done to keep healthy and ready to enjoy life. Shows         E      15 min.
                GOODBODY: BREATH OF        how breathing works by using giant models of the diaphragm and
                LIFE                       lungs. Shows respiration and circulation at work together. Teaching
                                           manual is available for this program. Consult the ITV Science
                                           Resource Guide.

   789          INSIDE STORY WITH SLIM     Shows what can be done to keep healthy and ready to enjoy life. Takes         E      15 min.
                GOODBODY: LUBBA            a tour of the circulatory system. Features the slow and fast heartbeats in
                DUBBA                      animals and children. Teaching manual is available for this program.
                                           Consult the ITV Science Resource Guide.

   615          INSIDE STORY WITH SLIM     Explains how the immune system fights and overcomes most diseases             E      15 min.        1988
                GOODBODY: PROTECTION       which attack the body, and how AIDS attacks and defeats the immune
                AGAINST INFECTIONS--       system. Tells what does and does not cause AIDS.

   794          INSIDE STORY WITH SLIM     Shows what can be done to keep healthy and ready to enjoy life. Uses          E      15 min.
                GOODBODY:                  models to show how the eye, ear, nose, mouth, and skin work with the
                SENSATIONAL FIVE           brain to keep us in touch with the world. Teaching manual is available
                                           for this program. Consult the ITV Science Resource Guide.

   793          INSIDE STORY WITH SLIM     Shows what can be done to keep healthy to enjoy life. Illustrates the         E      15 min.
                GOODBODY: SMART PARTS      major brain regions and how impulses flash through the nervous
                                           system. Teaching manual is available for this program. Consult the
                                           ITV Science Resource Guide.

   792          INSIDE STORY WITH SLIM     Shows what can be done to keep healthy and ready to enjoy life. Shows         E      15 min.
                GOODBODY: TEAM THAT        different types of bones, joints, and muscles. Teaching manual is
                HUSTLES                    available for this program. Consult the ITV Science Resource Guide.

   1907         INSIDE/OUT: A SENSE OF     States that all of our senses heighten our joy.                               E      15 min.        1986

   1878         INSIDE/OUT: BECAUSE IT'S   Demonstrates that winning isn't everything.                                   E      15 min.        1986

   1891         INSIDE/OUT: BREAKUP        Explores how divorce can arouse children's confusion and fears. THIS          E      15 min.        1986
                                           VIDEO CONTAINS SENSITIVE MATERIAL AND TEACHERS
                                           SHOULD PREVIEW BEFORE SHOWING.

   1893         INSIDE/OUT: BROTHERS       Shows how sibling rivalry can upset the whole family.                         E      15 min.        1986
                AND SISTERS

   1898         INSIDE/OUT: BULLY          Illustrates how coping with a bully takes skill.                              E      15 min.        1986

   1899         INSIDE/OUT: BUT THEY       Illustrates how humiliation and failure happen to everyone.                   E      15 min.        1986
                MIGHT LAUGH

   1887         INSIDE/OUT: BUY AND BUY    Demonstrates that it's hard to resist pressures to buy.                       E      15 min.        1986

   1890         INSIDE/OUT: CAN DO--       Demonstrates that it's not easy to accept our abilities and limitations.      E      15 min.        1986
                CAN'T DO

   1888         INSIDE/OUT: CAN I HELP?    Explores how really helping people can be different.                          E      15 min.        1986

   1901         INSIDE/OUT: DONNA          Illustrates how learning to accept oneself brings dignity.                    E      15 min.        1986

   1895         INSIDE/OUT: GETTING        Examines how revenge may arise from rejection.                                E      15 min.        1986

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  Number                    Title                       Description                                              Grade      Length Date
   1885         INSIDE/OUT: HOME SWEET    Examines how mistreatment may be real or imagined.                        E       15 min.        1986

   1879         INSIDE/OUT: HOW DO YOU    Demonstrates how people show their feelings in different ways.            E       15 min.        1986

   1905         INSIDE/OUT: I DARE YOU    Examines how personal beliefs and group pressure can clash.               E       15 min.        1986

   1896         INSIDE/OUT: I WANT TO     Illustrates how children may want to do more than adults permit.          E       15 min.        1986

   1904         INSIDE/OUT: IN MY         Examines how death brings out many feelings. THIS VIDEO                   E       15 min.        1986
                                          PREVIEW BEFORE SHOWING.

   1886         INSIDE/OUT: JEFF'S        Examines how being alone isn't always bad.                                E       15 min.        1986

   1883         INSIDE/OUT: JUST JOKING   Examines jokes that can get out of hand.                                  E       15 min.        1986

   1903         INSIDE/OUT: JUST ONE      Examines how we all must be committed to a sane environment.              E       15 min.        1986

   1889         INSIDE/OUT: LIVING WITH   Examines how emotions arise even if we are loved or not loved.            E       15 min.        1986

   1900         INSIDE/OUT: LOST IS A     States how new situations can be threatening.                             E       15 min.        1986

   1892         INSIDE/OUT: LOVE, SUSAN   Illustrates how even loving parents and children can misunderstand each   E       15 min.        1986

   1881         INSIDE/OUT: MUST I--MAY   Explains how freedom and responsibility do not come easily.               E       15 min.        1986

   1894         INSIDE/OUT: SOMEONE       Explores how crushes on adults are a normal part of growth. THIS          E       15 min.        1986
                                          SHOULD PREVIEW BEFORE SHOWING.

   1880         INSIDE/OUT: STRONG        Illustrates how strong emotions affect our bodies.                        E       15 min.        1986

   1882         INSIDE/OUT: TRAVELIN'     Illustrates how moving to a new home produces mixed feelings.             E       15 min.        1986

   1897         INSIDE/OUT: WHEN IS       Examines how asking for help is not easy.                                 E       15 min.        1986

   1906         INSIDE/OUT: YES, I CAN    Demonstrates how independent actions produce self esteem.                 E       15 min.        1986

   1902         INSIDE/OUT: YOU BELONG    Stresses how we are entwined with all parts of the environment.           E       15 min.        1986

   6539         IT'S ABOUT FOOD!          Real teens proclaim benefits of eating breakfast, drinking milk instead   E,M,H   30 min.        1998
                ADOLESCENTS AND TEEN      of soda, having fruit and veggie snacks. Cartoon encourages 1% or skim
                NUTRITION                 milk instead of whole. Doctor shows "fatty blood" and removal of
                                          atherosclerosis in open heart surgery (teens love it!). Healthy
                                          adaptations of fast food meals are offered.

   6541         IT'S ABOUT FOOD!          Breastfeeding women discussing joys and barriers to breastfeeding.        E,M,H   30 min.        1998
                BREASTFEEDING FOR         Lactation counselors coaching new breastfeeding moms step-by-step in
                STAFF TRAINING &          hospital.
                PATIENT ED.

   6545         IT'S ABOUT FOOD! CHILD    Cartoon promotes breakfast, muppet-style monkey encourages healthy        P,E     30 min.        1998
                NUTRITION I.              snacks, encourages skim milk or 1% but stresses whole milk for
                                          children under age 2. Encourages parents to get involved with school
                                          breakfast/lunch. Real high school kids discuss improved sports and
                                          academic performance using the Food Guide Pyramid in High Five for a
                                          Healthy You.

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  Number                    Title                       Description                                                     Grade      Length Date
   6540         IT'S ABOUT FOOD!          Prevention of dental problems, feeding toddlers, food safety with bottles      E,M,H     30 min.        1998
                INFANTS AND TODDLERS      and outside the home. Song: "Come on be a Five-a-Day-Kid" promotes
                                          fruits and veggies to wide-eyed preschoolers.

   6543         IT'S ABOUT FOOD!          Segments instruct kids and adults in the choice and preparation of foods, E,M,H          120 min.       1998
                NUTRITION FOR THE         instruct parents in appropriate feeding practices for kids and encourage
                FAMILY                    viewers to make healthy food and life style choices.

   1454         JASPER'S HOSPITAL VISIT   Teaches about hospitals, feelings, and how to ask questions. Children          P,E,M     20 min.
                                          will be able to identify with the puppet, Jasper, who goes to the hospital
                                          to get his tonsils out.

   51038        JUST LIKE YOU             This video discusses health issues.                                            E         28 min.        1992

   4838         JUST LIKE YOU AND ME      Introduces four young individuals who currently have Epilepsy, shows           E,M,H     21:30 mi       1990
                                          their seizures, explains the impact of the disorder on their lives and how
                                          their families, friends and schools assist them in leading normal lives.

   6598         KIDS NEXT DOOR            The 5 children in Kids Next Door all have hopes and dreams for the             E,M,H     17 min.        1997
                                          future; they also are all infected with the HIV virus. These children are
                                          between 9 and 13 years old, ethnically diverse and live in a variety of
                                          family situations.

   1261         LICE: ARE NOT NICE        Explains what lice are, how they are transported, the symptoms, and            P,E,M,H   11 min.        1984
                                          how to get rid of them.

   6186         LOOK BEFORE YOU EAT       This program looks at the relationship between what we eat and our             E,M,H     22 min.        1996

   216          LOOK INSIDE YOURSELF      "4431"...a magic clue...why breakfast?...digestion. The Mulligan's rock        E         30 min.        1974
                                          music and songs beat out why "ya gotta eat breakfast." A high school
                                          girl is no longer "uptight" and gets lots of dates, while her brother again
                                          becomes a star athlete after being revived.

   2530         LOOKING GOOD              Focuses on adolescents and adults with special development needs.              E,M,H,A   19 min.        1986
                                          Examines the importance of personal grooming habits such as bathing,
                                          brushing hair.

   4885         MCGRUFF ON DANGEROUS      McGruff and his nephew Scruff are concerned about the disappearance        P,E           15 min.        1994
                STRANGERS                 of a neighborhood child. In this video, they discuss what a "stranger" is,
                                          and review practical ways children can stay safe.

   1474         MCGRUFF'S DRUG ABUSE      The kit includes "No Show Video; audio cassette, "Smart Kids;" and             P,E       22 min.        1989
                PREVENTION KIT            other written materials. The video is partially animated, discusses the
                                          "just say no" theme, and shows options to taking drugs.

   51010        MICKEY MOUSE: SAFETY      In an entertaining courtroom dream, Mickey demonstrates the proper             P,E       16 min.        1990
                BELT EXPERT               way to wear a safety belt and a variety of people are shown buckling
                                          up, such as fire fighters and astronauts. A lively original song
                                          encourages students to buckle up.

   51009        MICKEY'S SAFETY CLUB:     Fourteen-year-old Jack phones his friend, Jeff to describe "the weirdest       E         16 min.        1990
                WHAT TO DO AT HOME        day" of his life. Jack was babysitting his sister when they were whisked
                                          to Mickey Mouse's safety clubhouse.

   51017        MIRROR, MIRROR            Describes the story of a ten-year-old boy and his plight with his peer         E         16 min.        1990
                                          group for acceptance and the contribution of an innovative teacher to
                                          change his self-esteem. We see josh go from an unappreciated person
                                          to his recog- nition that he can change his world..

   2529         NEAT IN THE STREET        Focuses on adolescents and adults with special education needs.                E,M,H,A   18 min.        1986
                                          Encourages attention to appearance of clothes.

   3475         PHYSICAL FITNESS          Explains how being physically fit improves the quality of studying,            E         13 min.        1988
                                          working and playing in the areas of cardio-respiratory endurance,
                                          flexibility, muscle strength and endurance and body composition.

   6417         ROAD WE TAKE: KIDS        Helps children understand what AIDS is and how it is transmitted.              E,M,H     20 min.        1997
                GROWING UP IN THE
                SHADOW OF AIDS

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  Number                    Title                      Description                                                  Grade      Length Date
   4862         SAVING A GENERATION,     Program 1: Overcoming obstacles. Teachers in four communities               E,M,H     56 min.          1990
                PROGRAMS 1 & 2           demonstrate their success. Program 2: Techniques that work. Effective
                                         strategies for teaching HIV prevention in grades 4-12.

   50144        SKELETON                 Detailed model of the human skeleton. 34'' tall                             E,M,H,A   Model            2001

   3542         SMOKELESS TOBACCO:       Presents the real dangers of smokeless tobacco based on the true story      E,M,H     16 min.          1988
                THE SEAN MARSEE STORY    of Sean Marsee, a high school track star and habitual user of snuff, who
                                         died of oral cancer at 19. Interviews a mouth and throat specialist who
                                         describes stages and symptoms of oral cancer and Johnnie Johnson,
                                         L.A. Ram defensive player, who talks about the addictive quality of

   51016        SONGS FOR US:            This entertaining live-action music video program for young children is     P,E       10 min.          1990
                APPRECIATING             comprised of three original songs. Each song teaches children to value
                DIFFERENCES              people of different ages, races, sexes, sizes, etc.

   51020        SOOPER PUPPY (SELF-      The most important ingredient of self-esteem is liking yourself. Being      E         19 min.          1990
                ESTEEM)                  your "own best friend" allows you to feel special and helps you say "no"
                                         to things that would make you feel bad.

   4892         SOOPER PUPPY: DRINK,     This program looks at refusal skills and how children can acquire them.     E         15 min.          1994
                DRANK, DRUNK             Also a candid look at those individuals that would encourage children to
                                         drink and how to avoid their influences.

   51021        SOOPER PUPPY: ONCE       Describes the Sooper Puppy and his friends as they explore the              E,M       20 min.          1990
                UPON A FEELING           spectrum of human feelings, identifying them and their effects on the
                                         lives of children.

   51022        SOOPER PUPPY: WORDS      Describes to children the importance of self-esteem, understanding          E,M       19 min.          1990
                CAN HURT                 emotions, controlling "hurtful" anger and respecting the feelings of
                                         other people.

   2014         SPECIAL CARE: INSIDE A   Shows the behind-the-scenes at one of America's most prominent              P,E       18 min.          1986
                CHILDREN'S HOSPITAL      children's hospitals. Children are made aware of all facets of hospital
                                         care and how it could affect them personally.

   4763         STANDARD FIRST AID       Demonstrates first aid techniques in: mouth to mouth breathing,             E,M,H,A   117 min.         1990
                                         pressure points, tourniquets, bandages, splints for broken bones,
                                         emergency rescue, and emergency carriers.

   6259         SUN SENSE                The sun can pose a real threat to those who don't practice sun sense.       E,M,H     10 min.

   50059        TEACHING THE ABC'S OF    Transparencies on the health effects of smoking.                            E,M,H,A                    1995

   50140        TEETH                    Giant Dental Care Model of human Teeth and touthbrush                       P,E,M,H   Model            2001

   51013        TEETH ARE FOR CHEWING    Demonstrates the different types of teeth, from human, to the animals.      P,E       14 min.          1990
                                         Discusses the different purposes each is designed and used for.

   6214         THE CLEAN CLUB           This program looks at basic skin care and the removal of germs.             P,E       15 min.          1996

   3007         THE CURRENT CRISIS IN    Features C. Everett Koop, M.D., the Surgeon General of the United           E,M,H,A   20 min.          1987
                AIDS**                   States, who explains key parts of the history and facts of AIDS.

   1171         THE FACTS OF LICE        This film helps dispel anxieties and myths about head lice, and includes    E,M,H,A   14 min.
                                         the step by step control and treatment of head lice infestations.

   1940         THE HUMAN MACHINE        Portrays the greatest machine of all, the human machine. Explores the       E,M,H,A   15 min.          1986
                                         skeletal system, coordination of muscular and skeletal systems,
                                         digestive and assimilation system, and the nervous system.

   6629         THE IMMUNE SYSTEM:       This program explains certain malfunctions to the immune system,            E,M       10 min.          1998
                OUR INTERNAL DEFENDER    including allergic responses and auto-immune disorders, and the
                                         concept of rejection.

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  Number                    Title                       Description                                                      Grade      Length Date
   51014        THE JAMIE FORT STORY (A   Jamie Fort is a typical, happy 10 year old until a fire breaks out in her       E         31 min.           1990
                PROGRAM ABOUT SELF-       bedroom and she is very badly burned. Jamie's mother takes her to the
                ESTEEM)                   Galveston Shriners Burn Institute in Texas. The story details her
                                          adjustments both physically and mentaly to her peer group when she
                                          returns to school.

   51019        THE POWER OF NO: THE      The Power of No: The Wizard Returns speaks directly to young                    E         23 min.           1990
                WIZARD RETURNS            viewers. It offers practical advice about alcohol, relationships with
                                          alcoholic family members, and emphasizes the importance of self

   6679         THE SKELETON              Uses animated drawings to illustrate the composition, growth,                   E,M,H     17 min.           1998
                                          movement and function of the human skeleton. Explains the importance
                                          of proper food and posture in correct bone development.

   6428         THE SNEEZE: HOW GERMS     This engaging computer-animated demonstration of how germs are                  P,E,M     3 min.            1994
                AS SPREAD                 spread will make hand washing an unforgettable necessity in the mind
                                          of viewers.

   51007        THE WONDERS OF LIFE:      Animated Captain Cortex presents the animated bones and muscles of              E         13 min.           1990
                THE BONES AND MUSCLES     bashful sixth grader at his first dance.
                GET RHYTHM

   51008        THE WONDERS OF LIFE;      Captain Cortx A introduces the animated heart, lungs and circulatory            E         11 min.           1990
                THE HEART AND LUNGS       system of sixth grader Jessica, who wishes to join a boys baseball
                PLAY BALL                 team.

   51018        THINK IT THROUGH WITH     Positive self-image and getting along with others are some of the skills        E,M       15 min.           1990
                WINNIE THE POOH, ONE      promoted in this charming adventure. The viewer learns with Winnie
                AND ONLY YOU              the Pooh to value yourself, the importance of communication in
                                          developing interpersonal skills and respecting the feelings of others.

   51001        THIS IS YOU: THE HUMAN    In the magical World of Books, where anything can happen, Pinocchio             P,E       9 min.            1990
                ANIMAL                    is peering into Cleo's fish bowl. Suddenly, he decides that it would be
                                          great fun to be a fish like Cleo or some other animal..a turtle, a bird or a
                                          even a lion.

   5100         THIS IS YOU: THE LIVING   In the Living Machine, Pinocchio, now a live boy, is in the library             P,E       14 min.           1990
                MACHINE                   surrounded by books. His thirst for knowledge is unquenchable and his
                                          mission is to learn how things work.

   51005        THIS IS YOU: YOU AND      Students in a library doing research on hearing receive their answers           E         13 min.           1990
                YOUR EARS                 from an animate Jiminy Cricket.

   51006        THIS IS YOU: YOU AND      Students researching vision in a library encounter Jiminy Cricket with          E         14 min.           1990
                YOUR EYES                 the answers they seek.

   51002        THIS IS YOU: YOU AND      In "You and Your Five Senses" Pinocchio has become a real boy and is            P,E       13 min.           1992
                YOUR FIVE SENSES          awkwardly searching for knowledge in the library.

   51003        THIS IS YOU: YOU AND      In the school library, students Mark and Caitlyn are assigned to create a       P,E       13 min.           1990
                YOUR SENSE OF TOUCH       bulletin board display on the sense of touch and are not sure where to

   4457         THUMBS UP FOR KIDS:       Shows Ruby Peterson, a former "Romper Room" teacher, interact with a            E         13 min.           1990
                AIDS EDUCATION            small group of children while teaching about disease prevention in
                                          general, and Aids.

   3462         TRULY EXCEPTIONAL         Born with one arm, Carol Johnston nevertheless became a champion                E,M,H,A   16 min.           1988
                PEOPLE: CAROL JOHNSTON    gymnast. This moving film includes footage of both the private Carol
                                          coping with college life and the public Carol, performing in a nationally
                                          televised competition.

   3460         TRULY EXCEPTIONAL         The two eldest Osmond Brothers live fulfilled lives despite speech and          E,M,H     15 min.           1988
                PEOPLE: TOM AND VIRL      hearing handicaps. Shows them at home and at work. They share their
                OSMOND                    thoughts on personal initiative, mutual consideration and family

   3543         VD ATTACK PLAN**          Presents the basic facts about VD and answers questions young students          E,M,H     14 min.           1988
                                          want and need to know about sexuality transmitted diseases.

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  Number                    Title                        Description                                                   Grade      Length Date
   3320         VEGETABLE SOUP #50--      Real People: Nigel                                                            E         15 min.           1988
                WHAT IS BLOOD?

   6257         WASH THOSE HANDS          Designed for all ages, this live-action video presents concise                P,E,M,H   10 min.
                                          information about basic information about basic human hygiene.

   3178         WE ALL COME TO            Uses original interviews, photographs, prints, engravings, motion             E,M,H,A   55 min.           1987
                AMERICA                   pictures and drawings to tell the stirring story of millions of people who
                                          left their homeland to travel to America and an unknown future.

   6256         WE'RE GROWING UP!         Designed for a combined audience of girls and boys this live action           E,M,H     12 min.
                                          video presents essential information in an upbeat fashion.

   768          WELL, WELL, WELL:         For description see Well, Well, Well: Food Power.                             E         15 min.           1984
                CLEAN POWER

   777          WELL, WELL, WELL:         For description see Well, Well, Well: Food Power.                             E         15 min.           1984

   769          WELL, WELL, WELL:         For description see Well, Well, Well: Food Power.                             E         15 min.           1984
                EXERCISE TO ENERGIZE

   771          WELL, WELL, WELL:         For description see Well, Well, Well: Food Power.                             E         15 min.           1984
                FEELING GOOD

   767          WELL, WELL, WELL: FOOD    Slim Goodbody shows children in primary grades how they can take              E         15 min.           1984
                POWER                     part in protecting, maintaining and improving their own good health.
                                          This series blends solid content about healthful living with songs,
                                          dances, and on-location segments.

   766          WELL, WELL, WELL: GO,     For description see Well, Well, Well: Food Power.                             E         15 min.           1984
                GROW, GROW

   776          WELL, WELL, WELL: PLAY    For description see Well, Well, Well: Food Power.                             E         15 min.           1984
                IT SAFE

   770          WELL, WELL, WELL: RELAX   For description see Well, Well, Well: Food Power.                             E         15 min.           1984

   775          WELL, WELL, WELL:         For description see Well, Well, Well: Food Power.                             E         15 min.           1984
                SAFETY COUNTS

   772          WELL, WELL, WELL:         For description see Well, Well, Well: Food Power.                             E         15 min.           1984
                SHARING YOUR WORLD

   765          WELL, WELL, WELL:         For description see Well, Well, Well: Food Power.                             E         15 min.           1984

   774          WELL, WELL, WELL: YOU     For description see Well, Well, Well: Food Power.                             E         15 min.           1984
                ARE SPECIAL

   3776         WHAT IS AIDS?             Presents two 12 year olds talking about how the body fights a virus,          E         16 min.           1988
                                          explained in the analogy of a baseball game, and how Aids can enter the
                                          boy through sex and the use of contaminated needles. (PREVENTIVE
                                          MEASURES ARE NOT DESCRIBED TO THE AGE GROUP.)

   3458         WHY BE PHYSICALLY FIT?    Shows students how being fit can help them have more energy, look             E         12 min.           1988
                                          better, feel better and cope with stress. Illustrates the effect physical
                                          fitness has on the heart, lungs, joints, tendons, muscular and cardio-
                                          respiratory systems.

   3042         WOMEN AND SMOKING         Shows that women who smoke are at risk to lung cancer, circulatory            E,M,H,A   15 min.           1987
                                          and cardiac damage, and the potential risk to their unborn children.

   51004        YOU AND YOUR SENSE OF     Describes two students in a library looking for information on the senses E             15 min.           1990
                SMELL/TASTE               of smell and taste and provides an animated Jiminy Cricket with the

   981          YOU ARE GROWING DAY       Illustrates and describes physical and emotional changes in growing up,       P,E       9 min.
                BY DAY (2ND EDITION)      while pointing out the ways youngsters themselves can ensure their own
                                          healthy growth.

Wednesday, March 31, 2004                                                                                                                  Page 34 of 152
  Number                    Title                         Description                                                     Grade      Length Date
   4348         YOUR CHOICE...OUR           Follows a day with 10 year old Rod and Diane. Ron gets around in a             E,M       15 min.           1989
                CHANCE #1: I THINK I AM--   wheelchair. Diane expresses very negative feelings about herself and
                SELF CONCEPT                acts accordingly.

   4357         YOUR CHOICE...OUR           Shows Deborah faced with the moral dilemma of choosing to model in a           E,M       15 min.           1989
                CHANCE #10: THE BIG         national cigarette advertising campaign which will encourage mainly
                BREAK                       young people to smoke, or to refuse and miss a marvelous opportunity
                                            to further her career.

   4349         YOUR CHOICE...OUR           Describes the stressful condition of 12 year James caused by a recent          E,M       15 min.           1989
                CHANCE #2: DECISIONS        divorce, his mother's long work hours, his father's departure from town,
                AND ACTIONS                 and his responsibilities to care for his younger brother.

   4350         YOUR CHOICE...OUR           Shows how a family attending a school health fair discover through test        E,M       15 min.           1989
                CHANCE #3: LIKE YOU--       that the father is in the first stage of heart disease caused by an improper
                DAD'S WELLNESS              diet and lack of exercise. The three preteen age children conspire with
                                            the mother to take the father on a camping trip to start him on the road
                                            to recovery.

   4351         YOUR CHOICE...OUR           Describes Eric an 11 year old with Hemophilia who denies his disability        E,M       15 min.           1989
                CHANCE #4: RISK FACTORS     and constantly takes unusual risks to prove he's like everyone else.

   4352         YOUR CHOICE...OUR           Lenora and friend Karen, both 12, meet Karen's 14 year old brother and         E,M       15 min.           1989
                CHANCE #5: THANKS...BUT     a number of his friends at the mall. Among them is Michelle,
                NO THANKS                   sophisticated and not above shoplifting, smoking or drinking Vodka.

   4353         YOUR CHOICE...OUR           Jeff, who is 11, learns from Darren that several boys on the baseball          E,M       15 min.           1989
                CHANCE #6: GOOD             team are pressuring others to dip snuff. Jeff confides in his older sister,
                PRACTICE TODAY--            who puts him through a tough practice in the way to say "NO"!
                REFUSAL SKILLS

   4354         YOUR CHOICE...OUR           Describes the separate courses the lives two recently transplanted sisters     E,M       15 min.           1989
                CHANCE #7: SISTER,          take in a new environment. Alicia learns the joy of working toward a
                SISTER--HEALTH              goal, a bike; and her sister Sophia falls into drug use and stealing to
                ENHANCING BEHAVIORS         support her habit. A confrontation finds the two sisters at odds over
                                            Sophia's theft of Alicia's bike money and bike.

   4355         YOUR CHOICE...OUR           Explains the changes in the life of 11 year old Theresa after a family         E,M       15 min.           1989
                CHANCE #8: FITTING IN       move, a change in school and friends. Shows her facing peer group
                STRESS                      pressure to accept marijuana as a substitute for the family support and
                                            love she craves. The program ends with the matter unresolved.

   4356         YOUR CHOICE...OUR           Introduces two 12 year olds and the struggle one of them, Brad, has with E,M             15 min.           1989
                CHANCE #9: A FRIEND         alcohol abuse. J.D., the other boy, decides to find help by confiding in
                INDEED                      their teacher.

History/Social Science
   1582         A CHILD'S WORLD             Why are children hungry in today's world? Charming puppets answer              E         9 min.            1987
                                            the child's query.

   1928         A GLORIOUS SYSTEM OF        Shows modern audiences their colonial counterparts' response to the            E,M,H,A   60 min.           1986
                THINGS                      wonder of science.

   6200         A LITTLE REBELLION NOW      A look at the life of the American people after the American revolution        E,M       30 min.           1996
                AND THEN: PROLOGUE TO       and many of the points of view on that time in our history.
                THE CONSTITUTION

   6234         A MAGICAL FIELD TRIP TO     Viewers are swept away on a field trip to the United States Geological         E         19 min.           1991
                THE MAP MAKER               Survey.

   10047        A WALK THROUGH TIME:        Presents a teleconference workshop demonstrating the discovery of gold         E,M       90 min.           1990
                CALIFORNIA'S GOLD           in Placer County and its effect on that locality and the whole state of
                COUNTRY PAST & PRESENT      California.

   2393         A WEEK IN THE LIFE OF A     Presents an overview of a week in the life of fourteen-year- old high          E,M,H,A   24 min.           1987
                MEXICAN STUDENT             school student Xavier Sierra, who goes to work each day before school
                                            to earn money for his schooling.

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  Number                    Title                        Description                                                      Grade      Length Date
   1931         A WILLIAMSBURG            Presents the Colonial Williamsburg Foundation in a cross section of its          E,M,H,A   29 min.        1986
                SAMPLER                   many appeals; history, architecture, crafts, music, gardens and
                                          furnishings of the restored town.

   2334         ACORNS: STAPLE FOOD TO    Presents the staple food of acorns, in the form of bread, mush and soup,         E,M,H,A   28 min.        1986
                CALIFORNIA INDIANS        as staple food for three-fourths of the California Indian population.

   1673         ACROSS CULTURES #1:       Features an urban family and the pattern of their daily life.                    E,M,H     15 min.        1986
                MEET THE JAPANESE

   1682         ACROSS CULTURES #10:      Explores the impact of modern communication systems on three                     E,M,H,A   15 min.        1986
                COMMUNICATION AND         cultures--Japan, Mexico and the Ivory Coast.
                CULTURAL CHANGE

   1683         ACROSS CULTURES #11:      Illustrates the ways people of the world rely upon and share with each           E,M,H     15 min.        1986
                SHARING IDEAS, GOODS      other.
                AND SERVICES

   1684         ACROSS CULTURES #12:      Focuses on Global Economics interdependence; the complex effects of              E,M,H     15 min.        1986
                GLOBAL TRENDS AND         trade, importing and exporting on cultures.
                CULTURAL CHANGE

   1685         ACROSS CULTURES #13:      Characterizes how the people featured in the series feel about their own         E,M,H     15 min.        1986
                CULTURES IN THE           futures and the future of their culture group.
                TWENTY-FIRST CENTURY

   1674         ACROSS CULTURES #2:       Features highly self-sufficient village people at work and play.                 E,M,H     15 min.        1986
                MEET THE TARAHUMARA

   1675         ACROSS CULTURES #3:       Illustrates what life is like in an Ivory Coast village, its independence        E,M,H     15 min.        1986
                MEET THE BAOULE           and interdependence.

   1676         ACROSS CULTURES #4:       Portrays how each culture uses resources to meet its needs and how               E,M,H     15 min.        1986
                PROVIDING FOR FAMILY      needs vary from culture to culture. Introduces the idea of world
                NEEDS                     interdependence.

   1677         ACROSS CULTURES #5: THE   Shows the very different ways the three cultures use and respond to              E,M,H     15 min.        1986
                INFLUENCE OF THE          their environment.

   1678         ACROSS CULTURES #6:       Introduces the religions practiced in the three cultures and shows how           E,M,H     15 min.        1986
                RELIGION AS A WAY OF      their religion incorporates respect for ancestors and a code of behavior
                LIFE                      for daily living.

   1679         ACROSS CULTURES #7:       Illustrates that routines, rituals and artistic expression reflect the nature    E,M       15 min.        1986
                CULTURAL                  of a culture.
                TRANSMISSION: THE ROLE
                OF FAMILY AND

   1680         ACROSS CULTURES #8:       Focuses on education in the three cultures: formal schooling away from           E,M       15 min.        1986
                CULTURAL TRANSMISSION     home and informal training in the family and community.

   1681         ACROSS CULTURES #9:       Shows the universal appeal of game playing and competition and its               E,M,H     15 min.        1986
                SPORTS, SOCIETY AND       role in the three cultures.

   6681         AFRICA: LAND AND          Close-up look at Africa's geographical regions and her people.                   E,M,H     24 min.        1999

   3620         ALASKA                    Provides a thorough overview of the climate, geography, industry,                E,M,H,A   28 min.        1988
                                          recreation, transportation and history of America's 49th state.

   2167         AMERICA AND THE           Examines the years 1945-1952 from the jubilation of VJ Day to the                E,M,H,A   54 min.        1986
                WORLD SINCE WORLD         shocking Rosenberg Trial.
                WAR II--VOLUME 1

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  Number                    Title                      Description                                                   Grade      Length Date
   2168         AMERICA AND THE          Examines the years 1953-1960 from the invention of television to the         E,M,H,A   54 min.        1986
                WORLD SINCE WORLD        first steps into space.
                WAR II--VOLUME 2

   2169         AMERICA AND THE          Examines the years 1961-1975 from the Kennedy era to the final United        E,M,H,A   54 min.        1986
                WORLD SINCE WORLD        States withdrawal from Vietnam.
                WAR II--VOLUME 3

   2170         AMERICA AND THE          Examines the years 1976-1985 from America's Bicentennial Celebration         E,M,H,A   54 min.        1986
                WORLD SINCE WORLD        to the Geneva Summit.
                WAR II--VOLUME 4

   3269         AMERICA PAST #1--NEW     Focuses on the Spanish settlement and cultural influence in territories      E,M       15 min.        1988
                SPAIN                    that eventually became part of the United States of America.

   3278         AMERICA PAST #10--THE    Examines the origins, development, and significance of the woman's           E,M       15 min.        1988
                ROLE OF WOMEN            rights movement.

   3279         AMERICA PAST #11--       Looks at the origins, development, and significance of the utopian           E,M       15 min.        1988
                UTOPIAS                  communities and movements.

   3280         AMERICA PAST #12--       Explores the diversity and similarities in the American religious            E,M       15 min.        1988
                RELIGION                 system.

   3281         AMERICA PAST #13--       Looks at characteristics of nineteenth-century American family life,         E,M       15 min.        1988
                SOCIAL LIFE              reform movements, medical treatment, and population growth.

   3282         AMERICA PAST #14--       Traces the westward movement and territorial expansion of the United         E,M       15 min.        1988
                MOVING WEST              States of America.

   2791         AMERICA PAST #15--THE    Explores industrial development and ways of life in the North, and           E         15 min.        1988
                INDUSTRIAL NORTH         comparisons with the South.

   3283         AMERICA PAST #16--THE    Looks at culture and society in the South, with emphasis on similarities     E,M       15 min.        1988
                ANTEBELLUM SOUTH         and differences from the North.

   3270         AMERICA PAST #2--NEW     Explores the French settlement and cultural influence in territories that    E,M       15 min.        1988
                FRANCE                   became parts of the United States of America.

   3271         AMERICA PAST #3--        Takes a look at the settlement and ways of life of Britain's southern        E,M       15 min.        1988
                SOUTHERN COLONIES        colonies.

   3272         AMERICA PAST #4--NEW     Illustrates the settlement and culture in the New England colonies.          E,M       15 min.        1988
                ENGLAND COLONIES

   3273         AMERICA PAST #5--        Highlights the changes in water transportation and how they affected         E,M       15 min.        1988
                CANALS AND               regional and national development.

   3274         AMERICA PAST #6--ROADS   Examines the changes in land transportation and how they affected            E,M       15 min.        1988
                AND RAILROADS            regional and national development.

   3275         AMERICA PAST #7--THE     Takes a look at the development of an American tradition in the fine art     E,M       15 min.        1988
                ARTIST'S VIEW            of painting.

   3276         AMERICA PAST #8--THE     Explores the development of an American literary tradition.                  E,M       15 min.        1988
                WRITER'S VIEW

   3277         AMERICA PAST #9--THE     Traces the origins, development, and significance of the abolitionist        E,M       15 min.        1988
                ABOLITIONISTS            crusade against slavery.

   6431         AMERICA'S NATIONAL       Discover the winds, waters, forests, mountains and wildlife in 18            E,M,H     65 min.        1995
                PARKS                    spectacular national parks that inspired Native American myths and

   2387         AMERICAN INDIANS: A      Follows the first Americans, depicts their arrival from Asia and their       P,E,M     22 min.        1987
                BRIEF HISTORY            dispersal throughout the New World. The film concludes with a look at
                                         many proud American Indians today.

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  Number                    Title                         Description                                                     Grade      Length Date
   3523         AN ANIMATED ATLAS OF        Strongman, Atlas, is the humorous animated host of this tour around the        E,M       8 min.            1988
                THE WORLD                   globe as he provides information on weather, wind, tides, storms, and
                                            general geography for each part of the world visited.

   308          ANGEL OF THE                Tells the life story of Barton, a strong advocate of women's rights,           E,M,H,A   25 min.           1988
                BATTLEFIELD: CLARA          prison reform and free education. She was a field nurse as well as the
                BARTON                      founder and first president of the American Red Cross.

   3583         ANIMATED ATLAS OF THE       Presents an animated and humorous tour around the globe while                  E,M,H,A   8 min.            1988
                WORLD                       providing accurate information on weather, wind, tides, storms and
                                            general geography for each part of the world visited. Provides an
                                            introduction to geological time and plate tectonics.

   6432         ANTARTICA: AN               Filmed in IMAX and seen by millions of people at IMAX and                      E,M,H     40 min.           1995
                ADVENTURE OF A              OMNIMAX theaters worldwide, "Antarctica" takes you to a continent
                DIFFERENT NATURE            beyond your imagination.

   5042         ARCTIC: THE GREAT           A look at what makes a desert a desert - a lack of measurable                  E,M,H     19 min.
                WHITE DESERT                rainfall.

   4907         ARGENTINA                   This program describes three time periods in Argentina: the times of           E,M,H     20 min.           1990
                                            Juan Perron; life in the Arctic and the life in the cities of today.

   5036         AUSTRALIA (THE              A focused look at life in Australia today; the people, the continent and       E,M,H     16 min.           1994
                CHANGING FACE OF ASIA       politics.

   2052         BACKGROUND OF THE           Uses original drawings done from memory to illustrate; Navigation and          E,M       20 min.           1986
                AMERICAN                    Trade Acts of 1660; Britain's imposed tough new restrictions 1763-
                REVOLUTIONARY WAR           1770; New taxes 1767; Boston Massacre 1770; The Boston Tea Party
                                            1773; Coercive Acts 1774; Rebellion--The Minute Men.

   2054         BACKGROUND OF THE           Shows heroic stand of the Minute Men at Concord and the storming of            E,M       20 min.           1986
                DECLARATION OF              Fort Ticonderoga by Ethan Allen and his Green Mountain Boys.

   3171         BAKA: PEOPLE OF THE         Presents an intimate look at the Baka tribe, a primitive hunter-gatherer       E,M,H,A   60 min.           1988
                FOREST                      society that lives in the rain forest of Southeastern Cameroon.

   4840         BECOMING AMERICAN           Discusses the story of one immigrant family and their personal struggles       E,M,H     30 min            1988
                                            to adapt to living in America and the residual effects of their prior lives
                                            in Thailand.

   1859         BEST OF COVER TO COVER      Presents an authentic picture of contemporary Indian life.                     E,M       15 min.           1986
                II: HIGH ELKS TREASURE

   963          BIKE SAFETY: MAKING         Demonstrates many aspects of careful, courteous bicycle driving.               P,E       15 min.
                THE RIGHT MOVES             Teaches proper bike fit, rules for street driving, traffic hazards to watch
                                            for, and locking and registering bikes.

   6171         BILL NYE THE SCIENCE        A look at the forces that formed planet Earth and many aspects of its          E,M       8 min.            1997
                GUY: ANIMATED ATLAS OF      geology.
                THE WORLD

   2809         BLACK WINTER                Depicts soldier's life and hardships during the days of the Revolutionary      E,M,H,A   21 min.           1985

   139          BODY OF IRON, SOUL OF       Explains why the Statue of Liberty was given by the people of France to        E,M,H,A   15 min.
                FIRE                        the people of the United States.. and why many Americans refused to
                                            accept her.

   1666         BOOKBIRD #16: LOST IN       Portrays Jamie MacNair and his Cree indian brother who face survival           E         15 min.           1986
                THE BARRENS                 in the vast/desolate subarctic forests of northern Canada.

   1658         BOOKBIRD #8: THE T.V. KID   Portrays a lonely boy who gains a new understanding of himself/others          E         15 min.           1986
                                            after he is bitten by a rattlesnake.

   3494         BOOKER                      Follows Booker's childhood from the 1860's when he was enslaved in             E,M,H,A   40 min.           1988
                                            the south to the years after the war when he struggled to get a formal
                                            education. He founded Tuskegee Institute in Alabama and became a
                                            leading educator and spokesman for Black Americans.

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  Number                    Title                       Description                                                   Grade      Length Date
   2794         BRANCHES OF               Explores how the actions of the executive branch affect people's lives       E,M,H,A   22 min.           1986
                GOVERNMENT:               living far from Washington, D.C.
                EXECUTIVE BRANCH

   2784         BRANCHES OF               Explains that each state has its own court system, that federal and state    E,M,H,A   22 min.           1985
                GOVERNMENT: JUDICIAL      courts are separate, and that the U.S. Supreme Court is responsible for
                                          interpreting the Constitution.

   2813         BRANCHES OF               Follows a congressman dealing with his local constituency, state,            E,M,H,A   22 min.           1986
                GOVERNMENT:               political party, national interest, special interest groups, and his own
                LEGISLATIVE BRANCH        conscience.

   4906         BRAZIL                    This program looks at Brazil and how many contrasts of life are              E,M,H     20 min.           1990
                                          represented to the population: the cities, the Amazon and the

   2298         BRAZIL, I LOVE YOU        Shows that Brazil today is a racially mixed "developing nation" which        E,M,H,A   13 min.           1986
                                          offers a small elite class great wealth and the vast majority abysmal

   2006         BRITAIN/IRELAND: AN       Visits England, Scotland, Wales, Ireland, bustling cities and quiet          E,M,H,A   30 min.           1986
                ADVENTURE IN PICTURES     fishing villages, the Waterford Glassworks, the pageantry of
                                          Buckingham Palace and the Highland Games.

   2335         BUCKEYES: FOOD OF         Examines California buckeyes, or horse chestnuts, and water as               E,M,H,A   13 min.           1986
                CALIFORNIA INDIANS        important articles of the California Indian's diet.

   6333         CALIFORNIA 2000 1818      This program was filmed in historic locations and tells stories of early     E,M       12 min.           1997
                YEAR OF THE INSURGENTS    California.

   6329         CALIFORNIA 2000 MR.       In the mining town of Grass Valley in 1872, the euphoria of the Gold         E,M       18 min.           1997
                BOURN'S GOLD PART 1:      Rush is a distant memory.
                GIANT POWER

   6330         CALIFORNIA 2000 MR.       This view of Grass Valley in 1870's California shows the effects of a        E,M       24 min.           1997
                BOURN'S GOLD PART 2:      miner's strike, and how it affects the people of the mining town.
                WHOLE, HALF, OR

   6331         CALIFORNIA 2000 VOICES    This video looks at the growing influx of American settlers in 1846          E,M       23 min.           1997
                OF 1846 PART 1: GAVILAN   California, through the eyes of the Mexican occupants of the time.

   6332         CALIFORNIA 2000 VOICES    A look at the "mountain men," trappers and other people and the lives        E,M       22 min.           1997
                OF 1846 PART 2: VALLEY    they led in 1846.
                OF THE MOON

   3428         CALIFORNIA GOLD:          Based upon the personal memoirs and letters of two women who lived           E,M,H     20 min.           1988
                STORIES OF TWO WOMEN      during the Gold Rush, this docu-drama recreates key moments from the
                                          life of a Painte Indian woman and a transported midwestern woman in
                                          the 1850's.

   3565         CALIFORNIA HISTORY: ON    Old Town in San Diego - Highlights the Mexican heritage of the               E         20 min            1988
                LOCATION: CALIFORNIA      Californios Era, 1822-1848.

   3567         CALIFORNIA HISTORY: ON    The Immigration Station in San Francisco Bay--Examines the cause and         E         20 min.           1988
                LOCATION: ISLAND OF       effects of the Chinese Exclusion Act of 1882.
                SECRET MEMORIES

   4770         CALIFORNIA HISTORY: ON    A youthful 49er tells the story of boom and bust in goldmining,              E         20 min.           1990
                LOCATION: PORTRAITS IN    examining the heritage of the California gold rush on economic
                GOLD                      attitudes.

   3566         CALIFORNIA HISTORY: ON    The State Capitol in Sacramento - Introduces students to the                 E         20 min.           1988
                LOCATION: SKETCHES        responsibilities of citizenship.
                FROM THE CAPITOL

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  Number                    Title                       Description                                                      Grade      Length Date
   6817         CALIFORNIA LEGACY 2000-   A microcosm of the California experience, past and present, this film           E,M,H     20 min.        1999
                FOUNTAINS OF COLUMBIA     depicts key events in the lives of the Leary family. The narrator, young
                                          Mary, weaves her fantasies to counter an onslaught of tragedy. The
                                          story brings to life real historical figures, opening a door to California's
                                          past that young students can walk right through.

   133          CALIFORNIA'S HERITAGE     Presents California's history as a continuous, living process. Focuses on       E,M,H,A   16 min.
                                          four factors affecting California's growth--water, transportation and
                                          communication, industry and people.

   6491         CALIFORNIA'S HERITAGE:    California's 21 missions represent a Spanish and Native American cross- E                 12 min.        1990
                THE MISSIONS              cultural heritage that remains very much alive today; also viewers learn
                                          the passed-down tradition of making a tortilla.

   4919         CALIFORNIA'S HERITAGE:    This program looks at the melding of the Native American and Spanish            E,M,H,A   12 min.        1990
                THE MISSIONS              cultures as a part of the mission's story.

   544          CALIFORNIA'S WHITE        Shows a snow survey team at work, how snow data can now be                      E,M       15 min.        1978
                TREASURE                  automatically telemetered out of the mountains and how the snow data
                                          is used in forecasting the amounts of snow melt runoff that will be
                                          available to California's water users.

   3043         CANADA: ITS LAND AND      Explores how the second largest country in the world has been built into        E,M,H,A   25 min.        1988
                ITS PEOPLE                one of the most prosperous nations on earth.

   2772         CAPITALISM                Covers the period from the early stages of the Industrial Revolution in         E,M,H,A   25 min.        1986
                                          England to the economy of the U.S. today.

   1507         CENTRAL AMERICA: AN       Introduces the Central American region and highlights each of the seven         E,M,H,A   28 min.        1985
                INTRODUCTION              countries while noting the similarities and differences.

   2136         CENTRAL AMERICA:          Examines the complex history and the current turmoil that has propelled         E,M,H,A   22 min.        1986
                HISTORY AND HERITAGE      one Central American country after another into the world's

   6037         CHEETAH                   This program tracks the wild's fastest hunter- a cat that runs 50 miles an      E,M       11 min.

   5008         CHILDHOOD OF SUSAN B.     This video describes the life of Susan B. Anthony and her contributions         E,M       17 min.        1988
                ANTHONY                   to American history.

   3497         CHILDREN OF JAPAN,        Presents an invaluable insight into the lifestyles and differences              E         21 min.        1988
                LEARNING THE NEW          between American and Japanese children and shows the great respect
                REMEMBERING THE OLD       given to these elements--nature, education, family and religion--that
                                          characterizes the Japanese lifestyle of the 1980's.

   5039         CHILDREN OF THE FORT      The early learner sees what life in an early American fort was like; the        E         19 min.
                                          kinds of services offered and the people one would meet there including
                                          hostile Indians.

   3498         CHILDREN OF THE SOVIET    Introduces students to the many facts of Soviet society and culture as          E         22 min.        1988
                UNION                     seen through the eyes of Alyosha, a 12 year old boy from Leningrad.
                                          Shows the personal side of Soviet life as well as its rich history and
                                          geography. Reflects the new spirit of "Glasnost".

   4905         CHILE                     This program looks at Chile's capital, Santiago, and describes the              E,M,H     20 min.        1990
                                          economic, political and historic changes taking place there.

   3409         CHINA: A HISTORY          Traces China's rich history as far back as 2,000 B.C. Since its beginning       E,M,H     23 min.        1988
                                          25 dynasties have ruled China and have contributed to the world not
                                          only the Great Wall, but art, acupuncture, fine pottery and porcelain and
                                          great philosophers like Confucius and Doa.

   2009         CHINA: A JOURNEY IN       Visits many regions of China from grasslands of Inner Mongolia to               E,M,H,A   30 min.        1986
                PICTURES                  Beijing, and Canton. The land, architecture, the Great Wall and the

   5053         CHINESE WAY OF LIFE       A look at the land and people of China; the past and the future.                E,M,H     24 min.

   6646         CHRISTOPHER               Contrasts the convenience and comfort of a present-day airplane journey E,M,H             20 min.        1994
                COLUMBUS: THE MAN         across the ocean from Europe with the terrifying thirty-seven day
                WHO DARED PART 1          journey of Columbus, his ships and their crews.

Wednesday, March 31, 2004                                                                                                                 Page 40 of 152
  Number                    Title                       Description                                                    Grade      Length Date
   4444         CHRISTOPHER COLUMBUS:     Filmed on location in Italy, Spain, Portugal and the Bahamas, the film        E,M,H,A   35 min.           1989
                THE VOYAGE OF             traces his life from early childhood through the voyage to America.

   309          CITY UTILITIES: OUR       Shows the basic utilities - water, sewer, electricity, gas, and telephone     E,M       16 min.           1985
                BASIC SERVICES            to a group of curious and interested youngsters.

   6609         CIVIL WAR AND SOCIAL      Focuses on the lifestyle of one southern family before, during and ater       E,M       20 min.           1994
                CHARGE IN GEORGIA 1860-   the Civil War to show the widespread changes bought about by the
                1870                      war.

   4917         CLASS PROJECT: THE        The missions are the focus of two class projects: First, students learn to    E,M,H,A   10 min.           1990
                MAKING OF A MISSION       make adobe bricks by hand. Second, teaches the student how to make a
                                          model mission with available parts.

   1726         COLONIAL AMERICA:         Explains the social, culture and economic causes of the American              E,M,H     15 min.           1986
                ROOTS OF REVOLUTION       Revolution.

   4276         COLONIAL AMERICA: THE     Describes the conditions in England that prompted the colonists to            E,M       25 min.           1970
                BEGINNINGS                leave. Details the problems and difficulties in colonization.

   1930         COLONIAL CLOTHING         Depicts the years 1760-1770 and shows the kind of clothing worn by an         E,M,H,A   17 min.           1986
                                          upper class couple as they begin their day.

   3696         COLONIAL LIFE IN NEW      In 1776, a young man recounts his boyhood in rural, pre-revolutionary         E,M       10 min            1988
                ENGLAND (REV.)            New England of 1764. A friend's ride to Boston give students a glimpse
                                          of life where the enactment of the Currency Act leads to rumors of new
                                          taxes and war.

   2770         COMMUNISM                 Examines Marx's and Engel's criticisms of capitalism, and their               E,M,H,A   27 min.           1986
                                          predictions about the future.

   4015         CONSUMER ECONOMICS:       Shows a 13-year-old boy with an itch to buy an expensive bike being           E,M       21 min.           1983
                MAKING DECISIONS          taught lessons in basic economics and wise spending by a friendly
                                          talking computer.

   2341         CORN IS LIFE              Shows and explains traditional activities associated with corn that are       E,M,H,A   19 min.           1986
                                          still an important part of Hopi Indian family and community life.

   2818         CRY RIOT                  Follows Samuel Adams and the Loyal Nine engagement with Ebenezer              E,M,H,A   33 min.           1985
                                          Mackintosh to demonstrate against the Stamp Act.

   3608         DEATH VALLEY              Touches the history, geography, geology and climate of one of the most        E,M,H,A   19 min.           1988
                                          unique holes in the earth's surface.

   2007         DESERT                    Explores the dry places of the United States, from a centuries-old indian     E,M,H,A   30 min.           1986
                                          culture to the modern "greening" of desert land. Experiences the last
                                          frontier on the earth.

   2299         DISAPPEARANCE OF THE      States that rain forests play a major role in the balance of nature on        E,M,H,A   12 min.           1986
                GREAT RAIN FOREST         which all living things, including human beings, depend. Scientists
                                          studying the deforestation of the Amazon.

   4766         DISCOVER AMERICA AGAIN    Pictures the History and Geography of the U.S. with emphasis on               E,M       45 min.           1988
                                          excellent still photographs. Includes National Park System, Washington,
                                          D.C. and an outdoor adventure segment.

   2540         DISCOVERING               Tours one of the most historic and important cities in America. Visits        E,M,H     23 min.           1986
                WASHINGTON                the Vietnam War Memorial, Changing of the Guard, Smithsonian
                                          Institute, U.S. Treasury.

   6696         EARLY AMERICAN            Provides a picture of the daily life of the people who shaped the ancient     E,M,H     22 min.           1999
                CIVILIZATION (REVISED)    societies of the Olmecs, Mayas, Toltecs, Aztecs and Incas. Describes
                                          the architecture, culture, cities and agriculture of these early
                                          civilizations and how they were destroyed by European invaders.

   5045         EARLY AMERICAN            The history of the early peoples in South America; the environments,          E,M,H     22 min.           1957
                CIVILIZATIONS (REVISED)   the contributions and the cities of the early settlers.

   4307         ECON AND ME #1:           Using a dramatic format, four elementary students meet Mr. Econ who           E         15 min.           1988
                SCARCITY                  explains how the concept of scarcity affects their lives.

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  Number                    Title                        Description                                                    Grade      Length Date
   4308         ECON AND ME #2:            Using a dramatic format four elementary students meet Mr. Econ who            E         15 min.        1988
                OPPORTUNITY COST           explains how the concept of opportunity cost affected their lives when
                                           they built their clubhouse. Emphasizes economics in making informed

   4309         ECON AND ME #3:            Using a dramatic format, four elementary students meet Mr. Econ who           E         15 min.        1988
                CONSUMPTION                explains how the concept of consumption has affected their lives.

   4310         ECON AND ME #4:            Using a dramatic format, four elementary students meet Mr. Econ who           E         15 min.        1988
                PRODUCTION                 explains how the concept of production has affected their lives.

   4311         ECON AND ME #5:            Using a dramatic format, elementary students learn about the economic         E         15 min.        1988
                INTERDEPENDENCE            concept of interdependence by producing their own play. Discusses

   3508         ECONOMICS BY CHOICE        Illustrates the basic economic concepts of unlimited wants, scarcity,         E         18 min.        1988
                                           choice and opportunity costs. Classroom activities are combined with
                                           real-life applications to make the concepts relevant and

   6423         EGYPT                      This program explores Egypt, from its well-known historic roots found         E,M       20 min.        1995
                                           in the remnants of the pharaohs, to modern Egypt's challenge of actively
                                           participating in the global marketplace.

   4764         EGYPT SERIES: GIFT OF      Views the mysteries of the Pharaohs, the Sphinx, and the granite              E,M,H,A   29 min.        1977
                THE NILE                   quarries of Aswan from which the giant pyramid blocks were cut.

   2803         EGYPT'S PYRAMIDS:          Depicts the history of pyramid building along with the development and        E,M,H,A   22 min.        1986
                HOUSES OF ETERNITY         decline of the pyramids.

   4928         EGYPT: CHILDREN OF THE     This video presents a brief overview of Egypt's influence on the world.       E,M       24 min.        1994
                NILE                       This production looks at the contributions of the ancients and the reality
                                           of Egypt today; the wealth and the poverty.

   2138         EGYPT: QUEST FOR           Explores the River Nile, temples of Luxor and Karnak, the Land of the         E,M,H,A   60 min.        1987
                ETERNITY                   Dead. Visits the elaborately decorated tombs of kings and queens.

   2808         EQUALLY FREE               Describes the Virginia Convention debates and the rights of slaves.           E,M,H,A   21 min.        1985

   2230         EYES ON THE PRIZE #1--     Focuses on the catalytic events of 1954-1956. The Mississippi lynching        E,M,H,A   60 min.        1986
                AWAKENINGS (1954-56)       of a 14 year old boy: a Montgomery, Alabama woman Rosa Parks who
                                           refused to yield her bus seat to a white man; the forming of the Southern
                                           Christian Leadership Conference.

   2232         EYES ON THE PRIZE #3--     Chronicles the courage displayed by thousands of young black people           E,M,H,A   60 min.        1986
                AIN'T SCARED OF YOU        and college students who joined the ranks of the movement and gave it
                (1960-61)                  new direction. Views lunch counter sit-ins, Student Non-violent
                                           Coordinating Committee, bus travel below the Mason-Dixon line, 1960
                                           Presidential campaign issues.

   2234         EYES ON THE PRIZE #5--     Focuses on the extraordinary personal risks faced by ordinary citizens as E,M,H,A       60 min.        1986
                MISSISSIPPI IS THIS        they assumed responsibility for social change, particularly during the
                AMERICA? (1962-64)         1962-64 voting rights campaign in Mississippi.

   2235         EYES ON THE PRIZE #6--     Shows in the final episode that the lessons of a decade are brought to        E,M,H,A   60 min.        1986
                BRIDGE TO FREEDOM (1965)   bear in the climactic 1965 march from Selma to Montgomery,

   2564         FAMILIES OF THE WORLD:     Visit 11 year old Catherine Inall at home in Sydney, travel with her to       E,M,H     18 min.        1987
                AUSTRALIA                  remote Angledool Station where she spends part of her Christmas
                                           vacation with family friends.

   2557         FAMILIES OF THE WORLD:     Highlights Oswaldo Gaitan who lives in Nicaragua, a country that is           E,M,H     18 min.        1987
                CENTRAL AMERICA            turbulent both geologically and politically. Visit an active volcano,
                                           meet Oswaldo's parents.

   2560         FAMILIES OF THE WORLD:     Journey to the town of Tabarz, where Martin Kollner lives with his            E,M,H     18 min.        1987
                EAST GERMANY               father, who works in a rubber factory, and his mother who is employed
                                           in the mayor's office.

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  Number                    Title                       Description                                                   Grade      Length Date
   2562         FAMILIES OF THE WORLD:    Describes the life style of Mohammed el Sayed in exciting Cairo,             E,M,H     18 min.           1987
                EGYPT                     Egypt's capitol.

   2563         FAMILIES OF THE WORLD:    Visit Naama Greenfield, attend her school and learn about her young          E,M,H     18 min.           1987
                ISRAEL                    nation. Explore Jerusalem with Naama and her father, an art professor
                                          born in the U.S., and her mother who studies and performs traditional
                                          Jewish songs of Yemen.

   2559         FAMILIES OF THE WORLD:    Visits the fishing village of 12 year old Yoshiko Matsuda, on the            E,M,H     18 min.           1987
                JAPAN                     Japanese island of Honshu.

   2556         FAMILIES OF THE WORLD:    Travels to Uzbekistan, where 11 year old Bakhtinisa Marov lives in the       E,M,H     18 min.           1987
                SOVIET UNION              capitol city of Tashkent. At school she learns in her native Uzbek
                                          language, and studies Russian and English.

   2561         FAMILIES OF THE WORLD:    Highlights Robert Booth who lives in Stade, a town in northern West          E,M,H     18 min.           1987
                WEST GERMANY              Germany with strong ties to the sea. Robert learns to sail so he can help
                                          with his family's boat.

   2558         FAMILIES OF THE WORLD:    Travels to Yugoslavia where Irena Janosevic lives with her family in         E,M,H     18 min.           1987
                YUGOSLAVIA                the city of Bor. Both parents work in the copper manufacturing plant.
                                          Visit her grandparent's farm.

   4920         FATHER JUNIPERO SERRA     This program looks at the influences of Father Serra with illustrations      E,M,H,A   12 min.           1992
                                          that make the viewer feel like he/she is there.

   6789         FLORIDA: SPANISH          France, England and Spain all sought to dominate Florida. This program       E,M,H     16 min.
                COLONY TO AMERICAN        traces Florida's political and military conflicts and shows the impact of
                STATE                     conquest on the area's native inhabitants.

   2227         FOREST SPIRITS:           Examines the lives, lifestyles and personal feelings of some of the          E,M,H,A   30 min.           1984
                ANCESTORS OF THOSE YET    members of the Menominee tribe.

   2229         FOREST SPIRITS:           Uses a musical/discussion format dealing with problems in reservation        E,M,H,A   30 min.           1986
                DREAMERS WITH POWER       life, specifically with the Menominees.
                (2 PARTS)

   2226         FOREST SPIRITS: LAND IS   Examines the Oneidas' historical land problems and how they are trying       E,M,H,A   30 min.           1984
                LIFE                      to recover that which was lost and improve that which they control.

   2228         FOREST SPIRITS: LIVING    Tells the struggle of the Menominee people and the traditions they           E,M,H,A   30 min.           1984
                WITH TRADITIONS           attempt to keep alive after loss of tribal status.

   2225         FOREST SPIRITS: THE       Explores the conflicts Indians have with white school systems and how        E,M,H,A   30 min.           1984
                LEARNING PATH             the conflicts are resolved.

   2224         FOREST SPIRITS: TO KEEP   Examines the Oneidas' work to preserve their heritage by educating           E,M,H,A   30 min.           1984
                A HERITAGE ALIVE          their children.

   2796         FOUR AMERICANS IN         Views modern China through the eyes of a student, businessman,               E,M,H,A   59 min.           1985
                CHINA                     teacher and journalist.

   4914         FREEDOM IN DIVERSITY      This video looks at the contributions made to America by her citizens of     E,M       12 min.           1991
                                          many ethnic backgrounds.

   1580         FRIENDS OF THE FAMILY     Animated film that helps students consider the basic needs and wants         P,E       9 min.            1987
                                          that children around the world share and the many ways UNICEF

   1056         FROM HERE TO THERE        Teaches about maps and how to use them as well as cardinal directions,       E         16 min.
                                          the hemispheres, and how to find rivers, swamps, highway, and cities
                                          using map symbols.

   2343         FROM THE FLOOR OF THE     Presents a grassroots view of a great American institution: The              E,M,H,A   28 min.           1986
                CONVENTION                Presidential Nominating Convention.

   1866         FRONTLINE: A CLASS        1985 Emmy Award winner. In 1970 a public school teacher divides her          E,M,H,A   58 min.           1987
                DIVIDED                   students between blue and brown eyes groups. Each group is treated as
                                          inferior and subjected to discriminating treatment. Updates lesson at a
                                          15 year reunion of the students.

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  Number                    Title                       Description                                                      Grade      Length Date
   542          FUTURE WATER SUPPLIES     Describes alternate methods to meet requirements of the California              E,M       20 min.        1981
                FOR THE STATE WATER       State Water Project beyond the year 2000. The plan includes new
                PROJECT                   physical facilities and more efficient use of water through conservation,
                                          reclamation and reuse, and underground storage.

   6620         GENOCIDE                  Genocide is the story of man's inhumanity to man - the story of the             E,M,H     83 min.        1981
                                          millions of men, women, and children who fell victim to Hitler's Final

   6616         GEOGRAPHY IN U.S.         The Origin and Development of NATO 1945-1991. Describes the Cold                E,M       20 min.        1994
                HISTORY #10               War atmosphere following World War II and the foreign policy
                                          responses of the U.S. and its allies to the Soviet Union and its allies.

   6610         GEOGRAPHY IN U.S.         Clash of Cultures on the Great Plains 1856-1900 Demonstrates the                E,M       20 min.        1994
                HISTORY #4                changes in the Native Americans' way of life by showing how the
                                          Lakota people lived before, during and after the buffalo were

   6613         GEOGRAPHY IN U.S.         A Nation of Immigrants: The Chinese-American Experience 1850-                   E,M       20 MIN.        1994
                HISTORY #7                1990 - Covers immigration to the U.S.. during the 19th and 20th
                                          centuries with a focus on the westward movement by immigrants from

   6614         GEOGRAPHY IN U.S.         Moving North to Chicago 1900-1945. Explores migration from the rural            E,M       20 min.        1994
                HISTORY #8                south to urban areas in the north and the struggles of African Americans
                                          to over- come racial discrimination during the first half of the 20th

   6615         GEOGRAPHY IN U.S.         New Deal for the Dust Bowl 1931-1945. Illustrates the hardships                 E,M       20 min.        1994
                HISTORY #9                brought on by the Great Depression and the Dust Bowl and government
                                          intervention (the New Deal) to help farmers cope with these economic
                                          and environmental disasters.

   10051        GEORGE MASON: HOME,       This binder and video explores the life of a patriot living during the          E,M,H                    1994
                STATE, COUNTRY            American Revolution.

   3606         GEORGE WASHINGTON         Tells the story of Carver's life as a creative scientist known in history as    E,M,H,A   29 min.        1988
                CARVER                    the "Peanut Man".

   2819         GEORGE WASHINGTON:        Shows Parliament closing Boston's port after the Boston Tea Party.              E,M,H,A   28 min.        1985
                THE MAKING OF A REBEL     George Washington supports the demonstration.

   1753         GETTIN' TO KNOW ME:       Illustrates that when the 100th anniversary of their black-founded town         E,M       30 min.        1986
                FOUNDER'S DAY             is threatened, the children organize the townspeople to create a cultural
                                          museum which will serve as a major source of community folklore.

   1754         GETTIN' TO KNOW ME:       Tells how Lavonne and Kwame become accustomed to their new                      E,M       30 min.        1986
                KWAME'S GAME              neighborhood by participating in the folklore and traditions of different
                                          community groups.

   1761         GETTIN' TO KNOW ME: THE   Portrays Momma Violet's traditional ways that come into conflict with           E,M       30 min.        1986
                NAMING OF KWAME           the family's own ideas and each learns the importance of both past and
                                          present traditions.

   6419         GHANA                     Ghana was the first African colonial country to achieve independence.           E,M       20 min.        1995
                                          This historical fact has left an indelible mark on Ghana's culture, as
                                          Ghana continues to lead the African continent in terms of civil rights
                                          and political independence.

   2979         GLOBAL GEOGRAPHY:         Examines trade in a highly industrialized nation that needs to import           E,M,H,A   15 min.        1987
                BUILDING GLOBAL           raw materials and see finished products abroad in order to survive.

   2977         GLOBAL GEOGRAPHY:         Focuses on inundation by the sea in the Delta area of the Netherlands,          E,M,H,A   15 min.        1987
                DEALING WITH NATURAL      flooding in Bangladesh, Tsunamis in Japan and landslides in Canada.

   2985         GLOBAL GEOGRAPHY:         Examines factors affecting the arrangement of population, focusing on a         E,M,H,A   15 min.        1987
                HUMAN & NATURAL           mobile Chinese family.

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  Number                    Title                      Description                                                 Grade      Length Date
   2984         GLOBAL GEOGRAPHY:        Shows the consequences to a family in Egypt when new technologies          E,M,H,A   15 min.        1987
                MANAGING BASIC           for managing water resources are adopted.

   2982         GLOBAL GEOGRAPHY:        Examines the extensive rural to urban migration in Brazil and the          E,M,H,A   15 min.        1987
                MIGRATING BETWEEN        associated decision-making adjustment processes.

   2981         GLOBAL GEOGRAPHY:        Examines the work of an agricultural extension agent working with          E,M,H,A   15 min.        1987
                NEW IDEA ABOUT FOOD      farmers on rice production in the Philippines.

   2980         GLOBAL GEOGRAPHY:        Examines the natural resources within the Soviet Union and the system      E,M,H,A   15 min.        1987
                PLANNING FOR ECONOMIC    of centrally planned economic development.

   2983         GLOBAL GEOGRAPHY:        Focuses on the communication and transportation systems used in an         E,M,H,A   15 min.        1987
                REDUCING DISTANCES       Australian family's business.

   2978         GLOBAL GEOGRAPHY:        Focuses on firewood in Nepal and the effects of deforesting on the         E,M,H,A   15 min.        1987
                USING WORLD'S FORESTS    people and environment.

   3534         GLOBES (MAP SKILLS FOR   Explains how young students might construct a globe and what               P,E       10 min.        1988
                BEGINNERS)               components comprise a globe.

   2337         GOLD DREDGE              Explores California gold mining. Shows how the dredge digs a large,        E,M,H,A   17 min.        1986
                                         deep pond in one of the ancient river beds of the Sacramento Valley,
                                         separates and collects the gold.

   4807         GOLDEN HARVEST THE       Shows the importance of rice as the principal food source in the           E,M,H     10 min.        1990
                CALIFORNIA RICE STORY    Sacramento Valley since 1912. Depicts the production of rice from
                                         tilting the soil to its sale in the market place.

   6381         GOVERNMENT - WORDS TO    Two high school seniors learn the cost of defending their First            E,M,H     45 min.        1990
                LIVE BY                  Amendment rights when the newspapers they publish offends school
                                         district personnel.

   4006         GREAT AMERICANS:         Demonstrates with historical photographs and on location footage, the      E,M       23 min.        1982
                LINCOLN (2ND ED)         rise of our 16th president, Abraham Lincoln, from a humble farm boy to
                                         a courageous moral man who strove to eliminate slavery.

   2010         GREECE: A CELEBRATION    Identification of the birthplace of western civilization comes alive,      E,M,H,A   30 min.        1986
                IN PICTURES              Athens, the islands and the clear blue sea, and traditional music and

   534          GROUND WATER:            Describes the importance of ground water in California and shows how       E,M       14 min.        1977
                CALIFORNIA'S SUNKEN      this resource is distributed throughout the state. Animated sequences
                TREASURE                 illustrate the characteristics of ground water reservoirs and show the
                                         changes brought about by depletion.

   1007         HAD YOU LIVED THEN:      Describes how missions built by the Spanish priests were much more         E,M,H     14 min.
                LIFE IN A CALIFORNIA     than churches. They were nearly self-sufficient communities, existing
                MISSION IN 1790          much like the feudal system.

   1011         HAD YOU LIVED THEN:      Re-creates the flavor and way of life in California mining towns during    E,M,H     18 min.
                LIFE IN A GOLD-MINING    the Gold Rush.
                CAMP 1850

   1010         HAD YOU LIVED THEN:      Describes how a turn-of-the-century town experienced many evidences        E,M,H     18 min.
                LIFE IN A MIDWESTERN     of change--the invention of the automobile, electric lights, and the
                SMALL TOWN               modernization of clothes and customs.

   1008         HAD YOU LIVED THEN:      Shows how a farm family lived in central New York State at the             E,M,H     16 min.
                LIFE IN AMERICA 1800     beginning of the Nineteenth Century.

   1009         HAD YOU LIVED THEN:      Demonstrates the importance of the sailing ship to the 1870 economy of     E,M,H     17 min.
                LIFE IN AN EASTERN       our country through the daily life of a family. Shows skills of
                SEAPORT TOWN 1870        shipbuilding, sailmaking, and rope making.

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  Number                    Title                       Description                                                  Grade      Length Date
   1012         HAD YOU LIVED THEN:       In authentic re-enactments, contemporary Indians show how their             E,M,H     12 min.
                LIFE IN THE WOODLANDS     ancestors lived before the coming of the white man.
                BEFORE WHITE MEN

   6408         HAIL TO THE CHIEF:        Explaining how the U.S. President is elected, this program examines the     E,M,H     16 min.        1996
                ELECTING THE PRESIDENT    function of the Electoral College and the reasons for its establishment
                                          by the Founding Fathers at the 1787 Constitutional Convention.

   1566         HARD WINTER               Tells the story of a brave young nation struggling to emerge from the       E,M,H,A   58 min.        1987
                                          shadow of an oppressor.

   2336         HARD-ROCK GOLD MINING     Demonstrates how gold was taken from deep within the mountains of           E,M,H,A   20 min.        1986
                                          California by an intricate system of tunnels excavating hundreds of
                                          miles beneath the earth's surface.

   3140         HARRIET TUBMAN AND        Traces the career of Harriet Tubman as she helped runaway slaves            E,M       21 min.        1988
                THE UNDERGROUND           escape to safety. The Fugitive Slave Law and pro and con slavery
                RAILROAD                  arguments are presented.

   5040         HELEN KELLER AND HER      This video provides a look at the life and times of Helen Keller, her       E,M       27 min.
                TEACHER                   teacher and their remarkable relationship.

   4910         HELEN KELLER: VOICE       The triumphs and accomplishments of the deaf, blind and mute woman          E,M,H     24 min.        1986
                AND VISION IN THE SOUL    who dedicated her life to helping others are celebrated.

   201          HONDO                     This adventure describes the life and duties of a police dog named          P,E       30 min.        1975
                                          Hondo. Features the team work between man and dog.

   3120         HOPI                      Shows how the Hopi Indians of Arizona pass on the communal values           E,M,H,A   30 min.        1982
                                          and survival skills that have kept their culture alive for centuries.

   2354         I HAVE A DREAM            Multi-ethnic, multiracial panorama of American faces highlighted by         E         20 min.        1987
                                          actual footage of Martin L. King's career with excerpts from his famous
                                          "I Have A Dream" speech.

   6190         IMMIGRATION EXPERIENCE    The history of America comes alive as viewers look at their roots and       E,M,H     12 min.        1996
                                          learn why people have settled, and continue to settle, in America.

   2817         IN ALL CASES              Shows how Benjamin Franklin led the fight to repeal the Stamp Act.          E,M,H,A   35 min.        1985

   2128         IN REMEMBRANCE OF         Documents commemorative events in celebration of the first federal          E,M,H,A   60 min.        1986
                MARTIN                    holiday honoring Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. on January 20, 1986.

   6463         IN THE LAND OF THE        Shows Hopi, Zuni and Navajo craftpersons at work creating traditional       E,M       19 min.        1996
                RAINBOW: THE              baskets, kachinas and jewelry. Demonstrates the close connection of
                SOUTHWEST                 Native Americans to their environment.

   2805         IN THE SHADOW OF          Follows scientists as they unravel secrets of Herculaneum, buried in the    E,M,H,A   59 min.        1986
                VESUVIUS                  eruption of Vesuvius in A.D.79 and ancient Roman life perserved for
                                          1,900 years.

   3136         INDIAN BOY OF THE         Examines the lives and lifestyle of a Hopi Indian family living in the      E         19 min.        1988
                SOUTHWEST (REV)           Arizona desert.

   3369         INDIANS IN THE AMERICAS   Examines many contributions of the Indian. The first Americans              E,M,H     12 min.        1980
                                          migrated here from Asia over twenty thousand years ago. The first
                                          arrivals were probably hunters, later the Indians developed agriculture
                                          and advanced civilizations such as those of the Mayas and the Incas.

   6678         INDIANS OF CALIFORNIA     Re-creation of the daily life of the Yokuts. Also discusses migration to    E,M,H     23 min.        1998
                (REVISED)                 North America from Asia.

   3193         INDIANS OF CALIFORNIA--   Records the customs and traditions of a primitive people as they lived      E,M,H     30 min.        1988
                2 PARTS                   before the white man came to the Pacific Coast.

   3396         INDIANS OF CALIFORNIA--   Shows the village life of the Indians before the white man came to the      E,M,H,A   15 min.        1988
                PART 1--VILLAGE LIFE      Pacific coast, includes trading, use of the baby cradle, basket making,
                                          use of the tule boat, house building, use of the sweat house, games and
                                          dance and songs used in religious ceremonies.

Wednesday, March 31, 2004                                                                                                             Page 46 of 152
  Number                    Title                         Description                                                  Grade      Length Date
   3397         INDIANS OF CALIFORNIA--     Shows how Indians in early California secured and prepared food.            E,M,H,A   14 min.           1988
                PART 2--FOOD                Includes arrow making, a deer hunt, gathering and preparing acorns and
                                            the family eating around the cooking basket. Explains the importance
                                            of storytelling in passing on history and customs.

   6777         INDIANS OF THE              Explores the people of the Potlach and shows the continuity of the          P,E,M     20 min            1992
                NORTHWEST                   culture of Native Americans

   3209         INSIDE THE SOVIET CIRCUS    Explores the history and development of the circus in the Soviet Union.     E,M,H,A   30 min.           1987
                                            Highlights "behind-the-scenes" preparation and the important role that
                                            the circus plays in the Soviet culture.

   6235         ISABELLE IN MEXICO -        Isabelle and her guide visit a Mayan family in the jungles of the           E,M       15 min.           1990
                VISITING THE MAYAS          Yucatan.

   6775         ISHI: THE LAST YAHI         Massacres of Native Americans in the 1860s and 1870s had nearly             E,M,H     57 min.           1994
                                            exterminated the Native peoples in California. The extraordinary
                                            appearance in 1911 of Ishi, the last Yahi Indian alive, stunned the

   4945         ISRAEL                      This program looks at all the aspects of Israel; the past, the wars, the    E,M       20 min.           1993
                                            present and the many ethnic peoples there.

   1644         IT'S YOUR WORLD:            Emphasizes the roles of history, weather, location and people in the        E,M       15 min.           1986
                AUSTRALIA I                 Land Down Under.

   1645         IT'S YOUR WORLD:            Describes the main geographical regions: the western shield, the central    E,M       15 min.           1986
                AUSTRALIA II                lowland and the eastern highlands; and introduces the main agricultural

   1646         IT'S YOUR WORLD:            Examines the early formation of the continent and introduces Australia's    E,M       15 min.           1986
                AUSTRALIA III               native people--the Aborigines. Native plant and animal life is also

   1639         IT'S YOUR WORLD: JAPAN I    Introduces the land, climate and cities of Japan, along with the major      E,M       15 min.           1986
                                            transportation system; the Japanese National Railroad.

   1640         IT'S YOUR WORLD: JAPAN II   Describes the lives of two young Japanese students. Illustrates the         E,M       15 min.           1986
                                            impact of limited farm land on diet and explores eastern and western
                                            sports in Japan.

   1641         IT'S YOUR WORLD: JAPAN      Examines the Japanese democratic government, language, theatre, and         E,M       15 min.           1986
                III                         traditional paper making.

   1642         IT'S YOUR WORLD: JAPAN      Features the Japanese Matsuri or festival including the Saporro Snow        E,M       15 min.           1986
                IV                          Festival, Hamamatsu, Big Kite-Flying Festival, Tanabata Star Festival
                                            and Hiroshima Peace Memorial.

   1649         IT'S YOUR WORLD:            Examines the rich historical legacy of the Mayan and Aztec                  E,M       15 min.           1986
                MEXICO I                    civilizations through the Spanish conquest and eventual

   1648         IT'S YOUR WORLD:            Explores the geography and relationships of climate, plant and animal       E,M       15 min.           1986
                MEXICO II                   life, agriculture and industry.

   1647         IT'S YOUR WORLD:            Depicts people and culture with an emphasis on language, food, arts and     E,M       15 min.           1986
                MEXICO III                  the fiesta.

   2866         IT'S YOUR WORLD:            Presents the geography of Scandinavia including mountains, forests and      E,M       15 min.           1986
                SCANDINAVIA I               seas. Also discusses the climate and seasons, and the colorful northern

   2867         IT'S YOUR WORLD:            Looks at Norway, Sweden and Finland, discussing the agriculture,            E,M       15 min.           1986
                SCANDINAVIA II              industry and government of each country.

   2868         IT'S YOUR WORLD:            Looks at Denmark, Iceland, and Lapland, and the impact living near          E,M       15 min.           1986
                SCANDINAVIA III             water has on Scandinavian culture, economy and history.

   1650         IT'S YOUR WORLD: THE        Examines the Great Lakes-St. Lawrence Seaway, Canada's                      E,M       15 min.           1986
                SEAWAY                      transportation link between inland centers and foreign markets.

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  Number                    Title                       Description                                                   Grade      Length Date
   4839         JAPAN                     Demonstrates to the viewer the life styles of the Japanese today both as     E,M,H,A   22 min            1991
                                          a county and as a people. We view the old traditions married to the new
                                          technologies creating a diverse society.

   6608         JEFFERSON DECIDES TO      Discusses the history of lthe Louisiana Purchase and how it boosted the      E,M       20 min,           1994
                PURCHSE LOUISIANA 1801-   economic status and national security of the United states.

   3482         JUVENILE LAW AND YOU      Shows the consequences juvenile offenders may face and how the               E,M       29 min.           1988
                                          juvenile court system works as it follows the case of three youths--a
                                          minor needing the protection of the court from child abuse, a first-time-
                                          offender and a repeat offender. Actual police, social workers, and
                                          judges play their respective roles in these court cases.

   6462         KACHINAS: THE STORIES     Combines live action, animation and computer graphics to reveal the          E,M       20 min.           1996
                THEY TELL                 stories of Kachinas - essential spirits of the Pueblo.

   4676         KIDS ASK ABOUT WAR        Explains the news seen on TV and seen in the newspapers to children. A E,M             30 min.           1991
                                          panel of experts answers questions from a panel of children. Reassures
                                          children that they will be taken care of in times of war.

   2778         KING'S MOUNTAIN           Depicts King's Mountain, and how the victorious Overmountain Men             E,M,H,A   27 min.           1987
                                          retaliated against British-instigated hangings of colonial prisoners.

   458          KNOW THE LAND AND THE     Climb a steepside mountain, watch a grape harvest, watch the making          E,M,H,A   28 min.           1980
                PEOPLE--THE MOUNTAINS     of maple sugar, meet a fiddlemaker and join a group of Outward Bound
                                          students as they train in self-reliance. Panoramas and beautiful close-
                                          ups of mountain scenery throughout the United States.

   457          KNOW THE LAND AND THE     Learn how pioneers settled and homesteaded the Great Plains. Ride            E,M,H,A   28 min.           1980
                PEOPLE--THE PLAINS        atop a combine, journey into the dark depths of an old gold mine, ride
                                          an old steam train and climb to the top of Mt. Rushmore.

   6191         LAND OF IMMIGRANTS        This video tells the history of U.S. immigration.                            E,M       16 min.           1996

   944          LATITUDE AND              Shows how the earth's grid system is used to find distances between          E,M       14 min.
                LONGITUDE                 points and indicated direction using various units of measurement.

   463          LEGACY AMERICANA--        This program presents a judge's eye view of livestock competitions,          E,M,H,A   28 min.           1976
                LEGACY OF COUNTRY         explores the changing horizons of 4-H and whirls through the midway.
                FOLKS & FAIRS             Discover the joys of raising Holsteins.

   465          LEGACY AMERICANA--        Step back through the centuries for a guided tour of the oldest existing     E,M,H,A   28 min.           1976
                LEGACY OF OLD ST.         colonial settlement in the United States.

   466          LEGACY AMERICANA--        A broom-maker, a potter, a tinsmith, a printer, and a blacksmith help        E,M,H,A   28 min.           1976
                LEGACY OF OLD             tell the story of life in a New England village between 1790 and
                STURBRIDGE VILLAGE        1840.

   462          LEGACY AMERICANA--        Enjoy sailing with Hobie Alter, meet the young captain of a deep-water       E,M,H,A   28 min.           1976
                LEGACY OF PEOPLE AND      lobster fishing boat, dream with house-boat vacationers, and splash
                WATER                     along with raft guides.

   467          LEGACY AMERICANA--        This program shows what cowboys were and were not like. It compares          E,M,H,A   28 min.           1976
                LEGACY OF THE             them with old movie cowboys and with the few cowboys still working
                AMERICAN COWBOY           ranches today.

   464          LEGACY AMERICANA--        The Mississippi River flows 2,340 miles through twenty locks and dams        E,M,H,A   28 min.           1976
                LEGACY OF THE             and through many Americans' lives. Meet towboat hands and river-
                MISSISSIPPI               based industrialists.

   5024         LEGACY OF THE MOUND       The native cultures of North America were busily at work and had             E,M,H     16 min.           1995
                BUILDERS                  developed sophisticated societies and trading routes before the first
                                          Europeans reached the North American shores. This program looks at
                                          the civilizations of that time.

   5025         LIBERTY AND JUSTICE: A    Introduces students to the structure and function of the American legal      E,M,H     48 min.           1991
                LOOK AT THE AMERICAN      system.
                LEGAL SYSTEM

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  Number                    Title                        Description                                                  Grade      Length Date
   6215         LIFE IN A CALIFORNIA       The lives of the Spanish missionaries and Native Americans in late 18th     E,M,H     14 min.           1996
                MISSION: 1790              century California are shown through scenes photographed in an actual

   6248         LIFE IN A GOLD MINING      Old songs, views of ghost towns and abandoned mines, and dramatized         E,M,H     18 min.           1976
                CAMP 1850                  scenes in a mining camp recreate the great romantic adventures of the
                                           California Gold Rush.

   4053         LIFE IN MEXICO             Compares the lives of an urban family and a rural family in Mexico          E,M       13 min.           1986
                                           today. Shows how life in Mexico is influenced by its past and how
                                           modern Mexico is changing.

   5026         LIMA, PERU (THE THIRSTY    A look at the problems of providing water for a population that has         E,M,H     14 min.           1994
                CITIES SERIES)             doubled in the last ten years.

   1188         LINCOLN'S GETTYSBURG       Uses art, photographs and graphics to highlight the Civil War from the      E,M,H     15 min.           1985
                ADDRESS                    beginning to the battle of Gettysburg. Charlton Heston delivers
                                           Lincoln's moving and dranatuc speech.

   3026         LIVING TREASURES OF        Visits the homes and workshops of the remarkable people who quietly         E,M,H,A   60 min.           1988
                JAPAN                      keep Japan's most precious creative traditions alive. The "Living
                                           National Treasure" is the highest award that can be achieved in the
                                           Japanese arts.

   2802         LOOK BACK IN SORROW        Follows loyalist Sam Curwen who flees to England but soon regrets his       E,M,H,A   18 min.           1986

   3605         MAP SKILLS SERIES:         Presents animated character Natalie Haymaker, who demonstrates the          E,M       30 min.           1988
                LONGITUDE                  location and role of the prime meridian, measurement of longitude in
                                           degrees, time and miles, how longitude meridians are used to determine
                                           time zones.

   3607         MAP SKILLS SERIES:         Teaches students how all points north or south of the equator are           E,M       12 min            1988
                UNDERSTANDING              measured in degrees, why there is a worldwide relationship between
                LATITUDE                   latitude and climate, how degrees translate into miles and how latitude
                                           can be determined from the North Star.

   3609         MAP SKILLS SERIES: USING   This animated program emphasizes the value of combining information         E,M       12 min            1988
                MAPS TOGETHER              from elevation maps, transformation maps, physical feature maps,
                                           rainfall maps and natural resource maps to reveal information on a
                                           single area. Underscores the meaning of colors, lines and symbols on

   3791         MAP SKILLS:                Introduces students to map indicators for various bodies of water,          E,M       12 min            1988
                RECOGNIZING PHYSICAL       including the difference between a gulf, a bay, a lake and an ocean.
                FEATURES                   Students are shown how to read a map to determine elevation above sea
                                           level and land contour.

   3792         MAPS                       Shows the process of students making a map while they learn about           P,E       10 min            1988
                                           scale and symbols, about reading a legend, about directions and about
                                           using a grid to find certain locations.

   1742         MAPS AND GLOBES: AN        Introduces basic map reading skills and indicates the diversity of          P,E,M     17 min.           1985
                INTRODUCTION               information available from maps.

   1374         MAPS: KNOW WHERE           See same title # 330 below for description.                                 P,E       15 min.           1985
                YOU'RE GOING

   1267         MAPS: SYMBOLS AND          Presents the point that "When you can read the language of maps, you        E,M       13 min.           1983
                TERMS                      have the world at your fingertips".

   6224         MAPS: WHERE AM I?          This program looks at maps and how they relate to the area they             P,E       11 min.           1996

   389          MARTIN, THE                An overview of the life and work of a major historical figure. The story    E,M,H,A   46 min.           1986
                EMANCIPATOR                is told by those who knew him and worked with him. Illustrated with
                                           documentary film and photos.

   2776         MARY KATE'S WAR            Examines women's strife for independence during the American                E,M,H,A   25 min.           1985
                                           Revolution era and the fight for freedom of press.

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  Number                    Title                      Description                                                     Grade      Length Date
   6216         MCGRUFF ON HALLOWEEN     McGruff gives tips on how to make Halloween safe and fun, as well as           P,E       14 min.        1996
                                         important safety tips about costumes and masks.

   904          MEXICAN COLONIAL TOUR    Travels from Mexico City to Cuernavaca, to Taxco and Guanajuato.               E,M,H     30 min.
                                         Visits a land with a potpourri of sights to see.

   905          MEXICAN PYRAMID TOUR     Travels from Mexico City of Oaxaca, Merida, Chichen Itza and finally           E,M,H     30 min.
                                         to Cancun, visiting historical and cultural landmarks.

   2870         MEXICAN WAY OF LIFE      Examines various sources of capital for exports: tourism, high-tech            E,M,H,A   24 min.        1987
                                         industry, exportation of certain crops during winter to America and

   5027         MEXICO CITY, MEXICO      The challenge and history of providing clean water to a city of 15,000         E,M,H     14 min.        1994
                (THE THIRSTY CITIES      years old with one of the largest urban concentrations in the world.

   4899         MEXICO: THE HERITAGE     Many factors have played a part in defining the heritage of the modern         E,M       21 min.        1994
                                         Mexican citizen. This program examines the strongest influences.

   4911         MEXICO: THE PEOPLE       Viewers will meet a lower class rural family, a middle class                   E,M       20 min.        1994
                                         woodcarving family, and an upper class professional family; though
                                         their lives are different they have much in common.

   4900         MEXICO:THE NATION        This program takes views on an exploration of the cities, government,          E,M       23 min.        1984
                                         religion, geography, and industry of Mexico.

   10039        MIDDLE AGES SCHOOL       Combines live action documentary sequences with portions of an                 E,M       120 min.       1989
                KIT--CASTLES AND         animated story, all adapted from the books "Castle and Cathedral" by
                CATHEDRALS               David Macaulay; is set in England and France around the 13th century,
                                         and accompanied by Teachers' Guide.

   4936         MIDDLE AMERICA:          A brief look at each of the countries of Middle America.                       E         30 min.        1995
                MEXICO TO VENEZUELA
                AND THE CARIBBEAN

   4929         MIDDLE EAST: HISTORY     This program looks at the influences of the ancient cultures and the           E,M       20 min.        1993
                AND CULTURE              current conditions that exist in the Middle East. We see the many
                                         peoples of this area and how oil controls much of the economy.

   4904         MIDDLE EAST: LAND AND    This live-action presentation delves deep into the Middle East to reveal       E,M       20 min.        1993
                PEOPLE                   a land of many different people, cultures and landscapes.

   3998         MILK: FROM FARM TO YOU   Describes milk production from the birth of a calf through the                 P,E       15 min.        1987
                (REV.)                   pasteurization, and testing of milk for butterfat and bacteria content.

   4921         MISSION CARMEL           This program looks at this beautiful mission and the final resting place       E,M,H,A   12 min.        1992
                                         of its founder-Father Junipero Serra.

   4926         MISSION GLOSSARY GAME    This game for young viewers provides an opportunity to test their              E,M       15 min.        1991
                                         knowledge of the missions.

   4918         MISSION INDIANS          This program looks at the Native Americans of California at the time of        E,M,H,A   10 min.        1990
                                         the missions and the introduction of the Spanish into their culture.

   4924         MISSION SAN ANTONIO      This program demonstrates that, though this mission may be out of the          E,M,H,A   15 min.        1995
                                         way and one of the oldest in the chain, it is also one of the best

   4916         MISSION SAN DIEGO        A tour of this mission takes the viewer into the past to look at a simpler     E,M,H,A   10 min.        1990
                                         time of life. The Casa del Padre Serra illustrates the lifestyle of the old

   4925         MISSION SAN GABRIEL      Nine miles east of Los Angeles, Mission San Gabriel, the fourth                E,M,H,A   10 min.        1990
                ARCHANGEL                mission, offers an important look at why the missions became the center
                                         of Spanish culture in the state.

   4913         MISSION SAN JUAN         Step back 150 years as your walk through this old mission and                  E,M,H,A   12 min.        1992
                BAUTISTA                 experience first- hand the living Spanish legacy that exists today.

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  Number                    Title                        Description                                                    Grade      Length Date
   4902         MISSION SAN JUAN           This program looks at a tour of the most visited of the California            E,M,H,A   12 min.           1990
                CAPISTRANO                 missions.

   4923         MISSION SAN LUIS OBISPO    This program not only documents the history and present story of the          E,M,H,A   15 min.           1995
                                           fifth mission, but also reminds us how important all the missions are to
                                           the people of California.

   4915         MISSION SANTA BARBARA      A tribute to the Franciscan friars and Native Americans, this program         E,M,H,A   10 min.           1990
                                           includes a tour of the mission, its grounds and museum.

   1013         MISSIONS OF CALIFORNIA     Approximately nine miles east of Los Angeles stands the fourth of             E,M,H     10 min.           1989
                #1--MISSION SAN GABRIEL    California's 21 missions, Mission San Gabriel. Here we learn how the
                ARCHANGEL                  missions became the center of the Spanish culture in California.

   1014         MISSIONS OF CALIFORNIA     The story of the first of nine missions founded by Father Junipero            E,M,H     10 min.           1989
                #2--MISSION SAN DIEGO DE   Serra. This mission was the first of 21 and the first permanent
                ALCALA                     settlement in California.

   1015         MISSIONS OF CALIFORNIA     The story of the most-visited mission in California, famous for the           E,M,H     10 min.           1989
                #3--MISSION SAN JUAN       swallows that return every year and a rare look at California's oldest
                CAPISTRANO                 building.

   1016         MISSIONS OF CALIFORNIA     Story of the "Queen of the Missions", the 10th mission and the first to       E,M,H     10 min.           1989
                #4--MISSION SANTA          be founded by Father Serra's successor, Father Fermin Lausen.

   1017         MISSIONS OF CALIFORNIA     An overview of how the missions began and the interaction between the         E,M,H     10 min.           1989
                #5--CALIFORNIA'S           two cultures: the original Native Americans and the Franciscan Padres
                HERITAGE: THE MISSION      from Spain.

   1018         MISSIONS OF CALIFORNIA     Shows an overview of how the missions affected the lives and heritage         E,M,H     10 min.           1989
                #6--MISSION INDIANS        of the Native Americans who first inhabited California.

   1019         MISSIONS OF CALIFORNIA     Students on location at a mission are shown building adobe bricks just        E,M,H     10 min.           1989
                #7--CLASS PROJECT: THE     as mission indians did hundreds of years ago; also, model structures of
                MAKING OF A MISSION        various missions made by students are displayed.

   6820         MY 20TH CENTURY- 1964      Chronicles the 1964 Republican Convention held at the Cow Palace.             E,M,H     7 min.            2000
                REPUBLICAN CONVENTION      Features Barry Goldwater's fight to win the nomination and clips of
                                           Richard Burress- Deputy Counselor for President Nixon, and John
                                           Herrington- President Reagan's Secretary of Energy.

   6803         MY 20TH CENTURY-           Before it was "Silicon Valley", it was home to cattle ranches and fruit       E,M,H     7 min.            2000
                ANDERSON RESERVOIR         orchards. 1950 saw the creation of the Anderson Reservoir and dam. A
                                           look at the local ranchers and their struggles to keep their land from the
                                           Santa Clara Valley Water District

   6824         MY 20TH CENTURY-           A look back at the local island- spanning from 1775 when Juan de          E,M,H         7 min.            2000
                ANGEL ISLAND               Ayala first dropped anchor in its cove, up to the 1940's when it was used
                                           as an immigration and detention center for incoming Chinese

   6831         MY 20TH CENTURY- BAY       A glimpse at William Kyne who led a campaign to legalize horse race           E,M,H     7 min.            2000
                MEADOWS                    gambling in California. Soon after, he constructed Bay Meadows which
                                           was the place to be seen for over 40 years. Its debateable future is also

   6828         MY 20TH CENTURY-           A look back at the fire in 1991 and a historical look back at the Oakland     E,M,H     7 min.            2000
                BERKELEY FIRE              Hills fire of 1923. Includes homeowners battling the encroaching blaze,
                                           investigations by the Forestry Service, and personal accounts of the

   6806         MY 20TH CENTURY- BILL      A look back at the local music/concert promoter who introduced us to          E,M,H     7 min.            2000
                GRAHAM                     bands like the Grateful Dead. Included is his benefit and donation work,
                                           and his positive influence on the Bay Area

   6840         MY 20TH CENTURY- CABLE     Covers the rich cultural mix and history of the Bay Area.                     el., sr   7 min             2000

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  Number                    Title                       Description                                                    Grade    Length Date
   6796         MY 20TH CENTURY-          A look at the Giants home stadium, the San Francisco Seals Stadium            E,M,H   7 min.            2000
                CANDLESTICK PARK          from 1960 up to the 1989 world series and the Loma Prieta

   6800         MY 20TH CENTURY- COIT     A look at the San Francisco landmark, its artwork and design. Lilly           E,M,H   7 min.            2000
                TOWER                     Hitchcock who married Harold Coit and bought Telegraph Hill and left
                                          the city a hefty sum.

   6799         MY 20TH CENTURY-          A look at Abner Doble- the local engineer who designed and built steam        E,M,H   7min.             2000
                DOBLE STEAMER CARS        cars out of Emeryville. Focuses on their popularity, innovation, and
                                          demise due to Henry Ford's gasoline based models.

   6798         MY 20TH CENTURY- DRIVE-   A look at local drive-in sites- their popularity in the 1950's and demise     E,M,H   7 Min.            2000
                INS                       in the late 1970's.

   6809         MY 20TH CENTURY- EAST     Called the worst wildfire in California history, the East Bay firestorm of    E,M,H   7 min.            2000
                BAY HILLS FIRE            1991 killed 25 people and destroyed 3,500 homes. Also includes the
                                          1923 Berkeley Hills fire.

   6811         MY 20TH CENTURY- FLEET    Provides history and information on one of the Bay Area's biggest             E,M,H   7min.             2000
                WEEK                      annual events. Started in 1908, the celebration includes the Blue
                                          Angels air show, speedboat races, and naval vessels

   6823         MY 20TH CENTURY- GAY      A look at what has become a San Francisco tradition in the heart of the       E,M,H   7 min.            2000
                PRIDE                     Castro district. Started in 1972, the Gay and Lesbian Freedom Day
                                          Parade has had its ups and downs- from radical participants sending the
                                          wrong message, to becoming a tourists' attraction. Local participant,
                                          both young and old are interviewed.

   6815         MY 20TH CENTURY-          An overview of the life and times of one of San Francisco's most driven       E,M,H   7 min.            2000
                GEORGE CHRISTOPHER        mayors. Included is international relations with Krushchev, race
                                          relations, and the pledge to get Candlestick Park and the Giants to

   6807         MY 20TH CENTURY-          A look at the self-made millionaire, and the South Bay institution built      E,M,H   7 min.            2000
                HERBERT HOOVER            in his name.

   6802         MY 20TH CENTURY- HOME     As World War II was looming, the Bay Area started its part to help the        E,M,H   7 min.            2000
                FRONT                     war effort- military manufacturing, USO shows, etc. Local home front
                                          veterans are interviewed.

   6819         MY 20TH CENTURY- IWO      A look back at the U.S. occupation of this North Pacific island.              E,M,H   7 min.            2000
                JIMA                      Includes interviews with veterans, and Joe Rosenthal, the photographer
                                          that snapped the now famous picture of the raising of the American

   6812         MY 20TH CENTURY-          Nobel Prize winner Ernest Lawrence designed this East Bay lab in the          E,M,H   7 min.            2000
                LAWRENCE LIVERMORE        hopes of harmonizing physics, chemistry, biology, and engineering.
                LAB                       From its humble beginning in 1952, it has provided the Bay Area and
                                          the world with vital scientific information

   6810         MY 20TH CENTURY- LOMA     A look back at the Loma Prieta earthquake of 1989. Highlighted is the         E,M,H   7 min.            2000
                PRIETA                    Cypress Freeway collapse, the Marina District fire, the Bay Bridge
                                          collapse, and personal recounts from survivors and witnesses.

   6821         MY 20TH CENTURY-          For over 35 years this local cruise ship company treated its passengers       E,M,H   7 min.            2000
                MATSON LINES              to exotic tropical locales such as Hawaii, Tahiti and Bora-Bora. Former
                                          crew members reflect on the glory days of the Matson Lines, before
                                          commercial flight was the norm.

   6829         MY 20TH CENTURY-          Focuses on a local veteran who, as a gunner in WWII, gives his                E,M,H   7 min             2000
                MIDWAY                    personal account of the battle for Midway.

   6805         MY 20TH CENTURY- MUIR     A look at William Kent, who in 1903 bought and preserved six acres of         E,M,H   7 min.            2000
                WOODS                     woodlands in Marin County. President Roosevelt expanded the
                                          preserve and named it after John Muir. Highlights include the 1906
                                          earthquake and the parks popularity after "Vertigo" filmed there.

   6826         MY 20TH CENTURY- RON      Focuses on the unexpected retirement of the Congressional                     E,M,H   7 min             2000
                DELLUMS                   representative for parts of Oakland and Berkeley, his local upbringing,
                                          and turbulent years of service during the Vietnam War and the Nixon

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  Number                    Title                      Description                                                    Grade      Length Date
   6801         MY 20TH CENTURY- S.F.    In early 1900 this disease swept through Chinatown and beyond. This           E,M,H     7 min.            2000
                BUBONIC PLAGUE           sparked four years of bigotry, heroism and political cover-ups.

   6808         MY 20TH CENTURY- SAN     A look at the South Bay landmark that was blown over in 1915. Today           E,M,H     7 min.            2000
                JOSE LIGHT TOWER         a half-scale replica can be seen at the San Jose History Park. Includes
                                         information on the introduction of electricity to the Bay Area and the
                                         Pan Pacific Expo in 1915.

   6818         MY 20TH CENTURY- SAN     Take a first hand look at the Bay Area's correctional facility through the    E,M,H     7 min,            2000
                QUENTIN WARDEN           eyes of its female warden, Jeanne Wooford. She describes the
                                         turbulence in past decades, witnessing executions and the recent decline
                                         in prison violence.

   6825         MY 20TH CENTURY-         Focuses on the evolution the Silicon Valley. What was once acres of           E,M,H     7 min.            2000
                SILICON VALLEY           cherry orchards has transforms into shopping malls and hi-tech business
                ORCHARDS                 complexes. Local farmers share their personal accounts of the changing
                                         nature of the region.

   6822         MY 20TH CENTURY-         A look at the local aviation pioneer who constructed one of the world's       E,M,H     7 min.            2000
                STANLEY HILLER           first operable helicopters. Follow his work from the early forties up
                                         through the Korean War when his model was tested and used in military
                                         operations as a prototype for what is widely used today.

   6830         MY 20TH CENTURY-         Shows us the inventor and invention of the T.V. locally here in San           E,M,H     7 min             2000
                TELEVISION NIGHTS        Francisco, its rise in popularity and affect on the general public and

   6804         MY 20TH CENTURY- TRANS   A look at the local airline that, at its peak revenue topped 50 million       E,M,H     7 min.            2000
                OCEAN AIRLINES           dollars. From its Oakland airport the planes hopped around the globe
                                         ferrying passengers, cargo, even refugees.

   6795         MY 20TH CENTURY- VJ      Local residents recount the day World War II officially ended. Includes       E,M,H     7 min.            2000
                DAY IN SF                a look at the Presidio, naval bases and shipyards, and routine

   6827         MY 20TH CENTURY-         Chronicles the longshoremen strike of the West Coast during the Great         E,M,H     7 min.            2000
                WATERFRONT               Depression. After violent confrontations between dockworkers, police,
                                         and strikers, two longshoremen were killed, dozens injured or gassed,
                                         and many more outraged. The National Guard was called in with its
                                         troops and tanks to put an end to the riots, but after funeral processions
                                         for the dead, the whole city organized a general strike that eventually
                                         won organization for all workers

   6797         MY 20TH CENTURY-         A look at Golden Gate Park's surviving windmill that once pumped              E,M,H     7min.             2000
                WINDMILLS                water to irrigate the park and its gardens

   6788         MY COUNTRY: A NAVAJO     Explores the lifestyle of a young boy living on a Navajo reservation          E,M       25 min            1988
                BOY'S STORY

   1335         NATIONAL PARKS:          Travels to such magical places as Yosemite, Yellowstone, Mt.                  E,M,H,A   23 min.           1986
                PROMISES AND             McKinley, and the Grand Canyon to explain the significant role played
                CHALLENGES               by our national parks.

   2574         NATIONS OF THE WORLD:    Introduces the Aboriginals, and re-creates the coming of the Europeans.       E,M,H,A   25 min.           1987
                AUSTRALIA                States that in the vast empty outback, miners, and farmers create
                                         Australia's great wealth.

   2567         NATIONS OF THE WORLD:    Points out that while most of the region shares an Indian and Spanish         E,M,H,A   25 min.           1987
                CENTRAL AMERICA          heritage and a tropical climate, the seven Central American countries
                                         differ in terms of economic development, cultural traditions, and
                                         political stability.

   2570         NATIONS OF THE WORLD:    Visits the cities of East Berlin, Leipzig, Dresden, Rostock; observe          E,M,H,A   25 min.           1987
                EAST GERMANY             important industries and an agricultural Cooperative. Why East Berlin
                                         is the showplace of the Communist World. Witness the birth of the
                                         German Democratic Republic.

   2572         NATIONS OF THE WORLD:    Visits this modern Middle Eastern power; observes industry and                E,M,H,A   25 min.           1987
                EGYPT                    agriculture along the Nile, and the port of Alexandria; Cairo, the largest
                                         city in Africa.

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  Number                    Title                      Description                                                    Grade      Length Date
   2573         NATIONS OF THE WORLD:    Examines Israel's history, biblical, modern records, geographic beauty;       E,M,H,A   25 min.           1987
                ISRAEL                   introduces its nationality and religious groups and observes life on a

   2569         NATIONS OF THE WORLD:    Visits Japan's villages and cities. Japan has manufactured and exported       E,M,H,A   25 min.           1987
                JAPAN                    its way to prominence in the modern world.

   2565         NATIONS OF THE WORLD:    Observes life in Mexico today--in its factories and cities, on its farms,     E,M,H,A   25 min.           1987
                MEXICO                   and along its border with the United States.

   2566         NATIONS OF THE WORLD:    Visits the great cities of the historic Islamic region-- Tashkent, Bukhara    E,M,H,A   25 min.           1987
                SOVIET UNION             and Samarkand. Shows how irrigation enables the people to farm their
                                         arid land. Visits the fastest growing population region of the Soviet
                                         Union--the Central Asia region.

   2571         NATIONS OF THE WORLD:    Examines the country's birth after World War II and the "economic             E,M,H,A   25 min.           1987
                WEST GERMANY             miracle" that transformed Germany into one of the world's most
                                         powerful industrial states. Travel to West Berlin, and the lowlands of
                                         the north coast to the Bavarian Alps.

   2568         NATIONS OF THE WORLD:    Explores Yugoslavia's diverse cultures, many religious and ethnic             E,M,H,A   25 min.           1987
                YUGOSLAVIA               groups, three major languages, two official alphabets. Visits
                                         Yugoslavia's cities, farms, factories.

   4938         NATIVE AMERICAN MYTHS    This video presents American tribes and their legends and beliefs in an       E,M,H     24 min.           1988
                                         animated format.

   6602         NATIVE AMERICANS:        Authentic recreation of an Anasazi cliff dwelling village shows how           E,M       25 min.           1998
                PEOPLE OF THE DESERT     these ancestors of the modern Hopi adapted to their environment. The
                                         Anasazi achieved the highest level of cultural development in the
                                         Southwest and were among the first farmers.

   6604         NATIVE AMERICANS:        Dense forests, streams, lakes and waterfalls were home to the Iroquois,       E,M       23 min.           1998
                PEOPLE OF THE FOREST     the Cherokee, the Chippewa and others. The typical life of these
                                         Eastern Woodland Indians is seen through a Chippewa family.

   6603         NATIVE AMERICANS:        These people of the coast have many names..Tlinget, Haida, Salish,            E,M       23 min.           1998
                PEOPLE OF THE            Tsimshian. Different names and different languages yet they share a
                NORTHWEST COAST          common background of survival along the rugged coastlines and dense

   6605         NATIVE AMERICANS:        The Comanche, the Blackfeet, the Cheyenne, the Sioux- these and               E,M,H     24 min.           1998
                PEOPLE OF THE PLAINS     others were the tribes of the plains. Each had a different name and a
                                         different language; however, they all hunted buffalo for food, clothing
                                         and hide for their homes. Follow a Sioux family and see what happens
                                         during the day.

   367          NATURAL SCIENCE--THE     America's Inland Sea--Discusses the economic and industrial activity          E,M       20 min.           1980
                GREAT SALT LAKE          around the lake and speculates on its future as recreational area.

   2012         NEWS TRAVELS FAST: ALL   Describes the incredible work involved in TV newscasting. Shows               E,M,H     18 min.           1986
                ABOUT T.V. NEWSCASTING   behind-the-scenes team essential to the presentation, the producer,
                                         assistant producer, assignment editor, videotape editor and director.

   6813         NMY 20TH CENTURY-        A focus on the life of the singer including his art work, acting, term in     E,M,H     7 min.            2000
                TONY BENNETT             World War II, and local charity work

   1800         NORTH AMERICA:           Traces the history and development of transportation and                      E,M       15 min.           1986
                GROWTH OF A              communications.
                THE GOODS

   1812         NORTH AMERICA:           Describes the origins of the North American continent and explores the        E,M       15 min.           1986
                GROWTH OF A              main geographic regions and river systems.
                CONTINENT--FROM THE

   1804         NORTH AMERICA:           Examines the major mining regions of the continent and the minerals           E,M       15 min.           1986
                GROWTH OF A              they yield.
                CONTINENT--FROM THE
                GROUND UP

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  Number                    Title                      Description                                                   Grade      Length Date
   1805         NORTH AMERICA:           Discusses the fishing industry, primary fishing grounds and the major        E,M       15 min.        1986
                GROWTH OF A              methods of catching fish.
                THE SEA

   1806         NORTH AMERICA:           Examines the history, growth, present conditions and future concerns of      E,M       15 min.        1986
                GROWTH OF A              the forest products industry.
                THE LAND

   1811         NORTH AMERICA:           Emphasizes map skills, demonstrates the problems of transferring             E,M       15 min.        1986
                GROWTH OF A              information from a globe to a map and introduces latitude and time
                CONTINENT--MAPPING       zones.
                THE LAND

   1810         NORTH AMERICA:           Explains the variety of climatic zones in North America and the factors      E,M       15 min.        1986
                GROWTH OF A              which affect climate.
                CONTINENT--PATTERNS OF

   1803         NORTH AMERICA:           Features the origins, history and future of fossil fuels, with particular    E,M       15 min.        1986
                GROWTH OF A              emphasis on the increasing important energy resource--coal.
                CONTINENT--THE FOSSIL

   1801         NORTH AMERICA:           Examines the manufacturing process and explores the differences and          E,M       15 min.        1986
                GROWTH OF A              interdependence of primary, secondary and tertiary industries.
                CONTINENT--THE MAN-
                MADE WORLD

   1802         NORTH AMERICA:           Shows how people first harnessed energy and discusses various sources        E,M       15 min.        1986
                GROWTH OF A              of electrical power including water, thermal heat and nuclear power.
                CONTINENT--THE SEARCH
                FOR POWER

   1808         NORTH AMERICA:           Explains how different races shaped the social, political and economic       E,M       15 min.        1986
                GROWTH OF A              face of the continent and how industrialization has caused massive
                CONTINENT--THEN CAME     migration from rural urban centers.

   1807         NORTH AMERICA:           Examines how progress is traced from pioneer farming to the highly           E,M       15 min.        1986
                GROWTH OF A              developed agricultural operations of today.
                CONTINENT--TILLING THE

   1809         NORTH AMERICA:           Explores the relationships between climate, soil, vegetables and             E,M       15 min.        1986
                GROWTH OF A              humans. Shows how glaciation, weathering and erosion contribute to
                CONTINENT--VEGETATION    the formation of fertile topsoil.
                AND SOIL

   6607         NORTH VS SOUTH IN THE    Geography in US. History-Highlights the regional differences between         E,M       20 min.           94
                FOUNDING OF THE USA      the northern and southern states that complicated efforts to establish a
                1787-1796                workable constitutional govermment. Explores the roles of Madison and
                                         Washington in this process.

   2799         NOT WORTH A              Explores the hardships experienced by soldiers and citizens during the       E,M,H,A   21 min.        1986
                CONTINENTAL              Revolution.

   561          OF TIME, TOMBS, AND      Go on a journey to Egypt and the final resting place of a young king         E,M,H,A   27 min.        1982
                TREASURE: THE            who ruled 3,000 years ago. Tells the story of the tomb's discovery in
                TREASURES OF             1922 and shows examples of the tomb's fabulous treasures.

   6946         ONE MORE MOUNTAIN        Spark students' interest in an exciting and harrowing chapter of             E,M,H     92 min.        1994
                                         American history with the story of Margaret Reed and the Donner

   3053         ONLY ONE EARTH:          Highlights a family of the Szchewan Providence in southwest China            E,M,H,A   30 min.        1987
                CHINA'S CHANGING FACE    who run a modern fashion tailoring business, as well as tend the farm
                                         land allotted to them by the government.

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  Number                    Title                       Description                                                      Grade        Length Date
   3054         ONLY ONE EARTH: CITY IN   Examines the overpopulation of Lima, Peru and some inhabitants who              E,M,H,A     30 min.        1988
                THE SAND                  join together as a community to establish a new town and their efforts to
                                          give their children opportunities they never had.

   3055         ONLY ONE EARTH: PEOPLE    Examines the nomadic people of North Kenya who are now moving into              E,M,H,A     30 min.        1988
                OF THE DESERT             permanent settlements and the many adjustments they must make in
                                          their daily living.

   3057         ONLY ONE EARTH: THE       Visits the Galapagos Islands and some of the animals that are slowly            E,M,H,A     30 min.        1988
                SINKING ARK               becoming extinct. Examines economic resources of Indonesia, Japan
                                          and Africa and the need to save the rain forests.

   4677         OPERATION DESERT          Records the first few days of the war with Iraq and shows how it looks          E,M,H       30 min.        1991
                STORM #1                  on TV. Shows also interviews with children, especially those of near
                                          draft age, and the reactions to President Bush's sending troops and

   545          OROVILLE KALEIDOSCOPE     Oroville Dam, keystone of the State Water Project, is one of the largest        E,M         11 min.        1973
                                          earthfill dams in the world. Shows the activities which built the dam
                                          and describes the kaleidoscope of benefits.

   2936         OTHER SIDE OF THE         Examines the impact of the Immigration Reform and Control Act of                E,M,H,A     60 min.        1986
                BORDER                    1986.

   974          OUR HISPANO-AMERICAN      Illustrates the social customs that Cuban Americans, Mexican                    P,E         10 min.
                FRIENDS                   Americans and Puerto Rican Americans have brought to this country.

   973          OUR NATIVE-AMERICAN       Shows Native-American youngsters combining their heritage and                   P,E         10 min.
                FRIENDS                   culture with modern day advances.

   104          PACIFIC BRIDGES--DO OUR   A series of six programs emphasizing the cultural traditions and                P,E,M,H,A   30 min.        1975
                BEST                      historical contributions of Asian Americans in the growth of the United
                                          States. This film deals with some of the recent achievements of Asian-

   103          PACIFIC BRIDGES--STAND    A series of six programs emphasizing the cultural traditions and                P,E,M,H,A   30 min.        1975
                TALL                      historical contributions of Asian-Americans in the growth of the United
                                          States. This program deals with the struggle of Asian-Americans
                                          against racism and oppression.

   102          PACIFIC BRIDGES--         A series of six programs emphasizing the cultural traditions and                P,E,M,H,A   30 min.        1975
                STAYING HERE              historical contributions of Asian-Americans in the growth of the United
                                          States. This film shows the lifestyles and the meaning of particular
                                          social institutions.

   105          PACIFIC BRIDGES--THEN     Series of six programs emphasizing cultural traditions and historical           P,E,M,H,A   30 min.        1975
                AND NOW                   contributions of Asian-Americans to the growth of the United States.
                                          This final film highlights and summarizes the series.

   6426         PACIFIC WEST REGION-      The Pacific West Region has some of the most diverse and spectacular            E,M         20 min.        1994
                ALASKA, WASHINGTON,       scenery of any part of the U.S., and yet each state has one thing in
                OREGON, CALIFORNIA,       common - the Pacific Ocean.

   6712         PASSPORT TO JAPAN:        (3) Community - Tour various Japanese communities for an                        E,M         41 min.        1999
                KONNICHIWA 3+4            introduction to the geography, history and industry of Japan (4)
                                          Traditions - Visit Kyoto, the cultural capital of Japan, to learn about its
                                          rich and long cultural heritage.

   6711         PASSPORT TO JAPAN;        (1) School - Go to school for a day in Japan and see Japanese children          E,M         42 min.        1999
                KONNICHIWA 1+2            waking up, walking to school, participating in the classroom, etc. (2)
                                          Family - Spend an average day with two Japanese families.

   4922         PEOPLE OF INDIA           This visit to the land of India is a surprise to the western visitor. We        E,M,H       18 min.        1987
                                          might imagine that this old country is all the same, but the reality is that
                                          this is a varigated culture of many peoples, religions and customs.

   4903         PEOPLE OF ISRAEL          Established in 1948, Israel is predominantly Jewish with an Arab                E,M,H       18 min.        1987
                                          minority. This program looks at today's Israel and the past as well.

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  Number                    Title                      Description                                                    Grade      Length Date
   4098         PHYSICAL GEOGRAPHY OF    Shows fertile heartland of central Canada and the United States, follows      E,M       20 min.           1989
                NORTH AMERICA: THE       the course of the Mississippi-Missouri river system, examines
                CENTRAL LOWLANDS         relationship of geography and weather in the region, and notes typical
                                         flora and fauna.

   4094         PHYSICAL GEOGRAPHY OF    Explores the Atlantic coastal plain and Appalachian highlands. Reveals        E,M       20 min.           1989
                NORTH AMERICA: THE       the diversity of plant and animal life in the Chesapeake Bay and Florida
                EAST                     Everglades.

   4097         PHYSICAL GEOGRAPHY OF    Explores northern regions of North America including permanent ice            E,M       20 min.           1989
                NORTH AMERICA: THE       caps of the high arctic, frozen tundra, and deep forests of the taiga, and
                NORTHLANDS               examines the interrelationship of climate plant life, and animal life in
                                         this harsh environment.

   4093         PHYSICAL GEOGRAPHY OF    Explores the geographically active regions from Baja Peninsula to             E,M       20 min.           1989
                NORTH AMERICA: THE       Alaska, including volcanoes and fault line. Discusses reasons for
                PACIFIC EDGE             climatic differences in the area, also notes indigenous plant and animal
                                         life. (Does not mention '89 Quake.)

   4095         PHYSICAL GEOGRAPHY OF    Shows Rocky Mountains, including Canadian Rockets and Yellowstone. E,M                  20 min.           1989
                NORTH AMERICA: THE       Reveals how the mountains are shaped by wind, water, fire and ice.
                ROCKY MOUNTAINS          Examines plant and animal life at different elevations.

   4096         PHYSICAL GEOGRAPHY OF    Explores through the use of computer animation as well as dramatic and        E,M       20 min.           1989
                NORTH AMERICA: THE       documentary film footage, the plateaus, gorges, and deserts of the
                WESTERN DRY LANDS        western United States and Mexico. Also, shows the plants and animals
                                         living in the region.

   6199         PILGRIMS OF PLYMOUTH     This program shows the lives of the earliest settlers in the process of       E,M       26 min.           1996
                                         living their daily lives.

   6786         PLACER GOLD (REV. ED.)   Describes the life of miners during the California Gold Rush.                 E,M       11 min            1992

   877          POINT REYES NATIONAL     Reviews the rich legacy of this coastal region. Includes glimpses of          E,M,H     24 min.           1981
                SEASHORE                 rare animal species, "lost" birds of America, families of seals and a
                                         historic lighthouse.

   240          POLICE HORSES            This program shows the how and why of police horses in this modern            P,E       30 min.           1975
                                         mobile age--to go where cars cannot; to guard us and protect us; to
                                         perform traffic and security patrol duties.

   4940         POMO BASKETWEAVERS:      This video focuses on the peoples of the tribes that are called Pomo and      E,M,H,A   59 min.           1994
                A TRIBUTE TO THREE       their rich heritage.

   6451         PORTRAIT OF AFRICA       "Portrait of Africa" presents a remarkable array of people, places,           E,M       56 min.           1989
                                         wildlife and timeless ways with gorgeous detail and rhapsodic grace.
                                         You can witness the untouched splendor of Africa. Set to music of
                                         Vangelis and vocalist Miriam Makeba, the sight and sound odyssey
                                         takes you from Tanzania's sweeping Serengeti to towering Mt.
                                         Kilimanjaro, from Kenya to the volcanic shores of Lake Turkana.

   4284         PROPHET OF PEACE: THE    Depicts the key events of King`s life in a unique cartoon strip style         P,E,M,H   23 min.           1986
                STORY OF DR. MARTIN      biography as told by the kids of the nationally syndicated "Wee Pals"
                LUTHER KING, JR.         cartoon strip.

   10040        PYRAMID SCHOOL KIT       The three 20-minute Instructional Video Modules with Teachers' Guide          E,M       90 min.           1989
                                         depicts ancient Egypt by incorporating animated story-telling with live-
                                         action documentary sequences. Chronicles the building of the pyramid
                                         of King Khufu during Egypt's Fourth Dynasty, circa 2500 B.C. One 30-
                                         minute Video Resource Tape and Resource Guide contains over 60
                                         visual images, divided into six study groupings. Each image is
                                         numbered and held for 30 seconds.

   3560         RAILROAD: ONE            By the 1850's railroads were drastically changing the American way of         E,M,H,A   14 min.           1988
                NATION...INDIVISIBLE     life and its geography.

   3558         RAILROAD:                Tells the story of the Central Pacific and the Union Pacific railroads,       E,M,H,A   16 min.           1988
                TRANSCONTINENTAL         and the first transcontinental railroad.

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  Number                    Title                      Description                                                  Grade      Length Date
   6791         RANCHO LIFE              Pictures the history of and life on a typical Spanish ranch in Old          E         22 min            1998
                                         California. Scenes include measuring the land, tilling the soil with
                                         plows and oxen, activities of vaqueros , trading with Boston sailing
                                         ships, and rancheros at a fiesta.

   1967         REALM OF THE ALLIGATOR   Features the Okefenokee, one of the largest freshwater swamps in the        P,E,M,H   60 min.           1986
                                         United States. Examines the swamp's unique ecosystem, alligators and
                                         the nest of a red-billed turtle.

   5029         REBEKA GOES TO CHINA     Rebeka moves to China with her family. This video describes her             E,M       27 min.           1993
                                         attending school, learning to read and speak Manchurian, and her family

   1581         REMEMBER ME              Nominated for an Academy Award in the short subject category.               E,M,H     16 min.           1989
                                         Produced by UNICEF and UN Environment Programme for the
                                         International Year of the Child. Narrated by Dick Cavett. Shows
                                         children in USA, Guatemala, Thailand, Nepal, Bangladesh, Egypt,
                                         Tanzania, and the dreams they may never realize.

   543          RIPARIAN VEGETATION      Natural plant growth in and along California's rivers must be managed       E,M       14 min.           1981
                                         to strike a balance between competing interests of farming and flood
                                         control. The Reclamation Board has set a policy which will improve
                                         channels and wildlife habitat and be acceptable to affected

   857          RULES ARE GOOD           Helps children understand rules and the reasons behind them.                P,E       13 min.           1986

   985          SAFETY ON OUR SCHOOL     Illustrates the proper conduct on the school bus and emphasizes the         P,E       13 min.
                BUS (2ND ED)             responsibilities of riders in maintaining safety.

   2036         SAN FRANCISCO            Highlights San Francisco history, the Gold Rush of 1849, first              E,M,H,A   26 min.           1986
                                         continental railroad,and earthquake of 1906. Visits Golden Gate Bridge,
                                         cable cars, Alcatraz, and Chinatown.

   4935         SAN FRANCISCO            The San Francisco of yesterday and today is examined in photos and          E,M,H,A   28 min.           1996

   1564         SAN FRANCISCO: THE       Shows historic footage of the Bridge being build in the 1930's, and an      E,M,H,A   28 min.           1987
                GOLDEN GATE              interview with a man who helped to build the Bridge. Visits Alcatraz
                                         Island, Chinatown's New Year, Cable Car ride with Bell Ringing

   2937         SEASONS OF A NAVAJO      Describes two generations and how they have survived with changing          E,M,H,A   60 min.           1985

   1214         SEEING THROUGH           Analyzes the techniques and motivations behind TV commercials.              P,E       15 min.
                COMMERCIALS              Points out how narration can be misleading.

   3168         SERENGETI DIARY          Views the Serengeti and its amazing array of wildlife through the eyes      E,M,H,A   60 min.           1988
                                         of a Masai elder, a bush pilot, a wildlife biologist and wildlife
                                         photographer Baron Hugo Van Lawick.

   5087         SIMPLE AND COMPOUND      A look at simple machinery and how it works.                                E,M       22 min.           1997
                MACHINES: HOW THEY

   2078         SING DOWN THE MOON (2    Follows Bright Morning, a young Navajo girl who looks forward to her        E,M       37 min.           1986
                PARTS)                   marriage, when she is sold into slavery and joins the 300 mile walk to
                                         Fort Sumner.

   2771         SOCIALISM                Examines how Socialism was developed as a response to the abuse of          E,M,H,A   25 min.           1986
                                         workers brought about by the Industrial Revolution.

   2801         SONG OF MOLASSES         Tells the story of a shipowner's cargo being seized when he fails to pay    E,M,H,A   22 min.           1986
                                         a British tax.

   6422         SOUTH AFRICA: A LAND     From Apartheid to its first democratic elections, there is more to this     E,M       20 min.           1995
                APART                    country than just the headlines. The video explores diverse geography,
                                         nature resources and remarkable game reserves and travels to Cape
                                         Town and Johannesburg, the two largest cities in South Africa.

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  Number                    Title                          Description                                                      Grade        Length Date
   1365         SOUTH AMERICA WITH          Describes the cultural influence of the Spanish, the Catholic religion,          E,M,H,A     28 min.           1985
                RICARDO MONTALBAN           and the Indians of the past beginning with the Incas of Peru on the
                                            dance, music, religion and language of today's South America.

   2511         SPAIN A LA CARTE            Highlights of all the color and richness of today's Spain.                       E,M,H,A     40 min.           1983

   2719         SPIRIT OF THE LAND:         Documents the Yup'ik Eskimos of Western Alaska. Elders and                       E,M,H       30 min.           1987
                ALASKA/THE YUP'IK           teenagers voice their hopes and concern, and what it means to be a
                ESKIMOS                     Yup'ik.

   2720         SPIRIT OF THE LAND:         Dramatizes the Hawaiian myths and legends. Viewers become aware of               E,M,H       30 min.           1987
                HAWAII/CONTINUING           the means and motives for the voyages of the ancient Polynesians.

   1929         STORY OF A PATRIOT          Introduces the historic events and basic ideas of freedom forged in              E,M,H,A     36 min.           1986
                                            Williamsburg during the crucial period when colonists faced British
                                            pressures meeting force with force.

   1715         STORYBOUND: IT'S NOT        Portrays the honest and sensitive exploration of divorce from the point          E,M         15 min.           1986
                THE END OF THE WORLD        of view of a 12 year old.

   2004         STURBRIDGE                  Visits Old Sturbridge Village, Massachusetts, a New England village              E,M,H,A     30 min.           1986
                                            restored to the condition of 1790-1840. Shows authentic workers and
                                            activities of the period.

   2025         SWEET LAND OF LIBERTY       Reviews the 100th birthday celebration of the Statue of Liberty. Shows           E,M,H,A     30 min.           1986
                                            high-tech speed editing of the sports action, marching formations, and
                                            fireworks finale.

   3079         SWISS ADVENTURE             Takes a trip to Switzerland, with a look at farm life, village life, and         E,M,H,A     20 min.           1988
                                            swiss customs.

   1187         TAHTONKA                    An historic re-enactment of the Plains Indians' culture, from the pre-           E,M,H,A     30 min.
                                            horse era to the time of the Wounded Knee massacre. Discusses the
                                            Indians' dependence upon the buffalo.

   273          TEACHING CHILDREN           Methods for teaching poison prevention in the elementary school are              P,E,M,H,A   14 min.           1976
                POISON PREVENTION           presented. A free study guide with spirit masters is available from
                                            Parke, Davis & Company, Box 118, Detroit, Michigan, 48232.

   3548         TEDDIE                      Documents the development of Teddy Roosevelt from a physically                   E,M         19 min.           1988
                                            weak asthmatic child to the President of the United States, whose
                                            passion for animals, ornithology and taxidermy combined to build the
                                            character of a man who led the nation for eight years.

   6787         TEXAS AND THE MEXICAN       This program brings to life the days of Stephen Austin, Davy Crockett,           E,M,H       14 min            1997
                CESSION                     Jim Bowie, Santa Ana, Sam Houston, and the thousands of men and
                                            women who claimed the Texas territory for themselves

   2173         THE 1880'S                  Shows a fast and fascinating survey of the 1800's in America. Between   E,M,H,A              32 min.           1986
                                            1880 and 1890 four states joined the Union and the population increased
                                            13 million to a total of 63 million.

   4941         THE AFRICAN AMERICAN        The culture, history and times of the African American people.                   E,M         20 min.           1994
                EXPERIENCE, PART I 1500-
                1864 A.D.

   6461         THE AMERICAN                This program examines the English roots of the U.S. Constitution,                E,M,H       57 min.           1994
                CONSTITUTION: THE           explaining how the fundamental principles of "rule of law" and "limited
                ROAD FROM RUNNYMEDE         government" have been translated into the American system. Host
                                            Christopher Reeve guides viewers through dramatic recreations
                                            covering 600 years of political struggle from the Magna Carta in 1215
                                            to the Philadelphia Convention of 1787.

   6580         THE ANASAZI: BUILDERS       The Native American culture known as the Anasazi lived in the                    E,M         20 min.           1996
                OF AMERICA'S FIRST CITIES   American Southwest between 700 BC and 1600 AD. This program
                                            explores their incredible cliff cities, the first civilizations of their kind
                                            in America.

   3116         THE ANCIENT GREEKS:         Introduces the Greek gods and legends with the myth of Perseus, shows            E,M,H       20 min.           1988
                PART 1--ATHENA'S CITY       viewers the significance of this ancient culture today and looks at Greek

Wednesday, March 31, 2004                                                                                                                         Page 59 of 152
  Number                    Title                       Description                                                    Grade      Length Date
   3117         THE ANCIENT GREEKS:       Completes the story of Perseus and shows how archaeology helps us             E,M,H     26 min.           1988
                PART 2--GREEK POTTERY     learn about the past. Shows Greek pottery from which we derive much
                                          of our knowledge of ancient Greece.

   3118         THE ANCIENT GREEKS:       Looks at domestic life, living standards and the role of women in             E,M,H     20 min.           1988
                PART 3--WOMEN AND         ancient Greek society. Begins the story of the Golden Fleece.

   3119         THE ANCIENT GREEKS:       Finishes the story of the Golden Fleece and recreates a typical day at        E,M,H     20 min.           1988
                PART 4--GREEK SCHOOLS     school in ancient Greece. Explores contributions to language and

   3470         THE BOSTON TEA PARTY      Students meet the men who molded a nation--including Paul Revere and          E,M       30 min.           1988
                                          Samuel Adams--and watch the citizens of Boston participate in an event
                                          that helped start a fight for freedom.

   532          THE CALIFORNIA            Historical perspective on the 1976-77 drought, the most severe in             E,M       28 min.           1980
                DROUGHT                   California history.

   537          THE CHANGING DELTA        The Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta, just east of San Francisco is one of        E,M       20 min.           1974
                                          the state's most important natural resources. This film describes the
                                          Delta's history, its present-day uses and considers its future.

   4409         THE CHINESE WAY OF LIFE   Shows the Republic of China, the most populous nation in the world,           E,M,H,A   24 min.           1986
                                          with it's one billion people that combine fifty-six different ethnic

   6434         THE CIVIL WAR: THE        Tension and deep-seeded hostility had been growing for a long time            E,M       19 min.           1997
                SOUTH SECEDES AND WAR     between the North and South. Separate cultures eventually led several
                BEGINS                    states to secede. Genuine period photos, recreations and artwork
                                          illustrate events and conditions that led to the Civil War.

   2042         THE CONSTITUTION: THE     Shows distinguished actors who re-create the tense exchanges between          E,M,H,A   27 min.           1986
                COMPROMISE THAT MADE      the Colonial leaders who met in secret sessions in Philadelphia in May
                A NATION                  1789. Re-creates the passionate arguments that preceded the forming of
                                          the Constitution. Puts difficult concepts into conversational language
                                          readily understood by young adults.

   4591         THE DEVELOPMENT OF        Depicts some of the earliest methods of transportation in the United          E,M,H     10 min.           1989
                TRANSPORTATION (3RD       States developed largely out of the need to surmount the obstacles that
                ED.)                      had prevented westward expansion of the nation.

   4360         THE DRAGON'S TEARS        In this Japanese fairy tale, unique artwork is used to tell about a dragon    P,E       6 min.            1983
                                          who lives in a mountain cave and terrifies the village below. One boy
                                          invites the dragon to his birthday party.

   564          THE EYE OF JEFFERSON      Thomas Jefferson was a man of remarkable achievements. This is a              E,M,H,A   27 min.           1982
                                          survey of Jefferson's journeys through Europe, where he found
                                          inspiration for many of his ideas on architecture and landscaping, as
                                          seen in his later designs.

   3688         THE FRENCH AND INDIAN     Recreates events of the war and presents major historical characters:         E,M,H     15 min.           1988
                WAR (REV.)                Washington, Franklin, Braddock and Wolfe. Shows places and events
                                          that decided the fate of a continent: Ft. Necessity, Ft. Niagara, the
                                          Albany Conference, Braddock's Defeat and the battle for Quebec.

   3675         THE GREAT AMERICAN        Discusses the four true and distinct North American deserts that extend       E,M,H     15 min            1988
                DESERT                    west beyond the Mississippi. Here the division of mountain streams and
                                          the damming of the Colorado River have created fertile oases and
                                          population growth that lead to concern over the future of these deserts.

   3188         THE GREAT SALT LAKE:      Discusses the history, the geology, the ecology and the mineralogy of         E,M,H,A   18 min.           1987
                AMERICA'S INLAND SEA      the Great Salt Lake.

   3692         THE HOME                  Follows members of a pioneer family of the early 1800's as they select a      E,M,H     11 min            1988
                                          site, build a log cabin, and eventually move in the few necessities they
                                          brought with them.

   1876         THE HUMAN FACE OF         Portrays two Toyko residents who cope with the struggle and the               E,M,H,A   28 min.           1982
                JAPAN: A WORKING          rewards of living in a city of 12 million people.

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  Number                    Title                        Description                                                   Grade      Length Date
   1875         THE HUMAN FACE OF          Portrays a rural family who make their living from the sea. Shows the        E,M,H,A   28 min.           1982
                JAPAN: RAW FISH AND        Vice Governor of the Iwate province who works to introduce modern
                PICKLE                     agricultural methods that will improve Japan`s self sufficiency in food

   1874         THE HUMAN FACE OF          Portrays young men seeking top executive positions through hard work         E,M,H,A   28 min.           1982
                JAPAN: THE CAREER          and intense competition. Explores students at the University of Tokyo
                ESCALATOR                  and a senior executive of Mitsubishi.

   1873         THE HUMAN FACE OF          Portrays how high tech meets the revered traditions of ancient               E,M,H,A   28 min.           1982
                JAPAN: TOMORROW AND        civilization. Follows daily events in the Kimura family bringing up
                YESTERDAY                  children, social relations in the work- place and spiritual training.

   6621         THE LONG WAY HOME          For the majority of Holocaust survivors, World War II did not end with       E,M,H     116 min.          1995
                                           their liberation from Nazi concentration and death camps. The film
                                           depicts how the battle to rebuild human dignity continued long after the
                                           Allies' victory.

   6581         THE NEW ENGLAND            This program searches the roots of Puritans and Pilgrims and paints an       E,M       20 min.           1997
                COLONISTS: PILGRIMS        accurate picture of events that brought these religious exiles to
                AND PURITANS (1517-1692)   America.

   6606         THE NEW WORLD              Three major cultures, the Native American, Europeans and the Africans        E,M,H     27 min.           1998
                ENCOUNTERED                were on the verge of encounter. Columbus seeking the eastern coast of
                                           India, Cabot a water passage to the Asian continent, Prince Henry a
                                           quick route along the coast of Africa - these destinations defined the age
                                           of exploration as the 1500's dawned in Europe.

   3228         THE OREGON TRAIL           Re-creates the tremendous saga of the Westward crossing of the               E,M,H,A   25 min.           1987
                                           American continent through the eyes of a pioneer family. Filmed in the
                                           reconstructed frontier town of New Salem, Illinois.

   6093         THE PAST                   This program looks at the past and its important role today and in the       E         26 min.           1991
                                           future. A look at fossil fuels is an example.

   2812         THE PEOPLE VS. JOB         Depicts the economic problems faced by veterans returning after the          E,M,H,A   29 min.           1985
                SHATTUCK                   American Revolution. Analyzes concepts of law, justice, and

   6792         THE PONY EXPRESS           Describes the route of the riders, their horses and equipment.               E,M       12 min            1992
                (AMERICAN HISTORY

   2385         THE STOCK MARKET:          Investigates the world of how stocks are bought and sold, the pitfalls of    E,M,H,A   23 min.           1987
                INVESTIGATE BEFORE YOU     and pleasures of investing. Learn why companies raise capital, why
                INVEST                     stock fluctuates.

   2449         THE U.S. CONSTITUTION--    CHECKS AND BALANCES IN THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT.                               E,M,H,A   30 min.           1988
                CHECKS AND BALANCES        How and why does the Constitution provide for the separation of

   2448         THE U.S. CONSTITUTION--    THE RULE OF LAW IN A FREE SOCIETY. How are countries that                    E,M,H,A   30 min.           1988
                CONSTITUTIONAL             have constitutional government different from those that do not? What
                GOVERNMENT                 is gained by it and lost without it?

   2452         THE U.S. CONSTITUTION--    To whom does the Fourteenth Amendment guarantee of equal                     E,M,H,A   30 min.           1988
                EQUAL PROTECTION OF        protection apply, and in what circumstances? How should equality be
                THE LAW                    balanced with liberty in a free society?

   2450         THE U.S. CONSTITUTION--    BALANCE OF POWER BETWEEN NATIONAL AND STATE                                  E,M,H,A   30 min.           1988
                FEDERALISM                 GOVERNMENTS. How and why are powers divided and shared by the
                                           federal and state government?

   2453         THE U.S. CONSTITUTION--    How does the constitution provide security for property rights and           E,M,H,A   30 min.           1988
                THE CONSTITUTION AND       opportunities for free enterprise?
                THE ECONOMY

   2451         THE U.S. GOVERNMENT--      FREEDOM OF SPEECH. To whom does the First Amendment                          E,M,H,A   30 min.           1988
                FREEDOM OF SPEECH          guarantee of free speech apply? If free speech is an essential condition
                                           of democracy, why has it sometimes been limited?

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  Number                    Title                           Description                                                    Grade      Length Date
   6429         THE VIKING VOYAGE             Leif Eiriksson, son of Eirik the Red, became the first European to land       E,M       53 min.        1992
                                              in North America. One thousand years later, an expedition of nine men
                                              and one woman commemorate Eiriksson's historic journey by repeating
                                              the voyage in a 76-foot ship replica.

   3677         THE WAR OF 1812 (REV.)        Discusses the events that led to America declaring war with Britain and       E,M,H     14 min.        1988
                                              the stunning American land and naval victories that ended the war and
                                              which spurred American industry, stimulated national pride and shaped
                                              our relationship with Canada.

   2839         THE WORLD: A TV               HUMAN ORIGINS 10,000,000 BC - 8,000 BC: Presents the history of               E,M,H,A   26 min.        1987
                HISTORY #1--10,000,000 BC -   mankind on a global scale, the dawn of mankind and the classical
                8,000 BC                      civilizations to the great empires of ancient and modern history, the
                                              revolutions and world wars of the 20th century.

   2848         THE WORLD: A TV               THE MONGOL ONSLAUGHT 850-1500: Describes the Mongols led                      E,M,H,A   26 min.        1987
                HISTORY #10--850 - 1500       by Genghis Khan, legendary for their military skills and horsemanship,
                                              as going on to create one of the largest empires in world history.

   2849         THE WORLD: A TV               EXPANSION OF EUROPE 1250-1500: In 1347 catastrophe struck in                  E,M,H,A   26 min.        1987
                HISTORY #11--1250 - 1500      the form of the Black Death, depleting the world of one- third of its
                                              population. The skills of early navigators lead to the discovery of the
                                              New World.

   2850         THE WORLD: A TV               CHINA IN TRANSITION 581-1279: After centuries of disunity Tan                 E,M,H,A   26 min.        1987
                HISTORY #12--581 - 1279       Chien proclaimed himself emperor of the Sui Dynasty. Many
                                              engineering and educational achievements took place making China the
                                              most literate of the pre-modern societies.

   2851         THE WORLD: A TV               CHINA AND JAPAN 1279-1683: Kublai Kahn brought the whole of                   E,M,H,A   26 min.        1987
                HISTORY #13--1279 - 1683      China under foreign rule for the first time in history; later the Ming
                                              Dynasty built the Great Wall. In Japan, under the Shoguns the
                                              influence of Zen Buddism was evident.

   2852         THE WORLD: A TV               THE OTTOMAN EMPIRE 1280-1683: Eight centuries after the Turks                 E,M,H,A   26 min.        1987
                HISTORY #14--1280 - 1683      emerged from Central Asia they captured the Byzantine city of
                                              Constantinople, changed its name to Istanbul and made it their new

   2853         THE WORLD: A TV               AFRICA BEFORE THE EUROPEANS 100-1500: Many great                              E,M,H,A   26 min.        1987
                HISTORY #15--100 - 1500       civilizations and empires rose and fell in Africa leaving a great cultural
                                              heritage. The gradual spread of the Bantu peoples from their homeland
                                              in the Cameroons displaced the hunting people of the south making
                                              agriculture and animal herding the main pursuit of rural people.

   2854         THE WORLD: A TV               THE AMERICAS BEFORE THE EUROPEANS 300-1500: The Maya,                         E,M,H,A   26 min.        1987
                HISTORY #16--300 - 1500       Aztec and Inca civilizations that existed in Central and South America
                                              built remarkable cities and places of worship and paved roads. Their
                                              intellectual achievements were equally impressive, but none of these
                                              great empires survived the Spanish Conquistadors.

   2855         THE WORLD: A TV               EUROPE: STATE AND POWER 1435-1700: Starting with the 13th                     E,M,H,A   26 min.        1987
                HISTORY #17--1435 - 1700      century, followed by the next five centuries Europe extended its
                                              domination all over the globe. This came from direct colonization and
                                              the adoption of European styles and ideas by non-European countries.

   2856         THE WORLD: A TV               THE WEST AND THE WIDER WORLD 1510-1800: Magellan                              E,M,H,A   26 min.        1987
                HISTORY #18--1510 - 1800      circumnavigated the globe and marked the start of European domination
                                              of the world, the shift of power from the Mediterranean to west and
                                              north-west Europe, the colonial empires of Spain and Portugal and the
                                              increase of Dutch trade and power.

   2857         THE WORLD: A TV               ASIA 1600-1800: The response of Asian societies to the arrival of             E,M,H,A   26 min.        1987
                HISTORY #19--1600 - 1800      Europeans in China and Japan was technology ceased to advance. In
                                              India the British were able to play off the Indian elements against each

   2840         THE WORLD: A TV               THE AGRICULTURAL REVOLUTION 8,000 BC-5,000 BC:                                E,M,H,A   26 min.        1987
                HISTORY #2--8,000 BC - 5000   Describes the transformation of man, the hunter and fisher, into the
                BC                            farmer. This decisive development in world history provided the basis
                                              for the spectacular growth in the human population.

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  Number                    Title                         Description                                                    Grade      Length Date
   2858         THE WORLD: A TV             THE AGE OF REVOLUTIONS 1776-1848: Describes the outbreak of                   E,M,H,A   26 min.        1987
                HISTORY #20--1776-1848      revolutions between 1750 and 1800 against the great European
                                            monarchies even across the Atlantic to North and South America, the
                                            French Revolution and Napolean's rise to power, and the influence of
                                            Karl Marx.

   2859         THE WORLD: A TV             THE MAKING OF RUSSIA 1480-1860: From the Viking expansion                     E,M,H,A   26 min.        1987
                HISTORY #21--1480 - 1860    the first Russian Dynasty was created. Under Peter the Great St.
                                            Petersburg was built. Under Catherine the Great Russia began
                                            developing into a power in the West. Peasant unrest led to the fall of
                                            the Tsars.

   2860         THE WORLD: A TV             THE MAKING OF THE U.S.A. 1776-1890: The signing of the                        E,M,H,A   26 min.        1987
                HISTORY #22--1776 - 1890    Declaration of Independence in 1776, the westward expansion, the
                                            Louisiana Purchase, the Indian War, slavery and the Civil War are all
                                            examined. The increase in population, inventiveness, and industrial
                                            output would make America one of the most powerful countries in the

   2861         THE WORLD: A TV             INDUSTRY AND EMPIRE 1870-1914: Describes the colonial empires                 E,M,H,A   26 min.        1987
                HISTORY #23--1870 - 1914    of the European powers, the Industrial Revolution and the inventions
                                            which led to the increase in urban populations, the exodus of millions of
                                            Europeans to North and South America, the growth of nationalism and
                                            buildup of military power.

   2862         THE WORLD: A TV             THE END OF THE OLD ORDER 1914-1929: Describes World War I,                    E,M,H,A   26 min.        1987
                HISTORY #24--1914 - 1929    Bolshevism in Russia, the collapse of world economy, Fascism and the
                                            destruction of democratic liberty.

   2863         THE WORLD: A TV             THE WORLD IN CONFLICT 1929-1945: Describes a three-cornered                   E,M,H,A   26 min.        1987
                HISTORY #25--1929 - 1945    contest of Liberal, Nazi and Communist for the future of the world,
                                            ending with the communist control of China.

   2864         THE WORLD: A TV             THE MODERN WORLD 1945-1980's: Describes post war                              E,M,H,A   26 min.        1987
                HISTORY #26--1945 - 1980    reconstruction, East-West conflict, the cold war, colonial wars and post
                                            colonial wars in SE Asia, the Middle East and Africa, man's major
                                            achievements in the sciences and social systems.

   2841         THE WORLD: A TV             THE BIRTH OF CIVILIZATION 6,000 BC-2,000 BC: The earliest                     E,M,H,A   26 min.        1987
                HISTORY #3--6,000 BC -      civilizations arose in the fertile valleys of the major rivers in the Near
                2,000 BC                    East and China. With the growth of cities social structures were
                                            established ushering in a period of creativity.

   2842         THE WORLD: A TV             THE AGE OF IRON 2,000 BC-AD 200: Describes the development of                 E,M,H,A   26 min.        1987
                HISTORY #4--2,000 BC-AD     iron smelting and manufacturing some 3500 years ago and its effect on
                200                         early civilizations. This program also traces the first European
                                            civilizations of Minoan Crete, the Near East, and India and China.

   2843         THE WORLD: A TV             GREECE AND ROME 2,000 BC-AD 200: Describes the political                      E,M,H,A   26 min.        1987
                HISTORY #5--2,000 BC - AD   evolution of Greece and the Greek colonization of the Aegean and Asia
                200                         Minor, Alexander the Great`s victories and subsequent over-shadowing
                                            by the empires of the East, and the beginning of the Roman Empire.

   2844         THE WORLD: A TV             THE WORLD RELIGIONS 600 BC-AD 500: The great world religions                  E,M,H,A   26 min.        1987
                HISTORY #6--600 BC-AD 500   of Hinduism, Buddhism, Judaism, Christianity, Islam, Zoroastrianism
                                            and Taoism all developed in Asia within a thousand years.

   2845         THE WORLD: A TV             THE END OF THE ANCIENT WORLD AD 100-AD 600: Within a                          E,M,H,A   26 min.        1987
                HISTORY #7--AD 100 - AD     period of 400 years the classical world was destroyed and the West
                600                         plunged into the Dark Ages. Germanic invaders carved a swathe across

   2846         THE WORLD: A TV             ISLAM 600-1200: From its birthplace in Arabia, Islam grew into one of         E,M,H,A   26 min.        1987
                HISTORY #8--600 - 1200      the world's greatest empires. For five centuries it kept the flame of
                                            civilization burning while Europe entered the Dark Ages.

   2847         THE WORLD: A TV             EUROPE RECOVERS 800-1250: Following the onslaught of the                      E,M,H,A   26 min.        1987
                HISTORY #9--800 - 1250      Vikings, Europe slowly begins to recover from the Dark Ages. This
                                            period also witnesses the Crusades.

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  Number                    Title                        Description                                                   Grade      Length Date
   1182         THOMAS JEFFERSON'S         Introduces Jefferson's home, and his collection of paintings and             E,M,H,A   24 min.
                MONTICELLO                 furniture, his ingenious devices for comfortable living, and personal
                                           items such as a letter from his daughter.

   2810         TO FORM A MORE             Examines that ratification of the Constitution depended on the support       E,M,H,A   29 min.        1985
                PERFECT UNION              of Samuel Adams and John Hancock.

   1445         TOO-VAA-WAY: AFRICAN       The current way of life in Sierra Leone Africa is described in dance,        E,M       35 min.
                HUN                        skits and a question and answer segment. Elementary and junior high
                                           students from Berkeley are the performers.

   6701         TOP! EN ESPANOL Programs   This series takes the intimidation factor out of learning a foreign          E,M       40 min.        1999
                1&2                        language.

   2322         TOTEM POLE                 Examines the Northwest Pacific coast that was inhabited by many              E,M,H,A   27 min.        1986
                                           Indian tribes, and their remarkable achievements in wood-carving as
                                           expressed in the totem pole.

   6623         TOTEM POLES: THE           Shows Kwakiuti, Tlingit, and Haida totem poles in their original             E,M,H     16 min.        1996
                STORIES THEY TELL          settings, and tells how native carvers and storytellers crafted their

   685          TRADE-OFFS: AT WHAT        Explains how surpluses and shortages affect prices.                          E,M       10 min.        1984

   674          TRADE-OFFS: CHOICE         Making choices about limited resources, such as time and money.              E,M       10 min.        1984

   680          TRADE-OFFS: DOES IT PAY?   Explores increasing productivity by investing in "capital goods", the        E,M       10 min.        1984
                                           things used in production.

   677          TRADE-OFFS: GIVE AND       Decisions that involve trade-offs--giving up some of one thing to get        E,M       10 min.        1984
                TAKE                       some of another.

   688          TRADE-OFFS: HELPING OUT    Explores how the actions of some people are helpful to others who are        E,M       10 min.        1984
                                           not directly involved.

   686          TRADE-OFFS: HOW COULD      Examines the interdependence of market prices--how changes in supply         E,M       10 min.        1984
                THAT HAPPEN?               and demand can have unexpected results.

   687          TRADE-OFFS: INNOCENT       Explores how the actions of some people are harmful to others who are        E,M       10 min.        1984
                BYSTANDERS                 not directly involved.

   681          TRADE-OFFS: LEARNING       Examines how the education and training of workers increases                 E,M       10 min.        1984
                AND EARNING                productivity.

   678          TRADE-OFFS: LESS AND       Increasing productivity brings advantages and disadvantages.                 E,M       10 min.        1984

   675          TRADE-OFFS: MALCOLM        Introduces a five step process of personal decision- making.                 E,M       10 min.        1984

   683          TRADE-OFFS: TO BUY OR      Examines market demand, the factors that affect what people are              E,M       10 min.        1984
                NOT TO BUY                 willing to buy.

   684          TRADE-OFFS: TO SELL OR     Deals with market supply, the factors that affect what people are willing    E,M       10 min.        1984
                NOT TO SELL                to sell.

   676          TRADE-OFFS: WE DECIDE      Applies the decision-making process to a school's problem.                   E,M       10 min.        1984

   682          TRADE-OFFS: WHY            Explores trading and how money makes trading easier or more                  E,M       10 min.        1984
                MONEY?                     convenient.

   679          TRADE-OFFS: WORKING        Young people increase their productivity by specializing, each doing         E,M       10 min.        1984
                TOGETHER                   one part of a whole job.

   1949         TREASURES OF THE           Explores the Greenbelt of San Francisco Bay Area, revealing a rich and       E,M,H,A   28 min.        1986
                GREENBELT                  unique regional tapestry of city and countryside.

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  Number                    Title                         Description                                                   Grade      Length Date
   926          TRULY AMERICAN:             Emphasizes the desirable qualities of leadership, perservance, and           E,M,H,A   20 min.        1978
                BENJAMIN FRANKLIN AND       personal drive necessary to acquire goals. Highlights the lives of
                BENJAMIN BANNEKER           Benjamin Franklin and Benjamin Banneker.

   1938         TRULY AMERICAN: JAMES       Dramatizes James Madison's political career to becoming the fourth           E,M,H,A   20 min.        1986
                AND DOLLY MADISON           President of the United States. Highlights Dolly Madison, who is
                                            credited with saving the orginial copies of the Constitution, the
                                            Declaration of Independence and George Washington's portrait from the
                                            British during the war of 1812.

   1772         TRULY AMERICAN: JAMES       Portrays James Madison's role in the making of United States                 E,M       20 min.        1986
                MADISON                     history.

   2162         U.S. CONSTITUTION: A        Dramatizes the events surrounding the writing of the U.S.                    E,M,H,A   18 min.        1986
                DOCUMENT FOR                Constitution.

   4051         U.S. REGIONS: CONTRASTS     Shows through animation and live-action photography a tour of richly         E,M,H     29 min.        1987
                OF LAND AND PEOPLE          diverse country that can be divided into eight regions: New England, the
                                            Pacific West, Alaska, and Hawaii.

   2204         UNDERSTANDING OUR           In this series students are made aware of fundamental geographic             E,M,H     20 min.        1986
                WORLD #1: UNIT I--GLOBES    phenomena and the adaptation of living in exotic and unusual places.
                ARE USEFUL                  The series is divided into three modules: UNIT I--Tools We Use, UNIT
                                            II--Geography We Should Know, UNIT III--Living in Other Lands.

   2213         UNDERSTANDING OUR           Visits a town of less than 1,000 people, largest cattle feed lot in the      E,M,H,A   20 min.        1986
                WORLD #10: UNIT II--LIFE    world, rides a combine at wheat harvest, drilling for oil.
                ON THE GREAT PLAIN

   2214         UNDERSTANDING OUR           Visits Holland and its dunes, dikes and polders, the location of the 1953    E,M,H,A   20 min.        1986
                WORLD #11: UNIT III--LAND   disasterous flood, and a barge ride in Amsterdam.
                BELOW THE SEA

   2215         UNDERSTANDING OUR           Visits rice paddies, Toyoko and a Japanese home on the island of             E,M,H,A   20 min.        1986
                WORLD #12: UNIT III--       Honshu.
                ISLANDS OF JAPAN

   2216         UNDERSTANDING OUR           Visits Macchu Picchu, Cusco, Quito, the altiplano, Lake Titicaca and a       E,M,H,A   20 min.        1986
                WORLD #13: UNIT III--HIGH   coffee plantation.
                IN THE ANDES

   2217         UNDERSTANDING OUR           Shows sights and sounds of Kilimanjaro, life in Nairobi, Victoria Falls,     E,M,H,A   20 min.        1986
                WORLD #14: UNIT III--       forming the land, Watusi dancers, Mokonde carvers, Serengeti Plain,
                IMPRESSIONS E. AFRICA       the Masai, and life in the "bush".

   2218         UNDERSTANDING OUR           Visualizes contrasts in climate, plants, animal life, cities and people.     E,M,H,A   20 min.        1986
                WORLD #15: UNIT III--       Visits the cities of Sydney, Melbourne, and Canberra.

   2205         UNDERSTANDING OUR           Shows how the world streets and avenues are built through film,              E,M,H     20 min.        1986
                WORLD #2: UNIT I--WORLD     animation and slides. Concepts of degrees, meridians and parallels are
                STREETS & AVENUES           included.

   2206         UNDERSTANDING OUR           Introduces the basic understandings of map reading by using a huge           E,M,H,A   20 min.        1986
                WORLD #3: UNIT I--          floor map, 8 feet by 12 feet.
                READING A MAP

   2207         UNDERSTANDING OUR           Takes a closer look at all kinds of maps, the world's oldest maps (clay      E,M,H,A   20 min.        1986
                WORLD #4: UNIT I--ALL       tablets), Eskimo maps of bone, Ptolemy's maps and maps of exploration
                KINDS OF MAPS               are displayed for scrutiny.

   2208         UNDERSTANDING OUR           Shows details how basic quadrangle map (the basis for most other             E,M,H,A   20 min.        1986
                WORLD #5: UNIT I--          maps) is made at the United States Geological Survey. Shows how a
                MODERN MAPMAKERS            social studies textbook map is made. Highlights Hal Shelton, inventor
                                            of the technique used in Jeppersen maps, actually painting a map.

   2209         UNDERSTANDING OUR           Takes viewer on a 1,500-photograph safari through a variety of high and E,M,H,A        20 min.        1986
                WORLD #6: UNIT II--WHAT     low desert lands in New Mexico, Arizona, Utah and part of Colorado.
                IS A DESERT?

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  Number                    Title                       Description                                                  Grade      Length Date
   2210         UNDERSTANDING OUR         Studies peaks, timberline, mountain passes and valleys from the top of      E,M,H,A   20 min.        1986
                WORLD #7: UNIT II--       the Continental Divide.
                MOUNTAINOUS LAND

   2211         UNDERSTANDING OUR         States that the oceans remain somewhat of a mystery. Explains animal        E,M,H,A   20 min.        1986
                WORLD #8: UNIT II--       and plant life, and the floor spreading theory of the break up of the
                OCEANS SURROUND US        present 7 continents.

   2212         UNDERSTANDING OUR         Takes a river raft journey down the 1,400 mile long Colorado River.         E,M,H,A   20 min.        1986
                WORLD #9: UNIT II--
                TRAILING A RIVER

   1152         UNITED STATES             Visits the highest mountain peak, the most active volcanoes, and the        E,M       26 min.
                GEOGRAPHY: ALASKA         northernmost, westernmost, and southernmost points of the U.S.
                AND HAWAII

   1147         UNITED STATES             Visits the Great Lakes region--Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Ohio, and       E,M       25 min.
                GEOGRAPHY: GREAT          Wisconsin and discusses their agricultural and industrial
                LAKES STATES              development.

   1143         UNITED STATES             Features Minnesota, Iowa, Missouri, Kansas, Nebraska, North Dakota,         E,M       25 min.
                GEOGRAPHY: HEARTLAND      and South Dakota, which make up the United States' heartland.

   1150         UNITED STATES             Surveys the immense diversity of the lower south, including Arkansas,       E,M       26 min.
                GEOGRAPHY: LOWER          Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana, Georgia, Florida, and South
                SOUTH                     Carolina.

   1146         UNITED STATES             Explores New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Delaware, Maryland,            E,M       27 min.
                GEOGRAPHY: MID-           and Washington, D.C.
                ATLANTIC STATES

   1148         UNITED STATES             Explores Idaho, Colorado, Montana, Nevada, Utah, and Wyoming                E,M       25 min.
                GEOGRAPHY: MOUNTAIN       which make up nearly one-fourth of the continental United States.

   1149         UNITED STATES             Explores Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, Massachusetts,                      E,M       23 min.
                GEOGRAPHY: NEW            Connecticut, and Rhode Island. Visits historic sites like Plymouth and
                ENGLAND                   Slater Mill.

   1145         UNITED STATES             Traces the Pacific Coast and visits California, Oregon, and                 E,M       25 min.
                GEOGRAPHY: PACIFIC        Washington. Shows the natural beauty of these states.
                COAST STATES

   1144         UNITED STATES             Includes Texas, Oklahoma, Arizona, and New Mexico. Travels to the           E,M       27 min.
                GEOGRAPHY: SOUTHWEST      Grand Canyon, the Gulf of Mexico, the Santa Fe Trail, and the Johnson
                                          Space Center.

   1151         UNITED STATES             Explores the least known and most surprising of the 50 states: North        E,M       26 min.
                GEOGRAPHY: UPPER          Carolina, Virginia, West Virginia, Kentucky and Tennessee.

   431          USING MAPS, GLOBES AND    A team of experts in geography discussed and led hands-on activities in     E,M,H     120 min.       1989
                ATLASES                   using maps, globes and atlases in the classroom. This teleconference
                TELECONFERENCE (NOV.      includes participants using materials and conducting activities relevant
                15, 1989)                 to their grade level.

   3312         VEGETABLE SOUP #42--      Real People: Kiko (Part 1)--A Black and White Fable                         E         15 min.        1988
                WHAT IS A PUERTO
                RICAN? (PART 1)

   3313         VEGETABLE SOUP #43--      Real People: Kiko (Part 2)                                                  E         15 min.        1988
                WHAT IS AN AMERICAN?
                (PART 2)

   3314         VEGETABLE SOUP #44--A     Real People: Kilo (Part 3)                                                  E         15 min.        1988

   3315         VEGETABLE SOUP #45--      Real People Kiko (Part 4) Recipe: Fondue                                    E         15 min.        1988
                RECIPE: FONDUE (PART 4)

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  Number                    Title                       Description                                                Grade       Length Date
   3316         VEGETABLE SOUP #46--      Real People: Nigel--Fable: Worm and Frog                                   E         15 min.        1988
                REAL PEOPLE

   3319         VEGETABLE SOUP #49--      Real People: Nigel--Bird and Rhino                                         E         15 min.        1988
                STORY: QUEEN'S LESSON

   3323         VEGETABLE SOUP #53--      Careers: Law--New Friend: Joseph, a black Texan.                           E         30 min.        1988
                REAL PEOPLE: BOGEYMAN

   2000         VERY BASIC ECONOMICS      Follows Travis who holds two summer jobs to save up to buy his first       E,M,H     18 min.        1986
                                          car, and he learns that everything has some economic effect.

   1947         VIDEO LETTERS: MY         Introduces the Toyko metropolis through the eyes of a Toyko sixth-         E         60 min.        1986
                DAY/TOKYO SUNDAY          grader.

   1946         VIDEO LETTERS: MY         Shows an in-depth look at two families in northern Japan. Explores         E         60 min.        1986
                FAMILY/MAKING THINGS:     traditional and contemporary industry.
                JAPANESE INDUSTRY

   1945         VIDEO LETTERS: MY         Illustrates preparation for a baseball game between school rivals.         E         60 min.        1986
                TOWN/NOBLES AND           Presents Japanese history before Commodore Perry.

   1948         VIDEO LETTERS: SUMMER     Shows a vacation visit to a fishing village on Shikohu and takes a         E         60 min.        1986
                VACATION/TOHOKU DIARY     school trip exploring the geography of northern Honshu.

   6643         VIETNAM PERSPECTIVE       Presents an objective chronology of America's participation in the         E,M,H     32 min.        1997
                                          Vietnam War. Describes some of the key factors in the conflict,
                                          including the Eisenhower Administration's commitments in French
                                          Indochina, and the Nixon Administration's reorientation of U.S./Asian

   533          VOYAGE OF THE SAN         This tape takes you for a tour of the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta on      E,M       18 min.        1978
                CARLOS                    the water quality monitoring ship, "San Carlos," which helps to preserve
                                          this great estuary.

   2948         WALK THROUGH THE 20TH     Journeys back through time and examines the most important moments         E,M,H,A   90 min.        1984
                CENTURY #1--MARSHALL,     of our century starting with a small town in Texas.

   2957         WALK THROUGH THE 20TH     Highlights Richard Strout of the Christian Science Monitor who talks       E,M,H,A   60 min.        1985
                CENTURY #10--PRESIDENTS   about the Warren Harding to Ronald Reagan administrations.
                & POLITICS

   2958         WALK THROUGH THE 20TH     Follows the changing of America to an automobile-dependent                 E,M,H,A   60 min.        1985
                CENTURY #11--AMERICA      society.
                ON THE ROAD

   2959         WALK THROUGH THE 20TH     Explores the issue of conformity and the 1950's--Cold War.                 E,M,H,A   60 min.        1985
                CENTURY #12--POST
                WAR/COLD WAR

   2960         WALK THROUGH THE 20TH     Examines mass communications, democratic right to inform and               E,M,H,A   60 min.        1985
                CENTURY #13--THE IMAGE    persuade.

   2961         WALK THROUGH THE 20TH     Examines Washington D.C.'s role as the nation's center for recovery and    E,M,H,A   60 min.        1985
                CENTURY #14--HELPING      hope.

   2962         WALK THROUGH THE 20TH     Visits Nobel Prize winner I.I. Rabbi, the man of the century who           E,M,H,A   60 min.        1985
                CENTURY #15--I.I. RABBI   developed radar and was an advisor on the atomic bomb.

   2963         WALK THROUGH THE 20TH     Examines the role of advertising and electoral politics in television.     E,M,H,A   60 min.        1985
                CENTURY #16--THE 32ND

   2964         WALK THROUGH THE 20TH     Visits nineteen Americans who lived through the nostalgic Twenties.        E,M,H,A   60 min.        1985
                CENTURY #17--THE

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  Number                    Title                       Description                                                 Grade      Length Date
   2965         WALK THROUGH THE 20TH    Explores the struggles of miners and laborers in the American West.         E,M,H,A   60 min.        1985
                CENTURY #18--THE
                MINER'S STORY

   2966         WALK THROUGH THE 20TH    Examines the 1960's and the impact these diverse changes have had on        E,M,H,A   60 min.        1985
                CENTURY #19--CHANGE,     our culture.

   2949         WALK THROUGH THE 20TH    Studies Theodore Roosevelt's presidency.                                    E,M,H,A   60 min.        1985
                CENTURY #2--T.R. & HIS

   2950         WALK THROUGH THE 20TH    Examines weapons developed for warfare.                                     E,M,H,A   60 min.        1985
                CENTURY #3--ARMING OF
                THE EARTH

   2951         WALK THROUGH THE 20TH    Examines newsreels and the people who made them.                            E,M,H,A   60 min.        1985
                CENTURY #4--REEL WORLD
                OF NEWS

   2952         WALK THROUGH THE 20TH    Studies the contrasting personalities of Franklin D. Roosevelt and          E,M,H,A   60 min.        1985
                CENTURY #5--DEMOCRAT     Adolph Hitler.
                & THE DICTATOR

   2953         WALK THROUGH THE 20TH    Visits nine world's fairs.                                                  E,M,H,A   60 min.        1985
                CENTURY #6--COME TO
                THE FAIRS

   2954         WALK THROUGH THE 20TH    Reviews the accomplishments and progress of Black America.                  E,M,H,A   60 min.        1985
                CENTURY #7--SECOND
                REVOLUTION PT. 1

   2955         WALK THROUGH THE 20TH    Covers black emancipation through Martin Luther King's march 100            E,M,H,A   60 min.        1985
                CENTURY #8--SECOND       years later.
                REVOLUTION PT. 2

   2956         WALK THROUGH THE 20TH    Highlights film makers; Fritz Hippler of the Nazi Party and America's       E,M,H,A   60 min.        1985
                CENTURY #9--WWII--       Frank Capra.
                PROPAGANDA BATTLE

   2814         WASHINGTON, D.C.         Takes an exciting tour of the capital city.                                 E,M,H,A   20 min.        1986

   4020         WASHINGTON, D.C. (2ND    Explores Washington's geography focusing on the city's unique qualities E,M,H         23 min.        1984
                ED)                      as an international cultural hub and the nucleus of government.

   539          WATER CALIFORNIA STYLE   This tape traces the history of water development in California during      E,M       13 min.        1976
                                         the past 200 years. It also illustrates current water management

   6492         WESTERN EUROPE: OUR      Focuses on five time periods to examine the value and extent of our         E,M       18 min.        1994
                LEGACY                   enduring cultural legacy from Ancient Greece, Rome, and the
                                         Renaissance city-states, the Reformation, and the Industrial

   6493         WESTERN EUROPE:          Illustrates how geography affects the way people live in representative     E,M       20 min.        1994
                PEOPLE AND PLACES        countries in the northern, central and Mediterranean regions of Western
                                         Europe. Shows how housing styles reflect available building materials
                                         and climate; how energy needs are supplied; transportation systems; and
                                         how key cultural factors of language, religion, and food vary from
                                         region to region.

   3229         WESTWARD MOVEMENT        Highlights interesting studies of the different types of early settlers,    E,M,H,A   15 min.        1987
                                         means of transportation, and a graphic exposition of the Northwest
                                         Ordinance and its provisions.

   6691         WHERE DO YOU THINK       Tells the story of Columbus' journey from Spain to find a route to the      E,M       32 min.        1991
                YOU'RE GOING,            Indies. Outlines his trip and mentions other explorers whose travels led
                CHRISTOPHER COLUMBUS?    to the discovery of the New World.

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  Number                    Title                      Description                                                    Grade        Length Date
   5046         WHERE DO YOU THINK       This video views the life of Christopher Columbus in a series of              E           32 min.           1991
                YOU'RE GOING,            drawings. (Narrated.)

   858          WHO IS AN AMERICAN?      Fat Albert and the Cosby Kids explore what an American is.                    P,E,M       15 min.           1987

   4288         WILD CALIFORNIA: THE     Consists of seven short portraits of various biological communities,          E,M,H       19 min.           1989
                LAND                     introducing five of the most important terrestrial habitats in California.
                                         Provides information on California and Western geography, as well as
                                         on ecosystems and animal adaptations.

   2117         WILLIAM'S DOLL           Explains that William's father is delighted that he wants a football, but     P,E,M       18 min.           1981
                                         objects when William also wants a doll.

   1139         WORKING: MARKETING       Shows marketing and distribution with a clothing buyer, window                E,M,H,A     22 min.
                AND DISTRIBUTION         display designer, graphic artist, and toy designer.

   1136         WORKING: SCIENCE         Shows a computer scientist, mechanical engineering research assistant,        E,M,H,A     20 min.
                                         physicist, and industrial engineer demonstrating their jobs.

   2005         YELLOWSTONE              Shows the world's first National Park, Yellowstone National Park in           E,M,H,A     30 min.           1986
                                         Wyoming, though the eyes of the naturalists.

   144          YOGI'S EARTHQUAKE        Shows good illustrations of procedures to be followed during an               P,E         6 min.            1987
                PREPAREDNESS             earthquake. Gives safety tips to prepare for an earthquake.

   3865         YUKON PASSAGE            Discusses the Yukon Passage and its geographical significances.               E,M,H,A     55 min.           1988

   6420         ZAMBIA                   Viewers will see why the capital of the Republic of Zambia-Lusaka-has         E,M,H       20 min.           1995
                                         become a symbol of black aspirations since Zambia gained its
                                         independence from British rule.

   3084         A CHILD'S CHRISTMAS IN   Travel back in time to a Christmas past in this award-winning                 P,E,M       55 min.           1988
                WALES                    production of Dylan Thomas's poem.

   3083         A CHRISTMAS CAROL        Tells the Charles Dicken's classic of Ebenezer Scrooge and Christmas          E,M,H       70 min.           1988
                                         past and future.

   3587         A COSMIC CHRISTMAS       Based on the book by Ken Sobol, this story is about a town that               P,E         26 min.           1988
                                         rediscovers the real spirit of Christmas, thanks to three visitors from
                                         outer space and a little boy named Peter. Has music, humor and action
                                         for today's Star Trek/Star Wars children.

   4952         BIRTHDAY MOVIE           A lively film which shows how birthday traditions are celebrated around E,M,H             11 min.           1985
                                         the world.

   5043         CELEBRATE 1              A look at many of the cultures that make up America and the holidays          E           23 min.
                                         associated with those peoples.

   5044         CELEBRATE 2              A look at the year and the many holidays that are provided by the             E           23 min.
                                         diverse population of the United States.

   4979         CHRISTMAS CRACKER        Creative animation is uses in this non-verbal film to present three           E           10 min.           1964
                                         Christmas stories; a story about jingle bells; a dime store rodeo with
                                         performing toys and a trimmer of Christmas trees and his story.

   3770         DECEMBER HOLIDAYS        Discusses Posadas, Santa Lucia Day, Chanuka and Christmas--holidays           P,E         15 min.           1988
                                         that come from different traditions of our culture, but which all honor
                                         the religious spirit as well as draw upon the symbols of light and

   3505         DISNEY'S WONDERFUL       Goofy and Stanley the Snowman, a professor of "Winterology," teaches P,E,M,H,A            10 min.           1988
                WORLD OF WINTER          students about the history and traditions of Thanksgiving, Christmas and
                                         New Year's--three national holidays.

   3510         FELIZ NAVIDAD            Donald Duck's friends, Jose and Panchico show him the Mexican                 P,E,M,H,A   4 min.            1988
                                         Christmas celebration of Las Osadas with its traditional candlelight
                                         search for shelter that ends with parties, pinatas, gifts and fireworks.

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  Number                    Title                        Description                                                   Grade      Length Date
   3701         HOLIDAYS YOUR              Describes the excitement and pageantry of the rich variety of holidays       P,E       10 min            1988
                NEIGHBORS CELEBRATE        celebrated in the U.S.: Chinese and Jewish New Year's, St. Patrick's
                                           Day, Dr. Martin Luther King's birthday, Greek Easter Sunday, Mexican
                                           and Puerto Rican Christmas festivities and Hanukkah.

   6596         THE HOLIDAYS OF SPRING     Spring starts with the vernal equinox March 20 or 21 and ends in late        P,E       15 min.           1998
                                           June. It's a time of beginnings in nature for many parts of the country.
                                           Spring rains encourages seeds to sprout; origins of holidays are

   6595         THE HOLIDAYS OF            On June 20 or 21 the summer solstice moves us into the months when           P,E       15 min.           1998
                SUMMER                     long sunny days invite us to enjoy outdoor activities. America's
                                           beautiful National Parks can be seen.

   6559         WINTER                     A multicultural program relates the changes of season to major holidays      P,E       13 min.           1997
                                           and special days celebrated by people of various ethnic groups in the
                                           U.S. Christmas, Chanukah, Kwanzaa, New Year's Eve, Martin Luther
                                           King, Jr., Presidents' Day and St. Patrick's Day.

Language Arts/Reading
   3122         A BOY, A DOG AND A FROG    Based on the book by Mercer Mayer, about the adventures of a small           P,E       9 min.            1988
                                           boy, his dog and playful frog who follows them home.

   2074         A CHAIR FOR MY MOTHER      Presented through the eyes of a young girl shows the experience of           E,M       9 min.            1986
                                           losing one's home and belongings in a fire.

   5000         A DOG AND HIS BOY          The limitless power of imagination is explored in this tale of a boy who     E         14 min.
                                           becomes Robin Hood and other characters with the help of his dog.

   2521         A FATHER LIKE THAT         Follows a ten year old boy who has been given an assignment to write         P,E       18 min.           1987
                                           an essay about his father, except that he has never met his father. A
                                           sensitive look at the one-parent family from a young boy's point of

   3164         A GOOD TREE                Based on the story "A Good Tree That Christmas." A heartwarming              E,M,H,A   26 min.           1988
                                           story of three children who decide that the joy of Christmas should be
                                           shared with a crotchety neighbor.

   6309         A STORY, A STORY           This program tells an African folk tale about the Spider Man who             E         31 min.           1973
                                           climbs into the sky to buy stories from the Sky God.

   6236         ADVENTURES OF A TWO-       Walt Cribbens has two problems - one is the neighborhood bully and the E,M             29 min.           1989
                MINUTE WEREWOLF            other is a werewolf.

   2045         AESOP'S FABLES I           The Fox and the Crow; The Lion and the Mouse; The Grasshopper and            P,E       12 min.           1986
                                           the Grapes; Androcles and the Lion.

   2044         AESOP'S FABLES II          The City Mouse and the Country Mouse; The Fox and the Grapes;                P,E       12 min.           1986
                                           Androcles and the Lion.

   2043         AESOP'S FABLES III         The Boy Who Cried Wolf; The Wind and the Sun; The Crow and the               P,E       12 min.           1986

   4426         AESOP'S FABLES, PART I     Relates the fables, "Fox and Crow," "Lion and Mouse," and "Ant and           E         12 min.           1988
                                           Grasshopper." Generates interest in reading literature.

   4427         AESOP'S FABLES, PART II    Relates the fables, "The City Mouse and the Country Mouse," "The Fox         E         10 min.           1988
                                           and the Grapes," "and "Androcles and the Lion," using original artwork.
                                           Teaches morals and generates interest in reading.

   4428         AESOP'S FABLES, PART III   Relates the fables, "The Boy Who Cried Wolf," "The Wind and the              E         12 min.           1988
                                           Sun," and "The Crow and the Pitcher." Generates interest in reading

   6754         AFRICAN STORY              Storyteller Diane Ferlatte shifts costumes and accents to recount stories    E,M,H     20min.            1992
                JOURNEY: ACROSS TIME       from African, the Caribbean and Harlem in the 1930s. Stories include:
                AND PLACE                  Why the Sky is Far Away (West African), a creation story with modern
                                           implications; Brer Goats and Brer Lion (Caribbean), a defenseless goat
                                           uses his wits to fefeat a ferocious lion.

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  Number                    Title                         Description                                                  Grade    Length Date
   3149         ALADDIN AND HIS            Through an animated series of adventures of a boy and his magic lamp,        P,E     9 min.            1988
                WONDERFUL LAMP             this tale from the Arabian Nights dramatizes the values of self reliance
                                           and hard work.

   6401         ALADDIN AND HIS            This tale from "The Arabian Nights" is the story of a lazy boy who           P,E     10 min.           1997
                WONDERFUL LAMP             wastes his days in the market place instead of working.

   6194         ALEXANDER AND THE CAR      A missing headlight doesn't stop Alexander from driving his little car all   E       12 min.           1996
                WITH A MISSING             over the world finding adventures.

   6249         ALEXANDER, WHO USED        This film describes Alexander experiencing sudden wealth and the             P,E     14 min.           1989
                TO BE RICH LAST SUNDAY     spending spree that follows.

   3148         ALICE'S ADVENTURE IN       Based on the Lewis Carroll classic, this animated film follows the           P,E     22 min.           1988
                WONDERLAND                 adventures of Alice, the White Rabbit, the Duchess, the Mad Hatter and
                                           the Queen of Hearts.

   6349         AMAZING GRACE              Even though her classmates discourage Grace from trying out for Peter        P,E     9 min.            1997
                                           Pan in the school play because she is black and a girl, Grace wins the
                                           part and proves she can be anything she wants to be.

   2071         AMERICAN SIGN              Uses American Sign Language and voice-over to tell the stories of:           P,E,M   30 min.           1986
                LANGUAGE--FAIRY TALES      Rapunzel, Snow White and Rose Red, The Frog Prince, Hansel and
                VOLUME 1                   Gretel, The Brave Little Tailor.

   2072         AMERICAN SIGN              Uses American Sign Language and voice-over to tell the stories of;           P,E,M   30 min.           1986
                LANGUAGE--FAIRY TALES      Sleeping Beauty, The Golden Goose, Little Red Riding Hood, The
                VOLUME 2                   Princess and the Pea, and The Tinder Box.

   3591         AN ALPHABET OF LAND        Presents a rhymed lesson in geography using "basic terms from A to           P,E     12 min            1988
                AND WATERS                 Z."

   1410         ANIMAL FARM                A fascinating parallel of the growth of totalitarian dictatorships as        E,M     75 min.           1986
                                           satirized by George Orwell, and brought to the screen as a most unusual
                                           and memorable animated feature.

   3145         ANNIE AND THE OLD ONE      Based on Miska Miles book, this touching story of the cycle of life and      P,E     15 min.           1988
                                           death is told from the perspective of a little Navajo girl named Annie
                                           and her beloved grandmother, The Old One.

   2070         ANNIE AND THE OLD ONE      Tells the story of nine year old Annie, Native American of the Navajo        E,M     15 min.           1986
                (2 PARTS)                  tribe who must deal with the possible death of her beloved

   3085         BABAR AND FATHER           Follows King Babar who takes a journey in search of the legendary            P,E     30 min.           1988
                CHRISTMAS                  Father Christmas; but, lurking along the trail is Babar's arch-enemy
                                           Rataxes, the Rhinoceros who wants all of Santa's toys for himself.

   2532         BEARSKIN                   Story about the conflict between good and evil. One of the least known       E,M     20 min.           1987
                                           Grimms' with a SURPRISE ENDING.

   4954         BEATRIX POTTER: ARTIST     This video looks at the life of Beatrix Potter; her art and her life.        E,M     58 min.
                STORYTELLER AND
                COUNTRY WOMAN

   6525         BEAUTY AND THE BEAST       The classic tale of gentle Beauty who goes to live in the Beast's castle     P,E     25 min.           1995
                                           to save her father's life. Though the Beast is kind, she cannot love him
                                           until he lies dying. Her kiss breaks the enchantment.

   3527         BEN AND ME                 Adapted from the book by Robert Lawson, and tells the story of a poor P,E,M          21 min.           1988
                                           Philadelphia church mouse who helps Ben Franklin hold his famous kite
                                           together and not only uncovers news for the Philadelphia Gazette, but
                                           ghost writes the Declaration of Independence!

   3163         BENJAMIN WALKS THE         Focuses on responsibility and sibling relationships between Billy and        E,M,H   26 min.           1988
                DOG                        his little brother.

   1854         BEST OF COVER TO COVER     Tells a suspenseful adventure story of a young reporter's search for "Big    E,M     15 min.           1986
                II: A DARKNESS OF GIANTS   Foot."

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  Number                    Title                         Description                                                  Grade   Length Date
   1848         BEST OF COVER TO COVER      Tells an unusual and moving story, set in England, of a gorilla and an      E,M    15 min.        1986
                II: A STRANGER AT GREEN     orphaned Chinese refugee.

   1860         BEST OF COVER TO COVER      Tells a story full of ancient magic and mystery. Recounts the exploits      E,M    15 min.        1986
                II: A WIZARD OF EARTHSEA    of Ged the Wizard and his search for the Black Shadow.

   1849         BEST OF COVER TO COVER      #1--AKAVAK--AN ESKIMO JOURNEY #2--TIKTA LIKTAK--AN                          E,M    15 min.        1986
                II: AKAVAK / TIKTA LIKTAK   ESKIMO LEGEND Tells two adventure stories set in Alaska.

   1846         BEST OF COVER TO COVER      Portrays Carrie who relives her days in a Welsh mining town during          E,M    15 min.        1986
                II: CARRIE'S WAR            World War II.

   1852         BEST OF COVER TO COVER      Tells an amusing story that deals with the subject of criticism--           E,M    15 min.        1986
                II: FELICIA THE CRITIC      constructive versus destructive.

   1857         BEST OF COVER TO COVER      #1-HOW TO EAT FRIED WORMS #2-RANSOM OF RED CHIEF                            E,M    15 min.        1986
                II: FRIED WORMS/RANSOM      Illustrates two delightfully humorous stories from Thomas Rockwell
                RED CHIEF                   and O'Henry.

   1858         BEST OF COVER TO COVER      Tells a modern story of witchcraft and possession set in a peaceful         E,M    15 min.        1986
                II: MOON EYES               English village.

   1851         BEST OF COVER TO COVER      Tells a ghost story fusing past and present, fact and fancy.                E,M    15 min.        1986
                II: THE GHOST OF THOMAS

   1855         BEST OF COVER TO COVER      Features on one level a story of the mysterious occult; on another level    E,M    15 min.        1986
                II: THE HEADLESS CUPID      it deals with the effect of divorce and remarriage on children.

   2141         BEST OF COVER TO COVER      Follows the adventures of two girls who live in a mining town. A            E,M    15 min.        1986
                II: THE SPIRIT IS WILLING   mummy is found and the girls try to hold a seance to contact the
                                            mummy's spirit.

   1856         BEST OF COVER TO COVER      Shows the pain of adolescence and the tragedy of mental retardation.        E,M    15 min.        1986
                II: THE SUMMER OF THE

   1850         BEST OF COVER TO COVER      Tells an honest and moving account of life for a young, Jewish girl in      E,M    15 min.        1986
                II: THE UPSTAIRS ROOM       Holland during World War II.

   1853         BEST OF COVER TO COVER      Shows a clever parody of a Victorian novel replete with a huge              E,M    15 min.        1986
                II: THE WOLVES OF           mansion, a wicked governess and innocent orphans.
                WILLOUGHBY CHASE

   1847         BEST OF COVER TO COVER      Follows Arabella who leaves her family to spend four weeks alone in a       E,M    15 min.        1986
                II: WINDMILL SUMMER         windmill trying to establish companionship with wildlife.

   1651         BOOKBIRD #1: THE            Follows the misadventures of Chester Cricket, Tucker Mouse and Harry        E      15 min.        1986
                CRICKET IN TIMES SQUARE     Cat in the Times Square subway station.

   1660         BOOKBIRD #10: THE           1)Depicts a young girl's dreams of being a famous ice skater. 2)Portrays    E      15 min.        1986
                SKATES OF UNCLE             a black family and their attempts to save the singing trees.
                RICHARD/SONG OF TREES

   1661         BOOKBIRD #11: STRIPED       Tells how Becky wants striped ice cream for her eighth birthday party       E      15 min.        1986
                ICE CREAM                   and gets much more than she bargained for.

   1662         BOOKBIRD #12: RACE          Portrays the true life heroic mission to bring antitoxin to a remote        E      15 min.        1986
                AGAINST DEATH               Alaskan village struck by diphtheria.

   1664         BOOKBIRD #13: MISTY OF      Depicts Paul and Maureen's plans to buy the Phantom and her colt            E      15 min.        1986
                CHINCOTEAGUE                Misty that backfires on auction day.

   1663         BOOKBIRD #14: HALF          Shows the results of making a half wish without thinking about the          E      15 min.        1986
                MAGIC                       consequences.

   1665         BOOKBIRD #15: CADDIE        Portrays Caddie, a high spirited girl on the Wisconsin frontier whose       E      15 min.        1986
                WOODLAND                    way of life is threatened by her family's move to England.

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  Number                    Title                        Description                                                    Grade   Length Date
   1652         BOOKBIRD #2: LITTLE        Portrays family life for Laura, Mary, Carrie and Ma and Pa on the             E      15 min.        1986
                HOUSE IN THE BIG WOODS     frontier.

   1653         BOOKBIRD #3: A BEAR        Presents a gentle, whimsical story of Paddington's first adventure in         E      15 min.        1986
                CALLED PADDINGTON          London.

   1655         BOOKBIRD #5: FROZEN FIRE   Portrays a survival story based on the actual experiences of a boy lost in    E      15 min.        1986
                                           the Canadian arctic.

   1656         BOOKBIRD #6: ALONG         Tells a touching story of a dog who becomes a hero.                           E      15 min.        1986
                CAME A DOG

   1657         BOOKBIRD #7: THE MOUSE     Portrays Ralph the reckless mouse who constantly craves action,               E      15 min.        1986
                AND THE MOTORCYCLE         adventure, danger.

   1659         BOOKBIRD #9: THE           Tells about two boys' discovery of the secret of the doomed planet            E      15 min.        1986
                WONDERFUL FLIGHT TO        Basidium X.
                THE MUSHROOM PLANET

   3324         BOOKS FROM COVER TO        By Marjorie Weinman Sharmat--Finds out what happens when Mitchell             E      15 min.        1988
                COVER #1: RICH MITCH       Darmouth wins $25,000 in the Dazzle-Rama Sweepstakes.

   3333         BOOKS FROM COVER TO        By Theodore Taylor--Helen's dog, Tuck, is going blind. When Tuck              E      15 min.        1988
                COVER #10: THE TROUBLE     refuses to be tied or contained, Helen arranges for him to have a seeing
                WITH TUCK                  eye dog.

   3334         BOOKS FROM COVER TO        By Jud Delton--Angel O'Leary gets into mischief while caring for her          E      15 min.        1988
                COVER #11: BACK YARD       younger brother.

   3335         BOOKS FROM COVER TO        By Stephen Manes--Milo learns an important lesson while following             E      15 min.        1988
                COVER #12: BE A PERFECT    instructions to become a perfect person.
                PERSON IN JUST THREE

   3336         BOOKS FROM COVER TO        By Nicholas Mohn--Felita Maldonado spends an interesting summer               E      15 min.        1988
                COVER #13: GOING HOME      with relatives in Puerto Rico.

   3337         BOOKS FROM COVER TO        By Mary Francis Shura--Peter Gregory and his young sister Dee Dee             E      15 min.        1988
                COVER #14: THE SEARCH      learn to adjust to a move to Brooklyn.
                FOR GRISSI

   3338         BOOKS FROM COVER TO        By Liza Fosburgh--An unhappy Arabella learns to appreciate being a            E      15 min.        1988
                COVER #15: BELLA           girl, after spending time as a cat.

   3339         BOOKS FROM COVER TO        By Jill Paton Walsh--This science fiction story tells of voyagers leaving     E      15 min.        1988
                COVER #16: THE GREEN       a dying Earth for a distant planet to begin a new colony.

   3325         BOOKS FROM COVER TO        By Jamie Gilson--Hobie Hanson spends a reluctant 2 nights away from           E      15 min.        1988
                COVER #2: 4B GOES WILD     home on a 4th grade nature study trip.

   3326         BOOKS FROM COVER TO        By Jean Fritz--This historical story tells of a pioneer family settling in    E      15 min.        1988
                COVER #3: THE CABIN        the Western Country in the time of George Washington.
                FACED WEST

   3327         BOOKS FROM COVER TO        By Polly Berrien Berends and WHARTON AND THE CASTAWAYS                        E      15 min.        1988
                COVER #4: THE CASE OF      by Russell E. Erickson--A detective story, and a whimsical tale of two
                THE ELEVATOR DUCK          toad brothers.

   3328         BOOKS FROM COVER TO        By Margaretha Shemin--Johanna is trapped in Holland with her                  E      15 min.        1988
                COVER #5: THE LITTLE       grandparents after the invasion of the German army in World War II.

   3329         BOOKS FROM COVER TO        By Jean Little--Ben Tucker learns to overcome his fear of dogs while          E      15 min.        1988
                COVER #6: DIFFERENT        visiting his aunt.

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  Number                    Title                        Description                                                      Grade    Length Date
   3330         BOOKS FROM COVER TO        By Ulf Nilsson--This story is narrated by a young boy who has been              E       15 min.           1988
                COVER #7: IF YOU DIDN'T    sent to stay in the country with his grandmother.
                HAVE ME

   3331         BOOKS FROM COVER TO        By Barbara Park--Howard Jeeter struggles to adjust to his family's move         E       15 min.           1988
                COVER #8: THE KID IN THE   from Arizona to Massachusetts.
                RED JACKET

   3332         BOOKS FROM COVER TO        By John Reynolds Gardiner--This fantasy tells of a nine-year-old's              E       15 min.           1988
                COVER #9: TOP SECRET       science project on human photosynthesis that attracts the attention of
                                           the U.S. government.

   4540         BORED--NOTHING TO DO       Features flying a radio-operated model airplane; a song about the               P,E     15 min.           1990
                                           history of aviation from Kitty Hawk to astronauts; preparing a
                                           commercial airplane for flight; flying instructions in a small, private

   2884         BOY AND THE SNOW           Tells the story of a boy who cares for an injured goose and how they            P,E     11 min.           1986
                GOOSE                      become friends.

   164          BOY'S CENTER               This story tells us about a place that cares for neglected boys of all races    P,E     30 min.           1975
                                           and creeds. Shows the everyday life of school and recreation.

   3663         BRAIR ROSE: THE            This award-winning, beautifully animated film brings to life the Grimm          P,E     14 min.           1988
                SLEEPING BEAUTY            Brother's classic fairy tale about the princess who is cursed to fall into a
                                           100-year sleep on her 15th birthday.

   2066         BRIDGE TO TERABITHIA (2    Tells the story of 10 year old Jesse Aarons, who has lived all his life on      E,M     30 min.           1986
                PARTS)                     a farm in northern Virginia, who becomes friends with a "city girl"
                                           when a tragedy occurs.

   2534         BRISTLELIP                 Looks at the comic reaction to the folktale about a beautiful but haughty       E,M     15 min.           1987
                                           princess who is forced to marry a common peddler.

   4988         BRISTLELIP                 A comic recreation about a beautiful but haughty princess who finds her         P,E     20 min.           1995
                                           match in a handsome but sometimes devious prince.

   1594         CAP O'RUSHES               Tells a story of a father who asks his three daughters to qualify their         P,E     26 min.           1987
                                           love for him. One daughter's reply so infuriates him that he banishes
                                           her from the house.

   3495         CASEY AT THE BAT           With two men out and two on base, Casey steps up to the plate and               P,E,M   9 min.            1988
                                           learns a striking lesson about overconfidence and false pride.

   4950         CASEY AT THE BAT           An authentic American masterpiece by E. L. Thayer.                              P,E,M   7 min.            1995

   1340         CAT IN THE HAT/DR. SEUSS   Shows two complete programs: "PONTOFEEL POCK, Where are You"                    P,E     51 min.           1985
                ON THE LOOSE I             and "The Grinch Grinches the Cat in the Hat."

   4957         CHICKEN SOUP WITH RICE     Learning the names of the months of the year is fun and educational             P,E     5 min.            1978
                                           with the rhyme and repetition.

   6291         CHRISTMAS TIME - A         Who can ever forget the joy of bringing home a holiday tree? This story         E,M     10 min.
                HAPPY TIME                 touches everyone who has shared that experience.

   3161         CONNECTION                 Portrays Maureen who seems to have everything until a visitor from her          E,M,H   26 min.           1988
                                           youth prompts a woman to abandon a pretentious marriage and reclaim
                                           her self-identity.

   4958         CORDUROY                   A lovable stuffed bear who longs for someone to take him home                   E       18 min.           1984
                                           launches a store wide search for his missing button lest someone
                                           mistake him for used.

   4991         CORNELIUS                  This is a story about a crocodile who has a different approach to life -        P,E     5 min.            1995
                                           standing on his hind legs and an out-going personality. A story for
                                           young learners.

   3154         CORNET AT NIGHT            Set in 1959, a boy's brief friendship with an itinerant jazz musician           E,M,H   26 min.           1988
                                           brings a new awareness into his life.

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  Number                    Title                        Description                                                  Grade      Length Date
   2547         CREATIVE WRITING           A spontaneous record in which the students respond to a variety of          E         14 min.           1987
                SERIES #1                  activities that stretch the imagination. #1-THE JAIL DOOR WENT
                                           CLANG - How sensory experiences may be used to construct a setting
                                           for a story.

   2548         CREATIVE WRITING           See description in Program #1 MEAN, NASTY CINDERELLA--How                   E         15 min.           1987
                SERIES #2                  character influences stories.

   2549         CREATIVE WRITING           See description Program #1 STORY IDEA, WHERE ARE YOU                        E         11 min.           1987
                SERIES #3                  HIDING?--Where story ideas come from.

   2550         CREATIVE WRITING           See description Program #1 WHAT'S RED RIDING HOOD WITHOUT                   E         10 min.           1987
                SERIES #4                  THE WOLF? Plot: the protagonist, his or her goal, and the obstacles to
                                           its attainment.

   4959         CROW BOY                   A small boy who is different from the others gains acceptance when he       E         13 min.           1971
                                           imitates the voices of crows in a school talent show.

   2252         CURIOUS GEORGE             Takes viewers on 12 adventures with the curious monkey, George.             P,E       83 min.           1986

   2253         CURIOUS GEORGE--           Follows Curious George on 6 adventures: At the Ballet; Plays                P,E       30 min.           1986
                VOLUME 1                   Basketball; Goes to an Art show; Walks the Pets; Goes Sledding; Goes
                                           to the Aquarium.

   2254         CURIOUS GEORGE--           Follows Curious George on 6 adventures: Goes to TV Station; Goes to         P,E       30 min.           1986
                VOLUME 2                   the Circus; Goes to a Flower Show; Goes to the Library; Visits the
                                           Railroad Station; Goes to the Tailor Shop.

   2255         CURIOUS GEORGE--           Follows Curious George on 6 adventures: Goes to a Restaurant; Goes          P,E       30 min.           1986
                VOLUME 3                   Fishing; Goes to the Zoo; Goes Skiing; Goes to a Costume Party; Goes
                                           to a Bowling Alley.

   1999         CURIOUS GEORGE--           Features Curious George who gets into the worst predicaments but            E,M       83 min.           1986
                VOLUME 4                   comes out smelling like a rose.

   6485         DANNY AND THE              This is the story of a boy's friendship with a dinosaur and how they        P,E       9 min.            1997
                DINOSAUR                   spend one happy day together.

   2886         DECISIONS! DECISIONS!      Provides children with a sound and simple decision-making system.           E,M       18 min.           1986

   4960         DOUGHNUTS                  When a doughnut machine goes berserk, Homer is up to his ears in            E         29 min.           1963
                                           doughnuts and fun.

   1342         DR. SEUSS VIDEO FESTIVAL   Shows two Dr. Seuss favorites: "Horton Hears a Who" and "How the            P,E       48 min.           1985
                                           Grinch Stole Christmas."

   6561         EARS OF KING MIDAS         Uses animation to tell the classic Greek myth about the rivalry between     P,E       10 min.           1978
                                           the gods Apollo and Pan and the consequences of King Midas' choice of
                                           Pan as the better musician.

   2219         EDIT POINT #1--DOC'S       A fast paced and dramatic action series. Features positive role models      E,M,H     30 min.           1986
                REPRISE                    who implement a variety of effective writing practices to demonstrate
                                           the value of attaining writing skills. STORYLINE: Follows a stroke
                                           victim who owns a New Orleans television station, his 17 year old
                                           daughter and two friends who try to keep it going. #1-Presents single
                                           word adjectives and adjectives in a series. The stages of the writing
                                           process are modeled.

   2220         EDIT POINT #2--THE         Shows how adjective phrases are used to describe nouns and to expand        E,M,H,A   30 min.           1986
                CHALLENGE                  thoughts.

   2221         EDIT POINT #3--HEAD        Focuses on the uses of restrictive adjective clauses--to describe nouns     E,M,H,A   30 min.           1986
                OVER HEELS                 and give flexibility to sentence emphasis and expression. Models the
                                           process of writing.

   2222         EDIT POINT #4--THE RIGHT   Focuses on the uses of nonrestrictive adjective clauses. The uses           E,M,H,A   30 min.           1986
                TRACK                      include: describing nouns and giving flexibility to sentence expression,

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  Number                    Title                       Description                                                     Grade      Length Date
   2223         EDIT POINT #5--TAKING A   This final episode reviews single word adjectives, adjectives in a series,     E,M,H,A   30 min.           1986
                CHANCE                    adjective phrases, and restrictive and non-restrictive adjective

   3774         ELEPHANT'S CHILD (JUST    Tells the tale that when the world was new, elephants had no trunk, just       P,E       11 min            1988
                SO STORIES)               funny, bulgy noses until an elephant's child, full of "satiable curiosity"
                                          asked what the crocodile had for dinner. His rather alarming discovery
                                          tells viewers why all elephants today have long trunks.

   2026         FAIRY TALE CLASSICS--     Presents 5 favorite tales in animation; The Red Shoes, Cinderella, Ali         P,E       47 min.           1986
                VOLUME 1                  Baba, The Ugly Duckling, and The Bremen Band.

   2027         FAIRY TALE CLASSICS--     Presents 6 favorite tales in animation; The Owl and the Pussycat, The          P,E       60 min.           1986
                VOLUME 2                  Three Bears, Aesop's Fable of the Tiger King, Jack and the Beanstalk,
                                          Foiling the Fox, The Lion and the Mouse.

   497          FAVORITE CHILDREN'S       THE GINGERBREAD MAN (11 Min) outruns everyone and everything P,E                         34 min.           1981
                STORIES #1                who would eat him. RAPUNZEL (10 Min) tells the story of the
                                          beautiful princess imprisoned in a tower. THE SORCERER'S
                                          APPRENTICE (13 1/2 Min) enchants a broom to carry water for him.
                                          Puppets are used with music by Dudas.

   498          FAVORITE CHILDREN'S       TOM THUMB IN KING ARTHUR'S COURT (19 1/2 Min) is the story                     P,E       39 min.           1981
                STORIES #2                of the brave little hero, from his birth in a rose, to the day he is made a
                                          Knight of the Round Table. BEAUTY AND THE BEAST (19 Min)
                                          tells of the prince turned into an ugly beast and the girl whose love for
                                          him breaks the spell.

   494          FAVORITE FAIRY TALES #1   CINDERELLA (11 Min) The stepmother, sisters, fairy godmother,            P,E             33 min.           1981
                                          prince, and Cinderella are here with pumpkins and the glass slipper.
                                          GIFTS OF THE NORTH WIND (11 Min). When the North Wind
                                          scatters a poor boy's bowl of grain, he sets out to demand it back. PUSS
                                          IN BOOTS (11 Min). Jacques' wonderous cat knows that he can become
                                          whatever he wants to be.

   495          FAVORITE FAIRY TALES #2   JACK AND THE BEANSTALK (11 Min) The magic beans brings                         P,E       33 min.           1981
                                          Jack to the land of the terrible giant. THE MAGIC PONY (11 Min) is
                                          strange and ugly, but his magic helps his master. THE PIED PIPER OF
                                          HAMLIN (11 Min) agrees to lure away the rats with his music...for a

   496          FAVORITE FAIRY TALES #3   SNOW WHITE AND THE SEVEN DWARFS (11 Min). The wicked                           P,E       33 min.           1982
                                          queen tries to have Snow White slain, but Snow White finds the seven
                                          dwarfs. THE TWELVE MONTHS (11 Min) are the spirits who helped
                                          Marushka find violets, strawberries and apples in mid-winter. THE
                                          WILD SWANS (11 Min) are really princes, bewitched by an evil

   4994         FISH IS FISH              This story introduces a tadpole on his way to becoming a frog, but the         P,E       5 min.            1995
                                          question arises, is he a fish? As he travels he tells his story to the
                                          minnow who tries to join him on the beach.

   4962         FLOSSIE AND THE FOX       Plucky Flossie Finley asks a clever fox to prove that he is a fox before       E         14 min.           1991
                                          she will be frightened of him. The narration of the rural South.

   6185         FOLKTALES FROM TWO        This video contains two animated tales from different parts of the             P,E       17 min.           1996
                LANDS                     world.

   2885         FOLKTALES: FAT            Shows what happens when the television breaks. Tells the story of Paul         P,E,M     17 min.           1986
                ALBERT/COSBY KIDS         Bunyan.

   1593         FOOLISH BROTHER           Follows two brothers who obtain a sack of gold coins. Foolishness saves P,E              26 min.           1987
                                          their fortune. Sometimes being foolish can be useful.

   3511         FREAKY FRIDAY             Adapted from the book by Mary Rodgers, this award-winning comedy               E,M       24 min.           1988
                                          deals with typical family conflicts that take a new and funny turn when
                                          a mother and her teenage daughter magically change places for a day on
                                          Friday the 13th.

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  Number                    Title                       Description                                                   Grade    Length Date
   3310         FRECKLE JUICE             Based on the popular book by Judy Blume, this award-winning                  P,E     21 min.           1988
                                          animated film is about a boy whose heart's desire to be freckled leads
                                          him on a series of misadventures and to the realization that he is fine
                                          just the way he is.

   2546         FROG AND TOAD ARE         Highlights Arnold Label's animated characters who show the value of          P,E     18 min.           1987
                FRIENDS                   accepting personal differences in friendship, and the importance of good
                                          communication and trust. LOTS OF FUN.

   2536         FROG KING/MAKING OF       Tells the story of a young princess who learns the importance of valuing     E,M     25 min.           1987
                FROG KING                 others when she is forced to keep her promise to a frog. BEHIND THE
                                          SCENES MAKING FROG KING.

   3141         FROM THE MIXED-UP FILE    Starring Ingrid Bergman, this film tells the story of two runaway            E,M     30 min.           1988
                OF MRS. BASIL E.          children, living in the Met, who solve an art mystery with the help of an
                FRANKWEILE                eccentric old woman.

   1338         GOLDEN AMYE               Presents three classic stories: "The Tale of Peter Rabbit," "Polly's Pet"    P,E     30 min.           1986
                ROSENBERG STORIES         and "The Little Red Hen."

   6568         GOLDILOCKS AND THE        Three bears come home from a bicycling trip through the woods to find        P,E     8 min.            1998
                THREE BEARS               a little girl all nice and cozy and fast asleep in baby bear's bed.

   3689         GOLDILOCKS AND THE        A delightfully animated version of the classic folktale in which a little    P,E     12 min            1988
                THREE BEARS (2ND ED.)     girl's rudeness disrupts the placid lives of a happy family of bears.

   2531         GOOSE GIRL                Tells story about rivalry, jealousy and abuse. Set in 17th century, a        E,M,H   20 min.           1984
                                          young girl is restored to her rightful place after everything she values
                                          has been taken away from her.

   4362         GRIMM'S FAIRY TALES #1:   Using original artwork, these three videos bring the wonderfully rich        P,E     10 min.           1989
                THE FISHERMAN AND HIS     world of Grimm's Fairy tales to your students. This storybook series is
                WIFE                      hosted by Hayley Mills.

   4363         GRIMM'S FAIRY TALES #2:   Cleverness earns a tiny tailor the throne from which he governs wisely.      P,E     10 min.           1989
                SEVEN WITH ONE BLOW;      In "The Youth Who Wanted to Shiver," Jack must learn to shiver
                THE YOUTH WHO WANTED      because he knows no fear.
                TO SHIVER

   4364         GRIMM'S FAIRY TALES #3:   In "Three Golden Hairs" see the wicked queen fail in her attempt to          P,E     10 min.           1989
                THREE GOLDEN HAIRS;       destroy the beautiful princess. Hans is welcomed home by his mother
                HANS IN LUCK              even though he lost his lump of gold in "Hans in Luck."

   1425         GRINCH GRINCHES THE       Shows two complete programs. In the first the Cat in the Hat tries to        P,E     49 min.
                CAT IN THE                ungrinch the grinch. In the second, a young man is given a magic piano
                HAT/PONTOFFEL POCK        to help build his self-confidence and overcome the feeling that he is a

   5047         HALMANI                   Halmani is a Korean grandmother and this program tells the story of her      E,M     30 min.           1989
                                          meeting her Amerasian granddaughter and a look at the differences in
                                          their cultures and lives.

   3702         HANSEL AND GRETEL         Beautiful cell animation faithfully recreates this new version of the        P,E     17 min.           1988
                                          Grimm's classic fairy tale of two abandoned children who are almost
                                          eaten by a wicked witch.

   2537         HANSEL AND GRETEL         Set in southern Appalachia during the great depression. Focuses on how       E,M     16 min.           1987
                                          children's inner resources and mutual loyalty can help deal with their

   4503         HARE AND THE TORTOISE     Tells through vivid animation and lively music the classic tale of the       P,E,M   10 min.           1979
                                          hare and the tortoise, that persistence and steadiness pay off. Develops
                                          skills in youngsters for observing visual details.

   4275         HARRY AND THE LADY        Based on the book by Gene Zion, this is an entertaining account of how       P,E     20 min.           1989
                NEXT DOOR                 Harry, the Dirty Dog, battles wits with an aspiring opera singer whose
                                          voice hurts his ears.

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  Number                    Title                       Description                                                  Grade      Length Date
   3411         HARRY THE DIRTY DOG       Based on the book by Gene Zion, this is the award-winning live-action       P,E       18 min.           1988
                                          story of an irrepressible dog, Harry, who escapes bathtime, runs away
                                          and has a series of hilarious misadventures that convince him that home
                                          is a wonderful place to be.

   3036         HAWK, I'M YOUR BROTHER    Follows Rudy Sato who learns about freedom as he struggles to               E,M       24 min.           1987
                                          understand why he cannot fly and why the red-tailed hawk he calls
                                          brother must fly.

   6354         HERE COMES THE CAT        A peaceful settlement of mice is threatened by the ominous shadow of a      P,E       11 min.           1995
                                          big cat.

   6345         HOT HIPPO                 Hippo promises not to eat little fishes in exchange for being allowed to    P,E       5 min.            1997
                                          live in the cool water instead of on land.

   3995         HOW THE ELEPHANT GOT      Based on Rudyard Kipling's classic fable, this story introduces a curious   P,E       13 min.           1987
                ITS TRUNK                 baby elephant, who constantly asks questions. In an animated format,
                                          illustrates inquisitiveness and personal initiative.

   6295         I'LL FIX ANTHONY          This clever illustration of sibling rivalry is sure to delight young        E         13 min.           1990

   1574         IN OTHER WORDS #12--      Criticism is most helpful when the critic begins with a positive            E,M       15 min.           1987
                HOW CAN I BE A            comment, is tactful and makes specific comments or suggestions.
                CONSTRUCTIVE CRITIC?

   1573         IN OTHER WORDS #7--       Considerations necessary in choosing the most appropriate word for a        E,M       15 min.           1987
                WHAT'S THE BEST WORD?     situation.

   2401         IN OTHER WORDS:           Breaking a topic into subtopics makes preparing a report easier by          E,M       15 min.           1988
                BREAKING DOWN A TOPIC     providing guidelines for collecting information.

   2400         IN OTHER WORDS:           Learning about an audience's interest, knowledge and expectations helps E,M           15 min.           1988
                CONSIDER YOUR             communicators achieve their goals.

   2403         IN OTHER WORDS:           The three common ways to organize information are: chronological            E,M       15 min.           1988
                ORGANIZING YOUR           order, in order of importance and by comparing and contrasting things
                MESSAGE                   or events.

   2402         IN OTHER WORDS: USING     When interviewers are collecting information, it is important for them      E,M       15 min.           1988
                PEOPLE SOURCES            to be prepared, considerate and accurate.

   2404         IN OTHER WORDS: WOULD     Examples help communicators find out how a message should look,             E,M       15 min.           1988
                AN EXAMPLE HELP?          what kind of language is appropriate and how it should be organized.

   3528         INCIDENT AT HAWK'S HILL   From the Newberry Honor Book by Allen Eckert, this story about a            E,M       29 min.           1988
                                          lonely boy who has difficulty talking with people and finds solace with
                                          the wild animals he befriends, gives an important message about
                                          communication and love.

   2902         IT'S ME CLAUDIA!          Presents adaptation from Alyse Newman's book about accepting and            P,E,M     20 min.           1986
                                          liking who you are.

   4361         JACK AND THE BEANSTALK    Jack and his mother live in a little run-down cottage. When they are        P,E       16 min.           1989
                                          unable to pay their rent, the landlord threatens them with eviction.

   2539         JACK AND THE DENTIST'S    Filmed with a predominately black cast and set in small town America        E,M       20 min.           1984
                DAUGHTER                  during the early 1930's, it is a comical story about a clever young hero
                                          who wins his true love by using his head.

   6347         JOEY RUNS AWAY            Joey looks for another home when he doesn't feel like cleaning up his       P,E       8 min.            1997
                                          messy room.

   2541         KATHY                     Presents a refreshing and candid look at the delicate topics of             E,M,H,A   26 min.           1987
                                          handicapped people in today's society. SUCCESSFULLY
                                          PENETRATES THE APATHY AND ATTITUDES THAT ARE THE
                                          REAL BARRIERS OF THE HANDICAPPED.

Wednesday, March 31, 2004                                                                                                                Page 78 of 152
  Number                    Title                         Description                                                    Grade   Length Date
   3699         KATURA AND THE CAT          When Katura's dying grandmother gives her a mysterious key and                P,E    11 min            1988
                                            instructs her to cross the forest to attend an extravagant Halloween ball
                                            at the castle, Katura has a series of spooky adventures that leads her to
                                            the love she has been seeking.

   3867         KIDS OF DEGRASSI STREET     Catherine Peters' parents have been separated for some time. It is not        E      10 min.           1989
                #1--CATHERINE FINDS HER     an amicable situation and Catherine often feel caught in the middle.

   3876         KIDS OF DEGRASSI STREET     Martin is embarrassed at having to wear a hearing aid. A conversation         E      10 min.           1989
                #10--MARTIN HEARS THE       with his classmates finally clears up his fears of being treated with pity
                MUSIC                       instead of friendship. Meanwhile, Rachel tries crash dieting--with
                                            disastrous results.

   3868         KIDS OF DEGRASSI STREET     When Billy and his best friend get a dog-walking job, they turn it over       E      10 min.           1989
                #2--BENJAMIN WALKS THE      to Billy's little brother while they sneak off to experiment with cigars.
                DOG                         The boys get horribly sick and frantically search for Benjy and the

   3869         KIDS OF DEGRASSI STREET     Ryan has been known to make up stories to get attention. When he and          E      10 min.           1989
                #3--RYAN RUNS FOR HELP      Benjy ignore the "Danger - Keep Out" signs while playing at a
                                            construction site, Benjy falls into a pit. Ryan has trouble convincing
                                            anyone this is a real emergency.

   3870         KIDS OF DEGRASSI STREET     Into everyone's life comes a time when winning acceptance is of major         E      10 min.           1989
                #4--CONNIE MAKES A          concern. As they enter the last term of grade school, three Degrassi
                CATCH                       Street kids try changing themselves to gain group acceptance.

   3871         KIDS OF DEGRASSI STREET     Karen promises to help Pete with his window-washing venture, then             E      10 min.           1989
                #5--KAREN KEEPS HER         forgets a scheduled job when she receives an unexpected birthday
                WORD                        check. The yearbook committee also faces a difficult decision after the
                                            class votes to oppose nuclear weapons.

   3872         KIDS OF DEGRASSI STREET     The Pirates, a street gang, demand protection money from students             E      10 min.           1989
                #6--MARTIN MEETS THE        running a car wash. One of the students enlists the help of her brother
                PIRATES                     Martin, who was considering joining the gang. Instead of joining them,
                                            Martin rallies the neighborhood to scare off the Pirates.

   3873         KIDS OF DEGRASSI STREET     Griff lost his parents in an accident two years ago. When his friend          E      10 min.           1989
                #7--GRIFF GETS A HAND       Danny, the school-crossing guard, dies of a stroke, Griff is unable to
                                            cope with another loss and withdraws from friends and studies.

   3874         KIDS OF DEGRASSI STREET     Rachel takes a serious approach in a school election and sticks strictly      E      10 min.           1989
                #8--RACHEL RUNS FOR         with the issues while her opponent, Billy, runs on personality and
                OFFICE                      dancing talent to attract votes.

   3875         KIDS OF DEGRASSI STREET     A class on careers gets the kids of Degrassi thinking about the future.       E      10 min.           1989
                #9--LISA GETS THE PICTURE   Lisa becomes so preoccupied with new interests that a serious rift
                                            occurs between her and Casey, threatening to destroy their long

   6178         KOKO'S KITTEN               The real life story of Koko the gorilla and her experiences with her          P,E    17 min.           1996
                                            adopted kitten.

   6400         LES TROIS OUR (THE          This adaptation of the well-known story "Goldilocks and the Three             E      15 min.           1996
                THREE BEARS)                Bears" retells in simple French the encounter between a litle girl and
                                            three bears.

   4997         LET'S GIVE KITTY A BATH!    Two children decide to bath the kitty and discover, like many ideas, that     E      14 min.           1986
                                            it's not as easy as they thought.

   2891         LIBRARY REPORT              Humorous and informative film that shows the steps for researching,           E,M    25 min.           1986
                                            organizing and writing a library report.

   3424         LIBRARY WORLD               How to use a card catalog, the Reader's Guide to Periodical Literature,       E,M    16 min.           1988
                                            microfilm and the reference section are some of the library skills two
                                            boys acquire when they stop by the library.

   6562         LILITH SUMMER               Strong emotional bonds are formed between eleven year old Ellen and           E,M    28 min.           1985
                                            Lilith, who is seventy-seven.

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  Number                    Title                       Description                                                     Grade      Length Date
   6442         LITTLE RED RIDING HOOD    Chinese-American writer Michael Din has retold this Brothers Grim              P,E       25 min.           1997
                                          tale with images from his family heritage of T'ai Chi, won ton and
                                          herbal remedies. Tony award winner B. D. Wong plays the Wolf, with
                                          Vu Mai playing Little Red Riding Hood.

   4963         LIVELY ART OF PICTURE     This program shows how picture books are created with interviews of            E         57 min.           1964
                BOOKS                     current authors and publishers.

   1341         LORAX/HOOBER-BLOOB        Shows the Lorax, a lovable creature, who speaks for the trees, trying to       P,E       51 min.           1986
                HIGHWAY                   stop the profit-greedy Once-ler from destroying the forest. Hoobler-
                                          Bloob Highway is a positive lesson about life's trials and treats.

   4964         MAKE WAY FOR              In this timeless tale of family life, Mr. and Mrs. Mallard find the perfect    P,E       12 min.           1955
                DUCKLINGS                 spot to raise their young in Boston's Public Garden.

   3681         MAKING SENSE WITH         When Sandy visits a recycling plant to write a report on pollution, she        E,M       10 min            1988
                OUTLINES (2ND ED.)        starts with a skeleton outline and builds to a final full sentence outline.
                                          Shows some techniques of mechanics, style and form.

   2878         MANNERS: THE MAGIC        Shows children the value of politeness and courtesy when talking with          P,E       16 min.           1986
                WORDS                     others.

   2092         MICKEY'S CHRISTMAS        Tells the Charles Dicken's story of A Christmas Carol with an                  P,E       25 min.           1986
                CAROL                     unforgetable cast of legendary cartoon co-stars.

   6454         MIKE MULLIGAN AND HIS     Big diesel machines threaten to put Mike Mulligan and his faithful old         P,E       11 min.           1997
                STEAM SHOVEL              steam shovel, Mary Anne, out of business until Mike agrees to tackle a
                                          big job.

   3592         MISS NELSON IS MISSING    When Miss Nelson, an excellent but unappreciated teacher, disappears           P,E       14 min.           1988
                                          and is replaced by the poisonous "Miss Swamp" her students suddenly
                                          realize their loss and begin searching for her. Miss Nelson (Alias Miss
                                          Swamp) reappears as herself to a remarkably responsive class. This
                                          award-winning animation is based on the book by Harry Allard.

   6174         MISUNDERSTOOD             This animated video tells the story of a swamp bird and its search for         P,E       8 min.
                MONSTERS: CREOLE          friends.

   6175         MISUNDERSTOOD             This story is an animated tale of a misunderstood monster and his              P,E       12 min.
                MONSTERS: THE             contribution to the creatures around him.
                RELUCTANT DRAGON

   6683         MOLLY'S PILGRIM           Portrays Molly and her family who have moved to America from Russia            P,E,M     24 min.           1998
                                          and the prejudice Molly encounters from her schoolmates. Because of a
                                          Thanksgiving project, everyone learns what a pilgrim really is.

   4995         MONKEYS FISH THE MOON     The bright full moon emerges from behind the hilltops. A group of              E,M,H,A   16 min.           1995
                                          monkeys chase it until they trap its image in a pool. Teaches a lesson on

   2670         MORE BOOKS FROM           Tells how receiving exactly what they wished for affects the lives of          P,E,M     15 min.           1987
                COVER TO COVER #1: THE    four people.
                WISH GIVER

   2679         MORE BOOKS FROM           Follows eleven year old James as he begins a new life when his family          P,E,M     15 min.           1987
                COVER TO COVER #10:       contracts to sing on a T.V. show.
                COME SING, JIMMY JO

   2678         MORE BOOKS FROM           Identifies the wild and diverse Blossom family portrayed in this               P,E,M     15 min.           1987
                COVER TO COVER #11: THE   contemporary and regional story.

   2681         MORE BOOKS FROM           Tells the fantasy of Tom who discovers a dream garden that only exists         P,E,M     15 min.           1987
                COVER TO COVER #12:       at night.
                TOM'S MIDNIGHT GARDEN

   2683         MORE BOOKS FROM           Presents this adventure by Dickens that involves the fates of Lucas and        P,E,M     15 min.           1987
                COVER TO COVER #13:       Anna-Marie, occupants of Midnight Court.
                MIDNIGHT IS A PLACE

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  Number                    Title                       Description                                                  Grade     Length Date
   2684         MORE BOOKS FROM           Follows Rose Larkin who discovers how to travel back in time through         P,E,M   15 min.        1987
                COVER TO COVER #14: THE   her aunt and uncle's root cellar.
                ROOT CELLAR

   2685         MORE BOOKS FROM           Follows a mischief making prince and his whipping boy who encounter          P,E,M   15 min.        1987
                COVER TO COVER #15: THE   many adventures when they decide to run away.
                WHIPPING BOY

   2682         MORE BOOKS FROM           Tells the fantasy tale of the struggle of the Old Ones in the conflict       P,E,M   15 min.        1987
                COVER TO COVER #16: THE   between the Light and the Dark.
                DARK IS RISING

   2671         MORE BOOKS FROM           Follows a strange boy who teaches the village children how to fly.           P,E,M   15 min.        1987
                COVER TO COVER #2: THE
                SUMMER BIRDS

   2672         MORE BOOKS FROM           Depicts four teenagers working in a senior citizens' center, who             P,E,M   15 min.        1987
                COVER TO COVER #3:        overcome their sterotypes of senior citizens.
                WON'T KNOW TILL I GET

   2673         MORE BOOKS FROM           Follows an eleven-year-old girl who looks for a role model and advisor       P,E,M   15 min.        1987
                COVER TO COVER #4: THE    while adjusting to changes in her life.
                AGONY OF ALICE

   2674         MORE BOOKS FROM           Follows ten year old Willy who is determined to revive his grandfather's     P,E,M   15 min.        1987
                COVER TO COVER #5:        will to live.
                STONE FOX

   2675         MORE BOOKS FROM           Mama's Going to Buy you a Mockingbird--Young Jeremy Talbot learns            P,E,M   15 min.        1987
                COVER TO COVER #6:        to accept his father's illness and death.
                MAMA'S GOING TO BUY
                YOU A MOCKINGBIRD

   2676         MORE BOOKS FROM           Follows four ghosts who learn to communicate with living friends to          P,E,M   15 min.        1987
                COVER TO COVER #7:        prevent a crime. Also WHO KIDNAPPED THE SHERIFF: Tells a
                GHOST SQUAD BREAKS        collection of related stories about Patrick O'Leary, Violet Deever and
                THROUGH                   the citizens of Tickfaw.

   2677         MORE BOOKS FROM           Tells a fantasy story in which a young boy defeats a dragon to regain a      P,E,M   15 min.        1987
                COVER TO COVER #8: THE    magic token.
                CASTLE IN THE ATTIC

   2680         MORE BOOKS FROM           Features Darcy Stevens who is kidnapped along with the three children        P,E,M   15 min.        1987
                COVER TO COVER #9:        she is baby-sitting.
                BABY-SITTING IS

   6179         MORRIS GOES TO SCHOOL     Morris goes to school to learn how to read and count in this story.          P,E     15 min.        1996

   4996         MOUSE ON THE              A look at the life on the Mayflower in its crossing to the New World as      E,M     52 min.        1995
                MAYFLOWER                 seen through the eyes of Willum the mouse.

   4965         MR. SHEPHARD & MR.        Christopher Robin reads from his father's book and narrates this             E       29 min.        1973
                MILNE                     documentary about the collaboration between the two men who created

   2067         MRS. FRISBY AND THE       Tells the story of a family of field mice that must find a way to move       P,E     30 min.        1986
                RATS OF NIMH (2 PARTS)    their home out of the way of the farmer's plow.

   4966         MUFARO'S BEAUTIFUL        Mufaro's daughters are tested to reveal which one should marry the           E       14 min.        1989
                DAUGHTERS                 king.

   3427         MY GRANDSON LEW           Adapted from the book by Charlotte Zolotov, this award-winning film          P,E     13 min.        1988
                                          about life and death-a little boy loses his beloved grandfather-underlines
                                          the importance of memories and sharing with others.

   3086         NANOOK OF THE NORTH       Follows one Eskimo tribe, who pit their human frailties against the vast     E,M,H   69 min.        1988
                                          and inhospitable Arctic. A rare look at a vanishing culture.

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  Number                    Title                      Description                                                  Grade      Length Date
   3485         NEVER CRY WOLF           From the book by Farley Mowat, this true story about a young                E,M,H     30 min.           1988
                                         government biologist who travels to the Arctic to learn about wolves
                                         and is astonished to discover that they are tender, courageous animals
                                         who live in total harmony with their environment. Gives fascinating
                                         insight into one of the most misunderstood animals.

   3487         OLD YELLER               From the book by Fred Gipson, this is a story of a battle-scared mongrel    E,M       28 min.           1988
                                         and a young boy who form a touching alliance of needs and love. When
                                         Old Yeller contracts rabies, the boy faces an agonizing moment alone as
                                         he crosses the frontier from boyhood to manhood.

   2290         ONDRA AND THE SNOW       Tells the adventures of Ondra who is transported to a far away land by      P,E       7 min.            1986
                DRAGON                   the Snow Dragon where he finds a young princess whose heart is frozen
                                         in sadness.

   3445         OTHERWISE KNOWN AS       Based on the popular book by Judy Blume, a delightful story of a 10         P,E       25 min.           1988
                SHEILA THE GREAT         year old girl, Sheila Tubman, who learns who she really is when she
                                         confronts her greatest fears which include living in a house with a dog,
                                         sleeping alone in the dark and learning to swim.

   2993         OVERVIEW OF THE          Focuses on the 1987 English/Language Arts Framework that encourages E,M,H,A           15 min.           1987
                ENGLISH LANGUAGE ARTS    reading and exposes students to quality literature.
                FRAMEWORK 1988-89

   3489         PAUL BUNYAN              Animated presentation of the larger-than-life legend of the giant           P,E       17 min.           1988
                                         lumberjack and his blue ox, Babe--the greatest logging team in the

   4969         PETUNIA                  A silly goose learns that carrying a book under her wing doesn't make       P,E       10 min.           1971
                                         her knowledgeable.

   2077         PLANET OF JUNIOR         Follows Junior Brown and his friend Buddy Clark who have played             E,M       40 min.           1986
                BROWN (2 PARTS)          truant from their eighth grade class.

   4291         POETRY IS WORDS THAT     Shows how San Francisco`s much applauded Pacific Poetry Ensemble            E         20 min.           1989
                SING!                    develops and presents a dynamic classroom show designed to open the
                                         ears and minds of elementary school students to the magic of poetry.

   2934         PORTRAIT OF MAYA         Depicts the experience of returning home. Covers the eloquence,             E,M,H,A   60 min.           1986
                ANGELOU                  candor with which Art, Black Culture is transmitted.

   3000         PROJECT VITAL: ESL #1    See description in ORIENTATION.                                             E,M,H,A   120 min.          1987

   3001         PROJECT VITAL: ESL #2    See description in ORIENTATION.                                             E,M,H,A   120 min.          1987

   3002         PROJECT VITAL: ESL #3    See description in ORIENTATION.                                             E,M,H,A   120 min.          1987

   3003         PROJECT VITAL: ESL #4    See description in ORIENTATION.                                             E,M,H,A   120 min.          1987

   3004         PROJECT VITAL: ESL #5    See description in ORIENTATION.                                             E,M,H,A   120 min.          1987

   3005         PROJECT VITAL: ESL #6    See description in ORIENTATION.                                             E,M,H,A   120 min.          1987

   3006         PROJECT VITAL: ESL #7    See description in ORIENTATION.                                             E,M,H,A   120 min.          1987

   2999         PROJECT VITAL: ESL       Implements the natural approach to learning English by using                E,M,H     33 min.           1987
                ORIENTATION              presentations of everyday scenes. Increases comprehension, and
                                         participation while providing cultural and individual insight.

   6138         PUMPKIN CIRCLE           This video provides a long look at a backyard and the pumpkins              P,E       20 min.           1997
                                         growing there.

   4468         RABBIT HILL PART 1 & 2   Live-action nature story narrated by Burl Ives shows Little Georgie, a      P,E       53 min.           1980
                                         rabbit, having adventures in his rural neighborhood of Rabbit Hill.

   6205         RAINSHOWER (REVISED)     This program shows the early learner the beauty of rain and its             P,E       15 min.           1996

   6181         RALPH THE MOUSE          It is time for Ralph the mouse to move and this begins another              P,E       41 min.           1997

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  Number                    Title                        Description                                                Grade   Length Date
   3031         RAMONA                     Features Ramona, the star of Beverly Cleary's best selling children's      E,M   60 min.           1988

   3030         RAMONA: PERFECT            Features Ramona, the star of Beverly Cleary's best selling children's      E,M   60 min.           1988
                DAY/BAD DAY                classics.

   3032         RAMONA:                    Features Ramona, the star of Beverly Cleary's best selling children's      E,M   60 min.           1988
                SQUEAKERFOOT/GOODBYE       classics.
                , HELLO

   3678         RAPUNZEL                   This award-winning animated classic uses beautiful music and visuals       P,E   10 min            1981
                                           to tell the tale of Rapunzel.

   717          READ-IT 1: BLUE            An unusual moose becomes a headwaiter and a successful author. (D.         E     15 min.           1984
                MOOSE/RETURN OF THE        Manus Pinkwater)
                BLUE MOOSE

   726          READ-IT 10: THE            A lonely boy befriends a battered and dying dog. (Jane Resh                E     15 min.           1986
                COMEBACK DOG               Thomas)

   727          READ-IT 11: GIVE US A      Rosy is the uncomfortable subject of a new photo book. (Sheila             E     15 min.           1984
                GREAT BIG SMILE, ROSY      Greenwald)

   728          READ-IT 12: GROUND         A young Indian warrior recaptures his stolen horse. (Joyce                 E     15 min.           1984
                HOG'S HORSE                Rockwood)

   729          READ-IT 13: A              An unusual family of orphans receive a Christmas surprise. (Natalie S.     E     15 min.           1984
                GRANDMOTHER FOR THE        Carlson)

   730          READ-IT 14: TWENTY AND     A moving account of how 20 French fifth grade students protected           E     15 min.           1984
                TEN                        Jewish refugees from the Nazis. (Claire Bishop)

   731          READ-IT 15: THE            The Whistling Tea Kettle by Mindy W. Skolsky and The Witch of              E     15 min.           1984
                WHISTLING TEA              Fourth Street by Myron Levoy.
                KETTLE/THE WITCH OF
                FOURTH STREET

   732          READ-IT 16: BEN AND ME     A new interpretation of Benjamin Franklin's career through the eyes of a   E     15 min.           1984
                                           mouse. (Robert Lawson)

   718          READ-IT 2: MY ROBOT        The futuristic adventures of two young boys. (Alfred Slote)                E     15 min.           1984
                BUDDY/TRIP TO ALPHA I

   719          READ-IT 3: HAVE YOU        Junior detectives solve a puzzling mystery. (Patricia Giff)                E     15 min.           1984
                SEEN HYACINTH MACAW?

   720          READ-IT 4: MY FATHER'S     A kindhearted boy rescues a dragon. (Ruth Stiles Gannet)                   E     15 min.           1984

   721          READ-IT 5: BOXCAR          The orphaned Alden children rely on their wits and resourcefulness in      E     15 min.           1984
                CHILDREN                   their new-found shelter. (Gertrude Warner)

   722          READ-IT 6: DEADWOOD        The reader is the "hero" in these two branch plotline books. (Edward       E     15 min.           1984
                CITY/THE THIRD PLANET      Packard)
                FROM ALTAIR

   723          READ-IT 7: WHO'S IN        Two stories that have the authentic ring of family tales passed down       E     15 min.           1984
                CHARGE OF LINCOLN?/THE     through the generations. (Dale Fife and Lucille Clifton)
                LUCKY STONE

   724          READ-IT 8: RISE AND FALL   Three frontier stories from Richard Kennedy.                               E     15 min.           1984
                OF BEN GIZZARD

   725          READ-IT 9: TROUBLE FOR     A vivid picture of life on early wagon trains. (Carla Stevens)             E     15 min.           1984

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  Number                    Title                       Description                                                  Grade    Length Date
   3433         READING IS....            This award-winning film motivates youngsters through the experiences          E     25 min.        1988
                                          of Kelly, an unhappy girl who is having trouble adjusting to her
                                          brother's serious illness, to spend more time reading, not only for
                                          enjoyment but as a way to learn answers to some of life's hardest

   3013         READING RAINBOW: A        Hats to where? Anywhere! LeVar can go anywhere just by changing               P,E   30 min.        1988
                THREE DAY HAT             the hat he wears.

   2102         READING RAINBOW:          Illustrates a South African lullaby and folk story. This is a magical         P,E   15 min.        1986
                ABIYOYO                   story-song about the terrible giant, Abiyoyo, retold and sung by Pete

   2096         READING RAINBOW:          Follows the adventures of Alistair, a little boy who is captured by a         P,E   15 min.        1986
                ALISTAIR IN OUTER SPACE   spaceship while on his way to return books to the library.

   2095         READING RAINBOW:          Explores what really happens between the late night hours and the wee         P,E   15 min.        1986
                ANIMAL CARE               hours of the morning. LeVar Burton burns the midnight oil in the city
                                          that never sleeps--New York.

   605          READING RAINBOW:          Arthur needs glasses to help him see. Host LeVar Burton explores              P,E   30 min.        1984
                ARTHUR'S EYES             many different ways of perceiving the world by using all his senses.

   3913         READING RAINBOW: BARN     Shows true bluegrass music and downhome dancing in the Tennessee              P,E   30 min.        1989
                DANCE                     hills, making fiddles, clogging lessons, and an authentic barn dance.

   595          READING RAINBOW: BEA      Ever wished to be someone else? Host LeVar Burton sometimes does              P,E   30 min.        1984
                AND MR.. JONES            as he reads about a kindergartner and her father who trade places in
                                          "Bea and Mr. Jones."

   3014         READING RAINBOW: BEST     Best friends can be humans or animals, but whichever they are, it's           P,E   30 min.        1988
                FRIENDS                   wonderful to have them!

   596          READING RAINBOW:          Inspired by a tale from the Nandi people of Kenya and narrated by             P,E   30 min.        1984
                BRINGING THE RAIN TO      James Earl Jones. Host LeVar Burton plans a fun-filled day around
                KAPITI PLAIN              rainy weather.

   3340         READING RAINBOW:          The story of a lonely boy and an old brush that becomes a warm,               P,E   30 min.        1988
                BRUSH                     animated replacement for a lost dog.

   3343         READING RAINBOW: BUGS     Tells all about crickets and ants and fleas and lice and ticks and slugs      P,E   30 min.        1988
                                          and more!

   1257         READING RAINBOW:          Sometimes it takes teamwork to get things done right! Dance, music,           E     30 min.
                CHAIR FOR MY MOTHER       and special effects dramatize this philosophy in this enchanting story.

   3080         READING RAINBOW:          Shows chicken farm, other animals that lay eggs, turtle eggs, and turtle      P,E   30 min.        1989
                CHICKENS AREN'T THE       eggs hatching on the beach.
                ONLY ONES

   4538         READING RAINBOW:          Demonstrates adaptation of plants and animals to life in Arizona's            P,E   15 min.        1990
                DESERT GIANT, WORLD OF    Sonoran Desert; shows the seasons of the desert. A real-life "snake
                THE SAQUARO CACTUS        man" gives a close-up look at a rattle snake.

   598          READING RAINBOW:          Host LeVar Burton sets off in his four-wheel drive "Jeeposaurus Wreck" P,E          30 min.        1984
                DIGGING UP DINOSAURS      to explore the mystery surrounding the life and death of dinosaurs.

   3237         READING RAINBOW:          Written by William Joyce--Oakland A's spring training; batting and            P,E   30 min.        1989
                DINOSAUR BOB AND HIS      pitching instruction; "The Perfect Baseball Fan"; the Reading Rainbow
                ADVENTURES WITH THE       Pony Softball Classic.
                FAMILY LAZARDO

   4537         READING RAINBOW: DIVE     Shows scuba diving in the coral reefs in Key Largo, Florida; studying         P,E   15 min.        1990
                TO THE CORAL REEFS        the creatures that live in the reef; and a "reef doctor" rebuilding
                                          damaged coral reefs.

   3914         READING RAINBOW:          Shows a young girl's attempts to win a cat`s affection; lions and tigers at   P,E   30 min.        1989
                DUNCAN & DOLORES          Marine World Africa USA in Vallejo, CA; behind the scenes at the
                                          Broadway musical Cats.

Wednesday, March 31, 2004                                                                                                           Page 84 of 152
  Number                    Title                      Description                                                   Grade   Length Date
   2097         READING RAINBOW:         Opens in Central Park which provides the backdrop for host LeVar             P,E    15 min.        1986
                FEELINGS                 Burton's probe into the endless variety of feelings.

   4545         READING RAINBOW:         Story by Jocelyn Wild                                                        P,E    15 min.        1990
                FLORENCE AND ERIC TAKE
                THE CAKE

   2101         READING RAINBOW:         Examines what germs are, what they look like, how we catch them, and         P,E    15 min.        1986
                GERMS MAKE ME SICK?      how our bodies fight against them.

   600          READING RAINBOW: GILA    A young boy's fantasies about what it's like to move "Out West" lead to      P,E    30 min.        1984
                MONSTERS MEET YOU AT     an investigation of the Arizona desert.
                THE AIRPORT

   603          READING RAINBOW:         Lily Tomlin narrates the story of Gregory, a young goat who worries his      P,E    30 min.        1984
                GREGORY, THE TERRIBLE    parents by being a fussy eater. LeVar Burton visits a zoo to find out
                EATER                    some surprising facts about the eating habits of goats and other

   1250         READING RAINBOW: HILL    Dramatizes a volcano emerging and coming to life in a poor Mexican           P,E    30 min.
                OF FIRE                  farmer's cornfield.

   1253         READING RAINBOW: HOT     Shows Henry the cat in a hair-raising ride on a hot air balloon.             P,E    30 min.
                AIR HENRY

   3233         READING RAINBOW:         Tells the true story of a lost whale as written by Wendy Tokuda and          P,E    30 min.        1989
                HUMPHREY THE LOST        Richard Hall.

   2093         READING RAINBOW:         Portrays a young girl who wakes up one morning to discover that she          P,E    15 min.        1986
                IMOGENE'S ANTLERS        has grown antlers overnight!

   4543         READING RAINBOW: JACK,   Story by Gerald Aschenbrenner                                                P,E    15 min.        1990
                THE SEAL AND THE SEA

   3011         READING RAINBOW: KEEP    The true story of a brave young girl battling a tremendous storm at a        P,E    30 min.        1988
                THE LIGHTS BURNING,      lighthouse.

   3915         READING RAINBOW:         Shows stories of conquering fear--a native American tale about a young       P,E    30 min.        1989
                KNOTS ON A COUNTING      blind boy, a TV reporter who overcame a physical deformity, camping
                ROPE                     alone in the wilderness.

   599          READING RAINBOW:         An old Chinese legend, about a boy who finds a paintbrush that               P,E    30 min.        1984
                LIANG AND THE MAGIC      magically brings pictures to life, leads host LeVar Burton to participate
                PAINTBRUSH               in a lion dance in New York City's Chinatown and explore a world of
                                         computer art.

   3235         READING RAINBOW:         Written by Karen Barbour--Homemade pizza; a family fireworks                 P,E    30 min.        1989
                LITTLE NINO'S PIZZERIA   business.

   597          READING RAINBOW: LOUIS   A whale of a tale about a man who turns into a fish, leads host LeVar        P,E    30 min.        1984
                THE FISH                 Burton on an exploration of exotic marine life, tide pools and

   3236         READING RAINBOW:         Written by Jon Agee--Reading Rainbow bloopers; comedy made-over;             P,E    30 min.        1989
                LUDLOW LAUGHS            old and current slapstick comedians.

   2099         READING RAINBOW:         Features Miles who gets a saxaphone for his birthday, and neither his        P,E    15 min.        1986
                MAMA DON'T ALLOW         parents nor his neighbors can stand the racket.

   3016         READING RAINBOW:         A tall tale and a visit to the Old West provide a laugh and a chance to      P,E    30 min.        1988
                MEANWHILE BACK AT THE    see the "olden days."

   594          READING RAINBOW: MISS    This book narrated by Ruth Buzzi, is all about surprises. Host LeVar         P,E    30 min.        1984
                NELSON IS BACK           Burton finds some surprises of his own as he embarks on a birthday
                                         treasure hunt.

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  Number                    Title                      Description                                                  Grade   Length Date
   3917         READING RAINBOW:         Shows an African tale about two sisters; Central Park in New York City      P,E    30 min.        1989
                MUFARO'S BEAUTIFUL       celebrates African culture; authentic African instruments and dances.

   3916         READING RAINBOW:         Shows an in-depth look at the ancient Egyptians mummifying practices,       P,E    30 min.        1989
                MUMMIES MADE IN EGYPT    the Museum of Fine Arts Boston's work of conserving Egyptian
                                         artifacts, using technology to study an ancient mummy.

   3017         READING RAINBOW: MY      Learning to appreciate and experience another culture is a real             P,E    30 min.        1988
                LITTLE ISLAND            adventure.

   1256         READING RAINBOW:         An opera-loving short order cook-turned-amateur sleuth prevents the         P,E    30 min.
                MYSTERY ON THE DOCKS     kidnapping of a famous singer.

   1255         READING RAINBOW: OX-     Nineteenth Century England is brought to life in a visit to Sturbridge      P,E    30 min.
                CART MAN                 Village to share everyday experiences of Ox Cart Man.

   1248         READING RAINBOW: PAUL    Visits rural Maine to discover the roots of the mythical American logger    P,E    15 min.        1985
                BUNYAN                   and outdoor adventurer.

   3076         READING RAINBOW:         Shows Pigmania, Kermit the Frog in the Library, Pigericks (animated),       P,E    30 min.        1989
                PERFECT THE PIG          and origin of piggy banks.

   1252         READING RAINBOW:         An exciting and amusing story about the adventures of Perfect, the          P,E    30 min.        1986
                PERFECT THE PIG          winged pig.

   3373         READING RAINBOW:         Shows a Renaissance Pleasure Faire reenactment of medieval daily life-- P,E        30 min.        1989
                RUMPELSTILTSKIN          spinning wool from sheep to cloth, vegetable dyes.

   1254         READING RAINBOW:         Shows a visit to author Henrik Drescher in his studio to find out how       P,E    30 min.        1988
                SIMON'S BOOK             Simon's Book began.

   2100         READING RAINBOW:         Explores what it would be like to meet beings from another planet. A        P,E    15 min.        1986
                SPACE CASE               young boy has this very opportunity one spooky Halloween night.

   3234         READING RAINBOW: STAY    Written by Tricia Tusa--Garage sales; making art from junk.                 P,E    30 min.        1989
                AWAY FROM THE

   4546         READING RAINBOW:         Story by Gail Gibbons                                                       P,E    15 min.        1990
                SUNKEN TREASURE

   4544         READING RAINBOW: THE     Story by Allen Say                                                          P,E    15 min.        1990
                BICYCLE MAN

   3341         READING RAINBOW: THE     Looks behind the scenes at a television studio to show how an ordinary      P,E    30 min.        1988
                BIONIC BUNNY SHOW        rabbit becomes a superhero.

   606          READING RAINBOW: THE     A school field trip to a peaceful farm turns wild when Jimmy's pet boa      P,E    30 min.        1984
                DAY JIMMY'S BOA ATE      constrictor escapes. Host LeVar Burton visits a farm and a livestock
                THE WASH                 fair.

   602          READING RAINBOW: THE     A folktale about a boy who brought the gift of horses to his people leads   P,E    30 min.        1984
                GIFT OF THE SACRED DOG   to a powwow and a special ceremony with the Old Elk Family.

   3010         READING RAINBOW: THE     Where does honey come from?                                                 P,E    30 min.        1988
                LIFE CYCLE OF THE
                HONEY BEE

   4542         READING RAINBOW: THE     Story by Joanna Cole                                                        P,E    15 min.        1990
                MAGIC SCHOOL BUS
                INSIDE THE EARTH

   2094         READING RAINBOW: THE     Proclaims that it's fresh and cold, foamy and white, and one of nature's    P,E    15 min.        1986
                MILK MAKERS              most nutritious foods--milk.

   3012         READING RAINBOW: THE     A generous restaurant owner receives a wonderful, magical gift from a       P,E    30 min.        1988
                PAPER CRANE              stranger.

Wednesday, March 31, 2004                                                                                                         Page 86 of 152
  Number                    Title                      Description                                                   Grade      Length Date
   3789         READING RAINBOW: THE     Shows New York garment district, the Fashion Institute of Technology,        P,E       30 min.           1989
                PURPLE COAT              and lifesize papier-mache sculptures.

   3342         READING RAINBOW: THE     A humorous story of a talkative chicken who outwits a couple of              P,E       30 min.           1988
                ROBBERY AT THE           diamond robber mutts.
                DIAMOND DOG DINER

   3081         READING RAINBOW: THE     Shows New England waterfowl in a wildlife refuge; duck carving; duck         P,E       30 min.           1989
                RUNAWAY DUCK             calls.

   3008         READING RAINBOW: THE     Egbert, a carved wooden duck, takes an unintentional trip around the         P,E       30 min.           1988
                RUNAWAY DUCK             world.

   1251         READING RAINBOW: THE     Like the plodding and persistent tortoise, LeVar learns that to succeed,     P,E       30 min.           1986
                TORTOISE AND THE HARE    you must never give up.

   604          READING RAINBOW:         As Host LeVar Burton strolls on the beach reading "Three by the Sea,"        P,E       30 min.           1984
                THREE BY THE SEA         he learns that stories can be created out of the sea, the sand, the air--
                                         your imagination.

   601          READING RAINBOW:         Like the two children in the story, Host LeVar Burton encounters fun         P,E       30 min.           1984
                THREE DAYS ON A RIVER    and exciting challenges as he goes camping with a group of enthusiastic
                IN A RED CANOE           young friends.

   593          READING RAINBOW: TIGHT   Host LeVar Burton introduces the book "Tight Times" and shows his            P,E       30 min.           1984
                TIMES                    friends how to check out the public library.

   4539         READING RAINBOW:         Shows LeVar as he works on his car; wild, custom-designed cars; an           P,E       15 min.           1990
                TOOTH-GNASHER            auto factory and a solar-powered car race.

   607          READING RAINBOW: TV'S    Lou Rawls narrates the story of a mysterious stranger who creates a one- P,E           30 min.           1984
                ONE-MAN BAND             man band out of odds and ends.

   2098         READING RAINBOW:         Follows a brother and sister who bravely travel alone across the ocean       P,E       15 min.           1986
                WATCH THE STARS COME     to the great, unknown United States.

   6176         REALLY ROSIE             Sendak's poems are delightfully set to music in the story of Rosie and       P,E       26 min.
                                         her neighborhood kids and their own movie.

   1337         RICHARD SCARRY ANIMAL    Shows three favorites: "The Gingerbread Man," "Goldilocks and the            P,E       30 min.           1986
                NURSERY TALES            Three Bears," and "The Three Little Pigs."

   2134         ROLL OF THUNDER, HEAR    Tells the story of nine year old Cassie Logan and her family in              E,M       47 min.           1986
                MY CRY (2 PARTS)         Mississippi during the Great Depression of the 1930's.

   4970         ROSIE'S WALK             A single minded fox stalks an unsuspecting hen.                              E         5 min.            1970

   6184         RUNAWAY RALPH            Ralph runs away from home and takes his motorcycle on a fur-raising          P,E       41 min.           1996

   2533         RUPUNZEL, RUPUNZEL       Exceptional story about a young girl's struggle with independence. A         E,M       15 min.           1987
                                         story that is re-enacted over and over with every parent and child.

   2519         SAM, BANGS AND           Tells the story of a young fisherman's daughter named Samantha (Sam)         P,E       15 min.           1987
                MOONSHINE                and her reckless habit of pretending.

   3597         SHOESHINE GIRL           An adaptation of Clyde Robert Bulla's story about an arrogant little girl    E,M       25 min.           1988
                                         who takes a job in a shoe-shine shop and learns the rewards of
                                         responsibility and caring for friends.

   1172         SIOUX LEGENDS            Re-creates some of the legends closest to the philosophy and religion of     E,M,H,A   20 min.
                                         the Sioux culture. Demonstrates the Indian feeling of identification
                                         with the forces of nature.

   1307         SIXTEEN TALES: ANANSE    Shows a Spider Man who completes some difficult tasks and wins a             E         15 min.           1987
                AND THE GOLDEN BOX       golden box of stories from the Sky God.

Wednesday, March 31, 2004                                                                                                                Page 87 of 152
  Number                    Title                       Description                                                    Grade   Length Date
   1313         SIXTEEN TALES: ANGRY      Shows the tale of Lapowinsa who is stolen from the earth by an angry          E      15 min.        1986
                MOON                      spiteful moon and rescued by Lupan with some help from a charming

   1318         SIXTEEN TALES: BLIND      Shows how goodness and devotion are rewarded in this voyage beneath           E      15 min.        1986
                MAN'S DAUGHTER            the sea.

   1310         SIXTEEN TALES: BRER       This story from the Tales of Uncle Remus tells of Brer Fox and Brer           E      15 min.        1986
                RABBIT AND THE TAR        Bear who devise a plan to catch the clever Brer Rabbit in a sticky
                BABY                      trap.

   1314         SIXTEEN TALES: COYOTE     Shows two stories about Trotting Coyote, the trickster who always loses       E      15 min.        1986
                AND                       in the end.
                AND THE BEAVER

   1311         SIXTEEN TALES: DANCING    Shows two Indian legends emphasizing a strong respect for and                 E      15 min.        1986
                STARS/FRIENDLY WOLF       relationship with nature.

   1312         SIXTEEN TALES: FIRE       These two Indian legends explain how humankind received fire and the          E      15 min.        1986
                BRINGER/HOW SAYNDAY       buffalo.
                BROUGHT THE BUFFALO

   1305         SIXTEEN TALES: FLEA       Shows how cooperation triumphs and kindness is rewarded in this               E      15 min.        1987
                                          humorous tale about a king who loved riddles.

   1308         SIXTEEN TALES: HOW        Tells two popular spider tales about the cunning trickster Kwaku              E      15 min.        1985
                ANANSE GOT THIN           Ananse.
                WAIST/VISITOR TURTLE

   1315         SIXTEEN TALES: JOSE AND   Deceived by an ungrateful crocodile, Jose seems doomed until a lively         E      15 min.        1986
                THE CROCODILE             monkey's quick thinking saves him.

   1304         SIXTEEN TALES: LAZY       Shows a lazy, sly fox who tricks a coyote, but is outwitted by a slow-        E      15 min.        1987
                FOX/SENOR FOX AND         moving armadillo.
                SENOR COYOTE

   1316         SIXTEEN TALES: MA LIANG   A young boy's perseverance and generous heart is celebrated in this           E      15 min.        1986
                AND THE MAGIC BRUSH       magical tale.

   1317         SIXTEEN TALES: TALE OF    When a fisherman encounters a magical sea turtle and a lovely sea             E      15 min.        1986
                ORASHIMA TARO             princess he forgets his family--for a while.

   1303         SIXTEEN TALES:            By demonstrating bravery, responsibility and devotion, a boy overcomes E             15 min.        1987
                TEPOZTON, THE MAGIC       a cruel giant and becomes king.
                BOY FROM THE

   1306         SIXTEEN TALES: TIGER      A poor, clumsy tiger is outsmarted three times by a small but clever          E      15 min.        1987
                AND THE RABBIT            rabbit.

   1309         SIXTEEN TALES:            A lazy rabbit farmer and a hard-working elephant farmer create a large        E      15 min.        1985
                WAKAIMA AND THE CLAY      clay man to protect the farmer's crops.

   6440         SNOW WHITE                This new version of the classic tale is set in a beautiful southwest          P,E    25 min.        1997
                                          environment with voices of Native Americans, Graham Green and
                                          Buffy St. Marie. Two original songs are written and performed by
                                          Buffy St. Marie.

   3412         SPEAK OUT KIDS!           Describes the reactions of two students to the prospect of giving an oral     E,M    23 min.        1988
                                          report to their class. In the process of preparing their report they learn
                                          the methodology of speech writing, outlines, researching and speaking
                                          to an audience while gaining pose and confidence in their new ability.

   4541         SPORTS PAGES              Shows LeVar in a weight room, bicycle race, playing ice hockey,               P,E    15 min.        1990
                                          running an obstacle course, horse racing and swimming; an interview
                                          with a top-ranking gymnast; setting goals in sports; championship figure

Wednesday, March 31, 2004                                                                                                            Page 88 of 152
  Number                    Title                     Description                                                   Grade   Length Date
   4972         STEGA NONNA             Big Anthony finds himself knee deep in trouble and pasta when he uses        E      9 min.            1978
                                        Stega Nonna's magic pasta pot without her permission.

   4971         STONE SOUP              A look at the time when Napoleon was Emperor of France and the               E      11 min.           1955
                                        soldiers that lived in France at that time.

   1711         STORYBOUND: BRIDGE TO   Describes a touching story of two friends who together create a secret       E,M    15 min.           1986
                TEREBITHA               and imaginary kingdom.

   1714         STORYBOUND: CALL IT     Portrays a Polynesian boy who must prove he deserves the name "stout         E,M    15 min.           1986
                COURAGE                 heart".

   1725         STORYBOUND: ESCAPE      Follows the story of Polish children's five year search to reunite their     E,M    15 min.           1986
                FROM WARSAW             family during the turmoil of World War II.

   1713         STORYBOUND: GHOSTS I    Portrays a gypsy girl and an old man who pose as ghosts to frighten          E,M    15 min.           1986
                HAVE BEEN               boys during their Halloween prank of tipping over the privy house.

   1722         STORYBOUND: ISLAND OF   Portrays the true and unusual story of an American Indian girl who lived E,M        15 min.           1986
                THE BLUE DOLPHINS       alone for eighteen years on an island.

   1712         STORYBOUND: KONRAD      Shows a skillful satire about a "factory-made" perfect seven-year-old        E,M    15 min.           1986

   1716         STORYBOUND: LIZARD      Shows an amusing and original satire on modern culture and science           E,M    15 min.           1986
                MUSIC                   fiction fantasy.

   1724         STORYBOUND: MOJO AND    Features a hilarious story that leads a young boy and his gang from the      E,M    15 min.           1986
                THE RUSSIANS            streets of Harlem to the Russian consulate, the New York police and the

   1710         STORYBOUND: PILOT       Describes a young man's struggle to survive on an unhabited island after     E,M    15 min.           1986
                DOWN, PRESUMED DEAD     his plane crashes.

   1723         STORYBOUND: PINCH       Tells the folksy tale of a clever boy and his champion pig.                  E,M    15 min.           1986

   1718         STORYBOUND: SOUNDER     Portrays the powerful and moving story of a southern black family, their     E,M    15 min.           1986
                                        courageous son, and their hunting dog.

   1717         STORYBOUND: THE         Features a loving story of three children in a foster home.                  E,M    15 min.           1986

   1720         STORYBOUND: THE WITCH   Portrays how the severe puritanism of 17th century New England               E,M    15 min.           1986
                OF BLACKBIRD POND       provides disastrous circumstances for a high spirited girl from the

   1721         STORYBOUND: TUCK        Tells a story about a mysterious family who drinks from a spring that        E,M    15 min.           1986
                EVERLASTING             bestows eternal life.

   4429         STUART LITTLE, PART 1   Relates many interesting adventures of a little mouse, and develops          E      19 min.           1989
                                        imagination by combining the action of live actors with a stuffed toy.
                                        Motivates children to read the book.

   4430         STUART LITTLE, PART 2   Relates the adventures of a little mouse, capturing the imagination by       E      33 min.           1989
                                        combining the actions of live actors with a stuffed toy. Motivates
                                        children to read the book.

   4973         SYLVESTER AND THE       This story tells of a hungry lion, a small, inventive boy and his family.    E      12 min.           1992
                MAGIC PEBBLE            Told in music and animation.

   668          TELETALES--             Beautiful Bianchinetta is pushed into the sea by evil Shamina.               P,E    15 min.           1984

   671          TELETALES--CALIPH       Bagdad is the setting for this story in which a caliph finds himself         P,E    15 min.           1984
                STORK                   trapped in the body of a stork.

   672          TELETALES--FIDDY WOW    This whimsical folk tale shows what happens to people when they are          P,E    15 min.           1984
                WOW                     reduced to speaking nonsense after touching a magic stone.

   662          TELETALES--HANSEL AND   In this classic tale, two hungry and helpless children use their wits to     P,E    15 min.           1984
                GRETEL                  outsmart a nearsighted witch.

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  Number                    Title                       Description                                                     Grade      Length Date
   667          TELETALES--LONG NOSE      A witch turns poor Jem into an ugly creature with an enormous nose and P,E               15 min.           1984
                                          no neck.

   666          TELETALES--MOLLY          Spunky, daring Molly O'Mally takes on the task of retrieving several           P,E       15 min.           1984
                                          precious items which a giant has stolen from her king.

   673          TELETALES--PAKA'A         Paka'a, whose invention of the sailing canoe made him famous                   P,E       15 min.           1984
                                          throughout the Hawaiian Islands, has the power to control all the winds
                                          of the ocean.

   663          TELETALES--SOONGOORA      The clever rabbit, Soongoora, finds that his craving for honey                 P,E       15 min.           1984
                AND SIMBA                 repeatedly gets him into trouble with Simba, the lion.

   661          TELETALES--STAN           Stan, a Rumanian peasant, suddenly finds himself father to 100                 P,E       15 min.           1984
                BOLOVAN                   children. To make money he takes a job as dragon slayer.

   664          TELETALES--THE BARGAIN    Myles and Donal McGarry encounter a crafty old gentleman who tricks            P,E       15 min.           1984
                                          them into working for nothing.

   659          TELETALES--THE            In this tale from India, kindhearted Sindhu is repaid in the end for the       P,E       15 min.           1984
                CHARMED RING              friendship he bestows on a cat, a dog and a snake.

   665          TELETALES--THE CHENOO     In this North American Micmac Indian tale, Team warns his wife never           P,E       15 min.           1984
                                          to touch a leather pouch which hangs in their wigwam.

   669          TELETALES--THE            Peter, a young Russian boy, becomes a slave to a sorcerer who                  P,E       15 min.           1984
                SORCERER'S BOY            misrepresented himself as a teacher.

   670          TELETALES--THE SQUIRE'S   A proud and stubborn Norwegian squire gets a surprise on his wedding           P,E       15 min.           1984
                BRIDE/HALF CHICK          day when his bride-to-be turns out to be a horse. And in Spain, a chick
                                          is born with only one leg, one eye and one wing.

   660          TELETALES--THE WILLOW     Li-Ho, the prettiest girl in all China, defies her greedy father and elopes    P,E       15 min.           1984
                TREE                      with the gardener's son.

   2520         THANK YOU, MA'AM          Depicts an encounter between an older black woman and a ten year old           P,E,M     12 min.           1987
                                          black boy. The boy follows her and grabs her pocketbook.

   1438         THE ADVENTURES OF         A marvelous retelling of the classic Beatrix Potter story with music and       P,E       30 min.           1985
                PETER RABBIT              sound effects.

   3162         THE BAMBOO BRUSH          A boy learns to respect his cultural heritage in this drama adapted from       E,M,H     26 min.           1988
                                          the book "Binky and the Bamboo Brush."

   4951         THE BOY AND THE           Animated story of a boy who cares for an injured snow goose and they           E         11 min.           1986
                SNOWGOOSE                 become friends.

   3142         THE BOY WHO CRIED WOLF    Presents one of Aesop's most famous fables about the importance of             P,E       11 min.           1988
                                          making your cries of help count and telling the truth.

   2073         THE BREMEN-TOWN           Depicts the classic folk tale by the Brothers Grimm about four animals         P,E       11 min.           1986
                MUSICIANS                 who have grown too old to be of use to their masters.

   142          THE BUTTERFLY THAT        One of the Just So Stories by Rudyard Kipling of a king with 999               P,E       11 min.           1988
                STAMPED                   quarreling wives, who gets an idea of domestic peace when he hears
                                          two butterflies quarreling.

   3165         THE CAP                   Based on the story "A Cap for Steve". A cherished baseball cap is the          E,M,H,A   26 min.           1988
                                          catalyst in a poignant story of a father's struggle for dignity in the eyes
                                          of his son.

   2034         THE CAT IN THE HAT/DR.    Features vibrant animation, lively music and clever lyrics that spark this     P,E       51 min.           1986
                SEUSS ON THE LOOSE II     double journey into the unique and instructional world of Dr. Seuss.

   6343         THE CATERPILLAR AND       Two new friends discover on their own that spring is the time to turn          P,E       8 min.            1997
                THE POLLIWOG              into "something else."

   3158         THE CONCERT STAGES OF     Humorously depicts the agonies of youth as a young man recalls the             E,M,H     26 min.           1988
                EUROPE                    year he was 15 and his mother entered him in a local talent contest.

   4408         THE CRYING RED GIANT      Excellent puppet animation and a folk story about a lonely giant will          P,E       18 min.           1989
                                          touch youngster's hearts and stimulate discussions about friendships.

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  Number                    Title                      Description                                                   Grade    Length Date
   6365         THE DAY JIMMY'S BOA      A young girl tells her mother about her class trip to a farm revealing a     P,E     6 min.            1997
                ATE THE WASH             humorous chain of events.

   6353         THE DEER FAIRY           Lush visuals glowing with breathtaking colors and designs of the Orient      P,E     25 min.           1985
                                         make this an unforgettable viewing experience.

   6290         THE DOG DAYS OF          Arthur, our main character, is lured by an amulet worn by a fellow           E,M     29 min.           1989
                ARTHUR CANE              student. The story that follows takes many twists and turns and changes
                                         Arthur forever.

   966          THE EMPEROR'S NEW        Shows a live-action version of Hans Christian Andersen's well-known          E,M,H   28 min.
                CLOTHES                  fairy tale that appeals to the strong feelings youngsters have about

   4961         THE EMPEROR'S NEW        A vain Emperor who loves new clothes wears a royal robe created              E       8 min.            1990
                CLOTHES                  especially for him by two swindlers.

   4993         THE FIR TREE             This story looks at a fir tree from the time of its first seeding to         P,E     11 min.           1984
                                         becoming a Christmas Tree. We view enjoying life as it exists not as
                                         we want it to be.

   2877         THE FOUNDLING            Sequel to The Accident. Shows a young boy coming to grips with the           P,E,M   24 min.           1986
                                         sudden loss of his beloved dog.

   4989         THE FROG KING            This video describes the value of growing up, themes of friendship and       P,E     15 min.           1995
                                         a look at parental authority.

   6441         THE FROG PRINCE          Starring the voice of Sinbad, the not-yet-handsome frog expresses            P,E     25 min.           1997
                                         himself in a rock 'n' roll jam. The voices of Danny Glover, Jay Leno
                                         and Bradford Marsalis also take part in this story of broken promises
                                         and discovered friendships.

   3588         THE GOLD BUG             Based on the famous short story of Edgar Allan Poe. Tells about the          E,M     31 min.           1988
                                         adventures of a young boy living alone on a desert island, who finds a
                                         gold bug, a secret code and encounters an old man and his towering
                                         mute servant, who are searching for Capt. Kidd's buried treasure.

   6261         THE GOOD-BYE BOOK (THE   A young boy's imagination becomes active when he discovers his               P,E     13 min.           1990
                MOVIE)                   parents plan to leave him with a babysitter.

   6396         THE HAT                  In a lively and imaginative romp, a top hat with a mind of its own,          P,E     7 min.            1997
                                         changes a penniless man's life.

   3529         THE INCREDIBLE JOURNEY   From the book by Sheila Burnford, this story of a Labrador retriever, a      E,M     28 min.           1988
                                         bull terrier and a Siamese cat who nurture each other as they fight their
                                         way home across 200 grueling miles of Canadian wilderness is a tale of
                                         courage and loyalty.

   4070         THE LION AND THE MOUSE   Portrays in animation the fable of the lion who spares a mouse's life        P,E     13 min.           1988
                                         whereby the mouse promises a favor to the lion. The outcome is not
                                         what the students expect and teaches the value of kindness to others.

   3483         THE LITTLE HOUSE         Based on the book by Virginia Lee Burton. This is a charming story of        P,E     8 min.            1988
                                         a little house in the country at the turn of the century which suffers
                                         when the lights and noise of the city invade the peace and quiet of the

   4514         THE LOON'S NECKLACE      Pictures the Indian legend of how the loon got its unusual band of white     E,M,H   11 min.           1949
                                         feathers. Uses historic ceremonial masks of British Columbia rather
                                         than animation to depict the story.

   4984         THE LOON'S NECKLACE      See V004514 for description.                                                 E,M,H   11 min.           1995

   2291         THE LOST SHEEP           Tells the tale of a young shepherd who stumbles upon a mysterious            P,E     13 min.           1986
                                         underground kingdom while searching for sheep.

   4990         THE MAKING OF THE FROG   A look at the "Frog King" and the lessons it teaches.                        P,E     15 min.

   3680         THE MOONBEAM PRINCESS    Adapted from a Japanese tale, this is a charming animated story of a         P,E     18 min.           1988
                                         princess who is sent to earth on a moonbeam, and the many lives she

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  Number                    Title                      Description                                                     Grade        Length Date
   6180         THE MOUSE AND THE        Ralph the mouse takes a high powered motorcycle out for a spin and             P,E         41 min.           1997
                MOTORCYCLE               discovers new adventures.

   4967         THE NAPPING HOUSE        This is an animated tale of several individuals in bed asleep and the          E           5 min.            1985
                                         smallest one gets an itch.

   3486         THE NIGHT BEFORE         Disney animation provides a whimsical interpretation to the retelling of       P,E         9 min.            1988
                CHRISTMAS                this delightful poem about a visit from Santa.

   4358         THE NIGHT THE ANIMALS    Lyricist Sammy Cahn collaborated with Jule Styne to write this                 P,E         23 min.           1989
                TALKED                   animated musical about the Nativity. The story is told through the eyes
                                         of the animals in the stable.

   3693         THE NIGHTINGALE          Animated puppets tell the classic story of an emperor who is so                P,E         16 min.           1988
                                         enamored of a nightingale that he makes him a permanent guest in his
                                         palace, until a jewel-encrusted mechanical nightingale displaces the live
                                         bird in his affections.

   3037         THE OTHER WAY TO         Follows a young boy who explores the desert and learns the wisdom of           P,E         16 min.           1987
                LISTEN                   listening to the world around him.

   3530         THE PIGEON THAT          A boy's love for his pigeon forces him to walk again, working a                E,M         47 min.           1988
                WORKED A MIRACLE         miraculous cure.

   6439         THE PRINCESS AND THE     Here the queen's search for the perfect daughter-in-law is recreated in a      P,E         25 min.           1997
                PEA                      palatial setting with Korean influence. Margaret Cho plays a demanding
                                         mother who places a delicate snow pea under the beds of 12 young
                                         ladies looking to marry her son.

   2898         THE PUNCTUATION          Teaches children the fundamentals of punctuation while introducing             P,E,M       24 min.           1986
                WIZARD                   them to the world of the English Renaissance.

   1339         THE RED BALLOON          A boy makes friends with a balloon and the balloon begins to live a life       P,E,M,H     34 min.           1956
                                         of its own. They play together in the streets of Montmartre and try
                                         unsuccessfully to elude the urchins who want to destroy the balloon.

   3596         THE SEVEN RAVENS         Accompanied by dramatic music, this animated version of the Grimm              P,E         21 min.           1988
                                         fairy tale tells the story of a seven year old girl who sets out on a quest
                                         to rescue her seven brothers who were turned into ravens by a vengeful
                                         witch at her birth.

   3471         THE SHOT HEARD AROUND    Presents a dramatic version of Paul Revere's ride and follows American         E,M         32 min.           1988
                THE WORLD                history up to the first days of the War for Independence as Johnny
                                         Tremain plays his part in altering his compatriots to Britain's plans.
                                         Based on the book by Esther Forbes.

   3131         THE SNOW QUEEN           Based on the tale by Hans Christian Anderson, this animated tale traces        P,E         21 min.           1988
                                         the adventures of a boy and girl who are separated and united and who
                                         discover the power of the Snow Queen to "chill" human warmth and

   1770         THE SNOWMAN              Shows a young boy's dream about his snowman coming to life and                 P,E         26 min.           1986
                                         together they share the joys and perils of winter.

   6182         THE SNOWY DAY            This video tells the story of a small boy's enchantment with a city's          P,E         6 min.            1980
                                         snowfall and the viewer sees him making snow angels and snowballs.

   3536         THE SORCERER'S           Illustrates the relationship of visual and musical creativity. Mickey          P,E,M,H,A   10 min.           1988
                APPRENTICE               Mouse gives the performance of his career as the too-eager apprentice
                                         who seizes a chance to apply magic to his housework and trouble

   3777         THE SPELLING DRAGON      Helps students learn a basic method for spelling any word, while               P,E         16 min.           1988
                                         providing an entertaining animated story of knights and maidens in
                                         distress which reinforces various spelling strategies.

   4502         THE TALE OF KING MIDAS   Relates the well-known tale of Midas with the golden touch. Shows how P,E                  18 min.           1974
                                         greed can make life unpleasant, and that some things are more
                                         important than money. Adds a sequel about not telling secrets.

   6436         THE THREE ROBBERS        A little girl named Tiffany sets three robbers straight, turning their gold    P,E         6 min.            1997
                                         to good.

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  Number                    Title                      Description                                                  Grade    Length Date
   3537         THE TRUTH ABOUT          Presents three Mother goose rhymes--Jack Horner, Mary, Mary Quite           P,E     15 min.        1988
                MOTHER GOOSE             Contrary and London Bridge in the context of the factual historical
                                         events on which the story rhymes are based.

   3150         THE UGLY DUCKLING        Based on Hans Christian Andersen's famous story, this animated tale of      P,E     11 min.        1988
                                         an ugly duckling who grows into a handsome swan shows the folly of
                                         condemning things just because they are different.

   6530         THE VALIANT LITTLE       This tale gets new life in an African setting with James Earl Jones         P,E     25 min.        1997
                TAILOR                   lending his booming voice to the role of the king and Mary Curry
                                         playing one of the giants.

   1437         THE VELVETEEN RABBIT     Shows an enchanting story of how love transforms all things and toys        P,E     30 min.        1985
                                         become real. A beloved classic that will work its magic on the

   6315         THE VOYAGE OF            Julie Harris narrates this tale with the essence of the legend.             E,M,H   27 min.        1982

   3038         THE WAY TO START A DAY   Uses animation to show Peter Parnell's illustrations of children who get    P,E     12 min.        1987
                                         a round-the-world look at customs people use to greet the day.

   5048         THERE'S NO SUCH THING    This children's story talks about ethnicity and holidays.                   E       23 min.        1994
                AS A CHANUKAH BUSH,
                SANDY GOLDSTEIN

   795          THINK ABOUT: CLUSTER A   Focuses on language arts, mathematics and study skills and is organized     E,M     60 min.        1984
                (1)                      into 13 CLUSTERS, each one centered on one general thinking skill.
                                         Stresses the importance of using alternatives in problem solving. TIP
                                         presents two memory techniques, grouping and picturing, which aid in
                                         problem solving.

   796          THINK ABOUT: CLUSTER B   Focuses on language arts, mathematics, and study skills, and is             E,M     60 min.        1984
                (2)                      organized into 13 CLUSTERS, each one centered on one general
                                         thinking skill. Examines the processes used in estimating and
                                         approximating. TIP offers students a problem solving guide in
                                         estimating and approximating.

   797          THINK ABOUT: CLUSTER C   Focuses on language arts, mathematics and study skills and is organized     E,M     60 min.        1984
                (3)                      into 13 CLUSTERS, each one centered on one general thinking skill.
                                         Helps students understand that meaning depends on interpretation.
                                         CHALLENGE is to design a time capsule PREVIEW.

   798          THINK ABOUT: CLUSTER D   Focuses on language arts, mathematics and study skills and is organized     E,M     60 min.        1984
                (4)                      into 13 CLUSTERS, each one centered on one general thinking skill.
                                         Gives students three steps for collecting information to solve a
                                         problem. TIP presents two more memory techniques: linking and key

   799          THINK ABOUT: CLUSTER E   Focuses on language arts, mathematics and study skills and is organized     E,M     60 min.        1984
                (5)                      into 13 CLUSTERS, each one centered on one general thinking skill.
                                         Helps students to classify objects and information. TIP shows how the
                                         problem solving guide can be used by different people.

   800          THINK ABOUT: CLUSTER F   Focuses on language arts, mathematics and study skills and is organized     E,M     75 min.        1984
                (6)                      into 13 CLUSTERS, each one centered on one general thinking skill.
                                         Helps students recognize commonly occurring patterns and how
                                         patterns can be useful in solving problems. CHALLENGE is exploring
                                         the Loch Ness monster mystery.

   801          THINK ABOUT: CLUSTER G   Focuses on language arts, mathematics and study skills and is organized     E,M     45 min.        1984
                (7)                      into 13 CLUSTERS, each one centered on one general thinking skill.
                                         Helps students learn to base conclusions on evidence.

   802          THINK ABOUT: CLUSTER H   Focuses on language arts, mathematics and study skills and is organized     E,M     45 min.        1984
                (8)                      into 13 CLUSTERS, each one centered on one general thinking skill.
                                         Helps students sequence ideas or activities and plan a schedule. TIP has
                                         techniques for dealing with anxiety.

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  Number                    Title                      Description                                                    Grade      Length Date
   803          THINK ABOUT: CLUSTER I   Focuses on language arts, mathematics and study skills and is organized       E,M       60 min.           1984
                (9)                      into 13 CLUSTERS, each one centered on one general thinking skill.
                                         Helps students see the importance of finding and using appropriate
                                         criteria when making decisions, and reassessing criteria when

   804          THINK ABOUT: CLUSTER J   Focuses on language arts, mathematics and study skills and is organized       E,M       75 min.           1984
                (10)                     into 13 CLUSTERS, each one centered on one general thinking skill.
                                         Changing information into more understandable and usable forms. TIP
                                         shows three ways to achieve long-term goals.

   805          THINK ABOUT: CLUSTER K   Focuses on language arts, mathematics and study skills and is organized       E,M       90 min.           1984
                (11)                     into 13 CLUSTERS, each one centered on one general thinking skill.
                                         Judging information by its relevance, completeness, accuracy and
                                         reliability. TIP changes a bad habit by setting up a plan of self-
                                         discipline and self-reward.

   806          THINK ABOUT: CLUSTER L   Focuses on language arts, mathematics and study skills and is organized       E,M       90 min.           1984
                (12)                     into 13 CLUSTERS, each one centered on one general thinking skill.
                                         Helps students make more effective formal and informal presentations.
                                         CHALLENGE uses creativity to make something new.

   807          THINK ABOUT: CLUSTER M   Focuses on language arts, mathematics and study skills and is organized       E,M       75 min.           1984
                (13)                     into 13 CLUSTERS, each one centered on one general thinking skill.
                                         Examines the process of problem solving. CHALLENGE plans a city
                                         of the future.

   4974         THREE BILLY GOATS        A wicked troll tries to gobble up a family of goats when they go trip-        E         6 min.            1991
                GRUFF                    trapping over his bridge.

   4025         THREE FOX FABLES (2ND    Introduces in animation and the tradition of backwoods storytelling           P,E       11 min.           1984
                ED)                      some of Aesop's best allegories. Shows why Aesop, a slave of ancient
                                         Greece, so carefully chose the animals that would represent human
                                         beings in his tales.

   4272         THROUGH GRANDPA'S        Based on the book by Newberry Award winner Patricia Mac Lachian,              P,E       20 min.           1987
                EYES                     this is a poignant tale of how a young boy learns to really see his world.
                                         Captures the special bonds between a blind grandfather and his beloved

   3676         THUMBELINA               Animated puppets tell the story of Thumbelina, no bigger than one-half        P,E       16 min.           1988
                                         the size of a thumb.

   4975         TIKKI TIKKI TEMBO        This folktale explains why Chinese people no longer choose long names         E         6 min.            1974
                                         for their children.

   2033         TOO SMART FOR            Shows children from ages 3 to 10 some important lessons about how to          P,E       40 min.           1986
                STRANGERS WITH WINNIE    deal with strangers, and protect themselves from potential danger.
                THE POOH                 Lessons are taught with music, songs, dancing and fun. Plus real-life
                                         situations acted out by children your students can relate to.

   988          TOTAL PHYSICAL           Berty Sega models activities and gives the highlights of these two            E,M,H,A   35 min.
                RESPONSE: THE JOY OF     language teaching approaches. Used successfully with beginning
                LANGUAGE ACQUISITION     students of all ages in English as a Second Language (ESL) programs
                                         and foreign language classes across the country.

   5001         TRAVELING                This video teaches the early learner the alphabet, upper and lower case       E         5 min.            1987
                                         and teaches recognition.

   3437         URASHIMA TARO            Adapted from an ancient Japanese folktale, this beautifully animated          P,E       12 min.           1988
                                         film is about a young fisherman who is rewarded for his bravery by
                                         spending three glorious days with the princess of an underwater palace.
                                         When he returns to his home, he finds out that he has been gone not
                                         three days but 300 years! When he opens a gift box he has been given
                                         from the princess, but told never to open, he is transformed into an old

   3764         VICTOR                   Exciting live-action adaptation of Claire Galbrath's acclaimed novel.         E,M       27 min.           1988
                                         Tells the heart warming story of a ten-year old Mexican boy's struggle
                                         to adjust to his new life in America.

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  Number                    Title                     Description                                                    Grade         Length Date
   4530         VIDEO WAYS TO           Represents an advance in relating the sound and sense of oral language         P,E         12 min.           1989
                READING/COATI           to the reading process. Shows the adventure of a young coati when it
                                        strays away from the den looking for food.

   4523         VIDEO WAYS TO           Represents an advance in relating the sound and sense of oral language         P,E         10 min.           1989
                READING/COYOTE          to the reading process. Shows a typical day in the den of a coyote
                                        family, with the mother closely watching her young ones.

   4528         VIDEO WAYS TO           Represents an advance in relating the sound and sense of oral language         P,E         12 min.           1989
                READING/DESERT          to the reading process. Shows the great horned owl, kangaroo rat,
                CREATURES               tarantula, ring-tailed cat and sidewinder in their adaptations to their
                                        harsh environment.

   4525         VIDEO WAYS TO           Represents an advance in relating the sound and sense of oral language         P,E         14 min.           1989
                READING/MALLARD         to the reading process. Shows how a mother duck encounters many
                DUCKS                   dangers leading her newly hatched family to the water.

   4531         VIDEO WAYS TO           Represents an advance in relating the sound and sense of oral                  P,E         13 min.           1989
                READING/OWL AND         languageto the reading process. Shows an exciting confrontation where
                WEASEL                  a young owl almost becomes dinner for a weasel.

   4524         VIDEO WAYS TO           Represents an advance in relating the sound and sense of oral language         P,E         10 min.           1090
                READING/POCKET GOPHER   to the reading process. Shows how a quick thinking pocket gopher uses
                                        all of his resources to outsmart a hungry gopher snake.

   4526         VIDEO WAYS TO           Represents an advance in relating the sound and sense of oral language         P,E         10 min.           1989
                READING/RIVER OTTER     to the reading process. Shows how river otters swim about in play and
                                        in search of their dinner.

   4532         VIDEO WAYS TO           Represents an advance in relating the sound and sense of oral language         P,E         12.5 min.         1989
                READING/SKUNK AND       to the reading process. Shows a mother skunk warning a wolf away
                WOLF                    from her family.

   4527         VIDEO WAYS TO           Represents an advance in relating the sound and sense of oral language         P,E         10 min.           1989
                READING/THE FLYING      to the reading process. Shows a mother flying squirrel who goes out to
                SQUIRREL                search for food, gliding down to the forest floor, where she finds nuts to

   4529         VIDEO WAYS TO           Represents an advance in relating the sound and sense of oral language         P,E         10 min.           1989
                READING/WHITE TAILED    to the reading process. Shows a mother white-tailed kite try to give her
                KITE                    young flying lessons.

   2542         WEE GILLIS              Features Gillis growing up in Scotland, who can't decide his future.           P,E         19 min.           1987
                                        Shows the geography and life in Scotland.

   863          WELCOME TO POOH         Teaches students about everyday lessons and the world around them.             P,E         115 min.
                CORNER                  Includes episodes, "Safety First", "Rabbit Learns to Share", "Surprise,
                                        Surprise", and "The Great Outdoors."

   2068         WHERE THE BUFFALOES     Tells the story of Little Wolf who sets out to solve the legend of the         E,M         14 min.           1986
                BEGIN                   sacred lake and becomes a part of the legend himself.

   4976         WHERE THE WILD THINGS   Max is the hero of this children's book that tells the story of a small boy,   E           8 min.            1988
                ARE                     big adventures and his return home at the end of a full day.

   4953         WHY CATS EAT FIRST      American storyteller Michael Parent tells the story of cat outwitted by a      E           6 min.            1986

   6304         WHY MOSQUITOES BUZZ     A tall tale sets off a comic chain of mishaps among many members of            E           10 min.           1984
                IN PEOPLE'S EARS        the African animal community.

   3535         WILLIE THE OPERATIC     Narrates the humorous story of a miraculous whale who sings opera and          P,E,M,H,A   18 min.           1988
                WHALE                   dreams of a debut at the Met.

   1348         WINNIE THE POOH AND A   Pooh and friends try to make amends after they forget Eeyore's                 P,E         25 min.           1986
                DAY FOR EVERYONE        birthday. When Eeyore realizes that it's the thought that counts, it
                                        becomes a happy day for him after all.

   2032         WINNIE THE POOH AND     Presents four adventures in storytelling; Winnie the Pooh and a Day for        P,E         45 min.           1986
                FRIENDS                 Eeyore, Hooked Bear, In the Bag, and Hold that Pose.

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  Number                    Title                       Description                                                     Grade      Length Date
   1350         WINNIE THE POOH AND      A blustery wind sweeps through the Hundred Acre Wood, toppling                  P,E       25 min.        1986
                THE BLUSTERY DAY         Owl's tree home, and making everyone, especially Pooh, very uneasy.
                                         In the end Pooh and Piglet prove themselves true heroes.

   1349         WINNIE THE POOH AND      Follows Pooh through a series of funny misadventures brought about by           P,E       26 min.        1986
                THE HONEY TREE           his fondness for honey. How Pooh gets himself into and out of several
                                         sticky situations is a tale that brings much merriment to young

   1347         WINNIE THE POOH AND      Teaches an important lesson in friendship as a rambunctious Tigger              P,E       26 min.        1986
                TIGGER TOO               bounces his way through this film, leaving a trail of laughter in his

   6498         WINTER ON THE FARM       Shows the everyday chores such as milking, animal health and care,              P,E       30 min.        1994
                                         chopping wood, collecting sap, repair and maintenance of machinery
                                         and more.

   2317         WORD WEAVING: THE ART    Follows a teacher as she learns step by step the essential techniques of        E,M,H,A   25 min.        1986
                OF STORYTELLING          the storytelling art, then observes her as she tells her class of enthralled
                                         elementary students the story of "The Elves and the Shoemaker".

   2628         WORDSMITH: ANIMALS I     Presents animal words to "buffalo" your friends.                                E,M       15 min.        1987

   2629         WORDSMITH: ANIMALS II    Explores having fun with a palindrome and the use for a hippadrome.             E,M       15 min.        1987

   2617         WORDSMITH: BODY I        Examines wordcells which refer to body parts.                                   E,M       15 min.        1987

   2618         WORDSMITH: BODY II       Describes more "body" words.                                                    E,M       15 min.        1987

   2645         WORDSMITH:               Explores using wordcells for sending messages.                                  E,M       15 min.        1987

   2643         WORDSMITH: CONNECTION    Examines how wordcells get things together.                                     E,M       15 min.        1987

   2627         WORDSMITH: CUTTING       Examines incisors, appendectomy and dissect that are some "cutting"             E,M       15 min.        1987

   2619         WORDSMITH: FIRE          Explores wordcells which refer to fire or heat.                                 E,M       15 min.        1987

   2640         WORDSMITH: FOOD          Identifies wordcells in your favorite foods.                                    E,M       15 min.        1987

   2636         WORDSMITH: FORM          Defines key words that are uniform, friendly and amorphous.                     E,M       15 min.        1987

   2632         WORDSMITH: LEADING       Examines wordcells about government and rulers.                                 E,M       15 min.        1987

   2620         WORDSMITH: LOOKING       Examines vision wordcells and other "seeing" words.                             E,M       15 min.        1987

   2644         WORDSMITH: MEASURE       Takes a look at a speedo-meter that isn't and a measure by a hand that          E,M       15 min.        1987
                AND METRICS              is.

   2631         WORDSMITH: NATURE        Examines wordcells about the sea, earth and ecology.                            E,M       15 min.        1987

   2621         WORDSMITH: NUMBERS I     Examines number wordcells and why a dozen is too many.                          E,M       15 min.        1987

   2622         WORDSMITH: NUMBERS II    Examines wordcells which mean more than one.                                    E,M       15 min.        1987

   2623         WORDSMITH: NUMBERS III   Examines number words for measurement and money.                                E,M       15 min.        1987

   2635         WORDSMITH: POSITION      Examines wordcells for standing, posing and sitting.                            E,M       15 min.        1987

   2639         WORDSMITH: POTPOURRI     Examines a potpourri of words and word meanings.                                E,M       15 min.        1987

   2642         WORDSMITH: RELATIVES     Examines Mater, Pater, names for people.                                        E,M       15 min.        1987

   2630         WORDSMITH: SERENDIPITY   Reviews wordcells as you write logograms.                                       E,M       15 min.        1987

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  Number                    Title                       Description                                                      Grade   Length Date
   2637         WORDSMITH: SIZE           Examines mini or mega, it's all about size.                                     E,M    15 min.        1987

   2616         WORDSMITH: SOUND          Describes how alliteration and onomatopoeia help develop new                    E,M    15 min.        1987

   2638         WORDSMITH: TALKING        Examines using the wordcells dict- loqu- and log- for speech.                   E,M    15 min.        1987

   2626         WORDSMITH: TIME           Uses words to measure time; where pre ends and post begins.                     E,M    15 min.        1987

   2633         WORDSMITH:                Explores words to move you.                                                     E,M    15 min.        1987
                TRANSPORTATION I

   2634         WORDSMITH:                Examines more words that move.                                                  E,M    15 min.        1987
                TRANSPORTATION II

   2641         WORDSMITH: TWIST AND      Explores new twists on familiar words.                                          E,M    15 min.        1987

   2624         WORDSMITH: WALK AND       Looks at wordcells that make things move.                                       E,M    15 min.        1987

   2625         WORDSMITH: WATER          Follows a super sub that introduces watery wordcells.                           E,M    15 min.        1987

   2880         WRITE A LETTER            Demonstrates that personal letter-writing can be fun and rewarding.             P,E    21 min.        1986
                                          Teaches basic steps of writing business and personal letters.

   4281         WRITE AN ESSAY            In this dramatic portrayal, neighborhood youngsters learn about the four        E,M    22 min.        1989
                                          types of essays and how to write each type. They use this information to
                                          create change in their community.

   2657         WRITER'S REALM: A         Shows a group of young authors responding to each other's work.                 E,M    15 min.        1988
                LITTLE HELP FROM YOUR

   2650         WRITER'S REALM: ASKING    Shows the results of different kinds of questions in planning                   E,M    15 min.        1988
                THE RIGHT QUESTIONS       interviews.

   2660         WRITER'S REALM:           Illustrates the importance of proofreading and shows techniques for             E,M    15 min.        1988
                CHECKING IT OUT           checking written work.

   2658         WRITER'S REALM:           Demonstrates the importance of including the right details in writing.          E,M    15 min.        1988
                DETAILS, DETAILS

   2659         WRITER'S REALM:           Shares techniques for incorporating additional details in writing               E,M    15 min.        1988
                EVERYTHING IN ITS PLACE   drafts.

   2654         WRITER'S REALM: IT'S      Shows how writers use comparisons and link ideas to make their writing          E,M    15 min.        1988
                LIKE THIS                 interesting and effective.

   2655         WRITER'S REALM: JUST      Shows the relationship between verbal and written expression.                   E,M    15 min.        1988
                THE RIGHT TONE

   2652         WRITER'S REALM: LET'S     Reveals reasons and techniques for reorganizing the events in a story,          E,M    15 min.        1988
                GET ORGANIZED             using timelines, flashbacks, and flashforwards.

   2651         WRITER'S REALM: PICTURE   Uses the imagination to fill in details when writing, combined with             E,M    15 min.        1988
                THIS                      research and real-life experience.

   2646         WRITER'S REALM: PUT IT    Illustrates using writing in every day life. Shows that writers and             E,M    15 min.        1988
                IN WRITING                writing are all around and stages of prewriting, writing, rewriting,
                                          proofreading and publishing.

   2656         WRITER'S REALM: SEE       Demonstrates techniques to spark ideas for the elements of a script.            E,M    15 min.        1988
                WHAT I'M SAYING

   2653         WRITER'S REALM: SHOW      Illustrates how details in stories help readers see, hear, and feel what the    E,M    15 min.        1988
                ME WHAT YOU MEAN          writer intends.

Wednesday, March 31, 2004                                                                                                              Page 97 of 152
  Number                    Title                        Description                                                   Grade   Length Date
   2649         WRITER'S REALM: THAT'S     Teaches 5 steps to notetaking: Locate, Look, List, Look again, and           E,M    15 min.           1988
                WORTH NOTING               Label.

   2648         WRITER'S REALM: THE        Uses a variety of resources. Shows methods of collecting information,        E,M    15 min.           1988
                SEARCH BEGINS              using web diagrams.

   2647         WRITER'S REALM: WHAT'S     Selecting topics and getting started. Describes keeping journals,            E,M    15 min.           1988
                THE IDEA?                  freewriting and brainstorming as strategies for basic writing.

   2551         WRITING WELL SERIES #1--   Based on the techniques developed by the California Writing Project.         P,E    8 min.            1987
                PLANNING                   Spells out how to gather and develop ideas before starting to write.

   2552         WRITING WELL SERIES #2--   See description Program #1. Shows the post-writing process of sharing        P,E    11 min.           1987
                SHARING                    writing in a small group.

   2553         WRITING WELL SERIES #3--   See description Program #1. Tells about using vivid descriptive words,       P,E    14 min.           1987
                SENTENCES                  the perils of run-on sentences, short choppy sentences, combining and
                                           connective words.

   2554         WRITING WELL SERIES #4--   See description Program #1. Examines topic sentences, organizing             P,E    16 min.           1987
                PARAGRAPHS                 sentences, construction within the paragraph.

   1287         YOU CAN WRITE              Introduces and develops writing techniques. Teaches that being               E,M    15 min.           1985
                ANYTHING #1--GETTING       observant and using personal experiences can help develop ideas.

   1296         YOU CAN WRITE              Using their imaginations, students develop an outline for a play and         E,M    15 min.           1987
                ANYTHING #10--WRITING A    work on suitable dialogue for their chosen characters.

   1288         YOU CAN WRITE              Discovers that writers can use their imaginations to make up any             E,M    15 min.           1987
                ANYTHING #2--UNLOCK        person, place or thing.
                YOUR IMAGINATION

   1289         YOU CAN WRITE              Introduces a valuable writers tool--a Thesaurus--and illustrates how         E,M    15 min.           1987
                ANYTHING #3--USING         vivid words can paint a more colorful picture.

   1290         YOU CAN WRITE              Illustrates effective story beginnings that "grab" the reader's attention    E,M    15 min.           1986
                ANYTHING #4--BEGINNINGS    and interest.

   1291         YOU CAN WRITE              Introduces and develops writing techniques. Discusses why writers            E,M    15 min.           1986
                ANYTHING #5--STORIES 1--   have to think through the development of their stories, even if plans
                PLANNING                   change as they write.

   1292         YOU CAN WRITE              Introduces and develops writing techniques. Shows that story                 E,M    15 min.           1986
                ANYTHING #6--STORIES 2--   characters become real when the writer allows them to reveal
                CHARACTERS                 themselves through their actions and words.

   1293         YOU CAN WRITE              Introduces and develops writing techniques. Shows a girl who becomes         E,M    15 min.           1986
                ANYTHING #7--STORIES 3--   involved in her own mystery--with an unusual twist for the ending!

   1294         YOU CAN WRITE              Introduces and develops writing techniques. Discusses how perceptions        E,M    15 min.           1986
                ANYTHING #8--POWER OF      can be influenced by choice of words.

   1295         YOU CAN WRITE              Introduces and develops writing techniques. Shows a workable seven-          E,M    15 min.           1986
                ANYTHING #9--REPORTS       step format for good report writing.

   6375         ZLATEH THE GOAT            With the holiday season approaching, poor Reuben, the furrier, has no        P,E    22 min.           1997
                                           recourse but to sell the family's beloved goat for supplies. But Aaron
                                           has other ideas.


Wednesday, March 31, 2004                                                                                                               Page 98 of 152
  Number                    Title                       Description                                                      Grade    Length Date
   5065         ALL SIZES AND SHAPES:     A look at shapes and area for young learners.                                   E       15 min.        1995
                AND AREA (MATH TALK

   6931         BILL NYE THE SCIENCE      Telescopes, spectroscopes, microscopes, stethoscopes, radar,                    E,M,H   24 min.        1998
                GUY: MEASUREMENT          thermometers, scales, barometers and rulers are used to measure
                                          everything around us.

   5066         BOTH SIDES OF ZERO:       Through the use of different examples the early learner can see several         E       15 min.        1995
                PLAYING WITH POSITIVE     examples of positive and negative numbers.
                AND NEGATIVE NUMBERS
                (MATH TALK SERIES

   1499         CHALLENGE OF THE          A series about mathematics and problem solving, each focusing on a              E,M,H   21 min.        1986
                UNKNOWN #1--THE           specific problem solving step. States that even when you've found the
                ARGUMENT                  solution to a problem, challenging the result reinforces what's been
                                          learned, so that the next encounter with a similar problem will be even
                                          more fruitful.

   1498         CHALLENGE OF THE          States that good estimates are based on a previous experience, and              E,M,H   21 min.        1986
                UNKNOWN #2--THE           judicious sampling of data and a feel for the type of answer that's
                ESTIMATION                appropriate to the problem at hand.

   1497         CHALLENGE OF THE          Explains breaking down large and complex problems into component                E,M,H   21 min.        1986
                UNKNOWN #3--THE           parts and tracking each in order.

   1494         CHALLENGE OF THE          Explains that sorting through the data you have can help you determine          E,M,H   21 min.        1986
                UNKNOWN #4--THE           what's relevant and what's missing.

   1495         CHALLENGE OF THE          States that to get a problem ready for solution, it helps to personalize it,    E,M,H   21 min.        1986
                UNKNOWN #5--THE           making a model, sketching a diagram, graph or chart, restarting, or
                RESTATEMENT               rewording the problem.

   1496         CHALLENGE OF THE          States that choosing the one best path from many possible paths leads to        E,M,H   21 min.        1986
                UNKNOWN #6--THE           a solution.

   1493         CHALLENGE OF THE          Explains that understanding the situation means uncovering its                  E,M,H   21 min.        1986
                UNKNOWN #7--SITUATION     underlying structure, recognizing familiar patterns and arriving at a
                                          useful description of the problem.

   1501         CHALLENGE OF THE          Shows the thought process of ancient man, such as that of a boomerang           E,M,H   20 min.        1985
                UNKNOWN #8--X= AM I       returning to the spot from which it was thrown.

   5067         CLOSE ENOUGH:             All measurement is approximate. You need more or less accuracy at               E       15 min.        1995
                ESTIMATING (MATH TALK     different times, so choose the right tool.

   2065         DECIMAL OPERATIONS        States that decimals are used in many everyday experiences. Uses real           E       14 min.        1986
                AND USES (INTERMEDIATE)   life examples to illustrate addition, subtraction, multiplication of

   6445         DECIMALS - TO BE EXACT    Lesson 1 explores the concept of place value to the right of the decimal        E       20 min.        1994
                PART 2                    point. Lesson 2 illustrates how both decimal numbers and fractions
                                          express parts of a whole or a set. Lesson 3 models the process of adding
                                          and subtracting decimal numbers.

   6444         DECIMALS - TO BE EXACT    This two-tape series clearly presents the concept of decimal numbers.           E       20 min.        1994
                PART I                    Lesson 1 develops the concept of being exact when measuring or
                                          counting. Lesson 2 defines decimal numbers and illustrates the function
                                          of the decimal point. Lesson 3 extends place value to the right of the
                                          decimal point and present guidelines for reading and writing decimals

Wednesday, March 31, 2004                                                                                                               Page 99 of 152
  Number                    Title                       Description                                                 Grade      Length Date
   3503         DECIMALS: WHAT'S THE      Presents the basic concepts of the decimal system in the format of a       E         15 min.        1988
                POINT?                    "music video". Shows decimals as fractional equivalents; Base 10;
                                          place values; money as decimal fractions; placement of the decimal
                                          point; and annexing zeroes.

   283          DOC CRANSHAW AND THE      Doc Cranshaw and Joey use liter, milliliters, cubic centimeters and        E,M       15 min.        1976
                KID--THE CONTEST:         cubic decimeters in their volume measuring. A variety of measurement
                VOLUME 2                  processes for determining the volume of rectangular solids is also

   278          DOC CRANSHAW AND THE      Doc Cranshaw and "The Kid" are introduced to the litre(l) and the          E,M       15 min.        1976
                KID--THE MEDICINE SHOW:   Millilitre(ml.). Methods for determining the volume of liquid and
                VOLUME 1                  granular substances are also presented.

   284          DOC CRANSHAW AND THE      In several interesting applications, Joey practices the formula V=lxwxh    E,M       15 min.        1976
                KID--THE WINNER:          and discovers the relationship 1ml.-1em. He also uses the principle of
                VOLUME 3                  water displacement to determine the volume of nonrectangular

   5069         DON'T JUMP TO             A look at statistics and what they mean.                                   E         15 min.        1995
                (MATH TALK SERIES)

   1346         DONALD IN MATHMAGIC       Introduces the theories that shape higher mathematics. Donald Duck         E,M       26 min.        1986
                LAND                      discovers the world of math-including the pentagram, the golden, and
                                          the spiral.

   6736         EDDIE FILES BOX 4 -       (1) Lonesome Pine (Ratios) - Eddie faces one of his biggest challenges   E           44 min.        1999
                PROGRAMS 1 & 2            when a young Ponderosa Pine ends up on his doorstep in need of a place
                                          to put down roots. (2) Green Thumb (Variables) - In order to complete a
                                          school project, it looks to Eddie as though he is going to have to solve
                                          one of life's great mysteries: what is a Green Thumb?

   6737         EDDIE FILES BOX 4:        (3) The Dessert Derby (Charts & Graphs) - Every year Eddie's Aunt Ida      E         44 min.        1999
                PROGRAMS 3 & 4            enters one of her unusual culinary creations in East Harlem Community
                                          Center's annual dessert derby, and every year she wins - nothing. (4)
                                          Take A Bite (Percents) - Eddie's photography hobby could pay off.
                                          New York City's Deputy Mayor chose one of his photos for New York
                                          City's tourist campaign.

   5070         EVENING THINGS OUT:       The early learner sees what averages mean and how to calculate             E         15 min.        1995
                UNDERSTANDING             them.
                AVERAGES (MATH TALK

   5071         FACTOR 'EM IN:            A look at practical suggestions for children to grasp the multiples        E         15 min.        1995
                EXPLORING FACTORS AND     concept.
                MULTIPLES (MATH TALK

   1598         FLASH CARDS--DIVISION     SEE DESCRIPTION IN ADDITION.                                               P,E       30 min.        1987

   1597         FLASH CARDS--             SEE DESCRIPTION IN ADDITION.                                               P,E       30 min.        1987

   5072         FLIP AND FOLD: SEEING     A look at shapes and how to change them.                                   E         15 min.        1995
                SYMMETRY (MATH TALK

   6446         FRACTIONS AND ALL         Part 1 describes what fractions are and why they are useful. Numerator     E         23 min.        1994
                THEIR PARTS PART 1        and denominator are defined and illustrated. Work with fractions begins
                                          by finding the fraction of a number. Each lesson ends with a review.

   6447         FRACTIONS AND ALL         Part 3 covers the addition and subtraction of fractions and mixed          E,M       22 min.        1992
                THEIR PARTS PART 3        numbers. Problems from daily life are presented with bright, colorful
                                          animations. Reviews are interspersed through the lessons.

   2059         FRACTIONS: REVISED        SOME OPERATIONS WITH FRACTIONS--Explains how the size of                   E,M,H,A   14 min.        1986
                                          the numerator or denominator affects the value of the fraction.

Wednesday, March 31, 2004                                                                                                           Page 100 of 152
  Number                    Title                    Description                                                Grade      Length Date
   5073         GETTING INTO SHAPES:    A look at polygons and how they contribute to shapes everywhere.         E         15 min.        1995
                (MATH TALK SERIES)

   1768         IMAGE, GRAPH, SYMBOLS   Shows representation and intervention in the learning of mathematics.    E,M,H,A   28 min.        1986
                                        Demonstrates the use of geoboards and several types of mathematics

   2058         INTRODUCTION TO         Explains the ideas of base-ten counting to decimals. Shows how           E         14 min.        1986
                DECIMALS                decimals are used in the metric system.

   2256         IT FIGURES #1           Deciding When to Use Subtraction.                                        E         15 min.        1986

   2265         IT FIGURES #10          Using Mental Computation.                                                E         15 min.        1986

   2266         IT FIGURES #11          Using Division.                                                          E         15 min.        1986

   2267         IT FIGURES #12          Problem Solving: Making a Table.                                         E         15 min.        1986

   2268         IT FIGURES #13          Using Multiplication and Addition.                                       E         15 min.        1986

   2269         IT FIGURES #14          Relating Fractions and Decimals.                                         E         15 min.        1986

   2270         IT FIGURES #15          Predicting Your Change.                                                  E         15 min.        1986

   2271         IT FIGURES #16          Using Bar Graphs.                                                        E         15 min.        1986

   2272         IT FIGURES #17          Understanding Remainders.                                                E         15 min.        1986

   2273         IT FIGURES #18          Problem Solving: Recognizing Necessary Information.                      E         15 min.        1986

   2274         IT FIGURES #19          Finding Equivalent Fractions.                                            E         15 min.        1986

   2257         IT FIGURES #2           Deciding How Close to Measure.                                           E         15 min.        1986

   2275         IT FIGURES #20          Finding Area by Covering.                                                E         15 min.        1986

   2276         IT FIGURES #21          Making Sense of a Big Number.                                            E         15 min.        1986

   2277         IT FIGURES #22          Estimating When Dividing.                                                E         15 min.        1986

   2278         IT FIGURES #23          Comparing Decimals.                                                      E         15 min.        1986

   2279         IT FIGURES #24          Using Probability.                                                       E         15 min.        1986

   2280         IT FIGURES #25          Changing Scale on a Graph.                                               E         15 min.        1986

   2281         IT FIGURES #26          Problem Solving: Keep on Trying.                                         E         15 min.        1986

   2282         IT FIGURES #27          Problem Solving: Many Ways To Go.                                        E         15 min.        1986

   2283         IT FIGURES #28          Problem solving: Using a Guide.                                          E         15 min.        1986

   2258         IT FIGURES #3           Problem Solving: Acting It Out.                                          E         15 min.        1986

   2259         IT FIGURES #4           Using Estimation.                                                        E         15 min.        1986

   2260         IT FIGURES #5           Understanding a Place Value.                                             E         15 min.        1986

   2261         IT FIGURES #6           Deciding When to Use Multiplication.                                     E         15 min.        1986

   2262         IT FIGURES #7           Using Fractions.                                                         E         15 min.        1986

Wednesday, March 31, 2004                                                                                                       Page 101 of 152
  Number                    Title                       Description                                                  Grade    Length Date
   2263         IT FIGURES #8             Problem Solving: Drawing a Picture.                                         E       15 min.        1986

   2264         IT FIGURES #9             Looking at Objects From Different Positions.                                E       15 min.        1986

   5074         LET ME COUNT THE WAYS:    A look at how to count collections of items systematically.                 E       15 min.        1995
                COUNTING AND
                COMBINATORICS (MATH
                TALK SERIES)

   3022         MAKING MATH FUN:          Shows students how to "un-complicate" digital roots, draw interest and      E,M,H   30 min.        1987
                DIGITAL ROOTS             hold concentration better. Makes it fun to master digital roots.

   3024         MAKING MATH FUN: MATH     Features old favorites like Numero, Off the Board, Nim, Matho, and          E,M,H   30 min.        1987
                FUN-GAMES                 Pairs. Each game will bring new light to math problems.

   3021         MAKING MATH FUN: MATH     Presents mystifying numerical tricks and shows students the fun they        E,M,H   54 min.        1987
                MAGIC                     can have with their new-found favorite subject.

   3020         MAKING MATH FUN:          Combines more math fun with an interesting look at Origami including        E,M,H   26 min.        1987
                PAPER MAGIC               the Flopping Bird and Paper Cutting.

   3023         MAKING MATH FUN:          Explores how to attract students to the art of math sequences and help      E,M,H   30 min.        1987
                SEQUENCES AND             them learn to make predictions with numbers.

   1025         MATH FOR BEGINNERS #1:    The animated Calculating Kangaroo gets children thinking about              E       12 min.
                ADDITION (3RD ED)         numbers and their relationship to addition.

   1026         MATH FOR BEGINNERS #2:    The animated Calculating Kangaroo gets students to think about              E       12 min.
                SUBTRACTION (3RD ED)      subtraction. Shows that children can count to answer subtraction
                                          questions, but it's easier using subtraction facts.

   1027         MATH FOR BEGINNERS #3:    Uses animals from the underwater world to show that joining equals in       E       12 min.
                MULTIPLICATION (3RD ED)   multiplication.

   1028         MATH FOR BEGINNERS #4:    Calculating Kangaroo shows that division answers how many equal             E       12 min.
                DIVISION (3RD ED)         groups are within a larger group.

   3102         MATH ROCK COUNTDOWN:      Shows how to build basic multiplication and division skills as it           E       50 min.        1988
                MULTIPLICATION AND        demonstrates how math is used to solve everyday problems.

   6494         MATH TALK: SHOW - THE     Sketches show how graphs help to represent data for easy analysis; a        E,M     15 min.        1995
                DATA GAME: USING          mock commercial sells line graphs, a music video focuses on a pie
                GRAPHS #2                 chart, a zany meteorologist uses a bar chart to analyze snow fall, and
                                          game show contestants analyze a double bar chart.

   147          MATH WAYS: AREAS          Uses animation to illustrate area concepts. Pi is developed as the          E       15 min.        1987
                                          quotient of the measures of the circumference and diameter of a circle.
                                          Computes the circumference of an orange, areas of circular regions and

   145          MATH WAYS: THE            Demonstrates the meaning of various decimal point locations in a            E       15 min.        1987
                DECIMAL POINT             numeral. Examines how multiplying or dividing a number by 10,000 or
                                          1,000 results in different digits becoming the "one" digit.

   146          MATH WAYS: THE            Explains the meaning of "percent" and of expressions containing the %       E       15 min.        1987
                PERCENT                   symbol, using a variety of illustrations. Discusses areas within circles
                                          and squares, and how to change fractions and decimals to percent

   148          MATH WAYS: VOLUMES        Illustrates volume using layers of cubes in a rectangular prism.            E       15 min.        1987
                                          Introduces the conservation concept. Uses formulas to determine the
                                          volume of prisms, cylinders, and cones.

   1229         MATH WORKS: ADDING        Illustrates adding and subtracting two fractions and two mixed              E       15 min.
                AND SUBTRACTING           numbers.
                FRACTIONS WITH LIKE

Wednesday, March 31, 2004                                                                                                          Page 102 of 152
  Number                    Title                      Description                                                 Grade   Length Date
   1233         MATH WORKS: DECIMALS--   Reviews place value and then moves on to compare the size of two           E      15 min.
                COMPARING                decimals and to order several from smallest to largest.

   1222         MATH WORKS: DECIMALS--   Emphasizes the relative size of numbers to the left and right of the       E      15 min.
                PLACE VALUE              decimal point, including tenths, hundredths and thousandths.

   1242         MATH WORKS: DECIMALS--   Reviews the need to align decimal points in addition and subtraction.      E      15 min.
                PLACEMENT OF THE         Focuses on knowing where to put the decimal in the answer to a
                DECIMAL POINT            multiplication problem.

   1226         MATH WORKS: DECIMALS--   Points out that fractions whose denominators are a power of ten can be     E      15 min.
                RELATING FRACTIONS       written as terminating decimals.
                AND DECIMALS

   1237         MATH WORKS:              Emphasizes the reasoning process that underlies choosing a strategy to     E      15 min.
                ESTIMATING--OTHER        fit the need.

   1224         MATH WORKS:              Emphasizes the usefulness of rounding in estimation. Looks at when         E      15 min.
                ESTIMATING--ROUNDING     and how to round up or down.

   1238         MATH WORKS:              Emphasizes the idea of equivalent fractions in showing how to change       E      15 min.
                FRACTIONS--ADDING AND    unlike fractions and mixed numbers to ones that can be added or
                SUBTRACTING UNLIKE       subtracted.

   1231         MATH WORKS:              Helps viewers predict specified movements of an object in space,           E      15 min.
                GEOMETRY--EXPLORING      beginning with apparent changes in the shape of a three-dimensional
                OBJECTS IN SPACE         object as it turns, flips, and slides in space.

   1223         MATH WORKS:              Analyzes three-dimensional objects to identify their two-dimensional       E      15 min.
                GEOMETRY--EXPLORING      components.

   1219         MATH WORKS:              Reinforces the meaning behind the formula for finding area. Shows          E      15 min.
                MEASUREMENT--AREAS       how to find the area of a rectangle.
                OF RECTANGLES

   1243         MATH WORKS:              Helps students recognize ways of dividing an irregular region and          E      15 min.
                MEASUREMENT--DIVIDING    working with the areas of its subregions to determine its total area.
                REGIONS FOR FINDING

   1227         MATH WORKS:              Illustrates that perimeter measures boundary in linear units, that area    E      15 min.
                MEASUREMENT--            measures the region inside the boundary in square units, and that the
                PERIMETER AND AREA       same perimeter can surround very different areas.

   1221         MATH WORKS: MENTAL       Shows the left-right method and the plus-minus methods of adding two       E      15 min.
                COMPUTATION--ADDITION    digit numbers for specific situations.

   1235         MATH WORKS: MENTAL       Shows the left-right strategy already used for addition applied to         E      15 min.
                COMPUTATION--            subtraction.

   1236         MATH WORKS: PLACE        Helps give viewers a sense of numbers up to and including one million      E      15 min.
                VALUE--LARGE NUMBERS     with special visuals.

   1241         MATH WORKS:              Looks at the relationship between possible outcome and probability in      E      15 min.
                PROBABILITY--POSSIBLE    examples that include both one out of five and two out of five.

   1220         MATH WORKS: PROBLEM      Models restating the problem, changing the context, discarding             E      15 min.
                SOLVING--IDENTIFYING     unnecessary information, and indicating what is given and what is
                                         needed to solve a problem.

   1232         MATH WORKS: PROBLEM      Encourages viewers to find a pattern to help solve a problem. Looks at     E      15 min.
                SOLVING--LOOKING FOR A   geometrical and numerical patterns of different perspectives.

Wednesday, March 31, 2004                                                                                                       Page 103 of 152
  Number                    Title                      Description                                                    Grade    Length Date
   1225         MATH WORKS: PROBLEM      Shows the development of a parallel problem by decreasing the size of         E       15 min.
                SOLVING--SIMPLIFYING     numbers or the number of variables, or by taking one step at a time.

   1234         MATH WORKS: PROBLEM      Uses flowcharts, models, assembly plans,and blueprints to help simplify       E       15 min.
                SOLVING--USING           and clarify problem solving.

   1240         MATH WORKS: PROBLEM      Focuses on choosing the right kind of graph to convey a particular            E       15 min.
                SOLVING--USING GRAPHS    point. Compares situations where the different characteristics of bar,
                                         circle, or line graphs are most appropriate.

   1246         MATH WORKS: PROBLEM      Focuses on reading and interpreting a map that someone else has               E       15 min.
                SOLVING--USING MAPS      prepared.

   1228         MATH WORKS: PROBLEM      Reviews what a table contains and shows both how to read a table to           E       15 min.
                SOLVING--USING TABLES    find needed information and how to make a table.

   1245         MATH WORKS: RATIO--      Demonstrates what a ratio is, how to express ratio in particular              E       15 min.
                FORMING RATIO            examples, when ratio is used, and what specific ratios mean in specific

   1244         MATH WORKS:              Emphasizes the importance of asking questions to help determine the           E       15 min.
                STATISTICS--ANALYZING    validity of statistical information. Questions about the source of the
                DATA                     information, the size of the sample, and how accurately the data is

   1239         MATH WORKS:              Considers determining what data is needed and deciding about the              E       15 min.
                STATISTICS--COLLECTING   sample, the method of collecting data, and the delineation and
                DATA                     allocation of tasks. Emphasizes how data can help people make
                                         decisions and why it is important.

   1230         MATH WORKS:              Discusses when to query an entire population, when to sample, and             E       15 min.
                STATISTICS--SAMPLING     what to consider when selecting a sample.

   1216         MATH/SCIENCE             Amy, a peer tutor, shows Todd experiments demonstrating that math             E,M     24 min.
                ENCOUNTER                and science are an important part of our everyday life.

   6759         MATHEMATICAL EYE:        Viewers learn to use and apply formulas to every day applications,            E,M,H   20 min.        1992
                EQUATIONS AND FORMULA    Discusses the origin of algebra and demonstrates how algebra and
                                         equations can be used to solve not only mathematical problems, but
                                         everyday ones.

   6760         MATHEMATICAL EYE:        Explains how maps are divided into grids, which are used to determine         E,M,H   20 min.        1995
                MAPS AND COORDINATES     coordinates, and coordinates are used to find one's way. Also includes a
                                         demonstration of how maps are drawn to scale.

   1282         MATHEMATICS FOR          Uses animated fantasy to illustrate the operation of addition. Illustrates    P,E     9 min.         1985
                PRIMARY: ADDITION        the cumulative property of addition.

   1280         MATHEMATICS FOR          Illustrates the concept of division with the help of tennis shoes,            P,E     8 min.         1985
                PRIMARY: DIVISION        bouncing balls, and shuffled cards scooting and scurrying around the

   1281         MATHEMATICS FOR          Presents the operation of multiplication by having mathematical               P,E     7 min.         1985
                PRIMARY:                 sentences appear on the screen to represent factors and products.

   1279         MATHEMATICS FOR          Introduces and illustrates the concept of subtraction by having animated      P,E     8 min.         1985
                PRIMARY: SUBTRACTION     objects appear on the screen and then disappear.

   2523         MATHEMATICS: WITH        Demonstrates how to use manipulative materials to teach mathematics.          P,E     20 min.        1987
                MANIPULATIVES #1:        Shows actual lessons taught to children in regular classroom settings.
                PATTERN BLOCKS

   2524         MATHEMATICS: WITH        Shows Cuisenaire Rods, a collection of brightly colored sticks in ten         P,E     20 min.        1987
                MANIPULATIVES #2:        different lengths, used to help children develop understanding of
                CUISENAIRE RODS          concepts in the areas of number, geometry, measurement, patterns,
                                         functions, and logical reasoning.

Wednesday, March 31, 2004                                                                                                           Page 104 of 152
  Number                    Title                      Description                                                   Grade      Length Date
   2525         MATHEMATICS: WITH        Base Ten Blocks provide children with a physical model of our place          P,E       20 min.        1987
                MANIPULATIVES #3: BASE   value system of numeration. The blocks are constructed in powers of
                TEN BLOCKS               ten, representing ones, tens, and hundreds.

   2526         MATHEMATICS: WITH        The Geoboards used in the videotape have twenty-five pegs arranged in        P,E       20 min.        1987
                MANIPULATIVES #4:        a five-by-five square array on one side, and twelve pegs arranged in a
                GEOBOARDS                circular pattern with additional pegs in the center and four corners on
                                         the other side. This tape shows children using the square array of pegs
                                         for a variety of explorations.

   2527         MATHEMATICS: WITH        Color Tiles are a collection of square tiles, one inch on a side, in four    P,E       20 min.        1987
                MANIPULATIVES #5:        colors - red, blue, yellow, and green. The tiles have applications in all
                COLOR TILES              areas of the math curriculum.

   2528         MATHEMATICS: WITH        Six manipulative materials are used on this videotape: Unifix Cuber,         P,E       20 min.        1987
                MANIPULATIVES #6: SIX    Multilink Cubes, Color Cubes, Two-Color Counters, Attribute Blocks,
                MODELS                   and Tangrams.

   5075         MEASURED STEPS:          This program demonstrates how measuring lengths is an important item         E         15 min.        1995
                MEASURING LENGTH         for young learners.
                (MATH TALK SERIES)

   3134         METER, LITER AND GRAM    Introduces the student to the three basic units of the metric system--the    E,M,H     13 min.        1988
                (REV)                    meter, the liter and the gram.

   2887         MONKEY BUSINESS          Teaches children about money and responsibility.                             P,E,M     22 min.        1986

   4292         PARENT POWER MATH        Illustrates activities appropriate for home environment, designed to         P,E,M,H   60 min.        1989
                (THE HOME SCHOOL         create a positive attitude towards math. Shows positive examples of
                CONNECTION) #1: TALK!    parent/child interaction.
                TALK! TALK!

   4301         PARENT POWER MATH        KITCHENS GROCERIES AND FAST FOODS. Diagrams several real                     E,M,H     60 min.        1989
                (THE HOME SCHOOL         life applications of division using fractions and decimals. Shows ways
                CONNECTION) #10          parents may reinforce their child's understanding of this concept.

   4302         PARENT POWER MATH        Discusses strategies to use in deciding how to use a tax rebate that will E,M,H        60 min.        1989
                (THE HOME SCHOOL         involve gathering data, working together and having more than one right
                CONNECTION) #11: SO      answer. Shows how parents can work with children to make logical
                WHO'S LOGICAL?           choices.

   4304         PARENT POWER MATH        ALGEBRA IS MORE THAN A 4 LETTER WORD. Demonstrates the                       E,M,H     60 min.        1989
                (THE HOME SCHOOL         different ways algebra is used in our everyday life. Includes purchasing
                CONNECTION) #13          of tickets, taking trips, and how to make the most profit.

   4305         PARENT POWER MATH        Provides parents with examples of probability and statistics in everyday     E,M,H     60 min.        1989
                (THE HOME SCHOOL         life. Shares activities that will make statistics less frightening.
                CONNECTION) #14: WHAT
                ARE YOUR CHANCES?

   4306         PARENT POWER MATH        Emphasizes what parents can do to make math easier as children               E,M,H     60 min.        1989
                (THE HOME SCHOOL         prepare for kindergarten, middle school, high school and college.
                CONNECTION) #15: IS MY   Discussions with teachers and administrators give helpful hints to
                CHILD READY?             parents.

   4293         PARENT POWER MATH        Features the addition of whole numbers. Shows that addition occurs           E         60 min.        1989
                (THE HOME SCHOOL         naturally in the real world. Encourages activities at home to support
                CONNECTION) #2: TO ADD   formal addition process.
                IS A PLUS!

   4294         PARENT POWER MATH        Gives real life applications of fractions and decimals. Activities will      E,M       60 min.        1989
                (THE HOME SCHOOL         illustrate the everyday use of real numbers, encouraging the intuitive
                CONNECTION) #3: ADD      understanding of fractions and decimals that children already have.

   4295         PARENT POWER MATH        Presents the subtraction of whole numbers, emphasizing their place in        P,E,M,H   60 min.        1989
                (THE HOME SCHOOL         everyday life. Home activities will support school learning of the formal
                CONNECTION) #4: TAKE 2   subtraction of numbers.
                APPLES FROM 3 APPLES

Wednesday, March 31, 2004                                                                                                            Page 105 of 152
  Number                    Title                        Description                                                 Grade      Length Date
   4296         PARENT POWER MATH          Presents ways of communication between home and school. Promotes           P,E,M,H   60 min.        1989
                (THE HOME SCHOOL           cooperation and collaboration between parents and educators.
                CONNECTION) #5: LISTEN!
                LISTEN! LISTEN!

   4297         PARENT POWER MATH          Explores several real life applications of subtraction of real numbers.    E,M       60 min.        1989
                (THE HOME SCHOOL           Gives parents a spring board for family discussion of practical uses of
                CONNECTION) #6: HOW        mathematics.
                MUCH IS MY DISCOUNT?

   4298         PARENT POWER MATH          Covers several actual applications of multiplication using whole           E,M       60 min.        1989
                (THE HOME SCHOOL           numbers. Helps parents understand how they can reinforce the concept
                CONNECTION) #7: TO         of multiplication within the context of daily life.
                PRODUCE IS TO MULTIPLY

   4299         PARENT POWER MATH          Analysis of situations where one decides what "percent off" means.         E,M       60 min.        1989
                (THE HOME SCHOOL           Looks at fractions when working with receipts, and at estimating
                CONNECTION) #8: WHAT IS    grocery bills.
                MY BEST BUY?

   4300         PARENT POWER MATH          Demonstrates how division is taught in the class room, how it can be       P,E,M,H   60 min.        1989
                (THE HOME SCHOOL           supported at home and how it pertains to real life situations.
                CONNECTION) #9: DIVIDE
                AND CONQUER

   4242         RHYMING DICTIONARY OF      An engaging tour in music and rhyme of the tremendous variety of           P,E       11 min.        1980
                SHAPES AND SIZES           shapes to be found in the world around us.

   6358         SANDBURG'S ARITHMETIC      Carl Sandburg, beloved American poet, narrates this animated short         E,M,H     6 min.         1996
                                           based on his poem "Arithmetic." The film takes place in Sandburg's
                                           home in Flat Rock, North Carolina.

   5077         SCOPING OUR THE AREA:      Figure out how to measure the area of an odd-shaped lawn.                  E         15 min.        1995
                MEASURING AREA (MATH
                TALK SERIES)

   5078         SHAPE-BY-NUMBER:           The relationship between arithmetic and geometry is explored.              E         15 min.        1995
                (MATH TALK SERIES)

   5079         SIZING THINGS UP:          Maps and models are shown as examples of the use of scale.                 E         15 min.        1995
                EXPLORING SCALE AND
                RATIO (MATH TALK

   5080         SOARING SEQUENCES:         A look at number progressions and multiplying.                             E         15 min.        1995
                THINKING ABOUT LARGE
                NUMBERS (MATH TALK)

   2575         SOLVE IT #1--ESTIMATION:   Demonstrates how to check answers quickly with estimation.                 E         15 min.        1987
                REASONABLENESS OF

   2584         SOLVE IT #10--ESTIMATION   Estimation strategies for multiplication. Uses ball park figures in        E         15 min.        1987
                                           determining reasonableness of results.

   2585         SOLVE IT #11--PROBLEM      Solving a simpler problem. Shows how to break problems into steps by       E         15 min.        1987
                SOLVING                    using smaller numbers and simple models.

   2586         SOLVE IT #12--STATISTICS   Sampling. Shows how a small group is related to the larger group, and      E         15 min.        1987
                                           how to determine bias in a sample.

   2587         SOLVE IT #13--FRACTIONS    Subtracting Mixed Numbers. Demonstrates subtraction of fractions           E         15 min.        1987
                                           with like and unlike denominators.

   2588         SOLVE IT #14--ESTIMATION   Estimation Strategies for Division. Explores various estimation            E         15 min.        1987
                                           strategies including rounding numbers, using front-end numbers, and
                                           selecting numbers that can be easily manipulated.

   2589         SOLVE IT #15--PROBLEM      Guess-check-revise uses guessing as an active, non algorithmic             E         15 min.        1987
                SOLVING                    strategy.

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  Number                    Title                       Description                                                 Grade   Length Date
   2590         SOLVE IT #16--GEOMETRY    Measuring Angles. Demonstrates real-life applications of measuring         E      15 min.        1987
                & MEASUREMENT             angles.

   2591         SOLVE IT #17--PROBLEM     Using Logical Reasoning. Shows how organizing information carefully        E      15 min.        1987
                SOLVING                   can avoid jumping to conclusions.

   2592         SOLVE IT #18--            Scale Drawing and Models. Uses scale as a ratio and examines               E      15 min.        1987
                RATIO/PROPORTION/PERCE    considerations in making scale drawings or models.

   2576         SOLVE IT #2--MENTAL       Uses mental computation for multiplication, emphasizes strategies for      E      15 min.        1987
                COMPUTATION               different problems.

   2577         SOLVE IT #3--             Examines the meaning of percent. Emphasizes percent in everyday            E      15 min.        1987
                RATIO/PROPORTION/PERCE    applications.

   2578         SOLVE IT #4--PROBLEM      Drawing and Interpreting Tables-Examines when and how to use a table       E      15 min.        1987
                SOLVING                   or diagram.

   2579         SOLVE IT #5--             Precision and Estimation. Uses referents in estimating                     E      15 min.        1987
                MEASUREMENT               measurement.

   2580         SOLVE IT #6--STATISTICS   Understanding mean, median and mode. Interprets data differently by        E      15 min.        1987
                                          use of mean, median, and mode.

   2581         SOLVE IT #7--FRACTIONS    Multiplications with fractions and mixed numbers. Gives graphic            E      15 min.        1987
                                          representations of the product of multiplied fractions.

   2582         SOLVE IT #8--DECIMALS     Ordering decimals. Develops the concept of place value and comparing       E      15 min.        1987

   2583         SOLVE IT #9--GEOMETRY     Measuring volume. Presents formulas for measuring volume.                  E      15 min.        1987
                AND MEASUREMENT

   4547         SQUARE ONE TV #301: BIG   Introduces big numbers; thousand/million; million/billion. Mathnet:        E      30 min.        1990
                NUMBERS                   Case of the Ersatz Earthquake 1.

   4548         SQUARE ONE TV #302:       Explains discounts and markups, as well as building infinite sequences     E      30 min.        1990
                PERCENT                   of numbers. Mathnet: Case of the Ersatz Earthquake 2.

   4549         SQUARE ONE TV #303:       Also shows the relationship between fractions, and 2 and 3 dimensions.     E      30 min.        1990
                ESTIMATION GAME           Mathnet: Case of the Ersatz Earthquake 3.

   4550         SQUARE ONE TV #304:       Also explains division by zero, place value and probability. Mathnet:      E      30 min.        1990
                POSITIVE AND NEGATIVE     Case of the Ersatz Earthquake 4.

   4551         SQUARE ONE TV #305: BIG   Presents big numbers, and the game of mathematical misconceptions.         E      30 min.        1990
                NUMBERS                   Mathnet: Case of the Ersatz Earthquake 5.

   4552         SQUARE ONE TV #306:       Discusses fractions and percentages, as well as numerical structure.       E      30 min.        1990
                FRACTIONS AND             Mathnet: Case of the Swami Scam 1.

   4553         SQUARE ONE TV #307:       Explains equivalent fractions/decimals/percents; math misconceptions.      E      30 min.        1990
                TELETHON FOR MATH         Mathnet: Case of the Swami Scam 2.

   4554         SQUARE ONE TV #308:       Explains the horizontal bar graph, place value and probability, and        E      30 min.        1990
                HORIZONTAL BAR GRAPH      palindromes. Mathnet: Case of the Swami Scam 3.

   4555         SQUARE ONE TV #309:       Presents time problems, telethon for math, infinity. Mathnet: Case of      E      30 min.        1990
                TIME PROBLEMS             the Swami Scam 4.

   4556         SQUARE ONE TV #310:       Presents the game of data presentation, and telethon for math. Mathnet:    E      30 min.        1990
                GAME OF DATA              Case of the Swami Scan 5.

   4557         SQUARE ONE TV #311:       Shows the estimation game, and Roman numerals. Mathnet: Case of the        E      30 min.        1990
                ESTIMATION GAME           Parking Meter Massacre 1.

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  Number                    Title                      Description                                                 Grade   Length Date
   4558         SQUARE ONE TV #312:      Discusses the game of numerical structure, and multiples of nine.          E      30 min.        1990
                GAME OF NUMERICAL        Mathnet: Case of the Parking Meter Massacre 2.

   4559         SQUARE ONE TV #313:      Presents estimation/magnitude of very large numbers, place value and       E      30 min.        1990
                ESTIMATION/LARGE         probability, and scale on a map. Mathnet: Case of the Parking Meter
                NUMBERS                  Massacre 3.

   4560         SQUARE ONE TV #314:      Presents rounding up and down, as well as game of data representation.     E      30 min.        1990
                ROUNDING UP AND DOWN     Mathnet: Case of the Parking Meter Massacre 4.

   4561         SQUARE ONE TV #315:      Highlights a telethon for math, and math misconceptions. Mathnet:          E      30 min.        1990
                TELETHON FOR MATH        Case of the Parking Meter Massacre 5.

   4562         SQUARE ONE TV #316:      Explores the relationship between fractions, numerical structure, and a    E      30 min.        1990
                RELATIONSHIP BETWEEN     coin trick based on 9. Mathnet: Case of the Unkidnapping 1.

   4563         SQUARE ONE TV #317:      Presents place value and probability, and a telethon for math. Mathnet:    E      30 min.        1990
                PLACE VALUE AND          Case of the Unkidnapping 2.

   4564         SQUARE ONE TV #318:      Discusses the game of mathematical misconceptions, and algorithm           E      30 min.        1990
                GAME OF MATHEMATICAL     with 5. Mathnet: Case of the Unkidnapping 3.

   4565         SQUARE ONE TV #319:      Covers a telethon for math, odd-numbers trick, and binary sieve.           E      30 min.        1990
                TELETHON FOR MATH        Mathnet: Case of the Unkidnapping 4.

   4566         SQUARE ONE TV #320:      Presents a game of numerical structure, and infinity. Mathnet: Case of     E      30 min.        1990
                GAME OF NUMERICAL        the Unkidnapping 5.

   4567         SQUARE ONE TV #321:      Features a game of mathematical misconceptions and a telethon for          E      30 min.        1990
                GAME OF MATHEMATICAL     math. Mathnet: Case of the Strategic Weather Initiative 1.

   4568         SQUARE ONE TV #322:      Considers how the misplacement of decimals causes trouble, and             E      30 min.        1990
                MISPLACEMENT OF          explains square numbers. Mathnet: Case of the Strategic Weather
                DECIMALS                 Initiative 2.

   4569         SQUARE ONE TV #323:      Shows the estimation game, algorithm, and estimating large numbers.        E      30 min.        1990
                ESTIMATION GAME          Mathnet: Case of the Strategic Weather Initiative 3.

   4570         SQUARE ONE TV #324:      Explores the alpha-numeric code, and a game of numerical structure.        E      30 min.        1990
                ALPHA-NUMERIC CODE       Mathnet: Case of the Strategic Weather Initiative 4.

   4571         SQUARE ONE TV #325:      Presents a telethon for math, multiples of 4, and the game of data         E      30 min.        1990
                TELETHON FOR MATH        presentation. Mathnet: Case of the Strategic Weather Initiative 5.

   4572         SQUARE ONE TV #326:      Explores equivalent fractions/decimals/percents, and the game of           E      30 min.        1990
                EQUIVALENT               mathematical misconceptions. Mathnet: Case of the Masked Avenger
                FRACTIONS/DECIMALS/PER   1.

   4573         SQUARE ONE TV #327:      Considers the estimation game, time problems, and a telethon for math.     E      30 min.        1990
                ESTIMATION GAME          Mathnet: Case of the Masked Avenger 2.

   4574         SQUARE ONE TV #328:      Features a round-trip problem, lowest common multiples, and a game of      E      30 min.        1990
                ROUND-TRIP RATE          numerical structure. Mathnet: Case of the Masked Avenger 3.

   4575         SQUARE ONE TV #329:      Gives a telethon for math, percent and decimal relationships, and a        E      30 min.        1990
                TELETHON FOR MATH        game of place value and probability. Mathnet: Case of the Masked
                                         Avenger 4.

   4576         SQUARE ONE TV #330:      Presents a game of data representation. Mathnet: Case of the Masked        E      30 min.        1990
                GAME OF DATA             Avenger 5.

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  Number                    Title                       Description                                                 Grade   Length Date
   4577         SQUARE ONE TV #331:       Presents math to analyze options, a subtration problem, and estimating      E     30 min.        1990
                MATH TO ANALYZE           large numbers. Mathnet: Case of the Swami Scam 1.

   4578         SQUARE ONE TV #332:       Presents equivalent fractions/decimals/percents, a telethon for math, and   E     30 min.        1990
                EQUIVALENT                a game of place and value and probability. Mathnet: Case of the Swami
                FRACTIONS/DECIMALS/PER    Scam 2.

   4580         SQUARE ONE TV #334:       Shows percentages and pie chart, equivalent fractions/                      E     30 min.        1990
                PERCENTAGES AND PIE       decimals/percents, and the estimation game. Mathnet: Case of the
                CHART                     Swami Scam 4.

   4581         SQUARE ONE TV #335: BAR   Explains bar charts and percents, and game of data representation.          E     30 min.        1990
                CHARTS AND PERCENTS       Mathnet: Case of the Swami Scam 5.

   4582         SQUARE ONE TV #336:       Also explains infinity, decimals/multiplication. Mathnet: Case of the       E     30 min.        1990
                GAME OF PLACE AND         Unkidnapping 1.

   4583         SQUARE ONE TV #337:       Presents square number patterns, and game of place and probability.         E     30 min.        1990
                SQUARE NUMBER             Mathnet: Case of the Unkidnapping 2.

   4584         SQUARE ONE TV #338:       Approaches the game of data representation, and defining fractions.         E     30 min.        1990
                GAME OF DATA              Mathnet: Case of the Unkidnapping 3.

   4585         SQUARE ONE TV #339:       Introduces logic problems; relationship between fractions, and the game     E     30 min.        1990
                LOGIC PROBLEMS            of numerical structure. Mathnet: Case of the Unkidnapping 4.

   4586         SQUARE ONE TV #340:       Includes telethon for math, and angle dance. Mathnet: Case of the           E     30 min.        1990
                TELETHON FOR MATH         Unkidnapping 5.

   4579         SQUARE ONE TV: NUMBER     Presents the number trick, game of mathematical misconceptions,             E     30 min.        1990
                TRICK                     permutations of 3 items. Mathnet: Case of the Swami Scam 3.

   3128         SYMMETRY: A FIRST FILM    Using attractive visuals of both ordinary and exotic symmetry and           E,M   14 min.        1988
                                          rhythm, the theory of balance and symmetry is explored. Provides a
                                          valuable addition to a wide range of curriculum areas.

   5081         TAKE A CHANCE!            A look at probability: the toss of a coin or the results of a game are      E     15 min.        1995
                EXPLORING PROBABILITY     examples.
                (MATH TALK SERIES)

   5068         THE DATA GAME: USING      A look at graphs and charts and their use for presenting important          E     15 min.        1995
                GRAPHS (MATH TALK         data.

   5076         THE PERILS OF POLLING:    A look at polling; determining not only numbers but whether the basic       E     15 min.        1995
                CONDUCTING SURVEYS        information is valid.
                (MATH TALK SERIES)

   1332         THE WEIRD NUMBER          Uses numerals in place of people. Explains rational numbers and how         E     12 min.        1986
                                          natural numbers can take the form of rational numbers.

   5082         TWO SIDES ARE LONGER      The basic construction of a triangle is explored.                           E     15 min.        1995
                THAN ONE: MAKING
                TRIANGLES (MATH TALK

   1778         VINTAGE LOLA MATH KIT     Lesson 1--Dividing by one digit.                                            P,E   20 min.        1986

   1774         VINTAGE LOLA MATH KIT 6   Methods: Teachers Inservice Lesson 1--Using Addition Facts Lesson 2-- P,E         20 min.        1986
                                          Number Families Lesson 3--Numeration: Ones and Tens

   1775         VINTAGE LOLA MATH KIT 7   Methods: Teachers Inservice Lesson l--Using Subtraction Facts Lesson        P,E   20 min.        1986
                                          2--Beginning Multiplication Lesson 3--Introduction to Fractions

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  Number                    Title                       Description                                                Grade      Length Date
   1776         VINTAGE LOLA MATH KIT 8   Methods: Teachers Inservice Lesson 1--Place Value Through Hundreds        P,E       20 min.        1986
                                          Lesson 2--Subtraction: Two and Three Digits Lesson 3--Multiplication

   1777         VINTAGE LOLA MATH KIT 9   Methods: Teachers Inservice Lesson l--Lattice Multiplication Lesson 2-- P,E         20 min.        1986
                                          Number Bases Lesson 3--Multiplication of Several Digits

   5083         WHAT SHAPE IS YOUR        A look at the shapes of numbers and how they fit together.                E         15 min.        1995
                NUMBER? FINDING
                NUMBER PATTERNS IN

   5084         WHOM DO YOU ASK?          A view of a survey group as it relates to a target population.            E         15 min.        1995
                SURVEYS (MATH TALK

Physical Education
   1447         BASEBALL: MAURY WILLS     Demonstrates good base running techniques, leading off, base stealing,    E,M,H     60 min.
                ON BASE RUNNING           sliding, the hit-and-run play, and many others.

   1446         BASEBALL: THE ART OF      Demonstrates and explains the important basics of hitting. Designed to    E,M,H     59 min.
                HITTING                   help make "intuitive" hitters aware of the mechanics of hitting.

   2429         FREE TO FLY #1            A daily aerobic/exercise program for young children. Workout consists     P,E       15 min.        1987
                                          of four parts: warm up, speed up, imitate and cool down.

   2438         FREE TO FLY #10           See description #1.                                                       P,E       15 min.        1988

   2439         FREE TO FLY #11           See description #1.                                                       P,E       15 min.        1988

   2440         FREE TO FLY #12           See description #1.                                                       P,E       15 min.        1988

   2441         FREE TO FLY #13           See description #1.                                                       P,E       15 min.        1988

   2430         FREE TO FLY #2            See description #1.                                                       P,E       15 min.        1988

   2431         FREE TO FLY #3            See description #1.                                                       P,E       15 min.        1988

   2432         FREE TO FLY #4            See description #1.                                                       P,E       15 min.        1988

   2433         FREE TO FLY #5            See description #1.                                                       P,E       15 min.        1988

   2434         FREE TO FLY #6            See description #1.                                                       P,E       15 min.        1988

   2435         FREE TO FLY #7            See description #1.                                                       P,E       15 min.        1988

   2436         FREE TO FLY #8            See description #1.                                                       P,E       15 min.        1988

   2437         FREE TO FLY #9            See description #1.                                                       P,E       15 min.        1988

   1763         LEARNING HOW TO DIVE      Explains the proper safety rules for safe diving.                         P,E,M,H   11 min.        1986

   461          LEGACY AMERICANA--        Coaches, referees and athletes invite viewers behind the scenes for a     E,M,H,A   28 min.        1976
                LEGACY OF SPORTS &        close-up look at sports and competition.

   3211         TEACHING KIDS             Features John Wooden, UCLA's most successful coach, who shares his        E,M,H,A   75 min.        1987
                BASKETBALL                unique philosophy of teaching basketball with parents and coaches of
                                          young players beginning the game.

   1865         TENNIS                    Features serve and return of serve with coach Dennis Ralston of           E,M,H,A   20 min.        1986

Wednesday, March 31, 2004                                                                                                          Page 110 of 152
  Number                    Title                       Description                                                    Grade      Length Date
   1864         TENNIS: THE TACTICAL      Demonstrates the following: The half volley, overhead smash, top spin         E,M,H,A   56 min.        1986
                GAME                      lob, buggy whip, drop shot, singles tactics, double tactics, mental

   3223         THE ART OF GOALKEEPING    America's premier goalkeeper, Shep Messing, teaches the skills and            E,M,H,A   30 min.        1987
                                          techniques of soccer's most demanding position--the goalkeeper.

   2994         WALK-ON COACH: PARTS 1    Examines the roles and responsibilities of the Walk-on Coach. #1--            E,M,H,A   60 min.        1987
                &2                        LEGAL CONSIDERATIONS IN SPORTS. #2--COACHING

   2995         WALK-ON COACH: PARTS 3    #3--COACHING TECHNIQUES. #4--PSYCHOLOGY OF                                    E,M,H,A   60 min.        1987
                &4                        COACHING. SPORTS: PHYSICAL EDUCATION AND

   6571         ALONE AT HOME             Armed with only a key to their front door, "latchkey children" must fend      P,E       17 min.        1997
                                          for themselves until an adult comes home. Emotional factors, safety
                                          procedures, emergencies and first aid are covered.

   4453         BICYCLE RULES OF THE      Explains to youngsters how more than 1,000 children under the age of          E,M       16 min.        1986
                ROAD (2ND ED.)            fifteen die each year from bicycle accidents.

   6594         CHOKING EMERGENCY,        Reviews how to recognize a victim of choking; how to apply Heimlich           E,M,H,A   16 min.        1997
                REVISED                   maneuver; what to do if a person becomes unconscious; correct infant
                                          procedures and many more.

   3074         DR. COOPER AND HIS        Investigates the negative effects of HOUSEHOLD CHEMICALS.                     P,E,M,H   10 min.        1988
                FRIENDS: LEAVE IT ALONE

   6284         FIRE SAFETY: HALL OF      This program uses museum exhibits in the "Hall of Flame" to                   E         12 min.        1991
                FLAME                     demonstrate fire safety rules.

   2881         I WASN'T SCARED           Presents a "scary" film that jolts children into understanding how            P,E,M,H   16 min.        1986
                                          important it is to heed danger warning signs.

   3517         I'M NO FOOL HAVING FUN    Teaches fun-lovers who are often injured through carelessness the             P,E       8 min.         1988
                                          necessary good safety habits and common sense rules without

   3518         I'M NO FOOL IN WATER      Presents an actual swimming lesson to demonstrate the survival float,         P,E       9 min.         1988
                (REV.)                    techniques for escaping an undertow and other basic safety rules, as
                                          well as the reasons behind them.

   3519         I'M NO FOOL WITH A        Features Gepetto teaching Pinocchio (and young viewers) the                   P,E       16 min.        1988
                BICYCLE (NEW ED.)         fundamentals of bike safety, proper clothing, riding single file and
                                          obeying traffic signals.

   3520         I'M NO FOOL WITH          Teaches indoor and outdoor electrical safety tips and defines the             P,E       16 min.        1988
                ELECTRICITY (NEW ED.)     difference between conductors and insulators.

   3521         I'M NO FOOL WITH FIRE     Jiminy Cricket describes the new three elements needed to start a fire        P,E       10 min.        1988
                (REV.)                    while a real fire fighter reviews fire safety rules, home exit drills, how
                                          to avoid smoke inhalation and how to use the emergency numbers.

   6599         KIDS FOR SAFETY:          This program teaches children the rules of the road and helps them to         E         7 min.         1997
                BICYCLE SAFETY            realize the importance of obeying traffic signals.

   6427         MCGRUFF AND GUN           Scruff tells his Uncle McGruff that a friend has found a gun in a closet      P,E       15 min.        1994
                SAFETY                    and wants Scruff to come over and check it out.

   6286         MCGRUFF AND THE LAW:      McGruff explains the ways bicycle and pedestrian laws protect                 E         18 min.        1992
                BICYCLES AND THE          bicyclists and other people, and illustrates safety points for children.

   6233         MCGRUFF'S GANG ALERT      McGruff looks at our communities and explains to the young viewer             E         16 min.        1990
                                          how to protect themselves by being aware of their surroundings.

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  Number                    Title                       Description                                                     Grade      Length Date
   3135         MEETING STRANGERS:        Helps children to develop selectiveness and good judgment in                   P,E       19 min.        1988
                RED LIGHT/GREEN LIGHT     protecting themselves against the advances of strangers.

   3844         MR. NEVERLEARN MEETS      Introduces fire prevention and survival techniques as well as                  P,E       14 min.        1987
                THE FIREFIGHTERS          appreciation of the role of our community firefighters.

   3488         ON YOUR OWN LATCHKEY      Teaches young children safety measures and self-care skills for times E                  15 min.        1988
                KID                       when they are home alone and shows them how to view being alone as a
                                          positive, rewarding experience.

   3049         PLAY IT SAFE              Uses cartoon characters to explain water safety around ocean, pools,           P,E,M,H   24 min.        1988
                                          lakes, canals and rivers.

   6324         PROTECTING CHILDREN       This training program is all about keeping children safe in a dangerous        E,M,H     52 min.        1992
                FROM DANGER               world.

   1264         SAFETY RULES FOR          Features the Safety Gremlin who guides students through safety rules           P,E       11 min.        1985
                SCHOOLS                   that they should observe on the way to school, inside school and on the

   3790         SCHOOL BUS SAFETY AND     Combines cartoon animation and live-action with a dash of humor to             P,E       13 min.        1988
                COURTESY (2ND ED.)        cover vital safety rules in using the school bus. A demonstration of
                                          evacuation procedures prepares bus drivers for emergency situations.

   3623         TAKING RESPONSIBILITY     In this delightfully animated program, a fairy tale princess learns to         P,E       12 min         1988
                SERIES: ON YOUR OWN AT    handle the kinds of problems that arise when any child is home alone.
                HOME                      Demonstrates non-threatening ways to keep safe and to get help.

   3621         TAKING RESPONSIBLITY      Explores the sensitive subject of how to teach children to be cautious         P,E       11 min         1988
                SERIES: STAYING AWAY      with strangers in an imaginative, animated story in which two children
                FROM STRANGERS            show a new friend from another planet how to be safe around strangers
                                          and the proper responses to the lures dangerous strangers use to trick

   6750         THE MCGRUFF FILES:        With help from McGruff and his nephew Scruff, children will learn how          E,M       21 min.        1998
                PEOPLE, DIFFERENT BUT     to get along and make friends with people they views as "different".

   4927         VIOLENCE: THE RIPPLE      This program clearly reveals what a life of violence can lead to: jail,        E,M,H     17 min.        1994
                EFFECT                    loss of future, loss of family and the interaction with the legal system.

   3050         WET 'N' SAFE              Covers water safety in and around the ocean, canals, pools, lakes and          P,E,M,H   15 min.        1988
                                          rivers. Includes general boating safety hints on life jackets, rules of the
                                          road (water ways), etc.

   3288         3-2-1 CONTACT VI & VII:   Encourages young people's interest in science and technology. Live             E,M       30 min.        1988
                ANTARCTICA: GETTING       action sequences, on location documentaries and animation are used to
                AROUND                    explore general themes of science in everyday life.

   3287         3-2-1 CONTACT VI & VII:                                                                                  E,M       30 min.        1988
                ANTARCTICA: GETTING

   3289         3-2-1 CONTACT VI & VII:                                                                                  E,M       30 min.        1988
                ANTARCTICA: LIFE ON THE

   3290         3-2-1 CONTACT VI & VII:                                                                                  E,M       30 min.        1988
                ANTARCTICA: LIFE UNDER
                THE ICE

   3291         3-2-1 CONTACT VI & VII:                                                                                  E,M       30 min.        1988
                ANTARCTICA: THE DESERT

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  Number                    Title                       Description                                                   Grade        Length Date
   3286         3-2-1 CONTACT VI & VII:                                                                                E,M         30 min.        1988
                BIG MAMMALS: THE HIGH
                COST OF LIVING

   3285         3-2-1 CONTACT VI & VII:                                                                                E,M         30 min.        1988
                MAMMALS: AT PLAY

   3284         3-2-1 CONTACT VI & VII:                                                                                E,M         30 min.        1988
                MAMMALS: KEEPING

   3293         3-2-1 CONTACT VI & VII:                                                                                E,M         15 min.        1988
                YOUR BODY: HAVING A

   3292         3-2-1 CONTACT VI & VII:                                                                                E,M         30 min.        1988
                YOUR BODY: TWINS

   3294         3-2-1 CONTACT VI & VII:                                                                                E,M         30 min.        1988
                YOUR BODY: YOUR

   2172         A DOUBLE LIFE             Illustrates with a frog the remarkable ways some animals change and          P,E,M,H,A   19 min.        1986
                                          adapt as well as a variety of reasons for these transformations.

   2894         A DROP OF BLOOD           Explores the functions and make-up of blood types that are shared by         E,M         16 min.        1986
                                          everyone in the world.

   6241         A FIRST LOOK AT TREES     This introductory program explains the parts and processes all trees         E           12 min.        1991
                                          have in common.

   3845         A NATURE WALK AT LOW      Exploring the rocks and tidal pools along a Pacific beach, children          P,E         12 min.        1984
                TIDE                      discover and examine the many forms of plant and animal life exposed
                                          by the receding water.

   6206         A SMALL BODY OF STILL     This program explores the life that teems in a small pond.                   E           16 min.        1996

   4235         ADAPTING TO CHANGES IN    Shows how plants and animals adapt to the changes of season in order         P,E         12 min.        1985
                NATURE (REV)              to survive.

   1181         AFTER THE GLACIERS        Shows how much of the Northern Hemisphere surged back to abundant            E,M,H,A     11 min.
                                          life during the Ice Age's retreat through the miracle of plant

   1266         AGE OF MAMMALS            Uses animation to re-create the animals and terrain of the Cenozoic          P,E,M       10 min.        1981

   2896         ALL THINGS ANIMAL         Explores the orderly and systematic classification of life within each       E,M         21 min.        1986

   2895         ALL THINGS PLANT          Demonstrates how life on earth is directly or indirectly dependent on        E,M         19 min.        1988
                                          plants for food and/or oxygen. Provides an understanding of the
                                          complexity of basic plants.

   4977         ALPHABET OF SPACE         This program provides views of space and the NASA collection for the         E           15 min.        1990
                                          early learner. We see planets, stars, nebulas, orbits and gravity.

   4978         ALPHABET OF WEATHER       These letters of the alphabet will make you dry or wet; you'll see clouds    E           13 min.        1991
                                          and watch them grow. This program is a brief introduction to weather
                                          for young learners.

   2035         AMERICA IN SPACE--THE     Features 25 years of memorable achievements from America; Explorer   E,M,H,A             50 min.        1986
                FIRST 25 YEARS            I, first 7 astronauts, Mercury flights, Surveyor missions, Gemini
                                          spacewalks, Apollo moon landing, Skylab missions, Mariner and Viking
                                          missions to Mars, Venus, Mercury, Voyager missions to Jupiter and
                                          Saturn, space shuttle flights, STS-1 thru STS-7, and NASA's test

   2131         AMONG THE WILD            Looks at two landmark decades of Jane Goodall's work, including her          E,M,H,A     59 min.        1987
                CHIMPANZEES               dramatic discovery of chimpanzees making and using tools.

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  Number                    Title                      Description                                                     Grade      Length Date
   6109         AN OVERVIEW OF THE       This program defines and describes the various elements that make up           E,M,H     18 min.        1994
                UNIVERSE                 the solar system and looks at the impact that our neighbors in space
                                         have on our planet.

   1201         ANGER: HANDLE WITH       Shows children how to handle their anger. Stresses that anger is a             E,M       12 min.
                CARE                     normal emotion that can be controlled if they think before they act.

   6245         ANIMAL LIFE IN A         The wonder of life in a tidepool is vividly depicted in this nature            E,M       12 min.        1991
                TIDEPOOL                 program.

   2790         ANTS: HUNTERS AND        Examines the daily activities of the feeding colonies of the carnivorous       E,M,H,A   10 min.        1986
                GARDENERS                army ant and the herbicious leaf cutting ant.

   4883         AQUA SMART WATER &       The theme of this video is that boating and water sports can be fun and        E         14 min.        1995
                BOATING SAFETY           dangerous and/or safe. This program teaches water and boating

   6064         ARCHITECTURE PROG. 1:    This program looks at a circus tent, what it takes to put it up and take it    E,M       30 min.
                RAISING THE BIG TOP      down. This helps to focus on the human body and its functions.

   3066         ARCS AND SPARKS          Introduces and shows simple examples of static electricity and how it          E,M,H,A   13 min.        1987
                                         relates to magnetism.

   3144         ASTEROIDS, COMETS, AND   Shows how astronomers have learned about these objects traveling               E,M       10 min.        1988
                METEORITES (REV)         around the sun, what they look like and their place in the solar system.
                                         Discusses satellites and a short history of Halley's Comet.

   3598         ATMOSPHERIC SCIENCE      A mountain climber, research balloon and passenger jet reveals our             E,M,H     14 min.        1988
                SERIES: EARTH--ITS       remarkable planet and the atmosphere's layered structure produced by
                ATMOSPHERE               gravity and interactions with radiation from the sun.

   3599         ATMOSPHERIC SCIENCE      Presents fascinating time-lapse studies to explain how clouds form and         E,M,H     15 min.        1988
                SERIES: EARTH--ITS       vanish, while satellite, aerial and ground-based photography convey
                CLOUDS AND               basic information about cumulus, stratus and cirrus clouds.

   3601         ATMOSPHERIC SCIENCE      Examines the global network of radar stations and weather satellites in        E,M,H     14 min.        1988
                SERIES: GLOBAL           orbit that meteorologists use to form the basis for their increasingly
                FORECASTING              accurate weather reports.

   3600         ATMOSPHERIC SCIENCE      Demonstrates how global wind circulation is determined and how these           E,M,H     12 min         1988
                SERIES: GLOBAL WINDS     movements depend on great convection cells set in motion by
                                         differences in temperature.

   3602         ATMOSPHERIC SCIENCE      By using data from glaciers and the earthquake at Mt. St. Helens, the          E,M,H     15 min.        1988
                SERIES: THE ENERGY       planet's delicate energy balance and temperature history can be studied.
                BALANCE                  Discusses how humans can consciously and unconsciously affect this
                                         delicate balance.

   3604         ATMOSPHERIC SCIENCE      With the use of dramatic cinematography and time-lapse photography,            E,M,H     14 min.        1988
                SERIES: VIOLENT STORMS   atmospheric scientists study the mysteries of thunderheads and the
                                         technological advances made by satellites and Doppler radar to spot
                                         developing tornadoes before they can be seen from land.

   3603         ATMOSPHERIC SCIENCE      Answers the questions of how air is set in motion and what changes its         E,M,H     12 min         1988
                SERIES: WINDS AND AIR    speed and direction. Illustrates how different convection cells produce
                CURRENTS                 land-sea breezes, monsoons and trade winds.

   4010         ATOMIC ENERGY: INSIDE    Depicts through live-action and animation a journey into an atom,              E,M       11 min.        1982
                THE ATOM                 explaining the principles of radioactivity, fission, and fusion.

   2109         ATOMS & MOLECULES #1:    Explains radioactivity, fission and fusion in terms of atomic                  E,M,H     15 min.        1986
                ATOMIC ENERGY: INSIDE    structure.
                THE ATOM

   2110         ATOMS & MOLECULES #2:    Shows chemical changes taking place in commonly occurring physical             E,M,H     15 min.        1986
                THE BEHAVIOR OF MATTER   phenomena; introduces molecular theory to explain the observed
                                         behavior of matter.

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  Number                    Title                     Description                                                 Grade      Length Date
   2111         ATOMS & MOLECULES #3:   Demonstrates through simple experiments and illustrations how matter       E,M,H     15 min.        1986
                EVIDENCE FOR            is composed of molecules and atoms.
                MOLECULAR THEORY

   2112         ATOMS & MOLECULES #4:   Shows chemical change as a continuous process by which matter is           E,M,H     15 min.        1986
                EXPLAINING MATTER:      rearranged to form new substances.
                CHEMICAL CHANGES

   2113         ATOMS & MOLECULES #5:   Shows actual change in the nuclear composition of the atom as energy       E,M,H     15 min.        1986
                LEARNING ABOUT ENERGY   is released; explains both nuclear fission and nuclear fusion.

   1740         AUTUMN IN NATURE        Illustrates the changes which occur in plants and animals during           P,E       14 min.

   3152         AUTUMN: NATURE'S        Shows how animals prepare for the scarcity of food which winter's cold     P,E,M     26 min.        1988
                SIGHTS AND SOUNDS       will bring.

   165          BACKYARD ANIMALS        Snails, squirrels, hummingbirds, gophers, and flies are a few of the       P,E       30 min.        1975
                                        many familiar subjects shown on a trip to your own backyard.

   2769         BACTERIA                Examines the principal forms in which bacteria occur, explores the         E,M,H,A   23 min.        1985
                                        structure of a typical bacterial cell, and explains its reproductive

   6170         BEAR COUNTRY (NATURE    This program explains the life of the North American black bear.           E,M       31 min.        1997
                CLASSIC SERIES)

   1360         BEAVER VALLEY           Introduces Beaver Valley, a wilderness area inhabited by many              E,M,H     32 min.        1985
                                        animals. Shows a unique and appreciative study of the fun-loving otter,
                                        the coyote, and other inhabitants of the woodlands.

   4004         BEGINNING OF THE FOOD   Describes the microscopic plants and animals, plankton, on which our       E         12 min.        1987
                CHAIN: PLANKTON         ocean ecology depends.

   5094         BENEATH THE CARIBBEAN   This program provides a look at the ecosystem of the Caribbean and the     E,M,H,A   23 min.        1995
                                        types of animals that make their homes there.

   5095         BENEATH THE SOUTH       A look at a modern day garden of Eden and the animals that call it         E,M,H,A   25 min.        1995
                PACIFIC                 home.

   6927         BILL NYE THE SCEINCE    Bodies of water surrounded by land on all sides are called lakes if        E,M,H     24 min.        1998
                GUY: LAKES AND PONDS    they're large and ponds if they are small. Where does all the water
                                        come from? Bill looks at these questions.

   6930         BILL NYE THE SCIENCE    Marine mammals may look like big fish, but to Bill Nye they look more      E,M,H     24min.         1996
                GUY! MARINE MAMMALS     like us. They share verbal communication, they are warm bloodied and
                                        feed their young.

   6909         BILL NYE THE SCIENCE    Bill uses the "Dollhouse of Science" to demonstrate how architects         E,M,H     26 min.        1999
                GUY: ARCHITECTURE       design buildings.

   6910         BILL NYE THE SCIENCE    Bill Nye explains jow atoms combine to form molecules in this              E,M,H     26min.         1998
                GUY: ATOMS              fascinating program.

   6928         BILL NYE THE SCIENCE    Take a ride with Bill nye and learn basic bike safety. Before you set      E,M,H     17 min.        1999
                GUY: BIKE SAFETY        your wheels in motion there are certain steps to go through in order to
                                        insure your safety and the safety of others.

   6155         BILL NYE THE SCIENCE    This series shows how bones give the body shape and movement, and          E,M       46 min.        1997
                GUY: BONES AND          how respiration gets oxygen to all parts of the body. Also demonstrates
                MUSCLES AND             smoking's effects on the lungs.

   6154         BILL NYE THE SCIENCE    This series shows how the brain works, and shows how interpretations       E,M       46 min.        1997
                GUY: BRAIN AND          can be affected by optical illusions. Also shown are the differences
                COMMUNICATION           between human and animal communications, and a demonstration of
                                        American Sign Language.

   6912         BILL NYE THE SCIENCE    More than just high-speed space chunks, comets and meteors carry           E,M,H     26 min.        1995
                GUY: COMETS AND         important information about the history of our universe.

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  Number                    Title                      Description                                                    Grade    Length Date
   6161         BILL NYE THE SCIENCE     This series shows the unique ecosystems of the desert; different types of     E,M     50 min.        1997
                GUY: DESERTS AND         volcanos, and how they are formed.

   6169         BILL NYE THE SCIENCE     These two programs look at these two forms of animal life and provide         E,M     46 min.        1997
                GUY: DINOSAURS AND       experiments to demonstrate aspects of these animal life forms.

   6158         BILL NYE THE SCIENCE     Study of the differences between Earth's dynamic outer and inner layers,      E,M     46 min.        1997
                GUY: EARTH'S CRUST AND   and what factors affect the creation of rocks and soil.
                ROCKS AND SOIL

   6913         BILL NYE THE SCIENCE     Bill Nye looks at the plates that our earth is suspended on and describes     E,M,H   26 min.        1995
                GUY: EARTHQUAKES         how earthquakes occur.

   6165         BILL NYE THE SCIENCE     These two programs look at electricity and light with experiments to          E,M     46 min.        1997
                GUY: ELECTRICAL          show their characteristics.
                CURRENT AND LIGHT AND

   6914         BILL NYE THE SCIENCE     See how to conduct home experiments that will transform potential             E,M,H   26 min.        1995
                GUY: ENERGY              energy into kinetic energy, and use falling water to make energy.

   6915         BILL NYE THE SCIENCE     The planet looks a lot different than it did when it formed four and a hlf    E,M,H   26 min.        1997
                GUY: EROSION             billion years ago. The forces of erosion will always be at work giving
                                         the Earth a facelift.

   6153         BILL NYE THE SCIENCE     Looks at how the eye works, and how brain activity associates with            E,M     20 min.        1997
                GUY: EYEBALL AND HEART   visual images. Also, the heart and how it works.

   6916         BILL NYE THE SCIENCE     Farmer Bill discovers why farmers really dig their soil, and Chris            E,M,H   26 min.        1999
                GUY: FARMING             Ballew, of the rock group Presidents of the United States of America,
                                         sings a special version of the band's hit "Peaches".

   6917         BILL NYE THE SCIENCE     Explore the depths with these submerged creatures and discover how            E,M,H   26 min.        1996
                GUY: FISH                they breath, grow and survive in the wet.

   6918         BILL NYE THE SCIENCE     Watch Bill Nye become tangled in a complex food web in his quest to           E,M,H   24 min.        1995
                GUY: FOOD WEB            demonstrate that all living things depend on other living things to

   6919         BILL NYE THE SCIENCE     Learn how detectives reconstruct events from the past using                   E,M,H   26 min.        1997
                GUY: FORENSICS           bloodhounds, fingerprints and DNA.

   6920         BILL NYE THE SCIENCE     This video looks at various locations in Washington State, Florida,           E,M,H   26 min.        1995
                GUY: FORESTS             Texas and California looking for the oldest trees in those areas.

   6921         BILL NYE THE SCIENCE     Bill shows us dinosaur footprints with paleontologist Grace Irby and          E,M,H   26min.         1999
                GUY: FOSSILS             travels to the La Brea Tar Pits to see what's underneath all that tar.

   6922         BILL NYE THE SCIENCE     Bill Nye looks at the ever expanding landfills on the East coast.             E,M,H   26min.         1995
                GUY: GARBAGE

   6923         BILL NYE THE SCIENCE     Join Bill as he explores the chromosomal world of DNA and visits a            E,M,H   25 min.        1995
                GUY: GENES               veterinarian from Seattle's Woodland Park Zoo.

   6924         BILL NYE THE SCIENCE     Have you ever wondered what holds the oceean on the Earth? Or what            E,M,H   24 min.        1995
                GUY: GRAVITY             makes the Earth round? Bill Nye looks at these questions and provides
                                         the answers.

   6168         BILL NYE THE SCIENCE     The first program demonstrates the process of idea to completed               E,M     46 min.        1997
                GUY: INVENTIONS AND      invention. The second program looks at functions of computer chips.

   6926         BILL NYE THE SCIENCE     Did you know that all living things grow, reproduce and die in cycles?        E,M,H   24 min.        1999
                GUY: LIFE CYCLES         Bill explains the way that these cycles work.

   6932         BILL NYE THE SCIENCE     You are what you eat! That's right..everything from your eyeballs to          E,M,H   24min.         1996
                GUY: NUTRITION           your elbows is made of food! Bill Nye tells us what kinds of nutrients
                                         are in each bite of food and what types of food are best for healthy

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  Number                    Title                       Description                                                   Grade    Length Date
   6934         BILL NYE THE SCIENCE      Get a glimpse if some of the special tools required for ocean exploration    E,M,H   24 min.        1995
                GUY: OCEAN                and find out why studying the ocean is so crucial to life on land.

   6933         BILL NYE THE SCIENCE      Bill goes underwater to talk about ocean ecosystems and the importance       E,M,H   24 min.        1995
                GUY: OCEAN LIFE           of small organisms such as coral, plankton, and kelp.

   6935         BILL NYE THE SCIENCE      Bill Nye looks at the real lives of plants in video and shows how they       E,M,H   24 min.        1995
                GUY: PLANTS               breath, make food, defend themselves, and move their seeds.

   6166         BILL NYE THE SCIENCE      These two programs provide information to show the effects of                E,M     56 min.        1997
                GUY: POLLUTION            pollution and how archaeology allows us to see how earlier civilizations
                SOLUTIONS AND             lived.

   6162         BILL NYE THE SCIENCE      These two programs provide answers to scientific questions about             E,M     46 min.        1997
                GUY: PRESSURE AND         pressure and buoyancy.

   6936         BILL NYE THE SCIENCE      Bill Nye looks at all sorts of water courses and describes the function      E,M,H   24min.         1996
                GUY: RIVERS AND           each of them contributes to our lives.

   6152         BILL NYE THE SCIENCE      The skin is the largest human organ. This series looks at how the skin       E,M     46 min.        1997
                GUY: SKIN AND CELLS       regulates body temperature, protects the inner organs, and provides a
                                          sense of touch. Also, the cell - the basic unit that makes up all living

   6164         BILL NYE THE SCIENCE      These two programs look at the sciences of sound and light.                  E,M     46 min.        1997
                GUY: SOUND AND LIGHT      Experiments are presented to illustrate their characteristics.
                AND COLOR

   6937         BILL NYE THE SCIENCE      Bill looks at many of the aspects of space, the vehicles that are used to    E,M,H   24min.         1997
                GUY: SPACE EXPLORATION    get there and the lives of people that spend their lives in space related

   6938         BILL NYE THE SCIENCE      Bill Nye looks at spiders and how really cool they are.                      E,M,H   24 min.        1996
                GUY: SPIDERS

   6939         BILL NYE THE SCIENCE      Why do socks stick together when taken from the dryer? Learn the             E,M,H   23 min.        1995
                GUY: STATIC ELECTRICITY   shocking truth in this program on static electricity.

   6940         BILL NYE THE SCIENCE      It's easy to see why some people hate storms. They're big, loud, and         E,M,H   23min.         1999
                GUY: STORMS               often accompanied by rain. But without storms to distribute heat, the
                                          tropical regions of the earth would be too hot to inhabit- and the
                                          subpolar regions too cold.

   6160         BILL NYE THE SCIENCE      This series illustrates the orbit of the moon around Earth, and how          E,M     46 min.        1997
                GUY: THE MOON AND         craters are formed. Looking further into space, constructing an astrolabe
                OUTER SPACE               and a model of a constellation.

   6159         BILL NYE THE SCIENCE      Fun and informative look at the star that gives us life, and the planets     E,M     52 min.        1997
                GUY: THE SUN AND THE      that surround it.

   6941         BILL NYE THE SCIENCE      Bill shows how humans measure time with the help of "Beverly Hills           E,M,H   24 min.        1996
                GUY: TIME                 90210" star Ian Ziering and Ellen Cleghorne.

   6163         BILL NYE THE SCIENCE      These two programs look at the water cycle: evaporation, condensation,       E,M     46 min.        1997
                GUY: WATER CYCLE AND      precipitation and collection, and ways to help keep our water clean.
                OCEANOGRAPHY              Also shows characteristics of oceans.

   6942         BILL NYE THE SCIENCE      Bill explores sound waves, light waves, seismic waves, energy waves,         E,M,H   24min.         1995
                GUY: WAVES                and even "the wave" that's so popular with stadium crowds!

   6943         BILL NYE THE SCIENCE      Bill Nye sloshes across American wetlands and shows us how swamps,           E,M,H   24min.         1996
                GUY: WETLANDS             bogs, and marshes help control floods, naturally filter water, and
                                          provide good homes to lots of living things.

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  Number                    Title                        Description                                                     Grade      Length Date
   6944         BILL NYE THE SCIENCE      There's a lot more blowing around than hot air when Bill Nye the                E,M,H     24 min.        1995
                GUY: WIND                 Science Guy goes parachuting and sailing to show the relationship
                                          between the Sun, Earth, wind, and weather.

   6157         BILL NYE THE SCIENCE      This series helps show the reasons for the seasons, and factors that            E,M       47 min.        1997
                GUY; EARTH'S SEASONS      create climates around the world.
                AND CLIMATES

   6911         BILL NYE THE SCIENCE      Surviving in complete darkness requires an array of natural adaptations.        E,M,H     24 min.        1998
                GY: CAVES                 Caves have their own unique forms of life -

   112          BIOSCOPE #1: LIFE         Presents an overview of the entire series and examines the work and             E,M       15 min.        1986
                SCIENCES                  major contributions by some outstanding life scientists.

   113          BIOSCOPE #2: CELLS        Explains the cell as the basic unit of life forms; the different types of       E,M,H     15 min.        1986
                                          cells, the difference between plant and animal cells and the functions of
                                          cell parts.

   114          BIOSCOPE #3: WORLD OF     Explores life beneath the ocean surface; the world of insects; the              E,M       15 min.        1986
                LIVING THINGS             diversity of plant forms and animal communications.

   115          BIOSCOPE #4: WHERE        Presents the environmental differences of the earth's biomes and how            E,M       15 min.        1986
                PLANTS AND ANIMALS        they affect existing plant and animal life.

   116          BIOSCOPE #5: ADAPTATION   Demonstrates the adaptations of some plants and animal species and the          E,M       15 min.        1986
                                          reasons for adaptations.

   117          BIOSCOPE #6: NATURAL      Describes ecosystems as a network of producers, consumers and                   E,M       15 min.        1986
                BALANCE                   decomposers. Examines the energy pyramid, food chains and food
                                          webs and the consequences of altering the natural balance.

   118          BIOSCOPE #7:              Examines the conditions which threaten wildlife worldwide and the               E,M       15 min.        1986
                ENDANGERED SPECIES        efforts being made to protect endangered species.

   119          BIOSCOPE #8: FRONTIERS    Presents the ways science and technology have improved the quality of           E,M       15 min.        1986
                OF THE BIOSPHERE          our lives and the world in which we live as well as the problems science
                                          and technology have created.

   3773         BIRTH AND DEATH OF        Discusses how mountains are always changing due to ice, wind and                E,M,H     13 min.        1988
                MOUNTAINS                 water that is constantly wearing down rock and sending it into the sea to
                                          contribute to the formation of new formed mountains. Examines fault
                                          action and volcanism in the production of mountains.

   2297         BLUEPRINT FOR SURVIVAL    Focuses on insect development by examining the behavior of young                P,E,M,H   20 min.        1986
                                          insects, their life cycles from mature larva and those that develop from
                                          nymphs. Uses macrophotography.

   6006         BREATH OF LIFE (THE       This program looks at the human lungs and the tasks they perform to             E,M,H,A   25 min.        1995
                BODY ATLAS SERIES)        keep us alive.

   2876         CASTLE                    Uses animated and live-action documentary sequences to tell the                 E,M,H     60 min.        1985
                                          fictional, but historically accurate story of a 13th century Welsh castle
                                          and its inhabitants.

   6684         CASTLES OF CLAY           Describe the extraordinary life cycle and ecology of the African                E,M,H     28 min.        1998

   170          CAT TALE                  Properly cared for, fed, groomed, a cat makes a fine pet, an                    P,E       30 min.        1975
                                          independent, but affectionate member of the household. But what
                                          happens to a cat when people leave it alone and helpless? This is a cat's
                                          tale, often similar to man's story in a complex society.

   3367         CELLS A FIRST FILM        Explains that living things are made of building blocks called cells that       E,M       10 min.        1988
                                          have a nucleus, streaming material called cytoplasm, and a membrane.
                                          Shows that all living things begin life as a single cell.

   3706         CELLS AND WHAT THEY       Through a microscope, students see the parts of a plant cell, parts of an       P,E       11 min         1988
                DO                        animal cell, the activity inside living cells, the process of cell division,
                                          and the development of a fertilized egg.

   6213         CHAMELEONS                Chameleons, their lives and habitats are described in this program.             E,M,H     15 min.        1996

Wednesday, March 31, 2004                                                                                                                Page 118 of 152
  Number                    Title                       Description                                                    Grade    Length Date
   6390         CHEMICALS - WONDER        Why do nails rust? Why does milk go sour? The children learn that             E,M,H   26 min.        1991
                WHY? SERIES (CLOSED       everything is made up of chemical elements. Richard, a
                CAPTIONED)                scientist/meteorologist, shows what happens when they combine. We
                                          see how inorganic chemicals are used in Chinese herbal medicine.

   3496         CHEMISTRY MATTERS         Presents experiments that can be easily duplicated in any classroom to        E       17 min.        1988
                                          demonstrate the properties of mixtures and solutions, using common
                                          household substances. Students learn the scientific process of
                                          observing, recording and drawing conclusions as well as safe lab
                                          procedures, and the real-life relevance of chemistry.

   6352         CHEMISTRY: THE DIPOLE     Strong attractive forces act between the molecules of H2 0 in ice and         E,M,H   10 min.        1991
                MOLECULE H2O              water. An animated electron-pair repulsion model combines with
                                          several tetrahedral models to explain why H2 0 molecules are
                                          constructed in a V-shape.

   3500         CLOSE UP ON THE PLANETS   Uses computer animation and spectacular footage from NASA space               E,M     20 min.        1988
                                          missions, including Voyager II to explain how our solar system evolved
                                          and what it looks like from a satellite's-eye view.

   6389         COAL - WONDER WHY?        Why is coal called "buried sunshine"? Richard (scientist) explains how        E,M,H   26 min.        1991
                SERIES (CLOSED            coal originates from vegetation. Karen talks to a coal miner and a coal
                CAPTIONED)                geologist describes methods used to find it. We learn it can be treated to
                                          remove content that creates environmental hazards. We find that coal is
                                          not only used to produce energy but in products including building
                                          materials and even certain foods.

   6387         COASTLINE - WONDER        The children explore three kinds of coastlines: receding, advancing and       E,M,H   26 min.        1991
                WHY? SERIES (CLOSED       coral, to learn what created them and the differences between them. A
                CAPTIONED)                geologist explains how "ghost coasts" yield clues to life millions of
                                          years ago.

   6351         COLOR (WONDER WHY         What makes a rainbow? Why is the sky blue? Is black a color? To               E,M,H   25 min.        1991
                SERIES)                   answer these questions Richard (scientist) and young co-hosts duplicate
                                          Isaac Newton's experiments and discover how a prism breaks white
                                          light into a spectrum of colors.

   3703         COMETS, METEORS AND       Charts the course of Halley's Comet through telescopic photographs and        E,M,H   12 min         1986
                ASTEROIDS (2ND. ED.)      space probes from its visit early this century to its most recent passage.
                                          Includes information about ancient meteorites preserved by the polar ice

   3795         COMETS: TIME CAPSULES     This fascinating film combines beautiful animation sequences with live-       E,M     12 min         1988
                OF THE SOLAR SYSTEM       action and documentary photography for a dramatic exploration of the
                                          role comets play in contemporary scientific research.

   5099         COMMUNITIES IN THE SEA    A look at the effects of technology on the sea life and the relationships     E,M     15 min.        1994
                                          of the types of fish.

   1603         COMMUNITY OF LIVING       Traces the oxygen/carbon cycles and how they relate to living                 E,M,H   15 min.        1986
                THINGS: ABIOTIC CYCLES    organisms. Focuses on plants: oxygen production, redistribution of

   1604         COMMUNITY OF LIVING       Illustrates seasonal change, leaf fall, waterfowl and migration.              E,M,H   15 min.        1986
                THINGS: BIORHYTHMS

   1607         COMMUNITY OF LIVING       Examines adaptions of organisms in the bogs and deserts.                      E,M,H   15 min.        1986
                THINGS: BOGS AND

   1616         COMMUNITY OF LIVING       Shows the relatively simple plant colonies, explores social insects, bees     E,M,H   15 min.        1986
                THINGS: COLONIES/SOCIAL   and ants.

   1612         COMMUNITY OF LIVING       Describes competition among plants and progresses to competition              E,M,H   15 min.        1986
                THINGS: COMPETITORS       among animals.
                AND PREDATORS

   1608         COMMUNITY OF LIVING       Traces marine organisms from brackish tidal creeks and tributaries to         E,M,H   15 min.        1986
                THINGS: CREEKS AND        the Atlantic Ocean.

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  Number                    Title                      Description                                                 Grade      Length Date
   2383         CORAL REEF               Shows who inhabits coral reefs, how they create their homes, how the       E,M,H,A   23 min.        1987
                                         incredible organisms live and die by the millions.

   173          COUNT DOWN (NUTRITION)   Discusses new foods (sea, space, and synthetic), production meeting        E         30 min.        1974
                                         demands, and processing and transportation. The Mulligans get help
                                         from an astronaut at NASA when their mission involves saving their
                                         pal, Wilbur Dooright, from a life and death fight. (From the Mulligan
                                         Stew series)

   175          DAIRY FARM               Different kinds of cows are discussed--what they eat, what makes milk,     P,E       30 min.        1975
                                         and why it is important to all of us. We take a trip through the
                                         operations of a modern dairy.

   6007         DEFEND AND REPAIR (THE   This program looks at our native defenses and how they help to protect     E,M,H,A   25 min.        1995
                BODY ATLAS SERIES)       our bodies from harm.

   2763         DISASTER AT DAWN         Archival footage of the actual 1906 earthquake. Narrator gives accounts    E,M       25 min.        1989
                                         of the silent footage. People who were actually involved in the
                                         earthquake and fire discuss what was going on in their minds at the

   342          DISCOVERING--            Presents a range of scientific phenomena using formats including           E         15 min.        1980
                AMPHIBIANS               animation, on camera experiments and photographs of plants and
                                         animals in their natural environment. Arouses curiosity, stimulates
                                         investigation, deepens the students' sense of the interdependence of
                                         living things and encourages scientific thinking.

   343          DISCOVERING--ANIMALS     See above description for V000342.                                         E         15 min.        1980
                WITH HAIR

   354          DISCOVERING--            See above description for V000342.                                         E         15 min.        1980

   344          DISCOVERING--            See above description for V000342.                                         E         15 min.        1980

   345          DISCOVERING--BIRDS       See above description for V000342.                                         E         15 min.        1980

   357          DISCOVERING--ELEMENTS    See above description for V000342.                                         E         15 min.        1980
                AND COMPOUNDS

   358          DISCOVERING--ENERGY      See above description for V000342.                                         E         15 min.        1980

   346          DISCOVERING--FISH        See above description for V000342.                                         E         15 min.        1980

   359          DISCOVERING--FREEZING    See above description for V000342.                                         E         15 min.        1980

   360          DISCOVERING--GRAVITY     See above description for V000342.                                         E         15 min.        1980

   361          DISCOVERING--IGNEOUS     See above description for V000342.                                         E         15 min.        1980

   347          DISCOVERING--            See above description for V000342.                                         E         15 min.        1980
                INTERDEPENDENCE OF
                LIVING THINGS

   348          DISCOVERING--KINDS OF    See above description for V000342.                                         E         15 min.        1980

   349          DISCOVERING--LIFE ON A   See above description for V000342.                                         E         15 min.        1980
                ROTTING LOG

   350          DISCOVERING--LIVING      See above description for V000342.                                         E         15 min.        1980
                THINGS REPRODUCE

   351          DISCOVERING--LOWER       See above description for V000342.                                         E         15 min.        1980
                PLANT FORMS

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  Number                    Title                      Description                                                  Grade      Length Date
   352          DISCOVERING--MAMMALS     See above description for V000342.                                          E         15 min.        1980

   362          DISCOVERING--            See above description for V000342.                                          E         15 min.        1980
                METAMORPHIC ROCK

   353          DISCOVERING--            See above description for V000342.                                          E         15 min.        1980

   363          DISCOVERING--MINERALS    See above description for V000342.                                          E         15 min.        1980

   355          DISCOVERING--OCEAN       See above description for V000342.                                          E         15 min.        1980

   364          DISCOVERING--PHYSICAL    See above description for V000342.                                          E         15 min.        1980
                AND CHEMICAL CHANGE

   356          DISCOVERING--REPTILES    See above description for V000342.                                          E         15 min.        1980

   365          DISCOVERING--            See above description for V000342.                                          E         15 min.        1980
                SEDIMENTARY ROCK

   633          DOLPHINS                 This film introduces several species of dolphins to young students.         P,E       14 min.        1983

   2013         DOWN ON THE FARM:        Shows a living history museum, the Wentz Farm, operated now as it           P,E       18 min.        1986
                YESTERDAY AND TODAY      was in the 18th century, is compared with the modern Merrymead

   2766         DR. LEAKEY & THE DAWN    Depicts Dr. Louis Leakey's attempt to scientifically prove man              E,M,H,A   52 min.        1966
                OF MAN                   originated in Africa.

   3507         EARTHQUAKES              Uses documentary footage in conjunction with a real classroom               E,M       15 min.        1988
                                         earthquake drill to introduce the subject of earthquakes and to reassure
                                         children that there are many safe preparation measures that can be
                                         taken. 3-dimensional computer animation illustrates sea-floor
                                         spreading, subduction and collision. Explains the theory of continental

   535          EBB TIDE AT MONO LAKE    Water exports from Mono Lake's tributary streams have caused the            E,M       11 min.        1981
                                         lake's elevation to drop more than 40 feet since 1940. The tape
                                         discusses a recommended solution to maintain the Lake.

   5085         ECOSYSTEMS: NATURE IN    This program demonstrates to students the balance of our                    E,M,H,A   13 min.        1993
                BALANCE                  ecosystems.

   3068         ELECTRIC SAFETY FROM A   Imaginative, animated program that very simply explains energy and          E,M,H,A   10 min.        1987
                TO ZAP                   electric safety.

   4054         ELECTRICAL CIRCUITS:     Demystifies the workings of static and current electricity by providing     E,M       12 min.        1986
                YOU CAN DO IT!           young viewers with hands-on experiments that they can complete on
                                         their own.

   6230         ELECTRICAL CURRENT       Several simple, carefully performed experiments explore the basic           E,M       18 min.        1991
                AND MAGNETISM            principles of electromagnetism.

   2424         ELECTRICITY--CHARGING    Examines the law that like charges repel, unlike charges attract, and a     E,M       15 min.        1988
                AND DISCHARGING          charged object attracts a neutral object.

   2425         ELECTRICITY--CHARGING    Reviews the concepts of charging by contact and discharging by              E,M       15 min.        1988
                AND INDUCTION            grounding to illustrate how a charged rod affects an electroscope.

   2423         ELECTRICITY--            Establishes some of the fundamental principles in electrostatics. Shows     E,M       15 min.        1988
                CONDUCTORS AND           difference between conductors and insulators and the electron flow of
                INSULATORS               charged particles at the atomic level.

   2426         ELECTRICITY--CURRENT     Introduces the dry cell "battery" as a source of current electricity.       E,M       15 min.        1988
                ELECTRICITY              Illustrates the concepts of complete circuits, their energy conversions,
                                         electrical currents, and the ampere-the unit for currents.

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  Number                    Title                       Description                                                   Grade      Length Date
   2427         ELECTRICITY--POTENTIAL    Introduces additional concepts of an electrical circuit-such as potential    E,M       15 min.        1988
                DIFFERENCE                energy and changes in electrical potential energy.

   2428         ELECTRICITY--RESISTANCE   Focuses on a simple current to introduce the concept of resistance, or       E,M       15 min.        1988
                                          relative differences in conductivity, which is explained in terms of
                                          varying numbers of free electrons and pathways for electron flow.

   6686         ENERGY                    All plant and animal life depends on obtaining energy from an external       E,M,H     20 min.        1998
                                          source in order to survive.

   6079         ENERGY                    A look at stored and fossil fuels and see their applications in today's      E         26 min.        1993

   2166         ENERGY SAVERS             Follows Goofy, Donald, Mickey and Pluto who learn how to save                P,E       9 min.         1986
                                          energy around the house. Describes energy saving tips for lighting,
                                          cooking, washing, heating and cooling.

   2795         ENERGY: THE FUELS AND     Explores the differences between renewable and non- renewable                E,M,H,A   23 min.         198
                MAN                       fuels.

   2800         ENERGY: THE PROBLEMS      Examines renewable energy resources, including tidal, geothermal,            E,M,H,A   22 min.        1986
                AND THE FUTURE            wind, and solar power, and hydrogen gas.

   968          EROSION AND               Documents the effects of physical and chemical weathering of man-            E,M,H,A   17 min.
                WEATHERING: LOOKING       made structures and rocks. Explores erosional phenomena.
                AT THE LAND

   123          EUREKA!: CONDUCTION OF    Uses animation to illustrate the principles of physics. Programs are:        E,M       15 min.
                HEAT                      Volume and Density, Buoyancy, Convection, Heat As Energy,
                                          Radiation Waves, and Radiation Spectrum. Consult the ITV Science
                                          Resource Guide.

   124          EUREKA!: CONVECTION OF    Uses animation to illustrate the principles of physics. Programs are:        E,M       30 min.
                HEAT                      Volume and Density, Buoyancy, Convection, Heat As Energy,
                                          Radiation Waves, and Radiation Spectrum. Consult the ITV Science
                                          Resource Guide.

   120          EUREKA!: FORCE AND        Uses animation to illustrate the principles of physics. Programs are:        E,M       50 min.
                ENERGY                    Inertia, Mass, Speed, Acceleration I, Acceleration II, Gravity, Weight
                                          vs. Mass, Work, Kinetic Energy, and Potential Energy. Consult the ITV
                                          Science Resource Guide.

   122          EUREKA!: HEAT AND         Uses animation to illustrate the principles of physics. Programs are:        E,M       30 min.
                TEMPERATURE               Molecules in Solids, Molecules in Liquids, Evaporation and
                                          Condensation, Expansion and Contraction, Measuring Temperature, and
                                          Temperature vs. Heat. Consult the ITV Science Resource Guide.

   121          EUREKA!: SIMPLE           Uses animation to illustrate the principles of physics. Programs are:        E,M       25 min.
                MACHINES                  Inclined Plane, Lever, Mechanical Advantage and Friction, Screw and
                                          the Wheel, and the Pulley. Consult the ITV Science Resource Guide.

   2286         EVERY CARE...BUT NO       Uses macrophotography to document some of the remarkable ways                E,M,H,A   20 min.        1986
                RESPONSIBILITY            female insects lay eggs and ensure the survival of their young.

   6038         EVIDENCE FOR THE          This program defines many of the scientific terms that we all use.           E,M       16 min.        1982

   6039         EXPLAINING MATTER -       This energetic program explains the inner structure of the atom, and         E,M       13 min.        1982
                CHEMICAL CHANGE           shows viewers how the ability to predict chemical change allows for the
                                          creation of new substances.

   4009         EXPLAINING MATTER:        Illustrates that a chemical change takes place when atoms from the           E,M,H     13 min.        1982
                CHEMICAL CHANGE (2ND      molecules of two or more materials join with each other to form
                ED)                       molecules of entirely different materials. Gives burning, digestion of
                                          food, and plant photosynthesis as common examples.

   6107         EXPLORING SOUND           Bo has a cold. A sneeze makes his ears pop clear-he can hear once            E,M       10 min.        1990
                                          again. This sends Bo in search of the understanding of sounds.

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  Number                    Title                       Description                                                  Grade      Length Date
   475          FAITHFUL FRIENDS          Presents the visual experiences of Fall along with comments and             P,E       11 min.        1975
                                          activities of children. Shows Halloween, Thanksgiving, and the
                                          changes that colder weather brings to plants, birds, and animals.

   4982         FALLING WATER             This non-narrated program orchestrates the beauty of falling water with     E,M,H     13 min.        1986
                                          the sounds of music.

   6303         FERTILIZATION AND         This simple film provides an introduction to young viewers on "where        E         15 min.        1991
                BIRTH (SECOND EDITION)    babies come from."

   4368         FIVE BILLION YEARS        Beginning with the formation of the planets five billion years ago, this    E,M       7 min.         1982
                                          film traces the development of the planet earth from the first raindrops
                                          and one-celled organisms through the many stages of plants and

   4012         FLOWERS AT WORK (3RD      Uses animation and time-lapse photography in describing cross-              E,M,H,A   16 min.        1983
                ED)                       pollination, self-pollination and fertilization, discusses special
                                          pollination devices and describes the part played by insects.

   4983         FOG                       See V004496 for description.                                                E,M,H     9 min.         1995

   4496         FOG                       Pictures the myriad shapes, textures and moods of fog, revealing how        E,M,H     9 min.         1971
                                          Carl Sandburg might have received inspiration for his poem. (The
                                          location is San Francisco Bay).

   6449         FOOD FOR THOUGHT          This program is an introduction to agriculture in Marin from a child's      E,M       17 min.        1996
                                          point of view. The first section presents an overview of Marin
                                          agriculture, the role of farming in our community, challenges of being a
                                          farmer and its history here.

   5017         FOOD PRODUCTS             A look at the food industry from the tree to the consumer.                  E,M       13 min.        1993

   1179         FRANK LLOYD WRIGHT'S      Points out the essence of Wright's love for nature and how he brought       E,M,H,A   24 min.
                FALLINGWATER              the beauty of all natural things into the buildings he designed and

   546          FROM FARMLAND TO          Farming in the San Joaquin Valley faces a relentlessly spreading            E,M       17 min.        1981
                DESERT                    disaster. Unless remedial steps are taken, salt buildup in the soil will
                                          ruin much of the land. One solution to the present problem is desalting
                                          farm drain water.

   6001         FROM SEA TO SEA           This program looks at the tides and when and where the occur.               E,M       15 min.        1994

   476          FURRED, FEATHERED, AND    Care and feeding of exotic pets. Covers hamsters, rabbits, fish, birds.     P,E       11 min.        1975
                FINNED                    Suggests wild animals not be kept as pets.

   3687         GARDEN PLANTS AND         Explores various ways plants grow, where plants' food comes from,           P,E       11 min         1988
                HOW THEY GROW (REV.)      shows how it is made and who are the plants' friends and enemies.

   538          GEOTHERMAL: THE           The search for energy has led to exploration of underground reservoirs      E,M                      1980
                ROARING RESOURCE          of superheated steam. Explains how the steam is formed, problems in
                                          developing the resource.

   193          GETTING IT ALL TOGETHER   Plants and animals become food...what people eat where...plan, buy,         E         30 min.        1974
                                          and prepare. The "MULLIGAN STEWS" plan, shop, and prepare a
                                          dinner for a world population. Hundreds of guests in native costume
                                          offer their kind of entertainment and fun.

   6009         GLANDS AND HORMONES       A look at the chemicals and hormones that help us live healthy lives.       E,M,H,A   25 min.        1995
                (THE BODY ATLAS SERIES)

   3771         GRAVITY, WEIGHT AND       Defines weight as the measure of the pull of gravity. Recreates             E,M,H     11 min         1988
                WEIGHTLESSNESS (REV.)     Newton's classic experiment to show that a cannon ball filled with
                                          sufficient force will orbit the earth in free fall. Utilizes NASA and
                                          Skylab footage to illustrate these points.

   6115         GREAT SPACE RACE: THE     This program looks at colonizing space in the future.                       E,M       59 min.
                NEXT GENERATION

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  Number                    Title                      Description                                                  Grade        Length Date
   4028         GROUPING LIVING THINGS   Shows in animation eighteenth-century Swedish botanist Carolus                E,M       18 min.        1985
                                         Linnaeus highlighting the importance of grouping like organisms and of
                                         giving each organism a scientifically useful name.

   1579         GROWING UP ON            Discusses puberty and menstruation in a contemporary style. Talks             E,M,H     15 min.        1987
                BROADWAY**               about some of the myths heard about the menstrual period, and how
                                         they are not true. Presents the various forms of menstrual protection
                                         products and their uses.

   196          GUIDE DOGS               Traces the training of dogs from puppy hood with 4-H. Club members,           P,E       30 min.        1975
                                         through the guide dog school, to the time of a new permanent
                                         relationship with a blind person.

   2515         GYMNOSPERMS              Gymnosperms are seed plants that are well represented on the North            E,M,H,A   16 min.        1986
                                         American continent by vast forest of conifers.

   3130         HEAT AND WORK            Introduces students to how and why heat energy converts to work.              E,M       13 min.        1988
                                         Explains the relationship between temperature differences and
                                         molecular activity and expansion.

   202          HONEY BEES               An extraordinary film--the rarely photographed dance of the bee; bee          P,E       30 min.        1975
                                         bread; what the different types of bees do; and how honey is made.
                                         This program is a fascinating excursion into a world normally a

   203          HORSES, HORSES           A horse is an important part of our lives. We watch horses participate        P,E       20 min.        1075
                                         in shows, races, movies, ceremonies, and work; traces the history of

   6384         HOT AND COLD             We discover that heat goes from the hot to the cold but never from the        E,M,H     26 min.        1991
                                         cold to the hot: the first law of thermodynamics.

   2016         HOT LINE: ALL ABOUT      Shows experiments with static electricity, electrons, negative and            E,M       15 min.        1986
                ELECTRICITY              positive charges. Looks at electrical devices, and power lines from
                                         power plants to our homes.

   4473         HOW DOES WIND SHAPE      Explores the two fairly inconspicuous types of erosion caused by wind.        E,M       7 min.         1989
                THE EARTH'S SURFACE?     Presents experiments to demonstrate how erosion works and the
                                         geological features that contribute to this type of erosion. Also discusses
                                         topsoil loss due to erosion.

   206          HOW TO RAISE A PUPPY     A critically acclaimed and often humorous look--in live action and            P,E       30 min.        1975
                AND LIVE HAPPILY EVER    animation--at the do's and don't of selecting, raising, and caring for a
                AFTER                    puppy.

   5086         HUMAN BLOOD              This program describes the use of the blood system in the human               E,M       12 min.        1993
                CIRCULATION              body.

   6385         HUMAN BODY- WONDER       How does your heart work? What does your blood do? What's inside              E,M,H     26 min.        1991
                WHY? SERIES (CLOSED      your bones? Richard Zurawski takes the children on a fascinating
                CAPTIONED)               journey through the complex mechanism of the human body. We get a
                                         clear picture of how the heart, lungs, brain and other vital organs
                                         operate to make our bodies function. Richard Zurawski is a scientist
                                         and a meteorologist. Bronze Apple Winner, National Educational Film
                                         & Video Festival.

   1727         I'M A MAMMAL, SO ARE     Colorful film rollicks along to a swinging, thumping, strumming little        E         4 min.         1986
                YOU                      song. With humor and charm, the lyrics say more about our species
                                         than would seem possible in so short a time. It leaves you humming.

   1592         IF YOU COULD SEE THE     Shows through animation that the earth is a sphere, covered by land and       E,M,H     10 min.        1987
                EARTH (REVISED)          water and constantly turning or rotating. Explores day and night, sun
                                         rays and the invisible force of gravity.

   3137         IGNEOUS ROCKS            Studies the origin and formation of volcanoes and igneous rock,               E,M       15 min.        1988
                                         provides information for understanding the inner structure of the earth
                                         and shows a variety of mineral and crystalline structures through micro-

   6011         IN THE WOMB (THE BODY    The beginning of life is described.                                           E,M,H,A   25 min.        1995
                ATLAS SERIES)

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  Number                    Title                       Description                                                    Grade      Length Date
   626          INSECTS                   In this film, students observe the drama of metamorphosis and learn that      P,E       12 min.        1979
                                          all insects share the same basic characteristics.

   862          INSIDE STORY WITH SLIM    Shows what can be done to keep healthy and ready to enjoy life. Shows         E         15 min.
                GOODBODY: BODY            cell structure and how cells are grouped into tissues, organs, and
                SYMPHONY                  organisms. Illustrates the never-ending miracle of growth and change.
                                          Teaching manual is available for this program. Consult the ITV
                                          Science Resource Guide.

   2900         INTERTIDAL ZONE           Explains how pollution may affect intertidal food chains.                     P,E,M,H   17 min.        1987

   4494         INTRODUCTION TO THE       Illustrates how water is constantly recycled, and the process of              E,M       13 min.        1988
                WATER CYCLE               evaporation. Demonstrates cloud formation, how land forms, and how
                                          weather patterns affect the amount of rain.

   2121         IT'S ABOUT TIME           Illustrates the many ways time has been measured across centuries. A          P,E,M     20 min.        1987
                                          wizard adds enjoyable whimsy to the learning process.

   6563         IT'S CHEMICAL: DENSITY    Everyday objects vary greatly in their density and that often has an    E,M             28 min.        1989
                IS SOLID                  effect on the way an object functions. Experiments conducted show how
                                          to measure density and demonstrate that density is a property of matter
                                          rather than a function of size.

   2912         KGO-TV WEATHER UNIT       Follows local weatherman Pete Giddings as he discusses the concepts of        E,M,H,A   60 min.        1988
                SERIES                    air as matter, the water cycle and the ways in which weather changes.

   456          KNOW THE LAND AND THE     Feel the thrill of being able to fly, prepare for your first jump from a      E,M,H,A   28 min.        1980
                PEOPLE--THE AIR           plane. Learn how air creates sounds in musical instruments. This is an
                                          exciting and breathtaking adventure into the air around us.

   454          KNOW THE LAND AND THE     Explores what may well be one of the last great treasures of our natural   E,M,H,A      28 min.        1980
                PEOPLE--THE DESERT        heritage. Join a paleontologist searching for buried dinosaur bones, visit
                                          the dwelling places of Indians who lived here more than twelve
                                          centuries ago and meet a photographer at an "outdoor living museum."

   455          KNOW THE LAND AND THE     Through an exciting underwater dive, visit the creatures of the deep,         E,M,H,A   28 min.        1980
                PEOPLE--THE SEA           learn how the sea is being studied as a farm of the future, watch a boat
                                          builder, meet an old seafarer who spins a sailing yarn, sail the seas on a
                                          windjammer and study the shape of a wave.

   459          KNOW THE LAND AND THE     Explore the forms of water. From a country rainstorm to a giant hydro-        E,M,H,A   28 min.        1980
                PEOPLE--WATER             electric plant, you will learn how water has shaped our lives and the
                                          face of our planet.

   3627         KNOW ZONE SERIES: CAN     Examines the difference between understanding words and learned               E,M       30 min         1988
                WE TALK TO THE            response. Experiments with chimps and dolphins, suggests animals
                ANIMALS?                  using learned communication patterns are capable of more than rote

   3626         KNOW ZONE SERIES:         Captures the anticipation and exhilaration of hunting a tornado. Know         E,M       30 min         1988
                CHASING THE TORNADO       Zone footage showcases the incredible power of nature's deadliest

   3624         KNOW ZONE SERIES: FIRE!   Examines through the camera's eye the ways fires start and the                E,M       30 min.        1988
                                          surprising quickness with which they spread.

   3628         KNOW ZONE SERIES:         Presents a year of changes at a secluded New England beaver pond              E,M,H,A   30 min         1988
                SECRETS OF THE POND       where beavers, reptiles, insects, amphibians and others adapt to the
                                          seasons and go about the business of survival.

   3629         KNOW ZONE SERIES: THE     Discusses the great importance placed on communication and the                E,M,H,A   30 min.        1988
                SILENCE BARRIER           isolation from sound and society that the deaf experience. This program
                                          researches new developments in technology using light and vibration to
                                          bridge the sound gap.

   2132         LAND OF THE TIGER         Examines tigers stalking their prey, caring for their young, swimming,        E,M,H,A   60 min.        1986
                                          playing, fighting, as well as glimpses of the older animals that share the
                                          tiger's domain.

   4432         LEARNING ABOUT            Shows ways we use electrical power at work and play, in an overview           P,E       16 min.        1976
                ELECTRICITY               which will encourage children to associate electricity with some of their
                                          favorite things.

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  Number                    Title                         Description                                                  Grade         Length Date
   4013         LEARNING ABOUT              Documents the reproduction cycle--from seed, to plant, to flower, and          E,M       14 min.        1974
                FLOWERS & SEEDS (2ND        back again to seed by use of time-lapse photography and in colorful
                ED)                         animation sequences. Emphasizes the role of seeds as an important
                                            factor in the food supply and traces the progress of grain and fruit
                                            shipments from the produce market to local grocers.

   6043         LEARNING ABOUT              This program shows how each part of a plant contributes to the                 E         14 min.
                FLOWERS AND THEIR           production and dispersal of seeds.

   4500         LEARNING ABOUT HEAT         Demonstrates that controlling heat, a form of energy, is vital to our          E,M       13 min.        1988
                                            daily lives. Uses experiments to show how heat is produced, and its
                                            different properties.

   627          LEARNING ABOUT              Shows how reptiles are examples of adaptations to environments                 P,E       12 min.        1979
                REPTILES                    ranging from a desert to the ocean.

   4451         LEARNING ABOUT SOLAR        Demonstrates the use of indirect solar energy by showing a group of            P,E       12 min.        1975
                ENERGY                      children cooking food on a wood fire and on a solar cooker as they play

   1413         LIFE BETWEEN THE TIDES      Discloses how marine animals adapt to this beautiful but difficult             E,M       13 min.        1986
                                            environment while surviving the pounding force of the surf and its daily
                                            cycle of tides.

   2905         LIFE SCIENCE 4-6 (PART 1)   Examines cells/genetics, plants.                                               E,M       110 min.       1986

   2906         LIFE SCIENCE 4-6 (PART 2)   Examines humans, ecosystems, classification/protists, animals.                 E,M       110 min.       1986

   2907         LIFE SCIENCE K-3            Examines cells/genetics, micro life/fossils, plants, animals, humans,          P,E       120 min.       1986

   540          LIFE THROUGH FIRE           Relates one large landholder's efforts to prevent fire disaster on his land,   E,M       15 min.        1981
                                            and to use fire to improve wildlife habitat, water production and

   4119         LIGHT                       Introduces children to basic properties and characteristics of light.          P,E       12 min.        1986
                                            Trezlar, an imaginary, gnome-like "trogledyte," receives a lesson on
                                            light and color.

   6790         LIGHT 3: THE SPEED OF       Explore theories to calculate the speed of light.                              E,M       24 min         1989

   3710         LIGHT ALL ABOUT US (2ND     Discusses the different sources of light and energy and its behavior as        P,E       10 min         1988
                ED.)                        well as defines the meanings of opaque, transparent and translucent by
                                            watching light beams directed at various shapes and textures.

   6044         LIGHT SCIENCE: YOU CAN      This program looks at the properties of light.                                 E,M       13 min.        1986
                DO IT

   4056         LIGHT SCIENCE: YOU CAN      Gives young viewers an opportunity to explore and learn about the              E,M       13 min.        1986
                DO IT!                      properties of light through hands-on experimentation.

   2516         LIVING AND NON--LIVING      Follows three groups of children as they learn to observe and describe         E,M,H,A   12 min.        1986
                THINGS ARE EVERYWHERE       the characteristics of living things in the natural environment.

   2787         LIVING ON OUR CHANGING      Highlights earthquake detection, volcano watchers, using lasers and            E,M,H,A   23 min.        1983
                PLANET                      computers to probe the earth.

   2381         LIVING OR NONLIVING?        Uses sketches of an American Indian and live action sequences to               P,E       16 min.        1987
                                            explore examples of how living things are nourished, grow and respond
                                            to the world around them.

   4027         LIVING THINGS IN A DROP     Provides for the beginning science student an introduction to the              P,E,M,H   12 min.        1985
                OF WATER (2ND ED)           qualities of life in simple organisms. Shows a variety of one-celled
                                            organisms called protists in a drop of pond water.

   1154         LOOK AT ZOOS                Shows students various kinds of zoos and their purposes. Views the             P,E       12 min.
                                            ways in which scientists study animals in zoos and the ways in which
                                            zoo veterinarians work to keep the animals healthy.

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  Number                    Title                      Description                                                   Grade      Length Date
   50150        LUNG ORGANS              Respiratory Organs, Nystrom, Life-size model of human lungs with             E,M,H     Lung Mo        1997
                                         removable heart and left lung.

   6088         MAGNETS                  This program gives the scientific explanations for the actions of            E         26 min.        1994

   4122         MAGNETS! MAGNETS!        Demonstrates for youngsters the "magic" of magnets. In addition, easy-       P,E       13 min.        1989
                                         to follow narration explains many basic facts regarding magnets and
                                         how they work.

   6033         MAKING A DIFFERENCE      A look at the following three programs: Wild Mustangs of Shasta              E,M       27 min.
                                         County; The Tree Musketeers; and The Salmon Project.

   628          MAMMALS                  Young students will learn that they themselves are mammals. The film         P,E       12 min.        1979
                                         identifies characteristics that set mammals apart and helps sharpen
                                         students' classifying skills. Students also observe mother mammals
                                         caring for their young.

   6112         MAPPING THE UNIVERSE     A close look at the science of astronomy and telescopes.                     E,M,H     13 min.        1994

   4455         MASS AND DENSITY;        A detective guides a science class in the investigative techniques of the    E,M       20 min.        1986
                INVESTIGATING MATTER     scientific process.

   3695         MATTER INTO ENERGY       Presents a comprehensive introduction to nuclear energy, explains            E,M       10 min.        1988
                (REV.)                   nuclear fission and fusion and discusses Einstein's famous E=Mc2
                                         formula. Detailed three-dimensional animation introduces protons,
                                         neutrons, binding energy, chain reactions and the conversion of mass
                                         into energy.

   2017         MATTER: BUILDING         Explains the changes resulting from various particle combinations            P,E       15 min.        1986
                BLOCKS OF THE UNIVERSE   which form rock, water, hydrogen, helium, carbon, neon, aluminum,
                                         iron, cooper, iodine, gold, uranium, sodium and salt. Examines protons,
                                         neutrons, and electrons in their infinite combinations.

   3027         MEASURING THINGS (PART   DISTANCE, TIME, TEMPERATURE                                                  E,M,H     17 min.        1988

   3028         MEASURING THINGS (PART   AREAS, VOLUME, ANGLES                                                        E,M,H     19 min.        1988

   3029         MEASURING THINGS (PART   WEIGHT, PRESSURE                                                             E,M,H     17 min.        1988

   2399         MICROBES: BACTERIA AND   Examines the physical characteristics, the risky and beneficial              E,M       17 min.        1987
                FUNGI                    applications and ways to impede and prevent growth of microbes.

   970          MONUMENTS TO EROSION     Presents the red rock country of the Colorado Plateau as it has never        E,M,H,A   11 min.
                                         been seen before. Approaches the land from several viewpoints.

   6012         MUSCLE AND BONE (THE     A look at the human body's framework: the muscle and bones.                  E,M,H,A   25 min.        1995
                BODY ATLAS SERIES)

   370          NATURAL SCIENCE--        The Thunder Lizards--Studies fossils and visits the Dinosaur National        E,M       20 min.        1990
                DINOSAURS                Monument to view reconstructions of these mesozoic lizards.

   366          NATURAL SCIENCE--        A Book from the Past--Explains how fossils are formed, where they are        E,M       20 min.        1980
                FOSSILS                  found, and what they tell us about prehistoric life on earth.

   368          NATURAL SCIENCE--        A Key to Survival--Deals with the management of water in mountain            E,M       20 min.        1980
                MOUNTAIN WATER           regions, including dams, reservoirs, treatment plants,and the process of

   369          NATURAL SCIENCE--        Nature's High Rise--Explores various kinds of "mountain building" and        E,M       20 min.        1980
                MOUNTAINS AND            considers the theories of plate tectonics and continental drift.
                MOUNTAIN BUILDING

   406          NATURAL SCIENCE--        Vulcan's Forge--Explores the development of volcanic eruptions, shows        E,M       20 min.        1980
                VOLCANOES                island chains formed by volcanic activity, and demonstrates uses for
                                         volcanic materials.

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  Number                    Title                       Description                                                  Grade      Length Date
   1731         NATURE'S FOOD CHAIN       Examines the hierarchical order of predators and prey in natural            E,M       14 min.        1978

   229          NAVY DOLPHINS             A happy-go-lucky dolphin joins the Navy to learn, but soon becomes the P,E            30 min.        1975
                                          teacher. Glenn Ford narrates.

   2414         NOT ANOTHER SCIENCE       Examines cells, showing how they divide and multiply. Illustrates the       E,M       15 min.        1988
                SHOW II: BLUE GENES       transfer of genetic material via DNA, and explains how heredity and
                                          environment produce different people.

   2411         NOT ANOTHER SCIENCE       Reveals how microprocessors store and manipulate data. Uses simple          E,M       15 min.        1988
                SHOW II: CHIPS AHOY       models to demonstrate how the binary system convey large amounts of
                                          information using only two numbers.

   2405         NOT ANOTHER SCIENCE       Examines the structure of human hair and how the myriad of hair             E,M       15 min.        1988
                SHOW II: HAIR--THE        treatments affect it. Finds out what makes hair straight or curly, what
                UNTOLD STORY              colors hair, and how shampoo works.

   2415         NOT ANOTHER SCIENCE       Uses basic chemistry to discover how strong metals can become weak,         E,M       15 min.        1988
                SHOW II: HEAVY METAL      and how steel rusts. Examines the atomic structure of manufactured
                                          metals, investigates the process of oxidation.

   2410         NOT ANOTHER SCIENCE       Visits hydrolectric plants, coal plants, and nuclear reactor plants to      E,M       15 min.        1988
                SHOW II: POWER TO THE     discover how electrical power is generated, transmitted and distributed.
                PEOPLE                    Explains turbines, generators, volts, amps, and watts.

   2407         NOT ANOTHER SCIENCE       Examines the foot and how it has evolved in humans, and investigates        E,M       15 min.        1988
                SHOW II: SOMETHING        foot problems and their causes. Shows the movements of the foot while
                WONDERFUL IS A FOOT       walking, jumping and running.

   2409         NOT ANOTHER SCIENCE       Focuses on the microorganisms responsible for contaminating food and        E,M       15 min.        1988
                SHOW II: SPOILED ROTTEN   shows how their growth can be prevented. Looks at mold, yeast, and
                                          bacteria, showing how they spread.

   2406         NOT ANOTHER SCIENCE       Investigates how sound waves are stored as grooves on a record, as          E,M       15 min.        1988
                SHOW II: TESTING 1-2-3    magnetic patterns on audio tape, and as zeros and ones on a compact
                                          digital disc.

   2413         NOT ANOTHER SCIENCE       Looks at the history of man-made timekeepers and how they operate.          E,M       15 min.        1988
                SHOW II: TIC TOCK         Explains ancient sundials and water clocks, as well as innovative quartz
                                          and liquid crystal.

   2408         NOT ANOTHER SCIENCE       Looks at the workings of the internal combustion engine and the             E,M       15 min.        1988
                SHOW II: VROOM!           properties of different types of fuel. Visits a crude oil refinery to
                                          discover how gasoline is made and what octane ratings mean.

   2412         NOT ANOTHER SCIENCE       Looks at the three R's--re-use, refuse, recycle-and how they can reduce     E,M       15 min.        1988
                SHOW II: WASTE NOT,       the garbage we create.
                WANT NOT!

   2416         NOT ANOTHER SCIENCE       Takes a journey through the food groups, points out a way to get in         E,M       15 min.        1988
                SHOW II: YOU ARE WHAT     shape without starving and shows that diet is as important as
                YOU EAT                   exercise.

   6013         NOW HEAR THIS (THE        A look at the complex ear; the provider of hearing and balance.             E,M,H,A   25 min.        1995
                BODY ATLAS SERIES)

   2289         NOW YOU SEE ME, NOW       Takes a close-up look at some of the wonderous ways insects defend          E,M,H,A   20 min.        1986
                YOU DON'T                 themselves against predators.

   2804         NUCLEAR ENERGY: THE       Highlights nuclear experts who tell their sides of the story and the pro    E,M,H,A   26 min.        1981
                QUESTION BEFORE US        and con about nuclear energy.

   2380         NUTRITION: EATING WELL    Offers lively information on the importance of protein, minerals,           E,M,H,A   25 min.        1987
                                          carbohydrates, fat, fiber, and water in eating well.

   6745         ON A BARREN ROCK: THE     Whipped by winds clocked at 130 miles per hour and often shrouded by        E,M,H     12 min.        1997
                LIGHTHOUSE AT POINT       deep fog, the rugged coast of Marin County has claimed more than 130
                REYES                     ships since the first recorded maritime disaster in 1595.

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  Number                    Title                         Description                                                      Grade      Length Date
   6378         ON BECOMING A SCIENTIST     Focusing on the personal and professional lives of three young graduate         E,M,H     15 min.        1995
                                            students and a lab manager, this lively program seeks to dispel the
                                            misconception that all scientists and researchers are shy, quiet

   3052         ONLY ONE EARTH: BIG         Follows a young Soloman Island native who joins up with an American             E,M,H,A   30 min.        1988
                FISH, LITTLE FISH           fishing ship that has become a threat to his native country's richest
                                            resource, the tuna industry.

   3056         ONLY ONE EARTH: ROAD        Explores the many ways in which man is slowly destroying the earth's            E,M,H,A   30 min.        1988
                TO RUIN                     environment.

   3132         OUR CHANGING EARTH          Using fossil evidence and plate tectonic theory to map prehistoric              E,M,H     12 min.        1988
                (REV)                       oceans and continents, the theory that the shape of continents has
                                            changed over geological time is discussed and supported.

   235          OUR LIVING HERITAGE         A National Park is an exciting place--the ruggedness, a beauty of               P,E       30 min.        1975
                                            animals, the water, and the land are wonders to admire. We find out
                                            what the balance of nature is all about...our heritage, preserved in
                                            National Parks.

   6020         PART 10 - THREE OF A KIND   The early learner is provided a look at how the animals in their world          E         10 min.        1995

   6021         PART 4 - UPS AND DOWNS      Develops an understanding of the concepts of up and down.                       E         10 min.        1995

   6022         PART 6 - ON REFLECTION      A look at how we see things, mirrors, light and lenses.                         E         10 min.        1995

   6023         PART 9 - SUNFLOWERS         This program shows how a plant grows from a seed into a mature                  E         10 min.        1995

   3709         PHYSICAL CHANGES ALL        Observes 11 year old Julie as she observes and experiments with                 E,M       14 min.        1988
                ABOUT US (2ND ED.)          familiar physical changes: blowing up a balloon, making lemonade,
                                            sawing wood.

   3615         PHYSICAL SCIENCE            Explains through the use of animation and live-action experiments, the          E,M,H     17 min.        1988
                SERIES: ELECTRIC            transfer of energy by electrical current and the concepts of voltage,
                CURRENTS AND CIRCUITS       current, resistance, senses and parallel connections and power.

   3617         PHYSICAL SCIENCE            Develops the theory that all things are affected by energy,                     E,M,H     14 min.        1988
                SERIES: HEAT AND            transformations that generate heat and which transfer heat energy from
                ENERGY TRANSFER             one place to another by conduction, convection and radiation.

   3616         PHYSICAL SCIENCE            Visually demonstrates how energy affects the properties of substances.          E,M,H     17 min.        1988
                SERIES: HEAT,               Volume changes in state and the differences between heat and
                TEMPERATURE AND             temperature are presented. Fahrenheit, Celsius and Kelvin scales are
                WATER                       clearly explained.

   3613         PHYSICAL SCIENCE            Demonstrates that all the colors we see depend on which of the wave             E,M,H     13 min.        1988
                SERIES: LIGHT, COLOR        lengths of white light reaches our eyes. Students observe the principles
                AND THE VISIBLE             of additive and subtractive color mixing.

   3611         PHYSICAL SCIENCE            Examines musical instruments playing to illustrate the relationship             E,M,H     14 min.        1988
                SERIES: SOUND, ENERGY       between the pitch, frequency, loudness and amplitude of sound waves
                AND WAVE MOTION             and explains how and why sounds of the same pitch and loudness can
                                            differ in quality to give instruments their characteristic sound.

   3612         PHYSICAL SCIENCE            The behavior of static and current electricity is explored through              E,M,H     16 min.        1988
                SERIES: STATIC AND          animation and live-action experiments which demonstrate the causes,
                CURRENT ELECTRICITY         effects and applications of static charges and their relation to an electric
                                            current and a complete circuit.

   6002         PLACES IN THE SEA           This program provides views of several waterways and the animal                 E,M       15 min.        1994
                                            populations of each.

   3697         PLANETS (2ND ED.)           Telescopic photographs, computer simulation and motion pictures from            E,M,H     24 min.        1988
                                            NASA space probe of Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Uranus and
                                            Saturn highlight this breathtaking look at our solar system.

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  Number                    Title                       Description                                                    Grade      Length Date
   6638         PLANKTON: THE             A comprehensive exploration of plankton and sub-plankton, including           E,M       26 min.        1999
                BREATHING SEA             the most recent discoveries about this seminar life form and how they
                                          have altered our knowledge of the seas, of evolution, of weather
                                          patterns and the environment.

   2798         PLANT OR ANIMAL           Explores the differences, reproduction, nourishment, response to the          P,E,M,H   15 min.        1986
                                          environment of plants and animals. Introduces new animals and

   4934         PLATE TECTONICS           This program looks at the plate tectonics of Earth's surface and some of      E,M,H     18 min.        1995
                                          the theories of this phenomenon.

   882          POLLINATION               Shows the reproductive parts of a flower and discusses the various            E,M       23 min.
                                          methods of pollination.

   2175         POLLINATION: THE INSECT   Shows the remarkable relationships between flowering plants and their         P,E,M,H   14 min.        1986
                CONNECTION                insect pollinators.

   1333         PORTRAIT OF A WHALE       Shows a lyrical look at the white whale, perhaps the rarest of the great      E,M       12 min.        1986

   2785         PORTRAIT OF A WHEAT       Shows the full-time life of a family running a farm.                          P,E,M     15 min.        1985

   3035         POWERS OF TEN             Presents a linear view of our universe from the human scale to the            E,M,H,A   8 min.         1988
                                          galaxies, then directly down to the nucleus of a carbon atom.

   6565         PRAYING MANTIS            The praying mantis is part of the family mantidae. Its fragile, stick-like    E,M       11 min.        1997
                                          appearance belies its surprising proficiency as a hunter.

   1157         PREDATORS OF NORTH        Shows a variety of North American animals that must kill to survive.          E,M       12 min.
                AMERICA                   Teaches about the adaptations that aid predators in obtaining prey and
                                          the tremendous diversity among predators.

   244          RACER THAT LOST HIS       A fat race driver who keeps losing weight and his new bride who keeps         E         30 min.        1974
                EDGE                      stuffing herself with goodies learn why a healthy diet is for

   149          RAIN FOREST               Visits rain forests of Costa Rica which has more than 100 inches of           E,M,H,A   60 min.        1987
                                          rainfall per year. Shows leaf-cutting ants; a basilisk lizard, howler
                                          monkeys and discusses the estimated five million different life forms in
                                          rain forests.

   6721         REAL SCIENCE! 4:          (1) Ice Age - A paleobiologist is a scientist who studies the remains of      E,M       52 min.        1999
                PROGRAM 1 - ICE AGE;      ancient fossil specimens of past geological periods. Part of the
                PROGRAM 2 - WET AND       Smithsonian collection. (2) Wet and Dry - A water resources engineer
                DRY                       performs tests on the water quality and content of the snow melt in the

   6726         REAL SCIENCE! 4:          (11) Solar Exploration - See research performed at Arizona State              E,M       58 min.        1999
                PROGRAM 11-SOLAR          University on projects such as the Mars Pathfinder and the Thermal
                EXPLORATION; PROGRAM      Emission Spectrometer. (12) Nature's Predators - Career Focus:
                12-NATURE'S PREDATORS     Entomologist. In the Santa Catalina Mts. near Tucson, capture orb
                                          weaver spiders and watch an entomologist extract the venom back at the

   6727         REAL SCIENCE! 4:          (13) Flight Deck -Career Focus: Instructor Pilot, Aero- space Engineer.       E,M       27 min.        1999
                PROGRAM 13-FLIGHT DECK    Pilot flies sophisticated and deadly warplanes that are prepared to
                                          defend the US. in the event of war. He flies FA-18 Hornet aircraft on
                                          and off aircraft carriers that patrol the oceans.

   6722         REAL SCIENCE! 4:          (3) Talk to the Animals - Career Focus: Marin Biologist, Veterinarian.        E,M       57 min.        1999
                PROGRAM 3 - TALK TO THE   Visit an animal care specialist at San Diego Sea World. Most jobs with
                ANIMALS; PROGRAM 4 -      marine mammals are not as glamorous as they seem. (4) Food and
                FOOD AND FARM             Farm - Career Focus: Agricultural Engineer, Nutritionist. Visit an
                                          agricultural engineer at UC Davis.

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  Number                    Title                       Description                                                    Grade      Length Date
   6723         REAL SCIENCE! 4:          (5) Birds of a Feather - Career Focus: Veterinarian, Wildlife Biologist.      E,M       55 min.        1999
                PROGRAM 5 - BIRDS OF A    Visit the International Bird Rescue Center, Berkeley, CA. Oil spills in
                FEATHER; PROGRAM 6 -      ocean waters can be very harmful to native bird populations. Wild birds
                ELECTRONIC EARS           that come into contact with oil are rescued and rehabilitated. (6)
                                          Electronic Ears - Career Focus: Acoustical Research Engineer. Visit
                                          Bell Labs and learn about acoustics, the science of sound.

   6724         REAL SCIENCE! 4:          (7) Prehistoric Plants - Career Focus: Paleobotanist, Plant Ecologist.        E,M       54 min.        1999
                PROGRAM 7 - PREHISTORIC   Visit the remote Bisti Badlands of New Mexico and learn about
                PLANTS; PROGRAM 8 -       fossilized remains of ancient plants. (8) Tech Detectives - Career
                TECH DETECTIVES           Focus: Environmental Biologist. Research involving catching and
                                          implanting sonar devices in Razorback Sucker fish in order to track and
                                          monitor their behavior. (Lake Mead)

   6725         REAL SCIENCE! 4:          (9) Bones - Career Focus: Marin Biologist. The Marine Mammal                  E,M       58 min.        1999
                PROGRAM 9 - BONE);        Laboratory in Los Angeles has one of the largest collections of whale
                PROGRAM 10 - MARINE       and dolphin bones in the US. (10) Marine Adventures - Career Focus:
                ADVENTURES                Wildlife Biologist. Banding birds, observing a sea lion colony or
                                          witnessing an attack on a seal by a Great White Shark are just some of
                                          the jobs of a marine biologist. (Farrallon Islands)

   6728         REAL SCIENCE! 5:          (1) Conversation close-up - Conservation and preservation are the             E,M       46 min.        1999
                PROGRAM 1-                opening themes of the fifth season of Real Science! (2) It's a Wild Life -
                CONVERSATION CLOSE-       Meet scientists who work on the wild side. First, off to Florida for a
                UP; PROGRAM 2-IT'S A      hair-raising boat ride through the Everglades in search of diamondback
                WILD LIFE                 terrapin turtles; next hike through the Salinas Dunes of Central
                                          California in pursuit of black leg less lizards.

   6733         REAL SCIENCE! 5:          (11) Hiking to Work - Join a botanist to take a look at the reforestation     E,M       56 min.        1999
                PROGRAM 11 - HIKING TO    and recovery of Mount St. Helens. (12) G-Force -Find out how science
                WORK; PROGRAM 12 - G-     is changing the world of speed racing and increasing the speed, safety
                FORCE                     and optimum performance of race cars at Indianapolis Speedway.

   6734         REAL SCIENCE! 5:          (13) Floating Cities - Reporters set out on an oceangoing adventure           E,M       26 min.        1999
                PROGRAM 13 - FLOATING     aboard the Navy's largest vessels. Discover how Naval air traffic
                CITIES                    controllers use science and engineering to guide supersonic jets in for
                                          landings on the USS Carl Vinson despite constantly changing weather

   6731         REAL SCIENCE! 5:          (7) Storm Patrol - Brave an El Nino storm in a high tech truck equipped       E,M       54 min.        1999
                PROGRAM 7 - STORM         with a mobile Doppler weather radar and learn how meteorologists
                PATROL; PROGRAM 8 - A     chart storms and make weather forecasts. (8) A Fish Tale - Find out
                FISH TALE                 what it's like to spend a day in the field with a marine biologist on the
                                          Monterey Coast to learn how giant tunas can swim more than 40 miles
                                          an hour.

   6732         REAL SCIENCE! 5:          (9) Powered Up - Step up to the launch pad at Vandenberg Air Force            E,M       54 min.        1999
                PROGRAM 9 - POWERED       Base where a rocket crew prepares to launch an iridium satellite on a
                UP; PROGRAM 10 - FROM     Delta Rocket. (10) From The Ground Up - Take an in-progress tour of
                THE GROUND UP             the remodeling of the Oakland Coliseum Arena. Learn why the
                                          framework of construction starts with team work and planning.

   6730         REAL SCIENCE! 5:          (5) Rocks and Shocks - The science of shocks, rocks and gems. (6)             E,M       54 min.        1999
                PROGRAMS 5 & 6 - ROCKS    Forest Through The Trees - New insights into trees - some of the oldest
                AND SHOCKS ; FOREST       living things on earth.
                THROUGH TREES

   6729         REAL SCIENCE: 5           These programs look at two aspects of Science: An exploration of past         E,M       45 min.           99
                PROGRAMS 3+4              and future generations. Can Science give athletes a competitive edge?

   2351         RECYCLING                 Shows how to "make old things new" by recycling; paper, glass,                E,M,H,A   15 min.        1986
                                          aluminum, tin, and steel.

   2384         REFLECTING ON THE MOON    Brings the viewer up-to-date on the moon's composition, gravity, lack of      E,M       15 min.        1987
                                          atmosphere, orbit, phases, exploration, and effect on Earth.

   247          RESCUE DOGS               We go to the beautiful landscape of Switzerland to witness the training       P,E       30 min.        1975
                                          of St. Bernard dogs. This fascinating program shows why the dog is
                                          honored and revered by the Swiss.

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  Number                    Title                       Description                                                    Grade      Length Date
   2768         RICHES FROM THE SEA       States that for thousands of years people have harvested the sea's            E,M,H,A   23 min.        1985
                                          riches. Fishing is a major industry and aquaculture is an important new
                                          source of nutrition.

   1988         RIVERS OF FIRE            Shows the official documentation of the 1984 eruption of Mauna Loa,           E,M,H,A   25 min.        1986
                                          the world's largest volcano in eruption.

   6046         RIVERS OF RUNNING         A look at the many properties of rivers and how they re-shape the             E,M,H     22 min.
                WATER                     land.

   2775         ROBOTIC REVOLUTION        Examines robots that "think" by analyzing information. Shows robots           E,M,H,A   24 min.        1986
                                          working in different industrial settings.

   2171         ROCKS AND MINERALS:       Follows a geologist exploring what the earth is made of. Performs             E,M,H     15 min.        1986
                THE HARD FACTS            simple tests to identify minerals.

   4118         ROCKS, MINERALS, AND      Shows through a weekend homework assignment on rocks and minerals, E,M                  17 min.        1986
                FOSSILS                   the physical properties... color, streak, luster, hardness, density,
                                          cleavage and fracture of minerals.

   1748         SAVE THE PANDA            Follows scientists through the bamboo-forested mountain ranges of             E,M,H,A   60 min.        1987
                                          central China studying the elusive and endangered giant panda.

   737          SCIENCE ALLIANCE: AIR     Experiments show how air takes up space, what it is made of and how it        E,M       15 min.        1984
                                          can do work.

   740          SCIENCE ALLIANCE:         Discusses static and current electricity and who discovered it.               E,M       15 min.        1984

   734          SCIENCE ALLIANCE:         Shows how energy makes things move and the many ways it is                    E,M       15 min.        1984
                ENERGY                    produced and stored.

   736          SCIENCE ALLIANCE: HEAT    Demonstrates that friction, chemical reactions, electrical energy and         E,M       15 min.        1984
                                          nuclear energy produce heat.

   741          SCIENCE ALLIANCE: LIGHT   Examines properties of light and how it travels in straight lines that can    E,M       15 min.        1984
                                          be redirected by reflection and refraction.

   735          SCIENCE ALLIANCE:         Demonstrates how machines, like the lever, wheel and axle, make work          E,M       15 min.        1984
                MACHINES                  easier. Explains what force is, how to measure it.

   738          SCIENCE ALLIANCE:         Demonstrates materials a magnet attracts; how to make your own                E,M       15 min.        1984
                MAGNETS                   magnet and electromagnet. Explains the law of magnetism.

   733          SCIENCE ALLIANCE:         Examines states of matter--solid, liquid and gases--and explores              E,M       15 min.        1984
                MATTER                    properties of matter including mass and volume.

   739          SCIENCE ALLIANCE:         Demonstrates that sound travels in waves; how gases, liquids and solids       E,M       15 min.        1984
                SOUND                     can be effective transmitters; and what an echo is.

   742          SCIENCE ALLIANCE:         Experiments with water in fruits and vegetables, simple distillation and      E,M       15 min.        1984
                WATER                     filtration methods and how water does work.

   6469         SCIENCE FOR YOU: 1.       Examines how plants adapt to their environments, forest management,           E         15 min.        1995
                WHY LEAVES, WHY           acid rain and soil problems.
                NEEDLES? (PLANT

   6478         SCIENCE FOR YOU: 10.      Examines why the sky is blue, how cameras work and the use of                 E         15 min.        1995
                WHAT COLOR IS AN APPLE    infrared to identify pollution.
                AT NIGHT?

   6479         SCIENCE FOR YOU: 11.      Compares light and sound waves and explores thunder and lightning,            E         15 min.        1995
                WHAT'S AN ECHO? (SOUND)   noise pollution and animal communication.

   6480         SCIENCE FOR YOU: 12.      Shows how to make a bathtub compass and examines navigation                   E         15 min.        1995
                WHY DOES A COMPASS        techniques and magnetic tape.
                POINT NORTH?

Wednesday, March 31, 2004                                                                                                              Page 132 of 152
  Number                    Title                          Description                                                    Grade      Length Date
   6481         SCIENCE FOR YOU: 13.         Shows how electricity is used in batteries and explores alternative           E         15 min.        1995
                WHERE DOES                   energy sources.
                ELECTRICITY COME FROM?

   6482         SCIENCE FOR YOU: 14.         (Bubbles) - shows what bubbles and geospheres have in common and              E         15 min.        1995
                HOW DO INSECTS WALK          how detergents help to save wildfowl after an oil spill.
                ON WATER?

   6470         SCIENCE FOR YOU: 2.          Looks at the ways animals camouflage themselves and adapt to their            E         15 min.        1995
                WHY DO ZEBRAS HAVE           surroundings.

   6471         SCIENCE FOR YOU: 3.          Explores ecosystems, waste management and the role of forest fires.           E         15 min.        1995
                WHO NEEDS BUGS?

   6472         SCIENCE FOR YOU: 4.          Demonstrates growing crystals and testing the consistency of rocks.           E         15 min.        1995
                WHEN IS A ROCK A             Explores volcanoes, what rocks can tell us and the pros and cons of
                LIQUID? (ROCKS)              mining.

   6473         SCIENCE FOR YOU: 5.          Illustrates the simple experiments that demonstrate the properties of salt    E         15 min.        1995
                WHY IS THE SEA SALTY         water and fresh water.

   6474         SCIENCE FOR YOU: 6.          Shows how air has mass and weight and explores pollution and                  E         15 min.        1995
                HOW HEAVY IS AIR? (AIR)      temperature inversions.

   6475         SCIENCE FOR YOU: 7.          Examines weather processes, weather forecasting and global                    E         15 min.        1995
                HOW DO CLOUDS FLOAT?         warming.

   6476         SCIENCE FOR YOU: 8.          Shows how gravity works and how the earth moves. Explores day and             E         15 min.        1995
                WHY DOES IT GET DARK?        night, seasons and tides.
                (EARTH IN SPACE)

   6477         SCIENCE FOR YOU: 9.          Examines our dependence on energy and looks at solar- powered cars            E         15 min.        1995
                WHAT IS ENERGY?              and wind farms as energy sources.
                (ENERGY CHANGES)

   2909         SCIENCE PROJECTS FOR         Presents over 40 experiments at various levels of difficulty.                 E,M,H     28 min.        1987
                JUNIOR HIGH

   2910         SCIENCE PROJECTS/FAIRS:      Presented as a viable method for the sequential development of process        P,E,M     40 min.        1987
                TIPS FOR TEACHERS            skills and the cultivation of each student's sense of identity and self-

   2237         SCIENCE SKILLS SERIES #1--   This series examines the basic science skills that are essential to a         E,M,H,A   16 min.        1986
                OBSERVING, RECORDING,        student to succeed in a secondary school science program. Examines
                MAPPING, GRAPHING            observation and inference, graphs, manipulated and responding

   2238         SCIENCE SKILLS SERIES #2--   See Description in Program #1. Examines soil, manipulated variables,          E,M,H,A   16 min.        1986
                CONTROLLING                  responding variables, standard unit of measure, average measurement,
                VARIABLES,                   derived measurement, plants and chemicals.

   2239         SCIENCE SKILLS SERIES #3--   See Description in Program #1. Examines characteristics of a                  E,M,H,A   16 min.        1986
                DEFINING, CLASSIFYING,       mineral.

   2240         SCIENCE SKILLS SERIES #4--   See Description in Program #1. Examines pollution, tentative theory,          E,M,H,A   16 min.        1986
                INTERPRETING DATA,           environment.
                TESTING HYPOTHESES

   4251         SCIENCE WALK SERIES:         Examines the home life of backyard insects revealing the details of a         P,E       14 min.        1987
                HABITATS                     wasp's nest, ant colony, a spider family and many others. Encourages a
                                             "hands on" approach to science.

   4250         SCIENCE WALK SERIES:         Examines the abundance of living things to be found in an ordinary            P,E       14 min.        1987
                SEEING THINGS                back yard, the use of microphotography provides a close look at insects,
                                             animals and plant life. Encourages a "hands on" approach to science.

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  Number                    Title                        Description                                                     Grade   Length Date
   2296         SEASON'S CHANGE            Invites audience participation. Each season is accompanied by a song           P,E    10 min.        1986
                                           that is easy to sing along with, shows young children enjoying the
                                           change of seasons.

   3730         SECOND VOYAGE OF THE       The smugglers overhear the crew's conversation with the villagers about        E,M    15 min.        1988
                MIMI #10A--DISCOVERIES     the location of "Site U," and plan to complete the removal of artifacts
                                           before the crew arrives.

   3731         SECOND VOYAGE OF THE       A tropical biologist discusses the earth's endangered rain forests on a        E,M    15 min.        1988
                MIMI #10B--UP A TREE       tree limb 75 feet above the forest floor.

   3732         SECOND VOYAGE OF THE       The crew arrives at "Site U" and follows the looter's trail in the hopes of    E,M    15 min.        1988
                MIMI #11A--FOUND AND       catching them and saving the stolen Maya treasure.

   3733         SECOND VOYAGE OF THE       A continuing look at the fascinating work of a tropical biologist in the       E,M    15 min.        1988
                MIMI #11B--IN THE CANOPY   rain forest.

   3712         SECOND VOYAGE OF THE       The Mimi is hired out for charter on short fishing trips out of Cozumel        E,M    15 min.        1988
                MIMI #1A--A CHARTER TO     Island. C.T. and Captain Granville meet local archaeologists studying
                THE PAST                   the ancient Mayans.

   3713         SECOND VOYAGE OF THE       A visit to the National Disabled Ski Championship in Jackson Hole,             E,M    15 min.        1988
                MIMI #1B--IF I CAN DO      Wyoming illustrates the strength and courage of disabled athletes.

   3714         SECOND VOYAGE OF THE       C.T. explores the tomb of Pascal and gets an explanation of                    E,M    15 min.        1988
                MIMI #2A--A TOMB IN THE    hieroglyphs.

   3715         SECOND VOYAGE OF THE       A tropical wind tunnel in Massachusetts allows study of the role of            E,M    15 min.        1988
                MIMI #2B--SWEATING IT      sweat and blood in cooling the body during intense heat and
                OUT                        humidity.

   3716         SECOND VOYAGE OF THE       After observing a boat navigate a dangerous reef passage in the dark,          E,M    15 min.        1988
                MIMI #3A--LIGHT IN THE     the Captain discovers the strategic location of an ancient temple.

   3717         SECOND VOYAGE OF THE       The Old Royal Observatory in Greenwich, England instructs about the            E,M    15 min.        1988
                MIMI #3B--AS THE EARTH     nature of time and time-keeping.

   3718         SECOND VOYAGE OF THE       Diving lessons include information about water pressure. Half of a large       E,M    15 min.        1988
                MIMI #4A--THE              Maya monument is discovered on the ocean floor.

   3719         SECOND VOYAGE OF THE       Hyperbaric chambers simulate conditions deep under water, and                  E,M    15 min.        1988
                MIMI #4B--THE              scientists use them for various purposes.

   3720         SECOND VOYAGE OF THE       The other half of the stone Maya monument reveals a story of a Maya            E,M    15 min.        1988
                MIMI #5A--A STONE PUZZLE   king, Chac Balam.

   3721         SECOND VOYAGE OF THE       Dr. Rolando Sanchez "descends" the equivalent of 100 feet below sea            E,M    15 min.        1988
                MIMI #5B--FEELING THE      level in a hyperbaric chamber, explaining the various physical reactions
                PRESSURE                   that occur.

   3722         SECOND VOYAGE OF THE       After the anchor line to the Mimi is deliberately cut, the crew begins to      E,M    15 min.        1988
                MIMI #6A--CRACKING THE     suspect looters are involved with "Site U." C.T. helps design a computer
                CODE                       program that converts numbers from Arabic to Maya.

   3723         SECOND VOYAGE OF THE       One of the leading interpreters of Mayan hieroglyphics demonstrates his        E,M    15 min.        1988
                MIMI #6B--WRITTEN IN       methods for deciphering glyphs and shares an important recent
                STONE                      archaeological discovery.

   3724         SECOND VOYAGE OF THE       Some stolen Maya treasures are discovered hidden in the back room of a         E,M    15 min.        1988
                MIMI #7A--THE QUEST        local curio shop.

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  Number                    Title                        Description                                                  Grade      Length Date
   3725         SECOND VOYAGE OF THE       Scientists at the Butser Ancient Farm in southern England are               E,M       15 min.        1988
                MIMI #7B--THE ANCIENT      attempting to re-create the agricultural methods of Iron Age farmers.

   3726         SECOND VOYAGE OF THE       The crew treks through the jungle in search of "Site U" using an ancient    E,M       15 min.        1988
                MIMI #8A--A ROAD TO        Maya road. C.T. learns about the plants and animals of the jungle.

   3727         SECOND VOYAGE OF THE       University of Mexico scientists Dr. Alejandro Alagon studies venomous       E,M       15 min.        1988
                MIMI #8B--VENOM: A         scorpions and Gila monsters.
                SCORPION TALE

   3728         SECOND VOYAGE OF THE       The people of a small Maya village treat the crew to a Maya feast as        E,M       15 min.        1988
                MIMI #9A--A FRIENDLY       well as providing modern and ancient treatment for a scorpion sting.

   3729         SECOND VOYAGE OF THE       Modern scientists study ancient medicines, and an aged curandera            E,M       15 min.        1988
                MIMI #9B--CURANDERA        (healer) gathers plants for her remedies, some of which were first used
                                           by her Aztec ancestors.

   1203         SEE WHAT EARTH SCIENCE     Condensed information of Earth Science. References and techniques to        E,M       108 min.
                IS ALL ABOUT (4-6)         teach Astronomy, Geology, Oceanography and Meteorology.

   1202         SEE WHAT EARTH SCIENCE     Condensed information and high technological reference to Astronomy,        P,E       79 min.
                IS ALL ABOUT (K-3)         Geology, Oceanography, and Meteorology.

   1200         SEE WHAT PHYSICAL          Describes activities of matter, mechanics, heat, light, sound,              E,M       84 min.
                SCIENCE IS ALL ABOUT (4-   magnetism, and electricity.

   1198         SEE WHAT PHYSICAL          Describes activities of matter, mechanics, heat, light, sound,              P,E       64 min.
                SCIENCE IS ALL ABOUT (K-   magnetism, and electricity.

   6050         SEED DISPERSAL             In this video we learn how the many types of seeds find passage to the      E         11 min.
                                           soil where they take root.

   6202         SEEDS AND SEASONS          This program looks at reproduction and plant growing cycles.                E         12 min.        1996

   5093         SEEDS IN MOTION            A look at how plants propagate their species.                               E         15 min.        1990

   6096         SENSES                     All that we receive as information from our surroundings we 'sense'         E         26 min.        1991
                                           through our physical bodies. The early learner sees how we use these
                                           aspects of ourselves.

   6014         SEX (THE BODY ATLAS        This program looks at procreation - the elements and the results.           E,M,H,A   25 min.        1995

   1042         SIMPLE MACHINES:           Highlights the distinction between stationary and moving inclined           E,M       12 min.
                INCLINED PLANES (2ND ED)   planes and demonstrates how the slope of an inclined plane affects the
                                           amount of force and its direction.

   6051         SIMPLE MACHINES:           A look at many different types of machinery and the types of uses they      E,M       17 min.        1982
                INCLINED PLANES AND        serve.

   1040         SIMPLE MACHINES:           Introduces the workings of a lever. Teaches that a lever can be any bar     E,M       12 min.
                LEVERS (2ND ED)            that tips back and forth on a point.

   1041         SIMPLE MACHINES:           A clever analogy clarifies how individual rope segments support part of     E,M       12 min.
                PULLEYS (2ND ED)           an object's weight, and how combinations of pulleys are brought
                                           together in a block and tackle.

   1043         SIMPLE MACHINES:           Shows how wheels and axles help reduce friction and how they are used       E,M       12 min.
                WHEELS AND AXLES (2ND      to make work easier.

   1044         SIMPLE MACHINES:           Explains that the lever, pulley, inclined plane, wheel and axle are         E,M       12 min.
                WORKING TOGETHER           simple machines and the basic building blocks of mechanical

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  Number                    Title                       Description                                                   Grade      Length Date
   6015         SKIN (THE BODY ATLAS      The human skin is a work of art. It not only contains the rest of our        E,M,H,A   25 min.        1995
                SERIES)                   valuable parts but works on its own to keep us alive.

   6386         SLEEP - WONDER WHY?       "Get a good night's sleep." "Pleasant dreams." "You need to rest."           E,M,H     26 min.        1991
                SERIES (CLOSED            We've all heard these words - but what is so important about sleep?
                CAPTIONED)                What happens when we sleep? Why do we dream? What are dreams?
                                          Richard Zurawski guides us in an exploration of all these questions.

   971          SNAKE: VILLAIN OR         Explores many of the misconceptions surrounding snakes, examines the         E,M,H     24 min.
                VICTIM?                   possibility of keeping snakes as pets, and notes the latest medical uses
                                          for snake venom.

   264          SO LITTLE TIME            A beautiful look at migratory wildlife. The urgency of the survival of       P,E       30 min.        1975
                                          this life form provides the subject of a most timely program.

   2879         SOIL & WATER: A LIVING    Follows children in a nature camp who learn all about the life forms that    E,M       16 min.        1986
                WORLD                     live in soil and water.

   6263         SOLAR ACTIVITY            With the help of a few simple experiments, this program explains the         E,M       20 min.        1990
                                          nature of the sun's surface and atmosphere.

   3129         SOLAR SYSTEM: AN          Uses simulations to trace the evolution of our solar system, its             P,E       12 min.        1988
                INTRODUCTION              gravitational forces, its structure, and its distances between individual
                                          planets and the sun.

   2382         SOLID, LIQUID, GAS        Illustrates basic concepts about the properties of matter as children        E,M       15 min.        1987
                                          experiment with everyday materials in their environment.

   6099         SPACE                     Just beyond the earth is outer space, a vast area where there are stars,     E         26 min.        1990
                                          planets, and galaxies. A look at this area and the astronauts.

   2161         SPACES:                   Profiles Raquel White, a Cuban-American telecommunications                   E,M,H     30 min.        1986
                COMMUNICATIONS            engineer, and Dr. George Campbell, a black physicist.

   2159         SPACES: ECOLOGY           Profiles Dr. Margaret Collins, a black entomologist, and Dr. Eloy            E,M,H,A   30 min.        1986
                                          Rodriquez, a Mexican-American plant chemist.

   2160         SPACES: ENERGY            Profiles Virginia Sweeny, a native American geological engineer, and         E,M,H,A   30 min.        1986
                                          Dr. Miguel Rios, a Mexican-American solar scientist.

   2156         SPACES: SPACE             Profiles Dr. Patricia Cowings, a black psycho-physiologist, and Dr.          E,M,H,A   30 min.        1986
                                          Franklin Chang, an Hispanic astronaut.

   2157         SPACES: THE BODY          Profiles Dr. Lidia Villa-Kamaroff, a Mexican-American molecular              E,M,H,A   30 min.        1986
                                          biologist, and Dr. Allen Counter, a black neurobiologist.

   4065         SPACEWATCH SERIES: A      Illustrates finding your way among the stars with the help of Orion the      E,M       12 min.        1987
                BEGINNER'S GUIDE TO THE   Hunter. Depicts the stars and constellations of the northern winter sky
                CONSTELLATIONS            through the use of computer animation. Looks at some of the brightest

   4066         SPACEWATCH SERIES:        Defines and depicts the Big Bang Theory, the formation of the Milky          E,M       10 min.        1987
                FOUNDATION OF THE         Way, the sun and the planets. Uses satellite footage to compare and
                SOLAR SYSTEM              contrast Mercury and Venus. Computer animation is used as well as
                                          film footage.

   4067         SPACEWATCH SERIES:        Surveys man's exploration of space, from the first man in space in 1961      E,M       11 min.        1987
                JOURNEY INTO SPACE:       to the first step on the moon in 1969. Includes actual news footage of
                SPUTNIK TO SPACE          space missions.

   1738         SPRING IN NATURE          Illustrates the changes which occur in plants and animals during             P,E       14 min.

   3153         SPRING: NATURE'S SIGHTS   Celebrates the coming of spring as seen through the rebirth of wild          P,E,M,H   26 min.        1988
                AND SOUNDS                plants and wildflowers, but mostly through the rebirth of new animals
                                          young viewers can identify.

   4080         STAR RECOGNITION: A       Locates and identifies with the aid of vibrant graphics, season by           E,M,H,A   33 min.        1985
                GRAPHIC GUIDE TO THE      season, the most important constellations in our night sky as viewed
                HEAVENS                   from mid-latitudes of the Northern Hemisphere.

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  Number                    Title                       Description                                                 Grade      Length Date
   6528         STARS: LIKE A BILLION     Animated graphics show the life cycle of the star and cover the key        E,M,H     14 min.        1997
                TINY SUNS                 characteristics of stars. Answers many questions about stars.

   2089         START HERE: AIR AT WORK   Explains that when air moves it creates varying forces. Experiments that   E,M       15 min.        1986
                                          demonstrate the theory of flight, creation of weather patterns, and much

   2088         START HERE: BUILD YOUR    Explains that all known machines are combinations of three simple          E,M       15 min.        1986
                OWN MACHINES              principles. Experiments that show how and why these principles work,
                                          and their construction.

   2087         START HERE: JUMPING       Explains that energy in heat may be used to demonstrate many               E,M       15 min.        1986
                MOLECULES                 fundamentals of physics. Tells about temperature and includes
                                          experiments with everyday home items.

   2084         START HERE: MAKE A        Tells what sound is; why some sounds are musical; how to experiment        E,M       15 min.        1986
                NOISE                     with vibrations.

   2081         START HERE: MIX A         Explains why materials bend, stretch and break. Demonstrates the           E,M       15 min.        1986
                MATERIAL                  behavior of molecular lattices in everyday substances from chocolate
                                          fudge to rubber balloons.

   2085         START HERE: QUICK AS      Shows that nothing travels faster than light. Experiments which explain    E,M       15 min.        1986
                LIGHT                     wave length and color.

   2086         START HERE: STOP AND GO   Shows experiments that depict how objects behave when subjected to         E,M       15 min.        1986
                                          inertia, action, reaction, both on Earth and in deep space.

   2090         START HERE: THE           Shows experiments involving the largest magnet-the Earth itself!           E,M       15 min.        1986
                AMAZING MAGNET

   2080         START HERE: THE           Shows safe experiments that demonstrate the nature and properties of       E,M       15 min.        1986
                ELECTRIC UNIVERSE         electricity.

   2082         START HERE: THE           Shows experiments that explain and demonstrate the huge forces             E,M       15 min.        1986
                FANTASTIC POWER OF AIR    exerted by the air pressure around us.

   2083         START HERE: THE           Shows how gravity and friction determine how everything on Earth           E,M       15 min.        1986
                INVISIBLE FORCE           behaves during movement. Experiments designed to reveal the nature
                                          of forces acting upon us.

   2079         START HERE: THE LIQUID    Illustrates the difference between liquids and solids. Experiments that    E,M       15 min.        1986
                SHOW                      demonstrate the remarkable properties of ordinary liquids found in the

   3546         STORMS                    In this memorable introduction to meteorology, live action, original       P,E       14 min.        1988
                                          graphic animation and classic clips from Bambi, Fantasia, The Old Mill
                                          and The Little Whirlwind, teaches the basic forces of weather, and
                                          demonstrates safety measures to follow when outdoors in a storm.

   6101         STORMS                    This program looks at weather and the causes of the elements and           E         26 min.        1992
                                          explains to young learners how they work.

   272          STRANGE AND UNUSUAL       The cassowary, bats, loris, sloth, chameleon, leaf frog, aardvark,         P,E       30 min.        1975
                ANIMALS                   armadillo, echidna, kangaroo, duckbill platypus, Koala bear, and others
                                          are looked at and studied in this unusual film.

   6024         SUCCESSION (PRESQUE       This program provides a look at a forest in the making. From the grains    E,M,H     24 min.        1993
                ISLE)                     of sand on the shore and the addition of seeds and time.

   1739         SUMMER IN NATURE          Illustrates the changes which occur in plants and animals during           P,E       14 min.

   2882         SUN POWER                 Shows an unforgettable animated lesson on solar energy.                    E,M       13 min.        1986

   6239         SURFACE WATER             A comprehensive look at oceans, lakes, rivers, streams, and wetlands       E,M       10 min.        1989
                                          and the types of pollution that each are receiving in today's world.

   430          SURVIVING THE BIG ONE:    Shows survivial and preparation before, during, and after a major          E,M,H,A   58 min.        1989
                HOW TO PREPARE FOR A      earthquake. Discusses first aid training, emergency supplies, equipment
                MAJOR EARTHQUAKE          and procedures.

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  Number                    Title                     Description                                                   Grade      Length Date
   1334         TADPOLES AND FROGS      Shows a close-up of the transformation of a tadpole into a frog and          P,E       12 min.        1986
                                        highlights each stage of development.

   2701         TAKE A LOOK: BIRDS      Examines the special shapes of birds' beaks and how they suit birds'         P,E       10 min.        1988

   2705         TAKE A LOOK: BOATS      Uses simple backyard experiments to show why some objects float and          P,E       10 min.        1988
                                        some sink.

   2710         TAKE A LOOK: CRYSTALS   Takes a close look at the shapes of some common crystals and shows           P,E,M     10 min.        1988
                                        how to make sugar crystals.

   2700         TAKE A LOOK: EGGS       Takes a close look inside eggs to identify the parts and their               P,E       10 min.        1988

   2715         TAKE A LOOK: ENERGY     Shows the basic principles of energy, the different forms it can take, and   P,E       10 min.        1988
                                        how energy is found everywhere.

   2702         TAKE A LOOK: FLIGHT     Tells about birds' bones, feathers, and wings and how they are designed      P,E       10 min.        1988
                                        for flight.

   2697         TAKE A LOOK: FLOWERS    Looks at a flower's role in creating new plants.                             P,E       10 min.        1988
                AND SEEDS

   2711         TAKE A LOOK: FOSSILS    Studies fossils and how they were made, and uses fossils to provide          P,E,M     10 min.        1988
                                        clues to the Earth's history.

   2698         TAKE A LOOK: GROWING    Shows how seeds travel to new places, shows plants that grow without         P,E       10 min.        1988
                THINGS                  seeds.

   2706         TAKE A LOOK: MIXTURES   Shows the difference between two types of mixtures, suspension and           P,E       10 min.        1988
                                        solution, and ways to experiment with them at home.

   2696         TAKE A LOOK: PLANTS     Shows the four parts of a plant and their functions.                         P,E       10 min.        1985

   2704         TAKE A LOOK:            Mixes fun and science while discussing gravity and balance points at         P,E       10 min.        1988
                PLAYGROUND SCIENCE      the playground.

   2713         TAKE A LOOK: RAIN       Explains why the water cycle is important for all living things.             P,E       10 min.        1988

   2709         TAKE A LOOK: ROCKS      Identifies sedementary, metamorphic, and igneous rocks and their             P,E,M     10 min.        1988

   2703         TAKE A LOOK: SEASONS    Visits a marsh on a summer morning and on a winter day to show the           P,E       10 min.        1988
                                        changes that the seasons bring.

   2707         TAKE A LOOK: SUN AND    Talks about the sun and its relationship to other stars, and the sun's       P,E       10 min.        1988
                OTHER STARS             effects on the earth.

   2708         TAKE A LOOK: THE MOON   Studies the four phases of the moon and shows a calendar to chart the        P,E       10 min.        1988
                                        moon's progress.

   2714         TAKE A LOOK: WASTE      Examines how things decay and emphasizes the value of recycling.             P,E       10 min.        1988

   2712         TAKE A LOOK: WIND       Examines how the wind creates weather and explains how storms can            P,E,M     10 min.        1988

   6016         TASTE AND SMELL (THE    This program looks at our perception of taste and smell and how these        E,M,H,A   25 min.        1995
                BODY ATLAS SERIES)      both work together to show us what the food we consume is offering to

   6056         TECHNOLOGY AND THE      This program looks at modern technology with the use of computer             E,M,H,A   12 min.
                DESKTOP                 graphics.

   6058         TECHNOLOGY AT HOME      A look at some of the current items that we find at home, the satellite      E,M,H,A   17 min.        1995
                                        dish, remote controls and microwaves.

   6059         TECHNOLOGY AT PLAY      A look at some of the new technologies, touch screen computers, digital      E,M,H,A   12 min.        1995
                                        tape players and video games.

   6060         TECHNOLOGY AT WORK      A look a today's office reveals the current technology; the computer, the    E,M,H,A   12 min.        1995
                                        fax machine and digital cameras.

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  Number                    Title                       Description                                                  Grade      Length Date
   6752         TEMPERATUE, PRESSURE,     Explains air pressure and how it is measured using a barometer,             E,M       14 min.        1992
                AND HUMINITY              humidity and the hygrometer, saturation point. and dew point, and
                                          condensation; forms or precipitation, including rain, sleet, hall, and
                                          snow; and types of clouds nimbus, cirrus, cumulus, and stratus.

   4003         THE ATMOSPHERE IN         Describes the influence of the sun, the earth's rotation and even human     E,M,H,A   14 min.        1987
                MOTION (REV)              habitation on the motion of the atmosphere. Includes attention to recent
                                          changes in the ozone layer and its influence on life on earth.

   962          THE BEHAVIOR OF MATTER    Demonstrates evidence of chemical changes by simple experiments and         E         15 min.
                                          illustrations of commonly occurring physical phenomena. Introduces
                                          the molecular theory.

   6005         THE BRAIN (THE BODY       Compared to the rest of the animal world the human brain is our best        E,M,H,A   25 min.        1995
                ATLAS SERIES)             developed organ.

   1367         THE BUSINESS OF HUNGER    Examines the major causes of world hunger in Latin America, Africa,         E,M,H,A   28 min.        1985
                                          Asia and the U.S.A. Proposes a more just distribution of the earth's
                                          resources, offering a vision of a world where all have enough to eat.

   474          THE CAT TO KEEP           Covers the care and feeding of cats and other aspects of cat ownership.     P,E       11 min.        1973
                                          Includes possibility of having cats altered.

   2915         THE EARTH EXPLORED #1--   Illustrates how geologists reconstruct the history of an area.              E,M,H,A   30 min.        1985
                SIR JAMES HUTTON

   2924         THE EARTH EXPLORED        Follows geologists who piece together the 250 million year history of       E,M,H,A   30 min.        1985
                #10--REEFS: PAST &        the Capitan Reef in Texas.

   2925         THE EARTH EXPLORED        Uses animation to show how mountain building occurs.                        E,M,H,A   30 min.        1985
                #11--PLATE TECTONICS

   2926         THE EARTH EXPLORED        Provides dramatic examples of structual geology, mountain building          E,M,H,A   30 min.        1985
                #12--THE ALPS, PART I     and probable plate motion.

   2927         THE EARTH EXPLORED        Focuses on the Pennine region of the Alps.                                  E,M,H,A   30 min.        1985
                #13--THE ALPS, PART 2

   2928         THE EARTH EXPLORED        Uses microscopic photography to demonstrate how plant life in               E,M,H,A   30 min.        1985
                #14--FROM SWAMPS TO       Okefenokee Swamp can result in energy--coal.

   2916         THE EARTH EXPLORED #2--   Explores the science of paleontology, the study of fossils.                 E,M,H,A   30 min.        1985
                FORM, FUNCTION OF

   2918         THE EARTH EXPLORED #4--   Visits the volcanoes of Surtsey, Heimay and St. Helens.                     E,M,H,A   30 min.        1985
                INSIDE VOLCANOES

   2919         THE EARTH EXPLORED #5--   Covers various sampling and observation techniques for the                  E,M,H,A   30 min.        1985
                SANDSTONE SECRETS         interpretation of sediments.

   2920         THE EARTH EXPLORED #6--   Takes a spectacular hydrology field trip to the canyonlands of Utah and     E,M,H,A   30 min.        1985
                WATER:CUTTING EDGE        the Arkansas River.
                WITH TIME

   2921         THE EARTH EXPLORED #7--   Explores below the earth's structure to tap geothermal sources.             E,M,H,A   30 min.        1985
                GEOTHERMAL ENERGY

   2922         THE EARTH EXPLORED #8--   Examines the conditions for the formation of glaciers.                      E,M,H,A   30 min.        1985

   3636         THE EARTH SERIES:         Discusses the continuous changes that modify the earth's surface as heat    E,M,H     14 min.        1988
                CHANGES IN ITS SURFACE    and pressure, generated in the molten core, produce forces that tend to
                (REV.)                    build up the surface and winds, rain and ocean currents erode the

   3637         THE EARTH SERIES:         Discusses the four principles of supposition, uniformity of process,        E,M,H     15 min.        1988
                DISCOVERING ITS HISTORY   fossil correlation and radioactive carbon dating used by scientists to
                                          expand our knowledge of the earth's history.

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  Number                    Title                      Description                                                   Grade      Length Date
   3638         THE EARTH SERIES: ITS    Introduces students to the way scientists study this protective covering     E,M,H     9 min.         1988
                ATMOSPHERE               of our planet and raises questions about the ozone layer, the greenhouse
                                         effect, pollution and the full effect of solar activity on the weather.

   3639         THE EARTH SERIES: ITS    In a floating ocean-going laboratory, in a tide pool, in an airplane         E,M,H     14 min.        1988
                OCEANS                   tracking the Gulf Stream and by means of photographing hydrothermal
                                         vents, oceanographers study oceans to determine how they are affected
                                         by weather and climate and what vast resources they can offer man.

   3640         THE EARTH SERIES: ITS    Demonstrates how geologists study volcanic eruptions, earthquake             E,M,H     10 min         1988
                STRUCTURE                behavior and surface features to determine the earth's structure. Uses
                                         animation to illustrate the core, mantle and crusts. Examples are
                                         provided to explain the three types of rock crystal.

   3641         THE EARTH SERIES: ITS    Using time-lapsed speed, this film shows cumulus clouds dissolving           E,M,H     11 min         1988
                WATER CYCLE              into water vapor. Demonstrates how ice crystals grow, as well as how
                                         the evaporation-condensation- precipitation concept underlies the water
                                         cycle of the earth.

   3642         THE EARTH SERIES:        Discusses the outer layer of our planet as providing the limited and         E,M,H     10 min         1988
                RESOURCES IN ITS CRUST   unrenewable resources for our highly technological society. Presents a
                                         broad overview of the mining, processing and utilization of a variety of
                                         metals and non-metals used today.

   189          THE FLIM FLAM MAN        Fad diets and quick diets...what additives are and why..natural foods. A     E         30 min.        1974
                                         culprit is foiled by Wilbur Dooright when he tries to sell fad diets and
                                         food pills to the "MULLIGAN STEWS". The mission has intrigue and
                                         physical competition, as the far-out diets are proven taboos and lose

   6240         THE FOOD CHAIN           Beginning with algae and ending with human beings, this light-hearted        E         20 min.        1993
                                         animated program illustrates how each part of the food chain depends
                                         on and nourishes other parts.

   6008         THE FOOD MACHINE (THE    This program looks at the digestive processes.                               E,M,H,A   25 min.        1995
                BODY ATLAS SERIES)

   190          THE FOREST               This program vividly depicts the destruction and terror of a forest fire.    P,E       30 min.        1975
                                         But, even more, it shows us the beauty of the forest, the trees, the

   2374         THE FOUR SEASONS:        Follows the changes of spring: birds return, snow begins to melt, longer     P,E       15 min.        1987
                SPRING                   days, spring vegetation, farmers sow their fields, animals awaken from

   2373         THE FOUR SEASONS:        Follows the changes of summer: warm sunshine, longer days, forest            P,E       15 min.        1987
                SUMMER                   turns green, bees collect pollen and nectar, birds feed their young,
                                         caterpillars turn into butterflies.

   2372         THE FOUR SEASONS:        Follows the changes of winter: animals hibernate, owls and foxes             P,E       15 min.        1987
                WINTER                   hunting, farm animals moved into the barn, birds at bird feeders.

   1128         THE FRESH WATER POND     Explains how different types of locomotion, feeding, and adaptations         E,M,H     17 min.        1985
                (2ND ED)                 enable things, large and small, to live in the pond. Shows how seasonal
                                         changes affect the pond's ecosystem.

   195          THE GREAT NUTRITION      The four food groups...the basic nutrients...what food does. Tackles a       E         30 min.        1974
                TURN ON                  "Mission: Impossible"--waking up a sleeping town's residents, including
                                         moms and dads, firemen, and a cow too tired to give milk. (From
                                         Mulligan Stew series).

   6116         THE GREAT SPACE RACE:    This program discusses our universe and space travel.                        E,M       59 min.
                UNLOCKING THE

   951          THE HOUSEFLY (3RD ED.)   Examines this highly complex and sometimes dangerous insect, capable         E,M,H     16 min.
                                         of transmitting deadly disease. Shows unique flight and feeding
                                         mechanism and life cycle of the housefly.

   6010         THE HUMAN PUMP (THE      A look at the human heart and the trip that blood takes through the          E,M,H,A   25 min.        1995
                BODY ATLAS SERIES)       human body and back to the heart.

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  Number                    Title                     Description                                                      Grade        Length Date
   1583         THE INCREDIBLE HUMAN    Explores the fascinating, microscopic universe that exists within all of        E,M,H,A     60 min.        1987
                MACHINE                 us. Uses sophisticated photographic techniques to discover our internal

   6029         THE INTERTIDAL ZONE     The intertidal zone is a place of great beauty and diversity; it is a highly    E,M,H,A     17 min.        1996
                                        productive environment food for humans and animals and a look at the
                                        health of our wetlands.

   213          THE LAST SALT MAKER     The harvesting of salt from evaporation ponds in Alameda County is              E,M,H,A     25 min.        1979
                                        illustrated through a tour of the Oliver Brothers Salt Company in
                                        Hayward, discussions with the owner, and flashbacks to the early days
                                        of salt production in the Bay Area.

   3694         THE MOON AND HOW IT     Information about the Moon's physical characteristics, its phases and its E,M,H             15 min.        1988
                AFFECTS US (2ND ED.)    effect on the earth are seen in the context of spectacular NASA footage
                                        of the Apollo 17 mission to the Moon, astronauts riding the Lunar Rover
                                        and setting up experiments on the Moon while scientists on earth
                                        examine Moon samples.

   6049         THE MOSQUITO: A BITE    This video uses animated and live-action footage to present a slightly          E,M,H       29 min.
                FOR SURVIVAL            sympathetic picture of the mosquito, perceived as the vampire of the
                                        insect world.

   6947         THE RESTLESS SEA        This version of a Disney classic adds facinating facts on global plate          E,M,H       36 min.        1979
                                        tectonics to information about origins of the seas, their chemical
                                        composition, the effect on plant of animal life that the ocean create.

   141          THE RIGHT WHALE: AN     Takes you to southern Argentina where you will join zoologist Roger             P,E,M,H     24 min.        1987
                ENDANGERED SPECIES      Payne, and his family as they study the southern whale.

   6647         THE SECRET OF THE       Children take a field trip to a pond to investigate the plant and animal        E           12 min.        1990
                POND (LIFE HABITATS)    life and learn about food chains and plant growth requirements.

   620          THE SHARKS              This film addresses humankind's fear and hatred of sharks and offers            P,E,M,H,A   59 min.        1982
                                        facts--about the shark's anatomy, behavior, and vulnerability to people,
                                        by observing sharks around the world.

   4472         THE SOURCES AND USES    Explains that we make heat by burning fuels such as wood, coal, and             E,M         11 min.        1988
                OF HEAT                 oil. Shows that heat is essential for life. Discusses the sources of heat
                                        that cause pollution and those that don't. Provides directions for
                                        classroom experiments.

   6692         THE STORY OF THE        A look at the eco-systems in the woods.                                         E           15 min.           98
                WOODLAND STREAM (LIFE

   2039         THE UNIVERSE            Shows travel billions of years through time as the universe evolves from        E,M,H,A     30 min.        1986
                                        one primordial mass into the stars and galaxies we see today. Examines
                                        pulsars, quasars, black holes, solar wind, and supernova. Close-up look
                                        at the sun.

   2040         THE VOYAGER MISSIONS    Features a million mile journey to the giant planets Jupiter and                E,M,H,A     30 min.        1986
                TO JUPITER AND SATURN   Saturn.

   6288         THE WETLANDS            This program looks at the importance of wetlands in our survival and            E,M         13 min.        1990
                                        the need to protect them for our future.

   4520         THE WORLD OF PLANT      Shows how all living things depend on one another for food and shelter.         P,E         13 min.        1981
                AND ANIMAL              Close-up photography invites viewers to explore several different types
                COMMUNITIES             of communities, to see how plants and animals adapt.

   6225         THE WORLD OF PROTOZOA   Life forms don't have to be complex to be beautiful and fascinating -           E,M,H       18 min.        1991
                                        that fact is clearly conveyed by this program.

   6667         THEMATIC BLOCK THEME:   Minds on Science - Motion. Vectors - Applying Forces. Starfinder -              E,M         60 min.        1999
                 FORCE AND MOTION       Laws of Motion. Starfinder - Orbital Motion.

   6673         THEMATIC BLOCK          Minds of Science - Sound Wordscape - Words of Music Futures with                E           60 min.        1999
                THEME: SOUND            Jaime Escalante - Sound Engineering.

   6657         THEMATIC BLOCK THEME:   Take a Look, Flight. Take a Look Wind. Take a Look, Air Pressure. 3-            P,E         60 min.        1999
                AIR                     2-1 Classroom Contact - Air is There.

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  Number                    Title                     Description                                                   Grade      Length Date
   6669         THEMATIC BLOCK THEME:   Let's Explore Air with Slim Goodbody. Outside Story with Slim                P,E       60 min..       1999
                AIR                     Goodbody - Air We Share. Take a Look 2, Air Pressure. 3-2-1
                                        Classroom Contact - Air is There.

   6656         THEMATIC BLOCK THEME:   3-2-1 Classroom Contact - Training Animals. Discovering Pets - Willie        P,E       60 min.        1999
                ANIMALS-B               Wants A Pet. Futures with Jaime Escalante I- Animal Care. The Magic
                                        Place - Farm Animals.

   6668         THEMATIC BLOCK THEME:   World of Nature 2 - Operation Burrowing Owl. Saving the Ferruginous          P,E       60 min.        1999
                BIRDS - B               Hawks. Take a Look, Eggs.

   6670         THEMATIC BLOCK THEME:   Science for Your - Where Does Electricity Come From? Take a Look,            P,E       60 min.        1999
                ELECTRICITY             Electricity, 3-2-1 Classroom Contact The Shocking Truth: Electricity 3-
                                        2-1 Classroom Contact - More Power To You: Generating Electricity

   6661         THEMATIC BLOCK THEME:   Minds on Science - Nuclear Energy. The Human Community - Nuclear             E         60 min.        1999
                ENERGY                  Energy. Future with Jaime Escalante - Environment Science and
                (MIDDLE SCHOOL)         Technology.

   6666         THEMATIC BLOCK THEME:   Futures with Jaime Escalante - Renewable Energy. Human                       E,M       60 min.        1999
                ENERGY B                Community - Future Energy Demands.
                (Middle School)

   6660         THEMATIC BLOCK THEME:   3-2-1 Classroom Contact - Play Ball. Community of Living Things -            E,M       60 min.        1999
                ENERGY C                Energy Origins. Take a Look 2 - Friction. Community of Living
                                        Things - Energy Distribution.

   6676         THEMATIC BLOCK THEME:   Take a Look, Energy. Science for You - What is Energy? Take a Look           P,E       60 min.        1999
                ENERGY/HEAT             2, Heat. Minds on Science - Nuclear Energy.

   6659         THEMATIC BLOCK THEME:   Future with Jaime Escalante - Automotive Design. Vectors - Follow            E,M       60 min.        1999
                FORCES (HIGH SCHOOL)    That Arrow. Vectors - Force.

   6658         THEMATIC BLOCK THEME:   What's in the News! Space - Gravity: A force of nature. Minds on             E         60 min.        1999
                GRAVITY                 Science - Gravity. Eat Well, Be Well - Exercise.

   6662         THEMATIC BLOCK THEME:   Science is Elementary - Let's Explore Tools and Work. 3-2-1 Classroom        P,E       60 min.        1999
                PHYSICAL SCIENCE        Contact - Play Ball. 3-2-1 Classroom Contact - Measuring G's. 3-2-1
                                        Classroom Contact - Getting a Grin.

   6663         THEMATIC BLOCK THEME:   What's In the News - Hurricanes. Science is Elementary - Let's Explore       P,E       60 min.        1999
                WATER B (K-2)           Water. The Outside Story with Slim Goodbody - Our Water World.
                                        Take a Look, Rain.

   6655         THEMATIC BLOCK THEME:   How Do Clouds Float? Take a look at rain. Let's explore weather and          P,E       60min.         1998
                WEATHER                 seasons. Take a look at wind. Take a look at air pressure.

   6654         THEMATIC BLOCK THEME:   In Celebration of America's wildlife                                         P,E       60 min.        1999

   6675         THEMATIC BLOCK THEME:   Let's Explore Light and Shadows. Science for You - What Color is an          P,E       60 min.        1999
                LIGHT                   Apple at Night? Take a Look, Energy. Classroom Contact - Living

   6671         THEMATIC BLOCK THEME:   Science is Elementary - Let's Explore Magnets. Science of Your - Why         P,E       60 min.        1999
                MAGNETS                 Does a Compass Point North? Science for You - What is Energy. Take a
                                        Look 2, Magnets.

   6672         THEMATIC THEME:         Take a Look, Flowers and Seeds. Take a Look, Growing Things. Take a          P,E       60 min.        1999
                GROWING THINGS          Look, Trees. World of Nature 2 - Nature's Foresters. World of Nature
                                        2 - Australia's Surviving Down Under.

   6203         THREATENED WATERS       Polluted rain and snow are turning living waters into dying lakes and        E,M,H     19 min.        1988

   1218         TIME AFTER TIME         Introduces children to the concept of time. Explains how we use the sun      P,E       15 min.
                                        and the moon to measure days, months, the seasons and years.

   3064         TIME TRAVELERS GUIDE    Combination of science fiction and science fact, blends animation and        E,M,H,A   27 min.        1987
                TO ENERGY               live action in tracing historical persistence of human ingenuity in
                                        harnessing various sources of energy (coal, wind, natural gas, solar, and

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  Number                    Title                      Description                                                    Grade   Length Date
   277          TO CARE IS TO LOVE      Filmed in the beautiful rolling hills and ranch land of the west, this film    P,E    30 min.        1975
                                        features a professional horse breeder and trainer and his daughter. The
                                        story follows the day in which those who bred and trained the horse
                                        must sell it.

   282          TRAINING YOUR DOG       It is often said that dog is man's best friend--if he is an obedient friend.   P,E    30 min.        1975
                                        A well-behaved dog is necessary in today's society. An obedient animal
                                        makes a good pet, a good companion, a good working dog, and a good

   6035         UNSEEN WILDERNESS       A look at the following three programs: The Presidio; The Bug Guy;             E,M    26 min.
                                        and Witness.

   1696         UP CLOSE AND NATURAL:   Explains the concepts of predator and introduces earthworms and                P,E    15 min.        1986
                ANIMALS WITHOUT         spiders.

   1698         UP CLOSE AND NATURAL:   Opens with a rowboat ride on Squam Lake. Looks at scales, gills and            P,E    15 min.        1986
                FISH                    fins of various fish. Visits the New England Aquarium.

   1699         UP CLOSE AND NATURAL:   Describes amphibians that live part of their lives on land and part in         P,E    15 min.        1986
                FROGS, TOADS AND        water.

   1708         UP CLOSE AND NATURAL:   Features the kestrel, a swift bird of prey, woodchuck, a kit fox, and a        P,E    15 min.        1986
                IN THE FIELD            skunk.

   1697         UP CLOSE AND NATURAL:   Explains how to identify an insect, an important link in the ecological        P,E    15 min.        1986
                INSECTS                 chain, and the life cycle of a monarch butterfly.

   1695         UP CLOSE AND NATURAL:   Introduces the Science Center. Shows differences between living and            P,E    15 min.        1986
                INTRODUCTION            non-living things. Examines a dragonfly and fossil.

   1705         UP CLOSE AND NATURAL:   Shows forest layers, where animals live in the Winter. Visits Boston's         P,E    15 min.        1986
                LIFE IN THE WINTER      Science Museum.

   1703         UP CLOSE AND NATURAL:   Explains special characteristics of mammals, a baby raccoon and two            P,E    15 min.        1986
                MAMMALS                 newly born fawns.

   1707         UP CLOSE AND NATURAL:   Shows marsh dwellers: ducks, muskrats, blue herons. Marshes and                P,E    15 min.        1986
                MARSH AND SWAMP         swamps are compared. Visits a beaver dam. Examines a food chain.

   1709         UP CLOSE AND NATURAL:   Explains how to be a backyard naturalist. Shows millipedes, bees,              P,E    15 min.        1986
                OUTSIDE YOUR DOOR       spiders, centipedes and birds.

   1701         UP CLOSE AND NATURAL:   Describes snakes, characteristics such as dry scaly skin, scutes, scales,      P,E    15 min.        1986
                SNAKES                  and fangs.

   1706         UP CLOSE AND NATURAL:   Illustrates springtime that brings new life to the pond. Points out frogs,     P,E    15 min.        1986
                THE POND                crayfish, minnows and other animals that live on the pond's surface.

   1700         UP CLOSE AND NATURAL:   Depicts different kinds of turtles and looks at a turtle's skelton.            P,E    15 min.        1986

   1702         UP CLOSE AND NATURAL:   Describes the great horned owl, and a canoe trip to a Blue Heron               P,E    15 min.        1986
                WHAT IS A BIRD?         rookery.

   1704         UP CLOSE AND NATURAL:   Shows how animals survive winter using camouflage and                          P,E    15 min.        1986
                WINTER OF SQUAM LAKE    hibernation.

   541          UP THE DOWN STREAM      This tape shows the 4-year life cycle of the Pacific king salmon. It           E,M    12 min.        1977
                                        shows the effects of dams and reservoirs which block natural spawning
                                        stream areas, and the counter-measures which include fish ladders and

   3547         USING SIMPLE MACHINES   Illustrates the various kinds of simple machines (levers, pulleys,             P,E    14 min.        1988
                                        inclined planes), discusses their functions and shows their practical uses
                                        in the context of daily life. Students build a Rube Goldberg type
                                        contraption utilizing the principles of simple machines.

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  Number                    Title                       Description                                                  Grade        Length Date
   6017         VISUAL REALITY (THE       A look at human sight and the relationship between the retina and the         E,M,H,A   25 min.        1995
                BODY ATLAS SERIES)        brain.

   3059         VOICE OF THE FOREST       Presents a lesson in forest appreciation and the danger and destruction       E,M,H,A   30 min.        1987
                                          of forest fires.

   864          VOYAGE OF THE MIMI #1 &   Designed to arouse students' interest in scientific and mathematical          E,M       15 min.        1984
                2--ALL ABOARD AND         concepts by observing their use in "real life" situations aboard the ketch,
                EXPEDITION                "Mimi". Consult KQED guide for more detailed description. Computer
                                          software is available through the Educators' Center. In this program
                                          students learn the purpose of the voyage of the MIMI and are engaged
                                          in important marine research.

   869          VOYAGE OF THE MIMI #11    The crew sees a film made on a research expedition to study whales and        E,M       15 min.        1984
                & 12--HOME MOVIES AND     is introduced to the study of whale songs.

   870          VOYAGE OF THE MIMI #13    The crew learns about the whaling industry and visits the only liberal        E,M       15 min.        1984
                & 14--HUNTING THE         arts college in the world for deaf students.
                WHALE AND EXPEDITION

   871          VOYAGE OF THE MIMI #15    The crew experiences a storm and meets a meteorologist.                       E,M       15 min.        1984
                & 16--THE STORM AND

   872          VOYAGE OF THE MIMI #17    The Captain suffers from hypothermia and students learn the effects of        E,M       15 min.        1984
                & 18--SHIPWRECKED AND     exposure to extreme weather conditions on the human body.

   873          VOYAGE OF THE MIMI #19    The crew makes a solar still to provide drinking water and looks closely      E,M       15 min.        1984
                & 20--MAKING DEW AND      at water's properties.

   874          VOYAGE OF THE MIMI #21    The crew forages for food in the wild and explores food chains and            E,M       15 min.        1984
                & 22--THE FEAST AND       ecosystems.

   875          VOYAGE OF THE MIMI #23    The crew repairs the Mimi, illustrating the physical and mathematical         E,M       15 min.        1984
                & 24--ROLLING HOME AND    principles that keep a boat afloat.

   876          VOYAGE OF THE MIMI #25    The Mimi's crew reviews the accomplishment of their voyage and goes           E,M       15 min.        1984
                & 26--SEPARATE WAYS       to the M.I.T. Plasma Fusion Center.
                AND EXPEDITION

   865          VOYAGE OF THE MIMI #3 &   The crew collects data and explores the variety of whale species.             E,M       15 min.        1984
                4--SETTING SAIL AND

   866          VOYAGE OF THE MIMI #5 &   Describes an electrical failure and shows scientists mapping the ocean        E,M       15 min.        1984
                6--ON THE SHOALS AND      floor.

   867          VOYAGE OF THE MIMI #7 &   The crew conducts a whale census and is introduced to fossil records,         E,M       15 min.        1984
                8--COUNTING WHALES        evolution, and field research methods.
                AND EXPEDITION

   868          VOYAGE OF THE MIMI #9 &   The crew observes humpback whale feeding behavior, and learns about           E,M       15 min.        1984
                10--GOING FISHING AND     the variety of life in the sea.

   6388         WATER - WONDER WHY?       Why is water our most precision commodity? What is invisible water?           E,M       26 min.        1991
                SERIES (CLOSED            Richard conducts experiments to show how water changes its form,
                CAPTIONED)                demonstrates surface tension and explains buoyancy. The children visit
                                          a water purification plant.

   4493         WATER AND WHAT IT         Examines the changes that take place as water is heated and cooled.           P,E       12 min.        1988
                DOES (2ND ED.)            Describes what happens when water freezes and how solutions like
                                          seawater are formed. Presents simple experiments children can do.

Wednesday, March 31, 2004                                                                                                              Page 144 of 152
  Number                    Title                     Description                                                Grade       Length Date
   2779         WATER: A PRECIOUS       Uses animation to show the sequence of the hydrologic cycle and how        E,M,H,A   23 min.        1986
                RESOURCE                water is endlessly recycled.

   6410         WEATHER PROBLEMS AND    The purpose of this video is to introduce students to basic principles     E,M       15 min.        1997
                THE ENVIRONMENT         about the weather and the atmosphere and to suggest several kinds of
                                        human interventions into the environment that disrupt natural
                                        atmospheric and meteorological processes.

   6004         WEATHER: A FILM FOR     What creates weather? This program looks at how weather happens with E               14 min.
                BEGINNERS               animated graphics.

   5090         WETLANDS, WE NEED       A look at wetlands and the animals that live there.                        E,M       20 min.        1995

   3366         WHAT DO FLOWERS DO? A   Describes parts of the flower, how seeds develop, and how germination      P,E       10 min.        1988
                FIRST FILM              and growth occur.

   3372         WHAT DO PLANTS DO? A    Points out the importance of plants in our daily life.                     P,E       11 min.        1988
                FIRST FILM

   3126         WHAT DO SEEDS DO: A     Illustrates how seeds come in many sizes and shapes, but have certain      P,E       12 min.        1988
                FIRST FILM (REV.)       common characteristics

   536          WHAT DO YOU KNOW        Six-part series on one cassette: City Water--uses of water in urban        E,M       35 min.        1978
                ABOUT H2O?              areas; Clean Water--fresh water treatment plants; Save Water--wasting
                                        of water; Water Cycle--tracing the cycle of water; Water for Farming
                                        and Water for Industry--tells about irrigation and processing.

   1163         WHAT ENERGY MEANS       Discusses the various forms of energy, from chemical energy to lights      E         15 min.
                                        energy. Shows that one form of energy can be converted to another.

   285          WHAT IS A CAT?          Introduces many different kinds of cats doing different things. We learn   P,E       30 min.        1975
                                        the story of the cat through history.

   3996         WHAT IS A MAMMAL?       Shows the evolutionary diversities of mammals in adapting to their         E,M,H     15 min.        1987
                (2ND ED.)               environment.

   4475         WHAT IS MAGNETISM?      Demonstrates that many electric devices such as motors and speakers        E,M       8 min.         1989
                                        use magnets to operate. Shows how magnets attract or repel other
                                        magnets, and attract things made of iron or steel. Shows how to
                                        experiment with magnets.

   4470         WHAT IS SOUND?          Shows that sounds are caused by vibrations, and includes experiments to E,M          9 min.         1989
                                        explore this. Demonstrates how changes in sound are caused, higher or
                                        lower, louder or softer. Encourages student experimentation.

   1591         WHAT MAKES CLOUDS?      Describes clouds--objects of wonder. Removes the mystery of cloud          E,M,H,A   16 min.        1987
                (REVISED)               formation.

   4471         WHAT MAKES SOUND        Shows how musical sounds are made and measured electronically.             E,M       7.5 min.       1989
                DIFFERENT?              Shows how different sizes of materials make different pitches.

   4064         WHAT MAKES THE WIND     Shows, through experiments and observations outdoors, the source and       E,M,H     12 min.        1987
                BLOW? (REV)             energy of the wind.

   6053         WHAT MAKES WEATHER?     What makes weather? The many aspects of weather are defined and            E,M,H     14 min.
                                        examined in this program.

   978          WHAT MAKES WEATHER?     Shows the working forces that produce weather. Examines the                E,M,H     14 min.
                (2ND EDITION)           movement of winds and air masses caused by the uneven heating of
                                        earth's surface and the influence of water and land on air masses.

   6421         WHAT'S IN A RAINBOW?    Viewers learn the unusual circumstances necessary to create a rainbow      E,M,H     15 min.        1995
                (MAKING SCIENTIFIC      and explore other ways to make one. Young people are shown creating
                MODELS)                 a scientific model of a rainbow, and the role of the sun is explained.

   6645         WHAT'S IN YOUR          Children explore a backyard environment and discover the many              E         12 min.        1990
                BACKYARD? (LIFE         different organisms that live and interact in our back yards and ways
                HABITATS)               that organisms interrelate.

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  Number                    Title                       Description                                                     Grade      Length Date
   2163         WHAT'S OUT THERE:         Explores beginning concepts involving the vast mysteries of the solar          E,M,H     15 min.        1986
                EXPLORING THE SOLAR       system. Examines modern science through advanced telescopes and
                SYSTEM                    tools.

   2015         WHERE DID THEY GO?: A     Visits the Academy of Natural Sciences, one of the world's best                P,E,M     19 min.        1986
                DINOSAUR UPDATE           dinosaur exhibits. Takes children along on a dinosaur dig.

   2899         WHERE THE BAY             Visits a fertile marine ecosystem that has evolved where the Bay of            E,M,H     30 min.        1986
                BECOMES THE SEA           Fundy meets the Atlantic Ocean.

   6031         WHERE THE BAY             A look at life on the shore; the diversity of life forms and the active        E,M,H,A   30 min.
                BECOMES THE SEA           ecology there.

   6121         WHERE, WHY & HOW:         Young viewers learn, from a tree's point of view, how a house is               E         9 min.         1993
                HOUSE - A CHILD'S GUIDE   built.
                TO EVERYDAY STUFF

   6407         WHOSE WOODS ARE           Today, less than 5% of America's virgin forests remain. This program           E,M       23 min.        1997
                THESE?                    shows how the practice of clear-cutting has ravaged many regions and
                                          seriously damaged the ecosystem.

   1284         WILD ANIMALS ADAPT        Presents varied wildlife examples, detailed explanations, and close-up         P,E       9 min.         1985
                                          photography of the bighorn sheep, the water ouzel, and the squirrel.

   4289         WILD CALIFORNIA: THE      Introduces five of the more important different habitats along the coast       E,M,H     19 min.        1989
                SEA                       of California, treating each segment separately. Together these pieces
                                          are a good introduction to the marine life one might encounter while
                                          visiting the Pacific shore.

   1283         WILDLIFE FAMILIES         A presentation of the curious habits of coyote, alligator, and hawk            P,E       9 min.         1985
                                          families leads to a better understanding of animals and their keen ability
                                          to survive in their environment.

   1741         WINTER IN NATURE          Illustrates the changes which occur in plants and animals during               P,E       12 min.

   6072         WONDER WAY                A look at the three kinds of coastlines.                                       E         26 min.        1993

   1211         WONDERFUL WEATHER         Describes how gravity, water, land, air and the sun act together to create     P,E       12 min.
                MACHINE                   different weather conditions. Also explains thunderstorms, tornadoes,
                                          and hurricanes.

   1189         WORLD BENEATH THE SEA     Shows the survival mechanisms for the life beneath the sea. Included is        E,M,H,A   23 min.
                                          the remarkable beauty surrounding this delicate ecological system.

   6649         WORLD OF MOLECULES        Explores molecules through the experience of children, experiments and         E,M,H     12 min.        1998
                (2ND EDITION, REVISED)    the observation of common phenomena. Considers molecular size,
                                          attraction for each other, behavior in solids, liquids, and gases, and
                                          changes of states.

   972          WORLD OF PLANT AND        Shows how all living things depend of one another for food and shelter.        P,E       14 min.
                ANIMAL COMMUNITIES        Stresses the importance of food chains and the interrelationship between
                                          people, plants, and animals in the food chain.

   3654         YOUR ACTIVE BODY          Live action, animation and x-ray illustrate how bones allow upright            E         10 min.        1988
                SERIES: BONES AND         standing, movement and how they are cushioned from shock. Discusses
                MOVEMENT                  healing a broken bone, ligaments and joint functions.

   3655         YOUR ACTIVE BODY          Illustrates the process that enables the body to release energy from      E              10 min         1988
                SERIES: BREATHING AND     nutrients through breathing and respiration. Uses clever animation and x-
                RESPIRATION               ray motion.

   3657         YOUR ACTIVE BODY          Discusses the digestive process, from the initial point of ingestion to the    E         10 min         1988
                SERIES: DIGESTION AND     entry of nutrients into the cells, the roll of digestive juices, the small
                ABSORPTION                intestine, capillaries and blood, and the importance of supplying cells
                                          with the proper nutrients.

   3656         YOUR ACTIVE BODY          Discusses the work of the heart as it supplies cells with nutrients and        E         10 min.        1988
                SERIES: HEART AND         oxygen and removes waste products through the blood. Shows blood
                CIRCULATION               pressure tests, visits a Hematology Lab, astronauts demonstrate the
                                          effect of gravity on blood flow.

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  Number                    Title                        Description                                                  Grade      Length Date
   3653         YOUR ACTIVE BODY           Explains the role and functions of muscles, the relationship between        E         10 min         1988
                SERIES: MUSCLES AND        muscles and energy, the dynamics of exercise that improve strength,
                ENERGY                     flexibility, coordination and endurance and involuntary muscle

   2908         YOUR SCIENCE PROJECT K-    Demonstrates projects in an increasing level of difficulty. Develops        P,E,M     40 min.        1987
                3 & 4-6                    skills in observing, communicating, comparing and organizing.

   499          ZOO ANIMALS IN THE         Shows the different groups of animals, their individual characteristics,    P,E       33 min.        1981
                WILD #1                    and how they adapt to their environment. The animals are ostriches,
                                           elephants, apes, bears, monkeys, and baboons.

   500          ZOO ANIMALS IN THE         Shows the different groups of animals, their individual characteristics     P,E       32 min.        1981
                WILD #2                    and how they adapt to their environment. The animals are hippos,
                                           crocodiles, beavers, pelicans, giant turtles, lions, and tigers.

Special Education
   3447         BONNIE CONSOLO (PART 2)    This award-winning sequel to "A Day in the Life of Bonnie Consolo"          E,M,H,A   23 min.        1988
                                           follows Bonnie, who was born without arms, in her adult life as a
                                           successful office worker, mother and professional motivator.

   3446         BONNIE CONSOLO: A DAY      Bonnie Consolo, a most unusual and inspirational woman, was born            E,M,H,A   16 min.        1988
                IN THE LIFE OF (PART 1)    without arms, yet leads a normal and productive life. The film follows
                                           her through a typical day as she cares for her home and family, sharing
                                           with us her thoughts about life.

   10011        DISABILITY AWARENESS       Shows Hollis with a physical disability along with others discussing        E         29 min.        1989
                #10: HAND IN HAND:         what they will do when they grow up.
                FEELING FREE: HOLLIS,
                GROWING UP

   10012        DISABILITY AWARENESS       Shows that changes in laws, such as widening doors, has led to the          E         48 min.        1989
                #11: HAND IN HAND: SPEAK   break down of some of the physical barriers. Promotes the
                OUT                        understanding that the disabled person is not an oddity at which to
                                           stared but a person who must accomplish many things in a different

   10013        DISABILITY AWARENESS       Fosters understanding of individual differences and disabilities.           E         11 min.        1989
                #12: PROJECT L.E.A.D.:
                AWARENESS PLUS

   10014        DISABILITY AWARENESS       Shows students in leadership roles teaching peers sensitivity to the        E         11 min.        1989
                #13: PROJECT L.E.A.D.:     subject of the disabled.
                PEER FACILITATOR

   10016        DISABILITY AWARENESS       Contains 4 segments: Hollis--Physical impairment; John--Learning            E         70 min.        1989
                #15: PROJECT L.E.A.D.:     disability; Laurie--Visually impaired; and Questions for Gordon and
                FEELING FREE               Laurie.

   10017        DISABILITY AWARENESS       Shows three disabled high school students as they identify personal         E         9 min.         1988
                #16: SPEAKING FROM         goals, use a four step plan, and develop a course of action to achieve
                EXPERIENCE:                their goals. Available for reference in IMC is "Speaking from
                DREAMCRAFTING 1            Experience Curriculum Guide."

   10018        DISABILITY AWARENESS       Refer to "Disability Awareness #16" for description.                        E         9 min.         1987
                #17: SPEAKING FROM
                DREAMCRAFTING 2

   10019        DISABILITY AWARENESS       Refer to "Disability Awareness #16" for description.                        E         10 min.        1987
                #18: SPEAKING FROM
                DREAMCRAFTING 3

   10005        DISABILITY AWARENESS       Introduces Marcia, a legally blind woman, telling students about            E         7 min.         1988
                #4: PROJECT A.D.E.P.T.:    devices used by the visually impaired, her guide dog Dawn, and her
                MARCIA--VISUAL             daily activities.

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  Number                    Title                        Description                                                     Grade      Length Date
   10006        DISABILITY AWARENESS       Introduces Pedro, an orthopedically impaired swimmer in training for           E         7 min.         1988
                #5: PROJECT A.D.E.P.T.:    the 1992 Para Olympic Games, sharing his goals with students.
                PEDRO (PHYSICAL

   10007        DISABILITY AWARENESS       Introduces Holli, a beauty pageant winner with a hearing impairment,           E         7 min.         1988
                #6: PROJECT A.D.E.P.T.:    sharing her educational and personal goals with students.
                HOLLI (HEARING

   10008        DISABILITY AWARENESS       Introduces Joshua, a seven year old boy with a developmental disability.       E         8 min.         1989
                #7: PROJECT A.D.E.P.T.:    Follow him through his day, meet his teacher and classmates and
                JOSHUA (DEVELOP. DIS.)     family.

   10009        DISABILITY AWARENESS       Promotes disability awareness, reduces stereotypes, and supports               E         29 min.        1989
                #8: HAND IN HAND:          integration of students with disabilities. Available for reference is
                FEELING FREE: LAURIE,      "Hand in Hand Teacher Inservice Guide," and "Fostering Awareness
                GINNY                      Integration & Reducing Stereotypes Manual grades K-8" with audio

   10010        DISABILITY AWARENESS       Shows Gordon with a hearing disability and John coping with learning           E         28 min.        1989
                #9: HAND IN HAND:          disabilities.
                FEELING FREE: GORDON,

   4406         HELEN KELLER               Helen Keller remains one of the most remarkable people of the                  E,M       24 min.        1970
                                           twentieth century because of her triumph over her disabilities, blindness
                                           and deafness.

   4278         LILY #1: A STORY ABOUT A   A documentary that focuses on the daily life of a ten-year old Down            E,M,H,A   14 min.        1980
                GIRL LIKE ME               Syndrome patient.

   3563         THE INVISIBLE CHILDREN     Describes a unique group of puppets, some of whom are disabled                 E,M       24 min.        1988
                                           through deafness, blindness or cerebral palsy. They tour the country
                                           encouraging non-disabled children to ask and learn about their
                                           handicapped peers. This film was made during an actual classroom

   3167         THE SIGNED ENGLISH         Presents a simple, effective method to learn sign language using signs,        E,M,H,A   120 min.       1988
                VIDEO LEARNING SYSTEM      speech and gestures along with captions, pictures and illustrations.

   3224         COACH TO WIN               Designed to guide coaches develop and conduct quality practice                 E,M,H,A   118 min.       1987
                                           sessions more efficiently and effectively. Tips and strategies for
                                           offense and defense. Question and answer session.

   6781         LITERATURE, LITERACY,      This video, developed for library media specialists, reading specialists,      E,M,H,A   23 min.
                AND LEARNING               and classroom teachers, presents revitalized approaches to language
                                           arts, literature-based curriculum- and presents the key principles that are
                                           common to each approach.

   6340         NEW TOOLS...TEACHING       Focuses on key elements of a successful K-12 school technology plan.           E,M,H     28 min.        1996
                WITH TECHNOLOGY            Hear from high school teachers on how they focused their plan on three
                BLUEPRINTS FOR SUCCESS     major goals and incorporate it into the greater community.

   6336         NEW TOOLS: APPLYING        Learn how teachers use technology to prepare K-12 students to be               E,M,H     28 min.        1996
                TECHNOLOGY TO APPLIED      productive members of the 21st century work force.

   5016         COMMUNICATION              This program looks at how things that we take for granted in our               E,M,H     11 min.        1993
                PRODUCTS & SERVICES        everyday lives get done. Example, what happens to a letter when it
                                           enters the postal system.

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  Number                    Title                      Description                                                  Grade      Length Date
   6391         COMPUTER AND             Wonder how to build a robot? How to train one? What goes on inside a E,M,H            26 min.        1991
                ROBOTICS - WONDER        computer? We visit Disney World to find out how they use robots, and
                WHY? SERIES (CLOSED      an automotive plant to learn how robots do much of the work in
                CAPTIONED)               building cars.

   6032         COMPUTERS AND THE        A look at the following three programs: Mission to Planet Earth; Digital    E,M       32 min.
                ENVIRONMENT              Dinosaurs; and Visualizing the Environment.

   143          DOS--THE HUMAN           Many computer users find DOS (the Disk Operating System) to be              E,M,H     45 min.        1988
                CONNECTION               troublesome, hard to understand, almost mystical! DiskMasters makes
                                         this most basic software program easy to master. We cover the basic
                                         commands, error messages, hard disk organization and batch files.

   5091         HOW TO MAKE YOUR OWN     With 10 million camcorders in the United States many students are           E,M,H     26 min.        1993
                GREAT VIDEOS WITH JUST   creating their own videos. This program demonstrates this process.
                A CAMCORDER

   6377         INSIDE THE INTERNET      Focuses on how to use the internet as a learning tool. This program         E,M       28 min         1996
                                         shows how to use the World Wide Web in the classroom and discusses
                                         the different types of internet connections.

   6457         INTERACTIVE GROUP        For over 15 years Tom Snyder Productions has pioneered the use of           E         10 min.        1998
                SOFTWARE IN YOUR         educational software in the classroom. Just one computer and our
                CLASSROOM                Interactive Group Software gets students working together, learning
                                         essential content, and building critical thinking skills.

   10055        LEARN AND LIVE           This George Lucas-inspired documentary film explores innovative             E,M,H     90 min.        1997
                                         educational programs where students and teachers use technology to
                                         make learning exciting. Join Robin Williams in a discovery of the
                                         interesting ways schools are helping all members of their communities
                                         prepare to learn and live in the 21st century.

   3472         LIVING WITH COMPUTERS    Introduces Elmer to the computer's many applications in classrooms,         E         10 min.        1988
                                         homes and businesses.

   2786         MEDICAL TECHNOLOGY       Examines imaging systems that look inside the body, computers that          E,M,H,A   25 min.        1986
                                         design prosthetics and help paraplegics, laser surgery.

   2139         MINATURE MIRACLE: THE    Illustrates the miracles of the technological revolution. The power-        E,M,H,A   60 min.        1987
                COMPUTER CHIP            packed chip, coupled with human ingenuity.

   10001        NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC      Gives an overview of an innovative computer and telecommunications-         E         20 min.        1988
                KIDS NETWORK             based science curriculum in which student-scientists investigate new
                INFORMERCIAL             ideas and exchange information with students around the world.
                                         Includes easy-to-use computer software for telecommunications,
                                         mapping, graphing, and word processing.

   6376         ORGANIZATION AND         Find out how to organize the classroom or computer lab to get the most      E,M       28 min.        1996
                MANAGEMENT FOR           effective use of technology. Learn to network more efficiently and
                TECHNOLOGY USE           learn to schedule computer usage.

   5018         PLAYTIME PRODUCTS        This program provides a trip through the companies that produce sports      E,M       13 min.        1993

   1584         SCHOOLING THE            See annotation of MEETING THE MICRO. Discusses using the                    E         30 min.        1984
                MICROCOMPUTER:           computer in classroom management tasks.

   1587         SCHOOLING THE            See annotation of MEETING THE MICRO. Also discusses the                     E         30 min.        1984
                MICROCOMPUTER:           computer as a curriculum tool.
                CURRICULUM TOOL

   1585         SCHOOLING THE            See annotation of MEETING THE MICRO. This video also takes a                E         30 min.        1984
                MICROCOMPUTER:           look at LOGO.
                LOOKING AT LOGO

   1588         SCHOOLING THE            Illustrates a broad range of computer uses in the elementary school.        E         30 min.        1984
                MICROCOMPUTER:           Presents visual examples of computer applications.
                MEETING THE MICRO

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  Number                    Title                       Description                                                 Grade      Length Date
   1589         SCHOOLING THE             See annotation of MEETING THE MICRO. Also, discusses sorting               E         30 min.        1984
                MICROCOMPUTER:            through software.
                SORTING THROUGH

   1586         SCHOOLING THE             See annotation of MEETING THE MICRO. Also, discusses word                  E         30 min.        1984
                MICROCOMPUTER: WORD       processing.

   2158         SPACES: COMPUTERS         Profiles Nancy Wallace, a Native American industrial engineer, and Lee     E,M,H,A   30 min.        1986
                                          Ray, a Korean-American computer specialist.

   6055         TECHNOLOGY &              This program looks at many of the aspects of our daily lives; cellular     E,M,H,A   9 min.
                COMMUNICATION             phones, beepers and fiber optics. We see how technology and
                                          communication work together in all our lives.

   6057         TECHNOLOGY AROUND         A look at communication today, i.e., the Internet and E-Mail and the       E,M,H,A   10 min.
                THE WORLD                 technologies that make these possible.

   1935         TIPS FOR KEYBOARDING      Shows ways teachers can add to student acceptance of a keyboard            E,M       19 min.        1986
                WITH TYPE TO LEARN        learning program. "Type to Learn" give examples sent in by teachers in
                                          the field.

   50053        ANTI-TOBACCO              This anti smoking demonstration helps to bring home to the smoker, the     E,M,H,A                  1996
                PRESENTATION: HEALTH      effects of smoking to encourage cessation.
                EFFECTS OF SMOKING

   50020        BEGINNING THE JOURNEY     Fast-paced music video designed to empower young African- American         E,M,H     10 min.        1991
                                          women smokers to take control of their health, make a committment to
                                          themselves and stop smoking.

   50005        CHEWING TOBACCO: THE      Features four teen-agers, male and female, talking to jr. high school      E,M       10 min.        1983
                NEW EPIDEMIC              students about how they got started chewing tobacco, the health effects
                                          and how difficult it is to quit. A moving appeal from addicts urging
                                          others not to start.

   50161        COUGHIN' IN YOUR COFFIN   This CD features songs with a anti-tobacco theme for children to           P,E       2.52 min.      2001

   50087        DEATH OF A LUNG (CAST     Lung slices from a smoker and non-smoker enclosed in glass.                E,M,H,A   Lung Dis       2000
                FROM REAL SPECIMENS)

   50044        DOC ACTION PACKED         Designed to develop healthy skepticism towards tobacco industry            E,M,H,A                  1993
                TOBACCO SLIDE SHOW        advertising.

   3073         DR. COOPER AND HIS        Investigates the negative effects of CIGARETTES.                           P,E,M,H   15 min.        1988
                FRIENDS: BUTT IT OUT!

   50021        FAREWELL TO SMOKING       Members of the Vietnamese community relate facts and experiences           E,M,H     22 min.        1991
                                          about dangers of smoking, advising non-smokers to start.

   50018        I AM JOE'S LUNG           The voice of Joe's lung explains its delicate construction and complex     E         25 min.        1991
                                          nature. Animation and live action show how smoking, bad air and
                                          disease affect the lungs.

   50017        IF I'M LYIN' I'M DYIN'    Shows how four jr. high school students resist the attempt of the new      E,M       17 min.        1991
                                          kid in town to get them to start smoking. Clever juxtaposition of the
                                          supposedly "cool" aspects of tobacco use against actual health effects
                                          and tobacco addiction.

   50050        LAMINATED POSTERS         Ten different laminated 14"x22" posters with anti smoking themes.          E,M,H

   50007        MC SMOKE THE TOBACCO      An upbeat, positive and humorous rap on the benefits of being smoke        E,M       90 min.        1990
                KING AND NIKKI TEEN       free, showing the misleading aspects of tobacco advertising, as
                                          McSmoke and Nikki Teen choose to quit smoking. Includes

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  Number                    Title                       Description                                                    Grade      Length Date
   50022        ME MUERO POR FUMAR        Entertaining, motivational video for Latino smokers. Uses family              E,M,H     31 min.          1991
                (I'M DYING FOR A SMOKE)   drama, mime and testimonials.

   50023        MI BEBE FUMANDO? (MY      Portrays a Latino family being overwhelmed by secondhand smoke.               E,M,H     21 min.          1991
                BABY SMOKES?)