Guide to Hosting the Perfect Karaoke Party

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     Karaoke has always been the one of the most interesting things for music lovers. Many people try to sing the
                                   original songs using karaoke CDs and DVDs.
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                                            Guide to Hosting the Perfect Karaoke Party
                                                              By Christine Durham

  There's simply no better way to entertain your family and friends for an evening than to host a
karaoke party! It's fun for all, and can make happy memories of wonderful times together. Your
karaoke machine is the perfect ice-breaker and will provide entertainment for hours.

 Why is a karaoke party so fun? Believe it or not, there is a scientific reason for it! Singing releases
endorphins into our body. Some people call these endorphins "happy hormones". In other words, they
make you feel good. Add a hefty supply of these endorphins to some good food, a happy atmosphere,
and some fun karaoke games, and you have a delicious recipe for party success.

 Step one in planning your karaoke party is to have a karaoke machine. You can either buy a home
karaoke machine, or hire a KJ, or karaoke DJ, to bring his karaoke machine. You will also want a large
supply of karaoke songs for your guests to sing. A perfect solution is to get the SongStation karaoke
machine. This karaoke machine automatically comes with 53,000 in-built songs. It's the size of a
slim-line DVD player, and hooks up to your own TV or entertainment system. Plus it has a handy
remote control to control everything at the touch of a button. It's easy, clutter free, and convenient for a
great party.

Besides the karaoke machine, there are a few more things to have for your perfect party.

 If you really want a festive atmosphere, you can add special effects like fog, haze, rotating disco balls,
bubble-making machines, or glitter balls. You can find these at your local party supply or DJ supply

 Location: Where the party will be held is important for a number of reasons. If you are holding an
event like this at home, you run the risk of abusing the ears and gaining the dislike of your neighbors
and we don't want that. Therefore, hold the event at a local bar or club. This way, you maintain good
graces in the area you reside. Be sure that the club has an area with a small stage so that the singing
can take place in a designated spot. Always be conscious of your budget. Some establishments seek
to overcharge party planning novices and you want to avoid any debts.

What will you serve for food and drinks? A buffet with filling snacks will complement your karaoke
machine much better than a formal meal. Sandwich quarters or pizzas, a veggie tray, and a fruit tray
will fill the menu. Provide plenty of bottled waters to hydrate those vocal cords. Singing guests get

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                                                 Presented by Daniel Toriola

thirsty! If you serve alcohol, also keep the coffee pot going and the food trays filled.

 Don't serve dairy products, creamy drinks, or chocolate. These can produce phlegm, and make it hard
for your guests to sing along with the karaoke machine. You certainly don't want them getting up to
sing amid some kind of coughing fit, do you?

 Another reason these guidelines will provide you with the perfect karaoke party is because everything
can be prepared ahead of time, providing you the opportunity to enjoy the party as much as your
guests! Just start up the karaoke machine, and let the good times roll!

Christine Durham is the founder of The SongStation Studios - As
Seen in People Magazine, the SongStation is the only karaoke machine in the world with 53,000 inbuilt
karaoke song tracks. Find out more about The SongStation Karaoke System at her website today.

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                               How to Entertain and Host the Perfect Karaoke Party
                                                         By Eugene Walker

Are you planning a party any time soon? What's the one way you can break the ice, get the party
rocking, and ensure all your guests go home feeling good?

The answer is with a karaoke player!

 Imagine your typical party: People are standing around talking in their little groups. The shy ones are
not talking to anyone, and worse, they are not having a good time at all. Others are secretly plotting
what they can do to get all the attention. Still others are trying to figure out how to impress that
good-looking guy, or hot chick, across the room. Everyone has their own agenda for your party. All in
all, there's not a lot of fun going on. What can you do to liven it up?

Bring on the karaoke player!

 Everyone likes karaoke! Turn on your karaoke player, start the first song, and you'll see that everyone
gravitates to your karaoke area with renewed enthusiasm. Give the mic to someone who can belt out a
song like there's no tomorrow! Suddenly everyone is talking and laughing. The shy people are now
involved in the action and having fun. The attention seekers have the perfect venue to get all the
attention they desire. And those who are out to impress someone now have a great way to do all the
impressing they want.

Get some duets going with some would-be couples.

Have a karaoke contest.

Play some karaoke games.

Let everyone have their time in the spotlight.

 The end of the evening comes all too fast, and the party ends with new friendships, new closeness,
and everyone feeling good. Your guests can't wait to come back for your next party. And it's all
because of your handy karaoke player!

 Decorate your designated karaoke party area with cool colored lights. You can set up a widescreen
TV where a mini stage can be placed. Also, you can add more monitors around the area so that other
guests would be able to see the lyrics as well.

How did all this happen?

 Turning on your karaoke player put some scientific and psychological principles into play that ensured
your party was a success.

 Firstly, singing releases endorphins. Endorphins are what are known as the "happy hormones". When
these hormones surge through your body, you get a feeling of well-being and happiness. They make
you feel good!

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Singing also reduces stress and tension, like a party should.

 The controls on your karaoke player can adjust the pitch and key of the song, and add the right
amount of echo to the voice, that let's each and every guest sound great every time they step up to the

 And lastly, there's something psychologically pleasing about the music and the singing that draws
everyone in -- even the shy people! And everyone is doing something fun together.

 Add these principles to the fact that everyone's own personal agenda can be fulfilled, and you have a
party to remember! So it's true! Karaoke players really do bring the fun to parties!

Christine Durham is the founder of The SongStation Studios As Seen in People Magazine, the
SongStation is the only karaoke machine in the world with 53,000 inbuilt karaoke song tracks. Find out
more about The SongStation Karaoke System at her website today. -

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