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									Annual Credit Report
Obtaining an annual free credit report can keep you on top of your credit and allows you to check if there are any errors on your credit report. By
receiving a credit report annually you can keep one step ahead in making sure there are no problems with your credit score.

There are three big firms that are nationally operated which you can receive an annual free credit report The "big three" are: Equifax, TRW, and Trans
Union Corporation. You can contact any of these credit bureaus to receive an annual free credit report. You can also check your local agencies as well
but they generally charge a fee for this service.

The free credit reports will not automatically be sent out to you as the consumers need to request getting a report one of the following ways. You can
go to and obtain a credit report. This is the only authorized source for credit reports where customers can access their
information online. This service is free of charge. You can also call 877-322-8228 to receive a free credit report.

If you are going to view your free annual credit report online, then you need to be aware of unofficial sites. There is one way to ensure that the website
you are viewing is official: The website will have HTTPS in the address bar when you are entering sensitive information, rather then the traditional
HTTP. This will be because you are swapping sensitive information and then no one will be able to see what you are typing.

A free credit report score is a good idea if you already know your credit rating and would just like to know your credit score. Most companies get an
idea of your credit score by obtaining information from lots of different customers. Then they get a credit score system and that is how your credit
score is determined; it may seem strange, but that is how it's done.

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