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					Comet Tracker Web

     Presented by;

    Shannon Herring
• Product Overview and Custom Solutions
• Features and Pricing
• Web Interface
   – Mapping and Drivers
   – Time and Attendance
   – Remote Data Entry
      • Key Events
      • Barcode scanning
   – Dispatch
• Comet Tracker Web Manager
• API vs Java
• Qualifying questions for potential customers
             Comet Tracker Web
•   GPS-based wireless business solution application that allows customers to
    track and monitor valuable resources
•   Tracks iDEN & CDMA devices with Java, API or SBMF
•   Web Based Client Application
•   Uses a map centric GUI
•   Tracks with Navteq maps, satellite images & Google Earth
•   Remote data entry
     – Bar Code Scanning
     – Pictures
•   Time and Attendance
                 Comet Tracker Web
Comet Tracker Web is Actsoft’s full featured web-
 based product
•   Supports Java, non-Java devices and embedded solutions (GOMRM)

•   Mapping: Navteq maps, satellite images and Google Earth

Benefits of web-based services
     – No mapping software to download

     – Mapping software is automatically updated
       (Does not require customer to purchase newer versions of mapping)

     – Anywhere access with Internet connection

     – Data is stored for 14 days, however customer can save all data on local PC.
Comet Tracker Web Overview (Custom Solutions)
  • Panic Button and Emergency Alerts

  • Storm Damage Assessment ( Pictures with GPS)

  • Comet Tracker Web Manager on phones and Blackberry

  • Dynamic landmarks

  • Multi-lingual applications

  • Bar code scanning/order processing integration

  • Offender bracelet monitoring

  • AdvanceCommunicator interface with Fleet View

  • Command Alkon Ready Mix Status Solution
           Comet Tracker Web Features and Pricing
Features             Comet Tracker Web Gold    Comet Tracker Web         Comet Tracker Web API
                     $13.00/month +data plan   Platinum                  $21.99/month
                     and public IP             $15.00/month +data plan   Bundled Soc does not
                                               and public IP             require data plan and
                                                                         public IP

Overview                         X                         X                        X
News                             X                         X                        X
Drivers                          X                         X                        X
Employees                        X                         X
Groups                           X                         X                        X
Managers                         X                         X                        X
Locations                        X                         X                        X
Maps                             X                         X                        X
Fleet View                       X                         X                        X
Over Time                        X                         X
History                          X                         X                        X
Manager Directions               X                         X                        X
Ping                             X                         X                        X
Dispatch                         X                         X                        X
Messages                         X                         X                        X
Geo-Fencing                      X                         X                        X
        Comet Tracker Web Features and Pricing
Features             Cont       Cont       Cont

Landmarks                   X          X          X

Reports                     X          X          X
Preferences                 X          X          X
Key Events                  X          X
Time/Attendance             X          X

Job Codes                   X          X
Teams                       X          X
Remote Data Fields                     X
Remote Data Forms                      X
Send Pictures                          X
Lists                                  X
Shipments                              X
Equipment                              X
Event Watch                            X
E-mail Alerts                          X
             Comet Tracker Web Matrix
   FEATURE                              FUNCTION                                           BENEFIT
       Time:             • Clock in/out of shifts & breaks                       • Ensure arrival times
 Associates the time     • Record the duration to complete Jobs & Tasks          • Enhance customer service
  with various work      • Record & integrate timesheet reports into financial   • Reduce overtime hours
      functions            spreadsheets & payroll services                       • Increase jobs per day

       Jobs:             • Quickly & easily dispatch jobs to worker’s phone      • Reduce back office paperwork
 Instantly manage &      • Collect & enter job status into phone                 • Increase productivity
 move work orders in     • Capture jobsite location into mapping solution        • Maximize efficiency
      the field

       Tasks:            • Instantly receive field data back to the office       • Inventory control
    The collection of    • Easily configure fields for data collection           • Validate documentation
     remote data &       • Barcode scan inventory used                           • Increase efficiency
information associated   • Unlimited Task & Sub-Task capabilities
       with a job

     Location:           • Locate workers anytime, anywhere                      • Improve workforce
                         • Review worker history on map or activity reports        management
 Allows geographic
management of Time,      • Landmark offices and customer sites                   • Ensure vehicle & worker safety
    Jobs & Tasks         • Determine location, speed & stop duration of          • Reduce operating costs
                         • Optimize routes
Comet Tracker Web Interface
    Comet Tracker Web Features and Descriptions

•    Maps Feature rich detailed information on routes.
•    Setup GPS data view and setup features
•    History Animated history with breadcrumb trail and basic reports
•    Reports Various reporting for historical data
•    Send Allows the user to send text messages, direction, and pictures to driver’s handsets
•    Dispatch This function will allow the user to determine which driver is closest to a specific location and
     send message.
•    Data Entry Allows Java enabled handsets to manually enter or scan data from the field with time and
     location information.
•    Payroll Allows users to track time and attendance for their employees
•    Tools Allows for special functionalities; Email alerts, Event watch, Driver watch, Shipments and Ping
•    Preferences System preferences established by the user to maintain reports and UI preferences
Drivers Information and Details
    Drivers Information and Details
• Locations displays the details of all location reports
  received including time and attendance, geofencing,
  data entry, etc. Locations details will be displayed in
  one of three colors.
   (This is different than Comet Tracker, were the colors of a driver
  are contingent on the perimeters set to display violations such as
  speeding, stopped, home violation, etc.)

• Red = driver is stopped
• Green = driver is in motion
• Black = driver's GPS cannot calculate its location Cell
  read displayed.
            Time and Attendance
This feature allows management to track Time & Attendance on their
Drivers and employees. The information that can be tracked includes
the Date, Job Number, Start Day, Breaks, Lunch and End Day. Breaks
and Lunch can be enabled or disabled. Time and Attendance Reports
can be generated based on employees or Supervisor time.
               Remote Data Entry
Remote Data Entry allows the field employee to send data from the field
real time. Forms and Fields are customizable via the website.
Employees can input data manually, selecting predefined data from a
list, barcode scanned, and/or picture attachments. If the employee only
needs to send back “canned responses”, Delivery Made, unable to
deliver, etc, then canned messages can be created as Key Events and
sent by selecting the 1-9 button once in the Comet Tracker Web
     Comet Tracker Web Manager
Comet Tracker Web Manager allows the end user to remotely view the
locations and mapping of employees. Application can be viewed on any
Java enabled handset. (Best Viewed from a BB)
                      API vs Java
• API portal allows for 72 pings per day. ( 10 min reads on a 10 hr
   work day or 20 min reads 24/7)
• No application to download
• Stealth
• Uses any GPS enabled iDEN handset
• Does not store and forward
• Combined with Sprint Nextel's unlimited Data plan can ping as little
   as 1 min (Not suggested less than 3)
• Must set auto launch on handsets
• Does store in forward
• Requires a java and GPS enabled handset
               Qualifying Questions
•   Do you know where your outside employees are? If you know where your
    employees are in the field, could you improve customer satisfaction or make
    your operations more efficient and cost effective?

•   Do you know where your company-owned vehicles are right and if so what is
    your average fuel bill per month?

•   Do you spend too much money on overtime hours or fuel?

•   Do you maximize the productivity of your field workforce?

•   Do you use the latest technology to gain more visibility and control over your
    outside employees?

•   Do you use wireless technology to maximize the revenue per employee or per

•   Do you lose too much inventory in your field operations?

•   Do you want to leverage new wireless applications to improve operational
    performance, but integrate with your existing corporate technology?
               Qualifying Questions
•   Do you want to save money on monthly fuel expenses by improving the
    efficiency of your employees’ routes?

•   Do you have any manual logs that can be automated?

•   Can you improve work processes and procedures by automating data
    collection in the field?

•   Do you need to improve your decision-making by capturing near real time
    information from your mobile workforce?

•   Would it be useful for you to have a record to go back to and review someone’s

•    Do you currently have your field people bring back information from the field
    like a service ticket or work order?

•    What is the cost impact on your organization for the delay between the time
    the field person completes the information and when you input the information
    into your system?

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