New Media and Social Networking

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					What is Web 2.0?
 New Media and Social Networking

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       Web 2.0 Evolution

   More Robust & Inclusive Experience

Web 2.0
       The next generation of the internet focused on enhancing
       user experience through increased interactivity, greater
       user inclusion and community building.

   •   Service Oriented
   •   Interactive Web-based Applications
   •   User-defined Features
   •   Active User Contribution
   •   Promotes Shared Knowledge
   •   Encourages Community Building
   •   Facilitates Social Networking

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                 Web 2.0 Evolution

                           Key Features

The two main features of Web 2.0 are:
New Media                            Social Networking

• Interactivity of Applications      • Interaction amongst Users
    ex. Weight Watchers                   ex. Wikipedia
• Integration of Programs            • Group Community Building
    ex. HousingMaps                       ex. Small Business Online Community
• Innovation of Features             • Developing Personal Networks
    ex. Amazon                            ex. Facebook

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                   New Media

                  Focus on Audio/Visual

–   Avatars
–   Interactive Applets
–   Podcasts
–   RSS Feeds
–   Social Bookmarking
–   Video Clips/Vlogging
–   Widgets
–   Wikis

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                Social Networking

                     Increased User Interaction

• Personal Networking
   ex. Facebook, MySpace, MeetUp, BizNik
• Community Groups
   ex. Ideablob, Startup Nation, Microsoft Small Biz Community
• Forums
   ex. Business Forums, Young Entrepreneur’s Forum, Yahoo! Answers Small Biz Forums
• Blogs
   ex. Weekend Entrepreneur, After 55, AllBusiness Blogs

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         Why All the Hype?
            Web 2.0 for Business

• Go where your potential clients congregate

• Use the tools that will get their attention

• Extend SCORE’s services into diverse communities

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              Social Networking for Business

                         Informative Business Blogs & Forums

American Express OPEN Forum                                                     Microsoft Small Business Community
Bank of America: Small Business Online Community                                Small Biz Technology (Ramon Ray)*
Business Opportunities Blog (Dynamis Team)*
                                                                                Small Business Community Forum
Business Opportunities WebLog (Dave Carlson)*
                                                                                Small Business Forum
Business Know-How
Duct Tape Marketing (Participate in Forum or View Blogs)                        Small Business Ideas Forum Blogs*                                                         Small Business Trends (Anita Campbell)*
Entrepreneurs' Viewpoint Blog (Kauffman Foundation)*                            Startup Nation
Fortune Small Business Blog*                                                    Wall Street Journal: Independent Street Blog (Wendy Bounds)*
IdeaBlob’s (Advise Section)                                            Write a Guidebook or View Diane Creston’s Blog
HubSpot’s Internet Marketing Blog*                                              Yahoo! Answers: Business & Finance or Local Businesses

* Users cannot post content on these sites, only comment. The blog administrator’s name is in parenthesis.

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        Web 2.0 for Business

                 Informative Articles

Your 2008 Web Marketing Plan (Flyte)
12 Web Marketing Ideas to Jump Start Your Business (Flyte)
How to Use Social Media to Reach New Customers (Flyte)
Business Blog Success: 10 Tips for a Profitable Blog (Flyte)
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Guide to Facebook Basics for Your Business (

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        Additional Resources

• Website:
• Links to national & local chapter websites
• Links to additional resources
  – Copy of this presentation
  – Websites
  – Articles, e-books, brochures, etc.

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