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									                                                    Presented by Daniel Toriola

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                     Golf Putting Tips to Help You Make More Putts and Shoot Lower Scores
                                                                By Joe Kensingtons

   Putting is one of the biggest aspects of the game of golf and great putting can really help you to
become a better player and shoot lower scores quite rapidly. Putting is primarily a mental challenge so
learning the right mindset to have when you are on the greens can make the biggest difference to your
putting success. However this does not mean that putting mechanics are not important, it is still critical
that you practice your putting stroke regularly. Here are some simple putting tips to help you make
more putts:

Tip 1: Practice a lot of short putts

 Short putting is very important and the best way to get good at it is to simply hit a lot of short putts
during your practice sessions. Simply hit lots of 4 to 8 feet putts from various lines around the hole.
You will find that you will make many of these putts which also helps to build your confidence level.

 A good tip to follow is to never leave a practice green without making the last putt you attempted. If
you are good with the short putts then this will transfer over into the longer putts since you will not feel
excessive pressure to get it really close as you are confident that even if you leave yourself a slightly
longer putt you can still make it.

Tip 2: Stick with one approach

 There are many mechanical approaches you can try when learning how to putt. It is important to pick
one approach you like and stick with it. You need to remember that putting success is primarily a
function of your attitude and how well you have grooved your putting stroke. If you are constantly
changing putting techniques then you will never give yourself the chance to groove a particular

Tip 3: Trust your stroke

 Trust is a critical component to consistently great putting and most putters get the yips when they start
to doubt their putting game. It is important to train your stroke and then to trust it when it comes time to
use it on the course and in competitions. It is also important to trust your ability to read greens and
judge distance and line. First of all, no one can read every putt perfectly so try to learn as much as you
can from the putts you misread and move on.

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                                            Presented by Daniel Toriola

 Doubts and fears are the biggest killers to great putting so you need to relax and not take things too
seriously when you are putting. Remember that the game is supposed to be fun so just let the
enjoyment come to you when you are on the greens and trust your putting game. Another important
point to mention is that you should not spend too much time over the putt as you are about to hit it. Just
allow yourself to look at the target for the last time and pull the trigger with a clear mind free of doubts
or other distracting thoughts. Consider applying some of these golf putting tips to help you make more
putts and shoot better scores.

Joe is an author and webmaster. Learn how to lower your handicap with great golf swing tips, putting
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                                                 Presented by Daniel Toriola

                          Golf Short Game Tips to Help You Become a Better Player Fast
                                                            By Joe Kensingtons

Many amateurs get caught up in trying to be the longest hitter of the golf ball in their group. The truth is
that low scores can be produced without really needing to hit the ball very far. Yes, there is a great deal
of pleasure that can be gained from seeing the stunned look in your playing partners faces as you
bomb a drive over 300 yard down the fairway however if your short game is weak then you will never
be able to capitalize on the advantage that you have off the tee.

 The professionals on tour spend a lot of time working on their short game because they know that
even on their best rounds they will probably miss a few greens and will need to rely on the short game
to help them recover. Here are some simple short game tips to help you shoot lower scores fast:

Tip 1: Hit lots of wedge shots from 40 to 120 yards.

 This distance can really make a big difference in your scores especially if you are sharp with your
wedges here. Instead of a 30 foot putt for par or birdie, you can find yourself facing much simpler putts
from inside 20 feet so you can save par more easily or make the occasional birdie.

Tip 2: Practice from very tough and awkward lies

 Do not be afraid to practice from very awkward and difficult lies and situations. This will make the
shots you face on the course seem simple by comparison. Look for bare lies or buried lies, uphill and
downhill lies and stances and learn to hit chips and flop shots from these lies. Always aim for a tiny
target and always focus on holing the shot. With every short game shot the target is to hole the shot
not just get it inside some 3 foot circle.

Tip 3: Practice a lot of short putts

 Short putting is critical to shooting good scores and being a great putter overall. If you are confident
with the short putts then you will naturally be more free and confident with the longer putts which will
only help you to make more of these kinds of putts. Line up short putts from 3 to 6 feet from various
lines around the hole and focus on a small target and then just looking and reacting. Do think too much
when putting or hitting any golf shot for that matter, you need to turn golf into a reaction sport so that
you can take advantage of your natural athletic ability.

Tip 4: Build an effective mental routine

 Many teachers talk about routines and they are important in order to be a better player. There are two
aspects to the golf routine and they are the physical and mental routine. Both are important however
the mental routine is more important. It is best to allow yourself to have some flexibility in your physical
routine as far as the number of practice swings you take and such. The key element of the mental
routine is to reach that moment of decisiveness where you know you will hit a great shot. Try some of
these golf short game tips to help you become a better golfer quickly.

Joe is an author and webmaster. Learn how to lower your handicap with great golf swing tips, putting
tips, golf fitness ideas and much more at

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