Golf Posture - 3 Tenets For A Great Foundation

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                                        Golf Posture - 3 Tenets For A Great Foundation
                                                              By Aidan J Sugrue

    As a kid, I heard it all the time. "Straighten up"...I was told when they caught me slouching. Well,
"straightening up" is not quite the tight thing in your golf but I'm sure you're not surprised to discover
that your posture is crucial in ensuring consistency and power in your strokes. What's more when you
embody, my "3 Tenets of Great Golf Posture" you'll enjoy a more relaxed, easy comfort through 18
holes of play...

P for Posture - Your swing is a whole body phenomenon involving your feet, your legs, your hips, your
trunk, your arms, your shoulders etc. You need good flexion, stability, strength, rotation in the hip,
knees and torso in order to effectively result in perfect contact between the club and the ball. Proper
posture is the framework that brings it all together and it's crucial to executing a killer swing. Here are
some pointers that will help you guarantee that posture is not the weak link in your game.

Start from a relaxed upright posture, with your ears over your shoulders and knees slightly bent. It is
very important during your golf posture to maintain the space between your head and your chest so
that you allow easy rotation of your shoulders. Now let's talk a little “spine angle”.

Spine Angle is the angle that your torso makes with the ground. Bend at the waist while keeping your
torso and spine straight. You'll need an angle of about 30-45 degrees depending on your height and
the length of your club. The taller you are and the shorter your club, the more spine angle you'll need.
To complete your posture, simply flex your knees so that your head comes over your feet. You will
engage the most powerful muscles of your body - your leg muscles. You are now perfectly set to take a
power shot with optimal comfort. And what's more, because this posture is congruent with the natural
bio-mechanics of your body, you can do it over and over through the course of 18 holes without the
fatigue, the aches and the pains that come from improper use of your body.

Maintain a Consistent Spine Angle through the full range of your stroke and you will be delighted to
produce a great shot. Keep your eye on the ball as you swing and notice how your posture changes.
Be sure to keep your head up and maintain your viewing position by appropriate flexion of the hip and
knee joints. Keep your spine straight at all costs. Bending the spine causes the chest to collapse and
the neck and shoulders to rotate forwards and inwards. This not only distorts the natural arc of your
swing but it makes it difficult to turn your head through the range of motion required to keep your eye
on the ball. The accuracy of your shot goes to hell in a hand basket. So keep your back straight and

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                                                  Presented by Daniel Toriola

you'll maintain a solid base from which you can accurately aim those long drives.

Core Stability and Flexibility is the key, and a little practice on the core stability ball with some simple
yoga or Pilates exercises can help you develop these much needed attributes for a great golf swing.
Abdominal crunches are an excellent exercise for developing core strength and endurance. But that's a
subject for another article.

The 3 Tenets - So the next time you're enjoying a gorgeous, sunny round on the fairway, be sure to
practice the “3 Tenets of Great Golf Posture”, keep your back straight, adjust your spine angle by
hinging at the hip and most important, keep it constant through the execution of your swing. You can
look forward to hitting, longer, further and with more accuracy. What’s more you’ll feel great at the end
of the day with far fewer aches and pains from improper posture.

Aidan Sugrue is a Golf Enthusiast and creator of the Internet's hottest
resource for free golf tips, golf lessons and golf instruction.

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                                           How to Improve Your Golf Swing Technique
                                                                By Michael Potter

Every golf swing technique differs depending on the person using it. A golf swing technique is generally
applicable only to the person who has discovered it. It cannot be used or imitated by another. However,
even if a golf swing technique of another cannot be used, there are ways to improve it.

 First on the list is good posture. A good golf swing technique is attributable to one’s posture. A firm,
elegant and professional-like posture will give you the edge in swinging your golf club. The ideal
posture is keeping your back straight but at the same time, one must be comfortable in doing it. The
question now is how will good posture affect one’s golf swing technique? The answer to this question is
simple; the proper posture will let one swing accurately. It will also create that perfect 360-degree
swinging motion that everyone wants.

 Second is perfect balance. Balance is important in improving one’s golf swing technique. One’s weight
should be on the balls of the feet and must be equally distributed to the back and front foot. If one is
out of balance, it is hard to imagine doing a golf swing perfectly.

 Third, when swinging a golf club, perfect timing is important. A golf swing technique must always
consider perfect timing. Perfect timing means swing accuracy, impact on the golf ball and
follow-through motion. When these elements of timing are complete, playing golf will just be like a walk
in the park.

 Fourth is alignment. To determine the proper alignment, place a golf club up against the edge of your
toes and make sure the club is pointing to your target. This will be your target line and shoulders, hips
and knees must be parallel to this line.

 Fifth is proper grip. There are many kinds of golf club grip available. One can also create his own grip;
the important thing is that you are comfortable with the way you hold the golf club.

 The following ways can improve the manner and style of swinging a golf club. And this improvement
can also help in creating or expanding one’s golf swing technique. As stated, a golf swing technique is
special only to the person using it. One may imitate it, but the results would be different.

 A golf swing technique may be improved through the ways and means mentioned. By following the
proper guidelines in proper golf stance, perfect balance of the body and alignment, timing, and proper
grip, one may be able to create his own way of swinging. Also, if one already has a golf swing
technique, he can improve this by making sure that everything is coordinated and planned.

 Finally, a golf swing technique will be improved only by constant and dedicated practice. Books will not
help you improve, practice will. Be sure that you are practicing the same technique over and over in
order for you to be familiarized and accustomed to it. In addition, repeated practice of one’s technique
will help your body muscles remember it and as a result, you will be doing the same technique

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