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									Tips for Making Money Online with Affiliate Marketing
Affiliate marketing is one of the low cost ways to advertise and market your product or service online. In affiliate marketing you can be the merchant
who sell the product or service and paying other people who successful refer sales to you, or you can be an affiliate who market other people products
or services and earns a percentage of the sale price for every customer you refer to your merchant.

You probably have heard of people who say that they have made a fortune through affiliate marketing. You may have even heard a lot of people say
that they earn a living by joining an affiliate network and promoting the affiliate products or services in the network. Those who achieve success in
affiliate marketing are ordinary people like you when they just started. If you learn well and work hard in affiliate marketing, you can be one of them as

There are several important things you have to remember when venturing in affiliate marketing.

If you are starting your affiliate business in a niche market, then you probably already realize the importance of marketing and selling actual products,
and not just e-books.  Commission Junction is a popular affiliate network offering a large variety of affiliate products. No matter what niche
market you are in, you are more than likely found the affiliate product that is relevant to your niche.  Furthermore, Commission Junction is able
to provide something that most other affiliate networks can’t, and that is a focus on niche marketing. Niche marketing is about identifying a profitable
niche, then finds a quality affiliate product relevant to the niche and marketing it to the target prospects of the niche to generate income. With its great
amount of businesses in all niches, Commission Junction does well in providing you the tools you need to succeed.

Commission Junction occupies the biggest share in the industry when it comes to affiliate programs. It has thousands of products and services for
affiliates to choose the one that best for them to promote and make money. Commission Junction and other large affiliate networks are a great way for
you to make extra cash by registering as an affiliate to a network and market its products on the web. On the other hand, if you run an online business
looking for ways to grow your business, you can become a merchant of one of these networks and recruit an army of affiliates to market your product.
And then give a share of revenue for each sale made by your affiliates.  Either way, it is a win-win situation for both parties.

But, before you really participate in an affiliate network, it is always best to check out the pros and cons of each service. In this case, I will be pointing
out the pros and cons of Commission Junction for you, which is one of the biggest and well known affiliate networks by far.

The pros of Commission Junction:

Thousands of affiliate products and services in different niches.  If you are an affiliate searching for an affiliate program to promote, it is a good
place to find the program you are looking for.

Provide good reports on performance. Each member of CJ will be given access to a comprehensive statistics and earning report to find out how good
he/she is doing in CJ.

However, Commission Junction has it own drawbacks as well. The only one that I can figure out is the layout. When first joining CJ you may encounter
the problem of navigating your control panel inside your member because it is set out strangely.

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