FEE SCHEDULE Typing Services Arbitration Notarized Affidavits Notary Services Personal by ramhood1


									                              FEE SCHEDULE

Typing Services                              $25.00 per hour
Arbitration                                  $200.00 per hour
Notarized Affidavits                         $10.00 per signature
Notary Services                              $10.00 per signature
Personal Property Searches                   $15.00 per hour
Public Record Searches                       $15.00 per hour
Property Records Research                    $15.00 per hour
Local Service of Process (Ventura County)    $55.00 per named Defendant
Rush Service of Process - 24 hours           $100.00
Skip Tracing                                 $20.00 per hour
Small Claims Document Preparation / Filing   $150.00 per complaint
Mobile Notary Services                       $20.00 per signature
Post Judgment Serves (Writs, ORAPS,
Abstracts, etc)                              $75.00
Mediation Services                           $75.00 per hour
Out of Area Service of Process (So Cal)      $75.00
Courier Services (Monthly Retainer)          $75.00 per month
Local Court Filings (Ventura County)         $10.00 each filing
Court Research                               $15.00 per Hour
Out of Area Filings                          $15.00 each filing
Criminal Records Research                    $15.00 per Hour
Legal Research                               $20.00 per hour
Municipal Record Searches                    $15.00 per Hour
Asset Recovery Research                      $25.00 per Hour
Witness Statements                           $65.00 per hour
Paralegal Services                           Varies Depending On Request
Stake Outs                                   $50.00 per hour
Posting Orders - add to total cost           $65.00
Service by Mail                              $15.00
Bad Address / Not found / Cancelled After
Attempts                                     $65.00 Per Named Defendant

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