E-Mail to Jason A. Levy from TUP's President_ April 14_ 2010 by thefire


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Date: Wed, Apr 14, 2010 at 2:42 PM
Subject: Re: Tonight's event in 200C.
To: JASON A LEVY <jalevy@temple.edu>

Mr. Levy,

Thank you for your email of concern. While I appreciate that you admit that Student
Activities (meaning Alicia, Tassika and Maureen and whomever else) are taking
responsibility for their lack of performance, I do not appreciate that you imply that there
is a matter for which we need to take responsibility when we have done everything as is
required. Mr. Levy and everyone on this email, it has become very evident to me that
Student Activities is an entity that lacks skills in communication and procedure.

For example, you, Alicia and Maureen have informed us that when there is a speaker or
organization that is political in nature, we are to indicate it on our online room request
form. Then, once that is done, we will receive a confirmation email with a notification to
have planning meeting with us, that is, if Student Activities deem it necessary. When I
received the confirmation email, in which I indicated that it was political in nature, for
the Confederation of Iranian Students, there was no notification from anyone in student
activities informing me that there needed to be a planning meeting. What would have
happened had I not taken the initiative to request a planning meeting with Alicia? It
seems to me that we are doing everything that is need/required for planning events. I do
not appreciate the under-the-breath accusation of TUP lacking the ability to be
responsible. This is incorrect and I do not appreciate it, at all.

I also am in awe about why it is that our speaker tonight (a lawyer who happens to be
President of F.I.R.E.) requires security. Is it the content of his discussion that makes you
and Student Activities uncomfortable? Could you explain this to me, please?

I also am very offended, really, that because of the lack of communication and structure
in Student Activities you have decided to put Temple University Purpose on probation.
Mr. Levy, this is not fair and it is wrong. This is quite incredible to me the way that you,
Mr. Levy, and everyone in Student Activities are seemingly perverting Temple
University Purpose's reputation on campus with your actions and reactions. We are an
organization on campus that wants to give everyone a voice, and ironically it seems that
you and Student Activities are trying to take away our voice. All signs indicate to this.
What else can one gather from these actions you and everyone at Student Activities

It seems that when it comes to costs and charging us, everyone is on top of that. Why not
be on top of other matters, too, so that incidents like this, and ones past, can be averted?
I request that you take us off the probation list on which you and Student Activities have
placed us.

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