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          February 2010

The Newsletter of Great Baddow High School
Headmaster’s Letter
The Autumn Term ended on a high with our annual Presentation Ceremony.
The evening included the presentation of academic and sporting awards. The
Mayor of Chelmsford, Councillor Tony Sach, presented the academic awards
and our guest speaker was Dr Paul Whittaker OBE, who presented the A Level
Certificates. Sporting awards were presented by our Chair of Governors, Mr Graham Mundy. The
evening was an opportunity for staff and parents to celebrate the success of our students.

Academic prizes were awarded as follows:

The Carol Buck Prize for special effort and achievement: Katie Rolfe
The Charles Cottey Prize for service to the community: James Braddy
Governors‟ Prize for leadership within the sixth form community: Polly Kersys
Overall A Level Prize: 1st Ryan Hamnett, 2nd Abigail Atkins, 3rd Liam Messin
Physics Prize: Ian Cullen
Mathematics Prize: Ryan Hamnett
Art Prize: Harvey Brown
ICT Prize: Harvey Brown
Biology Prize: Ryan Hamnett
Chemistry Prize: Ryan Hamnett
Mathematics Prize: Ryan Hamnett
Psychology Prize: Ryan Hamnett
Business Studies Prize: Tom Acorn
Design and Technology Prize: Paul Thorpe
English Literature Prize: Jack Booth
French Prize: Camilla Loxton
German Prize: Camilla Loxton
General Studies Prize: Sarah McIlwain-Bates
Media Studies Prize: Lewis Scoging
Physical Education Prize: Lee Stopher
Physics Prize: Ian Cullen
Year 7: Todd Sewell; Year 8: Hannah Davies; Year 9: Lucy Matthams; Year 10: Jess Neary

At the end of January the school was pleased to welcome children‟s author Linda Newbery, who
spent the day working with our students. This was Ms Newbery‟s first visit to the school and the
students thoroughly enjoyed working with her. We thank the school librarians for organising the

Many of our Year 7 students took part in a charity sleepover at the end of January to raise money for
the Haiti Earthquake Appeal. Through sponsorship the students raised over £1,700. I would like to
congratulate them and say a special thank you to Mrs Law, as well as her staff and student helpers,
for making this possible. A further £1,600 was raised through our non-uniform day. Thank you to
the parents, students and staff who supported the appeal.

                                           Roger Hunton

School Attendance and Requests for Leave of Absence
In an attempt to maintain and improve our attendance rate, we are aiming to
reduce the number of holidays taken by students in term time. The DCSF has
carried out studies which show a strong link between attainment and attendance.
For your child to achieve their potential they must attend school regularly.

Could I please draw your attention to the school policy regarding requests for leave
of absence? We greatly value the positive relationship between parents and the
school and we do not want the issue of holidays to create a conflict in this

Parents do not have a statutory right to leave of absence during the academic
year. The school will consider approving a leave of absence request only if there
are exceptional circumstances, for example severe illness or family bereavement.

Please do not put the school into the position of having to decline requests for
leave of absence, which can result in a referral to the Education Welfare Service.
We greatly value the success of our students and any absence from school can be
to the detriment of their learning.

Register Sweeps
Please be aware that our school works in partnership with the Education Welfare
Service and is committed to improving the attendance and attainment of all
students in the school.

As a matter of good practice, register sweeps will now be conducted and I would
ask for your co-operation in following school procedures if your child is absent from

Home visits may be carried out jointly by the Education Welfare Service and school
staff if parents or carers have not contacted the school to provide a reason for a
child‟s absence by 9.00 am on the morning of the absence.

Please do not hesitate to contact me if you would like to discuss this matter

A small minority of students are late to school. All students should be on the school
premises by 8:40 am. Morning registration starts at 8:45.

                                   Paul Farmer
                                Deputy Headteacher
         Uniform Issues
We need your support. Some students have
managed to convince their parents that black
„trainer type‟ footwear is acceptable to wear at
school. Our uniform policy is quite clear that
students must wear appropriate shoes.

We will contact the parents of students who are
wearing inappropriate footwear to school and
discuss with them when they can replace the
offending items.

Also a reminder – no hoodies please.

Thanking you in advance for your support.

               Mr P Farmer (Deputy Headteacher) and
                    Mr A Degge (Senior Teacher)

                              COVER ARTWORK

                                  Louise Aaron

                                        Year 13
                For the first time, the Modern Foreign Languages
                Department organised a trip to the Christmas market in Lille
                in the north of France. Here is a brief summary of what we
did that day.

At 6am on Friday 4th December 2009, forty one Year 9 students and five members of
staff (Mrs Mills, Mr White, Miss Wheeler, Susy our French assistant and myself) met at
school. For some pupils it was their first trip to France, which was even more exciting -
despite the fact it was very early in the morning.

We boarded the coach at 6.30am and we set off on quite a long journey. We crossed
the Channel by Eurotunnel and we arrived in Lille around lunchtime. The weather there
was glorious, despite being cold. We were very lucky to avoid the rain.

Students were given the opportunity to practise their spoken French by interacting with
French people and asking them questions about the Lille Christmas market and their
shopping habits.
Five students, i.e. Amy Clark, Katie Rolfe, Lucy Kings, Celine Jennings and
Hannah Davies, did really well with this activity and were presented with a certificate
in an assembly.

Students had about 3 hours and 30 minutes in Lille town centre to explore the market
and other shops. They were able to experience French food and purchase typically
French gifts for their family.

We then headed back to the coach and left for the Cité Europe shopping centre in Calais
next to the Eurotunnel Terminal. The students were able to purchase a hot meal there
and do even more French shopping. We found that quite a lot of students were looking
at French magazines in the shops and buying Milka chocolates and „bonbons‟. A lot of
Euros were spent on the day.
Unfortunately, this long but exciting trip had to come to an end. We left France around
9pm via Eurotunnel and arrived back at the school (in the rain!) at 10.30pm.

We are hoping to run this trip again next year as it was such a huge success.

            Madame Sykes - Modern Foreign Languages Department
                                                              Modern Languages Department
                                                                visit to the Lille Christmas
                                                                Market, 4 December 2009

I really enjoyed the trip to Lille and Cité Europe. There was lots to buy. Even if you did not buy lots of
things from the market, there were plenty of shops to buy from. Anyone who is reading this who did not
get the chance to go on the trip, I would advise you to go if you get another chance.
                                                                                             Lewis Wilson 9N2

I enjoyed the French trip because there was a variety of stores in the market and elsewhere in Lille. I liked
the worksheet that was given to us because it got us to interact with the French people. Cité Europe is like
Lakeside or Bluewater shopping malls. There are shops to suit all needs. Overall, the Lille trip was great.
Thank you to the French department and Madame Sykes.
                                                                                          Nick Clayden 9W2

I enjoyed the French trip because we were allowed to go around by ourselves. We had a laugh and the
shops were good. It was good because we also visited Cité Europe, which has good shops for everyone.
Overall the trip was great. We all had lots of fun.
                                                                                      Paige Holbard 9W2

I really enjoyed the trip to Lille, as it was a fun way to practise speaking French, knowing that you could
buy something as well. We also went to Cite Europe which was good, especially in Carrefour to see how
different their supermarket was to ours. I would definitely go on a French trip again as it was useful and an
exciting way to learn and practice French!

                                                                                          Laura Talbot, 9N2
                                                      living in either Great Britain
HAITI SLEEPOVER                                       or Haiti. And the twist was,
                                                      we had to make it out of
@ GBHS                                                cardboard We were given
                                                      15 minutes in which to
                                                      complete the challenge. By
On Friday 22nd January 2010, forty one Year 7         then it was around midnight and everyone was
students, thirty nine girls and two boys, came to the starting to get tired. So we all had another hot
sixth form block at Great Baddow High School to raise chocolate and cake before snuggling down into our
money for the people of Haiti that desperately need   sleeping bags to watch a film and then went to sleep.
food, water and medicine after the huge earthquake
a few weeks ago.                                      Most of us started to wake up at 6.30am. By 7.00am
                                                       we were all sitting in our sleeping bags while „The
Upon arrival, all of the sponsorship money we had      Best...‟ prizes were awarded, starting with The Best
each raised was given in and all of the bedding was    Caterpillar (in a sleeping bag) - the winner being
stowed in The Ark and S9.                              Charlotte Bennett! Then we sat and told each other
                                                       scary stories, much better in the daylight, and then at
We then had a talk about what we would be doing        8.00am we got up and cleared up the carpet of
during the evening. After that, we had a spectacular   squashed Pringles and popcorn, rolled up our
disco with Mr Crowl who very kindly charged nothing    sleeping bags and got ready to go home.
for his DJ skills. We danced along to Thriller and
YMCA and all in all had a fabulous time. Then, we     By the end of the Sleepover we had raised just over
settled down with a hot drink and a cake and          £1,400. Our final total a few days later, when late
watched some of the news on Haiti, during which       sponsor money had all come in, was £1,709.64 for
many tears of sympathy were shed.                     the Disasters‟ Emergency Committee Appeal for
                                                      Haitian earthquake survivors. Thank you to all the
When all the drinks and cakes had been finished and people who so generously sponsored us. Thank you
cleared away, out came the newspaper and the          also to the many staff who came in to make it such a
sellotape. The challenge was to make designer outfits great night.
for a bride and groom made entirely from newspaper!
And, as expected, some of the things that the bride                   Ellie Grice - Year 7
and bridegroom were wearing were hilarious!
The next challenge was very relevant. We had to
make a weatherproof shelter for someone homeless
Q. What do you call a gathering of students
   taking part in the Essex Book Award Scheme?
A. Revved up readers!
And that is what we had in the library
at Great Baddow High School on
Thursday, 28th January when author
Linda Newbery visited us and
enthused nearly one hundred staff
and students from schools across the
county about her recent book The
Sandfather, which is one of the six
new books shortlisted for this year‟s
Essex Book Award, organised by the
hardworking staff of the local Schools
Library Service.

There was a great deal of discussion
about all of the books, but The
                                                 Linda Newbery with a representative from each of
Sandfather, a „heart stopping search for
                                                      the ten schools taking part in the event.
identity by a teenage boy desperate to find
his father” provoked the most discussion.

Our own teenagers fired a round of perceptive questions at the author, learnt how the idea of the
story came into being and discussed the power of the image of the father-figure built in the sand, and
slowly but inexorably being washed away. Some agreed with the author that the cover of the book
did not do justice to the content and that a picture of the sand figure on the front would have been
more striking.

The Essex Book Award scheme for this year will end at February half term, all the votes from students
throughout Essex will be counted and the overall winner announced.

Meanwhile, if you are tempted to read The Sandfather, here is a taster:
“Hal was trying to run – stumbling, floundering, his feet sinking into loose
sand. Ahead, the Sandfather walked away, sure-footed, his outline blurred
against the dazzle of the sea. He was made of the same stuff as the beach;
fine, glittering grains, moulded into the man-shape. He belonged here.

Hal tried to shout “Wait” but the word lodged in his throat.

The Sandfather didn‟t pause, or look back. He splashed into the shallows,
then waded deeper. The waves tugged at him, fretted and sighed, washed at
him and over him. Dissolved him. Hal stood helpless on the shore. Now
there was nothing to show where the Sandfather had been: only the sea‟s
vastness, and the long curve of the bay.”
Staff from the visiting schools commented on what an excellent job the Great Baddow students
did acting as their hosts. Participating students came from:
The Brentwood Ursuline School              Moulsham High School      Philip Moramt School
Davenant Foundation School                 The Stanway School        Sweyne Park School
Hylands School                             KEGS                      Tabor Science College

Finally, a note about the author: Linda Newbery

Linda Newbery has published over thirty books, ranging from a picture
book to teenage fiction. She won the Costa Children's Book of the Year
Award in 2006 and, for CATCALL, the Silver Award in the 2007 Nestle
awards. Born in Essex, Linda lives in rural Northamptonshire with her
              husband and three cats. She is an active speaker at
              conferences and regularly conducts writing workshops.

                                The School Librarians


On Friday January 29th Great Baddow High School raised money for the devastation following the
earthquake in Haiti. The Learning Support staff dressed up as Great Baddow students for the day. The
students were able to give the staff uniform strikes but had to pay a minimum of 10p to the member of
staff to do so. Altogether we raised £57.09.

                                                              During morning break the Learning
                                                              Support department held a cake sale in
                                                              Link 1. Cakes piled around the
                                                              classroom, students lined up outside with
                                                              money in their hands waiting to give their
                                                              money for such a good cause. The cake
                                                              sale raised £167.52. “By the looks of it,
                                                              we had a successful day.” said Mrs Jones,
                                                              Head of Learning Support.

                                                              In total we raised £224.61. Thank you to
                                                              all the students and staff who supported

                                                                         Adam Mayne 10N1
We are implementing a recycling scheme for mobile phones and printer ink
cartridges in conjunction with Reciproc8™ Recycling. The scheme enables our
school to do the right thing environmentally while at the same time gaining great

We gain points for the items that we collect. We can then redeem these points
against a range of products and services specifically for schools, which include:
educational materials, sports equipment, conservation materials and experiences.
These rewards will be used in the school‟s day to day activities and will help
enhance the overall facilities and amenities for the pupils.

While we are collecting, the children will also be learning about the three green
Rs – Reduce, Reuse and Recycle.

We are collecting:
   Mobile phones
   Ink cartridges and toners,
   PDAs
   MP3s
   MP4s
   IPODs
   Satellite navigation units

Please don‟t throw these items away. Recycle them and help us to not only help
the environment but also get some great items and experiences for free. Take
two minutes and see what‟s in that drawer at home that things only ever seem to
go into but never come out of!

Parents can help by not only sending in items from home but also asking
neighbours and colleagues at work to donate on behalf of the school.
Furthermore, why not ask your employer if they would consider registering their
business? They can then donate their Reciproc8™ points to us. More
information on the scheme is available at

Thank you all for your support.

                                  Julian Butcher
                              Recycling Co-ordinator
In the event of the school being forced to close because of bad weather, we will notify the
local radio stations (BBC Radio Essex and Heart FM) who will broadcast this information early in
the morning.

I also have the facility at home to send Call Parent text messages to your mobiles (or BT voice
text messages to your landline) advising you whether school is open. PLEASE ENSURE THE
school‟s website:

                                  Mrs P Bonner, Office Manager

                        WORK EXPERIENCE
  Year 10 students will begin making their work experience choices on our next
  Pastoral Day, Friday 12th March. The provisional dates for the two-week
  placements are Monday, 6th September to Friday, 17th September 2010.

                                      Mr J Addicott
                               Work experience Coordinator
                       Sports College News
Congratulations to Sam Robinson who came sixth at the Essex cross country championships which took
place on 22nd January. He represented mid-Essex and will now be picked to represent Essex at the
National Cross Country finals.

Remaining cross country fixtures :
Wednesday 10th February:               Year 7 and 8 Essex Championships
Friday 5th March:                      Year 7 and 8 District championships

After half term we will be starting off the athletics season with a
“Throws Club” and indoor training at Melbourne Park. Indoor training
at Melbourne will take place on Wednesdays between 4.00pm and
5.00pm and it is expected that all jumpers and hurdlers attend. You
will be given a letter with more information, which you will need to
return to the PE department. If you don‟t get a letter but wish to take
part, then come and see a member of the PE department. We are
also hoping to put together a sprint squad on Monday evenings
between 4.00pm and 5.00pm. “Throws Club” will start on a
Wednesday morning.

The timetable that comes out after Easter will have the full programme and competitions will start during
this term. Last year we won ten of the available district titles, all four national teams got to the regional
rounds of the national finals, and the inter-boys‟ teams made the national finals, finishing eighth in the

Athletics Masterclasses : These will be for eight selected students from the following year groups:

  Monday 26th April               Yr 8 Masterclass    4pm to 7pm
  Thursday 29 April               Yr 9 Masterclass    4pm to 7pm
  Monday 10 May                   Yr 10 Masterclass 4pm to 7pm
  Thursday 13 May – (TBC)         Yr 7 Masterclass    4pm to 7pm
  Thursday 13 May                 Junior (8 and 9) and inter trials (10 and 11). Students will need to
                                  attend these to be selected to represent mid-Essex at the Essex
  Thursday 20th May               Year 7 trials. Year 7s will need to attend these to be selected to
                                  represent mid-Essex at the Essex Championships.
  Wednesday 23rd June             DISTRICT ATHLETICS
  Friday 18th June                SPORTS DAY

Middle of May:         first round of the nationals
Middle of June:        regional round of the nationals
First weekend in July: national finals
Congratulations to the U16 girls who
have just reached the national netball
finals. This will take place at Roedean
School in Brighton on March 20th. The
girls won the regional round of the
national schools competition last
Saturday, winning all of their pool
matches, their semi final
14 to 9 and the final 12 to 11.

The tops worn in the photo were
bought from part of the prize money
that Christie Simpson received from
winning a Jack Petchey award.
Christie was given £100 from East
Essex Netball Association for the Jack
Petchey Award initiative and chose to
put it towards warm training tops for
her team.

                                             Back row : Jess Dawson (captain), Sophie Hankin, Ellie Miners, Christie Simpson,
                                             Gabriella Oxlade.
                                             Front row : Megan Parrott, Abbie Wardle, Rebecca Roberts, Charley Barrell,
                                             Ellie Summer.

We are fast approaching the final stages of many of the competitions we take part in. Progress so far in all the
sports can be seen on the school website and a list of all the major dates for the next half term is below:

  DATE              YEAR GROUP           BOYS/GIRLS      COMPETITION
  Wed +-24          Year 7/8             Girls           Hockey tournament at Redbridge
  Th. 4th Mar       Various              Girls/Boys      Essex and East region gymnastics floor and vault comp.
  Sat 20 Mar        U16                  Girls           National netball finals at Roedean School, Brighton
  Sat 20th Mar      U14, U16, U19        Girls/Boys      NSBBC finals at Nottingham Wildcats
  Sun 21 Mar        U13, U15             Girls/Boys      NSBBC finals at Nottingham Wildcats
  Mon 22nd Mar      U13, U15, U18        Girls           Essex basketball finals at Eastwood
  Wed 24 Mar        U13, U15, U18        Boys            Essex basketball finals at Eastwood
  Th. 25th Mar      Various              Girls/Boys      Gym and dance Display
  Mon 29 Mar        U12, U14, U16        Girls           Essex basketball finals at Eastwood
  Wed 31st Mar      U12, U14, U16        Boys            Essex basketball finals at Eastwood
  Wed 31 Mar        Various              Girls           Essex Cup netball finals at Gloucester Park
  Sat 24th Apr      U13 B U14 G          Boys/Girls      NSBBC finals @ Nottingham Wildcats
  Sat/Sun 8/9       U14-19               Girls/Boys      EBBA National basketball finals

We have updated the website to also outline the sports that will be happening after Easter.

This is a new sixth form course which got off to an excellent start with students not only
completing coursework to a high standard but 50% of them qualified as FA Level 1 coaches and
several being first aid trained in the first term of the course.

All students have been taking part in various work experience placements, ranging from the
Essex Outdoor Pursuits Centre to Essex County Cricket Club. Lewis Coldham and Jack Titchard
have, based on their experience, been given the role of Essex Youth Ambassadors in outdoor
education. Lewis has also been given the opportunity to work with the Essex Cricket Club‟s first
XI (Alastair Cook and Co.!) on strength and conditioning sessions.

The class are currently recording films on coaching roles and responsibilities for use with younger
potential coaches.

                                           Mr C Persey


The house system is going to be re-launched following a series of house
assemblies that will take place in the spring and summer terms. Rather than
having year assemblies, students will assemble in house groups:

Monday -         North
Tuesday -        South
Wednesday -      East
Thursday -       West

The aim of the assemblies is to pass on information on such items as fixtures;
competitions and events. The assemblies will be followed by a series of events
weekly through to the summer term. These events will be run by various
departments within school (not just P.E.).

Students should check the house notice board for a list of all events and up to date

The new Interhouse scoreboard will be revealed in Primmer Dining Hall after half-
term. Keep your eyes peeled - you will be impressed!

                                    Mr C Persey

 The Chelmsford Rhinos U12 Rugby Team has made it to the shortlist for the
                       Young Team of the Year sports award run by the
                    Essex Chronicle. A number of Great Baddow High School
                      students are members of the team and they would be
                           grateful for your support in voting for them.

                             The deadline for votes is 22 February and if parents, staff
                             and friends would like to vote they should use the forms
                                (original entries only can be accepted) in the Essex
                                         Chronicle and Brentwood Gazette.

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