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                    2004 OVERVIEW

>    Sales: € 877 million

>    Sales from activities
     abroad: 73 %

>    Shareholder’s
     equity: € 133 million

>    Number of employees: 3,954

01   Profile
02   Chairman’s message
04   Corporate governance
06   2004 Consolidated key data
08   2004/2005 Highlights
10   Fives-Lille throughout the world
12   Sustainable development

18   Automotive
22   Aluminium
26   Steel
30   Cement
34   Glass
36   Sugar
38   Energy
                 The FIVES-LILLE
                 Group companies
                 Cinetic Machining                 Cinetic Conveying & Assembly         Cinetic Service
                 Cinetic Giustina Grinding Srl.    Cinetic Conveying & Assembly GmbH    Cinetic Service UK

                 Cinetic Giustina Grinding         Cinetic Rapidcharge Filling
                 Cinetic Etfa Linking              Cinetic Transitique
                 Cinetic Automation
                 Cinetic Automation GmbH
                 Cinetic DyAG Controls

                 Solios Carbone
                 Solios Environnement SA
                 Solios Environnement Inc.

                 Solios Environnement Corp.
                 Solios Thermal
                 Solios Services Al A’ Ali
                 Solios Services China
                 Solios Services Southern Africa

                 Stein Heurtey                     DMS                                  Celes
                 Stein Heurtey MECC                DMS Bliss
                 Stein Heurtey Bilbao              DMS Industries

                 FCB Ciment                        Pillard (EGCI)                       Solios Environnement
                                                   Pillard España
                                                   Pillard Feuerungen

                                                   Pillard (Tianjin) Intl Trading Co.

                 Stein Heurtey                     Celes
                 Belgium Glass Equipment SA
                 BH-F (Engineering) Ltd.

                 Fives Cail Group                  Nordon Industries
                                                   Nordon Cryogénie

                                                   Cryomec AG

                                                   Pillard (EGCI)
                                                   Pillard España
                                                   Pillard Feuerungen
                                                   Pillard (Tianjin) Intl Trading Co.
                                                                                        Key data as at 31.12.2004

Cinetic is a partner for leading car makers, equipment manufacturers
                                                                                        € 236.5 million
                                                                                        > Sales
and integrators and for the aeronautics and logistics industries.
It is specialised in the design, construction and installation of integrated            € 225.2 million                                       AUTOMOTIVE
equipment and systems for machining, powertrain assembly                                > Order intake
and final assembly.
                                                                                        1,285          > Number of employees

Solios is developing its expertise in three key sectors                                 € 147.2 million
for the aluminium industry:                                                             > Sales
• mastering environmental contraints regarding electrolysis pots, baking
furnaces and green anode plants;
                                                                                        € 46.1 million
                                                                                        > Order intake
• anode production, bath processing and carbon butt processing;                                                                               ALUMINIUM
• aluminium melting, casting and treatment.                                             261        > Number of employees

DMS designs and supplies mechanical equipment and steel production lines:
reversible cold-rolling mills, “Skin-Pass” rolling mills, steel strip treatment lines
                                                                                        € 211.2 million
                                                                                        > Sales
and welded tube lines.
Stein Heurtey designs and builds thermal equipment: reheat furnaces, heat               € 187.4 million
treatment furnaces, furnaces for annealing and galvanising lines, complete              > Order intake
galvanising Mini-lines® etc.                                                            795        > Number of employees
Celes designs and supplies induction heating equipment.

FCB Ciment designs and supplies process equipment and turnkey
                                                                                        € 47.5 million
                                                                                        > Sales
plants for the cement industry.
Pillard, for its part, designs and supplies combustion equipment                        € 216 million
for the whole mineral processing industry.                                              > Order intake                                        CEMENT
                                                                                        170        > Number of employees

                                                                                        € 62.9 million
                                                                                        > Sales
Stein Heurtey and its subsidiaries design and supply thermal equipment
for the flat glass, hollow glassware and float glass industries.                        € 20.4 million
                                                                                        > Order intake                                        GLASS
                                                                                        128        > Number of employees

Fives Cail Group designs and supplies process equipment and turnkey                     € 168.9 million
assemblies for the sugar and ethanol industries.                                        > Sales*
Nordon Industries, Nordon Cryogénie and Pillard all operate                             € 170.9 million
in the energy market and design piping systems, aluminium heat exchangers,              > Order intake*
cryogenic pumps and combustion systems for the production of electrical                                                                       SUGAR
and thermal energy.                                                                     1,264          > Number of employees*
                                                                                        (* excluding Compagnie de Fives-Lille and without
                                                                                        eliminating reciprocal accounts between divisions).   AND ENERGY
                                                              FIVES-LILLE Group 2004 Overview

Profile                                                                                 01

Fives-Lille Group:
industrial engineering
on the international scale
An industrial engineering group with firmly established bases
on the continents of Europe, America and Asia, Fives-Lille
designs, produces and sells capital goods, mainly for the
automotive, aluminium, steel, cement and glass industries,
and also for the sugar industry and the energy sector.

The Fives-Lille product range covers the whole spectrum
from standalone machines to complete production lines,
workshops and turnkey plants. From the smallest to the
largest project, the Group is able to provide a customised
solution for each of its customers.

Fives-Lille's technological control combined with a real capa-
city for innovation and its ability to carry out simultaneous
engineering in coordination with its customers' teams in
accordance with the lead times are key factors in its success.

Thus focused on trades with high added value, the Group
intends to support its customers in their development projects,
with the backing of field personnel who works in synergy with
their own personnel.
      Chairman’s message

                                          Frédéric Sanchez, Chairman of the Executive Board - Fives-Lille Group

                                                               he Group concluded 2004 with excellent financial

                                                T              results, posting growth at operating level for the eighth
                                                               consecutive year and thus validating the strategic choices
                                                               made in recent years. In particular, and for the first time,
                                                               the Group’s various divisions all turned in solid operating
                                                               performances and, for the most part, grew strongly.

                                                               With growth of nearly 25% in sales, 18.5% in operating
                                                               profit and 40% in the Group share of net profit in 2004
                                                               compared with 2003, the Fives-Lille Group has once
                                                               again demonstrated its ability to perform well on a
                                                               consistent basis.

                                                               The Group enjoyed a highly successful year on the commer-
                                                               cial side, in a somewhat difficult economic context marked
                                                               by weak conditions worldwide in the automotive market,
                                                               rising raw material prices and the continued weakness
                                                               of the dollar. Order intake reached EUR 861 million,
                                                               close to the record levels achieved in 2001 and 2003.

     Supervisory Board                                                   Executive Board
     CHAIRMAN                MEMBERS                                      CHAIRMAN
     Jacques Lefèvre         Arnaud Leenhardt                             Frédéric Sanchez
                             Gonzague Le Barbier
     FIRST DEPUTY CHAIRMAN   de Blignieres                                MEMBERS
     Guillaume Jacqueau      Thomas Grob                                  Martin Duverne
                             Grégoire Chatillon                           Lucile Ribot
                             (Permanent representative
                             of Barclays Private Equity
                             France SAS)
                             Dominique Gaillard
                                                                                                                         FIVES-LILLE Group 2004 Overview


“The Fives-Lille Group has once again
demonstrated its ability to perform well
on a consistent basis”
 With a year-end order book above EUR 700 million for           It was in this context that, in 2004, we took another
 the first time in our history, we can look to the future       important step in our history with the arrival of our new
 with confidence.                                               core shareholder, Barclays Private Equity France, which
                                                                was attracted by our strategy, the quality and strong
 The Group is now organised into business divisions,            commitment of the women and men who implement
 and we have found the right balance between a structure        that strategy, and our Group’s excellent financial health,
 based on decentralised decision-making in order to better      solid organic growth and potential to make acquisitions.
 meet our customers’ expectations, and compliance
 with effective internal control procedures ensuring the
 consistency of policies implemented within the various         For all these reasons, 2005 augurs well. Our greater
 divisions. By combining rigorous contract management           focus on innovation and the expansion of our geographic
 with a high level of selectivity in the choice of commercial   coverage to reduce the Fives-Lille Group’s sensitivity to
 projects within a culture of responsibility and control, our   economic conditions, should result furthermore in the
 Group has a formidable array of tools with which to meet       balanced development of our businesses and improved
 the challenges of change and accelerate its rate of growth.    earnings.

                                                                                                  Executive Committee
                                                                                                   From left to right:
                                                                                                   James Roget
                                                                                                   Jean-Claude Salas
                                                                                                   Michel Dancette
                                                                                                   Alain Cordonnier
                                                                                                   Martin Duverne
                                                                                                   Lucile Ribot
                                                                                                   Jean-Camille Uring
                                                                                                   Frédéric Sanchez
                                                                                                   Daniel Brunelli-Brondex
                                                                                                   Jean Ledoux
                                                                                                   Philippe Ramet
                                                                                                   Jean-Claude Pillard
                                                                                                   Jean-Paul Sauteraud
     Corporate governance

     Compagnie de Fives-Lille is a joint-stock company with
     an Executive Board and a Supervisory Board. Over the
     last few years, its governance bodies have set up various
     committees to assist them in the decision-making process.

     Corporate governance
     The Supervisory Board
     Currently comprising seven members, the Supervisory           • advise the Supervisory Board on possible changes
     Board exercises permanent control over the Executive          to the accounting principles and policies in force;
     Board’s management of the Company. It meets at least          • examine the manner in which internal and external
     four times a year to review the quarterly report pre-         controls are performed in respect of the Company’s
     sented to it by the Executive Board. It verifies and checks   consolidated financial statements.
     the Company and consolidated financial statements
     presented to it by the Executive Board within the three       The Accounts Committee meets at least twice a year.
     months following the financial year end.
     Throughout the year, it performs the checks and               The Remuneration Committee
     controls it considers appropriate and may request any         The members of this committee are Jacques Lefèvre
     documents it deems useful in the accomplishment of            and Guillaume Jacqueau (Chairman).
     its role.                                                     It is responsible for making proposals to the Supervisory
                                                                   Board concerning appointments to the Executive Board
     The Accounts Committee                                        and the possible renewal of Executive Board member’s
     The role of the Accounts Committee is to provide infor-       terms of office together with the amount of their remu-
     mation to the Supervisory Board. Its members are:             neration.
     • Jacques Lefèvre, Chairman of the Supervisory Board;
     • Guillaume Jacqueau, Vice Chairman of the Super-             The Executive Board
     visory Board;                                                 The Executive Board has three members and is respon-
     • Thomas Grob, member of the Supervisory Board.               sible for the management of the Company. It has the
     The Chairman of the Executive Board, the Chief Finan-         broadest powers to act in all circumstances in the Com-
     cial Officer, the Financial Control Director and/or the       pany’s name within the limits of the corporate purpose
     Director of Accounting for the Group as well as the           and the powers attributed expressly to the Supervisory
     Company’s statutory auditors may also attend meetings         Board and to shareholders’ general meetings.
     of this Committee.
                                                                   With regard to the Supervisory Board, the Executive Board:
     Its role is primarily to:                                     • presents a quarterly report on the Group’s performance,
     • examine and assess the financial documents issued           together with a revised budget for the current year and,
     by Compagnie de Fives-Lille in connection with the            at each year end, an initial budget for the following year;
     preparation of annual and semi-annual Company and             • within the three months following the year end, approves
     consolidated financial statements;                            the annual Company and consolidated financial state-
                                                                   ments and provides them to the Supervisory Board;
                                                                                                                FIVES-LILLE Group 2004 Overview


• provides the Supervisory Board with the report of
the Executive Board that will be presented to the annual ordi-

                                                                         oncerning the prevention and control of risks inher-
nary general meeting;                                                    ent in the Group’s activities and the conduct of its per-
• informs the Supervisory Board of any specific issues.                  sonnel, the structure of the Fives-Lille Group is based on:
                                                                 • the quality, personal involvement and accountability of the
The Executive Board meets as often as the Company’s              management teams in each Group company;
                                                                 • coordination by business division;
interests require.
                                                                 • the implementation, within the context of a concerted effort
                                                                 by the various Group companies, of a “Directives and Recom-
The Executive Committee                                          mendations Manual”. This constitutes the preferred means of
To assist with its decisions, the Executive Board has            controlling risks and also provides the basis for internal limi-
instituted an Executive Committee comprising the                 tations set by the Boards of Directors of Group companies on the
members of the Executive Board and the main ope-                 powers of their Chief Executive Officers and Chief Operating
rating managers of the Group.                                    Officers.
                                                                 In particular, each proposal to materially commit the company
As a body for the consideration and exchange of infor-
                                                                 concerned is subject to an in-depth review intended to avoid
mation, the Executive Committee meets to review spe-
                                                                 exposure to risks that may have a material effect on the financial
cific issues and assist the Executive Board in reaching          outcome of a proposed contract or an adverse impact on the
decisions concerning matters falling within its powers.          business or reputation of the company in a given business sector
In particular, the Executive Committee deliberates on            or geographical region.
matters of common interest and notably questions of
coordination between the group’s various entities.               Similarly, each material contract in progress is subject to a
                                                                 detailed review at least once every three months by the main
                                                                 managers of each Group company with the purpose of carrying
The Executive Committee meets at least six times a year.
                                                                 out a detailed assessment of contract progress, reviewing the
                                                                 technical, financial and contractual issues involved, and taking
                                                                 any relevant decisions.

Internal control

                                                                        oncerning the preparation and processing of accounting
                                                                        and financial information, the internal control mechanism
 The internal control procedures applied within the Group               is based on:
are intended:                                                    • implementing professional accounting and financial pro-
• first, to ensure that management actions and the conduct       cedures throughout the Fives-Lille Group by building on the
of transactions, as well as the behaviour of personnel, are      experience of its staff;
                                                                 • a uniform system of accounting methods and consolidation
fully consistent with the framework defined by the orien-
tations given to the activities of the various Group companies
                                                                 • an integrated and common consolidation and management
by their corporate governance bodies, applicable laws and        application throughout the Group, thus ensuring the consist-
regulations and their values, standards and internal rules;      ency of accounting data and management information.
• second, to ensure that accounting, financial and man-
agement information provided to the relevant corporate           Within the context of their legal responsibilities, the statutory
governance bodies provides an accurate reflection of the         auditors perform a limited review of the half-yearly consolidated
activities and position of the companies comprising the Group.   financial statements and a full audit of the annual consolidated
                                                                 financial statements. Previous company and consolidated
                                                                 financial statements have all received an unqualified audit
The internal control system thus defined is intended to          opinion.
provide reasonable assurance that risks will be controlled
and that the objectives set will be achieved.
     Consolidated key data

     With the solid advantages of its high-quality technical offering and worldwide
     presence, and despite the widespread lacklustre macroeconomic conditions,
     the Fives-Lille Group posted an excellent commercial performance in 2004.

         in € millions    668      879      861.1   Order intake

                                                    The excellent overall performance results primarily
                                                    from the remarkable achievements of the Cement division,
                                                    which was awarded two turnkey projects in 2004. The first
                                                    was for the Lafarge group in Mexico, and the second for
                                                    Qatar National Cement Company (QNCC) in Qatar.

                         2002     2003     2004

         in € millions    517.8    691.2    703.8   Order book as at 31 December

                                                    The Group enters 2005 with a record order book
                                                    of over €700 million, giving it excellent visibility on sales
                                                    in most of its business lines for the year ahead.

                         2002     2003     2004

         in € millions    728.7    701.8    877.1   Sales

                                                    Group sales rose sharply between 2003 and 2004, up by
                                                    25% thanks mainly to the record level of the order book
                                                    at the start of the year and a high level of order intake.

                         2002     2003     2004
                                                                                                   FIVES-LILLE Group 2004 Overview


    in € millions    31.8     34      40.3     Operating profit

                                               Operating profit continued to rise, reaching €40.3 million
                                               in 2004, corresponding to 18.5% growth over the previous
                                               year. All business lines made a positive contribution
                                               to this strong performance.

                    2002     2003     2004

    in € millions    203.2    166.4   187.8    Closing net cash position/ Shareholder’s equity

                                               With a rise in cash and cash equivalent balances during
                                               the year and shareholders’ equity of €133 million at the
                                               year end, the Fives-Lille Group has a healthy and solid
                                               financial structure.

Closing net cash
                    2002     2003     2004

    in € millions    124.2    140.3    133.1

                    2002     2003     2004
     2004/2005 Highlights

     2004: A new shareholder for the Group
     On 18 August 2004, the Industri Kapital investment fund sold the Fives-Lille Group to
     Barclays Private Equity France, a part of one of the world’s leading financial institutions,
     the Barclays Bank group.
     With the support of a new owner that shares its strategic vision, the Group is continuing
     to put in place an operational structure based on major business divisions, with the
     aim of growing both organically and through acquisitions.

     2004: Cinetic strengthened its positions                              Solios: Fine-tuning
                        and enlarges its                                   its refocusing on the
                        product portfollio                                 aluminium and cement
                            For the Cinetic Group, 2004 was marked         industries
                            by the integration into the Cinetic division
                            of two companies acquired in 2003:             Solios Environnement has completed its
                            – Rapidcharge Frigofrance SAS in Nantes        refocusing on the aluminium and cement
                            (France): this specialist for automotive       sectors, selling its fertiliser industry gas
                            filling and fluid test systems is the market   scrubbing and processing activity carried
                            leader in France and is one of the three       out by its Belgian subsidiary Procedair
                            or four main suppliers in the world for        Benelux to Coppee-Courtoy of the SNC
                            this type of technology. Renamed Cinetic       Lavalin group.
                            Rapidcharge Filling in early 2004,
                            this company enabled Cinetic to enlarge
                            its scope to one of the final car assembly
                            key processes and brought a world
                            commercial coverage in this field.
                            – DyAG in the USA: this small automation
                            company based near Detroit develops
                            proprietary control software solutions.
                            Renamed Cinetic DyAG Controls Corp.
                            in 2004, it contributes to reinforce
                            the internal engineering and innovation
                            resources of Cinetic Automation.
                                                                                                                FIVES-LILLE Group 2004 Overview


2004: Fives-Lille continues to expand
                                                                                                                                 Michelle X.Y.
in China, a market in which it has                                                                                                      Shan
                                                                                                                               Vice President

been present for over a decade                                                                                                      Business
                                                                                                                              development of
                                                                                                                               the Fives-Lille

                                                                                                                                   of the CFL
                                                                                                                                 Beijing office

                                                                                              “The key of our success in China in
                                                                                              the steel and aluminium sectors is to
                                                                                              build seamless working teams which
                                                                                              takes into account the specific
                                                                                              character of Chinese Market. These
                                                                                              teams work in close collaboration
                                                                                              with the Group subsidiaries concerned
                                                                                              and with their representatives to
                                                                                              offer customers the very best of our
       APRIL 2004                                      DECEMBER 2004                          expertise.
                                                                                              Our aim is to extend this way of
                                                                                              working to the Group’s other sectors
Creation of Fives-Lille                         Solios: Development of                        of activity, notably in the cement and
China, a wholly-owned                           a services activity in China                  automotive sectors, in order to seize
                                                                                              all the opportunities – commercial,
subsidiary of Compagnie                         Following the opening of two services         execution, partnerships, etc. –
de Fives-Lille                                  subsidiaries, in South Africa and the         offered by the Chinese market.”
                                                Persian Gulf, at the end of 2004 Solios
Fives-Lille China has a dual role:              opened a new Solios Services centre
                                                                                              Appointed as Vice President Business
– to fulfil the local element of orders         aimed at the Chinese market. Based
                                                                                              Development of the Fives-Lille Group
  booked in China by Group companies            in Shanghai, the staff of Solios Services
                                                                                              in 2004, Michelle X.Y. Shan has specific
  (with the exception of Stein Heurtey,         China draws on the logistics and general
                                                resources of Fives-Lille China.               responsibility for the development
  which continues to work with SHMECC);
                                                                                              of Group activities in China and par-
– as a low-cost supplier.
                                                With around fifteen customers already using   ticipates in developing Fives-Lille’s
Fives-Lille China is already able to help
Group companies expand the scope of             equipment supplied by Solios, Solios          strategy in the steel business.
their offer in China whilst at the same         Services China aims to develop mechanical     She also has retained her position
time improving their competitiveness.           as well as process technical assistance       as Chief Representative in the Beijing
                                                services for the Chinese market,              office and has been appointed to the
                                                supply spare parts and provide a turnkey      Board of Directors of Fives-Lille China.
                                                service for equipment modification and
       MAY 2004                                 enhancement projects.

Pillard (EGCI) opens                            Since early 2005, a Solios expert has
                                                been based permanently at Solios
a subsidiary in Beijing                         Services China to train and assist
                                                the company’s Chinese engineers
The role of Pillard (Tianjin) International     for the launch of this new activity.
Trading Co. Ltd is to make this combustion
specialist more competitive in local markets,
whether in the minerals sector or in the
alumina or power sectors.
      Fives-Lille throughout the world

     With 73% of its sales from activities abroad,
     the Fives-Lille Group is well known for its export capabilities.

     Group companies have experience and know-how that
     give them a high degree of credibility in negotiating
     and carrying out major contracts combining, on the basis
     of proprietary technologies, the supply of equipment
     with local involvement in civil engineering, structures
     and assembly.

     This ability is recognised by both customers and financial
     partners of the Group.

     The Fives-Lille International department aims to develop                    Head office of the Group
     a homogeneous and high-performance collaboration                            Subsidiaries
     with the banks, export credit agencies and public and                       Group representative offices
     private export insurance providers who make up our
     financial partners, and to develop appropriate financing
     solutions for the Group’s customers.

     The Group is able to offer its customers commercial
     expertise on a local basis through its network of regional
     sales and marketing offices.
     With existing offices in Beijing, Bangkok, Jakarta, Ho Chi
     Minh City and Mexico, the Fives-Lille International                         AMERICAS
     department is preparing to open a new office in Moscow                      Canada (Montreal)
     this year.                                                                  United States (Coral Gables,
                                                                                 Farmington Hills, Livonia,
                                                                                 Mexico (Mexico City)
                                                                                 Brazil (São Paulo)

     Breakdown of order intake
     by geographical area

          21.5 %                  27.6 %

                                                    Europe (except France)
                                                    Africa and Middle East
         23 %                        11.1 %         Asia, Australia and Austral-Asia

                            16.8 %
                                                                                                                 FIVES-LILLE Group 2004 Overview


“The group enjoys a strong credibility:
Fives-Lille is widely renowed for its know-how
in the management of international projects.”
                                                                                                 the Group’s presence
                                                                                                 in China
         EUROPE                                                                 International
         Head office : France (Montreuil-sous-bois)                         of the Fives-Lille
         Subsidiaries : France (Bouguenais, Évry, Givors, Golbey, Grigny,               Group
         Héricourt, Lagny-sur-Marne, Lautenbach, Marne-la-Vallée,
         Marseilles, Nancy, Saint-Céré, Saint-Étienne,
         Saint-Germain-en-Laye, Saint-Mars-la-Brière, Seclin,
         Vaulx-en-Velin, Verneuil-sur-Vienne,Villeneuve d’Ascq).
         Great Britain (Derby, Didcot, Liverpool,
         Southend-on-Sea, Wombourne)
         Germany (Kornwestheim, Taunusstein)
         Spain (Bilbao, Madrid)
         Italy (Torino)
         Belgium (Falisolle)                                                                     “In 2004, China maintained its
         Switzerland (Allschwil)                                                                 position as the Group’s principal
                                                                                                 export market, and offers the
                                                                                                 prospect of future growth in our
                                                                                                 main business areas.
                                                                                                 Our commercial (CFL office in
                                                                                                 Beijing) and operational structures
                                                                                                 (Fives-Lille China in Shanghai,
                                                                                                 SHMECC and Pillard Tianjin
                                                                                                 International Trading Co.),
                                                                                                 combined with ever greater sales
                                                                                                 and marketing efforts by our
                                                                                                 subsidiaries, enable us to benefit
         ASIA, MIDDLE EAST, AFRICA                                                               from this historical growth.
         India (Calcutta, Chennai)                                                               Nevertheless, and this is a posi-
         P.R. China (Beijing, Shanghai)                                                          tive rebalancing of our activities,
         Thailand (Bangkok)                                                                      we note with satisfaction that the
         Vietnam (Hô Chi Minh-City)                                                              Group is also very well positioned
         Indonesia (Jakarta)                                                                     in Southeast Asia. We can observe
         Bahrain (Manama)                                                                        there a sharp rise of capital
         R.S.A. (Bruma)                                                                          expenditures for example
                                                                                                 in Vietnam’s cement industry
                                                                                                 or Thailand’s steel industry.”
     Sustainable development

     Value the development of skills
     and recognise exemplary professional conduct
                                                                                                                  FIVES-LILLE Group 2004 Overview


With most of its staff employed in Europe, the Fives-Lille Group must prepare itself for the profound
changes that will affect the labour market in the years ahead: a reduction in the working population,
the retirement in huge numbers of highly experienced staff, and recruitment difficulties in certain
technical or highly specialised fields.
The rapid changes in the conditions under which the Group carries on its activities, which are increasingly
focused on design and innovation, and the growing demands of customers are major challenges for the
Group. The role of the Human Resources function must be to anticipate and prepare for these changes.
The development of skills, particularly through training, is now one of the primary challenges the Group
must face, not only to attract, and then retain, staff by offering genuine career development opportunities,
but also to keep pace with the profound changes in its areas of specialisation to the full satisfaction
of its customers.

Evaluate to anticipate                      of their career development takes place      “I learnt a lot
In order to offer each staff member a       within the company concerned and the
career path that meets their expectations   Group.
                                                                                         during my VIE.
and the Group’s requirements, staff         The action plans established following       It’s a good school.”
development is the subject of one-on-       each committee meeting are imple-            Site engineer with Solios, Matthieu
one exchanges during the annual ap-         mented and monitored closely by the          Chanzy, 27, joined the Group and its VIE
praisal interview. This is then followed    Group’s HR units.                            scheme in 2002 on the Mozal site in
                                                                                         Mozambique before moving to the
up by collective analysis carried out by
                                                                                         Aluminium Hillside site in South Africa.
a Career Management Committee.              Develop to preserve
                                                                                         As a recent graduate with a degree in
                                            Fives-Lille devotes the time and other       mechanical engineering and industrial
In accordance with the Group’s code         resources required for continuing pro-       automation, looking for hands-on expe-
of ethics, all discriminatory criteria      fessional development.                       rience internationally and preferably in
are excluded from this approach and         By investing in training and mobility, and   a field connected with the environment,
each employee is guaranteed a career        also by recruiting from more diverse         Matthieu says he was lucky to be taken
path that is determined by his or her:      and international sources, Fives-Lille       on by Solios under the VIE scheme to
                                                                                         help the team with the start-up of the
– observed skills;                          is continuing to add to the unique tech-
                                                                                         fume treatment centre. “Working first
– professional conduct;                     nical and managerial capital stock of
                                                                                         hand on the start-up of the systems and
– performance and contribution to           the men and women in its business lines.     equipment gave me a rapid understan-
results;                                    At the same time, the identification of      ding of the activity at the same time as
– desire for change and mobility.           high-level career paths and the recruit-     training me in the different technologies
                                            ment of young engineers guarantee            developed by Solios. I was immediately
At any time, therefore, the employee        the Group’s future. In this way, over a      integrated into the team. As a VIE parti-
plays the major role in his or her career   number of years the Group has devel-         cipant, we were there to learn, the com-
                                                                                         pany nevertheless rapidly entrusted us
development.                                oped a genuine breeding ground for
                                                                                         with important tasks.”
                                            young engineers through its Volontariat
                                                                                         Now an engineer on the Alba site in
The Career Management Committees            International en Entreprise (VIE) volun-     Bahrain, Matthieu Chanzy is evidently
are the drivers of change in the com-       tary international business service          pleased to have started his career
pany, with the objective of matching        scheme run in collaboration with the         in installation start-ups. “Site work
the potential of the engineers and          French Ministry of Foreign Affairs.          requires a large personal investment,
managers in the Fives-Lille Group with      Trained on the ground in various busi-       which I am happy to make.” Whilst for
its present and future requirements.        ness technologies during the assembly        the time being he would like to continue
                                                                                         gaining experience on the ground,
Set up by the Executive Committee of        and start-up phases of installations,
                                                                                         Matthieu Chanzy doesn’t hide the fact
each subsidiary, the staff appraisals       the engineers can then join sales and
                                                                                         that he “would like to move ahead and
they carry out determine the actions        marketing, R&D or manufacturing              see what else the Group has to offer”.
to be taken and provide assurance to        units in order to enhance their profes-
employees that proper consideration         sional development.
     Sustainable development

     Helping our customers protect
     the environment and exceed their targets
                                                                                                      FIVES-LILLE Group 2004 Overview


All the Group's customers - whether they be cement, aluminium, steel, glass producers or car
manufacturers - are committed to policies of sustained development with an essential priority
of protecting the environment. As supplier of capital goods for these industries, the Fives-Lille
Group has, for some years now, been focussing its research and development policy on systems
providing low C02, NOx and fluoride emissions and lower energy consumption to enable its
customers to meet and, even, exceed the targets they have set.

With the development of the “Dual Suction System”,
Solios Environnement helps primary aluminium
producers to comply with the most stringent envi-
ronmental requirements.
The electrolytic pot gas suction systems such as
those supplied by Solios to Alba line 5 (Bahrain) and
Alcoa Fjardaál (Iceland) plants represent a techno-
logical breakthrough offering a significant reduction
in fluoride emissions.
Using this process, the flow of gases aspirated from
a pot can be doubled when performing operations
requiring removal of the pot hoods (to change anodes,
for example). This increased suction maintains the       The new Scap Rhodax®: more ecological
efficiency of gas collection and the contaminants col-   and more economical.
lected are routed to gas treatment centres instead       The paste shop supplied as part of the Alba line
of being released through the potroom vents.             5 project in Bahrain includes the new SCAP-Rhodax®
This process reduces total plant emissions by about      process developed by Solios Carbone jointly with
40%, or approximately 50 to 60 tonnes of fluoride a      Alcan. Using 40% less equipment than conventional
year for a plant producing 300,000 tonnes of alu-        dry material preparation systems, this new process
minium a year.                                           offers an equivalent reduction in potential sources
                                                         of dust emissions and helps improve health and safety
                                                         conditions in the workshop.
                                                         This workshop also incorporates the latest generation
                                                         dry scrubber for the trapping of pitch fumes. This
                                                         technology, the result of active synergy between
                                                         Solios Carbone and Solios Environnement, provides
                                                         environmental conditions in compliance with cur-
                                                         rent environmental standards, including in the most
                                                         critical areas of the workshop. The process used does
                                                         not generate any waste requiring subsequent treat-
                                                         ment as the pitch collection agent is petroleum coke
                                                         which is then used in anode paste production.
     Sustainable development

     STEEL                                                      GLASS
     Stein Heurtey: development of a new burner tech-
     nology for galvanising line preheating sections
     enabling heat treatment at a lower temperature.
     Stein Heurtey has developed a new burner technology
     to equip galvanising line preheating sections to allow
     heat treatment cycles to operate at lower temperatures
     (a 150°C reduction in temperature range compared
     with previous technology) so consuming less energy
     and reducing NOx and CO2 emissions.
     This technology has been installed on several hori-
     zontal galvanising lines including, in particular at
     Sollac Atlantique (Arcelor Group), at Desvres in France.

     New furnaces burners on Digit@l Furnace®
     technology.                                                Temperature profiles of a glass melting
     The flexibility of the Digit@l Furnace® concept means      oxy-combustion furnace
     that the operation of furnaces can be controlled on
     the basis of their production capacity and the type of     Stein Heurtey has developed oxy-combustion tech-
     product to be processed. This operating method offers      nology for glass melting furnaces to reduce CO2
     an average energy saving of 10%. The new spread-flame      and NOx emissions.
     burner improves heat exchange while reducing NOx           The modelling of glass melting furnaces was used
     emissions by about 50%. All the latest heating fur-        to assess impacts of switching from conventional
     naces designed by Stein Heurtey are equipped with          air-based to oxy-combustion burners on the furnace
     these technologies.                                        design, particularly on geometry and power distri-
                                                                bution. As well as dispensing with the need for large
                                                                combustion air preheating regenerators, the main
                                                                advantage of oxy-combustion is the reduction in
                                                                greenhouse gas (CO2) and NOx emissions. Through
                                                                this work, Stein Heurtey has acquired the necessary
                                                                know-how to offer a complete technical solution for
                                                                its customers in the glass industry. In particular,
                                                                these developments have been applied to hollow
                                                                glass furnaces at Verrerie du Languedoc (Perrier
                                                                Group) and Newell. Both these manufacturers have
                                                                noted not only a reduction in CO2 and NOx emissions
                                                                but also a decrease of around 15% in their furnaces'
      Digital simulation of flows in a Digit@l Furnace®         energy consumption.
                                                                                                            FIVES-LILLE Group 2004 Overview


AUTOMOTIVE                                                CEMENT
                                                          With the development of NEUTRINOx for cement
                                                          kilns, Pillard offers a combination of efficiency,
                                                          control of operating costs and reduced NOx emissions.
                                                          As a complement to NOx reductions obtained with
                                                          Rotaflam® burners, Pillard has developed an SNCR
                                                          urea injection process called NEUTRINOx to help
                                                          cement manufacturers comply with new regulations
                                                          on emissions.
                                                          NEUTRINOx takes into account requirements regarding
                                                          the selected injection point (matter in suspension,
                                                          temperature window, shape of ducts, velocities, etc.).
                                                          A simple process based on two-stage urea injection,
                                                          NEUTRINOx is adapted to specific cases by digital
First CO2 air conditioning system filling machine         simulation and optimisation of the positioning and
for Cinetic Rapidcharge Filling.                          design of the ZV2 type liquid atomisers used. Moreover,
As part of the campaign to replace coolants contri-       it facilitates installation and optimises urea consumption
buting to the greenhouse effect and damaging the          with no NH3 leakage into the flue.
ozone layer, car makers and equipment manufactu-
rers are studying alternatives to the HFC type coolants   Pillard has been entrusted with the first installation
used at present. One of the solutions consists in using   by the Italcementi Group for its plant in Salerno, Italy.
coolants such as CO2 which, as well as providing bet-
ter thermal performances, are less harmful to the
environment. To keep in step with the environmental
policies of its partners in the field of automotive and
equipment manufacturing, Cinetic Rapidcharge Filling
developed and launched a CO2 air conditioning system
filling machine in 2004.

     As part of the renovation of the PSA Peugeot Citroën assembly shops in Poissy in 2004,
     Cinetic installed and commissioned the HC2 trim line for the assembly for the new A7 vehicle.
                                                                                                                                             FIVES-LILLE Group 2004 Overview


Cinetic, a network of specialists
serving the automotive industry
In 2004, in spite of a difficult economic context marked
by the depressed situation of the world automotive industry,

Cinetic achieved several noteworthy commercial successes.

In the machining and powertrain              Continuing its collaboration
assembly sector, Cinetic Etfa Linking        with Cinetic Automation, Daimler
received an order from PSA Peu-              Chrysler entrusted it with several
geot Citroën for the automation of           large-scale projects, including the
the EP engine (joint development             modernisation and reconfiguring

by PSA and BMW) crankshaft lines             of the gearbox assembly line of its
integrating washing machines of              Kokomo (Indiana) plant, and the
its own design.                              extension of the engine assembly
Cinetic Cleaning & Machining in              line in its Trenton plant.
the USA secured several orders for           In 2004 General Motors also chose
flexible washing modules for Honda,          Cinetic Automation for the transfer
Toyota and Nemak. Cinetic Machin-            of its 6-cylinder engine assembly
ing, for its part, was selected to           line from its Livonia (Michigan) plant

supply laser welding machines for            to its Ramos site in Mexico.
the PSA Peugeot Citroën MCP gear-                                                                        In 2004, Cinetic Automation brought into
box programme. Lastly, after having          In the vehicle assembly sector,                             service two sun-roof assembly lines for
chosen Cinetic Giustina Grinding             PSA Peugeot Citroën chose the                               Daimler Chrysler vehicles in Webasto's
in 2003 to produce a complete crank-         Cinetic group to supply the main                            Rochester Hills (Michigan) and Lexington
shaft machining line for heavy               assembly lines for its new production                       (Kentucky) plants in the USA.
vehicles, FAW in China ordered a             plant in Trnava, Slovakia, with a

two additional crankshaft grinding           capacity of 50 vehicles/hour. In the
machines for heavy vehicle engines.          framework of a turnkey contract

                        AUTOMOTIVE OFFERING
                      – Automated systems for light alloy casting     – Refurbishment of machine-tools             > FINAL ASSEMBLY AND CONVEYING
 Sales                – Automated systems for core assembly           – Rapid reapplication for new components     – Floor-mounted and overhead conveyors
                      – Automation of light metal casting shops       – Gantries, conveyors                          for body-in-white and paint shops

 € 236.5              – Milling machines and fettling machines
                      – Orbital grinding machines, O.D. grinding
                        machines, centerless grinders and
                                                                      – Mechanisation and automation
                                                                        of machining lines
                                                                                                                   – Automated and semi-automatic
                                                                                                                     assembly stations
 million                                                              – Preassembly and control stations           – Circuit testing and fluid filling equipment

                        double-disc grinding machines                 – Powertrain assembly stations (fastening,   – Transitic systems for the industry
                      – Laser welding and laser application             bonding, shrink fit)                         and mail/parcel service*
 Order intake           machines                                      – Cold and warm testing stations

 € 225.2
                      – Tooth chamfering machines                     – Conveyors                                  > SERVICE
                      – Washing machines                              – Automation                                 – Maintenance engineering
                      – Machining centres for light alloy profiles*   – Complete assembly lines                    – Maintenance of handling systems
 million              – Metal sheet routing machines*                   for transmission engines and axles           with guaranted objectives
                                                                                                                   – Modification and redevelopment
                                                                                                                     of industrial plants

                                                                                                                     (* Other industries).

                                                              “The Chinese market                                     integrating the automation, Cinetic
                                                                                                                      Conveying & Assembly is respon-
                                                              represents a high                                       sible for building the vehicle trim,
                                                              activity potential                                      doors trim and dashboard trim lines,
                                                              for Cinetic. Through                                    engine, powertrain and mechanical
                                                                                                                      component preparation lines, and
                                                              Cinetic China, we                                       the vehicle assembly and setdown
                                                              will strengthen                                         lines. PSA Peugeot Citroën also
                                                              our presence in this                                    chose Cinetic Rapidcharge Filling to
      Daniel Tang                                                                                                     supply all the fluid filling equipment
                 –                                            country as quickly                                      (air conditioning, brake, engine
     Cinetic China
                                                              as possible”                                            cooling systems, fuel, windscreen
                                                                                                                      and rear window washer, gearbox)
                     The Cinetic group is already active on       "Our efforts today are also focused on              and the associated leak test equip-
                     the Chinese market, chiefly through its      the setting up of a network of agents
                                                                                                                      ment. Commissioning of the facil-
                     subsidiaries Cinetic Rapidcharge Filling     representing Cinetic's other "standard"
                     and Cinetic Giustina Grinding which in       products, namely the laser welding
                                                                                                                      ities is planned for the end of 2005
                     turn rely on a network of local agents,      machines for gears, gear tooth chamfer-             and full production capacity is expect-
                     but this year it has decided to speed        ing machines and industrial washing                 ed to be reached at the end of 2006.
                     up the development of its business           machines. These machines have undergone
                     representations in this country.             numerous developments and are renowned
                     "The market is very promising, particu-      in Europe and the United States for their
                     larly in the fields of powertrain assembly   reliability and performance."
                     and final assembly, where Cinetic's
                     know-how is a real asset," intimates
                     Daniel Tang, representative of Cinetic                                                           Cinetic gantry provides excellent dynamic
                     China in the Fives-Lille Beijing office.                                                         performances (speed and acceleration)
                     "Although the priority is to improve                                                             along both the horizontal and vertical axes.
                     the presentation of our equipment                                                                Its modular design makes it compatible with
                     and service offering to benefit from                                                             most geared motors on the market and
                     the investments that are soon going                                                              offers various rotation possibilities. Its noise
                     to be made in the automotive sector,                                                             level of less than 65 db results from the use
                     we should also rapidly establish agree-                                                          of a new motion technology that significantly
                     ments with local partners in order                                                               reduces noise levels. This gantry, which
                     to meet customers' needs in terms of                                                             causes less pollution, does not require a
                     local share in the contracts and product                                                         lubrication system as all its components are
                     support. Our local procurement work                                                              self-lubricating.
                     conducted by Fives-Lille China should
                     also enable us to secure a good position
                                                                     Cinetic helps improving working                  Cinetic Etfa Linking has also developed a
                     on this fast growing market.
                                                                     conditions for the users of its                  machine for washing large volumes such as
                                                                     machining systems and equipment.                 clamping parts and cradles. This machine,
                                                                     Constantly endeavouring to improve its           whose open casing allows the transfer of
                                                                     equipment utilisation conditions, Cinetic Etfa   suspended tray conveyors, forms an air
                                                                     Linking has developed a new gantry bringing      curtain that prevents the washing vapours
                                                                     performance and cost advantages.                 from escaping and, therefore, does not
                                                                     With a working load capacity of 40 kg, the       pollute the work environment.
                                                                                                                  FIVES-LILLE Group 2004 Overview


Several deliveries were made and         Satisfied with the result, PSA Peu-
commissioning operations car-            geot Citroën has awarded Cinetic the
ried out in 2004 to the complete         contract for the production of an-
satisfaction of customers.               other line, symmetrical to the latter.
                                         Cinetic Conveying & Assembly GmbH,
In the machining and powertrain          for its part, delivered conveyors for

assembly sector, Cinetic Machining       the Daimler Chrysler's final assem-
delivered six gear tooth chamfering      bly line in Sindelfingen (Germany).
machines and two laser welding
machines for the MT1 transmission        Lastly, Cinetic Rapidcharge Filling,     Development of a powered trolley
programme of Renault SA in Sevilla,      with its extensive international         providing contactless transmission
Cinetic Etfa Linking providing the       presence, installed fluid fill and       of energy and communication
                                                                                  Cinetic Conveying & Assembly manufactures
engineering for the shaft machi-         testing equipment for Toyota Peu-
                                                                                  for its automotive customers production systems

ning lines and the washing machines      geot Citroën in Kolin in the Czech       featuring powered trolleys that travel on floor-
for gears and shafts. Cinetic Giustina   Republic and for General Motors in       mounted or overhead rails. These trolleys move at
Grinding supplied two connecting rod     Shanghai.                                high speed and change track according
grinding machines to PSA Peugeot                                                  to requirements and the relevant applications.
Citroën, while Cinetic Etfa Linking,     As regards the Group's Industry          In order to provide the reliability and operational
in the framework of the PSA Peugeot      activity, Cinetic Transitique confir-    availability demanded by car manufacturers,
Citroën's DV engine project, was         med its position as a major supplier     the power feed and communication methods for
                                                                                  each trolley were re-examined and, as a result,
entrusted with the engineering of        to Michelin and, in particular, was
                                                                                  a solution featuring contactless energy trans-

a cylinder head line for PCI SCEMM       chosen for tyre handling and sto-
                                                                                  mission and communication was adopted. This
and a crankshaft line for PSA Peu-       rage projects in France, Hungary,        development project was conducted jointly by
geot Citroën Douvrin.                    Thailand and the USA.                    the sister companies Cinetic Conveying & Assembly
Cinetic Automation brought into                                                   in Germany and in France.
service an assembly line for the         Lastly, Cinetic Service in association   A test circuit set up in Kornwestheim in 2003 was
sub-assemblies of the ZF Batavia         with AMEC Spie won a large multi-        used to implement and validate the technological
continuously variable gearbox in the     technical maintenance contract           choices envisaged. This application, based on the

USA. It also delivered the whole pre-    from the DGA (Army Chiefs of Staff)      principle of energy transmission by induction from
                                                                                  a fixed conductor to one or more mobile consumers,
machining and washing systems            for the new parachute automated
                                                                                  was produced jointly with the R&D centre of SEW-
for the machining lines, and the         maintenance unit in Montauban
                                                                                  Eurodrive. In parallel, the Cinetic Conveying
equipment for Daimler Chrysler'          (France).                                & Assembly team developed the communication
new “World Engine” assembly line         Cinetic Service will ensure the ser-     system using WiFi technology and a waveguide
in the USA.                              viceability of the process facilities    linked to supervisor with mapping of the facility
                                         and the utilities associated with the    and the capability of tracking the position of the

In the vehicle assembly sector,          building infrastructures for a period    powered trolleys at all times.
Cinetic Conveying & Assembly             of six years.                            Above and beyond its speed and high level of
supplied, in particular, the hand-                                                reliability, this new powered trolley requires less
                                                                                  maintenance than conventional models and
ling system for a vehicle trim line
                                                                                  is not subject to mechanical malfunctions.
for PSA Peugeot Citroën in Poissy.
                                                                                  This project is currently entering its final phase

                                                                                  which consists in integrating the supervision
                                                                                  system into the various communication networks
                                                                                  and with the skillet trays which provide good
                                                                                  working ergonomics for assembly line operators.

     In December 2004, Solios Environnement successfully obtained the mechanical acceptance
     of the fume treatment centre for the two anode baking furnaces on Alba line 5 in Bahrain.
     As a result, its customer started up production within the planned lead times, in January 2005,
     with an installation offering the very lowest levels of dust, tar and fluorine emissions.
                                                                                                                  FIVES-LILLE Group 2004 Overview


Solios, special partner for the world's
major aluminium producers
In 2004, Solios successfully commissioned several installations in Bahrain,
in Canada and in China, and confirms once again its expertise and know-how

in managing international projects.

In December 2004, Alcoa, the world's        site. The commissioning of this
leading aluminium producer, chose           equipment is scheduled for April 2007.
the Solios Group to design and sup-
ply several systems for its new alu-        Having won several contracts in
minium smelter in Fjardaal, Iceland.        2003 to supply systems and equip-

Solios Environnement will supply two        ment for the extension of line 5 at                                             Armand
gas treatment centres, including a          the Alba plant in Bahrain - including,                                 Marketing & Sales
                                                                                                                      Vice President
Dual Suction System for electrolysis        in particular, the green anode plant,                                                  –
pot gases which will limit fluorine         the carbon butts recycling unit, two                                              Solios
emissions to 0.3 kg per tonne of            gas treatment centres for electro-
aluminium. Solios Carbone was               lysis pots and the fume treatment         New commercial
entrusted with the bath processing          centre, Solios was again chosen to        organisation at Solios
unit, which will use a proprietary          supply six additional furnaces for        Solios set up a new commercial organisation

airswept autogenous mill, and Solios        casthouse n° 3 in 2004.                   to ensure that its customers enjoy the full
Thermal will supply the casthouse           Solios Thermal will supply two turn-      benefits of the synergies generated by its
with four tilting furnaces with a           key casthouses: casthouse n° 3 with       founding at the beginning of 2003.
                                                                                      All the sales staff for each entity of Solios are
capacity of 100 tonnes, electric heat-      nine furnaces and three casting lines
                                                                                      now grouped together in a single commercial
ing and outlet channels to the cast-        for the production of Wagstaff billets,
                                                                                      department. Four multidisciplinary sales
ing machines. All this equipment            and an extension to casthouse n° 2        teams have been assigned to the regular
will be preassembled as far as pos-         comprising two furnaces and a cast-       follow-up of specific customers. The follow-up

sible before delivery in order to sub-      ing line for the production of Properzi   of major projects is ensured by a joint
stantially reduce assembly time on          ingots. This will create the largest      manager who coordinates the commercial
                                                                                      activity of the various entities involved
                                                                                      in the project (Carbone, Environnement,

                                                                                      A new information exchange system was
                         ALUMINIUM OFFERING                                           also developed to gauge customers expec-

                                                                                      tations more accurately and provide them
 2004 KEY DATA         > THE ELECTROLYSIS AREA                                        a rapid appropriate response in preliminary
                         Gas treatment centres
                                                                                      project studies.
 Sales                   and bath processing units.

 € 147.2               > THE CARBON AREA
                         Green anode plants, carbon butts
 million                 processing, pitch processing and

                         fume treatment centres for anode
                         baking furnaces.
 Order intake

 € 46.1
                       > THE CASTHOUSE AREA
                         Melting holding furnaces,
                         heat treatment furnaces.

     "Turnkey contracts are a Solios speciality.
     With our local subcontractors, we have been
     able to manage all the relevant interfaces
     in order to mobilise them, from manufacture
     to the end of assembly."
     The first collaboration of the three       more than 560,000 working hours on
     Solios entities – Solios Carbone, Solios   site without any accident leading to loss
     Environnement and Solios Thermal –         of working time. This performance earned
     on the site for line 5 of the Alba plant   us two safety certificates and I am
     in Bahrain has proved a great success.     especially proud of my team which
     In what represented one of its most        successfully took up this challenge.”
     important achievements in 2004, Solios     While the customer obviously wanted
     once again demonstrated its ability        to see its installation start up within the
     to fulfil its commitments in technical     allocated lead times and in accordance
     terms. The fume treatment centre for       with the specified performance require-
     the baking furnace and the two gas         ments, the safety conditions implemented
     treatment centres for electrolytic pots    on the site were an important point.
     were brought into service on time, to      "Every day we had to assess, along
     the great satisfaction of the customer.    with Bechtel, the risks to our teams
     Eleven melting and holding furnaces        and subcontractors and define the steps
     were started up in a record time of        to be taken to avoid those risks. For the
     12 months and the performance tests        whole of Solios, we can congratulate
     on the paste shop, including the Scap      ourselves on having worked more than
     Rhodax technology for the first time,      4 million hours without a single accident,"
     were recently successfully conducted.      added Bernard Tachet, manager
     The management of assembly and             of the Solios Carbone site.
     start-up also set an example, as pointed   "From the beginning of this project, we
     out by Bert Deacon, the Solios Thermal     mobilised our teams as and when they
     site manager: "For this new casthouse,     were required and dealt with problems
     we had to supply nine furnaces and         as soon as they arose in a flexible and
     three vertical casting lines with their    responsive manner. I think the work
     ancillary equipment for the first time     we carried out together on the Alba site
     as integrator while also carrying out      reflects Solios's expertise as a turnkey
     assembly at the same time as civil engi-   equipment and system supplier,"
     neering managed by Bechtel (appointed      concluded Christian Cormery, in charge
     for the project's overall engineering).    of Solios Environnement activities
     In spite of this two-fold difficulty, we   in Bahrain.
     achieved, along with our subcontractors,

                                                                                              From top to bottom:
                                                                                              views from:
                                                                                              – the green anode plant,
                                                                                              – the Emix,
                                                                                              – the fume treatment centre.
                                                                                                                                   FIVES-LILLE Group 2004 Overview


          primary aluminium casthouse in                Solios continued its development
          the world and confirms the unique             in China where it successfully com-
          market position of Solios Thermal             missioned several vibrocompactors,           Preheating screw
          as a casthouse system integrator.             including one for the new smelter
                                                        at Qingtonxia and another for the
          Solios was also a key partner for             smelter at Qinghai.

          Aluminerie Alouette (Canada) for              Solios also supplied a vibrocom-                                                       pitch
          the construction of its Phase 2 which         pactor and a coke grinding system
          makes it the largest aluminium                for the new smelter in Baotou,
          smelter in North America. The fume            Mongolia.
          treatment centre for the new baking
          furnace and the gas treatment centre          These successes testify to the attrac-       Intensive
          for the 18-pot extension to the               tiveness of the Solios offering and          mixer

          existing potline were successfully            the ability of the Group's various                                                     water
          started up. Solios will commission            entities to work together.
          the two gas treatment centres for
          the new 312-pot line in early 2005
          and all the pots will be operational
          by the end of June.

                                                  Solios Services Southern Africa was chosen,
                                                  in 2004, by Mozal in Mozambique to install
                                                  and commission two variable-speed control
                                                  units to replace the clutches on vibrating       Intensive Mixing Cascade:
                                                  machines, and was also selected by Hillside      the new mixing and cooling system
                                                  Aluminium in South Africa to install and         developed by Solios

                                                  commission four variable-speed control           Solios has been marketing a new anode paste
                                                  units on the same type of installation.          mixing and cooling system with two continuous
                                                  Solios Services Al A’Ali was selected by Alba,   mixers in series, since 2003. This considerably
                                                  in Bahrain, to modify furnaces 3, 4 and 5 of     reduces investment and operating costs compared
                                                  casthouse n° 2 and to draw up preventive         with conventional solutions.
Development                                       maintenance plans for casthouse n° 3             Solios is now implementing the new IMC process
of Solios Service subsidiaries                    by using the FMECA method (failure mode,         (Intensive Mixing Cascade) at three Chinese plants
The success of the service subsidiaries of the    effects and criticality analysis).               (Qiminxing, Qinghai and Hunan) which will be

Solios Group (Solios Services Southern Africa     Founded at the end of 2004, Solios Services      started up in 2005.
and Solios Services Al A’Ali) confirms that the   China has already won an order for spare
decision to start developing these proximity      parts for the Qingtonxia aluminium plant.
firms a few years ago was well founded.

     Specialised in the design and manufacture of mechanical and production line equipment for the transformation
     and processing of stainless steel, DMS has become a leading supplier for the Chinese market.
     Above: 4 Hi “Skin-Pass” and tension leveller for galvanising line, delivered in China.
                                                                                                              FIVES-LILLE Group 2004 Overview


The Group's steel division confirmed its strong
position in the Chinese market with many
commercial successes.
The steel division companies achieved excellent commercial performances in 2004,

particularly by taking full advantage of the wave of industrial investments in the P.R. China.

In the field of reheating, Stein           supply a complete hot rolling mill for
Heurtey and Stein Heurtey MECC             stainless steel on a new industrial
jointly started up the first semi-thin     estate.
slab furnace at Nanjing Iron & Steel       This order, for a 200 t/h Digit @l
in China. This furnace, with a pro-        Furnace® specifically dedicated to

duction rate of 230 to 300 t/h uses        the reheating of stainless steel
Digit@l technology which has also          strengthens Stein Heurtey's role
been adopted by Liangzhong                 as a prime supplier for the design
Stainless Steel Corp. (Lisco), a sub-      and construction of complete reheat
sidiary of Taiwan's Yieh United which      furnaces in the P.R. China and
ordered the complete supply of two         confirms the confidence that Posco
reheat furnaces for the reheating          - a world leader in the stainless

of carbon steel slabs at a rate of         steel market - has in Stein Heurtey
2 X 275 t/h or stainless steel slabs       and its Digit@l technology.
at a rate of 2 X 250 t/h.
                                           Stein Heurtey Services, for its part,
Zhangjiagang Pohang Stainless              adapted a walking beam furnace
Steel Co. Ltd - subsidiary of the          to take new billet sections for Corus
mainly Chinese held Korean group,          at its Thrybergh plant in the United     Technological breakthrough:

Posco - also chose Stein Heurtey           Kingdom. After conducting a survey       the Digiflex® furnace
and its Chinese joint venture to build     in early 2004, Corus also entrusted      The Digiflex® concept, proposed by Stein
a reheating furnace as part of a Japa-     Stein Heurtey Services with the          Heurtey, has demonstrated that it provides
                                           modification of two reheat furnaces      much better performances than those
nese-led consortium contracted to
                                                                                    provided by conventional technologies.
                                                                                    For ten years, Stein Heurtey has focused on
                                                                                    the development of innovative technologies
                                                                                    such as jet preheating, pulse-controlled
                           STEEL OFFERING
                                                                                    radiant tube furnace and Flash Cooling®
                                                                                    with high hydrogen content to cater for
 2004 KEY DATA             > Reheat furnaces.
                                                                                    new steel grades required by the automotive
 Sales                     > Reversible cold-rolling mills.                         industry including, in particular, metal

 € 211.2
                                                                                    sheets with high tensile strength and good
                           > “Skin-Pass” rolling mills.
                                                                                    stamping properties. Digiflex® technology
 million                   > Heat treatment and coating lines                       is now enjoying considerable commercial

                             for steel strips and flat products
                                                                                    success, has borne out by the taking of nine
                             with associated furnaces.
 Order intake                                                                       orders in eighteen months.

 € 187.4
                           > Welded tube lines.

                           > Induction heating equipment.

                    “Digit@l Furnace®                        for its plant at Port Talbot in the UK.         the latest technological developments
                                                             This order testifies to Stein Heurtey's         in the field of Digiflex ® vertical
                    now has a significant                    expertise in the revamping of furnaces          furnace technologies: cylindrical
                    share of the reheating                   to bring its customers the latest               design of convection preheating
                    furnace market.”                         Digit@l Furnace® technologies.                  and rapid cooling chambers, radiant
                                                                                                             burner tubes with impulse control,
                                                             In the field of processing lines,               induction boosters manufactured by
                                                             Stein Heurtey reinforced its posi-              Celes, etc.. The furnace designed
                                                             tion as a leading supplier with the             to handle the requirements of the
                                                             development of its new Digiflex®                automotive industry is equipped
     Fred Martin                                             vertical furnace technology and took            with a new rapid cooling design with
Furnaces Division                                            new orders for continuous galva-                the option to later convert to a Flash
  Vice-President                                             nising lines (CGLs) specifically for            Cooling® system to handle future
   Stein Heurtey                                             the automotive, construction and                steels.
                                                             household electrical appliances                 • Panzhihua Iron & Steel Co. placed
                    “With seven Digit@l Furnace®             industries.                                     an order with Stein Heurtey for a
                    installations sold in 2004, Stein        • In China, Benxi Iron & Steel Co.              vertical furnace for its n° 3 galva-
                    Heurtey has demonstrated that this       chose Stein Heurtey for the supply              nising line, with the same design
                    proprietary technology has become        of vertical furnaces for its two new            as the furnace supplied for its n° 2
                    the incontestable technical standard-
                                                             galvanising lines, one of which is              galvanising line.
                    bearer in the field of walking beam
                                                             used for the automotive industry.               • Following an order in 2003 for a
                    Digit@l Furnace® was developed by
                                                             These furnaces are equipped with                vertical furnace for its n° 5 CGL
                    Stein Heurtey to satisfy customers'
                    increasingly demanding requirements
                    for the reheating of slabs, blooms
                    and billets. This type of furnace
                    encompasses several innovative
                    concepts, mainly regarding layout,
                    burner shape, their digital control
                    mode based on modulation of time
                    rather than output, and a level
                    2 controlling temperature profiles
                    on the basis of readings transmitted
                    by the rolling mill.
                    As a result, Digit@l Furnace® sig-
                    nificantly enhances product heating
                    quality and makes rolling programmes
                    more flexible. It considerably reduces
                    production costs and promotes
                                                             Stein Heurtey confirms its position in the field of high-capacity furnaces
                    environment-friendliness by limiting
                                                             Bluescope Steel Ltd, leading steelmaker in Australia and New Zealand, decided to increase
                    discharges to the atmosphere.
                                                             the nominal capacity of its hot rolling mill at Port Kembla from 2.4 to 2.8 million t/year.
                    This type of reheating furnace was
                                                             In August 2004, Bluescope Steel Ltd chose Stein Heurtey to supply its Digit@l technology
                    first launched on the market in 1999
                                                             for a second walking beam preheating furnace with an output of 415 t/h. This is a turnkey
                    and met with such success that
                                                             order (covering engineering, supply and installation).
                    total production in Digit@l Furnace®
                                                             Following the commissioning of the 400 t/h furnace at Companhia Siderurgica de Tubarão (CST)
                    installations will exceed 25 million
                                                             in Brazil in 2002, this order confirms Stein Heurtey's expertise in the field of high-capacity furnaces.
                    tonnes before the end of 2006.
                    Digit@l Furnace® is already in
                    industrial service in the United
                    States, Europe, Brazil and China.”
                                                                                                                    FIVES-LILLE Group 2004 Overview


supplied by Stein Heurtey, Posco          and cold-rolled product annealing
called on the company again for its       and pickling line, and DMS BLISS
n° 6 CGL at its plant in Gwangyang        for the supply of a reversible “Skin-
in South Korea. This line, which will     Pass” rolling mill.
supply products for the automotive
industry, incorporates the latest         Wuhan Iron & Steel Co. also turned

concepts offered by Digiflex® tech-       to DMS for the design of two Send-
nology.                                   zimir reversible rolling mills to
                                          extend its silicon steel production
In 2004, Stein Heurtey also recorded      capacity. This contract, signed in
many commercial successes in the          the first quarter of 2005, provides
field of horizontal furnaces for the      further proof of DMS's position in
following customers:                      the Chinese market.

– Prosperity Tieh Enterprise Co. in
Taiwan for a horizontal furnace for       Ugine-ALZ, in the Arcelor group,
a galvanising line,                       entrusted DMS with the complete
– Arcelor in Montataire (France) to       modernisation of its Sendzimir
increase the capacity of the n° 2         n° 3 rolling mill, previously supplied
galvanising line.                         by Fives-Lille Cail, for its Gueugnon
In addition, Stein Heurtey commis-        This modernisation includes the

sioned various types of furnace,          replacement of all rolling mill control
especially in Turkey for Borçelik –       actuators (clamping, dishing, move-
Arcelor, in China for Panzhihua Iron      ment of intermediate cylinders), as
& Steel Co. and in Slovakia for U.S.      well as the installation of the DMS
Steel Kosice. Those customers are         patented centrifuge system and the        DMS successfully commissioned
                                                                                    a number of Sendzimir rolling mills
completely satisfied with this equip-     integration of a contactless flatness
                                                                                    in China.
ment in terms of product quality          measurement device and an X-ray

and guaranteed performances.              thickness gauge.                          • In early October 2004, the first cold-rolled
                                                                                    stainless steel spool was successfully produced at
DMS, another Group subsidiary in          DMS also remains a recognised             QPSS, the new plant created in Qingdao as a joint
the steel market, confirmed its           supplier in the field of welded tube      venture between Posco from South Korea and
position as a top supplier in the field   lines. Confab, in Sao Paulo, Brazil,      Qingdao Steel from China - just 18 months after
of processing lines and cold rolling      placed an order for a new section         signing the contract in March 2003. This contract
                                                                                    included the construction, installation and accep-
mills for the production of stainless     for the forming of 20" diameter
                                                                                    tance by DMS of two Sendzimir cold rolling mills
steel by taking several significant       tubes. This equipment will be used
                                                                                    of type ZR22B54 and a “Skin-Pass” rolling mill.
orders.                                   to produce tubes with diameters of
TPCO, a major Chinese company             between 5 1/2’’ and 20’’ and with         • The first of the three Sendzimir rolling mills
in the seamless tube market and a         thicknesses between 4.00 mm and           was delivered at Ningbo Baoxin Stainless Steel
newcomer in the flat stainless steel      13.04 mm.                                 in Zhejiang province in accordance with specified
products sector, chose DMS to                                                       lead times. The three Sendzimir rolling mills,

construct a combined hot-rolled                                                     capable of rolling at 800 m/min. and driven by
                                                                                    4,000 kW motors, were preassembled and tested
                                                                                    in DMS Industries workshops before delivery.

     Umm Bab cement plant, Qatar, preheater tower under construction for the future QNCC line n° 3. With a capacity
     of 4,000 tonnes of clinker a day, the new line will be built next to line n° 2, representing another turnkey project
     by FCB Ciment, and will start producing cement before the end of 2005.
                                                                                                                          FIVES-LILLE Group 2004 Overview


An excellent year for the Group's cement division
which confirms its position as a major supplier
for the worldwide cement industry.
In 2004, FCB Ciment achieved a remarkable commercial

performance by winning two important orders.

• In January, the Lafarge Group                ten Horomill® for raw grinding and
entrusted FCB Ciment with the                  cement grinding to Buzzi Unicem
construction of a turnkey cement               in Mexico.
plant to be installed at Tula, about

70 kilometres from Mexico City, in             • In June, QNCC, which is 45%-
Mexico.                                        owned by the State of Qatar, awarded
This new production line, designed             to FCB Ciment the contract for the
to produce an initial capacity of              supply of a new turnkey production
600,000 t/year, should be commis-              line for its site at Umm Bab. The
sioned by the end of 2005.                     4,000 t/day Umm Bab line n° 3 will
This contract is fully in line with FCB        start the cement production in late
Ciment’s commercial successes in               2005. This contract follows the

recent years in Central America.               completion by FCB Ciment of the             Minerals: Pillard (EGCI) and its
Actually, the company has built a              turnkey contract for the complete           subsidiaries continued to develop
complete production line in Costa Rica         Umm Bab line n° 2 in 1997, which
                                                                                           and market innovative combustion
for Holcim, and a cement grinding              has a capacity of 2,000 t/day.              In 2004, Pillard (EGCI) was selected by Cemex
plant in Honduras, and supplied                                                            in the USA for two Directflam direct heating
                                                                                           systems (incorporating a special version of the
                                                                                           Rotaflam® design burner).

                                                                                           In 2003, this system was used by the Scancem
                                                                                           group at its N’Toum plant in Gabon to reduce
                                                                                           its production costs by substituting petcoke for
                                                                                           heavy fuel oil. When using 80% petcoke and 20%
                                                                                           fuel oil, the suitability of the technical solution
                                                                                           used and control of the shape of the flame
                                                                                           resulted notably in an increase of approximately
                            CEMENT OFFERING                                                10% in the kiln's clinker production.

 2004 KEY DATA              > Turnkey cement plants.

                            > Grinding plants, process equipment for
                              the cement industry and mineral grinding

 € 47.5                       (kilns, ball mills, Horomill®, Rhodax®,
                              TSV classifiers®…).

                            > Spare parts and services for cement
 Order intake

 € 216
                            > Heating equipment for rotary kilns.

                            > Dust collection equipment for furnaces.

                              * FCB Cement data only. For the Pillard Group (see p. 39).

                                      “This new grinding
                                      plant will allow
    Gilles Cojean
      Head of the
                                      our customer to make
Projects manage-
ment Department
                                      real savings in terms
      FCB Ciment
                –                     of operating costs as
                                      Horomill® consumes
                     much less energy than a conventional
                     ball grinding mill.”
                    In 2004, FCB Ciment completed the            proprietary processes. "This new grinding
                    assembly and start-up, at the Holcim         plant will allow our customer to make
                    Group's plant in Costa Rica, of the new      real savings in terms of operating costs
                    clinker burning line with a capacity         as Horomill® consumes much less energy
                    of 3,000 t/day, comprising a multi-fuel,     than a conventional ball grinding mill."
                    Low-NOx precalciner and a 4.2 x 64 m         We have currently reached the final
                    rotary kiln. Provisional acceptance of       phase of the execution of this contract,
                    the line was announced on 22 October         the point at which we provide assistance
                    2004.                                        to the customer to ensure correct
                                                                 operation of the plant during the guaran-
                    Start-up then continued with the grinding    tee period while fulfilling our obligations
                    plants, featuring a pozzolana grinding       as regards the lifting of contractual
                    plant with a 45 t/h capacity vertical        reservations and as regards guarantees
                    grinding mill and a cement grinding          for the equipment supplied.
                    plant equipped with a Horomill® 3,800 unit
                    with a capacity of 110 t/h.                  The success of this project also constitutes
                    They were placed into service at the         a reference in terms of our management
                    beginning of 2005 on the basis of a          of a global contract which had the special
                    staggered provisional acceptance pro-        feature of requiring our teams to work
                    cedure for each plant as performance         in a plant in service. This entails specific
                    tests were completed.                        constraints as regards safety and close
                                                                 co-ordination with the customer for the
                    The Horomill® 3,800 unit installed in the    management of interfaces with existing
                    Costa Rican plant is the first to be sup-    plants integrated in the production chain.
                    plied to the Holcim Group and consti-
                    tutes a reference and a showcase for
                    FCB Ciment's expertise in mastering

                                                                                                                From top to bottom:
                                                                                                                – Kiln and preheater for the new
                                                                                                                Lafarge Group’s cement plant under
                                                                                                                construction in Tula (Mexico);
                                                                                                                – Overall view from the grinding
                                                                                                                plants equipped with Horomill®
                                                                                                                technology in Cerritos (Mexico);
                                                                                                                – Horomill® 3,800 unit started up
                                                                                                                in September 2004 for Buzzi Unicem
                                                                                                                in Trino (Italy).
                                                                                                             FIVES-LILLE Group 2004 Overview


In May 2004, FCB-Ciment also           first-hand account). Thanks to the
started up the three Horomill® units   innovative technologies developed
purchased by Cementos Moctezuma        by FCB Ciment in the context of
(Buzzi Unicem group) for its new       studies on sustainable development
production line in Cerritos, Mexico.   and, in this particular case, thanks
Having seen the performances of        to the use of the Low-NOx precal-

the two cement grinding mills and      ciner using alternative fuels (indus-
the raw grinding mill, the customer    trial waste) and of the Horomill®
was quick to place a further order     technology, the new production line
for two more cement grinding mills     benefited from a substantial impro-
and another raw grinding mill for      vement in thermal efficiency and
the Cerritos n° 2 production line.     from a lower electric consumption
                                       of the cement grinding. These

Following the successful installa-     developments enabled Holcim to          First commercial success
tion of a 128 t/h capacity Horomill®   announce a CO2 emission level of        for Twin Horomill® technology
grinding unit in September at its      545 kg per tonne of cement, i.e. 37%    In 2004, Vietnam Construction Import & Export Cor-
Trino plant in Italy, Buzzi Unicem     lower than the average value of         poration (Vinaconex) placed an order with FCB Ciment
asked FCB Ciment to supply an iden-    870 kg globally reported by cement      for a 240 t/h pozzolana cement grinding plant for
tical grinding mill for its plant in   manufacturers.                          the recently set-up Cam Pha Cement Company.
Augusta, Sicily, to produce 100 t/h                                            This plant will be equipped with Twin Horomill®
                                                                               technology recently developed by FCB-Ciment
of cement using volcanic pozzolana     FCB Ciment also made a very

                                                                               to increase the capacity of its grinding units.
from Mount Etna.                       good start to 2005 with the signing,
                                                                               This concept is based on the combination of two
On completion of this order, the       in early February, of a contract in     identical Horomill® grinding units operating simul-
Buzzi Unicem group will have 14        Vietnam for Thai Nguyen concern-        taneously along with a large-sized TSV® classifier.
Horomill® grinding units in opera-     ing the supply of engineering,          Applied to the Horomill® 3,800, a grinding plant
tion, providing further proof of the   equipment and supervision of a          designed on these lines can produce as much as
confidence the world's biggest         4,000 t/day cement plant which is       600 t/h of raw meal and 250 t/h of cement, while
cement manufacturers have in the       expected to be effective by the         making an annual saving of 20 million kWh

innovative grinding technologies       middle of the year.                     compared with a conventional system comprising
                                                                               a pregrinding mill and a ball grinding mill.
developed by FCB Ciment.
                                                                               Offering the same advantages as the Horomill®
                                                                               grinding unit developed and patented by FCB
Another important event for FCB                                                Ciment, the Twin Horomill® shop is characterised
Ciment in the year 2004 was the                                                by its flexible operation which allows automatic
start-up of the new Holcim produc-                                             changing of the cement quality in just a few
tion line in Costa Rica, including a                                           minutes and by the machines' stability without

3,000 t/day clinker burning line, a                                            requiring grinding aids or water injection.
45 t/h pozzolana grinding plant and                                            Furthermore, maintenance periods are less critical
a 110 t/h cement grinding plant                                                for the operator because the Twin Horomill® plant
                                                                               can continue production at half capacity on a
equipped with a Horomill® unit (See
                                                                               single Horomill® unit while maintenance work
                                                                               is carried on the other one.
                                                                               The energy saving features and flexibility of this

                                                                               equipment helped FCB Ciment to secure this
                                                                               order, confirming the usefulness of its efforts on
                                                                               research and development in the field of grinding
                                                                               equipment in recent years.
       Stein Heurtey confirms its status as
       a reference in the float glass industry

       Stein Heurtey and its subsidiaries, Belgium Glass Equipment (BGE), BH-F
       (Engineering) Ltd. and Penelectro are now benchmark suppliers of thermal
       equipment for the glass industry.

                                       With over ten hot ends, twenty fur-         In 2004, Stein Heurtey also commis-
                                       naces, forty tin baths and sixty lehrs      sioned several hot ends (melting
                                       installed throughout the world, Stein       furnace, tin bath with BGE, lehr and
                                       Heurtey and BGE have gradually              control system) for float glass lines
                                       become prime suppliers to the float         in the P.R. China:
                                       glass industry.                             • At Qinhuangdao for the China
                                       In 2004, in spite of its difficult eco-     Yaohua Glass Group Corp.: com-
                                       nomic environment, Stein Heurtey            missioning of the first 350 t/day hot
                                       was able to sustain its level of busi-      end, designed totally for thin glass
                                       ness in float glass lehrs, winning          (thicknesses from 1.6 to 3 mm).
                                       several orders from such diverse            This commissioning followed
                                       customers as the China Yaohua               several orders for lehrs already
                                       Glass Group, Fujian Fuyao and Hubei         placed by the Yaohua Group.
                                       Sanxia (all based in the P.R. China),
                                       Pilkington Ramensko (Russia) and            • At Jiangmen for Jiangmen Farun
                                       Saint-Gobain Glass India. These             Glass: commissioning of a 400 t/day
                                       lehrs, with outputs varying from 300        hot end for automotive quality glass.
                                       to 800 t/day, are the subject of a          This undertaking also followed
                                       patented continuous glass anneal-           several orders placed by the same
                                       ing process, which affords higher           group, including a 900 t/day lehr.
                                       production flexibility, particularly
                                       when changing glass thicknesses.

     Stein Heurtey has continued                                GLASS OFFERING
     to develop its float glass lehr
                                       2004 KEY DATA          > Thermal equipment for the production > Tin bath equipment.
     technology in order to obtain                              of float and flat glass and hollow
     higher performances. The                                   glassware (melting furnaces,         > Forehearths and feeders for forming
     technologies introduced by                                 tin baths, annealing lehrs, Air        machines for hollow glassware.
     Stein Heurtey have facilitated
     the production of glass from
                                       € 62.9                   Pollution Control).

                                                              > Equipment for glass conditioning
                                                                                                     > Air Pollution Control for glass industry.
     1.6 to 19 mm thick and above,                              prior to forming and rolled glass    > Vitrification of special waste.
                                                                forming machines.
     for tonnages ranging from         Order intake
     150 to over 900 t/day.
                                       € 20.4
                                                              > Complete processing lines for flat
                                                                glass and hollow glassware.

                                                                                                                FIVES-LILLE Group 2004 Overview


• At Guangzhou for Guangzhou CSG               Matthieu Jourdier
Glass: start-up of a complete 550 t/day         Project engineer
                                                       Glass and
hot end for automobile and building         Environment Division
glass, followed by commissioning                               –
                                                   Stein Heurtey
of a second 700 t/day hot end at the

end of the first quarter of 2005.
                                          “Ten years in the float glass lines field
These successes are the result of
close co-operation between Stein          in the P.R. China”
Heurtey and Stein Heurtey MECC,           “Since its first order for a 500 t/day       Adapting our offer to the requirements
its Chinese joint venture company         float glass melting furnace in 1995,         of the Chinese market has also been the
located in Shanghai, and their            Shenzhen Southern Float Glass Co. has        result of the longstanding links forged

customers.                                renewed its confidence in Stein Heurtey      with Chinese suppliers by our Stein
                                          several times, particularly in 2001 for      Heurtey MECC joint venture. The
                                          a complete 400 t/day hot end (first hot      involvement of the joint venture in our
In the hollow glassware industry,
                                          end in China for Stein Heurtey).             undertakings has enabled us to provide
Newell, at Châteauroux in France,
                                          Then, in 2003, we received a third order     our customers with European technology
placed an engineering order with          for the delivery to the Guangzhou CSG        while leaving room for a large proportion
Stein Heurtey, for the cold repair of     Glass Co. of two complete hot ends,          of equipment sourced from local industry.
the n° 9 borosilicate furnace and         one 550 t/day, the other 700 t/day,          The results of this co-operation are

its conversion to oxy-combustion.         commissioned late December 2004              conclusive. And this is illustrated by the
Under this project, BH-F (Engineer-       and mid-March 2005 respectively.             confidence placed in us by our Chinese
ing) Ltd obtained an order for the                                                     customers with their most recent
                                          This ten-year long relationship has          orders, whose deadlines and budgets
reconstruction of one of the four
                                          made us highly sensitive to the demands were met in full.
feeder channels.
                                          of the Chinese market and has greatly
Newell also entrusted Stein Heurtey       facilitated the fine-tuning of the technical These successes confirm our reputation
with the engineering and supervi-         specifications for our most recent orders. for efficiency and skill not only with the
sory services for the reconstruction
                                          They have enabled us to perfectly            Guangzhou CSG Glass Co., whose ambi-
of its n° 10 oxy-combustion furnace       tailor our response to our customers'        tion is to become the Chinese market
in Sunderland, United Kingdom.            requirements.                                high-tech flat glass leader, but also
                                                                                       with other glass industry customers
                                                                                       inside and outside China.”

     Fives Cail Group has created a production unit                            SUGAR OFFERING
     called CAE (Assembly and Expertise Centre) devoted
                                                               2004 KEY DATA   > Turnkey sugar factories and refineries.
     to the assembly of centrifugals, the renovation of
     centrifugals and steam turbines, and management           Sales           > Process equipment for the sugar
     of its large spare parts stock. Based at the Seclin                         industry: diffusers, beet washers,
     site in the northern France, the CAE is intended to
     provide support for the growth in sales of this leading
                                                               € 22.7            cane mills, continuous and batch
                                                                                 centrifugals, continuous vacuum
                                                               million           pans, evaporators, dryers, etc.
     product which is constantly being enhanced by
                                                                               > Maintenance engineering services.
     innovations within Fives Cail Group.                      Order intake

                                                               € 20.4
                                                                               > Engineering consultancy and feasibility

                                                                                                              FIVES-LILLE Group 2004 Overview


Fives Cail Group,
a longstanding partner for the
worldwide sugar industry

With more than 400 references across the world and
holding almost 80% of the market, Fives Cail Group is
the leading sugar production engineering company, with
unparalleled know-how in the field of continuous vacuum
                                                                                   Fives Cail has developed the
pans. These units are renowned for their unique thermal                            highest-performance falling
and exhaustion performances and for the excellent                                  film evaporators on the market
                                                                                   In a highly competitive international

quality of the crystals they produce.
                                                                                   context, sugar factories are doing their
                                                                                   utmost to lower production costs and
In June 2004, Fives Cail Group suc-      put into operation in November 2004.      energy consumption, and this leads them
cessfully commissioned the worl-                                                   to implement cogeneration solutions.
d's largest cane sugar double continu-   2004 was also marked by the pro-          The falling film evaporation technology
ous vacuum pan for Ledesma. This         duction of seven 2612-model high-         developed by Fives Cail Group plays a big
double continuous vacuum pan with        capacity batch centrifugals for the       part in optimizing the energy balance of
                                                                                   sugar factories and has met with consider-
a capacity of 250 m3 is equipped with    French sugar producer Tereos,
                                                                                   able success in Brazil (the world's n° 1

mechanical stirrers in the end com-      formed when USDA acquired                 sugar producer) in recent years.
partments and two Rota R3S pumps.        Béghin-Say. This production equip-
The design studies were carried out      ment, installed in the Boiry plant        In 2004, Fives Cail – in partnership with Le
jointly by the Group's Brazilian and     in the Pas-de-Calais (France), is         Gol sugar factory (Reunion Island) – greatly
French teams, and the unit was           used for the centrifuging of first        improved the operating conditions and
manufactured in Argentina under          raw sugar, and has been enhanced          performances of its falling film evaporators.
                                                                                   A pilot unit installed on the factory's pro-
the supervision of Fives Cail. The       by a numberof developments, includ-

                                                                                   duction line was tested for an entire sugar
continuous vacuum pan was brought        ing a scheduling program for the
                                                                                   production campaign to validate a juice
into service by the teams of Fives       machines to optimise energy con-          distribution system and a particularly inno-
Lille do Brasil and Fives Cail.          sumption and sugar discharge.             vative evaporator cleaning procedure. These
                                                                                   improvements substantially reduced the
Following on from the order placed       Tereos also awarded Fives Cail Group      fouling of the evaporators and maintained the
with Fletcher Smith in 1999 for two      the contract for the supply and instal-   stability of their performances over time.
vertical-tube continuous vacuum          lation of four new SUMO 55 masse-         Le Gol sugar factory is therefore considering
                                                                                   purchasing an additional falling film evapo-
pans with a capacity of 180 m3, Enter-   cuite pumps. These recently devel-
                                                                                   ration plant that will enable it to sell about
prise Factory in the USA contracted      oped pumps deliver improved flow
                                                                                   44 GWh per year to the power grid.
Fives Cail Group to supply a third       and higher pressure. The four pumps
vertical-tube continuous vacuum          were all successfully accepted by         This development will also extend the
pan with a capacity of 160 m3. This      the customer in December 2004.            use of falling film evaporation technology
unit, which was designed by the                                                    to sugar factories seeking to make energy

European teams and manufactured                                                    savings but which, until now, have been
entirely in the USA, was successfully                                              unable to benefit from technological
                                                                                   advances because the juices they evaporate
                                                                                   cause especially heavy soiling which
                                                                                   reduces efficiency and also generates
                                                                                   prohibitively expensive cleaning costs.

     Specialised in engineering and combustion systems for most industries, Pillard (EGCI) develops and patents
     equipment offering low levels of pollutant gas emissions and ever-improving environment-friendliness.
     Above: Burner of GRC LONOxFLAM® type used in modifying five boilers producing 75 to 220 t/h of steam.
                                                                                                               FIVES-LILLE Group 2004 Overview


Pillard (EGCI) and its subsidiaries,
specialists in clean combustion for electric
power and thermal steam generation.
Pillard (EGCI) continued its development of combustion

equipment with low emission of pollutant gases (NOx, CO, etc.)
such as LONOxFLAM® and REMIXFLAM®.

2004 saw a gradual increase in busi-       of this observation, Pillard (EGCI)
ness activity involving the modifica-      developed new burners producing
tion of boilers in order to bring them     five separate flames so as to reduce

into compliance, by early 2008 at          the temperature and increase the
the latest, with the environmental         rate of recirculation of combustion       Pillard (EGCI) innovates
and safety standards that came into        gases in each elementary flame.           to increase the efficiency
force in Europe in mid-2003.               In the context of its work to bring the   of cogeneration plants and
Revamping boilers often means              boilers at the Braila thermal power       reduce their emissions.
dismantling and replacing their oil        plant in Romania into compliance          In view of the prices of gas and electricity
or combination burners with new            with standards, 8 new 36 megawatt         apart from during winter months, it is not
                                                                                     cost-effective to generate electricity.
more efficient models.                     burners installed in opposing mode
                                                                                     Furthermore, cogeneration plants cannot

                                           (four on one side and four on the
                                                                                     operate for long in cool air (gas turbine
Actively engaged in this sector,           other, on two levels), official meas-     shut down) owing to:
Pillard has developed combustion           urement campaigns showed that             • the low efficiency of heat recovery boilers,
systems which, in some cases, can          NOx and dust emissions were lower         • the required emission levels
reduce oxide emissions by nearly           than the new European standards.          (100 mg/Nm3 @ 3% O2).
half without any loss in efficiency.       As a result, the power plant is now       Pillard (EGCI) has therefore developed and
On older types of burners, compact         recognised as being extremely effi-       patented a new burner called Remixflam®

flames which were “ball” shaped            cient with regard to environmental        and an associated process in order to:
                                                                                     • comply with environmental standards,
resulted in temperature peaks gen-         criteria.
                                                                                     • increase efficiency by means of flue gas
erating high NOx levels. On the basis
                                                                                     recirculation (FGR).
                                                                                     It has already been entrusted with several
                                                                                     studies by ELYO and DALKIA.

                         ENERGY OFFERING
 2004 KEY DATA                                                                                                                                   GLASS
                         > Multi-fuel burners and combustion
                           equipment for boilers, industrial
 ITS SUBSIDIARIES:         drying systems and furnaces for
                           the petrochemical industry, etc.

 € 47


 Order intake

 € 46.2

     Nordon Industries, expert
     in the field of expansion joints
     for hot lines designed for
     petrochemical installations
     For more than 15 years, Nordon Industries
     has been strengthening its position as a
     designer and manufacturer of expansion
     joints, especially for very high-temperature
     lines designed for petrochemical installations
     operating at over 700° C. The manufacture
     of this equipment calls for full mastery of
     procurement specifications and manufactur-                          ENERGY OFFERING
     ing processes as the stainless steels used
     must comply with very precise specifications.    2004 KEY DATA
                                                                         > Design and production of equipment:
                                                      NORDON SUB-GROUP     – HP/MP – LP piping systems
     In this context, Nordon Industries supplied
                                                                             for each type of materials
     three hot lines of this type for refineries in   Sales                – Aluminium piping systems/composite

                                                      € 99.2
     France and other countries in 2004.                                     materials
                                                                           – Expansion joints
                                                                           – LDPE.

                                                      Order intake       > Service:

                                                      € 104.3              Expertise, new projects,
                                                                           unit shutdowns, maintenance.
                                                      million            > Brazed aluminium heat exchangers
                                                                           and pumps for cryogenic processes.
                                                                                                                    FIVES-LILLE Group 2004 Overview


An excellent year for Nordon Industries,
Nordon Cryogénie and Cryomec AG
While Nordon Industries confirmed its position as a major supplier of piping components
for nuclear power plants in 2004, Nordon Cryogénie and Cryomec AG continued to focus
on innovation by developing new equipment.

Over the years, Nordon Industries      Nordon Industries is also developing       installation, which can achieve a
has confirmed its position as a        its competences in piping and boiler       pressure of 400 bars, is completed
leader in the manufacture of piping    maintenance in chemical and petro-         by an electric heater which ensures
components for nuclear power           chemical installations, paper mills        injection at an extremely precise
plants. Its workshops at Nancy are     and nuclear power plants. In 2004,         temperature. This process can
currently the only ones in France      Nordon Industries won two fixed-           increase urea production by 50 t/d
to be qualified to manufacture pri-    price annual maintenance contracts         without affecting any other equip-

mary cooling loop piping systems       including shared improvement objec-        ment in the plant.
(items on RCC-M level 1). As a         tives in paper mills plants.               This turnkey development is a world
regular partner of Framatome                                                      first for the pumping of liquid CO2
ANP, Nordon Industries played a        Nordon Cryogénie continued to              at 400 bars in continuous operating
part, in 2004, in the replacement of   innovate in the field of vacuum braz-      mode.
the steam generators for Tricastin     ing procedures by finalizing the
4 and Dampierre 2, including the       development and deployment of
dismantling and reconstruction of      brazing furnace simulation and

auxiliary piping around the genera-    regulation software. This project
tor and all instrumentation tubing.    was conducted in collaboration with
                                       the energy centre at the Paris Ecole
Nordon Industries also carried out     des Mines and enabled Nordon
an unprecedented operation in          Cryogénie to enhance its technical
France for the Polimeri-Copenor        mastery in the area of brazing very
                                       large heat exchangers and in high

petrochemical plant in Dunkirk in
2004, replacing 24 tube bundles on     pressure applications in the field
                                       of gas separation/liquefaction. The            Development of a hydrogen pump
three cracking furnaces, each of                                                      with low NPSH* requirement
which included a very high tempera-    use of this software package also
                                                                                      There is no longer any need to demonstrate
ture radiation exchange section.       enables Nordon Cryogénie to adapt
                                                                                      the efficiency of pumping cryogenic liquids
These tube bundles, of stainless       its competency in brazing materials
                                                                                      compared with their compression in their
steel or carbon steel depending on     other than aluminium, such as                  gaseous phases. As energy consumption is now
their position in the furnace, were    copper and stainless steel, and so to          an important criterion, Cryomec AG, a Nordon

manufactured in the Nancy work-        be at the forefront of the trend towards       Cryogénie subsidiary, has developed and
shops and weigh between 9 and          increased use of compact heat exchan-          patented a new hydrogen pump in partnership

21 tonnes. Special tooling was deve-   gers with brazed plates and blades             with the Air Liquide Group. The main charac-
                                       in areas other than cryogenics.                teristics of the SIGMA pump are its modularity
loped by Nordon Industries to
                                                                                      and, above all, its very low NPSH requirement.
replace damaged tube bundles on        In 2004, Cryomec AG, a Nordon                  The SIGMA, which is also available in duplex

the first furnace with new tube        Cryogénie subsidiary, developed                and triplex versions, can achieve a hydrogen
bundles at a height of between 15      a CO2 pumping system with the aim              flow of 60 l/min. at 1,000 bars.
and 30 metres (above floor level).     of increasing urea production by               On the strength of this technological break-
During 2005, Nordon Industries will    providing additional CO2 feed to the
                                                                                      through, Cryomec AG has confirmed its
replace the 16 tube bundles on the                                                    position as technological leader in the high-
                                       reactors for Incitec Pivot, a customer         pressure cryogenic pumping market.
remaining two furnaces.                in Brisbane, Australia. This new
                                                                                      * NPSH : net positive suction head
     Group addresses

     Cinetic                                   CINETIC ETFA LINKING                     CINETIC CONVEYING & ASSEMBLY GmbH
                                               10, rue du 47e Régiment d’Artillerie     Heinkelstrasse 1
                                               70400 Héricourt (France)                 D- 70806 Kornwestheim (Germany)
                                               Tel: +33 (0)3 84 57 32 00                Tel: +49 (0)7154-204-0
                                               Fax: +33 (0)3 84 46 28 06                Fax: +49 (0)7154- 204-288
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     38, rue de la République                  CINETIC ETFA LINKING
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     Head office                               95310 Saint-Ouen-l’Aumône (France)
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     Fax: +33 (0)5 55 50 13 17                                                          CINETIC SERVICE UK Ltd.
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                                                                                                                 FIVES-LILLE Group 2004 Overview


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                                                                      INDIA PROJECTS PVT. Ltd.
Website:            STEIN HEURTEY                      8/1, Middleton Row             FCB CIMENT
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                                   E-mail:                         Sugar
Fax: +33 (0)4 72 49 54 32
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SOLIOS ENVIRONNEMENT Inc.                                             DMS                            Website:
625, President Kennedy             BH-F (ENGINEERING) Ltd.            1, rue du Mont-de-Templemars
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