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									Ideal Protein takes a holistic approach to treating inner and outer
health and beauty and is recommended by more than 3000
Professional establishments across North America.
Our methodology was initially developed 20 years ago by our medi-
cal consultant, Dr. Tran Tien Chanh, MD, doctor of sports medicine,
biology and nutrition. Today, through years of research and education
we are pleased to offer the Ideal Protein Weight-loss Method.
Our weight-loss method consists of a four phase protocol; weight-
loss in the first two phases, and maintenance in the later two. It has
a beginning and an end. We offer protein foods which are available
in over 40 delicious varieties, have a high-biological value, are low in
calories and fat and contain 8 essential amino acids.

       Our protocol not only ensures weight loss but also:
              • The stabilization of blood sugar levels and
                other obesity related conditions
              • Cellulite reduction support
              • Skin revitalization
              • Convalescence support
       If you are considering the challenging task of implementing a
       weight-loss method in your establishment, I invite you to
       contact us to learn how you can integrate our protocol and
       products into your establishment. Not only will this enable you
       to offer a superior, proven, solution for your clients but will also
       provide you with an additional lucrative income stream to your

       To ensure your Clinic’s success we offer:
       A Dedicated Area Director for
       personalized establishment support
              • Access to our Clinical Professionals
              • Initial one on one compressive training for your staff
              • Development workshops
              • Interactive clinic support conference calls
              • On-line account management tools
              • Friendly and courteous home office support staff
       I encourage you to contact our corporate office at
       1-866-314-4447 to schedule an appointment to meet with
       your local Area Director.

                                                          Olivier Benloulou
                                                    Chief Executive Officer
                                                          and Co-Founder
                             Olivier’s multifaceted career has taken him into the worlds of
                             business, professional speaking, training, education and natural
                             An herbalist, who started his career as a 5-star restaurant owner,
                             began his quest into finding a solution to the epidemic of obesity
                             10 years ago. He began his studies as a protégé of Dr. Tran Tien
                             Chahn (a European Medical Doctor, Dr. of Nutrition, Sports
                             Medicine and Biology, who focused his career and research on
                             nutrition with a particular emphasis on the treatment of obesity).
                             Today, Olivier possesses a deep and rich reservoir of knowledge
                             and experience in obesity related issues.
                             He is an international speaker who captures the attention of his
                             audience with the ability to make complex ideas simple and sim-
                             ple ideas profound.
                             Olivier has successfully coached thousands of people both men
Olivier Benloulou            and women in their struggle with weight and weight related
CEO and Co-Founder
of Laboratoires C.O.P. inc
                             issues. Olivier’s success stems from his being, energy and
Ideal Protein                presence. He is authentic and lives by the words he speaks; this
                             is why his message has energy and passion.

                             Dr. Tran Tien Chanh MD PhD Laureate graduate of the University
                             of Paris-college of medicine is a general practitioner and a
                             doctor of nutrition, sports medicine and biology. Dr. Tran Tien
                             has focused his career and research on nutrition, with a particu-
                             lar emphasis on the treatment of obesity and obesity related
                             issues. He is one of the original creators of the protein rich diet
                             which he has been prescribing since 1988. Dr. Tran Tien is also
                             the founder of the French Association of Applied Nutritional
                             Research and in an international speaker presenting the protein
                             diet throughout Europe and North America. He is an accredited
                             author haven written three reference books on the treatment of
                             obesity and obesity related issues. Dr. Tran Tien is a philanthro-
                             pist who supports many children’s hospitals in Vietnam, has
                             opened centers for Leprosy and funds housing for orphans. Dr.
                             Tran Tien is a true humanitarian.

Dr. Tran Tien Chanh
Medical Consultant and
Co-Founder of
Laboratoires C.O.P. inc
Ideal Protein
Ever heard of a diet that not only promotes fat loss but at the
same time enhances muscle tone? While some high protein diets,
often high in saturated fats, can tax the liver and the kidneys, the
Ideal Protein Weight-loss Method provides just the right amount of
the highest quality protein needed to protect and improve muscle
mass and vital organs.
The Ideal Protein Weight-loss Method is a medically designed
protocol that results in fat loss while sparing muscle mass. The
protocol was developed in France 23 years ago by Dr. Tran Tien
Chanh, MD PhD, who focused his career and research on nutrition
with a particular emphasis on the treatment of obesity and obesity
related issues.
The Ideal Protein Weight-loss Method is a 4-phase protocol which
helps stabilize the pancreas and blood sugar levels while burning
fat and maintaining muscle and other lean tissue. This protocol is
also an excellent treatment for cellulite reduction and has been
used in well over one thousand Medi-spas and aesthetical clinics in
North America over the last eight years with great success.
Our FDA approved labeled products are only available through trai-
ned and certified professionals and health care professionals. Each
Ideal Protein establishment has one or more experts to guide the
dieter through the program. This valuable process serves to educate
and encourage the dieters with a consistent method that is scienti-
fically proven and deemed by most as easy to execute and maintain.
Obesity in Today’s Society
The Center for Disease Control and Prevention labels obesity as
public enemy number one. Obesity is a serious health issue that
affects nearly 30% of the population in North America. Obese indi-
viduals have a higher-than-normal rate of hypertension, type II dia-
betes, cardiovascular diseases, gallbladder diseases, osteoarthritis,
strokes, respiratory diseases and even some types of cancers.
Government studies predict that one in three people born today will
develop diabetes in their lifetime. According to the US Surgeon
General, the number of overweight children has doubled and the
number of overweight adolescents has tripled since 1980 in the
We are one of the richest countries in the world with the largest obe-
sity rate per capita and some of the largest healthcare costs per per-
son. How did we get here? Increased consumption of more energy-
dense, nutrient-poor foods with high levels of sugar and saturated
fats, combined with reduced physical activity and stress, all have
   contributed to where we are today, a state that the World Health
    Organization has no qualms labeling as an “obesity epidemic.”
Syndrome X                                                  Principles Behind the Protocol:
The Ideal Protein Weight-loss Method targets                Learn to live off of the body's own fat reserves. The
prevention and solutions for Syndrome X, also cal-          body employs energy from three reserves: glyco-
led the “metabolic syndrome.” To qualify as part of         gen (carbohydrate), protein and fats. First from it’s
this epidemic that is steamrolling North America,           simple and complex carbohydrate reserves and
adults or children need only suffer from 2 of the 4         when depleted, turns simultaneously to its protein
components of the metabolic syndrome:                       and fat reserves for energy. A person not in need of
                                                            weight loss typically has approximately 1-2% of
1) Obesity
                                                            their body's reserves from carbs, approximately
2) Blood sugar issues (Diabetes)                            19% from their muscle mass and 79% of their body
3) Cholesterol problems                                     reserves from fat.
4) High blood pressure                                      Simple and complex carbohydrates can prevent
                                                            weight-loss. The body stores approximately three
What is the Source of Most Weight Issues?                   days worth of carbohydrates. Because of this, the
According to Dr. Tran Tien, “The cause of most              Ideal Protein Weight-loss Method has a beginning
weight issues in a modern society is insulin dys-           and an end. Until 100% of the weight loss goal is
function. A diet grossly disproportionate in its share      achieved, we restrict sugars (simple and complex).
of saturated fats and sugars, such as in breads,            Why? Because, as long as sugar is being consu-
cereals, muffins, cakes, pastries, pasta, pizza, rice,      med, the body is not burning fat. It's as simple as
corn - very much like the North American diet -             that. Remember, the first source of energy is derived
causes the pancreas to produce an overabundance             from glycogen (carbohydrate) reserves. The main
of insulin, which stays in the system and puts the          principle is to deplete the glycogen (carbohydrate)
blood sugar level in a negative balance.”                   reserves completely in order to compel the body to
An overproduction of insulin also leads to hypogly-         turn to its fat reserve to burn calories.
cemia or low glycemia, which in turn induces                How do we get the body to burn its fat reserves
constant sugar cravings and weight gain. Insulin’s          and not its muscle mass reserves, if both are
primary function is to regulate blood sugar levels          depleted simultaneously? First, by providing the
however it is also the hormone that facilitates the         body with foods that have a high protein value, com-
transport of fat (triglycerides) into the fat cells. Even   plete with 8 essential amino acids, 97% absorbable,
worse, it "locks" the fat in the fat cell, preventing it    which make them biologically-complete proteins.
to be used as a source of energy. Now, because the
blood sugar has dropped (and we can't access the
fat as a fuel source) we get "sugar cravings' and the
vicious cycle begins again. An over abundance of
insulin causes weight gain.
The Ideal Protein protocol will transform the body's
ability to digest sugars properly by regulating insulin
levels. How? By giving the pancreas a well-deser-
ved break and by restricting simple and complex
carbs until the weight-loss goal is achieved.
Secondly, by supplementing with nutrient-rich supplements such as Natura
Multi-Vita, Natura Calcium & Magnesium and Natura Potassium, key ingre-
dient in muscle building and electrolytes to replace those normally found in
foods restricted on the Ideal Protein protocol.
A dieter will feel energized, look vibrant and feel strong. It is no wonder.
Given the opportunity for the body’s natural ability to heal itself and show-
case its innate and ingenious powers, such as in the way during the proto-
col the body will return the favor with unparalleled force, radiance and
The Ideal Protein Food Selections
Our Ideal Protein selections have a high biological value and employ
five different proteins:
The centerpiece of our protocol is our gourmet protein based foods which
the dieter will consume during the weight loss phases of the program.
These are high biological value proteins and employ five different proteins:
whey isolates, soy isolates, whole milk protein, albumin, and hydrolyzed
collagen. This gives the client many options and is designed so people with
sensitivities to dairy, soy or vegetarians may participate in the program.
They are delicious, practical, satisfying and are available in an array of
textures and flavors. The assortment includes foods that are crunchy,
chewy, hearty, smooth, sweet, spicy and salty. They can be served hot,
warm, cold or even frozen
The client will use these products to build complete meals, adding vegeta-
bles and salads. Each sealed envelope ensures full potency and contains
up to 20 grams of protein with very little to no fat or sugar. These are easy
to prepare and can be incorporated into a busy lifestyle very nicely.
What to Expect
On average, women lose weight at the rate of 3 to 4 pounds per week
and 4 to 7 pounds per week for men.
Based on over 23 years of experience and 5 million people in Europe,
Canada, and now a large group of people in the United States, the program
enables the following:
              • Quick weight loss without sacrificing muscle mass
              • Gaining an understanding of how food affects and is
                utilized by the body, including what causes fat storage
              • Utilization of fat for energy usually by day 4—fat
                (including cellulite) that sequesters chemical toxins
              • Improved energy and appetite control,
                reduced cravings—usually on day 4 or 5
              • Improved blood sugar and cholesterol levels,
                reduced blood pressure
                                   So how do we maintain our new healthy weight?
                                   • Choices. Making good meal choices begins back at the grocery store with
                                     what you are putting in your carriage. Check labels, buy whole grains,
                                     fresh vegetables, and lean meats avoiding processed foods.
                                   • Eating for pleasure. Food should not be a replacement for something else
                                     that is missing in your life. You should never feel guilty after you’ve eaten
                                     because you stuffed yourself with food you didn’t have the chance to enjoy.
                                     Meals should be savory plates that challenge your taste buds. Good meals
                                     should be something you enjoy sitting down with your family or friends or
                                     even relaxing alone.
                                   • Food combinations. Fats & carbohydrates should be treated like 2 chil-
                                     dren that disrupt the class. You cannot remove them completely, and both
                                     can be very good but just not together. Separate them and there is har-
                                     mony. You can eat carbohydrates twice a day just not with your fats.
                                   • Eat protein. Everyone should be eating half their lean body mass in grams
Once you have reached your           of protein. (ex:130 lb. individual - 130/2= 65grams) No more letting our
Ideal weight, you move onto          bodies live “protein deprived”! Eat good quality protein throughout the day.
to the 4th phase of our              Our heart, muscles, skin, nails and even hair are made of protein; let’s keep
protocol. If you were to ask         our bodies healthy!
how long phase 4 lasts, the        • The CHEAT day! It is not recommended but mandatory to take one day
answer is: for life. Phase 4         out of the week and indulge in your favorite foods with all the trimmings.
is really the happy ending to        This cheat day of course should never turn into a cheat week. What is
                                     considered a cheat? That’s entirely up to you! What do you love to eat?
perhaps a lifelong battle with
                                     And there is no guilty feeling afterwards or worry that the weight will be put
your excess weight. Now it’s         back on. The following day you will eat as you did in phase 1 and restrict
time to live happily ever after.     carbohydrates. We know that a carbohydrate and a fat is a bad food com-
                                     bination in the presence of insulin. Insulin is the key that stores the com-
                                     bination into the fat cell (weight-gain!) Therefore we restrict carbohydrates,
                                     we will have very little glycemia in our blood and the pancreas will produce
                                     very little insulin. No extra insulin, no key, no fat storage! Our bodies will
                                     eliminate the “cheats” naturally.
                                   Eat like a King for Breakfast,
                                   Eat like a Prince for Lunch,
                                   Eat like a Pauper for Dinner.

                                                           Typical Day
                                                           Breakfast: 2 slices of whole grain toast, scrambled
                                                           eggs & ham with berries and a glass of milk.
                                                           Lunch: Chicken with baked eggplant with melted
                                                           mozzarella cheese.
                                                           Diner: Spaghetti and meatballs in a tomato sauce.
                                                           Snack: Fresh Berries, nuts or an Ideal Protein
                                                           Raspberry Jelly
                                                           Above all we want you to enjoy your personal
                                                           success, your new shape, your healthier body
                                                           and that you have just successfully completed…

                                                                                               Your Last Diet.
What is Cellulite?
Cellulite is the expression used to describe pockets       Genetics
of fat which are trapped and cause dimpling in the
                                                           Important hereditary factors include:
skin. This dimpling is irregular and patchy and has
been identified with orange peel. It is not a medical      • Sex, affects mostly women
or scientific term and is unrelated to cellulitis, which   • Fatty Tissue distribution
is an infection of the skin and its underlying connec-
tive tissue. Cellulite occurs mostly on the thighs,        • Hormones like estrogen and cortisol
hips, buttocks and knees. It is in no way pathologi-       Lifestyle
cal, and it is not inflammatory, infectious, or water-
                                                           Research shows that cellulite may be influenced by
                                                           diet, hormones and other factors. A diet with exces-
What Causes Cellulite?                                     sive intake of carbohydrates and fats provokes
There is much research done on the exact cause             hyperinsulunemia and an increase in lipogenesis.
of cellulite. The following is a list of common            Hyperinsulinemia is a condition caused by a high
factors most experts would agree on.                       level of insulin in the blood; it is almost always cau-
                                                           sed by an individual’s diet. Lipogenisis is the
Hormones:                                                  sequence of biological reactions involved in the
Many researchers believe hormones play a role in           storage of lipids (fats). The body can only use so
aggravating cellulite. Estrogen is thought to be           much fat for energy and the excess is stored in fat
involved because,                                          cells (adipocytes) which leads to obesity and more
• the condition mainly affects women.
• It usually appears after puberty
• Condition is aggravated during pregnancy,
  menstruation, nursing and estrogen therapy
• Estrogens interacts and influences other hormo-
  nes.The other hormones that may be involved are
  insulin, cortisol and thyroid hormones.
How does Ideal Protein aid in the reduction of
The Ideal Protein Weight-loss Method addresses
many of the causes of cellulite.
When a woman has excess fat in her abdominal area
it facilitates the storage of extra hormones, namely
estrogen. When we are following the protocol and
begin to loose weight, we naturally eliminate the
extra hormones that were trapped in our fat cells. Not
only will this aid in the reduction of cellulite but it is a
natural way to regulate hormone levels.
Our protocol also puts an emphasis on regulating our
insulin levels by restricting our simple and complex
carbohydrate intake for a period of time and reintro-
ducing them gradually once our goal is achieved. In
doing this we are preventing our bad food combina-
tions (fat and carbohydrates) to have the ability to be
stored in our fat cells. (Lipogenisis) No new fat cells,
less visible cellulite.
When we restrict our carbohydrate intake we are also
forcing our bodies to turn to our lipid (fat) and protein
reserve for energy. Because we are incorporating
high biological protein isolates into our diet, we will
maintain our muscle mass and our bodies have no
choice but to exhaust the adipocytes (fat cells).
Reduction of fat cells results in reduction of cellulite.
Over all, the human body needs a minimum of 1/2
gram of protein per pound of lean body mass per day
to function optionally. It is essential not only for
weight-loss and cellulite reduction but essential for
growth and development. Skin, organs, mus-
cles, hair and nails are all mainly proteins.
Our Ideal Protein foods are also crucial
to the immune system, because
antibodies which are synthesi-
zed from specific proteins fight
                                                                       over such a short period of time
                                                                       time-literally week.. Dr Shughrue
                                                                       lost 35 pounds in just under 11
                                                                       weeks and has kept the weight off
                                                                       for more than 6 months without any
                                                                       “ yo-yo” effects.
                                                                       With new found enthusiasm Ideal
                                                                       Protein was implemented as part of
                                                                       the practice’s health maintenance
                                                                       activities and within 6 months more
                                                                       than 100 patient have gone suc-
                                                                       cessfully through the program out
                                                                       performing other bariatric procedu-
                                                                       res (lap band and gastric bypass)
                                                                       as an effective weight loss initiative.
                                                                       Patients have maintained their vita-
                                                                       lity, lost targeted inches, and have
                                                                       actually improved their glycemic
                                                                       and advanced lipid panel results in
                                                                       just a few months time.
How Ideal Protein has helped                                           Not only have the health improve-
with the challenges of treating obesity                                ments made this Ideal Protein
in Family Medicine                                                     program uniquely popular but the
                                                                       aesthetic, targeted fat loss and
                                                                       body recontouring has increased
Dr Cynthia Shughrue, owner Family Care Medical Services of
                                                                       the programs popularity within the
North Texas, is a Board Certified Osteopathic Family Practitioner
                                                                       Dallas Metroplex.. Dr Shughrue’s
that has practiced for 20 years in the United States and Brazil. Dr
                                                                       weekly new starts have increased
Shughrue and her staff have always taken pride in offering perso-
                                                                       by 100% in the past 3 months.
nalized services that were oriented towards prevention and main-
                                                                       Not only are patients decreasing
tenance of health. Currently, Dr. Shughrue practices in Dallas
                                                                       their medication use for glycemic
Texas with a focus on wellness through preventive practices and
                                                                       control, hypertension, and lipid
aggressive management of risk factors for metabolic syndrome
                                                                       disorders but they are completely
and atherosclerosis. In addition to general medicine the practice
                                                                       transformed with identifiable fat
also offers a variety of aesthetic procedures including IPL photo-
                                                                       loss. The clinic is now seeing an
rejuvenation, laser hair removal, laser skin tightening and laser
                                                                       increased number of referrals from
resurfacing procedures.
                                                                       area specialists for non surgical
In a current climate with concierge medicine coming into vogue Dr      options of patients requiring some
Shughrue’s practice has prided itself in providing the latest tech-    form of assistance with their meta-
nologies in medicine as well as personalized care for each and         bolic dysfunctions and weight loss.
every patient. With obesity and diabetes on the rise Dr Shughrue
                                                                       Ideal Protein has outperformed its
had been searching for effective ways to work with patients to
                                                                       initial implementation as a weight
optimize their health and longevity. Unfortunately in the area of
                                                                       loss program and has found a solid
weight loss and glycemic control the overall success rate was
                                                                       place in the clinics promotion of
lacking due to patients inability or capacity to follow prescriptive
                                                                       returning overall health and well-
eating and lifestyle programs until Ideal Protein was implemented.
                                                                       ness to patients.
In February 2008, while attending a medical conference Dr
Shughrue was introduced to Ideal Protein. Skeptical at first she
decided to use the product on a trial basis with herself and her
staff as test subjects. In the first month all members had lost
significant weight and inches! The results were ore dramatic and
accelerated than anything used prior but the most impressive out-
come was the change in lipid and comprehensive blood panels
Dr. Jonathan Gerber

My name is Dr. Jonathan Gerber, my practice is a
relatively young one and I take pride in the fact that
it’s very different from other Chiropractic and
Healthcare offices in our area. We’re consistently
updating, educating and improving because we
genuinely care about bringing the very best care
available to our patients. Gerber Family Chiropractic
& Wellness Center is located in the Adirondack
Mountain Region of Northern New York. Our mission
is to provide the people of the Adirondack region of
New York State with a resource for Chiropractic and
Proactive Healthcare and the Achievement of
Optimum Wellness.
We included the word “Family” in our name for two
reasons. First, both of my parents are very active in
the practice. My dad is “Dr. Detox”, serving our Aqua
Detox patients and wearing pretty much whatever
hat is needed at any given moment. My mom is my
financial advisor, sounding board and occasionally
the source of a random reality check. Second, when
you come here, whether it’s for a chiro visit, detox or
a weigh in, you’re welcomed like family come for a
visit. My patients are very important to me and I
make sure they know it. They come in for an
appointment but often stay for a cup of coffee or tea.
I love hearing my patients tell me how much they
look forward to spending a little time in my office and
every effort is made to maintain a warm, friendly and
caring environment.
“I was 33 years old,
5’ 11” tall and
I weighed 258 pounds.”

In the first quarter of 2008, I met Tim Callahan of Ideal        On August 7th, 2008, we made the program available to
Protein at a Health Expo in Montreal Canada. I was visi-         my patients. On October 24, 2008, I hosted a dinner
ting the booths nearby his and after several attempts to         party for 35 of my first Ideal Protein participants. As a
gain my attention, Tim took a more direct approach,              group, they had lost over 900 pounds in less than 3
saying “Tell me Doc, how do you look your patients in the        months, an average of more than 25 pounds each. That
eye and lecture them on the merits of a healthy lifestyle?”      night, we shared our stories, our successes, our secrets,
Frankly, I wasn’t really sure how to respond or if I’d even      lots of laughs and even a few tears of pure joy. It was
heard him correctly.                                             both humbling and inspirational. I am so amazingly gra-
                                                                 teful to have found this program and to be able to offer
Time to give you the sad facts as they were then. I was
                                                                 such hope and health to so many.
33 years old, 5’ 11” tall and I weighed 258 pounds. I was
living a young, single and successful lifestyle, what I liked    Today, my office touches more lives than ever. We’ve
to call “Living Large” with a half laugh at the pun. In two      grown and adopted another “family” member (one of our
and a half seconds this little, bald man had reduced my          IP participants looking to help others find success) to
self image to something that was anything but funny and          help us to continue to provide the level of care and qua-
I couldn’t for the life of me decide which of us to punish       lity of service that has made our office a great place to
first. While I was deciding, Tim began to tell me about          spend time. The program has taken on a dynamic
Ideal Protein and before I knew it, I had agreed to a mee-       energy whereby each patient experiencing this incredibly
ting at my office in New York the following week.                positive lifestyle goes out and spreads the word to many
                                                                 others. My office is flooded with inquiries about the pro-
Within a months time, I, my parents and my Office
                                                                 gram and my staff and I are sought for questioning nearly
Manager were all using Ideal Protein in sort of a “trial run”
                                                                 every time we venture out of the office. In the next few
to learn first hand what the system is like and whether it
                                                                 weeks, I expect to have more than 100 active Ideal
could truly live up to the incredible claims made by it’s pro-
                                                                 Protein patients and counting.
prietors. As the pounds quickly and easily began to drop
off of me, I felt energized and healthier, more incredibly       We’re more committed to our mission than ever before
vital than I could ever remember feeling in my entire life.      and the Ideal Protein System is an amazing and highly
                                                                 effective tool. As new patients experience our support
My mom, dad and office manager were all experiencing
                                                                 and dedication to their success on IP, they turn to us for
similar wonders. I had seen my mom spend thousands
                                                                 other types of care and as a result, even my Chiropractic
and I mean that literally, thousands and thousands of
                                                                 and Detox areas of the practice have seen a growth of
dollars to try to lose weight on the more popular plans
                                                                 nearly 35% in the past few months. All of my patients are
available in the US. To give credit where credit is due,
                                                                 thriving and growing stronger and healthier every day
they worked. For as long as she was on the plan, she lost
                                                                 and because we put them first, my practice is thriving
weight. It wasn’t until she “graduated” that she began to
                                                                 and growing stronger and healthier every day.
pack the pounds back on, faster than they left and in
greater numbers. I’m now a fit and healthy 164 pounds.                                              Dr. Jonathan Gerber
Among the four of us, we’ve lost more than 300 pounds!
In short order we all agreed that we needed to bring this
incredible program to our patients and our patients
having seen the dramatic changes were demanding that
we share the secret.
                                                                                       Aesthetics and Wellness
Ending the Wait for Ideal Weight                                                       Weaver stresses three key points
How Ideal Protein proved to be                                                         about Ideal Protein’s ability to help
                                                                                       medical spa owners provide the best
the perfect body shaping tool                                                          service for their clients. “If you’re loo-
for one high-end medical spa.                                                          king at it from an aesthetics and well-
Tawni Weaver, owner of Renu Medispa in Eagle, Idaho, was not looking for a weight      ness point of view, there’s so much
loss program for her business when she decided to try Ideal Protein. She wanted        that Ideal Protein can do,” Weaver
something that would help her lose about 30 pounds and restore her energy levels.      says. “People look completely diffe-
Ideal Protein turned out to be the perfect solution both to Weaver’s personal weight   rent after they lose 20 pounds. They
loss goals and to her desire to grow her already popular medical spa.                  are healthier, and their skin glows
                                                                                       from their improved nutritional intake.
Credit for the spa’s success—Renu is one of the premiere medical spa centers in        They have more energy, and that
the Northwest—belongs largely to Weaver, an energetic, engaging woman whose            translates into their attitude and how
academic science background blends perfectly with her professional marketing           they present themselves.”
expertise. Weaver is committed to providing the latest and best technological
advances to her clients. But until she found Ideal Protein, she was wary of offe-      There have also been positive chan-
ring weight loss programs because so many had high failure rates, even for peo-        ges to several clients’ blood profiles.
ple who were compliant.                                                                Weaver notes that referrals from
                                                                                       general practitioners and other medi-
“From a business perspective I never wanted to be in the weight loss industry—I        cal specialists have skyrocketed
felt like it’s more trend driven and not focused on the underlying causes of weight    since her spa began offering the
gain or the need to keep the weight off,” Weaver, who holds a B.S. in Anatomy          weight loss program. “The results
and Physiology, says. But Weaver was intrigued by Ideal Protein’s physiological,       give us credibility in the medical
pancreatic treatment based approach to weight loss. She decided to try the sys-        community,” she says. “Clients have
tem for herself and lost 20 pounds in 4 weeks. The next 10 also came off quickly,      returned to us from their primary phy-
and she has now maintained her target weight for more than six months without          sicians to report they have been
dieting. Because Ideal Protein effectively “resets” pancreas function, people on       taken off glucose and blood pressure
the diet can return to normal balanced eating without fear of rebounding.              medications. It is very satisfying to
Weaver’s good friend Angie Koch, an attractive, vibrant, and newly slender             produce positive aesthetic and
woman, also tried the program and lost 60 pounds between May and September.            health benefits for our clients.”
Koch’s weight loss was so dramatic that she was the perfect choice to direct           The program is also a cost effective
Renu’s new Wellness Program, which features Ideal Protein at its core. The two         solution to body shaping. Expensive
women’s own success stories led to a groundswell of interest and word of mouth         non-invasive laser therapy has
referrals for what is now one of the most popular offerings at this posh medical       become increasingly popular among
spa in suburban Boise.                                                                 clients trying to reduce body circum-
                                                                                       ference. Weaver still believes in
                                                                                       lasers as powerful tools for skin tigh-
                                                                                      Your hunger is gone,
                                                                                      your cravings are gone,
                                                                                      your energy is high—
                                                                                      you just feel fantastic!”

                                                                                      In addition to the Ideal Protein pro-
                                                                                      gram, Renu offers all of the standard
                                                                                      services clients expect from a
                                                                                      medispa, including IPL photorejuve-
                                                                                      nation, laser hair removal, laser skin
                                                                                      tightening and resurfacing, chemical
                                                                                      peels, and medical facials. They also
                                                                                      offer specialized treatments such as
                                                                                      myofacial cavitation and ultrasound,
                                                                                      a non-surgical facelift procedure that
tening and resurfacing, but short of       invasive laser procedures. “They look
                                                                                      rebuilds the muscle structure of the
liposuction, a client’s best option for    and feel so much better that they
                                                                                      face, and laserdermology for cellulite.
rapid “dress-size” reduction remains       want to see what else is possible,”
                                                                                      Renu earned the coveted Platinum
responsible weight loss. “I can spend      Weaver says.
                                                                                      Injector status with Allergan, the
$85-100,000 on a laser that will only      Adjunct Therapy                            makers of Botox and Juvederm.
produce a two or three centimeter
                                           A third key benefit for Weaver is the      Renu also promotes recent technolo-
reduction after four treatments over
                                           rapid recovery from other treatments       gical advances, and Weaver often
several months and cost the client
                                           such as smart lipo and plastic surgery     attends conferences to ensure that
$2,000,” Weaver notes, “Or I can
                                           that the Ideal Protein program provi-      she has the best, most effective
help a client lose far more than two
                                           des her clients. “We have a strong         treatments to offer her clients. The
centimeters in just one week on the
                                           referral base from the plastic surgery     spa’s medical director, Dr. Tamara
Ideal Protein program for less than
                                           community, and we’re seeing a              Simon, a board-certified surgeon
                                           dramatic decrease in recovery time         who operates one of the largest age-
Retail Sales                               post-surgery for our clients who are       management practices in the
Another key point for business             placed on the Ideal Protein program,”      Northwest, performs Smartlipo, a
owners is the enormous retail sales        she says, noting that the alkaline         laser-assisted liposuction, at an
potential Ideal Protein provides.          environment produced by the diet           adjoining facility. Together, Weaver
Since Weaver began offering the pro-       reduces water retention and swelling       and Simon are passionate about
gram in May 2008, Ideal Protein pro-       associated with post-operative care.       providing their clients with the gold-
duct sales have grown to the point         In addition, Weaver has personally         standard of medispa care.
that it now outsells all of the spa’s      observed an increase in effectiveness      Koch is thrilled to be part of the Renu
skincare products combined. “And           for patients who have had laser treat-     team. Sharing the secret to her own
we’re a skin care facility!” Weaver        ments or resurfacing procedures.           weight loss success story is her favo-
laughs.                                    “You just heal and respond better if       rite part of her job. “I tried every-
                                           you have the right nutritional compo-      thing,” Koch says. “Weight Watchers
Even when clients achieve their
                                           nents,” she says.                          or the gym might work for some
weight goals and come off of the pro-
gram, many continue to supplement          The diet has also proved ideal for         people, but it takes a long time to see
their diets. “Once people see their        people with special dietary needs,         results, and the weight is frequently
success, you empower them. They            including athletes who want a source       regained within the first year. On the
realize they can control what they         of low glycemic index carbohydrates        Ideal Protein diet, if you are com-
look like and what they feel like,”        and the right kinds of proteins. Type II   pliant, you will lose weight—it’s
Weaver notes.                              diabetics, those who suffer from           physiologically impossible not to.”
                                           hypoglycemia, and patients who have        Koch is especially enthusiastic about
Best of all: clients’ success with their                                              the Ideal Protein program’s effect on
                                           undergone bariatric surgery and need
weight loss often leads them to try                                                   her clients’ energy levels. “Your hunger
                                           high energy food can also benefit
other treatments they would not have                                                  is gone, your cravings are gone, your
                                           from the program. “It touches every-
previously considered, including                                                      energy is high—you just feel fantastic!”
                                           thing we do at the spa,” Weaver says.
injectables such as Botox or non-                                                     she says.

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