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If you build a stronger community, you’ll build a stronger bank.   INVESTMENTS
                                                                   REPORT   20   05
                                                 “ Fifth Third is proud of the work its employees,
    President                                       its foundation and its business lines do to make
                                                    a meaningful impact in the community.                    ”

                  For years I’ve been quoted as saying, “Building a stronger       • Fifth Third Community Development Corporation,
                  community helps build a stronger bank.” I say it often because     which invested in low-income housing or historic tax
                  it encapsulates why we desire to be a good corporate citizen       credits in local neighborhoods; and
                  and helps me frame how we see our role in the community.
                                                                                   • The Foundation Office, which directed grants funded by
                  Fifth Third provides financial services that enable commu-         the charitable trusts for which the bank is privileged to
                  nities—individuals, families, businesses and non-profits—to        serve as trustee, and worked with our clients to help
                  grow and prosper. We also have a responsibility to support         manage the financial affairs of family foundations.
                  the community through philanthropy. We are pleased to
                  report our 2005 results to you.                                  I invite you to read this report about our community com-
                                                                                   mitment in 2005. Please use this guide as a reference:
                  As we assembled this community report, a recurring theme
                  took shape. We were heartened to discover how our nearly
                  23,000 employees drove our commitment. They helped                 2005 Community Investment Annual Report:
                  direct where the funding was distributed, how it was used,         Fifth Third Bancorp Departments . . . . . . . . 4-7
                  and helped us monitor its impact. Their activism, volun-
                  teerism and financial support were major driving factors.          Fifth Third Affiliate Bank Giving . . . . . . . . . 8-41
                  They stretched our dollars further by personally making
                                                                                     The Foundation Office . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 42-53
                  contributions of their time and talents to the organizations
                  and causes we supported.
                  I’m extremely proud that our employees were the face of
                  our community commitment in 2005. More than the phil-            Thank you for your continued patronage.
                  anthropic gifts, the strategic investments and community
                  sponsorships, our employees have helped Fifth Third make
                  a difference where our customers live and work.                  Sincerely,

                  In 2005, Fifth Third invested its time, talent and resources
                  to the community through:

                  • The Fifth Third Foundation, which made grants of $6.2
                                                                                   George A. Schaefer, Jr.
                    million in the communities Fifth Third serves;
                                                                                   President & CEO
                  • Fifth Third’s Community Affairs, Marketing and Business        May 2006
                    Line departments, which worked to support a variety of ini-
                    tiatives from financial literacy to community programming;
                                                                                                 Fifth Third Community Investments 2005 ANNUAL REPORT   3
THE                                                                                     Celebrating a $500,000 matching gift from the
                                                                                        Fifth Third Foundation are, from left to right,

       Fifth Third                                                                      Bob Sullivan, president of the Fifth Third Bank
                                                                                        (Cincinnati), Gene Murphy from the Disabled

                                                                                        Veterans’ LIFE Memorial Foundation, Heidi
                                                                                        Jark, manager of the Foundation Office at Fifth
                                                                                        Third Bank, and Art Wilson of the Disabled
                                                                                        Veterans’ LIFE Memorial Foundation.

                                             Fifth Third Bank was the first financial     Veterans Disabled for Life Memorial,            The Fifth Third Foundation also sup-
                                             corporation in the United States to          which is to be built near the National          ports the generous giving of employees
                                             establish a charitable foundation. The       Mall in Washington, D.C. in 2010.               to the United Way and Fine Arts Fund.
                                             Fifth Third Foundation was created in        The gift was made on behalf of all              Contributions from Fifth Third’s employ-
                                             1948 with a mission to make strategic        the nation’s disabled veterans.                 ees, corporate and foundation gifts to
                                             grants in the communities where Fifth                                                        the United Way combined to total $10.9
                                             Third Bank operates.                       • $30,000 to the Hillsborough                     million in 2005, and $44.2 million the
                                                                                          Educational Foundation, Inc. in                 past five years. Contributions to local
                                             The commitment that began 58 years           Tampa, Florida. The funding sup-                arts campaigns were $502,700 in 2005.
                                             ago to be active participants in the         ports the “Take Stock in Children”
                                             community has deepened as the bank           program that identifies at-risk youth
                                             has grown. Today, Fifth Third Bank           in sixth through ninth grades who
This watercolor depicts the northwest
                                             operates 19 affiliates and the Fifth         have the potential to be successful in
entrance of the Americans Disabled
                                             Third Foundation is dedicated to             earning post-secondary degrees. The
for Life Memorial that will be built in
                                             making meaningful grants in all of           program awards scholarships to the                       UNITED WAY GIVING
Washington, D.C. The Fifth Third                                                                                                                       (MILLIONS OF DOLLARS)
                                             those markets. In 2005, the Fifth Third      youth upon high school graduation.
Foundation made the first corporate
                                             Foundation made over 600 grants to
foundation gift to the fundraising effort.
                                             worthwhile organizations from Traverse     • $75,000 to the Ferguson                                                              $10.9
                                             City, Michigan to Naples, Florida and        Renaissance Center in Grand
                                                                                          Rapids, Michigan. The grant is                                               $10.4
                                             from Chicago, Illinois, to Huntington,                                                                             $9.0
                                             West Virginia.                               supporting the rehabilitation of the
                                                                                          old Downtown Ferguson Hospital                                 $7.4
                                             Over $6.2 million in grants were made        to make 100 units of supportive,                      $6.5
                                             in support of programming, initiatives       affordable housing available for the
                                             and outreach in the key areas of arts        mentally and physically disabled.
                                             and culture, community development,
                                             education, and health and human ser-       The Fifth Third Foundation also is
                                             vices. Among the grants awarded from       dedicated to supporting the philan-                    2001 2002 2003 2004 2005
                                             the Fifth Third Foundation were:           thropic efforts of Fifth Third Bank
                                                                                        employees. The foundation matches,
                                                                                                                                               Over the past five years, Fifth
                                             • $500,000 to the Disabled Veterans’       dollar-for-dollar, regular gifts to high
                                                                                                                                               Third ’s corporate, foundation
                                               LIFE Memorial Foundation.                schools and institutes of higher learn-
                                                                                                                                               and employee contributions to
                                               Announced in Cincinnati, Ohio, this      ing. In 2005, this matching program
                                                                                                                                               the United Way have reached
                                               matching gift was the first corporate    made education gifts that totaled
                                                                                                                                               $44.2 million.
                                               foundation gift for the American         $130,378.
4     Fifth Third Community Investments 2005 ANNUAL REPORT
Fifth Third Scholarship Program
The Fifth Third Foundation established the Fifth Third Scholarship Program in 2004 to recognize and reward
the academic and civic achievements of children of Fifth Third Bank employees. The program annually provides
17 scholarships of $2,500 one-time payments for college undergraduate study. The first scholarship winners were
announced in June of 2005. The Fifth Third Foundation congratulates:

   Brad G. Elkus,          Brad A. Farley,       Thomas A. Groneman,     Dennis W. Hamilton, Jr.,     Elliott M. Holden,            Clinton D. Hyneman,
 son of Nancy Elkus,    son of Andrew Farley,          son of            son of Dennis Hamilton,     son of Rita Holden,                   son of
      Cincinnati            Western Ohio          Thomas Groneman,           Central Indiana           Central Indiana                Judith Hyneman,
                                                  Northeastern Ohio                                                                  Southern Indiana

 Nathaniel R. Jones,       Laura J. Lloyd,       Sayshu V. Medicherla,      Casey M. Merritt,         Molly M. Nason,               Andrew R. Rollins,
son of Timothy Jones,        daughter of                son of            son of Nan Matteson,         daughter of                 son of Dennis Rollins,
   Central Indiana      Patricia Lloyd Barnas,    Meena Medicherla,             Cincinnati             Keith Nason,                     Cincinnati
                         Western Michigan            Central Ohio                                      Central Ohio

 Erica N. Rumschlag,     Michele E. Sagala,        Kyle A. Scarberry,      Jason R. Schwartz,       Matthew M. Williams,
     daughter of            daughter of                  son of                  son of                    son of
  Janis Rumschlag,        Susan Sagala,            Blane Scarberry,        Jennifer Schwartz,          Robyn LeMay,
 Northwestern Ohio       Western Michigan              Cincinnati              Cincinnati                Cincinnati

                                                                                                                   Fifth Third Community Investments 2005 ANNUAL REPORT   5
Community Affairs
                                                                                                          Fifth Third Bank (South Florida) reached out
                                                                                                          to the Latino community with a hurricane
                                                                                                          preparedness seminar, conducted in
                                                                                                          Spanish, at the onset of what was to be a
                                                                                                          devastating hurricane season in 2005.

                                                  Western Ohio, Ohio Valley, North-          The eBus is staffed by professionals            areas for increased spending, and
                                                  eastern Ohio and Northwestern Ohio         from Retail Banking, Mortgage                   provided continuous improvement
                                                  affiliates. The Central Indiana, South-    Banking and Community Affairs.                  of the infrastructure to support the
                                                  ern Indiana, Chicago, Northern             Together they work with visitors to             bank’s commitment to supplier diversity.
                                                  Kentucky, Lexington, Louisville,           inform them about homeownership                 One example is the bank’s partnership
                                                  Western Michigan, Eastern Michigan,        opportunities and mortgage approval             with CVM DiversityQuest, a small,
                                                  Northern Michigan and South Florida        criteria, conduct financial literacy            certified, minority business, which
                                                  affiliates comprised the Michigan          training, and educate them about                is helping Fifth Third automate its
                                                  charter during the examination period.     bank services.                                  process of supplier data verification,
                                                                                                                                             analysis and reporting.
                                                  For the Ohio charter, Fifth Third made     Similarly, Fifth Third’s Young Banker’s
                                                  community development loans of             Club is a fifth-grade financial literacy        Finally, Fifth Third Bank made a
The Fifth Third Homeownership Mobile, or
                                                  $220.7 million, up 46% from the prior      program. It was piloted in 2004 and             $500,000 grant to the United Way
eBus, is the focal point of a grassroots
                                                  exam period. It also invested $50.8        expanded into a greater number of               in 2005 to be used in support of the
initiative to bring banking services into
                                                  billion in community development, a        Fifth Third’s affiliates in 2005. The           American Red Cross Disaster Relief
the community.
                                                  figure that is up 103%. The Michigan       program runs for 10 weeks, meets local          Fund after Hurricanes Katrina and
                                                  Charter saw its lending increase 40%,      and state education standards for math-         Rita. Fifth Third affiliates also took
The Community Affairs Department                  from $552 million to $779.8 million,       ematics and social studies, and is              community donations in their
identifies opportunities for the bank             and its community development invest-      administered by Fifth Third employees.          Banking Centers and encouraged
to have a measurable impact in the                ment increased 34% from $69.4              It is designed to combat the problem            their employees to donate and volun-
communities it serves and fulfill its             million to $92.7 million.                  of financial illiteracy in adults by            teer for the relief effort. In addition,
Community Reinvestment Act (CRA)                                                             teaching young kids the value of                the Fifth Third Mobile ATM Van
commitment. In 2005, Fifth Third                  Fifth Third’s service outreach also        personal financial responsibility.              was dispatched to the Gulf Coast to
received confirmation that its efforts            contributed to the ratings upgrades.                                                       provide ready access to needed funds.
in lending, investments and service               One such program is the Fifth Third        Community Support                               The eBus also was directed to the
have earned it an upgrade in CRA                  Homeownership Mobile, or eBus, a                                                           area for two months and provided its
                                                  40-foot, self-contained mobile class-      In addition to the ratings upgrades,
ratings for its Michigan and Ohio                                                            the Community Affairs team was                  services to aid workers, schools and
charters. Previously rated “satisfac-             room with Internet-accessible computer                                                     individuals trying to recuperate from
                                                  stations. It has traveled throughout       responsible for revamping the bank’s
tory,” the Ohio and Michigan charters                                                        supplier diversity efforts in 2005 as           the devastation.
are now both rated “outstanding.”                 Fifth Third’s affiliate markets to reach
                                                  adults with low and moderate incomes,      well as supporting the bank’s efforts
Fifth Third Bancorp’s Ohio charter                female heads of households, new            to provide disaster relief. Community
includes its Cincinnati, Central Ohio,            immigrants and first-time homebuyers.      Affairs built business partnerships with
                                                                                             a core group of suppliers, identified

6     Fifth Third Community Investments 2005 ANNUAL REPORT
                                                                                               The Fifth Third Community
                                                                                               Development Corporation
                                                                                               invests in projects that help
                                                                                               develop communities in Fifth
Development Corporation                                                                        Third’s market areas.

The Fifth Third Community Development Corporation      • The Immokalee Senior Housing Apartments                   Community Restoration
(CDC) has invested over $450 million throughout          in Immokalee, Florida, in which the CDC
Fifth Third’s markets since its inception in 1989        invested $1.9 million. The project consists of 28         The Fifth Third CDC also invests in historic tax
and has participated in over 300 developments to         one- and two-bedroom units that will serve very           credits to enhance a community through the
promote affordable housing, economic revitalization      low-income and elderly people that earn less than         restoration of office buildings, libraries, warehouses,
and historic restoration.                                50% of the area median income. The people                 schools, hotels and theaters that contribute to a
                                                         served through this investment reside in a city           community’s overall viability and growth. In 2005,
The CDC does this by purchasing Low Income               with one of the largest populations of migrant            the CDC invested $1 million in historic tax credits
Housing Tax Credits directly or through funds,           farmers in the state.                                     for the Art Academy of Cincinnati in Cincinnati,
by purchasing Historic Tax Credits, and by using                                                                   Ohio. The CDC worked with the Academy for five
New Market Tax Credits. The CDC also is a              By making investments in these projects, the Fifth          years to get the project done, which includes a relo-
resource to community developers and non-profit        Third CDC acts as a catalyst for other local invest-        cation of the Academy into Over-the-Rhine—an
and for-profit organizations.                          ments that work to improve the environment sur-             economically depressed, inner-city neighborhood—
                                                       rounding a community.                                       and the restoration of two historic city buildings that
Affordable Housing Developments
                                                                                                                   will house the Academy. The project is contributing
                                                       Economic Revitalization
In 2005, the CDC invested in low- and moderate-                                                                    to the revitalization and stabilization of a key down-
income housing developments, which include public      Fifth Third CDC invests in New Market Tax                   town district.
housing, Section 8 housing, and low-income             Credits to fund loans for commercial and retail
                                                                                                                   The work of the Fifth Third CDC goes beyond
housing tax credits. Whether for rental or purchase,   projects in blighted areas. Created by the
                                                                                                                   its financial investment. Through Fifth Third’s
the CDC invests in both mixed and low-income           Community Development Financial Institution
                                                                                                                   affiliates, the CDC is able to partner with non-profit
developments, and looks to invest in viable projects   (CDFI) Fund under the U. S. Department of
                                                                                                                   community housing development organizations by
that will substantially benefit the community. Some    Treasury, the CDFI Fund awards New Market
                                                                                                                   sponsoring them for the Federal Home Loan Bank’s
of its 2005 investments include:                       Tax Credits to entities that will make loans in low-
                                                                                                                   grant funding. The CDC also engages in compliance
                                                       income census tracts for the primary purpose of
• The Woodmere Ridge Apartments in Traverse                                                                        monitoring and asset management of developments to
                                                       bringing jobs and services to those communities.
  City, Michigan, in which the CDC invested                                                                        ensure each project is meeting its goals of affordable
                                                       Fifth Third CDC has invested over $100 million
  $240,000. The project is new construction of 117                                                                 housing creation and economic development. In doing
                                                       in these entities, which in turn have loaned those
  one-, two- and three-bedroom units of Section                                                                    so, the Fifth Third CDC is able to stay in compliance
                                                       funds to businesses that have created jobs, and
  42 low-income affordable housing. This new                                                                       with government regulations and serve as a resource to
                                                       brought grocery stores and other services back to
  construction community will provide quality                                                                      ensure the betterment of the community.
                                                       the neighborhoods. In 2005, the CDC purchased
  housing for very low-income families earning         New Market Tax Credits in support of the GEO
  30% or less of the area median income.               Foundation Charter Schools in Gary and
                                                       Indianapolis, Indiana in the bank’s Chicago
                                                       and Central Indiana affiliates, respectively.
                                                                                                                        Fifth Third Community Investments 2005 ANNUAL REPORT   7
                                                                                                      This LEAVE A LEGACY® ad of the Greater Cincinnati
                                                                                                      Planned Giving Council helps create awareness about
                                                                                                      leaving bequests or planned gifts to non-profit organi-
       COMMUNITY SUPPORT                                                                              zations. The Fifth Third Foundation made a $30,000
                                                                                                      grant in support of the effort.

                                          By opening its doors to a unique internship    Project SEARCH is a collaboration of three                     Cincinnati Affiliate Employees . . . . 1,396
                                          program, supporting an organization that       entities—Cincinnati Children’s Hospital
                                          helps individuals leave charitable legacies,   Medical Center, Great Oaks Institute of                        Cincinnati-based Employees . . . . . 7,796
                                          and creating awareness of diversity events     Technology & Career Development, and the                       Locations . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 106
                                          and issues, Fifth Third in Cincinnati made     Ohio Rehabilitative Services Commission.                       Assets . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $17.4 billion
                                          a difference in the community in 2005.         Fifth Third’s contributions consist of on-
                                                                                         the-job training, a managed learning envi-                     Deposits . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $12.3 billion
                                          Fifth Third’s Madisonville Operations          ronment, an on-site classroom, and all the                     Philanthropic Gifts . . . . . . . . . . $5,775,526
                                          Center became home to a Project                furnishings of a central office to manage the
                                          SEARCH program last year. Project              affairs of the Madisonville campus program.
                                          SEARCH is a nationally acclaimed intern-
                                          ship program that helps individuals, such      Fifth Third also impacted the Cincinnati
                                          as those with developmental challenges,        community with a $30,000 Fifth Third                In 2005, Fifth Third’s Diversity Board was
Fifth Third Bank (Cincinnati) President   overcome the barriers to successful            Foundation grant to The Greater Cincinnati          active with programming for employees
Bob Sullivan announces the bank’s         employment. Fifth Third renovated              Planned Giving Council in support of its            and the community. Created in 1996, the
involvement in Project SEARCH. He         a classroom for the students on its            LEAVE A LEGACY® program. LEAVE                      Board’s mission is to support Fifth Third’s
is standing in front of the new Project   Madisonville campus and installed              A LEGACY® is a unique, community-                   recruiting and retention efforts by mentor-
SEARCH facility at Fifth Third’s          state-of-the-art computers and training        wide public awareness campaign and                  ing new employees, producing quality
Madisonville campus. Project SEARCH       stations. Project SEARCH students              grassroots educational effort designed to           internal programming designed to educate
students are standing with him.           spend their days at Fifth Third with           encourage individuals from all walks of life        and entertain, and participating in and
                                          special education instructors, job             to leave a bequest or other planned gift to         raising awareness of external events in
                                          coaches, and Fifth Third managers. They        their favorite non-profit organizations. It         the local community. The Diversity Board
                                          rotate through three work experiences for      was launched after a national survey discov-        hosted several Black History Month
                                          10 weeks at a time to build their skills in    ered that, while many Americans contribute          events, including a community event
                                          various job settings. As students, they        to and volunteer with charities, only a very        featuring the president of the local Urban
                                          receive credit toward high school grad-        few provide for the organizations they love         League, Donna Jones Stanley; a Women’s
                                          uation rather than pay for their work. For     after they are gone. In Cincinnati, only 8%         Forum attended by over 600 people eager
                                          some, the internships evolve into paid         of donors included a charitable donation in         to hear how featured female senior man-
                                          positions with Fifth Third after graduation.   their wills or estate plans. For the other          agers at Fifth Third achieved success; and
                                                                                         92%, most do not because they are not               participated in the Black Family Reunion
                                                                                         aware they can. In 1998, Cincinnati                 parade, an annual event that takes place
                                                                                         became one of the very first cities in the          in downtown Cincinnati.
                                                                                         nation to launch LEAVE A LEGACY®.

8     Fifth Third AFFILIATE BANKS
                                                                  Diversity Board members participated
                                                                  in the annual Black Family Reunion
                                                                  Parade in Cincinnati last August.

American Heart Association          Free Store Food Bank/Hunger Walk       National Merit Scholarship
Association of Mexican Leaders      Good Samaritan Hospital Foundation     Corporation
Athenaeum of Ohio                   Greater Cincinnati Arts and            National Underground Railroad
                                    Education Center                       Freedom Center
Ault Park Friday Night Flick
                                    Greater Cincinnati Foundation          O’Bryonville Animal Rescue
Black Family Reunion
                                    Greater Cincinnati MS Clinic Fund      Ohio Community Development
Blue Ash Concert Series                                                    Corporation
Blue Ash SummerBration              Greater Cincinnati Planned
                                    Giving Council                         Ohio Grantmakers Forum
Broadway in Cincinnati                                                     Over-the-Rhine Foundation/Tour of
                                    Guardian Angels Festival
Catholic Inner City Schools                                                Homes
Education Fund                      Habitat for Humanity
                                                                           Party at Sawyer Point
Catholic Social Services            Hamilton/Fairfield Symphony
                                    Auction                                Profiles in Courage
CET                                                                        Project Search
                                    Health Resource Center of Cincinnati
Change of Heart, Inc.                                                      Queen City Foundation
                                    Holy Cross Immaculata
Cincinnati Area Board of Realtors                                          St. Aloysius Orphanage
                                    Home & Garden Show
Cincinnati Business Incubator                                              St. John the Baptist Church
Cincinnati Children’s Hospital                                             Starfire
Medical Center                      Hopkins High School
                                    Humana Heart Mini Marathon             Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer
Cincinnati Development Fund                                                Foundation
Cincinnati USA Regional Tourism     Interfaith Emergency Assistance
                                    Association                            Realtist Organization
                                    It’s Commonly Jazz                     Ross County Lion’s Club
Cincinnati Zoological Society
                                    Juvenile Diabetes Research             Ross Elementary School
Cincy Latino
                                    Foundation                             Ross Local School District Carnival
College of Mt. Saint Joseph
                                    Keep Cincinnati Beautiful              University of Cincinnati Foundation
Consumer Credit Counseling
Service                             Kenwood Women’s Club                   United Way of Greater Cincinnati
Cooperative for Education           Let’s Talk Real Estate                 Warren County Soccer Club
Council on Foundations              Lighthouse Youth Services              WAVE Foundation
Countryside YMCA                    Madisonville Education &               WEBN Riverfest
                                    Assistance Center                      YMCA of Greater Cincinnati
Disabled American Veterans
                                    Mason Veterans Memorial Fund           YWCA of Greater Cincinnati
East End Adult Education Center
                                    Moeller High School
End Child Abuse
                                    Multiple Sclerosis Society
Fine Arts Fund
Finneytown Music Boosters

                                                                                                                 Fifth Third AFFILIATE BANKS   9
Central Ohio
                                                                                                                          Hope Matthews and her family
                                                                                                                          are all smiles in front of their new
                                                                                                                          home, which they purchased with
        COMMUNITY SUPPORT                                                                                                 help from the Columbus Housing
                                                                                                                          Partnership and Fifth Third.

                                             Fifth Third’s Central Ohio affiliate focused    in 2005 with a $10,000 gift. The
                                             its community support in 2005 on a finan-       Columbus Housing Partnership is a
                                             cial literacy program for fifth graders, and    private, non-profit organization that                           Employees . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 883
                                             on helping Columbus-area customers              works through a network of local
                                                                                                                                                             Locations . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 65
                                             become first-time homeowners.                   lenders, businesses, governmental enti-
                                                                                             ties, community and faith-based organi-                         Assets . . . . . . . . . . . . $5.1 billion
                                             The Young Banker’s Club, Fifth Third’s          zations, developers and neighborhood                            Deposits. . . . . . . . . . . $3.7 billion
                                             financial literacy program for young            development corporations to generate
                                             people, was expanded into two Columbus                                                                          Philanthropic Gifts . . $2,112,839
                                                                                             homeownership and rental housing
                                             elementary schools in 2005.The program          opportunities for low- and moderate-
                                             recognizes the lasting value of teaching        income Columbus residents.
                                             children about future educational opportu-
                                             nities, finances and personal responsibility.   CHP’s programs include homebuyer
Ray Jackson, Retail Investment Consultant,   Fifth-grade students at Dana Elementary         education, offered in both English and
reviews materials with students at           and North Linden Elementary were                Spanish, which teaches the fundamentals
North Linden Elementary School               matched with volunteer mentors from             of the home-buying process and basic
during a Young Banker’s Club class.          Fifth Third and were taught using a             homeownership responsibilities. It also
                                             local- and state-certified curriculum           includes assistance with down payments,
                                             developed by Fifth Third. Mentors met           budgeting, default prevention and
                                             with students once per week for 11 weeks.       counseling, financial fitness workshops,
                                                                                             and home maintenance and repair                and by raising funds to apply for and
                                             The Young Banker’s Club was comple-             training. CHP programs are designed            receive a Good Neighbor® loan from
                                             mented in Columbus with USA Today,              to prepare people to purchase homes            Fifth Third Bank. Fifth Third’s Good
                                             which was used as a classroom teaching          and keep and maintain those homes              Neighbor Loan program includes a
                                             tool, and with secondary mortgage               after they are purchased.                      no-money-down loan with significantly
                                             lender Freddie Mac, which made its                                                             reduced closing costs and alternative
                                             Credit Smart financial literacy training        Fifth Third Bank (Central Ohio) helped         lending and approval criteria. Today,
                                             seminars available to parents of Young          many customers like Nicole Murphy              Ms. Murphy is enjoying the freedom of
                                             Banker’s Club participants.                     and Hope Matthews achieve homeown-             homeownership. Ms. Matthews also
                                                                                             ership through their work with CHP.            received down payment assistance
                                             A long-time proponent of creating               Ms. Murphy received down payment               through the CHP and is a new home-
                                             opportunities for first-time homeowner-         assistance and homebuyer training.             owner after getting her mortgage
                                             ship, Fifth Third Bank supported the            With the CHP’s support, she was able           approved by Fifth Third.
                                             Columbus Housing Partnership (CHP)              to prepare herself through education
10    Fifth Third AFFILIATE BANKS
                                                                                                   Central Kentucky Murphy
                                                                                             New homeowner Nicole employees
                                                                                                   were proud to support a grant
                                                                                             received down payment assistance
                                                                                                   to God’s training through from
                                                                                             and homebuyerPantry Food Bankthe
                                                                                                   the Fifth Third Foundation.
                                                                                             Columbus Housing Partnership.

10TV Family Fund                           Columbus Historical Society           Dublin Fund                              March of Dimes                            Pickaway County Fair
Adventures for Wish Kids                   Columbus Housing Partnership          East Mound Community Development Corp.   Microenterprise Organization              Pilot Dogs, Inc.
Agudas Achim Synagogue                     Columbus Landmarks Foundation         Economic & Community Development Inst.   Midland Theatre                           Pontifical College
Alvis House                                Columbus Medical Association          Elder Choices                            Mid-Ohio Food Bank                        Prevent Blindness Ohio
American Cancer Society                    Columbus Metro Library                Epilepsy Foundation                      Morton Foundation                         Rebuilding Together Columbus
American Heart Association                 Columbus Metropolitan Club            Fayette County Junior Fair               Mount Carmel Health Foundation            Recreation Unlimited
American Lung Association                  Columbus Museum of Art                Federal Home Loan Bank/Mid-Ohio          National Association of Women Business    Saint Catharine Parish
Amethyst                                   Columbus Partnership                  Regional Planning Commission             Owners                                    Samaritan Hospital Foundation
Archie Griffin Scholarship Fund            Columbus Realist Association          Federal Reserve Education Summit         National Black MBA Association            Schottenstein Chabad House
Arthur G. James Cancer Hospital            Columbus Santa Maria                  First Night Columbus                     National Kidney Foundation                Short North Business Association
Asian American Commerce Group              Columbus Saves                        Fore Hope                                New Albany Community Foundation           Special Connections
Asian Festival                             Columbus Speech & Hearing             Franklin Park Conservatory               Ohio Association of Nonprofit             St. Paul AME Church
                                                                                 Goodwill                                 Organizations
Association of Fundraising Professionals   Columbus Symphony Orchestra                                                                                              St. Pius X
                                                                                 Grady Memorial Hospital                  Ohio Association of School Business
Ballet Met                                 Columbus Urban League                                                          Officials                                 St. Stephen’s Community
Berger Health Foundation                   Columbus Zoo                          Greater Columbus Convention and                                                    Strategies Against Violence Everywhere
                                                                                 Visitors Bureau                          Ohio Business Week Foundation
Big Brothers                               Columbus/Franklin County Affordable                                            Ohio Campus Compact                       Tech Corps
                                           Housing Trust                         Habitat for Humanity
Blendon Senior Center                                                                                                     Ohio Cancer Research                      Temple Beth Shalom
                                           Community Capital Development         Hannah Neil Center
Boys & Girls Club                                                                                                         Ohio CDC Association                      Thurber House
                                           Corporation                           Human Rights Campaign
Buckeye Ranch                                                                                                             Ohio Community Development Corp.          Traditions at Stygler Road Foundation
                                           Community Development Collaborative   I Know I Can
Builders Exchange of Central Ohio                                                                                         Ohio Community Development Finance Fund   Union County Fair
                                           Community Property Development        Iglesia Puerta Benedicion
Building Industry of America                                                                                              Ohio DEAFair 2005                         United Negro College Fund
                                           Community Shelter Board               Immigrant Capacity Building
Camp Mind Games                                                                                                           Ohio Farm Bureau                          United Way of Central Ohio
                                           Congregation Tifereth Israel          Increase Community Development Corp.
Capital Crossroads Special Improvement                                                                                    Ohio Grantmakers Forum                    Upper Arlington Special Olympics
District of Columbus                       Contemporary American Theatre         J. Ashburn Youth Center
                                           Company                                                                        Ohio High School Athletic Association     Village to Child
Catholic Social Services                                                         Japan-American Society of Central Ohio
                                           Crestview High School Athletic                                                 Foundation                                Volunteers of America
Central Ohio Crime Stoppers                                                      Jazz Arts Group
                                           Department                                                                     Ohio Hispanic Coalition                   Wexner Heritage Village
Central Ohio Youth for Christ                                                    Junior Achievement
                                           Dayspring Christian Community                                                  Ohio Newsboys’ Association                Women’s Fund
City Year                                  Development Corporation               Kids-N-Camp
                                                                                                                          Ohio PTA                                  YMCA
Clintonville July 4th Celebration, Inc.    Delaware Area Career Center           Latino Empowerment and Outreach
                                                                                 Network                                  Ohio State University Foundation          YWCA
Columbus Academy                           Delaware County Builder and Trades                                             Ohio Wildlife Center
                                           Association                           Law Enforcement Foundation
Columbus Arts Council                                                                                                     Ohio Women’s Bar Association
                                           Directions for Youth                  Leadership Worthington
Columbus Children’s Choir                                                                                                 Olentangy Education Foundation
                                           Dublin Arts Council                   Licking Memorial Health Foundation
Columbus Foundation                                                                                                       Opera Columbus
                                                                                 Main Street Business Association

                                                                                                                                                                       Fifth Third AFFILIATE BANKS      11
Northeastern Ohio
                                                                                   The Akron Urban League is raising
                                                                                   funds to expand into a new headquar-
                                                                                   ters. Fifth Third Foundation was a
       COMMUNITY SUPPORT                                                           pacesetter with a $100,000 grant.

                                       Fifth Third’s Northeastern Ohio affiliate      Library branch, renovations of the Akron                  Employees . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 986
                                       focused its 2005 community support on          Zoo, and plans to build a new school
                                                                                                                                                Locations . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 86
                                       helping the Akron Urban League estab-          have changed the face of the community.
                                       lish a new headquarters. Fifth Third also      The new Urban League headquarters                         Assets . . . . . . . . . . . . $5.6 billion
                                       helped revitalize a community through          will be an essential component of the                     Deposits. . . . . . . . . . . $3.6 billion
                                       a strategic investment in Steelyard            rejuvenation. The League will share
                                                                                                                                                Philanthropic Gifts . . $1,590,991
                                       Commons in Cleveland, Ohio.                    space with the proposed Helen Arnold
                                                                                      Elementary School, an arrangement that
                                       The Akron Urban League plays a vital           will make it easier to organize supple-     through New Market Tax Credits over the
                                       role in the community to erase racial,         mentary programs and coordinate a           next three years to revitalize the long-
                                       social and economic inequities. The            variety of services, including childcare,   abandoned industrial site. The Fifth Third
                                       agency offers programs that enable             after school programs and tutoring.         CDC also made a $23,264,000 commer-
                                       people with limited resources to obtain
                                                                                                                                  cial loan to make the project a reality.
These happy kids are playing safely,   basic education, employment training           The Steelyard Commons project is
thanks to an Akron Urban League        and enrichment opportunities. In 2005,         bringing back to life one of Cleveland’s    Steelyard Commons is scheduled to
youth program.                         the Urban League launched a $5 million         most industrialized neighborhoods that      open in Spring 2007. At completion,
                                       capital campaign to build a new head-          was best known for its thundering steel     the project will encompass nearly one
                                       quarters. Its current location was             mills. This $120 million commercial         million square feet of modern retail
                                       growing increasingly inadequate in view        redevelopment project will transform        space and feature major retailers includ-
                                       of the demand for the League’s services.       125 acres of abandoned industrial land      ing Wal-Mart, The Home Depot, Old
                                       The agency outgrew its 1952 building,          into the largest open-air retail center     Navy, and IHOP and Ruby Tuesdays
                                       which was a challenge to maintain and          ever to be built in Cuyahoga County.        restaurants. The development will
                                       heat, and was not handicap-accessible.         The development is expected to create       capture some of the estimated $600
                                                                                      1,800 jobs, a $40 million annual payroll    million per year that Cleveland residents
                                       The Fifth Third Foundation was a pace-         generating $700,000 in payroll taxes,       spend on general merchandise outside
                                       setter for the campaign by providing a         and $3 million annually in property         the city’s borders. The project will be
                                       $100,000 grant to assist the agency. The       taxes. The property taxes will directly     built without city subsidies during a time
                                       League has planned its move with an eye        support Cleveland Public Schools and        when other cities are compiling multi-
                                       to complementing other resources in the        neighborhood services including police,     million dollar incentive packages to lure
                                       area. The neighborhood has seen major          fire, parks and recreation.                 similar retail developments.
                                       redevelopment projects in recent years,
                                       including new housing, repaved streets         To help make this renaissance possible,
                                       and a sports complex. Developments             the Fifth Third CDC is making an
                                       such as a new Akron Summit County              equity investment of $7.65 million
12    Fifth Third AFFILIATE BANKS
                                                                                                                  Central Kentucky employees
                                                                                                                 Construction has begun at
                                                                                                                  were proud to support a grant
                                                                                                                 Steelyard Commons, a massive
                                                                                                                  to God’s Pantry Food Bank
                                                                                                                 effort to revitalize a former from
                                                                                                                  the Fifth Third Foundation.
                                                                                                                 industrialized complex in
                                                                                                                 Cleveland. The Fifth Third
                                                                                                                 CDC invested in the project.

                                                                                                                 Photo by: Donn Nottage

100 Black Men of Greater Cleveland              Christian Business Men’s Committee              Gathering Place                           Leadership Akron                               Rainey Institute
Achievement Centers for Children                City Year Cleveland                             Girl Scouts of the Western Reserve        Leadership Cleveland                           Rebuilding Together - Cleveland, Lake,
Akron Community Foundation                      Cleveland Boys Choir                            Glenville Development Corp.               Learning Disabilities Association of           Summit Counties
Akron Community Service Center                  Cleveland Bureau of Cultural Arts               Goodwill Industries of Akron              Cuyahoga County                                Retired & Senior Volunteer Program
& Urban League                                  Cleveland Clinic Found. - Taussig Cancer Ctr.   Great Lakes Science Center                Living in Cleveland Center                     Ronald McDonald House of Cleveland
Alta House                                      Children’s Hospital at the Cleveland Clinic     Great Lakes Theater Festival              Lorain County Urban League                     Salvation Army
American Cancer Society                         Cleveland Foodbank                              Greater Cleveland Sports Commission       Make-a-Wish Foundation                         Sankofa Fine Art Plus
Applewood Centers                               Cleveland Housing Network                       Habitat for Humanity Geauga County        Mosdos Ohr Hatorah                             Scarborough House, Inc.
Arlington Housing Options Plus Elderly Svcs.    Cleveland Hungarian Development Panel           Hattie Larlham Foundation                 Minority Organ Tissue Transplant Education     Southwest Community Health Foundation
Art House                                                                                                                                 Program of Cleveland                           St. Elizabeth Development Foundation
                                                Cleveland Institute of Art                      Help Foundation, Inc.
Asian/Pacific American Federation                                                                                                         Mt. Zion Congregational Church                 St. Joseph Cancer Center
                                                Cleveland Institute of Music                    Hispanic Business Association
Ashbury Senior Computer Community Ctr.                                                                                                    Myers University                               St. Mary of the Immaculate Conception
                                                Cleveland Neighborhood Dev. Coalition           Hobart & William Smith Colleges
Aurora Schools Foundation                                                                                                                 NAACP – Akron, Cleveland, Lake County          Stewarts’ Caring Place
                                                Cleveland Opera                                 Holden Arboretum
Bellaire-Puritas Development Corp.                                                                                                        National Association for Industrial &          Summa Health System
                                                Cleveland Pops Orchestra                        Home Builders Association                 Office Properties Charities
Bellflower Center for the Prevention of Child   Cleveland Public Theatre                        Home Repair Resource Center                                                              Thurgood Marshall Scholarship Fund
Abuse                                                                                                                                     National Association for College Admission
                                                Cleveland Saves                                 Hopewell Inn                              Counseling                                     Tremont West Development Corporation
Berea Children’s Home & Family Services                                                                                                                                                  Urban Land Institute Cleveland
                                                Cleveland Sight Center                          Hospice of Summa                          National Black MBA Association
Big Brothers Big Sisters of Greater Cleveland                                                                                                                                            Union Miles Development Corp.
                                                Cleveland Technical Societies                   Hospice of the Western Reserve            National Center on Nonprofit Enterprise
Black Professionals Assoc. Charitable Found.                                                                                                                                             United Black Fund of Greater Cleveland
                                                Community Quarterback Foundation                Hospice of Visiting Nurse Service         The National Conference for Community
Blessing House                                                                                                                            & Justice                                      United Labor Agency
                                                Consortium of African American Org.             Japanese Association of Northeast Ohio
Boy Scouts of America                                                                                                                     Neighborhood Housing Svcs. of Cleveland        United Way Services
                                                Crime Stoppers of Cuyahoga County               Jennifer Ferchill Children’s Foundation
Boys & Girls Clubs                                                                                                                        North Olmsted City School Education Found.     University of Akron Foundation
                                                Cuyahoga Community College Foundation           Jesuit Retreat House
Boys Hope Girls Hope                                                                                                                      Northeast Ohio School Business Officials       University Park Development Corporation
                                                Domestic Violence Project                       Julia De Burgos Cultural Arts Center
Bradford Hospital Foundation                                                                                                              Northeastern Neighborhood Dev. Corp.           Urban League of Greater Cleveland
                                                E City                                          Junior Achievement
Buckeye Area Development Corp.                                                                                                            Northeastern Ohio Science & Engineering Fair   Ursuline College
                                                East Akron Community House                      Juvenile Diabetes Foundation
Business Volunteers Unlimited                                                                                                             Northern Ohio Minority Business Council        Vietnamese Community in Greater Cleveland
                                                Education Innovations                           Kamm’s Corner Development Corporation
Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh Foundation                                                                                                 Notre Dame College                             West Side Catholic Center
                                                Edward J. Bartolo Memorial Scholarship Fund     Kent State University
Casa de Alabanza y Oracion                                                                                                                Ohio Cancer Research Associates                West Side Ecumenical Ministry
                                                El Centro de Servicios Sociales, Inc.           Kidney Foundation
Catholic Charities                                                                                                                        Ohio City Near West Development Corp.          Westown Community Development Corp.
                                                Epilepsy Association                            Kirtland Education Foundation
Catholic Diocese of Cleveland                                                                                                             Ohio CDC Association                           YMCA Greater Cleveland
                                                Esperanza                                       Kym Sellers Foundation
Catholic Universe Bulletin                                                                                                                Our Lady of the Wayside                        Young Preservationist Assoc. of Pittsburgh
                                                Euclid Hospital                                 La Sagrada Familia Church
Center for Families & Children                                                                                                            Parma Hospital Health Care Foundation          Youngstown State University
                                                Fair Housing Contact Service                    Lake Geauga Education Assistance Found.
Center for Pastoral Leadership                                                                                                            Pittsburgh Vision Services                     Youth Opportunities Unlimited
                                                Fairfax Renaissance Development Corp.           Lake Hospital Foundation
Chagrin Falls Dad’s Club                                                                                                                  Prevent Blindness Ohio                         YWCA of Greater Cleveland
                                                Famicos Foundation                              Lakeland Community College
Children’s Hospital Medical Center of Akron                                                                                               Project GRAD Akron                             YWCA of Greater Pittsburgh
                                                Federation for Community Planning               Lakewood Christian Service Center
Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh Foundation                                                                                              Project Love
                                                Forum Health                                    Lakewood Hospital Foundation
Christ Child Society of Cleveland                                                                                                         Providence House, Inc.
                                                Friends of the Cleveland Public Library         Law Enforcement Foundation
                                                                                                                                                                                             Fifth Third AFFILIATE BANKS       13
Northwestern Ohio
                                                                                                   Fifth Third Field is an example
                                                                                                   of how a Fifth Third Foundation
                                                                                                   grant can help revitalize a
       COMMUNITY SUPPORT                                                                           declining downtown area.

                                       The scope of Fifth Third’s philanthropy in          to the Diamonte Scholarship Fund to be
                                       Northwestern Ohio in 2005 ranged from child-        divided among The University of Toledo,
                                       care and family services to downtown revital-       Bowling Green State University, Owens              Employees . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 700
                                       ization and from education to disaster relief.      Community College, Lourdes College and
                                                                                                                                              Locations . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 50
                                                                                           The Medical University of Toledo. Payable
                                       The Fifth Third Foundation made a $10,000           over five years, the first year recipient, the     Assets . . . . . . . . . . . . $4.6 billion
                                       grant to Toledo Day Nursery, the oldest accred-     University of Toledo, received $10,000 in 2005     Deposits. . . . . . . . . . . $3.2 billion
                                       ited day care center in Toledo. The Nursery was     to be used for college scholarships for Hispanic
                                       founded in 1871, shortly after the Civil War, to                                                       Philanthropic Gifts . . $2,165,277
                                                                                           and Latino students.
                                       provide quality childcare for families struggling
                                       to put their lives back together. The mission       Finally, employees and customers in north-
                                       endures today as the Nursery provides child-        western Ohio partnered with the Greater
                                       care for economically disadvantaged families        Toledo Chapter of the American Red Cross
Pat Scheuer, executive director of     at four central-city locations. The newest center   to collect $134,441 for the Hurricane Katrina
Toledo Day Nursery, is flanked by      serves student mothers from the Polly Fox           Disaster Relief Fund, including a $5,000
Fifth Third executives John Szuch,     Academy, a charter school of the Toledo Public      donation from the bank.
chairman, and Robert LaClair, presi-   School system.
dent, as they sit with day-care
                                       In 2005, the Fifth Third Foundation completed
center toddlers at the Toledo Day
                                       its pledge designated to aid downtown revital-
Nursery, recipient of a 2005 Fifth
                                       ization in Toledo and create good affordable
Third Foundation grant.
                                       family entertainment. The centerpiece of this
                                       effort is Fifth Third Field, home of the Toledo
                                       Mud Hens professional baseball team. The
                                       result of Fifth Third Foundation’s investment
                                       has been restoration of the warehouse district
                                       surrounding the ballpark with restaurants,
                                       shops, taverns, condominiums and lofts. And,
                                       the Mud Hens won the Minor League
                                       Governor’s Cup championship in front of
                                       sellout crowds in 2005!
                                       Complementing the foundation’s investment
                                       in re-development, Fifth Third Bank also
                                       invested in education with a $50,000 pledge
14    Fifth Third AFFILIATE BANKS
                                                                                                          (left), executive director of the
                                                                                             Tim Yenrick Central Kentucky employees
                                                                                             Greater Toledo Chapter of the American
                                                                                                          were proud to support a grant
                                                                                                           accepts a check for the
                                                                                             Red Cross, to God’s Pantry Food Bank from
                                                                                             Hurricane Katrina Disaster Relief Fund
                                                                                                          the Fifth Third Foundation.
                                                                                             from Tim Sherman Signature Harley
                                                                                             Davidson employees and Rich Shemak
                                                                                             of Fifth Third Bank.

Access to Justice                          Defiance Area Hospice Center                League of Women Voters of Ohio              Ohio Community Development Corp.           Toledo Classic
Adopt America Network                      Defiance Area Society for the Handicapped   Learning Club of Toledo                     Ohio Small Business Development Center     Toledo Community Foundation
All Saints Church                          Defiance Optimist Club                      Library Legacy Foundation                   Organized Neighbors Yielding Excellence    Toledo Cultural Arts Center
Alpha Phi Alpha                            Defiance Regional Medical Center Found.     Life Connection                             Parents Helping Parents                    Toledo Day Nursery
Alzheimer’s Association                    Diamonte Scholarships                       Little Sisters of the Poor                  Read for LIFE                              Toledo Jazz Society
American Assoc. of University Women        Epilepsy Center                             Local Initiatives Support Corporation       River Raisin Centre for the Arts           Toledo Metroparks
American Red Cross                         Erie County Home Builders Association       Lourdes College                             Ronald McDonald House Charities            Toledo Mud Hens
Anne Grady Center                          Fair Housing Center                         Lucas County Agricultural Society           Rossford Library Foundation                Toledo Northwest Ohio Food Bank
Arts Commission                            Family & Child Abuse Prevention             Lucas County Educational Service Center     Salvation Army                             Toledo Opera
Aspiring Minds of Toledo                   Family House                                Make A Wish                                 Sandusky County Economic Dev. Corp.        Toledo Public Schools
Assistance Dog of America                  Fifty Men & Women                           Maumee Valley Historical Society            Sandusky State Theatre                     Toledo Quota Club
Aurora House                               Findlay University                          Medical College Foundation                  SCORE                                      Toledo Rowing Foundation
Auto Dealers United for Kids               First Step                                  Memorial Hospital Foundation                Seneca Industrial & Economic               Toledo Slayers United Soccer League
Bay Park Community Hospital Foundation     Fostoria Glass & Heritage Festival          Metroparks                                  Development Corporation                    Toledo Storm
Bedford Community Foundation               Fostoria Home & Outdoor Expo                Martin Luther King Unity Celebration        Sienna Heights College                     Toledo Symphony
Bellevue Hospital                          Frederick Douglas Center                    Mobile Meals of Toledo                      Sight Center                               Toledo Zoo
Big Brothers Big Sisters of Northwest OH   Fremont Area Athletic Foundation            Mom’s House                                 Sisters of Notre Dame                      Understanding Hispanic Market Seminar
Birmingham Ethnic Festival                 Friendly Center                             Monroe County Community College             St. George Antiochian Orthodox Cathedral   United Jewish Council
Blanchard Valley Health Foundation         Girl Scouts                                 Monroe County Industrial Development        St. Joseph Church                          United Way
Bowling Green State University             Goodwill Industries                         Corporation                                 St. Leonard Foundation                     University of Findlay
Boy Scouts of America                      Greater Fostoria Community Foundation       Monroe Holiday Camp                         St. Ursula Academy                         University of Toledo
Boys and Girls Club                        Habitat for Humanity of Monroe County       Monroe Mercy Memorial Hospital              St. Vincent Mercy Medical Center Found.    Ursuline Convent of the Sacred Heart
Bryan Fountain City Festival               Hancock County Agricultural Society         NAACP                                       Stranahan Theatre                          Victory Center
Centennial Crossings                       Hancock Parks Foundation                    National Association of Negro Business      Students for Other Students                Victory House
                                                                                       & Professional Women’s Clubs                Sylvania Academic Excellence Found.
Central City Ministries                    Hindu Temple                                                                                                                       Volunteer Connection of Defiance County
                                                                                       Neighborhood Properties                     Sylvania Area Family Services
Chabad House                               Home Builders Association                                                                                                          Washington Local Schools
                                                                                       New Hope Christian Community Found.         Sylvania Franciscans
Children’s Miracle Network                 Hope House                                                                                                                         Way Public Library Foundation
                                                                                       North Coast Motorcycles Charities           Terra College Foundation
Children’s Wishing Star                    House of Emmanuel                                                                                                                  Whiteford Athletic Foundation
                                                                                       Northwest Ohio Educational Service Ctr.     Tiffin Park & Recreation
CitiFest                                   Italian American Sports Club                                                                                                       Wood County Economic Dev. Committee
                                                                                       Northwest Ohio Scholarship Fund             Tiffin University
Community Action Commission                Junior Achievement                                                                                                                 WSOS Community Action Commission
                                                                                       Notre Dame Academy                          Toledo Ballet Association
Community Memorial Hospital Foundation     Kidney Foundation                                                                                                                  YMCA
                                                                                       Northwest Ohio Hospice                      Toledo Botanical Garden
Connecting Point                           Lagrange Branch Library                                                                                                            YWCA Milestones
                                                                                       Northwest Ohio Prayer Breakfast             Toledo Children’s Hospital
Davis College                              Lagrange Development Corporation

                                                                                                                                                                                 Fifth Third AFFILIATE BANKS     15
Western Ohio

                                         Education, economic and community dev-            hands-on learning that occurs at the Cox
                                         elopment, and volunteerism were areas of          Arboretum & Gardens MetroPark in Dayton.
                                         distinct focus for Fifth Third Bank’s philan-     The MetroPark is a landscaping arboretum           Employees . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 816
                                         thropic efforts in Western Ohio in 2005.          that brings gardening, nature and horticulture
                                                                                                                                              Locations . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 62
                                         Nearly $1 million was invested in the commu-      to visitors of all ages and backgrounds. It is a
                                         nity to strengthen families, neighborhoods        truly unique place in the community to experi-     Assets . . . . . . . . . . . . $3.8 billion
                                         and programs that improve quality of life.        ence, learn, see, touch and smell the natural      Deposits. . . . . . . . . . . $3.3 billion
                                                                                           beauty of the land, flowering plants, shrubs
                                         Fifth Third formed a partnership with                                                                Philanthropic Gifts. . . . $989,998
                                                                                           and trees. Students and other community
                                         Westminster Presbyterian Church in 2005           members can learn from 189 acres of gardens
                                         designed to help students prepare for college.    and natural areas, and enjoy the outdoors on
                                         Recognizing that today’s jobs are requiring       over three miles of walking trails.
                                         higher levels of literacy, language fluency and
Fifth Third Bank mentors and their Van   technical training, the two created a program     Over a weekend in April, 50 Fifth Third
Cleve Elementary students pose for a     that ensured a mentor was assigned to every       employees and their families joined Rebuilding
photo during a Christmas luncheon.       eighth-grade student at Van Cleve at              Together Dayton to repair the home of a
                                         McGuffey School. Van Cleve serves 349             99-year-old woman. They scraped, painted
                                         students in Dayton, and 96% of the student        and landscaped. Fifth Third provided funding
                                         body is considered economically disadvan-         that helped pay for plumbing, electrical and
                                         taged. The mentor relationship program was        other badly needed repairs.
                                         designed with the knowledge that there’s a
                                         direct relationship between educational           The Western Ohio affiliate also helped rebuild
                                         success and social and economic opportunity.      Main Street Urbana with a grant that helped
                                         Fifth Third also supported the operating and      revitalize its commercial district. The funding
                                         capital campaigns of many colleges and            helped restore the beauty and greatness of
                                         universities last year, including Cedarville      Main Street Urbana’s distinctive architecture
                                         University, Central State University, Ohio        and highlight its pedestrian-friendly environ-
                                         Northern University, Wittenberg University,       ment, personal service, local ownership and
                                         Sinclair College, Edison State College and        sense of community.
                                         St. Joseph’s College.
                                         A donation from Fifth Third enabled many
                                         disadvantaged students to take part in the

16    Fifth Third AFFILIATE BANKS
                                                                                                     Central take advantage of the
                                                                                                   Students Kentucky employees
                                                                                                     were proud to support a grant
                                                                                                   hands-on learning that takes
                                                                                                     to God’s Pantry Food Bank from
                                                                                                   place at Cox Arboretum.
                                                                                                     the Fifth Third Foundation.

Access Center for Independent Living       Clothes That Work                     Family Violence Prevention                 Melissa Bess Child Development Center   Samaritan Health Foundation
African American CEOs                      Coffman Family YMCA                   Forging Responsible Youth                  Miami County YMCA                       SCORE
Agape for Youth                            Community Action Partnership          Ginghamsburg United Methodist Church       Miami Valley Hospital Foundation        Second Chance Society
Allen County Visionaries                   Community Mercy Foundation            Girl Scouts                                Miami Valley International Trade        South YMCA
Alter High School                          Community Reinvestment Institute      Graham Local Schools                       Association                             Springboro Area Historical Society
American Cancer Society                    Community Services for the Deaf       Grandview Foundation                       Miami Valley Literacy Council           Springboro Schools
American Heart Association                 Corpus Christi Church                 Greene County Community Foundation         Miami Valley Regional Planning          Springfield Board of Realtors
American Lung Association                  Cox Arboretum                         Habitat for Humanity                                                               Springfield City Schools
                                                                                                                            Miamisburg Youth Center
American Red Cross                         Culture Works                         Hardin-Houston Schools                                                             Sugarcreek Local Schools
                                                                                                                            MLK Celebration
Amos Memorial Park Library                 Dayton Art Institute                  Homebuilder’s Association                                                          Suicide Prevention Center
                                                                                                                            Muse Machine
Artemis Center                             Dayton Ballet                         Homeownership Center of Greater                                                    Sunrise Center
                                                                                 Dayton                                     NAACP
Aullwood Audubon Center                    Dayton Catholic Schools                                                                                                  Sidney-Shelby YMCA
                                                                                 Hospice of Dayton                          National Council of Negro Women
Beavercreek Schools                        Dayton Contemporary Dance Company                                                                                        Toward Independence
                                                                                 Huber Heights City Schools                 NCCJ
Bellbrook/Sugarcreek Education             Dayton Dialogue on Race Relations                                                                                        Troy Development Committee
Foundation                                                                       Huffman Historic Society                   Neighborhood Housing Partnership
                                           Dayton Foundation                                                                                                        Twigs
Better Business Bureau                                                           Human Race Theatre                         Noon Optimist Club of Centerville
                                           Dayton Fund for Home Rehabilitation                                                                                      UNCF-Wilberforce
Big Brothers Big Sisters                                                         ISUS                                       Northridge Schools
                                           Dayton Holiday Festival                                                                                                  United Rehabilitation Service
Black Man’s Think Tank                                                           Junior Achievement                         Ohio Community Development
                                           Dayton Ohio Habitat for Humanity                                                 Corporation                             United Way
Boonshoft Museum                           Dayton Opera Guild                    Juvenile Diabetes Association                                                      University of Dayton
                                                                                                                            Ohio Health Care Association
Boy Scouts                                 Dayton Philharmonic                   K12 Gallery for Kids                                                               Urban Minority Alcoholism & Drug Abuse
                                                                                                                            Ohio Masonic Home
Brethren Retirement Community              Dayton Public Radio                   Kettering College of Medical Arts                                                  Outreach
                                                                                                                            Ohio University
Carillon Historical Park                   Dayton Public Schools                 Kettering Medical Center Foundation                                                Van Cleve School
                                                                                                                            Oikos CDC
Catholic Social Services                   Dayton Urban League                   Kids in Need                                                                       Vandalia-Butler Foundation
                                                                                                                            Our Common Heritage
Centerville Americana Festival             Dayton Urban Ministry                 Kids Voting                                                                        Victoria Theatre Association
                                                                                                                            Parity, Inc.
Centerville Schools                        Dayton Visual Arts                    Life Essentials                                                                    Wellness Connection
                                                                                                                            Piqua Arts Council
Centerville-Washington Diversity Council   Dayton Young Professionals            League of Women Voters                                                             West Carrolton YMCA
                                                                                                                            Piqua Community Foundation
Central Catholic High School               Delta Alpha Chapter                   Lehman Catholic High School                                                        West Central Association of Realtors
                                                                                                                            Piqua Improvement Corp.
Central State University                   Eaton Community Schools               Leukemia & Lymphoma Society                                                        Wilson Memorial Hospital
                                                                                                                            Piqua Juvenile Education Fund
Chabad of Greater Dayton                   Edison State College                  Lima Central Catholic                                                              Wright Dunbar, Inc.
                                                                                                                            Prevent Blindness
Children’s Medical Center                  Elizabeth’s New Life Center           Lima Symphony                                                                      Wright State Theatre Association
                                                                                                                            Project Read
City of Centerville John P. Kalaman        Exchange Club of Dayton               Main Street Urbana                                                                 Xenia Community Schools
Memorial                                                                                                                    Rae Burick Women in Sports
                                           Fairborn City Schools                 March of Dimes                                                                     YWCA of Dayton
City of Springfield Culture Fest                                                                                            Rehabilitation Center
                                           Families of Spinal Muscular Atrophy   Mark Baker Foundation
CityWide Development                                                                                                        Rocking Horse Center
                                           Family Service Association            Mary Scott Nursing Home
Clark State College                                                                                                         Salvation Army of Sidney
                                                                                                                                                                       Fifth Third AFFILIATE BANKS         17
Ohio Valley
                                                                                               LaToya Chappelle is a West
                                                                                               Virginia resident who has pur-
                                                                                               chased a car through the Good
       COMMUNITY SUPPORT                                                                       News Mountaineer Garage.

                                       Employees in Fifth Third’s Ohio Valley affili-   modest interest rates. Since 2001, it has provided
                                       ate, which serves customers in West Virginia,    over 265 vehicles to families in West Virginia.The
                                       southern Ohio and eastern Kentucky, went         need for transportation is particularly critical     Employees . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 302
                                       to work in 2005 in support of its neighbors      in rural areas of the state where people do not
                                                                                                                                             Locations . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 27
                                       by participating in the United Way Day of        have public transportation. Volunteers from
                                       Caring, volunteering at the Good News            Fifth Third’s Consumer Lending group pro-            Assets . . . . . . . . . . . . $1.6 billion
                                       Mountaineer Garage, and touring with the         vided credit guidance for the Garage’s Ways          Deposits. . . . . . . . . . . $0.9 billion
                                       Fifth Third Homeownership Mobile.                to Work Loan Review Committee.
                                                                                                                                             Philanthropic Gifts. . . . $417,969
                                       In August, Fifth Third volunteers joined         In April and May, the Ohio Valley affiliate
                                       forces with other businesses, city leaders,      embraced the opportunity to participate in Fifth
                                       laborers and citizens in Huntington, West        Third’s homeownership outreach program as
                                       Virginia to launch a Day of Caring, part         host to the Fifth Third Homeownership Mobile,
Ohio Valley employees scrub graffiti   of the United Way of the River Cities 2005       a 40-foot electronic mobile classroom. More
from a concrete wall in Huntington,    campaign. The day was designed to address        than 40 employees delivered homeownership
West Virginia on the United Way’s      a single issue in the community—graffiti.        information, credit counseling and financial
Day of Caring.                         Volunteers pulled on their gloves and set        literacy education to people across Ohio
                                       out with buckets and scrub brushes to help       Valley’s unique three-state geography. The
                                       eradicate graffiti from numerous buildings in    eBus launched its Ohio Valley tour in
                                       downtown Huntington. The project instilled       Charleston, West Virginia and visited six other
                                       a sense of community pride and served as a       communities, including Huntington, West
                                       means for citizens to make a unified state-      Virginia; Ashland, Kentucky; and Portsmouth
                                       ment against vandals who plague the city.        and Chillicothe, Ohio. During the tour,
                                                                                        employees met with 1,600 visitors, delivered 442
                                       Ohio Valley employees also supported a           free credit reports and conducted 250 one-on-
                                       $1,250 Fifth Third Foundation grant to the       one credit-counseling sessions. Fifth Third also
                                       Good News Mountaineer Garage, a unique           partnered with 75 community organizations and
                                       program in West Virginia that assists people     business leaders on the tour.
                                       moving from welfare to work, and helps low-
                                       income people who need transportation to
                                       their place of employment. The Good News
                                       Mountaineer Garage repairs and sells
                                       donated vehicles to qualifying individuals at

18    Fifth Third AFFILIATE BANKS
                                                                      Central Kentucky credit reports
                                                                     More than 440 free employees
                                                                      were proud to support during
                                                                     were provided to visitorsa grant
                                                                      to 19-day tour of the Bank from
                                                                     the God’s Pantry FoodFifth Third
                                                                      the Fifth Third Foundation.
                                                                     Homeownership Mobile.

1st & 10 Foundation                Foundation for the Tri-State       Make-A-Wish Foundation              Special 4-H Programs
Adams Brown Counties Economic      Community                          Manchester Area Merchants           St. Mary’s Medical Center
Opportunities, Inc.                Frontier Community Services        Manchester Light Fund               Sunshine Children’s Foundation
Adams County Salvation Army        Fund for the Arts                  March of Dimes                      The Huntington Classic
Adena Health Foundation            Georgetown Exempted Village        Marine Corps Toys for Tots          Thomas Memorial Hospital
Alzheimers Association             School District
                                                                      Marshall University                 Tri-County YMCA, Inc.
American Diabetes Association      Greenfield Rotary
                                                                      Maysville Rotary Club               Tri State Area Council (Boy Scouts)
American Junior Golf Association   HADCO
                                                                      Monongalia County Schools           Trinity Christian School
American Red Cross                 HHS Football Boosters              Foundation                          U.S. Grant Homestead Association
Ashland Alliance                   Highland County Agricultural       Monongalia General Hospital
                                   Society                                                                United Producers, Inc
Barboursville Lions Club                                              Morehead State University           University of Rio Grande
                                   Highland County DARE Program
Bartrum & Brown Football Camp                                         Muscular Dystrophy Association      West Virginia Honor Awards Gala
                                   Highland County YMCA
Big Brothers Big Sisters                                              NIE West Virginia Regional          Wilmington College
                                   Highland District Hospital         Spelling Bee
Big Green Scholarship Foundation   Foundation                                                             West Virginia Chamber of
Boy Scouts of America                                                 Ohio Community Development          Commerce
                                   Highlawn Elementary                Corporation
Brown County General Hospital      Hillsboro Recreation Committee                                         West Virginia Golf Charities
                                                                      Our Lady of Bellefonte Hospital
Brown County Junior Fair           Hospice of Huntington                                                  West Virginia Hospital Association
                                                                      Paramount Arts Center, Inc.
Cabell Huntington Hospital         Hoverclub of America, Inc.                                             West Virginia Laborers Training
                                                                      Pathways, Inc.                      Foundation
CAMC Foundation                    Huntington Museum of Art           Pike County Agriculture Society     West Virginia Society of CPA’s
Charleston Area Alliance           Huntington Symphony Orchestra      Pike County Fair                    West Virginia Symphony Orchestra
Charleston Ballet                  Huntington YMCA                    Polymer Alliance Zone, Inc.         West Virginia/Ohio All Star Game
Children’s Place                   Kanawha Institute for Social       Power of the Pen                    Committee
Christ Community Church            Research and Action
                                                                      Pregnancy Resource Center           YMCA of Clinton County Family
City of Huntington Foundation      Kanawha Valley Chapter of Ducks
                                                                      PTO of Pt Harmony Elementary        YWCA of Charleston
Clinton Memorial Hospital          KDMC Health Foundation
Foundation                                                            Quarterclub Club
                                   Leadership Highland
Contractors Association of West                                       Religious Coalition for Community
                                   Leadership West Virginia           Renewal
                                   Leesburg Little League             Ronald McDonald House
                                   Lew McManus Golf Outing            Ross County Junior Fair
DKM Sports/Pro-Circuit Tennis
Classic                            Locker Room Club                   Shelter of Hope
Fairland Little League             Lynchburg Clay Local               SOMC Life Center
Festival of the Bells              Main Street Wilmington             Southern Ohio Growth Partnership

                                                                                                                                                Fifth Third AFFILIATE BANKS   19
                                                                                                       Fifth Third (Central Kentucky)
                                                                                                       was the recipient of the 2005
                                                                                                       Distinguished Philanthropy
       COMMUNITY SUPPORT                                                                               Award from the Association
                                                                                                       of Fundraising Professionals,
                                                                                                       Bluegrass Chapter.

                                         Fifth Third Bank (Central Kentucky) won the         skills training. In addition, employees volun-
                                         Association of Fundraising Professionals’           teered over 100 hours to staff the Salvation
                                         2005 Distinguished Philanthropy Award for           Army’s Angel Tree, which collects donated        Employees . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 315
                                         its community giving in the Bluegrass. It was       toys for underprivileged children. Thanks
                                                                                                                                              Full-service locations. . . . . . . 21
                                         made possible by employees who understood           to their efforts, more than 600 Central
                                         that giving back is its own reward. They            Kentucky children received toys during           Assets . . . . . . . . . . . . $1.8 billion
                                         donated record sums of money to the United          the 2005 holiday season.                         Deposits. . . . . . . . . . . $1.1 billion
                                         Way and Fund for the Arts, and made Fifth
                                                                                             The Fifth Third Foundation also reached out      Philanthropic gifts . . . . $781,236
                                         Third the area’s largest bank contributor in
                                         both of the local fund drives.                      to the disabled with its support of a $25,000
                                                                                             project at Central Kentucky Radio Eye
                                         In addition to that support, the Lexington          (CKRE). An organization that aids the visu-
                                         affiliate played a vital role last year in aiding   ally impaired, CKRE broadcasts the reading
A staff member reads a news story        Central Kentucky’s hungry, homeless and             of newspapers and magazines with a special
to Central Kentucky Radio Eye lis-       disabled. Employees had a canned food drive         pre-tuned radio and helps its listeners lead
teners. This service aids the visually   called “We CAN Make the Difference” in the          enriched, productive and independent lives.
impaired in 16 Central Kentucky          summer that raised several hundred pounds           The grant helped replace essential broadcast
counties.                                of non-perishable food items for God’s Pantry       equipment and prevented CKRE from shut-
                                         Food Bank. Their efforts supported a $20,000        ting down its operations. In addition to the
                                         gift to the organization from the Fifth Third       Fifth Third Foundation grant, Fifth Third
                                         Foundation. The grant helped support the            Bank donated $10,000 toward the project.
                                         Pantry’s work of distributing 10 million pounds
                                         of groceries each year to soup kitchens, shelters
                                         and others in need.
                                         The Lexington affiliate also helped support the
                                         good work of the Central Kentucky Salvation
                                         Army. A $10,000 grant from the Fifth Third
                                         Foundation helped renovate the W. Arnold
                                         Hanger Lodge, which provides emergency
                                         shelter for women and families for a 30 to 60-
                                         day period. Residents of the lodge receive three
                                         meals per day, supplies, bus tokens and life

20    Fifth Third AFFILIATE BANKS
                                                                      Central Kentucky employees
                                                                      were proud to support the United
                                                                      Way of the Bluegrass campaign.

African-American Forum              Frankfort Chamber of Commerce         Lexington Downtown               St. Joseph Hospital                      Visually Impaired
American Cancer Society             Frankfort Young Woman’s Club          Development Authority            St. Mark’s School                        Preschool Service
American Diabetes Association       Fraternal Order of Police             Lexington-Fayette County         Salvation Army Central                   West End Community Project
                                                                          Parks & Recreation               Kentucky Area Services                   YMCA
American Heart Association          Friends of the Arts
                                                                          Lexington Foundation, Inc.       Shaker Village                           YMCA Black Achiever
American Red Cross                  Gainesway Community Empowerment
                                    Center Volunteer Board, Inc.          Lexington History Museum         Shepherd’s House
Baby Health Service
                                    Girl Scouts                           Lexington Humane Society         Shirley Allen Cunningham, Jr.
Big Brothers/Big Sisters
of the Bluegrass                    Girls for Hispanic Charities          Lexington Junior League          Family Foundation, Inc.
                                                                          Horseshow                        Thoroughbred Retirement
Bluegrass Aspendale Teen Center     Greater Kentucky
                                    Alzheimer’s Association               Lexington Philharmonic           Foundation
Bluegrass Rape Crisis Center
                                    God’s Pantry Food Bank, Inc.          Lexington Public Library         Tubby Smith Foundation
Bluegrass Technology Center
                                    Humanitarian Center                   Lexington School                 United Community Fund of
Boyle County Chamber                                                                                       Cynthiana and Harrison County, Inc.
of Commerce                         Idea Festival                         Lexington Singers
                                                                          LFUCG Minority Business Expo     United Way of Franklin County
Carnegie Center for Literacy        International Business
and Learning                        & Management Center                   Living Arts & Science Center     United Way of Mercer County
Central Kentucky Radio Eye          Junior Achievement                    Makenna Foundation               United Way of the
                                                                                                           Bluegrass for Bourbon County
Child Development Center            Juvenile Diabetes                     Manchester Center
of the Bluegrass                    Research Foundation                                                    United Way of the
                                                                          MathCounts                       Bluegrass for Fayette County
Children’s Advocacy Center          Kentucky Association of               Mercer Co. Chamber of Commerce
                                    Economic Development                                                   United Way of the
Children’s Charity Classic                                                Mercer Co. Rotary Club           Bluegrass for Jessamine County
Christian Appalachian Project       Kentucky Chamber of Commerce
                                                                          Metro Group Homes                United Way of the
Citizens Connecting our Community   Kentucky Domestic Violence                                             Bluegrass for Madison County
                                    Association                           Migrant Network Coalition
Commerce Lexington                                                        National Conference for          United Way of the
                                    Kentucky Educational Television                                        Bluegrass for Scott County
Community Reinvestment Alliance                                           Community & Justice
of Lexington, Inc.                  Kentucky Equine Education Project                                      Universal Baseball League
                                                                          Northside Improvements
Community Ventures Corporation      Kentucky River Foothills              Corporation                      University of Kentucky
Courier-Journal/Newspaper           Kentucky Youth Leadership             Paris YMCA                       College of Law
in Education                        Kiwanis Club of Lexington             Partnership in Education         University of Kentucky
Dermontti Dawson Foundation         Las Americas                                                           Navigator Series
                                                                          Prevent Child Abuse
Dream Factory                       Lexington Art League                                                   University of Kentucky
                                                                          Providence Montessori            Women’s Writers Conference
Explorium                           Lexington Children’s Theatre          REACH, Inc.                      Urban League of
Family Care Center                  Lexington Christian Academy           Ronald McDonald House            Lexington-Fayette County
Fayette County Schools              Lexington Division of Police          Rotary Club of Lexington         USA Deaf Sports Federation
Truancy Program
                                                                          St. Agnes House

                                                                                                                                                 Fifth Third AFFILIATE BANKS     21

                                     Two strategic financial investments in the            system since the 1890s.The vision includes the
                                     Louisville community helped strengthen                addition of at least 2,000 acres of parkland in
                                     the city’s cultural and natural offerings in          the Floyds Fork watershed, continued expan-           Employees . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 586
                                     2005. The Louisville affiliate’s support of the       sion of Jefferson Memorial Forest, a 100-mile
                                                                                                                                                 Locations . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 46
                                     Muhammad Ali Center and the City of Parks             hiking/bicycling trail around the entire Louisville
                                     initiative will help ensure the longevity of two      Metro perimeter, and a major upgrade of the           Assets . . . . . . . . . . . . $2.2 billion
                                     great city attractions.                               city’s existing parks.                                Deposits. . . . . . . . . . . $1.8 billion
                                     A $50,000 grant from the Fifth Third Foun-            Fifth Third made the donation because parks           Philanthropic Gifts. . . . $832,060
                                     dation contributed to the construction of the         are proven to be places where people come
                                     Muhammad Ali Center. The Center focuses               together. They are areas of common ground
                                     on six major themes of Ali’s life—respect,            between the wealthy and the less fortunate
                                     confidence, conviction, dedication, giving and        and between the city and the suburbs. Fifth
The Muhammad Ali Center in           spirituality. At the center, visitors can learn       Third also recognizes how increasing park-
Louisville is dedicated to helping   about the legacy and ideals of Muhammad Ali,          land will improve property values, increase
people become strong, positive       how to inspire personal discovery and account-        tourism, and attract new residents and busi-
contributors to the community.       ability, and how to promote understanding             nesses to the metro area.
Fifth Third Foundation supported     across barriers of age and culture. The Foun-
the museum with a $50,000 grant.     dation’s contribution to the center exemplifies
                                     the bank’s commitment to promoting a strong,
                                     diversified community and recognizes the
                                     impact individuals can make on the quality
                                     of life and development of enterprise.
                                     Fifth Third Bank (Louisville) also made a
                                     $100,000 donation to the City of Parks. The
                                     donation will help ensure that, as the community
                                     grows, quality parks and open space will play
                                     an integral part in daily life. City of Parks is a
                                     $60 million, multi-year initiative that will create
                                     a wealth of new recreational opportunities and
                                     define Louisville Metro as a “City of Parks.”
                                     This initiative has become the most comprehen-
                                     sive effort to grow and improve the area’s park
22    Fifth Third AFFILIATE BANKS
                                                                                   Louisville President Phil McHugh and City
                                                                                   of Parks chief fundraiser, David Jones, Sr.
                                                                                   discuss plans for the $60 million City of
                                                                                   Parks initiative. Fifth Third made a $100,000
                                                                                   donation to the massive effort.

Actors Theatre                     Floyd Memorial Foundation              Little Sisters of the Poor            Society of St. Vincent de Paul
Alzheimer’s Association            Friends of the Waterfront              Louisville Free Public Library        Spina Bifida
American Cancer Society            Golden Retriever Rescue                Louisville Collegiate School          St. Benedict Center
American Diabetes Association      Grand Gala (828 Foundation)            Louisville Olmsted Parks              St. Bernard’s Men’s Club
American Heart Association         Greater Louisville Building            Conservancy                           St. Francis High School
American Lung Association          Greater Louisville Fund for the Arts   Louisville Orchestra                  St. Xavier High School
Anchorage School                   Greater Louisville, Inc.               Louisville Urban League               Temple Early Childhood Education
Association of Fundraising         Hispanic Achievers, Inc.               Louisville Waterfront Park            Center
Professionals                      Holy Trinity                           March of Dimes                        Trinity High School
Big Brothers Big Sisters           House of Ruth                          Mary Byron Foundation                 University of Louisville
Botanica, Inc.                     Housing Partnership                    Maryhurst                             Ursuline Campus Schools
Brain Injury Association           JCPS/Butler High School                Medical News                          Voter Outreach
Canaan CDC                         Jefferson County Medical Society       Metro United Way                      Walden School
Caritas Foundation                 Jefferson County Sheriff               Metropolitan Housing Co.              Walden Theatre
Cathedral Heritage Foundation      Jewish Hospital Foundation             Muhammad Ali Museum and               Wayside Christian Mission
Catholic Education Foundation                                             Education Center                      Wellspring
                                   Junior Achievement
Cedar Lake Foundation                                                     National Society of the Sons of the   Women 4 Women
                                   Justice Resource Center                American Revolution
Center for Non-Profit Excellence   Kentuckiana Minority Business                                                YMCA Black Achievers
Center for Women & Families        Kentucky Bar Foundation                                                      Young Life of Kentuckiana
                                                                          New Albany Harvest Homecoming
Children’s Hospital Foundation     Kentucky Breast Cancer Alliance                                              Younger Women’s Club
                                                                          Newspaper in Education
Christian Academy of Louisville    Kentucky Center                        Norton Hospitals Foundation
City of Jeffersonville             Kentucky Country Day School            Presbyterian Community Center
City of Parks                      Kentucky Derby Festival                Pride, Inc.
Clarksville BPW                    Kentucky Humane Society                Project Women
Crane House                        Kentucky League of Cities              Rauch, Inc.
Cystic Fibrosis Foundation         Kentucky Psychological                 Sellersburg Celebrates
Denny Crum Scholarship Fund        Association
                                                                          Seven Counties Services, Inc.
Dismas Charities, Inc.             Kentucky Science & Technology
                                                                          Shelby County Library
Down Syndrome                      Kentucky State Fair Board
                                                                          Shelbyville Horse Show
ECHO                               Kosair Charities
                                                                          Shively Area Community
Family & Children First            Leadership Louisville Center
                                                                          Sisters of Charity of Nazareth
Family Place                       Legal Aid Society

                                                                                                                                                   Fifth Third AFFILIATE BANKS   23
Northern Kentucky
                                                                                                Fifth-grade students and Young
                                                                                                Bankers Club volunteers enjoy a trip
                                                                                                to Fifth Third Bank Madisonville
       COMMUNITY SUPPORT                                                                        Operations Center.

                                         Education, community support and training          the needy, uninsured and qualified clients of
                                         were key focus areas for Fifth Third’s Northern    the Diocese of Covington. While the pharmacy
                                         Kentucky affiliate in 2005. The Fifth Third        receives some donated medications in the form      Employees . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 402
                                         Foundation made strategic grants in support        of drug samples, only brand drugs are available
                                                                                                                                               Locations . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 34
                                         of Brighton Center and The St.Vincent de Paul      in that form. Many necessary drugs such as
                                         Community Pharmacy. Its employees also             insulin, blood pressure medication and others      Assets . . . . . . . . . . . . $1.7 billion
                                         offered the Young Banker’s Club to students in     are not available and must be purchased. The       Deposits. . . . . . . . . . . $1.3 billion
                                         the Covington Independent School District.         grant will help the organization get medicines
                                                                                                                                               Philanthropic Gifts. . . . $506,989
                                                                                            to those Northern Kentucky residents who rely
                                         The Fifth Third Foundation provided finan-         on them for their health and well-being.
                                         cial support to Brighton Center, Inc. for the
                                         Center for Employment Training. This               A long-time supporter of education, Fifth
                                         employment program provides hands-on               Third Bank partnered in 2005 with the
Brighton Center, Inc. received a grant   training in automated office skills, medical       Covington Independent School District to
from the Fifth Third Foundation to       assisting and building maintenance. The train-     again offer its Young Bankers Club Program.
support their Center for Employment      ing and employment assistance provided by          Offered at two of the district’s schools, Glenn
Training in 2005.                        Brighton Center, Inc. is a key element in          O. Swing and John G. Carlisle Elementary, the
                                         helping participants attain their goals of self-   Young Bankers Club program is a financial
                                         sufficiency. The program helps connect skilled     literacy program created by Fifth Third to
                                         individuals to good jobs that pay a livable        educate today’s youth about banking basics
                                         wage. Since inception of the program in 1997,      and fundamental financial principles. Several
                                         more than 400 people have been placed into         employees of the bank volunteered time each
                                         good paying jobs that offer tangible opportu-      week during the 10-week program to teach
                                         nities for career advancement. The Fifth Third     and mentor fifth-grade students. Along with
                                         Foundation grant was the latest effort by          a lesson taught by volunteers weekly, the
                                         Fifth Third to support Brighton Center.            program included activities to reinforce
                                         The longstanding partnership has helped to         concepts and a field trip to Fifth Third
                                         improve the lives of residents in Northern         Madisonville Operations Center so kids could
                                         Kentucky communities.                              see first-hand how a large financial institution
                                                                                            manages its back-office operations.
                                         The Fifth Third Foundation also made a
                                         $25,000 grant to the St. Vincent de Paul
                                         Community Pharmacy, Inc. to provide
                                         needed medicines and medical supplies to
24    Fifth Third AFFILIATE BANKS
                                                                                   Fifth Third Foundation
                                                                          Central Kentucky employees made a

                                                                                                                   Saint Vincent de Paul
                                                                                   $25,000 grant to grant
                                                                          were proud to support athe St. Vincent
                                                                                    Pantry Community Pharmacy
                                                                          to God’sde Paul Food Bank from
                                                                                    Third Foundation.
                                                                          the Fifthin 2005.

American Cancer Society                Redwood Rehabilitation Center
Behringer Crawford Museum              St. Elizabeth Medical Center
Brighton Center, Inc.                  St. Luke Community Foundation
Cardinal Hill of Northern Kentucky     Saint Vincent de Paul Community
Carmel Manor                           Pharmacy
Catholic Social Services               The Point/ARC
Center for Great Neighborhoods         The Southbank Fund, Inc.
Commonwealth Fund for KET              United Ministries
Community Pharmacy                     United Way of Greater Cincinnati
Congregation of Divine Providence      Villa Madonna Academy
Covington Education Foundation         Welcome House
Dan Beard Boy Scout Council
Family Nurturing Center
Fine Arts Fund
Ft. Thomas Education Foundation
Girl Scout Council of Licking Valley
HealthPoint Family Care
Hispanic Scholarship Fund
Holly Hill Children’s Services
John G. Carlisle School
Kenton County School District
Legal Aid of the Bluegrass
Literacy in Northern Kentucky
Madison E-Zone
Northern Kentucky Area
Development District
New Perceptions
Northern Kentucky University
Northern Kentucky Symphony
Pendleton County Education

                                                                                                                                           Fifth Third AFFILIATE BANKS   25
Central Indiana
                                                                                                     Fifth Third (Central Indiana)
                                                                                                     employees work with students
                                                                                                     of the Young Bankers Club as
       COMMUNITY SUPPORT                                                                             they learn to calculate interest
                                                                                                     after a lesson on credit.

                                     Outreach was the theme of the Central Indiana         the importance of teaching children about
                                     affiliate’s community involvement in 2005.            banking and personal financial responsibility
                                     Whether on board a 40-foot mobile bus, in             at an early age. Eighty-eight IPS fifth-graders    Employees. . . . . . . . . . . . . . 1,036
                                     an elementary school classroom, or out in the         became inaugural members of the club, a
                                                                                                                                              Locations . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 81
                                     Latino community, employees in Central                customized 10-week financial literacy curricu-
                                     Indiana were personally involved in supporting        lum taught in once-a-week sessions during          Assets . . . . . . . . . . . . $5.4 billion
                                     Fifth Third’s initiatives to bring knowledge of       the school day. Students were assigned a Fifth     Deposits. . . . . . . . . . . $3.3 billion
                                     financial services to the local market. The bank      Third employee as a mentor who was responsi-
                                                                                                                                              Philanthropic Gifts . . $1,109,163
                                     served 5,830 low- and moderate- income                ble for teaching the curriculum and providing
                                     people with financial literacy and homeown-           leadership, guidance and friendship throughout
                                     ership education, and Fifth Third employees           the course.
                                     volunteered 1,774 total hours.
                                                                                           Employees also reached out to offer financial
Fifth Third bankers work with com-   In the fall, Fifth Third rolled into Fort Wayne       literacy and homeownership education in the
munity members on the Fifth Third    and Indianapolis aboard a 40-foot bus that            under-served Latino community. In 2005,
Homeownership Mobile during its      doubles as a mobile financial services classroom.     employees recorded over 600 hours of service
kickoff celebration in Fort Wayne.   The Fifth Third Homeownership Mobile is part          and provided 77 financial classes. The Central
                                     of Fifth Third Bancorp’s unique, grassroots           Indiana affiliate also hired 30 Spanish-speaking
                                     effort to take homeownership and financial liter-     employees—for a total of 50 Spanish-speaking
                                     acy directly to the communities it serves. During     employees in the Central Indiana footprint,
                                     its tour in Central Indiana, local community          and participated in over 30 Latino community
                                     affairs officers, mortgage professionals and retail   events. These combined efforts helped provide
                                     staff met with over 1,200 people, conducted 191       access for this unbanked community and
                                     one-on-one counseling sessions and filled 150         resulted in the opening of over 1,600 savings
                                     requests for free credit reports. Additionally, the   and checking accounts. Fifth Third also is com-
                                     bank partnered with over 45 community and             mitted to extending home-buying opportunities
                                     civic organizations to provide bus access in Fort     that appeal to the growing Latino community,
                                     Wayne and Indianapolis.                               as well as other non U.S.-born residents. Fifth
                                                                                           Third provided 57 ITIN mortgages for families
                                     Financial literacy moved from the Homeown-            in 2005. These mortgages help residents
                                     ership Mobile directly into the classroom             without social security numbers who are living,
                                     when the Central Indiana affiliate partnered          working and paying taxes in the U.S., by pro-
                                     with Indianapolis Public Schools (IPS) and            viding alternative sources for credit approval.
                                     Bridges to Success to launch a Young Banker’s
                                     Club. The club was started in recognition of
26    Fifth Third AFFILIATE BANKS
                                                                                     Fifth Third Bank bilingual representatives
                                                                                     talk with Latino community members
                                                                                     regarding basic banking and homeowner-
                                                                                     ship services at Indianapolis’ Cinco de
                                                                                     Mayo celebration.

ALMA                                   Covenant Christian Schools                Indiana Builders Association              Martindale Brightwood Neighborhood         Saint Susanna Catholic School
Alzheimer’s Association                Crohns & Colitis Foundation               Indiana Hunter and Jumper Association     Association                                Second Helpings
American Heart Association             Crossroads of America Council             Indiana Latino Institute                  Mayor’s Commission on Latino Affairs       SEED Corp
American Red Cross of Greater          Dearborn & Ohio Counties United           Indiana Repertory Theatre                 Medals 4 Mettle                            Shelby County Historical Society
Indianapolis                           Fund, Inc.                                Indiana Sports Corp.                      Mental Health Association Marion           Shelby County United Fund
Anthony Wayne Area Council BSA         Decatur County Family                                                               County
                                                                                 Indiana Youth Services                                                               Sigma Theta Tau International
Arby’s Foundation Inc.                 Decatur County Memorial Hospital                                                    Mental Health Association of Tippecanoe
                                                                                 Indianapolis Chamber Orchestra            County                                     Simon Youth Foundation
Archdiocese of Indianapolis            Decatur County United Fund                Indianapolis Coalition for Neighborhood                                              Spotlight on Nursing
                                                                                                                           Methodist Sports Medicine Foundation
Association of Mexico                  Decatur Police Department                 Development                                                                          St. Francis Healthcare
                                                                                                                           Middle Way House
Badges Without Borders                 Deveaus Gymnastics Booster Club           Indianapolis Marion County Public                                                    St. Maria Goretti
                                                                                 Library                                   Mideast Milk Market
Bands of America                       Downtown Terre Haute                                                                                                           St. Mary’s Child Center
                                                                                 Indianapolis Neighborhood Housing         Miracle Place
Beech Grove City Schools               Economic Club of Indianapolis                                                                                                  St. Vincent Foundation
                                                                                 Indianapolis Urban League                 Monroe County Youth
Ben Davis High School                  Everton Volunteer Fire Department                                                                                              Steuben County Community
                                                                                 Indianapolis Zoological Society           Mt. Paran Baptist Church
Big Brothers Big Sisters of Decatur    Exchange Club of Speedway                                                                                                      Steuben County Literacy Coalition
County                                                                           Japan American Society of Indiana         National Federation of State High School
                                       Executive Women                                                                     Association                                Sullivan County Community Hospital
Bloomington Economic Development       Family Service Association                Japanese American Association                                                        Foundation
                                                                                                                           National FFA Foundation
Bloomington High School                Farm Bureau Foundation                    Jewish Community Center                                                              Union Hospital Foundation
                                                                                                                           National Kidney Foundation of Indiana
Boy Scouts of America                  Fishers Community Volunteers              Johnson County Community Foundation                                                  United Way
                                                                                                                           Neighborhood Christian Legal Services
Carmel Clay Education Foundation       Fort Wayne Habitat for Humanity           Junior Achievement                                                                   University of Indianapolis
                                                                                                                           Neighborhood Self-Employment Initiative
Cathedral Trustees Inc.                Fort Wayne Urban League                   Juvenile Diabetes                                                                    Visiting Nurse Service Foundation
                                                                                                                           New Directions Inc
Center Grove Education                 Foundation Fight                          Kenny Irwin, Jr. Memorial Foundation                                                 Wabash Center Inc
                                                                                                                           New Palestine High School
Central Indiana Community Foundation   Franklin College of Indiana               Kids Voice                                                                           Warren Arts & Education
                                                                                                                           New Palestine Youth League
Central Indiana Educational Service    Franklin Township Education Foundation    Lafayette Adult Resource                                                             Wayne Township Education Foundation
Center                                                                                                                     Oaks Academy
                                       Gennesaret Free Clinic                    Lafayette Neighborhood Housing                                                       West Indianapolis Development
Charter School                                                                   Services                                  Partnership in Housing
                                       Greater Indianapolis Progress Committee                                                                                        Corporation
Children’s Museum of Indianapolis                                                Lafayette Urban Enterprise Association    People & Animal Learn
                                       Habitat for Humanity                                                                                                           West Lafayette Little League
Children’s Theraplay                                                             Lawrence Township School Foundation       Play Ball Indiana
                                       Heroes Club                                                                                                                    Westfield Public Safety
Christian Women’s Prayer Group                                                   Leukemia Society of America               Police Athletic League
                                       Hispanic Leadership                                                                                                            Westview Hospital
Clark Pleasant Schools                                                           Little Star Center                        Neighborhood Works Housing &
                                       Hoosier Uplands                                                                     Development Corporation                    WFYI
College Mentors for Kids, Inc.                                                   Lutheran Child & Family                                                              World Trade Club of Indiana
                                       Horizons Urban Students                                                             Rebuilding Together
Community Theatre of Terre Haute                                                 Make A Wish Indiana
                                       Immaculate Heart Of Mary                                                            Riley Area Development Corp.
Conner Prairie                                                                   Marian College
                                       Indiana Amateur Baseball                                                            Ripley County Community Foundation

                                                                                                                                                                         Fifth Third AFFILIATE BANKS       27
Southern Indiana
                                                                                                    These students are beneficiaries
                                                                                                    of a new Science and Technology
                                                                                                    Center at the Signature Learning
       COMMUNITY SUPPORT                                                                            Center, thanks in part to a grant
                                                                                                    from the Fifth Third Foundation.

                                        Bolstering education, helping homeless fami-     The Santa Clothes Club was organized in
                                        lies and clothing children in need were three    Evansville in 1946 to provide new clothing
                                        ways the Southern Indiana affiliate made a       for grade school children. The need still exists    Employees . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 668
                                        difference in the community in 2005.             today. Each year, the local ABC television affil-
                                                                                                                                             Locations . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 52
                                                                                         iate, News 25, conducts a six-hour telethon to
                                        A $100,000 grant from the Fifth Third            raise funds to clothe the children in need. Fifth   Assets . . . . . . . . . . . . $3.4 billion
                                        Foundation to Indiana’s first charter school,    Third and its employees are an annual and gen-      Deposits. . . . . . . . . . . $2.4 billion
                                        the Signature Learning Center in Evansville,     erous supporter of this effort. Approximately
                                        is helping make great strides toward a new                                                           Philanthropic Gifts. . . . $806,268
                                                                                         2,500 children benefit each year.
                                        Science and Technology Center. Dedicated
                                        to offering leading edge instruction in mathe-
                                        matics, experimental science and technology,
                                        the Signature School plans to offer pre-engi-
Science teacher Shane Thread will       neering and pre-medical programs, as well as
soon be teaching in a new, innovative   shared programs with local universities and
Science and Technology Center in        nearby industries.
Evansville where pre-engineering and
                                        Fifth Third is also a staunch supporter of
pre-medical programs will be offered.
                                        Goodwill Industries in Evansville. Its annual
                                        and substantial support of their signature
                                        fundraising event, Ducks on the Ohio, allows
                                        families to benefit from the Goodwill Family
                                        Housing Center, a unique housing program
                                        that helps homeless people get back on their
                                        feet by providing for their basic needs while
                                        also providing employment assistance and
                                        childcare. The program teaches people how to
                                        successfully manage their money and home,
                                        and develop key work skills needed to keep a
                                        job. Residents who successfully complete the
                                        program will have the necessary skills to
                                        break the cycles of poverty, unemployment
                                        and homelessness.

28    Fifth Third AFFILIATE BANKS
                                                                         Central Kentucky employees
                                                        Day care is one of the integral elements of a
                                                                         were proud to support a grant
                                                        unique transitional housing program offered
                                                                         to God’s Pantry Food Bank
                                                        by the Goodwill Industries of Evansville. Thefrom
                                                                         the Fifth Third helps families
                                                        Goodwill Family Housing CenterFoundation.
                                                        transition from homelessness to being self-
                                                        sufficient. The Goodwill program attempts to
                                                        help families break the cycle of poverty.

Albion Fellows Bacon Center          Evansville Civic Theatre             Junior Achievement                  United Way of Henderson County
Alzheimer’s Association              Evansville Community Tennis          Junior League of Evansville         United Way of Hopkins County and
American Cancer Society              Association                          Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity          Muhlenberg County
American Diabetes Association        Evansville Dance Theatre             Keep Evansville Beautiful           United Way of Jefferson County
American Heart Association           Evansville Day School                Lakeland College Foundation         United Way of Knox County
American Red Cross                   Evansville Downtown Civitan Club     Leadership Evansville               United Way of Posey County
ARC (Community Support Systems)      Evansville Freedom Festival          March of Dimes                      United Way of Southwestern
                                     Evansville Goodwill Industries                                           Indiana
Arthritis Foundation                                                      Muscular Dystrophy Association
                                     Evansville Museum                                                        United Way of the Ohio Valley
Arts Council of Southwest Indiana                                         MHA-Friends of Mental Health
                                     Evansville Parks Foundation                                              Vanderburgh County Fair
Big Brothers Big Sisters                                                  NAACP                               Association
Boy Scouts of America                Evansville Philharmonic Orchestra    National Multiple Sclerosis         Vanderburgh Medical Alliance
Boys and Girls Club of Evansville    Evansville Youth Baseball            New Harmony Project                 Vincennes University Jasper
Caldwell Lyon Partnership            Firefighters Combat Challenge        Oakland City University             Foundation
Catholic Diocese of Evansville       Foundation for Health                Ohio Valley Heartcare               Vincennes YMCA
Catholic Education Foundation        Fraternal Order of Police            Reitz Home Preservation Society     Wendell Foster Campus for
Children’s Learning Center of        Gibson County Horticultural &        Rotary Club of Evansville           Disabilities
Posey County                         Agricultural Society                                                     WNIN
                                                                          St. Mary’s Foundation
Civic Entrepreneurs Organization     Gibson County Youth Alliance                                             Women for Health and Wellness
                                                                          Salvation Army
Community Foundation Alliance        Gibson County Youth Soccer                                               YMCA of SW Indiana
                                                                          Santa Clothes Club
Crisis Prevention Nursery            Gibson General Health Foundation                                         YWCA
                                                                          Signature Learning Center
Dale Youth League                    Girl Scouts of Raintree Council                                          YouthFirst
                                                                          South Gibson Dollars for Scholars
Deaconess Foundation                 Glema Mahr Center for the Arts
                                                                          Tales & Scales
Downtown Evansville Incorporated     Greater Marion Area United Way
                                                                          Tri Kappa
Dubois County Area Development       Hager Foundation
                                                                          Tri-State Hot Stove League
Corp.                                Henderson Arts Alliance
                                                                          Union County Fair & Expo Center
East Gibson Dollars for Scholars     Henderson Regional Hospital
                                     Foundation                           United Methodist Children’s Home
Easter Seals Rehabilitation Center                                        Foundation
Effingham Community Foundation       Indiana Black Expo
                                                                          University of Evansville
Emergency Shelter for Women &        International Bar-B-Q Festival
                                                                          University of Southern Indiana
Children                             Jasper Strassenfest                  Foundation
Evansville ARC Foundation            Jasper Tennis Patrons                United Way of Effingham County
Evansville Catholic High Schools     Organization
                                                                          United Way of Gibson County
Evansville Center for Medical        John & Eleanor R. Mitchell
                                     Foundation                           United Way of Greater St. Louis

                                                                                                                                                 Fifth Third AFFILIATE BANKS   29
Eastern Michigan
                                                                                                   Employee Angela Hudson assists
                                                                                                   students at a Young Banker’s Club
                                                                                                   lesson. The curriculum teaches
       COMMUNITY SUPPORT                                                                           financial literacy and personal
                                                                                                   responsibility to youngsters.

                                          The strength behind the financial support          Fifth Third’s focus on education continued with
                                          provided to community organizations in             financial support from the bank and foundation
                                          eastern Michigan in 2005 was Fifth Third’s         of $203,000 to the Charles H. Wright Museum       Employees. . . . . . . . . . . . . . 1,059
                                          employees. The Eastern Michigan affiliate          of African-American History. The funds were
                                                                                                                                               Locations . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 83
                                          created a “Sweat Equity Philanthropy” cam-         used to assist the museum in preserving and
                                          paign that enabled employees to volunteer at       presenting African and African-American           Assets . . . . . . . . . . . . $7.1 billion
                                          organizations the bank supported financially. As   history to the metropolitan Detroit community     Deposits. . . . . . . . . . . $4.4 billion
                                          a result, employees donated over 3,000 hours       and the world. Founded by Charles H. Wright,
                                                                                                                                               Philanthropic Gifts . . $1,968,399
                                          to the community, including organizations and      the museum evolved from three row houses on
                                          programming with a focus on education.             West Grand Boulevard to the world’s largest
                                                                                             institution dedicated to African-American
                                          Fifth Third’s employees helped 943 families        history and culture. “With the support of cor-
                                          gain access to financial services in 2005          porations like Fifth Third, we will continue to
Fifth Third provided financial literacy   through a long-time partnership with Mission       thrive and serve the community by providing
training to 943 families in 2005.         of Peace, a HUD-approved National Housing          exhibitions and educational programs so that
                                          Counseling Intermediary. One out of 10             people of all ages and backgrounds can learn
                                          Americans are “unbanked” and that ratio            about the African-American history and
                                          becomes one out of four in low-wealth and          culture,” stated Tyrone Davenport, museum
                                          immigrant communities. The partnership             chief executive officer.
                                          between Fifth Third and Mission of Peace
                                          is dedicated to providing financial literacy
                                          training and helps individuals open and
                                          manage a bank account.
                                          Eastern Michigan employee Angela Hudson
                                          of Fifth Third’s CRA and Compliance depart-
                                          ment understands that financial literacy must
                                          be taught early and often. She helped bring
                                          the Young Banker’s Club to eastern Michigan
                                          in 2005. Its purpose was to educate students
                                          on the various aspects of banking. Bank
                                          employees volunteered to educate students on
                                          financial education every week for 10 weeks.

30    Fifth Third AFFILIATE BANKS
                                                                                                           Children visit the Charles H.
                                                                                                          Central Kentucky employees
                                                                                                           Wright Museum of African
                                                                                                          were proud to support a grant
                                                                                                           American History. Fifth Third
                                                                                                          to God’s Pantry Food Bank from
                                                                                                           Bank and the Fifth Third
                                                                                                          the Fifth Third Foundation.
                                                                                                           Foundation supported the
                                                                                                           museum with a $203,000 gift.

21st Century Club                           Detroit Entrepreneurship Institute        Hospice of Michigan                            NAACP                                      Southwest Detroit Business Association
ACCESS                                      Detroit Hispanic Development Corp.        Housing Opportunities of Macomb                National Conference For Community          St. Frances Cabrini Clinic
Alternatives For Girls                      Detroit Historical Society                HP Devco Housing Development Corp.             & Justice                                  Sweet Dreamzz
Alzheimer’s Association                     Detroit Home Ownership Preservation       Indian Village Historical                      National Urban League                      Tri-City Community Development Corp.
American Heart Association                  Taskforce                                 Institute For Black Family Development         Neighborhood Service Organization          United Negro College Fund
Anthony Craig Thomas Memorial               Detroit Renaissance                       Institute For Entrepreneurial Thinking         Next Vision Foundation                     United Way
Scholarship Foundation                      Detroit Retired Professionals             Jefferson East Business Association            New Hope Community Development             University Cultural Center Association
Arab-American and Chaldean Council          Detroit Urban League                                                                     Non-Profit Housing Corp
                                                                                      Jewish Community Center                                                                   University of Michigan - Flint Business
Association of Fundraisers                  DEX Design Community Development Corp.                                                   New Horizon Rehabilitation Services
                                                                                      Jewish Federation                                                                         U-SNAP-BAC
Art Center                                  Donni’s Door                                                                             NorthStar Community Development Corp.
                                                                                      Jewish Vocational Services                                                                VanElsander Cancer Center
Autism Association of Michigan              Eastern University                                                                       Northville Community Association
                                                                                      Lawrence P. Doss Scholarship Found.                                                       Vanguard CDC
Banking on Our Future - Operation Hope      Eastside Giants (PAL)                                                                    N’Touch Communication Group
                                                                                      Lighthouse                                                                                Veteran’s Haven, Inc.
Bar-Llan University                         Fair Housing Center                                                                      Oak Park Business and Education Alliance
                                                                                      LINKS                                                                                     VISION
Black Women Contracting Association         FIRST                                                                                    Oakland County Asset Building Coalition
                                                                                      Livingston Co. Community Coordinated                                                      Community Development Corporation of
B’Nai Brith Foundation                      Flint Institute of Arts                                                                  Oakland County CRA Association             Warren
                                                                                      Love That Works
Booker T. Washington Business Assoc.        Franklin-Wright Settlement                                                               Oakland Livingston Human Services Agency   Warren Connor Community Development
                                                                                      Macomb County Asset Building Coalition
Boost Oakland Business                      Fraternal Order of United Irishmen                                                       Orchard Children Services                  Corporation
                                                                                      Macomb County CRA Association
CATCH                                       Freedom Institute                                                                        Peace In The World Initiative              Wayne County Asset Building Coalition
                                                                                      Make A Wish Foundation
Charles H. Wright African American Museum   Freedom Weekend                                                                          Perfecting Community Development Corp.     Wayne State Research & Technology
                                                                                      Medical Resource Alliance                                                                 Park
City Connect                                Futures Foundation                                                                       Professional National Business Assoc.
                                                                                      Mexicantown Community Development                                                         We Can Ministries Network
Coalition of Temporary Shelters             Genesee County Asset Building Coalition                                                  Pontiac Business Development Assoc.
                                                                                      Michigan ACORN                                                                            With Ownership Wealth
College For Creative Studies                Genesee County Free Medical                                                              Progressive National Baptist Convention
                                                                                      Michigan Affordable Housing Conference                                                    Women’s Resource Center
Common Ground                               GirlBiz - National Association of Women                                                  Port Huron Hospital Foundation
                                                                                      Michigan Arthritis Foundation                                                             WOTHA Housing & Development
Community Dev. Advocates of Detroit         Business Owners                                                                          Positive Images
                                                                                      Michigan Dyslexia Institute Scholarship Fund                                              YMCA OF Owosso
Community Network Services                  Gleaners                                                                                 Salem Housing
                                                                                      Michigan Minority Business Dev. Corp.                                                     Young Audiences Of Michigan
Cornerstone Schools                         Golightly Academy                                                                        SCORE
                                                                                      Michigan Neighborhood Partnership                                                         Young Detroit Builders
Curtains & Comfort                          Grace Centers of Hope                                                                    SDBA Mexicantown Community
                                                                                      Michigan Thanksgiving Parade                   Development Corp.                          Youth Sports and Recreation Commission
Dennis W. Archer Foundation                 Grosse Pointe Park Business Association
                                                                                      Michigan Women’s Business Council              Seaway Choral & Orchestra
Detroit Association of Black Orgs.          Guidance Center
                                                                                      MI-Small Business TDC                          Services For Older Citizens
Detroit Catholic Pastoral Alliance          Habitat For Humanity Jimmy Carter Work
                                            Project                                   Mission of Peace Counseling Agency             SOS Crisis Center
Detroit Community Health Connection                                                   MLK Jr. Taskforce
                                            HAVEN                                                                                    Southeastern Christian Leadership
Detroit Community Initiative, Inc.                                                    Muslim Center                                  Conference
                                            Hispanic Business Alliance Expo
Detroit Discovery Museum                                                              Myasthenia Gravis Association                  Southfield Community Foundation
                                            Horizon’s Upward Bound At Cranbrook

                                                                                                                                                                                   Fifth Third AFFILIATE BANKS       31
                                                                                              Sarah Sturock, Williamston Banking
Western Michigan                                                                              Center Manager, works with students
                                                                                              at Bingham Elementary School.

                                       One of Fifth Third’s key initiatives in Western     Likewise, the bank partnered with Humanity
                                       Michigan in 2005 was to provide access to           for Africa and Latin Americans United for
                                       financial products and services for individuals.    Progress—non-profit organizations that focus on     Employees. . . . . . . . . . . . . . 1,916
                                       Financial literacy and improving credit is key      empowering their constituencies with, among
                                                                                                                                               Locations . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 135
                                       to building a strong and stable community.          other things, financial assistance and education.
                                       Last year, Fifth Third employees conducted                                                              Assets . . . . . . . . . . . . $9.6 billion
                                       290 outreach events and impacted 6,423 indi-        The Western Michigan affiliate also worked
                                                                                                                                               Deposits. . . . . . . . . . . $7.3 billion
                                       viduals. Many of them did not have a banking        to improve financial literacy among children
                                                                                           and their parents. Fifth Third participated in      Philanthropic Gifts . . $2,744,395
                                       relationship or understand the availability of
                                       products and services that could be of benefit.     “National Teach a Child to Save Day,” in
                                                                                           which Banking Center managers presented
                                       Employees focused their efforts on helping          various aspects of saving, budgeting and
                                       individuals who may never have tried to             financial goal setting to students in kinder-
Fifth Third’s Angel Ortiz, Roosevelt   apply for a mortgage by beginning the loan          garten through ninth grades. The bank also
Banking Center manager, conducts       process with them through the Fifth Third           celebrated its 10th anniversary as a Bingham
a session on National Teach a Child    Homeownership Mobile. Customers were                Elementary School partner. Employees help
to Save Day.                           invited to come in, get their credit report         students improve math and science skills by
                                       and sit down with a mortgage representative.        helping kids run an actual bank at their
                                       In total, 130 bank employees hosted 1,141           school. In addition, Fifth Third supported
                                       people during 12 events and provided 273            the Muskegon Magic Youth Program, which
                                       one-on-one credit counseling sessions.              teaches children in low- and moderate-
                                                                                           income areas about money management,
                                       Fifth Third Bank also partnered with local com-     and Muskegon Michigan Family Works “Dads
                                       munity organizations such as Guardian, Inc., a      Only” program, a part of the Michigan Works
                                       non-profit organization which helps elderly, low-   Family Service that provides intensive and
                                       income and developmentally disabled residents       individualized services to low-income fathers
                                       manage their personal and financial needs, to       to help strengthen their relationships with
                                       educate their clients and employees on checking     their children.
                                       and savings accounts. Fifth Third employees
                                       also participated with organizations such as
                                       Grand Rapids Opportunities for Women to
                                       provide financial programs including Small
                                       Business, Readiness, Entrepreneurial Training,
                                       and Individual Development Accounts.
32    Fifth Third AFFILIATE BANKS
                                                                                                        Central Kentucky employees
                                                                                                West Michigan’s Cassandra Foster
                                                                                                        were proud to support a grant
                                                                                                (right) with Angell Orcutt, a participant
                                                                                                        to God’s Pantry Food Bank from
                                                                                                at the Muskegon Magic Youth event in
                                                                                                Grand the Fifth Third Foundation.

American Red Cross                        Curious Kids Museum                        Greater Niles Community Development Corp.   Lakeshore Advantage                      Partners in Transition
American Cancer Society                   DA Blodgett                                GROW                                        Lakeshore Ethnic Diversity Alliance      People Center
American Heart Association                Davenport University                       Habitat for Humanity                        Lakeshore Public Schools                 Pine Rest Hospital
Aquinas College                           DeGage Ministries                          Hail Kalamazoo                              Lansing Art Gallery                      Reciprocal Language Partnership
Art of Leadership                         Delta Sigma Theta Sorority                 HCH Foundation                              LAP Respite Center                       Right Place Program
Battle Creek Area Chamber Foundation      Delta Strategy                             Hillsdale College                           LAUP                                     Roosevelt Park Ministries
Battle Creek Health System                Dwelling Place                             Hispanic Center of Western Michigan         Lily Missions Center                     Sheridan Community Hospital
Baxter Community Center                   East Lansing Arts Festival                 Holland Community Hospital                  LISC                                     Silent Observer
Benton Harbor Children’s Art Fair         Edison Neighborhood Association            Holland Hospital Foundation                 Macatawa Resource Center                 Small Business Association of Michigan
Big Brothers Big Sisters                  Ele’s Place                                Holland Pediatric Associates                Memorial Medical Center Foundation       Southshore Concert Band
Binder Park Zoological Society            Evergreen Commons                          Holland Rescue Mission                      Mental Health Foundation                 Southwest Michigan First
Black Women’s Political Caucus            Fair Housing Center                        Holland Symphony Orchestra                  Michigan Maritime Museum                 Southwest Michigan Economic Growth
Blodgett Butterworth Health Care Found.   Ferguson Renaissance Center                Home Repair Services                        Michigan Minority Business               Alliance
Blossomtime                               Fernwood                                   Homecor                                     Michigan Press Association Foundation    Sparrow Foundation
Boy Scouts of America                     Fort Miami Heritage Society                Hope Network                                Michigan State University                St. Cecilia Music Society
Boys & Girls Club                         Frederik Meijer Gardens                    Hospice of Holland                          Michigan Theatre of Jackson              Steepletown Neighborhood Services
Calvin College                            Fremont Area Community Foundation          Hospice of Michigan                         Minority Business Alliance               Student Advancement Foundation
Catholic Human Development Outreach       Garfield Development Corp                  Hospice of Muskegon                         MRC Industries                           Tulip Time Festival
Center for Family Health                  Gilmore Festival                           Housing Development Corporation             Music Center of South Central Michigan   United Church Outreach Ministry
Center for Women in Transition            Girl Scouts                                Housing Resources                           Muskegon Museum of Art                   United Way
Cheff Therapeutic Riding Center           GRACE                                      Humanity for Africa                         Muskegon’s Old Newsies                   VanAndel Institute
Children’s Assessment Center              Grand Action Foundation                    ICCF                                        NAACP                                    Wedgewood Christian Services
Christian Counseling Center               Grand Rapids Children’s Museum             Inforum                                     National MPS Society                     Wellspring Theatre
Circle Theatre                            Grand Rapids Civic Theatre                 John Ball Zoological Society                NCCS Center for Nonprofit Housing        West Grand Neighborhood Organization
Citizens for Progressive Change           Grand Rapids Community College             Junior Achievement                          Neighborhood Business Alliance           West Michigan Environmental Action Council
City Vision                               Grand Rapids Sister Cities International   Junior League                               Neighborhood Investment Corp.            West Michigan Hispanic Chamber of
Clark Foundation                          Grand Rapids Symphony                      Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation       Neighborhoods, Inc. of Battle Creek
                                                                                                                                                                          Western Michigan University
Clinton County Arts Council               Grand Rapids Urban League                  Kalamazoo College                           Niles Community School Corporation
                                                                                                                                                                          West Michigan Center for Arts and
Community Empowerment Center              Grand Rapids Youth Boxing Foundation       Kalamazoo Institute of Arts                 North Bank Communities Fund              Technology
Community Foundation of Grand Rapids      Grand Valley University Foundation         Kalamazoo Neighborhood Housing Svcs, Inc.   Northwest Ottawa Chamber Foundation      Women’s Resource Center
Community Foundation of the               Grandville Avenue Arts & Humanities        Kalamazoo Valley Community College          Oceana County Economic Dev. Corp.        YMCA
Holland/Zeeland Area                      Great Lakes Naval Memorial                 KCSMA Foundation                            Opera Grand Rapids                       YWCA
Core City CCDA                            Greater Lansing Housing Coalition          Lake Michigan College                       Outdoor Discovery Center
Cornerstone Alliance                      Greater Lansing Symphony Orchestra         Lakeland Health Foundation                  Park Theatre Foundation
                                                                                                                                                                             Fifth Third AFFILIATE BANKS       33
Northern Michigan
                                                                                           First-hand knowledge of the joy and
                                                                                           purpose homeownership brings into
                                                                                           a person’s life was part of the
       COMMUNITY SUPPORT                                                                   reward employees received by
                                                                                           volunteering for Habitat for Humanity.

                                    Fifth Third (Northern Michigan) took a             employees donated not only time to Madeline’s
                                    hands-on approach to giving in 2005 that           House, but also equipment and expertise.
                                    supplemented its financial support of area         Despite aching muscles and long hours,           Employees . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 327
                                    organizations. Employee support of Habitat         employees refused to quit until the entire
                                                                                                                                        Locations . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 25
                                    for Humanity and the United Way made an            project was done.
                                    immediate impact in the lives of their neigh-                                                       Assets . . . . . . . . . . . . $2.1 billion
                                    bors while a Fifth Third Foundation grant          A $21,500 grant from the Fifth Third
                                                                                                                                        Deposits. . . . . . . . . . . $1.4 billion
                                    helped set the stage for philanthropy to con-      Foundation to the Petoskey-Harbor Springs
                                                                                       Area Community Foundation will have far          Philanthropic Gifts. . . . $244,170
                                    tinue long into the future.
                                                                                       reaching consequences for the youth of
                                    Northern Michigan employees were active            several Northern Michigan communities. The
                                    participants in several Habitat for Humanity       grant supported the work of the Foundation’s
                                    builds. The sweat equity of the future home-       Youth & Advisory Committee, which reviews
Northern Michigan employees         owners was enthusiastically supported by the       grant requests, makes granting decisions and
worked hard in 2005 on several      determination of employees as they helped          monitors their impact. The involved youth
Habitat for Humanity projects.      the families erect their future homes. Despite     saw first-hand what it means for those who
                                    scorching heat, employees came out for every       have received funding. Because they learn the
                                    build and were able to see first-hand the impact   tangible benefits of philanthropy, these young
                                    the realization of a dream can have on a           people have historically gone on to be active
                                    family’s life.                                     and giving participants in the communities
                                                                                       where they live.
                                    On the United Way Day of Caring, a crew
                                    of committed employees repainted every
                                    room inside Madeline’s House, the Women’s
                                    Resource Center’s home for women and chil-
                                    dren who have suffered from domestic abuse
                                    and violence. The Women’s Resource Center
                                    of Northern Michigan serves women and
                                    families through programs that protect and
                                    nurture health, advocates for the positive res-
                                    olution of crisis situations and active partici-
                                    pation in making life choices, and facilitates
                                    personal growth and lifelong education. Many

34    Fifth Third AFFILIATE BANKS
                                                                         Central Kentucky employees The Petoskey-Harbor Springs
                                                                         were proud to support a grantArea Youth Advisory Committee
                                                                         to God’s Pantry Food Bank from
                                                                                                      2005-2006 was supported by a
                                                                         the Fifth Third Foundation.  Fifth Third Foundation grant.

2005 Michigan PGA Women’s Open       Little Traverse Conservancy            Saginaw Spirit
Affiliate Schools - Savings Bonds    Ludington Chamber                      SCORE
American Cancer Societies            Ludington Maritime Treasures           St. Mary’s Fundfest
Au Sable Canoe Race                  Festival                               Traverse City Area Security
Cadillac Chamber - Governor’s        Michael’s Place                        Officers Association
Breakfast                            Michigan Land Institute                Traverse City Chamber
Cadillac Chamber Business Expo       Michigan Legacy Art Park               Traverse Bay Economic
Cadillac Leadership Program          Midland County Magic Ride              Development Corp
Cadillac Oasis                       Mt. Pleasant Economic Outlook          West Shore Community College Ice
                                     Association                            Arena
Child & Family Services
                                     Mt. Pleasant Festival                  Wexford Habitat for Humanity
Children’s Zoo - Saginaw
                                     Mt. Pleasant Shelter House for         Women’s Resource Center
City Opera House Jazz, Blues &
Tango Series                         Women                                  United Way of Bay County
Clam Bake Band                       Munson Healthcare                      United Way of Charlevoix & Emmet
                                     NCMC Scholarship Fund                  Counties
Covenant Healthcare
                                     NMC Annual Campaign                    United Way of Isabella County
Eagle Village
                                     NMC Golf Scholarship Open              United Way of Mason County
Ferris Foundation
                                     NMI School Auction                     United Way of Mecosta County
First Night Cadillac
                                     Northport Community Center             United Way of Midland County
Friends of the Library
                                     Northwest Michigan Ballet Theatre      United Way of Northwest Michigan
Gaylord Alpenfest
                                     Northwestern MI 4-H                    United Way of Otsego County
Gaylord Gus Macker
                                     Northwood University                   United Way of Saginaw County
Gaylord High School
                                     Old Town Playhouse Community           United Way of Wexford County
                                     Theatre                                YMCA
Habitat for Humanity International
(Michigan)                           Otsego County Economic Alliance        Zonta - Festival of Trees
Hidden Harvest                       Otsego County Fair Association
Interlochen/Pathfinder               Otsego Memorial Hospital
Isabella Youth & Farm Fair
                                     Otsego Wildlife Legacy
Jazz Blues Showcase
                                     Petoskey-Harbor Springs Area
Lake City - Greatest 4th in the      Community Foundation
                                     Project Bandshell
Little Traverse Bay Hospice
                                     Rotary Clubs in Northern Michigan
Little Traverse Civic Theatre

                                                                                                                                      Fifth Third AFFILIATE BANKS   35
                                                                                       The Florida West Coast Symphony received a
                                                                                       $25,000 grant from the Fifth Third Foundation
                                                                                       in 2005. In this photo, Andrew Lane, principal
       COMMUNITY SUPPORT                                                               conductor of the Symphony's Youth Orchestras,
                                                                                       leads concerto competition winner Vera Higgs
                                                                                       and the Youth Philharmonic in a Youth Orchestra
                                                                                       Showcase Concert.

                                       Fifth Third Bancorp’s acquisition of First       from school systems, professional organi-                       State of Florida
                                       National Bank of Florida in 2005 created         zations and community service groups,
                                                                                                                                                        Employees. . . . . . . . . . . . . . 1,415
                                       three affiliates to serve customers in the       and enables youngsters from third grade
                                       state of Florida: Fifth Third Bank (South        through high school to gain access to six                       Locations . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 86
                                       Florida) based in Naples, Fifth Third            orchestras at different skill levels. The                       Assets . . . . . . . . . . . . $9.5 billion
                                       Bank (Central Florida) based in Orlando,         Symphony’s youth education programs
                                                                                                                                                        Deposits. . . . . . . . . . . $5.2 billion
                                       and Fifth Third Bank (Tampa Bay) based           also include the Young Artists Concerto
                                       in Tampa Bay. In 2005, Fifth Third’s             competition and Summer at the                                   Philanthropic Gifts . . $1,049.392
                                       support in the state ranged from grants          Symphony, a three-week music camp.
                                       to support youth education to outreach
                                       to Hispanic communities to economic              At the onset of what would be a devastat-
                                       revitalization. In 2006, the Fifth Third         ing 2005 hurricane season in the region,
                                       Foundation and the affiliates will be even       Fifth Third Bank reached out to Latino
In addition to a $25,000 grant from    more focused on making strategic grants          residents by conducting Southwest
the Fifth Third Foundation, PACE       and community support in each market.            Florida’s only Spanish-speaking hurricane
Center for Girls, Inc. also received                                                    preparedness seminar. A May 2005
                                       The Fifth Third Foundation made a                Mason Dixon poll indicated that there            Tampa, Inc.). The grant was in support
this bus for students. From left to
                                       $25,000 grant to the PACE Center for             was widespread misinformation and                of financial literacy and homebuyer edu-
right, PACE student Irene, PACE
                                       Girls, Inc., Southwest Florida’s only alter-     lack of hurricane preparation among              cation classes in the Tampa community.
Executive Director Threasa Miller,
                                       native school for at-risk girls, to support      Gulf Coast residents. More than 50               CDC of Tampa, Inc. revitalizes the com-
and PACE employee Marivel Cuello
                                       the Center’s capital campaign. In addition,      families attended and gathered valuable          munities it serves by alleviating poverty and
pose with Fifth Third’s Dawn Morbee
                                       the bank reached out locally and donated         information on hurricane awareness               physical deterioration, thereby creating
and Martha Bibby.
                                       a 15-passenger motor coach van to the            from Spanish-speaking officials includ-          economically viable, safe and attractive
                                       Center. PACE reduces the number of               ing meteorologists, representatives from         neighborhoods. They are dedicated to
                                       high-risk girls entering the juvenile justice    Collier County Emergency Management,             helping underserved individuals and
                                       system by decreasing at-risk behaviors.          Sheriff ’s Department, the American              families achieve social and economic
                                                                                        Red Cross and U.S. Small Business                equality. Other Fifth Third Foundation
                                       Fifth Third Foundation also supported            Administration, and reporters from               grants awarded that day were $20,000
                                       youth education with funding for the             local Latino publications.                       to Clearwater Neighborhood Housing
                                       Florida West Coast Symphony.The oldest                                                            Services; $10,000 to Florida Education
                                       continuing orchestra in Florida, the             During the celebration of its new down-          Fund; $30,000 to the Hillsborough
                                       Symphony has various programs to                 town Tampa Banking Center, the Fifth             Education Foundation; $15,000 to
                                       involve community youth in classical and         Third Foundation announced a $10,000             LISC (Local Initiatives Support Corp.);
                                       symphonic music. Its Youth Orchestra             grant to the Corporation to Develop              $9,500 to University Area CDC; and
                                       Program has received commendations               Communities of Tampa (CDC of                     $5,000 to Van Gough’s Palette.
36    Fifth Third AFFILIATE BANKS
                                                                                                            Central Kentucky employees
                                                                                                  Fifth Third’s Curtis Stokes and Chloe Coney from
                                                                                                            were proud to support a grant
                                                                                                  The Corporation to Develop Communities of
                                                                                                            to celebrate a $10,000 grant to
                                                                                                  Tampa, Inc.God’s Pantry Food Bank from the
                                                                                                             the Fifth Third Foundation.
                                                                                                  CDC fromthe Fifth Third Foundation.

Ace Classic                                Collier County Veterans Council                Gulf Coast Community Foundation of Venice     Naples Girls Basketball Foundation        Southwest Florida Symphony Society
Alico Arena                                Collier Junior Golf, Inc.                      Gulf Harbour Memorial Foundation              Naples Historical Society                 Special Olympics
All Saints Catholic Church                 Corp. to Develop Communities of Tampa Bay      Haitian Association Foundation of Tampa       Naples Museum of Art                      Spectators
American Heart Association                 Crohn’s & Colitis Foundation                   Healthy Communities Safe Kids Coalition       Naples Players                            St. Paul’s School Field Day
Art League of Bonita                       David Lawrence Center                          Hillsborough Educational Foundation, Inc.     Naples Thunder Youth Ball                 Sun Coast Hospital Foundation
Arts for ACT                               Daytona Young Professionals                    Hispanic Chamber of Commerce                  Naples Touchdown Club                     SW Regional Delegation Forum
Ave Maria University                       Do the Right Thing                             Home Builder’s Assoc. of Metro Orlando        NCH Healthcare Foundation                 SWFL Bosom Buddies Breast Cancer
Barbara B. Mann Performing Arts Hall       Downtown Partnership of Sarasota               Home Ownership for People Everywhere          Neighborhood Health Clinic                Support
BCBE Construction                          Early Years Education Foundation               Hope for Haiti                                Orange County NAACP                       SWFL Workforce Development Board, Inc.
Beach Goes Pops                            East Lake Panthers                             Hope Hospice                                  Orlando Gymnastics                        Tampa Committee of 100
Big Arts on Sanibel                        EDC - Collier                                  Hospice Foundation of Florida Suncoast        Ormond Memorial Art Museum & Gardens      Teen Court of Sarasota
Bonita Springs Area Housing                Eden Florida                                   Imperial Bonita Estates Shuffleboard League   Ovarian Cancer Alliance of Florida        Temple Bethel
Development Corp.                          Edison College Foundation                      Indian Rocks Christian School                 PACE Center for Girls, Inc.               Temple Israel
Bonita Springs Community Foundation        Education Foundation of Collier County         International College                         Paint Your Heart Out Clearwater           Temple Judea
Boy Scouts/SWFL Council                    Education Foundation of St. Petersburg         Island Estates Civic Association              Palm Beach Medical Society                The Eden Family of Services
Boys & Girls Club                          Elder Law Section of the Florida Bar           Jewish Federation                             Panther’s Walk Members Association        The Great Outdoors Conservancy
Cape Coral Community Foundation            FAMU                                           Jose Fernandez Women’s Basketball             Partners N Progress                       The Moffitt Foundation
CDC of Tampa, Inc.                         FISOA                                          Junior League                                 Pass-a-Grille Yacht Club                  The Shrine Circus Fund
Center for Affordable Homeownership        Florida Association for Community Action       Krewe of Pandora (Gasparilla Festival)        Pilot Club of Naples/Gulf Coast Runners   The Sportsmen’s National Land Trust
Chi Chi Rodriguez Youth Foundation         Florida Association for Community Affairs      Leadership Collier                            Pinellas Park Pony Baseball               Town of Belleair
Child Protection Team                      Florida Bankers Educational Foundation         Leukemia & Lymphoma Society                   Project Help, Inc.                        Uncommon Friends Foundation
Children’s Advocacy Center of SWFL, Inc.   Florida Council on Aging                       Liberty Youth Ranch                           Quality Life Center                       United Way
Childrens Home Society of Florida          Florida Education Fund (FEF)                   Local Initiatives Support Corporation         Quest                                     University Area CDC
Chyrstal Bohaychyk Memorial Golf Fund      Florida Forum with Ohio Health                 Loveland Center                               Ronald McDonald House                     UPARC Gala
Clearwater Beach Fest                      Florida Grand Opera                            Lowry Park Zoo                                Ruth Eckerd Hall                          Van Gogh’s Palette, Inc.
Clearwater Christian College               Florida Gulf Coast University                  Lutheran Services of Florida                  Saint Mark’s Episcopal Church             Van Wezel Performing Arts
Clearwater Jazz Fest                       Florida Housing Coalition                      Manatee Maniacs                               Sarasota Opera                            Volusia Home Builder’s Association
Clearwater Neighborhood Housing            Florida Sports Park                            Minority Enterprise Development               SCORE                                     Winged Foot Scholarship Foundation
Services, Inc.                                                                                                                                                                    YMCA
                                           Florida Top Dog All Stars                      Miracle Professional Baseball                 Seniors in Service
Coastal Conservation Association Florida                                                                                                                                          Youth Haven
                                           Florida West Coast Symphony                    Morton Plant Mease Foundation                 Shawn King Scholarship Fund
Collier Building Industry Association                                                                                                                                             Zellwood Station Red Caps
                                           Fortune Education                              Muscular Dystrophy Association                Shelter for Abused Women
Collier County Education Association
                                           Foundation for the Immokalee Child Care Ctr.   NAACP                                         Smith Center for Therapeutic Riding
Collier County Jr. Deputies League, Inc.
                                           Friends of Collier State Park                  Naples Alliance for Children                  Southeastern Guide Dogs, Inc.

                                                                                                                                                                                     Fifth Third AFFILIATE BANKS        37
                                                                                                Employees at Fifth Third Bank’s Little
                                                                                                Village Banking Center look on as
                                                                                                donations are presented to local
        COMMUNITY SUPPORT                                                                       schools. The bank donated a total of
                                                                                                $4,500 in conjunction with the opening
                                                                                                of its 135th location, and also hosted
                                                                                                a large community event.

                                           Fifth Third Bank (Chicago) is dedicated     nationwide—which will be applied
                                           to the diverse communities it serves and    toward efforts that promote heart health
                                           the issues that matter to them most.        throughout America.                                            Employees. . . . . . . . . . . . . . 1,995
                                           In 2005, Fifth Third helped improve
                                                                                       In October, Fifth Third Bank (Chicago)                         Locations . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 140
                                           and brighten Chicagoland’s many com-
                                           munities by partnering with over 200        opened its 135th banking center in                             Assets . . . . . . . . . . . $10.0 billion
                                           non-profit organizations. Through these     Little Village, a Chicago neighborhood
                                                                                                                                                      Deposits. . . . . . . . . . . $8.9 billion
                                           partnerships, the bank feels it made a      known for its colorful Latin heritage.
                                                                                       The center was specially designed to                           Philanthropic Gifts . . $1,472,841
                                           difference in the neighborhoods where
                                           its customers live and work. Last year,     cater to the community’s rich culture,
                                           the Bank’s employees took part in varied    and features a large Heritage Mural
                                           efforts to promote education and aware-     depicting images of local landmarks and
                                           ness within their communities. From         residents. The bank’s staff is bilingual,
Fifth Third Bank (Chicago) employees       opening new banking centers in tradi-       and all signs and brochures are avail-
and their families hit the starting line   tionally underserved areas to sponsoring    able in Spanish. Furthermore, the loca-
for the American Heart Association’s       initiatives that promote financial educa-   tion has made its community room
Metro Chicago Heart Walk.                  tion, Fifth Third’s philanthropic efforts   available to area organizations for con-
                                           reinforced the Bank’s commitment to         gregation. In conjunction with the
                                           Chicago and Northwest Indiana.              opening, the bank donated $4,500 to
                                                                                       local Little Village schools and held a
                                           On September 23, nearly 800 dedicated       celebration for community residents.
                                           Fifth Third employees participated in the   The festivities included a blessing by a
                                           American Heart Association’s Metro          local priest, appearance by a well-
                                           Chicago Heart Walk to raise awareness       known Latino radio personality and
                                           of heart disease and stroke. With Fifth     local food and entertainment.
                                           Third acting as the Walk’s platinum
                                           sponsor and the official 2005 bank          The Northwest Indiana locations of                literacy and education, and
                                           sponsor, and Terry Zink, Fifth Third        Fifth Third Bank (Chicago) are commit-            is targeted toward young children.
                                           (Chicago) President and CEO, chairing       ted to local residents. Recently, the             President and CEO Terry Zink com-
                                           the event, the fundraising effort was a     bank made a $5,000 grant to WYIN-                 memorated the donation by reading
                                           great success. Fifth Third not only         TV (PBS) to help further its educa-               The Big Buck Adventure, a story about
                                           exceeded its goal, but also raised a        tional initiatives. The station’s “Ready          the value of a one-dollar bill, to
                                           record $215,467—the largest dollar          to Learn” program aligns with the                 children at a local elementary school.
                                           amount garnered by any one group            affiliate’s efforts to promote financial
38    Fifth Third AFFILIATE BANKS
                                                                                                        Central Kentucky employees
                                                                                         Fifth Third Bank (Chicago) President and CEO
                                                                                                        were from to support a grant
                                                                                         Terry Zink (secondproud right) presents a
                                                                                                        to WYIN-TV’s Food Bank from
                                                                                         $5,000 check to God’s PantryFamily Literacy
                                                                                                         with Craig Pratt, senior
                                                                                         Project alongthe Fifth Third Foundation.vice
                                                                                         president of consumer lending, and Art
                                                                                         Collins, vice president, to WYIN executives.

Access Community Health Network                  Chicago Latino Network                  Hands of Hope                                Loyola University Physician Foundation       Rotary Club of Wilmette Foundation
Adler Planetarium & Astronomy Museum             Chicago Public Schools                  Have a Real Heart Foundation                 Malcolm Eaton Enterprises                    Sargam
Advocate Charitable Foundation                   Chicago Sinfonietta                     Heritage YMCA Group                          Minority and Women’s Business Dev.           SCORE Association
Advocate Good Shepherd Hospital                  Chicago State University Foundation     Highland Park Community Foundation           Minority Health Coalition of LaPorte Co.     SER-Jobs for Progress
Advocate Hope Children’s Hospital                Chicago Urban League                    Hispanic Heritage Organization               Misericordia Home Heart of Mercy             Shelter, Inc.
Affordable Housing Corp of Lake County           Children First Fund                     Hispanic Housing Development Corp.           Monument of Faith                            Small Business Development Center
African American Contractor’s Assoc.             Christopher House                       Holocaust Memorial Foundation of Illinois    Muntu Dance Theatre                          Smart Women/Smart Money Educational
Aga Khan Foundation USA                          Clarendon Hills Middle School           Hope for All Foundation                      Museum Science & Industry                    Foundation
Ancilla College                                  Coalition for Improved Education        Hospice Foundation                           National Asian Pacific American Bar Assoc.   Spanish Coalition for Jobs
American Brain Tumor Association                 in South Shore                          Illinois Institute of Technology             National Center on Poverty Law               Special Leisure Services Foundation
American Cancer Society NW Indiana               Consumer Credit Counseling              Illinois State Microenterprise Initiative    National Korean American Grocers Assoc.      St. Agnes of Bohemia Parish
American Heart Association NW Indiana            Copernicus Foundation                   I-mag-jen Charities Inc.                     Neighborhood Capital Budget Group            St. Charles Visitors Bureau
American Heart Association – Greater             Copley Healthcare Foundation            Indian American Medical Association          Neighborhood Housing Services of             The Caring Place, Inc.
Midwest Affiliate                                Deborah’s Place                         Indo American Center                         Chicago                                      The Conservation Foundation
American Red Cross                               De La Salle Institute                   Instituto del Progreso Latino                Neighborhoods, Inc. of Hammond, IN           The Gorton Foundation
Art Therapy Connection                           Delnor Community Hospital               International Economic Dev. Council          New Gary Community Development Corp.         The N’Digo Foundation
Associated Colleges of Illinois                  Drifting Dunes Girl Scout Council       Jewish Community Centers                     Northbrook Civic Foundation                  The Samaritan Center
Association Forum Foundation                     Edward G. Irvin Foundation              Junior Achievement of Chicago                Northern Indiana Arts Association            Tim Breslin Family Trust
Auditorium Theatre Roosevelt University          Elkhart Housing Partnership             Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation        Norwegian American Hospital                  Tradewinds Rehabilitation Center
Aurora University                                Emergency Fund Chicago                  Kaleidoscope Inc.                            Notre Dame School                            Travis Smiley Presents, Inc.
Auxiliary of Infant Welfare Society of Chicago   Fairfield House Preservation            Kalpriya Foundation Center for Indian        Oak Leyden Developmental Services            Trinity United Church of Christ
Bear Necessities Pediatric Cancer Found.         Family Alliance Inc.                    Performing Arts                              OSF St. Anthony Medical Center               Triton College
Black United Fund of Illinois                    Family Express Benefit Fund             Klehm Arboretum & Botanic Garden             Pekin Hospital Foundation                    United Way
Blue Cap                                         Family Service and Mental Health Ctr.   Kohl Children’s Museum                       People for Elmhurst Parks Foundation         Unity Foundation of LaPorte County
Boy and Girls Clubs                              Farragut Career Academy                 Korean Street Fesitival                      Porter County Community Foundation           University of Chicago
Catholic Charities - Diocese of Gary             Friends Against AIDS - University       Leadership Greater Chicago                   Porter Memorial Hospital Foundation          University of Notre Dame
Center for Economic Progress                     of Chicago Children’s Hospital          Lester and Rosalie Anixter Center            Provena Mercy Auxiliary                      Urban League
Center for Hospice and Palliative Care           Genesis Housing Development Corp.       Leukemia & Lymphoma Society                  Providence - St. Mel School                  Walker School
Centro Cultural Mexicano                         Glenview Education Foundation           Lincoln Park Zoo                             Rebuilding Together Duneland                 West Suburban Catholic Charities
Challenger Learning Center                       Greater Sterling Development Corp.      LISC Chicago                                 Renaissance Collaborative, Inc.              Women’s Business Development Center
Chicago Area Council Boy Scouts of America       Grove School PTO                        Little Company of Mary Hospital Found.       River Valley Financial, Inc.                 WYIN - Channel 56 - Merrillville
Chicago Children’s Charities                     Habitat for Humanity                    Little Village Academy                       Rockford Memorial Development Found.         YMCA of Metropolitan Chicago
Chicago Defender Charities                       HACIA                                   Little Village Community Development Corp.   Rosario Castellanos School                   Zapata Academy

                                                                                                                                                                                      Fifth Third AFFILIATE BANKS        39

                                       The Tennessee affiliate’s philanthropy was seen    funds were used to support homebuyer and
                                       in the determined faces of its employees in        financial literacy education for low- and mod-
                                       2005. Employees donated time to their neigh-       erate-income families. Christian Community           Employees . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 303
                                       bors during the United Way Day of Caring,          Services is located in Nashville’s Vine Hill
                                                                                                                                               Locations . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 20
                                       their expertise to families in need of financial   neighborhood and its mission is to assist
                                       counseling at Christian Community Services,        underserved families in becoming economi-            Assets . . . . . . . . . . . . $2.1 billion
                                       and their monetary and volunteer support to        cally self-sufficient.                               Deposits. . . . . . . . . . . $1.1 billion
                                       victims of Hurricanes Katrina and Rita.
                                                                                          Although Tennessee was spared from major             Philanthropic Gifts. . . . $511,132
                                       A hardworking crew of employees rolled up          damage from the devastating hurricanes of
                                       their sleeves in September to help a special       2005, the Nashville area became home to
                                       Franklin, Tennessee homeowner during the           many evacuees of the Gulf Coast. Several
                                       United Way Day of Caring. In partnership with      American Red Cross shelters were set up
Tennessee employees help clean the     United Way of Williamson County and the            throughout Middle Tennessee to accommodate
yard of a local homeowner during the   Mid-Cumberland Human Resource Agency’s             the large influx of people. In order to help raise
United Way Day of Caring.              Homemaker Program, employees cleared               funds and awareness for the relief efforts, the
                                       brush, dead trees, old lawn furniture and          Tennessee affiliate held a special casual day
                                       overgrown bushes from around the home,             fundraiser for the American Red Cross
                                       power-washed the carport and driveway, and         Disaster Relief Fund. Tennessee employees
                                       fixed the house number sign on the home to         participated by making a donation to the fund,
                                       make it more visible in the event of the need      and the funds were matched, dollar-for-dollar,
                                       for emergency services. As a finishing touch,      by Fifth Third Bank, N.A. The donation made
                                       employees bought and planted flowers at the        was in excess of $10,000. Employees also
                                       home. Thanks to their volunteer efforts, a         helped in many other ways by volunteering at
                                       special needs homeowner has a cleaner, safer,      the shelters and generously donating food,
                                       more comfortable place to live.                    clothes and furniture to the evacuees.
                                       Employees’ volunteerism also extended
                                       the value of a $15,000 grant from the Fifth
                                       Third Foundation to Christian Community
                                       Services, Inc. by conducting individual finan-
                                       cial counseling sessions with local families in
                                       preparation for homeownership. The grant

40    Fifth Third AFFILIATE BANKS
                                                                             Central Kentucky employees
                                                                      Fifth Third’s Daryl Hill helps prepare
                                                                             were proud to support a grant
                                                                      a Christian Community Services
                                                                             for homeownership Bank
                                                                      client to God’s Pantry Food with from
                                                                             the Fifth Third Foundation.
                                                                      personalized financial counseling.

Affordable Housing Resources         Rutherford County Habitat for
American Heart Association           Humanity
American Red Cross - Disaster        Saddle Up!
Relief                               Salvation Army
Belle Meade Plantation               Senior Citizens, Inc.
Belmont University                   Sumner County Family YMCA
Christian Community Services, Inc.   Tennessee Baptist Children’s Home
Citizens for Affordable Housing      Tennessee Breast Cancer Coalition
Community IMPACT                     Tennessee Independent Colleges
Dollar General Literacy Foundation   & Universities Association
Down Syndrome Association            Uncle Dave Macon Days
East Academy                         United Way of Williamson County
Franklin Noon Rotary Club            Urban League of Middle
Franklin Rotary at Breakfast
                                     Vanderbilt Children’s Hospital
Frist Center for the Visual Arts
                                     Williamson County Fair
Governors Mansion Renovation
Project                              Williamson County Schools
Hands on Nashville                   Williamson County Soccer
Harpeth River Watershed
Association                          Williamson Medical Foundation
Heritage Foundation of Franklin      Woodbine Community Organization
and Williamson County                You Have the Power!
Junior Achievement of Middle
Junior Auxillary of Franklin
Leiper’s Fork Bluegrass Festival
Mayor’s First Day Festival
Minnie Pearl Cancer Foundation
Nashville Ballet
National Kidney Foundation
O’More College of Design
One Hundred Black Men

                                                                                                               Fifth Third AFFILIATE BANKS   41
The Foundation Office

     The Foundation Office at Fifth Third Bank offers            Fifth Third Bank Trustee Foundations                            Carl F. Hertenstein Foundation . . . . . . . . 4 8
     complete administrative and investment management
     services to foundations, including the ability to serve     Jacob G. Schmidlapp Trusts . . . . . . . . 4 3                  Co-Trustee and Agent cont.
     as Trustee, Co-Trustee or Agent. It also works with         Charlotte R. Schmidlapp Fund ....... 4 4                        Highfield Foundation. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 4 9
     non-profit organizations to direct strategic grants
     from the charitable trusts for which Fifth Third Bank       Eleanora C.U. Alms Trust . . . . . . . . . . 4 5                Harry J. and Edna D. Husman Foundation 4 9
     serves as sole Trustee. Heidi B. Jark, vice president, is   Butler-Wells Scholarship Fund ...... 4 5
     manager of The Foundation Office.                                                                                           Elma Margaret Lapp Foundation ....... 4 9
                                                                 Charles E. Schell Foundation . . . . . . . . 4 5
     With over one hundred years of experience, The                                                                              Otto Luedeking Trust . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 4 9
     Foundation Office currently administers over 70             Charles Moerlein Foundation . . . . . . . . 4 6
                                                                                                                                 Luther Foundation . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 5 0
     Private and Corporate Foundations which grant over          The Stillson Foundation . . . . . . . . . . . 4 6
     $30 million annually. It provides services to founda-                                                                       Mary Martha McGee Foundation ....... 5 0
     tions ranging in size from $200,000 to $200 million,        Bertha Langhorst Werner Trust ..... 4 6
     and works with Trustees residing in Fifth Third                                                                             The Wanda Muntwyler Foundation ..... 5 0
                                                                 The Kvetko Family Foundation ...... 4 6
     Bancorp’s marketplace as well as other parts of
                                                                                                                                 Ohio Valley Foundation. . . . . . . . . . . . . . 5 0
     the country.
                                                                                                                                 George A. Renaker Charitable Foundation 5 1
     The Foundation Office at Fifth Third Bank is a
     member of the Council on Foundations and the Ohio           Co-Trustee and Agent Foundations                                The Alfred J. Rendigs Memorial Trust .. 5 1
     Grantmakers Forum and abides by the guiding princi-         Dallas W. and Helen B. Bowyer Charitable
     ples of these organizations for family and corporate                                                                        William S. Rowe Foundation . . . . . . . . . . 5 1
                                                                 Trust . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 4 7
     foundations. It also works with clients to ensure                                                                           George A. Schaefer, Jr. and
     compliance with tax and other applicable laws.              Clement and Ann Buenger Foundation ... 4 7
                                                                                                                                 Betty Ann Schaefer Foundation ....... 5 1
     The following pages include descriptions of the             Helen G., Henry F., and Louise Tuechter
                                                                                                                                 The Louis and Melba Schott Foundation.. 5 2
     trusts administered by the Foundation Office and            Dornette Foundation. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 4 7
     their 2005 gifting.                                                                                                         Edgar K. Springman Scholarship Fund ... 5 2
                                                                 Arthur L. and Ermille Ehlers Trust .... 4 7
                                                                                                                                 Lillian I. Sullivan Trust . . . . . . . . . . . . . 5 2
                                                                 Clarence W. and Martha Ensminger
                                                                 Educational Foundation . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 4 8          Margaret E. Sullivan Trust . . . . . . . . . . 5 2

                                                                 The Ettlinger Memorial Trust Fund..... 4 8                      E. Paul and Garnett Thompson Trust ... 5 2

                                                                 The Richard D. Hannan Family Foundation 4 8                     Three Arts Scholarship Fund . . . . . . . . . 5 2
42      Fifth Third Community Investments 2005 ANNUAL REPORT
                                                                 John Hauck Foundation. . . . . . . . . . . . . . 4 8
                                                                        The Jacob G. Schmidlapp Trust made a $100,000 grant to the
                                                                        Jefferson County Public Education Foundation in Louisville, KY

Trustee Foundations                                                     for the Every 1 Reads program. Every 1 Reads is a community-
                                                                        wide effort to have every child in Jefferson County Public
                                                                        Schools read at grade level by 2008. This “Heroes Wanted”
                                                                        advertisement helped showcase the Every 1 Reads program
                                                                        and encouraged community participation.

Jacob G. Schmidlapp Trusts                                              Among those enterprises were Mr. Schmidlapp’s Cincinnati
                                                                        Model Homes project, which was the city’s first housing develop-
2005 GRANTS: $2,296,499                                                 ment designed for low-income people. Through the years of its
                                                                        operation from 1916 to the 1960s, the rent default rate was less
2005 MARKET VALUE: $62,011,361                                          than two percent. One of his lasting legacies, Mr. Schmidlapp’s
Born in Piqua, Ohio in 1849 to German immigrants, Jacob                 dedication to housing created over 400 units for the working
G. Schmidlapp overcame poverty and great personal tragedy               class before his death.
to become one of the most respected and successful men of               Additionally, he made many public gifts in his lifetime in memory
his time. He founded the Union Savings Bank in 1876, which              of his family, “to assist in having the lives who were so close to
merged with Fifth Third Bank in 1919.                                   me not to have lived in vain.” Among the gifts were a Park Music
Mr. Schmidlapp’s business acumen didn’t stop at the balance             Fund, which underwrites summer concerts in Cincinnati parks,
sheet. By 1900s standards, he was a visionary. Mr. Schmidlapp           a wing at the Cincinnati Art Museum and the Charlotte R.
recognized the need for quality housing stock for the impover-          Schmidlapp Fund to assist women.
ished. He also foresaw a time in which women would desire               Among the support that continued Mr. Schmidlapp’s legacy in          Saddle Up!, Middle Tennessee’s oldest and
to expand beyond their traditional roles and become self-support-       2005 were grants to the following organizations:
ing. In 1903, Mr. Schmidlapp established a trust to help improve                                                                             largest therapeutic riding program, received
lives by funding arts, health and human services, education and                                                                              a $25,000 grant from the Schmidlapp Trust.
                                                                        • Blanchard Valley Regional Health Center in Findlay, Ohio
community development initiatives. A second Jacob G.                                                                                         Last year, Fifth Third’s Dan Hogan and Pete
Schmidlapp Trust was established in 1919.                               • The Center for Children and Families in Cleveland, Ohio            Stringer paid a visit to Saddle Up! Board
                                                                                                                                             Members Cathy Brown and Sarah Ingram
In 2005, the Foundation Office at Fifth Third Bank, as sole             • The Children’s Advocacy Center of Southwest Florida in
trustee of the Jacob G. Schmidlapp Trusts, helped identify and            Fort Myers, Florida                                                to see the program in action.
disseminate funds to 60 deserving organizations. The giving helped
continue Mr. Schmidlapp’s 100-year legacy to serve his fellow           • The Point in Covington, Kentucky
man, a dedication that grew out of great personal tragedy.              • YMCA of Grand Rapids in Grand Rapids, Michigan
Mr. Schmidlapp’s wife, Emelie, and young daughter, Emma,
were killed in a railroad accident. In 1907, his daughter, Charlotte,
was killed in an automobile accident as the pair toured France.
He poignantly recounted, “It is strange that in both these tragedies
I should have been the first to be struck, and not have been able
to save those who were much dearer to me than life itself.” Mr.
Schmidlapp’s grief found solace in philanthropy. A newspaper
described his community commitment this way: “Mr. Schmidlapp,
though crushed by the heavy blows that fell upon him, took a
renewed grasp on affairs, and misfortune served only to bring out
the real nobility of his nature. He grew more deeply interested in
philanthropic and public enterprises generally.”
                                                                                                                                               Fifth Third TRUSTEE FOUNDATIONS         43
                                                                                                      At the Habitat for Humanity Women’s
                                                                                                      Build in 2005, Charlotte R. Schmidlapp
Fifth Third Bank Trustee Foundations                                                                  Committee Members Joni Herschede and
                                                                                                      Mitchel Livingston sign posts, which were
                                                                                                      included in the home’s construction.

                                           Charlotte R. Schmidlapp Fund                                              Today, through the sound management of Fifth Third’s investment
                                                                                                                     professionals, the Charlotte R. Schmidlapp Fund has grown from
                                           2005 GRANTS: $1,772,498                                                   $250,000 to over $29 million in assets. Grants are made to non-
                                                                                                                     profit organizations that support women and girls, including areas
                                           2005 MARKET VALUE: $29,487,738                                            that promote access for women in the fields of science, medicine,
                                           In 1908, women did not have the right to vote, did not typically          and technology.
                                           attend college, and did not regularly work outside the home. It           Grants from the Charlotte R. Schmidlapp Fund, Fifth Third Bank,
                                           was also the year a visionary man turned love for his daughter            Trustee, in 2005 supported the following organizations:
                                           into the United States’ first foundation dedicated solely to
                                           addressing issues facing women and girls. Its mission was, “to            • Cabell Huntington Hospital in Huntington, West Virginia
                                           ennoble, uplift and strengthen the lives of young women who
                                           are compelled to be self supporting.”                                     • Ohio State University in Columbus, Ohio

                                           A noted philanthropist and former Fifth Third Bank president,             • Fourteenth and Chestnut Community Center in Terre Haute,
The Charlotte R. Schmidlapp Fund was       Jacob Schmidlapp had already lost his wife, his mother and his              Indiana
proud to support a Habitat for Humanity    daughter, Emma, in a train wreck when, in 1907, he and his
Women’s Build in Cincinnati, Ohio in       remaining daughter, Charlotte, were touring France to celebrate           • Good Samaritan Ministries in Holland, Michigan
2005 with a $37,500 grant. A partner-      Charlotte’s graduation. In an auto accident, Charlotte was killed.        • Evans Scholars Foundation in Golf, Illinois
ship with the Scripps Foundation, the      Mr. Schmidlapp channeled his grief by establishing the Charlotte
community support included employee        R. Schmidlapp Fund to allow other young women to, unlike his
volunteers, primarily female, from Fifth   daughters, realize their lives’ dreams.
Third Bank and Scripps Howard. It was
                                           Mr. Schmidlapp appointed a Distribution Committee for the
a grant funded, in part, by a foundation   fund, and directed that, in addition to Fifth Third Bank represen-
dedicated to women and girls, built and    tatives, two important community leaders always serve on the
led by women volunteers for a woman        Committee: The mayor of Cincinnati and the president of the
and her family.                            University of Cincinnati. The Charlotte R. Schmidlapp Fund
                                           welcomed Cincinnati Mayor Mark A. Mallory to the committee
                                           in 2006, as well as two other important figures: Robert A.
                                           Sullivan, President and Chief Executive Officer of Fifth Third
                                           Bank (Cincinnati) and Carolyn McCoy, the first manager of
                                           the Foundation Office at Fifth Third Bank.

                                                                      This beautiful house is literally a ’house of hope’ in
                                                                      Northwest Michigan. The recipient of a $25,000
                                                                      Charlotte R. Schmidlapp grant in 2005, Northwest
                                                                      Michigan House of Hope is a boarding school that
                                                                      provides teenagers, ages 12-18, with a Christian
                                                                      education program and counseling in a home-style
                                                                      environment. The organization’s mission is to recon-
                                                                      cile and restore teens and their families.

Eleanora C.U. Alms Trust                                               Butler-Wells Scholarship Fund
2005 GRANTS: $210,000                                                  2005 GRANTS: $39,250
2005 MARKET VALUE: $3,249,774                                          2005 MARKET VALUE: $570,513
Frederick H. Alms, the husband of Eleanora C.U. Alms, owned            Florence Adelia Butler Wells directed in her will the establishment
and operated the Alms & Doepke Department Store. Through               of a scholarship fund to memorialize her parents, Rachel and John
hard work and determination, Mr. Alms emerged from modest              Butler as well as her husband, Charles Wells. The fund awards
beginnings to become a millionaire and practical philanthropist.       scholarships to “worthy and deserving young men and women of
                                                                       good character, in obtaining either collegiate, scientific, technical,
Mr. and Mrs. Alms were patrons of art and music. Great credit          musical or vocational education.” Scholarship recipients must be
is given to them for Cincinnati, Ohio’s prominence as a musical        residents of Ohio, Pennsylvania, Indiana or Illinois, with prefer-
center. Mr. and Mrs. Alms made gifts to all the charities of their     ence for residents of Piqua, Cincinnati or Miami County, Ohio.
day, including hospitals, homes for the aged, orphanages and           In 2005, 37 students were awarded scholarships.
youth-serving organizations.                                                                                                                    Classroom sessions bring hope to teenage
                                                                                                                                                girls and their families in crisis at the
The trust, created when Mrs. Alms died in 1939, was dedicated                                                                                   Northwest Michigan House of Hope.
entirely to charity and reflected the beneficence of she and her       Charles E. Schell Foundation
husband during their lifetimes. After specific provisions for memo-
rial buildings at the University of Cincinnati, the Art Museum and     2005 GRANTS: $205,267
the purchase of land to be added to Alms Park, the remainder of        2005 MARKET VALUE: $4,303,935
the Alms estate was left in a perpetual trust for charitable and
educational purposes.                                                  Charles E. Schell came to Cincinnati as a young man determined
                                                                       to put himself through law school. He became attached to the
Mrs. Alms stated in her will that she had “close to her heart the      local community, and left much of his estate to benefit the collec-
welfare of her native City of Cincinnati.” The people of Cincinnati    tive good of the Greater Cincinnati area.
continue to benefit from the trust created by Eleanora C.U. Alms.
In 2005, the Alms Trust supported several organizations, including     In his will, Mr. Schell outlined a trust to be used for the “educa-
the Cincinnati Arts Association, Ensemble Theatre of Cincinnati,       tional benefits of citizens of Ohio, Kentucky and West Virginia and
and the National Underground Railroad Freedom Center.                  adjoining states.” Mr. Schell’s generosity and vision enables students
                                                                       to pursue what Mr. Schell called “a practical education.” The
                                                                       Charitable Foundations Oversight Committee selects colleges and
                                                                       universities to be the recipients of grants in four-year cycles. The
                                                                       colleges then lend the money interest-free to students. The individ-
                                                                       ual recipients are asked to repay their interest-free loans to create
                                                                       a revolving loan fund at the college to benefit future students.

                                                                                                                                                 Fifth Third TRUSTEE FOUNDATIONS      45
Fifth Third Bank Trustee Foundations

                                             Charles Moerlein Foundation                                          The Stillson Foundation
                                             2005 GRANTS: $85,000                                                 2005 GRANTS: $618,000
                                             2005 MARKET VALUE: $2,081,631                                        2005 MARKET VALUE: $8,270,529
                                             Charles Moerlein was an engineer in a Cincinnati, Ohio brewery       Although she and her husband had no children of their own, Hermine
                                             started by his grandfather and was a man dedicated to helping        Stillson wished to improve the lives of greater Cincinnati youth. Born in
                                             neighbors in the community. His commitment to the commu-             Cleveland, Ohio in 1907, Hermine had fond memories of her days as a
                                             nity resulted in the establishment of the Charles Moerlein           bank teller there, which she attributed to both her affinity for helping
                                             Foundation at the time of his death in 1966.                         people and because that was where she met her husband.
                                             Since that time, grants have been made for religious, charitable,    The Stillson’s lived in both Cincinnati and England before settling
                                             scientific, literary or educational purposes according to Mr.        in the Cincinnati community of Madeira. Hermine loved to travel and
                                             Moerlein’s wishes. In 2005, the Moerlein Foundation supported        she bowled until she reached 86. One of her favorite pastimes, however,
                                             CET, Fine Arts Fund, National Underground Railroad Freedom           was gardening. She saw and felt the need to nurture all living things—
In 2005, the Stillson Foundation made
                                             Center and YMCA of Greater Cincinnati.                               plants and children—and was an active volunteer and supporter for a
a $25,000 grant to the Cincinnati Rotary
                                                                                                                  number of area organizations, including Cincinnati Children’s Hospital,
Foundation in support of the first univer-                                                                        Camp Stepping Stones and Cincinnati Therapeutic Riding and
sally accessible tree house in the state                                                                          Horsemanship. She established the Hermine Stillson Foundation and
of Ohio. Due to being mobility impaired,
                                             Bertha Langhorst Werner Trust                                        selected Fifth Third Bank to serve as trustee after her death in 2002.
many Cincinnati children and adults are
                                             2005 MARKET VALUE: $1,116,512                                        In 2005, the Stillson Foundation made grants to over 20 organizations,
not able to take a walk in the woods or
                                             The Bertha Langhorst Werner Trust was established to aid             including ArtWorks, Covington Partners in Prevention, and the
climb into a tree house like their peers.
                                             “needy and worthy young persons requiring assistance in securing     National Submarine Science Discovery Center.
This project will enable them to do both.
The tree house, depicted here, was           an education in music or art” at the College-Conservatory
completed in April, 2006.                    of Music or the Art Academy of Cincinnati. Grants are made
                                             to these institutions, which in turn, select qualified students to   The Kvetko Family Foundation
                                             receive scholarships.
                                                                                                                  2005 GRANTS: $4,043
                                             Education was important to Bertha Langhorst. A school
                                             teacher, she inherited a small amount of money from her              2005 MARKET VALUE: $89,737
                                             parents and saved throughout her lifetime. Her trust was             Kirk and Colleen Kvetko believe giving back to the community that
                                             established at the death of her second husband, Al Werner.           has supported them is the best way to show their deep appreciation.
                                                                                                                  Having moved to Naples, Florida in 1992 when Mrs. Kvetko relocated
                                                                                                                  to run Fifth Third’s Florida operations, the Kvetko’s found themselves
                                                                                                                  immersed not only in the goals of Fifth Third, but also in the commu-
                                                                                                                  nity that welcomed them with open arms. Their foundation benefits
                                                                                                                  programs in the Southwest Florida region they have come to love, as
46     Fifth Third TRUSTEE FOUNDATIONS                                                                            well as assists individuals who are awarded scholarships by the Florida
                                                                                                                  Bankers Educational Foundation to pursue careers in banking.
Co-Trustee and
Agent Foundations

Dallas W. and Helen B. Bowyer Charitable Trust                         Helen G., Henry F. and
                                                                       Louise Tuechter Dornette Foundation
2005 GRANTS: $32,001
2005 MARKET VALUE: $649,907                                            2005 GRANTS: $925,150
Dallas and Helen Bowyer lived in Mason, Ohio on land that was          2005 MARKET VALUE: $13,531.538
dedicated to Mrs. Bowyer’s family just after the Civil War. Mr.        Helen G. Dornette was a Mariemont resident with a lifelong history
Bowyer arranged for a charitable trust to benefit the endowment        of charitable giving. While she had no children of her own, Helen
fund of the Center for Research of Endangered Wildlife of the          Dornette supported organizations that benefited children. She was
Cincinnati Zoo, Shriners Burn Hospital for Crippled Children in        also very fond of nature and the conservation of nature’s beauty.
Lexington, Kentucky, and the Ohio Masonic Home in Springfield.         Prior to her passing on February 23, 1998, Helen Dornette
As trustee, Fifth Third Bank selects charitable organizations in the   established the Helen G., Henry F. and Louise Tuechter Dornette
Greater Cincinnati area to be recipients of one-fifth of the income.   Foundation in honor of her parents. Upon her death the Foundation
                                                                       was funded with over $13 million. Helen designated many organi-
                                                                       zations to be beneficiaries of her Foundation. Additionally, she      The Dornette Foundation was a major
Clement and Ann Buenger Foundation                                     gave her Co-Trustees the opportunity to select organizations that     supporter of The Orchid House at
                                                                       might fit within her areas of interest. Stanley Koller and Fifth      Cincinnati’s Krohn Conservatory in 2005.
2005 GRANTS: $981,970                                                  Third Bank, as Co-Trustees, continue to fulfill Helen’s charitable    Pictured here are some of the 2,000
2005 MARKET VALUE: $18,440,870                                         intentions through her Foundation.                                    orchids in the conservatory’s collection,
The Clement and Ann Buenger Foundation was established in                                                                                    which includes 12 of the common genera
1989 with the belief that their assistance should help people help                                                                           of orchids. The public is able to see the
themselves. Mr. Buenger, president & CEO of Fifth Third Bancorp        Arthur L. and Ermille Ehlers Trust                                    beautiful orchids that are blooming in
from 1979 to 1989 and chairman from 1989 to 1993, served as a
                                                                                                                                             The Orchid House. Krohn Conservatory
volunteer leader of various civic and charitable organizations.        2005 GRANTS: $81,217
                                                                                                                                             is located in Eden Park and is home to
Foundation directors, Ann M. Buenger, Michael K. Keating,              2005 MARKET VALUE: $1,753,396
                                                                                                                                             1,000 named species of plants.
William J. Keating, and Charles S. Mechum, Jr. expect to continue      The majority of the income from the Arthur L. and Ermille Ehlers
making grants to deserving charitable organizations in Greater         Trust goes to The Greater Cincinnati Foundation. The remainder
Cincinnati that further these purposes.                                is paid to a number of nonprofit organizations, including Hyde
                                                                       Park Community United Methodist Church, City Gospel Mission
                                                                       and Clovernook Center.

                                                                                                                                Fifth Third CO-TRUSTEES AND AGENT FOUNDATIONS       47
Fifth Third Bank Co-Trustee
and Agent Foundations

                                           Clarence W. and Martha Ensminger                                       John Hauck Foundation
                                           Educational Foundation
                                                                                                                  2005 GRANTS: $432,500
                                           2005 GRANTS: $8,518                                                    2005 MARKET VALUE: $12,938,942
                                           2005 MARKET VALUE: $173,386                                            Frederick A. Hauck created a foundation in 1989 to ensure that his
                                           The Clarence W. and Martha Ensminger Foundation provides               charitable interests would continue long after his death. Mr. Hauck
                                           loans to worthy students to attend college or vocational school.       was well known for his contributions to historic preservation, civic
                                           The loans are targeted to help students from rural Appalachian         organizations and education. Income from the foundation is
                                           communities in Clermont, Brown and Adams counties in Ohio.             distributed to the Cincinnati Historical Society, Ohio Historical
                                                                                                                  Society, Historic Southwest Ohio, Rollins College, Xavier University,
                                                                                                                  The University of Florida and other deserving charitable organiza-
                                           The Ettlinger Memorial Trust Fund                                      tions selected at the discretion of the Trustees.

                                           2005 GRANTS: $172,244                                                  The Trustees are Fifth Third Bank, John Hauck, E. Allen Elliot and
The John Hauck Foundation’s support
                                                                                                                  Narley L. Haley.
of the Ohio Historical Society in 2005     2005 MARKET VALUE: $6,304,638
helped restore the roof of the Old
Village Schoolhouse, an integral piece
                                           The Ettlinger Memorial Trust Fund was created at the death             Carl F. Hertenstein Foundation
                                           of Mr. Isaac Ettlinger in 1953. In his will, Mr. Ettlinger directed
of the Society’s Ohio Village. Opened in   that the net income and part of the principle of his estate be         2005 GRANTS: $587,692
1974, the Ohio Village was designed to     distributed annually to the United Way and Community Chest
create a mid-19th century county-seat      of Greater Cincinnati. Chest agencies eligible for funds are those     2005 MARKET VALUE: $11,194,363
town to entertain and educate visitors.    working “for the relief of and providing food, raiment and shelter     At the death of Carl Hertenstein and his wife, Genevieve, the trust
The schoolhouse enables students to        for indigent blind persons, regardless of their age, race or creed.”   estate established the Carl F. Hertenstein Foundation. Cornell
see what it would have been like to        Assistance is not limited to material relief but includes all forms    University, The United Way and Community Chest of Greater
                                           of service that are designed to benefit the indigent blind.            Cincinnati, The Greater Cincinnati Foundation and the University
attend a one-room school in 1860s Ohio.
                                                                                                                  of Cincinnati are recipients of annual income from the foundation.
                                           The Richard D. Hannan Family Foundation                                They, in turn, annually distribute the funds as they determine to be
                                                                                                                  in the best interest of the groups they serve.
                                           2005 GRANTS: $35,450
                                           2005 MARKET VALUE: $379,693
                                           The Hannan family believes education is the boulevard to a higher
                                           quality of life. Richard D. Hannan, Jeanne M. Hannan and
                                           Kenneth R. Wurternberger serve as Trustees of the foundation.

                                                                      The Husman Foundation financially supported St.
                                                                      Xavier High School in 2005. With its tradition dating
                                                                      back to 1831, Saint Xavier provides a Jesuit educa-
                                                                      tion to young men in Cincinnati and has a mission of
                                                                      “educating leaders and men for and with others.

Highfield Foundation                                                  Elma Margaret Lapp Foundation
2005 GRANTS: $203,000                                                 2005 GRANTS: $2,884,283
2005 MARKET VALUE: $4,368,136                                         2005 MARKET VALUE: $53,177,648
The Highfield Foundation was created in 1990 by Samuel Benedict.      Fifth Third Bank administers the Elma Margaret Lapp Foundation,
Mr. Benedict began a career with Procter & Gamble in 1924 and         which has grown significantly from approximately $12 million
he retired as Corporate Secretary in 1962. He was active in commu-    in 1982.
nity service in Cincinnati, Ohio and served as a Hamilton County
Park Commissioner for 22 years. He was also active with Children’s    Ms. Lapp, heiress to a Cincinnati brewing fortune, lived her latter
Hospital and the Clovernook Center for the Blind.                     years in New York City at the famed Plaza Hotel but never forgot
                                                                      her native city of Cincinnati and its institutions. In her will, she
Mr. Benedict and his wife, Betty, lived at Highfield, their home in   created a perpetual trust that makes annual awards in her name.
Cincinnati, which they bequeathed to the Hamilton County Park
District. Grants from the foundation are distributed to deserving     Over time, with effective management, the value of those gifts will
charitable organizations as recommended by family members.            increase to give far more help to the institutions than Ms. Lapp
                                                                      likely ever imagined. The causes she valued during her life will
                                                                      continue to be supported by her foundation.
Harry J. and Edna D. Husman Foundation
2005 GRANTS: $16,000                                                  Otto Luedeking Trust
2005 MARKET VALUE: $210,501                                           2005 GRANTS: $223,043
Mr. and Mrs. Husman specified that, for at least 20 years, income     2005 MARKET VALUE: $13,251,394
from their foundation should benefit students in need of financial
aid at local schools. In 2005, St. Ursula Academy, St. Xavier High    Otto Luedeking owned a men’s store in Cincinnati, Ohio in the
School, Summit Country Day, and Ursuline Academy received             1920s. The trust was established at the time of his wife’s death
scholarship gifts.                                                    in 1989. Grant recipients in 2005 include the Salvation Army,
                                                                      Cincinnati Foundation for the Aged, and the New Orphan Asylum
                                                                      Scholarship Fund

                                                                                                                                  Fifth Third CO-TRUSTEES AND AGENT FOUNDATIONS   49
Fifth Third Bank Co-Trustee
and Agent Foundations

                                           Luther Foundation                                                       The Wanda Muntwyler Foundation
                                           2005 GRANTS: $1,838,000                                                 2005 GRANTS: $122,300
                                           2005 MARKET VALUE: $41,143,717                                          2005 MARKET VALUE: $2,082,070
                                           Narley L. Haley and Fifth Third Bank serve as co-trustees of the        As a young girl growing up in Chicago, Illinois, Wanda Muntwyler
                                           Luther Foundation, officially known as the Ethel Wright Luther,         was surrounded by pets in a family of animal lovers. After reaching
                                           Howard Bourne Luther and Frances Ramsey Luther Charitable               adulthood, marrying and moving to Oak Park, her interest flourished
                                           Foundation, established in 1990.                                        with the encouragement of her husband, who cared for abandoned
                                                                                                                   animals at his Southside business. Recognizing this family tradition
                                           Frances R. Luther had been accustomed to making generous annual         in her later years, she established a foundation that would extend her
                                           gifts all of her life. She made certain that upon her passing, annual   family’s efforts to strengthen the human-animal bond and to prevent
                                           gifts would be commensurate to her previous level of contributions.     animal cruelty. Although Ms. Muntwyler died in 2000, her work to
                                           Ms. Luther and her father, Howard B. Luther, developed a relation-      benefit animals continues through her generosity.
Stepping Stones Center is a non-profit     ship with Fifth Third Bank in 1960 that began with personal tax         The Foundation income is exclusively devoted to charitable or edu-
United Way agency that serves over         preparation services and was expanded to a trustee role. Ms. Luther     cational activities that directly affect the care of animals in the State
1,100 persons with disabilities each       died in March 2000.                                                     of Illinois.
year. Its mission is to provide opportu-
                                           The Taft Museum of Art is known as one of the finest small art
nities that increase independence and
promote inclusion for children and
                                           museums in America. A National Historic Landmark built in               Ohio Valley Foundation
                                           about 1820, the Taft is home to nearly 700 works of art, including
adults with disabilities through pro-      European and American master paintings; Chinese porcelains; and         2005 GRANTS: $235,000
grams like this parachute activity at      European decorative arts. The Luther Foundation supported the
                                           Taft Museum of Art last year.                                           2005 MARKET VALUE: $6,985,630
summer day camp. The Ohio Valley
Foundation made a $25,000 grant to the                                                                             When John Rowe, John Warrington and William McGrath started the
organization to support the renovation     Mary Martha McGee Foundation                                            Ohio Valley Foundation, it was their plan to give assistance to worthy
of their administration building, which                                                                            organizations in the Greater Cincinnati community through small
                                           2005 GRANTS: $8,555                                                     grants for capital improvements. The trustees of the foundation today
was built in the middle of the nine-
                                                                                                                   are Phillip C. Long, Carolyn McCoy, George A. Schaefer, Jr., Robert
teenth century.                            2005 MARKET VALUE: $179,759                                             A. Sullivan, Dudley S. Taft and Thomas J. Schiller.
                                           Mary McGee lived a frugal and simple life yet she established a         As the foundation has grown, so has its ability to assist worthy organi-
                                           charitable foundation. It carries out the interests with which she      zations. In 1946, the first grants from the Ohio Valley Foundation
                                           was associated during her lifetime, including religious organizations   totaled $900 to four organizations.
                                           and churches that serve the low-income population in Greater
                                           Cincinnati.                                                             Fifth Third Bank is privileged to serve as Agent for the Ohio Valley
                                                                                                                   Foundation. In 2005, funding included grants to Lifespan, Power
                                                                                                                   Inspires Progress, Inc., and Stepping Stones Center.
                                                                       The Rowe Foundation supported ArtWorks in 2005, a non-profit
                                                                       arts organization that connects artists of all ages with oppor-
                                                                       tunities in the arts in greater Cincinnati. Founded in 1996,
                                                                       ArtWorks has successfully produced 10 summer programs,
                                                                       public arts projects like the Big Pig Gig and Bats Incredible!
                                                                       and worked on over 75 community arts projects. Through its
                                                                       various projects, ArtWorks fosters relationships between
                                                                       emerging and established artists and the Cincinnati community
                                                                       and transforms the urban environment.

George A. Renaker Charitable Foundation                                     William S. Rowe Foundation
2005 GRANT TOTAL: $90,000                                                   2005 GRANTS: $54,500
2005 MARKET VALUE: $896,824                                                 2005 MARKET VALUE: $1,174,135
Giving back to the community is one way for Dr. George Renaker              William S. Rowe, Chief Executive Officer of Fifth Third Bank
to show his appreciation to those who supported him during his              from 1963 through 1980, dedicated himself to loyal service for
childhood and young adult life. When Dr. Renaker was five years             the Greater Cincinnati community. Mr. Rowe was trustee of many
old, he lost his father, a Florence, Kentucky deputy, when he was           philanthropic organizations, including The Children’s Home of
killed while on duty. Over the next nine years, Dr. Renaker moved           Cincinnati, Children’s Hospital Medical Center, the Convalescent
around living with his mother, grandparents and in the Covington            Hospital for Children, and the Cincinnati Institute of Fine Arts.
Children’s home (now the Children’s Home of Northern Kentucky).             His unswerving commitment to charitable causes continues in his
He was on his own at age 14 working to put himself through high             memorial trust. The trustees of the foundation are Whitney Long,
school, and living with friends, neighbors and anyone who would give        George A. Schaefer, Jr., and Phillip C. Long. In 2005, the William
him shelter. He attended Villa Madonna College (now Thomas More             S. Rowe Foundation supported organizations such as The Catholic
College) and then medical school. Dr. Renaker established his foun-         Inner-City Schools Education (CISE) Fund and ArtWorks.
dation in 1998, and has since gifted such organizations as Thomas
More College; Northern Kentucky University’s Department of
Nursing; Children’s Home of Northern Kentucky; The Point in                 George A. Schaefer, Jr. and
Covington; and the Diocesan Catholic Children’s Home.                       Betty Ann Schaefer Foundation
The Alfred J. Rendigs Memorial Trust                                        2005 GRANTS: $146,341
                                                                            2005 MARKET VALUE: $1,469,072
2005 GRANTS: $2,816
                                                                            Fifth Third Bancorp President & CEO, George A. Schaefer, Jr. and
2005 MARKET VALUE: $104,335                                                 his wife, Betty, established their foundation in 1997 to fund chari-
The Alfred J. Rendigs Memorial Trust was established by August              table initiatives of interest to the family in Greater Cincinnati.
Rendigs, Jr., in memory of his son, Alfred James Rendigs. Annual            As active volunteers who have long supported numerous charitable
income benefits United Cerebral Palsy for the maintenance and               organizations, Mr. and Mrs. Schaefer created their foundation as a
repair of the Alfred J. Rendings Building on Victory Parkway that           complement to that work, as well as a way to involve their children
houses adult programs.                                                      in philanthropy.

                                                                                                                                         Fifth Third CO-TRUSTEES AND AGENT FOUNDATIONS   51
Fifth Third Bank Co-Trustee
and Agent Foundations

                                           The Louis and Melba Schott Foundation                                 Margaret E. Sullivan Trust
                                           2005 GRANTS: $73,000                                                  2005 GRANTS: $111,486
                                           2005 MARKET VALUE: $1,848,259                                         2005 MARKET VALUE: $3,314,090
                                           Charles and Melba Townsend created the Louis and Melba Schott         The Margaret E. Sullivan Trust benefits Mercy Hospital Mt. Airy
                                           Foundation to honor Melba Townsend’s parents. Created upon the        and Mercy Hospital Western Hills for general operations, Miami
                                           passing of Charles and Melba in 2003, the Foundation exists to        University for the Sarah Sullivan Scholarship and Wilmington
                                           provide assistance to youth, with emphasis on youth in primary        College for the John W. Sullivan Scholarship.
                                           school through junior high school age who are disadvantaged
                                           because of medical condition, economic status, family background
                                           or other similar reasons. The Foundation funds programs that          E. Paul and Garnett Thompson Trust
                                           develop self-confidence, disciplined living, and an appreciation of
                                           music. The Foundation also makes grants that are aligned with         2005 GRANTS: $15,000
The Margaret E. Sullivan Trust is a        Charles and Melba’s pattern of giving throughout their lifetime.      2005 MARKET VALUE: $474,693
regular financial supporter of Miami
                                                                                                                 E. Paul and Garnett Thompson had no children of their own, but
University in Oxford, Ohio for the Sarah   Edgar K. Springman Scholarship Fund                                   as teachers felt a strong commitment to help children obtain a good
Sullivan Scholarship. The Beta Bells,                                                                            Christian education. They established their trust to provide scholar-
pictured here, welcome thousands of        2005 GRANTS: $51,498                                                  ships to students attending Rose Christian School in Ashland,
students to Miami’s campus every day.      2005 MARKET VALUE: $1,079,005                                         Kentucky, Kentucky Christian College in Grayson, Kentucky and
                                                                                                                 Asbury College in Wilmore, Kentucky.
                                           Edgar K. Springman lived on a farm near Goshen, Ohio. Before
                                           his death at age 50, he drew up a plan to annually award scholar-
                                           ships to deserving graduates of Goshen High School for a college      Three Arts Scholarship Fund
                                           or university education.
                                                                                                                 2005 GRANTS: $30,000
                                                                                                                 2005 MARKET VALUE: $962,071
                                           Lillian I. Sullivan Trust
                                                                                                                 The Three Arts Scholarship Fund provides for scholarships to female
                                           2005 GRANTS: $252,979                                                 students of music, painting, drama and the arts.
                                           2005 MARKET VALUE: $4,096,267
                                           Annual income from the Lillian I. Sullivan Trust benefits the
                                           American Heart Association, Hamilton County Unit of the
                                           American Cancer Society, Cincinnati Association for the Blind,
                                           Little Sisters of the Poor and St. Rita’s School for the Deaf.

                                                                                       The Warrington Family Foundation made a $12,500 grant
                                                                                       to the Contemporary Arts Center (CAC) in 2005. The CAC
                                                                                       has been a forum for progressive art and ideas serving
                                                                                       the city of Cincinnati and the region for over 65 years.
                                                                                       One of the first institutions in the U.S. dedicated to
                                                                                       exhibiting contemporary art, the CAC moved into this
                                                                                       building designed by architect Zaha Hadid in May 2003.

                                                                                       The Contemporary Arts Center, by Roland Halbe, 2003

Ethel Mae Ward Scholarship Trust                                        George Howard Warrington (1872-1940) was a scholar, art collector,
                                                                        and distinguished lawyer with Paxton, Warrington & Seasongood.
2005 GRANTS: $41,911                                                    He also was a volunteer member of President Wilson’s war adminis-
                                                                        tration, trustee and founder of the University of Cincinnati, and
2005 MARKET VALUE: $607,887                                             trustee of the Cincinnati Art Museum, College-Conservatory of
Ethel Mae Ward was a school teacher in Boyd County, Kentucky            Music, Institute of Fine Arts, American School of Oriental Research,
for 43 years. During her career, she observed many students who         Union Bethel and many other Cincinnati organizations.
had good grades and were active in their school, churches and           John Wesley Warrington (1846-1921) was a farmer who joined
community, but could not earn scholarships.                             the 110th Ohio Volunteer Infantry at age 16 and soldiered in the
Based on an idea from another scholarship trust, Mrs. Ward              Civil War battles of Winchester, the Wilderness and Cold Harbor.
established this trust for students graduating from Boyd County,        After the war, he became a distinguished lawyer and co-founder
Kentucky high schools.                                                  of Paxton, Warrington & Seasongood, professor of law at the
                                                                        University of Cincinnati Law School, and friend and advisor to
                                                                        Presidents Hayes, Garfield and Taft. He was also judge of the
Warrington Family Foundation                                            United States Court of Appeals for the Sixth Circuit and trustee
                                                                        of many Cincinnati charitable organizations.
2005 GRANTS: $693,850
                                                                        Trustees of the Foundation are Leslie Warrington Bailey Hardy,
2005 MARKET VALUE: $9,637,303                                           Samuel Bailey, Jr., John Warrington Bailey and Daniel Allen Bailey.
Elsie Holmes Warrington (1915-2003), John W. Warrington’s sister
and youngest daughter of George H. Warrington, formed the
Warrington Foundation in 1997 to memorialize and continue past          Corale B. Workum Trust
and future philanthropic interests. During her lifetime she was an
avid supporter of and participant in endeavors of the Cincinnati        2005 GRANTS: $240,701
Historical Society, the Cincinnati Art Museum, the Taft Museum,         2005 MARKET VALUE: $4,835,685
the Cincinnati Zoo and Botanical Gardens and multiple other
local and national charitable organizations. Her charitable interests   The Corale B. Workum Trust supports scholarships for men and
perfectly coincided with her broad interest in art, music, history,     women at the University of Cincinnati and interfaith students of
travel and her caring for disadvantaged people and all kinds of         ancient and modern Hebrew religion at Hebrew Union College-
animals. She had great influence on her family and friends through      Jewish Institute of Religion.
her exemplary generosity.
John Wesley Warrington (1914-1996) was a scholar, art collector,
decorated World War II officer and distinguished lawyer with
Graydon, Head and Richey. Mr. Warrington was also trustee of the
Cincinnati Art Museum for 54 years, trustee of the Taft Museum,
Cincinnati Music Hall, Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra, American
School of Oriental Research, Union Bethel, and many other chari-
table organizations in Cincinnati. He also founded the Fine Arts                                                                      Fifth Third CO-TRUSTEES AND AGENT FOUNDATIONS   53
Fund and the Ohio Valley Foundation.
Fifth Third Bank

Fifth Third Bancorp is a diversified                    George A. Schaefer, Jr.    John N. Daniel, Jr.       Robert W. LaClair         Maurice J. Spagnoletti      Heidi B. Jark
financial services company headquartered                President & CEO            President                 President                 President                   Vice President & Manager
                                                        Fifth Third Bancorp        Fifth Third Bank          Fifth Third Bank          Fifth Third Bank            The Foundation Office
in Cincinnati, Ohio. As of December 31, 2005,           Fifth Third Center         (Southern Indiana)        (Northwestern Ohio)       (Central Indiana)           Fifth Third Bank
the Company had $105.2 billion in assets                38 Fountain Square Plaza   20 N.W. Third Street      606 Madison Avenue        Capital Center              MD 1090CA
and operated 19 affiliates with 1,119                   Cincinnati, Ohio 45263     Evansville, IN 47708      Toledo, OH 43604          251 North Illinois Street   38 Fountain Square Plaza
                                                                                                                                       Indianapolis, IN 46204      Cincinnati, OH 45263
full-service banking centers, including
                                                        Samuel G. Barnes           Robert M. Eversole        Philip R. McHugh
119 Bank Mart® locations open seven days                President                  President                 President                 Robert A. Sullivan          R. Wayne Koehler
a week inside select grocery stores, and                Fifth Third Bank           Fifth Third Bank          Fifth Third Bank          President                   President
2,024 Jeanie® ATMs in Ohio, Kentucky,                   (Central Kentucky)         (Central Ohio)            (Louisville)              Fifth Third Bank            Fifth Third Community
                                                        250 West Main Street       21 E. State Street        401 S. Fourth Avenue      (Cincinnati)                Development Corporation
Indiana, Michigan, Illinois, Florida,                   Lexington, KY 40507        Columbus, OH 43215        Louisville, KY 40202      38 Fountain Square Plaza    5747 Perimeter Dr., Ste. 253
Tennessee, West Virginia, Pennsylvania                                                                                                 Cincinnati, OH 45263        Dublin, OH 43017
and Missouri. Fifth Third operates four                 John Bultema III           Dan W. Hogan              John E. Pelizzari
                                                        President                  President                 President                 Michelle Van Dyke           Edward Owens III
main businesses: Retail, Commercial,                    Fifth Third Bank           Fifth Third Bank, N.A.    Fifth Third Bank          President                   Senior Vice President
Investment Advisors and Fifth Third                     (Central Florida)          (Tennessee)               (Northern Michigan)       Fifth Third Bank            Director, Community Affairs
Processing Solutions.                                   250 North Orange Avenue    424 Church Street         102 West Front Street     (Western Michigan)          Fifth Third Bank
                                                        Orlando, FL 32114          Suite 600                 Traverse City, MI 49684   111 Lyon Street N.W.        MD 10AT92
                                                                                   Nashville, TN 37219                                 Grand Rapids, MI 49503      38 Fountain Square Plaza
                                                        David A. Call                                        Thomas R. Quinn                                       Cincinnati, OH 45263
                                                        President                  Brian P. Keenan           President                 Raymond G. Webb
                                                        Fifth Third Bank           President                 Fifth Third Bank          President
                                                        (Ohio Valley)              Fifth Third Bank          (South Florida)           Fifth Third Bank
                                                        999 Fourth Avenue          (Tampa Bay)               999 Vanderbilt Beach      (Western Ohio)
                                                        Huntington, WV 25701       4401 West Kennedy Blvd.   Road                      111 North Main Street
                                                                                   Tampa, FL 33609           Naples, FL 34108          Dayton, OH 45402
                                                        Todd F. Clossin
                                                        President                  Gregory Kosch             Timothy P. Rawe           Terry E. Zink
                                                        Fifth Third Bank           President                 President                 President
                                                        (Northeastern Ohio)        Fifth Third Bank          Fifth Third Bank          Fifth Third Bank
                                                        600 Superior Avenue        (Eastern Michigan)        (Northern Kentucky)       (Chicago)
                                                        Cleveland, OH 44114        1000 Town Center          8100 Burlington Pike      222 South Riverside Plaza
                                                                                   Suite 1300                Florence, KY 41042        Chicago, Illinois 60606
                                                                                   Southfield, MI 48075

54   Fifth Third Community Investments 2005 ANNUAL REPORT

       Community Investments 01/11/2006

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