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									                 Earthquake Tower Project
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Learning Objectives:

   1. Utilize the engineering design process to design, construct and test a structure that
      can withstand a simulated earthquake measuring 6.5 on the Richter scale.
   2. Spend significant time investigating structural problems and solutions to apply
      this information when evaluating options throughout the entire project
   3. Complete this project within constraints and on time
   4. Describe physical phenomena through the use of words and pictures

At the conclusion of this project you should be able to
   1.   Draw and measure to scale
   2.   Identify the mechanical forces that affect structures
   3.   Analyze the effect of forces to determine correct reinforcements
   4.   Describe different load types
   5.   Compare the strengths of different objects based on their materials
   6.   Determine the relative strength of structures based on their shape
   7.   Design solutions to real world structural problems within constraints
   8.   Self evaluate your progress using criteria listed in a Rubric
   9.   Work effectively in collaborative teams

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Project Overview:
Your engineering firm has been chosen to design an earthquake proof office building for
the city of Los Angeles, California. You will be expected to investigate, design,
prototype and test your structure within 7 weeks. Your prototype is expected to
withstand a simulated earthquake of magnitude 6.5 for 7 seconds without sustaining any
damage. To be awarded the contract, your design should withstand magnitude 7.0.

Specification Sheet:
Quantity      Material
1             -Wooden Base Plate 3-¾” x 4”
17            -Balsawood sticks 1/8” x 1/8” x 24” totaling 408”
                (Must not all be used)
3             -Steel Plates (1 lb 2 oz.)
6”            -Duct Tape
                Note: All Duct Tape must be used during one class period just
                before testing
              -White Glue
              -Coffee stirrers to be cut and used as gusset plates
                Note: Maximum Length of Gusset is ½”

Physical Dimensions:
Height:   24” (from bottom of base block)
Length:   4”
Width:    4”

          -Bottom of 1st plate must be at least 10” from bottom of base
              -Bottom of 2nd Plate must be at least 9” above top of 1st floor
              -Top of 3rd Plate must be at the top of the tower
              -Your tower MUST BE designed so that the metal plates can be
              inserted into the tower one day before you are ready to test

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Step 1) Identification of Problem
Design Brief

Create a word document titled Design Report. Write your Design Brief in the design
report based on the information in the previous page. The design brief should be able to
be read by someone unfamiliar with the project and know the design objectives.
Your Design brief should be at least one paragraph.

Step 2) Investigation and Development of Alternative
_____ Step 1) Complete the investigation WebQuest

_____ Step 2) Sketch the side view of your design on a blank sheet of paper. Label the
drawing Elevation 1 . The sketch should be drawn to the scale of 1/4”=1”

_____ Step 3) Sketch the top view of your design in the column 2 of the next page. Label
the drawing Top View. The sketch should be drawn to the scale of 1/4”=1”.

_____ Step 4) Determine how many balsa sticks you will need for your design.
Total inches=(2* Side 1)+(2*side 2)- 24” + Platform 1+ Platform 2+ Platform 3
Total sticks = total inches/24”

_____ Step 5)
Modify sketch 1 using the information you learned from the WebQuest and ensuring that
you use less than the required amount of material

_____ Step 6)
Modify sketch 2 using using the information you learned from the WebQuest and
ensuring that you use less than the required amount of material

_____ Step 7
Scan the two sketches and place the image in the design report in the Investigation and
Development of Alternative Solutions Section of your lab report

Scan your partner’s two sketches and place them in your design report.

_____ Step 8) Write down how many sticks each design will require below:

Note: You should self assess and ask for peer review upon completion of this step.

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Step 3) Selection of Best Solution
   1) Compare your two drawings with your partner’s. Determine which design or
      parts of the design are best and write a paragraph in in the Selection of Best
      Solution Section of your word document. You should identify at least 3 reasons
      for your decision. You should base your reasoning on information learned in
      class or elsewhere.
      Note: You should self assess and ask for peer review at this point
   2) Request Drawing Paper
   3) Draw a full scale elevation drawing (1”=1”) of your tower.
   4) Note: You will need one sketch for each side that is designed differently
   5) Make a copy of each drawing

Step 4) Model and Prototype Your Solution
   1) Complete Gantt Chart Lesson and create a Gantt chart. The following Website is a
   2) Place wax paper over drawing and tape securely
   3) Build each side of the tower using the drawing as a guide
          Note: You should self assess and ask for peer review at this point
   4) Assemble your tower.
          Note: You should self assess and ask for peer review at this point
   5) Request metal plates and install
   6) Take a picture with the digital camera and insert in your design report

NOTE: How much time to you have left for your project?
  You should think about how much time you have left compared to the number
  of steps remaining at the end of each step

Step 5) Test- Request that your structure be tested
Write your results in your design report

Step 6) Evaluate and Modify
Using Microsoft word evaluate your design’s performance in essay form.
    The opening paragraph should state whether you were successful based on the
      goal set in the design brief.
    Identify at least three forces and describe how they affected your structure.
          o If your tower fell describe at least 3 improvements that could be made. (at
              least one per force)
          o If your tower survived, describe at least a total of 3 strengths of your
    Your conclusion

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