A brief guide to the Student Associates Scheme run at Middlesex by guy21


									A brief guide to the Middlesex University Student Associates Scheme 08-09
This guide comprises the terms and conditions of the scheme – please read it carefully
before completing the application form.

The scheme is funded by the Training and Development Agency for Schools and has two
main aims:
    To ensure that Student Associates use their subject knowledge to help young
       people achieve success and to encourage progression to Higher Education.
    To provide Student Associates with school experience that will prepare them for
       Initial Teacher Training and encourage recruitment to the teaching profession.

Student Associates agree to complete a 15 day placement working as a classroom
assistant in a secondary school or college.

Participants in the scheme are “volunteers” and are not paid travelling or meal
allowances. At the end of the placement, Student Associates are eligible to claim a
bursary of £40 per day (i.e. £600 for the full 15 days) upon receipt of a signed time-sheet
and completed Placement Record Book.

How do I become a Student Associate on the Middlesex University Scheme?
By completing a 15 day placement in a secondary school or college. (The Middlesex
Scheme usually places students in Secondary Schools and FE colleges.) If you are
interested in Primary School placements you will need to contact the 2Schools
Consortium: school@oakthorpe.enfield.sch.uk – tel. 020 8807 6906)

    You are only allowed to do one 15 day placement on the scheme. If you have
      done a Student Associates Scheme placement before (through Middlesex or
      any other HE institution) you are not eligible to apply again.
    Participation in the scheme must not count towards any part of your degree
      or post degree course
    You must not be on a PGCE or Cert Ed course

The first step is to read this guide, and if interested, send us your completed application
form (preferably by email – we will send an acknowledgement
Although the scheme is run by Middlesex University, students from other HE institutions
in the UK are eligible to apply. You must however be a currently enrolled student
(ideally 2nd yr or above) with no outstanding fees owing to be eligible to apply
What are my chances of becoming a Student Associate and completing a 15 day
There is no guarantee that all applicants will obtain a placement. There is a lot of
competition for school placements and much will depend upon the subject/s you are able
to support. The TDA lists the following subjects in order of priority:

     1. Mathematics – Physics – Chemistry
     2. Other Sciences – ICT – Citizenship – D & T – Modern Languages – RE – Music
     3. Other secondary subjects (e.g. Business, Drama, English,)

Students who can offer subject support in the first two categories will stand a greater
chance of securing a placement. We have a very limited number of places for students
with Category 3 subject background (e.g. business, drama etc).

Prospective Student Associates will need a good reference (in most cases, from a member
of academic staff at their university) Reliability, good communication skills, academic
ability and team-work skills are all things we ask referees to comment about. Always ask
your referee before putting their name on the form.

Student Associates will also need to complete a training programme of around 15 hours.

Before taking up an offer of a placement, all candidates will need to have an Enhanced
Criminal Record Bureau check done through Middlesex University. Prospective Student
Associates are encouraged to provide details (in confidence) of any previous criminal
conviction or caution at an early stage in the recruitment process. Note: having a criminal
record will not necessarily bar an applicant from the scheme.

Undergraduate students starting a school or college placement assume the status of “volunteer” and
role of “Student Associate”. Middlesex University will not charge Student Associates for CRB checks
and Placement Pack (worth £65 in total). In the unlikely event of a candidate failing (without
notification) to start an allocated placement, Middlesex University reserve the right to secure
repayment of CRB and Placement Pack costs.

Some of the questions that previous applicants have asked:

Q:      When will I go out on placement?
A:      We place students throughout the academic year. Once we have your CRB check
        through and you feel ready to start we will contact schools with your details.

Q:      Do I have to do the 15 days in a block i.e. 3 five day weeks?
A:      No – many students (and indeed schools) prefer to do 1 day a week (obviously
        this is more difficult to do in the final term)

Q:      How many hours count as a full day in a school?
A:      Normally from about 0830 to around 1530 is the normal school day. If you are
        asked to attend team meetings at school it will reflect well on you if you attend. It
        will also help you learn more about life as a teacher. If you have any questions
        about hours you are asked to do please contact the SAS team at Middlesex.
Q:   Will I have to find my own placement?
A:   In most cases no, we usually match Student Associates to schools and colleges.
     You will however have to check university emails regularly and make sure we
     have your up to date contact details.

Q:   Where will I do my placement?
A:   We normally place Student Associates in schools and colleges in: Barnet, Enfield,
     Haringey and Waltham Forest. However a small number of students find their
     own placements in other areas and this is acceptable providing we are able to
     establish good lines of communication with the school or college.

Q:   Will I be expected to take a class on my own.
A;   No – someone from the school or college should be with you in the classroom

Q:   Will the scheme count towards Initial Teacher Training?
A:   No – however it will help you in your application and is good preparation,
     particularly if you have completed the Placement Record Book and linked
     experience to the QTS “Q” standards – www.tda.gov.uk/standards

Q:   Will I have to complete a large portfolio of work for the scheme? I do have a lot
     of work to complete for my university course.
A:   No – we have tried to make our Placement Record book a quick and simple way
     of recording the things you have learnt and achieved on placement. Obviously the
     more notes you make the more useful the experience will be if you enter Initial
     Teacher Training. Many students also complete a personal placement diary.

Q:   How do I get the bursary?
A:   Once you have completed the placement and filled in the Record Book and Time-
     Sheet, send it in to us with your bank details. We usually manage to get the
     bursary paid fairly quickly.

Q:   Can I take a break from my placement during exam periods?
A:   If given plenty of notice schools are normally willing to let you take a short break
     for exams. Please remember if you take an extended break we or the school
     cannot guarantee to hold your placement open for you.
     It is important to inform us and the school on occasions when you are unable to
     attend your placement.

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