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									                    Ceca Europe News                                                                            5
                                                            June 2009

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      Meeting in Rome, 8th-9th May, 2009

 Editorial Emma Nardi
                                                                      precise information at each country level and meet the needs
Dear All,                                                             each country reveals. Besides, it is important to have strong lead-
this Newsletter will be mainly dedicated to the National Corre-       ership not only at regional but also at national level.
spondents meeting that I organised at Roma Tre University on          Sonia Guarita do Amaral presented some valuable experiences of
May 8th-9th 2009. The table below shows the National Correspon-       her area, in particular the organisation of regional conferences
dents who attended the meeting with the country they represent        and the Cecalogo, a set of rules shared by all Ceca members.
and the institution they belong to.                                   I presented myself some figures about the work I have done since
  Austria – Museum Folk Life and Claudia Peschel Wacha                2007 when, during the conference in Vienna, I was appointed as
  Folk Art in Vienna                                                  Europe Regional Coordinator.
  Belgium – Centre de recherches Nicole Gesché-Koning                 A very lively discussion followed the three presentations. National
  et d'études technologiques des                                      Correspondents concentrated, in particular, on a basic point:
  arts plastiques                                                     which tasks National Correspondents are expected to fulfil. The
  Croatia - Etnografski muzej          Zeljka Jelavic                 fundamental tasks were agreed as follows:
  Finland - Museum of technology       Leena Tornberg                 1. improving Ceca national mailing list
  France - Université d’Avignon et Hana Gottesdiener                  2. attracting new members
  des Pays de Vaucluse                                                3. involving members in Ceca activities
  Iceland      -      Listasa     fni Rakel Pétursdóttir              4. keeping track of Ceca activities at national level
  Íslands/National Gallery of Ice-                                    5. writing a national report for the Regional Coordinator (deadline:
  land                                                                one month before Ceca annual conference). A further task was
  Ireland - National Gallery of Ire- Marie Bourke                     set for the future: spreading/sharing information and best prac-
  land                                                                tices with/among National Correspondents.
  Italy - Centro di Didattica Silvia Ciriello                         The decisions made underline the important role that National
  Museale/Università degli Studi                                      Correspondents play in Ceca. Therefore it was deemed useful to
  Roma Tre                                                            find a transparent and democratic way to appoint them. At the
  Netherlands - Van Abbemu- Willem Jan Renders                        moment only the Ceca president and board are elected, but there
  seum Eindhoven                                                      is no formal procedure to appoint national correspondents. A pub-
                                                                      lic invitation to volunteer was published on Ceca – Europe News-
  Norway - Vest-Agder-museet           Gunhild Aaby
                                                                      letter since its first issue. It is agreed that the actual National Cor-
  Spain - Universitat de Girona – Roser Juanola
                                                                      respondents will stay in charge until the Shanghai conference. In
                                                                      the meantime, as soon as a decision is made on how to select
The meting was chaired by Colette Dufresne-Tassé, Ceca Presi-
                                                                      among volunteers, Emma Nardi will present it to the Ceca board.
dent. Sonia Guarita do Amaral was also present to give a contri-
                                                                      A second key point that was thoroughly discussed was to organ-
bution about the work National Correspondents developed in
                                                                      ise a joint initiative at European level. The approved idea is to
South America.
                                                                      gather data about the educational activity of European museums.
The agenda of the meeting was as follows:
                                                                      A questionnaire is discussed and a first version drafted that Na-
- role of National Correspondents;
                                                                      tional Correspondents (NC) will integrate and translate in their
- how to attract new members;
                                                                      national language(s). The following deadlines are also agreed:
- how to involve members in Ceca activities;
                                                                            •      End of May 2009: NCs’ comments on the questionnaire
- professional development;
                                                                                   are to be sent to Emma Nardi
- publication of the thematic dossier;
- regional conference 2010.                                                 •      Before June 15th 2009: Emma Nardi circulates the
                                                                                   template for NCs’ annual report
If you want to have a complete and precise idea of the discussion,          •      End of June 2009: NCs’ comments on the template are
you     can     refer    to    the  minutes   of   the     meeting                 to be sent to Emma Nardi
(          •      End of June 2009: reactions to comments must be sent
In this Editorial, I want to summarise the most important points of                to Emma Nardi
the discussion and the decisions made.                                      •      June 15th 2009: Emma Nardi circulates comments
Colette Dufresne-Tassé underlined that until now the Ceca ap-                      among NCs present at the meeting
proach has been mainly top-down. Her wish is to gradually trans-            •      Beginning of July 2009: a copy of the questionnaire is
form it into a bottom-up one. To do so, Ceca needs to have more                    sent to the President and to the other NCs

Committee for Education and Cultural Action Europe
     •    Before October 2009: try-out of the questionnaire                  •    End of February 2010: data collection is to be started
     •    October 2009: the questionnaire is further discussed               •    November 2010: results presentation at Shanghai con-
          when NCs meet in Iceland                                                ference.
     •    Before November 2009: translation of the questionnaire
          into local languages                                          The National Correspondents meeting had a very tight schedule
     •    Before November 2009: the museum mailing list is to           and provided a lot of work and discussion (see picture 1). How-
          be improved                                                   ever it must be said that, as it is a tradition in Ceca, we also
     •    Before November 2009: the e-questionnaire is to be            found time for some entertaining activities. Thanks to the gener-
          designed and implemented                                      osity of Pierreci, a visit was organised to the exhibition Futurismo
     •    January 2010: the questionnaires are to be sent to mu-        at the Scuderie del Quirinale (see picture 2) followed by a won-
          seums                                                         derful dinner in a typical Italian restaurant.
     •    Beginning of February 2010 (or three weeks after send-
          ing the questionnaires): a reminder is to be sent to mu-

 What’s on
                                                                        is necessary to raise awareness in youngest children so that they
                                                                        can understand and recognise the value of our heritage, thus con-
Conferences                                                             tributing to its preservation and valorisation.
                                                                        Starting from these joint goals, the Curia and the primary school
• June 23rd – 25th 2009, Brussels (Belgium), Audience Policies in       have worked together for the creation of the Laboratory of Mu-
  museums for low school level people,                                  seum Education: the outputs produced and the learning outcomes
  Contact:      Giannalia        Cogliandro     Beyens,      Email      will be publicly presented during the International Museum Day                                               2009.
• June 28th - July 1st 2009, Dallas (USA), 10th International Con-
  ference on Arts and Cultural Management (AIMAC 2009),
• October 5th – 10th 2009, Reykjavik (Iceland), National Gallery of     News from Finland
  Iceland, Ceca Conference 2009, Museum Education in a Global           Multidisciplinary seminar – “Triangle drama”
  Context - Priorities and Processes,          The President of CECA, Colette Dufresne-Tassé raised a new
• October 16th 2009, Rome (Italy), Museum Ara Pacis Augustae,           theme in Rome during the National Correspondents’ meeting in
  Il museo parla. A chi?,                May. There could be more seminars and sessions among differ-
• November 15th – 17th 2009, Cologne (Germany), The German              ent representatives of the museum field.
  Association for Education in Museums 2009 Conference – Das            The first occasion in Finland was arranged in April. The title of the
  Eigene und das Fremde. Museen und Integration,                        seminar was Triangle drama. The seminar was co-arranged by                                             the Associations of Finnish Curators, Museum Educators and
                                                                        Conservators. The main question was: do you know what your
                                                                        colleague - curator, museum educator or conservator - really
                              ♣♣♣                                       does? The platform where everybody’s work can be seen is the
                                                                        exhibition, which is meant for the visitors. The focus was also in
                                                                        the question: what is the visitor’s role in each of their work? The
Training and Study courses                                              very first seminar opened the communication, which has not nec-
                                                                        essarily happened among one museum. It raised good discus-
ICOM National Committee in Georgia - “Workshop for South                sions, when several speakers from different museums gave their
Caucasus Region Museums - Development of Museum Educa-                  perspectives for the theme. There were about 90 participants in
tion and Cultural Action” within the programme: “Support to the         the seminar. The most common feed-back was: this was a good
ICOM network: implementation of the ICOM Strategic Plan for             start, the discussion should be continued. The same associations
2008-2010”. Co-financer of the workshop: Ministry of Culture,           consider the possibility of arranging similar kind of seminar next
Monuments Protection and Sport of Georgia. The workshop will            year.
continue the cycle of training programmes provided by ICOM
Georgia for South Caucasus Region (Georgia, Armenia and                 A new publication of on-going research in Finland of cultural heri-
Azerbaijan) museums. The workshop will cover the most actual            tage and learning
topics concerning new style of educational programmes and cul-          Finnish Museums Association published in co-operation with the
tural actions, in collaboration with CECA (International Committee      project The Oak of Finland a publication Kulttuuriperintö ja oppi-
for Education and Cultural Action) by the lead of CECA experts:         minen ed. Päivi Venäläinen (Cultural heritage and learning,
Marie-Clarté O'Neill (ICOM France) and Nicole Gesché (ICOM              mainly in Finnish, some articles in Swedish). The project Oak of
Belgique).                                                              Finland is a network of cooperation for cultural heritage educa-
The workshop will be held in Tbilisi, Georgia, on October 10th-15th     tion, formed by the National Board of Antiquities, the Finnish Na-
2009.                                                                   tional Board of Education, the Ministry of the Environment, and
Website:                                         Finland’s environmental administration. The network is open for
                                                                        schools, museums, environmental centres and NGOs providing
                              ♣♣♣                                       World Heritage education. The operations started as a project in
                                                                        1998. The project has been very active in publishing books (14
Projects                                                                books) of culture heritage activities and learning in Finland during
                                                                        10 years. This publication concentrates on ongoing research ac-
ICOM’s International Museum Day 2009                                    tivities in the field. The publication is in pdf-form at the address
The Museum of Ecclesiastical Heritage of the Diocese of Rieti, in
collaboration with the local 1st School District, proposes a detailed   minen.pdf.
programme for the International Museum Day focusing on Muse-
ums and Tourism from the perspective of school and student tour-        Innovation and creativity
ism. In spring, when the school year is about to end, didactic vis-     Developing innovative and creative thinking are the key words in
its and guided tours are encouraged; however, since such visits         the Finnish museum education field. The National Board of Antiq-
ought not to turn into occasions to leave the classrooms empty, it      uities and the Ministry of Education have administered financing

Committee for Education and Cultural Action Europe
for more than 35 projects this year. The projects cover the whole        power to communicate this to their local community. A consider-
area of Finland from north to south, from west to east. Projects         able number of ICOM members are participating in ‘Catch up on
represent a wide range of museum education activities: senior,           Culture Week’.
multicultural, new technology (mobile phones), art for all, museum
drama, playing and learning etc.                                         Symposium
                                                                         The National Gallery of Ireland is organising a symposium on the
News from Ireland                                                        theme Audience Development in Museums and Cultural Sites in
Field Trip                                                               Difficult Times on Thursday 5 November 2009 (Dublin).
The Irish Museums Association Field Trip will take place on              During difficult times, curators, administrators, educators and pro-
Wednesday 3 June to the medieval city of Kilkenny. This day-long         grammes involved in cultural sites, museums and galleries, arts
trip will include visits to Kilkenny Castle, the Butler Gallery, Rothe   organisations and heritage administration, have fewer supports
House, and to the Bishop’s Palace (home to the Heritage Coun-            and resources, yet still retain the need to develop new ideas and
cil). It will be a full day of activities from 9.30am-7.00pm.            to press for innovation. This symposium has been designed to
For details contact or see               help people to devise strategies that will enable them to think
                                                                         more creatively about what they do, where to source funds, how
Museum Practitioner’s Forum                                              to attract visitors and to continue to serve people well.
The Museum Practitioner’s Forum on Friday 10 July, will provide          Invited speakers who will address researching, defining and de-
an opportunity for eight people to present projects, publications,       veloping the audience, include Dr. Nick Merriman (Museum of
collaborative ventures and for the exchange of ideas. It is co-          Manchester); Stuart McLoughlin (Business to Arts); Charlotte
ordinated by Brian Crowley of the Irish Museums Association and          Jensen (National Museum, Copenhagen); Myles Dungan (author,
will take place at Daniel O’Connell House, (Keough-Naughton              historian and media presenter); Lia Chilardi (Noema Research
Notre Dame Centre), 58 Merrion Square, Dublin.                           and Planning); Damien O’Brien (Failte Ireland); Doireann Ni
For details contact or see               Bhriain (Arts Consultant). A series of case histories will be pre-
                                                                         sented that will reflect opportunities in hard times. The sympo-
                                                                         sium will be accompanied by a set of proceedings that will be
Museum Visits
                                                                         published in spring 2010.
Members of the Irish Museums Association, ICOM-Ireland are
                                                                         For details contact;; or see
invited to the following ‘museum visits’ together with a guest.
13 June at 11.15am, Museum Visit to the National Museum of
Ireland – Country Life, at Turlough Park, Castlebar, Co Mayo for a
tour let by Deirdre Power.
27 June at 11.15am, Museum Visit to the Royal Hibernian Acad-                                          ♣♣♣
emy, Ely Place, Dublin, for a tour of the newly refurbished Gallery.     Publications
For details contact or see
                                                                           •    Calaf, R., Didáctica del Patrimonio: epistemología, me-
 ‘Catch up on Culture Week 2009: 17-24 May’                                     todología y estudio de casos, Gijón, Trea, 2009, pp.360,
The Irish Museums Association is organising ‘Catch up on Culture                ISBN 978-84-9704-430-1
Week 2009: 17-24 May’ (includes International Museums Day 18               •    Dalai Emiliani, M., Per una critica della museografia del
May and European Museums at Night 15-18 May) as a fresh ini-                    Novecento in Italia. Il “saper mostrare” di Carlo Scarpa,
tiative to gain new visitors for our cultural heritage sites. Why?              Venezia, Marsilio, 2009, pp. 227, ISBN 883179647X
Visitors are looking for things to do to help them pass their time in      •    De Biase, F. (a cura di), L’arte dello spettatore. Il pubblico
an enjoyable and worthwhile way. The cultural heritage sector is                della cultura tra bisogni, consumi, tendenze, Milano,
ideally placed to address this need. By drawing the attention of                Franco Angeli, 2008, pp. 480, ISBN 13: 9788846498588
the public to ‘Catch up on Culture Week 2009: 17-24 May,’ our              •    Gautheron, M. - Merleau-Ponty, C. (sous la direction de),
museums, arts centres, libraries, folk parks, historic houses, have             L’aventure d’une exposition. Sur les traces du serpent…,
the potential to gain new audiences, provide free and enjoyable                 Lyon, ENS Éditions, 2008, pp. 168, ISBN 978-2-84788-
experiences, and encourage our visitors to use them more fre-                   139-4
quently. The Irish Museums Association has designed a logo and             •    Nuzzaci, A. (a cura di), Il museo come luogo di apprendi-
is co-ordinating events, in partnership with other organisations. In            mento, Lecce, Pensa Multimedia, 2009, pp.360, ISBN
return, the Association is asking cultural heritage sites etc., to be           9788882326470
pro-active with events and displays and do everything in their

                                                                         étudiants en histoire de l’art de second et troisième cycles des
                                                                         institutions françaises et étrangères. Il se déroule indifféremment
Museum Professions: A European Frame of Reference
                                                                         en français et en italien. Une bonne compréhension des deux
Between November 2006 and June 2008 members of ICOM
                                                                         langues est indispensable. Le droit d’inscription est de 150 euros.
France, ICOM Italy, ICOM Switzerland and ICTOP worked to-
                                                                         Il comprend les frais d’enseignement, le logement à Venise, ainsi
gether on a European frame of reference for the museum profes-
                                                                         que les transports au cours du séminaire.
sions. Its objectives are to promote the national and international
                                                                         Programmation et organisation.
recognition of museum professions and the mobility of museum
                                                                         Ecole du Louvre: Gennaro Toscano, Claire Merleau-Ponty
                                                                         Istituto Veneto di Scienze, Lettere ed Arti:
                                                                         Giuseppe Pavanello, Sandro G. Franchini.

Andrea Mantegna 1431 - 1506: restaurations, exposi-                                                ♣♣♣
tions, réception                                                         Quelles scénographies pour quels musées ? Séminaire
 XIIIe séminaire d’histoire de l’art vénitien. Venise, Mantoue, Pa-      international d’été de muséologie
doue, Vérone, du 30 juin au 9 juillet 2009.                              Paris, Lille, Roubaix, Fontainebleau, Nemours, France du 31 août
Le programme comporte des conférences de spécialistes interna-           au 11 septembre 2009
tionaux et des visites conduites par les responsables scientifiques      Ce séminaire s’adresse à des étudiants avancés ou à des profes-
des collections ou par les étudiants. Le séminaire s’adresse aux         sionnels débutants de nationalité étrangère. Destiné à fournir un

Committee for Education and Cultural Action Europe
complément de formation à un cursus d’histoire de l’art, de     
conservation ou de muséologie, il abordera pour sa sixième édi- 
tion les questions relatives à la scénographie, dans le cadre des
expositions permanentes et temporaires. Pratique professionnelle                                          ♣♣♣
spécialisée, la scénographie requiert des compétences multiples           Los visitantes de los museos también quieren divertirse
(architecture intérieure, éclairage, sonorisation, signalétique, mul-
                                                                          Article de Nicole Gesché-Koning dans le journal El Alto Aragon.
timédia…), et, selon les objectifs fixés par les musées, elle parti-
cipe activement à la médiation des objets, à leur lisibilité, leur jus-
te interprétation et leur bonne conservation. Enseignements théo-
riques, tables rondes, rencontres et échanges avec des profes-                                            ♣♣♣
sionnels, visites de musées permettent aux participants d’aborder                                Abruzzo Earthquake
ces questions fondamentale dans les musées.                               See the video :

General information
The International Board                                                   • Iceland - Rakel Pétursdóttir, Listasa fni Íslands/National Gallery
• Colette Dufresne-Tassé - Chair                                          of Iceland
• Arja van Veldhuizen - Secretary                                   
• Francine Lelièvre - Member                                              • Ireland - Marie Bourke, National Gallery of Ireland
• Michael Cassin - USA and Canada Regional Coordinator              
• Anne-Marie Ëmond - Information Coordinator and ICOM Educa-              • Italy - Silvia Ciriello, Centro di Didattica Museale, Università de-
tion Editor                                                               gli Studi Roma Tre
• Emma Nardi - Europe Regional Coordinator                          
• Daniel Castro Benitez - South-America and the Caribbean Re-             • Netherlands – Willem Jan Renders, Van Abbemuseum
gional Coordinator                                                        Eindhoven
• Adriana Mortara Almeida - Publications Diffusion Coordinator      
• Umebe N. Onyejekwe – Africa Regional Coordinator                        • Norway - Gunhild Aaby, Vest-Agder-museet
• Kwang Sun Ahn – Asia-Pacific and Australia Regional Coordina-     
tor                                                                       • Slovakia – Marian Číž, Múzeum vo Sv. Antone
CECA National Correspondents                                              • Spain - Roser Juanola, Universitat de Girona - ICRPC
 • Austria - Claudia Peschel Wacha, Museum of Folk life and Folk          • Sweden - Anne Lidén, Stockholm University
art in Vienna                                                                                     • United Kindom – Jenny Wedgbury, Kensington Palace Historic
• Belgium - Nicole Gesché-Koning, Centre de recherches et                 Royal Palaces, Kensington Gardens
d'études technologiques des arts plastiques                         
• Czech Republic, Jan Dolak, Masaryk University Brno
• Croatia - Zeljka Jelavic, Etnografski muzej
• Finland - Leena Tornberg, Museum of technology
• France - Hana Gottesdiener, Université d’Avignon et des Pays
des Vaucluse
• Georgia – Inga Karaia, Chief Specialist of the Department Mu-
seums & Collection, Ministry of Culture, Monuments Protection
and Sport of Georgia,
• Germany - Peter Rolf Schüller, Kunstsammlung Nordrhein-
• Greece – Amalia Tsitouri, Hellenic Ministry of Culture
                                                                                     Meeting in Rome, Cocktail at Scuderie del Quirinale

                           Next issue October. Deadline for contributions September 15

  Editorial board
  Emma Nardi (chair), Francesco Agrusti, Silvia Ciriello.
  Copyright: Università Roma Tre – Dipartimento di Progettazione Educativa e Didattica – Centro di Didattica Mu-
  seale, via Madonna dei Monti 40, 00184 Roma – -

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