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									                A Guide for New Distributors of
             Freshwater Organics and Perma-Guard
                                  Better * Simpler * Safer

Getting Started
Now that you have decided to become a distributor, you need an income as quickly as
possible. The best way to get customers is to give as many good presentations to as many
qualified prospects as possible. You give good presentations by practicing. Each time you
give your presentation, you will improve.

How does one find “qualified” prospects? How does one set an appointment with
qualified prospects? What makes a prospect qualified? I define a qualified prospect as
anyone who wants the product, and can afford the product. I have focused my
prospecting on those prospects most likely to buy at least a pallet of product per month. I
have found that it takes just as much time to sell 28 truckloads as it does to sell a 5-ounce
bottle (In fact, I think it takes less time). You need to determine what is the most effective
use of your time. If you have many personal contacts, call them and ask them for referrals
or for an introduction to qualified buyers. If you can get them all together, tell them all at
once. Better to spend one hour telling five friends than five hours telling five friends. The
more you repeat your stories, the better they will sound, so tell them as often as you can.
There are many ways, but I am going to go over the ones that I have found to be most
successful. Here are the methods of prospecting that I have found to work the best.

   1.   Use the Internet for prospecting.
   2.   Use phone books.
   3.   Use trade magazines.
   4.   Get personal referrals.

1 – To use the Internet, I start with I enter the “State” I am in, then
under “category” I enter key words (search for only one keyword at a time) and then I hit
the “find it” button. Here are some of my favorite keywords for Diatomaceous Earth
prospects - farm, organic, greenhouse, livestock, pet, pest, nurseries and grain. There are
others, but that list should keep you busy for a LONG time.
Next, you click on each of the sub-categories that come up in your searches. These
searches can be sorted by distance or alphabetically. I save each page of the search to a
file and name each page “livestock1”, “livestock2”, etc. but if you are not familiar with
computers or with creating files from Internet pages, you may wish to print each page
out. If you intend to print them out, be sure you have plenty of printer ink and paper on
hand. These pages and files can later be used for telemarketing or for direct mail.

2 – Phone Books – Use these just like you used the Internet. Look up the same key words
in the yellow pages of several local phone books. The list may surprise you. Don’t forget
to use all the new key words from the sub-categories of your Internet searches.

3 – Trade Magazines – Go to a large public library (or a University Library) and ask the
librarian how to find a list of periodicals on the key words you have. She will direct you
to a large book that lists every periodical in the country. Many of the publishers will send
you a free copy if you ask, and some of them may be available online. Also, you may
wish to submit your press releases to these publications. Another good thing about trade
magazines is that they may be a good place to run ads for a niche market. Find out the
magazine’s circulation, how often it comes out, and contact several of their advertisers to
see if they are satisfied with their advertising results. Some of their advertisers may also
give you some good referrals. Subscribe to all the free publications that you believe may
be able to provide leads. Another good thing about trade periodicals is that they list all of
their trade shows and may be willing to sell you mailing labels or a CD with all their
subscribers for a couple hundred dollars. This could be a great investment. Keep track of
all the magazines you contact and their phone number and editor’s information. At some
time in the future, you will probably want to call them and ask them if they would like to
interview you or you may want to send them an article for submission.

4 – Personal Referrals – Talk to your banker, your accountant, and your friends. Once
you tell them what you are distributing and the type of accounts you are looking for, you
will be amazed at who will give you great referrals – those who you least expected would
be able to help you.

Telemarketing doesn’t have to be annoying. When you use pre-qualified leads like those
from the lists we just put together, you may be surprised at the warm reception that you
receive. In the beginning, this can be the most effective use of your time, or the time of
an assistant or family member who wants to help. I would suggest that if you can find an
assistant capable of doing this well, that you reward them well. Give some compensation
for their time, a bonus for each task completed, and another bonus once a sale is made. Of
course, I suggest an incremental approach for your telemarketing plan. Rather than call
and try to sell a complete stranger over the phone, I suggest trying to get their fax number
– or trying to schedule an appointment. Once you have sent them a fax, you can call back
a day or two later and try to schedule an appointment. If you have a day planner or a good
software program like Act! Or Outlook, keep good records of who you call, who you fax,
who you mail, and when you are supposed to follow up with another phone call. Don’t
over do it on the first call. Keep it short and concise. Here are some sample scripts. Try
them all or write your own. Use whatever works best for your operation:

                                                        Telephone Scripts

       (When you are Smiling they can hear it)
       1. Hello this is _(your telemarketer)_, calling regarding Perma-Guard. (Your Name) asked me to
       send over a fax… can you tell me your fax number please?

       2. (Your Name) asked me to fax you over some information on Perma-Guard products. Can I have
       your fax number please?

       When you receive the fax, if you have any questions or would like to set up an appointment with
       (Your name), please give me a call back? My name is (your telemarketer). Thank you, Good-bye.
       - - - - - - - - ------------ ------------   --------------- -------------- ----------------
       (If they say NO FAX) OK, can you tell me where to mail the information please?
       (If they say What is Perma-Guard?) We are the largest distributor of food grade diatomaceous
       earth in the world.
       (If they say What is DE?) Diatomaceous Earth is the foundation of all the Perma-Guard products.
       Our food grade DE is used as a feed additive, in grain storage, and as a 100% natural insecticide.
       (If they press, say) I’m not sure…(Your Name) just asked me if I would fax this over to you.
       Would you like me to have (Your Name) call you?

       To Mail out a packet:

       Good morning. This is (your telemarketer). (Your Name) of Perma-Guard asked me to verify your
       mailing address. Is your address still _________________?
       Thank you. Do you happen to have an email address?
       Great. We are mailing you out some information on Perma-Guard Diatomaceous Earth products.
       When you receive them, if you have any questions or would like to set up an appointment, please
       call me back. My name is (your telemarketer). Thank you, Good-bye.

       To Schedule an appointment

       Hello, this is (your telemarketer). I am following up a fax that we sent to you on Perma-Guard
       Diatomaceous Earth. Do you know if you have received that information yet?
       (YES) Good. Did you have any questions about the information?
       (Yes) Well, (Your Name) is really the best person to answer product questions…
       What I would like to do is have (Your Name) call you back* or I can set up an appointment** for
       (Your Name) to come in and speak with you about Perma-Guard. Would that be all right?
       (If they say NO, we haven’t seen it) Oh, I’m sorry, I can re-fax that over right now. What is your
       fax number please?

       * He is on another line right now, but I will have him call you back as soon as he is finished with
       his call.
       ** Today (Your Name) is in (Name of town ~ Twin Falls?) but I can have him come out and see
       you on (Day of Week) – would that work for you?
       (If they say NO) What is the best day for you?
       Would (give a time, but leave at least an 1.5 hrs between appointments) be a good time for you?
       (If they say NO) His schedule is a little tight, rather than me plan an appointment that he might not
       be able to meet – why don’t I have (Your Name) give you a call to set something up? What is the
       best number for him to reach you on?
       Great, I will have him give you a call back. Good Bye.

For the past 35 years, Perma-Guard has found that typical advertising doesn’t work. Most
sales come from referrals. That did not discourage us from trying some niche marketing.
We tried radio, newspaper, and a farming industry paper. All were successful for us! The
trick for us was to find a problem in the “community” and offer a solution. We found that
“the dairy community” was having a huge problem with odor. We called radio stations
and newspapers and offered them a news story. “Perma-Guard can help control manure
odors!” That was enough to get us a few interviews. We were invited to be live on the air,
and had our photos in one of the largest newspapers in the state. We didn’t BUY an ad;
we brought them a NEWS story that the community wanted to hear. We followed up by
running some ads and did put an ad in a “special addition” newspaper that will be given
to some 3000 attendees at the largest farm show in Idaho. But we ran an ad AFTER
people knew what Perma-Guard Diatomaceous Earth was. We didn’t try to sell DE; we
sold the benefits that people wanted from DE. We plan to attend trade shows and display
our banners on the wall and across the front of our table. If you have a trailer, I suggest
that you put a “billboard” on it so that you are advertising every time you move it. In
addition, if you have a livestock auction near you, park your trailer out front (get there
early) and hand out flyers to everyone who passes by. Don’t just paint “Diatomaceous
Earth” on the side, paint “Get rid of parasites, flies, and odors naturally!” I did this and
engaged several people in conversation. Within an hour, I had sold 2 truckloads of DE.
There is a great book out called Guerilla Marketing by J. Conrad Levinson
author=Levinson%2C%20Jay%20Conrad/104-4928851-3855967) that gives some of the
best ideas I have ever heard on getting maximum exposure from a minimum of marketing
funds. It is well worth its cost. Another book I urge you to read is Swim With the Sharks
by Harvey Mackay. This is the best book I have ever read on networking – getting leads
from others and maintaining excellent business relationships. There are dozens of others.
If you do not believe that you have good selling skills, a good book is one of the least
expensive investments that you can make. If you need suggestions on which ones to read,
I would be happy to recommend a few.

I do not suggest running a small ad in a newspaper with your company name and phone
number. If you want to make an investment in a print ad, make sure that you either have
an interview in that paper or that you have at least enough space to have an attractive
picture as a background and that you can really tell what the product does without the ad
seeming too crowded. Free publicity – is ALWAYS better than an ad. An interview, a
feature story, a write-up on a community project that you supported or volunteer to or
donated to, or a quote from you in a news article is worth far more than any ad you can
purchase. The fact that a third party is interviewing you, lends tremendously to your
credibility. Look for opportunities and events where you can make a newsworthy
statement. Be a guest on a radio or TV gardening show. Send press releases to magazines,
trade journals, newspapers, radio stations, and anyone you think might mention you in the
media. Offer to speak for free to clubs, organizations, fairs, trade shows and in front of
any audience someone will let you in front of; send out a press release announcing the
speaking engagement or volunteer work.
When the state fair comes to town, make sure that you are in charge of fly and odor
management at the cow exhibit. You will do this for free and it will be extremely
valuable to you in new business. It will cost you less than $50 in product.
Donate bags of DE as door prizes at events and trade shows. Use your imagination and
get your name and Perma-Guard’s name seen and heard as often as possible. Read about
P.T. Barnum if you get a chance.

Work on your presentation skills. Watch videos and listen to tapes of Wally Tharp or
Fran Tully talking about Perma-Guard. Use the
website to cut and paste information into your own presentation or press release. Create a
PowerPoint presentation that you can give to Regional Sales Managers who might train
their sales forces to represent your products. Create a flyer (or modify one of mine) that
you can pass out to everyone you come in contact with. Make a list of bullet points that
you will use during your phone calls, during interviews, and when you write press
releases. In no time, you will have them memorized and they will sound that much better.
Keep your thoughts focused and sounding natural. This takes time and practice, but it is
time well spent. Record your presentations and listen to them (or better yet watch them).
Make notes of things you want to change. Make sure you have a 5-minute presentation, a
15-minute presentation, a 30-minute presentation, and eventually a one-hour presentation
prepared. Read all the testimonials. Memorize the ones you like the best and share those
stories with others. I made photocopies of my favorite stories and filed them in folders
with labels identifying the “type” of story. When I give presentations, I give out copies of
stories that the audience can relate to. Remember, whoever tells the best story will get the
sale. True stories make the best stories. Practice.
You may want to join a lead exchange group, the chamber of commerce, or toastmasters
to help you develop your speaking skills and get others to help you expand your business.

The most important part of your presentation is the first 15 seconds. You MUST get their
attention. Don’t talk too slowly or quietly, and don’t hesitate or appear nervous and
unsure about what you want to talk about. Maintain eye contact, smile, speak clearly and
at a normal or slightly louder volume, and SAY WHAT YOU CAME TO SAY. Watch
their eyes. Are they interested? Don’t bore them or put them to sleep. Tell them WHY
you are so excited about the product and they may become interested. Will it solve a
problem for them? Will it save or make them money? Will it improve the health of them
or their animals? Will it create good will towards their business with the community? If
you do not get their attention in the first 15 seconds, you man never get another chance to
get it. Work very hard on your opening. Make sure that it applies to your audience. You
only get one chance to make a first impression.
Once you have made your first impression and you have gained their interest, ask them
questions about their business. LISTEN VERY CAREFULLY to their answers and to
their questions. You have two ears and one mouth for a reason. If they have a problem
and you have a solution, you can both leave the meeting happy.

Contact groups, organizations, and clubs and let them know that you would like to come
in and speak to their group about the amazing properties of 100% natural diatomaceous
earth. Call as many folks as you can in the same niche industry and invite them to a
private “meeting” about DE. If you reach someone who has a chicken coop, see if he
would like to invite six or ten of his fellow poultry men to his place to hear you speak
about the benefits of DE to the chicken industry. You can usually get a local restaurant or
bar to let you use a fair sized room for free, but you might get one of your customers or
prospects who will allow you to use their building and help you by inviting some of their
friends and associates over to hear you speak. If you are able to get a very LARGE group
together, contact me and I will either have Wally or myself show up to help you with the
meeting. There is no one in the world better at large private DE meetings than Wally
Tharp. Do your best to arrange these meetings and you will be very successful. These
meetings are outstanding opportunities. I have yet to see a meeting that didn’t lead folks
to jump up and rush the table to buy products. I saw Wally completely sell out of all
products and take orders to send product out to those who missed out. You might want to
ask your local feed store to allow you to hold a meeting in front of their store on a
Saturday or whatever day is their busiest day of the week. Advertise it well, with flyers,
word of mouth, phone calls, and put signs on the road directing people to you. Call folks
to make sure that they show up. Depending on your budget and your market, you might
wish to host your own event in a local hotel or conference center and you can invite other
speakers that will draw a large crowd to your event. Invite everyone and have a big
crowd. I have friends of my wife come over and ask me what I do for a living…within 10
minutes they are asking me if they can buy some for themselves and their pets. I have
also had them buy the insecticide for their home, plants and gardens. Everyone who hears
enough about DE wants it – everyone. Of course, the new products that I am adding to
the line are as amazing or more amazing as DE and I expect the same results.
Recruit New Distributors
If you make a sale over 50 miles from where you live, try to recruit a distributor to work
in that area. I often try to recruit the person I sold the DE to. If you personally know
someone you believe would be an asset to your distributor network, call them, take them
on some calls with you. If you have five or ten good distributors in a spoke configuration,
you can quickly penetrate the market. You can leave some products with your distributor
and have them manage your accounts in their area for you and pay them a couple of
dollars a bag for each bag they sell or deliver for you. They should have a storage area
where they can put at least a pallet or two of product, and should be out aggressively
marketing for you. If you are really good, and can recruit 24 excellent distributors, you
can bring in a truckload (or more) and give each of them a pallet for their own local
inventory. A decent distributor should have no trouble selling a pallet at retail ($32) on a
Saturday if they have a good location or know people with animals. You might suggest
that they make a deal with the local feed store or farm store to sell a pallet at their front
door on a Saturday. By doing this, you will be creating a market for the product and
additional revenue for the store. When you have sold the pallet, the store may order a
truckload or a half truckload on the spot. Or, he may be willing to begin making up feed
with DE mixed in at 2% of the dry weight of the feed. At that point, you might want to
discuss having that store co-op a local ad that lists them as the local distributor. If you
have a feed store or farm store with multiple locations, ask if you can go to one store a
week and sell a pallet for them at each of their stores. While this makes more money for
the store than it does for you, it gives you a productive point of distribution that will re-
order product from you. It also will give you the advantage of telling those who call for a
bag or two where they can go and pick it up locally and save you from driving across
town or the county to deliver a single bag. The storeowner will really appreciate your
referring him new business and may even give you some leads for other distributors.

If you don’t already have one, you will eventually want a pickup truck and or a trailer
that will allow you to deliver a pallet or more. When I deliver, I charge a dollar or two
per bag for a delivery charge. This helps you recoup your freight charges and gives you
an opportunity to recruit a new distributor. Also, if you have distributors, this will allow
you to deliver product to them. Be careful not to extend too much credit. You will soon
be too busy to track down folks for payment. I try to get all money in advance or at time
of delivery. There is no risk to your distributors or customers even if they pay up front,
since we offer a 100% money-back guarantee on all products. If they later decide that
they no longer want to be a distributor, they will be able to get their money back for their
unused inventory.

If you need help or have questions, give me a call. We also have several movies that may
help you improve you skill or allow you to “loan them out” to do the selling for you.

Fran Tully
Freshwater Organics
Perma-Guard National Distributor Manager
Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth Products
Sandy, UT
801-949-3570, 208-404-1484

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