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					 A beginner’s
   guide to

                       Marilee Peters
                            LIBR 500
 Foundations of Information Technology
When I was nineteen…
I left home for the first
I said goodbye to my
boyfriend and my
And I flew to northern
Alberta for the summer
                            My boyfriend

I was going treeplanting
The Journey Begins
I flew from Ottawa to
Edmonton (travel time: 4hrs)         Edmonton, AB

I took a bus from Edmonton to
Grande Prairie, AB
(travel time: 6hrs)
                                  Grande Prairie, AB

Then a pickup truck took me to
Beaverlodge, AB, where I
joined my planting crew and
took off for the logging roads
and clearcuts of Alberta and BC
                                     Beaverlodge, AB
(travel time: 4 months)
                             My crew foreman was
                             annoyed to discover I
                               had not brought :

                                   Tent
                                   Sleeping bag
                                   Heavy duty footwear
                                   Raingear

My esteemed crew foreman.
                            I was dismayed to learn I
                            would need these items.
As I was soon to discover,
I had a great deal to learn

     About treeplanting
     About myself
Over the next few weeks,
I learned an awful lot about my new job.

   For instance …. I learned how to plant a tree
    Then I learned how to plant several hundred a day
I also learned…
 How Not to Plant a Tree
   Double Plant: to unknowingly plant
     two trees right beside each other
   J-Roots: tree roots not vertical
   Loose Tree: tree not firmly tamped
     into soil
   Too Deep: tree partially buried
   Too Shallow: root section exposed
                          A select
                        glossary of
                       Planting terms

   Bag up: to load planting bags with trees
   Block: logged land ready for planting
   Cream: good land for planting (elusive)
   Duff: dead organic matter covering mineral soil
   Highballer: crew member who plants the most trees
   Reefer: refrigerated truck for tree delivery/storage
   Screef: to scrape away duff with shoe or shovel
   Slash: tangle of logs and branches impeding planting
  The Truth About          BUGS
Methods of Counterattack
             Nothing really works
           How to Have Fun on

             The Day Off

           Activities include:
•binge drinking      •eating junk food
•dancing             •hot showers
•sleeping in a bed   •lots of laundry
   How I Survived Treeplanting

There were many survival methods recommended to me, ranging from:
                 Amphetamine dependence
                        I opted to:
                        Work the foreman
                 Sleeping withHard
                       Make friends
                    Live in the moment
What I Learned About Myself
     I learned that I am capable of
    extremely hard work requiring
     great physical endurance and
              mental determination
   I realized for the first time that I
        could be independent of my
                I learned that I loved
  I subsequently
     returned to
treeplanting for two
   more seasons.

     I miss it
   Thanks to the Welcome to Beaverlodge website
    at http://southpeace.org/beaverlodge/index.htm
    for use of the photo of Beaverlodge, AB.
   Animated mosquito gif from the Centre for
    Applied Entomology and Parasitology at
   Thanks to the World City Photo Archive at
    http://www.worldcityphotos.org/ for use of the
    photo of Edmonton, AB.
   Thanks to http://www.experimentalairplane.com/
    for use of the photo of Grande Prairie, AB.
   Other photos and gifs courtesy of free download
    sites including: The Animation Factory at

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