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                                      Getting That Coveted Golf Straight Shot
                                                      By Noel Siegel

   However easy it may seem, it is actually pretty difficult to hit a straight shot in golf. Now everyone is
born like the golf guru, Tiger Woods, so this is actually pretty understandable. Still, hitting a golf straight
shot right down on the green remains the dream shot to make of a lot of golfers, both the novice and
the expert.

 When you want to make a successful golf straight shot, you actually have to use the driver. This is, by
far, the most difficult golf club to use, let alone control. Because the club itself is longer than other golf
clubs, chances are, you will encounter a lot of hooks, as well as slices, off your tee. Still, there are a lot
of things you can try to improve your drive for this straight shot. This might not make you the next Tiger
Woods anytime soon, but the following tips will surely help you exert more control on your shot.

 The first thing to do here is to focus your attention on accuracy. A common mistake golfers make is
that they exert all their efforts into their swing when this should not be the case at all. You need to
control the driver first before you do start focusing on your swing. As the clichй goes, you got to
learn to walk before you run. Controlling the club becomes a definite must here. The key here is to let
the club do most, if not all, of the work. You should just use your muscles to support the driver. This
way, you will have enough leverage for a clean and smoother connection with the ball.

 The second key area involves both your stance and your balance. Make sure to have the golf ball right
by your left foot. The key here is to bring the backswing right back and down through the golf ball.
Driving the ball this way would give you a straight shot down to the green. A common problem here is
that golfers perform a rather rushed backswing instead of giving it a smooth and clean follow-through.
Just keep your muscles as relaxed as possible to avoid having this rushed backswing.

 Grip pressure is also a key area here. Many golfers do have problems with grip pressure, and
correcting this can lead to better straight shots. It is important for right handed golfers to have their left
hands apply the needed pressure in driving the shot. The left hand should then be the stronger one
here, while the right one should be as relaxed as possible. Understandably, the opposite should be
implemented for left handed golfers.

 Focus, balance, stance, and a more controlled drive or swing are the key areas you need to
concentrate on to get that clear straight shot going for you. With these tips, getting there would

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definitely be easier. Just make sure that you do spend the much needed time for practice, since this
shot is not really that easy to master. But once you do see significant improvement, you will definitely
be the envy of your friends!

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                                             How to Easily Visualize a Golf Shot
                                                           By Maxx Johnson

We hear it every single weekend about how Tiger Woods and Phil Mickelson are able to visualize a
golf shot before they execute it. The player that really became prevalent on the PGA Tour to be able to
visualize a golf shot was Jack Nicklaus. Nicklaus would not swing until he had already seen the golf
shot in his mind form beginning to end in his mind. Some also say that this is where the slow pace of
play came from as well since many players were attempting to mock the best player in the world at that

 I have worked with all levels of players from beginner to professional and I have had many tell me that
they can not visualize a golf shot. This is simply Baloney!!! All of us can do it and need to do it if we
would like to lower our scores. Some of us have to do it a little different than the others but being able
to visualize a golf shot can be accomplished very quickly. Let me show you how:

 You can start at home or at work (if you are the boss). Look at a picture that you have on the wall.
Now close your eyes and explain the picture or object in as much detail as possible. While your eyes
are closed zoom into the picture and zoom out to make sure you can catch all of the details.

 Another way to improve how you visualize a golf shot is to picture something outside such as your car.
What color is it? Is it clean? What about the particulars of your new rims or how the interior is laid out?
Where is it parked right now? Can you "see" yourself opening up the door and sitting in the seat and
turning the key and driving out? You get the picture (haha). Again, get as picky and descriptive as you
can. Practice with items that you know very well and have good recall on these items.

 So now that we are the golf course how are we going to visualize a golf shot? As we go through our
pre-shot routine, we will gather all pertinent information such as lie of the golf ball, wind direction,
obstacles in our landing area, etc. As we gather this information, we will need to pick out a golf club
that will allow us to hit the shot needed. Will we need a draw or a fade? Watch it! You are starting to
visualize a golf shot. Once the proper club is chosen, then see yourself hit the golf ball from you
swinging the club until the ball has finished rolling.

 Okay, some of you are still screaming that you can not visualize a golf shot. Here is the most simple
way to do it. Simply tell yourself, your caddy or the little guy on your shoulder what you are getting
ready to do. Many do not see this as visualization because you are talking through the golf shot.
Talking through the shot that I am about to hit has helped me immensely as I used to be one of the
players who could not visualize a golf shot.

Maxx Johnson of VGS Golf Click for info on how to vizualize a golf shot. Click
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