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									                                     Presented by Daniel Toriola

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                                  Get Into the Groove With Nintendo Wii
                                              By Daniel Millions

   While many video games have turned today's youths into small couch potatoes: Nintendo Wii is
looking to change all of that. Nintendo Wii, or simply called "Wii" by most people, is an interactive
action-based video game you hook up to your television set.

 The Wii has taken the U.S.A. by storm and has continuously sold out from any store it has been
placed in. People will stand on line in rain, snow or any type of weather to get their hands on the Wii.
The Wii sells on eBay for up to three times its selling price of about three hundred and fifty dollars.

 When you purchase the Wii gaming console, you get a number of things. You receive the Wii sports
disk with several popular sports to play either as a dual player, 4-players or just as an individual. You
receive hardware such as the Wii console, remote, nonchuck, sensor bar, console stand and an AV

 Everything about the Wii is smartly designed. The Wii console is slim and sleek and will look attractive
next to any television set. It is also discrete looking and not bulky or the type of gadget that will take up
a lot of space in your living room or family room. The Wii remote control is very intuitive, with buttons
being different sizes and also different shapes. You can easily understand just how it works as you are
setting up your Wii to play games.

 To play Wii you create your own Mii character to represent yourself in the games. This is very much
like an avatar that you may have created at Internet websites. The Mii characters are attractive and
friendly. While the Mii character will not look exactly like you, it is fun to see this character that looks
similar to you interacting within the game or activity you are playing.

 This summer Wii has come out with their latest creation: Wii Fit. The Wii Fit is an athletic game of
sorts that teaches body sculpting, yoga and aerobics. You can take your BMI (body mass index) and
also track your fitness levels. This is ideal for the person that wants to get in shape or who may want to
lose some weight. The Wii Fit offers five different sports activities. The activities are easy enough for a
beginner to start and will be enjoyable for the advanced exerciser.

 The only challenge one could wonder about is if those that use the Wii Fit will get bored with the
exercises just the way people get bored with an exercise DVD and they require some type of variety for
stimulation. Perhaps Wii is already ahead of us in this respect and is planning even more athletic

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                                  Presented by Daniel Toriola

"games" to be added to Wii Fit.

 The Wii is a very creative idea for a video game and certainly has both children and adults getting up
off the couch to play with it. This fun game can burn several hundred calories an hour, just like regular
exercise. With its popularity, it is clear that many adults and children are enjoying Wii very much and
continue to use it far beyond its early popularity. Nintendo is known for bringing us many high-quality
video games and the Wii is simply an ingenious answer to the American obesity crisis. Are you a Wiiener? Find Wii Games
and Accessories Here

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                                  Presented by Daniel Toriola

                                Nintendo Wii Consoles Still the Best?
                                            By Dave Stones

In a world jam-packed with video games one may possibly clearly wonder why someone would need a
further model. Now and again it seems that the graphics can not get any sharper, the sounds any
fuller, and the game play any more realistic. Perhaps that reality is one of the reasons that, in 2001, the
brain trust at Nintendo began to contemplate taking game consoles in a new direction. After seeing
powerful console after powerful console flood the market, Nintendo realized that it was difficult to
compete in a marketplace full of heavyweight, high powered technology. Instead, they decided that a
console that focused on player interaction could fill a void in a sea of consoles focused on speed and
performance. It was with that strategy in mind that the idea for the Nintendo Wii consoles was born.

Despite being the newest and up-to-the-minute game system on the market, the Nintendo Wii consoles
do not take graphics and speed to new levels. Instead, it is a revolutionary new control system that
differentiates the Wii from its competitors as well as any game system that came ahead of it. Allowing
players to control the game through movements, gesturing, swinging, and swiping, the Nintendo Wii
consoles take existing game concepts and marry them with an interactive gaming experience. When
playing tennis – on Wii Games – you do not push a joystick to swing the racket, you swing your arm
while holding the Wii controller, known officially as the Wiimote. The same goes for all the other games
that are designed for the Nintendo Wii consoles. However, part of the appeal of the Nintendo Wii
consoles is that they are not designed solely for Nintendo Wii games. In fact, they are fully compatible
with games for the Nintendo GameCube as well.

A further impressive element of the Nintendo Wii consoles is that they also have the capability to
interface with the Internet – when used in conjunction with a Wi-Fi USB connector. Once online, the
Nintendo Wii consoles allow users to surf the Web, shop online, check the news and weather, chat on
message boards, and even download Nintendo classics like Donkey Kong, Mario Brothers, and many,
many more.

The foresight of the Nintendo engineers just a few years ago is a reality today. In the Nintendo Wii
consoles that have created a game system that does not try to keep up with others, but instead stands
apart from the competition. The video game industry will never be the same.

Designed in 2001, are the Nintendo Wii Consoles still the best on the market, I guess so, as we still
play on them every day. visit my nintendo blogg at:

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                                  Presented by Daniel Toriola

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