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					                                    500 Nations Study Guide

         As you watch the movie, fill out the following worksheet. I have provided a word bank
so that you will spell them correctly! Good luck!

ghost dance                      tomb                    Palenke                  37
turquoise                        Great Serpent           1200                     Utah
over 300                         drought                 kivas                    Indian people
1949                             2000                    400                      outlaw
Sun                              lack of turquoise       1100                     20,000
St. Louis, Missouri              New Mexico              Wounded Knee             Chaco
7th Cavalry                      800                     Arizona                  1800
Hostilities                      Mesa Verde              pit houses               1000+

1. How many languages were represented by the Native Americans who first lived on the

2. The dance to restore the past and to invite the ancestors back from the dead was called the

3.   American settlers’ panic about the dance led them to ________________ it.

4. Bigfoot’s band was intercepted by the ___________________.

5. The massacre of Bigfoot’s band was called ___________________ and was the last battle of
   the Indian Wars.

6. The Anasazi flourished around 900 AD in the area now covered by Colorado, ___________,
_________________, and __________________.

7. They lived in subterranean houses called _________________, which later became rooms for
   religious practices and were called ________________.

8. They made ________________ miles of roads leading to _______________ Canyon.

9. Pueblo Bonito, built around ______________ AD had ________________ rooms,
   ____________ residents and _______________ kivas.

10. The most valuable commodity of the culture was ________________.

11. What led to the downfall of Chaco Canyon? ____________ ____________ ____________

12. After the decline of the culture, many Anasazi moved north to __________________.

13. Their city, called the City of the ______________, was located 6 miles from present-day

14. With _______________ residents, it was the largest city on the continent until ___________.

15. 50 miles east of Cincinnati, Ohio is the __________________ Mound.
16. In 600 AD, ______________ miles south of Cahokia, explorers discovered ______________.

17. Explorers found the architecture so beautiful and ornate that they believed it could not have
    been built by __________________.

18. In _______________, a Mexican archeologist discovered a _____________ that had been
    buried for over _______________ years.