31 May to 2 June 2006

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					                                                           2nd European Landscape Conference
                                                                                                Stage Europe

              31 May to 2 June 2006                                                                                            Under the patronage of

                             Lille   Le Nouveau Siècle

                                                                                                                                Terry DAVIS, General Secretary of the Council of Europe

                                                                                                                                  With the support of

                         The landscape vision
                                        Organised by

                                     In partnership with

   European Foundation                                             International Federation                    Delegated organiser : CYBERGIES - Didier Maingreaud
for Landscape Architecture                                 of Landscape Architects (Centre Region )
                            Wednesday 31 May 2006                                                                       Wednesday 31 May 2006

8.30:              Welcome, coffee, breakfast                                              14.00:              Rural spaces:
                                                                                                               Landscape and development issues
9.45:              Welcome                                                                 Discussion will investigate the links between landscape quality and product quality, and
                    By the honorary president
                                                                                           between landscape projects and economic and social development.
                    Daniel Percheron, President of the Nord Pas-de-Calais Region
                    Maguelonne Déjeant-Pons,                                               Landscape: the economic angle
                    Head of the Spatial Planning and Landscape division                                         Eirik Romstad (Norway), economist
                    representing Terry Davis, General Secretary of the Council of Europe   Planning Director of Cerdagne in Catalonia: role of landscaping in land development
                                                                                                                Alfredo Fernandez de la Reguera (Spain), architect
                    Presentation of the day’s events                                       Efforts made by the Institut National des Appellations d’Origine to link products to their
                    Pierre-Marie Tricaud (France), President of FFP                        geographical origin
                    Teresa Andresen (Portugal), President of EFLA                                               Philippe Mauguin (France), director of INAO
                                                                                           The changing coastal landscape and sustainable touristic development
10.30:             Summary of the National Sessions 2004-2005                                                  Annalisa Calcagno Maniglio (Italy)
                    Lars Nyberg (Sweden), former president of EFLA
                                                                                           Led by:              Anne Fortier-Kriegel (France), landscape architect
11.00:             Break
                                                                                           15.00:              Nature and biodiversity:
                                                                                                               Objective and tool of a landscape project
                   Plenary Workshops
                                                                                           The growing demand for nature in towns and urban regions and its relative low
                                                                                           maintenance are encouraging the creation of more “natural” spaces. Is biodiversity part of
11.30:              Water management:
                                                                                           a landscape project or can it be both an objective and a tool?
                    Preserving sites with landscape projects
The projects presented deal with environmental high quality and factors to consider when
                                                                                           Partnership between ecologists and landscape architects to ecologically manage an
evaluating a site for a landscape project.                                                 industrial wasteland in St-Nicolas-de-Redon in Brittany.
With:                                                                                                           Marc Rumelhart (France), ecologist, Versailles ENSP
Water management in a Mediterranean climate, with its heavy and unpredictable floods: an   Evaluation and management of ecosystems on the outskirts of Rome
example from Martigues in Provence                                                                              Patrizia Ingallina (Italy), town planner
                    Olivier Philippe (France), Agence Ter, landscape architect             ”Grün Berlin”, ecological management of green spaces in a European capital
Lagooning and reconversion of a mining site in Harnes, Nord-Pas de Calais                                       Almut Jirku (Germany), director of green spaces in Berlin
                    François-Xavier Mousquet (France), landscape architect                 Biodiversity management in a built up area
An urban project based around the regeneration of the Clyde in Glasgow                                          Pierre Lhoumeau (France), director of green spaces of Rennes (to be
                    Fotoula Glendining (United Kingdom), town planner                                           confirmed)
HQE (Environmental high quality) urban projects and water issues in the Netherlands        Led by:              Florent Lamiot (France), ecologist, Regional Council of the Nord Pas-
                    Jeroen de Vries (Netherlands), landscape architect                                          de-Calais
Led by:   Marc Claramunt (France), landscape architect
                                                                                           16.00:              Break

12.30:              Lunch                                                                                                                        Wednesday 31 May (continued)

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                             Wednesday 31 May 2006                                                                  Also at the European Congress…
16.30:              A new look at heritage:
                    Preserving, reinterpreting, inventing…                                                         For 3 days, at the Nouveau Siècle
Traces of the long gone past found on sites appropriate for reconversion (agricultural fallow   Information stands of the Conference’s private and public partners.
land, urban wasteland and redundant infrastructure), can present an obstacle but at the
same time can create an opportunity for a new heritage. The various projects presented          Exhibitions (plans and photos) of regional and European projects and student
show the choice made between preserving, reinterpreting and inventing.                          work.
With:                                                                                           During the second day, elected members and technical staff of the Nord Pas-de-Calais region can
Redeployment of former airport space in Riem, Munich, Germany.                                  access these stands and exhibitions. The Workshops-discussions are also offered by the partners of
                    Gilles Vexlard (France), landscape architect                                the Conference to elected members and technical staff of the Nors Pas-de-Calais region.
                                                                                                (Programme and times will be detailed on the invitation and at the venue)
Landschaftspark Adlershof, ecological evaluation of fomer airport space in Berlin.
                    Gabriela Kiefer (Germany), landscape architect                              A book resource
Use of the Venetian Arsenal, a large reconversion project of a site in a “museum-town”
                    Roberto d’Agostino (Italy), architect, President of the Arsenal                                       Before the 2006 Congress
Redevelopment of Parc des Lilas by the General Council of Val-de-Marne (France),                     From April, join the debates on the major proposed themes on the forums
embracing the history of its quarries and horticultural activity                                                       of the internet site
                    Pierre Dauvergne (France), landscape architect,
                    former services director of the Val-de-Marne                                                           After the 2006 Congress
Led by:             François Grether (France), town planner                                                      Creation and mailing of a summary of the proceedings

17.30:              Large-scale infrastructure: an opportunity to create a                          Survey of the participants from 2006 on the themes they would like included
landscape                                                                                                           in the “3rd European Landscape Congress”
                                                                                                                (National sessions in 2007, European session in 2008)
Whilst contributing to sustainable development (waterways, wind power,…), large scale
infrastructure such as transport systems, energy and material production have been known                                 The debates will continue on the internet
to scar landscapes. How can this infrastructure be creatively put in place?                                                      Introduction of new themes
Implantation of wind turbines in Denmark
                    Ejnar Overlund, (Denmark), Møller & Grønborg,                                           The 2nd European Landscape Congress is supported by…
                    landscape architects (to be confirmed)
The East European High-Speed line (France)
                    A representative of Réseau Ferré de France
The Seine-Nord canal project (France)
                    A representative of Voies Navigables de France (to be confirmed)
Restoration of the porphyry quarries in an urban context (Italy)
                                                                                                                                      Press partner
                    Stéphane Bouché, of the Odorizzi company (to be confirmed)
Led by:             Philippe Thomas (France), landscape architect

18.30:              Drinks                                                                                                                        Programme for Thursday 1 June

                                                                                                                                                  Programme du Jeudi 1er juin

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                            Thursday 1st June 2006                                                                         Thursday 1st June 2006

                    Mobile workshops in France and Belgium                                                        Mobile workshops in France and Belgium

Seven mobile workshops will be taking place across the region, in both France and
Belgium. In each location, groups will be led by key local figures and professionals. The
                                                                                              Cross-border metropolis                                                with the support of

agenda for these workshops, which are open to all conference participants, features both
tours and the opportunity for discussion.                                                     Tour of developments in Roubaix (around Roubaix canal and urban renovation projects) and
                                                                                              in Courtrai (urban restructuring around the Lys canal, layout of a suburban park in Albeke,
                                                                                              town centre and cemetery devised by B. Secchi). Presentation on development project for
                                                                                              the banks of the Escaut in Tournai. Presentation of the rehabilitation programme of the Lys
Metropolitan Natural Space                        with the support of                         (Herstel-Leie River). General presentation on the cross-border metropolis.

Walk around the parks and natural open spaces of a large city.
Relationships between the suburbs, agriculture and differentiated management.                 Ecologically fragile sites and windfarms                             with the support of

Tours of Deûle Park in Lille.
Talks linking up with Metropolitan Natural Space’s European partners.                         Visit to an ecologically fragile site (Bois d’Epinoy) in Libercourt. Fauquembergues windfarm
                                                                                              and presentation of a project of 70 wind turbines in Fruges.
                                                                                              Visit to headlands of Gris-Nez and Blanc-Nez and presentation of the main site operation.
The Septentrion project :
“From a fortified town to a sustainable city”                 with the support of
                                                                                              Incentives and educational gardens                                   with the support of

Reworking of northern Europe’s citadels. Tours of the city of Lille by bicycle or on foot:
views of the landscaped city as it is today. Guided tour of the exhibition “Landscapes in     Tour of achievements in Vieux-Condé. Evidence of departmental policies in favour of
Flanders”. Discussion of analysis techniques for the city and projects for Lille’s evolving   landscaping. Presentation on the river contract (the Lys). Visit to the Amaury pond
urban landscape, supporting its heritage.                                                     (departmental ecologically fragile site). Reception in Valenciennes, at the headquarters of
                                                                                              the “Gardeners of France” association. History of family gardens. Debate on the role of
                                                                                              amateur gardeners. Presentation on educational gardens and hortitherapy.
The mineral field :
From the Artois in France to the Borinage in Belgium                    with the support of
                                                                                              AND IN THE EVENING…
Presentation on the Mission Bassin Minier, the green belt of the mining basin and the
development of the 9-9 bis mine. Walking tour. Barge trip from Dourges (on the Deûle
canal) to the Lens canal: guided tour with commentary and discussion. Visit to the            Gand, town of water and lights                                    with the support of
Harnes lagooning. Presentation on the support for the Urban Natural Park Project at the
Drocourt cokeworks and tour of a park development (Glissoire Park).                           All conference participants will be met by the authorities of this Flemish town. Presentation
                                                                                              on the project of reopening an arm of the Escaut and other river developments, followed by
                                                                                              guided tours of these projects.
The North Sea coast                                               with the support of
                                                                                              Reception in the Town Hall, then free time to discover the town’s lights.
                                                                                              Return to Lille by coach during the night.
Tour of an exceptional site (the Opal coast) – still popular with swimmers – and of urban
renewal projects such as reclaimed ports and large-scale town planning (operation
Neptune at Dunkerque).                                                                                                                       Programme for Friday 2 June

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                               Friday 2nd June 2006                                                                               Friday 2 June 2006
9.30:               Welcome, coffee, breakfast

10.00:              Round Table
                                                                                                   14.30              Landscape challenges in the Nord Pas-de-Calais
                    European landscape reviews
                                                                                                   Round Table proposed by the Regional Council of the Nord Pas-de-Calais, with
Collation of landscape projects in Europe by editors of leading reviews and European               regional key figures in landscaping, ecology and politics.
Robert Schäfer                 TOPOS, Germany                                                       “Are landscape projects and sustainable development compatible?”
Catherine Mosbach              PAGES PAYSAGES, France
Jeroen de Vries                SUSTAINABLE URBAN DESIGN, Netherlands                               Open to conference participants and external guests of the Regional Council of the Nord Pas-de-
And editors of other publications (Switzerland, Italy, Spain and Great Britain)

Led by:   Lisa Diedrich (Germany), journalist (to be confirmed)

11.30:              Break
                                                                                           14.30                   Workshop - discussions
                                                                                                                   Second workshop session
                                                                                                                   Programme to be determined
12.00:              Workshop - discussions

The Workshop discussions bring together landscape professionals, project owners and
suppliers. The sessions last 45 minutes, with the opportunity to discuss various topics,   15.15                   Round Table
after presentations on projects, new products, publications, feedback and new ideas.                               Landscape visions and politics
See the full programme at and from 20 March.
                                                                                           How might landscape architects and political figures work together for the good of the
Workshop 1          Research Programme “Landscape and sustainable development”             landscape? Considering project biais, strength of conviction and experience.
                    Proposed by the Minister for Ecology and sustainable development
Workshop 2          Lighting project in the town of Gand, 1 prize LUCI 2005                Frank Beke (Belgium), Mayor of Gand
                    Proposed by the town of Gand                                           Roberto d’Agostino (Italy), Deputy Mayor of Venice
                                                                                           Johanna Bougon (France), Deputy Mayor of Amiens
Workshop 3          The European Landscape Convention, democratising landscapes            Jacqueline Osty (France), landscape architect
                    Proposed by the Council of Europe                                      Henri Bava (Germany), landscape architect
                                                                                           Gilles Vexlard (France), landscape architect
Workshop 4          Family gardens, social links and suburban landscapes                   Joan Roig (Spain), architect (to be confirmed)
                    Proposed by Gardeners of France
                                                                                           Led by:   Joël Gayssot (France), town planner,
                                                                                           Director of the Val de Marne Development Agency
Workshop 5          Land ownership, nature and landscapes…
                    Proposed by the FNSAFER
                                                                                           17.00                   Offical closing of the 2nd Congress – European Session
                                                                                                                   Teresa Andresen, President of EFLA
12.45               Lunch                                                                                          and Pierre-Marie Tricaud, President of FFP


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