2008 Pack 1811 Popcorn Sales Cub Scout Family Guide by guy21


									                                   2008 Pack 1811 Popcorn Sales
                                   Cub Scout Family Guide

Once again, our major fundraiser is the Popcorn Sale. The money the Scouts raise
helps support all of the activities that make Cub Scouting with Pack 1811 the great
experience it is. 30% of everything they sell goes right to our Pack. This year’s
individual sales goal is $250, and in addition to our regular sales program, we will
add to our popcorn sales with Show & Sell.
By selling popcorn, Scouts can earn cool prizes from the Boy Scouts & the Pack
    Participation in the Show & Sell counts toward your prize total.
    Additional Pack prizes are awarded to top performing Pack 1811 Scouts and Dens.
Here’s How It Works
    Participate in the Show & Sell effort – Six dates and locations are listed below;
     plan to attend at least one of those dates.
      Friday 10/3 > 6-8 pm – Kroger – 11400 Huguenot Road
      Saturday 10/4 > 10-12 pm - Ukrop’s Sycamore Square
      Friday 10/10 > 6-8 pm – Kroger - 14101 Midlothian Turnpike
      Sunday 10/12 > 10-12 pm – Kroger - 14101 Midlothian Turnpike
      Friday 10/17 > 6-8 pm – Kroger – 11400 Huguenot Road
      Friday 10/24 > 6-8 pm – Kroger - 14101 Midlothian Turnpike
    With their Take-Order forms, Scouts can start selling right away! They can sell
     to their neighbors, their parents’ co-workers, people at church, anyone.
    With the Take-Order form – Please collect the money upfront, cash or checks
     made payable to Pack 1811.
    The popcorn will be delivered on November 15th. Scouts will pick up their orders
     at Redeemer Church.
    Scouts deliver the popcorn.
Before You Get Started
 Read the attached Safety Tips
 Read the attached Selling Tips

    For more information, contact Kim Palazzolo: (H)804-464-2660, *Mobile: 516-650-
                           4953, E-mail: LINY2VA@comcast.net
                             Popcorn Safety Tips
   Always walk on the sidewalk or on the driveway.
   Always sell with another Scout or adult.
   Never enter anyone’s home.
   Don’t carry large amounts of cash.
   Don’t sell after dark unless you’re with an adult.

                             Popcorn Selling Tips
 Always wear your Cub Scout uniform.
 Saturday afternoons are one of the best times to catch people at home – plan
an hour each week to sell.
 When you are selling the popcorn, tell the people what the money goes for – ―it
helps scouts like you have the experience of a lifetime, while learning to DO
 Remember to always have 2 pens with you and make sure you keep your Take-
Order form as neat as possible.
 Statistics show 2 out of 3 houses buy popcorn when asked.
 The average sale is $10 per house.
 Remember to tell your customer that you’ll deliver their popcorn order around
the last week of November.
 Make sure you know all the different types of popcorn products you are selling
(study your Take-Order Form)
 The more people you ask — the more people will buy.
 Ask your parents if you can go to their office and sell. Make sure you deliver
the popcorn and say "Thank You" — if you can't deliver it yourself, tape a Thank
You note on top of the popcorn!
 Remind your parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles and neighbors what a great
gift popcorn makes for teachers, friends, co-workers etc

 Remember to say Thank You when you hand deliver it.
Popcorn Selling Prizes
Popcorn Selling Prizes (con’t)

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