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									Nevis LLC and Nevis Bank Account
Nevis – Nevis is a Caribbean island tax haven. It is associated with Saint Kitts.

The Bank in Nevis – The Bank we use is a bank local to Nevis. No branches outside of
Nevis. The bank offers online banking, debit cards and secured credit cards. The cards can
be tied directly to the bank account. We also offer anonymous Visa cards without your name
on the card or in the magnetic strip. This card is not tied to your bank account and is loaded
by wire transfer. You can bank in USD, UK pound and Euros. The native language is English.
The online banking is in english.

Nevis Taxes – There is no income tax, inheritance tax or capital gains tax.

Nevis LLC – The Nevis LLC is more anonymous than any of the offshore anonymous bearer
share corporations including Panama. Nevis does not maintain any publicly accessible
database of corporate records. Only the government and Nevis lawyers can access this
database. This means a financial enemy could not even get any basic information about
your corporation like when filed and so forth.

The Nevis LLC uses bearer membership certificates in place of bearer shares of stock. Nevis
does have bearer share corporations but the shares must be retained by the registered
agent in Nevis and they need to know the names and have ID on the shareholders. The
Nevis LLC is a superior vehicle and much more private than the other anonymous
corporations found around the world.

Nevis Legal System – The nice thing about Nevis is that if a financial enemy decided to
pursue you to Nevis they would have to hire a Nevis attorney and post a $25,000 cash bond
with the court to begin any sort of court action. If he loses the case he will forfeit this bond
to pay for court costs and damages to you. Since Nevis is a small Caribbean Island
jurisdiction there are not a lot of lawyers there. When the lawyers hear the client is from
another country they are going to charge $5,000 to $10,000 just to review the case. They
will render a discouraging opinion since they know the chances of success are very slight at
best and wish to cover themselves. Figure at least $25,000 in legal fees plus the $25,000
cash bond to bring a lawsuit that has a poor chance of winning. This is going to stop the
vast majority of any creditors following you to Nevis to file complaints for anything and that
is for sure worth a lot.

Remember the financial enemy has no freeze order on your funds, he just has an action
filed in court. When you are notified of the case that was filed you just move the money to
another country and they lose the $50,000 it cost them to file. After this they would be
unlikely to chase you again thinking that the same thing will happen to them in the next
country. The chances of a financial enemy successfully pressing a case against you in nevis
are basically slim and none. Just banking in Nevis does not give grounds for lawsuits when
the events took place offshore to Nevis with people not nationals of Nevis.

Tax Treaties – Nevis has some tax treaties but none with USA, Canada and most of the
EU. They have treaties with: Aruba, Australia, Belgium, Netherlands, Lichtenstein,
Netherlands Antilles, New Zealand and the UK. If you are in one of these countries then we
suggest you use Hong Kong for offshore banking.
Time Frame -Forming the Nevis LLC and getting the bank account open will run two to
three weeks.

Documents – We need a notarized color copy of a passport and driver license plus a bank
reference letter.

Cost – The fee is $1995 for the Nevis LLC and Bank account with a Nevis bank. In the
second year the renewal fee is $795.

More questions, feel free to call.

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