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									             1031 Exchange Advantage Creates Consumer Guide
                 to a Successful 1031 Exchange Transaction
 Roadmap publication helps real estate investors at all levels learn tax-free options

San Diego, CA 8/7/06 1031 Exchange Advantage, a leading 1031 Exchange Accommodator,
has announced the release of the 1031 Exchange Advantage Roadmap Guide, a comprehensive
guide to tax-free exchanging. The Roadmap, available through the company’s website, outlines
nine major exchange opportunities, including little known rules regarding home offices, oil & gas
rights, and raw land. Virtually any type of property transaction can qualify, including

Significant appreciation in property values across the U.S. has stimulated new interest in the
decades-old 1031 exchange rules. These rules have traditionally only been used by larger real
estate investors. 1031 Exchange Advantage has answered the consumer-level demand for help
with tax-savings by publishing the 1031 Roadmap. The company is making the guide available
at: www.1031exchangeadvantage.com.

“We designed the Roadmap to help trigger creative investment scenarios that can enhance the
earning power of real estate investments,” stated David Greenberger, President of 1031 Exchange
Advantage. “The guide shows how to eliminate unnecessary complication to insure a smooth and
profitable exchange transaction.”

The Roadmap includes a checklist for investors to plan and organize each transaction. “Record
gains for the uninitiated means record taxes on capital gains. Anyone who is sitting with
significant gains may not be aware that the tax laws allow them to sell and reinvest all the gains
without paying taxes when they qualify,” stated Greenberger.

1031 Exchange Advantage (www.1031exchangeadvantage.com) helps analyze investors’ goals,
such as wealth accumulation, cash flow, relocation or retirement. By providing this analysis, the
company enables investors to achieve an optimum strategy for maximizing their objectives, while
taking advantage of tax free provisions under the current income and estate tax codes
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