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					EN ANCE                           The Hurlingham Clinic & Spa Magazine
                                                             Issue 12

Can you reverse the
signs of AGEING

gracefully shapes your body
and much more...
               future                                OF
                                                            Though once seen as a teenage problem,
                                                            acne knows no age. Acne affects many
                                                            adults too. It can be distressing at any age
                                                            but now there is a prescription strength,
                                                            physician dispensed acne treatment that
                                                            targets the primary causes of acne to clear
                                                            skin quickly and maintain a healthy
                                                            complexion day after day.
                                                                  The breakthrough solution is Clenziderm from
                                                            Obagi. It is a simple three step solution for normal to
                                                            oily skin or normal to dry skin. You can see and feel
                                                            the results in a matter of weeks. The products are
                                                            specially formulated to work together to provide a
                                                            clinically proven solution to clear acne quickly. Clinical
                                                            studies show a 52% reduction in sore red acne after
                                                            two weeks and 62% after three.
                                                                  Make an appointment to see our dermatologist
                                                            Jasmina Masser for clear healthy skin. You can also
                                                            discuss the best ways to minimise acne scarring.
                                                                  For more information or to book a consultation,
                                                            please call 020 7348 6380

gracefully shapes your body!
Macrolane is a safe and simple injection treatment
which restores the skin’s natural tone and volume.
      Developed by the company that created Restylane,
a widely used facial filler, Macrolane does the same for
areas of the body such as breasts and buttocks, adding
volume and shape.
      Macrolane is a man-made version of a substance
your body produces to fill out skin and lubricate joints.
Because of this, your body naturally biodegrades the
gel over time but it is formulated to give noticeable
results for at least a year to 18 months (results vary
from patient to patient).
      If you have areas of your body that you would
like to add volume, ask one of our doctors if Macrolane
is right for you.
      For more information or to book a consultation,
please call 020 7348 6380.
Can you reverse the
signs of
Years of environmental
damage and lifestyle
choices can cause mature
skin to become wrinkled,
but hope is here with
age reversing products
and treatments.
      When it comes to ageing
gracefully, mature skin often needs
extra help. Skin can become thin,
dry, dull, and uneven. Collagen and
elastin tissue are broken down by
the environment and other factors,
so skin loses its structure and
firmness which leads to wrinkling
and crepiness.

Volume loss and facial sagging.

Spa solutions
Caci Ultra – this non surgical facelift
lifts and tones facial contours and
revives the skin.

Doctor administered solutions
Sculptra provides increased fullness
and reduction of hollow areas.
Hyaluronic acid injectables for lines.

Sagging droopy skin on face
and neck.

Spa solutions                             Problem                                 Problem
DDF Glycolic Exfoliator facial            Hyperpigmentation, sun damage.          Fine lines, wrinkles and
will help to improve the overall                                                  nasolabial folds.
                                          Spa solutions
appearance of the skin. Caci Ultra
                                          Photo rejuvenation is a light-based     Spa solutions
Lift using the Caci wrinkle comb          treatment to target a range of          Microdermabrasion, a safe method
gives the skin good texture, tone         problems caused by past sun damage.     of skin exfoliation which is perfect
and hydration with visible softening
                                          Doctor administered solutions           for sun damaged skin with fine lines.
of lines.
                                          The innovative Fraxel Laser allows      Doctor administered solutions
Doctor administered solutions             the regeneration of collagen and        Hyaluronic acid based fillers and
For patients who require a more           elastin. It promotes the skin’s own
                                                                                  Botox offer a non-invasive way
aggressive approach to eliminate          healing process, resulting in natural
                                                                                  to reduce wrinkles and folds.
sagging and drooping skin, a face         rejuvenation that removes years
and neck lift may be the solution.        from your skin.
Sculptra putting back what
times takes out, naturally
The Hurlingham Clinic & Spa is bridging the gap between
invasive surgery and non-surgical facial contouring. One of the
most popular incentives to visit a cosmetic aesthetic practitioner
is concern about facial ageing.

                                                             way to noticeably improve the shape of the facial
                                                             features was through surgical procedures like face
                                                             lifting and fat grafting.
                                                                    Sculptra is designed to go one step further
                                                             and close the gap between surgical and non-surgical
                                                             cosmetic procedures. It fills and lifts sagging skin
                                                             by stimulating naturally the production of your own
                                                             collagen. This effect gradually restores lost volume
                                                             and increases the skin’s elasticity. Sculptra is the
                                                             answer for men and women seeking an alternative
                                                             to more invasive treatments.

                                                             Where Should Sculptra be used?
                                                             •   Deep folds between the nose and mouth
                                                                 (nasolabial folds)
                                                             •   Folds around the corners of the mouth
                                                                 (marionette lines)
                                                             •   Wrinkling in cheeks or chin
                                                             •   Sunken cheeks
                                                             •   Deep scars including deep acne scars

                                                             Is Sculptra safe and how does it work?
                                                             Sculptra has been available in Europe for almost
                                                             10 years. It has a proven safety profile having been
                                                             used by many of the NHS London teaching hospitals
                                                             for reconstructive purposes.
                                                                   Sculptra is injected into the skin, stimulating it to
                                                             produce more collagen gradually. 3-4 sessions may be
                                                             required to produce the required result. Each treatment
                                                             session is typically 6 weeks apart, so you are able to
Over time skin loses its full, firm, youthful appearance     determine with your practitioner when you are happy
– a natural result of the ageing process. Skin starts to     with the result. Results tend to last up to 3 years.
become loose and begins to wrinkle and the fat tissue              Dr Jasmina Masser has been using Sculptra for
that helps to plump the face is lost. The reduction in       two years and her philosophy is to enhance natural
skin volume may make facial features begin to look           beauty without changing or losing natural facial
thin and narrow, sometimes giving the impression that        features and expressions. This is why she is a fan
the face is older than we feel. While dermal fillers offer   of Sculptra as it allows her to sculpt and rejuvenate
an effective non-surgical option, until recently the only    patients’ faces gradually and naturally.
                                                       COVER AND

beauty LYCOGEL
                                                       RECOVER WITH
                                                       Post procedure camouflage… Reduce downtime

                                                       The only system that promotes healing, anti-ageing,
                                                       increases oxygen and camouflages at the same
                                                       time, Lycogel is the world’s first truly breathable
                                                       foundation. It differs from other make-up by
                                                       allowing the skin to breathe rather than slowly
                                                       suffocating it. Other foundations cover and literally
                                                       choke the skin, inviting problems like enlarged
                                                       pores, breakouts, discolouration and wrinkles.
                                                            Lycogel is also transfer-resistant, so it won’t rub
                                                       off on clothes, water-resistant for up to 90 minutes
                                                       of swimming or working out and has a SPF 30.

                                                       Lycogel Camouflage
                                                       Lycogel produces a light, velvety second-skin effect
                                                       for women with conditions such as rosacea, acne,
                                                       uneven skin tone, scars and extremely sensitive
                                                       skin. It actually improves both the appearance
                                                       and condition of skin without irritation.

                                                       Lycogel Concealer
Introducing a prescription brand used by               Lycogel concealer can virtually erase some
professionals. Payot – a full range of products        imperfections and effectively reduces redness,
and treatment based on performance and                 inflammation and puffiness, while firming the
geared to each skin condition.                         skin around the delicate eye area. While smoothing
      Payot was originally formulated in 1920 by       skin texture, covering dark circles, age spots and
Dr Nadia Payot, one of the first female doctors to     blemishes, it also increases the collagen level. It can
devote her medical skills to beauty and women’s        even be used to cover scars, birthmarks and tattoos.
wellbeing. Dr Payot created tailor-made application    •   Lycogel is safe to use immediately after
techniques using botanical products. Today the             Fractional laser skin resurfacing, skin peels
Payot Laboratories have inherited her know-how             and post cosmetic surgery
and maintain her tradition of women’s wellbeing
and beauty.
                                                       •   It reduces pain and heat sensation
                                                           while promoting skin repair
      Come and try our new Payot facial treatments
created using superb products and unique face          •   Suitable for acne, rosacea, scarred
sculpting techniques. Our therapists will base your        or burned skin.
treatment on specific diagnosis of your skin and the
factors influencing your lifestyle. An assessment of   For more information or a consultation,
the skin’s condition at that moment will allow your    please call 020 7348 6380
therapist to personalise your facial and recommend
a tailored skincare prescription.
Introducing the
NEW Inman Aligner
Our Cosmetic Dentist, Albie Enslin has been using           springs and clear acrylic to generate constant but
the Inman Aligner for over a year and seen amazing          gentle orthodontic force. It effortlessly straightens
results. It is a fantastic, simple and hassle-free way      crooked front teeth.
of straightening your front teeth. In the past anyone             Not every case is possible and of course there
with crooked teeth has had few choices. Fixed braces        are limitations, but if you are suitable you could get a
and clear braces work well, but are slow and can be         fantastic smile in a matter of weeks and at far less cost.
costly. Crowns and veneers are also expensive options,            Dr Enslin has a clinic at the Hurlingham Clinic
and sometimes significant amounts of tooth structure        & Spa every Wednesday so book a consultation now
need to be drilled away in order for crowns and             on 020 7348 6380.
veneers to be fitted.                                             Also ask Dr Enslin about the latest techniques
      The Inman Aligner now gives everyone a very real      available to lighten up your smile. If your teeth have
alternative. Because it works so quickly and efficiently,   a yellow or brown tint you can whiten them by up to
this is ideal for patients who dislike the idea of having   eight shades in two to three weeks’. It is as simple
braces stuck to your teeth or waiting months and            as applying a special 23% carbamide peroxide gel to
months for a clear brace to work. With the Inman            your teeth, four times a week for two to three weeks.
Aligner, you can now have your front teeth straightened     A custom-made whitening tray is used in the comfort
in as little as 6 –10 weeks.                                of your own home. It is no longer necessary to sit
      It has been described as the “Greatest Innovation     open-mouthed under a UV-light for hours, just to
in Cosmetic Dentistry since the porcelain veneer“.          get mediocre results! With the NiteWhite at-home
      The Inman Aligner is a custom made removable          whitening kit, you can control the brightness of
orthodontic appliance that utilises nickel titanium         your new, straight smile!

                                                            The future of SmartLipo...
                                                            The Cynosure Smartlipo MPX combines the
                                                            benefits of dual wavelength innovation with
                                                            established technology to maximise the positive
                                                            properties of both. It represents a major advance
                                                            in laser body sculpting.
                                                                 Smartlipo is the most sought after new
                                                            procedure of 2008. Demand has propelled it to
                                                            the number one aesthetic surgery procedure at
                                                            the Clinic in a very short period of time and the
                                                            new generation machine will make this an upward
                                                            trend that will continue.
                                                                 Hurlingham Clinic doctors have performed
                                                            hundreds of SmartLipo procedures with great
                                                            success and the new technology will give them
                                                            a huge advantage, taking SmartLipo to a higher
                                                            level. This latest technology will reduce treatment
                                                            time and tighten skin more effectively.

Hair loss can be a traumatic and an emotionally
painful experience for both men and women.
Thinning hair is synonymous with ageing and
occurs in virtually everyone. Genetics, hair care,
hormones, changes within the body and stress
can cause people to experience major hair loss
at any age, sometimes temporary and sometimes
permanent. If you are suffering from hair loss
you need to get to the root of the problem with
professional help and advice. The solution may
be simple, like the use of specialist products
or medication or the surgical option of hair
     The Hurlingham Clinic & Spa is working with
Dr Michael May of the Wimpole Clinic to offer a
comprehensive hair restoration service. Dr May
has dedicated over two decades to the science and
practice of hair restoration and is at the forefront
of medical advances in this specialist field.
     If hair loss worries you call 020 7348 6380 to
arrange a complimentary consultation with Dr May.

                                                       The hot topic of TV and the media, G-Spot
                                                       Amplification is a simple, non-surgical,
                                                       physician-administered treatment that can
                                                       temporarily augment the G-Spot.
                                                            Performed by Consultant Gynaecologist
                                                       Professor Dartey, who trained under the personal
                                                       guidance of Dr David Matlock, the American
                                                       gynaecologist based in L.A. who invented and
                                                       developed G-Spot Amplification.
                                                            In a pilot study, 89% of women surveyed
                                                       after receiving the G-Shot reported enhanced
                                                       sexual gratification. The effect can last for up
                                                       to four months.
                                                            For a consultation with Professor Dartey
                                                       call 020 7348 6380
                                            Jesper Sørensen
  Spa specials...
                                            Introducing our NEW
                                            consultant plastic surgeon
  Enjoy our sumptuous new Payot
  facials at an introductory offer price.
  Premier Radiance and Premier
  Hydration facials start at just £60
  Rituals of Excellence from just £90
  A saving of 20% on the normal
  price of these amazing experiences.
  Call 020 7348 6380 to book
  an appointment quoting Enhance.
  Offers end 31 October 2008

                                            The Hurlingham’s new Consultant Plastic Surgeon,
                                            Jesper Sørensen MD PhD, qualified at the University
                                            of Copenhagen in 1992 and after completing four years
                                            of training in general surgery, undertook advanced
                                            training in plastic surgery at The National University
                                            Hospital in Denmark.
                                                  He specialises in facial surgery and was awarded
                                            a PhD for his research and thesis on peripheral nerve
                                            regeneration, followed by research and a fellowship
                                            in Paris and Rome respectively. He now lives in London.
                                            His reconstructive skills include plastic surgery of
                                            the face, peripheral nerves and microsurgery and
                                            he has a particular interest in facial aesthetics,
                                            facelifts, oculoplastic surgery, breast surgery and
                                            body contouring surgery.
                                                  We are delighted to welcome Mr. Sørensen to
                                            our team of highly skilled surgeons. His particular
                                            skills and specialties supplement our growing range
                                            of top quality surgical procedures.
                                                  To book a consultation with Mr. Sørensen call
                                            020 7348 6380

The Hurlingham Clinic & Spa – a new approach to beauty

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Call now for a consultation or to make                     London SW6 3TD
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