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									                            Online Resources
                   For BYU Management Society Chapters

BYU Alumni Association –
     “Chapters”  Master Chapter List
     “Chapters” International Chapter Master List
     “Chapters” map and links to specific chapter activities

BYU Performing Arts
      for all information scheduled performances, performing
            groups, scheduling information, etc.

BYU Sports –
     Composite Schedule” for all scheduled athletic events, searchable by place,
             sport, and date

Employment and Networking to search the
               Management Society database for contacts in specific industries and jobs “alumni portals” to search within your
               graduating class BYU placement and networking site for
               online job search, global career jobsite, placement database, alumni
               networking, career/internship fairs, etc. for all LDS Employment information on finding a job,
               posting a job, and planning and improving your career

Other networking sites – LDS Networking -- begun by members of the Arizona chapter - begun by Jeff Unalp of the East Bay chapter - International Mentoring Network Organization

Of interest: - This online LDS General Conference Scripture Index
        was developed by BYU faculty and students and links all scriptures in the
        standard works to general conference talks. Stephen Liddle of the Marriott
        School e-Business Center helped create the site.
                           Online Resources
                     BYU Management Society Website

Steering Committee

Leader’s Guide

      Business Cards
      Name Tags
      Customized Brochure Insert

Order Materials – Order Form
      Foundation of Faith DVD
      Leader’s Guide
      Black Marriott School folders
      Marriott School Fact Sheets
      Marriott School Student Achievement Sheets
      New Chapter Application
      Dean’s Seminar Request Form
      Chapter Mailing Request Form
      Dean’s Seminar Speaker List
      Management Society Brochure

        Online Lectures
        Worldwide Alumni Gathering November 2003
        Management Quarterly Newsletter
        Leader’s Guide
        Marriott Alumni Shop
        Logos, Photos and Powerpoint

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