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									Website Retention Policy
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The purpose of this policy is to establish the website retention requirements in order to ensure
compliance with Wyoming statutes 9-2-401 through 9-2-419 concerning the creation, retention, and
continuing access to public records. It is the record and its content and function, not the media, which
drive retention and disposition decisions, although the same record created in both paper and electronic
format may have a different retention requirement for each format.

This policy does not supersede or rescind the requirement to send copies of public documents to the
Wyoming State Library.

This policy applies to all Websites viewable by the public representing agencies, boards, and
commissions of the Executive Branch.

1. The following terms are defined by this policy.

     a.   Websites: Collections of information that are provided to a user community utilizing World
Wide Web formats and protocols.

      b.    Web page: A source file, provided by a web server, and subsequently interpreted on a local
            computer, that uses markup languages and external software to produce a representation.

2. Every state entity covered by this policy will maintain a record of its website content in a manner
   specified by the Wyoming State Archives requirements.

3. Records that are otherwise specified in a separate retention schedule, approved by the Wyoming
   State Archives, are exempt.

4. All state organizations covered by this policy will conduct an Accountability Exposure Analysis (AEA)
   of each of their websites using the tools provided by the Wyoming State Archives. The AEA will be
   conducted at least annually, but may be conducted more frequently at the discretion of the

5. Organizations will submit website snapshots to the Wyoming State Archives in accordance with the
   results of the Accountability Exposure Analysis. The submission will include:

      a.    A completed Website Description Form as provided by the Wyoming State Archives, and
      b.    All content available to the public that is located on the organization’s website, excluding all
            content dynamically generated from databases and/or data sources
      c.    Snapshots will be submitted using as many non-rewritable media as specified by the WY
            State Archives, as required for the website size.

6. Content external to the agency is specifically excluded (e.g., other website accessed via links).

                                                      CIO Approved Date:             10/26/2004

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