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It is our website. The information in the website is constructive. The range of information starts
from knowing nothing about NZ until how to live in NZ as a migrant. I think the “Discovery and
Decide” section should be good for someone who wants to know about NZ.

It also has the “Employ and Assist” section which allows you to get to know the Employers and
Education providers in NZ.

This is the Tourism Board website but contains superb information about NZ. On the top of the
webpage, there are six headings. The first one “About New Zealand” would be the most useful
information for Thai applicants. Under the link, there are Key Facts, Culture, and History
information. “Accommodation” is also good.

New Zealand Employment Relations’ website contains information about rights of employees and
employers. It also has the information about minimum wage and holidays in NZ. A lot of
information is there, really.

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