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Dear Parent / Guardian:

Athletic physical education is a section of physical education at West High School where
student/athletes lift weights and perform sports-specific drills during their PE period. This
allows the students to maintain a consistent training program during their rigorous class
and after-school practice schedules. The skills and information covered in Athletic
Physical Education will also be helpful to the students in maintaining long healthy lives.
Athletic Physical Education will also be a venue for completing physical therapy in
cases where prescribed workouts are provided by a health care professional.

There are six units and a final exam upon which the students are graded. Almost every unit has three components; 1)
participation, 2) written knowledge/skill, and 3) skill. The table below lists the units and the points values attached to each
unit. The units are:

          UNIT              PARTICIPATION       WRITTEN TEST                SKILL               POINTS
1. Safety Concepts         50                 25                     25                   100
2. Strength Concepts       50                 25                     25                   100
3. Physiological Effects   50                 25                     25                   100
   of Exercise
4. Muscle Function         50                 25                     25                   100
5. Nutrition               50                 25                     25                   100
6. Fitness/Fitness Tests   50                 50 (2 Projects)                   X         100
***7. Personal Workout
8. Homework                X                  X                                 X         100 + 25
9. Final                   75 points/15% of   100 / 15+% of                     X         100
                           total grade              semester total
*** There may be one additional unit covering how to write a personal program            800-900 + 25 points

1. PARTICIPATION (50 points)
The students will receive 50 participation points for a fourteen-day unit. Absences or failure to dress in a proper P.E.
uniform (West Aurora P.E. shirt, shorts or sweats, and proper athletic shoes) will result in loss of 10 points per day. The
students must wear an entire uniform to avoid losing points. Unexcused absences also result in a loss of 10 points.

2. WRITTEN TEST (25 points)
Each unit is accompanied by a written test that assesses the knowledge of concepts taught throughout the unit. Also, the
students are tested in their proficiency of skills and techniques taught in the class.

3. SKILL/SPOTTING (25 points)
The importance of achieving adequate skill levels in Athletic Physical Education is very important, especially for safety.
Skill in weightlifting techniques and spotting will carry through to the students’ adult lives where they will apply those
skills learned in athletic physical education. Their knowledge of weightlifting will aid them in becoming strong, healthy,
and confident adults. Students will periodically receive skill rubrics to assist in their understanding of the teacher’s
expectations of adequate skill. The students will be assessed in skill proficiency.

The ability to “spot” will increase the overall safety of the class and will foster communication/feedback between
students. The goal is to create an atmosphere of peer teaching and collaboration in addition to teacher-lead instruction.
A weightroom can be a dangerous place if certain rules are not followed. For safety and efficiency reasons, every student
will follow the following objectives and class rules. Please read.

After taking athletic physical education the students will:
      understand the body's response to weightlifting exercise.
      appreciate the need for proper technique.
      properly execute weightlifting technique.
      identify proper foods needed in their diet.
      calculate how much carbohydrate, protein, and fat they need in their diet.
      understand the muscles and their functions.
      demonstrate weightlifting knowledge by successfully completing written tests.
      value to need for weightlifting in becoming a better athlete and a healthier person.
      appreciate the need for good spotting.
      understand how to develop personal workouts that can be used for a lifetime.

B. CLASS RULES - Failure to follow these rules will result in a loss of participation points.
The students must:
     be on time to the locker room!!!
     not sit at any time during class unless instructed to do so by the teacher.
     not leave the class to go to the bathroom unless given permission by the teacher.
     follow the prescribed workout (unless special circumstances arise such as injury or a competition that day). The students
        need to discuss issues at the beginning of class. Communication is very important!!
     make up excused absences. Students "in-season" may write a one-page review of a topic covered in the course. An article
        must be downloaded from the internet and attached with the review. The season must be associated with West Aurora High
        School. Absences due to athletic participation or field trips DO NOT need to be made up. Also, half-days do not need to be
        made up.
     make up missed tests by scheduling an appointment with the teacher.
     dress in a West Aurora High School issue physical education uniform.
     follow the safety guidelines posted in the weightroom.
     maintain a portfolio of workouts and completed work throughout the semester.
     treat all West Aurora High School property with care and respect.
     bring a doctor's note if they will miss more than two days of physical education. Try to get permission to do rehab in class.

    ** Office intervention and parent contact will be utilized if behavior becomes an issue.
    ** If there are any questions about APE at any time in the semester, please or e-mail or

Please fill out all of the information on the lines below. DO NOT CUT OFF THIS SECTION…return the whole sheet.
Thank you.
I understand the grading, objectives, and class rules in Athletic Physical Education.

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