Website Design Questionnaire

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					Website Design Questionnaire

Personal Information

   Phone Number:
   E-mail Address:
   Company Name (for businesses):
   Company Address:
   Position:               Phone Number:                        E-mail Address:
   Company Mission and Vision:

Basic Website Information

   Your desired website address/domain name:
   (If you have not registered your domain, please visit and register your
   Other optional domain name(s):

   Purpose(s) of creating/designing your website:

   Goal(s) of your site:

   How many pages/sections do you want in your website?
   What major page(s) do you like to have in your site?
     ___ Home
     ___ Services
     ___ Community
     ___ Privacy Statements
     ___ About us
     ___ Contact Us
     ___ Others (please specify):

                                                    -       -
   Target Audience:
   Planned date of launching:

   Who will update the site? How frequently?

Web Contents

   Image: What type of image will your website communicate?
       ___ Conservative
       ___ Corporate
       ___ Feminine
       ___ Content driven
       ___ Friendly
       ___ For children
       ___ Hi-tech
       ___ Family oriented
       ___ Academic
       ___ Fun
       ___ International
       ___ Others (please specify):

   Content: What do you want your web page to contain? Please provide the text content you want to
   include in your site Attach separate sheets for each webpage if necessary.

   Functionality: Do you want to add functionality in your website? Give example sites for reference.

   Add-ons: What do you want to put on your web page?
       ___ Photos & Graphics
       ___ Logos
       ___ Animation
       ___ Forms (e.g. registration form, order form, feedback form, survey form, etc.)

     Who will provide these?

Web Design Elements

   Color: What color or color combination do you like to use in your web page?

                                                   -       -
   Layout: How do you want to layout your site? Ex. Navigation across the top or Navigation down the left

     Look and Feel description of your site:

   Features: What other features do you want to add in your website? (e.g. chatroom, flash banner,
   streaming video, shopping cart, advertising boxes, etc.)

     Where do you intend to place these features?

Provide Website Examples

   It is very important that you search the internet and find at least 3 websites that you like. Please tell us the
   link to the sites as well as what you like about each website. This is important.

   Use to find websites you like.

   Website example link #1
   What do you like about this site

   Website example link #2
   What do you like about this site

   Website example link #3
   What do you like about this site

   Date                                                                     Signature

                                                     -       -

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