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					The 5th Annual
Asia Pacific In-house Counsel Summit
March 12th & 13th, 2008
InterContinental Hotel, Hong Kong
18 Salisbury Road, Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon

                            DELEGATE REPORT

     Knowledge Partners:

     In Association with:

The 5th Annual
Asia Pacific In-house Counsel Summit
March 12th & 13th, 2008
InterContinental Hotel, Hong Kong
18 Salisbury Road, Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon

     Asia Pacific In-house Summit

     Asia Law & Practice hosted the Asia Pacific In-house Counsel Summit in Hong Kong on
     March 12th and 13th, bringing delegates together for a discussion of a recent explosion
     of in-house and private practice counsels’ perspectives in foreign Direct investment,
     Islamic finance, corporate governance, intellectual property, in-house counsel’s role,
     dispute, resolution and arbitration, cross border M&A, capital markets, private-equity,
     competition & anti-trust and employment in the region and around the globe.

     Summit delegates, mainly in-house and private practice lawyers from around the region,
     attended not only the mixed panel session and also a selection of country workshops
     addressed the specific concerns, issues and updates for involving firms from China,
     Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Korea, Malaysia, Philippines, Taiwan and Vietnam.

The 5th Annual
Asia Pacific In-house Counsel Summit
March 12th & 13th, 2008
InterContinental Hotel, Hong Kong
18 Salisbury Road, Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon

     Delegate Report

     583 Registered delegates (31% higher than 2007)

     15 Countries and jurisdictions represented:

     •   China             •   Indonesia         •   Malaysia           •    Taiwan

     •   Germany           •   Japan             •   Philippines        •    Thailand

     •   Hong Kong         •   Korea             •   Singapore          •    Vietnam

     •   India             •   Macau             •   Spain              •    U.S.A.

     84% of delegates have a Very High or High level of influence when selecting
     external law firms

     78% of delegates use external law firms six or more times per year

     How much influence do you personally have                  How often does your firm engage
           in selecting outside counsel?                                outside counsel?

                                                                                        More than 10
                                   Very High                                            6 to 10
                                   Moderate                                             1 to 5
                                                                                        Less than

The 5th Annual
Asia Pacific In-house Counsel Summit
March 12th & 13th, 2008
InterContinental Hotel, Hong Kong
18 Salisbury Road, Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon

        Agenda - Day 1
8.00-8.45     Registration & Coffee
8:45-9:00     Welcome from Asia Law & Practice: Darren Barton, Publisher, Asia Law & Practice
9:00-9:15     Keynote Address:       In-House Legal Counsels- Dispensable?! Fernando Pombo, President, International Bar Association
              Foreign Direct Investment in Asia Pacific
              What are the investment appetites in Asia? Key trends and strategies from leading lawyers.
              Speakers: Avelino V Cruz, ACCRALAW
                                  Brian Scott, Herbert Smith
                                  Paul Cassingham, YANGMING Partners
                                  Lim Cze Mien, Chooi & Company
                                  Royanne Doi, State Street Bank & Trust
10.15-10.30   Coffee
                                                                                      Workshop: Philippines - Hosted by ACCRALAW
                                                                            ACCRALAW will provide a concise presentation of the Philippine legal /
                                                                            business framework, including: (a) the recent developments affecting
              Islamic Finance
                                                                            doing business in the country, (b) the preferred areas of investment,
              Who will become the Islamic Finance Capital of Asia, and
10.30-11.30                                                                 such as business process outsourcing and mining, (c) the incentives
              what financing options does this introduce?
                                                                            granted to these investments, (d) the initiatives undertaken by various
                                                                            government agencies to encourage long-term foreign investments, and
              Speakers: Azman bin Othman Luk, Chooi & Company
                                                                            (e) recent decisions of the Philippine Supreme Court affecting foreign
                                                                            Speakers: Eusebio V Tan, ACCRALAW
                 Workshop: Indonesia - Hosted by Herbert Smith                         Workshop: Korea - Hosted by Kim & Chang
              Everything you wanted to know about                        Update on the legal environment in Korea, including likely initiatives of
              investment in Indonesia. Recent legal development on       the new administration, key trends in M&A and legislation/enforcement
              FDI, the latest Stock Exchange regulations, M&A            as to competition law, finance, compliance, employment law, product
11.30-12.45   transactions; risk analysis and management for foreign     liability, and other areas
              investments; the M&A environment and market overview.      Speakers: Hwa Soo Chung, Kim& Chang
              Speakers: David Dawborn, Herbert Smith                                   Gene Oh Kim, Kim& Chang
                         Iril Hiswara, Herbert Smith                                   Pil Kook Lee, Kim& Chang
12.45-1.30    Lunch
              Workshop: Hong Kong - Hosted by Sidley Austin
              Hong Kong Retaining its Competitiveness as an Arbitration Centre.
              Speakers: Malcolm Chin, Sidley Austin
                         Alfred Wu, Sidley Austin
              Private Equity - Hosted by Weil, Gotshal & Manges             Corporate Governance
              A look at recent private equity trends in Asia - What sorts   What is a success corporate Governance measurement?
              of transactions are PE firms looking at and why? What         Speakers: Josephine Alessandra G Cochico, ACCRALAW
2.30- 3.30    are some of the recent developments in transaction deal                    Ken Duck, Foley & Lardner
              terms?                                                                     Nguyen Quang Hung, VILAF HONG DUC
              Speakers: Peter Feist, Weil, Gotshal & Manges                              Beth Wang, MassMutual Financial Group
                            Anthony Wang, Wei, Gotshal & Manges                          Aaron Goach, Merrill Lynch
3.30- 3.45    Coffee
              Intellectual Property
              How do companies successful protect their intellectual assets in Asia?
              Speakers: Alex Ferdinand S Fider, ACCRALAW
3.45- 4.45
                                   Sumita Singh, Singh & Associates
                                   Emmanuelle Prono, Techtronic Industries
              Role of Today’s In-House Counsel - Hosted by: HKCCA
              The evolving market expectation, what can be done to ensure and keep up with the business?
              Speakers: Jonathan Ross, HKCCA
4.45-5.45                James Bidlake, Morgan Stanley
                         Carmen Lee, 3M
                         Jasmine Karimi, Techtronic Industries

6.00- 8.30    Cocktail Reception – Hosted by Foley & Lardner

The 5th Annual
Asia Pacific In-house Counsel Summit
March 12th & 13th, 2008
InterContinental Hotel, Hong Kong
18 Salisbury Road, Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon

        Agenda – Day 2
8.00-9.00     Registration & Coffee
9.00-9.15     Welcome from Asia Law & Practice: Stephen Lai, Associate Publisher, Asia Law & Practice
              Dispute Resolution & Arbitration
              Where in Asia should you go if you want an effective solution?
              Speakers: Jason Fry, ICC
                    Christopher To, HKIAC
                    Victor P. Lazatin, ACCRALAW
                    Charles Allen, Sidley Austin
                                                                 Workshop: Taiwan                           Workshop: Malaysia
                     Workshop: Vietnam                                                                  Hosted by Chooi & Company
                                                      Hosted by YANGMING Partners
                  Hosted by VILAF HONG DUC
                                                      Legal framework governing foreign DOING BUSINESS IN MALAYSIA -
              Recent developments in the legal
                                                      investment in Taiwan’s listed and Structuring Malaysia-related operations,
              system of Vietnam which affect
                                                      non-listed companies, mechanisms to buy offshore and onshore, for optimal regulatory
              foreign investment. In particular, a
                                                      out minority shareholders, restrictions on compliance. Foreign direct investment
              review of the major changes to the
                                                      Taiwan directed investment in the PRC restrictions,         local   equity   participation
              investment law and companies’ law’s
                                                      and PRC directed investment in Taiwan, guidelines, investment incentives, raising
              framework, as well as consequences
10.15-11.15                                           as well as the necessary regulatory capital in Malaysia, and employment law
              of the recent inflation control                                                    issues. Recent developments: the Iskandar
                                                      disclosure requirements.
              measures put in place by the                                                       Development Region and the Malaysia
              Government, will be provided.                                                      International Islamic Financial Centre.
                                                      Eddie Chan, YANGMING Partners
              Speakers:                                                                          Speakers:
                                                      Kate Li, YANGMING Partners
              Bui Ngoc Anh, VILAF                                                                Gerard     Louis       Ambrose,    Chooi      &
              Dang Duong Anh, VILAF                                                              Company
              Nguyen Quang Hung, VILAF                                                           Lim Cze Mien, Chooi & Company
11.15-11.30   Coffee                                                                             A        bi Oth        L k Ch i & C
                                     Workshop: China                                                        Workshop: India
                                Hosted by Foley & Lardner                                                  Singh & Associates
              Obtaining IP rights, building an IP portfolio of rights, proper IP    “Corporate Scenario in India” comprising of an introduction to
              planning and monitoring. What a funding source looks for             company law in India; with extended discussion on ways to have
              when investing in a Chinese company, as well as enhancement          a presence in India; from incorporation of a subsidiary company to
11.30-12.45   of IP rights through effective enforcement strategies.               an independent company to initiating and operating a liaison
              Speakers: Catherine Sun, Foley & Lardner                             office / branch office / project office in India; the modalities and
                           Harold C Wegner, Foley & Lardner                        formalities therein. Thereafter, the discussion will follow on
                           Sharon R. Barner, Foley & Lardner                       bringing investments in India via different permissible routes.
                           Stephen A. Bent, Foley & Lardner                        Speakers: Sumita Singh, Singh & Associates
                                                                                               Manoj K. Singh, Singh & Associates
12.45-1.30    Lunch
              Cross border M&A
              Recent developments in M&A in Asia and legal structures adopted in cross-border investments.
              Speakers: Teodoro D. Regala, ACCRALAW
1.30-2.30                 Norbert Knittlmayer, RölfsPartner
                          Hwa Soo Chung, Kim & Chang
                          Mark Ohlson, YANGMING Partners
              Capital Markets   Bidl k M          S l                             Competition & Anti-trust
              Is the global meltdown preventing companies raising capital, and         As Asia gets more competitive, how should businesses be
              will Asia emerge as a preferred location for listings?                   reacting?
2.30- 3.30
              Speakers: Francisco Ed. Lim, Philippine Stock Exchange Inc.              Speakers: Teresita J. Herbosa, ACCRALAW
                           Manoj K. Singh , Singh & Associates                                     Brian Scott, Herbert Smith
                           Pil Kook Lee, Kim & Chang                                               Gene Oh Kim, Kim & Chang
3.30- 3.45    Coffee
              What do you need to know when hiring, and firing in Asia?
              Speakers: Emerico O de Guzman, ACCRALAW
                        Ken Duck, Foley & Lardner
3.45- 4.45
                        Gerard Louis Ambrose, Chooi & Company
                        Michelle Neo, LSI Corporation
                        Carli Yung, UBS

The 5th Annual
Asia Pacific In-house Counsel Summit
March 12th & 13th, 2008
InterContinental Hotel, Hong Kong
18 Salisbury Road, Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon
     Delegates included:

   Legal Advisor                 3M                           Vice President                 Bank of Commerce
   Director - Corporate                                       Associate Director             Barclays Capital
                                 A.S. Watson
   Development                                                Director                       Barclays Capital
   Senior Legal Counsel          Abbott Laboratories          Manager - Legal                Barclays Capital
   Regional Counsel              ABN Amro                     General Counsel                Baring Private Equity
   General Counsel               ACE Services                 General Counsel                BASF
   Counsel                       Acushnet                     Legal Counsel                  BASF East Asia
   General Counsel               ADM Capital                  Director of Legal              Bayer MaterialScience
   Legal Manager                 ADM Capital                  Legal Counsel                  Bayer MaterialScience
   Corporate Counsel             AEGON                        Head of Asia Compliance        Bloomberg
   Senior Vice President         Agricultural Bank of China   Managing Director              BMC Group Asia Limited
   VP & Deputy General Counsel   AIA                          VDR Analyst                    BMC Group Asia Limited
   AVP & Associate General                                    Legal Counsel - Asia           BMC Software
                                                              Legal Advisor                  BNP Paribas
   Senior Group Legal Counsel    AIG
                                                              Legal Counsel                  BNP Paribas
   Counselor to the Chairman     AIG
                                                                                             BOCI - Prudential Asset
   Director                      AIG                          Legal Counsel
   Legal Manager                 AIG Finance                  Executive Director             BOCI Asia
   MD & General Counsel          AIG Global Investment        Regional Legal Advisor         BP Asia
   Senior Legal Advisor          Air Products                 Corporate Counsel              BT
   Senior Legal Advisor          Air Products Asia            Senior Legal Counsel           BT
   Finance Manager - Treasury    Airport Authority            Chief Legal Officer            Bunge Trading
   Legal Counsel                 Airport Authority            Director of Legal Affairs      California Fitness
   Legal Counsel                 AKD International            Head of Legal                  Calyon
   Director of Legal             Alliance Bernstein           Legal Counsel                  Calyon
   Director                      Alvarez and Marsal                                          Cameron Granville Asset
                                                              Corporate Counsel
   Managing Director             Alvarez and Marsal                                          Management
   Legal Analyst                 Amadeus                      Corporate Counsel              Cantor Fitzgerald
   President and Managing                                     Head of Legal & Compliance     Cantor Fitzgerald
                                 American Appraisal
   Director                                                   Associate General Counsel      Caterpillar
   Director of Legal Services    Aon                          Legal Consultant               Caterpillar Investment
   Director of Legal             APC-MGE                      Company Legal Officer          Cathay Pacific
   Partner                       Apisith & Alliance           General Counsel                CCMP Asia
   Vice President and General                                 General Counsel                CCT Telecom
                                                              Vice President                 Celestial Pictures
   Director - Infrastructure
                                 Asian Development Bank       Legal Manager                  Chanel
   Regional Counsel              Avery Dennison               General Counsel                Chanel
   Regional Counsel              AVON                         Senior Counsel - IP            Chanel
   Regional General Counsel      AXA                          Group Legal Counsel & Co Sec   Chaoda Modern Agriculture
   Head of Legal                 AXA China                    AGM                            Cheermimet Finance
   Legal Counsel                 Ayala Land                   Group General Counsel          Cheung Kong Infrastructure
   Legal Counsel                 Banco de Oro                 Senior Legal Officer           Cheung Kong Infrastructure
   Counsel                       Bank of America              Group General Counsel          Chevalier
   General Counsel               Bank of America              Legal Officer                  Chevalier
   Legal Counsel                 Bank of China                                               China Development Industrial
   Senior Legal Counsel          Bank of China
                                                              Legal Counsel                  China Int'l Capital Corporation
The 5th Annual
Asia Pacific In-house Counsel Summit
March 12th & 13th, 2008
InterContinental Hotel, Hong Kong
18 Salisbury Road, Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon

   Corporate Lawyer                China Life Insurance        Senior Vice President            DBS Bank
   Legal Counsel                   China Renji Medical Group   SVP, Legal and Compliance        DBS Bank
   Group Legal Advisor             China Resources Holdings    Associate Vice President         Delhi International Airport
   Professional Consultant         Chinese University HK       Director                         Deutshe Bank
   Head - Legal & Compliance       Chong Hing Bank             Director - Legal Services        DHL
   Casualty Claim Specialist       Chubb                       Head of legal                    DHL
   Senior Legal Counsel            CIGNA                       Deputy Legal Director            Dragages
   Senior Corporate Counsel        CISCO Systems               Legal Counsel                    Du Pont
   General Counsel, Asia           Citadel Investment          Legal Director                   Ebay
   Director - Country & Regional                               Legal Counsel                    Edward Keller
   Counsel                                                     Legal Manager                    Electronic Arts
   Legal Counsel                   Citi                        Director                         EMI Music
   Managing Director               Citi                        Legal Counsel                    Emperor Securities
   Regional Legal Counsel          Citi                        Group Legal Counsel              Ericsson
   Senior Vice President &                                     Vice President - Group Legal &
                                   Citi                                                         Esprit
   Regional Counsel                                            Compliance
   Vice President                  Citi                        Counsel                          Exxonmobile
   Senior Counsel                  Citi Ka Wah                 Legal Consultant                 Familife
   Legal Counsel                   Citibank                    Senior Manager                   FedEx
   General Counsel                 Citibank                    Director - Legal Affairs         Ford Financial
   Senior Vice President &                                     Export Legal Counsel             Fortis
   Regional Counsel
                                                               Legal Counsel                    Fortis
   Vice President                  Citibank
                                                               Senior Legal Counsel             Fortis Bank
   Group General Counsel           CITIC
                                                               In House Counsel                 Fortis Insurance
   Legal Counsel                   Citicorp
                                                                                                Franklin Templeton
   Director and Counsel            Citigroup                   Associate Legal Counsel
   Vice President and Counsel      Citigroup                   General Counsel                  Galaxy Entertainment
   Regional General Counsel        Citrix Systems              Legal Counsel                    Galaxy Entertainment
   Legal Counsel                   CK Life Sciences            In House Lawyer                  Gard
   Senior Legal Counsel            CLP Holdings                Chief Compliance Officer         GE Commercial Finance
   Senior Legal Counsel            CLP Power                   Counsel, Greater China           GE Commercial Finance
   Group Legal Manager             CLSA Markets                General Counsel                  GE Money
   Legal Counsel                   CMC Markets                 Regional Counsel                 GE Money
   Regional Business Affairs                                   Senior Legal Counsel             GE Money
                                   CMGRP Group
                                                                                                GE Water & Process
   Legal Counsel                   Coca Cola                   Legal Counsel
   Trademark Counsel               Coca Cola                   General Counsel, Asia            General Electric
   Risk Management                 Commonwealth Bank           Senior Managing Director         General Electric
   Vice President & General        Companhia de                Managing Director                General Motors Corporation
   Counsel                         Telecomunicacoes de Macau
                                                               Counsel - APAC                   GENZ
   Senior Manager                  Consistel Pte
                                                               Corporate Counsel                Global Sources
   Director                        Credit Suisse
                                                               General Counsel                  Global Sources
   Vice President                  Credit Suisse
                                                               Executive Director               Goldman Sachs
   Corporate Counsel               CROCS
                                                               Executive Director & Counsel     Goldman Sachs
   Legal Compliance Manager        CSC Securities
                                                               MD & Deputy General Counsel      Goldman Sachs
   Senior Vice President           Daiwa Securities
                                                               Senior Corporate Counsel         Google
   Vice President and General
                                   Danaher                     Legal Counsel                    Group Sense
   Head of Legal, Greater China    DBS Bank                    General Counsel                  Gucci
The 5th Annual
Asia Pacific In-house Counsel Summit
March 12th & 13th, 2008
InterContinental Hotel, Hong Kong
18 Salisbury Road, Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon

   Senior Legal Counsel          Gucci                           Legal Manager                  Int'l Foodstuffs Company
   Legal Manager                 Guoco Management                Head of Legal                  Invesco
   Head of Legal & Compliance    Guotai Junan                    Compliance Officer             Janus Capital
   Head of legal                 Hang Seng Bank                  Group Legal Manager            Jardine Matheson
   Legal Advisor                 Hang Seng Bank                  Senior Legal Advisor           Jardine Matheson
   Director of Legal Services    Hewlett Packard                 Senior Legal & Commercial
                                                                                                Jardine OneSolution
   Global Contracts Counsel      Hewlett Packard                 Manager

   Legal Counsel                 HK & Shanghai Hotels            Regional Counsel               JDS Uniphase

   Corporate Counsel             HK and Shanghai Hotels          Legal Manager                  Jebsen

   Senior Legal Counsel          HK and Shanghai Hotels          Legal Counsel                  Jockey Club

                                 HK Corporate Counsel            Senior Counsel                 Johnson & Johnson
   Vice President
                                 Association                     General Counsel                Johnson Electric
   Counsel                       HK Exchanges & Clearing         Associate Counsel              JP Morgan
   General Counsel               HK Mortgage Corporation         Vice President                 JP Morgan
   Legal Counsel                 HKC Holdings                    Senior Legal Manager           K. Wah Construction
   Senior Legal Advisor          HKCSL                           In House Counsel               Karayan Furniture
   Contracts Manager             Honeywell                       Legal Counsel                  Kerry Logistics
   Corporate Secretary & Legal                                   Counsel                        Kilosmart
   Officer                                                       Director - Legal Affairs       Kodak
   Director                      HSBC                            Legal Manager                  Kodak
   Global Banking, Compliance    HSBC                            VPK Chief Counsel Asia
                                                                                                Kraft Foods
   Compliance Officer            HSBC                            Pacific
   Deputy Head of Legal          HSBC                            Legal Counsel                  Kuehne & Nagel
   Legal Advisor                 HSBC                            Senior Vice President          Lai Sun Group
   Director                      HSBC Private Bank               Legal Consultant               Landforth
   General Counsel               Hudson                          Senior Counsel                 Lanxess
   Legal Counsel                 Hutchison                       Director                       Lark International
   Deputy Chairman & Executive                                   Real Estate Counsel            Lehman Brothers
                                 Hutchison Harbor Ring
   Director                                                      GM - Legal Services            Li and Fung
   Group General Counsel         Hutchison Port Holdings         Legal Counsel                  Link Management
   Legal Counsel                 Hutchison Port Holdings         Director                       Lippo Asia
   Legal Counsel                 Hutchison Telecommunications    General Counsel                Lloyd's Register
   Group Senior Legal Counsel    Hutchison Whampoa               Legal Counsel                  Louis Vuitton
   Counsel                       IBM                             Corporate Counsel              LSI Corporation
   Legal Counsel                 ICBC Bank                       Director of Legal Affairs      Luenthai Holdings
                                 ICC Dispute Resolution          Senior Legal Counsel           Luenthai Holdings
                                                                 Legal Director                 LVMH Fashion
   General Counsel               ICI
                                                                 Legal Counsel                  Macao Studio City
   APAC General Counsel          Infor Global Solutions
                                                                 Legal Counsel                  Macquarie Goodman
   Director                      ING
                                                                 Associate Director             Macquarie Real Estate
   General Counsel               ING Asia
                                                                 Head of Legal                  Macquarie Real Estate
   Senior Legal Counsel          ING Asia
                                                                 General Manager                Mahanagar Telephone Nigam
   Regional General Counsel      ING Real Estate
                                                                 Director and Legal Counsel     Manivest Asia
   Senior Legal Counsel          ING Real Estate
                                                                 Vice President & Chief Legal
   Senior Attorney               Intel Capital                                                  Manulife Financial
   Attorney                      Intel Semiconductor             Senior Vice President          Marriott
   President                     International Bar Association   Vice President and Senior
   General Counsel               Intertouch                      Counsel

The 5th Annual
Asia Pacific In-house Counsel Summit
March 12th & 13th, 2008
InterContinental Hotel, Hong Kong
18 Salisbury Road, Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon

   Vice President and Senior                                  Counsel                      Pan Asian Mortgage
                                Marriott Vacation Club
   Counsel                                                    In House Counsel             Panasonic
   Legal Counsel                Mass Mutual                   Deputy General Counsel       PCCW
   General Counsel              Meiya Power                   Group Legal Advisor          PCCW
   Director                     Merrill Lynch                 Senior Group Legal Advisor   PCCW
   Lawyer                       Merrill Lynch                 Senior Attorney              Pepsico
   Legal Counsel                Metropolitan Bank & Trust     VP & Associate General
                                                                                           Philip Morris
   Legal Officer                Metropolitan Life Insurance   Counsel
   Corporate Attorney           Microsoft                     President and CEO            Philippine Stock Exchange
   Legal Manager                Misys Banking                 Vice President and General
                                                                                           Philippine Stock Exchange
   Regional Counsel             Misys Banking                 Counsel

   General Counsel and Co Sec   Mitsubishi Electric           General Manager              Philips

   Legal & Co Secretarial                                     Legal Counsel                Phoenix Satellite
                                Mitsubishi Electric
   Executive                                                  Group General Counsel        Pioneer Iron & Steel
   Vice President               Morgan Stanley                Legal Counsel                Playmates
   Executive Director           Morgan Stanley                                             Power Sector Assets &
                                                              Corporate Counsel
   Managing Director            Morgan Stanley                                             Liabilities

   Legal Counsel                Morningside Asia              General Counsel              PPG

   Legal Counsel                MSIG Insurance                Legal Counsel                Prada

   Deputy Legal Director        MTR                           Legal Counsel                Procter & Gamble

   Legal Advisor                MTR                           Compliance Manager           Prudential

   General Counsel              National Australia Bank       Corporate Attorney           PSALM

   Financial Controller         National Semiconductor        Corporate Legal Counsel      PSALM

   Legal Counsel                Natixis                       Director                     QSR Brands

   Legal Counsel                Nestle                        Legal Officer                Quality Healthcare

   Managing Director            New Heritage Holdings         Director Legal               Ranbaxy Laboratories

   Legal Counsel                New World Development         Legal Advisor                RBC Dexia Trust Services

   General Counsel              Newegg                        Director                     RREEF Asia

   Legal Counsel                Nokia Siemens Network         Head of Legal & Compliance   Sail Advisors

   Associate Legal Counsel      Nu Skin                       Legal Counsel                Samsonite

   Legal Specialist             Nu Skin                       General Counsel              Samsung Tesco

   Regional General Counsel     Nu Skin                       Senior Vice President &
                                                                                           San Miguel
                                                              General Counsel
   Business Development
                                Nubrands                      Counsel                      Sandisk Semiconductor
   Executive Director           NWS Holdings                  General Counsel              Sasa

   Manager                      NWS Holdings                  Legal Counsel                Sasa

   Corporate Counsel            Nypro                         Vice President & General
   Legal Advisor                Octopus
                                                              Vice President , Legal       Schenker
   General Manager              OEP Philippines
                                                              General Counsel              Schroder Investment
   Manager - Legal              Ortigas and Co
                                                              Legal Counsel & Co Sec       SCMP
   Corporate Counsel            Otis Elevator
                                                                                           Semiconductor Manufacturing
                                Pacific Century Premium       Hong Kong representative
   Legal Counsel                                                                           Int'l Corporation
                                                              Legal Counsel                Sensata Technologies
                                Pacific Century Premium
   General Counsel                                            Legal Counsel                Shun Tak Holdings
   Director, Corporate                                        Head of Legal                Siemens
                                Pacific Oil & Gas
   Development                                                VP - Corporate Finance       Siemens
   Corporate Counsel            Pacnet                                                     Singapore Int'l Arbitration
   General Counsel              Pacnet                                                     Center

The 5th Annual
Asia Pacific In-house Counsel Summit
March 12th & 13th, 2008
InterContinental Hotel, Hong Kong
18 Salisbury Road, Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon

   General Manager (Legal)          Sino Land                        Group Counsel                    The Dairy Farm Group
   Legal Counsel                    Societe Generale                 Associate General Counsel        Thomson
   Regional Counsel                 Societe Generale                 Legal Counsel                    Thomson
   Division Manager                 Sony Corporation                 Legal & Finance Manager          ThyssenKrupp Elevator
   Senior Legal Counsel             South China Group                Policy Analyst                   Time Warner
   Legal Counsel                    Springfield Financial Advisory   General Counsel                  Transunion
   Group Legal Counsel              Standard Chartered Bank          Counsel                          Turner International
   Head of Legal & Compliance       Standard Chartered Bank          Senior Counsel                   Turner International
   Legal Counsel                    Standard Chartered Bank          Legal Counsel                    TVB
   Senior Legal Counsel             Standard Chartered Bank          General Counsel                  TVB
   Management Trainee               Star Cruises                     Legal Counsel                    UBS
   Associate Senior Counsel &                                        Legal, Wealth Management         UBS
                                    Star Group
   Vice President                                                    Legal Counsel                    Umicore
   Associate Vice President     &                                    General Counsel                  Unilever
                                    Star Group
   Senior Counsel
                                                                     General Counsel                  UNISYS
   Director, Corporate Counsel      Starbucks Coffee
                                                                     General Counsel                  United Pacific Industries
   Head of Legal & Compliance       State Street Bank & Trust
                                                                     Director of Legal and Business
   Regional Counsel                 State Street Bank & Trust                                         Universal Music
   SVP & Senior Regional                                             Legal Counsel                    Veolia Water
                                    State Street Bank & Trust
                                                                     Regional Legal Counsel           Visa International
   Vice President - Legal and
                                    State Street Bank & Trust        General Counsel                  Visteon
   Vice President and Counsel       State Street Bank & Trust        Legal and Compliance
                                                                                                      VTech Holdings
   Vice President and Counsel       State Street Bank & Trust
                                                                     Counsel                          Wachovia Bank
   Senior Vice President &
                                    Stats Chippac                    Senior Legal Counsel             Wachovia Bank
   General Counsel
   GM, International Banking        Sumitomo Mitsui Banking          Vice President and Counsel       Wachovia Bank
   Vice President                   Sumitomo Mitsui Banking          Counsel                          Wachovia Securities
   General Counsel                  Sun Life Financial               Counsel                          Walt Disney
   Legal Counsel                    Sun Life Financial               Senior Counsel                   Walt Disney
   Senior Legal Counsel             SW Kingsway                      Vice President and Counsel       Walt Disney
   Chief Administrative Officer     SW Kingsway Capital              Legal Manager                    Walt Disney Television
   Director                         SW Kingsway Capital                                               Western Union Financial
                                                                     Associate Counsel
   Legal Counsel                    Swarovski
                                                                     Senior Legal & Regulatory
   Regional Counsel                 Swarovski                                                         Wharf T&T
   General Counsel                  Swiss Reinsurance                Director                         Wharf T&T
   Legal Counsel and Vice                                            Chief Legal Counsel              Wing Hang Bank
                                    Swiss Reinsurance
                                                                     Head of Legal & Compliance       Wing Hang Bank
   Director, Corporate Counsel      Sybase
                                                                     Group Legal Counsel              Winsor Properties
   Associate Director,
                                    Tanrich Financial                Attorney                         Wrigley Confectionery
   Compliance Manager               Tanrich Financial                Legal Director                   Wrigley Confectionery
   Legal Manager                    TDK China                        General Counsel                  Xinhua Finance
   Director of IP                   Techtronic Industries            Government Affairs &
   Senior Counsel                   Techtronic Industries
                                                                     Legal Counsel                    Yahoo
   Senior Vice President            Techtronic Industries
                                                                     Group Legal Counsel              Zetland Financial
   Legal Counsel                    Teletech
                                                                     Head of Legal & Compliance       Zurich Insurance
   Legal Counsel                    Tencent Holdings
   Consultant                       The Alliance Group

The 5th Annual
Asia Pacific In-house Counsel Summit
March 12th & 13th, 2008
InterContinental Hotel, Hong Kong
18 Salisbury Road, Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon

     Upcoming events schedule in 2008

       June    The 2008 Asia Pacific M&A Summit, Hong Kong

       June    The 2008 Asia Pacific Dispute Resolution Summit, Singapore

       July The Inaugural Annual Korea Summit, Korea

       August     The Inaugural Asialaw Islamic Finance Summit, Hong Kong

       September      The Inaugural Asialaw Competition/Anti-trust Summit, Hong Kong

      September      The 2008 Annual India Summit, Mumbai

      September      The 2008 Annual China Summit, Shanghai

       November      The 2008 Annual Asia Pacific IP Forum, Hong Kong

     For information on speaking at or sponsoring any of the conferences, please contact

     Stephen Lai, Associate Publisher

     Tel: +852 2842 6966
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