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                                                                                                                                        Harmony with the Tao
                                                                                                                              Easing life transitions using the Acutonics®
                                                                                                                                         Sound Healing System
                                                                                                                                   By Jude Ponton, DC, LAc, MAc &
                                                                                                                                          Paul Ponton LAc, MAc
     I N     E X C E L L E N C E                                                                                                  We all are faced with a variety of
                                                                                                                             transitions as our lives unfold. We
                                                                                                                             encounter job changes, relationship
                                                                                                                             changes, move from one home to another,
                                                                                                                             have children, and suffer the death of a
CENTERS                                                                             family member or close friend. We move from childhood to adolescence through
                                                                                    adulthood and middle and older age and experience, physical, emotional and
                                                                                    spiritual changes along the way.
                                                                                        All transitions, even positive ones, demand an energetic shift that allows us to
                     The Myofascial Healing Seminar
                                                                                    move into them easily and smoothly. Transitions usually involve leaving
                        Speaker: John F. Barnes, P.T.                               something behind or letting go of a way of thinking or acting to move on to
     The Myofascial Release Healing Seminar is based on the principals and          something else, letting go of old patterns so that new ideas and actions can
concepts in John F. Barnes, PT new book Healing Ancient Wounds The                  emerge.
Renegade's Wisdom.                                                                      The Acutonics® sound healing system facilitates smooth passage through
     This important seminar is about your empowerment as a therapist, as a          changes by applying the frequencies of the orbits of planets to acupuncture
patient, and as a human being. John offers you a glimpse into a new and             meridians and points on the body and in the subtle energy fields. These
expanded view and way of being in your world. These advanced principles and         frequencies are the frequencies of the "Music of the Spheres", the vibrations that
concepts will dramatically increase your effectiveness as a therapist and/oryour    form the tapestry of everything in the vast universe. By putting our bodies, minds
treatment response as a patient.                                                    and spirits into right relationship with these vibrations, we are able to make
     The Myofascial Healing Seminar is a new seminar developed for you, the         better choices about how to step into new forms and situations. Using the
patient/ client and your loved ones. The benefits of this experience are:           frequencies that we and everything that surrounds us are made of helps to
           • Develop a deeper understanding of the fascial system and how it        balance our energy, and put us in vibratory resonance with our cosmic destiny.
affects your health.                                                                These planetary vibrations are portals that link us to the great macrocosm.
           • Learn more about your Myofascial Healing process and how to                The eight extraordinary vessels have been used by Chinese Medicine
eliminate your pain.                                                                practitioners for centuries. These channels have often been used to connect and
           • Learn how to treat yourself and energize your body.                    integrate the primary acupuncture channels of the body. In The Acutonics®
           • Develop the ability to tune in and connect with your body for more     system, the extraordinary vessels are used to connect us to the ancestral, or source
effective treatment.                                                                qi, which is considered pre-meridian energy, the energy of potentiality. Using
     John F. Barnes, PT, world -renowned therapist, author, visionary, and          planetary vibrations to access this deep connection between us and the creative
authority on Myofascial Release, considered to be one of the most impressively      source allows us to interface with our evolutionary promise. The eight
talented therapists of our time, his mastery of Myofascial Release, teaching, and   extraordinary vessels have been described as pre-meridian rivers that store the
healing are beyond comprehension. Through over 40 years of John's experience        deepest essence of our soul and being throughout all of our lifetimes and thus,
and creative insight, he has developed this innovative and effective whole-body     the place to help us move through the karma of those lifetimes and into the
approach for the evaluation and treatment of pain, headaches, and dysfunction.      potential of this one.
     Patients are referred to his Myofascial Release Treatment Centers from all         Application of planetary tuning forks to the access points of the extraordinary
over the world,when traditional therapy, medication, or surgery have failed to      vessels sets in motion a communication between the cosmic portals of the planets
produce the desired results.Myofascial Release has exploded on the therapeutic      and the portals leading to our innermost spirit and source connection. Once this
scene with an impact and degree of acceptance, unprecedented in the history of      connection with source is made, our destiny, or cosmic blue print, emerges and
healthcare.                                                                         the path we need to take becomes clearer and free of obstacles. Then transitions
                        June 20-22 & October 6-9 $550 total price.                  become just another aspect of our journey through this lifetime.
                           $495 if you register two weeks before.                        Acutonics® is a registered trademark of Kairos Institute of Sound Healing, LLC
                $395 if you sign up with a guest-total for 2 people is $790.        Paul and Jude Ponton are certified practitioners and instructors of the Acutonics® Sound
                         Call for registration: Therapy on the Rocks                Healing System. They practice and teach at Whispering Dragon Center for Harmonic and
                       676 North Highway 89A Sedona, AZ 86336                                      Energetic Medicine, 1730 W HYWY 89A in Sedona., www.
       Phone: (928) 282-3002 FAX: (928) 282-7274                     , 928-203-4577.

                                                                                    COOL THINGS TO BUY
                                                                                                      Kids On Cell Phones: No laughing Matter
                                                                                         Kids using cell phones is no laughing matter. We're hooked on wireless
                                                                                    technology, but there is a dark side. Evidence shows that just a few minutes of
                                                                                    cell phone use begins to heat brain tissue and alter cellular DNA. In young

                            Angel Readings                                          people the blood-brain barrier is thin and the dangerous radiation coming off
                                                                                    cell phones in the form of EMF's (electro-magnetic frequencies) penetrates faster
                                                                                    and deeper. Increases in childhood cancers, brain tumors, and even a sharp
                           • Hypnosis for Healing and                               increase in testicular cancer is now being attributed to increased exposure to
                                                                                    electromagnetic pollution.
                             Change                                                      Disturbing new findings point to multiple problems associated with over
                                                                                    exposure to electromagnetic fields. " I believe that 30% of all childhood cancers
                           • Shamanic Journeys for                                  are associated with EMF exposure," declares Dr. David Carpenter, Dean at the
                             Soul Retrieval                                         School of Public Health State University of New York.
                                                                                         Fortunately there is a breakthrough solution based on German research, 20
                           • Personal or Group Retreat                              years in development.
     PHOENIX                 Facilitator                                             BIOPRO Technology's EMF Harmonization Chip completely neutralizes harmful EMF
   RISING STAR                                                                        radiation. This chip is universal; one chip can effectively be used cell phones, cordless
                                                                                         phones or on any appliance or product emitting EMFs. To learn more about this
   (928) 274-0246                                technology and how to purchase a harmonizing chip (only $27.95) please visit:
   for appointment                                         or
                                                                                                 call 866.403.0419. Protect your children and yourself TODAY!
JUNE/JULY 2005                                                                                                           FOUR CORNERS MAGAZINE (928) 282-7233 • 33
                                                                                                      Power of the Word
PROFILES ... continued                                         Throughout the ages, sages and mystics have known about the power of the word. They've used this
                                                           wisdom to expand their consciousness and improve their lives. Only recently has modern science
                                                           discovered what mystics have always known: words are powerful.

COOL THINGS                                                    In his research, Dr. Emoto placed labels with words on water containers. He discovered that the
                                                           water's molecular structure reconfigured itself to the word.
                                                               Our line of high quality static cling decals, containing the names and attributes of God, easily affix to
                                                           plastic, glass and ceramic containers. These decals can be reused to bless your water and change its
TO BUY                                                     molecular structure, benefiting you, as the mystics have known for eons.
                                                                                  For more information, please visit: MessagesForYourWater.Com.

                           The Divine in Bronze
     Tears fill her eyes. “I feel his
                                                                                      Readings, Reiki & Crystal
heart beating”. Reverence frames
her voice. In her hands she holds
                                                                                     Healings now being offered
an 18 th Century bronze of                                                              at Stone Age Sedona
Hanuman, servant of Ram. “He                                                           Stone Age Sedona opened its
also goes by the name of Anjaneya,                                                doors on October 1,2004 bringing
his devotional aspect,” I replied                                                 beautiful crystals, jewels, enchanted
softly. The atmosphere emanating                                                  faeries & angels from Avalon to
from the booth is sweet, as a bond                                                Sedona. They are now opening their
lifetimes old is renewed.                                                         back wing; Angel & Crystal Rooms
     This portrays Vaikuntha LLC’s                                                for readings, Reiki & crystal Healings.
reason for being: to call one to                                                  Store manager, Elizabeth Keller has
remember          one’s     heartfelt                                             guided sacred journeys to Avalon for
connection to the Divine. At                                                      6 years, studied crystal healing in the UK and worked at the Briget Healing Centre
conferences, our booth is filled with                                             in Glastonbury as their visionary Astrologer during the spring and summers of
bronze artifacts of India looking for                                             those years. She is dedicating the healing wing of Stone Age Sedona to beloved
their next caretakers. For a more                                                 Celtic Saint Bridget, Goddess of Healing, Poetry & Inspiration who was said to
intimate approach we bring the                                                    have followed Saint Patrick to the sacred Isle of Avalon and founded a healing
Salon d’Art Sacre de l’Inde to private                                            sanctuary.
settings. At each, we affirm a                                                         All the knowledgeable staff at Stone Age Sedona are also wonderful
deeper response to life itself.                                                   readers and healers:
     When you see a small bronze of Ganesh, features worn smooth from the         • Gigi offers psychic counseling, tarot and Reiki
taking of his blessings over decades or centuries, you will know you have found   • Aria is a gifted clairvoyant reader
Vaikuntha LLC.                                                                    • Dhee will be offering AuraSoma Readings
                               for info call: 928.445.5639                        • CaroLee is a gifted Reiki & Crystal Healer
                                                                                  • Anna Rita will be offering flower & gem elixir consultations and personal
                                                                                  blends for clients. her flower & gem sprays are on sale at Stone Age Sedona.
                                                                                  • Elizabeth is a clairvoyant & Astrologer using StarCards & Crystals in her
                                                                                  • Karen will be offering wonderful Angel Readings
                                                                                              Stone Age Sedona will be hosting New and Full Moon Gatherings
                                                                                                  in June and July. Come by or call them for dates and times.
                                                                                                                1385 W. Highway 89A suite 3
                                                                                                 phone: 928-282-2297 or email: crystals

                                                                                                                  Vibratory Energy Therapy™
                                                                                                                  Dr. John St. John, AET
                                                                                                                       Below is a testimonial from Keely Badger,
                                                                                                                   athlete, who has been seeing Dr. St. John for the
                                                                                                                   past year and a half for sports therapy.
                                                                                                                       “Since I have been seeing Dr. St. John, I have
                                                                                                                   noticed that the pain that is usually in my calves
                                                                                                                   and quads has diminished. My lower back, which
                                                                                                                   was the target area of pain, is completely healed.
                                                                                                                   As a result, my sports performance has improved
                                                                                                                   immensely and I no longer experience discomfort.
                                                                                                                   I play goal keeper for Sedona Red Rock High
                                                                                                                   School Scorpions Soccer Team which requires
                                                                                  rigorous physical demands. Through a series of sessions, not only has it relieved
                                                                                  my sports related pain, but it has trained my muscles to respond more efficiently
                                                                                  to athletic exertion.
                                                                                       Over time, without dealing with these discomforts, athletes can develop a
                                                                                  lifetime of serious complications, since one problem always leads to another.
                                                                                       I highly recommend Dr. St. John’s Vibratory Energy Therapy to any young
                                                                                  athlete for immediate relief of any sports related injury or irritation.”
                                                                                                                   Dr. John St. John, AET
                                                                                                             Call 928.274.0139 for a free demo
                                                                                                         2155 W. Hwy 89A Suite 114 • Sedona AZ

34 • FOUR CORNERS MAGAZINE (928) 282-7233                                                                                                              JUNE/JULY 2005
PROFILES ... continued
John Livingston, M.A. a shamanic healer and                                                                                                      Spiritual LightWorkers was
exorcist in Sedona, Arizona, specializes in clearing                                                                                             created to help establish
people as well as their homes, land and pets of                                                                                                  creditability and wisdom, from a
invisible parasitic beings such as demons, dark                                                                                                  high quality Psychic and Intuitive
reptilian E.T.s, and spirit entities.                                                                                                            Healer, for those in need. In the
    The depossession work John does is described in                                                                                              past a few poor representations
his new book, Adversaries Walk Among Us: A                                                                                                       claiming to be a light worker and
Guide to the Origin, Nature, and Removal of                                                                                                      psychic have created doubt due to
Demons and Spirits. Dr. Hank Wesselman, Ph.D.,                                                  scamming, good gypsies gone bad and script reading.
anthropologist, shaman, and author of The Journey                                                    Our line of work is difficult because most people do not know enough
to the Sacred Garden and the Spiritwalker trilogy,                                              about our industry to identify when they are being taken advantage. In
describes John's book as, "A fascinating                                                        addition, people call a Psychic when they are at a vulnerable time in their lives.
compendium drawn from scholarly perspectives as                                                      As readers, we know there are unethical people in all professions. All we
well as from Livingston's own experiences as a                                                  can do to help is provide an arena that is safe and honest about what we claim
                               modern practitioner of                                           to do. That is why our readers are tested and screened.
                               spirit depossession."                                                 We are committed to excellence and provide Psychics/Mediums/
                                     John has been a                                            Clairvoyants who desire to work in the light and help those in need. Try one of
                                professional healer for                                         our talented readers today and see if they can't shed some light into your life.
                                 the past thirty years, working with psychotherapy,                  We are a boutique of psychics and intuitive life coaches to aid in forward
                                 past-life and pre-life regression, shamanic soul               movement in the journey. The mission is to be the best that you can be.
                                  retrieval, exorcism, and shamanic dream                       Learning as you go and keep on learning. Even if it takes longer or is a little
                                  interpretation.                                               more difficult, do the right thing. Spread good Karma forward, and when in
                                         Call (928) 203-4096 for a private session in person    doubt always walk in the light. Be a true channel so others may feel your spirit
                                     or by phone. John's book is available on        and get a taste of unconditional love. Do not be afraid to spread the seeds of
                                                    and through his website,                    honesty, integrity, friendship, and teamwork.
                                                                    National Email
                                                                                                       Spiritual invites you to come join SLW on chat line. Meet the
                                                                                                      psychics of Spiritual LightWorkers and discover what it is like to be a psychic
                                                                                                   clairvoyant medium. Ask questions of your favorite psychics live on chat. For more

Equine Guidance LLC
Created by Isabelle Shook B.A.,
Epona Approved Instructor Sedona, Arizona
     Equine Guidance expands human                                                                                                      Sedona Star Limo
potential through the dynamic                                                                                                           Luxury Transportation and Tours
process of the horse-human
                                                                                                                                            Board the "Star Cruiser" Lincoln stretch
interaction. Equine Guidance
                                                                                                                                        limousine for a fascinating tour of Sedona at
attracts adults from around
                                                                                                                                        a reasonable price! Ranking high among
the country who wish to
                                                                                                                                        Sedona’s uniquities is the"Star Cruiser," a 25-
learn advanced human
                                                                                                                                        foot black limousine decorated with silver
development           skills
                                                                                                                                        five pointed stars and a SIRIUN star map on
related to emotional
                                                                                                                                        the hood. Inside, clients ride relaxed in air-
intelligence and agility,
                                                                                                                                        conditioned comfort with complimentary
consensual forms of leadership,
                                                                                                                                        Starbucks or Perrier while their driver/tour
energetic boundaries and
                                                                                                                                        guide leads the way through Sedona. This is
communication,          and
                                                                                                                                        the tour for those who prefer luxury:
stress     management.
                                                                                               Rev. Susan MV Baker Starname "Sakhia"   amenities including stereo, color TV with DVD
Individuals deepen their
                                                                                                                                       player, and wet bar. As unique as the vehicle is
ability to access their
                                                                                               Sedona Star Limo’s "Star Crew."
own inner wisdom and
                                                                                                    Driver-guides are professionally trained and outfitted, with courteous
unique talents by engaging in
                                                                                               customer service their #1 goal. Proprietress Susan MV Baker, has been an
reflective non-riding activities
                                                                                               ordained minister since March 1996, and much enjoys performing marriage
with horses. Participants
                                                                                               rites, handfastings and renewal of vows. A multi-talented artist and healing
uncover emotional blocks within
                                                                                               artist, and a disciple/initiate of the Ascended Master Teachings, she is among
the mind/body while accelerating the
                                                                                               the first 100 people to enter the Great Pyramid of Giza in this Millennium, (by
skills of intuition, balance and connection to
                                                                                               permit of Dr. Zahi Hawass). Baker has dedicated the work of this company to
the authentic self. Equine Guidance offers personal development workshops
                                                                                               moving light energy around Sedona, sharing the teachings wherever possible.
with the extraordinary guidance and wisdom of the horse; discover unconscious
                                                                                               Another Star Crew member is mascot "Osbourne." A very special Star-Pup, this
relationship dynamics between yourself and others, and activate your ability to
                                                                                               Chihuahua has been involved in esoteric events since he was 9 -weeks old. The
thrive in the world. In addition, services are available for horse enthusiasts to
                                                                                               company bears "The Osbourne Seal of Approval."
work through challenges between horse and rider. Equine Guidance also works
                                                                                                    For a First Class and Fun adventure, call Sedona Star Limo. Tours run
with corporations teaching authentic leadership. Individual sessions and
                                                                                               between 11 am-5pm on weekends, and by appointment. SSL accepts all major
corporate retreats available upon request; no horse experience necessary.
                                                                                               credit cards.
             Introductory Workshops: Horses as Healers and Teachers.
                                                                                                    "We cater specifically to Sedona’s New Age community," Baker said, "And of
                      June 26th Sedona, AZ / July 10th Flagstaff.
                                                                                               course we do all the usual limo stuff. Airport runs, transportation for special
             For more information, contact: Isabelle Shook: 928-301-7688 or
                                                                                               events. You name it and we’ll try to accommodate you."
                                                                                                                  Call: 928.639.0896 .

JUNE/JULY 2005                                                                                                                    FOUR CORNERS MAGAZINE (928) 282-7233 • 35
PROFILES ... continued
TOURS                                                                              WORKSHOPS
Historic Toadlena/Two                                                                                     Love is in the Earth
Grey Hills                                                                                                      Stone Age is honored to expand those teachings as the
Trading Post and Museum                                                                                    proud sponsors of Level I and Level II Melody Crystal
                                                                                                           Workshops. These courses offer the opportunity to apply
Toadlena Trading Post and                                                                                  Melody's proven methodologies by working hands-on with
Weaving Museum is located                                                                                  crystals.
on the Navajo reservation                                                                                       Taught for many years by Melody herself, the workshops
between Shiprock and Gallup                                                                                are now taught exclusively in the U.S. by certified, accredited
off highway 491. It is home to                                                                             and endorsed by Melody, Crystal Healing Instructors. Stone Age
the finest Navajo rugs and                                                         is pleased to offer these courses through master crystologist, Elariel, one of the original
tapestries in the world and                                                        graduates who has been personally trained by Melody. Attendees at these workshops
the weavers who create them.                                                       will also enjoy an extraordinary and rare personal appearance by Melody herself!
     The road to Toadlena passes through open rangeland among traditional               The Level I Introductory Workshop will be held on September 22-23, 2005, from
hogans, sheep herds, and wild horses dotting the expansive view including          10 am to 6 pm each day. Topics covered will include
Shiprock, the Chuska Mountains, Sleeping Ute, Beautiful Mountain, and other        chakra opening and balancing, cord removal, and
natural wonders. The post was built in 1909 and restored in 1997, maintaining      learning to create the reality you truly desire.
its original atmosphere. It serves the community today as in the past, providing        Level II, the Certification Course, will be held on
a glimpse into life among the weavers on the reservation. The Museum exhibits      September 24 and 25th from 10 am to 6 pm daily, and
exquisite examples of weavings from the region.                                    will continue the work begun in Level. Through study
     Visit us! The landscape and warmth of the people will truly inspire you to    and application of advanced modalities including
“walk in beauty.”                                                                  shamanic journeying, past life ascension, Tibetan
                                       Open Daily                                  Pulsing and more.
                    Hwy 491/N-19 Newcomb, New Mexico 505-789-3267                       Upon successful completion of Level II
        ,                participants will be awarded practitioner Certification
                                                                                   in Crystology. Tuition for the course is $350 per Level,
                                                                                   with $100 discount for pre-registration by June 15,
                                                                                           To register for Level I and II Melody Crystal
                                                                                                September Workshops contact:
                                                                                                   Stone Age Sedona 1385 W. Hwy 89A, Ste.3 Sedona, AZ 86336
                                                                                                   Phone: 928-282-4409 or

                                                                                   Lawrence's spirituality is radical, untamed, and
                                                                                   uncensored. His path of no path explores
                                                                                   awakening to the truth of who and what we are
                                                                                   through energetic meditations, "hot seat"
                                                                                   sessions, deconstruction of the ego's stories,
                                                                                   understanding of the limbic system, the
                                                                                   autonomic animal brain. All of this will
                                                                                   culminate in a shaktipat session.
                                                                                        Lawrence's spiritual path is really about
                                                                                   seeing through the masks of eternity that call us
   Spring! It's Time to be Free! Change from the Inside Out!                       into the deepest levels of conscious awareness of
                                                                                   the very act of living from the field of our being.
                     Jana Shiloh MA CCH. HPA                                       The spiritual path is not "out there" somewhere,
                                                                                   but rather is the essence of who and what we
                                 Offering Homeopathy, White Buffalo Bliss,
                                                                                   truly are. This can be experienced, first hand.
                                 Blue Lotus and other Vibrational Essences              We all are seeking the experience of being
                                    Meditations, and Healing Workshops             fully alive. Lawrence's utilizes the profound energy of a unified group field to
                                                                                   facilitate clearing of patterns and issues that mask our eternal selves. Through
                                  Transformational Evolution of Body, Mind, and    the removal of life stream patterns and blocks, we can discover the deepest
                                       Spirit Expand your heart and chakras
                                                                                   underlying principals of our lives - allowing us to truly re-create who and
                                 Open to your Soul with Essences for meditation,   what we are - moment to moment. This is a life of freedom and discovery.
                                     healing, and ceremony 928-282-9362                 One of the most profound experiences we can ever have is simply opening
                                                                                   to the mystery of life. The four day workshop/funshop will help catapult you
                                             to the next step in your spiritual growth.

36 • FOUR CORNERS MAGAZINE (928) 282-7233                                                                                                                 JUNE/JULY 2005

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