Christine A. McCallum

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					Christine A. McCallum 


Christine A. McCallum is a former Boston-area grade school teacher who is accused of statutory rape. McCallum had an 18-month relationship with a 13-year old boy. McCallum met the boy in 2006 while tutoring his younger brother, but soon the relationship escalated, with McCallum allegedly providing him with alcohol and sending him numerous text messages. Though no evidence that the pair had sexual intercourse has been released, McCallum is nevertheless facing 7 counts of statutory rape. McCallum claims she played a non-sexual maternal role in the boy’s life, feeling compelled to do so as the boy was being raised by a single father.

Description: Christine A. McCallum is a Boston-area teacher who was fired from her job for allegedly having sex with a student. See this document for more information about charges against McCallum and the specifics of her story.