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					  Mission Statement                                                                                                       St Peter Chanel
The goal of the St. Peter Chanel pre-
                                                                                                                          Catholic Church
school is to offer a loving environment
that will enable each child to grow
spiritually, emotionally, socially, intel-
lectually and physically. Through the
guidance of our teachers and staff, the
                                                                                                                             2009 — 2010
children will learn about respecting
themselves and others, sharing, listen-
ing and experiencing God’s love. Our
program is designed to build on the
child’s learning and experiences at
home as well as to expose them to
group situations. We welcome all chil-
dren regardless of their national origin,
race or religion.

                                             Q u es ti o ns ?
                                             D i rec t o r: B a r ba r a G o rd o n
                                             O f f ic e Ass is ta n t: C h ris t y Ne e
                                              6 7 8 -8 3 2 -1 2 3 1
                                              m m o @s tp et e rc ha n el . or g

                                             P r o g r am D i rec t o r:
                                             C a t h y M a r bu r y 6 7 8- 8 3 2 -1 2 29
                                             C m a r b u ry @s t pe te rc h an e l. o r g

                                             O f f ic e Ass is ta n t:
                                             C h r is t y Ne e 6 7 8 -8 3 2 -1 2 3 1
                                             M m o @s t pe te rc h a ne l. o r g

                                                                                               11330 Woodstock Rd
            Questions?                                                                          Roswell, GA 30075
                                                                                            Parish Office: 678-277-9424    11330 Woodstock Road
Director: Barbara Gordon
Office Assistant: Christy Nee                                                                                                Roswell, GA 30075
         678-832-1231                                                                                                          678-832-1231                                                                                        
 About our Program                          2009-2010 Class Information                                          Registration
The Preschool program at St Peter Chanel    Stude nt pla ceme nt is determine d by the ir               Registration forms are available on the St
                                            age a s of S e p t em b e r 1, 2 00 9
Catholic Church was established in 2003.                                                                Peter Chanel Catholic Church website:
In our first year, we served just over 40                                                      or from our pre-
children. Today we have over 100 stu-       18-24 Month Olds                                            school office. Forms for the 2009/2010
dents and offer classes for students 18     (must be 1 yr old by 3/1/09 and walking by                  year will be available in January 2009.
months through 4 years of age.
                                            •  One class, exact days will be determined                 Registration takes place in early February.
Each class is led by a teacher and an as-      by 2/1/09 - $155 per month                               Classes will be filled on a priority lottery
sistant who are screened and approved by    Class will either be Mon/Wed or Mon/Thurs                   basis. Please see the application specific
the Church and the Archdiocese. All of      Up to 10 children per class/ 2 teachers
our staff are required to participate in
continuing educational workshops for        2 Year Olds                                                 A registration fee of $80 is due with your
early childhood professionals.              •   Tues/Thurs (2 day) $155 per month                       application. Included in this fee is the cost
The number of children enrolled in each     •   Mon/Wed/Fri (3 day) $225 per month                      of a tote bag for your child, for the school
class is based on the age of the children   Up to 10 children per class/ 2 teachers                     year. This fee is non-refundable once your
and the facility space.                                                                                 child is confirmed in a class.

Children are challenged to learn through
                                            3 Year Olds
                                                                                                        Your first of nine tuition payments is re-
                                            •   Mon/Wed/Fri (3 day) $225 per month
hands-on activities in the classroom that                                                               quired by May 1, 2009 (or upon registra-
                                            •   Tues/Thurs/Fri (3 day) $225 per month
encourage them to play, explore, imagine                                                                tion during the school year). This will be
                                            Up to 12 children per class/ 2 teachers
and create at their developmental level.                                                                credited towards May, 2010 tuition or the
Religion is introduced monthly through                                                                  last month, whichever comes first. Sep-
our “Bible Heroes” program. Students        4 Year Olds                                                 tember 2009 tuition will be due the first
participate in a special monthly Music      •   Mon-Thurs (4 day) $275 per month
                                                                                                        week of school, in September. One
and Movement program. Our 4 year olds       • Mon-Fri (5 day) $300 per month
                                                                                                        month’s notice is required for any refund
                                            Up to 14 children per class/ 2 teachers
are introduced to Spanish every other       Admission to the 5 day program will be based on length      considerations.
week.                                       of time enrolled in SPC Preschool and age of the student.

 St Peter Chanel Preschool operates inde-                          Hours
pendently from Queen of Angels Regional     Our school hours are 9:30 am-12:45 pm. for
Catholic School. Attendance in the pre-     the 18-24 month old class. Hours are 9:30 am
school program in no way affects or         - 1:00 pm for 2, 3, and 4 year olds. All stu-
                                            dents will bring lunch to school daily.
guarantees admission to Queen of Angels