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5-Newsline_ March 04 by liwenting


									                                                                        Local 237
                                                                                                RO      O




Vol. XXXVIII, No. 3                                                                                                                                                       March 2004
                                                                                          IN                  S
                                                                                                 A F L-CIO

 Contract Talks – A Two-Front War for the Union
Haynes: ‘We Won’t Give Anything Back’
     Negotiations resumed Feb. 10 as members of              ating with the
Local 237’s Housing Division Negotiating Com-                agency all along
mittee sat down with officials at the New York               and who give
City Housing Authority (NYCHA) to discuss the                every time they
agency’s response to the demands the union put               are asked to
on the table last October. However, NYCHA’s ini-             give. It’s very
tial proposal met with moans and groans by the               demoralizing
union’s negotiating team members.                            and dishearten-
     At the meeting, held at NYCHA’s offices at              ing because we
250 Broadway, the agency adopted Mayor                       come to work
Bloomberg’s stance of no raises without produc-              every day, and
tivity gains and laid out a proposal that left many          do much more
members outraged and disgusted. Local 237 Pres-              than they pay
ident Carl Haynes stunned NYCHA officials                    us for. Like
when he unleashed a torrent of angry words and               someone else

                                                                                                                                                                                         Sam Hollenshead
threatened to walk out of the meeting.                       said, we give
     “He told it like it was,” said Negotiating              everything and
Committee member Jakwan Rivers, a mainte-                    we’re not get-
nance worker at the Long Island City Facility.               ting much in re-
                                                                                President Carl Haynes and the union’s negotiating team facing the Housing Authority’s
“Carl Haynes sent a strong message to the Hous-              turn.”
                                                                                team at the contract talks on Feb. 10.
ing Authority people. He made me proud.”                         Following
     Doreen Mack, a Housing Manager at St.                   the talks, Haynes told members to stand firm and wide negotiations, Haynes said: “It’s clear that
Nicholas Houses in Manhattan, said NYCHA’s                   not be discouraged. “Contract negotiations are the city and the Housing Authority are not ready
offer “was quite depressing.” She added: “Even               never easy, but we’ve always generally had cor- to bargain seriously. Both offers are a joke and an
with the financial situation, what they are offering         dial relations with the Housing Authority,” insult to the membership. They want to wipe out
is callous and a total disregard for the employees           Haynes said.                                           everything we have negotiated and won over
at the Housing Authority who have been cooper-                   Commenting on both the Housing and City- many years.” Then he added, “No way!”

                     The Housing Authority’s Demands, Point by Painful Point
Increases                                                          years of continuous Authority service actively              11. All overtime pay shall be calculated based on
1.   Any future wage increases shall be funded entire-             served in covered bargaining unit titles.                       actual time worked per week.
     ly through prospective productivity savings. All        9.    Shift differential pay shall be eliminated.                 12. There shall be no minimum credit of hours for
     prospective productivity shall be the result of an                                                                            recall from home.
     agreed upon bilateral program established in con-                                                                         Meal Allowance
     junction with the union and must achieve measur-        10. Any agreement reached between the City of New
                                                                 York (“City”) and Teamsters’ Local 237 on a                   13. Meal allowances shall be eliminated.
     able/quantifiable savings.
                                                                 demand submitted by the City on health insur-                 Transfer/Movement/Assignment
                                                                 ance, pension/retirement system or welfare fund               14. For voluntary, lateral inter-location employee
2.   The normal rate of pay shall apply for a standard
                                                                 matters shall also apply where applicable and/or
     work week, which shall be comprised of any five
                                                                 as adapted to the Authority.                                                                      Continued on page 3
     (5) consecutive work days completed over any
     seven (7) consecutive calendar days.
3.   Summer hours shall be eliminated.
Salaries & additions                                                 Citywide Talks Just at the First Stage
4.   Eligibility for collective bargaining increases shall             Contract talks held at union headquarters on            reduce the number of hours during which civil-
     be contingent upon a satisfactory performance
                                                                  March 1 between Local 237’s Citywide Division                ian employees are eligible for night-shift differ-
                                                                  and the City of New York were, at best, only step            ential. It also wants to exclude paid leave and
5.   New hires shall move through the Salary
     Schedule “B” steps. Upon completion of one (1)               two to negotiations. Several more sessions will              holidays when calculating eligibility for over-
     year of Authority service at Step 3 of the Schedule          be needed to “pry something loose from them,”                time above 40 hours a week.
     “B” salary, new hires shall be placed at the next            said Local 237 President Carl Haynes, address-                    Increasing the workweek to 40 hours for all
     higher salary step of Schedule “A”. Salary                   ing the union’s negotiating team.                            titles (but not increasing wages); eliminating all
     Schedule “B” steps shall be frozen at the rates of                At the top of the city’s Draconian list of de-          paid release time for union activities; and elimi-
     pay contained in the expired agreement.                      mands was the proposal that any future wage in-              nating summer hours are other items on the
6.   For all employees covered under the Step Pay                 creases be funded entirely through productivity              city’s wish list that signal a struggle ahead. “Tell
     Plan, progression through the salary steps shall             savings. From that point, it was further downhill,           members we’re in for a fight,” said Haynes in
     occur only after the employee has demonstrated               including the city’s demand that new hires for all           closing remarks to the union’s team.
     satisfactory performance.                                    titles shall be paid 90 percent of the incumbent                  The next session is expected in a few weeks,
7.   There shall be a payroll lag of five (5) additional          rates.                                                       and “we don’t intend to give anything back,” as-
                                                                       Regarding premium pay, the city wants to                sured Haynes.
8.   Eligibility for any fifteen (15) year longevity shall
     be based upon completion of a total of fifteen (15)
2     NEWSLINE, March 2004

    Local 237 Member Services
UNION HEADQUARTERS                     problems, tenant rights and
216 West 14th Street                   bankruptcies.                                                  A Message From
New York, NY 10011-7296                212-924-1220                                                   the President
212-924-2000                           Office Hours:
                                       Mon. through Fri. 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.
LOCAL 237 DIVISIONS                    Mary Sheridan Esq., Director
CITYWIDE DIVISION,                     Kenneth Perry Esq., Deputy

                                                                            If We Want to Win We’ve
Gregory Floyd, Director                COMMUNICATIONS
Civilian Unit                          DEPARTMENT, 5th FLOOR

                                                                            Got to Stand United
Mal Patterson, Deputy Director         Moronke Oshin, Director
Law Enforcement Unit                   Tania M. Lambert, Assistant
Peter Gutierrez, Assistant             Communications Director and
  Director                             Editor/Writer
Al Soto, Assistant Director            Local 237 Newsline

                                                                                         ith the health care benefits        instance. I gave them a piece of my
2nd FLOOR                              LEGISLATION, 6th FLOOR                           component of our contracts           mind. By the expression on the faces
(Citywide and Housing)                 Local 237 protects members’                      behind us, many of us on the         across the table from us, I think the rep-
Donald Arnold, Deputy Director         rights by helping to sponsor leg-    Municipal Labor Committee (MLC) were             resentatives of the Housing Authority
HOUSING DIVISION,                      islation that is important to mem-
                                       bers, and by opposing initiatives    looking forward to resuming contract ne- were quite taken aback by my reaction.
Edmund Kane, Director                  that would hurt members.             gotiations with the city. Like Local 237,        You can read the Housing Authority de-
                                       Patricia Stryker, Director           several city unions have been without a          mands for yourself on the front page of
Brooklyn, Queens, Staten Island
James Giocastro, Deputy                EDUCATION DEPARTMENT,                contract for well over two years or more. this issue.
  Director                             8TH FLOOR
                                       Provides a variety of training
                                                                            However, it came as no surprise when                  I believe our Citywide negotiating
Bronx & Manhattan                                                           Mayor Bloomberg’s negotiators sat down
                                       and educational advancement                                                           team felt the same way, when they too
Remilda Ferguson, Assistant
                                       opportunities for Citywide and       to talk with the Teachers’ union (UFT),          were faced with a similar proposal from
                                       Housing Division members.
General Membership                                                          that the city would produce a proposal           the city’s commissioner of labor relations
Jeannette Woods, Deputy                Frederick Dunn, Director             that guts all of UFT’s previous contracts        on March 1. On both occasions I made it
  Director                                                                  by eliminating close to 80-90 percent of
                                       Gray Lewis, Assistant Director                                                        clear to the members of each negotiating
LONG ISLAND DIVISION                   GRIEVANCES/DISCIPLINARY              the teachers’ standard work rules.               committee that they did not have to worry
1727 Veterans Memorial                 PROBLEMS
Highway, Suite 308                                                              UFT President Randi Weingarten,              about accepting a contract that decimates
                                       For grievances and job related
Islandia, NY 11749                     problems, first contact your shop    who is also president of the MLC, called         our previous contracts, because we don’t
631-851-9800                           steward and/or grievance repre-      the city’s action “a kick in the teeth.” I       intend to give anything back! You don’t
Richard Hendershot, Director           sentative. If they cannot resolve
Patrick Passaretti, Deputy                                                  probably would have used stronger                have to be a rocket scientist to figure out
                                       the issue, they or you should
  Director                             contact your business agent.
                                                                            words, but then that would not have gone that if you give up three percent of your
LONG ISLAND WELFARE FUND               Debra Singer Esq., Grievance         down well as a sound bite for the media.         benefits in so-called productivity gains to
For information on the various           Coordinator                            The point is, the city’s response to         receive a three percent wage increase,
Funds call:
                                       HEALTH & SAFETY                      the teachers’ contract demands sends a           then you didn’t get anything.
                                       Investigates health and safety
                                                                            strong signal as to what all municipal                The cuts and productivity demands
                                       hazards at work sites. To report
8th FLOOR                              unsafe working conditions or         unions will face going into new contract         the city is asking for are draconian and
Provides a variety of pre- and         serious accidents members            talks; and even though the mayor is fond we’re not interested. The members of
post-retirement services, includ-      must contact their shop steward      of calling city workers “the best work-          your negotiating team all understand
ing pension and health insur-          and/or business agent.
                                                                            force anywhere,” he clearly has nothing          that we’re in for a very difficult set of
ance counseling to members.            CIVIL SERVICE BAR
(Pension counseling by appoint-        ASSOCIATION, 7th FLOOR               but total disregard and disrespect for all       negotiations. We need to be patient, and
ment, Thursdays only). General         212-675-0519                         of us!                                           we need to be united, because that is the
retirement counseling and              Gloria Johnson, President                The members of Local 237’s negotiat-         only way we will get through this hur-
retirement planning series dur-        Aldona Vaiciunas, Office
ing spring and fall.                   Administrator and
                                                                            ing team know first hand what I’m talk-          dle. If we want a decent contract, then
212-807-0555                           Grievance Coordinator                ing about. In February the negotiating           we can’t afford to be second guessing
Nancy B. True, Director                Saul Fishman, Business Agent         committee for the union’s Housing Divi-          each other.
                                       John Picucci, Business Agent         sion sat down with
LOCAL 237 DEPARTMENTS                                                                                                                                                 Bill Kresse
                                       CSBA WELFARE FUND,
MEMBERSHIP, 2nd FLOOR                                                       the Housing Au-
Provides membership services           7th FLOOR
                                       Alicare 212-538-5117                 thority for only the
and records, including address
changes.                                                                    second time since
                                       USEFUL NUMBERS FOR
John Felder, Director                  PRE-RETIREES                         we opened contract
                                       NYCERS (New York City
                                                                            talks back in No-
3rd FLOOR                                                                   vember 2003 and
                                       Employees Retirement System)
For Citywide and Housing mem-
                                       By Mail: 335 Adams St., Suite        submitted our de-
bers, the Fund administers the
                                       2300, Brooklyn, NY 11201-3751
eligibility, enrollment, disability,                                        mands. The Hous-
                                       In Person: 340 Jay Street,
optical and death benefits                                                  ing Authority’s re-
                                       Mezzanine, Brooklyn, NY 11201
directly by the Fundís in-house
staff, as well as prescription
                                       Gen. Information: 347-643-3000       sponse to our de-
                                       Outside NYC toll-free:               mands enraged
and dental programs indirectly.
                                       Internet:                            many of us in the
Paul E. Juergensen, Director
                                       room. I must admit
                                       NYC Department of Education          I lost it when HA
                                       Retirement System                    officials laid out
Lawyers advise and represent
                                       65 Court St., Brooklyn, NY
Citywide and Housing Division
                                                                            their proposal. Al-
members on covered personal                                                 though I’m a true
legal problems, including
domestic relations (family court       Social Security Administration       believer in show-
proceedings, divorce and sepa-         800-772-1213                         ing restraint under
ration), purchase and sale of a        NY State and Local Retirement        pressure, whenever
primary residence, wills, adop-        Systems                                                     Mother Jones drew attention to child-labor abuses when she led hundreds
tions, credit and consumer
                                                                            possible, I couldn’t of textile workers (many under 16 years old) in a march from Philadelphia to
                                                                            help myself in this New York City. Read about this remarkable woman on page 6.
                                                                                                                                                        NEWSLINE, March 2004             3

Union Wins Assault Clause Arbitration Awards
     Two years after the NYPD de-                      Section 10, Fuentes is entitled to a        who recently won arbitration
nied School Safety Agent Rosemary                      leave of absence of up to 18 months         awards after the city refused to pay
Fuentes’ request for “Line of Duty                     duration if she has been physically         them for the time they were unable
Injury” benefits for injuries she suf-                 disabled because of an assault arising      to work as a result of their line of
fered while breaking up a fight at                     out of and in the course of her em-         duty injuries.
her school, the agent finally found                    ployment, and her injury is deemed
justice when an arbitrator awarded                                                                         SSA Robert Lasky
                                                       by the Compensation Division of the
her 18 months of back pay.                             Law Department or by a determina-                In the case of SSA Robert Lasky,
     Fuentes was just doing her job at                 tion of the Workers’ Compensation           Arbitrator Earl Pfeffer found that the
the Manhattan Center Math and Sci-                     Board to be compensable under the           city violated the collective bargaining
ence High School when she respond-                     Workers’ Compensation Law.”                 agreement with the union by denying
ed to a call about a fight on the sec-                     Arbitrator Randy E. Lowitt              him benefits for injuries in the line of
ond floor of the high school on Sept.                  agreed that Fuentes’ case satisfied         duty under Article 5, Section 10 of
20, 2002. She radioed for backup and                                                               the agreement. Lasky filed a “C-2”
                                                       the provision and granted her a
rushed up the stairs to break up a                                                                 claim after he was injured in March
                                                       “Consent Award” which stipulated
fight between two girls, which had                                                                 1999 while apprehending a student.
                                                       that she “be paid for the period of
now drawn a crowd of cheering on-                                                                       At arbitration, Local 237 asked
                                                       9/20/02 to the present,” and that she
lookers. Somehow, in the process,                                                                  that Lasky be awarded the difference
                                                       continue to be paid for up to 18
Fuentes was jumped from behind by                                                                  between his salary and the Workers’
a student who knocked her to the                       months so long as she is covered by
                                                                                                   Compensation benefits for the entire
ground and started pummeling her.                      Workers’ Compensation.
                                                           Fuentes is one of four members                                Continued on page 13            SSA Rosemary Fuentes
Fuentes does not recall much more
after the beating she received, but a
teacher told her she had pulled her
out from under a mob.                                  The Housing Authority’s Painful Demands
     Fuentes filed a C-2 claim for Line
                                                       Continued from page 1
of Duty benefit. When the NYPD de-
nied Fuentes the benefit at steps 1                        transfer:
and 2 of the grievance process, Local                      a. Employees covered under the standard transfer proce-
237 filed a “Request for Arbitration”                         dure shall be considered for transfer provided a mini-
on April 3, 2002, with the Office of                          mum of thirty (30) months of service is performed in
Collective Bargaining.                                        title at the location from which transfer is requested,
     At arbitration on Jan. 9, 2004, the                      and for Assistant Housing Managers and Assistant
                                                              Resident Building Superintendents, a minimum of
union argued that “under Article 5
                                                              thirty-six (36) months of such service.
                                                           b. The Automated Transfer List System (ATLS) shall be
                                                              the only method utilized for voluntary movement
                Local 237                                     between locations, subject to a maximum backfill.
      NEWSLINE                                         15. a. Assignment to any position, in any title, at any loca-
                                                              tion, shall be made at the sole discretion of the
    216 West 14 St., New York, NY 10011
                212-924-2000                                  Authority.                                                  Local 237 President Carl Haynes telling it like it is at the
         Website:                         b. An employee who has been on sick leave may return           Citywide contract talks on March 2.
       E-mail:                          to the last location at which such employee worked,
                                                              provided he or she returns to work within twenty (20)           lows:
       Published monthly by Local 237
   International Brotherhood of Teamsters                     calendar days after commencement of sick leave.                 a. Grievances shall be limited to disputes regarding the
      (USPS 700-000 ISSN 1083-3536)                                                                                              application or interpretation of contract terms or writ-
  Periodicals postage paid at New York, NY             Time & Leave                                                              ten rules or regulations regarding terms and condi-
    Postmaster: Send address changes to                16. Any agreement reached between the City of New York                    tions of employment.
   Newsline, 216 W. 14 St., NY, NY 10011                   (“City”) and Teamsters’ Local 237 on a demand submitted            b. Amend the steps of grievance process and time limits.
                     Carl Haynes                           by the City on accrual or payment of annual or sick leave          c. Complaints regarding out-of-title or out-of-level work
                            President                      shall also apply where applicable and/or as adapted to                assignments shall be filed with the Director of Human
            Richard Hendershot                             the Authority.                                                        Resources with a right to appeal to arbitration.
                     Vice President                    17. For employees on fixed schedules:                              23. Authority Property
                 Nick Mancuso                              a. Lateness in excess of five (5) minutes shall be charged         The Authority may recoup directly from wages the full
               Secretary-Treasurer                            to annual leave for the full period of such lateness on         replacement cost of equipment issued or otherwise entrust-
              Eunice Rodriguez                                a minute-for-minute basis.                                      ed to employees by the Authority which is lost, damaged or
              Recording Secretary                          b. Lateness penalty provisions shall apply to employees            destroyed by such employees, or allowed by such employ-
                                                              who exceed twelve (12) latenesses in a consecutive              ees to be lost, damaged or destroyed by others, either pur-
               Patricia Stryker
                                Trustee                       twelve-month (12) period, or a ratio greater than one           posefully or otherwise, or that is otherwise unaccounted for.
                                                              (1) time per month.                                             This provision shall not be construed to concern the wear
             Evaristo Pabon, Jr.                       18. For employees participating in the flex-time program:
                                                                                                                              and tear or depreciation attributed to normal and authorized
                                                           a. No grace period allowed. Lateness shall be charged to           use of such equipment.
                 Gregory Floyd                                annual leave for the full period of lateness on a           24. Union activity / Business
                                                              minute-for-minute basis.                                        a. All paid release time for union activities shall be elim-
  Moronke Oshin Tania M. Lambert                           b. Lateness penalty provisions shall apply to employees               inated.
   Managing Editor                        Editor              who exceed twelve (12) latenesses in a consecutive              b. All ad hoc release time for union activities shall be
                If you move...                                twelve-month (12) period, or a ratio greater than one              without pay.
                                                              (1) time per month. Total minutes late shall be round-
  Please send your change of address in                                                                                   Management’s Rights Clause
 writing to MEMBERSHIP to insure that you                     ed upward in quarter-hour (1/4) intervals.
                                                       19. Employees who donate blood during working hours,               25. The following provision shall be added to the parties’
      continue receiving your newspaper.
                                                           through participation in official NYCHA blood drives,              agreement:
     Local 237 Telephone Numbers                           shall be granted three (3) hours of compensatory time in           This agreement is the result of collective bargaining nego-
 Citywide Division .................212-924-2000           addition to the time actually used to donate blood.                tiations between the New York City Housing Authority
 Housing Division..................212-924-2000        20. Workers’ Compensation                                              and the City Employees Union, Local 237, IBT., which
 Long Island Division ............631-851-9800             Supplementation of statutory Workers’ Compensation                 have been conducted under the requirements of the NYC
 Welfare Fund .......................212-924-7220          benefits by use of annual leave shall be eliminated.               Collective Bargaining Law. The provisions of this
 Education Department.........212-807-0550             21. Disciplinary Penalties                                             Agreement supersede all conflicting policies and direc-
 Legal Department ................212-924-1220             When an employee is subject to a disciplinary suspen-              tives of the New York City Housing Authority and may be
                                                                                                                              changed only through the mutual agreement of the
 Health & Safety ...................212-741-8609           sion the Authority, in its sole discretion, may require the
 Retiree Division/
                                                                                                                              Authority and the Union. All terms and conditions of
                                                           employee to work at 70 percent of the employee’s rate of
  Pension Counseling ..........212-807-0555                                                                                   employment not explicitly covered by this agreement
                                                           pay for the period of suspension in lieu of the employee           shall be subject to the New York City Housing Authority’s
 CSBA...................................212-675-0519       being suspended without pay.                                       sole direction and control and shall not be the subject of
               Metro NY
                                                       22. Adjustment of Grievances                                           negotiations until the commencement of negotiations for
                                                           The parties grievance procedure shall be amended as fol-
                                                                                                                              a successor agreement.
4      NEWSLINE, March 2004

                                                    The Political Scene
State Legislators Introduce                                                          We’re
Workers’ Comp Reform Bills                                                           Making
     New York Senator Guy J. Velel-     pensation in several $75 install-
la and Assemblywoman Susan John         ments until reaching a level equal to

have introduced matching bills that     2/3rds of the state average weekly              ocal 237’s voter reg-
would increase benefits for injured     wage in December, 2006. It enacts               istration drive gained
workers in New York State.              various measures which are de-                  about 500 newly regis-
    The State AFL-CIO worked with       signed to decrease premium costs         tered members, just in time for
Velella and John to develop and in-     for basic Workers’ Compensation          the New York Democratic Pri-
troduce S. 6135 and A. 9736.            coverage or which will improve the       maries on March 2. “We now
    The bills mirror the federation’s   administration of the Workers’ Com-      have a total 16,500 members
recommendations, such as: making        pensation Law.”                          registered so far,” says Edmund
all parties in the system more re-           “At this time,” said Denis Hugh-    Kane, director of the union’s
sponsible; rewarding good partici-      es, state AFL-CIO president, “we         Housing Division, who is over-
pants and punishing the bad; and        urge you to contact your State Sena-
                                                                                 seeing the drive. “But we can’t
instilling competition as a motivator   tor and Assembly representative to
                                                                                 rest on our laurels.”
for a better delivery of services.      express your support for their vote
    Specifically, the bill “would,      on this bill. It is important to make        As the race for the U.S.
commencing December 2004, in-           them aware that their support of this    presidency intensifies, so does
crease the maximum benefits             bill will be key to their labor voting   the national campaign in
payable under the Workers’ Com-         record.”                                 which Local 237, the Interna-
                                                                                 tional Brotherhood of Team-
                     Roving Reporter                                             sters and the AFL-CIO are in-
                                                                                 volved in all aspects of the
       Recently, three school safety agents from Manhattan South Com-            elections, from endorsing
    mand Task Force, and a supervisor of grounds at Queensbridge North           pro-worker candidates to
    Housing in Queens, visited Local 237 Headquarters, where the Roving          educating members about the
    Reporter caught up with them to ask one burning question:
                                                                                 issues, such as the Bush admin-          volved if they know the issues,”
                        Why do you vote?                                         istration’s threats to overtime,         says Patricia Stryker, director of
                                                                                 minimum wage and health care             Local 237’s Political Action and
    SSA SONY COLLADO:                   SUPERVISOR OF GROUNDS                    costs.                                   Legislation Department. “Nation-
                  “If you offer me      ROBERTO CAMACHO:
                                                                                     But, the biggest issue in the        wide, workers are under attack,
                  what I want, I                     “I voted in the             upcoming election may be voter           and it’s time to fight back.
                  vote. Make me                      last election, ab-          apathy. Although many members            Through our voting power, we
                  happy, and I’ll                    solutely! It’s im-          are registering, it only counts if       can change the course of govern-
                  make you                           portant to vote             each of us makes sure to vote on         ment budgets, legislation and
                                                                                 election day. “Members get in-           workers’ rights.”
                  happy.”                            because other
                                                     people put their
                                        lives on the line for us to be                  Central Labor Council Memos
                  “I believe that
                                        able to vote. Voting is espe-
                  your vote makes                                                Fighting to Save Overtime Pay
                                        cially important for the
                  a difference.                                                       Senator Hillary Clinton gathered with labor leaders at the Central Labor
                                        Teamsters, because it’s the
                  You are con-                                                   Council last month to call for the elimination of a Bush administration plan
                                        only way we can get what
                  tributing to so-                                               which would rob overtime pay from eight million workers across the coun-
                                        we want and need, and let                try. She characterized the Labor Department’s changes to the Fair Labor
                  ciety. It’s impor-
                                        these elected officials know             Standards Act as nothing short of a “pay cut.”
    tant for African Americans                                                        Nearly 450,000 workers in New York State would lose overtime pay,
                                        that if they don’t give us
    and Latinos to vote because                                                  which could mean lower pay, longer hours and unpredictable work sched-
                                        what we want, we’re not
    many people have fought                                                      ules.
                                        going to vote them into of-
    for different ethnic groups                                                  Denis Hughes Named to Fed Bank’s Board
                                        fice. If we don’t vote, then
    to have the right to vote.”                                                      State AFL-CIO President Denis Hughes has been named to the Federal
                                        our voices and concerns
                                                                                 Reserve Bank Board of Directors, giving New York’s labor movement a voice
    SSA GRICEL LUPERENA:                won’t be heard. Voting and               on the powerful independent government entity. The New York Federal Re-
                 “I vote to make        being a part of the process              serve has supervisory jurisdiction over the largest Reserve Bank in the sys-
                 a change. My           is important and better than             tem in terms of assets and volume, serving the Greater New York area as
                 mother also en-        sitting on the fence and                 well as Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands.
                                                                                     Hughes was elected by member banks in the Second Federal Reserve
                 couraged me to         doing nothing.”                          District as a Class B Director, a position reserved for individuals outside the
                 vote. It makes a                                                banking community. Congratulations to President Hughes on this presti-
                 difference.”                                                    gious election — labor and the “Fed” will be well served.
                                                                                 Meet to Keep NYSE in NY
                                                                                     Keeping the New York Stock Exchange, the top equities market in the
     “The Roving Reporter” is a feature that will appear frequently in           world, in New York was the focus when political and business leaders re-
        Newsline. It is based on questions posed to our members.                 cently gathered at Wall Street.
                           Our next question is:                                     The city’s labor movement, represented by CLC President Brian
                                                                                 McLaughlin, joined Senator Schumer, Mayor Bloomberg, Attorney General
    When an employer asks workers for more productivity                          Spitzer, Assembly Speaker Silver, State Comptroller Alan Hevesi and City
            savings, what does it mean to you?                                   Comptroller Bill Thompson, and a number of leaders in the business com-
                       Send your response and photo to                           munity in calling for needed reform, but also for steps to ensure the struc-
                   Newsline, 216 W. 14 St., NY, NY 10011                         ture and preeminence of NYSE.
                or e-mail with photo to                                                    Source New York City Central Labor Council, AFL-CIO.
                                                                                                                                  NEWSLINE, March 2004         5

                                                       The Political Scene
    Kerry All But Clinches Democratic Nomination
  Hoffa Cites Kerry’s 90 Percent Voting                                                     Kerry Takes 9 Out of 10 States
       Record on Teamster Issues                                                                In March 2 Primaries
     The Internation-                                     agreements;                   Minutes after the polls
al Brotherhood of                                              • Will put all fu-   closed in New York following
Teamsters       joined                                    ture trade agreements     the Democratic primaries on
with 18 other mem-                                        under a 120-day re-       Mar. 2, a delighted Sen. John
ber unions in the Al-                                     view by a blue ribbon     Kerry thanked his supporters
liance for Economic                                       commission;               — among them “the ranks of
Justice (AEJ), Feb.                                            • Supports mak-      labor” — who effectively gave
17, to endorse Sena-                                      ing all energy infra-     him the Democratic Party’s
tor John Kerry as the                                     structure      projects   nomination for president.
best candidate to de-                                     subject to a Project          Kerry’s huge lead in 19 of
feat President Bush.                                      Labor Agreement.          the 21 primaries so far, gar-
Two days later the                                             “We look forward     nered him more than half the
AFL-CIO announced                                         to working with our       required 2,162 delegates he
their endorsement of                                      next president —          needs for the party’s formal
the Democratic front-                                     John Kerry — to cre-      nomination at the Boston con-
runner.                                                   ate jobs, fix the         vention in July. “Get ready! A
     “Working fami-              John Kerry and           health care system,       new day is on the way,” Kerry
lies need a fighter               James P. Hoffa          negotiate fair trade      said in his nationally televised
like John Kerry in the White House,”       agreements and protect workers’          victory speech.
said Teamsters General President           pension security,” Hoffa added.              The very next day, Mar. 3,
James P. Hoffa. “With a President          “Working families will play a piv-       Sen. John Edwards of North
Kerry, we will develop a pro-worker        otal role in the fall election and we    Carolina, dropped out of the
agenda and defeat President Bush’s         look forward to the campaign to put      race after being defeated by his
assault on America’s jobs and Amer-        a pro-worker president in the White      rival, Kerry, in all 10 states After the AFL-CIO endorsement.
ica’s working families.”                   House.”                                  which held primaries, which
     The Teamsters performed ex-                The leaders of the AFL-CIO,         included delegate-rich California, have to do is put the strength of our
tensive polling and sought feed-           with 13 million union members,           New York and Ohio. Edwards’ con- unions behind him and get out the
back from rank-and-file members            also united behind Kerry as their        cession clears the campaign trail for vote.”
before the union’s General Execu-          candidate of choice to take on           60-year-old Kerry of Massachusetts,       The only state where Kerry lost
tive Board unanimously voted to            President George W. Bush in No-          whom Democrats selected as most was, ironically, Vermont, where
endorse Kerry. Hoffa cited several         vember.                                  likely to defeat President Bush.      Howard Dean led the vote in his
factors that led to the endorsement.            “We’ve had four years to see            “We never doubted that Kerry home state, despite having dropped
Kerry, he said:                            who George Bush fights for in this       would be the Democratic candi- out of the race.
     • Has a 90 percent voting             country,” Kerry said in front of the     date,” said Local 237 President Carl      The next batch of primaries,
record on Teamsters’ issues;               AFL-CIO headquarters, two blocks         Haynes. “We need someone with a where only voters enrolled in the
     • Was the first senator to sign on    from the White House. “And we’re         heart in the White House working Democratic party may vote, takes
to the Employee Free Choice Act;           here to say to working people            for all Americans, including work- place this month in Southern
     • Pledged to put meaningful           across this country: ‘In November,       ing people. Organized labor is states, including Florida, Lou-
labor protections into future trade        it’s going to be your turn.’”            squarely behind him. Now all we isiana, Mississippi and Texas.

Seniors Lead Fight Against Drug Company Greed
     A hearty group of protesters         Sanjek urged New
waved their banners amid frigid           York State to “con-
winds on the steps of City Hall to        front the enormous
protest skyrocketing prescription         crisis created by the
drug costs and call for reforms. The      predatory pricing
rally was held prior to a public hear-    practices” of big
ing on Feb. 5 at the nearby New           pharmaceutical
York State Senate Majority hearing        companies, such as
room, where testimony on prescrip-        Pfizer, which are
tion-drug issues was heard.               “waging a war to
     The protesters included Local        ensure and protect
237’s Doris Welch, a retired activist     their     outrageous
who is on the board of the New York       profiteering.” Pfiz-
City Alliance for Retired Americans.      er, for example, has
Welch joined several consumer ad-         threatened to cut off
vocacy groups supporting Lani San-        supplies to Canadi-
jek, associate director of the New        an pharmaceutical Protesters, including the Statewide Senior Action Council, don’t feel the wind chill as they turn the
York Statewide Senior Action Coun-        companies that are heat on Albany to curb rising prescription-drug costs.
cil, who testified at the hearing.        selling prescription drugs cheaper         Another obstacle to parity is ment of Canada,” said Sanjek, who
     The issue of access to affordable    to a rising number of Americans, that under the new Medicare drug cited Illinois and Minnesota among
prescription drugs “affects everyone      who buy them illegally, according to benefit law, the U.S. government is states that have taken the lead to
not just seniors,” said Katherine         a recent report in the AARP Bul- banned from negotiating prescrip- find ways to lower prices for people
Roberts of the Joint Public Affairs       letin. Sanjek called for the state to tion-drug prices directly with man- without coverage, and to lower costs
Committee for Older Adults (JPAC),        take “bold actions to attain price ufacturers. “We need to consider for state governments.
who spoke at the rally, emphasizing       parity with Canada and Mexico” using our enormous stock holdings                  “New York State must learn
that some seniors “have to decide         and to “support the importation of in the state pension fund to pressure from other states to put together a
between medicines and food.”              medications with appropriate safety these companies, not just to lower purchasing plan and challenge the
     In her testimony at the hearing,     standards.”                           prices, but also to stop their harass- drug industry,” said Sanjek.
6     NEWSLINE, March 2004

                   March Is International Women’s History Month

Mother Jones
‘Miners’ Angel’ and
World-Class Agitator
     A fiery woman who was called         years later, the Great Chicago Fire
“Mother Jones” earned her place in        consumed all her worldly posses-
history as a self-defined “hell rais-     sions, except one: her fighting spir-
er,” on behalf of workers’ rights. In a   it. “Pray for the dead and fight like
rousing speech urging Colorado            hell for the living,” was her call to
miners to strike, the 80-year-old         downtrodden laborers across the na-
Jones said “Always remember you           tion.
ain’t got a damn thing if you ain’t            A former dressmaker for
got a union!”                             wealthy Chicago families, where
     Among her many achievements          she witnessed the gross inequalities
in the early U.S. labor movement is       between the rich and poor, the
her reputation as the “greatest           widow Jones attended meetings at
                                                                                   Mother Jones tending miners’ children.
woman agitator of our times,” ac-         the newly formed Knights of Labor.
cording to Elizabeth Gurney Flynn,        “Instead of family she adopted la-       from the mills of Pennsylvania to        months later and is buried where
a nationally known labor organizer.       borers, and they called her ‘moth-       New York City, calling for an end to     she requested: at the Union Miners
Mary Harris Jones was a dynamic           er,’” according to her biographer        child labor.                             Cemetery in the coalfields at Mount
organizer, gifted orator, educator        Dale Fetherling.                              Still, Jones had miles to go be-    Olive, Illinois, near the site of the
and catalyst for change amid the               During the half century when        fore she slept. She participated in      1889 mine riot. Two statues of coal
challenges of the Industrial Revolu-      she was most active, the nation          strikes for garment workers, street-     miners with sledge hammers flank
tion at the turn of the 20th century.     changed dramatically, from farming       car workers, steel workers, and trav-    the monument marking the grave of
     The 5-foot-tall, blue-eyed, gray-    to manufacturing. Waves of immi-         eled to Mexico to attend the Pan-        the “Miners’ Angel.”
haired dressmaker with a grand-           grants and displaced farmers were        American Federation of Labor meet-            While Jones’ opponents called
motherly appearance became a              employed in increasingly large com-      ing. Her last public appearance was      her the “most dangerous woman in
powerful orator and leader who or-        panies as the industrial economy         at her 100th birthday party, May 1,      America,” the inscription on her
ganized the United Mine Workers,          picked up steam.                         1930, where she is said to have de-      headstone says the indisputable
was a founder of the Industrial                                                    livered a “fiery speech.”                truth: “She gave her life to the world
Workers of the World, was jailed for             Traveling Agitator
                                                                                        Mary Harris Jones died seven        of labor.”
her participation in violent strikes,          Mother Jones traveled from big
and was best known for leading dra-       cities to shantytowns helping strik-
matic marches of miners’ wives and
child laborers to protest deplorable
                                          ers, organizing meetings and light-
                                          ing the fire of brotherhood through-
                                                                                          Patricia Stryker Appointed to
working conditions.
     The road to activism was paved
                                          out the nation. When asked where
                                          she lived, she answered, “Wherever
                                                                                            Public Employees Board
with tragedy for Mary Harris, born        there’s a fight.” In 1890 she became            The Executive Committee of the International Foundation of Em-
in Cook County, Ireland, in 1830.         an organizer for the United Mine           ployee Benefit Plans appointed Patricia Stryker, Local 237’s political ac-
She arrived in America when her fa-       Workers, and soon after that she           tion and legislative director, to serve as a committee member where she
ther fled Ireland, where her grandfa-     founded the Industrial Workers of          will share her expertise on employee benefits to help expand and im-
ther, a freedom fighter, was hanged       the World. But she is perhaps best         prove the Foundation’s educational programs and information services.
by British soldiers. In 1861. She         known for leading a march of min-               “As one of the two labor members of the International Foundation
married George E. Jones, a member         ers’ wives who brandished brooms           of Employee Benefit Plans board, I’m honored to have such a responsi-
of the Iron Molders’ Union. Her hus-      and mops against strikebreakers in         bility,” said Stryker.
band and four small children per-         1902. A year later, at age 73, she led          The Foundation, which marks its 50th anniversary this year, spon-
ished in the yellow fever epidemic        the “children’s crusade,” a caravan        sors seminars and conferences, offers books on benefits and compensa-
of 1867, when she was 37. Four            of striking children who marched           tion, and hosts a website with job postings at

    Pretty women wonder where my secret
                                                       Women Workers Still Don’t Get Equal Pay
           lies.                                            The pay gap between men and women barely          that personal “choices” — working part-time and
                                                       improved between 1983 and 2000 and has                 in jobs with greater flexibility — may result in or
    I’m not cute or built to suit a fashion                                                                   be caused by workplace discrimination.
                                                       widened since then.
           model’s size                                     Between 1983 and 2000, women on average                “The wage gap is real, it is persistent and it is
    But when I start to tell them,                     earned roughly 20 percent less than men — even         costing hardworking families thousands of dol-
                                                       after adjusting for experience, education and          lars annually,” says Rep. John Dingell (D-Mich.),
    They think I’m telling lies.                       other factors — according to a recent General Ac-      who requested the report with Rep. Carolyn Mal-
    I say,                                             counting Office (GAO) report, “Women’s Earn-           oney (D-NY).
    It’s in the reach of my arms,                      ings: Work Patterns Partially Explain Difference            “This is not just a woman’s issue, it’s a fami-
                                                       Between Men’s and Women’s Earnings.” The pay           ly issue,” Maloney said. “The price of a family
    The span of my hips,                               gap in 2000 was virtually unchanged from 1983,         should not be a woman’s career.”
    The stride of my step,                             when it was 19.6 percent.                                   The GAO report is available at www.gao.
                                                            But, by September 2002, the pay gap between       gov/new.items/do435.pdf.
    The curl of my lips.
                                                       men and women working full-time, year-round                           Source: AFL-CIO magazine, America@Work
    I’m a woman                                        widened to 23 percent. The GAO study suggests
    Phenomenally. Phenomenal woman,                    that discrimination in pay, lack of job opportuni-              NOTABLE & QUOTABLE
                                                       ties and personal choices women made account
    That’s me.                                                                                                    “In the gates of eternity the black hand
                                                       for the persistent wage gap.
                                                            Although the Equal Pay Act was passed in           and the white hold each other with an
    Excerpt from the poem “Phenomenal Woman”           1963, some wage analysts have found that dis-           equal clasp.”
                              by Maya Angelou          crimination accounts for one-third to one-half of                           Harriet Beecher Stowe
                                                       the gender wage gap. The GAO acknowledged
                                                                                           NEWSLINE, March 2004   7

STEPPING                                 Carl Haynes in discussion with the members at O’Dwyer Houses in
                                    Brooklyn. A closer look at the O’Dwyer membership appears on page 10.

With contract negotia-
tions under way for
both the Citywide and
Housing Divisions,
President Carl Haynes
and other Local 237
officials are stepping
up their visits to members
throughout the city to talk about
the issues and where we are in
the contract talks.

More Visits
on page 10

     On the right, at Jefferson
Houses in Manhattan. Below, a
    trip to the Bronx for some
quality time with the members
         at Sack Wern Houses.
8    NEWSLINE, March 2004

                                     The Shadow
                                       of 9/11
             eep in a caged-in maze of                                                                            throw from Ground Zero. Soon after

D            corridors and vaults, evi-
             dence and property con-
             trol specialists (EPCS)
             safeguard billions of dol-
lars worth of items stored in the base-
ment of One Police Plaza. A total of
                                                    Specialists still try
                                                  to match owners with
                                                 recovered Twin Towers
                                                                                                                  the catastrophe, in addition to their
                                                                                                                  regular duties, these Epics assumed
                                                                                                                  an unprecedented mission: to identi-
                                                                                                                  fy, store and return property recov-
                                                                                                                  ered from the World Trade Center
                                                                                                                  collapse to the rightful owners, 2,749
about 95 EPCS (their nickname is
Epics) are Local 237 members, the
                                                        property                                                  of whom died in the devastation. To
                                                                                                                  that end, Epics, including members
majority of whom work at Police De-                                                                               who pitched in from other work sites,
partment facilities, while others work                                                                            labored around the clock, sometimes
at Health Department sites. For the                                                                               putting in 16-hour days as they creat-
seven members who work at NYPD’s                                                                                  ed a makeshift command center and
Manhattan Property Clerk Division,                       “Some things couldn’t be                                 tracked mountains of property that
however, the Epic title also refers to                                                                            poured in daily.
the momentous event they shared.                        identified. Shoes, clothing,                                  “Some things couldn’t be identi-
     A routine day at Manhattan Prop-                      briefcases were often                                  fied,” says EPCS Danny Juliano, who
erty revolves around the arrival of                       badly burned, broken,                                   was there from day one. “Shoes,
anything from weapons to watches                         covered in blood, dust or                                clothing, briefcases were often badly
sent by local precincts. Epics sort,                                                                              burned, broken, covered in blood,
categorize and label each item with a
                                                                body parts.”                                      dust or body parts,” he recalls. Spe-
storage number, then stash it away.                                                                               cialists actually hand-washed and
Some property winds up in court as                                                                                dried loads of clothing, and even
evidence, but ultimately it’s returned                                                                            ironed crumpled currency and docu-
to rightful owners, auctioned off, or                                                                             ments in a tireless effort to identify
destroyed.                                                                                                        them. “One handbag arrived from
    Since 9/11, the job changed radi-                                                                             Ground Zero with a female’s rib bone
cally for the crew of seven Epics at                                                                              in it. The bag was returned to the city
Manhattan Property, just a stone’s                                                                                morgue for DNA testing,” recalls Ju-

Danny Juliano demonstrates the comforts of home in the “WTC Family   Michael Henley studies the fine details on a wristwatch in the computerized catalog
Greeting Room,” created from raw storage space.                      of property recovered at Ground Zero.
                                                                                                                                  NEWSLINE, March 2004        9

Matchmakers is another good title for the World Trade Center Project
crew. From left: Police Officer Francine Vitiello, and EPCSs Rose M.
Grau, Rochelle Glover, Jerry Maniscalco, Danny Juliano                 Jerry Maniscalco hopes for a “hit” as he searches the database.
and Michael Henley.

                                                                                    Signposts guide Epics through the labyrinth of floor-to-ceiling shelves
Wayne Agard mans the gated front window where property is logged in and out.        where World Trade Center property is stored.

liano, explaining that perhaps a recovery              renowned jeweler Tiffany & Co. to accu-               ple are so appreciative,” says Grau, adding
worker dropped the bone in the purse for               rately record the size, shape and character-          “it’s a good feeling for me, too.”
safekeeping.                                           istics of gemstones, watches, gold and sil-               More than 50 percent of the pieces have
    The musty odor of tragedy still lingers            ver in order to compile a veritable comput-           been returned, but with about 50,000 left,
in the halls, despite round-the-clock air pu-          er catalog of mementos that families can              “we’re still overwhelmed,” says Juliano, ex-
rifiers. Floor-to-ceiling shelves labeled              look through.                                         plaining that Manhattan Property’s crew of
WTC still contain bags of clothing that ar-                “The goal is to get a hit,” says Maniscal-        Epics had been expanded to 15 during the
rived from morgues more than two years                 co, at his computer station just across from          crisis, but was cut back to seven last July
ago. Assorted briefcases stand on shelves              Henley. They both face a great wall cov-              when Federal Emergency Management
below suitcases, including a bright red one            ered with heart-wrenching photographs                 Funds were shifted to anti-terrorism efforts.
identified as having come from one of the              sent by grieving families hoping to locate            “We don’t have the manpower or overtime
planes that struck the towers.                         items, mostly of sentimental value. One               to process the property,” says Juliano, who
    “We sifted through everything,” says Ju-           color close-up of a bride and groom’s                 is also the Local 237 shop steward.
liano, as he points to 35 boxes bound for              hands focuses on wedding rings. Another                   Without FEMA funds, the project is at a
one corporation. They’re filled with em-               photo enlarges a gold pendant highlighting            standstill, although the long-term plan is to
ployee I.D. cards found at Ground Zero,                an image of Christ crowned with thorns.               donate remaining items to a museum.
and tracking sheets prepared by Epics,                     As soon as a “hit” is made, EPCS Rose             “Piece by piece we do the best we can,
identifying cards that belonged to victims             M. Grau generates the letters and assists in          says Police Officer Francine Vitiello, who
reported dead on arrival.                              making phone calls to alert individuals or            also works on the WTC project.
    Since Dec. 2001, EPCS Michael Henley               corporations of findings. When individuals                Perhaps some of the items will find a
and Jerry Maniscalco have been conducting              arrive to claim property, Grau is among the           home at the new World Trade Center site,
full investigations to match WTC property              Epics who welcomes them to the cozy                   where plans are under way for a complex
with rightful owners. “I took about 15,000             “WTC Family Greeting Room,” designed                  of office towers, retail stores, a transit cen-
photos of jewelry items,” says Henley, who             from scratch as a proper place to conduct             ter and a memorial to honor and remember
also used a magnifying glass to identify               the sensitive process of reviewing docu-              the victims. “We’re reminded every day,”
minute details, such as inscriptions on                ments and turning over property. “Lots of             says Juliano. “Everybody here is still oper-
wedding bands. Henley was trained by                   work goes into making matches, and peo-               ating with WTC property and mourners.”
10   NEWSLINE, March 2004

                    STEPPING UP TO THE PLATE
                      outreach to our membership continues



                                                                                                                                                                NEWSLINE, March 2004   11

Internship Available for                                                                                                        R               O

Children of Union Members



                                                                                                                           IN                    S
                                                                                                                                    A F L-CIO

    The New York Union Semester          graduate credit for their work.                Congratulations and happy shopping to TAXI AND LIMOUSINE COM-
program is now accepting applica-            Internships include a wide             MISSION INSPECTOR TERRY JOHNSON-CROFT who was blessed with four
tions for its fall 2004 program. The     range of activities — from organiz-        grandchildren in one year, including triplets born Nov. 25, 2003. The
deadline to apply is April 15, 2004.     ing to research, to media and com-         proud parents of the triplets are Johnson-Croft’s son Larry and his wife
Please spread the word about this        munications. A diverse group of            Monique. Infants Kennedy Shawn and Kyler Madison weighed 3 lb 14
exciting opportunity!                    unions and organizations have host-        oz each, and Chase Adam, the smallest, weighed 3 lb 2 oz.
     The New York Union Semester         ed interns, including UNITE, SEIU,             Meanwhile, Johnson-Croft’s first grandson, Eliakim, from her son
is offered through Queens Col-           HERE, ACORN and Jobs with Jus-             Eliakim Sr. and his wife Mia, will be celebrating his first birthday on
lege/CUNY and provides students          tice.                                      March 27.
with the opportunity to intern at a          New York Union Semester is an                                            •••
labor union or community organiza-       excellent career opportunity for stu-          Congratulations to KELVIN HARRIS, who was promoted to hospital
tion in New York City while taking       dents interested in working for so-        police sergeant. at Harlem Hospital on Oct. 27, 2003. Harris was for-
Labor Studies courses at Queens          cial and economic justice. Interest-       merly a special officer at Lincoln Hospital in the Bronx.
College for a semester. The program      ed applicants may access an appli-                                           •••
is open to all undergraduate majors      cation and further information at              Best of luck to proud grandfather LT. SIDNEY EDWARDS of the T&LC
and post-baccalaureate students. In or E-             whose 13th grandchild, Khali Faith, was born on Jan. 20. Edwards’
addition to a $1,700 scholarship and     mail They            daughter Tracey is the new mom.
a weekly $210 stipend, all partici-      may also contact the Program Coor-                                           •••
pants receive undergraduate or           dinator at 212-827-0200.                       Congratulations to SCHOOL SAFETY AGENTS MITTIE CLARK and NORRIS
                                                                                    JOHNSON who were married during Valentine’s Day weekend. The new-
                                                                                    lyweds are assigned to different schools in Queens.
   NJ Governor Proposes ‘Kidstime’                                                                                    •••
                                                                                        Condolences to LT. BETTY MANGUM of the T&LC. Her father Abdullah
       New Jersey Governor James McGreevy is seeking legislation requir-
                                                                                    Hammaad Bey passed away on Jan. 31. Services were held at Cutchins
  ing employers to give workers 16 hours of paid leave annually for chil-
                                                                                    Funeral home Feb. 7 in North Carolina, where he was laid to rest.
  dren’s health or educational needs, such as parent-teacher conferences
  and medical emergencies. McGreevy unveiled his “Kidstime” proposal
                                                                                        Our deepest sympathies to the wife and family of INSPECTOR LUIS
  Jan. 13 in his State of the State Address.
                                                                                    M. FIGUEROA of the T&LC, who died Feb. 3. Services were held in
       While 16 hours, the equivalent of two paid days, is hardly any time
                                                                                    Flushing at Quinn-Fogarty Funeral Home and Queens of Peace
  for parents with more than one child, two paid days is a start and is bet-
                                                                                    Catholic Church.
  ter than no paid leave at all, which is still the case for millions of work-
  ing women across the country.
                                                                                        Condolences to Brooklyn-based SSA LARRY MURCHISON and his
                                                                                    family on the loss of his mother-in-law in February.

Workers Are Demanding                                                                   We’d like to hear from you. If you’d like us to report on what’s hap-
                                                                                    pening in your life, drop a line to Local 237 Notes, NEWSLINE, 216 W.

Their Right to Join a Union                                                         14 St., New York, NY 10011, or call 212-807-0550. You can also let us
                                                                                    know through your business agent or shop steward.
     As members of Teamsters Local       tion of Human Rights ratified for the
237, many of us cannot imagine           U.S. by Eleanor Roosevelt, and by
what it is like being intimidated, at-
tacked or even fired for wanting to
                                         representatives of four-fifths of the
                                         United Nations on Dec. 10, 1948.
                                                                                  Booked Solid for a Good Cause
join a union. That is the case for       The .landmark document stated that           The book drive, sponsored by                                  “We got eight big boxes full of
millions of American workers             “Recognition of the inherent dignity     members of Local 237 and DC 37                                children’s books and videos, as well
across the United States.                and of the equal and inalienable         Local 957, was a great success. “We                           as books for men and women of all
     Consider the testimony of           rights of all members of the human       did overhwhelmingly good,” said                               age groups,” said Rivers. “We even
Rayshawn Ward, a Food Processing         family is the foundation of freedom,     Jakwan Rivers, a Local 237 member                             got a volunteer to organize the li-
worker:                                  justice and peace in the world.”         who along with coworkers at the                               brary,” which is making life a little
     “We had a lot of workers that           This document proclaimed the         Long Island Facility, a housing de-                           easier for the families at the Flat-
were just scared. They just weren’t      right of all people to come together     velopment in Queens, spearheaded                              lands Center.
educated on what the law was, and        in unions, a right that would later be   the book drive to benefit the Flat-                               The book drive ended Feb. 27,
they were scared the plant was           recognized in the National Labor         lands Family Residential Center, a                            but donations are still welcome. For
going to shut down. We had the           Relations Act. Unfortunately, that       homeless shelter in the Canarsie                              more information call Rivers at the
election in a small cafeteria which      right has existed only in the world      section of Brooklyn.                                          Long Island Facility: 718-707-7851.
was at the plant. When they knew         of ink and paper and not in the
that they had won the election, they     world of sweat and determination of
let us know that they didn’t want us     the working men and women who
there and that’s when the chaos          built and continue to build this
broke out. That’s when I was beat        country.
up, and punched in the back of the           Half a million of America’s
head, and spat upon and maced.”          workers formed unions last year,
     A movement has been building        and tens of millions more say they
in support of the “Employee Free         would like to have a union. But
Choice Act” sponsored in Congress        workers throughout the United
by Sen. Ted Kennedy and Rep.             States are denied the right to form
George Miller.                           unions by unscrupulous employers
     Last December, for example,         who through legal manipulation
workers like Rayshawn Ward told          have eroded worker protections.
their stories at rallies, town hall          According to Cornell Universi-
meetings, teach-ins and other gath-      ty research, one quarter of private
erings as part of a massive mobiliza-    sector employers fire at least one
tion organized by the AFL-CIO.           worker during a campaign to form a
     The new legislation is an impor-    union. Ninety percent of employers
tant step in reclaiming workers’         fight their workers’ efforts, often
freedom to form a union, which is        using tactics such as intimidation,      Unpacking boxes of donated books are, from left, Teresa Jackson, DC 37 Local
one of the basic human rights pro-       coercion, and threatening plant          957; Jakwan Rivers, Local 237; Kenny Carter, Local 237; and Aimee Burton, facil-
claimed in the Universal Declara-        closure.                                 ities coordinator at Flatlands Family Residential Center in Brooklyn.
12     NEWSLINE, March 2004

Police & Fire Games                                                                    Thinking About Retirement?
Slated for June 14-19                                                                      Start Planning Now
                                                                                        Retirement, for many people, means accomplishment, fulfillment
    All Local 237 peace officers are    Limousine Commission.
                                                                                    and the time to explore other interests. For other people, retirement is
invited to participate in the annual        All peace officers (male or fe-
                                                                                    a time of uncertainty and apprehension. Experts say the most impor-
Police and Fire Games, to be held       male) are welcome to compete in a
                                                                                    tant factor for successful retirement is planning ahead. To help mem-
June 14 to 19 in Albany. The sports     wide range of sports events, includ-
                                                                                    bers make the most of their retirement years, Local 237’s Retiree Divi-
competition, now in its 35th year, is   ing bowling, basketball, softball, bil-
                                                                                    sion offers seminars on how to plan and ease into retirement.
sponsored by the New York State         liards, track and field, swimming,
                                                                                        The Spring 2004 seminars will be held every Thursday at 5:30
Law Enforcement Association,            paintball, soccer and more.
                                                                                    p.m. from April 29 through May 27 at union headquarters.
which includes police officers, fire-       For more information and to fill
fighters and peace officers who         out an application, visit the Associ-
work for the Department of Hous-        ation’s website at
ing, Health and Hospitals Corp.,        The basic entry fee is $47, and the             Spring 2004 Retirement Planning Schedule
School Safety, and the Taxi and         deadline for applications is May 1.
                                                                                    1. THURSDAY APRIL 29, at 5:30 p.m.
                                                                                    INTRODUCTION TO RETIREMENT PROCEDURES & BENEFITS
                   LOCAL 237 SPONSORS BLOOD DRIVE                                       Speakers will offer information on eligibility, application procedures
                           TO BENEFIT THE NEW YORK                                      and pension benefits for Local 237 members who belong to the New
                                                                                        York City Retirement Systems. Questions and concerns will be
                                BLOOD CENTER                                            answered.

                                        Monday, May 10                              2. THURSDAY, MAY 6, at 5:30 p.m.
                                        10 a.m. to 3 p.m.                           HEALTH INSURANCE & RETIREE BENEFIT FUND COVERAGE
                                                                                        Representatives from the health insurance plans and the union’s Retiree
     Union Headquarters, 216 West 14 Street                                             Benefit Fund will provide in-depth explanations of health-care cover-
     Maggie Feinstein Room, First Floor                                                 age.

     To schedule an appointment, please call Co-Chairs:                             3. THURSDAY, MAY 13, at 5:30 p.m.
     Noreen Hollingsworth or Janie Elliott                                          FINANCIAL PLANNING, SOCIAL SECURITY & LEGAL SERVICES
     212-924-2000 ext. 552/564                                                          Experts will discuss money management, budgets, debt reduction, sav-
     Please bring photo ID with Social Security card.                                   ings and investments for retirement, Social Security benefits. An attor-
     Donors must be at least 17 years old and weigh over 110 lbs.                       ney will address legal concerns and services for retirees.

                                                                                    4. THURSDAY, MAY 20, at 5:30 p.m.
                                                                                    HOW TO STAY HEALTHY IN MIND AND BODY
     LOCAL 237’s                                                                        A doctor will discuss physical and emotional changes in men and
     TENTH ANNUAL              BEST OF THE                                              women, with an emphasis on prevention. A retirement planning expert
                                                                                        will discuss work-life transition issues.
     CONFERENCE                LAST 10 YEARS                                        5. THURSDAY, MAY 27, at 5:30 p.m.
                                                                                    RELATIONSHIPS AND RETIREMENT: TAKING CARE OF BUSINESS
           Saturday, April 24, N.Y. Hilton Hotel                                        Successful retirement requires an understanding of personal relation-
             6th Avenue at 54th Street • 8 a.m. to 3 p.m.                               ships, and planning for the “what if’s” in life. Invite your family and
                                                                                        significant others for a full discussion of these issues.
        Topics:      Health • Finances • Nutrition                                      A final review of retirement procedures will be offered at this session.
                     Breast Cancer • Investments • Exercise
                     Menopause • Credit Counseling • Diet
                     Heart Disease...AND MORE                                     Apply Now for Discounts On
                   A Health Fair will run from 8 to 9 a.m.
                                                                                  Summer Camp Programs
  Registration form, fill out and return to:                                          Once again, Local 237 is partici-    dren of affiliates.
        Local 237’s Tenth Annual Women’s Conference                               pating in the New York City Central          The camps vary in length of
        216 W. 14th Street, N.Y. 10011                                            Labor Council, AFL-CIO, Summer           stay, and fees are set on a sliding-
        C/O Gloria Baskin                                                         Camp Program. The program offers         scale based on family income. For
                                                                                  discounted rates at 18 sleep-away        more information and union appli-
  Pick two
                                                                                  camps and day camps in Brooklyn,         cations, call Local 237 at 212-924-
  ❑ Overview of Health ❑ Financial Overview ❑ Nutrition Overview                  Queens and the Bronx for the chil-       2000, extension 388.
  (Please Print)
                                                                                                  Raises & Promotions
  Name ________________________Job Title ________________
                                                                                         STEVEN GORDON, who formerly worked as a school safety agent
  Address ______________________________________________                            3, has been appointed business agent for the Citywide Division effective
  City _______________________State ________Zip __________                          February 9. For the post, Gordon will receive a salary of $1,136 per
                                                                                    week ($59,072 a year) plus benefits. As of March 1, he will also receive
  Phone ____________________Daytime ________________________                        an expense allowance of $725 per month ($8,700 per year).
                                                                                         Also joining the ranks of Local 237 business agents is NORBERTO
                                                                                    LUNA JR., who now works for the union’s Housing Division. Luna will
  Guest Name (One Guest Per member)                                                 earn a salary of $1,600 per week ($83,200 per year) beginning March 1.
  ________________________________________________________________                  He will also receive an expense allowance of $725 per month ($8,700
                                                                                    per year).
  Non-Refundable Registration Fee for Member: $15, and for guest $25.                    JAVIER FRANCO has been promoted to a new title, system manager,
  (member & one guest $40) Check or Money Order ONLY, No Cash.                      at a salary of $865.38 per week ($45,000 per year), effective February 2.
                                                                                                                                                                   NEWSLINE, March 2004                     13

Union Wins Arbitration Cases                                                                             SSA Williams Goes
Continued from page 3                       go through every step of the griev-
grievance period. Although the city
denied any violation of the contract,
                                            ance process to get justice for mem-
                                            bers, but that’s the game the city                           Beyond the Call of Duty
                                            plays, even though we almost al-
the arbitrator disagreed and awarded                                                                         School Safety Agent Louis C.
                                            ways win at arbitration,” said Local
Lasky compensation for the entire                                                                       Williams confirmed what Local
                                            237’s Grievance Coordinator Debo-
grievance period of March 3, 1999,                                                                      237 President Carl Haynes tells the
                                            rah Singer Esq. “Unfortunately,
through May 21, 2000.                                                                                   city every chance he gets: “Peace
                                            these awards do not force NYPD and
                                                                                                        officers go beyond call the duty.”
    SSA Evangeline Dancy                    other agencies to do what’s right by
                                            the members in the first place, be-                              On the day after Thanksgiving,
     In a similar case, SSA Evange-                                                                     at about 2 p.m., a young man was
                                            cause Expedited Awards do not cre-
line Dancy won a large part of her                                                                      fatally shot on a Rockaway subway
                                            ate a precedent for similar cases.”
grievance against the NYPD. Arbi-                                                                       platform during an attempted rob-
                                                 “Even though we have a griev-
trator Pfeffer ordered the city to pay                                                                  bery. At the same time, SSA
                                            ance process, like everything else,
Dancy her full salary for 15 months                                                                     Williams was riding the train that
                                            city unions are at the mercy of the
less any Workers’ Compensation                                                                          stopped at the Beach 36 St. station.
                                            city’s Office of Labor Relations,”
benefits she received from March 2,                                                                          When the doors opened, a
                                            said Local 237 President Carl
2001 through June 1, 2002. Pfeffer                                                                      group of terrified people rushed in
                                            Haynes. “Unfortunately, the city
denied the last three months of                                                                         and warned him to take cover.
                                            does not respect the grievance
Dancy’s grievance but granted her                                                                       Then he heard gunshots and
                                            process. Even though the city knows
the “right to resubmit her claim and                                                                    ducked. “I looked outside the
                                            it is liable, we have to fight for                                                                             SSA Williams with his certificate.
refile a grievance” as soon as she                                                                      door,” he says, “and saw two guys
                                            everything we get. The city seems to
can prove that she is eligible for                                                                      fly buy; a perpetrator and a cop                   pect as Williams identified himself
                                            operate under the assumption that if
Workers’ Compensation for the                                                                           chasing him.”                                      by flashing his SSA shield and I.D.
                                            it ignores these grievances then they
three-month period from June 2,                                                                              He stepped off the train to find                  When detectives showed up
                                            will just go away and the people
2002, through Sept. 2, 2002.                                                                            the officer with a bloodied face aim-              they kept Williams busy until after
                                            who file them will move on. That
     Dancy was on duty at Graphics                                                                      ing a revolver at a fleeing suspect.               10 that night. “They asked me so
                                            may be the case for some unions
High School on March 2, 2001, when                                                                           “I dropped my bag and um-                     many questions you’d think I was
                                            who cannot afford the cost of fight-
she was assaulted by a student. Her                                                                     brella as the perpetrator ran to-                  the perp,” jokes Williams, who
                                            ing a grievance to arbitration, but
injuries left her unable to return to                                                                   ward me, and pulled my cuffs                       was highly praised for his valor
                                            Local 237 is committed to following
work. Her request for line of duty                                                                      out,” says Williams. “Then I twist-                and assistance by all the officers at
                                            through on every single grievance
benefits was turned down by the Po-                                                                     ed him to the ground, cuffed him                   the 101 Precinct. He also received
                                            that we believe is winnable. It takes
lice Department even though they did                                                                    and held him face down until help                  a Certificate of Merit from the
                                            time, but if you are patient, the re-
not dispute her testimony that her in-                                                                  arrived.”                                          Honor Legion of the New York Po-
                                            sult is often very rewarding.”
jury resulted from an assault by a stu-                                                                      Meanwhile, the wounded offi-                  lice Department at a ceremony
                                                 The union and the city share the
dent. Dancy has since left her job.                                                                     cer kept the gun pointed at the sus-               held Jan. 13.
                                            cost of taking the case to arbitration.
    HPO Marilyn Santiago
     Hospital Police Officer Marilyn
Santiago also won an Expedited
                                            Commemorating a Long Blue Line Heritage
Award against the Health and Hospi-              On February 17, the
tals Corporation (HHC), Dec. 10, 2003,      NYPD hosted the African-
for injuries she suffered while trying to   American Heritage Cele-
remove a person who appeared to be          bration       “Passing     the
loitering in the public waiting area at     Baton,” where School Safe-
Metropolitan Hospital Center on Dec.        ty Agent Emma Spruill,
15, 2000. She filed for benefits under      and her sister, Police Offi-
the assault clause after a man pushed       cer Marvina Lawrence,
her through a glass window, causing         were recognized as the
injuries to her face and head. HHC de-      great granddaughters of the
nied her grievance, charging that her       city’s first black police offi-
injuries were the result of an accident.    cer, Moses Cobb.
     Pfeffer sustained the grievance             On hand for the cere-
in Dec. 2003 and awarded Santiago           mony, which included an
the difference between her salary           awards presentation, were
and Workers’ Compensation bene-             the Rev. Dr. Suzan D. John-
fits for 18 months, the maximum pe-         son-Cook, who gave the in-                 Police Officer Marvina Lawrence, left, and SSA Emma Spruill, right, who are sisters, flank a
riod allowed under the Assault              vocation, and Local 237                    photograph (bottom) of their great grandfather, Moses Cobb, the first black New York City
Clause provision.                           Citywide Director and                      police officer. Alongside them from left are: the Rev. Dr. Suzan D. Johnson-Cook, Local 237
     “It’s ludicrous that we have to        Trustee Gregory Floyd.                     Trustee and Citywide Director Gregory Floyd, and SSA Darryl Miles.

                                               All meetings listed below will be held at Local 237 headquarters, 216 W. 14 St., Manhattan.
                                                         The shop steward and chairperson of each title are required to attend.

                                            CITYWIDE DIVISION                                                                   Taxi & Limousine Commission .......Mar. 29............ 5 p.m.
                                            School Safety .................................Mar.       13 ...........10   a.m.   Parking Control Specialists ............Mar. 31............ 3 p.m.
                                            Roofers & Supervisors ...................Mar.             15............ 5   p.m.   Citywide Institutional Titles .............Mar. 31 ........5:30 p.m.
                                            Bridges ...........................................Mar.   15 ........5:30    p.m.   HOUSING DIVISION
                                            HRA Special Officers ......................Mar.           17 ........5:30    p.m.
                                            HHC Institutional Titles ...................Mar.          17 ........5:30    p.m.   Elevator Mechanics
                                            HHC Technical Titles ......................Mar.           18............ 6   p.m.       and Helpers...............................Mar. 9......... 6:00         p.m.
                                            Photographers ................................Mar.        18 ........5:30    p.m.   Roofers & Supervisors of Roofers..Mar. 16 ........5:00                     p.m.
                                            Elevator Mechanics, Helpers                                                         Site Caretakers...............................Mar. 16 ........6:00         p.m.
                                                & Supervisors............................Mar.         22............ 5 p.m.     Emergency Service Aides ..............Mar. 23 .............1               p.m.
                                            Bricklayer, Cement Masons,                                                          Shop Stewards ...............................Mar. 23 .............6        p.m.
                                                Mason’s Helpers .......................Mar.           24............ 5 p.m.     Maintenance Men Emergency
                                            Professional Titles ..........................Mar.        24 ........5:30 p.m.          Service ......................................Mar. 30 .............1   p.m.
                                            Evidence & Property Control                                                         Caretakers ......................................Mar. 30 .............6    p.m.
                                                Specialists .................................Mar.     25 ........5:30 p.m.      Heating Plant Technicians ..............Apr. 6................6            p.m.
14      NEWSLINE, March 2004

                                               Resumen en Español

      Carl Haynes: ‘No Devolveremos Nada’
    Las negociaciones con-               adoptó la postura del Alcalde            mente. Carl Haynes mandó un            se les pida. Es muy desmoral-
tratales se reanudaron el 10 de          Bloomberg de no permitir au-             mensaje fuerte a esa gente de          izante y penoso porque todos
Febrero cuando miembros del              mentos salariales sin eviden-            la Autoridad de Viviendas.             los días llegamos al trabajo, y
Comité Negociador de la Di-              cia de mayor productividad e             Me hizo sentir orgulloso.”             hacemos mucho más de lo
visión de Viviendas del Local            introdujo una propuesta que                 Doreen Mack, Gerente de             que deberíamos, por lo que
237 se reunieron con oficiales           dejó a muchos miembros es-               Viviendas en St. Nicholas              nos pagan. Como dijo alguien,
de la Autoridad de Viviendas             candalizados y enfadados.                Houses en Manhattan, dijo              les damos todo y nos regresan
(NYCHA) para discutir la re-             Carl Haynes, Presidente del              que la oferta de NYCHA era             casi nada.”
spuesta de esa agencia a las             Local 237, sacudió a los ofi-            “muy     deprimente.”     Ella             Después de las discu-
demandas que el sindicato                ciales de NYCHA al desatar               añadió: “Aun con la situación          siones, Haynes animó a los
sometió el pasado Octubre                un torrente de palabras fu-              económica, lo que nos están            miembros      a   mantenerse
para su consideración. No ob-            riosas amenazando abandonar              ofreciendo es insensible y de-         firmes y a no desanimarse.
stante, la propuesta inicial de          la reunión.                              muestra una falta total de re-         “Las negociaciones con-
NYCHA fué recibida con                       Jakwan Rivers, un traba-             speto hacia los empleados de           tratales nunca son fáciles,
gemidos y quejas.                        jador de mantenimiento en el             la Autoridad de Viviendas              pero por lo general siempre
    En la reunión, celebrada             Long Island City Facility y              quienes siempre han estado             hemos tenido relaciones cor-
en las oficinas de NYCHA en              miembro del Comité Negoci-               cooperando con la agencia,             diales con la Autoridad de
el 250 Broadway, la agencia              ador dijo, “Él habló acertada-           dando y dando, cada vez que            Viviendas,” dijo Haynes.

       Las Demandas Escandalosas de la Autoridad de Viviendas
AUMENTOS                                               5. Nuevos empleados pasarán por los grados de        9. El sueldo diferencial por tanda de trabajo
1. Todo aumento de sueldo en el futuro se fi-             la Escala Salarial “B.” Al completar un (1)          será eliminado.
   nanciará totalmente con ahorros logrados               año de servicio en la Autoridad en el Grado       SALUD/JUBILACIÓN/FONDOS
   por medio de productividad prospectiva.                salarial 3 de la Escala “B,” nuevos empleados     DE BIENESTAR
   Toda productividad prospectiva será resul-             serán puestos en el grado de sueldo más alto
                                                          en la Escala “A.” Los grados de la Escala         10. Cualquier acuerdo alcanzado entre la Ciudad
   tado de un programa bilateral establecido                                                                    de Nueva York (la “Ciudad”) y Teamsters
   por acuerdo con la unión el cual debe al-              Salarial “B” serán congelados al nivel de
                                                                                                                Local 237 sobre demandas hechas por la
   canzar ahorros que puedan ser medidos y                sueldos estipulados en el acuerdo que expire.
                                                                                                                Ciudad en cuanto a seguro de salud, pen-
   cuantificados.                                      6. Para todo empleado cubierto bajo el Plan de           sión/sistema de jubilación o asuntos rela-
HORARIOS                                                  Pago por Grados, el avance a través de los            cionados al fondo de bienestar, también se
                                                          grados salariales ocurrirá solamente después          aplicará donde se pueda aplicar y/o adaptar
2    La tasa de sueldo normal se aplicará a una se-       que el empleado haya demostrado desem-                a la Autoridad.
     mana laboral est·ndar, la cual estará com-           peño satisfactorio de sus labores.
     puesta de cualquier cinco (5) días laborales                                                           SOBRETIEMPO
     consecutivos completados en cualquier perío-      7. Habrá una demora de cinco (5) días adi-
                                                                                                            11. Todo sueldo de sobretiempo será calculado
     do de siete días consecutivos del calendario.        cionales en el pago de sueldos.
                                                                                                                basado en el tiempo que actualmente se tra-
3. Las horas de verano serán eliminadas.               8.    La elegibilidad para cualquier bono de             baje por semana.
                                                            longevidad de quince (15) años se basará en
SUELDOS Y ADICIONES                                                                                         12. No habrá crédito mínimo de horas para lla-
                                                            la compleción de un total de quince (15)
                                                                                                                madas de regresar de su casa.
4. La elegibilidad para aumentos por medio de               años de servicio continuo en la Autoridad,
   negociaciones colectivas se basará en una eval-          servidos activamente en títulos cubiertos por   SUBSIDIO PARA ALIMENTOS
   uación satisfactoria del desempeño de labores.           la unidad de negociación.                       13. Se eliminarán los subsidios de alimentos.
                                                                                                            TRANSFERENCIAS / MOVIMIENTOS /
         División de la Ciudad Toma Segunda Paso                                                            14. Para transferencias laterales voluntarias de
                     Hacia el Contrato                                                                          empleados, entre localidades:
                                                                                                                a. Los empleados cubiertos por el proced-
        Las discusiones contratales llevadas a cabo    quiere reducir el número de horas durante las               imiento estándar de transferencias serán
    en la sede del Sindicato el 1 de Marzo entre la    cuales los empleados civiles son elegibles                  considerados para una transferencia si
    División de la Ciudad del Local 237 y la Ciudad    para sueldo diferencial por tandas nocturnas.               habrán cumplido un mínimo de treinta
    de Nueva York fueron, a lo más, un segundo         También desean excluir ausencia con per-                    (30) meses de servicio en el titulo en la lo-
    paso hacia negociaciones. Varias sesiones adi-     miso y días feriados pagados al calcular el so-             calidad del cual solicitan ser transferidos,
    cionales serán necesarias para “poder sacarles     bretiempo que exceda las 40 horas a la sem-
                                                                                                                   y para los Asistentes a Gerente de Vivien-
    algo a la fuerza,” dijo Carl Haynes, Presidente    ana.
                                                                                                                   da y los Asistentes a Superintendente Res-
    del Local 237, dirigiéndose al equipo negoci-           Extender la semana laboral a 40 horas para
                                                                                                                   idente de Edificios, un mínimo de treinta
    ador de la unión.                                  todos los títulos (sin aumentar sueldos); elimi-
                                                                                                                   y seis (36) meses de tal servicio.
        Encabezando la lista de demandas Draconi-      nar todo tiempo de ausencia autorizada para ac-
    anas de la Ciudad estaba la propuesta de que fu-   tividades sindicales; y eliminar las horas de ve-        b. El Sistema de Lista de Transferencia Au-
    turos aumentos salariales deberían ser financia-   rano, son otros temas en la lista de deseos de la           tomático (ATLS) será el único método usado
    dos totalmente con ahorros de mayor produc-        Ciudad, lo cual nos señala que tenemos una                  para movimiento voluntario entre locali-
    tividad. A partir de ese punto, todo rodó cuesta   lucha por delante. “Díganles a los miembros que             dades, sujeto a un máximo de solicitudes.
    abajo, incluso la demanda por la Ciudad de que     se preparan para una lucha,” dijo Haynes en sus      15. a. La asignación a cualquier posición, en
    todo nuevo empleado en todos los títulos tenga     delaraciones finales al equipo negociador del               cualquier titulo, en cualquier localidad
    sueldo del 90 porciento de lo que ganan los        sindicato. Se espera que la próxima sesión ocur-            será hecha bajo la sola discreción de la
    empleados actuales.                                rirá en pocas semanas, “y no tenemos la inten-              Autoridad.
        En cuanto a sueldo adicional, la Ciudad        ción de devolver nada,” afirmó Haynes.
                                                                                                                                          Continua en la pagina 15
                                                                                                                              NEWSLINE, March 2004         15

                                               Resumen en Español
Kerry Obtiene Victoria Electoral Aplastante
    Minutos después de que cerraran los centros
electorales en Nueva York al finalizar las primarias
Demócratas el 2 de Marzo, el Senador John Kerry,
muy felizmente expresó agradecimiento a los que
lo apoyaron — entre ellos “los rangos laborales” —
que efectivamente le dieron el nombramiento del
partido Demócrata en su afan por ser presidente de
los Estados Unidos.
    Habiendo tomado la delantera en 19 de las 21
primarias celebradas hasta la fecha, Kerry tiene
más delegados de los 2,162 que necesita para el
nombramiento formal del partido en la conven-
ción a celebrarse en Boston próximamente en
Julio. “¡Prepárense! Viene un Nuevo día,” le ase-
guró Kerry a una audiencia nacional de televi-
dentes en su discurso de victoria.
    El próximo día, el 3 de Marzo, el Senador
John Edwards de North Carolina se retiró de la
carrera después de ser derrotado por su rival,
Kerry, en todos los 10 estados que celebraron pri-
marias, incluso los de muchos delegados: Califor-
nia, Nueva York y Ohio. Al abandonar Edwards su
campaña, deja camino libre para el Senador de
Massachusetts Kerry, de 60 años de edad, quien
los Demócratas han seleccionado como el can-           todos los Americanos, incluso la gente trabajado-    de haber abandonado su candidatura, encabezó la
didato más apto para derrotar al Presidente            ra. El movimiento laboral le dará pleno apoyo.       carrera en su estado natal.
George W. Bush.                                        Ahora, todo lo que tenemos que hacer es respal-          La próxima tanda de primarias, en que sola-
    “Nunca dudamos que Kerry sería el candida-         darlo con la fuerza de nuestros sindicatos y sacar   mente pueden participar votantes inscritos en el
to Demócrata,” dijo Carl Haynes, Presidente del        a los votantes.”                                     partido Demócrata, se efectuará este mes en los
Local 237. “Necesitamos que alguien que tenga              Sorpresivamente, el único estado que perdió      estados del Sur, incluyendo Florida, Louisiana,
corazón ocupe la Casa Blanca, que trabaje para         Kerry fue Vermont, donde Howard Dean, a pesar        Mississippi, y Texas.

...y Más Demandas Escandalosas de la Autoridad de Viviendas
    b. Un empleado que ha estado ausente por           19. Los empleados que donen sangre durante              dañe o que sea destruido por tales emplead-
       enfermedad puede regresar a su último               horas laborables, al participar en campañas         os, o que tales empleados permitan que otros
       lugar de empleo, siempre y cuando él o              oficiales de donación de sangre de NYCHA,           pierdan, dañen o destruyan, sea intencional-
       ella regrese al trabajo dentro de veinte            recibirán tres (3) horas de tiempo compen-          mente o de otra manera, o que se ignore su
       (20) días calendarios después del comien-           satorio además del tiempo actual usado para         paradero. Esta provisión no debe interpre-
       zo de la ausencia por enfermedad.                   donar sangre.                                       tarse como referente al desgaste o la depre-
TIEMPO Y AUSENCIA CON PERMISO                          COMPENSACION AL TRABAJADOR                              ciación que ocurre con el uso normal y au-
                                                                                                               torizado de tal equipo.
16. Cualquier acuerdo alcanzado entre la Ciudad        20. El uso de días anuales acumulados para suple-
    de Nueva York (la “Ciudad”) y Teamsters                mentar los beneficios establecidos por ley de    ACTIVIDADES SINDICALES
    Local 237 en cuanto a demandas hechas por              compensación al trabajador será eliminado.       24. a. Se eliminará todo tiempo de ausencia au-
    la Ciudad sobre la acumulación o el pago de        MEDIDAS DISCIPLINARIAS                                      torizada con sueldo para actividades
    días libres anuales o días de enfermedad                                                                       sindicales.
    también será aplicable donde se aplique y/o        21. Cuando un empleado esté sujeto a suspen-
                                                           sión disciplinaria, la Autoridad, bajo su sola      b. Todo tiempo incidental de ausencia autor-
    sea adaptable a la Autoridad.                                                                                 izada para actividades sindicales será sin
                                                           discreción, puede exigir que el empleado tra-
17. Para empleados de horarios fijos:                      baje por 70 porciento de la tasa del sueldo            sueldo.
    a. Las tardanzas que excedan cinco (5) minu-           de tal empleado durante el periodo de sus-       CLAUSULA DE DERECHOS DE LA GERENCIA
       tos serán cobradas de los días anuales              pensión en vez de que el empleado sea sus-       25. La siguiente provisión será añadida al acuer-
       acumulados minuto por minuto hasta el               pendido sin sueldo.                                  do entre las partes:
       período completo de tardanzas.                  AJUSTE DE AGRAVIOS O QUEJAS                              Este Acuerdo es el resultado de negocia-
    b. Las provisiones de penalidades por tardan-      22. El proceso de resolución de quejas de las            ciones colectivas entre la Autoridad de
       za se aplicarán a empleados que excedan             partes se enmendará como sigue:                      Viviendas de la Ciudad de Nueva York (New
       doce (12) tardanzas en un periodo de doce                                                                York City Housing Authority) y el Sindicato
       (12) meses consecutivos, o con un prome-           a. Las quejas se limitarán a disputas sobre la
                                                                                                                de trabajadores de la Ciudad (City Employees
       dio mayor que una (1) vez por mes.                    aplicación o la interpretación de términos
                                                                                                                Union) Local 237, IBT, que se han llevado a
                                                             del contrato o reglas escritas o reglamentos
18. Para empleados que participan en el progra-                                                                 cabo bajo los requisitos de la Ley de Negocia-
                                                             sobre términos y condiciones de empleo.            ciones colectivas de la Ciudad de Nueva
    ma de tiempo flexible:
                                                          b. Enmendar los pasos del proceso de                  York. Las provisiones de este Acuerdo super-
    a. No hay período de gracia. Las tardanzas               agravios (quejas) y los limites de tiempo.         an todo reglamento y ordenes de la Autori-
       serán cobradas de los días anuales acumu-                                                                dad de Viviendas de la Ciudad de Nueva
       lados minuto por minuto hasta el período           c. Quejas sobre asignaciones de trabajo fuera
                                                             del titulo o fuera del nivel serán presen-         York y pueden ser cambiadas solamente por
       completo de tardanzas.                                                                                   acuerdo mutuo de la Autoridad y la Unión.
                                                             tadas al Director de Recursos Humanos
    b. Las provisiones de penalidades por tardan-            con derecho de apelación a arbitraje.              Todos los términos y condiciones de empleo
       za se aplicarán a empleados que excedan                                                                  que no sean explíitamente cubiertos por este
       doce (12) tardanzas en un período de doce       PROPIEDAD DE LA AUTORIDAD                                acuerdo estarán sujetos a la sola discreción y
       (12) meses consecutivos, o con un prome-        23. La Autoridad puede directamente recobrar             control de la Autoridad de Viviendas de la
       dio mayor que una (1) vez por mes. El total         de sueldos el costo completo para reem-              Ciudad de Nueva York y no serán sujeto de
       de minutos de tardanza será redondeado              plazar equipo expedido o entregado a em-             negociaciones hasta el comienzo de negocia-
       en intervalos de un cuarto (1/4) de hora.           pleados por la Autoridad que se pierda, se           ciones para un acuerdo sucesor.
Wal-Mart Drains Taxpayers                           prosecute unions. It underfunds education so             Defense Department personnel system is an
                                                    drastically that hundreds of thousands of chil-          abuse of power.
    Because of Wal-Mart’s low wages and in-
                                                    dren will be left behind in classes that are too             “His is a union-busting approach to col-
adequate benefits, each of its stores with at
                                                    large, and teachers won’t have access to the             lective bargaining and labor relations and has
least 200 employees costs taxpayers an esti-
                                                    training needed to upgrade their skills.                 nothing to do with national security,” Gage
mated $420,750 annually in public social                 The budget ignores the plight of jobless work-      said, adding that the plan is simply “manage-
services such as housing subsidies, children’s      ers and fails to call for extension of the TEUC pro-     ment by fear, intimidation and coercion.”
health insurance and reduced-cost or free           gram, and it calls for far less than is needed to cre-       More than 150 AFGE members marched on
lunches, according to a new report from the         ate jobs in transportation. Bush’s proposed jobs         Capitol Hill Feb. 11 as part of the grassroots
Democratic staff of the House Education and         training program trains workers for what he calls        lobbying efforts during the union’s 2004 legisla-
Workforce Committee.                                the “jobs of the future,” but he says nothing about      tive and grassroots mobilization conference.
    The report, “Everyday Low Wages: The            stemming the loss of current well-paying U.S.
Hidden Price We All Pay for Wal-Mart,” is           jobs. And the funding increases for worker train-        Pension Fund Creates Jobs
available online at       ing do not begin to restore earlier Bush cuts in job          Early last month, leaders of five building
gov/democrats/WALMARTREPORT.pdf.                    training and dislocated worker programs.                 trades unions cut the ribbon on a $150 million
    “There’s no question that Wal-Mart impos-
                                                                                                             renovation of Tysons Corner Center in north-
es a huge, often hidden, cost on its workers,       Wild Talk and No Jobs
                                                                                                             ern Virginia, one of the nation’s largest shop-
our communities and U.S. taxpayers,” said
                                                         With 15 million U.S. workers unem-                  ping malls. This is the first major all-union
ranking Democratic committee member George
                                                    ployed, underemployed or too discouraged to              construction project in many years in Virginia,
Miller of California.                               job hunt, the Bush administration’s economic             a right-to-work-for-less state that traditionally
Give It Back                                        policies are dragging down wages and the job-            has been hostile to the union movement.
                                                    less recovery is hitting low-income Americans                 Union pension funds often invest in high-
     The Alliance for Retired Americans last
                                                    hard, according to three new reports. Rather             quality construction projects that produce
month mobilized its members to call for the Re-
                                                    than crafting a policy that will create good-            union jobs. The National Electrical Benefit
publican National Committee to repay taxpayers
                                                    paying jobs, the Bush White House is making              Fund, which provides retirement benefits to
more than $12 million in federal funds the Bush
                                                    wildly overstated job predictions and outra-             members of the Electrical Workers and con-
administration has spent on a blatantly political
                                                    geous policy statements, the reports said.               tractors, is a major investor in the Tysons Cor-
television commercial campaign to promote the
                                                         Last month, in its annual economic report           ner project, ensuring it will be built all union
new Medicare prescription drug law. Following
                                                    to Congress, the Bush administration said it             — as are all real estate projects in which the
a bombardment of letters from Alliance activists    backs moving U.S. manufacturing and white-
and their allies, as well as Democrats’ demands                                                              fund invests.
                                                    collar jobs offshore. “Outsourcing is just a
for an investigation, the General Accounting Of-    new way of doing international trade,” Coun-             Labor Cares
fice announced it will investigate charges that     cil of Economic Advisers (CEA) Chairman                       The Coalition of Labor Union Women, an
the Bush administration is using taxpayer           Gregory Mankiw said. And although the ad-                AFL-CIO constituency group, has launched
money for political purposes.                       ministration is 1.8 million jobs short of its            Labor Cares,, a new
                                                    previous, weaker prediction, the CEA now                 website designed to raise awareness and to edu-
Wealthy Win With Bush Budget
                                                    forecasts the economy will generate 3.9 mil-             cate union members about HIV/AIDS. The site
     President Bush’s fiscal year 2005 budget       lion new jobs this year.                                 contains facts and news about HIV/AIDS and
includes permanent tax cuts for the nation’s             Missing the Moving Target, http://www.              provides resources for unions to help combat
super-rich while it shortchanges and cuts , a              the disease. The Centers for Disease Control and
funds for the domestic programs working             new report by the nonprofit Economic Policy              Prevention estimates that some 900,000 people
families need most, such as job creation,           Institute (EPI), called the jobs prediction over-        in the United States are living with HIV/AIDS.
health care, transportation and education.          ly optimistic and labeled as faulty Bush ad-                  The AFL-CIO, its constituency groups and
     Bush’s tax-cut proposal balloons the al-       ministration economic policies. Another EPI              affiliates represent many workers in the
ready record-high $477 billion U.S. federal         analysis,, said slug-            groups that are contracting HIV in the largest
deficit to $520 billion in 2005, and as much as     gish job growth under Bush’s economic poli-              numbers: women and people of color.
$5.2 trillion between 2005 and 2014, according      cies is dragging down wages and incomes.
to the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities.      Meanwhile, the National Urban League’s Jobs              Jobless Aid Gains Support
     Bush’s budget “continues a disturbing          Report released Jan. 29 shows the jobless re-                Overcoming long-standing opposition by
shift away from the priorities of working           covery is hitting African Americans and low-             Republican leaders and signaling bipartisan
Americans and promises to widen, rather             income Americans the hardest.                            support, the U.S. House of Representatives
than narrow, the growing gulf between the                                                                    Feb. 4 approved a six-month extension of the
rich and middle class in America,” said AFL-        Defense Workers Fight Back                               Temporary Extended Unemployment Com-
CIO President John Sweeney.                             AFGE President John Gage slammed a                   pensation (TEUC) program. President Bush
     The budget proposes cuts to the Occupa-        plan by President Bush and Defense Secretary             opposes the extension of the program, which
tional Safety and Health Administration’s           Donald Rumsfeld to terminate bargaining and              expired in December.
(OSHA’s) worker safety programs by 65 percent       employee appeal rights of some 700,000 civil-                The Senate must approve the extension,
but provides increased funding and staffing for     ian Department of Defense workers. Gage told             of 13 weeks, and Bush must agree to sign —
the Department of Labor to investigate and          a House subcommittee Feb. 11 the proposed                not veto — legislation that extends the TEUC.

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