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					               A NEW WORLD
Artist:Ronan Hardiman          Album:Celtic Tiger              Shane Gruber CCI
Level:Easy Advanced                                            4481 Borland
Time: 6:44                                                  West Bloomfield, MI
Wait for long 58 sec. intro then 16 counts            248-363-5820          48323              Music: variety
Sequence: A-A-B1-B2-C1-C2-C1-C2*-D-E-Break-F1-F2-F1-F2-F1-F2-F1-F2-F1*
Part A (64) Latin
Latin Basic Dbl up-DS(xif)-RS-Dbl up ¼ Left-DS-Step-Heel-Step-Heel-Step-Heel
               L       L         RL R             R    L R R         L L      R
               &1       &2      &3 &4             &5 & 6        & 7 & 8

Cha Cha Stomp        Stomp(xif)-RS-Stomp-(xif)-RS-Stomp-(1/4 L) DS-DS-Brush up-RS
                       R        LR L           RL     R         L    R L       LR
                       1        &2    &        3& 4              &5 &6    &7 &8
Repeat steps to face the front
Part B1 (32) Swing
Big Turn               DS-DS-DS/Kick (1/2 Right)-Step-RS-DS-DS-RS
                       L R L R                    R LR L R LR

Slide step             DS-DS-Step(ots)-Slide-step-RS-DS-DS-RS
                       L R       L       R    R LR L R LR
Repeat steps to face front
Part B2 (32) Swing
Swing Kick step-Kick(xf)-Kick(ib)-skuff heel around ¼ right-Step-RS-DS-DS-RS
               L R            R             R                 R LR L R LR
               &       1       2          3                     4 &5 &6 &7 &8
Repeat three more times to face each wall
Part C1 (16) Pop
Stomp Double           Stomp-DS-DS-RS Step(fwd) Pivot (L) Step (fwd) Pivot (L)
                       L      R L RL R             L       R           L
Repeat Opposite footwork
Part C2 (32) Pop
Touch Basic Tch/split-Lift-DS-RS Tch/split-lift-DS-RS Tch/split Lift-DS-RS
               L both L L RL R both R R LR L both L L RL

Dbl out Run Dbl out-ball-ball-ball-ball-ball-slide
½ Left         R       R L R L R R
Repeat to face front
Part C2* (16) Pop Do Touch Basics and Double out Run NO TURN
Part D (80) Middle Eastern
4 Mtn Basics         Stomp-Dbl up-DS-RS
¼ Left on each       L         R      R LR

Slur Travel           DS-slur-step-DS-DS-Slur-Step-DS-RS-Brush up
                      L R        R L R L        L R LR L

Karate Fancy          DS-Kick(pivot L)-DS-Brush Up DS-DS-RS-RS
                      L    R           R     L      L R LR LR

Repeat Slur Travel and Karate Fancy to face the front
Page 2 A New World

3 Heel Out       DS/Heel-step-DS-DS   Turn half a circle
Move ½ L         L R       R L R

2 Basics     DS-RS DS-RS
             L RL R LR
Repeat 3 Heel outs to the front and then two basics
Part E Waltz Tricky Timing in this section 1 2 3
Waltz        Step-RS—Step-RS Step-RS Step-RS
             L RL R LR L RL R LR
             1      23      1 23 1 23 1 23

2 Hop Toes       Step-Toe-Hop   Step-Toe-Hop
                 L      R L      R L R
                 1    2     3     1   2    3

2 Step Brushes         Step-Brush Up Step-Brush Up
                       L         R        R      L
                       1      2    3       1     2 3
Then do the waltz to the back turn left and repeat 2 Hop Toes and 2 Step Brushes
Watch the timing on the Waltzes when turning to the front tempo slows

Repeat 2 Hop Toes and 2 Brushes and waltzes to the back
Then 2 Hop Toes and 2 Brushes Pause then pick up tempo for 3 waltzes to the front Step
Break Wait 8 counts but clap for 4
Part F1 (32) Irish
Chain Run      DS(xib)-RS-RS-RS DS-Tch-Hop-DS-DS
Move R         L       RL RL RL R L R L R
               &1      &2 &3 &4 &5 & 6           &7 &8

Heel Hit         DS-Heel-Heel(tch)-Step-RS-DS
                 L R      L         L RL R
                 &1 &      a        2    &3 &4

Pot hole Turn         Dbl-out-In Lift-DS-RS
½ Left                L both       R R LR
Repeat Steps to face Front
Part F2 (32) Irish
Double Turn DS-Dbl out(1/4 R)-ball-ball-ball-slide
                L    R             R L R        R

2 Basics              DS-RS DS-RS
                      L RL R LR
Repeat 3 more times to face each wall
Part F1 * (16) Do half of F1 but no turn end with the pothole basic

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