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									Please note this packet was never meant to be heard at the tournament and hence has not been fully edited.
Originally many of these questions were discarded as too difficult. It was prepared at the last minute as an
emergency packet that was thankfully never needed. -- Romero

1. Towards the end of this novel the protagonist receives a marriage proposal from her cousin William. After
spending themselves into debt, the protagonist’s family is forced to move to Bath and rent the family estate,
Kellynch, to Admiral and Mrs. Croft. The protagonist had called off an engagement with Mrs. Croft’s brother seven
years earlier at the urgence of Lady Russell, who told her that Frederick Wentworth was not of high enough class.
FTP name this novel about Anne Elliot, a posthumously published work of Jane Austen.
Answer: Persuasion

2. In the last work of this collection, a general laments the loss of his mistress Lycoris, who has wandered into the
Alps, while Demoetas and Menalcas invoke Apollo and Jove during an argument in the third. Containing an elegy to
Daphnis, the inventor of the titular form, this work was modeled on the Idylls of Theocritus (thee-AWK-rit-us) and
led to the author’s friendship with Maecenas. The fourth and most famous alludes to the ―Firstborn of the New
Age,‖ a messianic figure interpreted as either the child of Mark Antony and Octavia or Jesus Christ. For 10 points--
name this collection of ten pastoral poems published in 39 BC by Virgil.
Answer: Eclogues or Bucolics

3. The title of this collection was inspired by the beginning of one of the early verses in Charles Baudelaire’s
collection Flowers of Evil. It is divided into five parts, Melancholy, Watercolors, Gloomy Landscapes, Caprices,
and a section of thirteen historical poems, although most of the poems in it were dedicated to the poet’s cousin, Elisa
Moncomble, whom he secretly loved. Published in 1866, this is FTP what collection of poetry, the first work of
Paul Verlaine?
Answer: Saturnian Poems

4. This author, during travels in France and Italy, met Laurence Sterne in Italy and was caricatured in A Sentimental
Journey as Smeldungus. One of his novels, whose influence Dickens acknowledged in Pickwick Papers, centers on
the picaro that is mentored by Cadwallader Crabtree and Hawser Trunnion. Following his nation's defeat at
Culloden he wrote the poem "Tears of Scotland" and was imprisoned for three months for libeling Admiral
Knowles. For 10 points-- name this Scottish author of Peregrine Pickle and Roderick Ransom.
Answer: Tobias Smollett

5. The adventurous characters in this 17th century work attempt various romantic positions including 'The Queen
Bee Making Honey.' The central plot revolves around Vesperus or the Before-Midnight Scholar who seeks to win
the heart of a woman whose current boyfriend is better endowed than he. Towards his goal he decides to replace his
phallus with that of a dog. For 10 points-- name this classic of Chinese Erotic Literature by Li Yu which is named
for a debauchedly appropriated sacrosanct apparatus.
Answer: Carnal Prayer Mat OR Jou p'u-t'uan OR Prayer Mat of Flesh (accept: reasonable English equivalents of

6. Created by its author to unite ten years’ worth of poetry, Chapter 12 of this work contains the lines ―Ballad, you
move along so gracefully.‖ Chapter 28 begins with verse 1:1 from Lamentations, and continues to explain the
importance of the number nine in the author’s work. It begins as the author searches the Book of Memory, where he
finds a Latin motto about the beginning of the titular experience. FTP, name this 1293 masterpiece of poetry and
prose, mostly addressed to Beatrice, written by Dante Alighieri.
Answer: La Vita Nuova or The New Life

7. Lesser-known works of his include Their Wedding Journey, The Undiscovered Country and the utopian romance
A Traveller from Altruria. His autobiographical works include A Boy's Town and Years of My Youth and he wrote
his Venetian Life after his campaign biography of Abraham Lincoln won him the consulship at Venice. Critical
works include his "Editor's Study" columns in Harper's Monthly, but he is more known for a novel about an up and
coming businessman in Boston. For 10 points-- name this author of The Rise of Silas Lapham.
Answer: William Dean Howells
8. The Indian chief Wahnotee hunts and kills the antagonist at the end of this drama based on a novel by Mayne
Reid and set in Louisiana. Due to crowd distaste for the ending in which the female protagonist commits suicide, the
playwright wrote an alternate ending. The play centers on the daughter of Judge Peyton and the attempts to save
from the evil M’Closy, both the Judge's plantation and Zoe. First produced at the Winter Garden Theatre the week
after John Brown's execution --for 10 points-- name this melodrama by Dion Boucicault centering on a freed slave
who is one-eighth black.
Answer: Octoroon

9. Beginning in 1834 in the journal Telescope, this literary critic applied Shelling’s views on national character to
his nation's character in his 'Literary Reveries.' Though he died at age 37, he was a chief ideological forerunner of
Social Realism and along with Alexander Herzen was a leader of the Intelligentsia. Perhaps most famous for his
"Selected Passages from Correspondence with My Friends" in which he chided a betrayal of the Russian people by
Nickolai Gogol, --for 10 points-- name this influential literary critic and mentor of Turgenev who was known as
"furious Vissarion." (VIS-rhy-ON)
Answer: Vissarion Grigoryevich Belinsky

10 The twenty-third line of this satirical poem reminds the reader "God works in a mysterious way." The poem has
two epigraphs, from St. Ignatius of Antioch and Colossians. The author notes that the title animal can never reach
the mango on the mango-tree;" while "fruits of pomegranate and peach" "from over sea" refresh the Catholic
Church. Written in homage to a similarly named poem by Theophile Gautier --for 10 points-- name this poem by
T.S. Eliot centering on the river horse.
Answer: “Hippopotamus”

11. In one episode from this novel the narrator recalls that he once overpowered the passengers of a train car with
the stench of cheese and explains that this exemplifies the importance of proper provision selection. In the middle of
the journey at an inn in Wallingford, George breaks a plaster trout. Montmorency, who burns his nose on boiling
kettle, contributes a dead rat to the group's dinner preparations, the failure of which is one reason for the decision to
return home. Centering on a journey from Kingston to Pangbourne on the Thames --for 10 points-- name this novel
by Jerome K. Jerome.
Answer: Three Men in a Boat, To Say Nothing of a Dog

12. In the lecture ―On the Cranial Nerves of Fish,‖ this man asserted that nature exists in supreme indifference to
human needs and desires. 1834’s The Hessian Courtier is a pamphlet in which he advocated overthrowing the
German government. Other works include a drama based on Shakespeare’s As You Like It, Leonce and Lena, and a
short novel based on the life of 18th century poet Jakob Lenz, along with the oft-performed drama Danton’s Death,
but it was another of his dramas that was adapted into a 1921 opera by Alban Berg. FTP name this author of
Answer: Georg Büchner

He was originally a rich farmer named Zhang who forces out his wife with a concubine. He sits on a minature stage
surrounded by gold-leafed good-luck Chinese characters and appears not "like Budda" with his "Two long whiskers
shaped like black whips." At Auntie Du's funeral, Winnie presents Pearl with it but in the end, Winnie buys Pearl "a
lady statue" named Lady Sorrowfree to replace him. For 10 points--, identify this heirloom from the title of an Amy
Tan novel.
Answer: Kitchen God (FYI: In The Kitchen God’s Wife)
14. John Frere's mock-heroic poem ―Whistlecraft‖ may have been the first original use of this verse form in English.
Originally lines of eleven syllables were used by its Italian originators, but it most famous English employer
shortened lines to ten syllables and first used it for his mock-heroic ―Beppo‖. Having rhyme scheme a-b-a-b-a-b-c-c
--for 10 points-- name this stanza form most famously used by Byron in Don Juan.
Answer: Ottava Rima
15. One side character in this 17th century comedy is Jerry Blackacre whose litigious mother attempts to train him in
her schemes. The plot centers on a titular solider who on his return from the Dutch Wars induces Fidelia into
disguise to help him win back his money. The money had been given to his former love Olivia who has now fallen
for his friend Vernish. For 10 points name this Moliere adaptation centering on Manly by Wycherley.
Answer: Plain Dealer

16. There is some confusing over the actual wording of verse 37, as the Dead Sea Scrolls say "life accord to your
word," while most Masoretic Texts say "life in your way." Well known verses include verses 11, "I have hidden
your word in my heart that I might not sin against you" and "your word is a lamp to my feet and a light for my path."
Written in the form of an acrostic poem –for 10 points—name this longest Psalm.
Answer: Psalm 119

17. In this poem, the author refers to love as "an ever-fixed mark that looks on tempests and is never shaken." The
author claims that he be in error, that he was "never writ, nor no man ever loved." It includes the line that "though
rosy lips and cheeks within his bending sickle's compass come," "Love's not Time's fool." For 10 points-- name this
Shakespearean sonnet that begins with the line "Let me not to the Marriage of True Minds."
Answer: Shakespeare's Sonnet CXVI (116) or Let me not to the Marriage of True Minds

18. The play opens in a house in the Karoo village of New Bethesda, where the protagonist is fussing around an old-
fashioned washstand. The protagonist, isolated from the local Afrikaner population, has over 200 statues and
figurines in her garden, shaped like owls, Buddhas, and Biblical figures. In response to a distressed letter from the
protagonist, the young teacher Elsa visits her along with the local pastor, Marius Byleveld, who helps her apply to a
nursing home. FTP, name this Athol Fugard play in which Miss Helen has visions of the titular city.
Answer: The Road to Mecca

19. The central female character in this poem is the daughter of a Scottish father and Spanish and Indian mother. A
trip to Monterey for Christmas presents prompts California to "see God." The poem ends after California runs from
her husband Johnny who is trampled by the title animal and then shot by California's after daughter Christine brings
out a rifle. California feels she has killed God in, For 10 points--, what poem by Robinson Jeffers.
 Answer: Roan Stallion

20. During a journey undertaken in this poem, the caravan comes upon the ruins of an ancient tower that the central
male character identifies as an ancient Persian fire temple. That character, disguised as the musician Feramorz,
earlier had told the story of "the Veiled Prophet of Khorassan" after which the titular female character falls for him.
After being shunned by that female, the musician shows himself to be the king to whom the female is betrothed.
Centering on the titular daughter of Aurangzebee --for 10 points-- name this Oriental romance by Thomas Moore
that may be translated as Tulip Cheek.
Answer: “Lalla Rookh”

21. He referred to realism as "veritism" in Crumbling Idols while his Rose of Dutcher's Coolley concerns a farm girl
who goes to college. His adventure novels include Cavanaugh, Forest Ranger and Hesper while his later works,
somewhat autobiographical, include Roadside Meetings and A Son of the Middle Boarder. He read, without fee,
before tax-reform groups his story Under the Lion's Paw. He is best known for a group of rather pessimistic stories
depicting the day-to-day lives of farmers. For 10 points-- name this author of Main-Traveled Roads.
Answer: Hamlin Garland
22. The introduction to this work sets the scene at Francie's Cairn and speaks of the story that is still told. The first
chapter details the life and death of the title character's wife who was the last descendant of the "riding Rutherfords."
In the work, the author deviates from his previous pattern and includes a strong female character in Kirstie Elliott.
Centering on the rivalry between the namesake hanging judge and his son Archie whom is banished to the family
country estate --for 10 points-- name this last and unfinished novel by Robert Louis Stevenson.
Answer: Wier of Hermiston
23. Written in the form of letters, one of its two essays is written to the author's nephew marking the centennial of
the Emancipation Proclamation. The other essay is written to Americans in general from "a Religion in My Mind."
The Nation of Islam, headed by Elijah Muhammad, is address in depth though the author feels it is destructive to the
nation as a whole, while the author views Western Christianity as a caldron that brews racism. Presenting a vision of
an America with blacks and whites living in peace together, FTP, identify this work by James Baldwin.
Answer: The Fire Next Time

24.While working at a hospital this protagonist meets Thorpe Atheley. He had previously attempted careers at an
accounting firm and as an artist and finally completed medical school with the inheritance left him by his Uncle
William. During a holiday with the Atheley family, he falls for Thorpe's sister Sally and later marries her,
symbolically freeing himself from the titular servility he previously experience in relationships with his godmother,
Miss Wilkinson, the artist Fanny Price, and the waitress Mildred Rogers. For 10 points-- name this club-footed
protagonist of William Sommerset Maugham's Of Human Bondage.
Answer: Phillip Carey (accept either name!)

This novel features a steamer race between the Boreas and the Amaranth, which explodes with great loss of life. It
details the struggles of the Hawkins family as the country grows westward, and contains such colorful characters as
the crooked politician Senator Dilworthy and confidence man Colonel Sellers as well as Ruth Bolton, a young
Quaker who attends medical school. Written in respond to a "dinner party challenge," and continued in the sequel
"The American Claimant," FTP, identify this collaboration between Charles Warner and Mark Twain which lends
its name to a period of American history.
Answer: The Gilded Age
Though this play was written in only ten days, it was heavily revised by its author following its 1887 premiere at the
Korsh Theater. In it, Dr. Lvov is harshly indifferent to the title character’s crippling depression. The title character
spends every evening at the Lebedev house, where his wife sees him kissing the daughter, Sasha. After his wife’s
death from tuberculosis, he and Sasha are to be married, but he commits suicide. FTP, name this first full-length
play written by Anton Chekhov.
Answer: Ivanov

This poem, which contains the line ―Who has ever uprooted the Pumpkin?‖ was, like its sequel, written first in Luo
in the style of an Acoli chant and then translated into English. In the first section, ―My Husband’s Tongue Is
Bitter,‖ the title character laments her husband’s scorn for his own race, saying his western education has destroyed
his manhood. She goes on to describe his mistress, an English-speaking ―modern woman.‖ FTP, name this
masterpiece of Ugandan poet Okot p’Bitek, the counterpart to the ―Song of Ocol.‖

Answer: Song of Lawino

It serves what people long for - tacos like from vendor's carts in California and vinegary North Carolina barbecue. It
was originally Mrs. Scarlatti's restaurant, however Ezra slowly changes it, introducing garlic soup, replacing menus
with specials on a blackboard, and hiring warm-hearted wait staff. After Ezra's brother Cody steals his fiancée Ruth,
Ezra devotes all his attention to this restaurant, longing for his family to have a big family dinner together here. His
wish comes true after his mother Pearl's funeral in, For 10 points--, what titular restaurant from an Anne Tyler novel.
Answer: Homesick Restaurant

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