Odyssey----Study guide _1 LectureBooks I Athene visits Telemachus

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					Odyssey----Study guide #1
LectureBooks I "Athene visits Telemachus" II "The Debate in Ithaca" III "Telemachus with Nestor" IV
"Menelaus and Helen"

1. When did the Trojan War take place?

2. Where is the city of Troy(Illium)?

3. How many ships and men were in the Greek(Achaen) army?

4. What is an Epic?

5. When was the Epic The Odyssey written and by whom?

6. How long did the Trojan War Last?

7. Who appears to Telemachus(Odysseus's son) to tell him to search for news of his father?

8. How was the Greek Achilles killed and by whom?

9. Tell the story of of how the Trojan War ended.

10. What did the 3 goddesses-Athene-Aphrodite-Hera-promise to Paris if chose them to be
    the fairest?

11. Give the background on why/how the Trojan War started---Golden Apple--Who were involved--Who were
the main kings--Why were they fighting?

12. Describe the killing of King Priam's son Hector.

13. Why does the god Poseidon hate Odysseus?

14. Who does Telemachus visit to find news of his father?

15. What does King Menelaus tell Telemachus about Odysseus?

16. What did Telemachus find out about King Agamemnon?
17. What is happening in Ithaca in Odysseus's house while he's trying to get home?

Odyssey Study Guide #2
Greek Culture--Book V "Calypso"

1. What does anthropomorphic mean, and how does it apply to Greek culture?

2. The total elapsed time of action in The Odyssey is how many days?

3. Describe two differences between Christianity and Mythology?

4. What is Odysseus's character flaw?

5. Greeks had no scientific knowledge. how did they explain nature?

6. Where is Odysseus being held in Book V, by whom, how long, and why?

7. What do Penelope's suitors plan to do to Telemachus when he returns to Ithaca?

8. Who is Hermes, how does he travel from Mt. Olympus to Calypso's Island and what
   message does he bring to her from the gods?

9. What is Odysseus doing when we first meet him?

10. What has already happened to Odysseus's men and ships?

11. How does Odysseus get off Calypso's island and how long does it take him to reach the
    land of the Phaecians?
12. Who destroys Odysseus's raft and why?

13. What does the goddess Ino do for Odysseus to save him from being drowned?

14. How does Athene intervene and help Odysseus reach land?

15. Briefly tell the myths of the sun rising and setting and the changing seasons.

Odyssey Study Guide #3
Books VI "Nausicaa" VII "The Palace Of Alcinous" VIII "The Phaeacians Games"

1. Who is Nausicaa?

2. Explain Nausicaa's dream.

3. Give a description of Mt. Olympus from book VI.

4. What does Nausicaa tell her maids about her feelings for Odysseus?

5. Why does Nausicaa tell Odysseus not to enter the city at the same time as she does?

6. What information does Nausicaa give Odysseus about her mother and father?
7. Why doesn't Odysseus tell Nausicaa and her family who he really is?

8. Who does King Alcinous think the stranger Odysseus may be?

9. Explain the custom of the Greeks in Book VII--"The Palace Of Alcinous."

10. Explain what happens in Book VIII--"The Phaeacians Games."

11. Why does Odysseus become angry at the King's son Laodamas?

12. At the end of Book VIII what happens that makes Odysseus cry?

Odyssey Study Guide #4 (Book IX starts the flashback)
Book IX "Cyclops"

1. In Book IX Odysseus tells his tale to King Alcinous--What was his first stop
   after he left Troy and what happened there?

2. What happens in the Land of the Lotus Eaters?
3. At this point in the story, how many ships does Odysseus have?

4. What does Polyphemus look like and how did he ignore the laws of hospitality?

5. When Polyphemus gets drunk and falls asleep, why doesn't Odysseus take his
   sword and kill him?

6. How do Odysseus and his men put Polyphemus's eye out?

7. As Odysseus and his men are sailing away from the Cyclopes' island, what error in judgment does
Odysseus make(this has to do with Odysseus's flaw).

8. What was the prophecy that came true about Polyphemus?

9. What was Polyphemus's prayer to his father Poseidon concerning Odysseus?

10. What are the four ways that Odysseus outsmarts Polyphemus?
Odyssey Study Guide #5 (Still a flashback)
Book X "Circe"

1. Who is Aeolus and how long do Odysseus and his men say with him?

2. What is the gift Aeolus gives to Odysseus and his men, and how is this gift destroyed?

3. How close did Odysseus's ship get to Ithaca?

4. What always seems to happen when Odysseus falls asleep?

5. What happens when Odysseus and his men are blown back to Aeolia? (How does Aeolus respond to their

6. Who are the Laestrygonians and what happens when Odysseus sends a scouting crew?

7. Who is Circe and what happens to the scouting crew who finds her home?

8. How does Hermes save Odysseus from the same fate as his crew?

9. What are Hermes's instructions to Odysseus after Circe fails to turn him into a pig?

10. How long does Odysseus stay on Circe's island?

11. What information does Circe give to Odysseus regarding his trip to Hades?
12. What happened to Elpenor?

Study Guide # 6 (Still in flashback)
Books XI "Book of the Dead"        XII "Scylla and Chrybdis"

1. What information does Teiresias give Odysseus in the land of the dead about his trip home?

2. Who does Odysseus see in the land of the dead (and what information do they give him?)

3. Explain Circe's statement to Odysseus: "One death is enough for most men; but you will
   now have two."

4. What are the Sirens? Explain Circe's instructions concerning the Sirens.

5. What is Charybdis? What are Circe's instructions?

6. What is Scylla? What are Circe's instructions?

7. What warnings does Circe give Odysseus regarding the Sun god's island?

8. What does Odysseus's statement relate to: " In all I have gone through as I made my way
   across the seas, I have never had to witness a more pitiable sight."

9. What prompts Odysseus to land on the Sun god's island after he was warned to stay off?

10. While on the Sun god's island why can't they get off, where does Odysseus go, and what
    happens to him?

11. What do his men do while he is away? Explain Eurylochus's speech.

12. What does Hyperion, Sun god, threaten to do is Zeus didn't punish Odysseus and his men
    for what they did to his cattle?

13. What does Zeus do to Odysseus's ship--What happens to his men?

14. What happens to Odysseus when he floats back past Chrybdis and where does Odysseus
    end up at the end of this chapter?

Odyssey Study Guide # 7 (We're finally back to the present--flashback's over)
Books XIII "Odysseus lands in Ithaca" XIV "In Eumaeus's Hut" XV "Telemachus Returns"
       XVI "Odysseus meets his Son"

1. How does Odysseus finally get home to Ithaca ?

2. When Odysseus lands on Ithaca , why doesn't he know where he is?

3. When Poseidon finds out that Odysseus is safe and home in Ithaca, he asks Zeus to punish
   the Phaecians. What punishment is threatened?

4. When the Phaecians realize they are being punished, what do they do?

5. Why doesn't Odysseus hurry home when he realizes he's in Ithaca?

6. Athene appears to Telemachus in a Dream. What does she tell him?
7. How is Odysseus disguised when he starts into town?

8. What happens in Eumaeus's Hut?

9. Starting with Troy #1 list Odysseus's stops on his way home.

Troy---Scherie(Land of the Phaeacians)--Land of the Lotus Eaters--The Land of the Cyclops

(Polyphemus)--Telepylus(Land of the Laestrygonians)--Hades(Land of the Dead)--

Ithaca--Ogygia(Calypso's Island)--Aeaea(Circe's Island)--Aeolia(Aeolus's Island)--

Thrinacia(Sun god's Island)--Ismarus(land of the Cicones)--Sirens--Scylla and Charybdis
Odyssey Study Guide # 8
Books XVII "Odysseus goes to town" XVIII "The begger in Palace"         XIX "Eurycleia recognizes
Odysseus"   XX "Prelude to the Crisis"

1. Who is Eurycleia and how does she recognize Odysseus?

2. Upon his return home, Penelope asks Telemachus news about Odysseus. Why doesn't
   he tell his mother the truth-that Odysseus is actually home?

3. What does Theoclymenus (the soothsayer) tell Penelope about Odysseus?

4. What happens on the way to town when Eumaeus and the Begger (Odysseus) meet
   Malanthius the goatherd?

5. Who is Argus and what does he do when the Begger (Odysseus) returns?

6. What does Penelope do when she finds out about the begger in the Palace?

7. What happens when the Old Begger (Odysseus) and the Young Begger (Irus) fight?

8. Penelope tells the suitors she was told to marry when?

9. What instructions does the begger (Odysseus) give to Telemachus about the weapons
   in the hall?

10. What did Penelope doe with the burial shroud that she was making for Laertes(Odysseus's
    father) each night?

11. When Penelope talks to the begger (Odysseus) she mentions a test she is going to give
    the suitors to see who is worthy enough to marry her. What is this test?
12. What is Penelope's dream she tells the begger, and how does he interpret it?

13. Philoetius is the cowherd. What happens when he meets the begger?
Odyssey Study guide #9
Books XXI "The Great Bow"        XXII "Battle in the Hall"

1. Telemachus tries to string the Bow of Odysseus. Why? What happens?

2. In Book XXI Odysseus reveals himself to Philoetius the cowherd and
   Eumaeus the swineherd. What instructions does he give them before the battle?

3. Who is the first suitor to be killed?

4. How does the suitor Eurymachus try to get out of being killed by Odysseus?

5. How do the suitors get weapons to fight with?

6. What happens to Melanthius during the battle in the hall?

7. How does Athene protect Odysseus during the battle? Also, what disguises
   does she use?

8. What happens when Leodes (the priest) asks Odysseus for mercy?

9. Of the 50 maids, 12 are unfaithful. What do they have to do before they are
   delt with? How are they delt with?

10. Two men are spared (Phemius, the minstrel and Medon, the herald). Why?

11. Book XXII "The Battle in the Hall" has many similes using animal imagery.
   find and list them.
Study Guide # 10
Books XXIII "Odysseus and Penelope" XXIV "The Feud is ended"

1. Who tells Penelope Odysseus is home, how does she respond, who does she
   think the begger is?

2. What do the passers-by think is going on in the Palace of Odysseus? Why?

3. How does Penelope test the begger to see if he is indeed Odysseus?

4. Where does Odysseus have to go as soon as he establishes order in Ithaca and
   what does he have to do?

5. Who delivers the dead suitors to Hades?

6. In Hades the spirits of Achilles and Agamemnon converse. What is said?

7. How does Odysseus convince Laertes (his father) who he is?

8. What's going on back in Ithaca while Odysseus is in the country with his
   father? What do the suitor's fathers plan to do?

9. How is the final battle stopped and peace restored in Ithaca?

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