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                                     "Almost $350 Net Profit Just Today ... Beginner
                                      Here ... Saved me right as I was about to call
                                                         it quits"
                                    Dear Will,

                                    I just had to tell you that I did almost $350 net profit
                                    just today ($338 to be exact due to one refund)!!!! I'm                     
                                    now using both Clickbank and CJ. Still kind of a beginner

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                                    here so I'm not too keen on your advanced sections.
                                    Believe me though, I'm determined to get there! Affiliate
                                    marketing has been confusing for me overall. Only now, I'm
                                    at the turning point by using what your system teaches.
                                    Honestly, you saved me right as I was about to call it

                                    Rachel Underton, Newport News, VA ( actual testimonial portion )


                          April 5, 2010 11:08 AM

                          Dear Soon-To-Be AdWords Profiteer,

                          Are you still not making a full-time living off of Google advertising?

                          Have you lost your shirt over and over again, only to find your ads just DON'T convert your

                          Or all the sudden, these "Google Slaps" and updates kill all your hard work INSTANTLY?

                          Either way, we all know ... it can be an extremely TOUGH game to crack, newbie or not.

                          My name is Will Halliburton. I've been tackling the affiliate marketing arena since 2003. I can
                          say with full confidence that the road has been at least 5 times as difficult as they make it

                                                   ... and I believed them for a little while ...

                          "Affiliate marketing" huh? No inventory? No customer service? Little money down? Wow, this
                          must be easy.... ouch. Not quite so.

                          For every "next BIG affiliate marketing magic pill" that came along, I would buy it and realize
                          it never actually delivered. Why does it always seem to work for them but never for
                          you and I? ....                                                                       2010-4-5
AdWords Killer: $50 AdWords Coupons & Ad Credits                                                             Page 2 of 20

                                       ~ 100% FREE: Grab The "4 FATAL Pay-Per-Click
                                          MISTAKES" & Exclusive AdWords Secrets!

                                 Discover inside for yourself:

                                 - Unknown keywords that are STEALING money from your pocket.

                                 - 3 keywords to target campaigns just like the pros.

                                 - My idiot-proof method for making money off the internet in 20                 
                                 minutes - residual income ON DEMAND.

                                 - The ONE most FATAL mistake of them all that's hard to recover
                                 from. Don't neglect this one.... that so many advertisers make to this day.

                                                       Priceless Secrets For FREE..

                                                    Will, Send Me Your Exclusive Secrets Now!
                                                          ZERO TOLERANCE: We Do Not Spam

                         For 2 years, I constantly doubted whether people were really making
                                   money this way OR just fooling with my head....

                       We all hear of these "one hit wonders" and gurus who make a killing just by sending traffic
                       and promoting products or leads over the internet.

                       ... and it truly is the best, LEAST STRESSFUL work in my experience hands down.

                       That is .... only if you MASTER what you're doing......
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                       Let me tell you a bit about my background so you'll discover that I began just like everyone
                       else .......

                       In August 2003, I picked up a guide written to help affiliate marketers by sending traffic from
                       pay per click engines, especially Overture. I made some good money for about 7 months
                       straight, even on Google AdWords before it was the current "self-service" model.

                       It was awesome. I ended up dropping my job as a bank teller to pursue it full-time.

                                             Then something inevitable happened....

                       Within a year, the field was no longer that virgin, "competition-less" place it used to be. My
                       ROI for the clicks I bought diminished to chump change.... costs per click upped for many
                       niches ... I could no longer afford to convert at my comfortable 1:100. My checks from
                       affiliate marketing stayed the same, but each day I looked at my ad costs, and it was a
                       devastating feeling. I really did not want my 9-to-5 day job again.

                       I thought that this was just the fate of the online advertising game. As a result, I decided to try
                       out search engine optimization instead, because of it's promises of "free organic traffic".
                       Turns out, I just couldn't keep up with the search engine game as it was ten times more

                       In 2005, I took a dedicated stab at Google AdWords again after hearing a few insane success
                       stories. I devoured virtually everything out there just to get that "magic pill", a formula to
                       profit to beat the fast-evolving paid search game.

                       Some guides had nice gems of truth back then, but a lot doesn't work anymore past 2006.
                       Some were absolutely crap. I even hit up a few "guru" seminars that promised the world ...
                       only to my disappointment. Sounds familiar to you, eh?

                        I implemented practically every technique they taught ... in hopes that
                        something would work, picking the brains of the authors and seminar
                                              speakers mercilessly....

                       By 2006, through sheer brute force and nearly $21,700 in the hole, I began making consistent
                       returns even amongst competition. At least 70% of my methods were all principles that                                                                        2010-4-5
AdWords Killer: $50 AdWords Coupons & Ad Credits                                                                Page 3 of 20

                         I had to formulate myself during this time. A month in, I knew I had this down. I was
                         averaging a success 2 out of 3 campaigns, each creating a new income stream almost every

                         I looked back and see that much of what is being taught relies on "toss up" testing - which is
                         ENTIRELY WRONG! There is a real blueprint to PPC success that not even the big players are
                         currently implementing (nor will for the foreseeable future and I'll tell you why later).

                         Sadly, it's probably lost among a lot of hype. Everyone seems to revolve around trial-and-
                         error about what really works in PPC affiliate marketing.

                         What's even worse is that many people who reach success will fool, trick, and do whatever it
                         takes to cover up their real secrets. It's ridiculous how far they will go to protect this. I know
                         that this is NOT a zero sum game and opportunity in PPC will be virtually limitless for
                         years to come.

                         Check my past affiliate earnings, with Clickbank for example, to see that I'm not kidding. This
                         is a real cash earning blueprint well through to 2008 and into 2009.

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                         Marked in red arrows ... the results prove this makes an extremely nice coin day-in,

                                      ( Listen to these authentic voice testimonials below from real people )

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                                                    "Refreshing And Without Hype"
                               ... purchased a copy of your Adwords book last night. I read the entire                                                                        2010-4-5
AdWords Killer: $50 AdWords Coupons & Ad Credits                                                             Page 4 of 20

                               book in one sitting and got up this morning and re-read it again. I've
                               tried my hands at Adwords many times only to just lose money. I find
                               your book refreshing and without hype.
                               Ruth Brown           ( actual testimonial portion )

                       In most cases, you DON'T even need a website. You can earn automatic
                               income purely off Google from anywhere on the globe!

                                           Authority Reviews:

                                   "AdWords Killer ... was one of the best moves we
                                                    ever made"
                                  While the AdWords Killer itself is for intermediate and more advanced
                                  marketers, it's ideal for beginners too, as there is a separate "Fast Beginner
                                  Action Mini Guide" which explains far better than Google themselves, how to
                                  use AdWords effectively right from the word go ...

                                  ... There is really nothing more you need to run successful AdWords
                                  campaigns ....

                                  .... There is practically no way that you can fail to earn more money             
                                  from internet marketing through Google AdWords if you have a copy
                                  of the AdWords Killer Guide, and implement just some of the strategies
                                  contained in it....

                                  .... It is an invaluable resource for any serious internet marketer using
                                  Google AdWords as a primary source of income. If you aren't already, then
                                  you should be.


                                  Jon, President

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                                  ( See full review: )


                                                            <-- Here's another close-up recorded of just ONE of my
                                                            MANY past Clickbank accounts and advertising costs
                                                            were always less than 20% of revenue - plus, it's only

                                   Hello Will! .... I went through the manual and it is much
                                   more interesting than other adword manuals that i have come
                                   across. I will be writing a review shortly and will let you
                                   know when it is ready.                                                       

                                      Regards sam   ( actual testimonial portion )                                                                           2010-4-5
AdWords Killer: $50 AdWords Coupons & Ad Credits                                                                Page 5 of 20

                                                         Click Here For Instant Access

                       Stop. You probably still don't know the core, real-life secrets of how this is achieved.

                       Here's me with nothing held back, STEP-BY-STEP:

                            See the 2 CRUCIAL APPROACHES to PPC for generating massive cashcows. 99% of other
                            approaches, used by everyone else, are practically DOOMED for failure - don't risk it. (Section

                            The NEW "Google Cash" blueprint towards 2008. Catch this wave or sink faster than ever
                            because it's a far DEADLIER field now. (Page 60)

                            How to create "SUPER RELEVANT" ads that annihilate the playing field even when you're
                            competing with some of the most targeted ads out there. Watch that CTR soar even over the
                            DYNAMIC headline pros! (Page 33)

                                      Hi Will

                                      I wrote you yesterday and you told me to use the Super
                                     Relevance technique . I went from 0 clicks to 12 clicks in                        
                                      one day.  Thank a lot.

                                      Pat ( actual testimonial portion )

                            The STRANGE TRUTH to why some keywords convert and others don't, even when merchants
                            claim so. After this, you can make almost any related keyword convert PROFITABLY. I can
                            almost BET MY MONEY that no one has ever elaborated this to you ... I was infuriated when I
                            first discovered this myself.

                            Hear the 3 techniques to LITERALLY have merchants helping YOU in your sales. Save your
                            time, money, and sweat because you can secretly leverage the very expert in any niche - and
                            you may be surprised at EXACTLY how far you can get away with!

                            Believe It Or Not: 90% of affiliates are CLUELESS how some merchants can ROB you without
                            you knowing, so put an end to this crap now. I'll show you my stealth "Merchant Enforcer

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                            Strategy" so you are only driving traffic at the best and AVOIDING THE SCUM. (Page 58)

                            Experience my GUARANTEED METHOD to INSURE against ever creating a losing campaign.
                            This is THE affiliate marketing goldmine that has yet to fail me. Expand this and you're

                            automatically financially free, but I honestly believe you'll like the other stuff even better!

                            Watch me hand-hold you through the use of INSIGHTFUL keyword tools (more than just
                            Overture and WordTracker) so you don't WASTE another second scrambling to start campaigns
                            that may flop due to no impressions or simply not having an audience. (Page 19)

                                      I checked you the Keyword Tool you mentioned, and made some

                                      ... Yesterday morning, however, I awoke to find that I had
                                     made a commission from my site ($110 commission) !                                


                                      Kelvin     ( actual testimonial portion )

                            Uncover the ULTRA LUCRATIVE 7-step checklist to creating a profitable campaign almost
                            every time. Miss one of these and you're history by 2008. (Page 16)

                            The 2 WORDS that will rocket your ads up to 30% CTRs consistently. Google will love and
                            reward you for this! (Page 37)

                            5 TYPES of products that are GUARANTEED to convert. Stick with these and you can hardly
                            go wrong. Now, you'll know EXACTLY how to choose products over and over! (Page 19)

                                        "100% Conversion ... Only 1 Click ... Yielded A Sale"
                                      I also managed to get a 100% conversion on a certain product
                                     with very few searches. I only got 1 click (cost of $0.40) and  
                                      it yielded a sale of $17.98!

                                      Thanks, Kelvin           ( actual testimonial portion )                                                                         2010-4-5
AdWords Killer: $50 AdWords Coupons & Ad Credits                                                         Page 6 of 20

                           The "Force Return" factor that will unlock at least 300% more converting keywords.

                           OUTRAGE: Some gurus say "turn off content". I say BS, it's because they ARE profiting from
                              it! Discover exactly what they want hidden from you!

                           Unlock the 3-STEP TRAP to using site-targeted advertising which will annihilate the
                              competition. (Page 55)

                           The BEST KEYWORDS that will convert 10 to 15% like it was cake. (Page 22)

                           Discover the "Under Scene" keywords that BARELY ANYONE ever uses because of a very
                              shocking reason.

                           One 100% GUARANTEED campaign to make money that I walk you through in 3
                           TOTALLY CLEAR & EASY-TO-FOLLOW STEPS. Again, quite hard to go wrong here.
                           (Page 77)

                           The "I Don't Give A Crap" Tactic that produces income like this below and you won't
                           even need to touch the campaign for months. Plus, advertising cost plummets down

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                           over time below 15%, 10%, and even 5% of revenue - imagine tossing up 10 of these
                           right now today! (Page 60)

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                           BONUS: 100% Beginners "Fast Action" Guide that will get you going in no time. This WILL save
                              you months of wasted time, money, and confusion and it's getting HARDER than ever to
                              catch up. Suited exactly for total newbies to absorb this FAST & EASY.

                              ** Total Beginner's STEP-BY-STEP Video Demonstration Walk-Through: "How To Setup
                              Adwords & Promotion Selection"


                              - The EXACT steps of how to setup an Adwords campaign from scratch to                                                                     2010-4-5
AdWords Killer: $50 AdWords Coupons & Ad Credits                                                    Page 7 of 20

                              finish, even if you've never used AdWords yet. Very useful hand-holding for any
                              beginner and highly recommended.


                              -Profitable product promotion selection revealed .... and leads up to Clickbank or
                              Commission Junction products as a fully detailed example.

                               "Wish I Had Found Your Book When I First Started ..."
                          Hi Will,

                          I recently purchased your Adwords Killer e-Book and was really                       
                          impressed by the content.... I wish I had found your book when I had
                          first started out, it would have made things a lot easier now.
                          Thanks for the help

                          K.B.           ( actual testimonial portion )

                       Don't forget that I have affiliate income streams from promoting PayDotCom products and
                       a plethora of lead generation programs. Check this below:

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                          No, This Is No Re-Hash... It's Cutting-Edge Even For The Advanced
                            Guys. Take Advantage Of It Before All The Competition Does.

                                                     "Old Dog ... New Tricks!"                             

                              "It seems you can teach an old dog some new tricks! I plan on using
                              this valuable information right now."                                                           2010-4-5
AdWords Killer: $50 AdWords Coupons & Ad Credits                                                               Page 8 of 20


                           - Ran Aroussi (

                           Web Consultant & Entrepreneur                     ( actual testimonial portion )


                       Advanced AdWords marketer? I've made sections specifically for those
                        who are earning hundreds a day already. Do you want a FAST 400%,
                                   500%, EVEN 1000% (or more) PAY RAISE?


                            Unmask 3 manipulative, yet legal tricks that will DECIMATE whoever is competing with you
                               for a position. (Page 57)

                            The REAL secret to positions in AdWords. This has been under major debate among "gurus".
                               I'll show you the low down to finally straighten this out. (Page 48)

                            Advanced Play: 2 Ad "timing" secrets that you will not want to miss, because your profits
                               will increase 40% if you do this right.

                            Stop all the trial-and-error once and for all on AdWords. Profit fast or slowly sink.

                            Google jacked up your bids? Do a few simple things and I'll even show the most promising
                               theory behind all of this "mess". Here's the elusive formula to getting down as far as to
                               $0.01 CPC bids - Ultra CHEAP Clicks That Convert! (Page 70)

                            Advanced Play: How to turn the tables on the latest "landing page algorithm slap" and
                               become a Jedi force in the Google's eyes. It will prepare you for the next BIG update, trust
                               me. (Page 72)

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                            Hear a plethora of tricks & tools to generate campaigns on the fly. Cut your campaign
                               management time by 50% and add that to your productive time to make money.

                            4 Priceless Secrets about Google's ad scheduling feature that will astound you when you
                               know how much money you have left on the table by not taking advantage of this.

                            The "Art of Position Preference" and using blue highlighted sponsored links to your
                               incredible advantage. People overlook this & never master AdWords because they think it's
                               not important. Sorry to burst the bubble but it's CRUCIAL in the competitive markets.

                            * Updated: The "Contouring Method" that tames PROFITABLE clicks back to the good ol'
                               $0.05 with my DETAILED BLUEPRINT of the EXACT products and keywords that I've used.
                               Total transparency so you can simply copy it! (Page 41)


                               The "CPC Kill" SECRET WEAPON: Use it and destroy anyone who tries to advertise by bidding
                               over you and keep them INDEFINITELY DOMINATED. They'll wish they never entered your
                               niche!(Page 61)                                                                        2010-4-5
AdWords Killer: $50 AdWords Coupons & Ad Credits                                                             Page 9 of 20

                            * Notice above how after Feb 11, my campaign had "killed" 2 strong competitors
                            They were getting a decent amount of traffic and afterwards, the result is actually quite

                            ... all in just ONE niche... no new keywords added and not even a landing page
                            change ... and that wasn't even the end of the day! )

                            The Unknown List of 5 Negative Keywords that are ROBBING you of profits - and no, it's not
                            the negative keyword "-free". I'll even show you why "-free" is completely worthless time
                            after time in many areas. (Page 26)

                            The CONTROVERSIAL (and barely legal yet everyone turns the blind eye) method that
                            takes things beyond what even AdWords can handle. Use this one at your own risk, no
                            kidding. (Page 62)

                            3 SUBCONSCIOUS strategies that FORCE the CTR to break new limits when you thought 5%
                            was high! Try 7-9% for generic keywords that will shock you.

                            ( Above is a screenshot I took at 1AM, only 1 hour into the day and my CTR is already
                            BLAZING... )

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                            The KEY To Google ROI On STEROIDS - I'm going to dissect for you STEP-BY-STEP how those
                            $1000+/day guys & gals expand their campaigns. It's really not what you think as I did it
                            wrong and inefficiently when I first reached this level, too.

                            The HIDDEN tricks to maintain powerful account history that will ensure the lowest cost
                            per click possible. They don't like you knowing because this has been known as a barrier of
                            entry in their favor - DO NOT WAIT to take advantage of this as you'll LOVE it months later!

                            Latest: "Reverse Engineer" Tactic that drills your site-targeted campaigns by giving you new
                            EXACT opportunities you would have never unmasked, until you use this... (Page 60)

                            One 2007 DIRT-CHEAP arbitrage technique that EVADES the Google matrix, clocking in
                            FAST revenue without stop. (Page 61)

                            Down-and-dirty stats about other PPC search engines including Overture Marketing and
                            MSN Adcenter. Plus, discover which ones NOT to invest in! (Page 51)

                            Profit Expansion: Everyone talks about how to get profitable, but we forget that markets
                            change and competition comes. What's all the hard work worth if it dies? Here's my maverick
                            mentality for STAYING & GROWING PROFITABLY VIRTUALLY FOREVER. (Page 44)

                            How 3 steps can UNCOVER 1:10 converting affiliate programs that you don't even need a
                            landing page for. They are also lucratively uncompetitive because only super affiliates and
                            master SEOs are promoting them!

                            Updates: "CPA Style" AdWords Mastery that will completely revolutionize the game beyond
                            pay-per-click. Use it correctly and it's like the 5 cent CPC days again, but even better. 

                            My Personal Blueprint for overcoming several of the summer 2007 Google Slaps ... this
                            one is harder than the rest and I'll walk you by the hand on what's going on.

                            My killer instinct methods for optimizing Content Network..... you will love this.
                            Discover how to develop your own methodology.

                       Even The Legendary AdWords Power Players Took These Methods To A
                                 New Level .... See This Volunteered Testimonial...                                                                      2010-4-5
AdWords Killer: $50 AdWords Coupons & Ad Credits                                                Page 10 of 20

                           Largest SEO Broker & Authority Reviews:

                                 "$1000 A Day In Profit ... Ad-Writing Tips Alone Are
                                    Worth The Price Of Your Book ... Stands Out As
                                                   Tremendous Value"
                             Hi Will

                             We're active adwords arbitragers and affiliate marketers earning about
                             $1000 a day in profit right now....

                             .... Your book, on the other hand, was very informative and I learned a
                            number of tricks and strategies that I am now implementing with great       
                             results. Your ad-writing tips alone are worth the price of your book...

                             ... your Adwords Killer stands out as a tremendous value. I highly
                             recommend it.

                             Robert Lolmaugh


                             Textlinkbrokers is the largest SEO-centric link broker & builder

                             ( actual testimonial portions )

                         ... One Of The World's Best AdWords Experts Reveals The Truth ...

                                          Steven Lee Jones, UK AdWords Authority Reviews:

                                     "Really Advances The Pay Per Click Game ...
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                                  Revolutionary Methods ... 'Killer' Methods ... My
                                               Highest Recommendation"

                             Rarely does an AdWords product come along that really advances the pay
                             per click game.

                             And, now Will Halliburton has gone that little bit better.

                             Not only is he offering his revolutionary methods in his guide, there's
                            lifetime membership to his site, where he will help you with every          
                             AdWords related question you can throw at him.

                             He will guide you step by step through the PPC marketing minefield, and
                             teach you exactly how to use his 'killer' methods to succeed.

                             ... my highest recommendation ...


                             Steven Lee Jones
                             Copy 101 & Adwords Copywriting

                             ( actual email portion )

                                                        Click Here For Instant Access

                         Hey, I'll Bet You'll Thank Me Because Just One Irregular Technique
                          You Never Discovered Can Storm Your Profit Margins & You'll Be
                                          Using It On Every Future Campaign!


                                                *** Another Advanced PPC Marketer Testimonial

                                 "100% CTR ... Techniques Work Wonders ... Killing                                                        2010-4-5
AdWords Killer: $50 AdWords Coupons & Ad Credits                                                  Page 11 of 20

                                                          With AdWords"
                            Hi Will

                            I wanted to give some of your suggestions from "The AdWords Killer
                            PPC Blueprint Manual" a good run for their money on one of my
                            Google AdWords campaigns before replying.

                            From 1st January to 17th January on one campaign I already had an
                            average CTR of 8.92% and a conversion rate of 11.97%. However,
                            after applying just one of the suggestions from pages 31 to 33
                            (which certainly makes the Google Ad stand out from the crowd!),
                            from 18th January to 31st January, the average CTR increased to
                            9.83% and a conversion rate of 12.33% - not much of an increase I
                            know, but it's sometimes difficult to improve on an already well
                            performing campaign, eh?

                            So, on a brand new campaign (and unfortunately I don't have any ROI
                            figures to hand because it was a direct link campaign) the CTR is
                            currently running at 12.17% ... one of the ad groups has a 100% CTR
                            but that's purely because of the technique I applied from page 18
                            which split out my ad group based on the relevancy of my keywords.
                            It was only to be expected!                                                  
                            Overall, I'd say your techniques work wonders :-) ...

                            ... and so all I have to do now is apply the *rest* of your advice
                            to my campaigns to make an absolute killing with AdWords!

                            Speak soon.


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                        Endless Rock-Solid PROOF That My Principles Are Cutting Edge And
                              Updating To Make Sure You Profit WITHOUT FAIL ....


                                               *** The "AdWords Mad Scientist" Even Loved It...

                                "Proved Me Wrong... Section On Bidding Is Worth
                                     The Price ... Defeating The Google Slap"
                            "I thought I already knew everything about AdWords ... but AdWords
                            Killer proved me wrong!

                            It's so hard finding a good AdWords guide that's targeted at
                            intermediate to advanced AdWords advertisers. Everything else is the
                            same old introductory material. And for the record Will does provide the
                            introductory material, as a free bonus, to those that need it.
                            He talks about a key factor (that I can't give away here) which gives        
                            you an unfair advantage over the competition. The kind of thing that
                            will make clueless would-be competitors give up in disgust, while you
                            continue to make more and more profits from your keywords!

                            His section on bidding is worth the price of admission. It's just a few
                            paragraphs, but very good. One trick in particular had me hitting my
                            head and thinking "why didn't I think of that!".

                            Oh, and let me mention that he has some great tips on defeating the
                            Google Slap. Good step-by-step things to do to keep your minimum bids
                            low (and thus not over-paying for clicks ... or worse: not getting
                            clicks at all) while competitors have to give up.

                            Well I could go on and on here. You don't have to take my word for it.
                            He has a great zero-risk guarantee. So you are assured of getting a
                            great ROI from it. I know I will!                                                          2010-4-5
AdWords Killer: $50 AdWords Coupons & Ad Credits                                                 Page 12 of 20

                            -Darrell Merrick
                            The AdWords Mad Scientist

                                                    ... You may be saying....

                       "OK Will, it may work for you but I'm still SKEPTICAL. Show me some
                         PROOF that I can literally DUPLICATE this type of success myself"

                                        Alright, you asked for it and people hand it to me....

                              (un-edited testimonials)

                                   "Quit My Day Job ... Looking At Six Figures In 3

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                              thanks to your adwordskiller i just quit my dayjob in
                              retail assistant management last week. i feel so much
                              better being able to do this as work. It pays me almost
                              twice as much for about 4 weeks now. i'm going to try and
                              increase this liek you suggest. thanks for your concern
                              and i'm looking at six figures in 3 months, be great for
                              my family :)

                              Pelumi Shafiee

                               You have a really comprehensive guide there and some of               
                              these are really advanced techniques - which is awesome
                              because I'm a beginner at this whole thing and I know I'll
                              derive major value from this. I've already made some easy
                              cashcows using your fundamental approach #2. I'm now
                              working on getting better at approach #1. The Google Slap
                              chapters actually work as those bids frustrated me before
                              like crazy!

                              Good luck to you and again, thank you so much.

                              - Candy Y.

                                            "Drop Dead Genius ... Worth More Than
                                            20 Times The Investment"

                              Hello Will,

                              I'm dropping a line to commend you on demonstrating these
                              invaluable secrets, many that I would have never guessed
                              myself. I've been in the adwords game for a while now. I
                              first saw your guide on the Clickbank marketplace back
                              when I was investing in as many resources as possible to                                                            2010-4-5
AdWords Killer: $50 AdWords Coupons & Ad Credits                                                       Page 13 of 20

                                master Google PPC.

                                The "Contouring Technique" is drop dead genius. I've used
                                it to the point where I'm getting 0.04 clicks and $100 a
                                pop on multiple fronts! I can see it taking PPC to a whole
                                new level and lots of people are going to miss this boat.

                                The "super relevance" trick simply blows away all the
                                other guys trying to bid over me in even the most
                                competitive of markets like insurance and loans.

                                Overall, your system has been worth more than 20 times the
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