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                                      The Musical
                                    Music by Richard Burridge
                         Lyrics by Richard Burridge & Tony Jayawardena
                           Based on the book ‘Matilda’ by Roald Dahl

Introduction - Matilda

   On a cold and misty night
   The stars are dull, no moon in sight
   We sit and watch a young girl cry

   I know what troubles you my child,
   But a girl so young should be asleep.
   Wipe away those tears
   Let’s see a smile, Matilda.

   I know your family
   Don’t care a wit for you
   I know the pain you feel
   Night and day
   But that’s about to change
   A magic journey lies ahead
   It’s calling out your name

   You’ve a father who’s a crook
   A mother who just loves her look
   Parents who don’t want you there

   They tell you not to say a word
   ‘Girls should be seen not heard’
   But your time to speak is near,
   You’ll have your say Matilda

   See what’s in sight
   It’s there on the horizon
   Feel what’s inside you.
   The power to change what lies ahead.

   It’s time you had a choice
   It’s time to make them hear your voice
   Matilda take a vow
   To make things right, don’t wait,
   The time is now!

   Your world’s about to change
   Don’t you fear Matilda
   Your moment’s here….

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Matilda is a truly remarkable child. Mistreated and underappreciated at home, she takes
sanctuary in the local Library, where she reads her way through all the children’s books, and
quickly moves on to the adults section,, much to the amazement of Mrs Phelps, the librarian.
Mrs Phelps is the first to notice something unusual about the young Matilda, and helps her to
develop her growing passion for reading and learning…

There’s something special

    Mrs Phelps                                          Matilda

    There’s something special
    About this girl
    Something I’ve never seen
    There’s something magical
    The way she looks
    Way she talks
    How she smiles
    The way Matilda Reads
    The way Matilda Reads

    I’ve never seen
    A girl like this
    Never seen so much so young
    I’ve never known it
    Her Eyes so bright
    Heart so pure
    Soul so strong
    What an extraordinary mind
    What an extraordinary mind

                                                    They say I’m a nuisance
                                                    I’m a scab
                                                    There’s so much I don’t know
                                                    They try to stop me learning
                                                    They laugh and scorn
                                                    Shout and scowl
                                                    Mock and moan
                                                    Because I like to read
                                                    Because I like to read

    Let the words wash over you like music
    Let them transport you
    Into far-off lands
    Where you are in control
                                                    Meet amazing people!
                                                    Living out exciting lives unlike our own
    Make these stories yours
                                                   I’ll make these stories my own

    All doors are open
    The world is yours
    Potential knows no bounds
    Stories hold the answer
    Stories hold the key
    And you can choose how your story sounds

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   You can choose how your story sounds

   I’ll never see                                        I’m not a nuisance
   A girl like you                                       I’m not a scab
   Never see so much so young                            So much I want to know
   These books can give you                              Stories hold the answer
   Everything you need                                   Stories hold the key
   Make these stories yours                              I’ll make these stories my own
   Make these stories yours                              I’ll make these stories my own
   The way Matilda reads
                                                         Paint a picture in my mind
   The way Matilda reads
                                                         Paint a picture in my mind

   You’re something special

Matilda’s father, Mr Wormwood, is a crooked car salesman. He returns from work bragging
about how much money he’s made, and talks to his son about taking over the family business
‘Wormwood Motors’ Matilda is disgusted by her father’s open dishonesty.

Tricks of the trade

   Mr Wormwood
   I’ll let you in on this my son
   I’ll let you have the key
   I play the fine, upstanding business man
   There’s no one plays it better than me.

   I fill ‘em up with sawdust,
   With a quick lick of paint,
   I cover up the rust and watch them
   drive away without a complaint.

   Down at Wormwood Motors,
   We’ll buy anything and sell it on.
   I will show you how.
   Play the nice guy,
   And they’ll never know that it’s a con
   Watch me closely,
   And you will learn the tricks of the trade.
   The tricks of the trade.
                                                 Daddy it’s dishonest
                                                 That you cheat and steal and hide
                                                 Its disgusting how you con them
                                                 How you take those trusting people for a ride

   Who gave you the right to judge
   You slimy little squirt?
   What would you know anyway?
   You’re nothing but a filthy piece of dirt!

   Down at Wormwood Motors,                      How do you live with yourself?
   We’ll buy anything and sell it on.            You con man.

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    I will show you how.                          How do you look them in them in the eye?
    Play the nice guy,                            Why must I be related
    And they’ll never know that it’s a con        to a criminal?
    Watch me closely,                             I watch you closely
    And you will learn the tricks of the trade.   I see the dirty tricks of your trade
    The tricks of the trade.                      I see the dirty tricks of your trade
    Tricks of the trade                           I loathe the filthy tricks of your trade

Matilda eventually persuades her parents to allow her to go to school. In the playground on
her first day, Matilda, and her new friend Lavender are seen as easy targets for the older
children, who taunt the new children with tales of The Trunchball, the school’s evil
Headmistress ,and her various methods of inflicting pain and suffering on the children,
including her very own child torturing device, the ‘Chokey’.

The Chokey

    Kids (2 groups)

    Girls and boys come out to play
    But she’ll be watching you everyday
                                                  Nah Nah Nah Nah Nah
    If you would dare step out of turn
    She’ll light your hair and watch it burn
                                                  Nah Nah Nah Nah Nah

    That’s not the worst she can do,
    Close your eyes, I will tell you-

    There’s a strange place
    Other children don’t believe it’s real
    Such a dark place
    Where no one even hears you squeal

    No room to move around
    More an inch, you’ll feel the pain
    Too scared to make a sound
    If you do, you end the game

    The Chokey, A torture chamber just for you
    The Chokey, You’ll only be a day or two
    The walls are lined with glass
    The door with nails
    Every hour feels like your last
    Will you live to tell the tails
    Of the Chokey

    Don’t get into line too slow
    Or to the Chokey you will go
                                                  Nah Nah Nah Nah Nah
    If you show an ounce of cheek
    She’ll keep you in there for a week
                                                  Ring a ring o’ roses

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                                                 Your body decomposes!

    This can’t be true, what you say,
    No one could be so cruel

    Think what you like, but everyday,
    You’ll live in fear of this school
    Fear of the Chokey

    Don’t believe you innocent look
    Will help to get you off the hook
                         (Hortensia - The Chokey               Nah Nah Nah Nah Nah
                                                               Nah Nah Nah Nah Nah
                        (Hortensia – The Chokey, you can’t be saved)
    Even if you’re well behaved
    From the terror you can’t be saved
                                                               Nah Nah Nah Nah Nah
                                                               Nah Han Nah Nah Nah
                        (Hortensia -You can’t be saved)
                                                               Nah Nah Nah Nah Nah
                                                               Nah Nah Nah Nah Nah
                        (Hortensia -You can’t be saved)
                                                               Nah Nah Nah Nah Nah

                                   YOU CAN’T BE SAVED!

After hearing the terrible stories of what goes on at the school, Matilda and the other new
children arrive at their first lesson somewhat unsure of what to expect. However, not all the
staff take Miss Trunchball’s approach, and Miss Honey, Matilda’s new teacher is an utter
delight in comparison. Miss Honey sets about teaching her new class, who quickly warm to
her gentle manner, and as the lesson continues, the tales of the Trunchball soon fade away..

The First Lesson

    Miss Honey
    Today I’m going to teach you all about the alphabet,
    I promise if you try my way,
    You’ll never forget.

    It’s the most important thing you’ll learn, your ABC,
    Sing it after me,
    And you’ll be teacher’s pet!
    Sing it aloud with me

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    And D and E and F and G                                 And D and E and F and G
    ABC                                                     ABC, ABC
    In beautiful harmony
    Don’t you see, it’s the key
    And soon enough you’ll agree

    ABCDEFG, HIJKLMNOP                                      ABCDEFG, HIJKLMNOP
    QRSTU and V, WXYZ                                       QRSTU and V, WXYZ

    Let’s move on to something harder class                 ABCDEFG, HIJKLMNOP
    Now let me see
    Let’s learn to spell a word, like ‘Difficulty’          QRSTU and V, WXYZ

    Mrs D, Mrs I, Mrs F F I
    Mrs C, Mrs U, Mrs L T Y

    Mrs D, Mrs I, Mrs F F I                          Mrs D, Mrs I, Mrs F F I
    Mrs C, Mrs U, Mrs L T                            Mrs C, Mrs U, Mrs L T Y
    Why do such simple things please me?             Mrs D, Mrs I, Mrs F F I
    To watch them grow up, to watch them learn from me. Mrs C, Mrs U, Mrs L T Y *2

    MH: Now then, do any of you happen to have learnt the 2 times table already?
    Matilda’s hand goes up
    MH: Please stand up and recite as much of it as you can!
    Matilda: twice 2 is 4, twice 3 is 6, twice 4 is 8, twice 5 is 10, twice 6 is 12 twice 7 is 14,
    twice 8 is 16 twice 9 is 18 twice 10 is twenty, twice 11 is 22 twice 12 is…
    MH: Stop! How far can you go?
    Matilda: How far? I don’t really know, for quite a long way I think.
    MH: What about something much harder, like 2 times 487? Could you tell me that?
    Matilda: 974
    MH: That’s really splendid! What about the other multiplication tables? Do you know
    Matilda: I think so, yes Miss Honey.
    MH: For instance, if I asked you to multiply 14 by 19….No that’s too difficult…”
    Matilda: It’s 296
    (Miss Honey takes pencil and works out)
    MH: What did you say it was?

Miss Honey continues to quiz Matilda. She discovers that not only does she know all her
tables, but she can also read words way beyond her years. In fact, she had read books which
Miss Honey never imagined any child would read, let alone a 5 year old. Miss Honey quickly
realises that Matilda has a remarkable brain, and needs to be moved up to the top class to
come even close to challenging her. She rushes to see Miss Trunchball, of whom she is just as
scared as her pupils, and tries to tell her about Matilda’s remarkable arithmetic and spelling.
Miss Trunchball is not impressed, since she has been forewarned by Mr Wormwood that
Matilda is likely to cause trouble. Miss Trunchball is the type of Head teacher who would be
happiest if the school had no children in it at all.


                                                            Miss Honey

                                                            Can I talk to you Miss Trunchball
                                                            I need a word, if you don’t mind
    Well I do mind

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                                                           I’ve a girl in my class
                                                           She’s called Matilda,
                                                           She’s a genius
   (A genius, Miss Honey? You listen to me!)
   If there’s one thing all my years have taught me
   It’s that you’re a fool!
   What’s this piffle you’re rambling about?
   There’s no genius in my school
                                                           No Miss Trunchball you’re wrong
                                                           You should see this girl
                                                           She’s clever beyond believe
   Don’t answer back
                                                           I’m sorry Head Mistress
                                                           but I truly believe
                                                           That this time you’re way off track

   (Way off track am I Miss Honey? We’ll see about that. I’ve met this Matilda girl’s father,
   fine gentleman, Mr Wormwood, pillar of our society. Sold me a car, almost new, only
   done ten thousand miles! He told me his daughter was a bad lot. He said to watch her. I
   haven’t met the little brat yet, but she’ll know about it when I do. Her Father said she’s a
   real wart.

   When will you learn that kids are all the same, all out to get you….)

   Kids, they clutter up everything
   Leaving a trail of destruction wherever they go
   You may think it cute how they dance and sing
   Waving their arms to and fro

   Filthy Kids, if only you knew what I knew
   If you saw what I saw, you’d believe what I say
   How they scheme and they plot, all they say is untrue
   They make my life hell everyday

   But I dream, of a school with no children
   The classrooms are empty
   The corridors shine
   And I’m free, to sit alone at my desk
   No one to disturb me
   Wouldn’t that be divine?

   But no there’s kids, they seem to get everywhere
   Climbing the walls of my patience, it’s wearing so thin
   They just appear out of thin air
   And it really gets under my skin

   So many kids, wherever I turn they look up at me
   All snotty noses and pig tails its makes me feel sick
   No escape, no way out, can’t you see?
   I have to get out of here quick!

   How I dream of a school with no children
   The classrooms are empty
   The air’s not so foul

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    Oh such bliss, no one to put in detention
    No one left to defy me
    I’ve at last lost my scowl

    And I dream of many ways to destroy them
    Pull out their pigtails, and throw them away
    Oh the day, When I spell out their ending,
    And mark their destruction,
    When they fail the great test
    I will vanish those pests,
    How I dream
    Of the day
    I’ve a school with no Kids!

Miss Trunchball calls an assembly, where she has a cruel trick in mind for one Bruce
Bogtrotter, who foolishly thought it a good idea to steal some of the Trunchball’s special cake.
She plans to make him eat a whole cake in front of the whole school and has had the school
chef bake a huge cake for the task. The assembled children watch aghast as the young boy
takes on the challenge….

Eat my Boy


    Take a seat my dear
    Look what chef has brought you, what a treat, my dear
    You’ll find its so delicious and so sweet, my dear
    I think you should get started straight away!

    You’ll eat without a break
    Greedy thieves like you, they must have cake
    Don’t stop before it’s finished, Oh for goodness sake
    Please get on, we haven’t got all day!

    Eat my boy
    This should be quite a sight
    Slice after Slice
    I’ll be savouring every bite
    Eat it up!
    Don’t hold back!
    Come on!
    Scoff it down!
    Don’t stop!
    That’s right!

    Eat faster, eat faster !             Kids in assembly
                                         (Kid 1) I think he’s going to make it
    Eat faster, eat faster!              (Kid 2) I don’t think so
                                         (Kid 3 Shouts) ”Come on Brucie you can do it!
    Silence!                             (Kid 4 overlaps) Just another slice or two
                                         (Kids) He’ll be sick before he’s half way through!

                                         All kids
                                         Come on Brucie

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                                          You can have your cake and eat it
                                          It’s our victory
                                          The Trunchball is defeated
                                          If you succeed
                                          You’ll show that we can beat her at her game

                                          Come on Brucie!
                                          Don’t stop you’ve almost finished
                                          Eat up Brucie
                                          Her power will be diminished
    Bruce                                 That’s it Brucie
    It’s gone without a trace
    That put you in your place
    Stuff your face!                      Stuff your Face!

After school Miss Honey, determined to find someone who will listen to her about Matilda,
visits the Wormwoods at their home. She is not well received, and ends up in confrontation
with Mrs Wormwood.

You chose Books, I chose Looks

    Mrs Wormwood

    A girl don’t get a man by being brainy
    With looks like yours you won’t get much at all
    I’m sitting pretty in a nice big house
    With a shining car and a gorgeous spouse
    He keeps the money rolling in
    I’m laughing all the way to the bank

    Let’s look at you, what have we got?
    By the looks of things, I’d say not a lot
    Who cares if you’re a clever dick
    That blouse you’re wearing makes me sick
    If that’s what comes of learning
    Then thank god my only text book was a mirror!

    Take a look let’s see who’s better off
    It’s me of course (though I hate to scoff)
    Just look at you, then look at me,
    You chose books and I chose looks!
                                                 Miss Honey

    Oh sweetheart, where do you get your nails done?
                                                I hardly think that relevant at all
    You really need some make up tips
                                                But I don’t want magenta lips!
    Don’t knock it ‘til you’ve tried it
    I would bet that you don’t get a lot of…
                                                What I get and when I get is private
                                                It’s absolutely no concern of yours
                                                You seem so happy in your ignorance
                                                I’ve never seen such arrogance
                                                But I would rather read a book
                                                Than use it to prop up my make up table

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                                                   I think stupidity is sad
                                                   Though you think education’s bad
                                                   But on the whole I’m very glad
                                                   That you chose looks and I chose books!

Back at school, and Miss Honey is preparing the class for the weekly lesson with Miss
Trunchball. She gives Lavender the responsibility of collecting a jug of water for Miss
Trunchball. Lavender is not one of the brightest in her class, but she wants so much to be
noticed that she plans a dangerous trick to play on Miss Trunchball…

Will I ever save the day?

    I sit in my class
    I’m really nothing special
    A hand goes up
    It’s hardly ever mine
    I try so hard
    But I always seem to fall behind, I’m just stupid!
    To that fact, I am resigned
    I wonder…

    Will I ever be the heroine?
    Will I ever save the day?
    If I did something to show them,
    Maybe then things would go my way,

    But what?
    It’s not like I’m a genius
    Far from it,
    Other kids, they point and laugh
    But I’ll show my worth a different way
    I’ll play a trick on the Trunchball, like there’s never been
    Those who laughed will look up to me,
    What will they see?
    That there’s so much more to me,
    More than meets the eye.

    Today I will be the Heroine
    It’s my turn to seize the day
    As for the other kids, well I’ll show them
    That I too can play at that game
    Things’ll go my way.

Miss Trunchball arrives to take Miss Honey’s class. Things don’t go well, and after an angry
argument with Miss Trunchball, Matilda discovers she has a special power, the power to
move things with her eyes. She wills a glass of water on Trunchball’s desk (containing a
newt!) to tip and spill over. Miss Trunchball is furious, and Matilda is worried that she may
be expelled. She rushes to Miss Honey after class to attempt to explain what happened…


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  Matilda                              Miss Honey

  Can I talk to you Miss Honey?
  I need a word
  If you don’t mind
                                       No of course dear
  Will I be expelled,
  After what happened?
  I don’t want to leave
                                       No of course dear
  There is something I must tell you
  About today
  If it’s alright?
                                       Yes go on dear!
  I was not completely blameless
  In the incident
  The Trunchball’s fright
                                       You weren’t dear?

  Did you see it move?
  Did you see it fall?
  How could that be?
  Did you see it tip?
  Did you see it spill?
  That was me!
  A miracle
  And did you see…?
  The power disguised
  Within my eyes
  Set me free

  It’s a miracle
  It’s a miracle

                                       This story that you tell me
                                       It can’t be true
                                       You know that?
  Yes but Miss Honey…
                                       Why Make up such a tale,
                                       Did you think I’d be impressed?
                                       Matilda, you disappoint me.
  I swear to you Miss Honey
  I speak the truth
                                       Then show me, and try to explain
  I’ll prove it to you
  Let me try again

                                       Go on, give it a try
                                       Go ahead and tip it over.
                                       Take your time, I’m in no hurry
                                       To see this Miracle,
                                       Show me this miracle.

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Miss Honey, unconvinced, allows Matilda to try again to tip the glass. To her astonishment it
works and once again the glass tips over..
  Did you see it move?                         Did you see it move?
  Did you see it fall?                         Did you see it fall?
  How could that be?
  Did you see it tip?                          Did you see it tip?
  Did you see it spill?                        Did you see it spill?
  That was me!
                                               A miracle
  And did you see…?
  The power disguised                          The power disguised
  Within my eyes                               Within your eyes
  Set me free                                  Set you free

   It’s a miracle                               It’s a miracle
   It’s a miracle                               It’s a miracle

Miss Honey, normally a very private person, invites Matilda home to her tiny cottage, where
she lives just above the poverty line. Miss Honey has never told anyone about her past life,
but for some reason which she cant quite understand, she begins to talk to the young Matilda
about her father’s disappearance and her wicked aunt who treated her utter contempt….

Who would be there?

    Miss Honey

    In the days when my heart was low
    In what used to be a happy place
    One thing kept me from letting go
    The memory of his face

    I always imagined
    He’d come walking through that door
    I always imagined
    He’d be there

    My father’s smile beaming
    Lives forever in my mind
    A vision of hope
    In pure despair

    Then my world turned to darkness
    Who would be there?

    It’s hard to dream with tears in your eyes
    Days spent slaving away from the sun
    But with hope came the ultimate prize
    The prize that someday someone would come

    To save me, to love me
    Just to hold my hand at night
    To make me believe that

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    Someone cared
    But it never happened
    Though I wished with all my might
    She kept me secluded
    And my heart begged the question
    Who would be there?

    In a world full of nothing
    All I could do was hide away

    I became a slave to that monster
    She ordered me so
    I obeyed

    My Father’s smile beaming
    Lives forever in my mind
    A vision of hope
    In pure despair

    Still my heart begs the question
    Who will be there?

Realising that the wicked aunt is Miss Trunchball, and that she is responsible both for the
death of Miss Honey’s father and the theft of her house and inheritance, Matilda resolves to
put things right, and sets about exploring and honing her new found skills. She carefully
hatches a plan to teach Miss Trunchball a lesson, and in doing so, give back to Miss Honey
what is rightfully hers. The plan is flawless, and the Trunchball has the fright of her life.

Miracle (Reprise) – My father’s girl again

    Matilda                                       Miss Honey
                                                  It’s a miracle
    Did you see the look on her face?
    What a sight!
                                                  A sight to behold
                                                  Never thought this could be
    The power disguised within my eyes
    Has set you free
                                                  It’s a miracle

Miss Trunchball, truly shaken up, runs away, leaving the house empty for Miss Honey.
Realising that she’s gone for good, the Deputy head takes over the school and Matilda is
moved up to the top class where she belongs. Miss Honey is delighted to be back in her real
home again

    Miss Honey

    How can I thank you for what you’ve done for me
    The song of my life, has a brighter melody
    I’m back in this house, I’m my father’s girl again
    Who would believe it
    Matilda, Is this really true?

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   Matilda, I owe it all to you

A new start

   Miss Honey
   It’s a new start, let’s begin to turn the tables
   We’ll make things go our way
   Take a look at what’s around you
   I think you’ll find
   Things are looking up

   It’s a new beginning, we can all relax
   No more hiding from that battle axe
   For once the odds are in our favour
   She’s gone
   And she won’t come back

   Kid 1
   She can’t pull my hair anymore
   Kid 2
   She can’t throw me out of the door
   Everyone say Hallelujah
   She won’t call me fat anymore
   Quick where’s that cake I adore!
   Forget the prayers, let’s hear you cheer
   She’s gone for good
   It’s a brand new start!

   All (2 groups)
   Stand up start singing Oh happy day!               Oh Happy day
   We’re free at last we can have our say             We can have our say
   No one’s going in the Chokey today
   You can be sure of that.

   No more always feeling ill at ease
   Miss Honey/Matida
   Just think of all the possibilities
   Kid 3
   I could come to school in dungarees
   What do you think about that!

   Group 1
   We’ll say what we wanted to say
   Group 2
   We’ll play how we wanted to play
   Now the Trunchball’s gone for ever
   Group 2

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    School’s looking brighter today
    Everyone stand up and say
    Happiness is here now that she’s
    Gone for good
    It’s a brand new start
         It’s a brand new start
                  It’s a brand new start
                           It’s a brand new a BRAND NEW START!

For the first time in her life Matilda is happy, and spends lots of time with Miss Honey at her
new home. Her powers gone, she returns to her first passion, reading. But she can’t help but
wish that she and her family had a better relationship, and she longs to be loved by her
parents the way she knows Miss Honey loves her.

What do I miss?

    I’ve a problem I can’t solve
    My books can’t help me
    I’ve tried, but things just won’t add up
    Even though the tides are turning
    I’m, still left yearning
    I can’t work out what’s wrong with me tonight

    What do I miss?
    Something that I’ve longed for?
    But, until this moment
    Not clearly realised
    What do I miss?
    In the book of life did I miss this page
    Will I know it when, I come of age
    When I grow up will things seem less amiss

    When I dream I see my family
    They’re loving, and caring, so proud of me
    We sit and read a book together
    Then I wake
    And I’m back on my own
    The book unread
    The love unknown
    Now I realise
    I guess it’s no surprise
    What I miss is love like that, tonight.

    All that I ask
    Is for parents who don’t loathe me
    But love me and hold me

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    And make me feel like I’m their special/little girl
    A ray of light, not a shadow
    Not, just some nuisance
    To be endured, is that so much to ask?
    Matilda                       Miss Honey                        Narrator
    In the end
    What’s the use in dreaming?                                     Listen to me Matilda
    When, Every morning                                             Don’t stop, Dreaming
    It’s just back the way it was                                   It’s all you’ve got, cling on
    So why pretend                                                  It’s not the end, soon you’ll
    No story told when I go to I’d tell you stories when            see, not the end
    sleep                         you go to sleep
    No hand to hold when I cry I’d hold your hand when
    or weep                       you cry or weep
    I hope things will be         I hope things will be             Things will be different in
    different in the end          different in the end              the end

Returning from Miss Honey’s house one day, Matilda finds the Wormwoods packing. Mr
Wormwood has been found out and is being pursued by the police and he plans to run away
with his family to Spain. Devastated, Matilda returns to Miss Honey and tells her what has
happened. Miss Honey, upset, tries to explain that nothing can be done, but Matilda is not
willing to give up so easily.

It would be Heaven

     Miss Honey                                Matilda

     I won’t lie to you Matilda
     It doesn’t look, like things,
     Are going our way today

     When you woke this morning,
     Who would have thought?
     Who could have known?
                                               I don’t want to go
     I’m afraid you must,
                                               But please, let me live here with you?
     I only wish you could stay my dear
     But no, it’s impossible.

                                               Please, Miss Honey
     Oh won’t you listen to me child
                                               Say that it’ll be OK?
     It’s not so easy as it seems
                                               I won’t go, they can’t make me
     You’d be surprised what they can do
                                               If they agreed that I could stay
                                               What then, Miss Honey would you say?
                                               What then?

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     It would be heaven!

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With Miss Honey in tow, Matilda returns to the frantic Wormwoods, and pleads with them to
let her stay. They don’t take much persuading, and before they know it, the Wormwoods are
gone and Matilda is left, happy at last, with Miss Honey.

     My father’s smile beaming
     Lives for ever in my mind
     A vision of hope in pure despair
     Here’s to you Matilda,
     You will be there.

Bows (reprise- A New Start)

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