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    Title              Author                  Notes/Reviews
1   An abundance of    Green, John             Having been recently dumped for the nineteenth time by a girl named Katherine, recent
    Katherines                                 high school graduate and former child prodigy Colin sets off on a road trip with his best
                                               friend to try to find some new direction in life while also trying to create a mathematical
                                               formula to explain his relationships.
                                               ISBN-13: 978-0-525-47688-7
                                               ISBN-10: 0-525-47688-1
2   An Iliad           Barrico, Alessesandro   Translation of: Omero, Iliade. A re-creation of the siege of Troy that is told through the
                                               voices of twenty-one Homeric characters.
                                               ISBN-13: 978-0-307-26355-1
                                               ISBN-10: 0-307-26355-X

3   Berserk            Kennen, Ally            You'd have to be crazy to make friends with a murderer. What happens when there's no-
                                               one around to tell you when to stop? A spine-tingling novel about a boy who breaks the
                                               rules from the author of BEAST. When 15-year-old Chas finds a website asking people
                                               to write to prisoners on Death Row, he decides it would be funny to get letters from a
                                               murderer. He writes to an inmate, pretending to be his mum, but the chilling replies are
                                               not at all what he expects. Chas's own wild escapades eventually land him in a young
                                               offenders' institute, where he learns that his scary penpal has been released. He's
                                               heading for England to track down Chas's mum...
                                               ISBN-10: 0439943728
                                               ISBN-13: 978-0439943727

4   Black swan green   Mitchell , David        Thirteen-year-old Jason Taylor comes of age in 1982 in what is for him the sleepiest
                                               village in Worcestershire, experiencing first cigarettes, first kisses, and first deaths.
                                               ISBN-13: 978-0-8129-7401-0
                                               ISBN-10: 0-8129-7401-8

5   Bliss              Livaneli, Zulfu         Translated from the original Turkish. Fifteen-year-old Meryem refuses to hang herself
                                               after being raped by her uncle, and is sent to Istanbul with her cousin Cemal, an army
                                               commando, who has been charged with killing Meryem to save the family honor, but the
                                               young people are shocked by the liberal atmosphere of the city, and their lives are
                                               changed forever when they are offered jobs aboard the boat of a wealthy professor
                                               preparing to sail the Aegean Sea.
                                               ISBN-13: 978-0-312-36053-5
                                               ISBN-10: 0-312-36053-3
6    Braid (The)        Frost, Helen       Two Scottish sisters, living on the western island of Barra in the 1850s, relate, in
                                           alternate voices and linked narrative poems, their experiences after their family is
                                           forcibly evicted and separated with one sister accompanying their parents and younger
                                           siblings to Cape Breton, Canada, and the other staying behind with other family on the
                                           small island of Mingulay.
                                           ISBN-13: 978-0-374-30962-6
                                           ISBN-10: 0-374-30962-0
7    Devilish           Johnson, Maureen   Jane Jarvis, a senior at a Catholic girl's school in Providence, Rhode Island, tries to save
                                           her best friend by making a pact with a demon.
                                           ISBN-13: 978-1-59514-060-9
                                           ISBN-10: 1-59514-060-3

8    Doppelganger       Parker, Michael    When Andrew first began moving between his world and the other Sydney, he thought
                                           he was going mad. He had glimpses of a dark, destroyed world, where teenagers
                                           roamed the streets in the centre of the city and fought pitched battles for supremacy.
                                           Soon he discovers that the reality is much worse - Josh's world and the parallel world
                                           have become dangerously close thanks to a new drug, Metsin, developed in the
                                           alternate Sydney. So close that kids who die in one world will also die in the other.
                                           ISBN: 0143004689 (pbk.)
                                           ISBN: 9780143004684 (pbk.)

9    Endgame            Garden, Nancy      Fifteen-year-old Gray Wilton, bullied at school and ridiculed by an unfeeling father for
                                           preferring drums to hunting, goes on a shooting rampage at his high school.
                                           ISBN-13: 978-0-15-205416-8
                                           ISBN-10: 0-15-205416-2

10   Fifth vial (The)   Palmer, Michael    The lives of a medical student who lost a lung while undergoing treatment at a Brazilian
                                           hospital, a private eye investigating the death of a man who seems to have been an
                                           involuntary bone marrow donor, and a scientist suffering from an incurable disease are
                                           linked by their unknown ties to an illegal transplant organ trade.
                                           ISBN-13: 978-0-312-34351-4
                                           ISBN-10: 0-312-34351-5
11   Firestorm                 Klass, David      After learning that he has been sent from the future for a special purpose, eighteen-year-
                                                 old Jack receives help from an unusual dog and a shape-shifting female fighter.
                                                 ISBN-13: 978-0-374-32307-3
                                                 ISBN-10: 0-374-32307-0

12   Glasshouse (The)          Stross, Charles   Robin, stripped of most of his memories and painfully aware that someone is trying to kill
                                                 him because of what he once knew, decides to hide out in the Glasshouse, an
                                                 experimental polity designed to simulate a pre-accelerated culture, and soon finds
                                                 himself at the mercy of his twenty-seventh-century experimenters with no escape in
                                                 ISBN-13: 978-0-441-01403-3
                                                 ISBN-10: 0-441-01403-8
13   God of animals (The)      Kyle, Aryn        Sixth-grader Alice Winston is left to help support the family business by boarding the
                                                 horses of their rich neighbors when her older sister runs away and her parents are no
                                                 longer able to provide for the family.
                                                 ISBN-13: 978-1-41653-324-5
                                                 ISBN-10: 1-4165
14   Inheritance of loss (The) Desai, Kiran      While exploring the facets of romance with her Napali tutor, the Indian-Nepali insurgency
                                                 reaches a frenzy, forcing Sai to revist her past and reconnect with her eccentric
                                                 ISBN-13: 978-0-87113-929-0
                                                 ISBN-10: 0-87113-929-4

15   Kiffe kiffe tomorrow      Guene, Faiza      Translation of: Kiffe kiffe demain.;"A Harvest Original". After her father's abandonment,
                                                 Doria struggles to make a new life for herself and her mother in the projects of Paris.
                                                 ISBN-13: 978-0-15-603048-9
                                                 ISBN-10: 0-15-603048-9

16   Over a thousand hills I   Jansen, Hanna     Translation of: Uber tausend Hugel wandere ich mit dir. Jeanne, the only member of her
     walk with you                               family not murdered in the Rwandan genocide, struggles to start a new life without her
                                                 family while coping with the violent memories that haunt her.
                                                 ISBN-13: 978-1-575
17   Pox party / taken from     Anderson, M.T.       Various diaries, letters, and other manuscripts chronicle the experiences of Octavian, a
     accounts by his own                             young African American, from birth to age sixteen, as he is brought up as part of a
     hand and other sundry                           science experiment in the years leading up to and during the Revolutionary War.
     sources ; collected by Mr.                      ISBN-13: 978-0-7636-2402-6
     M.T. Anderson of Boston.                        ISBN-10: 0-7636-2402-0
     Volume One of The
     astonishing life of
     Octavian Nothing.

18   Rules of survival (The)   Werlin, Nancy         Seventeen-year-old Matthew recounts his attempts, starting at a young age, to free
                                                     himself and his sisters from the grip of their emotionally and physically abusive mother.
                                                     ISBN-13: 978-0-8037-3001-4
                                                     ISBN-10: 0-8037-3001-2

19   Saint Iggy                Going, K.L.           Iggy Corso, who lives in city public housing, is caught physically and spiritually between
                                                     good and bad when he is kicked out of high school, goes searching for his missing
                                                     mother, and causes his friend to get involved with the same dangerous drug dealer who
                                                     deals to his parents.
                                                     ISBN-13: 978-0-15-205795-4
                                                     ISBN-10: 0-15-205795-1
20   Sold                      McCormick, Patricia   A novel in vignettes, in which Lakshmi, a thirteen-year-old girl from Nepal, is sold into
                                                     prostitution in India.
                                                     ISBN-13: 978-0-7868-5171-3
                                                     ISBN-10: 0-7868-5171-6

21   Stolen child: a novel     Donohue, Keith        Henry Day, a boy stolen by changelings at the age of seven, and the look-alike
     (The)                                           hobgoblin sent to replace him, both grow up feeling out of place in their respective
                                                     worlds--and their search for answers about their pasts puts them on a collision course
                                                     decades later. Inspired by the Yeats poem of the same title.
                                                     ISBN-13: 978-0-385-51616-7
                                                     ISBN-10: 0-385-51616-9
22   Suite française          Nemirovsky, Irene       By the early l940s, when Ukrainian-born Irène Némirovsky began working on what would
                                                      become Suite Française—the first two parts of a planned five-part novel—she was
                                                      already a highly successful writer living in Paris. But she was also a Jew, and in 1942
                                                      she was arrested and deported to Auschwitz: a month later she was dead at the age of
                                                      thirty-nine. Two years earlier, living in a small village in central France—where she, her
                                                      husband, and their two small daughters had fled in a vain attempt to elude the
                                                      Nazis—she’d begun her novel, a luminous portrayal of a human drama in which she
                                                      herself would become a victim.
                                                      ISBN-13: 978-1-40009-627-5
                                                      ISBN-10: 1-40009-627-8

23   Swarm : a novel of the   Schatzing, Frank        Notes: Translation from the German. A mysterious force called the Yrr takes form in
     deep (The)                                       marine animals and takes revenge upon the human race for its ecological abuses.
                                                      ISBN-13: 978-0-06-081326-0
                                                      ISBN-10: 0-06-081326-1

24   Swift pure cry (A)       Dowd, Siobhan           Coolbar, Ireland, is a village of secrets and Shell, caretaker to her younger brother and
                                                      sister after the death of their mother and with the absence of their father, is not about to
                                                      reveal hers until suspicion falls on the wrong person.
                                                      ISBN-13: 978-0-385-75109-4
                                                      ISBN-10: 0-385-75109-5
25   Three evangelists        Vargas, Fred and Sian   (Debout les morts) Sophia Simeonidis, a Greek opera singer, wakes up one morning to
     (The)                    Reynolds                discover that a tree has appeared overnight in the garden of her Paris house. She asks
                                                      her new neighbours to dig around the tree to find out if something has been buried. Her
                                                      neighbours are eccentric: Vandoosler, an ex-cop fired from the police for having helped
                                                      a murderer to escape, and sharing the house are three impecunious historians: Mathias,
                                                      Marc and Lucien – the three evangelists, as Vandoosler calls them. They accept the job
                                                      because they are desperate for money and rather curious. When they find nothing and
                                                      Sophia’s dead body turns up weeks later, they decide to investigate.
                                                      ISBN-10: 0099469553
                                                      ISBN-13: 978-0099469551
Under Construction
Title                              Author            Librarian reviewing   Recommended?
                                                     the book
A Respectable Girl                 Beale, Fleur      Jennifer Schumacher   Yes

After the Death of Alice Bennett   Moloney, Roland Jennifer Schumacher     Yes

Aim high                           Hill, David       Anna Fernicola        Yes

Alphabet of Dreams                 Fletcher, Susan   Sandra Descoteaux TIS Yes

Ask Me No Questions                Budhos, Marina    Sandra Descoteaux TIS Yes

Berserk                            Kennen, Ally      Richie Stevens        Don't Know Yet

Breathe                            McNish, Cliff   Richie Stevens        Yes
Chasing the Jaguar                 Dominguez       Sandra Descoteaux TIS Yes
                                   Greene, Michele
Dark As                          Pausewang,        Richie Stevens        Maybe
                                 Gudrun (GER)
Darkside                         Becker, Tom       Richie Stevens        Yes
Domenic’s War: A Story of the    Curtis, Parkinson Richie Stevens        Yes
Battle of Monte Casino           (CAN)

Don’t Call Me Ishamael           Gerard Bauer,    Richie Stevens         Yes
                                 Michael (AUS)
Don’t Tell                       Glover,          Richie Stevens         Yes
                                 Sandra (UK)
Endymion Spring                  Skelton, Matthew Anna Fernicola         Yes

Eva Underground                  Mackall, Dandi     Sandra Descoteaux TIS Yes

Finding the Fox (The Shapeshifter Sparkes, by Ali   Roseanne Hoger       Yes
series, #1)
Finding the Fox (The Shapeshifter Sparkes, Ali.      Roseanne Hoger       Yes
series, #1),

H.I.V.E                           Walden, Mark       Sandra Descoteaux TIS Yes

Half moon investigation           Colfer, Eoin       Anne-Marie Thinnes

Half-Moon Investigations          Colfer, Eoin       Richie Stevens – also Yes
                                  (IRL)              nominated by Seisen
Keturah and Lord Death            Leavitt, Martine   Sandra Descoteaux TIS Yes

Kiffe kiffe tomorrow              Guene, Faiza       Anne Marie Thinnes   Yes but should
                                                                          this be on the
                                                                          MS or the HS

London calling                     Bloor, Edward     Marty Swist          Yes

Meltdown                          McNabb, Andy       Richie Stevens       Don't Know Yet
Millie and the Night Heron   Bateson,        Richie Stevens    Don't Know Yet
                             Catherine (AUS)

Penny from heaven            Holm, Jennifer   Anna Fernicola   Yes

Poison ivy                   Koss, Amy        Marty Swist      Yes

Rules                        Lord, Cynthia    Lois Seeley      Yes

Samurai shortstop            Gratz, Alan      Marty Swist      Yes

Something Fishy              Parkinson,       Richie Stevens   Maybe
                             Siobhán (IRL)
Sure Fire                         Higgins, Jack    Richie Stevens       Yes

The Black Book of Secrets         Higgins, F E     Richie Stevens       Yes

The Goat Who Sailed Around the French, Jackie Richie Stevens        Yes
World                          (AUS)
The Loud Silence of Francine   Cushman, Karen Sandra Descoteaux TIS Yes

The Mysterious Benedict Society   Stewart, Trent   Lois Seeley          Yes

The prophecy                      Bell, Hilari     Marty Swist          Yes

The pull of the ocean             Mourlevat, Jean- Anne-Marie Thinnes   Yes
The Ranger’s Apprentice    Flanagan, John    Richie Stevens       Maybe

The Skunk Code             Smith, David      Richie Stevens       Yes
The Tenderness of Wolves   Penney, Stef      Richie Stevens       Don't Know Yet
The White Giraffe          St John, Lauren   Richie Stevens       Yes

Under the Baseball Moon    Ritter, John      Sandra Descoteaux TIS Yes

Wheels                     Stevens,       Richie Stevens          Yes
                           Delwynne (AUS)

Random House New Zealand, 2006. ISBN 1-86941-764-X pb, It is 1859 in the raw new township of New
Plymouth, where 15-year-old Hannah Carstairs walks between two worlds with an English father and
twin bother and a Maori step-mother and step-brother. Soon Hannah finds both worlds changing when
disturbing hints about her dead mother’s past surface, and then the tensions between Maori and the
settlers boils over. With her family divided and war threatening, Hannah and her twin brother flee to
England to discover the truth about their parentage.

London: Oxford, 2007. ISBN 9780192754721 Before mum died, she told Sam that she would always be
with him. On the day of mum's cremation, his sister Becky receives a text from a friend: 'Thinking about
you. X' Sam becomes convinced that the text is from their mother. Sam thinks he's in contact with mum
and forms a plan. How will Sam cope when confronted with the truth?

Neale's port is archery and he faces a challenge between bow and arrows and a rifle when Kane, a boy
he doesn’t like, dares him to go out to the bush for a shoot-out. But a sudden terrifying event cuts the
two boys off from help and they must put aside their differences and work together to survive.
(Mallinson Rendel, 2006) Recommended

Grade 7 and up. Mitra and her younger brother, Babak, are refugees in ancient Persia, living in a
labyrinth of caves, scraping by with the food they can steal in the nearby marketplace. Disguised as a
boy for safety and mobility, Mitra dreams of returning to her former life of opulence before her father's
plot against a despotic king scattered the family. When it is discovered that Babak possesses the ability
of prophetic dreaming, he comes to the attention of a local magus, Melchior, who takes the children
under his protection as he travels westward, following signs in the stars. Joined by two more scholars,
each with his own gifts, the caravan continues on a harrowing journey that leads them into the Roman
territories, and eventually to the tiny village of Bethlehem.

As part of a U.S. government crackdown on illegal immigration after 9/11, Muslim men were required to
register with the government and many were arrested because their visas had long-since expired.
Families who had lived and worked in this country were suddenly and forcibly reminded of their illegal

Grade 7-10. Martika begins having strange dreams about jungles and jaguars just before her
quinceanera. Her mother brings her to Tia Tellin--the neighborhood bruja, or witch, to help sort out what
she sees. Martika is astonished to learn that Tia Tellin is her great aunt and that they are both
descended from a long line of Mayan healers, whose powers include psychic divination. When the
daughter of her mother's client is kidnapped, Martika's visions help guide the search for the missing girl.
One of our staff members just finished reading Endymion Spring by Matthew Skelton (Delacorte, 2006).
She found it a good read and recommends it for middle school students.Summary: Having reluctantly
accompanied his academic mother and pesky younger sister to Oxford, twelve-year-old Blake Winters
is at loose ends until he stumbles across an ancient and magical book, secretly brought to England in
1453 by Gutenberg's mute apprentice to save it from evil forces, and which now draws Blake into a
dangerous and life-threatening quest.

(Grade 7 and up) Place Eva Lott, high school senior from Chicago, behind the Iron Curtain in pre-
Solidarity Poland circa 1978 with cute and brooding political activist Tomek and you have a combination
of romance and socially conscious historical fiction. Following her mother's death, the teen's English
professor father uproots her in order to participate in the underground movement. The border crossing
is terrifying, the weather icy, and food and supplies are virtually nonexistent. She plots to sneak away to
the airport and desperately longs for the friends and comforts of home. In time, she begins to
understand the oppression that the Polish underground is fighting and the hope of freedom that they
hold dear. Her father teaches the novice journalists who anticipate the arrival of the forbidden printing
press that will enable them to disseminate the truth, if they can get it past a ruthless militia. Eva's trip to
Tomek's home to harvest the family's plums before a devastating ice storm and her later dangerous
journey to transport the illegal printing press create the expected transformation from spoiled American
teen to enlightened supporter of the cause.

Series title - may also be on Chapter Book List The story is about an ordinary schoolboy, who one day
does something extraordinary – he changes into a fox! Suddenly his life is turned upside down as he is
whisked away to a secret government school where he can develop and learn to control this power. He
is amazed to find himself amongst kids with all sorts of talents, from the ability to levitate to the ability to
move things using only the mind. However, after a number of strange events, he begins to wonder who
exactly is behind the school, and what they want from the pupils there. This book is fast-paced and
action packed… I can’t wait to begin the next book in the series! (2006). English author. The book is
recommended for boys and girls 10+ - I enjoyed it too!
English author. The book is recommended for boys and girls 10+ - I enjoyed it too!The story is about an
ordinary schoolboy, who one day does something extraordinary – he changes into a fox! Suddenly his
life is turned upside down as he is whisked away to a secret government school where he can develop
and learn to control this power. He is amazed to find himself amongst kids with all sorts of talents, from
the ability to levitate to the ability to move things using only the mind. However, after a number of
strange events, he begins to wonder who exactly is behind the school, and what they want from the
pupils there. This book is fast-paced and action packed… I can’t wait to begin the next book in the

Thirteen-year-old Otto and three of his new friends are kidnapped and taken to H.I.V.E., a super
academy for world domination where the particular talents encouraged are craftiness and daring.
Students come from all over the world, speak varying degrees of English, and are often the offspring of
H.I.V.E. graduates. Otto, however, is an orphan. He has real brilliance and a photographic mind. Both
qualities made him relatively independent before he was kidnapped, and they now provide somewhat of
a challenge to his would-be keepers at H.I.V.E. Otto spearheads the group's effort to escape and return
home, an escape that is foiled in the course of an evening that involves H.I.V.E.'s electronic overseer,
an out-of-control flesh-eating plant, and other technothrills. H.I.V.E. comes across as the shadow side of
Hogwarts, but Otto and his pals aren't so much bad wizards as they are bright kids realizing they may be
out of their depth.

Twelve-year-old Fletcher Moon, the youngest qualified private detective in the world, receives a diploma
and gold-plated detective's shield after completing an Internet course, and sets out to solve petty crimes
at school, but he forced to go on the run when, while investigating the town's biggest crime family, his
badge is stolen and he is framed for several crimes he did not commit.
I am not finished yet but I bet this is a good detective story for our middle schoolers!

Grade 7 and up. Lost and hungry after following a stately hart through the forest, Keturah encounters
Lord Death, who is ready to take her. Like Scheherazade, Keturah spins a story that she leaves
unfinished and extracts from Lord Death a promise that if she finds her true love in a day, she can go
free. But Lord Death is falling in love with her, and as the villagers begin to sense her alliance with this
horrifying figure, her life twists and turns on itself.

 Harcourt, 2006 (original in french, 2004).
" Since Doria's dad moved back to Morocco to marry again (he wants a son), Mom cleans hotel rooms,
and Doria wants to drop out of school. The boy she loves is in trouble with drugs and loves someone
else. Honest about the oppression of women and about the prejudice, both ways, Guene also shows
those who break free. Much like enduring the pain of her wisdom teeth, she discovers that "it hurts to
This is not a deep but a realistic book about how young peoples think, behave and struggle in suburbs.
The style is furious, sharp, and funny, and I liked the character. A good book I think.

Seventh-grader Martin Conway believes that his life is monotonous and dull until the night the antique
radio he uses as a night-light transports him to the bombing of London in 1940. Recommended c. 2006
 just finished reading in one sitting Penny from heaven by Jennifer L. Holm (Random House, 2006).
It was a really good, quick, enjoyable read! I think that middle school kids would like it with its themes of
WW II and baseball added to the book’s major themes of family and loss. The author’s style is clear and
straightforward and warmly recreates a not too distant past – it is the summer of 1953 – with nostalgia
but not mushy sentimentality. The female protagonist is honest and gutsy, and multicultural!
Recommended for the MS Sakura List.
Summary from School Library Journal
Grades 5-7. Penny Falucci, 11, lives with her widowed mother and maternal grandparents, but her
father's large, Italian family is tremendously important to her, too. It frustrates her that no one talks about
his death, but as the summer of 1953 progresses, several events occur. First, her mother begins dating
the milkman, and, when Penny's arm goes through the wringer on the washing machine, things come to
a head. Finally, the secrets behind her father's death come out. Aunt Gina tells her about a minor
incident that had horrifying consequences for him because of the restrictions placed on Italian
Americans during World War II…

In a government class three popular girls undergo a mock trial for their ruthless bullying of a classmate.
C.2006 Recommended

This was one of this year's Newbery Honor books and it was delightful. It could go on either the MS or
Chapter Book list, but I would recommend it for MS as boy/girl relationships play into it considerably.
From School Library Journal:
Grade 4-7-Twelve-year-old Catherine has conflicting feelings about her younger brother, David, who is
autistic. While she loves him, she is also embarrassed by his behavior and feels neglected by their
parents. In an effort to keep life on an even keel, Catherine creates rules for him (It's okay to hug Mom
but not the clerk at the video store). Each chapter title is also a rule, and lots more are interspersed
throughout the book. When Kristi moves in next door, Catherine hopes that the girl will become a friend,
but is anxious about her reaction to David. Then Catherine meets and befriends Jason, a nonverbal
paraplegic who uses a book of pictures to communicate, she begins to understand that normal is
difficult, and perhaps unnecessary, to define. Rules of behavior are less important than acceptance of
others. Catherine is an endearing narrator who tells her story with both humor and heartbreak.

While obtaining a Western education at a prestigious Japanese boarding school in 1890, sixteen-year-
old Toyo also receives traditional samurai training which has profound effects on both his baseball game
and his relationship with his father. Recommended c.2006
Grade 5-9. Francine Green is coming of age in the shadow of McCarthyism and the beginnings of the
Cold War. This novel follows Francine's eighth-grade year, from August 1949 to June 1950, at All Saints
School for Girls in Los Angeles, a year of changes largely inspired by a new transfer student, Sophie
Bowman. While Francine is quiet and committed to staying out of trouble, happy to daydream of
Hollywood movie stars and to follow her father's advice not to get involved in controversy, Sophie
questions authority and wants to make a difference. Her questioning of the nuns' disparaging comments
about the Godless communists frequently leads to her being punished and eventually to her expulsion
from school. Francine begins to examine her own values, particularly when an actor friend of Sophie's
father is blacklisted and Mr. Bowman loses his scriptwriting job. At the novel's end, Francine is poised to
stand up to Sister Basil, the bullying principal, and exercise her freedom of speech.

Horn Book (March/April, 2007) Exceptional orphan Reynie Muldoon answers a newspaper ad for
"special opportunities" for gifted children, and when he passes the tests-both paper exams and more
esoteric ones-he becomes a member of a crack team of orphans recruited by the genial narcoleptic
genius Mr. Benedict. The children are to infiltrate the Learning Institute for the Very Enlightened, a
school run by the reclusive Mr. Ledroptha Curtain. Their job: to discover the purpose behind sinister
subliminal messages emitted from the school that Mr. Benedict has detected riding piggyback on
television and radio signals. Once inside the Institute, the four children face danger and discovery,
puzzles and plots, and their own mortal weaknesses as they confront Mr. Curtain and his plan to take
over the world. With its lively style, fresh character
portrayals, and well-timed revelations, this story flies past, thrilling us as it goes.
Summary: Guided by the words of a prophecy, Prince Perryndon, who loves books more than swords,
sets out to slay the black dragon that is destroying his kingdom. Recommended c. 2006

[Loosely based on Charles Perrault's "Tom Thumb," seven brothers in modern-day France flee their
poor parents' farm, led by the youngest who, although mute and unusually small, is exceptionally wise.].
A nice original and poetic book, I recommend for our list.

Grade 7-10. Skateboarding Andy Ramos, an aspiring teen trumpeter whose understanding parents and
loving, late grandfather were musicians, forms a fusion music band (mixture of hip-hop, Latin jazz, and
rock) called FuChar Skool with two like-minded friends. At the same time, he meets up with Glory
Martinez, a former neighbor in San Diego's funky, honky-tonk Ocean Beach neighborhood who has just
returned to the area. When he and Glory were in elementary school, she was a great embarrassment to
him, but now she has matured and become a promising softball pitcher. Gradually Andy develops a
 Title           Author   Notes
1 The MANZAI 1   あさのあつこ   漫才を通して、同じ年代の子供たちと触れ合う話。きずな。
                          ISBN-10: 4861762537
                          ISBN-13: 978-4861762536

2 うそうそ           畠中恵      内容(「MARC」データベースより)                 
                          ISBN-10: 4104507059
                          ISBN-13: 978-4104507054
3 ウルトラダラー        手嶋竜一     出版社 /
                          ISBN-10: 4103823038
4 かもめ食堂          群ようこ     おもしろい3人が日本を飛び出して食堂を始める話。フィンラ
                          ISBN-10: 4344010973
                          ISBN-13: 978-4344010970
5 キリンのタクシー       本田カズヒ    内容(「BOOK」データベースより)
                          ISBN-10: 4289009859
                          ISBN-13: 978-4289009855
6 タイムカプセル        折原一      中学卒業の記念にタイムカプセルを埋めたメンバーに次々と
7 ひとり日和          青山七恵     4652086016
                          概要 「20歳の千寿と71歳の吟子さんが暮らした春夏秋冬」
                                                ISBN-10: 4309018084
8 ぼくのあぶないアルバイト   斉藤洋      ふだんは高校生相手にツカイッパのアルバイトをしている小
                          N-10: 4591097102
                          ISBN-13: 978-4591097106

9 ミーナの行進         小川洋子     出版社/著者からの内容紹介                   
10 一瞬の風になれ       佐藤多佳子   アマゾンブックレビューより 
11 夏のとびら         泉啓子     お兄さんが警察に捕まり、麻世の生活は一変してしまう。
                         ISBN-10: 4251041933
                         ISBN-13: 978-4251041937
12 幸福のスイッチ・高校編   石崎洋司    内容(「BOOK」データベースより)                 
                         ISBN-10: 486176338X
13 手紙            東野圭吾    殺人犯で服役中の兄を持つ弟が加害者の家族として葛藤を
                         ISBN-10: 4167110113
                         ISBN-13: 978-4167110116
14 獣の奏者          上橋菜穂子   出版社・著者からの紹介                      
                         ISBN-13: 978-4062137003
15 銃とチョコレート      乙一      最後のどんでん返しがおもしろい。                
                                  ISBN-10: 406270580X
                         ISBN-13: 978-4062705806
16 戦場のニーナ      なかにし礼   アマゾンレビューから                        
17 風の墓碑銘       乃南アサ    内容(BOOKデータベースより)                  
18 夜を行く飛行機     角田光代    家族におきたあることをきっかけにそれぞれが成長していく
                             ISBN-10: 4120037525
19 卵と小麦粉それからマドレ 石井睦美   出版社・著者からの紹介。                     
20 龍神様の銀のしずく   熊谷千世子   N-10: 4861762820
                      Under Construction
Title                 Author            Easy/Middle     Genre            Librarian reviewing
                                        /Hard                            the book
                                        (Grade 3/4/5)
A small white scar    Nuzum, K.A.       Middle          Adventure

Archer's quest        Park, Linda Sue   MIddle          Fantasy

Bella at Midnight     Stanley, Diane    Hard            Fantasy/ Fairy

Blood on The River:   Carbone, Lisa     Hard            Historical
Jamestown 1607                                          Fiction/

Gideon the Cutpurse   Buckley-Archer,   Hard            Historical
                      Linda                             Fiction

Henrietta             Murray, Martine   Easy            Realistic

I'll sing you one-o   Gregory, Nan      Hard            Realistic

Isabella's above-     Mead, Alice       Easy            Realistic
ground pool                                             Fiction

King of Murder        Byars, Betsy      Middle          Mystery
Mercy Watson fights   DiCamillo, Kate    Easy     Fantasy/
crime                                             Humor
Phineas L.            Frances O'Roark Middle      Realistic    Janelle Odate
MacGuire...erupts!    Dowell                      Fiction

Punished              Lubar, David       Middle   Fantasy

Ruby Lu, empress of   Look, Leonore      Easy     Realistic
everything                                        Fiction

Strange Birds         Gilliand, Judith   Middle   Fantasy

The Case of the       Springer, Nancy    Hard     Mystery
Missing Marquess

The Earth Dragon     Yep, Laurence       Middle   Historical   Janelle Odate
Awakes: the San                                   Fiction
Francisco Earthquake
of 1906

The Extraordinary     Boniface, William Middle    Fantasy
Adventures of
Ordinary Boy: the
hero revealed
The Nanny Files       Burch, Christian   Hard     Realistic

The quail club        Marsde, Carolyn Easy        Realistic

The Swan's child      Kuyper, Sjoerd     Middle   Fairy Tale

The year of the Dog   Lin, Grace         Middle   Realistic

Travels with my family Gay, Marie-
When Santa fell to     Funke, Cornelia   Easy     Fantasy
The Invention of Hugo Selznick, Brian   Holly Thompson & Lois
Cabret                                  Seeley
Central themes                                                                             Librarian       Rec for
                                                                                           reviewing the   Sakura
                                                                                           book            Medal
Story of two brothers, one with down syndrome, living on a ranch. The boy slowly           Barbara Carr    Maybe
realizes that he has gotten things out of taken car of his brother. A little repetitive.
Good boy book with lots of cowboy themes, rodeo, rattlesnakes.

Twelve-year-old Kevin Kim helps Chu-mong, a legendary king of ancient Korea,            Wouter             Maybe
who fell off his tiger into Kevin's room, return to his own time. Kevin's quest to help Laleman
Archer makes him find out some truths about his own heritage and family, with the
ending showing him he has more in common with his father than he believed. A
good book for boys in search of an easy exciting story.

Bella's peasant life is changed when her real father, a knight who abandoned her Ruth Bender               Yes
when she was a baby, comes and reclaims her, moving her to his home where she
lives with a resentful stepmother and two horrible stepsisters and learns about a
plot to kill her friend, Prince Julian. Great spin on Cinderella tale with well
developed back stories for every character. Lots of excitement.. Great writing.
Exciting end. Strong male and female characters.
Tells the story of Samuel Collier, a street kid in London at the turn of the 17th Wouter                   Yes
Century and how events lead him to be taken aboard one of the first ships to head Laleman
for the new world with the intent of setting up a new colony, Jamestown. Sam
learns how he needs to trust other people and make friendships if he wants to
survive the cold, hunger and native attacks. He befriends Captain John Smith,
who teaches him Algonquian and Sam comes to appreciate the superiority of the
Natives as far as sheer survival goes. He meets Pocahontas. This is a very well
written and exciting adventure story, painstakingly researched Somehow the
excitement never looses out to the academics

Ignored by his father and sent to Derbyshire for the weekend, twelve-year-old              Barbara Carr    Yes
Peter and his new friend, Kate, are transported back and forth to 1763 England
where they are befriended by a reformed cutpurse, Gideon-. A good story with
themes of loyalty, friendship, adventure, resourcefullness, kids finding strenghts
within them they didn't know they had. Exciting without being too scary.

Very cute book with lots of lovely drawings highlighting the quirky protaganist            Wouter          No
Henrietta. Seems very appealing at first but ultimately disappoints for lack of any        Laleman
story at all. The book is 100% character description and setting without any story
A girl (Gemma) is taken from her foster family's home to live with relatives she's         Barbara Carr    Maybe
never known. She gets the idea to get an angel to help her get back to her foster
family but her attempts to earn herself an angel always seem to misfire.
Description of the process of the girl coming to grips with her new reality.
Gripping, herataching story
Nine-year-old Isabella doesn't like to share, until a tornado destroys a neighbor's        Ruth Bender     Maybe
house and she realizes that the money she has earned to buy a swimming pool
might be put to a better use. A realistic story about a kid learning how to do the
right thing.
Don't let the small size of these books deceive you. They are harder and scarier           Wouter          Yes
than you might think. Well written, scary murder mystery with a plausible ending to        Laleman
good plot.
Very easy funny story a bout a pet pig who inadvertently stops a would-be robber          Barbara Carr   Yes
because she loves toast with butter. Cute story with quirky characters
Phineas loves science and he is determined to win the science fair. But his best
friend (science buddy) has moved away and he is paired with the new boy who
nobody in the class likes. Even worse he wants to do the project on dinosaurs.
This is a great book on learning to understand others, and even includes some
science experiments. Recommended Janelle
A boy is rude to an elderly man in the library and is "punished" by having a spell        Barbara Carr   Maybe
put on him. Everything he says comes out in the form of a pun. To cure himself
he must find examples of oxymorons, anagrams and palindromes in his daily life.
Fun look at language. Medium difficulty.
Ruby Lu is an irrepresible young girl who really throws herself into everything.          Karen Genest Yes
Major themes are childhood, friendship, school, family, growing up (a bit anyway)

With her parents lost at sea, eleven-year-old Anna's life is taken over by Aunt     Wouter               Maybe
Formaldy. finds comfort in a tree with magical properties which suddenly becomes Laleman
home to minitaure flying horses who need her help.
Enola Holmes, much younger sister of detective Sherlock Holmes, must travel to Ruth Bender               Yes
London in disguise to unravel the disappearance of her missing mother. A short
but exciting mystery. The female lead uses clever and resourceful tactics which
would appela to both boys and girls.
Tells the story of the 1906 San Francisco Earthquake from the perspective of eight-
year old Henry and his friend, Chin who witness real courage during this time.
Great books as it shows the two different lifestyles of the boys and yet how they
had the love of comics that bonded them together. Also, good details of what it
was like during this time. Recommended Janelle

Ordinary Boy, the only resident of Superopolis without a superpower, uncovers and Ruth Bender            Yes
foils a sinister plot to destroy the town. A funny inventive tale about a town of
superheroes and villains. It's somewhat long and complicated making it more
suitable to older readers.
Great book. Funny. Kind. If only all families were like this. Because of the gay  Ruth Bender            No
relationship described in the book I think it's more suitable to MS audience. We
would have a hard time defending this as a Sakura Medal book to our parents.

Good reading level for grade 3 and up. Crosscultural issues. More of interest for         Ruth Bender    Yes
girls than boys. A fine story story about a girl who finds a thoughtful solution to a
problem., preserving her cultural identity and her relationship with difficult friends.

Fairy tale about a girl who is adopted by an going through grief over several deaths Ruth Bender         No
occuring the story
Enjoyable small tale. Fairly specific to Taiwanese Americans and girls. Every day Ruth Bender            Maybe
school life with cultural and identity themes. Good description of the writing
When he and his caravan come crashing down to earth during a thunderstorm two Ruth Bender                Maybe
weeks before Christmas, Santa is befriended by two children, Charlotte and Ben,
who try to help him save the holiday from the tricks and moneymaking schemes of
Gerold Geronimus Goblynch and to take off in time for his annual rounds. Fun
elaboration on Santa lore
At the February SCBWI conference, Brian Selznick gave a brilliant presentation
about the research and inspiration for his new book The Invention of Hugo Cabret
(Scholastic, 2007). The book is a thick tome, half pencil illustrations and half text,
but not in standard graphic novel format—rather, the text gives way to illustrations
for pages at a time, then returns to text. The story involves an orphan boy living in
a Paris train station who finds an automata (mechanical person) that he tries to
repair. It’s an intriguing story, and my 11 year old daughter loved it.
But my reason for sharing this is that in Izu this past week we happened upon the
Nosaka Automata Museum in Izu Kogen
and there were able to see the very type of automata that are described and
pictured in Selznick’s book. There was also a workshop set up with all the tools
and parts to view as well as many automata from the late 1800s and early 1900s.
At certain times each day, demonstrations are given with select automata so you
can see them in action and learn about how they operate.
Librarian Rec for
reviewing Sakura
the book Medal

Barbara   No
Under Construction
Title                    Author                Librarian reviewing   Rec for
                                               the book              Sakura
Library Lion             Knudsen, Michelle     Janelle Odate         Yes

Water witcher            Ormerod, Jan          Leanne Windsor        Yes
The Big Ball of String   Ross Mueller          Leanne Windsor        Maybe

Josephine Wants to       Jackie French         Leanne Windsor        Maybe

Once upon a Picture      Sally Swain           Leanne Windsor        Maybe

While You are Sleeping Alexis Deacon           Leanne Windsor        Maybe
Why do I Have to Eat off Chris Hornsey         Leanne Windsor        Maybe
the Floor

Zen Shorts               John J Muth           Leanne Windsor        Maybe

The Incredible Book      Jeffers, Oliver –     Roseanne Hoger        Yes
Eating Boy               2006 (Australian-
                         born, Irish-bred

The Three Fishing        Galbraith, Ben -      Roseanne Hoger        Yes
Brothers Gruff           2006 (New Zealand
Pirates Don't Change   Melinda Long.   Lois Seely   Yes
Central themes

A lion decides to visit the local library, but runs into trouble as
he tries both to obey the rules and help his librarian friend. The
students enjoyed the story.

It is the story of a family's struggle to survive on the land during a drought. Dougie's grandfather had the rare and mysterious gi
"A small boy wants to play soccer but has no ball. So he takes
a big ball of string to the park, kicks it around...and guess what
Another fabulous book from Jackie French and Bruce Whatley,
this is a story about believing in yourself and following your
"Josephine is a kangaroo - who loves to dance. Her little
brother, Joey, tells her that kangaroos don't dance, they hop -
but Josephine continues to point her toes and leap through the
air. When a ballet troupe comes to town and both the lead
ballerina and understudy are injured, Josephine's talents are
called upon to help save the day. Can she do it and, more
importantly, does it matter that she's a kangaroo?"

With amazing illustrations, this book introduces children to art
through the paintings of Klee, Renoir, Rousseau, and van
What do bedside toys get up to when you are asleep?
"In a hilarious parallel to the questions children ask their
parents, here a child finds out what it’s like to field a dog’s curly
"When Stillwater the bear moves into the neighborhood, the
stories he tells to three siblings teach them to look at the world
in new ways."
A young boy develops a taste for books. The more books he
eats, the smarter he becomes, until… he becomes dreadfully ill
and all his newly acquired knowledge becomes terribly mixed-
up! He then realizes that by reading books he can become just
as smart… although it may take a little longer! The illustrations
are superb, too.

The three brothers Gruff are mean and greedy. After emptying
Poverty Bay of fish, they start fishing in the Bay of Plenty. But
watch out Brothers Gruff - Minke Whale, the Guardian of the
Ocean, isn't happy, and neither are the townspeople of Poverty
Bay! This is a terrific ecological tale about caring for the
environment and protecting the earth’s resources.
Jeremy prevents the visiting pirates from digging up the
treasure in his back yard until they
help him take care of his baby sister. Hilariously illustrated by
David Shannon.
ad the rare and mysterious gift of water witching and Dougie is determined to see if he too has the gift and can find water on their farm. The
nd can find water on their farm. The illustrations are fabulous and really capture the Australian bush and life during drought.
d life during drought.
     Title   Author   Librarian reviewing the book

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