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                                    Attention All Infopreneurs and Affiliate Marketers...

                  Spy Over My Shoulder As I Demonstrate
                 How You Too Can Create Highly Profitable
                 AdWords Campaigns In Under One Minute
                 Watch the movie below to start driving laser-targeted traffic and leverage the power of PPC
                                        Marketing to double your click-throughs.

                From: Hendra Rusly
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                Date: Monday, 9:37 AM

                Dear Internet Marketer,

                It is no secret to anyone that Pay-Per-Click marketing is the mythical beast of internet riches.
                When setup properly a campaign can make your fortune where returns on investment of up to
                50% can be achievable for most people.

                But many fear it and would never risk setting foot in this arena where many have gone
                bankrupt, emptying their bank accounts and losing months of revenues by feeding
                underperforming campaings...

                You see, PPC marketing is a very capricious beast that can make or break you, and while you
                can easily find millions of pages, guides and free articles on the internet telling you how to run
                a succesful PPC campaign... the least we can say is that this information is often confusing if
                not down right contradicting.

                But what can you expect in a game like internet marketing where the rules are constantly
                changing and evolving, with new competitors and online empires rising and falling in just

                I'm sure you have already come across the following Pay-Per-Click wisdom...

                         That getting good quality scores for your AdGroups requires some sort of voodoo,
                         top-secret SEO techniques or a deadly concoction of black-hat methods that are just
                         one mistake away from going belly-up...

                         That some products are just not worth promoting due to the huge amount of
                         competition or campaign related costs, when dozens of high-level competitors are

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PPC Campaign Builder - Adwords Campaign Building Tool                                   http://www.ppccampaignbuilder.com/?hop=0

                fiercly raging PPC wars and raking in big profits...

                          That pageviews and impressions are the most critical factor you should consider in
                          planning for a new campaign and that more exposure automatically means more

                Unfortunately, such advices have usually never resulted in positive growths for any
                PPC marketers I ever met, and for the rare ones who did that success was short-lived.

                There is always the next algorithm change, the bigger google slap, or competitors with
                seemingly unlimited funding that will skyrocket your keyword prices and take you out of the
                frame, just before crashing to the ground themselves.

                And when the dust settles, hordes of young and adventurous marketers are ready to jump in on
                the new wave...

                                          The Key To PPC Domination:

                                  Plan Your Entire AdGroup Around One Single Keyword and
                                    Tie Everything Together so Tightly That Google Doesn't
                                        Have a Choice but to Give You the Green Light.

                Here. I have just revealed to the public the secret that most gurus charge 4-figures and upwards

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                to learn and I'm probably going to be making enemies, but I'm just getting warmed up...

                So what's the BIG IDEA?
                Stay with me here and you'll see it's pretty easy.

                               Place one single keyword in your AdGroup

                               Design a very specific ad for that Keyword that appeals to BUYERS

                               Send the user to a landing page with an extremely targeted OFFER that targets
                               your KEYWORD and BUYER profile.

                .... and watch the profits roll!

                                     Ok, Tell Me Where's The Catch?!?
                Well, to be fair, it's probably not a big thing but there is something you should know...

                In order to make this ultimate PPC strategy work for you the way the Gurus do, you would
                need to create hundreds, if not thousands of keywords and adgroups, each with at least two
                different ads for split-testing and campaign optimisation purpose...

                In other words, without the proper tools or an army of data-entry specialist monkeys trained
                specially to write PPC Campaigns 24 hours a day... the amount of work requires is more than
                anyone can tackle by themselves.

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PPC Campaign Builder - Adwords Campaign Building Tool                                     http://www.ppccampaignbuilder.com/?hop=0

                But stick with me here...

                           "This Sort of Technology was Reserved for Super Affiliates"

                                 Well done Hendra,

                   This sort of technology was reserved for super affiliates and you are offering it at an
                  incredible price.

                  I have used the tool and it is easy and effective. It will save people a lot of time.

                  And the one key phrase per ad group method is easy way for people to do PPC and keep
                  their shirt.

                                                                                           - James Schramko

                          Now The Truth Is You Can Do This Manually...

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                If you already have a Google AdWords account and Excel Spreadsheet software or an
                equivalent, you already have everything you NEED to exploit this advanced PPC strategy.

                But with an average campaign creation time of 30 minutes, multiplied by hundreds of not
                thousands of adgroups, you would literally have to spend WEEKS tracking data, copy and
                pasting bits of information and managing thousands of different excel spreadsheets to track
                your campaigns and results... before you start seeing any real result.

                Bootstrapping and investing your time for a financial return in the long-term can be a good idea

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PPC Campaign Builder - Adwords Campaign Building Tool                                   http://www.ppccampaignbuilder.com/?hop=0

                when you're just starting out but you should never rely on such strategy for business growth...

                   The Good News Is There Is A Faster, Easier Solution To
                              Dominating PPC Marketing!
                Remember what I told you about the Masters charging up to 4-figures for this secret
                information. Now I know for certain that you and I would feel completely ripped off by anyone
                charging so much for information that can't be realistically implemented.

                And that's why, as good samaritans (not to say marketers), they have all taken turns to flood
                the market with their own sets of tools and software to automate this process...

                That they are more than willing to sell to you for a small additional fee...

                If you are already struggling to make ends meet with PPC, it's highly unlikely that you would
                be willing to shell out even more hard gained money without making a real cost-benefits
                analysis first.

                For most people, passing up an expensive tool offer is probably a wise decision when you're
                not even sure how much mileage you'll get out of it...

                So before we even bring up the pricing issue (and believe me, those software are
                nowhere cheap!) let's go over some of the benefits you would expect any of those software to
                provide you and your business with:

                      Dynamically Generate Campaigns at the Push of a Button!

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                By using advanced technology you should be able to fill in the blanks and create hundreds of
                different targeted ads instantly to help you cover a wider market while keeping your
                advertising costs rock-bottom as you fly under the radar of your competition.

                      Complete AdGroup and Split Testing Optimization Support.

                Save even more time and money while improving your return of investment by targeting
                hundreds of different keywords and leveraging hyperspecific ad campaigns. With split testing
                capabilities, just create as many groups as you wish and keep only the most profitable
                campaigns in your porftolio.

                      Fast, Reliable and Easy to Use and Implement Strategies.

                A PPC Campaign creation software should be as hands-free and automated as possible,
                allowing you to multiply your efforts tenfold without the strain and wasted hours of manually
                doing all the work yourself. Work smarter, not harder.

                Even though anyone who is serious about making money using PPC Marketing to promote
                their own products or join the ranks of Super Affiliates should have a such powerful tools
                installed and ready to run at the push of a button...

                Most people just can't afford it.

                The price tag on similar softwares is usually hundreds of dollar per license, and often accessible
                only through closed door offers and opportunities to keep competition levels as low as

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PPC Campaign Builder - Adwords Campaign Building Tool                                 http://www.ppccampaignbuilder.com/?hop=0

                That is why we have created for you the ultimate entry-level PPC Campaign Builder tool and
                have combined it with the best introductory offer in PPC Marketing History.

                                 "This Thing is Super Easy to Use and
                                For The Price There's No Comparison"

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                  Hendra gave me a copy to review and yep, this thing is super easy to use and for the price
                  there's no comparison.

                  This tool is perfect for expanding on kws that are already proven to convert.

                  Great job Hendra!

                                                                                                   - SteveG

                 No Bells-and-Whistles. It Does One Task And Does It Well;
                  Create Highly Relevant, Tightly Knit AdGroups At The
                                    Push Of A Button.

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PPC Campaign Builder - Adwords Campaign Building Tool                        http://www.ppccampaignbuilder.com/?hop=0

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PPC Campaign Builder - Adwords Campaign Building Tool                                    http://www.ppccampaignbuilder.com/?hop=0

                Now you have seen how quickly and easily you can be creating hundreds of new laser-targeted
                adgroups locked and loaded at the push of a button.

                So how does PPC Campaign Builder work exactly?

                              Enter the details of your campaign only once into your PPC Campaign Builder

                              Enter the list of keywords you want your advertising campaign to target and
                              dominate using laser precision technology...

                              Generate, copy, paste, and profit!

                As a simple case study I recently took a list of 67 optimized keywords and within just five
                minutes short, I had 67 different adgroups all highly targeted and uploaded to Adwords ready
                to bring in a good profit!

                Now please keep in mind that you may not get loads of pageviews and clicks as with the more
                popular PPC marketing methods. But why would you want that anyway?

                By using ultra-specific campaigns you can easily compete on lower competition keywords,
                keep your advertising costs rock-bottom and skyrocket your conversion rates by having your
                ads show only to qualified buyers.

                              "I Absolutely Recommend This Program!"
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                  I had the opportunity to try this software utility, and it does exactly what it's supposed to
                  do, does it quickly and with no fiddling around. It's handy, it's quick, and ... yes this one
                  keyword and one adgroup really did lower my cost per click.

                  I absolutely recommend this program. Way to go, Hendra!

                  (And I'm not even an affiliate, though I'd jump at the chance to become one ... that is, if
                  he'll raise the price to something reasonable!)

                                                                                                - Arthur Cronos

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PPC Campaign Builder - Adwords Campaign Building Tool                                  http://www.ppccampaignbuilder.com/?hop=0

                             "I Absolutely Recommend This Program!"

                  Hi Hendra, PPCCampaignBuilder is an awesome tool! It is simple and efficient to use. I do
                  some of this type of adgroup building with excel (using 35 columns and 6 formulas),
                  but PPCCampaignBuilder makes it soooo much easier and faster.

                                                                                                - Gary Neave

                                Choose PPC Campaign Builder Today!
                I am no big name marketer. Most of you have probably never seen my name anywhere online
                until today, even though I have been making a living promoting infoproducts and using
                Pay-Per-Click technology for years.

                You will not find any Guru endorsements on this page, nor will you hear about me and my
                products from any of the major Joint Venture promoters eagerly awaiting to get their slice of
                the next big product launch.

                What I have instead is simply the best entry-level PPC Campaign tool ever created...
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                And the most complete dedication to your success, including personal 24-hours customer
                support and troubleshooting.

                I remember when I first began using Pay-Per-Click marketing to drive sales, desperate to make
                a profit only to watch my revenues sink under non-performing advertising campaigns.

                After losing thousands of dollars in sales and revenues I finally found out about the methods of
                PPC Domination that I have shared with you but it was too late. And it cost me hundreds more
                in tools to help me implement these strategies.

                Looking back, it is probably the best investment I did for my business at the time, and would
                do it again if given the chance. The frustations and loss of profits it helped me avoid are

                Fortunately my success can be yours today for just a fraction of this price.

                Most of my competitors charge from $147 to $497 for a similar tool which is often
                cumbersome, hard to use and confusing with a long learning curve.

                By downloading PPC Campaign Builder today you will receive a powerful lightweight and
                intuitive application guaranteed to boost your PPC marketing results as well as cut your time
                requirements tenfold.

                I could easily ask more than a hundred dollar for this application and it would still be
                considered the most cost-effective solution in the marketplace but I wanted to make it as
                accessible as possible to everyone.

                Which is why PPC Campaign Builder can now be yours today for only 47$.

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PPC Campaign Builder - Adwords Campaign Building Tool                                 http://www.ppccampaignbuilder.com/?hop=0

                Don't delay your decision and grab your copy right away!

                                        Regular Price $97 Today $47

                                                  Add to Cart

                           "My Dedication To You – 60 Day Guarantee”
                                               Because I want as many people to grab their copy of this tool
                                               completely risk-free, I am offering an unconditional 60 day
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                                               Grab your copy today, give it a full test run and if you are still
                                               not convinced that PPC Campaign Builder is everything I said it
                                               was, just let me know for a prompt and complete refund.

                                             Before you opt for a more expensive software, grab your
                                             risk-free copy of PPC Campaign Builder today and start
                generating hundreds of new pay-per-click campaigns instantly.

                You can always go back to the Gurus later if you wish, but I am confident enough in my
                product that I would be extremely surprised if you did.

                Go ahead, place your order today!

                                    "The pricing is great just like the product..."

                               Hi Hendra,

                  I have both of your products, OAOK and FlashPPC. They have help me a lot with my ppc.

                  The pricing is great just like the product, With what it does to help you with your PPC
                  marketing a person could and can pay a lot more plus monthly on going fees to get the
                  same kind of quality product from other sources.

                  Now I am just waiting to see what you will come up with next Hendra to help us out. Keep

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PPC Campaign Builder - Adwords Campaign Building Tool                                        http://www.ppccampaignbuilder.com/?hop=0

                  up the good work.

                  Take care.

                                                                                                              - Bart R

                                   "....getting 4 or 5 cent clicks at position 1 or 2..."

                             This is a great piece of software, Hendra, even faster than FlashPPC for simple
                  campaigns. And an excellent way to get great positions and cheap clicks - I've got a few
                  campaigns running now where I'm getting 4 or 5 cent clicks at position 1 or 2 for some
                  fairly competitive long tail keywords.

                  If you've been scared of AdWords, give this a try and you'll be surprised at how easy it is.
                  Okay, you may not get loads of views and clicks, but the ones you do get will be so
                  targetted to exactly what the viewer is looking for your conversion rates will go through
                  the roof.

                                                                                                     - Nathan Briggs

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                My closest competitor literaly charge $147 for a product that do exactly what
                 What a Time Saver! It's Definitely a Winner....
                PPCCampaignBuilder can do.

                It would only be fair for me to charge at least $97 for this tool considering all the time and
                money you will save just in the first week of using it to create and manage your new PPC
                marketing campaigns.

                But for a limited time only, PPC Campaign Builder is yours for only $47.

                Don't delay - The faster you act, the more time and money you save.
                  Thank you so much for PPC Campaign Builder.
                To your success.
                  I always build
                Hendra Rusly, my campaigns using one keyword for each group. But it always takes so
                  much time.
                  It PPC Marketing get a large campaign setup.
                P.S:can take days to Success depends on many different factors amongst which pageviews and
                clickthroughs have little to no importance. Focus your time and efforts on what matters the
                  Using your targeted advertising to get the job
                most: Highly software, I was able campaigns. done in hours.

                P.P.S: When you place your order today your investment is 100% backed by our 60 day
                  It was easy to use, the instructions were complete and my upload went flawlessly.
                satisfaction guarantee. If you feel for any reason whatsoever that PPC Campaign Builder does
                  The only on it's promises make a competitor's product I a better fit for your marketing
                not deliver change I had to or thatwas to my bids because ishad not done that research before
                needs - I will refund your order to the last penny.
                Note: This site and the products and services offered on this site are not associated, affiliated,
                  What a time saver! by definitely a winner.
                endorsed, or sponsored It's Google, nor have they been reviewed tested or certified by Google.

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