Co-operatives in Nova Scotia - Government of Nova Scotia by abstraks


									                                    A                               B                C          D              E                                             F                                       G               H
 1                                                                                       CO-OPERATIVES IN NOVA SCOTIA
 2                                                                                              November 2009
 3                               Co-op                          Registry ID   Profit/NonProfit                     Type                                   Address                                 Town               PC
 4   340 RANCHER'S CO-OPERATIVE LIMITED                          3023460              P          M   Agriculture                24 Webster Court                                    Kentville                    B4N 1H2
 5   ABC HOUSING CO-OPERATIVE LIMITED                            3057952             N           C   Housing                    c/o Concord Properties Limited, 99 Wyse Road,       Dartmouth
                                                                                                                                                                                   Suite 100                     B3B 4S5
 6   ACA CO-OPERATIVE LIMITED                                    1350677             P           M   Agriculture                11 Calkin Drive, Unit 1                             Kentville                    B4N 3V7
 7   ACADIA CINEMA COOPERATIVE LTD.                              3073275             N           C   Services                   450 Main Street                                     Wolfville                    B4P 1E2
 8   ACCESSIBLE TECHNOLOGIES CO-OPERATIVE LIMITED                2140733             P           M   Worker Labour              15 Martell Street                                   Westmount                    B1R 1X3
 9   ALBRO COURT HOUSING CO-OPERATIVE LIMITED                    1459758             N           C   Housing                    14 Cedar Court                                      Dartmouth                    B3A 2K2
10   ALDERBERRY VILLAGE CRAFT CO-OPERATIVE LIMITED               3052710             P           M   Worker Labour              781 Prince Street                                   Truro                        B2N 1G7
11   ALL NOVA SCOTIA GREEN CHRISTMAS TREE CO-OP LTD.             3233867             P           M   Forest Products            19A Fire Hall Road                                  New Germany                  B0R 1E0
12   AMARANTH CO-OPERATIVE ENTERPRISES LIMITED                   2470961             N           M   Worker Labour              1183 Hwy 358                                        Port Williams                B0P 1T0
13   ANNAPOLIS OIL SEED CO-OP LTD                                3238986             P           M   Agriculture                351 Elliott Road                                    Lawrencetown                 B0S 1M0
14   ANTIGONISH FARM AND GARDEN CO-OPERATIVE LIMITED             1743824             P           C   Retail Consumer Products   91 St. Andrews Street                               Antigonish                   B2G 2G9
15   ANTIGONISH GUYSBOROUGH LOCAL PRODUCERS CO-OPERATIVE LIMITED 3113611             N           M   Agriculture                1705 South Side Harbour Road                        Antigonish                   B2G 2L4
16   APAQTAUKEWAQ FISHERIES CO-OP LTD.                           2467461             P           M   Fish Products              Chapel Island First Nations Box 574                 Chapel Island, Richmond Co   B0E 3B0
17   APPLE BLOSSOM HOUSING CO-OPERATIVE LIMITED                  1486567             N           C   Housing                    P.O. Box 576                                        Kentville                    B4N 3X7
18   ARIMATHEA FUNERAL CO-OPERATIVE LIMITED                      2252510             N           C   Services                   8741 Highway 224                                    Upper Musquodoboit           B0N 2M0
19   ART 1274 HOLLIS CO-OPERATIVE LIMITED                        3232669             N           M   Craft Products             1274 Hollis Street                                  Halifax                      B3J 1T6
20   ATHOL FORESTRY COOPERATIVE LIMITED                          1350939             P           M   Forest Products            21397 Highway #2                                    Fort Lawrence                B4H 3Y5
21   ATLANTIC CO-OPERATIVE CED INSTITUTE LTD.                    2484748             N           C   Services                   PO Box 1872                                         Truro                        B2N 6C7
22   ATLANTIC FILMMAKERS CO-OPERATIVE LIMITED                    1350942             N           C   Services                   5600 Sackville Street, Suite M02                    Halifax                      B3J 1L2
23   ATLANTIC HOUSING CO-OPERATIVE LIMITED                       1451701             N           C   Housing                    c/o Concord Properties, 99 Wyse Road, Suite 100     Dartmouth                    B3A 4S5
24   ATLANTIS HOUSING CO-OPERATIVE LIMITED                       1798935             N           C   Housing                    143 Ryland Avenue, Unit 12                          Truro                        B2N 6L4
25   BADDECK VALLEY WOOD PRODUCERS CO-OPERATIVE LTD.             1351007             P           M   Forest Products            247 Old Margaree Road                               Baddeck, Victoria Co.        B0E 1B0
26   BARRACHOIS RETREAT CO-OPERATIVE LIMITED                     3039702             P           M   Worker Labour              1120 Sandpoint Road                                 Tatamagouche                 B0K 1V0
27   BAXTER'S HARBOUR CO-OPERATIVE LIMITED                       1349506             N           M   Worker Labour              208 Wenega Road                                     Baxter's Harbour             B0P 1H0
28   BCA INVESTMENT CO-OPERATIVE LIMITED                         3015550             P           C   Investment                 188 George Street                                   Sydney                       B1P 6S9
29   BIG EAST COOPERATIVE LIMITED                                3091436             P           M   Agriculture                24 Webster Court                                    Kentville                    B4N 1H2
30   BLACK DUCK HANDCRAFT COOPERATIVE LIMITED                    1351216             P           M   Craft Products             8 Pelham Street                                     Lunenburg                    B0J 2C0
31   BLACK ROSE CO-OPERATIVE LIMITED                             1354477             N           C   Housing                    5476 Clyde Street                                   Halifax                      B3J 1E1
32   BLUE OX HERITAGE CO-OPERATIVE LIMITED                       3192852             P           M   Agriculture                c/o Grant Thornton, 610 East River Rd, Suite 270    New Glasgow                  B2H 3S2
33   BRAS D'OR PRODUCERS CO-OPERATIVE LIMITED                    3018267             P           M   Agriculture                312 Millville Highway                               Millville                    B1Y 2E2
34                                                               2153622        P
                                                                                              M      Worker Labour              6960 Mumford Road, Suite S-12                       Halifax                      B3L 4P1
35   BRIDGEWATER FARMERS COOPERATIVE SOCIETY LIMITED             1351470             P           C   Retail Consumer Products   123 Elm Street                                      Bridgewater                  B4V 2V5
36   BROAD HORIZONS DEVELOPMENT CO-OPERATIVE LIMITED             2423516             P           M   Worker Labour              1973 Dundee Road                                    Dundee                       B0E 3K0
37   BROOKSIDE ABATTOIR CO-OPERATIVE LIMITED                     1655565             P           M   Agriculture                24 Brookside Branch Road                            Bible Hill                   B6L 2A6
38   C.A.J. WOODWORKERS CO-OPERATIVE LIMITED                     3020069             P           M   Worker Labour              1296 Ashfield Road                                  Orangedale                   B0E 2K0
39   C.B. MINERS' DEVELOPMENT CO-OPERATIVE LIMITED               3029166             P           M   Worker Labour              1846 Lingan Road                                    River Ryan                   B1H 5S2
40   C.K.D. FABRICATORS CO-OPERATIVE LIMITED                     3042694             P           M   Worker Labour              c/o Ken Dowe, 294 Ramshead River Road               Diligent River               B0M 1H0
41   CANSO CO-OPERATIVE HEALTH CENTRE LIMITED                    1914722             N           C   Services                   Union Street                                        Canso                        B0H 1H0
42   CANSO CO-OPERATIVE LIMITED                                  1371852             P           C   Retail Consumer Products   Box 34, Water Street                                Canso                        B0H 1H0
43   CANSO TRAWLERMEN'S COOPERATIVE LTD.                         3011463             P           M   Fish Products              141 Water Street                                    Canso                        B0H 1H0
44   CAPE BLUE ROADS AND SERVICES CO-OPERATIVE LIMITED           3094613             P           C   Services                   52 Cape Jack Road, RR #2                            Harvre Boucher               B0H 1P0
45   CAPE BRETON FARMERS' MARKET CO-OPERATIVE LIMITED            3218201             N           M   Agriculture                340 Keltic Drive                                    Coxheath                     B1P 1V7
46   CAPE BRETON MUSIC INDUSTRY CO-OPERATIVE LIMITED             3222050             N           M   Worker Labour              338 Charlotte Street                                Sydney                       B1P 1C8
47   CAPE BRETON STAGE COMPANY COOPERATIVE LTD.                  3233863             N           C   Services                   142 Cabot Street                                    Sydney                       B1P 4E1
                                    A                                 B                C          D              E                                            F                                   G                 H
 1                                                                                         CO-OPERATIVES IN NOVA SCOTIA
 2                                                                                                November 2009
 3                             Co-op                              Registry ID   Profit/NonProfit                     Type                                   Address                              Town             PC
48   CAPE JOHN COMMUNITY PASTURE CO-OPERATIVE LIMITED              3049703              P          C   Services                   89 Macken Road                                   Antigonish                 B2G 2L2
49   CAPE MABOU PASTURE CO-OPERATIVE LIMITED                       3054030             P           C   Services                   11538 Routeleg                                   Mabou                      B0E 1X0
50   CAPELAND HOUSING CO-OPERATIVE LIMITED                         1416720             N           C   Housing                    22 Green Acres Road                              Halifax                    B3P 1C5
51   CAREFORCE HOME CARE WORKERS COOPERATIVE LIMITED               3137611             P           M   Worker Labour              946 Park Street, #400                            Kentville                  B4N 3V7
52   CEILIDH FISHERMEN CO-OP LIMITED                               1649039             P           M   Fish Products              164 Main Street                                  Port Hood                  B0E 3W0
53   CELTIC HEART OF NORTH AMERICA COOPERATIVE LIMITED             3231260             N           M   Craft Products             4119 Highway 223                                 Iona                       B2C 1A3
54   CENTRAL COOPERATIVE SOCIETY LIMITED                           1369639             P           C   Retail Consumer Products   P.O. Box 118                                     St. Margaret's Village     B0C 1R0
55   CENTRAL DARTMOUTH HOUSING CO-OPERATIVE LIMITED                1879785             N           C   Housing                    99 Wyse Road, Suite 100                          Dartmouth                  B3A 4S5
56   CHAMELEON HOUSING CO-OPERATIVE LIMITED                        1453947             N           C   Housing                    42 Sampson Drive                                 Lower Sackville            B4C 3E8
57   CHEGOGGIN DYKE CO-OPERATIVE LIMITED                           1350886             P           M   Fish Products              RR #3                                            Yarmouth                   B5A 4A7
58   CHIGNECTO HOUSING CO-OPERATIVE LIMITED                        1717278             N           C   Housing                    3 Townsview Court                                Amherst                    B4H 4M1
59   CHIGNECTO MANOR CO-OPERATIVE LTD.                             2300835             P           C   Services                   24 Bayview Manor Road                            Advocate Harbour           B0M 1A0
60   CIRCUS CIRCLE CO-OPERATIVE LTD.                               3235541             N           M   Worker Labour              17 Melwood Avenue                                Halifax                    B3N 1E4
61   CITY MARKET OF HALIFAX CO-OPERATIVE LTD.                      2265467             P           M   Agriculture                1496 Lower Water Street                          Halifax                    B3J 1R9
62   CLIFTON ACRES INVESTMENT COOPERATIVE LIMITED                  3055993             P           C   Investment                 c/o Garry Matthews, 139 Henderson Road           Clifton                    B6L 1G3
63   CO-OPERATIVE ARTISANALE DE CHETICAMP LIMITED                  1351189             P           M   Craft Products             PO Box 98                                        Cheticamp                  B0E 1H0
64   COASTAL COMMUNITIES ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT CO-OPERATIVE LIMITED3027496              P           C   Investment                 1030 Terence Bay Road                            Terence Bay                B3T 1X4
65   COASTAL COMMUNITY RADIO CO-OPERATIVE LIMITED                  3079039             N           C   Services                   106 Reserve Street                               Glace Bay                  B1A 4W5
66   COASTAL GROWTH MANAGEMENT CO-OPERATIVE LIMITED                3224641             P           M   Forest Products            933 Kings Road                                   Sydney                     B1S 1C4
67   COBEQUID MAPLE CO-OPERATIVE LIMITED                           2424946             P           M   Agriculture                12 Valley Road                                   Westchester Station        B0M 2A0
68   COLCHESTER CO-OPERATIVE SERVICES LIMITED                      1351121             P           C   Retail Consumer Products   339 Willow Street                                Truro                      B2N 5A6
69   COLCHESTER SOCCER REFEREE ASSOCIATION CO-OPERATIVE LIMITED    3225050             N           M   Worker Labour              51 Martha Avenue                                 Truro                      B2N 4V7
70   COLCHESTER TRANSPORTATION COOPERATIVE LTD.                    3012648             N           C   Services                   35 Commercial Street, Suite 201                  Truro                      B2N 3H9
71   COLINDALE FEED COOPERATIVE LIMITED                            3236952             N           M   Agriculture                807 Colindale Road                               Port Hood                  B0E 2W0
72                                                                3003599
     COMMUNITY HEALTH PROMOTION NETWORK ATLANTIC CO-OPERATIVE LIMITED                  N           C   Services                   Suite 129, Unit 50, Hamlyn Road Plaza            St. John's                 A1E 5X7
73   CONNECTING PEOPLE FOR HEALTH CO-OPERATIVE LIMITED             3217793             P           C   Services                   339 Willow St., Suite 2                          Truro                      B2N 6C7
74   COOPÉRATIVE RADIO-HALIFAX-MÉTRO LIMITÉE                       3075199             N           C   Services                   5527 Cogswell Street                             Halifax                    B3J 1R2
75   CRAB QUOTA CO-OPERATIVE LTD.                                  3102967             P           M   Fish Products              20 Deming Point Road                             Lower White Head           B0H 1T0
76   CRANBERRY LAKE HOUSING CO-OPERATIVE LIMITED                   1386350             N           C   Housing                    1657 Barrington Street, Suite 333                Halifax                    B3J 2A1
77   CROSS ROADS BLUEBERY CO-OPERATIVE LIMITED                     1351565             P           M   Agriculture                #4255 Highway #2                                 Parrsboro                  B0M 1S0
78   CROSS ROADS CO-OPERATIVE LIMITED                              1351581             P           C   Retail Consumer Products   228 Main Street                                  Parrsboro                  B0M 1S0
79   CRYSTAL GRANGE HOUSING CO-OPERATIVE LIMITED                   3071165             N           C   Housing                    PO Box 544                                       Bridgewater                B4V 2X6
80   CURL UP & DYE CO-OPERATIVE LIMITED                            3018217             P           M   Worker Labour              274 Commercial Street                            North Sydney               B2A 1B8
81   DAY VENDORS CO-OPERATIVE OF THE HALIFAX MARKET LIMITED        3110375             N           M   Worker Labour              1496 Lower Water Street                          Halifax                    B3J 1R9
82   DE LA TOUR CO-OPERATIVE SOCIETY LIMITED                       1351618             P           C   Retail Consumer Products   P.O. Box 130                                     Lower West Pubnico         B0W 2C0
83   DEAN PRODUCE CO-OPERATIVE LIMITED                             1351634             P           M   Agriculture                930 Dean Back Road                               Upper Musquodoboit         B0N 2M0
84   DEEP ROOTS MUSIC CO-OPERATIVE LIMITED                         3083726             N           M   Worker Labour              131 King Street                                  Wolfville                  B4P 2R3
85   DESTINATION RICHMOND TOURISM CO-OPERATIVE LIMITED             3077791             N           C   Services                   2357 Highway 3320                                Arichat                    B0E 1A0
86   DIGBY CO-OPERATIVE PASTURE LIMITED                            1351663             P           C   Services                   1702 Ridge Road                                  Digby                      B0V 1A0
87   DOVER CO-OPERATIVE LIMITED                                    2066124             P           C   Retail Consumer Products   General Delivery                                 Little Dover, Guysborough Co B0H 1V0
88   DUNBRACK HOUSING CO-OPERATIVE LIMITED                         1876619             N           C   Housing                    c/o Concord Properties Limited, 99 Wyse Road,    Dartmouth
                                                                                                                                                                                  Suite 100                   B3A 4S5
89   EDUNOVA CO-OPERATIVE LIMITED                                  3094888             N           M   Worker Labour              1505 Barrington Street, Suite 1501               Halifax                    B3J 3K5
90   ELMSDALE FARMERS' MARKET COOPERATIVE LIMITED                  3221712             P           M   Agriculture                18 Parker Place Cres.                            Enfield                    B2T 1C8
91   EQUITY FOR NOVA SCOTIA BUSINESSES CO-OPERATIVE LIMITED        3105632             P           C   Investment                 339 Willow Street                                Truro                      B2N 5A6
                                    A                                   B                C          D              E                                             F                                        G          H
  1                                                                                          CO-OPERATIVES IN NOVA SCOTIA
  2                                                                                                 November 2009
  3                              Co-op                              Registry ID   Profit/NonProfit                    Type                                Address                                      Town          PC
 92   EVANGELINE ARTISTS' COOPERATIVE LTD.                           3230550              N          M   Craft Products             185 West Long Island Road                            Grand Pré               B0P 1M0
 93   EVANGELINE COURTS HOUSING CO-OPERATIVE LIMITED                 1737176             N           C   Housing                    41 B Evangeline Court                                Wolfville               B4P 2B4
 94   EVERGREEN ECOLOGICAL COOPERATIVE LIMITED                       1877036             P           M   Worker Labour              c/o Nat Fulton1774 Stronach Mountain Road            Margaretsville          B0S 1N0
 95   FAIRWEST HOUSING CO-OPERATIVE LIMITED                          1386318             N           C   Housing                    22 Dipper Cres                                       Halifax                 B3M 1W7
 96   FALLOUT HOUSING CO-OPERATIVE LIMITED                           1418228             N           C   Housing                    6025 Willow Street                                   Halifax                 B3K 1L8
 97   FARMASEA COOPERATIVE LIMITED                                   3231698             P           M   Agriculture                1301 Meadow Green Road, RR #1                        Heatherton              B0H 1R0
 98   FARMERS CO-OPERATIVE DAIRY LIMITED                             1352633             P           M   Agriculture                745 Hammonds Plains Road                             Bedford                 B4B 1A8
 99   FARMERS' MARKET INVESTMENT COOPERATIVE LIMITED                 3209553             P           C   Investment                 6148 Quinpool Road                                   Halifax                 B3L 1A3
100   FARMERS' MARKETS OF NOVA SCOTIA COOPERATIVE LTD.               3085677             P           M   Agriculture                2358 Agricola Street                                 Halifax                 B3K 4B6
101   FLIP FLOP HOUSING CO-OPERATIVE LIMITED                         1555901             N           C   Housing                    31 Beaufort Drive                                    Dartmouth               B2W 5V5
102   FORCHU HOUSING CO-OPERATIVE LIMITED                            1919550             N           C   Housing                    29 Samm's Court                                      Yarmouth                B5A 4A5
103   FOUR CORNERS HOUSING CO-OPERATIVE LIMITED                      3059487             N           C   Housing                    66B Havelock Drive                                   Yarmouth                B5A 4G4
104   FRANKIE PRODUCTIONS CO-OP LTD.                                 3101473             N           C   Services                   5676 Woodill Street                                  Halifax                 B3K 1G9
105   FRESH START HOUSING CO-OPERATIVE LIMITED                       1540556             N           C   Housing                    c/o Concord Properties Limited, 99 Wyse Road,        Dartmouth
                                                                                                                                                                                        Suite 100                B3A 4S5
106   FUNDY ISLANDS FISHERMAN'S CO-OPERATIVE LIMITED                 3239098             P           M   Fish Products              67 Water Street                                      Freeport, Digby Co      B0V 1B0
107   FUTURE FORESTRY SERVICES CO-OPERATIVE LIMITED                  1773669             P           M   Forest Products            239 McLellan's Brook Road                            New Glasgow             B2H 5C7
108   FUTURE GROWTH CO-OP LTD.                                       3097409             N           C   Investment                 833 Main Street                                      Sydney Mines            B1V 2L9
109   GIMMIE SHELTER CONTINUING HOUSING CO-OPERATIVE LIMITED         1494451             N           C   Housing                    3 - 54 Park Street                                   Sydney                  B1P 4W4
                                                                   3013508               N           C   Services                   4248 - 105 Trans Canada Hwy                          Glendale, Inv. Co.      B0E 3L0
111   GLOOSCAP COUNTRY BAZAAR CO-OP LTD.                             3103966             N           M   Craft Products             3307 Highway #2                                      Economy                 B0M 1J0
112   GOLDEN POND HOUSING CO-OPERATIVE LIMITED                       2057133             N           C   Housing                    Box 262, STN                                         Sydney Mines            B1V 2Y5
113   GRAINERY FOOD CO-OPERATIVE LTD.                                3059460             P           C   Retail Consumer Products   2385 Agricola Street                                 Halifax                 B3K 4C5
114   GRASS ROOTS BIO ENERGY CO-OPERATIVE LIMITED                    3217436             P           M   Agriculture                43 Higginsville Road                                 Middle Musquodoboit     B0N 1X0
115   GREEN STEM CO-OPERATIVE LIMITED                                1827279             N           C   Housing                    Box 8714 Stn. A                                      Halifax                 B3K 5M4
116   GUANTANAMERA CO-OPERATIVE LIMITED                              1990082             P           C   Services                   58 Gull Rock Drive                                   Head of Jeddore         B0J 1P0
                                                                    3224429         N            M    GOLF LTÉE                     15584 Cabot Trail                                    Cheticamp               B0E 1H0
118   GUNG HO! EMPLOYMENT CO-OPERATIVE LIMITED                       3079828             N           C   Services                   1221 Barrington Street                               Halifax                 B3J 1Y2
119   HALIFAX BUILDERS CO-OPERATIVE LTD.                             1666427             P           M   Worker Labour              6041 Charles Street                                  Halifax                 B3K 1K9
120   HALIFAX CHEER ELITE CO-OPERATIVE LIMITED                       3085936             N           M   Worker Labour              32 Birkdale Crescent                                 Halifax                 B3M 1H5
121   HALIFAX PENINSULA HOUSING CO-OPERATIVE LIMITED                 1354520             N           C   Housing                    PO Box 31264                                         Halifax                 B3K 5Y5
122   HALIFAX WOMEN'S HOUSING CO-OPERATIVE LIMITED                   1435396             N           C   Housing                    3868 Basinview Drive                                 Halifax                 B3K 4Z9
123   HALL'S HARBOUR WATER CO-OPERATIVE LIMITED                      1351856             P           C   Services                   c/o The Hall's Harbour Capsite, 3586 Highway #359    Centreville             B0P 1J0
124   HANDS ON PROJECTS ETC. (H.O.P.E.) CO-OPERATIVE LIMITED         3221782             N           M   Worker Labour              2699 North Wood Terrace                              Halifax                 B3K 3S9
125   HARBOUR GREENHOUSE CO-OPERATIVE LIMITED                        2026177             P           M   Worker Labour              2767 Highway 223                                     MacKinnon's Harbour     B2C 1H3
126                                                                3100157
      HEALTH INFORMATICS CANADA RESEARCH LABORATORY (HICRELA) CO-OPERATIVE LIMITED       N           C   Services                   Apt #217 - 1326 Lower Water Street                   Halifax                 B3J 3R3
127   HEALTHWISE HOLDINGS CO-OPERATIVE LIMITED                       3222622             P           C   Investment                 339 Willow Street, Suite 2                           Truro                   B2N 5A6
128   HEALTHY MINDS NETWORK CO-OPERATIVE LIMITED                     3102658             N           C   Services                   7071 Bayers Road, Suite 112                          Halifax                 B3L 2C2
129   HEMFORD CEMETERY CO-OPERATIVE LTD.                             3160540             N           M   Worker Labour              25 Hemford Mill Road                                 Hemford, Lunenburg Co   B0R 1E0
130   HIGH HOPES HOUSING CO-OPERATIVE LIMITED                        1351872             N           C   Housing                    2372 Agricola Street                                 Halifax                 B3K 4B6
131   HIGHFIELD PARK HOUSING CO-OPERATIVE LIMITED                    1780845             N           C   Housing                    99 Wyse Road, Suite 100                              Dartmouth               B3A 4S5
132   HIGHLAND HOUSING CO-OPERATIVE LIMITED                          1450953             N           C   Housing                    86 St. Ninian Street                                 Antigonish              B2G 1Y8
133   HONESTWORKINGPEOPLE.COM CO-OPERATIVE LIMITED                   3058182             N           C   Services                   2502 Kings Road                                      Sydney Forks            B1L 1A1
134   HUBBARDS NURSERY SCHOOL CO-OPERATIVE LIMITED                   3223356             N           C   Services                   10089 St. Margarets Bay Road                         Hubbards                B0J 1T0
135   HUBTOWN HOUSING CO-OPERATIVE LIMITED                           1569442             N           C   Housing                    Queen Street                                         Truro                   B2N 6C7
                                       A                                B                C          D              E                                               F                                  G         H
 1                                                                                           CO-OPERATIVES IN NOVA SCOTIA
 2                                                                                                  November 2009
 3                              Co-op                               Registry ID   Profit/NonProfit                     Type                                  Address                                Town        PC
136   HUNTINGTON POINT WATER CO-OPERATIVE ASSOCIATION LIMITED        1350664              P          C   Services                   PO Box 295                                        Canning               B0P 1H0
137   INVESTING IN NOVA SCOTIA ENTERPRISES CO-OPERATIVE LIMITED      3080046             P           C   Investment                 339 Willow Street, 2nd floor                      Truro                 B2N 5A6
138   IONA CONNECTION HERITAGE CO-OPERATIVE LIMITED                  3039461             N           C   Services                   131 High Street                                   Sydney                B1P 2K1
139                                                                  3230368
      JIKSUTUI SOCIAL CULTURAL & ECONOMIC SKILLS DEVELOPMENT CO-OPERATIVE LTD.           N           M   Worker Labour              280 Old Farm Road, Indian Brook                   Shubenacadie          B0N 2H0
140   JOE MACISAAC HOUSING CO-OPERATIVE LIMITED                      1568509             N           C   Housing                    908 Granville Street                              Port Hawkesbury       B9A 2N8
141   JOHN HUGH MACKENZIE HOUSING CO-OPERATIVE LIMITED               1727308             N           C   Housing                    5293 Green Street                                 Halifax               B3H 1N6
142   JOHNSTOWN COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT CO-OPERATIVE LIMITED           1862763             N           C   Services                   15281 Highway #4                                  Johnstown             B0E 3B0
143   JUST US! COFFEE ROASTERS CO-OPERATIVE LIMITED                  2537013             P           M   Worker Labour              11865 Highway #1                                  Wolfville             B4P 2R3
144   JUST US! FAIR TRADE INVESTMENT CO-OPERATIVE LIMITED            3063161             P           M   Worker Labour              11865 Hwy #1                                      Wolfville             B4P 2R3
145   KABUKI HOUSING CO-OPERATIVE LIMITED                            1433232             N           C   Housing                    2473 Agricola Street                              Halifax               B3K 4C3
146   KEMPT HEAD WORKERS CO-OP LTD.                                  3090640             P           M   Worker Labour              10193 Kempt Head Road                             Kempt Head            B1X 1M9
147   KENT CO-OPERATIVE LIMITED                                      1351078             P           C   Retail Consumer Products   9319 Commercial Street                            New Minas             B4N 3G2
148   KIDZTALK COOPERATIVE LIMITED                                   3239465             N           C   Services                   85 Metropolitan Avenue, #106                      Lower Sackville       B4E 3H3
149   KING'S BOOKSTORE CO-OPERATIVE LIMITED                          3167235             P           C   Retail Consumer Products   6350 Coburg Road                                  Halifax               B3H 2A1
150   LA CO-OPERATIVE CHARLES FOREST LTEE                            1396297             P           C   Retail Consumer Products   2743 High Road                                    Arichat               B0E 1A0
151   LA CO-OPERATIVE DE CHETICAMP LIMITEE                           1351232             P           C   Retail Consumer Products   PO Box 40                                         Cheticamp             B0E 1H0
152   LA CO-OPERATIVE RADIO RICHMOND LIMITEE                         3046326             N           C   Services                   3435 Route 206                                    Petit de Grat         B0E 2L0
153   LA COOPERATIVE RADIO CHETICAMP LIMITEE                         2056510             N           C   Services                   15584 Cabot Trail                                 Cheticamp             B0E 1H0
154   LA RÉSIDENCE ACADIENNE CO-OPERATIVE LIMITED                    3074367             P           C   Services                   15104 Cabot Trail                                 Cheticamp             B0E 1H0
155   LAKE CITY CO-OPERATIVE LIMITED                                 1351261             N           C   Housing                    492 Spring Avenue                                 Dartmouth             B2W 1X8
156   LAMPLIGHT HOUSING CO-OPERATIVE LIMITED                         1360598             N           C   Housing                    5520 Victoria Road                                Halifax               B3H 1M7
157   LANDVIEW HOUSING CO-OPERATIVE LIMITED                          1925502             N           C   Housing                    Box 982                                           New Glasgow           B2H 5K7
158   LE MANOIR SAINT-PIERRE HOUSING COOPERATIVE LIMITED             1692488             N           C   Housing                    Box 1006                                          Cheticamp             B0E 1H0
159   LEMOYNE COOPERATIVE SOCIETY LIMITED                            1517465             P           C   Retail Consumer Products   PO Box 39                                         St. Joseph du Moine   B0E 3A0
160   LITTLE POND CO-OPERATIVE LIMITED                               1351454             P           C   Housing                    111 Little Pond Lane                              Lawrencetown          B2Z 0A3
161   LONGHOUSE HOUSING CO-OPERATIVE LIMITED                         1812768             N           C   Housing                    PO Box 9404, Station A                            Halifax               B3K 5S3
162   LORENTCHIA HOUSING CO-OPERATIVE LIMITED                        1424852             N           C   Housing                    77 Highland Drive, Apt. C-26                      Antigonish            B2G 1P4
163   LOWER ARGYLE FISHERMAN'S CO-OPERATIVE LIMITED                  1720641             P           M   Fish Products              81 Camp Cove Road                                 Lower Argyle          B0W 1W0
164   LOYALIST HOUSING CO-OPERATIVE LIMITED                          1592477             N           C   Housing                    206 - 368 Main Street                             Yarmouth              B5A 1E9
165   LUNENBURG BALSAM FIR COOPERATIVE LTD.                          3000912             P           M   Forest Products            Box 485                                           Bridgewater           B4V 2X6
166   MACNEIL BARRACHOIS COTTAGE CO-OPERATIVE LIMITED                3087131             P           C   Investment                 c/o Donald G. MacNeil, 75 Beechwood Drive         Truro                 B2N 1R5
167   MAPLE BROOK CO-OPERATIVE PASTURE LIMITED                       1352019             P           C   Services                   c/o Blazse MacDonald, West Bay Road               Kingsville            B0E 3L0
168   MARGAREE CO-OPERATIVE SOCIETY LIMITED                          1352022             P           C   Retail Consumer Products   7883 Cabot Trail                                  Margaree Forks        B0E 2A0
169   MARGAREE TOURISM ASSOCIATION CO-OPERATIVE LIMITED              3225644             N           M   Worker Labour              7972 Cabot Trail                                  Margaree Forks        B0E 2A0
170   MARIA'S HOUSING CO-OPERATIVE LIMITED                           1389302             N           C   Housing                    205 Herring Cove Road                             Halifax               B3P 1L1
171   MARIGOLD CULTURAL CENTRE CO-OPERATIVE LIMITED                  3091177             P           M   Worker Labour              605 Prince Street                                 Truro                 B2N 1G2
172   MCINTOSH RUN HOUSING CO-OPERATIVE LIMITED                      1695123             N           C   Housing                    c/o Concord Properties, 99 Wyse Road, Suite 100   Dartmouth             B3A 4S5
173   MERISTEM GARDENING CO-OPERATIVE LTD.                           3226570             N           M   Worker Labour              5684 Roberts Street                               Halifax               B3K 1J6
174   MERSEY TOBEATIC RESEARCH INSTITUTE CO-OPERATIVE LIMITED        3095186             N           M   Worker Labour              9 Mount Merritt Road                              Kempt                 B0T 1B0
175   MIDDLETON FARMERS' MARKET COOPERATIVE LIMITED                  3238229             N           M   Agriculture                c/o Angie Schoonhoven, 365 Canaan Rd., RR #1      Aylesford             B0P 1C0
176   MINAS SEED CO-OPERATIVE LIMITED                                1354602             P           M   Agriculture                9362 Hwy #221                                     Canning, Kings Co.    B0P 1H0
177   MINUDIE PASTURE COOPERATIVE LIMITED                            3008924             P           C   Services                   11335 Highway #2                                  Springhill            B0M 1X0
178   MIRA PASTURE CO-OPERATIVE LIMITED                              1352257             P           C   Services                   835 MacKeigan Road                                Big Ridge             B1K 3Y8
179   MISSING LINT CO-OPERATIVE LIMITED                              3083547             N           C   Services                   648 George Street                                 Sydney                B1P 1K9
                                     A                                   B                C          D              E                                             F                                            G         H
 1                                                                                            CO-OPERATIVES IN NOVA SCOTIA
 2                                                                                                   November 2009
 3                               Co-op                               Registry ID   Profit/NonProfit                     Type                                   Address                                     Town          PC
180   MIXED MEDIA ARTISANS CO-OPERATIVE LTD                           3100018              P          C   Services                   74 Esplanade - Unit #4                                   Sydney                 B1P 1A1
181   MUD CREEK MEDICAL CO-OPERATIVE LIMITED                          3095421             P           M   Worker Labour              12E Elm Avenue                                           Wolfville              B4P 1Z9
182   MUNICIPAL ELECTRIC UTILITIES OF NOVA SCOTIA COOPERATIVE LTD.    3012874             P           C   Services                   c/o Bea Renton, CAO, Town of Lunenburg,                 Lunenburg
                                                                                                                                                                                           119 Cumberland Street     BJ0J 2C0
183   MUSQUODOBOIT HARBOUR FARMERS MARKET CO-OPERATIVE LTD.           3234142             N           M   Agriculture                379 Anderson Road                                        Musquodoboit Harbour   B0J 2L0
184   MUSQUODOBOIT VALLEY CO-OPERATIVE LIMITED                        1352104             P           C   Retail Consumer Products   12279 Highway #224                                       Middle Musquodoboit    B0N 1X0
185   NEEDHAM HOUSING CO-OPERATIVE LIMITED                            1769464             N           C   Housing                    6143 North Street                                        Halifax                B3K 1P2
186   NEIL'S HARBOUR CO-OPERATIVE LIMITED                             1352120             P           C   Retail Consumer Products   242 New Haven Road                                       Neil's Harbour         B0C 1N0
187   NEW ARMDALE WESTSIDE HOUSING CO-OPERATIVE LIMITED               3217679             N           C   Housing                                                                             Halifax
                                                                                                                                     c/o Pathways Housing Services, 1657 Barrington Street, Suite 333                B3J 2A1
188   NEW GLASGOW FARMERS MARKET COOPERATIVE LIMITED                  3238983             N           M   Agriculture                PRDC, 980 East River Road                                New Glasgow            B2H 3S8
189   NEW ROSS COUNTRY MARKET CO-OP LIMITED                           3177313             N           M   Agriculture                c/o Ross Farm Museum, 4568 Route 12                      New Ross               B0J 2M0
190   NEWFIE HOUSING CO-OPERATIVE LIMITED                             1443682             N           C   Housing                    112 Ridgevalley Road                                     Halifax                B3P 2J9
191   NORTH BAY FISHERMEN'S CO-OPERATIVE ASSOCIATION LIMITED          1568607             P           M   Fish Products              RR #4 Ballantyne's Cove                                  Antigonish Co.         B2G 2L2
192   NORTH END UNITED HOUSING CO-OPERATIVE LTD.                      3239793             N           C   Housing                    2407 Portia White Court                                  Halifax                B3K 0B1
193   NORTH NOVA FOREST OWNERS CO-OPERATIVE LIMITED                   1352175             P           M   Forest Products            11986 Highway #4                                         Wentworth              B0M 1Z0
194   NORTH WEST ARM HOUSING CO-OPERATIVE LIMITED                     1354673             N           C   Housing                    4 Dekker Street                                          Halifax                B3R 1M4
195   NORTH WIND FARM AND FOOD CO-OPERATIVE LIMITED                   3065159             P           M   Agriculture                2375 Hwy #252, RR #2                                     Whycocomagh            B0E 3M0
196   NORTHUMBERLAND FISH COOPERATIVE LIMITED                         3021980             P           M   Fish Products              4911 Highway #6                                          River John             B0K 1N0
197   NORTHUMBERLAND LAMB MARKETING CO-OPERATIVE LIMITED              1417369             P           M   Agriculture                24 Brookside Branch Rd.                                  Bible Hill             B6L 2A6
198   NOVA HEIGHTS CONTINUING HOUSING CO-OPERATIVE LIMITED            1876426             N           C   Housing                    31 Stuart Street                                         Sydney                 B1P 6Y8
199   NOVA SCOTIA ANIMAL BREEDER'S CO-OPERATIVE LTD.                  1352215             P           C   Retail Consumer Products   4060 Route 236                                           Truro                  B6L 1J9
200   NOVA SCOTIA CO-OPERATIVE COUNCIL LIMITED                        1684676             N           C   Services                   339 Willow Street, Suite 2                               Truro                  B2N 5A6
201   NOVA SCOTIA FARMERS' MARKET DEVELOPMENT COOPERATIVE LTD.        3230729             N           C   Investment                 2350 Agricola Street                                     Halifax                B3K 4B6
202   OFF HIGHWAY VEHICLE CLOSED COURSE CO-OPERATIVE LIMITED          3208752             N           M   Worker Labour              1072 Highway #2                                          Masstown               B0M 1G0
203   OIKOCREDIT ATLANTIC CO-OPERATIVE LIMITED                        3058103             N           C   Investment                 25 Graham Street                                         Dartmouth              B3A 3H9
204   OLD RAILWAY CABINS COOPERATIVE LTD.                             3004733             P           C   Services                   c/o Beverley Moseley, 138 Canaan Road                    Aylesford              B0P 1C0
205   OVO CO-OPERATIVE LIMITED                                        1352231             N           C   Housing                    6304 Duncan Street                                       Halifax                B3L 1K3
206   PARRSBORO WELLNESS CENTRE CO-OP LTD.                            3162613             N           C   Services                   151 Main Street                                          Parrsboro              B0M 1S0
207   PATHWAYS HOUSING SERVICES CO-OPERATIVE LTD.                     3094178             P           C   Services                   31 Navara Crescent                                       Dartmouth              B2W 5L2
208   PATURAGE CO-OPERATIF DE CHETICAMP LIMITE                        1352260             P           C   Services                   74 MacGarry Road                                         Grand Etang            B0E 1L0
209   PEER GALLERY CO-OPERATIVE LIMITED                               3065444             P           C   Retail Consumer Products   167 Lincoln Street                                       Lunenburg              B0J 2C0
210   PERFORMANCE GENOMICS INVESTMENT FUND CO-OPERATIVE LTD.          3233721             P           C   Investment                 90 Research Drive                                        Truro                  B2N 6Z4
211   PICTOU COUNTY HOME HEALTH CARE CO-OPERATIVE LIMITED             1855865             P           M   Worker Labour              244 Granville Street                                     New Glasgow            B2H 4Y7
212   PINE HAVEN WATER CO-OPERATIVE LIMITED                           3089795             P           C   Services                   c/o Dave Fuller, 1061 Spittal Road                       Coldbrook              B4R 1B6
213   POMQUET CO-OPERATIVE LIMITED                                    1352300             P           C   Retail Consumer Products   RR #7                                                    Pomquet                B2G 2L4
214   PORT HOOD COOPERATIVE LIMITED                                   1352313             P           C   Retail Consumer Products   165 Main Street                                          Port Hood              B0E 2W0
215   PORT HOOD RV CO-OPERATIVE LIMITED                               3141711             P           C   Investment                 45 Wharf Road                                            Port Hood              B0E 2W0
216   PRIVATEER HOUSING CO-OPERATIVE LIMITED                          1548378             N           C   Housing                    PO Box 152 DMPS                                          Dartmouth              B2Y 3Y3
217   PROSPECT ROAD CO-OP NURSERY SCHOOL LTD.                         3097283             N           C   Services                   1078 Prospect Road                                       Goodwood               B3T 1P5
218   PUGWASH CO-OPERATIVE LIMITED                                    1360612             P           C   Retail Consumer Products   10308 Durham Street                                      Pugwash                B0K 1L0
219   PUGWASH FARMERS' MARKET CO-OPERATIVE LIMITED                    3161312             N           M   Agriculture                2413 Crowley Road                                        Pugwash                B0K 1L0
220   RESOURCES 2000 CO-OP LTD.                                       2150749             P           M   Worker Labour              RR #1                                                    Orangedale             B0E 2K0
221   RICHMOND COMMUNITY MANAGEMENT FISHERY CO-OPERATIVE LIMITED      3021538             N           M   Fish Products              2575 Highway #206                                        Arichat                B0E 1A0
222   RIVER HEBERT COOPERATIVE SERVICE LIMITED                        1352397             P           C   Retail Consumer Products   1764 Main Street                                         River Hebert           B0L 1G0
223   RIVERFEST CO-OP LIMITED                                         3234987             N           M   Worker Labour              1590 Highway #10                                         Cookville              B4V 7R4
                                    A                                  B                C          D              E                                            F                                             G         H
 1                                                                                          CO-OPERATIVES IN NOVA SCOTIA
 2                                                                                                 November 2009
 3                             Co-op                               Registry ID   Profit/NonProfit                     Type                                   Address                                        Town       PC
224   ROCKY ROAD HOUSING CO-OPERATIVE LIMITED                       1501024              N          C   Housing                    3643 Lynch Street                                        Halifax                B3K 3L3
225   ROGERS DRIVE HOUSING CO-OPERATIVE LTD.                        1381982             N           C   Housing                    c/o Concord Properties Limited, 99 Wyse Rd., Suite 100   Dartmouth              B3A 4S5
226   ROOFTOPS HOUSING CO-OPERATIVE LIMITED                         1445622             N           C   Housing                    c/o Concord Properties, 99 Wyes Road, Suite 100          Dartmouth              B3A 4S5
227   SADUKE HOUSING CO-OPERATIVE LIMITED                           1611303             N           C   Housing                    1657 Barrington Street, Suite 333                        Halifax                B3J 2A1
228   SAMSON CO-OPERATIVE LIMITED                                   1511056             N           C   Housing                    38 George Street                                         New Glasgow            B2H 2K1
229   SCOTIA DIRECT LOBSTER CO-OP LTD.                              3236060             P           M   Fish Products              33 chemin de la Camp                                     Saulnierville          B0W 2Z0
230   SCOTIA ORGANIC MILK PRODUCERS COOPERATIVE LIMITED             3229298             N           M   Agriculture                                                                         T
                                                                                                                                   c/o Organic Agriculture Centre of Canada, 137 College Roadruro                  B2N 5E3
231   SCOTIAN GOLD CO-OPERATIVE LIMITED                             1352440             P           M   Agriculture                2900 Lovett Road                                         Coldbrook              B4R 1A6
232   SCOTSBURN CO-OPERATIVE SERVICES LIMITED                       1352453             P           M   Agriculture                4135 Scotsburn Road                                      Scotsburn              B0K 1R0
233   SETTLEMENT WATER CO-OPERATIVE LIMITED                         1352479             P           C   Services                   5 Towerview Road                                         Enfield                B2T 1H1
234   SHEAN CO-OPERATIVE LIMITED                                    1352482             P           C   Retail Consumer Products   Central Avenue                                           Inverness              B0E 1N0
235   SHEAN INVESTMENT CO-OPERATIVE LIMITED                         3104621             P           C   Investment                 15856 Central Avenue                                     Inverness              B0E 1N0
236   SIMPLY PRIMITIVE HOME DECOR CO-OP LTD.                        3238078             P           M   Craft Products             160 Robie Street                                         Truro                  B2N 1L1
237   SMART CHRISTMAS TREE RESEARCH COOPERATIVE LTD.                3229301             P           M   Forest Products            5255 Highway #10                                         New Germany            B0R 1E0
238   SOIL AND SEA CO-OP LIMITED                                    1923700             P           M   Worker Labour              9483, 221 West                                           Canning                B0P 1H0
239   SPANISH BAY CONTINUING HOUSING CO-OPERATIVE LTD.              1689393             N           C   Housing                    PO Box 811                                               Sydney                 B1P 6J1
240   SPRYVIEW HOUSING CO-OPERATIVE LIMITED                         3191173             N           C   Housing                    99 Wyse Road, Suite 100                                  Dartmouth              B3A 4S5
241   SSG SUPPORT SERVICES GROUP CO-OPERATIVE LTD.                  2245085             N           C   Services                   22-24 Dundas Street, Suite 100                           Dartmouth              B2Y 4L2
242   ST. AMBROSE PARISH BOOKSTORE COOPERATIVE LIMITED              3225676             N           C   Retail Consumer Products   65 Green Street                                          Yarmouth               B5A 1Z6
243   STEWIACKE VALLEY FARMER'S MARKET CO-OPERATIVE LTD             3104486             N           M   Agriculture                4180 Highway #289                                        Upper Stewiacke        B0N 2P0
244   STRAIT AREA TRANSIT CO-OPERATIVE LTD.                         3216455             N           M   Worker Labour              32 Paint Street, Unit 6                                  Port Hawkesbury        B9A 3J8
245   SUNRISE TRAIL COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT CO-OPERATIVE LIMITED      3097408             P           C   Investment                 257 Main Street                                          Tatamagouche           B0K 1V0
246   SUNSET FUNERAL CO-OPERATIVE LIMITED                           3085934             P           M   Worker Labour              65 Crowdis Cross Road                                    Margaree Valley        B0E 2C0
247   SUPPORTED SELF-MANAGED LIVING SERVICE CO-OPERATIVE LIMITED    3053035             N           C   Services                   35 Fairview Drive                                        Truro                  B2N 1S2
248   SYDNEY MINES INVESTMENT CO-OPERATIVE LIMITED                  3014473             P           C   Investment                 1 Fraser Avenue, Suite 7                                 Sydney Mines           B1V 2B8
249   SYDPORT INVESTMENT CO-OPERATIVE LTD.                          3110411             P           C   Investment                 188 George Street                                        Sydney                 B1P 1J3
250   TATAMAGOUCHE COMMUNITY LAND CO-OPERATIVE LTD.                 3217645             N           C   Housing                    11 Alex Cox Road                                         Tatamagouche           B0K 1V0
251   TATAMAGOUCHE FARMERS' MARKET CO-OP LTD.                       3085260             N           M   Agriculture                41 Creamery Road                                         Tatamagouche           B0K 1V0
252   TEAM WORK COOPERATIVE LIMITED                                 3007845             P           M   Worker Labour              7071 Bayers Road, Suite M278                             Halifax                B3L 2C2
253   THE APARTMENT HOUSING CO-OPERATIVE LIMITED                    1442474             N           C   Housing                    7-10 Cherry Lane                                         Halifax                B3P 1Y8
254   THE BIG PICTURE BUILDING COLLECTIVE CO-OPERATIVE LIMITED      3238559             N           M   Worker Labour              24 Birch Street                                          Halifax                B3N 2T9
255   THE BIRCHES HOUSING CO-OPERATIVE LIMITED                      1855894             N           C   Housing                    55 Hillcrest Drive                                       Digby                  B0V 1A0
256   THE BRIERLY HOUSE CO-OPERATIVE LIMITED                        1351912             N           C   Housing                    11 Court Street                                          Antigonish             B2G 1Z7
257   THE CROSS-ROADS NON PROFIT HOUSING CO-OPERATIVE LIMITED       1474926             N           C   Housing                    1 Unity Court                                            Lower Sackville        B4E 2R9
258   THE DANDELION COMMUNITY INVESTMENT COOPERATIVE LIMITED        3235926             P           C   Investment                 1235 Deep Hollow Road                                    Wolfville              B4P 1R2
259   THE DISTINCT THEATRE SOCIETY CO-OPERATIVE LIMITED             3236844             N           C   Services                   2630 Fuller Terrace                                      Halifax                B3K 3V7
260   THE GREENHOUSE CO-OPERATIVE LIMITED                           1818360             P           M   Worker Labour              9651 Grenville Street                                    St Peters              B0E 3B0
261   THE LOUISDALE COOPERATIVE SOCIETY LIMITED                     1351983             P           C   Retail Consumer Products   Box 574, Main Street                                     Louisdale              B0E 1V0
262   THE REGIONAL HOUSING CO-OPERATIVE LIMITED                     1416717             N           C   Housing                    Box 3483                                                 Dartmouth              B2W 5G3
263   THE TRILLIUM HOUSING CO-OPERATIVE LIMITED                     1494160             N           C   Housing                    66A Valkyrie Crescent                                    Dartmouth              B2W 5B6
264   THERMALWISE GREEN BUILDING CO-OPERATIVE LIMITED               3237614             P           M   Worker Labour              10-10 Blomidon Terrace                                   Wolfville              B4P 2G9
265   TOPSHEE HOUSING CO-OPERATIVE LIMITED                          1479172             N           C   Housing                    44 Grandview Drive                                       Antigonish             B2G 2T9
266   TOWER HEIGHTS HOUSING CO-OPERATIVE LIMITED                    2374414             N           C   Housing                    73 Stuart Street                                         Sydney                 B1P 6Y8
267   TRI-SACK HOUSING CO-OPERATIVE LIMITED                         3113651             N           C   Housing                                                                             Halifax
                                                                                                                                   c/o Pathways Housing Services, 1657 Barrington St, Suite 333                    B3J 2A1
                                    A                     B                C          D              E                                            F                                         G          H
 1                                                                             CO-OPERATIVES IN NOVA SCOTIA
 2                                                                                    November 2009
 3                              Co-op                 Registry ID   Profit/NonProfit                     Type                                 Address                                     Town         PC
268   TRUE NORTH HOUSING CO-OPERATIVE LIMITED          2108357              N          C   Housing                    c/o Concord Properties Limited, 99 Wyse Road,        Dartmouth
                                                                                                                                                                          Suite 100                B3A 4S5
269   TRURO FARMERS' MARKET CO-OPERATIVE LIMITED       3215055             P           M   Agriculture                c/o Downtown Truro Partnership, 605 Prince Street    Truro                   B2N 1G2
270   TRURO INVESTMENT CO-OPERATIVE LIMITED            3091166             P           C   Investment                 605 Prince Street                                    Truro                   B2N 1G2
271   TURNSTILE POTTERY COOPERATIVE LIMITED            3085747             P           M   Worker Labour              2733 Agricoa Street                                  Halifax                 B3K 4E2
272   UNITED FARMERS CO-OPERATIVE LIMITED              1352659             P           C   Retail Consumer Products   502 Keltic Drive                                     Sydney                  B1L 1B8
273   UPPER STEWIACKE COOPERATIVE LIMITED              1357778             P           C   Retail Consumer Products   5477 Highway #289                                    Upper Stewiacke         B0N 2P0
274   VALLEY FUNERAL HOME CO-OPERATIVE LIMITED         3042611             P           C   Services                   34 Coldbrook Village Park Drive                      Coldbrook               B4R 1B9
275   VICTORIA CO-OPERATIVE FISHERIES LIMITED          1354340             P           M   Fish Products              247 New Haven Road                                   Neil's Harbour          B0C 1N0
276   VICTORIA FARMERS CO-OPERATIVE LIMITED            1352675             P           C   Retail Consumer Products   48 Twinning Street                                   Baddeck, Victoria Co.   B0E 1B0
277   VIEWPOINT GALLERY CO-OPERATIVE LIMITED           3045160             N           M   Craft Products             1272 Barrington Street                               Halifax                 B3J 1Y5
278   VIHARA HOUSING CO-OPERATIVE LIMITED              1398155             N           C   Housing                    2531 Elm Street                                      Halifax                 B3L 2Y5
279   VILLAGE GROCERY WORKERS' CO-OPERATIVE LIMITED    2056189             P           M   Worker Labour              10004 Grenville Street                               St Peters               B0E 3B0
280   WALLIS DRIVE HOUSING CO-OPERATIVE LTD.           1608901             N           C   Housing                    17 Wallis Drive                                      Pictou                  B0K 1H0
281   WATER STREET STUDIO CO-OPERATIVE LIMITED         1707582             P           M   Craft Products             Water Street                                         Pictou                  B0K 1H0
282   WATERVILLE AIRPORT CO-OPERATIVE LIMITED          3032677             P           M   Worker Labour              5876 Highway 1 Unit 1                                Cambridge               B0P 1G0
283   WEST HALIFAX HOUSING CO-OPERATIVE LIMITED        1588452             N           C   Housing                    6781 Regent Road                                     Halifax                 B3L 4S8
284   WEST NOVA ENERGY WOOD CO-OPERATIVE LTD.          3237356             P           M   Forest Products            620 Norton Range Cross Road                          Burton                  B0W 1H0
285   WEST NOVA INVESTMENT COOPERATIVE LTD.            3005420             P           C   Investment                 3594 Second Division Road                            Church Point            B0W 1M0
286   WESTMOOR 57 CO-OPERATIVE LIMITED                 1352744             N           C   Housing                    6924 Cook Avenue                                     Halifax                 B3L 2J8
287   WHYCOCOMAGH COOPERATIVE LIMITED                  1352760             P           C   Retail Consumer Products   9402 Hwy 105                                         Whycocomagh             B0E 3M0
288   WHYCOCOMAGH INVESTMENT CO-OPERATIVE LIMITED      3223969             P           C   Investment                 9402 Highway #105                                    Whycocomagh             B0E 3M0
289   WICKWIRE CO-OPERATIVE LIMITED                    3074262             P           C   Services                   15 Locust Ave., Apt #1                               Wolfville               B4P 2G1
290   WILD BLUEBERRY HARVEST CO-OPERATIVE LIMITED      3094170             N           M   Agriculture                50 Little Yorke Road                                 Five Islands            B0M 1K0
291   WOLFVILLE FARMERS MARKET CO-OPERATIVE LIMITED    3103778             P           M   Agriculture                12571 Hwy #1                                         Avonport                B0P 1B0
292   WOLFVILLE HABITAT COOPERATIVE LIMITED            1352800             N           C   Housing                    25 Post Road, Apt 105                                Wolfville               B4P 2M8
293   WOMEN IN RURAL ENTERPRISE COOPERATIVE LIMITED    3240546             N           M   Worker Labour              336 Chute Road                                       Bear River              B0S 1B0
294   WOODLAND ESTATES HOUSING CO-OPERATIVE LIMITED    1915636             N           C   Housing                    99 Wyse Road, Suite 100                              Dartmouth               B3A 4S5

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