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									                                                                            OIE Reference Laboratories
                                        Dr. Bonaventure Mtei
                                         Dr. P. Bastiaensen                   Designated to pursue all the scientific problems relating to specific named
                                                                              disease(s) on the OIE list, functioning as a centre of expertise, providing
                                           Dr. Keith Hamilton                      technical assistance on surveillance/control of such disease(s):

                                            Ms. Sara Linnane                  standardise the diagnostic techniques,
                                                                              store and distribute to national labs, biological reference products /
                      The OIE Network of Reference                          reagents,
                                                                              develop new procedures for diagnosis / control of such disease(s),
                     Laboratories and Collaborating                           gather, analyse and disseminate epizootiological relevant data,
                                                                              place expert consultants at the disposal of the OIE,
                                 Centres (twinning)                           provide training and diagnostic facilities to OIE Members,
                                                                              inform the OIE Delegate and OIE HQs when confirming positive results for
                                                                            diseases that are notifiable to OIE,
                                                                              organise scientific meetings on behalf of the Organisation,
                                                                              coordinate scientific studies, and publish any information which may be
                                                                            useful to OIE Members,
       OIE Regional Information Seminar for newly appointed OIE Delegates
                                Gaborone (Botswana) March 9 – 12th, 2010

187 OIE Ref. Labs,
 36 Countries,
100 Diseases,
161 experts,

                                                                            OIE Collaborating Centers
                                                                            Centres of expertise in a specific designated sphere of competence relating to
                                                                            general matters on animal health (epidemiology, risk analysis, training of
                                                                            official vets, etc.),

                                                                            In its designated field of competence, they must provide their expertise
                                                                            internationally by:

                                                                                  operating as a centre of research, standardisation and dissemination of
                                                                                techniques for controling animal diseases,
                                                                                  placing expert consultants at the disposal of the OIE,
                                                                                  providing technical training to personnel from OIE Members,
                                                                                  organising scientific meetings on behalf of the OIE,
                                                                                  coordinating scientific and technical studies, and publishing any information in
                                                                                their competence which may be useful to OIE Members.
      35 Collaborating
      20 Countries,
      33 Topics,
      35 Experts

      OIE fit for purpose validation (2008)                                          OIE fit for purpose validation (2009)

                                Name of the                                                                     Name of the
              Disease                               Name of the Manufacturer                 Disease                               Name of the Manufacturer
                                Diagnostic kit                                                                  Diagnostic kit

Rabies                         Platelia Rabies II           Bio-Rad            Rabies                         Platelia Rabies II           Bio-Rad

Avian Influenza                 BioChek Avian           BioChek UK Ltd         Avian Influenza                 BioChek Avian           BioChek UK Ltd
                              Influenza Antibody                                                             Influenza Antibody
                                    test kit                                                                       test kit
White spot disease            IQ 2000 TM WSSV             GeneReach            White spot disease            IQ 2000 TM WSSV             GeneReach
                                Detection and         Biotechnology Corp                                       Detection and         Biotechnology Corp
                              Prevention System                                                              Prevention System
Bovine                       Prionics AG - Check          Prionics AG          Bovine / Transmissible        Prionics AG - Check         Prionics AG
spongiform encephalopathy        WESTERN                                       spongiform encephalopathies       WESTERN

                                                                                                             TeSeE WESTERN                 Bio-Rad

      The OIE “twinning programme”                                                   The OIE “twinning programme”

The OIE “twinning programme”                                       Any “twinning agreement”

                                                                   Is a link between OIE Reference Laboratory or
                                                                   Collaborating Centre (Parent) and national laboratory
                                                                   or centre (Candidate).

                                                                   Aims to improve expertise and diagnostic capacity
                                                                   with eventual aim of providing support within the
                                                                   region and reaching OIE standards.

               Collaborating                                       Must be sustainable when twinning arrangement is

Countries with more than 6 reference labs                          Countries with more than 6 reference labs

            Country             Number of Reference Laboratories                     Country                  Number of Reference Laboratories

            Argentina                          7                                  United Kingdom                              30
            Australia                         11                           United States of America                           25
             Canada                           14                                      France                                  17
             France                           17                                     Canada                                   14
            Germany                           11                                      Japan                                   13
              Italy                            9                                     Australia                                11
              Japan                           13                                     Germany                                  11
          South Africa                         7                                       Italy                                   9
        United Kingdom                        30                                    Argentina                                  7
     United States of America                 25                                   South Africa                                7

Why a “twinning programme” ?                                       The OIE “twinning process”
                                                                                          OIE REF.
                                                                                          OIE REF.             APPLICANT
  Priority regions and diseases                                                              LAB
                                                                                            LAB                   LAB

  Global geographical coverage of                                                                   AGREEMENT
 expertise, focused on developing and                               ID possible

 transition countries                                                  CVO                             AGREEMENT
                                                                    Reg. office                    HEADS OF BOTH LABS
                                                                                                  HEADS OF BOTH LABS
  Better global disease surveillance                                                               OFFICIAL DELEGATES
                                                                                                  OFFICIAL DELEGATES
                                                                                                                        •Regional needs

  Greater access for more countries to                                                                 PROJECT
                                                                                                                        •Managing expert
                                                                                                                        •Work plan
 high quality diagnostics and expertise                                                                                 •Communication

 for early detection and rapid response                                        BIOLOGICAL
                                                                                                                        DONOR FUNDING
                                                                                                                        EVALUATION BUDGET
                                                                              COMMISSION                S & DEPT
                                                                                                       S & TTDEPT
    “twinning” : scope                                                  “twinning” : scope

      Surveillance, detection and control of animal                        Realistic, achievable goals
      diseases (incl. zoonoses)
                                                                           Variability and flexibility
      A specific horizontal sphere of competence                               Objectives, subjects
      e.g. epidemiology, veterinary medicinal                                  Length of project (1-3 years)
                                                                           Some Candidate Laboratories/Centres will
      Biosafety, biosecurity, quality assurance and                        reach OIE Reference Laboratory or
      good laboratory practices are integral                               Collaborating Centre Status

                                                                   CESME, Istituto
    “twinning” : progress in Africa (2009)                         Zooprofilattico
                                                                   dell'Abruzzo e del
                                                                   Molise 'G. Caporale'

                                                                            Contagious                             BNVL, Botswana National
                                                                              Bovine                                  Veterinary Laboratory
                                                                             Pleuro-                                              Gaborone
                                                                            Pneumonia                                         BOTSWANA

VLA, Veterinary                                                    VLA, Veterinary
Laboratories                                                       Laboratories
Agency                                                             Agency
Weybridge                                                          Weybridge
Surrey                                                             Surrey
UNITED KINGDOM                                                     UNITED KINGDOM

          Highly                        BNVL, Botswana National
                                                                               Highly                          OVI, Onderstepoort Veterinary
       Pathogenic                          Veterinary Laboratory            Pathogenic                                              Institute
                                                        Sebele,                                                              Onderstepoort,
          Avian                                        Gaborone                Avian                                                Pretoria
        Influenza                                  BOTSWANA                  Influenza                                     SOUTH AFRICA
Federal Research                                           CESME, Istituto
Centre for Virus                                           Zooprofilattico
Diseases of Animals                                        Sperimentale
(BFAV), Institute of                                       dell'Abruzzo e del
Diagnostic Virology                                        Molise 'G. Caporale'
Greifswald - Insel                                         Teramo
Riems                                                      ITALY

            Highly                Central laboratory for
                                                                     Brucellosis                         NVLE
         Pathogenic           Veterinary Quality Control                                    National Veterinary
                                  on Poultry Production                                    Laboratory of Eritrea
            Avian                                 Cairo                                                Asmara
          Influenza                             EGYPT                                                ERITREA

     IAH                                                         VLA, Veterinary
     Institute for Animal                                        Laboratories
     Health                                                      Agency
     Pirbright                                                   Weybridge
     Surrey                                                      Surrey
     UK                                                          UNITED KINGDOM

              Bluetongue &      Laboratoire Biopharma
                                                                           Brucellosis                   CVRL
              African Horse                     Rabat                                        Central Veterinary
                                           MOROCCO                                       Research Laboratories
                Sickness                                                                                Centre

     AFSSA,                                                     OVI,
     Agence Française de                                        Onderstepoort
        Sé curité
     la Sécurité Sanitaire                                      Veterinary Institute,
     Alimentaire                                                Pretoria
     Fougères                                                   SOUTH AFRICA

                 Veterinary                 LACOMEV
                                                                             Rabies                      NVRI
                 medicinal      Laboratoire de contrôle                                     National Veterinary
                                     des médicaments                                         Research Institute
                  products                 vétérinaires                                                    Vom
                                                 Dakar                                           Plateau State
                                            SENEGAL                                                   NIGERIA
ISS,                                                                                    ...   IAH
Istituto Superiore                                                                      UK    Institute for Animal
di Sanita                                                                                     Health
Roma                                                                                          Pirbright
ITALY                                                                                         Surrey

           Trichinella                                       BNVL, Botswana National
                                                                                                Enhancement of                                                     NADDEC,
                                                                Veterinary Laboratory          diagnostic capacity                                           National Animal
                                                                             Sebele,                                                                 Disease Diagnostics and
                                                                            Gaborone                  and                                                Epidemiology Centre
                                                                        BOTSWANA              epidemiosurveillance                                                  Entebbe

      “twinning” : progress in Africa (2009)

                                                                                                                                              AAHRI, Aquatic
                                                                                                                                               Animal Health
                                                                                                                                             Research Institute
                                                                                                                                               Department of
                                                                                                                                            Fisheries, Kasetsart
                                                                                                                                            University Campus

                                                                                                   Epizootic                                           UNZA, Department of
                                                                                                   Ulcerative                                         Microbiology, School of
                                                                                                                                                         Veterinary Medicine
                                                                                                   Syndrome                                                   UNZA, Lusaka

      “twinning” : worldwide (ongoing)                                                        “twinning” : worldwide (approved)

       •                                                             completed)
           Italy and Russia Avian influenza and Newcastle disease (completed)                  •   Italy and Qatar:           Avian influenza and Newcastle disease
       •   USA and Brazil               Avian influenza and Newcastle disease                  •   France and Thailand                                     Brucellosis
       •   Germany and Egypt            Avian influenza and Newcastle disease                  •            Sudan:
                                                                                                   UK and Sudan:                                           Brucellosis
       •   Italy and Cuba               Avian influenza and Newcastle disease                  •   Japan and India                               Equine piroplasmosis
       •   UK and South Africa           Avian influenza and Newcastle disease                 •   Argentina and Paraguay                     Foot and mouth disease
       •   UK and Botswana               Avian influenza and Newcastle disease                 •   South Africa and Nigeria                                    Rabies
       •   Australia and Malaysia       Avian influenza and Newcastle disease                  •   France and Senegal                    Veterinary Medicinal Products
       •   Canada and Colombia          Avian influenza and Newcastle disease
       •   UK and China (PR of)                Classical swine fever and rabies
       •   Italy and Eritrea                                        Brucellosis
       •   UK and Turkey                                             Brucellosis
       •   Italy and Cuba                                         Epidemiology
       •   Italy and Botswana              Contagious bovine pleuropneumonia
       •   UK and Morocco                Bluetongue and African horse sickness
       •   Germany and Turkey                                           Rabies
  “twinning” : worldwide (pipeline)                                      Guidelines

   • Italy and Botswana                           Trichinellosis
   • Germany and Cuba                      Classical swine fever
   • UK and Uganda           Enhancement of diagnostic capacity
                                    and epidemiosurveillance of    •    Background
                                  veterinary diseases in Uganda    •    How to apply/proposal
   •   USA and China                              Epidemiology
   •   USA and Chile                             Avian influenza   •    Basic project management
   •   …                                                           •    Project plan (objectives, stages)
   •   ..
                                                                   •    Regular monitoring
   •   .
   •   Thailand and Zambia         Epizootic Ulcerative Syndrome   •    Facilitates efficient applications
                                                                   •    Formalises agreement

  Guidelines : updates
                                                                   The ‘take-home’ message
• Introduces the possibility of                                    • Programme is ongoing and extending (« twinning »
  involving other labs in some                                       of veterinary teaching and education facilities)
  workshops                                                        • Programme applies to both laboratories and centres
• Limits the number of twinning                                      with a particular expertise
  projects per OIE Reference                                       • Laboratory twinning is limited to OIE listed diseases,
  Laboratory                                                         preferably relevant to the region
• Has a section on seeking                                         • Twinning does not serve the purpose of establishing
  complementary funds for                                            or rehabilitating laboratories, but to enhance the
  equipment etc…                                                     performance of already well advanced laboratory
• Has a section on OIE                                               services
  laboratory twinning projects                                     • Twinning is about exchange of expertise, not
  without financial support from                                     upgrading of infrastructures or equipment
  OIE (self-funded).                                               • Future recognition as an OIE Reference Laboratory
                                                                     or Collaborating Centre is optional, not compulsory.

 Second International Conference                                         World organisation for animal health
                                                                       Organisation mondiale de la santé animale
of OIE Reference Laboratories and                                      Organizacion Mundial de Sanidad Animal

      Collaborating Centres                                                                                  12 rue de Prony
                                                                                                           75017 Paris, France
                                                                                           Tel: + 33 (0)1 44 15 18 88 – Fax: + 33 (0)1 42 67 09
  Paris (France), 21-23 June 2010                                                                                   87
  Sub-Regional Representation for Southern Africa
Représentation Sous-régionale pour l’Afrique australe
  Representacion Subregional para la Africa austral

                                         Gaborone, Botswana
                              Tel: + 267 391 44 24 – Fax: + 267 391 44 17

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